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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rob and Kristen- They Are, Therefore I Believe

Love this picture.
Rob looks SO happy.
Why do you think that is?
Kristen looks happy, too...
Why do you think that is?
Because when they aren't hounded by the paparazzi...
They are allowed to show how they really feel.

The smile on his face.
I love his smile.
I love when he smiles.
I love that Kristen makes him smile.

This moment...
This unguarded sweet moment.
Kristen looks so... content.
And Robert's face...
As usual
Shows everything he is feeling.

Robert and Kristen are close...
Robert and Kristen are always together.
Why do you think that is?

Because they want to be.

Yes. I know.
But I have to share some Hyena Highlights.
I'm STILL laughing at this.


Taryn (From E! Online)
Tweeted this...

"oh man...hot behind the scenes scoop tomorrow straight
from the Oprah set re: Eclipse/Robsten. 
twihards you all are going to die!"

You can imagine the response to this...

Then Ted and Taryn
Both posted this link on Twitter.

Rob & Kristen Confirm They're Dating—to Oprah!
I was laughing.
At the 'exclusive'?
Obviously everyone who has a brain
Already KNOWS they are dating.
But... it gets better.

The Hyenas became very angry.

You get the point.
I was laughing.


Gossip Cop was 'on' the case!
They had a link to their website...
which basically said this...

"Gossip Cop knows for a fact – 
after spending a good part of the day working on this – 
is that NO reps ever confirmed it to Oprah."
I was laughing.
Like... really a lot.
My stomach actually hurt...

The Hyenas LOVED this.
But wait...
The Hyenas have ripped and shredded Gossip Cop
a million times before...


But this time?

Complete 180.
NOW they believe Gossip Cop??

I was laughing.

*How's the whole tail chasing working out for you?*

BOTH sides of the whole "ROBSTEN" debate
were going crazy!
Pointing fingers.
Calling names.
(the usual behavior)
I was laughing.

Oh...  but it wasn't over.
Ted then tweeted this...
"Duh #Oprah & #Robsten reps won't confirm an off record reveal,
standing by story! don't listen to the liars"

And Taryn tweeted...

"not fazed! we all know reps and publicists 
have been sooo truthful in the past, right?"

And then... Gossip Cop felt the need to add...

"We aren't questioning existence of #Robsten
Oprah simply did NOT demand inside dish from camps - it's not her way."

I was laughing.

So what can you possibly get out of all of this?
I know what I believe.
I don't need E! or Gossip Cop to verify
what is right in front of my eyes.
I don't need constant reassurance from anyone.
They are. Therefore I believe.

But Ted, Taryn and Gossip Cop 
ALL pretty much admit to 
Robert and Kristen being together.
Does that make you feel better?
Or worse?

It just makes me smile.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Right on the money.
"It just makes me smile"

Angelica said...

You are great.
Bye for now.

Anonymous said...

aw, the airport pictures. KRisten usually has a steely wall up when paps are around, very stiff and almost territorial in her space.

But the Paris airpot pictures? She looks almost demure, just a girl holding hands with a boy she likes a lot.


Sarah said...

rose love it and i believe they are together too! i dont need and "official" confirmation, its all right there!

Anonymous said...

Love Robert's face in the first picture, this shot and another one are just such unguarded smiles. Kristen looks so tiny in it too, look how small her waist is in comparison to his head!LOL

Anonymous said...

The debate makes me giggle.
You said perfectly at the end "It makes me smile"
They both do that to me as well. Wonderful post today, Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was so silly. Either way seems logical. I could see Oprah's people simply prepping for the show, and needing to know how to handle their possible relationship would be reasonable. Oprah is considered the beacon of truth, she can't have people looking like she got duped, the mighty Opes wouldn't stand for it!

At the same time, it seemed odd someone would be blabbing so much to Ted - Harpo empoloyees keep a tight lip professionally, so it would have been K/R's people, which also seems unlikely.

So, I see both sides.

But as you say, does it even matter? Isn't a "confirmation" a little anti-climatic at this point, post IOW and London and Budapest, ie, the Robsten European Tour of Love?

Silly. People are so silly. It's like people fighting over whether Tom Cruise is crazy or not. Did we really need to see the couch jumping to confirm? Uh...no.

Anonymous said...

Stevie Wonder can see these 2 are a couple. If you don't like it, that's your right. Move on!!! Get over it!! Saying hateful things about Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson will not change what they mean to each other. Find your own happiness then maybe just maybe you haters can find some peace. Turn away if you can't take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

robsten who? new trend is 'garsten' *rolls eyes*
'omg i want garsten please, omg he is better than rob' blahfuckingblah!

I just want to say; don't forget kristen's fans who hate Rob and threaten him... dont forget Hyenas also include kristen fans who hate Rob.

Nettie said...

Hi Rose , 3 weeks. I came across this refreshin atmosphere that u ave created here n all I say iz thnk u n all da guyz wo support R/k havin said that, yesterday all twihards went tizzy 'bout all this Robsten Confirmation srsly!!!! did guyz read ha Flaunt mag/Elle mag she said she kant Cheap ha relationship with whomeva she's datin n den u read thz headlines n jst laugh it off cos I belive thy a datin so I dnt need it in black n white nuff

Anonymous said...

It's true they are together I know I have seen them in LA and when they think it's clear they hold hands and Rob is always rubbing Kristens back. She is really sweet and funny they make the perfect couple.

Anonymous said...

Smile. Big and happy smile for Kristen and Rob. Great post as always,Rose.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Rose,
Every1 that had a truly pure love in their heart/soul could see/feel their together!!!
Every1 that had brain, educated, unselfish, understand the humanity could also see w/ their own eyes that their R 2gether!!!
Sorry 4 being rude n 4 my bad English
Anyway I just want u 2 know that I love u Rose and always be your supporter


Anonymous said...

Big and happy smile.

Anonymous said...

Love you, Rose! I am a believer and always have been. You always seem to say what I'm thinking. How do you do that??

Rob and Kristen always look so happy together when they aren't being hounded by the paps. I love the way Rob is so protective of her when they are around.


Anonymous said...

No offence but I always thought Kristen looked unhappy in those Paris pics. So I don't like them. I honestly think the pics where shes riding on Michaels's back are a better example of a happy Kristen.

Fanny said...

Aww I just love these 2 sets of photos so much, my all time favorites. The Paris pics are so cute and almost look too intimate, like we're looking at who they really are and how they really act when they're out of the public eye. The HB photos are adorable, they both look so genuinely happy to be together, in each other's arms. It looks like photos any young couple of lovers would take in a photobooth, having fun and being happy.
These 2 are too cute for words.

The Oprah revelation. I was laughing too. No need of an official confirmation as far as I'm concerned. The back and forth tweets between Ted, Taryder and GossipCop were fun to witness. Doubt any rep would confirm Ted's story whether it's true or false, so what's the point? It is possible that maybe Oprah asked what's the truth regarding their dating situation before asking the question on her show, but not in the demanding / making a deal way that Ted described. Out of curiosity maybe since she would have to ask them later? But I seriously have no idea if she really did or not and neither do any of us all. She may have, or not... but who knows?

And does it really matter if she did or not? We ALL (yes, you haters included) know Rob & Kristen ARE a couple and it's what matters.
Anyway the funniest thing was the hyenas behaviors and reactions after Ted's post!

Loved your post Rose. Keep on posting these adorable photos of Rob and Kristen, together or separately and let's enjoy watching the hyenas chasing their tails like you said ;) In the meantime, Rob & Kristen are together, happy, in each other's arms, hopefully oblivious to all the hate the crazies who call themselves their fans spit.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part about the Paris pics is how completely content Kristen looks. She's just where she wants to be. Speaks volumes.

sfw10sis said...

Oh why did I agree to work all weekend, no time to fully get up to speed, first priority your blog lol. Love your blog Rose, you always manage to truely capture the real picture of whats going on.

After reading Eonline, Gossip cop and both twitters,( if your sane and have a brain) I was right there with you Rose, all I could do was laugh. Boy Gossip cop was sure quick to comment, and it seems, even quicker for 2nd remark, things that make you go Hmmmmm.

At this point how can there be any sane, rational and objective person left out there who doesn't believe these two are a couple. I guess once rabies sets in you become delusional and irrational, and all sense of logic is gone. I've had my rabies shot for some time now and I'm stocked up on umbrellas and towels, plus I have my waders to get through all the bullshit, so I'm good to go. Now all I have to do is sit back (with all you lovely ladies) and enjoy the summer, and what a great start we've had.

Thanks Rose for sending me off to work with a big ass ole smile on my face, great post as always, have a nice weekend.


Anonymous said...

GREAT post Rose.
ted ,Taryn and Gossip Cop admit that Robert and Kristen are together.

Anonymous said...

The Paris pictures are voyeuristic. lol They both look completely unguarded, and I agree Kristen is behaving uncharacteristically girlish in them, it's very sweet. And Rob's smile is just...gah.Happy little camper.

Anonymous said...

to 10:49

and.. These are the people who made fun of Rob fans for shipping he and emilie.

HYPOCRISY.. that is all.

kristine.hills said...

To Anon CC

Really? Is that what YOU want to see???

You know it's not TRUE.Kristen seems soooo RELAXED and CALM, it's just the way things are blindgirl, Kristen is alwyas calm near Rob.
Have you ever been in a relaysh before? I mean a healthy relaysh? As i can see according to your silly comment, Nope, you've never had one.

Rose your pics put a HUGE smile on my face, but it's not a surprise, you always make my day.
Oh and feel free to share the terrible e-mails you receive, they make me laugh so hard, and make me sad bc these STUPID people they will NEVER know how wonderful life is when you have the ONE by your side, a TRUE love, one love based on a solid friendship.IMHO love has companionship and friendship if you don't have it in you relaysh, it's not love, it's something different, but not love.

Thanks Rose!

Gigi said...

I don't understand the need some ppl have for them to confirm anything ..if anyone has eyes and has ever been in love then one will have not problem seen what is plainly displayed by them both, all the time ....I find funny how many things ppl call coincidences when if you think about it then this two coincide a lot ...that is all I have to say about this ... As always Rose great post

ciro said...

cause my timeline was different from you guys so i become late to the party i just read in the morning in AT board robsten confirm at oprah, my first reaction WTH???so read al comment between ted, tarryn, GC i feel dizzy and just laugh and more laugh the hyena comment OMG....do i need confirm? Nope,it just ridicoulous, confirmation it's not rob and kristen thing...
and i just so excited toward rob and kristen to begin filming WFE and OTR, i knew it must be so interesting movie...
and for kristen fan to tried ship kristen to garret, i don't think so they are just excited to kristen new project same as rob fans get excited to rob project...
maybe they hard core fans each one in rob and kristen side try to ship whatever theire co-star, but it's just noisy and just minority i though...maybe i just follow the sane one so i don't hear the noisy...

pricklypearess said...

I too love happy Rob and Kristen. Funny post today, Rose. I guess some have trouble grasping the obvious. xoxo

MulletMofo said...

Yeah, it's all PR. Yeah I am totally convinced. *rolling eyes* Look at every photo that has been taken of them when they thought no one was looking. Example: The KOL concert and the Paris hand holding pics. Look at Rob and Kristen's faces. It speaks volumes. They are over the moon happy. Look at Rob's face in that Bazaar photo. That is love folks. I don't need a confirmation. I don't need GC or Ted or Lainey or even you Rosesee to tell me what I can see with my own eyes. The hyenas can go eff themselves and believe the PR bullshit all they want. I am done.

Go Rob and Kristen!!

PS. I don't believe the Oprah BS story anyway.

Anonymous said...

to Anons 10:49 & 11:58, you are right on the money. More & more people on Twitter are realizing the hypocrisy & double standards as well. About damn time too. But some still refuse to see it.

jspicci said...

I have to say i have never posted on your site before..but I read it daily. I love your posts..they are exactly how i feel. I for one don't need a confirmation..i can see what is right in front of my eyes. Not to say I would not love a pic or PDA from them, but do I need it to confirm they are together...Hell No! I have seen it unfold in front of my very eyes for over a year. I have no doubt they are together. I love Rob and I love Kristen. I love them apart and I love them together. I love that they make each other happy...and that too makes me smile!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose love your post All i have to say is I fell the same way you do I dont need any one telling me what i already feel I just wish that they would just give them a little peace and space to breath to enjoy what they have I dont think they are asking for to much from there fans Im happy for them and want the best for them and there movies Thanks again Rose for your post I hope you have a good day today and a beautiful MOTHERS DAY...........DEB

Melinda said...

Another happy Saturday post! Like Rose, I smile b/c I am a happy. Not b/c we finally got a conformation but b/c of all the reaction surrounding it.

CC- the Paris pics are very revealing to me. It shows me two people who are content and peaceful. I agree with whoever said that Kristen appears to be calm when she is with/near Rob. The is contentedness in the highest form and it speaks volumes about how they feel. One of my favorite pics of them is a picture of Rob, Kristen, and Nikki in Vancouver. Kristen is standing beside Rob and she is wearing glasses (who knew?). This is a girl who knows that her man loves her and she can be herself. It is lovely to see.
The pics with Mike seemed to much like PR (yes the hyena's favorite word). The difference b/w K/Mike pics and K/Rob pics two weeks later at Sam's concert showed me who had her heart (and still does).

I believe (because of what I see and hear) that Rob and Kristen started out as great friends and the best kinds of relationships begin there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the addition to the playlist, Rose!! Love it!! Another wonderful post today.

I have never understood the people that are blind to the intimacy that Rob and Kristen ooze with every interaction. I do not need a verbal confirmation from them....I am just thankful that I get to witness their love story!

Thanks for giving us such a great site to go to!

Anonymous said...

Rose, great post as usual.

I'm in a very peaceful place regarding these two. I really don't take to heart what anyone says. I just go by what I see and sense. If I were in a relationship with either of them, I would do exactly what they're doing.

I agree with Kristen when she says that if she discloses her love life, everyone will then want specifics. Too true!

R&K know that everyone knows they are in a relationship and that so many are in a tailspin wanting confirmation from them. But as soon as there was confirmation there would be increased talk about: When is the wedding? Is Kristen pregnant? Which one is cheating on the other? And finally, when's the divorce?

I know, I know! A lot of this goes on already, but it would be amped to an unbelievable level.

As long as they admit nothing, it's just theirs to enjoy. And I know they are. That's as it should be.


Anonymous said...

So true!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see that Garrett Hedlund was at the Gala too? Hes so big in Hollywood and so is Eddie Redmayne too. Sadly the fact that Rob didn't go makes me think he hasn't earned the same respect in Hollywood that they've earned. I'm sure he'll get there eventually. Its just such a shame that hes so far behind in Hollywood. I'm just saying. No need to bash.

Anonymous said...

I fall more and more in love with these two everyday!! It's been awhile since i posted but i just wanted to say awesome post Rose!! I'm referring you to other Robsten fans out there! they need to come here!

I truly cant wait for the Eclipse promos at the end of this month and next month..then we can really see our favorite couple in action!! They are too adorable for their own good.

And as far as i remember Ted and Taryn have always been pro robsten its just that at times Ted likes to stir the pot...well ive quit going there because i know he just wants hits...i am glad for people like you because i know you are doing it out of your love for these two Rose.

Eclipse promos will be the perfect chance to see our fav couple in action..the looks, the giggles, the smiles..hotter than any sex scene known to man..in my opinion that is. Rob + Kristen= fire..hot hot chemistry..so glad they are with each other and wish them the best! Cant wait for that oprah interview on thursday...Garrett..Schmarrett!!! ROB LOVES KRISTEN, KRISTEN LOVE ROSE AND I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG ROSE!


Anonymous said...

hahahahahA...wow, i just noticed I put "KRISTEN LOVES ROSE"...I meant "ROB LOVES KRISTEN, KRISTEN LOVES ROB"...sorry about that folks, typing too fast.


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:00 PM

I'd like to point out a few things.Neither Garret nor Eddie were at the Oscars or Baftas. Robert?Yes,he was. And lots of Hollywood actors were absent at the MET. Matt Damon, Ben Affleck,Rachel McAdams,Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, Shia LaBoeuf, Uma Thurman,Whineth Paltrow and many others. Does that mean that they're less important in Hollywood?NO. And,ecxuse me, but Emile De Ravin was at the MET!I have nothing against the girl. I liked her in Remember me but don't f*cking tell me that she's one of the most important actresses in Hollywood. Going to the MET it also means publicity. Rob not being there means nothing. He went to other events and also to Cannes last year. He'll go to MET next year for sure. This all all-Kristen's-costars-are-so-much-more-respected-and-important-than-Robert talk is absolutely not true and it's annoying that a lot of so called Kristen's fans try to throw Robert's acting under the bus.Same goes for Robert fans in regard to Kristen.Can we just be fans of BOTH?Without trying to prove that the one is better than the other? I wish people didn't make a competition where there's none. Kristen chose Robert and she is with HIM. She knows every aspect of him and she was the first to want him in Twilight. She saw something in Rob and it's not only his beauty.

Olivia said...

Thank you Rose.
Rob and Kristen together create happiness....in every way, shape, and form.
From a smiling, happy, believer.
Respect Rob and Kristen.

Happy Mothers Day to you Rose and your readers.
A special thank you to Mum Pattinson and Mom Stewart for having raised such wonderful children.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that CC and RR are the same person??? Any takers?

Also it has been really quiet on here the last couple of days (nonsense-wise)in the comments section. Have the gone underground or is Rose deleting comments?

I heard a quote in a movie today and the lead actor (Clive Owen)is talking about his love (Julia Roberts). He says to her "I look at you and think to myself, this woman...this woman knows everything about me and she loves me anyway." How beautiful to be in a relationship where you can be yourself and know that you are loved without conditions.

That's all...

Lisa said...

RR 5.00.. I couldn't disagree more. I can't believe he wouldn't be invited. He's Hollywood's HOT guy, like him or not. I would have been SHOCKED if he went.... Why? 1. He has said before he gets invited to fashion shows all the time. He has no interest in them and "my friends would never let me live it down" and 2. He never would show up alone at such an affair (P.Diddy was the only man to show up alone and have his pic taken and was laughed at in the media for it) And wasn't about to show up with Kristen to let the pops take all those pics and add to the speculation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post today Rose.Happy mothers day to you.
As for Rob/Kris I've been a believer since the first movie TW.Millions of both Rob/Kris followers doesn't need any confirmation and announcement from them because were not blind.

Anonymous said...

To 11:51
Happy little camper, indeed!!! That is the perfect description of euphoric Rob when he's relaxed and happy with his girl...They are so fun to watch cause they epitomize the heady, giddy, passionate feelings of being young and in love!!! Watching them brings it back to so many of us and we drink it in like water in an oasis...Thanks for the fleeting glimpses, Rob and Kristen!!

Anonymous said...

Love the post. Thanks Rose! Go Rob and Kristen!

Anonymous said...

Yes, makes me smile too. :-)

Anonymous said...

I posted something yesterday under anonymous and it's gone today. Maybe it was too long.

I think your blog is great & seeing the happiness between Rob & Kristen is great. It makes me happy as well.

I post under anonymous because I don't have a google account or anything else.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rose, I too am smileing.lol thanks again your awesome!

Lisa said...

Anonymous 10:58pm, you can click the "name/url" and simply type your name in :)

Anonymous said...

You guys are so devoted to Rob and Kristen.
Support them both. Support their work. Make them richer.
Join the well spinning machine of movie making and marketing and enjoy the ride oh devoted fans of Rob and Kristen. KrisOb or RobSten or whatever.
I agree with one commenter tho'. Let's be happy with our own love lifes without judging/obsessing on others. PEACE

sollee said...

Hmmm people can't help but be happy with them I guess. Seeing them btw makes me happy:)

soadram said...

I agree with every word and makes me smile when I am reading your post.
And I like a lot of people do not need confirmation for nothing because I have eyes in the face and did indeed see a lot ha ve not only those who do not want to see
I wish happiness of Rob and Kris success in their careers and they live their lives as they want and just show us what they wish.
A kiss for you Rosa de Portugal

Tanya said...

Rose you rock!!!

May said...

So what can you possibly get out of all of this?
I know what I believe.
I don't need E! or Gossip Cop to verify
what is right in front of my eyes.
I don't need constant reassurance from anyone.
They are. Therefore I believe.

MTE,bb. MTE.:D

Must be so hard for haters&***stens to wake up every morning and all over again realise that R&K are together & happy.Poor,poor haters... :p

And moi?Well,R&K always manage to just put a smile on my face.The end. <3