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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Love Isn't Blind

 Random Thoughts
when there isn't much going on...

1. Kristen turned up in Argentina!
Look at that purdy face.
Traveling 12 hours...
and still looking good.
No, as far as anyone knows at this time...
Robert isn't with her.
Oh yes...
It must be the end of the world!
She's only going to be there through Saturday...
and she goes to New Orleans for filming on Sept 7th-16th
So... She will have another week off?
I guess we shall see where Robert turns up next.

New Orleans.

With Kristen?

I like scruffy Tom.
Some people look good with scruff...
Robert and Thomas are two of those people.
We haven't seen much of Mr. Tom since the whole
 Montreal Kiss.
(Don't you love how people still deny that it was a kiss?)
Where is Thomas?
Is he still in Montreal?
Is he in LA with Robert?
Is he going back to London with Rob?
So many questions.
So much scruff.

I miss you, Thomas Sturridge.
Show your pretty face.

Robert. Piano.

Oh how I wish Rob would put out a CD.
Oh how I wish he would put out a CD/DVD
because I would want to WATCH him play and sing...
Can you imagine?

I can.
Robert and his guitar...
Robert playing the piano...
Robert's voice...
Those things move me more than anything else he does.
Seeing and hearing Rob sing ...
Not some grainy video
Not some shitty recording 

I've lost my train of thought.

Where was I?


Rob. Piano.
Yeah... that's it.

I was imagining what it would be like to see him
play and sing...

Where am I?

Robert Pattinson Intoxication?


I remember now.
Final thoughts.

1. I'm loving the whole where Rob and Kristen
will turn up next game.
It's fun to speculate...
It's fun to watch Hatesten scramble for excuses
when they show up together.

The Hyenas spend a lot of time chasing their tails.
But when you are desperate...
Even your own tail looks good.
They keep trying to catch it
It's SO close
They can almost taste it
(I'm sure it's bitter)
Keep trying, mutts...
You're almost there!

I got a few emails yelling at me about the whole airport thing.
"Rob and Kristen purposely got Papped in LA! PR! PR!"
"How come she got out of LA without a picture?
Because she's not with Rob!"

Both Rob and Kristen manage to get in and out of airports
without being seen.
I'm sure if they could avoid it altogether... they would.
I'm sure ANY celebrity would avoid it.
Sometimes you can't.
You can't look at the pictures/video of Rob and Kristen
going through an airport and tell me they do that on purpose.
No one would go through that if they had a choice.
Not even super PR couple ROBSTEN!

It's a shame stupidity isn't painful.
Or maybe...
That's why there has been so much howling lately...

This post has been brought to you by the letters *P* and *R*

Pathetic Rants
Progressive Rabies
Pretty Ridiculous

It's not love that is blind... it's Jealousy.

Bye for now


twilightbabez said...

Hi Rose I miss Tom and Robert too I hope these Brits will show up in public this week .

I have read Ted's recent reply about the PR thing and he was right reminding everyone at the time when Summit tried to break up Robsten. The two didnt heed Summit then.

Such BS to think of PR angle. Yes haters, even Stephen and Anna got married to promote True Blood. Co stars do that PR all the time to promote their show. *sarcasm

RissaRukus said...

So true.
I like that we don't know where Rob is.
Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

LJ said...

Ahhh Rose...that banner is killing me, those eyes...It took me ages to read your post I had to keep scrolling back up to have another look!



Anonymous said...

Love the pics today Rose. I love the new pic on the banner!! Great post...as always!

Patricia said...

OMG The banner and all of your NEW PICTURES....You're killing me Rose. That MAN is sooo DAMN GORGEOUS. I can't breathe...Jesus
Grazie for that. You got my heart going this morning, so I don't have to go exercise.

Kristen and Robert hopefully will have some more couple time when she gets back..

I love Tom, everyone loves Tom. Damn he's a cutie pie isn't he??? Good friends are HARD to find and I'm glad Rob has a lot of them. It also shows you ROB"S character that so many friends love him and now Kristen.


HI to all MY friends on this board.

Marie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jen said...

rose-brilliant post yet again!

marie--I know, their arguments are becoming more and more aided by hallucinogens. lol

It's hilarious, this is their current delusionary reasoning for everything that is happening, which is defended staunchly by a poster over there who swears she's in PR, and yet uses random twitter entries to justify things, bwahahah:

Kristen is gay(of course) and has a forbidden romance with scout, because didn't you realize they hugged at a premiere? And that means she's gay? Summit made them break up and cover it all up--THUS Montreal!

But...but...but...even though they swear Montreal is a PR stunt, Robert's not really kissing her! NOOO....Robert would never ever do such a thing, even for PR because he's so grossed out by Kristen cause she's so gross! Even though he flew up there to pull of a huge PR stunt, he draws the line with actually having to touch her!

So you know what PR poster(don't make me laugh, she has no clue what she's talking about ever) over there does to explain the kiss photo? "KRisten's very upset about being a closeted lesbian and the paps took the picture while Kristen was crying about being a sad lesbian. Robert was blindsided."


This is their story, and they are sticking with it. And all I have to say in response is: PICK ONE STORY OR ANOTHER. Either he's up there for PR purposes and thus kissing Kristen. OR else he's just being a friend who is hugging a sad lesbian.

Talk about chasing your tail so quickly and lamely, you can't even see one theory through without contradicting it.

God, they are so entertaining to watch...lol

Marie said...

I just heard a ridiculously insane but extremely entertaining story about Kristen and Scout Taylor Compton...this person, well hyena really, had the gall to say that Kristen and Scout were having an affair based upon a picture of the two of them in little black dresses at the "Love Ranch" premiere...she (Hyena girl) said "A picture says a thousand words" ONE Picture....ONE....for her ONE silly little picture told her all she needed to hear! However the thousands of pictures of Kristen and Rob together at premieres, holding onto each other, looking into each other's eyes in a way that kinda makes the rest of us feel like we're intruding on a private moment...the dozens of press events that they flirted their way through... the pictures of Kristen and Rob away from work...the ones taken in those unguarded moments where we see the tenderness they show each other and the smiles on their faces, the looks in their eyes, that make us know that they are in their own little world where they are the only two inhabitants ..THOSE pictures prove nothing to her...they are PR...staged...etc...etc...etc..... You know according to all the deniers out there Summit pictures sure pulls a lot of weight in the lives of these two wonderful people, however, and correct me if I am wrong...but didn't Hollywood get rid of the studio system back in the 50s-60s? I mean to my knowledge studios no longer run their stars lives...stars rarely stick to one studio to do films these days..so it stands to reason...which I realize rabid hyenas don't have...that the studio would have very little control over Robert and Kristen...seem an easy thing to spot, I mean after all isn't it true that it would be in Summit's interest to keep Kris and Rob happy? After all they are the couple who have brought in over 1.5 Billion dollars to the studio..they need Kristen and Rob to be happy..doesn't make sense for them to be forcing their two biggest stars to fake a relationship..oh well most hyenas are stupid...and you just can't fix stupid.

great post Rose

Trish said...

@twilightbabez I agree..even Ted of all people is speaking out against these PR business...are these people foaming PR PR fucking kidding me?..did they see their faces when the paps took pics..they both looked pissed off, even Rob so now one can tell me that was PR...idiots! and also about the True Blood couple that was sooo funny! lol..I swear some people STILL dont know the meaning of PR till today! its like the ONLY two letters in the alphabet they know!
I too miss Tom Stu..yes, he also looks great with the scruff!

I also LOVE this..its like what round 3 now or more..of the WHEN will they be together..ITs not IF its When..because they ALWAYS end up toghether! LOVE IT! I also LOVE to see the haters scrambling and looking for any bs excuse they pull out of their ass.

Rose do you want to kill us? lol...that picture of Rob and the piano especially the second one was too sexy for words! Kristen is one lucky female! good for her.

Trish said...

I also want to add that some are saying that its good for Rob to stay away from Kristen while she works because its a distraction when he goes over...that is a big NO! Its the paps that are the distraction! they bring confusion..angry Rob, bitchface stew, stress and commotion...most of all it makes US the true fans weary and sad for them...the best thing is to see rescpectful fan pictures so that we are aware a reunion has taken place.
@Marie..amen! only rational people are able to think about what you said the hyeans/haters cant think through what you said which is why all they know how to do is to run to the only to letters they know...P and R.

Anonymous said...

Yowzer.. Wasn't expecting the new banner pic, but Hello there handsome! Kinda took my breath away a little. And yeah, to be honest, I kept losing track of what Rose was talking about, I kept seeing the pictures and my thoughts kept going off on a tangent..

'Cause you're so intoxicating, I'm loving everything you do
Constantly you've got me craving, I cant get enough of you
'Cause you're so intoxicating, I'm loving everything you do
Constantly you've got me craving, just another hit of you. Intoxicated - Maria

And Tom is growing on me. I hadn't really paid much attention to him before. But now I kinda want to see where he's headed. Need to watch Pirate Radio :) Just moved it up to the top on my Netflix! w00t!

And yeah, I saw yesterday the desperation.. He wasn't with her at the airport in Argentina, so the trip to LA from Montreal HAD to be PR. Yeah, right.. I say we redefine PR. Positively Romantic. Perfectly Real. :)

LK said...

I thought we were over with the n***** c^ap.These people are sick and bothered,there's no doubt.Please,girls,don't bring their s^it here,it's really disgusting what they're saying about a girl they don't know.

Melinda said...

Rose thanks for the laughter mid day! I love the distraction Rob brings out in us.

Love the pics of him that came out. He is old Hollywood for me and they don't make em like they used to!!! Today's young actors are too pretty for me (i.e Zac Efron). I need a man to look like a man!

Love the piano pics best and the ones of him in the vest. Yummy!!!

As for those crazy people...well I saw a sign that said "You can't fix STUPID". How fitting for them.

It all NONSENSE and background noise now. Let's just focus on the pretty.

Have a great day!

keset said...

Love the new banner *sigh*

katy said...

Rose, your new banner its killing me. Rob is a Gorgeous man...I Adore Rob.

I also wish Rob would put out a CD...I love his voice, I've been listening to Rob singing today, it's heartbreaking, he sings with his soul. And the idea of him realesing CD/DVD it's a Amazing idea...and I am too Yes.
Intoxicated by Robert Pattinson

Ok, do people still with that PR shit...when will it end.
Robert and Kristen will HAVE more time for each other, she not gonna be in Argentina for long...and who knows maybe Rob will go to New Orlean or maybe he will go to London and then Kristen will follow him there...who know..your right Rose it's fun to speculate where Rob and Kristen will turn up...the thing I'm sure is that they will end up TOGETHER somewhere.

PS: Rob...Piano...sighhhhhhhhhh

Jane said...

Good Lord, your banner will be the death of me. What a gorgeous hunk of man.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful as always Rose. I too love the where and when game :) Because we all know that eventually they will end up TOGETHER!

@ Tracy...I watched Pirate Radio last week. I wanted to watch it because Tom had grown on me too :) I fell in LUST! *blush* Love me some Tomstu!! I have since watched just about every youtube interview and read every article. He reminds me of Rob but seems a bit more reserved or reticent. Regardless, I am now waiting for....Waiting for Forever!! LOL!!

And this is totally off the subject but it makes me laugh every time I'm typing a comment. When I type Rob..I hear Kristen say his name like normal...but when I type the name Robert...I hear her speak in her Martha Stewart voice on Jimmy Fallon!! LOL..it just makes me laugh every time.

deb said...

HEY Rose Love the new banner I just love seeing Rob I cant pick just one pic. of him to me I love them all but I do have to agree with Tish with the piano HO MY GOD what a sexy looking man Who's to know where Rob is at right now he could be in LA getting a new home for the to stay in he could be in London getting a new home for them to stay in or he can be in New Orleans renting a place for them to stay WHO knows. All I know is THAT THEY WELL SOON BE TOGETHER. All this he said she said is only BS. Im happy that they are in love and happy IN LOVE .Thank you rose. DEB

30yearoldtwifan said...

Dam Rose! The new banner is FUCK HOT!

His eyes are so amazing. "dies"

SueBee said...

Saw the new banner and instantly ovulated!~ (just kidding-sort of)

Anyway, why is it that if Kris is working and Rob is nowhere to be seen, they are automatically assumed to be broken up? Anyone ever hear the phrase "away on business?"

If they are connected at the hip, it's PR and if not, it's splitsville. *Rolls Eyes*

Okay, let's say Rob went to London (with or without Tom.) Why is that a bad thing? He can't visit family while his GF is working? Sounds like a good plan to me.

Oh and about Tom, after viewing some pics of him, I have to say my favorite part about him is his lips! Woo Hoo Mama!

I'm a sucker for a British accent too.

Guess I have nothing deep and meaningful to say today!!!

oldcoach said...

I love the new banner. I don't post much. But I have to say the only reason they got papped in LA last week was because someone, one, was on the flight and let it out, or two, because they got caught in Montreal Airport it didn't take much to find out which flight they were on. I love everything you write Rose

Angela said...

Hi Everyone x x, Great post Rose (I think - couldn't read the words for looking at those pictures).


How is it possible for Rob be so handsome and have a gang of good looking friends like Tom and my man had friends that look like apes ???LOL

Kristen is a lucky lass thats all I can say.

Keep up the good work Rose, and don't let the numptys get to you.

XXXXX luv from bonny Scotland

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for another brilliant post. I also like playing where's Rob/Kristen...lol...Kinda like where's waldo...lol. I think he is down with her and managed to fly under the radar. When he is not with Kristen, he can sometimes get away with this. He flew to Montreal without any photos...lol.

I have really been thinking, the last really big IT couple was Zac and Vanessa. Gosh, that lasted all three films and now, they are not harassed as much anymore. I am hoping Rob and Kristen get to that level soon. Some other big and new IT couple will come out and let them live there own lives!

Marie said...

@Angela OMG THANK YOU FOR THE LAUGH!!!! All your guy friends look like apes...omg thanks again I needed that!!

Lisa said...

Sigh..... I loved that they released those pics in HQ finally! Rob is adorable period.. Even when he's mix matched with no socks! LOL But when he's styled for a photo shoot?? There just isn't a more beautiful man on the planet IMO!

A CD OH PLEASE! A DVD of him singing and playing music?? I would be DEAD! LOL I would have to buy a box full because it would be on continuous loop in every room in my house! LOL

As for Kris getting out of LA without being seen there could be many reasons for that.. Heck, Rob has got in and out several times too without being seen. One could be red eye flights. Or they could use different airports, there are a bunch. I am sure they would try to avoid LAX if at all possible. And then there are private planes.

It will be interesting to see where they end up next! :)

Happy Tuesday all..

keset said...

Some great stuf i found on Rob.
what a Special man he is.
Love him

A great interview. I learned alot about him, really interesting man.

A funny clip, he sing and there's also behind the scene of his movie 'How To Be'

Also 'Leave Rob Alone' a blog

Enjoy :)

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great post as usual. Your new banner took my breath away, and it took me awhile to actually read what you wrote. I had a bad experience this weekend...I have learned not to read the tabloids and to stay from the hate sites, but I got an email from Twilighters facebook page, so clicked on and saw Rob and Kris had broken up, posted Saturday. For awhile I was on the verge of panic because I thought (wrongly) that a Twilight fan site would be legit. Some of my friends from an legitimate Robsten site calmed me down and made me realize it was not true. I learned NOT to trust any websites except your blog and the Robsten facebook page. I never want to repeat that experience. Forgive me for going on and on, I just thought I should share...be careful what you believe, it could be a complete fabrication.

team necklace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vangie said...

great banner rose,rob really takes good photos,at night i used to always read ted but now to much hate ted not me let these hate go ahead they will never stop and when is kristen finishing this movie?up to the 28 in argentina the new orn -until 17 or 18 sept then it's over marylou part in OTR was short so how so long and kristen have to get her hair back to brunette because edward said he prefer brunettes

Vangie said...

@Trish i more thing they better say thank GOD for rob because before rob went to MONTREAL OTR was a lost course it had no publicty at all not even the pappz was around

keset said...

Vangieת So true.

team necklace - he also said "Kristen is my friend, I really like to work with her. She’s more mature than her age, a real professional, I couldn’t wish a better partner, because she makes my every move, every sentence authentic. A big franchise like Twilight is a scary thing, because it put me on the map and I’ll have it for my whole life. So it’s important to get along with my partner, and Kristen is the perfect partner. She sets the bar high, so I must deliver too."

wig4usc said...

Helloooo gorgeous!!! Love the new pic! Here's what I've decided...we all have horror stories of the blantantly STUPID things people will write. Who knows if they really believe them, or are saying it to get people all fired up. What we all know is these two care for each other very much. An interview from 6 months ago doesn't worry me. Maybe they weren't in the same place as now...maybe things were said to stay under the radar. Who knows. As for PR...I'm shaking my head because its so beyond stupid.

I'm not paying attention to the NONSENSE, I hope we all can ride the ride with them, cheering along, and not adding to the drama any more than already exists!

I do miss seeing that handsome face out and about! Would love to see a happy picture of Robert and Kristen!

Anonymous said...

Great post, great pics, loooove the piano playing Rob. lol I would love to see him play too! sigh, oh well again, thanks for all the goodness without the PR lmao thanks Rose

Anonymous said...

That banner has to be the ultimate best....IMO and who would argue with that ????I gotta tell you OMFG!!!!

Thos pics of Rob playing the piano ...I actually posted a link to a video here.....and it showed for one minuute second of one of those pics appearing....

If anyone knows the name from that photo shoot?
....please SPILL......
Scruffy Rob.....sorry does nothing for me........I actually think his his best look was at the Academy Awards.....His face, hair ,the pouting,the friggin tux that whole package really.....
But Also those "piano" pics....are extremly attractive........fan, fan fan me down....
Excuse me while I take a step out side to cool a little......LOL .....sorry ladies....LOL

p.s Goodnight LJ

Anonymous said...

@ Suebee I did'nt know you could ovulate on demand.....LOL Lol

please tell me your secret....lol

Trish said...

@team necklace i also read the interview..i think he means by total bullshit he means the rumors. i personally think that he thinks the rumors are all bull and he doesnt know who makes up that kind of crap. rumors=bullshit/something ppl pull out of their asses lol.

I also notice he called Kristen "a friend"..the hyenas/haters/non people will def. have a field day with that but the thing is that i see them as friends and also lovers just because he said friend doesnt mean he doesnt mean she doesnt mean something else to him..obviously, he wont come out and say GF..(as keset mentioned he also said partner..which can be taken in dif. ways... *eyeroll*..but we all know its not just the movies)..which goes back to the whole PRIVATE ordeal...AS for the 10 year obsession he had with this girl all i can say is that when he was 14 "into the wild" had not come out yet..if you dont know someone exists how can you fall in love with them? lol....take some of these interviews with a grain of salt too :-)

katy said...

Keset and team neclace

that interview is BS...also she had some bits of an interview she made with Rob on the press junket for new moon...in this interview that Rob says he 'My agent sent me the script a year ago, and I read it not knowing the novel, and to be honest I didn’t really know Maupassant either'...Lie...when Rob was in Canne he said he had read BEL AMI and Loved it.
The mention about the girl he said he was inlove for 10 year...and Remember Rob was 14 year old at the time...it's a old quote.
in this interview says Rob started acting because of this girl...Lie he said several times and we have that on video...that it was his father who told hm he sould trie acting.

'Then finally please let me say goodbye with a woman who has a heart-clenching voice, and who won’t break your heart. Maybe you’ll like her and meet her in Budapest. I brought to you the CD of Palya Bea.'...this CD she gave Rob back in the press junket of NEW MOON, ...I saw it it on video...if you want I'll trie to fin out...this interview was alraedy discussed...and a person on twitter that is from Hungary-Budapest, says that this interviewer is well none for hadding BS to her interviews...and the pic of her and Rob his a photoshopped...please tell me that you can see that.
And I could go one and one but if you are a Rob fan you know this interveiew isn't legit.

Jesus, please don't get started on those BS interview that came out...it's like Rob said...every day people say that they have an Exclusive interview...when ?? and didn't gave and interview

Anonymous said...

these are newies:



katy said...

Sorry my english is even more crap when I'm angry.

Anonymous said...

I think you'd get sick of pulling out all the stops everytime just to avoid paparazzi. I'm sure they could do that. But all the time? It must be exhausting.

katy said...

team necklave...

and what Rob was doing in new york??...he was in Lnndon when he left for Budapest...and she says he was in New York...Rob was in London since...I don't know maybe 21 december 2009...and he went to Budapest maybe 2 or 3 week of march until 9 of april

SueBee said...


It was great big hormonal rush upon seeing that banner! LOL

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hey Louisa..How are you going?

Anonymous said...

Hi SueBee,
How are you going?

katy said...

Team necklace

What I mean is Rob wasn't in the US in february he was in London...the only time Rob was in New york was to the press junket and premiere of Remember Me and this was 1 of march

Anonymous said...
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keset said...

katy, i didn't know it's fake.
the reasons you wrote sound correct.

everything is a fake!

Anonymous said...

Suebee Look Hunnie I totally,totally, totally Understand......there is no need to explain......I'm lost for words myself [which is a rarity] lol

Although I have not reached Metaporse.....[spelling incorrect I know] I think something went dramatically wrong with my influx also........hehehe

Anonymous said...

@ Manjen glad to see you havent forgotten what I have been teaching you....Your such a pleasant student....
How are you going?
I'm fine, a little better than fine from what my poor sleepy eyes had the pleasure to view here today......lol

Anonymous said...


LOL..well your student is ready for the next lesson. I guess it will be lesson number 3. 2 being fuckwit. Used in a sentence: My boss is such a fuckwit!!

katy said...

Yeah keset...What is Real???

all this printed interviews that comes out...we have to read them with a bucket of salt...I don't believe everything I read.

LJ said...

***Sigh*** still can't stop looking at that banner...and yes ladies the piano pics. I have a slight fixation with his fingers I think....that second piano pic where hes gently touching one key.....good lord!

I enjoy reading interviews with Rob and Kristen but they were never going to say anything that would admit they were in a relationship, as Rob himself said he doesn't want to sell it so won't talk about it. I think he always tried to make his answers quite general and not personal to his private life. We all know Rob and Kristen are together and happy!

I also think Rob has a (typically British) self depreciating sense of humour and ability to tell a good tale which means he gives a funny interview, but I do think as someone said before some of the stuff he says can be taken with a pinch of salt!

Good evening to my friends on here!! Hey Louisa!, yep bedtime for me in an hour or so. It's annoying that I always miss the good stuff on here while I'm sleeping....

Love Rob...love Kristen...much love to you all.


keset said...

This is real!!! LOL!!!!

Good night everyone.

Anonymous said...

Lesson #3...Since you requested Manjen...ya know I wasnt gonna....But I thought why not....You lot are teaching me your stuff so I thoght I'd return the favour......LOL

To fall A over T OVER SOMETHING....

translation: "arse over tits".

I fell A over T over the pics of Roses blog today..
Now have we got that.. now remember A over T...until next my lovlies ciao

Marie said...

Everyone step back and take a deep breath and calm down about the whole Bel Ami interview..let's look at this rationally shall we? Ok so this interview is supposed to be from this February and this woman says that Rob said that him asking Kristen to marry him was BS...ok that was a statement that was jokingly given to a reporter on one of the evening talk shows when Kristen told the reporter to ask Rob how many times he proposed...it was years ago...during the Press junket for Twilight (back when they were just friends)...what came out during that interview was that Rob finally admitted that he proposed a lot to lots of women because it was his "Thing"...also to add weight to my warning...I just saw online where a media outlet is reporting that Rob and Kristen were on a reality show LAST night...and along with this "alleged appearance" film of an appearance they did on French tv years ago...so remember just because you read it and it is supposedely from a legitimate media outlet doesn't make it true...also we all know Rob has a wicked sense of humor that doesn't translate to the written press sometiems...need I remind everyone of the "Details"... and finally didn't Kristen say herself that Rob gets a kick out of shocking people? He thinks it's funny to get people all upset. We all know what we've seen over the past year...and I trust my eyes more than I trust a reporter.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Louisa..I will use that as soon as the opportunity comes up!!

team necklace said...

@keset & Trish

Okay...hey thanks...I mean Keset said to read the article and that is was good...so I did. I was just floored about the "soulmate" remark but if you say it is made up...what a relief!!! I normally DO NOT read any junk but it was recommended here so I did. Sorry to get people excited for nothing...afterall...look @ my "name"...it says it all...well...she has not been wearing it lately, probably tucked away for safe keeping until she finishes shooting OTR!!

Anonymous said...

@ Manjen glad to hear it...I would hate to think that all these lessons would go to waste...LMAO

Anonymous said...

@ team necklace....please dont tell me you took my theory like a "grain of Salt"....lol

Dee said...

Rose I have to agree with you the voice it gets me every time. I have also heard the crazy comments about how celebs can go through a special entrance if they do not want to be seen. They dont have special entrances for celebs. Jeez. I dont know why people would think any celeb would want to subject themselves to some of the nasty comments that come out of these paparazzi mouths. The women paparazzi can sometimes be the worse.

But forget that back to the voice. Its that British tongue that he speaks that gets me every time. SIGH!! I want to send my husband to England for a year. Maybe he can pick up an accent. lol

Anonymous said...

BTW are you all aware of the term "TITTS" if not they are BOOBS or BREAST's..Just thought I'd clarify....

LJ said...

Ahh the British accent thing makes me chuckle...he just sounds like everyone I know! unfortunately though...the accent is as far as it goes!...

As Louisa would say just looking at him makes my legs turn to jelly and go 'arse over tit'!! he he


Anonymous said...

@ Louisa
A over T in a sentence:
Everytime my husband walks into the room I fall A over T.....
I had to say that, he's sitting right here------>


deb said...

Hey Louisa I cant get the video sorry Dont know why i cant Ho well i'll try some other way thanks. And all this talk we all well most of us know that Rob and Kristen are together and has been foe some time now. DEB.

Anonymous said...

Well Manjen....your husband must be mighty fine..... to give you a reaction like that......
Coz hubby does it for me on some occasions but Rob does it all the time......LOL
@ LJ you got it.....

Anonymous said...

@ deb give me an hour or so and I will also post them on my FB page...you can view from there ok....There is no need to go A over T to put yourself out to watch them from here.....I will help you view them another way..... lol

Anonymous said...


another newie

olivia said...

Hi Rose,
Oh my!

*catching breath and smiling a big smile then taking another deep breath*

The banner....no words can truly describe this man. It took a few minutes to scroll down to your post for today.

Rob is sensational- no matter whether he is grubby and scruffy, cleaned up in a designer suit for a premiere, in period costume for a film, or in a plain T, jeans, and a hoodie. Clean shaven, couple of day stubble, beard, shaggy hair, WFE short hair....for me it does not matter. He is amazingly handsome every way!

I hope Rob has some time now, since he is between films, to work on his music. Wouldn't it be lovely to have him serenade Kristen on film during the shoot for BD? "Edward" composing and singing/playing the piano, even though I don't remember any part of BD where that occurs, would be a nice addition to the films.

Missed commenting yesterday, but would like to add that I prefer Rob and Kristen over any combo form of their names. It gives each person their own name/individuality and also the "and" of course links them, especially to those of us who acknowledge through observation and deduction that they are together as a couple.

Lastly, I really try to avoid the stupid noise out there that is made up about Rob and Kristen. If it looks like garbage, smells like garbage, sounds like garbage......please don't taste it, then pass it on to others to taste because it most probably (99.9% certain) IS GARBAGE.

Would love to go to Argentina. Happy that Kristen gets the opportunity, even though it is a quick trip, and of course she will be very busy working on the film. I have forgotten, isn't the director of OTR from SA, perhaps Argentina, or Chile?

Peace, calm and happiness to Rob and Kristen,
Always been a believer,
Olivia (TX.)

SueBee said...

Okay, I saw the new pics of Rob and fell A over T.

@Manjen I'm going just fine, hon. How are you going?

As for the Rob interview--I prefer to watch him being interviewed than read an interview. It helps if you can see his expressions when he's talking.

Some magazines just compile a bunch of interviews (no matter how old) and try to make a story out of it.

I used to get spooled up by what I read but I found a solution. I don't read them anymore!


SueBee said...

Oops, forgot one. My neighbor is a fukwit. (No need to explain)

Anonymous said...

@ SueBee
I am going great..

I think when Louisa is ready, we are ready for lesson 4.

LJ said...

Hi SueBee!

Funnily enough my neighbour is a fukwit too..a great big pain in the arse nosey fukwit......ha ha



deb said...

OK Louisa as you say i wont go A and T over it hehehehe Thanks hon.I need my fix was at the hosp. from 6:45pm yesterday till 4:14am this morning with my daughter she was sick. shes home now hope she'll start feeling better.10 hours at a hosp. is a long time. DEB.

LJ said...

Oh and hello Manjen....I don't think I have said hi before!

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose!

Anonymous said...

@ Suebee...funnt that I thought it was just my neighbor who's a Fukwit.....it must be an universal thing.....

I too have been most upset about what I have read in GLOSSY PAPER BS[ supermarket magz] I dont read them nor i dont buy them ...but i do laugh to myself whilst reading the absude headlines....that are supposedly there just to grab your attention......

Anonymous said...

Hello LJ

Anonymous said...

OHHHHHHHH "A" please, please enlighten us with your humour...I did notice your absence these last couple of days....I was actually going to mention "Where in the BLOODY HELL are you"
{Lesson #4 Manjen ..i just threw that one in }hehehehe...

Anonymous said...

@ Deb I did notice you not commenting here yesterday...I hope daughter is doing better....

@ Lj a nosey fukwit ....that could be a dangerous combination.....
MY neighbour is an Arrogant cock who is a Fukwit.....hehehe enuff said....lol

Anonymous said...

Hello Louisa, Suebee, Lj, manjen, Deb, and everyone else :)

Louisa, I too was paying attention...and my neighbor is not a fukwit...BUT their 14 year old son IS!! Pain in the ARSE!! Maybe it's because I have daughters...I just don't know how do deal with him :/ Thank goodness I have girls!! I shudder to think when he turns 16 and has a drivers license! It's bad enough him on his stupid dirt bike on the beach!!

Oh yes, "A" I have missed your charming wit...I figured you were mending from another adjustment. And how is A Friend? Please send my best wishes :)

LJ said...

Louisa I can't stand my neighbour, I don't know anyone who likes her shes a right pain in the arse whom I do my best to avoid!....and as we have been talking about tits tonight she gets right on mine!!!

Anyway I seriously need to go to bed...night all!


LJ said...

Hi Leigh!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

@ Leigh
I have 3 sons......2 w/ drivers License and a 14 y/o who has a 4 wheeler not a dirt bike....So I totally get from where you are coming from......
perhaps playing with dolls is another issue.....But I have no idea what it is like to bring up girls I'm afraid.....I'm sure they balance out in the end....

In short...no matter where,when or were one is.... there seems to always be Fukwits around....I thought it was just me attracting them......How wrong was I ?????lol .

Anonymous said...

Hello Leigh!

SueBee said...


Our neighbor's son still lives at home at 22 years of age. We have a shared driveway and he feels the need to race up and down it.

My hubby told him to slow it down since we have kids who play outside.

He then told my hubby to f**k off and then ran in the house and locked the door.

That's the mentality we're dealing with.

He's a bloody fukwit. (2 for 1 for Louisa!)

Anonymous said...

Ha Suebee!! A twofer ;)

Well, the bloody pain in the arse next door likes to tear the beach up with his bike...and of course he doesn't do it in front of his house...nope :/ it's in front of MINE!! I wish I could put roof tacks or some such out but...that would defeat the purpose when me or my girls stepped on them walking to the beach. Anyone have any ideas? I did put sugar in his tank last year....but that only a temporary measure...bloody fukwit...lol Love it Suebee ;)

Anonymous said...

Bloody Hell, my son is 18 and if he ever told another adult, in that situation to fuck off, he'd wish all I had to call him was a fuckwit!!! I would beat him down!!

3 for 1.....hehehehe

Anonymous said...

how about add water to his fuel....My sons tell me that causes all sorts of havvoc....yes Suebee Bloody Fuckwit indeed....hehehehe love it toooooo....

Anonymous said...

Wow Louisa....

3 boys!! I'm not sure one is any easier than the other..it's just what you are used to ;) I feel sorry for my hubby sometimes. Me, my 2 daughters, 2 female dogs, and 2 female cats...he's the only fella! He learned how to duck and cover real quick!! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

@ Leigh I will ask you to go back 2 days and read my reputare of pets Louisa owns......thats why I have females in
a cow
a dog
not sure about the birds and fish coz its to much dramas to find out for certain .....
My 3 sons....I cant live with them [only sometimes] and I cant certainly live without them [always]....

katy said...

More pics of Rob from Shining photoshoot...be still my heart


Anonymous said...

Louisa, it

it must be so neat to have a cow and chickens!! My kids would love it...we aren't supposed to have more than 3 (domestic) animals in my neighborhood so...I'm breaking the rules. LOL!! I like to live dangerously...bahahaha!! I really don't think they would go for a chicken or cow...I wonder about a goat....hmmm.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose! Yet another great post today. Hope filming is going well for Kristen down in Argentina. And maybe she will have another little break coming up. Either way, I think it won't be long now until she wraps her part and is done. It would really be nice if Rob and Kristen could have several weeks off together before they start BD.

Anonymous said...

@ Katy why do I find myself liking BAtman...lol

@ Leigh so you did remember reading it.....I'm so close to calling you a biatch right now.....[ and I will but i mean it in the nicest way]

I'll give you goat....

plz don't remind me I will possibly dry reach....

I am going to leave you fine ppl for now...RL ya know....

Hopefully @ A will hears me pleading for his attendance.....I will be waiting with open arms.....so to speak.....

SueBee said...

@ manjen

If his parents raised him right, he wouldn't be 22, living at home, and sometimes working at the McDonald's down the street.

Hubby had to wait till his Dad got home to have a discussion with him. His dad's response? "Yeah, he's being a di*k lately."

He's a bloody fukwit who needs to be knocked T over A and I don't care how he's going afterward!

(Yeah! 4 in one!)

Anonymous said...

@ SueBee
That was AWESOME!! You get an "A" in my grade book!!

deb said...

Louisa my daughter is feeling better Thank you And by the way I LOVE THE NEW WORDS Im going to say them to my kids and see what they say to funny send me so more please Who said you cant teach a old dog new tricks I LOVE IT ...DEB ps I like my neighbors But i'v known a few Fukwit in my life. DEB.

Anonymous said...

@ SueBee...I bow to your brilliance...4 for 1...LOL!! Love it ;)

@ Louisa..that ok ;) I'll own up to that one...I'm the Queen Biatch around my house...hehehe!!

katy said...


Yeah, me too...especialy BATROB

deb said...

SueeBee I love it the next time i EMAIL my sister I'm going to write like you did and see what she thinks how funny she then can use our new words. SEE louisa Your a good teacher lolo DEB.

deb said...

There mite not be that much going on with Rob and kristen But there is always something going on in Roses Blog Thanks you guys You keep me happy. DEB

olivia said...

For those of you who are fans of
Rob in Remember Me, if you have not yet found the site


I highly recommend it to you. There is a wonderful essay with stills from the film which was posted on Thurs. August 19 called "Robert Pattinson in RM - Part 2 Living Tyler" This is very thoughtfully written and the author hits the mark by emphasizing how skilled of an actor Rob is by showing us his amazing range of emotion. With just a gaze, slight body movement, tone of voice and more, Rob becomes Tyler in the film.

After reading that entry, the post for today, 8-24-20, "Tyler in RM, The Human Face of Tragedy" is also worthy of a close read.

This web site contains a treasure trove of information on the film RM. It is exciting that this little film has kept on reaching more and more people, especially outside of the USA. Much of the movement that continues to introduce the film to new viewers is by word of mouth. I count myself among those who feel deeply touched and humbled by the movie and continue to tell people about the powerful message that Tyler gives us as a gift in this film.

I really hope that this film, RM, and Rob continue to win many, many awards.

BMH has arrived! Add adorkable Rob to the many characters that Rob has enchanted us with.

Love and hugs to all,
Olivia (TX.)

katy said...

to Olivia

Thank you :)

Boogie with Stew said...

turn the fan on I'm having a hot flash .. no it's the new pics Rose posted..That man could advertise eggs and I'd eat em...lol drooling over the new pics.. Like the "where is Rob"? I said I had a hunch last nite he's in Bariloche..what a lucky young women.. what a happy couple...laalallllaa that's me plugging my ears cause I don't listen to all that shit the haters say ain't gonna do it... won't look at the crap they put on their sites either..nope I do my one stop shopping right here..this is the best place in town if only I could get an ice cold beer...SueBee that was hysterical.. and Louise waiting on lesson #3..and critters I've got 3 cats and 2 dogs..did have two house bunnies but they have hopped over to bunny heaven.. Nope love isn't blind..it's usually right in front of us..love to all good nite
B/W/Stew ♥

dowlingnana said...

Hello fellow believers,

Everytime I see Rob at a piano I can't help but think about in the video of how when he was playing the piano for Twilight, Kristen started playing with her two fingers and he stops and smiles. With him being such a serious musician, I can't help but think she's probably the only one he'd let get away with that!!

You ladies are soooo funny about your comments on Rob's pic. LOL

Deb: What happened with your daughter? Hope all is well now.

These new pics........WHOA, like the Fonz ya' no. Whew!! Man how can someone be so gorgeaus???? I can't ovulate anymore, but I know how SueBee could feel, hahahaha.

Yeah, DO NOT read the garbage, it'll keep ya' messed up for sure.

Love to you all, Donna

dowlingnana said...

@BoogiewithStew: One stop shopping, Love it!!! I also have one other site on FB where the lady is trust worthy. Donna

Patricia said...

I hope your daughter is feeling better. I'm sorry to hear she is sick.

Hi to all the lovers of Rob and Kristen
They just posted Kristen is having dinner with Sam and four men.
Done filming for the day.


dowlingnana said...

WOW, wouldn't I like to be surrounded by five men having dinner............;o) Donna

deb said...

Donna and Patty my daughter was throwing up a little blood they said after taking a lot of X'rays that is was because shes been sick.She'll be ok they gave her some med. to take shes been sleeping all day I was really worried (about the blood) Thank God shes ok Thank you for asking shes 28 and my middle child and shes home with momma now so i can take care of her. DEB.

Anonymous said...



Patricia said...


She's in good hands then. There's nothing like your Mother taking care of you. God bless her and you.
Oh and Rob and Kristen right?


dowlingnana said...

@Louisa: Ok gal, what's the topic for tonight? I'm waiting!! Donna

Anonymous said...

Dearest Louisa and Leigh,

I am sorry I am too exhausted to be jovial today but if I did have the energy, there is nobody else in the world I would rather chat with than the two of you. Another time and until then know that I am sending you warm wishes for a wonderful evening.

deb said...

Thanks louisa I like the songs in that one .They are really happy you can only see it and know its true DEB.

deb said...

YA Louisa whats is going to be to night i didn't get to be here last nigh.Thank you patty and yes Rob and Kristen are in good hands Deb.

Anonymous said...

Awww Louisa....I signed on to say goodnight. We have a message ;)

@ A...my fondest wishes that you get some rest and until next time...sweet dreams!

Night everyone...I have a early morning tomorrow. TTYL :)

Rose said...

Dearest *A*...
I've missed you!
Hope all is well.


Anonymous said...

@ A if you were my husband I would tell you to have a Berrocca, shut ya mouth I would have my way with you....perhaps you should pass this on to your friend....Lifes yo short to be tied......I will have you know Im full of beans at the moment.....Have you not realised I live 17 hours in time ahead of your fine self.....Both Leigh, Rose and myself miss you greatly...and really appreciate the smile you place on our lovely faces.....so until then ...perhaps when the energy levels are at a higher point....we may have the pleasure.....sweetness..... cioa...

@ Deb havent i appeared on here enough today....I'm sure I would be pissing someone off....One who keeps seeing my name appear...no doubt.....
@ Rose hope you don't mind sharing 'A' with both Leigh and myself....We have missed his wit, humour with a dash of charm thrown in to please.......
good nite Leigh and I take back what i called ya before....eveen thou you seem to be the queen at it.....hehe

Anonymous said...

sorry deb I meant Donna....

Carly said...

I sort of wished he would go to Argentina but if its a few days of shooting what would be the good of it? sicne I found out they film in New Orleans I sort of wished he woudl follow her to that one. since she already filmed there and could play a guide for him on her time off :) but if he doesnt, no big deal

scruffy Tom is always a good thing. just like scruffy Rob. and I wonder where Mr. Sturridge is as well. but Im sure he will pop up somewhere unexpected as he always does

Rob and a piano...yeah. and I so agree about the DVD. I want to hear him, I want to see him. the 3 minute video on Twilight DVD of him playing piano is one of the best bonus features ever

and talking about piano, Im still waiting for that fotoshoot of Rob with a black piano and Kris in red dress, Fabulous Bakes Boys style I requested for Christmas in 2008. you hear me, Santa?

*twirl you later*

dowlingnana said...

@Louisa: Alrighty then, until next time, but I don't mind seeing your name. ;o)

@Carly: I agree, she's not there for very long and who knows about N. O.

Night, Donna

Angela said...

HI Ladies hope you all are all well x x

I owe you all an apology, I thought you were exaggerating a bit about the hate that some people felt against Kristen and Rob, beacause I had never came across it. However, last night I read a load of comments on a British site and I have never come across such a collection of cruel, jealous, vicious bitches in my whole life. The names they were calling Kristen - Skanky, Whore, STDella, and calling Rob gay and that he's in a relationship with Tom.... MY GOD!!! It was terrible.

I couldn't sleep last night I was so mad !!!!!!!AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!

Needless to say I won't be reading anymore blogs except this one, where Rob's true fans are, where we want him to be happy no matter who thats with.

Rant over, Speak to you all soon

Luv from bonny Scotland XXXXXXXXX

Carly said...

@Donna: they will pop up somewhere everntually. and together. they always do :)

@Deb: I hope you daughter is better

@Angela: I too wish we were exagerating teh hate. but sadly, I think its even worse. thats why Im studiously ignoring it. and my mom loves Scotland. she wants to move there, even picked a house already LOL

and I forgot to say that I lvoe teh new banner.

Anonymous said...

Darling Louisa-Your post let me wake up with a smile and warm heart. I hope wherever you are in the future you are happy and having your way with someone who deserves your lovely spirit and glowing heart. My only sadness is that it is not with me.

Leigh-I had a very good rest thank you beautiful. I am simply too lucky that my dreams were sweet because of you.

Rose-what can I say? You are both wonderful and sweet, creative and cutting, and you have just enough devil in you to keep things interesting. All is well here love. How are you and how are things in Twitter land? I've been hearing alot about that since my friends visit now. Take care of yourself.

A friend of a friend (presumably)

katy said...

To A

Are you british?

Anonymous said...


At the moment, I am not sadly.

And you?

Anonymous said...

Morning all ;)

Rose, I am eagerly awaiting today's words of wisdom :)

How mysterious Darling A!! You do like to keep all of us guessing...LOL! That's ok...mystery keeps it interesting. Hehehe!!

Hi Katy :)

Rose said...

Dearest A...

I'm great. I've been so busy that I really haven't been to "Twitterland" much in the last few days.
Twitter is all about sarcasm and poking at the people who don't like what I have to say... but follow every word. Fascinating stuff.

I hope our mutual 'friend' is doing well. Actually... I hope both of our friends are doing well.
I worry about them... but there isn't much I can do about that.

Take care presumably friend of a friend. I look forward to what the coming days will bring.

katy said...

Hi Leight, How are you today :)

Anonymous said...

I'm good Katy ;) So...do you like a good mystery? ;)))

katy said...

YES, I do :))

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...

to A

I'm Portuguese

when you say 'At the moment, I am not sadly.'...do you mean that you are English but you don't leave currently in England

keset said...

Has anybody know from where the first kiss? I can't remember seeing it in one of the movies.


LJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hello Ladies,

I am sorry to disappoint all of you but there is no great mystery....I will again say that Rose and I share a mutual friend who adored Rose's style and she led me here. I also appreciate Rose (perhaps the greatest understatement ever uttered by a man about a woman) and so I visit here to read her lovely prose. There is not more to it although I do enjoy all of you now also and hope you don't mind me being here occasionally.

Rose, I am so glad to hear you are well my sweet girl. Thank you for the warning about Twitter although I have less interest in it than in learning complicated physics. It is impossible for me to understand how anyone could not agree with every thought you have for you are as smart as you are beautiful.

As for our mutual friends, well, as they say, on pardonne tant que l'on aime. And what do you mean you can't do much about that? You know how much your support has meant to her and I'm sure she appreciates your wisdom and guidance. I know she has treasured her friendship with you just as anyone who calls you a friend should.

Until later my darling Rose, be well and be happy.