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Friday, August 13, 2010

Robert Nuzzles Kristen On The Road

So it's true.
Friday the 13th is full of bad omens...
Bad luck.

I guess the Hyenas ate some black cats?
Because this has been one unlucky day for 
the rabid, flea-bitten scavengers.

Oh lookie here!

Rob turns up on the OTR set.

HE IS IN MONTREAL after all...

But not only that my friends...
No No No
Not only that...

It seems he is seen hanging out with his 'good friend'
You know... because friends always hang out on sets
of their friends.
Hell, Rob has nothing better to do.

I've heard all the bullshit excuses.

The best is



So much for 
"Rob NEVER visits Kristen on set...
she is the one who follows him around like a lovesick puppy"

"Rob ALWAYS looks miserable when he's around Kristen"

Oh of course...
Rob is only there because Tom is there.
Or to promote... something or other.
I mean...
Robert is completely owned by Summit doncha know...
And he has absolutely no free will...
and no free time to do what he wants.

Unless that means he would actually 
WANT to hang out with the person that he
wants to hang out with.
That would be Kristen Stewart.
Miss Stewart if you're nasty.
(Or are foaming at the mouth)

Look at his face.

Forehead to forehead.
He's nuzzling her.
He's smiling SO fucking big.

And no, it's not a concert so the music isn't
making him get so damn close...

The boy is SMITTEN.
With a fucking capital S
And that rhymes with MESS
And that's what the Hyenas are in.
A big heaping denial mess.

Because you know what?
It doesn't fucking work anymore.
OK, to be honest, your lame ass attempts
at rationalizing why Rob and Kristen were together
NEVER worked...
But seriously...
Just stop now.


And so are you.


And to say that Rob is visiting Kristen to promote
Edward and Bella's wedding anniversary?
The foam has finally taken over what was left
of their brains.
And people are willing to BELIEVE that?

Yes they are laughing hyenas...
They have to act like it doesn't bother them
They have to pretend to be "OK" with it...
Because that is what delusion is.
A fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact

But while it might sound like they are laughing...
They are choking on it.
It's going down hard and sharp...
It hurts.
And most of all... it's BITTER.

All I have to add
Is something big is coming.
You can taste it in the air...
FEEL it.
Oh yes...
Something is afoot
Watch for it.

This post is brought to you by the letters *R* and *K*
Because Rob and Kristen are together.
Where they always end up.
Because that is where they want to be.

Oh and some major TWIRLS

Even Kristen is TWIRLING

Why wouldn't she?
She's got it all.
Lucky Girl.

Peace and Happiness to Rob and Kristen.
You both deserve it.
And you found it with each other.

Be Safe.
Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Another awesome day!! Another awesome post!!

lois said...

What an epic day indeed Rose! And it's my birthday too! R/K Love all over!

Brenda said...

Oh, how I LOVE these pictures!! (But how ironic is it that these picture were taken in Canada where we pride ourselves on privacy and leaving people alone.) But he is SO FREAKING HAPPY!!!! Happy day.

Thaís said...

Today is gonna be a bright day...I bet there will be much more.Can you imagine how Hyenas will feel when the 1 million dollar shoot come?
Oh..Rob, your smile shines more than the sun when Kris is around and I love to see you so happy!!!
Rose, I love your blog!
Kisses from a happy Brazilian woman :)

Tarra said...

I'm so dizzy from the leaping, dancing, twirling, spinning, laughing, smiling, jumping up and down and squeeing that I really don't believe that I have many coherent thoughts in my head at this time. Rob and Kristen looks so happy and I hope that they continue to be that happy with each other despite the frenzy that surrounds them. Can't wait to see the kissing pic that we fans believe is out there. That pic will be the death of us all! 8/13/10 is an epic day! Much love to Rob and Kristen

Anonymous said...

Nothing more to say. Epic and monumental Friday the 13th. They give ppl the hope that true love exists.They were made to love each other in the honest and deepest way.

rosstwilight290 said...

OMG I seriously love your blog and this day has been awesome hyenas as rolling down on the floor crying because they can prove us wrong anymore!

Robsten is alive and they have shown us that with this pics.

If you see, Rob's smile is one of a truly happy man, that has found love and is happy :)

And I love that Kristen is twirling too!

Makes the hyenas drown in their own hate and misery!

Happy Kristen + Happy rob = Happy me :)

I'm so glad to see them happy, showing the hyenas how wrong they are.

Bye for Now :)

Melinda said...

Who cares what the haters want to spew! Let them drown in their own misery!

The weekend is starting out with a bang and a HUGE TWIRL!

Smiling at all the HAPPINESS I see up in Montreal!

They deserve it especially with all the hate and BS that is written about them.

Rainpuddle said...

I'm so damn happy I can't see straight. You go and be as happy as you can be Rob and Kris!

The haters can SUCK IT!

RissaRukus said...

I don't know how today could get any better. They were clearly nuzzling and possibly snuck a kiss in. It's so cute and I'm just happy for them.
Happy that they can have what they want and not give a shit about naysayers. I love seeing pictures of them both so happy.

Pattee said...

ALLELUIA!! I have been sooo happy all morning. Robsten is the cutest, sweetest couple in the universe. JOY, JOY happy dance!!

Honey said...

Don't you have eyes? They weren't nuzzling! Rob was clearly getting all up in Kristen's face! In the pics you can clearly see she doesn't like it. It won't last.

Yanu said...


froggie59 said...

I have been waiting for your post all day! YES! YES! YES! and NA NA NA NA NA to the haters!

OMG, there are no words! Rob's got the biggest smile on his face because he's with his girl and Kristen's doing the happy dance! As are all of us who believe the magic this is Robsten!

Well, I guess those were a few words, lol. I can't even get my words together here. I've already said all my happy thoughts in other places, with my friends, and on my favorite Robsten Facebook page, Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart = ROBSTEN.

I am so freaking happy I could burst. I am so happy for them. Long live Robsten, and whatever big news you think is coming Rose, I can't wait! Love, love, love your blog!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

At this point, if you're still in denial, nothing you see will change your mind. There can be a picture of Rob & Kristen full on making out and those who don't believe will still find a way to deny it find excuses for it. Just let it be. They both look happy, that's all that matters. How can you deny Rob anything when he looks that happy? Why spoil his party.

katy said...


This has been an AWESOME DAY...and I also have a feeling that it's going to be better and better.
I don't have nothing much to add...because you Rose said it all...and so much better than I could have said.


PS: LOVE the BIG SMILLE on Rob Gorgeous face

Sue said...

I am so in love with their love. My heart just grew a thousand fold. Beautiful post, Rose.

Sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
May said...

This post is brought to you by the letters *R* and *K*
Because Rob and Kristen are together.
Where they always end up.
Because that is where they want to be.

Oh and some major TWIRLS

Epic day is pretty fucking epic. LOL NGL,my life has been made and I have a feeling the best thing(s) is yet to come. ;DDD

SueBee said...

Awwwwwwwwesome! How sweet can you get?

This comment was brought to you by the letters F and U.

F U Haters

Melinda said...

"Miss Stewart if you're nasty."

or if you are Lily it is "that woman" for those of us that have been commenting for a while and Lily would post.

To A FRIEND- you are an enigma and you always have such interesting comments/thoughts...hope you don't stop.

Anonymous said...

Is anybody else having a hard time wiping the grin of thier face? I KNOW I AM.

OMG. Beyond adorable pics. Awesome post.

Rose - thanks for the post I couldn't get the pics off any other websites to load on my work computer (tots wastnig wrk time to ogle Robsten now :-D)I was dying waiting for you to post. THANK YOU!!


Twirling until I'm so dizzy I fall down over here ;)

Patricia said...

Rose: It's hard to find WORDS that express how happy the TRUE FANS of Rob and Kristen are. YYEESSSS !!!!

That picture of them nuzzling..OMG I have a huge smile on my face and have since I woke up this morning and got all this pretty. He ADORES HER.

That's the Rob that wasn't at the TCA because (SHE WASN'T THERE) lets face it. He is in love with her and she is in love with him. I LOVE THEM BOTH.

Welcome back Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. So good to see you both happy and together again.

13 is a lucky number. My daughter met her husband on the 13th. and my granddaughter was born on the 13th. I LOVE 8-13-'10

Grazie Rose keep twirling.

Rose said...

Dear Friend,

I'm sorry if I can be cynical. It is part of my nature, but I am also human. If you think about it, it is a lot to take in without something to hold on to.
I will miss you. No matter who/what... I have come to think of you truly as a friend.
I am always here if you need someone to listen. Always.

Peace and love.

Rb said...

Love seeing pictures of them together. I've never, ever, seen a man more in love. His entire facial muscles change when he's looking at his girl, lover, future wife, mother of his children. Beautiful sight.

As for the haters and non-stens, why do they get any attention. At all? They're either too filled with hate to enjoy the love that is so obvious or they're too young to know what they're witnessing. Waste of time. Years from now, after they mature into actual adults who can pass these kinds of judgments, then they can view the pictures and realize what they missed. If they have the brain power. If not, their loss.

LK said...

The crazy Honey is probably one of those idiots who say that Kristen looks sad,because she misses Garrett!LOL

Nonstens will NEVER believe.I'm sure about it now.I've read many comments,that he was just leaning,they weren't kissing,they look like really good friends!!!!!!!!!

As much as i love the pics,i'm sad,because they're very personal.Paps suck.

deb said...


Nicole said...

I love these pics. They are the HOTTEST COUPLE!!! You can tell that Rob is so happy to be with his girl and you can tell that Kristen was happy when Rob was close to her. Friday the 13th is not bad anymore its a happy day.

kharma1 said...

Happy Friday the 13th
And Hi Rose and a shout out Happy Birthday to Lois.. you received a huge BD gift, we all day.
What a week, talk about twirling and dancing, I've been doing that all week and to end the week with this "gift". I can't wait to see what the weekend brings and next week, so on and so forth. I think it's just going to keep coming.
And to top if off, how about this Cast, I think these actors are banging on Walter Salles door just to be part of this epic movie. It's just getting better and better.

A awesome week, and another awesome Post Rose. You must feel like the kid at the arcade being able to shoot down all those hyenas
and winning the GIANT PANDA, huge smile on your face..love it.
Have a great weekend eveyone.

katy said...

A Friend

I agree with Melinda...don't be a stranger...Hope don't stop commenting

Nicole said...


LJ said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I don't really know what to say at the moment.....apart from YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

Totally EPIC day....and they look sooo happy....

Love Rob...love Kristen :-)))

❤ Much love my friends ❤


SueBee said...

What is the something big that's afoot?

I thought these pics were the something big!!!!!!!

Does it get even better?

Becky said...

gah i have been waiting for your update today. squeeeeeeeee! their preciousness is seriously about to kill me. that's not just love in that man's eyes. that is pure, unadulterated adoration and it makes me want to clap my hands and do an alice cullen happy dance.

Bren said...

@ A Friend,

How long do you think, before we get a picture with a kiss? Just to seal the deal.

June said...

Rose may I dance and twirl with you and all the nice ladies and guys who celebrate Rob and Kristen love??

Today is a great day, can't it get any better? Is something bigger coming up? Jesus, my heart won't resist..

A friend,

You sound so enigmatic today. Hope everything is all right!

Happy dancing!!

Karen said...

Isn't it a glorious day? It's so good to see Rob so happy! I've missed that beautiful "I'm so in love with you Kristen" smile. Kristen looks so happy, relaxed, and in love with her Rob.

I can't stop grinning and twirling either! It does my heart good to see them together. I love them being so happy. I feel like a proud Mum viewing these pics.

Hmmm. Wonder who the saying on his shirt is directed at? Paps, maybe?

Thanks for making my day, Rose. You're the best!

Pricanchik said...

Well I'm new here :)
Although I read every single post and love every single one of them!!
I have been of supporter of these 2 from the beginning ;)
I just love them together they compliment eachother very well. and im glad that they make time to spend together when they each are working on their own thing.

As for the Haters? what can i say
they're exactly that HATERS!!!

SupportRP said...

Love Love Love these pics-and so happy that R and K can finally have some time together without all the paps. Rob looks soooooo in love - that smile is pretty big wouldn't you say - he's killing me with the cuteness. Thanks Montreal for giving them some space! So excited they are there together. Big tears of joy!!!

Karen said...

Becky, your Alice Cullen happy dance had me laughing. Can I join you?

Atticus said...

Massive fucking twirl. Luv the nuzzling pics and he's not nuzzling Tom. Luv all the pics. Rob does smile a lot but he does have a certain smile when he's around his gal. Can't describe it but you can certainly see it.

Added bonus this week was Christina Ricci confirming Kristen was on the set of Bel Ami.

They are both just such a gorgeous couple but they're beautiful on the inside as well.

Yeah, get off his dick, except for Kristen, of course! (LOL...sorry for the crudeness.)

Love to you Rose. I'm gonna twirl some more.

Pricanchik said...

Well im new here, although i have read every single post and have loved every single one of them :)

So i have been a supporter of these 2 from the beginning, I mean seriously from the beginning i knew there was something there, all u have to see is they way the look at eachother :)

I am glad that they can find time to see eachother when they r working on different movies, that right there shows just how much they mean to eachother.

Rob looks so Happy, doesn't he?
I LUV IT!!! lol

and to all the Haters? that's exactly what they r HATERS!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Honey,

When I'm really angry at someone I hate I always smile at them with love in my eyes while I get in thier face. And when someone gets in my face because they hate me, I smile back with a nice big smile and my mushy eyes.

I love that you get this!

Can I come to your next secret opposite body langauge for delusional idiots class?



SupportRP said...

When that kissing picture comes out, I don't know if I will survive it!!!!! I can barely handle this excitement today with these pics. I hope somehow they know how much we love them and love their being together. Thanks Rose for a great site - love it so muchy.

LJ said...

SuzyQ I'm deffo having a hard time wiping the smile off my face!

SueBee....not sure my little heart could cope with something big being afoot!....ahhh second thoughts I'll risk it ;-)

Atticus....HA HA HA HA HA you just made me laugh out loud...

C'mon Louisa....WAKE UP MY FRIEND!

Peace and love to you too Rose.....I love this place.


SueBee said...

@Suzy Q

That was hilarious

@Everyone else

Is there a kissing pic??????

SueBee said...

More pics--no kissing yet


Trish said...

Still sooooo happy!!! i cant believe it..am i dreaming??...im so excited..Rose is right..something else is coming!! cant even concentrate at work today..

love the message on Rob's shirt..its for all you obsessive psycho delusional hyenas!! hop off!!! hahaha LMAO

at least Honey is reaching the acceptance level...continue taking those pills sweetie and you will be good as new i promise ;)
i think we shut down the internet..lol..and People mag has it blasted on their page..for all t see..cry hyenas, cry!!! haha..
nonsten.com should be demolished...:p

keset said...

Love them.
That's all.


keset said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...

Try this link too!


Anonymous said...

ROSE ONE WORD OR MAYBE TWO....NO THREE....You know it's hard for me to SHUT THE F..K UP!!!!!!!!;]


2........ROBSTEN LIVES......


Funny that he is wearing the same facsial expressions as the TCA......[sarcasm obviously]

keset said...

but KS has her not happy face...she has that face alote :/
Why is that?

Anonymous said...


SueBee said...

Anyone believing this rumor about $250,000 for A Rob and Kris kissing pic?

Anonymous said...

YEEEAAAHHH! ROSE!! kinda hard to dispute those photo's my 12yr old neighbor even said he looks like he's in love. I am so glad to see them together and obviously happy. And I can't wait to see what happens next cause I agree it will be big. PR ...pfft. PR for LOOOVEE! hahahaha

chatters2 said...

LOL, you dipshits. Are you serious with this blog? You don't know them and your obsessed speculation isn't any better than the regular commenters' on gossip sites. Talk about batshit crazy...

Kathy said...

OMG Rose, I just LOVE your thoughts today. I love your thoughts everyday. You ALWAYS say exactly what I would've said, so there's no need for me to say any more. I LOVE Rob and Kristen. I'm thrilled that they're together and HAPPY. Good for them. I'm feeling warm and fuzzy all over ;)

Trish said...

one more thing...as much as we are happy..this is bittersweet..these paps hid in bushes to invade what was supposed to be private..i know kristen will be pissed as hell

the entertainment news will use this to get ratings tonight..bittersweet as I said...stupid media..we just wanna see them happy..esp. Rob after his sad and bored experience at the TCAs but they (media and gossip sites) just want money!!

Anonymous said...

@ chatters2 WHATEVER!!!!!!!!

you dipshit!!!!!

Lolypop82 said...

Epic day! Epic post! I was waiting for this today!!!!
You always put a smile on my face!
Love you girl!

Melinda said...


Don't worry about Kristen's facial expressions.

Rob wears his heart on his sleeve we all know that.

Kristen is more private about it as she doesn't want her private life to become entertainment for people to rip apart.

But you do get moments where she shows how she is feeling about Rob. One of my favorite pics was her backstage at the Jimmy Kimmel show.
She was definitely showing how she feels about her man.


not obsessed just HAPPY that two people in HW found something real and not manufactured for once.

When things are going great in your life you can't help but be JOYFUL.

Rob and Kristen have it and so do their fans that love and support them.

Would love to know why you are so bothered by people being happy for them without you name calling again.

katy said...

To chatters2

Judging by your commemt...I think...you are SHIT and I also think you are in 'A big heaping denial mess'

Anonymous said...

ya know?..........


I just this could have been a scenario of the earlier pics......lol

Melinda said...

Before I go for the evening...

let's take the HIGH ROAD because when you take the low road (calling people names, etc.) you are bound to drown in all the foam wading around.

henny_penny17 said...

Oh, what an awesome day!! I've had this big crazy grin on my face all day. The people I work with probably think I'm going nuts or something. Friday the 13th is turning out to be a very lucky day.

The look on Rob's face is just so precious. I love the way he looks at Kristen. There is so much love between the two of them. So sweet!

I too feel like there's something else coming our way. I almost don't want a kissing pic to come out...because you know whoever took it will profit big time from it. R/K don't want that and I hate to think that the end of their privacy comes as a big payday for someone. But, how epic would that be?!

Love the shirt Rob is wearing. I giggle everytime I think about it. You tell 'em Rob!!

Let's all TWIRL with Rose and Kristen!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, this has been an exceptional week, but today when I saw those pictures, I actually cried. I didn't think I could be any happier, but I was wrong, I just feel like dancing and singing all over the house (I think I will). They look so happy to be together, and how could you look at them and not see the love there, it is there for the whole world to see. It is so nice they are getting more open in their relationship. I just read an interview of Rob's in NewStar magazine, and the interviewer asked Rob about Kris, and the interviewer said Rob was very guarded in his answer, but his face lit up at the mention of her. This made me feel so good. They deserve every happiness, and I hope they find peace as well. I want them to always be as happy as they are now. I love you Rose, you have saved my sanity more times than you will ever know. Please keep up the good work, and I agree, something wonderful is coming, and I can hardly wait.

katy said...

to Melinda

You are right...next time I will just ignore the hatter...even if it's very hard

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lisa said...

My face hurts from smiling so much... It's not like I didn't know, I have known for a long time. But it was just for the haters.

I am sad though. Someone on my twitter feed, retweeted from a paps that mentioned the hand holding pic from Paris is STILL worth 250K! No telling how much an actual kissing pic would go for! No wonder they are hounded! It really makes me sad they have such a price on their heads..

@Honey, just absolutely mind boggling!

@A Friend.. What??? I'm not sure what to make of your post..

Anonymous said...

@ A friend....well I’ve read your post 3 times....just don't get what you're saying??????
Would love to thou??????
If you'd care to elaborate????

P.S Hi and 'Gud Day Lisa

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Such a great post to come online and see! Rob and Kristen together and happy.

NGL - I am glad for picture proof of Rob in Montreal so then the debate (and the straight-up lying from certain people) as to where Rob is would stop.

And so much for Rob being there only for Tom? LOL. I don't know how anyone could look at pics like those and not say Rob is a very happy man in love.

I know it sucks about the paps being at the OTR set. It was bound to happen. It's unfortunate that Rob and Kristen together gets the paps, media and fans in a frenzy...but should they just stop living their lives because of this? I don't think so. And I hope they don't ever let it.

Kristen wanted Rob to be there. Rob wanted to be there. The craziness does make it hard for them at times and it sucks when their privacy is invaded -- how Rob just can't spend a peaceful day on set with Kristen. BUT they should enjoy their time together!

Rob and Kristen spend an enormous amount of personal time together. They spend birthdays and holidays together. They fly to foreign countries to spend time together. They visit each other's movie sets. Plus, a plethora of other things....

If this were any other two people out there, no one would question whether they are together. They would no doubt say "yes, they are dating" without hesitation.

I agree with Melinda. Take the HIGH ROAD everyone. I am definitely ignoring any hate, bullshit or negativity today.

deb said...

HEY there Louisa I see you came in I was waiting for you Yes I did read your post last night And IT KEEP me up My kids where asking why I was jumping up and down and crying at the same time I told them the GOOD NEWS and they said RIGHT ON MOM about damn time You see NOW they to believe A ME N. now It would be nice for some PRIVATE TIME for them We got the PIC WE know the TRUTH now lets just get them respect They well give us more when the times right And YES I do believe what Rose was saying SOMETHING BIG IS COMING. DEB.

Marie said...

The look on his face as he looks at her..the look on his face everytime he's near her...Kristen is one lucky young woman to have someone who plainly loves her so much, and it seems to me that she returns his feelings! I think this should stop the denials..from the sane nonstens...and yes there are a few of them out there...

Anonymous said...

Good mornan Deb I also posted on your FB?????Have ya got that also....Amen with a Capital AAAAAAAAAAA

What a great day to be apart of this INTOXICATED BLOG GROUP

.......Cheers Ladies and Opy.......

Anonymous said...

Let me start out by saying I'm SO having one of those moments.. like on those kids shows, like Dora.. here, let me explain..

Me to the haters: There's SO many great pictures that came out today! Which one is your favorite?!
Haters: *silence*
Me: Me too! I liked that one where he's nuzzling her. It's my favorite!

Nothing's gonna drag me down today. :) It is a great day.

A happy heart makes a cheerful face. - Proverbs 15:13

And make no mistake.. given the smile on that boy's face, he's got an extremely happy heart right now. That smile is *her* smile, he saves it just for her.

Rose said...

To A Friend...

I would love to discuss this with you, I see misunderstandings on both sides. But I'm not sure the comments of my blog is the right place?

You have nothing to be sorry for... I'm just human and was protecting myself, much the same way you are protecting yourself.

You know my email address.
It's always open to you.
I hope we can finish the discussion there.

Love and Peace.

Anonymous said...

Like 80% of us human mortals, lovers of Twilight, fans of Kristen and Rob I too am happy to see them enjoying being together. I’m not so sure that there is THE big picture out there, Rob and Kristen are fully aware that there are paps, fans and even extras dying to take pictures of them in every possible angle and situation so do you really think they are going to have a quick peck or a tongue down throat kiss for the world to see. If you want a kiss, then go watch, Twilight, New moon or Eclipse. Leave their private life to what it is PRIVATE.

Psyche263 said...

It is completely beyond me how any sane,rational person can still continue to ignore the mountain of evidence staring them in the face. Fortunately,those of us in happy relationships who consequently like to see others happy,seem to be very much in the majority and love to see Rob and Kristen so clearly enjoying being together again. I hope these 2 wonderful young people ignore the crazies and continue to live their lives and enjoy each other. The only reasons why I'd like them to be a little more open even than they've become are: 1.I honestly believe that trying to hide something simply fuels the insanity and 2. I desperately don't want some scumbag pa to get the "money" shot and have Rob and Kristen finance his retirement! Far better it be some lovely and unsuspecting fan of theirs..but that's just my opinion :)

katy said...

I didn't get to read A FRIEND Comment...what happened?

Pocket Edward said...

It is INDEED a bitter pill to swallow, eh? I LOVE IT, and ILY Rose. Excited to see what is coming...SQUEEE!!! *twirl*

kristine.hills said...

"Peace and Happiness to Rob and Kristen.
You both deserve it.
And you found it with each other."

They found it and much much more... ;D

Let's not forget Rob's bday is MAY 13, it's his lucky number. ;)



Who cares about blindenas, they want to be blind, so go for it! lol

My smile is as huge as R's smile.

Thanks Rose, RK made my day today and you just add more happiness!

"You are me, I am you
What you see, is all true (it's all true)
You are me, I am you
What you see, is all true (it's all true)
(We are one) You are me, I am you (I am you)"



Opytaylor said...

Glad everyone is happy. I am too. But as Trish said, they are Pap pics. So I sorta have mixed feelings about it.

Deanae said...

OMG!! I love it!! I saw these pics and posted them to my facebook fan page. Then I ran over here to see what you had to say!! You are right on girl!! Bring on the haters, deniers and the down right dumb asses. I can't wait to hear what they have to say now. Love you Rose!! Speak the truth!!

deb said...

Louisa NO I havent seen my FB yet but thank you girl friend And to Marlena you are right i dont think we well get a kissing pic NOT YET. They know we ALL are watching and they have said it them self THEY DO NOT TO SELL IT remember what Rob said and what Kristen has been saying all this time YES they love us and know WE love them So maybe they are giving us this because when they do go to London WE mite NOT see them for a long time who knows Im happy to see that smile BACK on Roberts face and I want to thank Kristen for putting it there. DEB.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to those wondering--Rose and I were talking about pap pictures and such and I f-d up and brought it here...sorry--again, nobody has ever said I had great judgment. Didn't mean to stir it up--it really wasn't that big a deal.

Great job with the post Rose.

Anonymous said...

Hell yes! It feels so great to see these two people so much in love. What a wonderful day. It makes me indescribable happy.

I wish them peace and a wonderful time TOGETHER <3

katy said...

To A Friend


Anonymous said...

@ A FRIEND......you’re the one of the Ones I like to keep.....well let’s just say.....
"Close to my chest".....I totally respect you judgment and take note on your input....

LIZ said...

To Becky and Karen,

Can I join you in the ALICE DANCE? I'm so happy I could just cry. I'm sorry they got papped but so happy they are happy, I'm happy, happy, happy. I think Kristen looks at him like she has a "secret", not that she looks unhappy. That "happy" face people are always talking about is just a nice smiling face that she usually shows to her "friends", like Taylor. Her looks at Rob are more like "wait until we're alone" ......

deb said...

MY Friend ITS ALL GOOD hun. DEB.

LJ said...

To A Friend...we all f-up every now and again, after all we are all passionate about the same thing on here and it's great to read everyones opinions. Some are the same and some different but that's why it makes it such an interesting place to visit!

Anyway.....hope you keep posting it's been great hearing from ya!

From 'a friend' :-)


Anonymous said...

Those pictures of Rob and Kristen........Wow!
All the happiness in the world to both of them.

Sue said...

Rose, Rose Rose!!! I am just beyong words right now. I KNEW that he would be coming to Kristen ...I wasn't sure if it would have been after he went to London for his mum's b-day.....I was even thinking that since he is there now???? maybe possibly IF Kristen's schedule would allow she would go with him to London to celebrate his mom's b-day. That would be fuck-awesome!...But to see these pictures and the smile and happiness on his and Kristen's face just overwhelms me!!! I am so doing a HaPpY DaNcE. They are like two magnets drawn together and we've seen it all along....by their touch, a smile, a glance. Thanks Rose for your awesome words and keeping it real. Love ya-

Jane said...


Anonymous said...

It made me happy to see HIM happy. Big difference in facial expression between the TCA and being with his lady!

Anonymous said...

@ OPYTAYLOR.....this one for you...


Anonymous said...

It made me happy to see HIM happy. Big difference in facial between the TCA and being with his lady!

Anonymous said...

It made me happy to see HIM happy. Big difference in facial between the TCA and being with his lady!

Patricia said...

A couple of sites have said that Rob has an important meeting in LA. maybe another movie after BD is completed, so this will be a short trip. Remember that meeting he had awhile back)?

I don't like the paps either. But I have to say I love seeing how happy Rob and Kristen look in these pictures.

Hi to all the Rob and Kristen lovers here..

BoilerGrl26 said...


My favorite parts of this post were:

"That would be Kristen Stewart.
Miss Stewart if you're nasty."





Opytaylor said...
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Anonymous said...




half_my_self said...

Best. Post. Ever!

half_my_self said...

Best. Post. EVER!!!!!

deb said...

Patty I think it mite be the Unbound Captives Isn't he going to start that movie sometime after BD.?I'm just saying It mite be something new I'm glad because he LOVES to work And I hope kristen get some new movies to Things are really looking good for both of them AND TOM to 2010 is becoming a good year for US and ROB and Kristen But i would like to know what his mum thinks about that shirt lololo. DEB.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

good morning everyone! Its a LOVE feast day for everyone__AND my toes hurts soooo much from my non stop TOE TWIRLING!

..Next stop, LONDON!!


mujhiko_mujhiko said...
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Rb said...

I've been loved. I've been in love. But I've never seen this level of abandon. Rob loves Kristen with every cell of his being. Unconditionally, from the depths of his soul. It shines through with every look, every touch, every decision. He just cannot help it - he adores her. Such a pleasure to see such depth of trust and intimacy between them. Beautiful people.

Becky said...

the more the merrier. let's just make a biiiig ole circle and do the alice cullen clappy happy dance. yay for preciousness!

sollee said...

hope they get married for real after "breaking dawn"^_~..i'm now "kinikilig for them" meaning so thrilled and excited for them^^..more love and happiness for our fave couple:)

Anonymous said...

Friggin' awesome day! Love the pics. Sun is shining and it happened in Montreal. Yeah, baby!!

Arlene said...
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Arlene said...

It is a very SWEEEEEEET day today. Everytime I look at those lovely pictures, the song "Falling In Love..." by Lee MacDougall keeps playing in my head. Sigh. Friday the 13th is a lucky day. Rose you're the best! Have a great weekend.

30yearoldtwifan said...

Hi all!

These lovely pics of R and K are kind of bitter sweet for me. As much as I fucken LOVE to see the hyena's squirm LOL Cause ya know they are. I hate that the Paps got a "money shot" I guess that's life in the media. I just hope R and K can feel more comfortable as a couple and be a bit more open, because the paps will eventually get bored, and fans will not care as much, cause we all know there a couple. So there will be no big mystery. or "money shot" to get.

I hope these two are enjoying there day! Its been a lovely Friday the 13th hasn't it? :)

By the way all ya know what Deja Moo is? Hearing the same bull shit you've heard before!

That's the hyenas right about now, spewing there DEJA MOO! I think they need a Rabie shot!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Love your site! I enjoy looking at it every day!

jen said...

how did I miss this blog-so epic and true!

I'm gonna say something I never thought I would.

But this Rob, in montreal? He's got some swagger going on, he's really owning his bf position here, isn't he?

Never thought I'd see him like that.

NO, I don't think he's jealous or insecure. Nothing like that.

More like he just wants to own his title, and he is EFFING proud of his girl more than anything.

I saw a little bit of this at the eclipse premiere, when the posed arm in arm at the afterparty. Kristen looked sheepish and shy, but man, Robert was owning that pose, holding her firmly to him.

Rob's very happy to be Kristen's boyfriend.


olivia said...

Dear Rose,
True love is beautiful to observe. What a joy it is to see Rob and Kristen together in Montreal. I too feel guilty that the razzi snapped the photos, but the two of them are so lovely and they were at the OTR shoot location with others from the film ( I think) rather than out for the evening after work.

Rob adores Kristen. His beaming face is a precious sight as he looks upon his gorgeous Kristen.

I am so very happy for them. They are a rare and unique couple and I wish them every success and happiness in life together.

Always a believer and am doing the happy dance with all of you.
Olivia (TX.)

Melinda said...


I felt that way too. I think he is at the point where he isn't worried about what others have to say.

He adores her. He is proud of her. He wants the whole world to know how special she is. And therein lies the jealousy.

Sometimes I wonder if he is slowly trying to get her to be more open. I also think she would love to but is still pretty gun shy. She kind of alluded to that in the Elle UK interview.

iena amoi said...

yey! yey! yey! finally some PDA. Drop dead hyenas! (doing my robsten dance). LOL

Wildhart007 said...

This is the best Friday the 13th ever!
I've twirled all day!

Rose I drive for a living and kept pulling over, checking all day for your post.
Another best post ever!
R/K's happiness is what we all dream about! It is just beautiful!

I just hope that R/K can understand what their happiness does for all of us and forgive us for the intrusion we have caused in their private moments.

deb said...

To Rb SO true I see it to. How lucky is Kristen to have such a TRUE LOVE I know that feeling and its SOoooo good to have. My best gos out to them both ENJOY the sweet LOVE that God has given you.And to Jen you said it all This well be a day in my life I well not forget.Now maybe Rob and Kristen can START living they're life. Thanks to all. DEB.

team necklace said...

@Jen....my thoughts exactly!! He is proud to be showing everyone that he is beautiful Kristen's BF.
Not only that,he knows Kristen is the prize catch too.
Regardless, it has been a banner day, a grand week for Robstenworld. Just seeing Rob beaming and radiating that LOVE for her takes my breath away.

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot....I'm sure I am forgiven thou....Under the circumstances and all...


wig4usc said...

There was seriously never a doubt in my mind that he'd show up there. And I agree, people like Honey, if she's serious and not doing this to get a rise out of everyone, won't believe it even if she see's it. So, I don't care what they have to say.

His smile says it all! Twirls and clicking my heels in the air!

Wildhart007 said...

Great video Louisa
Thank you!

Jolie said...

This is why I come on your blog every day...

You get things right!!

This actually was taken a few miles from where I live. Not too happy their 'bubble' was interrupted but then again everyone will remember moantreal because of it.

Just one thing Rose...why do I get the feeling you're not telling us something? What are you alluding to when you say 'Something big is coming'? What pre-tell would that be? You're killing me with the suspense...

But that just means I will have to continue to log on every day and find out n'est-ce pas?

Anonymous said...

@ Jen I got to agree with you there....Do they realize how much happiness they have given those of us around the world.....from one side of the globe to another...These two young , beautiful LOVERS ..whom we have never met......yet have such an impact on us.....They have brought a selective few of us gorgeous ppl together....So we can share their love and enjoy IMMENSLY THE SPELL THEY HAVE PLACE US UNDER....YOU, ME & ROSE AND MANY, MANY OTHERS THAT HAVENT YET HAD THE PRIVILLIDGE TO FIND US INTOXICATED BUNCH....

Yes the Love, Devotion, Happiness Pride and Possession in clearly visible......And it ABSOLFUCKENLUTLEY ADOREABLE...



Wildhart007 said...

Keep them coming, I'm really enjoying this Friday night!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rose. Rob is SMITTEN and Kristen is over the moon for her man to be there to support her. I am so happy for both of them. Now I hope paparazzi would give them some peace and privacy.

Elle Bee said...

This is such a happy ROBSTEN day...I saw Twilight exactly 18 months ago today...I knew then, what I know now...I was drawn to Rob & Kris from the beginning...I knew how special they were...I'm glad they are getting more comfortable with their PDA's because they nothing to be ashamed of and everything to be proud of...they are in love, good luck to them <3

Elle Bee said...

And Louisa, thanks for all your links...you are great <3

Anonymous said...

@ wildhart 007 its Saturday lunchtime for me......and that means a little juggling.....coz I'M busy with the usual shit [ ya know same shit,,,,,different day] and trying to keep posted......like I said JUGGELING.......LOL


Anonymous said...

@ Ellebee are you a Sydney sider like me????

Elle Bee said...

@ Louisa...close by...Central Coast

Wildhart007 said...

sorry about that, I forget you are half way around the world from me in Tennessee.
I did my usual stuff earlier and melted in the heat, but it was all worth it coming home to these pics and videos, thx again!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@ wildhart 007 we are still in winter for another 2 whole weeks...then we have glorious spring....a favourite time of the year for me indeed.....

Elle Bee said...

@ Louisa
What a small world...my Mum lives at K V nearby...I live on acreage at J which is on the western side of the Freeway, just north of W...if you know what I mean....lol

Anonymous said...
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Wildhart007 said...

Fall is my favorite time here. Temp was 102 felt like 114 today, can't wait for cooler weather.(lol)
Enjoy your comments and videos, thx again!

Elle Bee said...

@ Louisa

WOW...so close!! I love this BLOG!! And I love that we can come here, from all over the world and share in our admiration for all things ROBSTEN <3 Do you have a FB page?? There is also an awesome Fan page on there too, for all us ROBSTEN fans!!

Anonymous said...

@ wildhart I need the converter for that one...we deal with celcius here I'm afraid....lol

Anonymous said...

Yes I do but first email me and I will pass it on ok..


Wildhart007 said...

38.8 to 45.5 I think! lol

dowlingnana said...

Hi ladies,
Greetings from Colorado, we made it here earlier and I finally got a wifi to work with. May I say....
YIPEE!!!!! As I stated yesterday, I needed to see Rob's smile again and there it is........WOW!! What a nice Friday the 13th gift. This date isn't bad for us either since my husband found his motorcycle that was stolen on a Friday the 13th as well.

So many posts to try and reply to but I mainly want to just agree with the most of you. By the way, PR=Proud Reality for us!!

I have always thought Rob wanted to shout from the rooftop and wouldn't be afraid to do it either. As some of you said, hopefully we will begin to get more tidbits from now on. Love, love, love that face of his....
amazing!!! You all have a good twirl while I sweat here in Co. but will be checking in everyday.

Thank you Rose!!! You have been so right on since I have enjoyed your blogs. Donna

Anonymous said...

dear Rose....

how happy i am seen our beloved Rob and Kristen they are in own bubble, so much in love...

when the pic surface in the internet it almost midnight on early sutarday in my time line, at last i've got to bed around 2 am...i don't expect that kind pic to come...i just lurkin on twitter after rob pic in set surface and first time Kristen as marylou seen...i am so excited, twirling, happy and tears but letter i've got feeling mix like everybody here to comment it's pappz pic i'm so sad too cause rob and kristen always hounded by papz...

but i thought Rob and Kristen realise this kind photo soon or letter would surface just matter of time...maybe kristen and rob would be misreble to papz, and become more guarded, or maybe they don't care anymore specialy rob...

and when somebody said the media would buy million dollar kiss pic rob and kristen, just so sad..i thought only last chance rob and kristen to protect them is from family, friends also theire fans the really fans who respect, love, protect from the media...

Anonymous said...

@ WILDHART yes it gets that here in midst of summer too....Usually starts at Christmas time for us

Wildhart007 said...

hard to imagine no cold or snow at Christmas
Like Elle Bee, said its great to meet people who feel the same about Rob and Kristen from all over the world.
Rose's blog here is a great place

Anonymous said...

@ wildhart yes it great to meet such great ppl AOTW ....
At Christmas we have to worry for Bushfires and you probably the snow.....weird is'nt it?

Monica said...

Today is an EPIC WIN for us R/K believers and a big FUCK U in nonstens' face. HELL YEAH!!~

Rose, I was about to have a heart attack when those pics popped up. I knew Rob would visit Kristen in Montreal but I didn't expect we could get pics like these. Sweet Jesus, it's too much for my little heart to handle. It has been hours but I'm still grinning, singing and dancing joyfuly in Robsten heaven now~

(Sign) Rob's face...
Even I'm not a big fan of Rob but his look...in the pic while nuzzling Kristen...is the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my 26 years of existence, seriously. The tenderness...so powerful and heart-melting.

They are totally absorbed with each other. I'm really happy for him and Kristen. They are truly blessed. How lucky you're when you could find someone in the world to make to feel like that?

(happy sign again)

Monica from Asia

Wildhart007 said...

Definitely weird! We have ice storms more than snow in winter, last few years. Lately, bad flooding and always gotta watch for tornados!
But today just enjoying getting blowed away by R/K!
Hope these pics clear it up for alot of folks, although Honey and Chatters seem to be a lost cause.

Tara said...

I've been checking out this blog for a couple of weeks and it's by far my favorite.

I think Rob is so sexy, adorkable, sweet, intelligent and honest. Kris is a genuine, smart, awkward, beautiful badass chic.

When I got to work and saw the pics all I could say was HOLY FUCKIN SHIT!!!!!!!!!! I was grinning all day. Rob's smile is priceless. Kristen is more reserved but I think she was doing somersaults inside. It is amazing to see a young man show his feelings for the woman he loves so openly.

Suzy Q - hilarious!

Like Melinda said it is really beautiful to see two people who work in the world of make believe have such a authentic love and not one designed to further their careers.

I don't think people will get bored with Robsten if a kiss pic shows up or they confirm it -look at the degree of interest in Brangelina nearly seven years later. If Rob and Kris had a kid can you imagine how much the pic would go for.

I'm sure they cringe at the paps especially Kris but I think they are somewhat aware of how happy their fans are that it's going well for them.

For those still in denial I don't think it would matter if Rob & Kris did each other in the middle of Times Square, they would still find a way to discount the obvious.

Twirl on fellow fans!

Gloria said...

Rose, this is my first time here. I read and love your blog. My thoughts,love, and support for Robsten are recorded daily by you, and expressed by so many of your friends here. So, today was awesome!! An event that we so anxiously waited for...because it WAS going to happen. I was so excited.

Now for Honey: "The heart knows its own bitterness, and a stranger does not share its joy" (Prov. 14:10) So, give it up. It is not working here.

khushboo said...

hey rose...:)
thnkx 4 dis post rellyy d haters need to keep der mouth shut n der thoughts away from ROBSTEN....

dis news reallyyy made my day..
im in heaven...:)
n sooo r my ROBSTEN....yayyyyy...
im soooo happy...:)
i swear...:)
dey look soooo happy together i wish n i want them to alwaz be together n i knw dey will coz dats wat keeps dem happy....i love der smiles....sooo peacefull...<3
im really happy 4 dem...i want dem to alwaz be dis happy n bless dem....:)
i knw like u alwaz say ....dey will end alwaz togerther for ETERNITY......:)

love u...
love ROBSTEN...foreverrrrrr....:)

Kai El said...

Thanks God for making our day.

Aeden27 said...

Dear Rose,

I think i'm gonna faint from pure happiness. HAPPY DAY!! I so love your post and the pics. You nailed it, my dear..

I just bet the hyenas are choking on everything now.I'm not one to gloat but.. hahaha..

Go Robsten!! Love them
Love.Peace.Happiness. to you, Rob nad Kristen.

Carly said...

Friday 13th has turned out to be fucking awesome :)

I missed the second batch of fotos of them actually together yesterday but what a thing to wake up to <3

I think we could just run around saying "neener-neener" and "I told you so" but really, why? truly the only thing coming to mind is "Is anyone actually surprised?" and I guess the answer would be one loud "Hell to the NO!!"

and you are right, Rose. he is smitten. they are together and they are happy. and Im happy for them. and that is all that matters

*twirl you later*

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

I agree. Rob is waving his banner, as if saying," hey! I'm her boyfriend and I love her very much. To those who can't accept it, just get off my dick!" :)))) Rob is clearly staking his territory.

BTW, Ted Casablanca is having a blast too. Good for him. I read somewhere before that he was labeled delusional, because of that Budapest stint and his belief in Robsten. His whole article in E spells the words " I told you so". Perhaps in his excitement, I think he done some TOE twirlings, too!:)))

Anonymous said...

:):) Friday 13th was good overall. I only found these pictures today, but these were taken yesterday, the pictures.

They're so adorable.

It turned out to be bad for the haters. Usually I talk about them for a while, not today.

Elle Bee said...

Hi Rose....

Just L O V E that new banner....I see Kristen is staking her claim on her man...I thought it when I first saw these photos nearly a year ago....good GOD they look so awesome together!!!

keset said...

So cute

Christina said...

This is MY 1st time seeing this pict. I don't know if it's real OR when it's from, but it works for me! :P


iena amoi said...


A source said that there is a pic with them kissing but the paps want to sell it at high price!

I mean...the pic is wanted by like millions of fans....PRECIOUS!

iena amoi said...


A source said that there is a pic with them kissing but the paps want to sell it at high price!

I mean...the pic is wanted by like millions of fans....PRECIOUS!

LJ said...

Ha ha..awww love it Keset.

The Beckham boys are all adorable!


keset said...

And this one...

LJ said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!! imagine if it had actually said that..he he!