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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Is Nothing Sacred?

So yesterday was absolute bullshit drama.
Bull. Shit.
I signed onto Twitter sometime yesterday morning...
just doing my usual *twirling* and being all *giddy*
when some gossip sites
tried to get major hits by tweeting vague references
hinting at MAJOR drama on set for Eclipse.
I mean.
You would have thought the world was coming to
a fucking end.

First we get this from a known gossip blogger
An argument between two people who are not lovers 
is making things tricky. 
Because one has disrespected the others skills.
Or lack thereof.

Then they say this...

Those who say things are fine simply aren't in the know.

So what do this vague and strange references mean?
Who are they talking about?
And then someone else says this...

I know why Rob hasn't worked... If I told the TwitterWorld
the TwiHards would cry because it's not in their Fantasy...


Well I guess @xxxxxx is about to make the TwiHards cry!
How exciting! Getting my popcorn...

Could they be any more cryptic?
TwiHards will cry???
Who exactly are TwiHards??

*Yes, Rob really is lost in the moment...*

Let's break it down.

1. The first tweet makes obvious reference that the people
who are NOT getting along are not 'lovers'
Immediately leaving Robert and Kristen off the list.
(Yes, everyone knows the truth even if you 
don't want to admit it)

2. So who are they talking about disrespecting someone else?
And why do they have to be so damn evasive?
Do they know details... or not?

3. What is my or anyone elses fantasy in TwitterWorld?
Why would Rob not working...
Make me cry?

4.So some little birdies quickly told me
(and have I said how much I LOVE my birdies?)
That said drama wasn't about Robert and Kristen...
But we already knew that, didn't we?
Yes... Yes we did.

5. Why is making people cry
(which, BTW, you didn't fucking do
I want my damn money back...)
making you hungry for popcorn?
And why if anyone is having problems with 
someone on a movie set...
Is it that huge a deal?
I mean... people are human
They get upset.
They get angry.
And why do people think Robert is some sort
of passive pussycat...
Hasn't he stated on more than one occasion
that he is stubborn and doesn't back down??

And then nothing.
Nothing at all.
Mountain. Molehill.
Complete and utter BULLSHIT.

Drama Queens fucking Rock.

I won't even get into all the foam that was spewed
because of all this trumped up drama...
But believe me...
Raincoats, umbrellas and goggles
were the required uniform of the day.

Bye for now

Well they took some honey from a tree
Dressed it up and they called it me

Everybody's trying to be my baby
Everybody's trying to be my baby
Everybody's trying to be my baby, now

Well half past nine, half past four
fifty women knocking on my door

Everybody's trying to be my baby
Everybody's trying to be my baby
Everybody's trying to be my baby, now

Went out last night, I didn't stay late
'fore I got home I had nineteen dates

Everybody's trying to be my baby
Everybody's trying to be my baby
Everybody's trying to be my baby, now


Dizzle82 said...

Yep. What Rose said. :)

linzy said...

what you said x's a 1000

so so SO much eyeroll'ng. a whole lot of noise over nothing.

that Rob pic is absolutely GORGEOUS! beautiful man *swoon* <3

misty said...

Really it just seems like a whole lot of nothing being said by the gossip sites to just stir the pot. I truly think some of the sites get off on making "twihards" nervous.
It is a shame people fall for these ploys.
Of course, Rose, I tend to follow your blog as you tend to say the things that I myself feel.

Myself said...

Seems R&K eclipse promo tour will be like = 0 BIG ZERO. Rob will focus in LA and K&TayTay NY-Europe.

Sorry shippers (LOLOLOLOLOL)

Awww, I can see myself on 1st June wondering..."WTF happen in May, what was the big deal/SFA?" Well, NOTHING, BS. Nothing important happened in May. LOL

Laughing so hard, enjoy Oprah, it's all you are gonna have (not big deal, TayTay and Dakota will be like a big wall between R&K, you won't have a single "decent" picture.

So sad.

Have a nice May :)

Sam said...

Man oh man I love this blog truly. I signed on to twitter same as you yesterday morning and I couldn't believe how downright smug and condescending those "gossip" tweets were regarding the drama. They seemed downright giddy about "making those Twihards cry". I do believe that something happened, but I don't think that it was indeed as serious as those twitter "gossip" shit stirring bitches made it sound. And where is this so called
whole story that one of them was gonna spill? Anyway you don't need me to tell you this is a great blog and keep it up!

Anonymous said...

wait...since im far away from the twitter world, i dont know whar happened..what did happen?!? thanks rose for claring up on R/K..this blog is truly a breath of fresh air....i need an explaination though...


soadram said...

Really a person gets a little dizzy with everything you read, I do not have much time to twi .... but I get an thing, who gets the "dramas" are always the same candidates.
Let there be patience .....
I think Rob and Kristen did not need this genre of fans .... è ridiculous so screwed up in so little time ...
Kiss from a Rose to Portugal:))

Jenn said...

Oh i see a couple of hyenas have already come out to play, you are nothing if not predictable. I wanna know myself what exactly is a "twihard"? Great blog

imloco2 said...

One thing you said really struck me. Oh, everything was spot on, there is such bullshit in Twiland that it boggles the mind. The rational mind anyway. But think about it. If everything every troll ever said was true, if they knew something that would make people sad, cry even...and when it came true (as if) they would really sit back and laugh? Make it entertainment to watch others suffer? (I guess we'll never outgrow the ways of Rome) Why? Because they were proved right? (I'd say don't hold your breath cause it ain't happened yet) I never could figure out how people get off on other people's pain. I know they are people out there that do, (and there's a name for them) but I just can't grasp it. Oh well...maybe it's a good thing I can't. Wouldn't want to have anything in common with them. Twilight is quite enough. Hmmm... you think they even like twilight anymore? I have a theory that they're just stickin around for the 'fun'.

Patricia said...

Rose: It seems like every time these two sweethearts are together there has to be some sort of DRAMA about THEM !

Is it to get hits on their gossip blogs ? Do they know a fucking thing ? Or is it just more hate ? Jesus, I am sooo sick of the Bullshit !

You can see why Kristen "wants to keep what is hers to herself" with the never ending HORSE SHIT THEY POST !
That's why WE come to your blog and comment Rose, because you love and respect Rob and Kristen ! You want them to be happy and after just seeing one picture of each of them in Vancouver, I see that they are happy ( Each of them smiling) Deal Haters !



May said...

Oh Rose,your blog sure attracts haters. LOL Poor pathetic, delusional ppl...;p May all the shit&misery they wish on RK and us all comes back to them 1000 times.

Karma is a fucking bitch.JS

As always, dear Rose, you fucking rock. <3

celerina said...

Hi, Rose. What can I say, you always say the most logical thought when it comes to Rob and Kristen. That's why I enjoy coming here everyday. You post is a haven for many people who believe in R/K. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

The fight was between DS and Rob. The producers were involved too.

As Rose said, Rob is stubborn, very true. He is not making it easy for these reshoots to happen. He is angry with good reason, but he is also being part of the problem right now.

What will make the Twihards upset is that Eclipse will not be the film it should be... Us fans have to wonder now, was DS the right Director for this film?!

Anonymous said...

Now that your so called little Robsten reunion is over let's see how much time they spend together during this wonderful summer. See when Rob is not getting paid or has a contract that tells him to be with Kristen in the same space he doesn't lol

Happy Summer :)

Myself said...

-Eclipse script = a lot of JACOB
-DS team Jacob/Riley/figths
-Most reshoots involve J/B, aka, they want more J/B
-Eclipse promotion will not, I recall, will not be R&K focus at all. In fact, Rob is only doing TV shows, alone, like Ellen, and some magazine covers. Plus LA premiere, of course, but even in there, maybe one or two photos K&R will show up, LIKE NM.
-R starts filmimg WFE on 22 May, and K probably will be involve in An american girl, far away.

So sad, they are not going to see each other...


keep dreaming shippies

I'm laughing at May SFA


Anonymous said...

Hey Rose like I said before SAME SHIT DIFFERENT DAY Not much has been going on SO why NOT start SHIT THEY dont have ANYTHING to talk about WE know all about whats going on we well just sit back and wait WE love ROB and KRISTEN and want the BEST for them take your time you two we well be here waiting for you just be happy the way you two are forget about the NUTS out there WE LOVE YA well my friend i do hope you have a good day KEEP SINGING ROSE we luv ya ...........DEB.

Anonymous said...

People have to realize that not everything has to do with a personal relationship. Problems on set are what they are, job related. If Rob arrives on wednesday and not on tuesday, than there is a reason. If Rob goes in a pub than he probably want to drink a beer. If Rob's ego and the directors ego are clashing than it is a fight of two egos. Or whatever. Some people (hint hyeanas) are stalking every of Robs ans Kris move, trying to spin everything in a break up/cheating drama. And if there is nothing to report, than they make up storys like "Rob took a blond girl from a bar to his room in VC". What is in this peoples mind?


Pat said...

Hey Anon 4:37 piss off and go to a board where someone actually gives two damns aboutyour spew hey i hear nonsten.com is where it's at. It truly baffles me how these idiots take time to come on comment where they know they're not welcome.
And Anon 4;32, I thought the reshoots were almost done now, if they're not done already, so how is Rob being apart of the problem right now? And don't take this as me being combative towards you, because I do believe that something happened on set,whether it actually directly involved Rob I really don't know. I actually cringed when I heard that DS was the director and prayed that it was a cruel joke at first.

Myself said...

And despite you calling me hater or whatever you want, you KNOW I'm right, and those FACTS are correct

Have a nice May/summer

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rose, are you keeping track hyenas posts? I think they'll be very entertaining for you when they are eating crow over the next few months. Ew, I think some spittle just touch me. Anyway, good times ahead for our lovely couple and for the fans. The sane ones anyway. :D

Myself said...


Really? tell us, how is that? come on share it with us...


You have nothing. Summer working, that's it.

Anonymous said...

David Slade is that you? I knew you were a secret shipper

Anonymous said...

Myself, are you joking? Yor are really so desperate that you are sitting with a calender at home, marking R/K's business schedules and be happy that they will not have so much time together? I am sure if they want they will have much time together in their private life.
And you are so immature that you are happy if the fans in the US and Europe not see much of their beloved stars together? This fans don't care much about their relationship status, they want to see the stars of the saga together, and they prefer E/B over J/B.
You are one of these person that can not distinguish between their profession and their real life.

Myself said...


DS is best director ever.



Anonymous said...

hey rosesee...youhoooo...i thought you said some moderating will be done here. such a shame your beautiful blog is infested with hyenna rabies. a bigger shame is that you have so much power over their lives. look at how they cling to every word you say and spend most of their time here. funny.

why do you care nonstens? really? obsessed much?

Anonymous said...

Rob and Kristen are cute together. But if they broke up, and let's face ti, they are young, I would be like aw, well, at least they tried.

Some of the psychos on this board though, they don't realize that Rob and kristen aren't SIMS characters to manipulate. They keep force feeding their vision and projecting on to them, regardless of reality.

I would like to think most folks on Rose's blog love R/K, but realize they are their own people, and we are just observers. That's why I love Rose, she owns that reality.

But these girls writing "have a nice summer!" smiley icon, wow, it's like you are taking this way too personally. It's weird. They break up, they break up. They stay together, they stay together. And you can't take credit or blame for either one happening.

sfw10sis said...

Whew, I thought being sick and away from the computer for a few days that I would miss something big, I guess having a high fever causes memory loss cause apparently I never left, lol. Oh wait thats right, this is the Twi fandom we are talking about, and a certain portion of that fan base(small, but vocal) are under the delusion that Twilight is a daily soap opera, thus the daily drama, whew, good to know, cause I thought the fever might have done permnent damage, ok kiddies, carry on with the regular scheduled programing, wait, its the weekend, soaps are M-F, you have a couple days off, now run along and we will be sure to tune in on Monday (or not).

Rose, like I've commented to Delaney, it takes a special person with a (big) good heart, to put up with this crap, and I know alot of fans are thankful for that. You both are a treasure to this fandom and Rob/Kris, its a shame more don't understand this and treat you both with the respect you deserve.

Oh my gosh I almost forgot, I love the new blog design and the top pic of our boy (swoon worhty), your the best Rose, stick to your guns. My smiles back, thanks


soadram said...

Myself ....
sorry but you must have a serious problem ....... hatred, anger ..... but why?
è I swear I still can not understand all this anger in relation to R / K together.
You have no life? why not enjoy your life, I know her fall in love, go fishing, swimming ...... maybe you do well.
Sad ....... we can not see others be happy

Rose said...

Rabies is really setting in, isn't it? Do you find you have the following symptoms? Anxiety, confusion, agitation, abnormal behavior, paranoia, terror, hallucinations and of course... large quantities of saliva foaming at the mouth?
Poor bitter Hyena...
I'm afraid you don't make any sense.
Just NONsense.

Go on to the vet and get a rabies shot... maybe it can still help, although I'm pretty sure it's too late to help you.

Anonymous said...

BWHAHAHAH. Who writes these hyena comments?

I imagine like 35 year old cat ladies wearing zero masks and fake mustaches, twiddling mustache ends while writing, "Have a nice MAy/summer"(cue throaty villainous laugh).

God, why don't you pour all your melodrama into some community theater instead? Maybe you'll meet a guy who'll take you out that way you don't have to be so possessive with robert and where he's sticking the sparkley stick.

Spence said...

Damn Myself you really seem to know a lot about their schedules,the eclipse script, what team the director's on. I mean damn you can even see into the future, wow you are like a goddamn paragon of wisdom, we should be bowing down to you and your superior, mad skills.
seriously though PISS OFF and YOU have a nice summer!
This is a great blog and I seriously hope that certain hyenas don't ruin it for Rose.

Anonymous said...

Aw, I was censored. This is not a free country.

Look shippies. I'm spending here a few free hours having a nice time telling you my point of view. And I use my mind to be rational. That's it. It's you the ones who spend HOURS looking at necklace, rings, videos blahblah.

Europe will have Taytay and (sorry) Kristen. And they can watch Rob in youtube. I'm glad he is working in something good for his career. And I think, and it's my opinion, Kristen is NOT good for his career.

Thanks, myself.

Anonymous said...

A little gift for my lovelies here:

Robert and Slade are having problems, nothing insurmountable, but yes there was an argument.

A girl spilled the beans about a private screening with robert and kristen.

It's true--robert insisted on seeing the current cut, and the screening had to be hastily arranged.

Robert and Kristen watched together and were coupley.

So no need to listen to haters, r/k are fine. Eclipse isn't, lol, but r/k are. Robert is throwing his weight around finally, not just taking things when he is pushed too far. That's a good thing too.

Anonymous said...

@ myself

sorry,hun, but YOU are the one who has NOTHING. And you know that. So stop spewing venom.This drama has nothing to do with Rob and Kristen's relationship, and again, YOU KNOW THAT. And you also know that yes,indeed, it would be a very nice summer but not for the reasons you think. Now, go back into the hyena's cage,ok? Because they are locking it up...

Rose said...

thanks Anon @5:15pm
I knew it was between Slade and Robert... but it's all so damn trivial and was made to be so much more than it is.
And I know that Robert and Kristen are... GRRRReat! Why wouldn't they be?

Anonymous said...

myself-re: Kristen not being good for his career. Well, in some ways this is true. Why? Because it's stamping "Edward Cullen" on his forehead even more. That's a problem. But it's stamping "Bella Swan" on her forehead too.

Kristen was able to destamp slightly with good reviews with the Runaways. Robert was unable to get any critical acclaim for Remember Me unfortunately. He is in a more vulnerable position, but Kristen isn't his biggest problem. She is respected in the industry, he could do worse for arm candy. Ask that guy who plays captain kirk in star trek who got papped with Ceiling Eyes from the Hills-that knocked him down a peg or three in many people's eyes. Kristen on the hand won't hurt him similarly, she in some ways enhances him.

Where his big problem lays is having to do two more movies with Twilgiht, because Twilgiht is making him a star while at the same time making a future beyond the franchise possible. It's a blessing and a curse, and it probably feels more like a curse at the moment.

Kristen, yeah, the least of his problems. I feel for robert.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I know Rob and Kristen are great...and thank you for clearing it up!! But DS is really starting to make me upset...what could he and Rob be possibly be in conflict about? They better bring the Robsten moments in Eclipse...


Honey said...

Rose, love you! <3 You give voice to all of us and to everything we think and feel..hyenas are getting angry, um?:) Yeah, because you always say the TRUTH..and the TRUTH IS THAT ROBSTEN BELONG TO EACH OTHER AND THEY DEEPLY LOVE EACH OTHER...This thought drives them crazy...and while they're driving crazy, we're enjoying this wonderful Robsten Love :)
Now, I'm leaving and Hyenas..shshshshs--shut up..don't scream.I'm saying it for you. Cause your envy won't change things: ROBERLOVESKRISTENLOVESROBERT <3

Anonymous said...

You are right anon 5:20 PM this thing is a blessing a curse at the same time...thank goodness he has Kristen for support.


Anonymous said...

Why do people come on here and say R/K broke up. It has nothing to do with R/K?!

Again, the argument is "WORK RELATED" and it was taken to a personal attack level between Rob and DS. Simple as that...

Look, those of you who are posting about a supposed R/K breakup. Just because you want to it to be so won't make it so. True R/K fans have no control over their relationship and neither do you are NOT their fans.

Whether R/K are together or not will never be because we fans want them to be or not. These are two "real life" people. "Shipping" them or "not Shipping" them makes no difference to them whatsoever.

So you are wasting your time posting R/K break up rumors here, it's just going to be ignored and not believed anyway. Your wasting your own time and energy.

Anonymous said...

Well, R&K are great. But the'll be separate. For work. So, WHERE IS THE NICE SUMMER?

Someone can ilustrate me, please?


PS. I wish her good luck, one true love and an amazing career, I just don't want she ends Rob's one. That's it. And you know this RS is not good for him. His manager knows it, his people know it.

Rob 4evah!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of stubborn Rob and butthead Slade getting in an argument, Rob telling Slade he cannot direct and Slade answering Rob cannot act. Rob walking of the set, but instead of heading back to the hotel and crying into his pillow, he calls Sam to meet for a lunch and a beer in a very publice place where he gets papped with a big smile on his face. And the next day Stephanie Meyer is in town...This guy isn't at all the little adorable puppie so many female clingers are picturing him. And do you believe that this stubborn bull will ever change anything in his relationship with Kristen because of little girls temper tantrums or hyena howling? Don't underestimate this guy.


Anonymous said...

Honey Anon 5:23 PM, good post!!! loved it!!!


Anonymous said...

re: the seriousness of the "conflict"

Let's put it this way--if the conflict was so serious, would Kristen had gone to work that day too, or chose sides?

The fact she showed up for work helps put it in perspective somewhat,because they are together and one thing they have reiterated time and tiem again was that they have eachother's back on set.

Anonymous said...

myself: I understand your concerns as a Rob fan, but his manager is hardly the one to use for support. lol He's a great manager in a lot of ways, but he over manages to a point where he's made Robert look impotent. No other star in Hollywood is sandwiched between his agent and manager like Rob is, it's made people wonder if there is a "reason" for this babysitting. I say no, I say Robert is in a vulnerable position right now and needs to have buffers, but at the same time, it's made him look overmanaged, and his manager is to blame in part for that perception.

Kristen really is far, far down on the list of liabilities. the only liability she brings short term is that she turns off some of his fans. Those fans aren't in it for the long haul anyways though-ask Donny Osmond or John Lennon or any of the NKOTB who lost fans instantly the minute they got linked to a girl. It's just reality-it's bound to happen, either with Kristen, or whoever he ends up wanting to date.

Sam said...

Call me naive, but I believe anon @5:15 and it just makes me even angrier than before at how smug and hateful those "gossipers" were on twitter ysterday. They couldn't have just said what Anon 5:15 said, instead of all those cryptic and vague tweets? WTF?! It was made so dramatic and "ooo I know something you don't know" I don't know about you all, but I am in no way crying at all.

Anonymous said...


I think you sing every night the song "I want Rob all for MYSELF". Not happening.
You should start a real life and get a real guy for yourself, dear Myself.


Anonymous said...

To 5:25

Yes, she would have gone to work that day. I don't like her but she is very professional. And she wouldn't have put on Rob's side. She is independent. That's why I truly believe. Based in FACTS we all know.

I agree it's not a big deal R/DS(love youuuuuu, this movie is gonna suck and Rob would be done with that dammed franchise, he has more interestings thing to do) "fight" Rob is very passionate but respectful. happens all the time while filming movies.

She needs to move on a get her career straight. LET ROB WORK.



Sandy said...

So proud of Robsten, so proud of Kristen..she's proving to be an amazing little woman and fiancée..she is always with Robert,she stands by her man, no matter what.. I mean always <3. Even during this "problem" between him and the Director, Kristen was with him, with Rob, to support and encourage him and make him feel that he wasn't alone, 'cause she was there, for him and nobody or nothing else. That's love guys! And, sorry for "myself" and all the other pathetic hyenas, but..it's gonna be a very Robsten summer regardless of working plans: if they both work, well, it will mean that when they see each other they'll make love again and again and again to gain the time lost back :) but, it's quite sure that Kristen is not going to film anything before Breaking Dawn. She said it herself during The Runaways promotion: American Girl is still in pre-production..so..poor you hyeans..Robsten are deeply in love and you really can't do anything about it...thanks God!

Thanks Rose..how can some people be so envious and pathetic? I'm really speechless..but when I get upset reading so much bad things, I think "Relax...Robsten love each other, they're strong together, they're great..and they will be probably making love right now DX ..." XD And that's it..hyenas...poor you!You can do anything against True Love and Robsten is <3

Anonymous said...

Myself: Actually Kristen's the one to not move a muscle if she chooses not to. Robert learned that approach from her, said as much when promoting Twilight. Both CH and RP talked about the fact Kristen would not film if she did not agree with the integrity of the lines. She backed up Robert on several occasions, they soon learned the power of a united front. Robert has spoken of this, and this is before I think they were even dating. They have both been very clever as a duo, understanding how to negotiate doing a money making franchise that at the same time is a credibility killer. That's why they both try to keep eachother's backs-not cause Kristen is selfless or Robert is selflesss, but it's their mode of operation within a franchise that's run by a dumb, willful studio.

by the way myself, thatnks for identifying yourself each time and being polite in our discussions.

Anonymous said...


She is bad for his career. Look at RM boxoffice at US. He needs to stay away of this twilight madness! Wherever you look it's R&K gossip, like if they were twins! He has a career, NY times said he is a promising, watchable actor. He deserves it. Besides, she's 20, almost a little girl, it's not gonna last forever, and for Rob's, hopefully it'll end soon. And NO, I don't want him for myself, I want him to be a great movie star and musician.

She is just a 20 year old fancing his leading man.

Rose said...

If you want to believe that Rob and Kristen won't see each other all summer... that's your delusion.
But please... how many more comments are you going to say the same thing, over and over? We get it. You don't think Rob and Kristen are together.
Hey? You do what you've got to do. Whatever helps you sleep at night...
Like Kristen gets to snuggle with Robert, while his arms are wrapped around her... as she falls asleep.

Anonymous said...

One thing to keep in mind about David Slade-Eric Chon and Michael Welsh were very explicit about what they thought of him in terms of direction in comparison to the other two directors.

They said with CH she was very open and interactive with the actors, let them try out things not in the script. CW was more organized, there was less room for deviating, but still a mellow set.

Now think of how the cast have described DS. ERic and Micahel said they got to have zero input on their small parts, then added they don't know how the main characters would deal with that.

Kristen and robert were MUM when asked about DS in EW for the NM promotion. Kristen eventually described him as "technical, very technical."

In other words, he had a very specific vision of what he would do, and Robert himself has said he is a control freak too.

So you have two control freaks that may have gotten into an argument this week. It's not too surprising, and it's not too earth shattering.

Nice to see Robert display some of his machismo. lol

Summy said...

OMG...Hyenas are going definitely crazy!!!wow, so...amazingly ridiculous..but, I mean..wouldn't be easier if you accepted the truth? Robert loves Kristen, he has always loved her and he always said it..Kristen deeply love him in return..and that's the reality..a beautiful reality!<3 And, I mean..didn't you all get that probably is it the same hyena writing on here? Pretending to be "polite" and then writing him/herself differenr answers? You can see it from its writing style..it's not difficult...it's he same persone..Omg, so rodiculous :)! XD XD XD !I'm really laughing so hard right now.. :)so...I just feel for these people who would be better to get a life. A real one..and let Robsten love ecah other, because their foam won't change the things..their love has been, is and will always be stronger than everything..<3God Bless them and thanks Rose!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5:20

I actually don't think the relationship with Kristen harms Robert in any way. The fact that Kristen was able to free herself from the "Bella Swan" image is because The Runaways allowed her to to that:she played a completely different character. Robert is just starting his carear and unfortunately RM didn't get awesome reviews because of the script BUT most critics said that he actually distanced himself from Edward's character. People will start to really separate him from Edward once Bel Ami comes out. He's just at the beginning. That doesn't mean that he'll have constantly the "edward Cullen" label.

A lot of actors started their carears playing characters that fans loved a lot. Among them Shean Connery and Heiden Christensen but once they finished they were able to move on and built their own carear.

And I don't think that Kristen has anything to do with it. They are a couple, a happy one and that doesn't harm them. How many actors who actually were a couple on screen happened to fall in love with each other?A lot. Brad an angelina, Zac and Vanessa,Rachel Mc Adams and Ryan Gosling(ok, now thy've split, but still..) And does the public still sees them as the characters they played?NO. More and more people see them as ROB and KRISTEN and not as Edward and Bella, since they think that they have much more chemistry off screen than on. So with Bel Ami and WFE come out Rob will establish himself. Both he and Kristen are great actors and are here to stay, I think.

Anonymous said...

hyenas/ shippers no need to fight , rob's dick is in kristen'ss mouth as we speak

Anonymous said...


Maybe I should say it one more time since you didn't get it right. I believe they are a couple.

I just don't want them to be together, cause I think It's not good for him. That's it. And I believe they are not gonna be TOGETHER this summer, work goes first, for both.

American girls is in preproduction but we have SIX months until BD, plenty time to get things fixed. So probably when Ron finish WFE she'll start AG. My point.

Also I like to talk with shippies who are respectful. Seems you are inviting me to get out your blog, so have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

kristen is riding rob's dick very hard as we speak

Anonymous said...


you are a paranoid. I put "myself" in my posts, and Rose can check out what I wrote from my IP.

I don't like extreme haters of Kristen wishing her awful things, but God, extreme shippies are...


Anonymous said...

kristen is very blessed for having Rob's dick

Anonymous said...

Just one more thing

I google Rob today, and you know what my computer show me?

"Are K&R the new Brangelina?"

And 12345676 entries like that, talking about stupid things of ROBSTEN.

Yeah, they are talking about Rob's career, aren't they?

Now I'm leaving, bye.


Anonymous said...

Buh bye myself don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you. Who are you to say Rob/Kris shouldn't be together. I believe that TRUE and SANE fans would be able to tell the difference between real life and the characters they play, and if they don't how is that their (R/K's) problem? By coming here and repeating the same tedious NONsense over and over, it is not making any difference, who are you trying to convince? And btw DS is nowhere near the realm of best director territory.

Anonymous said...

Did i forget to mention kristen stewart is the only one to be penetrated by Rob's dick since they went in Japan last year?

Anonymous said...

Rob is just a few years older than Kris, that's not a lot, furthermore, kris is not a little girl, she is a growing woman, and she is an old soul. Rob apparently can be quite childish (from the interviews), so ... i think kris is more mature than he is .. lol
Remember, girls tend to mature faster ..
Why is having a gf so wrong, he is dating her, she is a wonderful girl, his career will last if he is a good actor, the sex appeal will last too even if he is married.

Anonymous said...

um,people may want to read this before listening to another tweet by punk'd images, it's seriously disturbing:


Anonymous said...

The problem is, These idiots have nothing better to do then make up shit! What is the big deal if R/K are a couple. They deserve happiness just like the rest of us.

Making up shit makes you look like a pathetic human being.

How would anyone know if there were problems on the set? Were you there to witness it? For goodness sake we havent even seen pics of any of them since they have been there except the ones of Robert going to lunch unshaved. Letting us know that most likely he has not been doing any scenes..

Where was it said that they were having behind the scene problems?
And, if they were or our. What does that have to do with Poor Robert and Kristen?

Leave them alone. They are both so young and we all know they are in love. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to know how they feel about eachother. My gosh, Dont you see the pictures of them? The way they look at eachother. It's that way in most of the pics. And (JUST FRIENDS) Dont look at eachother that way.. Come on now!!!

As my mother has always said. If you dont have anything nice to say then, dont say anything at all!

So, all you haters take it somewhere else and take all your lies with you. We are not intersted in what you have to say. Get a life and stop trying to start drama!!!!!

I love Robert and Kristen.. Best wishes to them both!

Anonymous said...

Kristen is very graceful for ruling Rob's dick

Anonymous said...

why is kris not good for him?? any reasons??
plus, who the FU*K is good for him then?!? Like never?! LOL Do you want him to end like George "Looney" ..
it's good to have a steady partner you love and cherish ... then being a playboy who cannot commit ... such a sad life.

Olivia said...

Thank you Rose for your blog.
First, I intuit and perceive Rob and Kristen to be a very positive, supportive, film industry savvy, mature, and loving young couple. Second, I, as the vast majority of fans, have no inside information about them. Everything comes as second hand, third hand to the thousandth power hand : ) information. Third, having a wait and see philosophy with some things in life ( not all ), if I am very clueless, and confused, I do not jump to conclusions which may be way out in left field. I try to stay calm, especially if I am powerless, and check back later to see how things may turn out. Most of the time, I have worried about nothing. One thing I always try hard to do is to be kind. Sorry for the ramble.....I am a believer. Respect Rob and Kristen. They have stated in interviews that they are very committed to doing their best and I have faith in them that they are trying their hardest to bring this about.

katy said...

Great post Rose. It's good to know that Rob is 'throwing his weight around finally, not just taking things when he is pushed too far' Like 5:15 said, that means Rob is standing up for what he believes.
I was sure it wasn't nothing serious like some were trying to make it sound.
and now hearing you say 'I knew it was between Slade and Robert... but it's all so damn trivial and was made to be so much more than it is' I know i was Right.
Just one thing bothered me 5:24 said Again, 'the argument is "WORK RELATED" and it was taken to a personal attack level between Rob and DS' don't know if this is true I hope not...because...I don't like the thought of someone insulting Rob...I'm like... Let me at 'em!!...kidding...no actually I'm not :)

Can't wait to read your post tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Okay. I am more of an occasional reader of this stuff than a deep down Robsten web scrawl detective and I usually never comment but I wanted to share this:

1. If the Bella/Edward magic was drained from Eclipse I will find DS and feed his balls to rabid wolves on sheer principle alone. (I don't know what is going down on set.. I'm willing to admit this.. and I will reserve judgment until I actually see the movie... but I'm just saying... I'm shamelessly TEAM EDWARD and will be seriously pissed if Bella/Edward magic is missing!!! So I hope and pray if there was any crap between DS and Kris it wasn't over this)

2. I heart R/K (separate or together) :-D and I'm happy to hear that any "drama" going on is work related and not between them.

3. I usually heart this blog (you rock Rose!) but I will say this that this particular post was a little too vague for me to understand since I don't "tweet" or read other blogs...I'm glad the comments cleared some things up :-)


Anonymous said...

Correction - crap between DS and Rob.


A Fellow Observer said...

There are those who would say that obsessing over other people's lives - aka being a very involved fan - is sad. Analyzing, watching, observing.

Okay, maybe so. Though hobbies come in a variety of forms. How many times have you listened to someone talk about a hobby and thought "Sh*t, that sounds like the most boring thing I've ever heard ..."

For me, this is scrapbooking. 50 lbs of stickers and stencils? No thanks. But if that makes you smile, who am I to judge? And they are lovely keepsakes. To each their own, right?

However, one thing that I find REALLY sad is the reverse fan. The one who analyzes, watches and observes for the sole purpose of antagonizing other fans.

I mean, seriously. Think about it for a hot second. It's not like Zac Efron fans are taking on Chace Crawford fans in an epic(ly limp) battle of words. These are people who ostensibly are fans of THE SAME F*CKING MOVIES AND BOOKS.

Whatever you think, why seek out a fight, man? Just go play with like-minded people and have fun. The fandom in-fighting is exhausting ... and is it really rewarding? I think what I think, and while I care, I don't really care enough to try to persuade someone else.

Just a thought. But probably an ineffectual one, as some folks will always get off on hate.

My May is going to be AWESOME by the way, and it has more to do with "warm weather," "seeing friends and family" and "epic Cinco de Mayo party of probable bad decision-making" than the lives of people I don't actually know. But hey, they seem like good people and lord knows they take pretty pictures, so I hope they have a good one too!

Anonymous said...

Great post as usual Rose, thanks for not caveing and spilling all the beans lol. I was surprised they picked DS to begin with, seemed like sort of an odd choice but whatever. I'm glad to hear Rob is letting his opinion be heard that's not a bad thing (except where raving mad hyena's are concerned) And to the Anon's and Myself posts, shut ur freaken nasty mouths go where someone wants to hear your spew. Thanks again Rose you are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hell yes!!! Go Rose!! Thank you for addressing "myself"...this person really needs attention and is actually succeeding. WIth several posts too, Rose is right, we get it!! Continue living in your fantasy world..and dont bother to address me there are others on here who feel the same way and want you to get lost!!!


Anonymous said...

**Fair warning... a shamelessly cute, harmless, false somewhat shipper-esque comment***

NOT TRUE but I love small displays of jealousy....

R: You don't need to re shoot the Taylor and Kris kissing scene, that shot was fine
DS: No, they have to do it again, I didn't get the angle right. Take 20.
R: (balls up fists) If you don't get the take right this time I'm going to take that camera and bash you about the head with it.
*Scene is shot*
DS: Cut. Nope I didn't get it that time.
R: You need to cut this scene. Its not relevant to the story.
DS: Get off my set.


Anonymous said...

"the Bella/Edward magic was drained from Eclipse I will find DS and feed his balls to rabid wolves on sheer principle alone. (I don't know what is going down on set.. I'm willing to admit this.. and I will reserve judgment until I actually see the movie... but I'm just saying."

Chloe, you are too funny!!! I feel the same way...was David Slade really the best choice as director? the movie will answer the question in June but with all this drama i cant help but wonder!!


Anonymous said...


A mad, rabid hyena spotted on the loose.

Its foaming at the mouth and talking to itself.

It will likely have to be put down.

To avoid being attacked don't approach it or make any sudden movements.

Anonymous said...

@MYSELF,you are very very sick person,your hatred to Kris runs in your blood,nothing will help you,not even the electric shock treatment.Your so obsessed with Rob,that if you have a chance to be near Kris,you will definitely hurt her.I don't feel sorry for you if you turn out to be a convict.

Anonymous said...

i told you they broke up delaney and kstew411 know about it too but are hiding from the fans

ask them as much you want they wont tell you they are still together.

jen said...

hahaha anon at 7:38, both just said everything is good and fine.....lol

Anonymous said...

Stew on hr way to NYC, the MET gala is a huge deal for her. Wonder why RP is not her date? maybe her bro will go with her.
This is a great year for her. If they broke there is no way in hell they are going to leak that info now, they'll wait until eclipse mania is done. Otherwise you are going to witness the biggest PR mess of the year.

Melinda said...

Rose- thanks for a great post as always. Love the "hot and heavy" E/B picture!!! Yummy! A great way to lighten all the drama!

After reading what that "private screening" girls said last night (which is total crap) I really feel sad for Kristen. Girls/women are so jealous of her b/c she is happy and dating one of the biggest heartthrobs in America. It truly boggles the sane mind.

to 7:08- your post made me smile! ;)

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:27 PM this is why Kris goes everywhere with those bodyguards and why Rob is so very protective of her!! because of INSANE, COMPLETLEY MAD!people like this...its scary..i really hope they take care of each other now that the speculation of are they or not is over..we can all at least come to an agreement that they are together...THe flaws of being in the public eye!! this is why all they wanted to do was acting! Yes, you get millions but is it really worth it? I am sure if they could they would certainly take it all back...but the past is the past and we must move on!

Hello, ROSE! just wanted to give you a shout out and i'm going to follow you on twitter..I'm new here and i love you already! Thank you for your love for Rob and Kris..both together and apart..you should change your blog name to "Robsten Intoxication"haha..Ignore all of them Rose and keep doing what you do best...just delete the horrific comments. YOu have the power to do that. Anyway, i hope you see my post..you are awesome!

Kisses from Puerto Rico!! My friends and i love you and i pray Rob or Kristen will stubble on your blog one day to see that there are supportive fans like you out there who actually care.


jann said...

You wanna know why Rob is not her date? wait for it wait for it ........because he has photoshoots in LA!!! OMG the horror. Damn the hyenas chide kristen for following him around like a puppy, and yet when she's not it's oh so obvious that they're broken up. Make up your mind hyenas should they be attached at the hip or should they god forbid have their own careers?

Anonymous said...

to whomever above called Kristen Rob's fiancee? You call Hyenas delusional?

Seems that Kristen is playing the Hollywood game now. The Met? So much for her past comments about not going to something just to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Because rob doesn't play the hollywood game at all right? lol grow up.

Sam said...

I don't see what the problem is about Kristen going to the Met gala. I would sell out my grandmother to get an invitation to that party. The fact that she was invited I say Hell Yeah!! I aint mad at her at all.

Melinda said...

To Anon 8:33- it's interesting that you say this b/c most likely Kristen could care less about getting all dressed up. She probably would rather be at home (where we all know Rob is right now). Sometimes you need to do things you rather not. Since Oprah is hosting the gala and Kristen will be taping a a few days maybe she and Oprah struck a deal. Kristen: I'll attend the Met gala with Dakota if you promise not to ask me stupid questions like "What is it like kissing Rob"? I am sure she is so tired of these questions! We all know (those who love Kristen for who she is)she is not an attention seeker (i.e. Heidi Montag, Paris Hilton, among others)

Anonymous said...


Spence said...

Hey anon @9:49 why are you so adamant that people believe you? Why are you so concerned? If they broke up then they broke up(which I don't believe btw), they've never actually admitted publicly that they are a couple anyway right? SO what's the big deal? Even if you were telling the truth (which I doubt) you just come off as manic and crazy, no one's gonna believe you anyway. Chillax man people are gonna believe what they believe and you coming here yelling and calling people morons is not gonna change that. Go back to your nonsten.com world.

Anonymous said...

With more and more crap that goes on with the Twi series (e.g. (psycho fans and gossipers, bad scripts, greedy studio, and everyone else making a buck off of them), I hope that Breaking Dawn is only one movie, so R and K can just get away from this insanity quicker.

Lisa said...

Great again Rose..

Let me start by saying I BELIEVE in Robsten. However, I am really starting to get saddened by the whole fandom! None of us KNOW things. We assume. Because honestly, if we were in the know, we wouldn't be arguing on blogs and twitter! It's obvious Rob & Kristen were/are more then friends. Are they still?? We don't KNOW now but we know they were on her birthday! (I still think but don't KNOW)
Do we really KNOW there was a problem onset? NO we don't. Why couldn't they have been running behind and they didn't need Rob then so he went to have lunch with his friend? Or, why couldn't Rob have just went up a day earlier so he would have time to see his friend? Honestly, WE don't KNOW WHAT is really going on. So can we say "I believe" "I think" "I wish" "I hope" instead of saying "they're not together, they broke up" or "they are together, they love each other" etc.. NONE OF US KNOW!!!

And WHY does everyone yell about the movie? The studio (if not for Summit we might not have ever had the movies) Catherine H. (without her, probably no KS as Bella and then no Rob as Edward) The ring? The white stuff on Rob's jacket? I just don't get it! If you don't like the movie, don't buy the merch. don't buy the DVD. Don't see it more then once. That's where we have the control! No amount of whining and bitching is going to change ANYTHING!

Let the believer come here and believe.. Non's, go to boards/blogs that support your point of view.. But for the LOVE OF GOD, lets ALL stop acting like we KNOW anything! LOL

PS. As for Anon. posting about where Rob's **** is. REALLY? What's the point in that? I mean, I hope they're having a great time. :) But, YOU DON'T KNOW what they're doing! So I can only imagine that someone without the guts to type their name, is unable to articulate their fantasies in any other manner. :(

PSS. Seems so trivial to go on about this stuff when we have oil destroying oceans and beaches. Police officers being murdered. Tornados and floods killing people and ruining others lives. Bombs trying to blow up Time Square, etc..

Anita said...

Dear Rose,
I come here everyday just to enjoy your post and the nice comments like from Patricia, Trish, imloco2, linzy and other believers.
Keep writing your thoughts Rose.
Love you and love R/K <3

Bellaroma4 said...

Another great post, Rose. I truly enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for your sanity, humor, and words.

Anonymous said...

I love Robsten (yes they are obv together),I love this blog,I love Kristen.
The best thing is :live and let live or (only for the hyenas) go to veterinary for STERILIZATION

Anonymous said...

We don't know if they are together, if they are done they aren't going to announce it to world just when eclipse promotion is about to start. They will do what they have to do to keep it civil and be professional. Later when everything is said and done "someone" will leak that they are over and we will move on. When october rolls and they have to face eachother and work together again everything will be just fine.
So stop please, just think for a minute, you think there is any chance they will do anything to jeopardize eclipse promotion? NO. The priority the next 2 months is smile, sell the movie and keep the fans happy.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I follow you on tweeter as was as on here. Could you please follow me on tweeter as well?

Thank you very much!