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Monday, August 30, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Countdown Started.

I feel like I have a lot to say today...
But not enough words
Maybe not the right words to say it.

What do we got?

1. Some fuckwad in Argentina took a picture of Kristen's passport.
Not only that...
But it was plastered all over the internet.
To what gain, I may ask?
The only picture I saw was the one of the actual fucktard
Holding up Kristen's passport like it was some sort of prize.
I don't get it.
Because whoever that was... is certainly no fan of Kristen's.
But see... it gets worse here, folks.
I was inundated with emails telling me that certain haters
were analyzing the stamps on the passport...
Are you ready for this shit?
They were trying to figure out a timeline for Budapest.
Good Fucking Grief people.
Someone's privacy is fucking invaded.
And this is a serious government document
with a lot of personal information on it...
And all you fucking care about is when she got to Budapest?
Yeah... Right.
That tells me 2 things...
That even though I'm sure you justified your fixation on someone's passport
there are no lines you wouldn't cross to prove your delusions.
You are beyond DESPERATE.
Hey, maybe you can give the fucktard a call
and he can give you more info...
But wait... he's probably already a member of your club.
So I'm sure he will be easy for you to find.

Nice Robeard.
Yeah, I'm a sucker for beards... what can I say?
I absolutely adore scruffy Rob.

Rob turned up in LA after all!
I guess my sadly strumming the guitar
while petting Jella scenario was the answer!
While I would have LOVED for Rob to have come down
to whisk Kristen out of Argentina...
It didn't really make much sense...
Unless you are a romantic fool like me.
But I've been told that Rob was taking care of business in LA
And lo and behold... there he be.

And the pictures of him and TomStu?
How fucking cute are they?
I love that everytime Rob goes out without Kristen...
He has Steph and Tom with him.
Now of course...
Foam was rampant about Rob not being with Kristen...
But we already knew he wasn't with her...
Kristen is the one who is working right now
Kristen is the one who has been moving around
Not Rob.
At least not yet.

I don't get why foamers are jumping up and down in glee over these pictures.
Like Rob doesn't do stuff with his agent and his best friend.. a lot?
Is this some sort of victory?
Enjoy the moment while you can.
Because I'm thinking it won't be too long until they are together again.
You know... kinda like Montreal.
You remember Montreal... right?

Rob flew to Montreal for a few days...
Hung out with Kristen and Tom...
Nuzzled Kristen...
Kissed Kristen...
Then got back on a plane with Kristen...
And spent some time in LA with Kristen.
So yeah...
when you see Robert getting up close and personal with anyone
on a regular basis like he does with Kristen?

THEN we'll talk.

For now?

Make sure you've got those magnifying glasses out so
you can keep studying Kristen's passport stamps
and keep chasing your tail about Rob hanging out
with his agent and his best friend...
Because that's ALL you got.
And when Rob shows up wherever Kristen is... 
You can always fall back on the oldie but goodie...

Man. That is some sad shit.
And you know it.

This post is brought to you by the letters *T* and *N*

T for Trust. 
I was right all along.

You live... You learn.

N is for NOLA
That is where Kristen is supposed to be.

How long until Rob shows up where she is?
Countdown started.

Bye for now


SueBee said...

First non hyena comment! LOL

SueBee said...


like I said in the last thread, why the hell is Rob not allowed out of the house?

Give me a break. It's his best friend and his AGENT for crying out loud!

Wow, I'm at a loss.

Anonymous said...

Great post.
The pass port thing is quite disturbing!!
People are absolutely CRAZY!!

Carly said...

there are crazy people and then there are scary people. and the sad fact is that Twidom is chock full of both. luckily its also full of lovely, sweet and funny people such as you and the ladies and gentlemen commenting on this blog

Im still trying to figure out whether Robs beard is a product of laziness or a deliberate attempt to look like one of the 3 musketeers. and while the fandom seems to be inclined to the former Im still thinking the later. but whatever

I do love teh fact that whenever he is not with Kris he is with Steph and Tom. and Sam :) maybe it was a somewhat business meeting

as for NOLA, I think its not if, its when. but what do I know, rigth?

*twirl you later*

Melinda said...

Wise post today that sadly people will still not believe. Oh well such is life.

Both Rob and Kristen are doing wonderful things in their personal and professional lives, together and apart. How can you not be happy for them?

I like Rob with the scruff. Very yummy. He reminds me of Charleston Heston a little.

I love the fact that he always makes sure that things can't be distorted in regards to his dating life when Kristen isn't with him. Same goes for her as well. They respect each other and what they have.

It would be fun to see him in NOLA b/c it is a fun city. They would definitely be able to enjoy some great music and food.

Happy they are happy...

Vangie said...

let me put in my to cents and i am not no hater -poor kristen i have never seen a movie like this tick-tock-toe the girl must be worn out look at how mkny hours to argentina and then lay over i hope this movie is sucessful BLACK AND WHITE HOW many more parts does poor kristen have and very soon it might be brazil now rob if rob drinks it's taboo he is english that's what they do if he is seen with a woman that is not kristen fire for rob,rob you are24 may be want t have sex with a diffrent girl everynight but you love one so you wait until she is avaiable and you still get pounded sorry rob

Annie said...

Don't forget Sam! Maybe they've been writing songs. *crossing fingers*

aya said...

Sam was there too, it'd be nice to give him a mention especially since he had b-day yesterday.

And if Rob goes to NOLA, you can bet Tom will tag along, hmm does he not have a GF to keep him occupied? Thought he was with Nettie, he follows Rob around like a lost puppy.

Vangie said...

a little short on words i am a bit under the weather,you think stephnie is pregant uncle rob lol!

Vangie said...

a little short on words i am a bit under the weather,you think stephnie is pregant uncle rob lol!

luvinrob said...

I <3 You Rose. My first time posting a comment. I know..I know..what took me so long? I read you everyday and you always wow me with your views since they always say what I'm thinking.

I just cannot fathom the idiocy and downright criminal act of someone taking a picture of K's passport. I hope this was reported somehow and that this person is persecuted.

This fandom is becoming more scary everyday and I seem to find myself withdrawing more and more. It used to be fun (sad).

Anyhoo..what great timing for Sam's 24th birthday. Get's to enjoy his BFFs company and join some partying even though they were Emmy afterparties :) Ah..who cares..a party is a party is a party! Love how he really stays far in the background :)

K & R will be together soon enough.

Love them and you Rose.

Hopefully I won't wait so long to post again. Had to get my feet wet first and not the foamy kind of wet either lol.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great blog as usual. I too thought it was a long shot that Rob would go to Argentina to get Kris, but I too thought it would have been so sweet. The scene at the airport in Argentina was very disturbing, and I truly worry about Kris. Also the passport business is very disturbing...that should certainly be against the law--poor Kris. I believe Rob and Kris will be together sooner rather than later--of course, he has business to take care of. I am surprised Tom is not with the others, from the book I read he seemed to have a bigger part than Kris's character. I do miss seeing them together, but I know they will soon be together every day. Remember Rose it is not if, it is when. Take care,dear Rose, and don't let the haters get you down, they are just not normal and we should ignore them. Until next time, love you.....

Bren said...

It seems to me that Rob likes to grow a beard to disguise himself. He had it in England last Christmas...and didn't he mention recently that he wished he had taken the beard he had in Bel Ami? On the other hand, he might also be a little lazy to shave..I have a husband like that, he only shaves because he has to. Nevertheless, Rob looks gorgeous scruffy...seems Kristen likes it too...(referring to her tee that said I Love Staches).

Honey said...

Kristen Stewart is trending bitches! Wheres Rob huh huh? Is he dead? Might as well be since Twilight doesn't care about him. Nobody will care about him anymore soon. He loses fans everyday.

Patricia said...

First of all that guy that took the photo of her passport should be either fired or suspended for a period of time. That IS a government document. THAT'S TOTAL BULLSHIT....


I'm too invested with this couple and I was very upset yesterday with the paps with Kristen in the Argentina airport, the passport bullshit and Rob out with a blond.
I need therapy. I hope Rob goes to NOLA soon, so I can relax a bit. I guess that's the MOTHER in me or else "I'VE JUST LOST MY MIND" over this deliciously handsome young man and his gorgeous girlfriend.

Grazie Rose

Nicole said...

Well yesterday was Sam's bday and then they went to Jimmy Fallon's emmy party that is probably why steph was there (and has been said she is pregnant)so all the haters can shut up now. And more than likely Rob will go to NOLA.

Kat said...

Just gonna say this. Rob had his passport snapped too and no one cared enough about that. No one made a big deal about it or attacked the person who took it and posted it on numerous fansites. They just ignored that his privacy might be at jeopardy. Hate to say it. Maybe Honey is right. Maybe fans do care less about Rob.

Anonymous said...

I love how everytime there's a pic of Rob with his eyes closed or semi-closed, he's automatically labeled as being drunk. Um, creative journalists, its called blinking.
I don't understand the motivation for this aptly labeled "fucktard" to not only take a picture of Kristen's passport but also to post it everywhere. I truly hope this guy loses his job over it as it screams all kinds of inappropriate professional behavior.
What is the point to analyze the stamps of the passport, its pretty obvious that Kristen was in Budapest. Who cares when she got there? Does it even make any difference as to the purpose of her trip there? She went to see Rob, who cares if she went a day early or a day late. The picture defintely prove that they left TOGETHER.

MySoCalledLife said...

you crack me up! What does Kristen trending have to do with Rob's popularity and loss of fans?
People like you, my dear, are the reason I stay deep in the Twi closet.
I'm embarrassed to be associated with the illogical, irrational, uneducated crap that idiot fans like you put out there.
Thank God for the sane fans (like Rose).

Also, you should careful when being so cavalier about death. In the universe there exists something called Kharma and it can a sticky bitch! Kind of like you!

LJ said...

Awesome post Rose...the passport thing is disgusting. Something else that annoys me is the way people make Rob out to be some kind of massive drinker! To me he doesn't even look drunk in these pictures...none of them do. Also the comments about him being English so he must drink a lot are rubbish aswell...have any of these people been to England? I can assure you we are not all raving alcoholics!!

It was his friend Sam Bradleys birthday for goodness sake and he was enjoying himself, so what?! I loved the vid that shows the Tom piggyback..so cute!

I'm sure Rob and Kristen will be together soon enough....and Kristen will be getting beard nuzzled...lucky girl ;-)

Scruffy bearded Rob = Rob at his sexiest in my opinion....and is it just me or does his beard look really soft? Maybe I've been studying it a little too closely!...ha ha

Much love to all my friends on here!

Love Rob...love Kristen...hope they are happy and safe wherever they are.


Anonymous said...

Those idiots are just setting themselves up for more disappointment. Enjoy it while they can.

Now they are trying to say that Steph is carrying Rob's baby. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Kat, I seem to recall there was quite a bit of uproar when Rob's personal info was snapped. It could very well be sunny outdside and Honey could tell me it is sunny outside but I would still contradict the bitch just out of spite, so Kat no Honey is not right.
And Honey fuck off and die already pathetic bitch. No one would care.

dowlingnana said...

Wth????????? How does anyone get a hold of a passport to begin with and snap a photo of it???? YES, it very well better be illegal. And, if it happened to Rob before, I hadn't heard about that.

Geesh, these nonstens are a royal pain!! Can't say nothing when R&K are together, but boy oh boy, when they have to be seperated.......
look out!!! I'm gettting pissy myself and just about had it with this nonsense. I have never followed any star/stars like I have these two and it's wearing me out. But, I won't stop coz' they are too fascinating of a couple with values I adore. Think that's what really does it for me.

I am SOOOOOO glad Rob IS NOT a player and neither is Kristen. That's one of the main reasons I adore him as well. I agree, he is very careful to not display a players identity either when she is not around.

I like Jimmy Fallon as well so I'm glad they were at his party and not some others I know of. Does anyone know if Rob did anything at the emmy's?

I did hear Rob in an interview say he'd learned how to stay inconspicious......it was to grow a beard!!!

Congrats to Steph if she is pg. Now tho' the nonstens will probably want a dna test done. GOOD GRIEF!!! Give it up already!!!

Kudos to SueBee for being #1 today!!

Love you Rose, keep up the good work and remember we're all behind you here 100% Donna

twigirl_world said...

I LOVE YOU! That is all...

Meg said...

Hi Everyone,
I never have commented before but I love this blog and you all are very amusing also! I've loved Rob and Kristen so its great to see them together in public a bit more--but hate the pap pictures. I think Rose said it was a double sword which is true.

I have a question about New Orleans. Are there pictures of Kristen Stewart there because I couldn't figure out how everyone knows she is there. There was a facebook entry about her eating with James Carville (how random is that??) but then everyone said that wasn't true. They sure are good ninjas!

I'm going to be in New Orleans in about a week and would love to know if its true. I wouldn't chase them but it would be fun to know they are around.

Thanks and thank you for any information you might have too.


RKsoumates913 said...

Great post Rose!I loved each part of it! PERFECTION!

It's the same situation, just different day/night.

Losers will always be losers!

My RK friends, i loved all your comments.

Yeah Rob was enjoying his free time with friends:Tom,Sam and Sthep.I hope they had a good time celebrating Sam's bday!

XO from Brazil!



ashers said...

@honey. whoaaa you gone crazy! LOL its comments like that that i find myself laughing gosh so many weird fans. actually they aren't fans they are more like stalkers/haters. i love robert he has as much as many as kristen stewart fans you know. so what if kristen trended on twitter um people like ashley greene trend on there haha and she's not even as popular as robsten. a LOT of people care about rob haven't you seen how his most of the time being voted as the sexiest man on earth. he has a lot of great movies comeing up. him and kristen are the only one's i actually see having a great future after twilight. and obviously his NOT died. geez so jealous? if you love kristen so much as you say you do you wouldn't give a shit who she dates and you would want her to be happy same goes for rob fans. this nonsten thing is so weird the lies they come up with haha i think us robsten fans should just ignore those kinda people because its obvious they want attention if they didn't get attention i think they would stop if they actual have a life that is. i have a feeling robsten will be together very soon. he might visit NOLA than the nonstens will go back to saying oh it's PR lmao these people make me sick. UGH i hate the dude with kristen's passport. it's beyond disgusting isn't that kinda thing illegal? why isn't he getting arrested or yet charged! btw did you guys see on eonline that thing ted posted robsten vs nonsten thing. well there is a robsten page on facebook and one of nonsten. the robsten page has a LOT of fans i think 560 while nonsten has 111. which makes me think robsten will win! so fuck you nonsten. those people need to get a life. btw most of those nonsten fans are fat,ugly,and old women..haha wow.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Great post. I have no words about the passport being posted. Seriously disturbing stuff.
Kristen went to Budapest to celebrate her birthday with her boyfriend. Desperate people are desperate (and not to mention really stupid).

I like when my assumptions turn out correct. LOL. I said yesterday, I figured Rob was still in LA. And I thought it was possible that Tom was also there. Stephanie Ritz does have clients that work on TV (I saw her at the Emmys last year) -- so no surprise she was out making the rounds. Nice of her to let the Brit Pack tag along most likely celebrating Sam's b-day.

I cannot believe anyone would be jumping up and down that Rob was out with his 2 best friends and his agent. LOL. Whatever. Those people are strange. And crazy.

I read Kristen's in New Orleans. I figured that could be the case. I saw that some haters are going on and on about her being there and since there was no pre-prod in Argentina then why would they in New Orleans -- Uh. The production crew and Garrett and Sam went straight to Argentina from Montreal. No time for any pre-prod.
Also, I believe new actors are joining up with the cast so they definitely have work and some bonding to do.

Does anyone know if Tom has scenes in New Orleans? I imagine he does and probably will be headed there soon, if he hasn't already. Maybe Rob will go with Tom or maybe show up at a later time. That would be a nice visit. New Orleans is a GREAT city. I was just there not too long ago and had a blast!

Whatever the case may be -- I don't think Kristen has much longer to film. And I wish some people would stop with the drama. Rob and Kristen don't have to be attached at the hip. They can manage having to spend time away from each other. I didn't see Sam's wife in Argentina. It's OKAY for significant others to be away from each other for a time, especially when one is working!

I did watch the Emmys last night (well, what I could because True Blood was on last night). I love Jimmy Fallon. And there was no way I was going to miss seeing Joel McHale, Jon Hamm, John Krasinski and Alexander Skarsgard all in the same night! Crush on all of them -- just a bit. LOL. My love for Joel and Jon went up a few notches for them being apart of the opening act! Such good sports.

Anyway, I think (and hope) Rob and Kristen will see each other soon! They always have a plan in place to spend time together whenever they can.

Marie said...

COULD WE PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND WONDERFUL IN THIS WORLD STOP THE DAMN "YOU CARE MORE ABOUT THE THINGS THAT HAPPEN TO KRISTEN THAN THE ONES THAT HAPPEN TO ROB" BULLSHIT!!!!! Sorry bout the caps but I'm sick to death of that crap. Here it is in plain English, in Black and white.... RIGHT IS RIGHT...WRONG IS WRONG...simple.. no gray areas in somethings,no neutral sides..every once in a while something happens that is just plain WRONG..and no matter who it happens to...for someone to take a picture of your passport and post it on the web is WRONG..whether it happens to Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson or Joe fucking BLOW down the road. AND we can all be pretty damn sure that the "fucktard" who snapped and posted the picture was in all likelyhood someone who worked for the airline....airport...security, etc....get the picture? BECAUSE we all know how closely Kristen guards her privacy and it's not like she'd just let ANYONE look at her passport much less take it and snap pictures of it, an official document of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...and one that belongs to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...so that idiot who did this is a bigger idiot than we first thought. And once again...RIGHT IS RIGHT...WRONG IS WRONG...no matter who it happens to...so thank you Rose for posting this and to everyone wanting to turn this into a Rob v kristen who has the worst fans fight...all I can say is SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY! I would be as outraged about this incident if it had happened to Rob,Tom or YOU and did you ever think that maybe we defend Kristen when horrible things happen to her because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO...RIGHT IS RIGHT...WRONG IS WRONG. K off my soap box now

jen said...

Wow, most of the time the hyenas make me laugh, but this is just beyond weird and creepy. If you look at some strange girl's private document to try to sustain your own fantasies? You are a big sick ass.

And as for stephanie-god, people, get a clue. I bet Rob adores her, and I bet Stephanie adores Rob.But they aren't hanging out strictly for fun. this has been evident since New Moon- his manager and/or agent have both stayed by his side almost constantly.

And for good reason - it's hard to start rumors about Robert in regards to women/drugs/whatever when his agent who can pass for his auntie is always within frame of any pap shot. You know Paris Hilton's camp was the one to leak rumors he hooked up with her at the afterparty, right? And guess what, people went, "yeah, it must have happened, he was talking to her alone in the garden."

You see how quickly him being alone can start a rumor that can be damaging? Same thing with that erika whatever at cannes-she simply got a picture with him, then bam,,,,rumors they were together came out.

Stephanie loves our boy, but please, she's making sure no one touches her merchandise at the same time when they go out.


jen said...

and dear honey: lol, you are a perfect example of a creepy rob fan, who forecasts that his career is over because he is making decisions without your approval. that's my favorite thing--when robert went up to montreal, all his fake fans who hate kristen pulled the "He's ruining his career, no one will want to work with him now!" line. Gotta love fake fans!

deb said...

Rose I hate the fact that some one did that to kristen HO HELL I HATE that they did it to Rob TO I hope who ever did this shit gos to jail I'm sure Rob is up set about it Rob WELL BE WITH KRISTEN SOON if hes not his way now It was nice to see Rob out with friends it wont be to long before he well be doing BD and wont have the time to be with them ALL IS WELL WITH ROB AND KRISTEN Like you'v said before its not IF its WHEN and that my friend is SOON very SOON. DEB

dowlingnana said...

@Marie: Well said!! I am in your corner there lady!! Kudos!! It IS time to stop!!!

@Jen: Loved your post as well hun!

I have been thinking about something for a while now and am gonna say it: Has anyone ever thought, nonstens esp., how it HAD to of been Rob to ask Kristen to come to Budapest?? Really now, who would travel all that way w/o an invitation? Oh I know, I know, you think she was being clingy. SORRY, but NO WAY JOSE', you don't go anywhere w/o an invite for the most part or atleast in agreement.
Sorry, just had to say this. Donna

Honey said...

Just because Rob won sexiest man doesn't mean anything. Figures have recently proven that an increasing amount of fans are choosing Ian Somerhalder over Rob. Most of Rob's fans are Twilight fans and Robsten fans anyway. So once Twilight and Robsten is over Rob will have lost many fans.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I wonder how the person who took that picture would feel if it were their passport flashed all over the web? Isn't that somehow illegal? If it isn't it should be, and how sad is your life if you have the time to analyze the stamps on it. That kind of stuff really pisses me off, like everyone has a right to KS passport info, it's just wrong. Rob is so furry, lol cracks me up how when he's not working he doesn't shave. I don't get the big deal about him being with his agent and Tom, like he never hangs out with them. How many pictures does it take to prove he has friends and does things without Kristen? As many as it takes to prove he's with Kristen I guess. Lol great post as usual Rose.

Marie said...

You're absolutely right Donna, he had to have asked her..and most likely paid for her to come as part her birthday gift...but the nonstens and hyenas wouldn't think of that..no..no..no..Kristen traveled all the way from L.A. to Budapest, HUNGARY.....because she is a said lonely girl with no friends and Rob feels sorry for her...hmmm that's taking a hell of a lot for granted on their part isn't it? I've flown from Texas to Hungary before and TRUST ME it is a long tiring flight..Hungary is a beautiful country, full of history and sights...but why go there when it's freezing which it can do even in July..without a reason and without being sure of her welcome? I mean seriously...she shows up uninvited..according to them..or because of PR (the whole fly there fly back bullshit they came up with)...and then follows him to the set where he is filming..which is a place you can't get on to unless you've been invited, and your visit has been cleared... and when she arrived there..according to his co-stars Rob introduced her to everyone..why do that if you hate someone or just feel sorry for them..so much so that when they show up unexpectedly you aren't upset with them ?so that sounds like to me that the trip had been planned and that Rob planned it all including her visits to the set..and YES HYENAS I SAID VISITS!!! I guess normal people like you and I (lol if you can call me normal) can see 1+1 and get 2...where as hyenas and other sticky and disgusting creatures see 1+1 and end up with 2,000..

Meg said...

I agree with so many of you but again...

Does anyone know why everyone is saying Kristen is in New Orleans? The FB from the lady saying she was eating with James Carville wasn't true.

I hope she really is there on the off chance that I might cross her path.


Anonymous said...

Nice post Rose. I, too, think Rob looks gorgeous with the beard, but then I'm partial to facial hair! I'm glad he's out having fun with his friends.

And I hope everyone involved with copying and posting Kristen's passport faces some sort of legal ramification. I'm not sure how that works since it appears the guy who held it up for the photographer is in Argentina. I would imagine the incident would have to be reported to either the State Department or Homeland Security to be investigated. I really, really hope Kristen pursues the matter. No one should be able to get away with this. It's just fucking creepy.

May said...

Since I`m kinda in a lurker mode (having cold and shit :/),I`ll just say that some ppl in this fandom are completely fucking crazy.Srsly,splashing somebody`s passport online?JFC Where is the crazy limit?Is there one?Yeah,I`m bitchy...Sorry for that....LOL
But really,some day, this fandom is the last thing I want to belong to.*sigh*

In other news...LURVING Rob`s beard. :DDDDD Oh and another thing that boggles the mind is the fact that some ppl in this fandom think that both Rob and Kris dont have shitload to do when not filming.I mean,what should they do?Not go out of their house at all?*fp*

P.S. Dear Rose,as crazy as my comment seems,you still fucking rule. ;D <3

Atticus said...

Marie, totally agree, right is right and wrong is fucking wrong! No one's passport should be plastered all over the internet. It's fucking criminal and I hope someone loses their job over this incident.

It didn't make sense for Rob to go to Argentina when he's not even working. IMO and apologies to South Americans, it's just too dangerous when you're not working and to bring along BG's just brings too much attention for a short period of time. Rob's gonna turn up in NOLA and he'll be nuzzling and kissing his beautiful gal, and to clarify for all those stupid delusional whackjob haters, Rob's beautiful gal would be the one and only, Kristen Stewart. Count on it.

Best regards to you, Rose. I'm twirling with you!

Lisa said...

Goodness... I only saw a pic of some guy holding up a passport that I couldn't even tell was her. In fact, it didn't really look like her. If it was her! He should be reported and fired! Along with the ass who took the pic!

Sam was with Rob & Tom last night too! There is a pic where you can see him at Pattinson Life. I love how close they all are. That's very rare for famous people.. Especially now days!

I adore hid beard... But then, I adore him any way! Lol

Happy Monday :)

Anonymous said...

@Marie - it's okay.. at times, shouty caps are completely appropriate. And that was a prime example of such a time.

And if being seen out and about with friends while your significant other is out of town working means you're no longer together, I guess my hubs is just gonna have to get used to the fact that we'll be on the outs about every two months. *sigh*

I'm not concerned with *where* she's at.. because she IS filming a movie. I'm just going to sit back and laugh and wait for Rob to either go to her, or she to him, and then wait to watch the crazies heads explode.

Oh, and can we get like a virtual bug zapper or something? I keep hearing this buzzing noise from time to time. It's rather annoying.. like a gnat, or a fly.. definitely some kind of bug.. must zap it's ass so it'll go away..

dowlingnana said...

@Marie: THAT'S RIGHT!! And hey, we are normal, lol. We DO know how to add unlike the unnameables!! I'm glad I stated that and you chimed in soooo very eloquently I must admit. Thank you for that. And about the set visitS, yes visits as you stated, again you HAVE to be invited to even get on. Kristen was even by Rob's side the whole time they were at the after party from what C. Ricci said, so take THAT nonstens or sticky person!!!

And security should've been the only ones that needed to see her passport so, if one of them did that, they should be hung or shot, IDC which!!!!!


dowlingnana said...


Anonymous said...
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Jane said...

I must not be as savvy as the rest of you but what does NOLA stand for?

30yearoldtwifan said...

Fucken A.

Every time I think this fan base cant get any lower and trashier IT DOES! Taking a pic of KS passport?? Checking when she left for Budapest? What the fuck is wrong with some of these people? I am sick to my stomach! Dam I hope KS/Robs people do something and soon to make an example of these craziness! THE PERSON WHO TOOK HER PIC BETTER BE FIRED! I am demanding him/her fired. Twi fans gets your act together and do something good for once instead of being stalkers! Or how about ya send out a few emails to the Calf senate to help support the new Paparazzi bill there trying to get passed? I have sent out emails? some others have.It takes 10 min of your time, NO you would rather stalk Rob and KS on twitter all dam day. SAD LIFE.

Melinda said...


To answer your question hopefully...

I generally don't believe FB and twitter sightings unless they are a legit source (i.e. news person) b/c people can post whatever they want.

HOWEVER- obviously we don't know the in's and out's of OTR filming but they are supposed to start shooting on the 7th in NOLA. Due to the cast being so vast and all over the board I would think that they went straight from Argentina to NOLA for some pre-production stuff (meet new co-stars, costume fittings, etc).

Do I think Rob will show up? Not sure. I am sure they want to be together as much as possible but being together attracts unwanted attention from the paps that might show up. So to me it is up in the air.

No matter what-they always come back together like normal couples in a healthy relationship do.

30yearoldtwifan said...

No Jane your not, I don't know either, maybe because I don't have KS day to day travel plans down pat like some.
"rolls eyes"

Some of these fans are NOT fans there STALKERS.

Anonymous said...

@ Jane

NOLA is New Orleans, Louisiana

Melinda said...


NOLA- New Orleans, Louisiana

so not to be confused with LA

A- you are right she is SO not worth it! Hopefully she will mature as she grows (I am convinced she is in her young/middle teens).

I kinda expect this behavior from a child. It is the grown women who are like this that boggles my mind.

Hope you have a great night as well!

Trish said...

Please...lets just ignore Ms. honeyhyena...she just wants attention and prob doesnt get enough from her parents/husband/lover..if everyone on here just ignores her she will keep posting and talking to herself..Ladies and A its not worth it using your energy on her...apperantely she really hates Rob and goes on every Rob site to spread it...dont give her what she is craving..eventually she will just be talking to herself..crazy is what crazy do.

@Marie...loved the post! i feel the same way as i always say..its really annoying discussing the issue or hate from both sides..its tiring..just let it go..hearing the same thing it gets VERY annoying. Yes, we are aware of the hate from both sides but lets not keep talking about it, it doesnt solve it but just reminds us everyday of the crazy fans in this fandom..

As for the pasport drama, all I gotta say is that yes some ppl are out there in this fandom who are competely scary and have attributes of a true stalker..its sad, but it is what it is..lets just keep the atmosphere positive because there is SO much nonsense that goes on in this fandom..thankfully Rose, you all, and R/K and their love is what is keeping me still part of this fandom...the BS is way to much and has tipped over and crossed that line.

Anonymous said...

I love people trying to analyze 1 page of the passport of a frequent international traveler to see where she's been. Hello? Anyone who travels can tell you the stamps aren't sequential - the customs agent will open to any page and stamp wherever they feel like it! My passport stamps are all over the place date-wise. LOL.

keset said...

OK! this is for all the haters.
look at Tom and Rob at 2:26 lol

SueBee said...

Deeeeear Diary,

I'm changing ink colors to show my new loyalty. I've changed religions. I'm now in love with Kristen Stewart.

Take that Rob!!!! (Crossing out Mrs. Pattinson from all of my notebooks!)

Yeah, my Bella doll talks to me now. She tells me so many lovely things...

Hold on Diary, she's talking to me again---Oh--how wonderful! She told me that Rob is losing popularity because I don't love him anymore.

Yeah, I knew it.

He'll see!!!! They'll all see!

Just wait until he hears that Kristen's poster is next to my bed now. Rob will be soooooo jealous.

Oh, darn, this foam is smearing my new ink. Ah man. Looks like I have to stop for now.

I need to search for a Bella wig on eBay anyway....

ashers said...

@honey. yeah ian won like one freaking thing! im pretty sure he won that because he kept telling people to vote for him on his twitter. mostly people took pity so they voted for him. robert won a LOT of awards/polls. there are some robert fans who don't like twilight so before you start saying crap atleast get your facts right. once twilight is finished you'll see him doing a bunch of movies and gaining more fans. you'll see that robsten will still be on even when twilight is finished hopefully. go cry a river because you can't really predict what will happen to robert or kristen. atleast next time try having a reliable argument.

LJ said...

Ha ha keset thanks sooooo much for that link, never seen that video its so funny!

Aww A Friend of A Friend....great post, why do I love your posts so much? I imagine you to be a total charmer in real life :-)

SueBee you crack me up!

Louisa where are you tonight? (or should I say this morning!)


Meg said...


Thanks for the explanation. I SO hope she is really there but now it seems like people are saying that she is in LA afterall?? Someone else said that she couldn't have been in NOLA with her parents because they were at the Emmy's last night and that another someone saw her near her parents' home late Saturday? Who knows but it is always interesting to try to figure it out. I wouldn't blame her for staying under the radar and not going to NOLA until she really had to go. I wish she was there just because it would be fun to think I could spot her when I go.

Thanks for the answer. I was hoping there was a real sighting or some confirmation.


Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

I felt so sad @ the same time so outraged w/ the"passport issue"!!
Isnt there a law against that?
I havent seen the pic and i dont want to..I hope they get fired for taking the picture..Ignorant bastard!!

If i was there, i would have swung a bat @ them.Sooner or later, they're going to get it what they deserve.

and Shame on the site that posted the pic!!

I dont mean to ruin your day by ranting about it , it's just a feel so angry for Rob and Kristen,
for everything they've gone thru.

To be honest, I wish BD is done with so they dont have to do anymore promotions and just live they're lives , just the two of them.

To be honest, lovely Rose, I always pray for Rob and Kristen that they will be safe always and have a peaceful life.

I hope everyone here can do the same.

Have a Wonderful Day

note: i see there's trash again-oh, it's called Honey..I think you may need to clean house again, lovely Rose

dowlingnana said...

@SueBee: oncore, oncore!!! (clapping hands) donna

Anonymous said...

LOL @ SueBee!! Awesome!!

Great post Rose!! Thank you so much for giving us SANE Kristen & Rob fans a place to come :) (Well with the exception of a few nuts) I have decided that from now own I'm not going to acknowledge the sticky one. As A Friend of A Friend said...she's not worth it.

katy said...
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katy said...

Great post Rose

Insane posting a pic of Kristen passport...when Rob was photographed at Nashville Airport someone posted a pic of Rob's passport too but they deleted imediatly...people have to have bonderies...a passport is private.

As for Rob beeing in LA, I had my suspecions but still was wondering if he was there or not.
I was Happy to see him (I missed him terribly) with Tom and Sam...I love these guys and I love when Rob hangs out with them...I think they are great people.

Hope Rob and Kristen will be thogether very very soon.

to Honey

'A friend of A friend' is right you don't even worth the effort....because you are just insignificant.

Anonymous said...

FYI to honey, Since Rob's trip to Montreal, he has climbed up the Starmeter. His career is far from ruined. In fact, it will probably only get better if he unloads his crazy fans. And the Kristen "fans" who hate Rob, hope she can unload that crappy baggage from her too.

Marie said...

I agree with Donna, Suebee "Encore! Encore" "A" is right as are the rest of those who have decided to tell the sticky one that she's not the effort it takes to type a response to her...even if that response is just "f**K You" if we ignore it maybe it will cease to exist. As for the person/people who took the picture of the passport...I personally think they messed up royally...they aren't just messing with a lovely young actress who is traveling..they are messing with the U.S. Government's property..I have a feeling that the person responsible will be shown the error of their ways.

Jane said...

manjen..Thank You. That cleared up my question.

dowlingnana said...

Robert Pattinson Reveals Homosexuality




Boogie with Stew said...

Hello all my lovely intoxicated friends.....I love the the bearded man, hell I love anything he does or wears he even makes smoking look sexy.. Damn good post Rose..
those low lifes have NO boundries, they're idiots, whack jobs.. why can't they leave poor Kristen alone..wanting our favorite girl who loves the man to be safe and resting...

I am a hopeful romantic..darn...

The man in LA taken care of bizznes... NOLA OK its'a bout that time tic toc..let us see shall we..

@Louisa ..in newer homes her in the states it's central AC/and heat.. my blooy Air con has been on all summer with the over 90+ degree F plus ceiling fans a twirling ... Will have to re-rent Pirate radio..since I never got to watch it.. love to all

Boogie with Stew said...

nite gotta turn in early sweet dreams

Nicole said...

I read on twitter that people were looking at the picture of Kristen's visa to see if her and rob were secretly married. Can you believe some people.

dowlingnana said...

How in the world does a Visa tell if you're married or not? donna

Nicole said...

@dowlingnana I am guessing they were checking her last name on the visa to see if it said Stewart or Pattinson.

dowlingnana said...

gotcha' Nicole, only problem with that, lol, is most stars keep their theatrical name, rofl. thanx, donna

Nicole said...

@dowlingnana yeah I know I guess some people just want to be nosey.

dowlingnana said...

@Marie: how'd I know I was gonna spell that wrong???? LOL, encore, thanx donna

LIZ said...

Hi All,

Is it just me or do some of the LA photos of Rob look very "uncomfortable". It appears to me in a couple of photos that Stephanie and one of his BG's are "holding him back" and his expression is not happy. I'm wondering if the paps were not only in his face but yelling stuff about KS to get a rise out of him.

The garbage about him being drunk is nothing but garbage, he looks very sober to me.

Anyway, after viewing the photos, I'm sorry he came out last night to help Sam celebrate his birthday and I believe he was sorry also. They need to live on a deserted island for a couple of years!!!!!

I'm lost ... why would Rob be losing fans? Am I not looking at the right websites? Where is this coming from? He has a couple of great movies coming out over the next year aside from Twilight. I personally love anything Twilight but not all of us are crazed fans, I believe most of us are normal.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to Rob & Kris.

dowlingnana said...

Can anyone tell me if Rob was engaged before? thanx, Donna

Nicole said...

@dowlingnana no I don't think Rob has ever been engaged. But in the future I think Kristen and him need to be engaged.

dowlingnana said...

Robert Pattinson's Best Red Carpet Moments by PopSugar.
Really good youtube video to look up, he says how he continued acting coz' of Kristen. It's also his cute comments made on red carpet since 2005 w/HP. Donna

dowlingnana said...

@Niclole: I have to agree with you on that one. Wonder why some think he's been engaged before???? donna

Nicole said...

@ dowlingnana my thinking is that the people saying he has been engaged are just CRAZY.

dowlingnana said...

Yeah Nicole, or just believing those trash mags. donna

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

@crybaby Honey Cry some more.. Everyday is a bitch, right? What is more painful than reality.:'((( Everytime you open your compu, phone and your mags they remind you of what a big LOOSER you are. YOU'RE A FUCKING DESPERATE! Its simple, you lost, we won! Cry baby cry...cry some more..

Melinda said...


Just wanted to make a comment about your comment and then I am done for the night.

The are a couple of pics where Rob looks pretty pissed off and Stephanie has her hand on him as well as the bodyguard. Stephanie looks pretty mad too.

I can only imagine what was said to him to get him to react like that.

I love that he was really protective of Steph letting her hold is arm as they were walking. It seems to me that she probably is like another mom to him and he would do they same for his own mother.

wig4usc said...

I was totally unaware of the passport issue..how disgusting. When is enough, enough? People are getting more and more delusional...it reminds me of American Idol and the people who thing they're awesome singers because Mommy told them so. This seems similar to me...the hyenas. A totally false sense of what's true, right and real. Its a little scary to me.

keset said...

Team Robsten http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/TeamRobsten

and them nonsten who hate Rob....(don't know how it's possible..hehh)

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Robert and Kristen engraved in the sands of time.

It was beautifully written. You can even pretend that the fuckworld Hollywood doesn't exist.

LK said...

And just when you think that everything is gonna be peaceful for a while,something happens and sends everything to hell again.The last 2-3 days were absolutely crazy.I'm thinking this is because a lot of people out there are really,really really crazy.I mean,posting photos of someone's passport?WTF?This is illegal,that person is a complete moron.

Rob at the Emmy's after party.Why all the drama?I've read so many sick stories about it.The gay rumors are out full force ...again.

Kristen in NOLA.The absurdity of some idiots are out of control.Kristen is in NOLA,because she wanted to spend her free time with Garrett(!!!!!!!!),celebrate his birthday and hook up with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I mean some people don't know the word LOGIC at all?

I've said it before and i'm gonna say it once again.I don't know how these kids can be sane in this craziness.I'd have gone totally crazy with all the rumors,the stupidity,the scrutiny around me.They must be really strong kids.I admire them and i wish they stay like that.

keset said...

@mujhiko_mujhiko, the link dosen't work.

keset said...

LK, you are right.

Robert and Kresten, hope you are strong and can get over this madness.

Anonymous said...

I always thought he grew the beard to not be recognised. :D If he keeps growing them and having paparazzi images taken of him, a beard won't hide him! ^_^
He'll have to try some dreadlocks.

I think we all should agree to ignore Honey. Her comments never make one ounce of sense. Why is she here? She doesn't like Rob one bit. She's always saying he's losing this and that to another actor. So? So people have different tastes, and might like Ian Solmerdar or whatever his name is. xD Appearance doesn't beat out awards for best acting.

Anonymous said...

Love the post Rose... done so adroitly... as usual.

You are a word magician and so full of common sense in this fandom.

It makes me happy to know that there are folks such as yourself and the lovely ladies (barring Honey & her ilk)who come here to share and read about Rob & Kris.

I have to say I am surprised that the passport perpetrator has not been hung, drawn and quartered in public by the American Government by now... what with all the theft of identities threat, for those wanting to do illegal things depending on their religion and leanings. An example should be made of the passport idiot!

As for all the foam about Rob & Kris and the why's & wherefores surrounding their current locations... all I can say is... the detractors must be very young (or simple)... as only the young (like 12-16)think that a relationship requires every single minute in PDA or together-land. Those of us past this age group have experienced relationships and what it takes to keep them alive and functioning happily.

I guess one day those kids too will learn that too much togetherness equals suffocation. LOL.

I have nothing but admiration for Rob and Kristen and the stupidity they have to endure in the name of celebrity status.

I wish them all power to their arm and lots of love and rainbows.

Cheers Chrissie

Vangie said...

there is a kristen shipper name Kstewangel, no one do not mind you love kristen but why ship her with garret that is so sick you never know the guy from adam but suddenly it's garret birthday 3rd of sept card for him only showing photos with him and say things with kristen sick hoping for your hopless dream but when kristen was being hound bythe pappz in argentina where was garref at the back smiling only vsam riley helped her another of rob's friends she wrote on her twitter or another shipper he was helping kristen with sam not true at all

Vangie said...


Marie said...
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Jane said...

The one thing that upsets me is for Rob to drink enough when he is out in public to get a buzz on and of course the paps get the picture and the very next day on Celebuzz the headlines are "Rob Pattinson Drunk in West Hollywood." That just pisses me off so much. I don't know if he just dosen't care if everyone sees him with a buzz on or not. I wish he would for I don't want people to think that is all he does when he is not working. I may sound crazy, but I don't like to see him out in public like this.