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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Robert and Kristen- T O G E T H E R

Every morning when I wake up
before I sign on to my computer and see what has
happened in the world...
I always have such high hopes.
Please... keep the foam out of my email.
Is that too much to ask?

I always contemplate just writing about how
beautifully charming and adorable Rob is...
Or maybe gushing about how incredible Kristen is...

But then the haters have to ruin it.
Like they ruin everything.

You tell me if this isn't CLASSIC Hyena behavior.

1. This is a GORGEOUS picture from @teamrobsten411
She looks beautiful.
Rob looks beautiful.
Tom looks beautiful

2. This fan told her story of meeting Rob...
She asked about Kristen (who was working)
And was thrilled beyond measure about meeting Robert.

3. Immediately the Hyenas smelled a victim.
They circled... waiting for the attack.
They went in with their teeth and claws.
They got personal.
They called her names.
They made fun of her.

And why?
Because thats what Hyenas do.
But also because this fan liked Kristen.
And blew their delusions away that Rob was out
and Kristen was sitting in her hotel room alone.

Other fans came across Rob last night
One thing I don't understand...
I love Tom.

But I digress...

Rob walking with Sam Riley's wife...
Someone's foot is there...
He was cut out of this picture, too?
What the hell?

A few fans were lucky enough to get some pics with Rob.
And yes...
Kristen was working.
Some fan accounts show what happened...

”I did see Kristen too later I walked right by her she was in her hoodie really not in the mood looks like she just finished filming from set of On the Road thats why Robert is here hes visiting her.. theyre soo dating!”

She was tired you could tell she was hiding behind the hoodie shes not there in that pic that was earlier in the night. Nobody took pics with him after that. “

So yeah...
Kristen and Rob ended up
T O G E T H E R.

Like they always do.
They never stay apart for too long...
No matter where in the world they are...
They always find their way back 
T O G E T H E R.

I know that some people really want to think
that Rob is in Montreal for any reason other than
wanting to be with Kristen.

Yeah... Tom is there.
And now they are hoping that Rob is there
because of a cameo in the movie?
Or he was there for a photoshoot...
But for Kristen.

OK then.
You keep hoping.
You keep on keeping on.

Remember Jerry, it's not a lie if you BELIEVE it.

Montreal was the obvious place for Robert to be.
Two of his favorite people are there.
If was never a matter of IF...
It was always WHEN.

And true to form...
Robert showed up where Kristen was.
It's only fair.
She has followed him around the world...
I guess it's his turn now.

This will NEVER get old.
I love how he took off his jacket...
and turned his back to the Paps...
and just fucking went there.
It's kinda the equivalent to this...


I love you, Robert Pattinson.
I love you, Kristen Stewart.


Oh... one more thing
(You knew that was coming, didn't you?)
All this talk about Rob being drunk.
I'm sure the man had a few drinks...
He's an adult.
He wasn't driving.
If you had cameras up your ass 24/7
you would have a drink, too...

So get the fuck off his dick.

This post is brought to you by the letters *H* and *M*

H for...

M for...
I'm so loving MONTREAL!

Twirl with me, Kristen!

*She is completely adorable*

Bye for now


Suzy Q said...

Rob & Kris. T O G E T H E R.

Just the title brings a smile to my face :-)


kstewrocks said...

The whole cameo thing, I don't believe. And I don't understand why anyone would be thrilled over him starring in it. I wouldn't. Fan I sure am of his, but this film never once mentioned the fact Rob would be starring in it, so I expect no Rob in the film. Otherwise, every other film he stars in, Kristen shall too.
I want to see a movie which I should most likely be able to see, without Rob for once. I can't get many here in the UK, only the twilight saga.

Anyway hyenas/nonsten I wouldn't allow to have a fan report from me. Or if I did share it, I'd tell them to fuck off with their denials. They want news, then they respect the source.

Indeed it his turn. And he seems to be enjoying it. I doubted before. I'm even waiting for the London, pictures, or maybe he'll leave Sunday night. Or doesn't go? But anyway, I doubted before, I didn't think he'd bother to go to where Kristen is. Thank goodness he did, and although it hasn't shut the nonstens/hyenas up. I don't care. It's proof to me he makes the effort like she has. And he's just as "clingy" as she is. :D

catherino99 said...

I think people are way overreacting about fan pics. R & K have both said they love their fans, and I am sure it meant a lot to the fans to get a pic. As long as they were respectful to them, I don't see a problem. Honestly, if they didn't want to take a pic with a fan they would so NO, and that would be that.

Anyways, great post as always, Rose.

LK said...

Last night was probably the night to meet Rob.I agree that Rob is always so kind with his fans.BUT,don't you think that some of them just take it too far?The girl in the first picture was stalking him at this restaurant,because she wanted a pic with him a Kristen.You can bash me if you want,but stalking is not a good thing.Even if you have the best of the intentions,still not good.In one of the other pics where he poses with 5-6 girls,one of them has her hands all over him,like he's her friend.I'm sure that Rob doesn't mind,maybe he finds this funny,but IMO there are some boundaries that fans must have.They're strangers to the celebrities.How can you have your hands all over a stranger?It's weird and disrespectful,at least for me.Maybe i think that,because i can't see Rob as a man-meat,i like him a lot,but i don't have sexual dreams of him,he's too young for me.

As for the drinking,well he's 24,on vacation,he can have fun and drink as much as he wants.He's not a baby.

It makes me sad that some people cut Tom of the photos or don't even ask for a pic with him.The guy is very pretty,talented(i loved him in the boat that rocked)and cool.

kstewrocks said...

I seriously just want them to kiss, with tongues maybe.
Even if neither want to sell.
Isn't there a supposed kissing picture which is waiting to be sold?...Or is that just a bunch of us hoping?

The hyenas/nonsten would see it as "me and my friends do that all the time" or "Rob does that with other girls"...Really? Where are these pictures?

One livejournal user on one site for RP, a site I really dislike because it's full of fans who want him gay, with Emilie, Nikki, Anna, Ashley...said something like how they wanted to save pictures of Rob being the same with every girl not just one way with Kristen. And I thought, sorry, but he doesn't go this far up to a girls face, only to Kristen's:


Anyone agree?

palasluna said...

Few new "reasons" for:
1-Canadian Beer has a higher % alcohol
2-Canadian Legal age is 18, so KStew can drink & Rob doesn't feel like a pervert.
3-He has a photoshoot for a local Target-type store, so the new collection from Kanye chose him like a model..
4-He is totally recording the official movie single in a underground studio constructed below KStew OTR trailer
5-He doesn't have any clean underwear, so he went to MONTREAL to stole some socks from Garret.
6-Kristen need him to practice some lines, she is just THAT insecure!
7-He was BORED in LA
THE REAL ONE: He want to spend some freaking time with his GF..that doesn't make him more or less as any other LOVING BF in the world. They love to spend time together, so BACK OFF!!!!I love Stew, she will bitchfaced you all!

Honey said...

Kristen wasn't wearing a hoodie and hiding when she was spotted with Garrett and Tom. She was very smiley and had her arms wrapped around them ;)

moka11 said...

lovely post, i agree with everything that you said and I really wonder why none of those fans asked for a pic with Rob AND Tom...come on would you just love to pose between those two???

kstewrocks said...

It makes me sad too about cutting Tom out. I think Tom's quite gorgeous and I'd love to see another film of him and Eddie Redmayne in, they star in a film together apparently. I'd love to see that.
+ did I mention he's gorgeous? [:

People who are able to drink, should drink, but I don't think getting drunk is anything to be proud about. I think there's more to life than getting drunk. XD
But if he likes to drink, okay.
I'm sure he knows his limits.
I do think one of the very recent pictures of last night, of girls surroudning him...Was not right.
This one girl seemed to be touching him a bit too much.
I'm sure unless your dating him or unless he likes you, don't pass boundaries.

kstewrocks said...

I can't seriously wait for Rob to defend Kristen again.

I can imagine all these horrible things said about Kristen, and him, and how he doesn't like her, although he doesn't need to prove it to her, I bet he's sick of hearing that. If he reads it that is.

Natalie said...

They are not together. i will never believe it.

Caroline said...

Oh Rose...i totally agree...all i can think is that they are together...in love, and he is waiting for her,to stay all night with her!!!That is Love!!!

Love, Carol

katy said...

great post Rose...

YES, Rob and Kristen always end up TOGETHER.

And People are overreacting about the Fan pics...jesus...the thing I'm anoyed is them saying Rob was drunk...if they thought that he was drunk, they should keep it to themselfs and not post on the net, they know that this will spread all over...and hatters and gossip are just gonna start calling Rob a drank.

Gaga said...

I'm sorry but I have to add something. I love how some people point out the livejournals where Rob fans ship him with other people. But what the KStew livejournals that ship Kristen with other people? EddieStew, Oreganostew, GarrettStew, even Stewridge. A few people on OTR livejournal are actually Stewridge shippers and they've made manips of Kristen and Tom. Not saying they're as bad as Rob fans but you can't exactly ignore it.

katy said...


I guess that fan pic where Rob poses with 5 fans...the one touching Rob...should keep her hands of the merchandise...I agree...there are boundaries that fans must have.

LK said...

@Honey,why are you still here,moron?Doesn't the mental institution has a TV?Is posting shit the only thing that entertains you through the day?I told you yesterday that if you like Garrett and Tom so much,you can ship them as a couple.Or ship yourself with them.lol

@Natalie,was your other moniker Lilly?You sound like her.Why don't you go and play at the nonsten.com?There are many girls like you there,who will appreciate your comments.
@kstewrocks,i don't think there is a kissing photo.If there was one,somebody would have posted it by now.Probably it was just rumors.And i'm sorry,but you want a photo of them kissing with tongue,why?That's way to personal and intimate.

kstewrocks said...

Gaga, I'm on a livejournal, I've seen another. Believe you me, there may be tags of oreganostew, and other shippings. But they ship friendship. Believe me, I witness it, when there's a post on eddiestew. And the oreganostew, there's some who won't stop dragging the past up. It's like fans of Rob's who bring up Nina. In fact this one site I was on, said if there was any talk on Kristen, they'd say how Nina and Rob were sleeping together. I thought it was disgusting to hear, just because you support their ex and Rob better.
I do find Rob fans are the worst though, except for here.
Kristen fans ship her with some, but they mean they like their friendships. It's either believe she's with Rob, or drag up Oregano who they realise is old news.

kstewrocks said...

LK, I was joking. I said kiss at first, then tongue, considering well any but more a simple kiss, the nonstens would still have something to say, so don't get pissy again with me for commenting.
Obviously they won't kiss ever in public. But it'd be something interesting to see what the haters say.

Lisa said...

:) is all I have to say..

I see the crazies are here.. And I have refrained from calling names but really.. If ANYONE can/does believe they are not together, they ARE crazy!

kralyche said...

GREAT post Rose.


and I'd like to see Kristen defend Rob for the crap he gets from her fans. (esp on twitter and some lj account of her fans and I've already seen some twitters of kristen fans now who are supporting rob hater accounts. 'http://twitter.com/Stewridge') But that will never happen. because her fans bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the hate Rob gets.

LIZ said...


Do either of you know WHY you don't believe they are together or will NEVER be together? What will you do if eventually they get married and have children and spend their lives together, WHAT WILL YOU DO THEN?????

Rose, it's been such a great weekend, ho humm, do we think that Rob will go to Argentina? He might to back to LA for his meeting and then on to Argentina, would be a nice vacation trip for him.

kstewrocks said...


Well there's about two livejournal communities I know of. kstewartfans and kbitch...?

And none there, do I see hate for Rob, or hate sites even supported. I don't just miss out on that kind of info.

Whenever I mention the hate Kristen gets, which is way more and way visible, you all wanna mention hate that Rob gets, which I have not seen. Like it brushes it all under the carpet. Won't wash with me.

I always find those who wanna brush it under the carpet, are ones who join in and hate Kristen.

kralyche said...


'Kristen fans ship her with some, but they mean they like their friendships.'

LOL! You're kidding right?

People claiming Kristen fans are sooo nice about Rob need to visit team_kbitch, lion_lamb.. their mods. Biggest group of haters around. Seriously.

LK said...

How many are those Kristen's fans who are bashing Rob(except psycho Honey) and some posters here complaining all the time about how she doesn't defend him?She's with him despite all the hate,the threats she gets.Crazy people can ship her or Rob with anyone their delusions say.And don't forget that none of Kristen's fans started a blog just to bash and post death threats for him.Only some hardcore Rob's fans from his IMDb did that.

kstewrocks said...

kralyche, don't make assumptions. If I was kidding, I wouldn't have said that. I am joined to a livejournal popular community, and I see no hate. Nor hopes and dreams and people saying how Eddie and Kris are together.

I'm not joined to team_kbitch. I think they bitch about anything, they might, the bitch in the name makes me think they're very sarcastic people, so they might pretend to say Kris/Dakota/Nikki are lesbians, and Rob's this and that along with Taylor. But, I can't be sure. From seeing a few comments I guess they say something they don't mean.

I've been on lionandlamb too, and there's often a war between Rob and Kristen fans.
There's always apparently a double standard, and they say it's Kristen fans. Yet I find if they see Kristen smoking, it's all "so unladylike", yet when Rob does it, "so hot", "so sexy".
I'm not claiming they're so nice to him. But they don't go around hating him every single second unlike Rob fans.

But this is all what I've seen. And if you're gonna read my comment and ignore it all and say you see it differently. Then we shall agree to disagree. But do not laugh and think I'm joking.

Global said...

Wow, the depths that haters will go to for excuses is mind boggling. It's like watching rats crawl deeper into the sewer for garbage.

Here's a tip...usually the simplest explanation is the right one. His girlfriend is in Montreal...and so is he.

Dear Honey,
You do realize when Kristen was posing with Garrett and TomStu she hadn't just been filming for three days straight and wasn't exhausted then, right? Of course you do...

jen said...

Tom is probably more than happy to NOT pose with fans. He always looks bored waiting for Robert!

The group fan picture is funny to me, horny old cougar trying to cop a feel!lol

Kristen hanging out with Sam's wife while most likely Sam and Garrett and Kristen were filming the sorta threesome is way cute.

Great post Rose! I love that kristen joined him at the end of the night== and that all fan photo requests stopped the minute she arrived! Everyone knew to stop trying to handle the merchandise once the GF arrived....ahhaha

kstewrocks said...

LK, I agree, one thing I can agree with you over. :) She's with him despite all the hate. Which I think compared to Rob hate, although I've only seen Rob hate on gossip sites: x17 etc; is quite huge. People say they'll burn her, stab her, if they see her. And you know what? I had a nightmare the once, that his fans, these nutcases I've come across on sites of his, burnt Kristen with acid. And left her too traumatised to go out. Nightmare, but I bet his fans would do that. Unless they are all disgusting talk.
She does have threats. So many. She has abuse in the street, the most Rob gets from people (not talking about paparazzi, talking about fans) are people saying they love his dick. Ew, but yeh that's it. Yup that's also true, I don't see any hate videos either for Rob or hate sites for Rob. Out of all the cast, I've even gone looking for all the cast, the most who gets the amount of vile hate is Kristen.

And I am sure it's mainly Rob fans who cause all the hate, and a lot of other people.

LK said...

According to some tweets,Rob got really annoyed after a while.Probably tons of pretty girls were asking him for a pic.

June said...

Rose thanks again for keeping us reported even on Sunday!

LK, agree, those fans in the pics were disrespectful to Rob touching him as a merchandise, they lost the perspective I guess..but if they cannot behave, it's their problem.

Rob and Kristen always find the way to end up T O G E T H E R.. I loved it!

Sabine said...

Dear you,

I'm just a french fan...trying to read you. I read Rose since a long time now and all I can say is that I'm always...always agree with her. It's just like she is reading in my mind.

I'm a Rosbten, I do love Rob and I do love Kristen!! Apart and together !! I'm tired reading all these Hyenas things...But as we know : nobodys is perfect LOL. But things hurt and all this hate I just can't handle this. They just can't pretend to love them saying all these stuff.

Since 2 days I'm still smiling...it's to good for me and my friends...

Than you Rose.

A bientôt

June said...


Montreal looked like a quiet place to stay relaxed, but it seems it's not like this anymore.

Does anybody know if Kristen is working today?

Sabine said...

Dear you,

I'm just a french fan...trying to read you. I read Rose since a long time now and all I can say is that I'm always...always agree with her. It's just like she is reading in my mind.

I'm a Rosbten, I do love Rob and I do love Kristen!! Apart and together !! I'm tired reading all these Hyenas things...But as we know : nobodys is perfect LOL. But things hurt and all this hate I just can't handle this. They just can't pretend to love them saying all these stuff.

Since 2 days I'm still smiling...it's to good for me and my friends...

Than you Rose.

A bientôt

kstewrocks said...

Anyway I am off, :) Sorry for any disagreements, but yeh. They happen when you don't agree with what someone says,

Annie said...

Robert Pattinson is exactly where he wants to be............with Kristen Stewart!

Jam said...

I agree with you about the fan holding Rob around his back and front. She was probably excited to meet him, but sometimes I think fans should be more respectful and not think just because he’s famous, he is public property to be petted. Can you imagine if a guy fan did that to Kristen? I cringed when Megan Fox squeezed Taylor Lautner’s pecs and arms at the TCAs. I’m all for female empowerment, but let’s not treat the guys the way we don’t want them to treat us.

emberly said...

Great post!! I have missed seeing Rob and Kristen together. They sure do look happy!! I can't get over how long Kristen's hair is already. I also love Rob's shirt. Keep up the great work.

Wildhart007 said...

I must say me first thought when I seen the pics of Rob and fans, was why doesn't anyone want a picture with Tom? I think he is great!

Wildhart007 said...

Sorry, I mean't my.

Melinda said...

I am going to have to agree with the few that said that fans need to know boundaries.

It is totally disrespectful to Kristen to be all up in her boyfriends' biz.

Think it is funny that as soon as she got there all photo requests stopped. You know that these women wouldn't act like that if she were there.

Rob and Kristen: they are like peanut butter and jelly. Can't have one without the other.

Ignoring the dumb comments by people with no life and want to wallow in misery.


Marie said...

Natalie and Honey will NEVER believe Rob and Kristen are together...even if they confess their love to the world, marry, have 15 kids and stay together the rest of their lives.
These two will say "Summit is making them stay married in order to get PR" or "The kids are only PR for the movies" (even though the movies will be done by then) and they will shout "No sex tape, no children...they are PR...summit paid other people to give Rob and Kris their kids" NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS THESE PEOPLE WILL NOT BELIEVE...so let them live in their hyena packs, foaming and drooling, spewing hatred..maybe if we ignore them from now on they will disappear. It's doubtful, I know, but let's give it a try.

keset said...

Love yor post.
The haters are pathetic.

LK said...

Some tweets say that the cast is leaving this weekend for Ottawa.Don't know if it's legit.Rose knows better.

imloco2 said...

I don't comment everyday, but I read everyday because it's fun reading stuff that I agree with completely. ;) I wouldn't mind Rose having a differing opinion, it's just that it almost never happens. LOL

So once again I nod my head and mummer uh huh. I'm really not sure if there is anywhere where Rob wouldn't have people on his ass except for some reason London. And I only say that because he was over there for months and got to leave more or less like a normal person. I'm still not sure why. I know they have paps over there and he's very popular. I still scratch my head at that.

I don't let myself get drawn into the who's fans are the nastiest or the craziest. It doesn't matter. Too many crazies out there of all varieties. The real problem with the fandom is there are just too many darn fans. LOL I've been in smaller fandoms and you always have crazies, and trouble makers. The difference in a small fandom and one the size of twilight is that there are just so many more people in it. Millions instead of thousands. And when you have millions the crazies increase proportionally.

I try to ignore them as much as possible. It makes me happy and infuriates them. Win Win yes?

I'm happy if Rob is happy and he seems to be. I'm hopeful he and Kris will have a wonderful reunion and that when he has to leave things will go back to normal and they can finish the shoot with no hassle. I really don't want him to get a reputation of bringing chaos wherever he goes, although that ship might have already sailed.

And I don't personally care if the pretty girl was semi-stalking Rob or not. As long as she was nice, respectful, asked first and didn't cross any lines, which it seems she didn't, then I think she should enjoy her moment with the Man. I would. I haven't seen the other photos so no comment.

As for a cameo, I won't expect it, but I wouldn't be the least surprised if it was true either. There were hints that I took to mean that maybe Kris has a cameo in WFE so it might be that they are doing something in each others films. Something very very small that people won't even notice. That would be so awesome if it was true, but who knows...

SueBee said...

*Face palm*

There really are no words. Reading some of these validations and accusations just makes my head hurt. What planet do these people live on?

Rob is a 24 year old GROWN MAN. He isn't some Disney star sporting a purity ring for crying out loud!!!

He went out with his buddy and had drinks. *Gasp!* Say it isn't so. On second thought, haters can just remain silent.

What's he supposed to do while Kristen is working? It was Saturday night and Tom was free. Isn't he allowed out in public?

All of this hate and bitterness is getting icky and hard to wash off!

Damn! I'd have a drink too if I were him. I feel like having a drink and I'm just observing this side show.

I'd write a "Dear Diary" but right now, I'm just too disgusted.

Tracy said...

“Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated.” - George Bernard Shaw

Intimidated = fear. These people are afraid. They're running out of excuses. So they've become desperate, and have started spewing hatred in every direction now.

Rob is in Montreal. He's there to spend time with his girlfriend. She's working, so she's not going to be with him ALL the time. So he went and hung out with some friends while she worked. Good for him. She obviously got together with him towards the end of the night. Fan accounts say as much.

And I'm all for fans getting their pictures taken with celebs, if they're not interfering or interrupting something. A friend of mine saw a country music star out on a business lunch (it's not uncommon, being in Nashville to see that.. I saw Kenny Chesney once :).. he's a small guy!.. anyway) Another gal at her table wanted my friend to take a pic, and when she said no, because he was busy, the other girl called her a bitch.

So for the fans getting pictures.. use common sense, use discretion and be respectful.

twigirl_world said...

Fucking Brilliant!! Great Great Great Article!!
Brought to you by the letter "W"
Why is no one fangirling over TomStu? I would be!!

Atticus said...

LK...totally agree with all your posts. Yeah, it's fine and dandy to get a pic with Rob but the group shot of the girls...crossed the line.

Why is it alway Rob's fans vs Kristen's fans. Haters on both sides are fucking hyenas. I do fear more for Kristen's safety, especially after what happened at the LA Eclipse premiere with the sharpie coming so close to her eye. Someone did get seriously injured like that at this year's Comicon.

Rob's in Montreal, mainly to see his beautiful gal whose name is Kristen. They are so fucking together.

Love to you Rose and all the R/K supporters.

Let's keep twirling with Kristen!

kralyche said...

@ kstewrocks

Well, i see so much hate on both parts.
Seriously, why is it so hard to accept that there are sane fans and there are insane fans..on both parts.. Rob DOES get sh*t on kstew fans twitter/imdb/LJ period.

and please read this twitter http://twitter.com/Stewridge and check out her followers.


Oh they are many believe me. They just don’t have websites dedicated to their hate Robert’s because they act like they're so innocent.

and some of you people should a trip to the AT boards right now. many of such hateful comments come from Kristen fans...They are just as bad as the worst Rob fans who hate on KStew...both fanbases deserve each other...Neither is better than the other one..

LK said...

@kralyche,the AT boards are the worse of the worst.The majority of the lunatics go and post there.Ted wants this army of psychos every day there because they give him hits.Many nonstens go there and pretend to be Kristen's fans,just to make them look bad.The majority of Kristen's fans love Rob,they find him adorable.

Besides,who cares what their fans think?Obviously R/K don't give a s*it what the others say and think about them.They chose to be together,knowing the circumstances.They have dealt with a lot of crap the last 2 years and they're still together.That speaks volumes to me.

LK said...

And as you mentioned the AT board as an example of Rob's hate,i can tell you go and visit Perez aka asshole board and you'll feel some really good hate on Kristen.He and the idiots who post there are beyond hideous.

kralyche said...

Here we go again...

I'm so upset with that fan right now.


lad said...

I totally agree with LK. Leave them alone already. Rob didn't look to thrilled taking these pictures but his is too nice a person to tell a fan no. Maybe people should give them some breathing room already. They were eating for goodness sake. And yes, some of those fans need to learn the meaning of "personal space".

kristine.hills said...

"But then the haters have to ruin it.Like they ruin everything."


Don't worry about Honyhyena and Natalyena they are 2 lonely/bitter/loser people, if they did have a happy life they would SPREAD LOVE and not bitterness.And they would understand and see what we see: Rob is madly in love with Kris is madly with Rob.PERIOD.But they don't know what it is and they probably won't know it.

I agree with LK, some fans should be more respectful, there are boundaries and we should respect it.For instance when people talk about his d.ck, it's really disgusting.I hate when these fans treat him a piece of meat.He is one of the most beautiful soul i've ever seen, and i don't even know him, but you can say he is.That's why i LOVE he is with KRIS, bc if he says she is UNIQUE, so she is special, and thank God they found each other.

And yes LK i agree, Kristen is always by his side, no matter how much hate she gets, she always follows her heart, and her heart is always with Rob, she crosses the ocean to be with ROB, if it doesn't speak volumes, so people are blind.No they want to be blind, it's better than the TRUTH.


And ROB is ON VACATION for god's sake and if he wants to drink who are we to say anything???? I used to go out w/friends and drink a lot(vodka-lol) when i was younger.It's just amazing to have fun with friends and gf and he deserves it.Go ROB! Nobody pays your bills, it's none of their business. lol

I'm glad we could see Rob and Sam's wife, that's why the blindenas CAN'T say he was cheating Kristen, and we have proof. LOL(And she DID join him later)


Thanks Rose!

XO from Brazil!

Patricia said...

Rose: What a nightmare everything seems to get to with all the bullshit remarks by crazies..I'm TRYING to ignore them, but it's hard.

First of all Kristen WAS WORKING, Rob went to dinner with Tom and Sams wife. I thought that was great. And the fans don't know Tom yet. I think he's ADORABLE..I'm sure (HE'S HAPPY THEY DON'T KNOW HIM YET) I think that group of five ladies fan picture ( the one girl got a little carried away with her hands, but it must be hard in real life to keep your hands off of him) I still think it's a little inappropriate 'He's not a piece of meat'

Rob is where he wants to be, with Kristen. She's working. There will be some down time and Tom will be there to visit with him. I think he'll leave soon and go to LA for his meeting, but I hope they get some vaca time before they start BD.

Grazie Rose for a great post. What's next for our couple?

I need a drink just reading the comments (LET ALONE BEING THERE)

BTW We might see Rob in a shot with extras for the film. That would be awesome (no lines, just him among the rest) COOL

vanlicous said...

I'm sure as hell that Rob and Kristen give a shit about what people are thinking, when they citizies them for drinking or smoking. It's ridiculous that they even mention it. They can do what they want. It's their life. I love them for being individual - that's why I'm a fan of them. I don't want them to think like me, I don't want them to act like me and I don't want them to do something for me. I just adore them for what they are.

It's insane how much energy people are spending for all the hate for two actors who will never know they even exist and if they would know they wouldn't care. Maybe that's the problem, huh? They never get attention? They need to attack others to be seen. Sad people.

SueBee said...


Drinks are on me. I'm buying!

Tara said...

I just have a couple of things to say. I think that "fan" was completely wrong for tweeting that Rob was drunk or "under the influence" as she put it. The fan that put both arms around Rob crossed the line in my opinion knowing he has a girlfriend. It was too much!!!Maybe she was caught up in the awesomeness of Rob and couldn't help herself or maybe she just went for as much as she could get. What's done is done. I hope both Kris and Rob quit smoking eventually and I don't know how often or how much Rob drinks so I'll hold my piece on that.

Melinda said...

When you see articles like the ones from "Show Biz Spy" and the like please remember this:

1. Most people in this world either don't know who R/K are or could care less about them.

2. Given that, they aren't likely to go on these gossip sites and read this BS.

The R/K love/hate world is actually very small internet wise. We are the only ones that ever see this stuff b/c we are the only ones who are interested in it.

It makes me sad that this "fan" decided to sell out. What makes me more sad is that if more and more things like this happen I bet R/K will retreat even more.

And that sucks for the fans that really respect them as individuals and human beings instead of a puppet you can control.

A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LK said...

Some fans see Rob like a man-meat.They're gushing about his "sparkling peen",his biceps and his ass.They're drooling all over pics of him bending at airports to take off his shoes,about his underwear,they maximize pics of him and commenting on how big it';s his manhood.I find it disgusting and not funny at all.Probably some of the fans in those pics were interesting only in him as a man meat.

A said...

Hello beautiful talented Rose--Thank you for your lovely blog today. You should change the name of your blog to RP IntoxicatED. Gahaha!
Actually your commenters need to realize that Robert Pattinson ADORES, EMULATES, WORSHIPS, and, dare I say, LIVES for Thomas. Thomas OWNS Robert and when Thomas says "come hither" Robert jumps on the closest plane or train or ostich and gets his ass to wherever Thomas beckons. It has nothing to do with lovely Miss Stewart. No they don't really even like each other They never seem to notice the other is even in the room from reports I have heard.
And, the fans, of course they wanted Thomas in the pictures since he is FAR more handsome then Robert but Thomas wanted to keep Robert's chin up--his ego is so sensitive and so he insisted Rob be in the pictures instead. I have missed our correspondence.
Carry on...
A friend of a friend

beacullen said...

Great post as always Rose, I love how you go right to the throat of the hyena and tear out all the shit they're spouting. lmao. Rob being drunk? so what he's 24 with his friend...and girlfriend, he's been working for like 8 months straight, and it was Sat nite. He is so there to spend time with his baby, anyone who thinks different is just blind. They really are getting desperate to find another reason, it's actually pretty funny, and sad. I was crackin up about the shirt, I totally wondered if he took it off just so the paps could see it..he's too funny! Anyway I just really hope that they're haveing a great time and getting lots of alone time for extra nuzzlin and kissin. hahaha thanks Rose.

Kia said...

dude lol! this post is awesome, just like all of your others!
You should change the name of this site to Robsten Intoxication lol! GO TEAM ROBSTEN!

Psyche263 said...

A Friend of A Friend - LMFAO! I bow to your genius.

Kia said...


Annie said...

Does every damned fan encounter have to be on Twitter? It seems like many people want their 15 minutes of fame. Geez!

I think R and K probably will resort to fan pics only at promotional events.

Budapest was so much more respectful in comparison.

LIZ said...

To A: Oh good grief on the Rob & Kris don't even like each other and he's only there for Tom. These two are good actors BUT NOT THAT GOOD!!!

Regarding Rob being "drunk", has anyone thought about the PR and Summit? SURELY, if he's only there for PR, he wouldn't be "allowed" to have too many drinks, right?

I'm done here today, sick of all the BS.

Thanks Rose, as always, guess you get sick of all the haters, also.

evendia said...

Bwahahahahaha to A friend of a friend. Taking the piss, you're doing it right! LOL

Carly said...

I liked the pics with Tom and the fans. there were some other fan pics I didnt like that much. some people have no respect and/or sense of personal space *shakes head*

isnt it sad that the first thing coming to mind when I see a picture of Rob with a woman is "Foamers will have a field day"? it is :(

but I dont care about it. I find it sweet that Rob and Alexandra hang out while their significant others are working. and the fact that they most probably cut Tom off from the pictures just proves that some people only want to stir shit

it doesnt matter what people say, all the vitriol will come back and bite them in the ass later. I just feel sorry for teh girl who was so happy about her encounter and got the full foamy treatment. although stalking fans give me a bit of creeps

great post Rose. and I hope very soon there will be a day, even if it just a one for now, that you will wake up, turn on your computer and there will be nothing but positive messages in your email. and some pretty pictures to look at as well

*twirl you later*

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Great post.

Exactly. Rob and Kristen always end up TOGETHER. Rob is in Montreal to spend time with Kristen. Tom being there is an added bonus.

Rob going out for dinner and drinks with Tom and Sam's wife (Alexandra) while Kristen was working is a call for drama?

I love that he was hanging with Sam's wife. It's really no different than Kristen hanging with Tom and Garrett. Everyone gets along and nice new friendships are forming for Rob and Kristen. I personally think Sam and Alexandra are great people for them to know!

(And Sam's wife being there just goes to show that and Rob and Alexandra cannot be with Kristen and Sam ALL the time because they are WORKING).

And this brings me to say -- that I know there is a lot of talk about Garrett in the fandom but Sam Riley is a very talented actor. I have seen Control numerous times and Sam is AMAZING in that movie. Alexandra is in it too.
Sam has a fan in me! And I think he is going to be terrific in OTR and will own just about every scene he's in with Garrett (They are the main characters).

OTR has a super talented cast. I think the movie is going to be something special and very impressive. And I am so proud that Kristen is apart of it. She's going to be fabulous as Marylou.

Also, have to say, that fans are going to 'find' Rob, some after much stalking and want their picture taken with him. Rob is a nice guy, too nice of a guy at times -- but I despise what one of the fans did. All it brings is drama and the media jumps on it (like they have). Rob is a grown man who worked his ass of for months making 2 movies back to back. Is he not allowed some drinks with friends?!?!
Some of his fans are his own worst enemies. And that saddens me.

Rose said...

Dearest A,

Of course Thomas owns Robert... How could anyone resist when Thomas says "Come Hither" ?
I have missed our correspondence, as well...

Highlarious, as always.


Annie said...

A new PSA for Twitter users:

Be responsible!

Carly said...

@LK: I very much agree with your first comment.

and while I cant begrudge anyone the glee of meeting Rob/Kris/Anyone, there are some lines I dont like to see crossed. why do they need to talk about his state of drunkness? or tweet the location? or touch him like he was a figurine in Madame Toussand?

@imloco2: I agree with what you sadi baout the crazies, they are in every corner fo the fandom. and arguing over who is nastier is just redundant. people should rather attempt to be as nice as possible whenever they can. and staying away from nasty places is indeed a win/win

Leigh said...

I usually lurk but....bahahah..to A friend of a friend ;) I know, right? I totally see the Robert & Thomas bubble. When they are in the room together...they only see each other ;) LMAO!!

deb said...

SO I didnt post until I read all of yours before I post mine WELL all I got to say is THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT Please SHOW me where IT is said that a 24 year old man CANT DRINK And drink when he is on VAC.ROB is old enough to KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING he dont need ME or YOU to tell him WHAT to DO or HOW to DO it OR WITH WHOM to DO it WITH SO he had some FANS taking pic of him Dont you think he is old enough to say hey back off Yes maybe they did OVER STEP THERE LINE but please give the guy some credit he loves (SOME FANS)THE good and respectful ones THE ones WHO think of him and his feelings And as FOR Kristen WHAT do you think she did all this time STAY in her HOTEL NO she went out WITH her FRIENDS and YES she can even DRINK so whos to know that she didnt have a beer or 2 All this BULLSHIT ROBERT PATTINSON and KRISten stewart has shown us in SO many ways that they ARE TOGETHER he LOVE this girl and SHE LOVES HIM NOW ALL WE GOT to do Is get on with OUR OWN LIVES and LET THEN LIVE THERES Rob wouldnt STAY in Montreal IF he didnt WANT TO HES there FOR Kristen and TOM but more FOR HIMSELF . DEB

Louisa said...

Good Monday Morn to ya.....
Let me state the obvious to us, but not to all who grace with your presence, at this place of attendance, you so miraculously call pattinsonintoxication....

Day after day ....
Comment after comment......
Rationalization after rationalization

YOU HAVE TO PUT UP WITH ........and to put it simply……”SAME SHIT DIFFERENT DAY”

You have to defend something out of yours/…mine control…….Like someone said yesterday…
R & K could make out in the middle of Time Sq and still the[ …… …… ] would say contrary…..

Rose you are truly a person with thick skin to endure the negative and bring out the positive and give us immense pleasure in the process.
The 2 reasons why half the time...no….. no….. Most of the time THERE IS NEGATAIVITY, HATE, FOAM, MORON INDUCED SHIT IS ONLY…… AND SO BEAUTIFULLY PUT MIGHT I ADD……. DARLING ROSE …

Kristen and Rob ended up
T O G E T H E R.

But for Kristen.

You said it in one….

Good Day to you ALL…

Annie said...

High Five! :)

Good day to you too. (well it's evening on the US East coast)

Louisa said...

Now for today viewing......Some have watched and got a preview yesterday.....Hello BTW Fine Ladies....You know who you are????


I want candy indeed...BUT apartantly whilst K is'nt around...lol that was hilarious......


Louisa said...

@ Annie well have a pleasant sleep...I know I did....

Annie said...

@ Louisa:) It's early evening on Sunday. 4:45PM.
Many, many hours left before bedtime.

SueBee said...

Gah! Now Rob is being shipped with Tom?

Why not ship him with a door or a street light? I think those were somewhere near him too.

And how creepy is it when multiple personalites cheer each other on in posts?

Bren said...

Just a quick comment--I have a real problem with so-called fans that are begging for a picture, then bad mouth them afterwards.

Hey, Rob didn't have to interrupt his life just to pose with you, he owes you nothing. He was a really sweet person to do it for you.

I totally agree about the AT board, I stopped by a while back..that is nothing short of a blood bath..

One more thing, my brother and sister-in-law were in Korea when Taylor and Kristen were there, and got to see them..my SIL said Taylor looks the same as in pics, but Kristen she said, pics don't do her justice. She called K stunning, and my brother said she was drop dead gorgeous...lucky Rob....I realize some of you have seen them, but this is for all who haven't..

Louisa said...

@ Annie .... well Annie....Sit back ...have a drink {one for me ...too}....watch my links and take a look at the sunset a little later and enjoy LIFE....Coz being Intoxicated is a wonderful thingggggg!!!!!! Aint IT Rose.....

Annie said...

I remember Rob saying that Kristen was breathtakingly beautiful!
Not surprised at all by your brother and his wife's comments.

@Louisa; Will do!

Louisa said...

a newy::::


Tarra said...

Just my thoughts about the fan pic and the fandom in general. I was excited to hear about the pic and tried to stay awake long enough to see it once it was uploaded.From her tweets you can tell that she was excited about the positive encounter. Out of excitement she wanted to share it with the fandom. Those that appreciate her generosity (she could've kept it to herself or shared with a select few) were glad to have seen the pic. The flip side is that there are forces that look to take apart an innocent fan sighting by making it out to be more than what it was. So now anyone that tweets their encounter must be mindful of what they say because their words can be twisted and/or misinterpreted. I think the lesson learned here is that when you tweet about having an encounter with R/K be prepared for the onslaught of hate, venom, ridicule, wrath, jealousy, scorn along with a sh*tload of questions that you more likely can't even answer. It's a guarantee that you will be hounded and harassed just look at the guy that saw them in one of the Ritz hotels, British politician, the coffee guy in Montreal (who I really believe had seen Rob during his 1st visit), the science guy; it will come your way so you have to ask yourself is it worth it in the long run. Personally if R/K ever came to my hometown of NYC and I saw them I would only share it with my twitter besties. I may/may not want a pic b/c the experience itself would remain etched in my memory. I've decided that its certainly not worth it and just knowing that I had such a wonderful encounter ( I hope it would be) is enough for me. Maybe I would feel different but right now... not! As a side side note I wonder if the poster named Tara pronounces her name the way I do.

Tracy said...

Excuse after excuse, one attempt at rationalization after the next, indiscriminate hate, froth filled rants.. These only accomplish one thing. They show the general lack of intelligence and maturity in the people posting them. They think they've done something funny, something great by "riling" people up. They don't care about anything else. And while they're patting themselves on the back for job well done, they forget one thing. The only thing they've managed to do is strengthen our resolve to protect and defend this couple. To stand in solidarity with each other and remain firm in our beliefs. Their "logic" changes to fit their whims, while those of us who believe in this relationship are consistent in our beliefs.

Rob and Kristen both get crap from people. I won't call them fans, because a fan wouldn't demean their favorite celebrity, nor the choices he/she makes.

And at first I enjoyed the fact that there was evidence that he was in Montreal.. but now? I can see why they both say that talking about their relationship won't solve anything. They pretty much put it out there over the last few days and look where it's gotten them. We're back to square one with all the hate and foam...

Louisa said...

I want candy indeed...BUT apartantly whilst K is'nt around...lol that was hilarious......

I saw the funny side but after thinking .....
I WANT TO SEE RESPECT TO ROB IN THE SAME BREATH...notice the vid only had the 'view from the chest up'.......

sollee said...

You are right Ms. Rose...We have a beautiful, very nice, no nonsense couple in Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart..and they are together and as far as we can see they love each other and enjoy each's company..

deb said...

Tracy I agree with you 100% CAN you blame them for not wanting to say anything I think people forget THEY DONT OWE us ANYTHING. BUT US as FANS OWE them A LOT I myself DONT think this well ever end and IM sorry for that I love Rob and Kristen and want them to be able to live there lives with out hiding all the time I love to see him smile and to see her shy way of loving him They know each other better then any of us well ever know and that is why they well last they trust and love each other that much. Do I like whats being said about them HELL NO but I know THEY dont GIVE A SHIT They have each other and thats all that matter at the end of the day Rob is holding Kristen and she is the one who is kissing and holding Robert. Louisa THANKS for the fix how did you know I needed them :-) .DEB.

Barbara Fenwick said...

I honestly don't know what to say. I only just logged on so have only seen the one fan picture. I do think some fans go too far but it is understandable when you get to meet someone so special. The thing the fans need to remember is to show respect always....show respect. Rob has done nothing wrong, he is 24 years old, he works hard, and he is allowed to party/relax in any way he choses. Give the man a break. Rose you are always right, and I hate that you have to put up with all the hate. I try to stay away from the hate sites because they just upset me, and I don't need to be upset like that. I do worry about Kris and all the crazies, but she does have bobyguards, and I hope they will continue to protect her. R/K have made me so happy this week, they truly love each other and have shown it in every way possible. The people who love them believe it, and the people who disbelieve will never believe. Please continue with your blog and ignore all the nonstens and haters...I just feel sorry for them. Love you, Rose. R/K TOGETHER.

wig4usc said...

I don't care at all about the nonstens, they aren't changing their minds, I'm done.

I want to flip my shit about the people commenting on Rob drinking. It's legal, he's entitled, back off.

Last thought, it bugs me when I see any of the fan pics. These people are out to enjoy themselves, not to be a prop, like a character at Disneyland. If you're a real fan, leave them alone, let them enjoy their evening. Maybe compliment them quickly, if its not obtrusive, but leave it at that. How would you like to be interrupted at dinner, like 20 times, and not be able to walk more than 10 feet without people acosting you!

Leigh said...

@ SueBee, I just wanted to clear up any misunderstanding. I was being sarcastic earlier. I took the post from A friend of a friend as such also. I just about died laughing when I read it. It seems like they understand that no matter what Robert and Kristen do it will never be enough. So, why not have fun with it? Piss on em' in other words! I am a HUGE R & K fan! Anyone with eyes in their head can see they are deeply in LOVE and totally committed to one another.

Thank you, Rose. I am glad that Robert and Kristen have someone like you in their corner. Now, I just wanted to clear that up and will go back to lurking ;)

Auj said...

Twirling with R & K.

Aeden27 said...

Dear Rose,

God Day to you!

As always, great post!!

I couldnt agree with you more..
Rob and Kristen together.
Nothing else matthers
Always brings a smile to my face.
Love Rob and Kristen.

I see people hyenas have been busy again.. up to their old tricks..It's not to work..
We all know the truth..it only shows how miserable they are

As for the "drunk" stroy, that's already old news. They've said that before and you'll still hear it in the future. the only reason it gets around is if you talk about it...

And the picture with the 5 ladies, that was really rude. They should have respected him and left him alone.What people wouldnt do just to get pics. It's amazing how some people are so dense they cant take a hint..

Why not agree not to even discuss it and eventally it goes away.

Pay no attention to those hyenas and let's just feel the love!!

may i make a sugestion, dear Rose?
I think we need to clean house..get rid of those filth cluttering around here..( you know who you are)

Anyway, Have a Wonderful day in Robsten land..

A said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mujhiko_mujhiko said...

good morn Rose. As always thanks very mucho for you're always here to provide a space for us. Once again, thank you...

Cool off guys... After all they are still together. Loving each other. Fighting for each other.. Kris has dogged Rob around the world when he did Bel Ami. Now, Rob is returning the favor. Is that not the most beautiful thing? When she moves, he moves. When he moves she moves. These two are totally and irrevocably in love. Canoodling in public oblivious to everyone else... That should make us very happy...ecstatic.. Peace everyone!

_WELL, as for that "tongue in her mouth" pic, LOL! Are we asking a little bit too much? BUT if there's a picture it..who doesn't want it?LOL!

@honey, how old are you? Hopefully, you're not 12, but for the look of it, you do sound like you know nothing in this world.

katy said...

to Liz

I think A is beeing sarcastic...don't worry :)

Is Rob going back to LA?? :(

SueBee said...


It's all good!

Just in general, there is always going to be someone or a group of someones who won't believe the obvious.

There really could be a picture of Rob shoving his tongue down Kristen's throat and someone is going to say that she stole his gum and he was just trying to get it back.

There really could be a sex tape (there's NOT!) and they would say that he tripped and fell on her, or that she raped him, or he thought she was someone else.

It's a little strange and a whole lot pathetic.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

LOL! Oh no you don't. Don't fuck us with your rotten tomatoes. I've seen much worse than your crappy shit. Get the fuck out of here! Don't forget to tuck your tail on your way out! LOL! You and your fucking bananas!

Louisa said...

@ Suebee What The?????

There really could be a sex tape (there's NOT!)......

..... and they would say that he tripped and fell on her, or that she raped him, or.......

Now your going to start a rumour....or put words in others mouths.......Quite an imagination Honey [and i meant Honey as in SWEETY] ........Love your concepts thou.... hehehe she rapped him.....ACCIDENTLY OF COURSE.....

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

guys, sorry about the Fbombs. Maybe I got too much from my twilight vs inception days...

you're sooooooo funny! Keep it up girl!

SueBee said...


It was a joke?

Louisa said...


I KNOW......SORRY BUT I too was being a sarcistic
AND IM NOT BEING NASTY...just seems I am not being understod like I would like to be...ok JS
p.s Im on your side BTW...I had no intention to offend

SueBee said...


Okay--wasn't sure but I get it now. :o)

olivia said...

Thanks Rose - you are the best!

@SueBee (1:56)
After reading the comments today........if you don't mind......I'll have a sangria!

Believer as always,
Olivia (Tx.)

SueBee said...


One sangria coming up!

Louisa said...

@ Suebee and I will have a
PURE BLONDE....for those who are Non-Aussie that is a low carb beer....
You know what they say a moment on your lips puts inches on ya hips....
Im still joking BTW....

olivia said...

Thanks, you're great!
Wow! Awesome! I've brought the nachos and tapas for everyone! Might as well watch the entertainment with some refreshments. : )

Love Rob and Kristen
Olivia (Tx.)

manjen said...

This is a cute fan pic:


SueBee said...


Cute pic. Like where Rob's hand is. BUT they both look sooooo tired. Poor things! Was this in Montreal?

@Olivia and Louisa

Drink up ladies, we're gonna need it.

manjen said...


I honestly have no idea where this pic was taken, it sort of looks like the same place the other fan pics were taken...I don't know...

Louisa said...

Now I'm being sarcastic ONCE again.....The original Pics of the one just listed has Rob w/red eye....right??..

Remember your sarcasim now ladies......
But I think its time for Rob to do a little hunting........get it lol sorry I'm just in one of those moods......i will stop as from now....c ya

SueBee said...


Yep, the man is looking a bit hungry!

Trish said...

okay Ive been lurking all day due to not feeling well but i have to come out and say that those new pics of R/K and that family is so hot!! they are so hot lol..there are kids around lmao..
Robsten has truly made our weekend..first friday now another pic to end the weekend on a good note..awesome and epic Robsten weekend..unforgetable! xxx..hugs to all the regs here..yoy know who you are...looks like we had a new hyena today hahahaha...must be related to Honey :p

Christina said...

After all the twists & turns of the comments: happy, denial, angry, joking?, angry, sorry, happy, denial, denial, happy, etc.... MY HEAD IS SPINNING!!!

I'm going to hide in the LOVELY ROBSTEN BUBBLE instead!!

Her I imagine that in Budapest for Kristen's B-Day 2 things:

1) Rob proposed
2) They got married

They do live together! And ALL the TERRIBLE mean haters/hyenas will choke on their foam when the truth is revealed after the 2nd half of Breaking Dawn is released! I picture Rob & Kristen laughing & commenting on how the papps "got private info/picts" but missed the REAL PICTURE (so to speak).

Ahhh yes! Bwahahaaa! My HAPPY ROBSTEN BUBBLE!

Christina said...

oops! HERE not her & I've no clue what aunteing is, but my 3yr old was helping LOL :o)

Nat said...

It's so nice that those lucky fans decided to share their pictures/ stories of their encounter with the rest of us.

I don't know why some people are commenting on wether Rob is drunk or has been drinking or what. WTF...so what he is an adult. Frankly, why do they care? He is just a person like everyone else.

I do beleive in Robsten and know that they're definetly together. It's more than obvious. SO again why are Nonstens so delusional and have to contradict what most of us beleive to be true? If you don't agree, fine...who gives a F**K what your opinion is. Get over it!

Louisa said...

In case you're wondering ......as I am I asked the lucky @teamrobsten411
What did Rob smell like? She replied...

Awww thanks girl:)! I didn't pay attention I wish I did tho lol ...

So I pose a question to any of you Lucky bastards [just joking] to take notice if you meet him ....What does he SMELL like????.....Dior/ciggeretts....[I still like that one Rose lol]

dowlingnana said...

Hi again ladies, sane ones anyway,
OK, Rob has said from the very beginning he loves his beer. And, as many of you have pointed out, he is an adult!! For crying out loud atleast he could stand for the pics so I wouldn't say he was too wasted, lol.
These things being said are getting way out of control. And I personally don't care what's on other sites and which gets more hate, that's one of the main reasons I came here was to get a way from all the garbage, so, I don't really want to hear about it from some that post on here!!!

@Christina: for some reason beyond my control and senses girl I am agreeing with you. I just have that funny feeling more is going on than any of us know!! Can't explain it really....I JUST DO!! Seems as if something has been different about the two of them for a while now???? Who Knows!

Also: I saw a video last night of some ladies/cougars if you will, that caught Rob right after the 2008 CC in San Diego and they asked to take a pic with him and the one lady asked Rob if it was okay to place her hand on his chest. He was fine with it, so, in saying that, I really hope this gal in the pic asked. It is only right and I just can't imagine him liking her hands wrapped all the way around him like that, JMO. I do think some fans take total advantage and have no morals to even care and just paw on the poor guy. Personally, to me, he didn't look too thrilled in any of the fan pics.
ABSOLUTELY love the family fan pic, how adorable those kids were as well as the "nice couple".
Take care ladies.....Donna

dowlingnana said...

Tweets from @ lilih73

I've just met the nicest couple in the world :D

Yes tonight, they were very nice, i am so excited right now.
Sorry cannot say (on location)

I'm a fan and love them very much, very happy right now and my girls too.

I was just really lucky...was looking but not really searching

I wouldn't do that, love them too much (on posting location)

The happy family with the nicest couple ! Will never forget that moment

deb said...

HEY guys I just got back from the HOSP. my 7 year old nephew got sick and had to have a operation hes ok but what a day for me You know what i was thinking WHEN things are good with our Rob and Kristen ALL shit hits the fan I agree with you all who say forget it they (haters ) are never going to stop WE KNOW WHATS going on and thats all we need Like my 24 year old daughter told me Mom they just want the attention and your giving it to them by saying something about what they say so just STOP dont give them what they want ( this is for the nonbelievers and the hate out there) SO YES she is right Im not going to give them what they want any more They well never STOP any way Have a good week DEB.

dowlingnana said...

Deb: yep your daughter is so right and remember our pledges not long ago..........I was thinking too that these nonstens/hyenas, etc. have to KNOW that R&K are really a couple otherwise they wouldn't be ranting so much with foam!! hahahaha, they just can't say it!!

dowlingnana said...

P.S. So sorry Deb I meant to mention your nephew, hope all is well!!

deb said...

Thank you Donna hes doing ok mite get out tomorrow he really wants to go to church camp poor kid I think he well get to go but no swimming. And YES I do remember the Pledges not to long ago I want to stand by it FOR ROB AND KRISTEN To show them I DO CARE by not talking SHIT. Isnt it so beautiful to see to young people so much in love PUTS a big fat smile on my face. .DEB

LK said...

I think A is that crazy Candy Kisses or just one of the moron Tombert shippers.But at least she/he is funny.

kaylafryer said...

Ohh Rose,, I Have Been Out Of The Lope For Far To Longgg, 5 Whole Dayss!!! I've Missed So Much! So Many Things Happend While I Was Gone And Im Now Just Catching Up! Ughh I Will Never Ever Be Away That Long Again!

So Back To The Beautiful Things Thats Happend While I Was Awayy Robert & Kristen!
Im SO Happy For Them,, Im Happy Their Together Ndd Well,, Love Rob's T-shirt "Get Off My Dick" HA! Thats Too Perfect, I Wonder If He Got It Made Or If He Bought It That Wayy,, Those Picturs From "On The Road" Set,, Too Beautiful,, Them Finally Bein Together, Is Just Beautiful
Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful
Thats What I Got To Say
I See People Still Hate Andd Try So Hard Not To Believe Whats Right In Front Of Them,, They Ask And Rave About Prof, And When They Get It, They Make Excuses As To Why Its Not Real
Their Sad Bitter And Hateful People Not All But Some,, That Needs To Open Their Eyes And See Whats Right In Front Of Them

Cant Wait To Read More
- Kayla

Monica said...

@LK, agree with everything you said. Can't get more annoyed with the who's-fans-are-worse debate. What a meaningless argument!~ What matters is R/K love each other and stay together.

@Bren 3:47, so so so so so envy your brother and sister-in-law. I want to meet Kristen so bad!!!~ I guess it never gonna happen unless she goes to Aisa for promotion again (but please no Japan or Korea, some places nearer my city please~~~). If I have the luck to see Kristen in person, I'd ask politely if I can have a hug. LoL~ Have a grin on my face right now by plain imagination. More beautiful than in pics? How could it be possible? Shit, if I was a guy and had Kristen be my GF, I'd kiss her for all day long without shame. Lucky Rob. (sorry, ^^ totally fangirling)

@Deb, hope your nephew is alright.

Monica from Asia

mujhiko_mujhiko said...


LK said...


LK said...


and this

LK said...

It is simply about "bragging rights" now, not whether they are or aren't. Everyone knows they ARE now. Leave them alone. They always knew, but they had a Jim Jones fake prophet feeding the craziest bullshit. A Robsexual who in her Robsexed haze created this illusion-fantasy world that Rob would eternally be single. They would rather have him be gay or a man-whore hooking up with every girl on the planet than be with Kristen Stewart. That is simply pathetic. What kind of fan of Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson is that? ... a desperate one. I can only imagine Rob goes to bed at night praying that these chicks never come within 50 meters of him.

I liked this from Delaney.It's dedicated to Honey and all the other hyenas idiots who come and post crap here.

30yearoldtwifan said...


Great Post from Delany. It is right on. Delaney has always been correct and got bashed and threatened over it. Lets hope the fuck nuts go back to where they came now . The gutter. Hopefully they will leave R&K ALONE. AND the fans will back off some.

LK said...

I've just read some tweets(don't know if they're legit or no)that last night except the family who asked R/K for a pic,also some Barbie dolls,probably R/K stalkers asked for photos,John(Kristen's personal assistant)said no and the Barbies started yelling.Some people don't understand when a no is a NO.

Annie said...

I really liked the fan encounter with the mom and her daughters. So respectfully and responsibly done. That is how you do Twitter and respect a celeb's privacy!

I can't see how there can be any doubt whatsoever that Rob and Kristen are a couple. It has been so obvious for such a long time.

katy said...

Hey...I have some people on my timeline saying that Lainey...gossipLainey...said that the kiss pic between Rob and Kristen is beeing sold right now and that what is coming is way better than last week....she said that she have see it and the bitting is fierce...

Don't Know if this is true...but I have mix feelings about his...these are the kind of papazz pics that I feel unconfortable looking at...

katy said...

Ok...I'm confused...it's either a Kiss or an embrace...

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Rose! Rose! Please wake up!

Guys, proceed to www.celebuzz.com. It was celebuzz who bought the kissing pic of Rob and Kristen!

Its the ultimate evidence!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Now, I think there's no more excuses. No more excuses. The ultimate evidence is already in the open! OMG! OMG!

Monica said...


THE pic finally surfaced!!!!~

deb said...

OK Its not like we didnt know they were together already Maybe now they well leave them alone Like Kristen said YEP thats ME and ROB TO bad a fan didnt get the Pic So they got there MONEY kiss.Am I happy yes but sad at the same time WE all new that Rob loves kristen but you NOW can say that Kristen loves him just as much. Be happy Rob and Kristen WE your true FANS want that MORE then ever. DEB.

SueBee said...


Holy spit! Scared the hell out of the kids with the scream and the faint!!! OMFG!!!!!!

Trish said...

OMGGGGG!!! AAAAAHHH!! I cant believe this...am i dreaming? if so nobody wake me up!!! cant believe this...there goes my work day (again!) Rose..where are you...

p.s. these paps are def. stalkers!!! they got every angle!..im sure ill feel guilty but for now going back to celebrating!! wheres Honey...and Lily (for old times sake) come celebrate with us LOL...hahahaha
anyone who denies should be reported to the mental institution ASAP!!

Leigh said...


So, sorry have to come out of lurk mode for this!!! Woo Hoo!! Own it guys ;) They are totally making a point here! Now, does everyone get their message? It is my hope any prayer for R/K that now that this is out there people will LEAVE THEM ALONE!!

There will always be interest in them, they are fierce...why wouldn't there be. Especially for Kristen whom I love :) But, let them live their life with a bit of peace! May they be blessed with a long and happy life :)

Angela said...

OMG I'm soooo excited... Hopefully the paps will get off theur backs now and let them get on with their lives, they deserve to be happy XXXX

twilight-marine said...

ROSE ROSE where are you!!! Hurry and post the ROBSTEN story for Aug 16th ;) Cant wait anymore... Think I am in Heaven.... Happiest day of life... The MOST awaited PIC of the year!! MTV should introduce a new category for the Best Off-Screen Kiss ;)