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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where Kristen Goes, Rob Will Follow...

Where Kristen goes...
Rob will follow.

SO MUCH BUZZ on Twitter last night.
Lots of Twirls.
Lots of Foam.
Lots of Laughter.
Lots of Denials.

In other words...
Same shit.
Different day.

Let's plow through this..

Rumor has it that Rob is in Montreal.
You know the hater mantra...
Unless of course there was a tweet saying he was in London.
Then it would be possible for him to get through
busy airports without being seen.
Not if he is going to Montreal.

Oh wait...
There WAS a tweet saying he was going to London.

Yeah really!
But don't worry about the missing time... or date...
They took that out for privacy?
Oh and... 
The 'Like' being all uneven and weird?
Means nothing.
Rob is in LONDON!

You see how this works now, right?
They only need pictures for Rob to be with Kristen.
Remember that.

So then there were all kinds of tweets about Robert being in Montreal.

First @samdoud361

Just flew into YUL with Rob Pattinson-the vamp from Twilight movies. He slept most of the time. Women swooned. Lucky bastard!

What would Robert Pattinson be doing in Montreal anyway--do they have vampires here?

To answer ?'s-yes, I' sure it was him. He had jeans, t-shirt and cap on. Was with one guy-may have been a bodyguard-I don't know

He was on the phone when he came on and when he left-he looked happier once he was leaving probably b/c he got to sleep.

This was posted yesterday morning sometime.
What makes this girl more believable is she supposedly spotted
Kristen on her flight a month ago...
She didn't actually see Robert herself...
She MISSED him.

That brings us to this tweet
From someone who is in the entertainment business?
Not sure the connection.
But people immediately believed this tweet...

Translated it says:

Have just seen Robert Pattisson leaving the restaurant with Kristen Stewart, 
4 friends and a bodyguard. Twilight couple in Montreal!!!

1. Is it really SO hard to spell Pattinson?
Rob's last name really gets hit with errors.

2. Does this guy have an agenda?
I doubt it.
He saw Kristen and Rob having dinner.
In Montreal.

Not London.

So what do we glean from all this?
It seems that Robert is in Montreal.

I guess WHEN he arrived is up to debate...
I'm still thinking he got there on Monday...
But that's just me.
There are a number of reasons why I think that...
But really...
It's neither here nor there.
Rob is THERE.
That's all that matters.

Oh my.
The reactions are always the highlight of Robsten Drama.
Even more fun than Twirling 
There I said it.
Because watching the Hyenas scramble to rationalize 
Robert being in Montreal

Of course we have the basic line of
Pics or it didn't happen....
It gets oh so much better than that.

Because Haters are really going through the 5 stages of grief.
And it's hard for them to get through it...
They are fighting tooth and claw...

1st Stage- DENIAL

"Rob isn't in Montreal, he's in London!"
"Rob went to Montreal to see Tom, not Kristen!"
"Rob and Kristen have both denied they are together!"
"It's not real! It's just PR!"

2nd Stage- ANGER

"Rob is such a pussy! Why did he go to Montreal?"
"I hate Kristen! She just clings to Rob!"
"Why would Rob show up in Montreal? It pisses me off!"
"Enough Summit! You are overdoing the PR!"


"So what if Rob is in Montreal, he is just visiting his friends!"
"I will still love Rob, but I can't respect him anymore"
"Please, I just want him to show up in London!"
"Don't worry, it's only PR!"


"I'm done with this whole drama!"
"I'm officially IDontGiveACrapsten!"
"I don't know what to think anymore,
Why do they always have to be together?"
"I'm tired of all the PR games!"


Well... I would like to think that there would eventually be Acceptance.
But I don't see that happening any time soon.
They are too busy making excuses every time
Rob and Kristen show up together.
They are too busy hating Rob and/or Kristen
For wanting to be together.
They are too busy with 
to get to acceptance.

With Acceptance Comes Peace.

So it's been a Twirly Giddy 24 hours.
Good Times.

Will we get pictures of Rob and Kristen together?
Who knows.
Some say that Montreal leaves celebrities alone.
I guess we shall find out if that's true.

Personally I don't need a picture of them.
Sure, it would be fun to watch the Hyenas choke on it...
Even that isn't worth the harassment that Rob and Kristen
have to go through just because they want to be together.
What is worth it...
Is that they are together.

And yeah...
They can whine about it not being true.
(but we all know it is...)
And they can whine about them being JUST friends
(there is no JUST, there is only THEM)
And they can growl about Rob and Kristen denying it
(They haven't because they don't)
Rob and Kristen are together.

Deny Deny Deny.

One last thing...

Christina Ricci, who worked with Rob on Bel Ami...
Had some interesting things to say about Rob and Kristen....

Well, we ALL knew that Kristen was in Budapest
(a bit longer than a day... hahaha)
And it's nice to see people admit that Kristen was
there on set 'a few times'.

Now, of course... 
It's still DENY DENY DENY.
But at this stage of the game...
I think they are terminal.

This post was brought to you by the letter *A*
Try it.
and by massive amounts of
Mostly because it pisses them off.

Oh and one more thing.
Keep assuming I am writing about you.
Because I haven't mentioned you by name.
I haven't pointed my finger at you and cried "HYENA!"
You are doing that all by yourself.
Every time  you get offended and angry at what I write.
Every time YOU see yourself in my words.
Remember that it wasn't me that said it...
It was YOU.

Bye for now


Sydney said...

I gotta admit, I'm kinda here to see if that crazy nutjob Honey comes on. It's become one of my favorite parts of your blog, Rose. The way she stalks you to see the MOMENT you post so she can comment first. It's fantastic.

However, onto reason: we all knew he would go. So cute. I also love that she must have put in a good word for Rob's bestie and now he's cast in the movie. Pretty cute. So, where is the Tom hates Kristen faction now? I love how slowly but surely all these people keep getting SHUT DOWN.

Rub it in, Rose!!

linzy said...

I heart you sfm, that is all :)

jen said...

great post rose!

Dude, Robert and Kristen have magnets on eachother's hips, cause I swear they are connected!

And there's something so satisfying about kristen flanked by Garrett and Tomstu all bestie like, then her man flying in. Shooting down all hating drama that she's falling for Garrett, or Tom, or that Robert is jealous.

Garrett said it himself, they are building up a family of support up there for OTR-and it looks like one more family member has been added in the last couple days!


team necklace said...

Thank you for the my favorite banner of Rob and Kristen!!!They look like twins with their matching green eyes and lips!!OMG!!
Thank you for the best post ever with my ALL time favorite photos of them...Vanity Fair...Kristen's hand up his sleeve...this photo shoot will go down in history.
Bless you Rose....we love you in Texas!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Rose, the new banner...fabulous, the pics, the comments, yeaaahhh! It is a great day today, I'm sure Rob and Kristen feel the same, beings they are now together and not lonely for each other anymore. Keep twirllig Rose, I think the hyena's really hate it.lmao Thanks Rose!

Anonymous said...

This one really made me laugh. You have to be an adult and happy in your own life to find acceptance and most of these losers are not. Anyone who claims to love Rob then hate him, and then claims to be a Kristen fan and try to get her real life costars to talk to them is a nutjob. You all know who I'm talking about. I'm really happy that OTR is going well. Salles runs a tight ship so the only pictures will be what he sells to the media and what fans get of them out and about. This is one of Kristen's career defining movies and I wish her all the best. I don't care about some internet hags with no life and no money. Let them hate. Kristen is one of the most sought after and highest paid actresses in Hollywood. She has one of the best pedigrees in Hollywood and she is only 20 years. Whether or not she and Robert stay together is not important to me. Right now they are a couple and I respect that.

deb said...

Every time you see YOURSELF in my words REMEMBER that it wasn't ME that said it (IT WAS YOU ) SO true Rose I love it Who needs Pic of Rob with Kristen Yes it would be nice just to see there SMILING faces the look of love they give each other BUT until THEY want to give us a peek we well have to wait Like i aid yesterday i hope that Rob well find time to write some songs would be nice Thanks again Rose Im TWIRLING girl friend . DEB

LK said...

I've read at Rob's IMDb that the person with the facebook comment that Rob is in London,is a crazy nonsten called candy kisses or something.When something about R/K comes out,she always makes up fake stuff to prove the opposite.It's a crazy world out there for sure.

SueBee said...

I love it when haters say "I won't respect him/her/them anymore" if they are together.

News Flash----wait for it----it's coming----


They are living their own lives, as they should. I've said this before and I'll say this again. We are spectators, not participants!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. You hit the nail on the head! I don't understand why so many people are in denial. They are together and seem to be very much in love. I understand why they won't admit to being together. Look at the craziness.


Honey said...
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mujhiko_mujhiko said...

rose! and Rose! And Rose!

...I don't know what say that's why I keep on yelling Rose! Well, you nailed it, again!!! Rose, I really prepared my victory dance for the word Acceptance Lol!!

General infomation:
Honey is staging a hunger strike! LOL:))))))))))!!!

Pattee said...


deb said...

SueBee I dont think THEY ever respect them How can they when they say the things they say about them Hating on some one saying mean things is NOT RESPECTING them And like you said THEY dont give a DAMN They have to many others WHO do RESPECT and love them. DEB.

Anonymous said...

Ahh! First off, love the new banner picture! Also love all the pics in this post. :)

So I've always liked Christina Ricci, but now? Now I absolutely big puffy heart lurve her. That was great. :) I could literally hear the collective screams of haters everywhere.

And I was thinking last night (after realizing there was no legal, non body injury way to stop the hubs from snoring) I get how everyone's thinking he's going to go to London for the mom's birthday, and that's great, because yeah, that boy really loves his momma. But I'm thinking (and this is just theory) that he might wait until Kristen's done filming? At least that's what I'd hope he would do. She's become such an integral part of his life.. in tight with his friends, and I'm sure with the family as well. I would think she'd want to be there as well for his mom's birthday. Possibly? Hope so. I know since I live away from my family that we often times "postpone" birthdays and holiday dinners til we can all be in one place. But this is me, thinking and wondering. :)

And I find it hilarious that they still use the "it's PR" "It's to promote the Twilight movies" excuses. Really? Because personally, I think Summit's promotion team suck at their job.

Relax! Enjoy the weather if you can.. (while I enjoy my air conditioner.. because I'm not getting out in what feels like 104°F, and above 50% humidity)

Two people that we love who are *in* love are together. :)

“Joy is the feeling of grinning inside.” -Melba Colgrove

*.:。✿*゚゚・✿.。.:*I'm feeling joyful today :)*.:。✿*゚゚・✿.。.:*

henny_penny17 said...

Hey Rose LOVE the new banner!! That is one of my favorite photoshoots. I've been reading your blog for a while now, but I think I've only commented a few times. Love the blog, it's one of my favorites. You've always got such great witty things to say. :)

I hope R/K get to have a nice time in Montreal and get left alone. I'm choosing to ignore all the haters. Some of the things I've read in the last few days just make my head spin. I totally don't get it. It's much nicer to just tune them out!

Keep on twirling everyone!!

Rose said...

So I changed the banner for 'a friend'
I hope this one is better for you.

kharma1 said...

Happy Thursday..
Hi Rose. I love the title of today's post "Where Kristen goes, Rob will follow", so true.
Most of us have the common sense to see it and most of us are mentally pretty healthy.
What I see with the haters/hyenas is way beyond Rob and Kristen. I truly believe these people have serious mental issues and no matter what you or anyone says will change their minds.
I vision their life only by what they spew and I see a dark and lonely one.
It's too bad that they have clung on to this couple, but I'm sure this is not the only place they are at. They are part of our everyday lives and their problems are way beyond this fandom, stemming from mental issues or family issues. We have no idea what goes on in their life, but it cannot be a healthy/happy one.

I'm going to continue enjoying your blog like the majority of us, reading positive comments and hearing about our favorite couple.
And I love how Rob is looking at Kristen in that last picture, it says it all.
And I am over the top happy for Tom landing a role in OTR. He deserves his big break, hope it's with this role.
Kristen is the lucky charm for the Britpack..lol.
Thanks Rose. Enjoy your day.

Honey said...
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SweetDee85 said...

Upppp! There goes honey! She basically stalks rose's twitter so the minute she puts a new post she can come on here and comment!




mujhiko_mujhiko said...

..honey, why don't you just say that you got not only pictures but also a whole movie for Tom and Kristen, since Tom is one of the casts. Are you sourgraping?? Ladies, she's out of breath! She can't catch her tail !!! Ladies, she's foaming!!! We know that you're froathing right now..:)))))))!!!

OMG! Jella must be super jealous right now..hmmmmm..;)

Honey said...

Ok fine. If Rob was there, then tell me where was he when Kristen, Tom and Garrett were taking pics?

deb said...

Rose ALL THE PIC YOU PUT UP ARE BEAUTIFUL Thank you you keep me smiling And Patty did you forget a HAPPY hahahaha Well heres one HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!YEP happy IN LOVE DEB.

Sydney said...

Oh no, Honey got deleted. Ah well, it's for the best. No need for the insanity every day. She has to be the one with GarrettTomStew twitter that is all shades of crazy. Too bad twitter can't delete her.

LK: Is that the girl on twitter with the worst manips ever in the history of time? I think I accidentally came across her twitter and it's like she literally cuts and pastes her manips. They are awful. And she is nuts. I assumed she was foreign since she can't spell for shit and has terrible grammar. But I saw her 'glamour shots'...she's not foreign. Just not that smart.

SweetDee85 said...

Honey, I smell desperation in your letters.



We don't need pics as proof like you do. We know where Rob is and where he wants to be. That's with Kristen...because she wants him to be there! Get it? Got it? GOOD!

PS: I also smell major rationalization!

Ha Ha!

SweetDee85 said...


I believe she is the same person

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
LK said...

@sydney,i've never seen her manips and i don't want to.But i read she's completely mental.

deb said...

OK I know its me again But I'm so full of love today I look at the BEAUTIFUL,BEAUTIFUL,BEAUTIFUL PIc.Of ROB and Kristen and how can I not be so happy JUST LOOK AT THEM and try and say they're NOT IN LOVE Sorry Rose I'm beside myself today cant help it ITS a GOOD DAY. DEB.

30yearoldtwifan said...

I just wanted to say LMFAO at that FB thing, IT IS SO POORLY PHOTO SHOPPED who ever made it should be embarrassed!!

Rob is where HE wants to be. People need to get over there issues or STOP being a Rob fan,(I'm sure he wont mind) easy as that. KS is HIS GIRL, end of story.

I hope Rob and Kristen are enjoying there time together. Im sure they are keeping VERY busy :)

♥ ♥ ♥

SueBee said...

The Hyena Chronicles continue...

Dear Diary,

I'm taking deep breaths like my therapist told me but it isn't working!

Kristen had her picture taken with Tom and Garrett. She is with BOTH of them!!! I know it! See how she is actually TOUCHING both of them?

So what if they are all in the same movie? She hooks up with her co-stars all the time! Wait, scratch that Diary--she's not with Rob!

She can't be. He isn't in Montreal. (Writing that out 2o times so it will be true.)

I'll lose respect for him if he is. He isn't! He is!! Shut up voices!

Yeah, I won't respect him and that will show him! Let him try to sleep at night with that on his conscience!

Thanks for listening Diary! Ihave to go spread the word. If I say it enough, they'll listen. They will! They won't! Shut up voices!!!!!

Lisa said...

@honey, the pic of K,T & G was taken SUNDAY night! Rob was at the TCA's! DUH!!!

Rose, love the new banner, blog.. spot on! Yesterday was a great day! I think if we get any pics of Rob in MOANtreal, it will be with fans. It's the only ones of Kristen we've seen so far! I'm glad no paps so far!

June said...

Sorry A Friend, I don't mean to offend you, but I can't buy that Rob is in Montreal since monday. He's so energetic, he wouldn't have missed the chance to hang out for a short while with Kristen, Tom and Garrett.

I'm trusting more the twitter of the girl who works in Canada Airlines. She already saw Kristen a month ago and she was right. The twitter of that man on the plane, was created especially to report on Rob sighting... Hmmmmm

Rose thanks for all the information!

Tracy said...

and Taryder is totally legit. Definitely.

shoegal2547 said...

Rose, another amusing post...you get it right every time...you also included some of my favorite pictures of them (love her leaning on his shoulder, so precious)! I hope R/K enjoy each other and their time in Montreal.

BTW: You're killing me with your banners...loving them!

Anonymous said...

Hey June no offense taken--you are probably right. I don't know really.


April Hui said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30yearoldtwifan said...

By the way Rose I have to add, the new banner is so yummy,I am loving Rob all scruffy, chest hair showing, such sexy beast and he doesn't even see it.

30yearoldtwifan said...

Oh April! DId Rose ... hit a nerve?

I do, think so.

sickofyourshit said...

Excuse me but your deductive reasoning skills suck!

you spend the first half of your post examining and being skeptical of the tweeters & such putting out messages on Rob sitings and somehow after saying that you dont know whether or not people have motives and that those people didnt actually SEE Rob, you deduce that he's in montreal?!?! REALLY?!?!

What school did you go to?? they need to fire their teachers because clearly you lack the basic reasoning skills!

oh and while you're at it, please get yourself a dictionary so you stop using the same words over and over again. there are most words than hyena, foam, skip, push, twirl...& dont get me started on your twirling!! twirling is what ballerinas do so stop bastardizing it!

note: I never said I do or do not believe Rob was in Montreal or that rob & kris are together, but what you wrote is CERTAINLY not how you 'prove'/deduce that..

go ahead, argue w/ a scientist about proving something, I dare you!

30yearoldtwifan said...

Oh "April" You are so delusional honey, THIS IS ROSES BLOG, Shes not the dam Robsten cops. What she says is HER opinion, NOT SCIENCE. Shes not asking you to agree, we do though,happen to be enjoy her and agree with her.

Why would you waste your time commenting on her blog? Really? You think you are so smart. Miss Scientist? Please Get over yourself.

Sydney said...


How many personalities do you have exactly?

I can't speak for Rose, but I think she was deducing Rob was NOT in London because of the CLEARLY photoshopped facebook post with the the like and comment buttons all wonky. The tweets about Montreal seemed more believable. Besides, there are those 'in the know' and they know Rob is in Montreal.

Also, if you've come here before, you'd note that Rose often states to her readers if certain terms offend them perhaps it's because said terms APPLY to them. You've just made yourself example No. 1. Congratulations.

Lisa said...

@sickofyourshit if your "sick" of it? WHY ARE YOU HERE????? No one is forcing you to read here! Certainly not post here so why? I just don't get it!!!!! It's Rose's blog and she can put any damn thing she wants on here! It's up to all of us to read it or not!

Carly said...

getting the drama second hand is amusing. not so much when its thrown at you first hand but you, Rose, know that better then anyone

I have the feeling some people will never reach acceptance. most of them get stuck either on anger or denial. and when it comes to those, I just push the ignore button. makes life a much calmer place

Im too inclined to believe the FB account. and as you, I believe he got there on Monday. but the only important thing is, that he is there. and this time, I would actually prefer no fotos. I wont complain if there is one but I dont need it

and as for Christina Ricci, I knew there was a reason why I loved that girl. and I would love to see her work with Kris

awesome post and love the new header <3

*twirl you later*

Trish said...

haha Rose, "same shit different day" so true...so much bs and must there ALWAYS be drama in this fandom..why cant there be just peace..this Montreal visit was expected and HE IS THERE!...damn, maybe people really dont understand English or maybe they are just plain crazy..that's it!

Haha gotta love Honey's persistancy..even after being deleted she writes more..what a douche! lol haha

I am on cloud 9 and nothing can bring me down..when i woke up this morning to the news..cant say i was suprised but yet it put a big ole' smile on my face and i was squeeing like a 12 year old fangirl.

This is such a happy day and has been a GREAT week for the Robsten lovers out there! worldwide..:-)

This one should be dedicated to all of them..it is very true that good things happen to those who wait. *sigh*

I too think Rob will go to London for his mom then come back to be with his love Kristen, and his bff..hope they have a great time in Montreal (and maybe peek out of their hiding spots so we can get a fan pic..one is all im asking LOL) but definetly not a Pap one..

Note To All the Hyenas worldwide: I feel reeeeaaaallly sorry for all of you..its time to move on, Rob and Kristen are together..shall i decode,,meaning: Rob is taken...Kristen is taken..which means its time for you to find your own..Kristen will never fuck you..Robert will never fuck you..end of story.

Cheers to all you Robsten lovers out there :-)..and thanks Rose, for your daily dose of wisdom that keeps us all sane.

Anonymous said...

"So what if Rob is in Montreal, he is just visiting his friends!"

This is something I'd be fine to see, but this is rarely ever used. Rose, I don't think even nonstens who I would call the hyenas, ever willing to accept Rob and Kris even as friends. They have to go on to say he's this and that (terrible things) because he sees Kristen and calls Kristen everything they can muster up in a sentence or two. And I've seen it on the nonsten site, by ever person who posts a comment, to make me believe there are not any nice or realistic nonstens.

SueBee said...

To the person with multiple personality disorder,

Seek help.

While you are confined, take a course in rudimentary English. Your grammar, punctuation, and diction are sophomoric at best.

If you are a scientist, then Rose and I really are ballerinas.

Karen said...

All's right with the world now!!

The VF pictures are my favorites. My screensaver is the one of Kristen wrapped over Rob's back. That one says it all. My husband even thinks so.

Trish said...

@sickofit (its all the same person posting the same shit i know)...its so funny how you are saying you are tired of it and dont like the words she uses..why the eff are you hear then? there are places for all of you (your kind)... go there..this is Rose's blog..if you dont like it or the words she uses.. go away! shooo!
bye :-)..oh and as for the twirling..she will always be twirling and we are twirling right along with her!

P.S. Yay!! Sue Bee you are back with the Hyena Chronicles..they are epic! love them!

Untamed said...

Clearly Sickofyourshit (or whatever)had her real name show up so she deleted the comment. What's the big deal? She challenged Rose's deductive reasoning. Big Whup.

Yes, this is Rose's blog, but if she doesn't want comments that are not in sync with hers, surely she can make the blog private. As it stands now, it's public, so free for all.

Sickofyourshit didn't say Rob and Kristen aren't together or that he isn't in Montreal. She questioned Rose's thought process.

Relax people, geeze.

Rainpuddle said...

*blows kisses*

I adore you, truly I do!

Trish said...

oops..the last comment was for sickofyourshit..although i know everyone got me.

Anonymous said...

Untamed, well I hope she doesn't make it private. I don't have a blog site, just livejournal. And I don't want so many accounts, just to view this site. So I hope Rose just carries on deleting the comments where people try and be mean to her. She's got that power at least. :]

SueBee said...


Thanks sweetie ;oP

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. I don't like seeing hate thrown your way but it is amusing seeing certain people become so unhinged whenever Rob and Kristen are together. It becomes a war zone full of crazies and I just have to peace out at times for my own sanity.

Yeah, there are just some people who will never find acceptance. They insist on continuing with the excuses and the bullshit.
And so true that when it comes to Rob being with Kristen...they need pics but a 'sighting' of Rob anywhere else besides being with Kristen...they believe in a heartbeat, no pics needed. LOL.

Until I see otherwise, I believe Rob is in Montreal. The guy who posted about seeing Rob and Kristen at dinner doesn't seem like someone with an agenda or would just make that up. And the girl who works for Air Canada was telling the truth when she posted about Kristen and I saw no agenda back then either. So, she most likely is correct about Rob flying on her airline. When he went exactly? Not sure. How long will he be there? Not sure. But if he does go to London, I do think he will be back to see Kristen after a visit home.

Also, people that are expecting pics of Rob and Kristen in Montreal, you have to keep in mind that Kristen has been there for a month and the only pics we have gotten are a couple of fan pics. So, we might not get any pics of them together. But, I am okay with that -- although it's always lovely to see them together.

sickofyourshit said...

oh wow! thanks Untamed!

at least one person is actually capable enough to read what I was actually saying!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, the photo of K,G, T was taken Monday night. I don't believe the first twitter plane sighting. New twitter, said he was communicating with his daughter, but he was only talking to himself. He would say his daughter says, so why wasn't she tweeting him? Isn't that what he set twitter up for? He wasn't following any real people.

I believe the Air Canada sighting. Much more reliable. Sounds like Rob got on the red-eye since he was seen Tuesday night. This would have gotten him in Weds morning.

Not sure if there will be any sightings today. They are filming that club scene day and night apparently and who knows if Rob will show up on set or not.

Patricia said...

Rose: I FORGOT TO MENTION YESTERDAY HOW MUCH I LOVED THE BANNER OF ROBERT AND KRISTEN" and today it's changed, I also love this banner, one of my favorites, and all the pictures you have posted today are GORGEOUS OF OUR FAVORITE COUPLE. Grazie

I guess I will never understand all the sick, ugly, vile things said about Rob and Kristen. I keep thinking they're just immature very young girls who "DON'T HAVE A CLUE YET".... I usually just ignore them ...But it's getting hard to do. They're like shit they're EVERYWHERE.

I have been so happy since I read the report from the lady about Rob "on his way to Montreal" Just like you said 'WHEN' YEESSSSS!

I'm happy for Tom. he's a really good actor. I loved 'Pirate radio' and I'm looking forward to 'Waiting for Forever' ( that's a cute story, when Tom was staying with Rob last summer when Rob was filming 'Remember Me' it was one of the scripts that Rob rejected laying on his floor and Tom read it and begged his (Tom's) agent to get him a screen test for it. He got the part but it hasn't come out yet. Rachael Bilson is his co star.

Rose you are awesome.

Robert loves Kristen loves Robert in Montreal


@ A Friend
I also believe Rob wasn't there yet for that group picture.

I love your stories..

You know I'm Patricia (Patty) That Pattee isn't me. How's your new grandbaby girl doing?

Anonymous said...

~ Maturity begins when we're content to feel we're right about something, without feeling the necessity to prove someone else is wrong. ~ Sydney J. Harris

And that is the fundamental difference between the majority of people here versus those who get hateful and nasty with their comments.

I am content to believe that Rob and Kristen are together. I need no constant photographic evidence, I need no verbal confirmation. I express my belief with others of like mindedness. I won't shove it down your throat and throw fact after fact at you to prove I'm right. If you disagree with me, that is your choice, you are entitled. I won't, however, berate you personally with vulgar words. I won't demand that you produce evidence to prove me wrong.

All of us, as individuals have the right to believe what we want. Here, it is most obvious what we believe. This is Rose's blog. She's entitled to post what she wants. Yes, it's public, yes, anyone can access it, but why someone who doesn't agree with what we talk about here even comes here in the first place is beyond my comprehension. I don't go to sites that are against Rob and Kristen and try to argue and prove they're wrong. It's a pretty simple concept. I've been reading Rose's blog for a while, and I never get the sense that she's trying to prove anybody in particular wrong, she just states what she believes. There's a difference.

So let's calm this down.. it's pointless to argue with each other. If someone does come on here and posts something offensive, then just skip it. I knew today was going to get crazy, anticipated it.

Peace out! More soccer to watch :)

June said...


I've reached the same conclusion! I think that Rob got to Montreal wednesday morning.

deb said...

Trish your my kind of girl RIGHT ON girl friend You know what i feel like TWIRLING today all day NOTHING can stop me from being so happy And To that NUT GO away and leave Rose alone Maybe some day WHEN you grow out of your PULL UPS your know what true LOVE is.Anywho YOU ALL have A BEAUTIFUL DAY and DON'T STOP TWIRLING LOVE ya ROSE. DEB.

Tarra said...

You write the best blogs. It has been a wonderful 24 hours. Though the late nights on twitter has their consequences(getting up the next day is such a bitch)it's so wonderful to go to bed with a smile on one's face knowing that our favorite couple are together. Isn't young love sweet. I am so dizzy from all the twirling right now!

Rose said...

Dearest 'sickofyourshit',

Relax. Calm down. It's really going to be OK.
The words in my blog are MY opinion.
I think Rob is in Montreal.
That's all. No big conspiracy theory. NO sinister plot. No scientific experiment.
My opinion.

Count to 10...
And when you get there...
Ask yourself why you continue to come to my blog if it just makes you 'sickofyourshit'.

If you haven't figured it out yet, Ms. Scientist... I use the words HYENA, TWIRL, PUSH etc... because it annoys you! Thanks for proving I was right!

Life is good.

and really 'IDontGiveAShit'.


Opytaylor said...

The French Candian journalist Tweet and Air Canada Tweet should give skeptics enough probability to move onto acceptance. Investigate their tweet history and you'll see they have no axe to grind. There is logic and there is common sense. Neither favor the position that Rob is NOT in Montreal.

deb said...

Patty I thought that you were Patty I dont know any Pattee If I called you that im sorry Its all good hun And My Grandbaby is getting big 1 month old now SHE LOVE her NANA Thank you for asking. DEB.

Anonymous said...

ACCEPTANCE YOU’RE WAITING FOR… F..KING ACCEPTANCE....are you kidding me?....THAT AINT GONNA HAPPEN....Even if it is managed that they do get a pic of a Particular DELICIOUSLY HANDSOME MAN......some other shit will most certainly resurface.......
So did ya hear me squeeeeeel....Deb must have and SueBee did......the mild expression ECSTATCY doesn’t even come close.....
Now green eyes?????And straw blonde hair????.....Like that mix.....coz it’s the mix I ended up with......now there s/thing I may have in common....only my daddy isn’t deliciously handsome.....and my mummy doesn’t have big green eyes the size of the moon......hehehe

Rose sorry if I sounded stalkish last night..I just new yoyu would understand my over-excitement and wanted to share with you....thats all!!!

LJ said...

Good evening ladies,

SueBee...ha ha The Hyena Chronicles are EPIC.

Kstewrocks totally agree, I also think that Rose should delete any comments she feels uncomfortable having on her blog. This is HER blog after all and as much as I welcome and am interested to read everyones opinions, I think it's the right thing to delete when sick comments about Rob or Kristen are posted just to get a reaction.

I love this blog...I think Rose is amazing...and I love Rob & Kristen and all the fabulous people who visit here.

I too think Rob's in Montreal and I'm sure they are having an amazing time....I feel good times ahead my friends!

Much love to you all....even if we don't agree :-)


Anonymous said...



and truley one of my Favs



Rosa said...
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Rosa said...

Hi, first time ever commenting on your blog xP Just letting you know tat I'm in love with your blog...

All of what you say is so true and I do believe Rob is there in Montreal with Kristen :)

All those rummors... and all that denial makes me sick, we know he's there so STICK IT IN YOUR JUICE BOX AND SUCK IT!

ok bye :) xP

katy said...

Ohh, Rose love the pic on the banner...the jaw line...the srcuff...deep breats

Your Right Rose, it doesn't really matters when Rob arrived at Montreal...what it matters is that is there.


Love The Hyena Chronicles

LJ said...

Aww thanks Louisa my friend, just in time ;-D

Ha ha welcome Rosa...'STICK IT IN YOUR JUICE BOX AND SUCK IT!' just had me laughing out loud, never heard that before...love it!

Oh and I'd just like to apologise if I keep referring to us all as ladies....reading some of the previous comments I gather there may be boys too :-)......


deb said...

Louisa Hey there girl friend You still squeeeling?Glad to see ya And thank you my friend FOR MY FIX (videos)Im so happy that looking at them made me cry WITH JOY Thanks again And Louisa KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. DEB.

FoamyRansom said...

Man, you sheep are SOOOOOOO easy to *push*


Sickofyourshit, rock on girl. ROCK. ON.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

FoamyRansom, lol, that's all you can say? God, if you don't believe, why don't you spend your time after reading through these comments, to type a comment saying why you don't believe.

Melinda said...

Well, well, well Rose really made some peoples' heads spin today!!! Way to go Rose!!

All I am going to say is the fantasy world that the hyenas have created is crashing down on them and they are drowning in their own venom.

Oh well, the world will still go on...Rob and Kristen will still be together stronger than ever...and their real fans will continue to be happy for them and support them.

When will the hyenas finally realize that they are insignificant to Rob and Kristen and no matter how much BS they spew it won't change their status as a couple.

SUEBEE- LOVE the "dear diaries" entry! Funny as always.

Much love to all the sane happy rational non foaming people who come on this blog!

Anonymous said...

i love your blog i founnd this blog too late, but its so great,i cant understand all this nonstens its so clear Rob and Kristen are together .
i am so happy for them and I thank you Rose that you always tell the truth.Good Luck with your Blog giv u a hug and a big smile for your work!

Anonymous said...

just got a new vid fromm my subscription.......enjoy


Trish said...

awww Deb..thanks..all of you are awesome!

There must be a reason for all this foaming..I think someone posted this blog link on the AT!..so they decided to spread their foam for all to see.

Keep foaming..we will all just clean up your shit and still keep twirling..Rob and Kristen are happy we're not going to let these psychotic hyenas ruin the day..its a happy Robtsen day!

oh and @Tracy @3:22 PM awesome! love the quote!..its so easy to seperate the mature adults from the children/delusional hyena cougars

Louisa thanks for the videos!

@Opy..some of these hyenas are not smart enough to think of this logic that is right in front of their eyes...so the ones who can..we do believe he is there.

keep pushing people keep pushing! :-)

Robin said...

Rose, yet another great post. Love your humor and your reason.

@sickofyourshit, it's just too easy to use ones words against one, but you really left yourself wide open:
"Excuse me but your [English language] skills suck!"

I've always believed that if you're in attack mode, your spelling, punctuation, and grammar should be impeccable. Yours most definitely are not.

I again borrow from your post:
"What school did you go to?? they need to fire their teachers because clearly you lack the basic [English language] skills!"

And, as you advised Rose in your post, you might want to get yourself a dictionary so you can avoid further "bastardizing" a perfectly good language.

A.J. said...

Not quite sure how 'sickofyourshit' doesn't understand Rose's reasoning. A couple of reliable sources tweeted Rob was in Montreal, one was correct in her information about Kristen a month ago and the other (a reporter) had correct info about 'On the Road' a little over a week ago. Not to mention a few other tweeters. As opposed to one photoshopped facebook sighting. I'd say it's pretty reasonable to think he's in Montreal.

I don't get why the hyenas get so angry about it. How does it affect them where Rob is? If his personal life upsets you so much then maybe you should just stick to the professional side.

Anonymous said...



Jane said...

I could have scrolled down and read all the drama about where Rob is but I couldn't get off the banner. I sat and stared at it for I don't know how long.

katy said...

this as nothing to do with the post but:

That woman that Posted those pics of Rob at Nashville airport said on twitter that Robs mangement wants those pics to be taken down...she said airport auth. Is threatening to fire cops if the pics are on the internet & Robs Mgmt calls him again...No more barefoot Rob...well this is what happens when people, while working, take picture of someone without their consent and then post them on the net.

Arlene said...

YES! YES! YES! I can't stop smiling! Very awesome day indeed. Thank you Rose for making the Robstenland bright again as always.

Anonymous said...

August 13th...This date does ring bells....[as per my viewing of E the other night] for memory ....this is an aniversary in our midst....

Lisa said...

I can't even remember who said what now.. But I never said "sickofthisshit" wasn't entitled to different opinion. But what she/he/it isn't entitled to is come to Rose's blog and bitch about what she says! She can disagree sure, but she was hateful.. And my whole point is WHY would you WANT to come to a blog that doesn't believe as you do?? It's just asinine! Proving nothing else then they want to argue and cause drama.

And as for that K,T & G pic. It hit twitter Monday night with the guy who posted it saying it was from "last night" which would be Sunday.. I will have to see if I have all that saved somewhere.

Aeden27 said...

dear Rose,

I really, really love this post. How i miss Rob and Kristen..As much as i want to see pics, it's enough to know that they're together.. I love them...

Rob and Kristen love each other.
That's all that matters

And you're right, hyenas must be sulking and crying in their denial..Who cares!!

Thank you for the lovely post.

Have A Nice Weekend to All

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

I'm shitting right now, and surfing Bwahahaha:)))))))!!

Imsickofyourshit! Ha! You're foaming,too! Classic display of defeat I should say! Hahaha!! You may be a MAD scientist, but it doesn't change the fucking fact that Rob is in Montreal right now playing jackstone with Kristen.;))) No! Nada! You're looking for a way out, now that the blinding truth is infront of you. No you don't! There's no way out this time. You're fucked and you know it! You're a shitting over dried raisin! Just get over it you boring moron!!!

BTW, Rose's twirling(specially her toe twirling) is what captures my attention to this blog. She has a special way of rendering words that can arouse kaleidoscope of emotions in you. She can make you hop skip, roll with excitement, and soapy with emotion at the same time. That's our Rose. We love her and her blog.

olivia said...

Hi Rose,
Another heart stopping banner! Love it!
Perfect blog - 5 Stages of Grief - awesome job applying it to what is going on with some poor souls. It is so sad and tragic to harbor bitterness and anger within.

"With Acceptance Comes Peace."

Life is so much better when one can let go, accept whatever uncontrollable situation has caused such pain, and move on so as to finally experience inner peace with a true smile on your face that reaches deep down into your heart.

Great comments today.
@Suebee-love the diaries. You are a hilarious and wonderful diarist for our lovely group.
@Tracy - I've told you before that I love the wonderful quotes - so appropriate and wise. You are nominated for group philosopher. : )
@Deb - Wow! Sweet grand baby is one month old already? Amazing! So glad she loves her nana.
@Louisa- Thanks as always for the vids. You already have the job of group vid archivist.
@team necklace-Yes, it seems like there are several of us from the great big state who love Rose!
@Opytaylor-Thank you for your wise and thoughtful comments that IMO are always on the mark and so well stated.

It's been a happy day! Life is good!
Love Rob. Love Kristen.
Especially love Rob and Kristen!
And of course, am so happy that they are able to spend time together in a city that respects their privacy. We do have great neighbors to the north.

Hugs from a believer,
Olivia (TX.)

mujhiko_mujhiko said...


You may question us about deductive reasoning, but don't fuck us in reading comprehension! So, SHIT just come here and crapping all over the place just for our faulty deductions?? :)))))))))!!!!! As I've said, there's no way out for you here! You can take your holy grail to kingdomcome, but it doesn't change the fact that Robert Pattinson is already taken by Kristen Stewart!

Honey said...
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deb said...

Olivia thank You she is getting bigger. When I talk to her she just smiles Yep shes nana girl already. And Mujhiko all I can say is AMEN This HAS BEEN a HAPPY summer after all hasnt it. Cant wait to see what Fall and Winter well bring MORE GOODIES YEP .Thanks Ladies . DEB.

dowlingnana said...

Hello fellow believers,
I am in Nebraska right now via my way to Colorado to visit my sister, and mind you, I made sure we got a motel with wifi so I could check out Roses' blog, lol. I can't go a day w/o reading it. And now I see another new banner! Wow, when I logged on and that pic hit my screen........whoosh went my heart!! I also love the last pic of R&K coz' not only the look but I love how his left hand/fingers just seem to have to touch her!! I myself am hoping for just a fan pic since the TCA he looked so somber..........I just gotta see that smile again!!

We knew Kristen was on set of Bel Ami coz' she knew about his too revealing sex scenes. Remember she spoke of them? lol,

Loving those Diaries again...;o)Until later, Donna

prc said...

I'm confused. Why are people still fighting over wether Rob and Kristen are together. I mean honestly what a waste of time. I'm not a fan of Kristen at all (I'm always suspect of someone who ditches her girlfriend so she can date her boyfriend) However, I do believe they are together. Get over it people.

btw Did you see how sad Nikki Reed was looking at Rob speaking on stage at the TCA. I felt so bad for her.

Anonymous said...

Why do I suddenly feel the cat has been let out amongst the pigeons.....hehehe JS

Monica said...

Rose, you've brought us a pretty funny post today. The 5 stages...ha ha...crack me up~

And the way you put that picture following the Acceptance stage...just PERFECT!~

Love you Rose.

Monica from Asia

stephuy6 said...
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stephuy6 said...

I really, really love reading your blog.
Thanks Rose for pointing out some of the very obvious moments for those people who are still in denial that there really are Robsten. I adore them!

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love this post Rose! You presented it in such an organized logical manner, I don't understand how anyone could argue or not believe. Me thinks you should be a lawyer, maybe you can twirl your way around the courtroom! Love the stages of denial! It's exactly what the hyenas do, minus the acceptance part! Anyways...Still squeeing about Moantreal! YUM! Let's just hope Tom gives our loves some alone time! I love me some Tom but Rob and Kris need to "catch up!"

deb said...

OK Louisa catch me on FB ok Thanks girl friend DEB.

katie said...

prc-I'm not even going to pretend that I know what went down with Nikki, Kristen, and Robert. But I have a slight feeling all of them probably share some responsibility with what went down. By all accounts, even Robert's, he developed a close friendship and even a crush on kristen on the set of twilight. They had chemistry obviously, Robert said him and Kristen developed a bubble on set which made them look at the rest of the cast as "us vs. them" even. It's not exactly an ideal situation for any of them, R/K/N/MA, in terms of who dated who and who ended up with whom at the end. But most likely, every one of them have responsibility for all the complications.

Christina said...

Hi all :) !!

Glad Everyone is so happy inspite of a Few Rotten Tomatoes in the mix!

Well hopefully I can help w/the joy:
The reporter from Montreal has always done a great job reporting celebrities. He IS a reliable source. He didn't give away the location until they left.

Reguardles if U like or hate this news--FACTS ARE FACTS--Rob & Kristen are together! Yippee!! :)

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

he's there...he's there...OMFG.....Rose ya need to wake up for this one OMFG...OMFG

Carly said...

I am grinning like an idiot right now. and I dont care one bit :D

love teh t-shirt. wonder whether he is a Beastie Boys fan or it was a present ;)

this day is shaping up really nicely

Kai El said...

Once again GREAT POST, Rose.
I love you more and more everyday.
I'm just a fan of these two gorgeous people in the world just a few months, but I knew instantly that they are in love with each other. And what people in love will do to make their relationship work? they will go to see their better half when they are apart for quite some time.
I think people who do not want to believe that they have a relationship are the ones that never feel how to love and to be loved.

one more thing, love you Rose on how you respond to the skeptics/haters/hyenas. :)

Kai El said...

Check this out, people!!!


REally love Rob's T'shirt. LOL

khushboo said...

hey rose...
nice post again...
n yayyy.....ROB is indeed in montreal...
pics has cum out...he is on d sets of on ODR...:)
n god d shirt he is wearin awesumm..lolzz...:)
im sooo happyy.....ROBSTEN r ogether again....:)
bt i hope to see ne pic of dem together soon....:)

love u...
love ROBSTEN....:)

Anonymous said...



Its offically E & B anniversary for you coz for me it was today lol
and Its offically ROBSTEN DAY ALSO mOAHHHHH ALL and goodnight...Can't wait till 'tomoz ROSE.....

jlsentangledweb said...

There are pics of them on Robstenation. So, if the hyenas want photographic proof, point them in that direction.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

papps pics of Rob in Montreal @http://robpattinson.blogspot.com

30yearoldtwifan said...

HAY Hater's! I think Rob's shirt is a message for you! NO DOUBT! ha ha!

Oh I bet hes getting that Kristen loving :) So sweet together.

Mrs. Black und Mrs. Cullen said...

It official, they Are in Montreal.
We have some pics, i saw some.
i'm so happy..
Go robsten.
and i hope they both have a great time there. with less paps..if this would ever be possible..
But I think Tom will be happy, too.
Seeing rob..and the gossip about he and kristen is done, too.
I love this - the post.
When Kristen goes, Rob follows, when rob goes, kristen follows.
they are so sweet.
♥♥Happy greetings from Germany!!

p.s.i love your blog, Rose!

katy said...

Came home to lunch...to this Awesome pics of Rob looking extremely HOT (does he even know how Hot he is) in MONTREAL....LOVE the shirt 'Get Off My Dick'...is this some kind of message for the hatters...I think is appropriate..Heheh.

We all knew Rob was there...but with these pics...it makes things even more AWESOME.


A friend...
did you know about this...in one of your commemts it sound that you knew something :)

Gigi said...

great morning to all ...to day is a great day ...happy Friday Rose ...
back to work for me ...chao

LK said...

I really thought that the nonstens would die a slow death with these pics,but unfortunately they got even crazier,if that's possible.They say that Rob was just visiting Tom(Tom hadn't any scenes yesterday to shoot) and that the message at his t-shirt was for Kristen!!!!,because he can't stand her!BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!These "people"are mental.I pity them.

katy said...
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katy said...


The nonstens...and their excuses and all their Bullshit it's so PATHETIC.
Well...maybe...the message on that Epic Vintage T-shirt...it's Rob's why to say...Nonsten, you will never be in the vicinity of my D**Ck.

Nosten are saying Rob can't stand Kristen??...Yeah right, whatever helps them sleep at night...that's Why Rob was in Kristen trailer


LK said...

@Katy,he was in her trailer,because Summit made him.It's PR for BD.hAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHHA!Nonstens are completely stupid!

katy said...


Yeah...PR for a movie that it hasn't been filmed yet and it will come out in more than a year...that makes sense...hAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHHA
We got laugh at all the Bullshit that Nonsten make up hAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHHA

LK said...

They don't waste ANY time! RT "KstewRobFans: He's a rebel without a cause, belt http://bit.ly/cOchyR no (cont) http://tl.gd/33ssu1

In the first pic Robbie wears a belt,in the second NO.I wonder why!LOL

Angela said...

Hi Rose

I've read your blog for a few months now and think its fantastic, you hit the nail on the head every time. Like your self I've got a partner and a squad of kids, but still find myself obsessed with Rob and everything that comes along with him. I think Rob and Kristen make a great couple and on one hand I wish the paps would leave them be, but on the other miss them if I don't hear anything. Keep up the good work Rose, and I will keep reading from here in bonny Scotland. x x x

Anonymous said...

long time lurker, first time poster.. forget the NONSENSE! THEY. WILL.NEVER. GET.IT. Let's just celebrate the love :)

Rock on, Rose. Rock, on!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Now, Lets GLOAT!! I think we deserve it!

OMG! Rob is really going for it!

OMG! Rob, where is your belt??

SueBee said...

Those pants don't look like they want to stay up!

How convenient!!!

*smirk* *Snoopy Dance*

katy said...

Can this get any better...Awesome...I'm dead dead...did I say Dead


June said...

Katy thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!1

This can't get any better!!! hahaha or can it get still better?

SueBee said...


*THUD!* OMG! I think I'm dead too! Holy cow!

Thanks for the link!

Angela said...

Just checked out the link that Katy gave and if thats not proof what is ???? Rob looks like the cat that got the cream lol SOOOOOO EXCITED !!!!

SueBee said...

Rob got his grin back!

F U haters

katy said...

To Angela/SueBee/June

Welcome...doing the happy dance :))))

SueBee said...

Hyena Chronicles

Dear Diary,

How did they get those pictures? I can't believe it.

There has to be an explanation. There has to...and when I can think of one, I'll write it down.

Goodbye cruel world!

deb said...

OK I seen the pic AND IN LOVE OF THEM IT LOOKS LIKE ROB IS GOING TO KISS KRISTEN so is the NUTS out there think Robs there for Tom then go look at the pic they say if NO pic not true WELL THERES THE PIC GO LOOK FOR YOUR SELF THEN SAY NOT TRUE YOU CANT CAN YOU !..N O W .....CAN we GET ON WITH ENJOYING THE LOVE THEY HAVE WE all new THIS DAY was COMING...A M E N .. DEB

Trish said...

OMG!!!!!!! it might sound really silly because i dont know these two but seeing those pics katy posted put tears of joy in my heart...Rob looks so damn happy..i really hope they last and keep their relationship...its been a great journey witnessing the love between these two..my heart is melting..xxx

thanks katy for the link..
we only wanted one pic but we've been blessed with many..

deb said...

Louisa Thank you for telling me about Rob being there And katy for the pic And Louisa you where right TODAY is the day Edward and Bella is getting married AUG 13 One mouth before Bellas B-DAY YEP you are ALL right W H A T ..A .. H A P P Y ..D A Y And Trish I to had a tear in my hart a tear of JOY.

Trish said...

haha lol.. i meant tears of joy in my eyes..i was really criying..and Deb, you are right...this is friday the 13th a so called unlucky day..but..its a lucky day for the Robsten fans..this is even better than the paris pics....they look sooo happy!! esp. Rob!! this has been the best week in Robsten history!! so much good news this week!!!!!!!!

deb said...

Trish I hope NOW they can have SOME privacy I know they wont get any just yet but i hope when things cool down that they well be able to. THATS what THEY are asking for just a little respect and privacy. I HOPE THEY NOW well get some. Every one knows there together SO lets just set back and enjoy the ride with them LONG LIVE ROBERT PATTINSON and KRISTEN STEWART. ....DEB.

Brenda said...

Oh, wow. The new pictures just out (see robsessedpattinson.com) leave NO DOUBT that they are together and he is IN LOVE. Look at how he is leaning into her!! I love happy Rob.

Bren said...

If you think the pics can't get better, they just did...Robstenation--now!!!