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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Robert Pattinson!


Sometimes words just aren't enough.
But they are all I have.
I started this blog in hopes of figuring out
why you have affected me the way that you do.
It goes beyond your looks.
It goes beyond common sense.
Because 18 months later...
I'm still no closer to understanding the hold you have over me.
I'm still as lost and bewildered as ever.

When birthdays come around...
People often reflect on the past year.
How far they have come...
The changes they have made.
And here I am
Still completely intoxicated by you.

None of that really matters today.
(Does it matter any day?)

Oh Robert.
I have so many wishes for you.
So much Happiness.
Absolute Peace.

I hope you find them today...
and every day.

But most of all...
I wish you LOVE.

I know you already found it...
I hope you can enjoy your day together...
with no cameras
no intrusions.

Only Happiness
And Love.

It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart
Without saying a word you can light up the dark
Try as I may I could never explain
What I hear when you don't say a thing

The smile on your face
Lets me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes
Saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand
Says you'll catch me if ever I fall
You say it best
When you say nothing at all

All day long I can hear people talking aloud
But when you hold me near
You drown out the crowd
Old Mr. Webster could never define
What's being said between your heart and mine

The smile on your face
Lets me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes
Saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand
Says you'll catch me if ever I fall
You say it best
When you say nothing at all

Happy Birthday, Robert.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rob. I wish you love, peace, and happiness as well. Have a wonderful day with your girl.


deejon67 said...

Great Post Rose HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT PATTINSON hope You Have A Great Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

great, wow what can i say but happy birthday to the only boy who can make kstew happy. wish for you good health. peace and happiness above all the chaos surrounding you. enjoy your day with the one you truly love.

Jonnah said...

Aww. That is so sweet. Nice post, Rose(: Love love love!!!

SteffiTwoBits said...

As usual your love and support for these two comes shining through Rose! Thanks for creating another haven and place for positive vibes amidst all the Robsten chaos...... a\

And happy birthday, you very lucky Mr. P! I bet you do indeed like this world right now!

Lizzie said...

Another great one Rose! Am I a sap that I'm tearing up reading it..

Wishing Rob a very Happy Birthday. Much love, joy and happiness!!

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose. Happy BD Rob. I hope you are very happy. Thank you for making Kristen happy too. I love you both very much.

kharma1 said...

Good Morning,
What a absolutely beautiful day and to start off with such gorgeous pictures of Rob, thank you Rose.
My wish is for Rob to somehow find this site to see how much he is loved by you and by many and wish for only his happiness and his happiness happens to be with Kristen.
And what a way to celebrate his birthday, on Oprah, and for us to celebrate it by seeing both he and Kristen being their adorable selves around each other. Hopefully they will be on again before the ending of the show next season.
Rose, love that you put down the words to my favorite song. There is a youtube on R/K with that song, one of my faves.
Everyone, enjoy Oprah and Happy Birthday Rob.

Salena said...

Awesome post as always Rose, Thank-you! Happy Birthday Robert! I wish you. Love,Peace,and Happiness also and the greatest is Love!!!!

Patricia said...

Rose: That was PERFECT ! Beautiful WORDS ! I feel the same way about him. I also am INTOXICATED ! THAT'S WHY IT'S THE PERFECT NAME FOR YOUR BLOG.



Grazie Rose for all the LOVE in your post.

Lisa : I've been agreeing with your comments also the last couple of days.

Deb said...

OH Rose you just make me want to cry I love,love your post today the song is soooooo Robert and I to want him to have a sweet Birthday NO SHIT today only love and happiness and I to find that he has that with his lady(Kristen) you know he well have a BIG smile on his face today.24 I can remember when I was 24 and in love how sweet Thank you Rose for the post and I hope YOUR day is good Keep singing Rose ....AND HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT WE LOVE YA .........DEB.

linzy said...

Lovely post today Rose :) Here's hoping the bday boy has a fantastic day full of friends, laughter, and love. God only knows he deserves it!

can't wait to see Oprah.. can't wait to see him joking and having fun with his girl.. can't wait for eclipse and all his future projects <3

so much to enjoy today, kinda perfect don't you think?

pricklypearess said...

Happy Birthday Robert! Wishing you a year full of peace, happiness, success and love. Thanks, Rose, for a great birthday post. Looking forward to Oprah today! xoxo

sollee said...

happy bday rob..touched by this post..happiness to him and to the love of his life kristen:)

Anonymous said...

happy bday rob excited to see oprah today i had to dvr it as i am out so i hope it records!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah~ Wish Rob is happhy (with our lovely Kristen) every single day.

Would like to share this with you all:
This is my favourite and is made by Kristen's fans for her birthday a month ago. But I think it suits more for Rob's bday. Real happiness to Rob can be seen.

True love shines...

Love from Asia,

ciro said...

happy birthday rob
wish you had happiness, succesful, healthy, peace, surround your family, friends and off course lovely girlfriend who had made u smile, and adore u 'wink'...

rose i just seen R K backstage at Oprah. ooh how adorable they are teasing each other, electric chemistry, and R K look much comfortable than during new moon promo, and OMG kristen so much mature in her 20 age she seen what character she had, "strong girl' to face craziness surround her and rob, and rob just adorable, funny as usual he not changes at all, but more grown up imo...oh yeah taylor is comfort too near r and k, maybe cause taylor now much more than other cast what r and k live they life...oh yeah kristen necless is nice...LOL

Patricia said...

Rose: Patty again! I just watched back stage with Rob,Kristen and Taylor at "Oprah".(on you tube) I noticed when I watched the three of them on Jimmy Kimmel (while they were promoting New Moon,) that sometimes I was annoyed with Kristen when Rob would say something off the wall and she would be impatient with him or upset with "how he said something" She also did it again in this backstage q.and a. But I think she cares SO MUCH ABOUT HIM AND KNOWS HOW REALLY SMART HE IS THAT SHE GETS UPSET WHEN HE SAYS THINGS THAT ARE OFF THE WALL. She is miss-understood for how she comes off sometimes and I think that's the problem !

BTW I love every picture you posted of Rob today. Grazie again.

Caroline said...

Oh Rose...one more time, perfect words...wish all love for our guy...love. Carol.

kristine.hills said...

After watching Oprah's vid(backstage), yeah i watched it thousand times. I'm in LOVE (again again and again) with RK.WHY so CUTE? Their interaction is SPEECHLESS, i have no words how beautiful and in love they are, and they(RK) even try it, they just are the most beautiful couple.Period.

ROBPATTZ you deserve the best b-day ever! HAPPINESS, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and too much PEACE! Enjoy this day as much as you can, enjoy this beautiful moment of your life, your a fortunate boy, bc you have found all you deserve, especially LOVE.



NYCAlways82 said...

Happy Birthday Rob! What joy you bring to so many people. Wishing you a day full of love and may your dreams come true. <3

Great post Rose! I don't worry about figuring out my Robsession or Rob intoxication, I just enjoy the pleasure it brings me. Thanks for making such a lovely site devoted to a wonderful, talented, handsome and down to earth man.

Anonymous said...

Happy birtday Rob! Best wishes sweethart, have a wonderful working(year) and May God give you a nicer girlfriend (shhhh, it's my opinion, ok?)

Watchin Oprah backstage, jesus, K can't help touch so many times Taylor abs! and the sick face when Rob makes a joke she doesn't like...ufff

I heard in a forum (a georgeus forum) Rob is staying at a hotel in LA, but not for a very long time, apparently our boy has bought a house!!!! *happy* and before you start with the nesting-thing, is HIS house. Only HIS house. Friends (even her) will be allowed, for short periods of time (meh, i guess, of course I don't know for sure, but that's what people say, so...)

kisses Rob, I'll support you forever!


soadram said...

Great post .. in the words of great affection and respect of passion, as you Rose already accustomed us.
I loved
Rob happy birthday with everything you want and deserve.
A kiss from Portugal:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Robert! What an amazing person you are that we all want to celebrate the day you came to be. Hope today is special for you and your girl and that this year brings you all that you (both) deserve.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Rob! I wish you fun, peace, love and safety on your special day and always.

And Rose, I totally get your inability to understand Rob's gravitational pull. I've also tried many times to figure out just why I'm so, well, intoxicated by this guy. The answer continues to elude me.

Let's all hope that today brings good wishes and warm thoughts for our favorite guy. Let the hyenas take a moratorium on their hatred and the rest of us take a moratorium on responding to it.


Anonymous said...

According to Lainey, Kristen and Rob are on holiday right now.:) Hope Rob is having a wonderful birthday with his girl and relaxing!

Anonymous said...

No offence but I thought Kristen seemed irrated with Rob backstage, She just she seemed annoyed with Rob when he was talking and I noticed she looked really sad when Rob started talking about meeting her. I don't get why everyones making a big deal out of Kristen pulling at Rob's shirt. She did the same thing at ComicCon with Taylor except that she actually grabbed it. I think maybe this is what Lainey was talking about. They were probably still fighting when they recorded Oprah.

Anonymous said...

To 12:49

Rob starts WFE next week, he has hair, make-up, wardrobe tests and animal trainer. Also delaney said yesterday he was training with elephants that day. Laney doesn't know a thing for Rob, she can't stand him, and is just a gossip blogger.

Leave Rob work peacefully! And have a nice birthday with his family and the brit pack, his real friends


Anonymous said...

To 12:49

Rob starts WFE next week, he has hair, make-up, wardrobe tests and animal trainer. Also delaney said yesterday he was training with elephants that day. Laney doesn't know a thing for Rob, she can't stand him, and is just a gossip blogger.

Leave Rob work peacefully! And have a nice birthday with his family and the brit pack, his real friends


Anonymous said...

hahaha, kristen was irritated with rob backstage?

can you people take some body language courses, cause you are reading it all wrong.

Kristen is teasing Robert. They do all this crap promotional interviewing all the time, and if you haven't noticed by now, kristen likes to trip robert up. She did that with her "what?" while he was going off on a tangent and he cracks up telling her to "shut up."

It's called banter people. Or what sexually active people call, "foreplay."

Anonymous said...

dear lily: If you think Robert's animal training on his birthday in LA, you're sadly mistaken. lol

This isn't about Kristen, so much as using basic common sense.

He jsut finished a very demanding film shoot with bel ami. He's doing spotty promotions for eclipse right off that shoot.

If you don't think that poor bastard isn't allowed a vacation before shooting WFe, especially with his b-day in the mix, you're kidding yourself.

Anonymous said...

I heard lainey said rob and kristen argued because he hung out with those burlesque girls? is this true? I hope not. I like rob and I would hate for it to be true.

Anonymous said...


OMG! you're right. I didn't want to say anything about that because people get mad with me here, but I heard the same thing. They have problems but it's Eclipse promp, so PR. Now Rob getting a new house of his own makes more much sense even. Don't worry sweety, enjoy your birthday and your wonderful next film, you are better without her. Gosh, hope he has the strenght for all this promo tour, thank god he is only doing a few things, because agh, she seemed so angry in Oprah


Anonymous said...

LMAO at the people saying Kristen seemed irritated with Rob. At one point he was starting to talk with spooning with her. It wasn't irritation it was 'please don't say too much about our spooning habits' look. When Rob gets going he doesn't think about what he says (which is why I love him) But if you're his girlfriend whose trying to keep some privacy I imagine you're going to be nervous.

@Lily Sorry, but Lainey has yet to be wrong. I think it's funny YOU think you know Rob's schedule so well. and a little laughable actually.. Nomatter where Rob is, you can bet he's spending his birthday with Kristen.

Anonymous said...

anon: 1:16: lainey said the opposite of the rumor. That robert's "burlesque show" viewing was completely innocent, he was there with friends, and there was one burlesque act. and it had nothing to do with him being late to vancouver.

lainey said robert and krissten did have a fight on set, they snapped at eachother. but it was more due to the stress of the working environment. They took a break, regrouped, and then got back to work and it was no big thing.

Lainey's point was that twihards need to stop lionizing them and thinking everything they do is perfect. She was making the point that they are just a normal couple and they fight like anyone else, but that they moved on basically right after the fight--and at the moment they are vacationing together....

Anonymous said...

ps: the burlesque show wasn't even a burlesque show-it was an art school fundraiser with a bunch of acts, and one act was a burlesque revue. No biggie--Kristen will show more in welcome to the rileys, I hardly think she made a scene about something so minor four days after the fact.

mimi said...

Rob, I wish you the happiest of birthdays today. Mimi

Happy Birthday, Rob! said...

Happy Birthday, Rob!!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! And I am sure Kristen's gift to you is something amazing!

I have been a good girl and I haven't watched any Oprah clips with the exception of the backstage clip (I am in NYC and I don't get it until 4pm).

And it seems people are trying to create drama from that clip? Why?!?! They were totally adorable in that clip. Rob and Kristen's interactions remind me of my boyfriend and I. We've been together for 5 years. So, whatever to those trying to look for any negative in that clip. There isn't any IMHO.

And as far as Rob and Kristen being on holiday? It's definitely possible. We haven't seen them since Kristen was reported at a press conference and Rob was doing ADR work. They could have gotten away. And if it's something that has been in the works for a while, then Summit and WFE production could have cleared their schedules and given them time off for a few days! That is possible.

A certain person posting over and over again here--why am I not surprised? LOL. Maybe take it to a place where people actually care.

Also, people need to comprehend better what Lainey said in her post because some of you are clueless. @1:25pm got what she was saying.


Amanda said...

Awesome post Rose! Happy Birthday Rob, I wish you the best, you deserve it, have a wonderful day with your lady love!

Gigi said...

Happy birthday Rob where ever you two may be I hope you guys are having fun ...let there be a lot of drinking and merry making ...and many more years of health and happyness ..when you are happy there is a lot of us who are happy with you , for you , and because of you ..

Anonymous said...


So sad. Now I understand Rob's face at LAX.

I don't like her ever more, if that is possible.

My poor baby :(

Lisa said...

Rose, you did it again.. Sigh..

I don't know why I love the boy the way I do.. Probably will never know..

Oprah was great.. The only thing that stood out about the interview was Oprah asking Taylor what he was looking for in a relationship/girl. Funny, she didn't ask Rob or Kristen?? LOL ;)

Don't forget to keep trending
#HappyBdayRPattz on twitter! :)

Anonymous said...


"My poor baby"..???

You hyenas are so delusional it's scary.

Olivia said...

Happy Birthday Rob one more time. May you have love, peace, joy, good health, and success in your craft and in life. May the love of your life, Kristen, grow even closer to you and be your sanctuary, inspiration, and continue to be your best friend. Thank you for the gifts you have given us.
A believer and one who respects Rob and Kristen.

Anonymous said...

I read Laney comment. She says "they HAVE BEEN in vacation" so, they are not now. Well, I don't see how is that, Rob has been working nonstop England-vancouver reshoots-Oprah-LA studio on saturday. WHEN was that vacation? Can somebody explain to me?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 2:26 I imagine she means during the last couple days. She says, "They have been on holiday.." Meaning they ARE now in the present tense. 'Have been' meaning ARE not WERE. Like that's where they have been.

Melinda said...

Rose- what a great post for Rob! Leave it to the toddlers to try to ruin it for everyone else. God they need to get a life!

I hope he has a fantastic birthday with Kristen. Birthdays are the best when you spend it with the one you love.

I going to take a break from all the madness and go watch my favorite couple on Oprah.

Ele said...


Second:Have the hyenas ever been in a relationship before??I am starting to believe that they are all lonely women!Couples ARGUE!It's common knowledge!! and then kiss and make up, something that R/K have already done! Have you read Lainey?And you know that lainey is against the relationship between R/K,right?Yet, she said CLEARLY that this fight had no consequences, that everyone was tense on set those days..so they snapped at each other and then made up! She also says that they are VACATIONING TOGETHER RIGHT NOW! Got it? The fact that Lainey herself is saying that Rob and Kristen are fine speaks volumes since at every opportunity she snaps at Robert! So, get over it hyneas! As we speak Rob and Kristen are having a great time together celebrating his birthday on their own! And a reminder: after the fight there was Oprah episode which showed lots of R/K cuteness and then R/K were spotted holding hands at the airport...So they are MORE THAN FINE! If they didn't argue they wouldn't be in a healthy relationship. This is real life, and in real life people who are in a relationship often snap at each other. I do that with my boyfriend,and sometimes we have heated fights, but we still love each other, are still together and I wouldn't change him in anything. My parents who have been married for 27 years often fight as well. So stop with the BS and get over it.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Rob! Love you and wish you all that your heart may desire in the upcoming year.

Anonymous said...

Stop trying to spin this as not a big deal. Yes, all couples in a mature relationship fight. But, no, not all couples fight because the boyfriend is cheating and careless, letting the rumors get leaked into the mainstream media this time. Rob was f ucking around. Rob got caught. Plain as day really.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3:05 Where in Lainey's post did it say Rob cheated? Where ANYWHERE but your delusional head did it say Rob cheated? He went to a fundraiser for a school with his friends and sister. In Lainey's words very "innocent".
These are real people. How pathetic do you have to be to spread such venom and lies? That's pretty sick if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 3:05

any reading comprehension skills? Lainey and Ted said that the argument had nothing to do with Robert and Kristen's relationship but it was Eclipse related. And multiple source(even Lainey,mind you) said that the burlesque thing was completely innocent. He was with friends at a fundraiser event.So stop trying to make your delusional explanation fit in all of this,because it doesn't. You know what's not normal? You hyenas who try to shred a relationship between two people who obviously are close..And another thing that's not normal? The fact that people make a big deal from fucking nothing!For a fight that happened a week ago and that CLEARLY had no consequences in Rob and Kristen's relationship. It's Rob's birthday and he's celebrating it with Kristen. The two of them ALONE. I know, it hurts, right? well,there's nothing you can do about it.

Deb said...

SO if and I said IF they did fight can you see ALL THE MAKING UP THEY DID HmmmmmmmmPOOR KRISTEN I wish I was her and in a fight with Rob HE CAN MAKE UP WITH ME ANYTIME All that LOVING The best part of a fight is the making up part (GOT IT GOOD)....DEB

Anonymous said...

The WFE directed tweeted they had rehearsal today. So when Lainey said they "have been" on holiday I guess she meant before today. Kind of sucks for Rob that he had to work on his birthday! Hopefully he can go home and spend a great night with his girl.;)

Anonymous said...

The director of WFE just tweeted he is working today with Rob and company lol so much for "vacation together" maybe kristen is on vacation with someone else

Anonymous said...


@Hibbits Just rehearsed under the big top with Marlena, Jacob, August and Rosie. Great to see everyone together.

Hibbits is the director of WFE, he just twitted this. Jacob is...ROB!!! He's working.

You shippers, I told you, Rob is busy working. Holidays? On saturday he was working for Eclipse, then preproduction for WFE! no time for vacation.

Don't trust this people ok? Rob is gonna have a working summer, he stays at a hotel and then will go into his new house.

And yes, they fought! R&K.


Anonymous said...

Actually a little birdie knew all along that Rob was reharsing these days but also knew that Kristen was with him. In fact this twitter said: "elephants, and their trainers. Two people IN LOVE enjoying each other".
So haters, I'm sorry I'm disappointing you, but Robert and Kristen are fine.And yoy know that. And in LA it's 2 pm so plenty of time ahead to have fun!

Anonymous said...

@Lily You are a fan of Rob?? Why would you be happy he is working on his birthday? I find that completely strange. Nomatter what Rob is doing on his birthday, he still isn't with you. He doesn't know you exist. You are just a crazy person hoping for failure of his relationship. Is it not possible they went somewhere for a few days, even if they didn't, you don't think they have seen eachother?? Use common sense. He is with Kristen, he cares about Kristen, and you aren't even on his radar.

Anonymous said...

@liy ahhahahhahahha you are so pathetic ahahhahahahhahah
in these days where they were?certainly togheter !where ...god only knows....!

Anonymous said...

3:54pm. What is your point?

Rob and Kristen might have been away for a few days, Sat. night to Sunday/Monday maybe? Who knows.
Do you have GPS on him? NO. You don't. So please, enough with coming here and telling us anything about Rob. Because I don't think you know anything. He's starting to film next week, it's NOT huge news if he had some work to do today! LOL.

He had to film on his birthday last year. But did he spend it with Kristen and his parents? Yes, he did.

And don't worry I don't trust much that I read on the internet. I go with logic and common sense.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be on his radas, I have a boyfriend (and yes, a crush on rob, but that's platonic) I'm not laughing at Rob being working (which is good btw, because this movie is gonna be big for him and I'm glad of that) I'm laughing about the lies shippers spread about engagement rings, necklaces, holdays...THAT'S ALL BS. OK?


Anonymous said...

@Lily I'm not a shipper. I'm just a person with common sense. Who knows if they went on "holiday", they had time to, they've certainly been together. But I don't know and you don't know. Who knows if Rob gave Kristen a necklace? I'm sure he gives her gifts! Necklace? Who knows! The point is they are together, sorry that you don't like it, but it's not up to you.

Anonymous said...

@4:13pm. Uh. Lainey is the one who talked about a holiday. And why debate this? They may have, they may not have! But does that change that fact that they are together? No.
And what about the lies certain others try to spread? I find that crap much worse than those talking/speculating about necklaces or rings.
I love you lecturing us about BS all while spreading your own. LOL. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...


pricklypearess said...

I find it interesting that the same people that are trumpeting Lainey's claims of Rob and Kristen fighting on set are also now trumpeting that Lainey lied about a vacation. Really? So if she was wrong about the vacation, is it possible she was also wrong about the fight? That would be a resounding yes! Plus, who cares? I argue with my husband and then we work it out and make up. Big deal! BTW, I'm on PT and it's only 2:40pm out here. Plenty of time for birthday celebrations yet today! *wink, wink* xoxo

Lisa said...

People, you can't take anyone's WORD for it.. NO ONE knows what happened on the set. No one KNOWS if they went on a 2 or 3 day holiday. Proof is, it was implied they WERE on holiday NOW. They are not.. Too bad.. However, you CAN trust what you SEE! They are together, unless you're blind. And WHY do they need to go on holiday to celebrate? Gosh, don't they travel enough? Aren't they going to be CRAZY BUSY the rest of the year? YES! Aren't they MUCH more likely to have their pics taken at an airport? YES Why not hold up in a hotel/house and just enjoy? Did you all WATCH Oprah? They don't DO much! Gosh..

Believe or don't, I BELIEVE as I can SEE! And I have a mind of my own and can think for myself!! :)

Anonymous said...


Lily--3:54. Yes, Rob is working this summer but why are you acting like he's going to be locked in a dungeon all summer and won't be able to see Kristen?!

You do know Reese Witherspoon is a mother, right? (and has a boyfriend)...Are you telling me because she is working this summer, she won't see her kids all summer? LOL.

Rob will have time to see Kristen over the summer. Of course, they cannot spend every second together. But they is perfectly fine! What couple does?!

Anonymous said...

Troubles in Paradise, R&K. It's not a rumor and you know it. Let's wait...

Melinda said...



in other sane news- I am reading WFE on my kindle and the story starts out with Jacob when he is old. Possibly the Jacob that the director tweeted about is not Rob as Jacob but Hal as Jacob? Just a thought.

Saw the Oprah BTS clip of the trio finally. The banter (or as someone stated earlier foreplay-which is more like it) b/w Rob and Kris...to cute! She did the same thing at Comic Con 09 during the EW interview. They obviously are in sync in more ways then one. They are both adorkable!!! Makes them all the more special...

Anonymous said...

Don't you think Kristen should already be used to interviews and don't look so nervous and unconfortable? It's an important part of the job she's choosen.

Dakota, 16 years old, looked a lot more comfortable than Kristen.

I'm beginning to think that Kristen is so determined to hide her feelings for Rob, she's trying it so hard, that she's actually putting a lot of pressure on herself and looks forced.

If Kristen just let her feelings flow naturally, not caring so much about fans and paparazzis, she should feel more relaxed and public would get a nicer, warmer and more genuine Kristen Stewart.


sfw10sis said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB, hope you are spending the day doing what makes you happy and making memories with that special someone(we all know who that is) we love and adore you both, be happy.

Rose wonderful post as always. Intoxicated indeed, I've given up trying to understand my pull towards him, it makes me feel giddy and young, puts a smile on my face, anything that can give you that over all good feeling can't be bad, so I'm just going to go with the flow. My draw to Rob has also given me the pleasure of reading the thoughts and feelings of so many wonderful people out there in the fandom who share my feelings about this adorkable young man, it has become one of the highlites of my day and for that I thank Rob for bringing all of you into my life.

I especially thank you Rose for the beautiful pics and loving words that you provide for Rob & Kristen day after day, what a bright spot you are, on a very diverse fandom, don't let anyone extinguish that light.

And I just have to say it again


Anonymous said...

@ anon 4:59

if you call a random fight "trouble in paradise" then I don't know how you'll handle your relationships.Because fights are always in there,even in the most successful relationships. We don't live in a fairytale, and that means that we often have to deal with some hurdles every now and again. People who can't understand that maybe they aren' t table to have a relationship and when it's not all sugar and spice they just give up and find someone else. Well,it's not how relationships work. Even Bella and Edward had their small fights for God's sake(specially in eclipse). It's simply normal.

Anonymous said...

DEAR ROB.......
MAYBE......IF YOU HAVE TIME...........
TOO MUCH ACTION ON YOU............ ...WFE..................NEWHOUSE...................................... KRISTEN RELATION OR NOT...............




Anonymous said...

Real people in real relationships fight. Why is this a big deal to some people?

I hope Rob and Kristen did get a few days for a mini-vacay...but if they didn't, so what? No big deal. Rob's got to get ready for filming and they aren't going to let him off the hook even if it is his birthday. Heck, I have to work on my birthday! So do most of us!

I enjoyed Oprah! I do not watch her ever but it was nice to see Rob and Kristen...and even Taylor on there. They did a good job.
As others pointed out, it's interesting that Oprah didn't ask Rob about relationship stuff like she did Taylor. Nor did she ask Kristen.
And some people still think she doesn't know anything. Me thinks she does! She was touch and go on the big question and then left it alone.
I thought the clips they showed were great. The one where Rob and Taylor (as Edward and Jacob) were all up in each other's faces and Kristen (as Bella) was trying to calm them down...was good! IMHO all 3 looked great!

All right everyone...spread love and peace...not hate!

Anonymous said...

They weren't in their 'bubble' during Oprah like they usually are. In this clip from 4:00-6:00 was so tense and awkward it had me cringing for them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgAu9iO0c8w&feature=player_embedded kristen wasn't leaning into rob or looking at him like she was hanging on his every word like she usually does. and rob was giggly and nervous, like he was trying over compensate for something. and kristen's face when rob was talking about meeting her and catherine hardwicke for the first time...well she looked like she was about to cry. she's hurting over whatever went down between them, that much is clear to me after seeing these oprah clips. i don't care about rob. he's no longer on my radar if he hurt her somehow. i'm her fan first. him, i accepted because she seemed to love and trust him. no more.

Anonymous said...

to 5:58. Oh, my. Please make it stop! LOL. Are you being serious with that mumbo jumbo?

I saw a happy Rob and a happy Kristen!

And someone posted about them at the Chicago airport after they filmed Oprah. They flew back to LA together. They are fine! Why does this always happen whenever good things are happening? Are some people THAT miserable?

Anonymous said...

I am not a nonsten or whatever. And I just went back and watched the BTS Oprah clip. I don't see the cuteness. If you look at her, whenever Rob says something like about the spooning, she kind of rolls her eyes and looks uncomfortable. I feel like I am being negative and I don't want to be but I see tension. He seems pretty cool about everything but she is having a hard time during the whole interview. If they did break up, he did it. Which makes me feel even worse for her. Is anyone else seeing it? Don't bash me. I am just asking.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5:58

Did you see the look on Rob's face when Kristen was talking about being shy?Go and see that again. Did you see Kristen patting him on the back and caressing him for a few seconds after that without just taking off her hand as normally one does?No? And did you see how comfortable they were in the BTS QA? Go see that again.And did you hear that people who were at the taping said they were really cute with each other?And she wasn't about to cry,please!He was talking about meeting her for the first time and obviously it was akward for her since they are a couple but they want to keep it private. Oh, and they were snuggling at the airport as the man who spotted them said.Can we just be done with all this BS already? Jeez!

amanda said...

Now I know what Kristen meant when she said even if they confirmed, people would make up lies to create drama. TONS of examples in the comments here. 'OMG! did you see the two seconds in that clip where she wasn't smiling, I bet they're breaking up!!' *eyeroll*

Someone else mentioned earlier that they don't think hyenas have ever had a real relationship. I completely agree. They make drama out of the most inconsequential things. Like Kristen sitting by Dakota, or R/K's 'supposed' fight. It's such an immature way of thinking.

@5:58 When something is important to Kristen to you ever see her jumping up and down, no. She didn't look sad at all. It's just the expression she usually has when something is important/personal/or if she 'feels' a lot about something. Look back on interviews talking about auditioning with Rob, her personal life, or a new role she's gotten. She wears the same expression.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:58
I completely agree. Kristen looked really sad when Rob was talking. It was like when she was interviewed for her bafta award and she was close to tears. She seemed annoyed with Rob. I know shippers like to think that Rob and Kristen are always lovey dovey with each other but I honestly thought Kristen was upset with Rob during Oprah. And it worries me. I know Rob is a nice guy deep down but I really don't like it that he goes out and gets drunk so many times. It makes Kristen look like a fool. Kristen is younger than Rob and obviously has more sense than him. I just hope that Rob didn't mess up and upset Kristen. I'm guessing by now they're ok but it still bugs me to see Kristen looking so sad on Oprah. I know something wasn't right between her and Rob. And no I'm not letting it go. Although it annoys me to say this, I lost a great deal of respect for Rob today. I'm sorry Rose but I'm just too mad with Rob right now.

Anonymous said...

anon6:12 What I saw was him talking about spooning and like a million other people said in the comments, it looked like she was hoping he wasn't going to say too much. Didn't seem like they had broken up AT ALL. Quite the opposite actually.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Did people actually watch the Oprah interview? Kristen and Rob were laughing and smiling at eachother the entire time. She didn't look mad or sad. When Rob was talking about auditioning she looked like she was taking the conversation to heart and listening intently but not in a bad way. They smiled most of the interview and it was mostly directed at eachother. And I'm tired of people saying they are 'mad at Rob' when they aren't in their relationship, and they're is no reason to think he did anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand. Why did Kristen look so sad when Rob was talking about his audition? She looked really sad. And then she couldn't answer the question about picking Rob for Edward. Is Lainey right about them fighting?

Anonymous said...

Every week it's the same stuff.

They looked happy and cute on Oprah. People in the audience said the same. They were adorable in the BTS video. And they were together after the show, traveling back to LA (I didn't see Taylor or Dakota with them). Whether they bickered or not on the already-high-tension-Eclipse set...they obviously got over it. Why people are so desperate to hold onto a supposed fight weeks ago to spin crap about their Oprah appearance, I don't know.

From gossip today about a supposed fight...now it's turned into Kristen was unhappy on Oprah and she's upset with Rob!?! Geez. It's more comical by the minute! It's the M.O. of a lot of people in the fandom to create drama where there is none. I can do nothing but snicker. But FFS Kristen was not unhappy on Oprah. Move on. You're not convincing anyone.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just watched the whole Oprah show. Kristen clearly looks distraught. Yes, she smiles here and there. But there are certain parts if you look, she glances over at Rob and looks like she's about to cry. Yep, I think they broke up. I felt sorry for her. And some of the people that were at the show tweeted that she got up and moved away from him when Dakota came out. He said "Don't you want to sit by me?" And the part where the little girl from the audience said how she likes that Bella loves Edward...Kristen again glanced over at Rob and looked like she was about to cry. Ya, these two are dunzo!

Anonymous said...



How many more posts are we going to get on this topic? I am reading the same crap over and over again. Take a break!

Patricia said...

Rose: Here we go again with the bullshit ! I just finished watching Oprah and Kristen admits she's shy and gets very nervous. So stop everyone. Her and Rob are fine (they're private, they not going to show any PDA in public on Oprah's GET REAL!) That's not their thing. And Kristen's right to keep what's hers to herself, look what happens every time they're together. The bullshit starts again. They flew home together after the show, not with Taylor and Dakota ...Just the two of them. Stop

And Rose I saw the necklace a couple of times, It's delicate and looks like a diamond at the end. She has worn the gold band and necklace since Budapest. A gift from Rob I bet !

on comments today(3) times. I MUST LOVE YOUR BLOG !


Anonymous said...

this is the same troll on the AT thread same exact posts, same person, ignore her she is a psycho

Melinda said...

I'm going to say this once and then I am done with the nonsense.

Kristen is shy. We all know that. When Oprah asked her about being shy/awkward Kristen looked at Rob 6 different times that the cameras caught. Do you know what that means? It means he is her "safe harbor". She knows that when she is uncomfortable or in an uncomfortable situation she can look at him and know that he is supporting her without saying a word through his smile or with his eyes. That's what a REAL relationship is all about.

But there is good news for you. The mother ship is now boarding ready to take you back to Planet Delusion. Have a nice flight.

Anonymous said...

dude, oprah seemed to really be hitting home about her take on kristen--that she thinks she is misunderstood, and what's being confused as rudeness is really her being shy.

Oprah had Kristen's back today, and I"m telling you, I bet she ends up changing a lot of people's perceptions of her.

Look at kristen today too-she felt safe with oprah. and look how different her demeanor was-not defensive at all, sweet, young even. Loved it.

Deb said...

Patty dont feel bad this is my 3rd. time to BUT I just cant stand ALL THIS BULL SHIT and on Robs B-Day I DID NOT SEE ANY THING WRONG WITH ROBERT PATTINSON AND KRISTEN STEWART all I saw is TWO people in love and dont want the WHOLE WORLD to no about there life WOULD YOU ????? SO PLEASE STOP THE SHIT Hes happy Shes HAPPY so why cant WE all be happy.Sorry Rose I just cant stand all the SHIT in here I HOPE THAT ROB IS HAVING A GOOD BIRTHDAY WITH KRISTEN and FAMILY,FRIENDS. (THE END)....DEB

Anonymous said...

lol, there's someone on here who just likes to cause trouble.

Robert and Kristen were delightful today, obviously close, even Kristen was flirtatious.

I loved when she teased, "we HAD to kiss" while talking about the audition, and how they both kissed, like they were forced to!

Anonymous said...

Kristen did look like she was about to cry a couple times-but it had nothing to do with Robert.

Oprah was asking her how it felt to be misunderstood, and Oprah was being so kind and understanding, you could tell Kristen got a little emotional. The poor girl gets beat up in the press all the time--told she's mean and ungrateful and homely and not pretty enough.

It's all horrible lies, we know that. But she's 19, and I don't care what she says, having people publicly berate you hourly would affect you.

It was a lovely moment to see Kristen put down her defenses and sorta own up, that she just really cares, she worries how she comes off in interviews and that makes her nervous, etc.

Oprah is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Aw, how sad people can watch the BTS video and not see the chemistry.

Those two are full of secret languages and cues.

She's teasing him. You who don't want them together will never see it. But she's teasing him throughout, joking about spooning with Jacob, asking "what?" when he's getting spacey with his answers. And the funny thing is two years after meeting, he still falls for it, it's adorable.

They've got great chemistry.

Anonymous said...

re: Robert and tweets. You know, there are people out there who would knowingly "misdirect" our nosey asses so that it looks like Robert is one place, when he's really somewhere else.

I'm not saying that's true for today, but it's definitely a possibility. The weight that tweets have in online gossip is hilarious

Anonymous said...

Hater: Your tricks are as old as the civil war. Rob and Kristen are adorable. Saying the same thing over and over will not make anyone beleive you. Go hide some place. The AT board is paging you.

Anonymous said...

kristen wouldn't look directly at rob barely at all. she seemed kind of put out with him back stage too even though they were all joking and hamming it up for the cameras. and now they in LA and not away for rob's birthday like originally planned? something is definitely going on with these two and it's not good.

Anonymous said...

LILY and all the haters can't stand the idea that R/K are together right now and probably having sex since 12:00 am this morning.LILY if you have a boyfriend a fell sorry for him,you're such a delusional person,how can he stand you.You're also very repulsive .Get a life before it's to late.

Anonymous said...

lol, hyenas are funny. They post and repost the same crap that no one will buy.

RObert and Kristen were great today-loved it. They are very close, however you want to spin that.

We'll leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

I still cannot believe how upset and angry some people get over Rob and Kristen being together! They sit and spew such crap all day long. How miserable! And seeing their comments about the Oprah show, they are more delusional than I thought! Oh, well. Hope they get better soon!

Jenn said...

So tell me anon 8:31:
You must be some insider to know what K/R had "originally" planned for his birthday. Hey I have a secret for you: I had to work on my birthday too and yet my b/f and I are still together. I'm not even gonna comment on her not looking at Rob or whatever, because clearly the haters will see what they want to see. Seriously why do people come here just to start shit? GO AWAY!!

Anonymous said...

LMFAO at the "nonstens". Really? What world do you live in? A sick, un-attached from reality one. Like Rob and Kristen owe you anything. You really feel that way? Really??? Seriously? How sad for you. They are gonna live their lives and not even know you existed. THEY are together, but if you can't accept that b/c you think you have a chance or whatever, then....wow, I feel sorry for you. What a pathetic, little world you live in. :( You might want to get some medication. Or is that the problem, you haven't taken your meds today?


Happy Birthday Rob!!!

imloco2 said...

I heard that there was some of the nasty going around here today, so I'm skipping all the comments and just posting my own.

Happy Birthday Rob. I've never followed a celebrity before. Oh, I've liked some a lot, but I've never been so interested in a strangers life as I am yours. I'm sorry if that's intrusive, but I'm way out in the boonies and you'll never know I exist so I can't get to worked up over it. I just wish with all my heart that you find peace and contentment and love and maybe a little happiness along the way. I think you've got a good start. :)

I know the idiots are a pain Rose, but thanks for once again finding lyrics that say so much and sharing them with us. Between them and the pictures I usually find myself getting misty eyed when I come over here. ;) You're the best.


Anonymous said...

LOL---funniest post from a site about robsten body language on Oprah-they said even the most "mildly observant" viewer would be able to tell they are "getting some, breaking dawn style."

Anonymous said...

hilarious quote from fablife article about robsten on link above:

" A sincere confession was not necessary for even a mildly observant viewer, as the duo did enough oogling, eye-f*cking, and making each other LOL to confirm what we’ve known for months… there’s no way these two aren’t bumpin’ pasty uglies. Allow us to break it down for you."


kristine.hills said...

Rose dear THANKS A LOT! I've never laughed so much in my whole life. LMAO
The blindhyenas are so fvcking hilarious! Geezzzz, it's great.

Thanks ladies for your lovely comments i appreciated it a lot.I love how the good comments are the best and much more than the insignificant ones(but today they were too much funny).

I bet RK are mourning about the blindenas comments. LOL

We know exactly how they are: Happy as always and LOL of so much miserable people they have as fans.

RK fans are happy bc they are happy.PERIOD. If you blindenas don't like it, we feel pretty sorry for you, but you for sure need to get over it. LOL

Rose bc of your nice blog i know that our world still has too much wonderful people.And the losers? Pufff who cares! LMAO

Anonymous said...

maybe Robert could answer THE question finally. many people think that kristen is the only in not wanting to talk. instead is a decision of both . but -I think-they have different motivations (kristen : privacy;robert : obsessed fan ,career)
Robert is still a bit too childish and kristen is shy .
I hope to see them together for a long time....because together they create something special !

Anonymous said...

they were too cute on O. Even my boyfriend said they seemed normal and likable. the back stage piece was priceless. Rob wanted in on the spooning talk and K bfaced him back to reality. I love KS even more!

Anonymous said...

I love how they basically confirm without confirming. They kind of treated it as just fact since it's kind of hard to deny/evade now.

Lila said...


I love your blog, I think it's because I can totally relate to everything your saying!
Sometimes I wish I never heard of Rob...I waste so much time thinking about him...daydreaming...its so useless really because I will never meet him, never talk to him..never even see him in real life! All that I have is movies, clips on youtube and pictures that is a constant reminder of what I'll never have....but then again, I can't imagine my world without his existance... So I guess all I can hope for is that this beautiful man is happy in whatever he does, with whom ever he chooses...and I'll be happy staring at his movies, clips on youtube and pictures..smiling because atleast we sleep under the same moon!

Anonymous said...

i can only congratulate to them because they are so strong and they have made everything they'd dream about....i wish them many more years like that and a lot of money and love.....
they are just amazing persons who can do things that they like and get paid for it,a lot of money!
You are awesome keep rockin'!!!!!!