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Monday, May 31, 2010

Hating Kristen Stewart... HYENArazzi

*I'm sorry, but how can you NOT love her??*

I was gone for a few days.
The bullshit that bombarded me when I got back online...

The hate. Oh my God... the hate.
Vicious. Vile. Bitter. Hatred.

Over THIS????
Big fucking deal... she flipped off some paparazzi. 
She hasn't done this before?
She most likely will do it again?
So what?

Immature, foul mouthed, no-name hypocrite.
disgusting creature
her sourpuss/crazy/bratty/bitchy/self-entitled attitude.
That bitch is out of control. He NEEDS to get rid of her, to NOT BE ANYWAY associated with this insane!
I apologize to the Aussies for the piece of crap named Kristen Stewart.

I know now that the Paparazzi are just another form of Hyena.
They act the same...
They circle and attack
They scream and shout insults
They try to incite reactions
They will say or do anything to get what they want.
They are brutal, forceful and violent.
And the only people that like them?
Other Hyenas.

I don't blame Kristen one bit for standing up for herself.
We have no idea what she goes through.
Just watching a few seconds of a video where
they are going through an airport is enough
to make me physically ill...
and I'm not there... living it.
Day after day after day...
That being said...
Do you see the picture of Robert above?
HE is the real reason that people hate on Kristen.
Oh yes...
You fucking know it's true.
If Robert was with someone else?
You would be hating on that girl.
Complaining about her hair...
Or the way she stands...
Or how she doesn't seem to smile enough.
Because let's face it, Foamers...
at least in your distorted, Rabies infested brain.

Sure you pretend that you would love to see
Rob with Emilie, or Reese... or anyone who isn't Kristen...
(Even Rosie the Elephant??)
But if Robert started showing up with anyone else
the way he does with Kristen?
The bitter foam would be spraying everywhere 
finding some excuse to hate her, too.

When it comes to Hyenas
Kristen cannot win.
But the fact remains that she already has.
Robert Pattinson chooses to be with her.
And the more that gets revealed...
You get angrier... nastier...
Even more desperate to rid your world of Kristen.
Too bad that what you want
doesn't fucking matter.
Only what Robert wants...
And that would be Kristen.

Ain't love grand?
Why yes...
Yes it is

*Whistling at what's coming next!*

Bye for now


Kstew Fashion said...

ummmmm can i marry you? This was like a smack in the face to the haters and a reminder of why i love this blog, your not afraid to tell it like it is which is why i come here everyday. Amazing job Rose. x

Anonymous said...

Amazing post.
I think Kristen was awesome for doing that, she's twenty, people need to get the fuck over it.

and I can't wait for the movie awards.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Rose...
I wish You'd also defend Rob when he gets threats like kristen.

I love Rob and kristen together. I really do. but i'm a Rob fans first and seriously I can't even imagine how any Rob fan can tolerate this.

I don't go to sites or whatever, only on twitter& LJ accounts all I see is Kristen's fans throwing stones at Rob. It's getting annoying. Stop acting so innocent.

This whole eclipse promo will be entartaining btw.. let me tell you.. 'team taysten, this is why i love eclipse promo, i'm happy rob is not there, she looks more happy now,she's much more relaxed around him, tay makes her happy' Oh and you need to check out 'taystenlove' on twitter. Not that I'm surprised! Any1 BUT Rob!! and all these comments belongs to kristen fans (even some Robsten fans). They are actually happy because Rob is not there. They're actually dont give a f*ck about Rob and that's the freaking truth. why are there so many 2 faced bitches at this fandom? WHY HAVE YOU NEVER MENTIONED IT HERE Rose.

ITK said...

At this point, it's all so amusing.

Every. single. thing.

I love that last picture you posted, Rose. What's even better is that it's an outtake. Their smiles say it all.

linzy said...

i'm going to continue to wear my big-ass grin while lol'ng & eyerolling at the hyenas desperate antics :)

welcome back Rose!

Anonymous said...

So everything is okay with kristen fans? nothing is wrong with them? Ok then.

Rose said...

To Anon @ 6:17pm

I'm not the Robsten police. If YOU have a problem with something someone says on a blog, or gossip board... then by all means do what you gotta do. Talk to the people who are doing the hating.

I love Robert Pattinson.
I love Robert Pattinson on THIS blog.

That's the way it is.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Rose. Another masterpiece. The irony is that there was a tweet from someone who saw Rob at a bar last night and this person supposedly tried to get a pic of him, and he flipped her off too LOL. OH, but don't you know that it's ok for Robert to do it, but not for Kristen. The hypocrisy, the hatred and the double standards that abound if certain portions of this fandom are INSANE. These people need a reality check.

Anonymous said...

Oh get lost Rose!

Typical. I knew you wouldn't mention Rob flipped off a fan for taking a pic today!

But you didn't mind mentioning Kristen flipping off paps!
Oh I am so sick of the double standard.

You know why? Because what Rob did was ten times worse then Kristen.

He attacked one of his own fans.

But none of the Rob fans are disappointed in Rob. They cheering him on.. for being a jerk.

I'm sorry but this is not good.

When Kristen flipped the paps off they deserved it.

But Rob was being very disrespectful to his fans.

He seems to have forgotten that he would be nowhere without his fanbase.

What a ungrateful loser.

Seriously, I'm sick of the Kristen hate when Rob acts like such a douche and gets away with it.

You know what? I hope Kristen dumps him fast cause she can do better!

loris said...

That girl at the bar was not a fan. She was just taking a pic of a celeb. She went on to insinuate he was gay because he was hanging out mostly with guys. That's not a fan.

If he flipped her the bird - good.
And good for Kristen too. No double standard from me. :)

I love them both.

Jerseygrl4lfe said...

Rose you are so right! If it was Emilie he was at the Charlie with, or holding hands in Paris with, or at KOL concert with or in Budapest with...the hated foam would be spewed all over her. Kristen can't win but the fact that she is who she is and doesn't bow down to fit the kiss azz norm makes me love her more. Oh and remember rob flipping the bird in NYC at the paps. They suck. Greedy filthy bastards. Give them some peace. Don't we get enough pics at promo time? Do we need to see them at their hotel? They have no scruples!

Rose said...

*sniff* "Oh get lost Rose"

Shit. I just got back!!

And being that I've only been back a few hours, I have yet to catch up on all the news of the last few days. So Robert flipped off a fan?
I guess I will have to look into that story. Who knows how 'true' it is...

Blah blah blah.
It's a shame that Rob and Kristen won't behave the way some people want them to.

And still laughing at 'get lost Rose'... on my blog.

God, I missed the laughs.

Anonymous said...

The haters don't get it. If Kristen was a fame whore, she'd conform to the so-called "in" starlet, up and coming crowd. She doesn't. She didn't ask for fame. It came with a part she chose to play. It hasn't changed who she is either. She's still a blue jeans, tshirt, sneakers kinda girl who dresses up for her press conferences in something she finds appropriate, hits the meetings then returns to her real life.

She doesn't need another job, ever. She's wealthy beyond three lifetimes and could just disappear into her own world. Instead, now, as in the beginning, she just wants to tell stories. Not be a celebrity. And when she's doing her own thing, the papz don't belong there, thus the finger.

The paparazzi are are ruthless in their pursuit of celebrities. They get paid for their photos. Why should anyone cooperate with that? THEY don't MAKE Kristen's career a success. KRISTEN does.

She tried having a good time with her friends and colleagues. Without paparazzi. They invaded her space, she flipped em off. Big fucking deal people. Would you want 50 fucking cameras in your face every time you stepped out into the world?

I so love the life she's continued to live. It's so... Kristen. It's why those of us who love her, do so. And why, long after you haters have turned your fangs on the next innocent victim, her true fans and will continue to support her and enjoy her films.

Someday she will marry Rob.
Someday her belly will be swollen with Rob's child. And more children.
Someday you haters will catch on (maybe - if you have any brain capacity at all) that they are in love, in the richest deepest most committed way, the way everyone hopes to feel but it just isn't found by everyone. It's a rare gift. That's why their relationship gets so much attention. That's why when Rob looks at Kristen, it's documented and discussed. How many of you have a man that deeply in love with you? You don't. Otherwise you wouldn't be spewing such hatred on such a beautiful, talented young woman.

By ALL accounts from those who know her, Kristen is sweet, adorable, cool, a fiercely loyal friend, and loved by all who come into contact with her.

So, haters, you sit at your pc. Be lonely. Spew your hatred. Surf the web for something else to twist and distort into your own pathetic perspective. It doesn't effect Kristen. She still has her fantastic family. True friends. And a good man in love with her from the very depths of his being.

A Rob fan. A Kristen fan. If they make it together, great. If they don't I'll still hope nothing but the best for each of them. They're talented artists and I look forward to their work. Without judgment or hate.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Rose!

These people who call themselves Rob fans, but hate Kristen crack me up. Uuuuuummmmmmmmm, if Rob is happy (and he clearly is) then I am happy. SHE MAKES HIM HAPPY! He called her FIERCE, and she is.

I will never, as long as I live, understand what these pathetic, small-minded, delusional chicks think. HE DOES NOT WANT YOU! YOU HAVE NO CHANCE WITH HIM! Get the fuck over it. Let him live his life. Be happy for him.

JFC, the "women" who hate Kristen... you are a disgrace to women. Why all the hate thrown at this 20-year old? Jealously is a bitch, but you are 20-shades of green. Grow the fuck up.

*Sorry for swearing Rose*

Anonymous said...

So, you feel very protective over her. Great. How about some Rob love?
Last time i checked some of nasty kristen fans were drooling over a fake fan story about Rob.
because when there is something negative about Rob it must be true.
They only act like they're so innocent. Please don't be hypocritical.

Deb said...

HEY ROSE IM HAPPY YOUR BACK I hope you had a good time But Im sorry you had to come back to all the SHIT that was left on here I just love ALL the pic of our girl And im sure Rob was glad to see them to I agree whit all you said about our TWO love ones the NUT are really going crazy JUST cant stand the TRUTH can they its always going to be same shit different day.Glade your back I hope you injoy your day ........DEB

Anonymous said...

to 6:29

typical krisbian..

That chick was not even a fan.

So, are we believe everything what we read?

*brb creating a fake fan story about kristen*

Amanda said...

Hi Rose hope you had a great weekend...great post as usual...love the new moniker 'hyenarazzi' it's perfect! LMAO Good gawd I wish people would get over it and leave Kristen the ef alone, but we know that will never happen...at least she is dealing with the crap the best she knows how, and I applaud her for that. I hope that she and Taylor can have a little fun while working and make it back home safely. xoxo

Anonymous said...

to loris
Oh please cut the crap and stop making excuses for Rob the god!

It doesn't matter who the hell she was.
Rob acted like a complete and utter jerk.

Dear Rose, How you can even support Rob after what he did astounds me.

I used to like Rob but now the more I see him and the more I hear from him I like him less everyday.

Anonymous said...

Can you stop talking about Kristen hate? Jeez, this is getting really annoying. We know some people hate her, whatever, lets move on. Just ignore them, why don't you talk about rob hate and leave Kstew alone. Do you want me to send you some twitter accounts that hate on rob everyday so you could follw them and then talk about it? I really really love your blog but the hyenas talk almost everyday is getting annoying.

Anonymous said...

to anon 6:40

'because when there is something negative about Rob it must be true' THIS!

It's so funny how there are people who blatantly hate on Rob...but they're the same ones who get pissed when people hate on Kristen.

This fandom has created some real nutsos. Js.

katy said...

Welkome Back Rose, hope you had a nice weekend.

anon 6:25 I think...maybe you follow the wrong people,I am first a Rob fan...I adore Rob..but I do love kristen and respect her too. I follow also Kristen fans and I don't see any hate towards Rob...and if I did I would unfollow them...so maybe that's what you should do.

You know I stoped going into boards like AT...because I couldn't handle the hate anymore...it made me sick, and when I come into rose Blogs and see the hatters contaminating this beautifaul blog with their vile nonsense, it makes me so angry.

So please don't start with the doublestanders as well...don't you think the hyenas that come in here with all their nonsense is enough alraedy.

soadram said...

Bravo, great post. had already read miss you:)))
Kris is a girl of 20 years but a great woman.
And you are my Rose bafurada of fresh air in this way .. I read so much stupidity here .. that way ...... and as there is no news for Rob .... it's another invention ....
These people should study for inventors, or not, we offend the minds of invention:)
and of course, Rob loves Kris. Kris loves Rob lallalalal :)
Rose loved it:))
Sofy of Portugal

Anonymous said...

to anon 6:51

Come on you can NOT deny, that there are Obsessed kristen fans also, who attack him relentlessly.
They call Rob fans retarded/haters etc cause they are hating on Kristen, but at the same time they're hating on Rob... I actually think they're worse than them cause They're HYPOCRITICAL.

loris said...

Anon @ 7:02

So true. this is the most bizarre thing I have ever seen in any kind of fandom.

imloco2 said...

Another great post. I'm glad your around to just tell it like it is. Somebody needs too.

I feel kind of sorry for both of them because people will not understand what's going on. Which is that they are young and not beaten down yet. They see the injustice every day and are told to go with it cause it's business as usual. But when it's your life that's being violated that's easier said than done. I'm sure they try to not react but every person has a breaking point.

Unfortunately the razzi know this and they live for finding the breaking point. Reaction = more money so there's not much they won't do to provoke a star. If R&K weren't contractually obligated to do publicity for Twilight and didn't have thousands of idiots that call themselves fans going into hysterics every time one of them looks crosseyed at anyone they could handle it much easier. I do think they have good heads on their shoulders. But they are human too.

Of course for the haters, whether they are hating on Rob, Kristen, their fans or any combination thereof, it obviously makes them giddy with spite whenever anything happens they can twist into a plot point for their latest melodrama. Very tiring. And if I'm tired of it all I can only imagine how tired of it Rob and Kris are. Hopefully they figure out a way to cope with the lunacy. And if not, I hope they find a way to bring the razzi to their knees. Young people can do things like that you know. Because they haven't learned to settle.

Me, I just love me some Rob and Kristen and hope they find some happy times at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

to katy

do you want me to send you their twitter accounts?
and please, try checking out some LJ accounts of kristen fans.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but whats with all this crap about the Rob hate being only on the AT boards? Are you fucking kidding me? Check with any Rob fan and you'll find out that there are Rob hater accounts on twitter that have been harassing Rob fans for more than a week. For pete's sake there was a Kristen fan who tweeted TOR telling them Rob was dead. But as usual its no big deal.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, welcome back. I hope you had a nice break. I guess the zoo missed you too. They are all here to greet you with foam and spit flying everywhere,yuk.
Great post as usual,at least you came back with your whip and middle finger salute,you knew you would need it.
Soon Kristen will be back in Rob's waiting arms,can't wait for more goodies from them.They make me happy for them.True love is theirs.
Love and admire you and "YOUR"blog,keep up the truth.MelenaS

Anonymous said...

Oh FFS, knew this fake as shit story about Rob flipping off some skank would come here. Yawn. So where's this elusive pic of him that she snapped? Everyone's been waiting all night and day. Oh I forget,it's in her head.

Anonymous said...

Rose, i love you and your blog but have to say;
kristen fans are just as f up as rob fans, no different use to be but not anymore. and that's the freaking truth.

~ amanda

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah...I LOVE Kristen even more. Way to go girl! AND Rob for flipping off that chick in the bar/cafe (she was NOT a fan, she was a person trying to make a buck and likely did - get the stories straight haters! Then again, people will believe anything negative...losers)

I have seen firsthand what these stalkerazzi are like. In LA they are HUGE vultures looking for any situation they can snap a pic and sell to the highest bidder and, while doing it, will mow down regular everyday people AND they are so RUDE!!

Thanks to GOD I am not a celebrity...I would likely have killed one of them by now if I was - And I only fly into LA three times a year for work-realted things...Now imagine if I had to LIVE there and put up with this shit...

I'm just a normal person walking down the street when these shits come out of the woodwork to snap photos of some actor walking down the street in front of me or getting out of a car near where I happen to be, yet they mow me over to do it, tell me to "get the $#*^ outta the way", oh I could go on...so I am NOT immune to their crap either!

Until you opinionated haters see this crap firsthand or experience it like these celebrities do, SHUT UP about that which you likely know NOTHING about.

I would NEVER want to be in Rob's or Kristen's shoes in this volatile society of paps and their obvious skirting of the laws of privacy.

Anonymous said...

ROSE: I LOVE this blog!

Anonymous said...

UGH. I am so sick and tired of the "his/her fans are worse debate"....Yes, there is crazy on both sides.

This is Rose's blog and if she wants to post about Kristen hate...then she can damn well do that since it's HER blog. You don't like it, don't read here.

I am a Rob fan. I do not like to see any hate directed toward him...But I am more protective over Kristen. Women shouldn't be tearing each other down with so much vile hatred.
My youngest sister is 19 (will be 20 later this year). So she is exactly Kristen's age. I am protective of her. I cannot even begin to imagine if she was in Kristen's place and the attacks she would receive from GROWN women hating on her. I would want to punch these women in the face!

I don't like hate. I would never actively hate on any celeb. It's just not what I would want to do with my time. I am just more protective over girls rather than men that get hated on for EveryLittleThingTheyDo. I don't follow Zac and Vanessa but idiots throwing hate toward Zac doesn't bother me as much as idiots throwing vile hatred at Vanessa just because she's dating Zac. I cannot stand that shit.

Melinda said...

Rose- WELCOME BACK!! We missed you!! What a come back after a long weekend away! That comment from the "anon" telling you to get lost on your own blog made my day!

As for Rob flipping the bird at a "fan", well goes to show that he and Kris are in sync even when they are thousands of miles apart!!! Although I am not even sure of the truth to that tweet.

TWILITE- Great post!!

I've got to give my two cents:

1. Wish Rob was there b/c he does keep her calm I believe. Also he would have deflected a lot the the paps for her (as he ALWAYS does like the great boyfriend he is). He would of also been checking to make sure she was okay (again like he ALWAYS does).



is why Kristen gives the finger.

Who in their right mind welcomes this?

This photo makes me cringe! She is clearly uneasy (as we all would be) and looks like she is about to get trampled.

2. Taylor arrived in Sydney on FRIDAY night so he was able to get a good nights sleep before sight seeing, etc. Kristen on the other hand arrived in Sydney at 6:30 AM Saturday after flying for almost a day. So needless to say she was tired and jet lagged. She only had about a couple of hours before she had to do what was on the "agenda". If I were in her shoes I would have been pretty testy as well.

3. The "Today" newscaster stated that from the time she landed the paps gave her no space to breathe (his words). He also said she is a wildcat and laughed. No doubt in reference to the paps.

4. There is also a video of her walking I believe it's into that wildlife park. A pap went running towards her to take a pic/or to video her I am not sure, and one of her security people actually pushes him away. In the video she is also holding onto the back of John's (her all the time security guy) jacket pretty tightly.

No celeb should have to deal with this!! As for flipping the bird at the paps...well she joins a long list of celebs that have done it as well. As I stated before- I bet that if a hyenas friend got pissed off at someone and gave them the finger they would think it was funny.

Personally I think that pap pics should be illegal. It is intrusive and awful.

5. As for the "reports" that Kristen wouldn't sign autographs. Well Taylor didn't either but why isn't that reported?? And in my opinion she was on "her time" so why does she have to? And there are plenty of celebs who won't give autographs on the red carpet.

She was great at the fan event posing with fans and giving autographs. She got wonderful compliments from the journalists interviewing her saying how great she is, how stunning she is in person, etc. But nope the haters only want to focus on what she was doing during "personal" time.

To ANON 6:23- I really don't think Rose is jealous of Kristen. She adores her. I think you are confusing her with yourself!

As for the rest of the "hate" comments- BLAH, BLAH, BLAH- you keep trying to sell your crap over and over and NO ONE WHO REALLY SUPPORTS ROB AND KRISTEN IS GOING TO BUY IT!

Well that's my two cents! I am sure the foam is going to be spilling over! My umbrella is up and ready!

BTW- haters could you please vote for Rob and Kristen for best kiss for the 2010 MTV movie awards. This way you can make up more crap about them and their real fans can see what they are going to do to top last years best kiss! Thanks so much!!!!

Patricia said...

WELCOME BACK ROSE: We really missed you !

First of all....'Spot on about Kristen' I loved when she flipped them over on her hotel balcony and three times in the boat. "YOU GO GIRL" She doesn't have to put up with all that shit ! Enough already !!!

Now about our GORGEOUS ROB PATTINSON, first of all this story about this fan that took his picture and he flipped her off. HOW DO WE KNOW THIS IS TRUE ??????? WHERE'S THE PICTURE ?????
Let's all use our God given brains with the mag. rags. and twitter messages (made up) to get attention or sell mags.

I made the remark that Kristen has Rob with her, wearing the beanie, necklace, gold ring and black shoelace bracelet they both wear now.


'HYENARAZZI' great new word


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Rob 'story' spread all over the AT(does that surprise anyone?) lmao. First,they wouldn't even identify the bar even though they moved back to Louisiana right after that(!!) They didn't even know who it was (RIGHT) until her friend told her and the story just kept going and going down to Rob telling the bouncer to kick her out. LMAO If nuts believe this, believe the story of Kristen hitting on Russell Brand last summer. As if!lol

Anonymous said...

Oh and the husband was going to kick Rob's ass too. LMFAO

Anonymous said...

Rose, I love you!!

I loved the pic of Kristen flippin' off the paparazzi. Its not like the first time she's done that and it certainly won't be the last.

She won't smile and make nice to the camera to make the haters like her because she's not fake like that... which is why I love her.

Which have you seen the videos of the paparazzi? They are relentless, cruel and scary. I SAY... DEAR KRISTEN, IF I WERE YOU I WOULD BE HAVING THE EXACT SAME REACTION!!!

On another note... I read Water for Elephants and Bel Ami over the long holiday weekend and picked up on the road to start watching. It was very easy to imagine Rob playing Jacob in WFE. And while I have no doubt that he has the acting chops for Bel Ami, I don't see a whole lot of similarity between him and Georges Duroy. Anyone else reading the books?

*Suzy Q*

IF YOU HAD TO DEAL WITH THIS----------> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7pa9XG8GMk
Wouldn't you eventually be flipping someone off??

May said...

ITA,BS is BS,wherever it comes from. Whether its from papz or from haters. I will just say one thing to the nonstens&haters.A fan is not a fan,if they fucking hate their idol`s girlfriend. THE END.

P.S. Dear Rose,you are too damn awesome for words,but you already know that. ;D LOL

Anonymous said...

I actually love that pic of Kristen double birding the paps. I would feel the same if I were her.

My man Johnny Depp has done it---http://tengossip.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/johnnydeppfinger.jpg

Ashton Kutcher just did it on the set of his movie---http://www.imnotobsessed.com/photogallery?nid=71685&fid=98995

Maggie G---http://justjared.buzznet.com/photo-gallery/197341/ramona-sarsgaard-maggie-gyllenhaal-middle-finger-03/

Even Peter F's wife, Jennie Garth, flipped off the paps, with her kids there---http://x17online.com/celebrities/jennie_garth/jennie_garth_flips_us_off-01112010.php

So, to the jackasses, please spare me with ripping apart Kristen for giving the paps the finger. They are bullies and can be very, very aggresive and rude.

Patricia said...

Rose: " Flipping them off" not over I was having a SENIOR MOMENT!
Sorry about that !


Anonymous said...

Oooooh, love the post Rose. Too true. Can't wait to see what's next. Go Rob and Kristen!!

Anonymous said...

To all those calling out Rose for ignoring the Rob hate..I think I love you. Amazing how that always gets overlooked.

As far as Kristen giving the bird...she is in Australia to promote a movie. It's a given that paps are going to be there. The boat ride & zoo visit are all photo ops in PUBLIC places. They happen a million times when promoting movies. Do you really believe the paps just happened to at the docks or that they just happened to be at the zoo? They were planned photo ops. She wasn't on a private vacation. She was working. She was out of line here. And if Rob did this while promoting a movie, I'd call him out on it too.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:06

She was clearly at her hotel room. Her PRIVATE hotel room is not a freakin' photo op.

Anonymous said...

Rob so sorry man. Song for ya. Never Say Never.. The Fray. Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

You know I have come here before and had to laugh at the shit you spew. You guys are so full of yourselves with the Kristen love and I agree 100% with the people that are calling you out for always talking abut Kristen when, what is the name of your blog? Oh yeah PATTINSON INTOXICATION. NOT ROBSTEN INTOXICATION. You might want to change that honey. If you really want to know why people are hating on Kristen right now, it might be because of her blatant use of the word RAPE in her poor pitiful me moment about the papz (which is a price of being a star) The Australian flipping off was just insult to injury because it surely didn't look like she was “viewing a rape” then while smiling and egging on the press. Why don't you go and see how her comments affect people who have actually had to suffer from this horrific crime and don't give me some shit about how she didn't mean it that way because you and I BOTH know she did.

Kristen Stewart: Rape as a Spectator Sport? http://wp.me/pDHeb-z5

While you're at it why don't you see the nice things that Kristen fans have to say about Rob. Make sure to look closely at the pics with threats.

Robstens and Krisbians ~ Wolves in Sheep's Clothing http://wp.me/pDHeb-wS

Love me ~ from one hyena to another

ZivaMJ said...

Dammit Rose, you're my idol!! :D I couldn't express myself better. Your word are mine!!

sfw10sis said...

Welcome back, I have missed the sanity of your posts, being in the fandom this weekend was like being in a insane asylum. I had to keep going inside to check online (my daughter kept rolling her eyes at me as I would excuse myself from family time, lol)for the laugh factor alone. JFC, someone actually told you to get lost from your own blog, are these people for real, a person needed knee-hi boots on to wade through all the sh-t that was being piled this weekend, I guess that answers my question.

To all the hyenas, no matter how much hate you spew at an innocent 20 yr old girl, or the seed of doubt you are so obviously trying to plant about Rob and their relaysh, it's not working, you see we have something going for us that you all don't and thats called sanity, not to mention the truth. Why don't you take what shred of dignity you might have left(if any)and keep to your own sites before all this blows up in your face(and it will)save yourself the embarrasment of having spewed all over decent blogs. Now run along kiddies, the weekend is over, the adults are back now, order and control will be restored, thanks for being entertaining.

Rose, you have a strength that I adore, and a protectiveness of Rob and Kristen thats like that of a mama bear for her cubs, you are the prime exsample of what a real fan should be and I thank you for that. If Rob and Kristen knew of this site, I'm sure they would be very appreciative knowing that there are fans like you out there, who's not trying to tear them down.

I hope you had a relaxing holiday, sorry you had to return to the nasty that went on, but like I said you do have strength, thank goodness, love ya.


Anonymous said...

Rose, thank God your back it has been nothing but craziness since you've been gone...lmao! There are reallly some crazy freakin people out there. Love todays post VERY appropriate. Thanks again Rose.

Anonymous said...

To Nan, you said you've been coming here a long time, and this is Robert Intoxication blog, but if you're "LISTENING" to Rose, she said this is "HER SITE", she can do and say anything she wants. If you want just a Rob blog, goodluck to that, even his most devoted can't stop talking about Kristen! But mind you it's all about their hatred of Kristen though w/c I'm sure you'll be happy about.

Anonymous said...

cant blame the girl for doing what she did to the paps. enough is enough. Next they will be following her into dressing rooms and the ladies room. Do they have any concept of "personal space".

Rose said...

I love when people call themselves Hyenas. I must really strike a nerve.
*maniacal laughter*

Anonymous said...

I see there has been a lot of calamity over the pics of Kstew in Aussie! I don't think it's just about the paps, but more out of total fustration. They are apart and under alot of pressure it's not the best time for them to be away from each other and it shows. Rob is in a crucial movie with big name stars and he's feeling a little intimidated. She on the other hand feels alone. Tay isn't strong enough to lean on and remains a puppet of the studio. I don't think this promo tour will come off as the best and I'm sure Summit will have some harsh words to say to our Kristen and where the HALE is her manager at this time!!!

Anonymous said...

Feel the need to add something more...

Anon 8:06- Could Kristen have handled herself differently? Maybe. She is 20 yrs old. She has some learning to do as we all did in our younger years.
As for the photo ops- the hotel balcony should be private and therefore off limits. She wasn't working at that moment. The zoo and boat ride photos were NOT planned photo ops. If they were the photographers would have been INVITED to take pics. Those pictures that are all over the internet were clearly taken from a distance. The paps taking those photos in my opinion were disrespectful as they took the opportunity to get cheap shots down the front of Kristen's shirt and her cleavage. Respected/respectful photographers wouldn't have done that.

To Nan- since when do celebrities cease to exist as human beings???? Once again pap pics should be illegal. These people SHOULD NOT be able to make a living by harassing/bullying celebs! Look at what happened to Princess Diana. She was hounded by the paps. She was shy/introverted and hated every second of it much like Kristen. So should she have not married Charles b/c she didn't like the intrusion? Same way Kristen should have not gone into acting (like many people like to dredge up over and over again)b/c she doesn't like the intrusion? IMO (and the opinion of lots of others)the paps played a role in Diana's death. Is that the price a celebrity has to pay because they are famous? To me your comment speaks of ignorance.
As for her "rape" comment...to be raped is the worst thing that can happen to someone aside from being murdered. It is vile. What the paps do is vile. I believe she meant that what the paps do to celebs is like being raped which is being stripped of everything you have and you are laid bare. That's how she feels and she is entitled to her opinion just like you are. I worked in sex crimes for my local state attorneys office years ago. I saw stuff you wouldn't believe. Some victims were very scared about prosecuting b/c they were afraid of being "raped" by the justice system. So I believe Kristen when saying the word rape it was not in the literal sense. She probably could of used a different word but she didn't. Such is life. We are not all perfect.

Was she egging on the press? I don't know. She doesn't conduct herself like that in legit press junkets, etc but she has stated she doesn't have a fondness for paps.

If you don't like it sorry but such is life.


Patricia said...


I agree with what you wrote. Enough is enough already.
I have heard the vile remarks the paps have made to Robert(in videos) ( about his dick, about fucking Kristen terrible low class remarks , just to get a rise out of him. They took the picture of Kristen showing her 'girls' also crossing the line. They would get any picture that would bring them a lot of money and both Rob and Kristen know that. That's why there is NO PDA.



The last time I looked it was Rose's Blog and she may post whatever she wants. Please feel free to get your own blog if you disagree with what she post.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but she gave the paps everything they wanted by flipping them off. They are laughing all the way to the bank. Do you know how much money they earned off of that? Her rape comment was offensive and she deserves every bit of shit she receives. As would Rob,if he said the same thing.

She doesn't go to Australia that often so of course the paps are gonna photograph her and of course her fans are gonna want to meet her and ask for autographs. But instead of being nice and gracious she decided to curse them out and run away. Its funny how she was all smiles when she left LA and when she arrives in Aus, the first thing she does is flip people off. What did the Australian paps do? This to my knowledge is the first time she's been since being famous. Bigger celebrities have it worse with paps and you'll never see them complain.

She was there on business, Summit flew her out there to promote the movie. No matter how she was photographed, news stories would've noted the fact that she was there to promote Eclipse. Her flipping people off gives off negativity. So that means both Summit and their movie will get negative press. Imagine a young girl who wants to go see Eclipse, if her parents find out how Kristen is behaving, than she's out of luck. I've already heard from an Aussie parent who is outraged by her recent behavior.

She is not gonna be liked by all...GET OVER IT. Rob won't be like by all either. Why is Kristen so special she can't be criticized? People like you are the reason she thinks her shit don't stink. Maybe if she came back down to earth and started acting like a decent person,maybe she wouldn't get that much shit.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you! Shit i was so pissed off at how they've been treating her, at least one of the networks over here (channel 9) actually pointed out that of course she's going to flip people off, they don't know the vile things the paparazzi are yelling at her in order to get a rise out of her, THANK-YOU Richard Wilkins!

Anonymous said...

Out of all the times we've seen her caught out with paps saying these vile things, she never once flipped them off. But when they are far away and aren't all in her face talking shit, she flips them off. Why not do it too there face?

Also, remember she said that if people ask her if she's dating Rob(or Taylor) she'd tell them to "fuck off". She has yet to do it. She's all talk...

Rose said...

CLlove 10:49

I don't believe either Rob or Kristen are perfect and can do no wrong. They are both flawed human beings. I also don't agree with everything that they say or do.
Was the rape comment appropriate?
No. It was an unfortunate choice of words.And I do believe I talked about that in a previous post.

As for the flipping people off? What a trivial thing to get worked up about... unless of course...
You are just looking for reasons to hate on Kristen.
You can't please all the people all the time.
You can't even please some of the people some of the time.
You can only do the best that you are capable of doing.
That goes for you... and for me.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a hard time understanding how such an 'intelligent' girl can flip off the papps when she sits in interviews and hints at 'affectionate' pictures with Robert and her cat? Or randomly sets her Kindle down for the world to see (read) that she's reading Bel Ami? OR...confesses to not wanting to 'cheapen' a relationship by talking about it...while still answering the question of talking about it...

I smell famewhore...

See the irony here folks?

Kristen's two middle fingers aren't aimed at the papps...they're aimed AT YOU. AND YOUR QUESTIONS. The fiending...Those who applaud this kind of behavior...With your dreams of marriage and 'swollen bellies'...*scary*

I would also like to point out that this post proclaims, 'You hate on Kristen because she's with Rob!', 'If it were any other GIRL you would FOAM and hate her too!'


Because by all accounts, it would seem that KRISTEN is hating. And FOAMING. And lashing out. Not me so much, the commenter. And for sure, not YOU, the blogger. The difference? YOU accept this behavior. I don't. Regardless of who she is with...

I don't find this kind of behavior 'fierce' or 'cool' or 'adolescent' (she's only 20 *boo hoo*) I find it rude. And offensive. And immature for someone who has seen the ins and outs of Hollywood.

And most definitely out of character for someone who aspires to bring 'Bella' to life...in real life. Cuz, that's what you want isn't it? 'Edward' (Rob) and 'Bella' (Kristen) to bring this thing to life? Undying love? A relationship to end all relationships? The happily ever after, kids and all that jazz? Just hidden behind clue's that they drop for you to decode?

Good luck.

Because if she won't say 'who' now? I guess you'll all be guessing when she's barefoot and pregnant flipping off papps in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

She was on her hotel balcony in her 'private' space? And she got angry at the papps and flipped them off?


Why didn't she do that when her and Rob were being papped on the the balcony smoking in L.A.?

Just a thought...

Fanny said...

Nice to see you back Rose :)
It is getting crazier and crazier in this fandom isn't it. And I too can't wait for the next few weeks...

What annoys me the most would be the 'double standard' complaints. God, both get their share of hate, people stop comparing Rob's and Kristen's respective levels of hate. It's getting annoying.

As for Kristen and maybe Robert flipping some papz or some girl the bird, I'd say good for them. I even love it. And who cares if the girl's a fan or not, IF true, she invaded his private moment, she stole of pic out of him, he got mad, he had to right to be imo. And if that's the only way they're able to vent and express their anger of being stalked, go for it. Hell, they're not the first celebs doing that and they won't be the last. Lost was my last fandom and I remember pics of Evangeline Lilly flipping the papz too, I loved it too. Relax people, don't be so judgmental!

Oh and... I could swear a few hours ago before I went to sleep, you couldn't post as 'anon', you had to log in... and now you can. Did I imagine that????

Rose said...

Um. Some of these comments are downright SCARY!!!!
Rob and Kristen have fascinating fans.
If fascinating makes your skin crawl and you run away screaming.

Good fucking grief.

Yes, I turned off the ANON comments for a little bit while I was away...
But now that I'm back I turned them back on...
The better to track the crazies! ;)

Lisa said...

Rose, I hope you enjoyed your get away. The shit was/is crazy! Glad you're back.

First, there is NO proof Rob flipped off that girl! WHERE is the pic she took? She posted straight away on twitter. So seems awfully fishy she wouldn't have posted the pic. IF he did, maybe she should have ASKED HIM if she could take his pic! She was also not a fan saying "I took it for my cousin, if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't even know who he was" Anyway, take it with a grain of salt.

As for KS. Could she have handled it better? Of course. BUT, she's young. She's head strong, stubborn and "fierce" :) Poor thing is hounded relentlessly! Of course she's gonna break once in a while. And we have no idea what they were yelling at her then. Don't like it, don't look! (many other stars, MUCH older have done it as pointed out)

@6:29:00 PM, 6:49 don't like Rose's blog, don't like Rob anymore? Leave PATTIONSON Intoxicatioin.. EASY How DARE any of you come to Rose's blog and tell HER what to say? It's unbelievable!!!!

@Suzy Q, I loved WFE and can easily see Rob as Jabob! Bel-Ami was a bit rough first half, but loved the second half. Can't wait to see Rob in that roll. I don't think of him in a bad boy kind of way, but I am looking forward to it! :) I'm also reading On the Road now.

@7:44 excellent examples. ALL MUCH older then KS. (Hope the Kristen haters looked at those)


@Patty, gosh, I've never seen any video of papz asking Rob such things. How awful!! :(

Good morning Louisa.. I know you'll be here soon and I'm going to bed! LOL

@12:13:00 AM don't like it? Don't look! And NO, I don't want Edward & Bella to bring it to real life. Rob & Kris ARE NOT E & B. I don't care if they're together or not. But it's obvious they ARE together, so I support them. ALWAYS. And you trying to convince us that Kris is really flipping us off? REALLY? I don't think you'll get many takers on that one.. But enjoy trying.

amanda said...

I heard that the paps were asking her really invasive questions when she flipped them off..
I agree she could have used a better word other than 'rape' in her interview, even though I understand what she was trying to get across, it was a poor choice of words. But the flipping off the paps? No way. Rob has done it before. I don't think there was anything wrong with it (personally) It was directed at the paps. But I think both Rob and Kristen fans have double standards. If Rob did it, to Rob fans 'obviously he was provoked!' and in some cases, vice versa.
I don't understand why people come here telling Rose what to write. Why not make your own blog? Or why not stop looking for the hate? People say 'so and so's twitter or LJ hates Rob'. I wouldn't go back then.:/ It's like people try to find Rob hate to make the Kristen hate okay, IMO it's wrong and weird to hate on anybody you don't know..

sollee said...

yup.. i know rob and kristen are good people, sweet, and caring..i just love them..the papz should follow protocol in getting news on stars..

Anonymous said...

I really don't care if Kristen flipped off the paps. I don't care if Rob does it either. Or Johnny Depp. Or Brad Pitt. Or Maggie Gyllenhaal. Or Ashton Kutcher. Or Anne Hathaway. Or Evangeline Lilly. Or Shia LaBeouf. Or Michelle Williams. Or Peter Facinelli and his wife.

It doesn't make me think any less of these people as human beings. To judge any of them so harshly for having a bad reaction to paps bothering them kinda boggles my mind a bit. I mean, really...they flip the bird and all of a sudden they're bad people? Sorry. No. Just no. Some people can disagree with what Kristen did or be disappointed, that's fine and dandy. But all-out-hate? I think it's so uncalled for. As I said, I really don't care that she did it. At all. Life rolls on.

I think "certain" people are just using it to hate on Kristen. They're using it as justification. If she was all smiles and waving, then they would find fault with that. Kristen has never shown herself to love paps taking photos of her. Rob and Kristen have been pap'd before without them being aware of it but when they realize it, they are not happy. Or times when they walk out of places and are bombarded by the paps. Sometimes they have reacted and sometimes not. If they don't react, that doesn't mean that they were okay with the paps invading their personal space.

Anonymous said...

My favorite picture of a celeb giving the finger--- is of Tom Hanks.
He was so pissed at the paps.
And I remember Heath Ledger standing outside his hotel balcony (I think Michelle was with him) and he was giving the finger to the paps while holding a sign that said "Fuck Off"....
He was one of my favorite actors.

catrina said...

just checking out your blog, but of course i won`t come back, it`s boring. i thought it was about rob and not about your frustration. how can you seriously believe that what you are writing has any weight or would leave even the tiniest scratch on the haters´opinions? sounds nothing but like you`re having the incredible need to share your ridiculous problems.

Anonymous said...

Rose, Welcome back!~ Miss you so much!!~

Twilite@6:39, GREAT!!~ I agree with your every single word.

Melinda@7:27 & 10:30, well said too~~

The craziness and insanity in these days drove me mad, seriously. I'm so sad and frustrated to see the endless hate on Kristen. What did Kristen do? Murder or something?! I agree Kristen could handle it better and maybe unwise to give the paps what they want. But I don't blame her cuz I deeply sympathize with what she has experienced since the past two years, continous bashing from haters, intrusion from paps... Both her public and private lives are under scrutiny. Even she is a public figure, she deserves some private time and normalcy. I also hope Rob was there to protect her & calm her down.

I recommend a vedio to you all true fans of Robsten. This vedio is heartwarming~~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kTsYxmutZ0&feature=player_embedded
Really need it at this difficult moment.

Also, I was pissed off by some mean people who asked Kristen to quit acting. IDIOTIC & CRAZY!!~ If Krsiten couldn't stand all this shit and did quit one day. It will be our great lost! "Kristen is the best actress of our generation". Remember Rob's comment, huh? Everyone who worked with Kristen praised her. I could show the haters dozens of interviews from kristen's co-stars and film directors.

I don't get it people, really!!~ What is the fun to torture and insult a promising and talented young actress who just love acting, not chasing for spotlight and unwilling to fit in set standard?

Sorry for a bit long reply and spilling my anger. But I think you can undersatnd Rose. Love you & your blog.

From Asia,

Deb said...

frist of all melinda right on LOVE,LOVE what you had to say and to Clove what the HELL are you talking about????Im sure you DONT KNOW what its like to be reaped and what I SAW in some of the pic they where taking pic down her shirt (AT HER BOOBS) now do you think thats ok IF so I hope you dont have any daughters Lisa I love what you had to say HO MY GOD to think that she and Rob would flip some one off hahahaha my son said if it was him he would pulled down his pants and said KISS MY ASS come on tell me if you had some ass hole in your face 24/7 you wouldnt be pissed if not YOUR A LIER. SO all you people out there who think YOU are SOoooo perfect. stop and think what would you do?SO next time you see ROB or KRISTEN do some thing you dont like WALK in there shoes for one day with all the nuts out there. DEB.

Anonymous said...

oops~ typo for my comment@4:01, its "loss" not "lost"...

Easy to make typo when you are in a bad mood. haha

Monica fr Asia

Anonymous said...

In a new interview for Seventeen magazine *translated*, Rob said "a gesture is worth more than a word" when asked if he's in a relationship with Kristen. Which I thought was pretty telling. I think he's basically saying obviously, but we aren't talking about it.

Anonymous said...

If I were Kristen I would flip them of too, poor girl just got off a 13 hour flight and wanted a tobacco hit. Shit I totally get why she was so pissed off. I still fail to understand why everyone is hating on her so much.

- Lia

Amanda said...

I’m from Brazil but I read your blog every day, and I just want to say that you are BRILIANT!! Really….keep writing like this, you make me feel better about the hyenas every time…..thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

They're hating on her because she and Rob are a "WE"!
Also because they refuse to talk about it no matter how many different ways the question is phrased.

If anyone is looking for KS to conform, good luck and you've got a very long wait.

Also, if KS and TL were photo-opping at either the boat ride or the zoo, the paps and outlets would have been invited and pictures with staff and those so cute animals would have been everywhere.
They obviously arrived in OZ early to try and take in some sites before the promo interviews began. It was a short visit afterall.

Every single report I've read from people who've interviewed KS from the media outlets said she was lovely
to talk to and people at the red carpet and Q&A said the very same.

Leave the young woman alone!
The paps today are vile! They got the two fingered bird flip - Good! They deserve not to exist at all!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rose for another excellent blog and welcome back Ive missed reading your blog the past few days!!! Again you say exactly what I think lol Rob and Kristen are so obviously together I just dont understand why people dont get that...you only gotta see them together!! Mandy UK Wales

Anggie said...

Hi Rose, I missed you a lot.Hope you have a lovely vacation.
I just want to throw something in my chest, this is my 2nd post.
To Anon653
Did Kristen throw a rock to Rob? NO.
Did Kristen attack Rob ? HELL NO.
So why you blame Kristen? Kristen got nothing to do with that.
Who made Kristen's Fans? I don't think Kristen made a fans site/club on/for her own.So why you all blame Kristen or Rose or us that love Kristen for that.
I haven't read a bad thing about Rob really. Not A Single Word. The facts are I always read awful thing about Kristen on AT, on yahoo's box office Movies comment when it got Kristen picts etc etc.I didn't know her back then.
The truth are Kristen is adorable, she loves her friends,defend them with her own body if she could, if u were nice she were too, she could tell u few jokes that could make u LOL,she's a good cook,she's smart,she's not hypocrite,she speaks her mind and heart.
People that had worked with her, always say good thing about her.If you know her you'll love her for that too.Please Don't judge someone by the book.
And for ROB, well he's a gorgeous man alive in his era.Rob is a good,funny,kind person. I love Kristen more than I love Rob, but I doesn't have to hate him or make a shitty comment about him. ROB makes Kristen Happy Kristen makes Rob happy. And I as a fan love them even more also happy with them.
Being a truly Fans you support all their movies, not their private live (meaning their love life)
Rose I saw the pict of the papz, They weren't know manners, if I saw them I remembered Princess Diana...
Well that's all Rose, again well said and great post. LOVE YOU ROSE

vanlicous said...

Kristen Stewart flipped the bird against Paps...oh my God...can someone call the police...lol

THIS is only funny. Sorry, I know, I know, I should take it serious, but you know what?....I CAN'T. And if she would be my daugther in that situation - and believe me I'm old enough - I would say "Well done" :)

Rose, welcome back, I hope you enjoyed your trip. Welcome back - not to the hate, but to a lot of nice new pics and great interviews happend in the last couple of days :) <3

maja said...

to everybody who doesn`t understand why people dislike her:
i don`t hate her, i don`t even know her. when i saw twilight by coincidence i really liked her, i thought she was cute, while my friends said she`s having a weird mouth, but thats just mean.
i liked her, then she smoked pot in public, and i didn`t like her so much any more. nothing against pot, just don`t do it in public.
then after the comment on the dvd liked her again, until new moon came out, and her piggy-screaming and unchanging face annoyed me the whole movie long, i didn`t feel any emotion from the book which i loved and i started to appreciate her less as an actress. i still vote for new moon but did not enjoy her performance, out of a group of eight three didn`t like it and five didn`t care, even the guys didn`t care about her.
but i really wanted to like her, and after oprah i thought wow, maybe she is nicer when she feels comfi, but after the flaunt interview i am done with her. what she has to say is so annoying, i wished she would do something else since this is part of the work she has chosen. the papparazzi are horrible, but there are others having a hard time too, and noone whines about it like she does. i tried to like her, i really did, but whenever she opens her mouth i feel stressed out about what she has to say. almost all negativ and complaining all the time. the only thing i give her credit for is seeing the potential in the almighty robert pattinson.
why can`t she be nicer???? i still want to like her.
i wished she had emilys happy personality or basically any other personality would work, just not her own. so who can give me advice on how to like her again?
oh wait, by now i do wish bad things to happen to her, so i guess it`s too late.

Anggie said...

O yeah I want to add something
Did you ever heard Kristen talk shitty thing about Rob?
Did you ever heard Rob talk shitty thing about Kristen?
So why hate them and talk shitty here.
If you guys (nonsten,krisbian or whatever) wanted to talk shitty just make your own blog like RobnKrisshittycommentintoxication.blog
There you made your own fandom,war field, shitty talk to each other(nonstentokrisbiantononsten or whatever).

Olivia said...

Rose, so glad you are back safe and sound from your long weekend at the beautiful lake.

The anger and vitriolic comments about Kristen in Oz are so sad and pathetic. Walk away and let it be if it upsets you so much. As several have already mentioned, she is not the first to flip it at the intruders. Life went on for them as it will for her.

Love the new word - hyenarazzi- : )
Should be a new one for the Urban Dictionary.

@ Suzy Q - Yes, BA, and WFE are both excellent reads. I have passed them on to several friends who have enjoyed them immensely. Always love reading the book first, then seeing the movie.
Also, when it comes out, I will be gifting and passing around RM to the uninitiated to Rob's talent beyond the Twi series. That movie really spoke volumes to me; the message, the acting, the commitment that Rob had in sticking with seeing the movie come to fruition. It is one of my favorites.

@ Fanny - I'm a fellow Lostie, and it was an amazing 6 years. I will so miss that series. ( If you saw RM, do you think that the having dessert first due to a possible ""meterorite strike" line in the movie, delivered by Emily, had any connection to the meterorite hitting Hurley's chicken restaurant? )

@7:44 - Johnny Depp - my other guilty pleasure. I can thoroughly see Rob following in his path by selecting a wide variety of roles.

Love the pic montage of Kristen from the mag shoot.

Rose, hugs to you. Again, glad you are back.

Anonymous said...

Rose keeps saying that what is coming will be amazing, I have yet to see the so called "amazing summer" is anything but amazing. It's been a month and we had our share of great Rob sightings doing normal stuff around L.A, working, going out with friends, shopping, etc. I have yet to see a VALID sighting of "robsten" together. The only who reported the ritz-laguna beside the FB guy was Ted. Not one of the tabloids, or magazine or bloggers talked about it. You'll think that considering how "hot" they are right now, everyone should be jumping at any sighitng of them together. Maybe they didn't report it cuz it never happened? lol
Shippers I know you try hard but Rob is not making a fuzz of being seen out and around L.A, he is not hiding. Wonder why they can't catch him with Kristen? lol
I can't wait for the Mtv Movie awards either, a great oportunity for Rob to have a good time at the after parties :)

KPattz said...

Rose,baby,i'm glad you're back.The last couple of days your blog was a war zone.I guess it was full moon and the lunatics got out of control.More than usual.

I'm from those who don't approve moves like what Kristen did.It was no classy and she's better than that.I think she got really pissed off.But the point is that Aussie reporters adored her and said only great stuff about her.Aussie fans,too.Her interviews with Taylor were relaxed and funny.
I'm really proud of her!

cookie said...

If Rob flipped a "fan",then i'm happy for him.Probably that idiot girl deserved it.There's a word called RESPECT.Some people haven't heard of that.They think that you can take the photo of some celb,any time any place and post a crappy story the way they want.

Go,Rob,baby.Flip the bird to the hyenas first and most!lol

Anonymous said...

Kristen Stewart is not just playing the most romantic role of the moment in Hollywood, Bella's character. She's dating her incredibly handsome co-star and also, they do their best to keep it pri-va-te.

This is putting a huge amount of pressure on them because the role + dating + keep it private = Lots of paparazzi going after them.

Papparazi can be rude and provocative, but if you cannot control yourself, you'll sink to the same paparazzi level.

Flipping paps off is actually what they want, it's the controversy pic, it's what they get paid for.

You have to be smarter than them not to fall in their trap, otherwise, if they realize they can provoke you, they'll go after you like a swarm of flies. It's a matter of money.

It'll be like this till the Saga is over.

Anonymous said...


I, sometimes, feel like you about Kristen. Her acting skills are good, but God, in New moon her face didn't change at all, even after Edward came back to her life, she still looked depressed.

I love her when she's smart, genuine, lovely, but being authentic doesn't mean you have to be rude and complain about negative things that sorround her life such as media and paps. We all have negative things in life, but if you keep complaining, you just get bitter and obssesed.

The media is something that goes along inevitably with her job. That's the way it is and complainning will not take the pressure off her. Maybe the opposite. Tha's all she'll get.

Anonymous said...

To Maja@9:46, that's okay for you to dislike her. It's fine then. I always think that Kristen is kinda girl you either love her or hate her. Of course, I'm on the love team. If you prefer candy-like girl, then go ahead. There is a bunch of those.

Kristen is who she is. She is not going to change for pleasing everyone. She is a self-assuring girl with strong sense of dignity, always speaking her mind and heart, taking things seriously. You feel annoyed for watching her interviews? All I see is Kristen trying to share her genuine feeling and talk honestly. Don't you appreciate that? Or all you want is just some shallow fake answers?

And, above all, what I admire Kristen most is her passion towards acting (like I've said this a thousand times)!~ I respect her so much for that. I feel her passion from the fims she made and from interviews regarding her projects. Every time she talked about her movies, she gave inetrviewers some in-depth answers on how she analyzed the character of a role, how she got into the character, how she played it, etc. I saw SPARKS in her eyes when she talked about her projects. WHAT IS THIS? This is PROFESSIONALISM and PASSION!!~

Her performance may not be great in Twilight. But please watch Speak, The Cake Eaters, Into the Wild, Adventureland, Runawys and Welcome to the Rileys (when it is out). GREAT performance for all!
I think I'm kinda exceptional since I do not love her beacause of Twilight. It's the other way around, I like Twilight because I am attracted by this girl, a charming & fine fine actress.

Maja, I don't care if you buy my points or not. All I want is to share some views with you (you demanded it first). I guess I have no way to convince you. I undersatnd people are so diverse and there must be some kind of person in the world you like or dislike. That's really fine. But please don't make judgements so easily and respect people who have personalities that aren't fit in your ideal type.

Monica from Asia

Jenny said...

This is my first time commenting here, but I wanted to ask if anyone saw the video and pictures of them leaving Sydney? Poor Kristen looked like she was ready to bawl and was so intimidated. That really doesn't sound like someone looking to receive any "special" attention. I almost cried as soon as I saw those horrible pictures and the situation she's in :( I can totally understand her flipping them off when she was being hassled as she arrived, but upon departure I wish she could've beaten down those ignorant paps-- hopefully anyone who bashed her initial reaction to the paps on the balcony will see those pics and change their minds! I wouldn't wish that kind of scrutiny on my worst enemy!!!

Barbara Fenwick said...

I adore your blog Rose. I agree with everything you said. I feel proud of Kris for standing up for herself, and we have no idea what the paps were shouting at her, so we shouldn't judge. As for Rob, I have a strong feeling he did what he did to take some of the hear off Kris. Don't judge people until you walk in their shoes. Also don't hate simply because Rob fell in love with her...honor his choice.

Anonymous said...

i smell something fishy somewhere. please do not try to split-up the fandom by making it look like it's all about kristen. You read more about kristen because, there's too much trashing and hating on her.
we love BOTH. They can't be apart.kristen is being defended here on behalf of rob. if he could just punch all the kstew haters in their face, IM SURE HE WILL DO THAT!
So all you out there who claim to be robert's fans but dislike kristen, ITS PURE JEALOUSY. REST YOUR CASE (for now).
Wait til they split up. If they ever will. heheheeh. After two babies maybe.