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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Friday, May 14, 2010

Robert and Kristen - The Look of Love

A lot of stuff happened  yesterday.

1. Robert's 24th Birthday.
2. The Twilight Trinity were on Oprah.
3. People talking about fights
and vacations.

Excuse me a moment...
But I've been cleaning the foam off my blog
If you don't get to it right away...
It gets hard and crusty.
(kinda like those who spew it)

Let's talk about Oprah first.
Rob, Kristen and Taylor were wonderful.
Sweet. Lovely.
Robert and Kristen seemed totally connected
I loved the whole thing...
and there were a few clips from Eclipse that 
were shown for the first time.

Kristen looked gorgeous.
(Notice the necklace?)
She was all smiley and sweet.
Robert... well...
Beautiful as always.
And he was charming and witty...
Especially when he went knocking on doors
of complete strangers.
3 houses.
I'm telling you...
The mothers in 2 of those houses were more excited
than their daughters were.
"You're SO HOT!!"
And they kept jumping up and down and screaming.

Oprah had a couple of extra scenes from the movie...
One was where an angry Edward and Jacob almost
come to blows while Bella tries to stop them.
Angry Possessive Edward.
Why is that so damn appealing?
I don't know.
But I watched that clip a zillion times.
plus one.

Now to the ugly.
You knew it would happen.
But I'm telling you...
The closer Rob and Kristen get...
When it is even OBVIOUS to the most 
distraught hater
that they are together...
Shit gets angry.
They will bark and bite at anything.
So prepare yourself for a foamy summer

So... OK.
Lainey wrote a piece on her site about
Rob and Kristen supposedly having a spat.
Rob and Kristen got over it.
But to cap it off? 
She wrote this...

"you’ll want to jizz yourselves over this:
Stewart and Pattinson have been on holiday together."

Well... the reaction was immediate.
I mean... within minutes
I was laughing my ass off on Twitter.
I can't help it.
The reaction to drama is way more
entertaining than the actual 'drama'.

But then what happened?
Well, the director of 
"Water for Elephants"
tweeted this...

@Hibbits: Just rehearsed under the big top with
Marlena, Jacob, August and Rosie. Great to see everyone together.

Where does that leave us?

Same place we always were...
With the grains of salt at the ready

1. Lainey said Rob and Kristen had an argument on set.
That's not big news.
Hell... it's not really news at all.
I heard that weeks ago.
But the screeching and whining because of that?
I mean seriously folks...
IF it is true... So what?
Everyone has spats with their loved ones.
Robert and Kristen are human.
And since they are a couple...
You expect them to behave as such
Which means they will occasionally argue.
It's pretty obvious they got over it quickly
since they had the usual amazing chemistry as always
On Oprah.

2. Lainey also stated that Stewart and Pattinson
'have been' on vacation together.
Since the direct of WFE tweeted about Jacob...
And Robert plays Jacob...
It sounds like the vacation is over.
Since Robert and Kristen had about a week off...
They could have gone somewhere to vacation.
Or Lainey could be full of shit.
Either way...
I can almost guarantee that they are together
Every night.
How can I do that?
Because when two people want to be with
each other, that's what they do.
Where the hell do you think they have been?
Vacation or no...
They have been

And thing is...
They are going to be together all summer...
Promoting Eclipse...
Hanging out...
Even if they are working
You know they will find time for each other.
Kristen flew all the way to Budapest to be with Robert...
What does that tell you?

Well it tells me that you might as well
get fucking USED to it.
And soon.
In acceptance you shall find Peace.

Bye for now


deejon67 said...

They are Happy and Together. The Sweater Kristen wore was from Burberry Fashion show she went to in London. Great Blog Rose.

Anonymous said...

LOve it, Rose! Love your sane arguments, and how you laugh at the ridiculous drama in this Fandom. A new day, a new story, a new reason to either laugh or be laughed at.

I look forward to your posts because you are a genious with words and wit. Thank you!

And of course, Rob and Kristen are TOGETHER, now, always. So happy for them both! Oprah was EPIC and haters will hate, no matter what. Keep the love coming, Rose! You rock, girl.

soadram said...

I agree with every word that you wrote this post.Continuo to say that not only sees who does not want to see, or feel like it or not you are the contra.Rob and Kris are together, have chemistry off the screen within the screen in any hand, need not confirm anything, if you are dating or not. it only relates to two of them.
But it is with every thing you read on the net .... I think people like to say bad and worse and worse but these do not interest me at all.
Rosa grand post as always
Have a Good day

Anonymous said...

Hello Rose. First time commenter Long time reader. I was thinking maybe if you (we) do not acknowledge the hate and anger it will just go away. I'm sure its easier said than done because I know deep down you just want to tell them all to "F" off. But, maybe if we just ignore it..IT will go away. Misery loves company.

Lula! said...

I watched Oprah with my 8 year old...she had 2 things to say about the program. (Well, 3, but I won't get into what she said about the TwiMoms. Because she WENT THERE, but that's another story for another time...)

1. "Mommy, was Robert joking about her being pregnant? 'Cause she's too young to be pregnant!"
(From the mouths of babes.)


2. "I like them better than Edward and Bella."

I asked her to explain that--as she's only seen Twilight, not New Moon, and has not read the books--hello, she's 8. And I'm not a TwiMom. Ahem. Her reply? "I dunno. I just like them better as a couple than I do when they play Edward and Bella. They're funnier. And she's prettier."

I will add no more to that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose...

I am Rob fan first, i like kstew too. Glad they're together and if they ever went their separate ways I would still like them both. Am I a freak of nature? Well, I think i am. I dont know Rose...
I'm really sick of all this "Kristen is stronger is Rob, Rob is a P-ssy, Kristens amazing and Rob is a loser' comments... Lately, i read them a lot. I hate when they act like it's a competition between them. and they call themselves robsten fan! Please give me a break.
They were bashing him even his birthday!
I mainly visit this blog and AT boards and I really do hate how on here/ted's board Rob is made into some weak boy and kristen is made into his strong queen. Rob doesn't need all the shite thrown at him from kristen fans. There's been more hatred for Rob on here/AT boards/twitter the last a few months than there ever was for Kristen... Seriously I can't imagine how any Rob fan can tolerate it. I like Kristen too but this f-cking whole demeaning of Rob has got to stop!
I think Rob&Kris are very supportive of each others, so why can't we?

Anonymous said...

You always make me smile Rose and I love watching some loonies chase their tails. Arguments, ha its a normal part of married life, and these two act like such without the bands, they are way beyond the dating pfft part and are seriously in tune with each other. The little glances those dreamy eyes and the fierceness to protect what is theirs. For those of us in normal relationships we can see what these two have and if its meant to be it will be. Whatever its compelling viewing tweets and reports its only just beginning. I hope you have plenty of cleaning equipment Rose some just can't see whats blatantly obvious.

RPaddict said...

Wow what a wonderful R/K day it was yesteday. I had so much fun watching Oprah and the new Eclipse spots. My favorite being pissed off Edward.Just HOT!

My love for Rob is unwavering and he was just as adorkable as ever.
Then there's Kristen,she is so beautiful inside and out. She seemed to me to be very happy and quietly supportive of Rob.(The pat on his back)=)
I wish people could see past the blood red haze that seems to veil they're eyes when it comes to her, and anything she says or does.

I always feel the need to defend her, because I know what it's like to care so much, and have people misunderstand, or even twist words and actions.

Then I tell myself, she has Rob,and many fans that do support and love her, a great career ahead of her,and tremendous talent.

So screw the rest.

Rose love your blog and your common sense.

honey said...

Dear Rose,
every time I can, I come here to read your beautiful words. Robsten were amazing yesterday on Oprah and they made my day definitely..<3 Well, I wanna say..I can't bare hyeans anymore..or well...I can because they're so pathetic that just make me laugh :) But I mean..what do they want?! Their foam is everywhere ..XD and they're becoming more and more pathetic, yeah, that's just the right word for them: pathetic.. XD On your blog they keep on foaming, cooking up the most incredible, stupid stories, which they don't even believe to XD cause they know very very well that Rob&Kris deeply love each other, that's what they just can't accept. Robsten are showing what they feel to the world, without hiding anything. They just try to protect a so great feeling, born so immediately, something so strong made up of passion, and comprehension and support..full of magic! The love which link one to another is just so great..and hyeans know that, that's why they do not want to accept it.. but I mean: just get a life! your words fll of anger hyeans won't change the things at all, really! RobertLovesKristenLovesRobert and it will be so for a loooooong time <3
Rob at Oprah was enchanted by his girl..so naturally amazed by Kris's shyness and beauty, and her..well..she was proud once more of her Brit guy! True love does not need words..and they make facts, that's all! A long, beautiful summer is ahead so..pooor hyeans...you had better accept the truth so you would stop screaming and foaming once for all...cry, cry, cry..and we and Robsten smileeeeee!
Love Rose, Love Robsten and love u all guys, who can enjoy and be happy for two people so madly in love with each other...!Haters to the left :)))
PS: To the hyena who write pretending to be everytime a different person...stop, please XD I'm telling this for you, cause I think almost everyone here has understood that it's always you, on this blog, saying the same silly things... just get a life avoiding to spend all your sad, day before your computer just to say bad things about two people who love each other and don't even know about your existence and they never will.. Let Robsten make love in peace, I mean...!!!!! XDDDDD

linzy said...

ah Rose, you really hit the nail on the head today... multiple times :)

i don't have much substance to contribute to the conversation because i'm still totally blissed out over the amazing-ness of yesterday <333

the oprah inty gave us so many awesome looks, comments, slips, giggles, and even a growl from K (how CUTE was that?!). if there's anyone who can't appreciate how great that was, then i'm very sorry you. those of us who can are basking in the glow and flying high. ;)

happy to see that Robert & Kristen were able to stay out of the eyes of the public on his birthday. they deserve the normalcy!

Anonymous said...

Laney is not the biggest Rob fan, remember
the article the girls and her boyfriends after the HW Vanity fair when she was saying she hopes that Kristens taste in men will evolve? So if she says the fight was nothing and they are happy together it really tells something. And she is from VC and sure she has good sources what is going on on set. And Laney is not an idiot she knows as everyone else that Rob is in preproduction of WfE and that filming starts in a week. My impression
when I read they have been on holiday together, planning it for month, keep location secret, private getaway on their own was not an exotic holiday, but spending time off in their own place (or places), hence love nest, where no one can find them.

Patricia said...

Hi Rose: It WAS a crazy day yesterday ! I loved seeing Rob and Kristen sitting next to each other. Rob is so (in love with her) He wears his feelings on his sleeve and his GORGEOUS FACE ! I love him more every time I see him (just as Rob) and not the part he's playing. Kristen is beautiful and her necklace peeked out a few times. I loved what she said about "how important things are to her." She's very deep.

I also loved angry Edward and I think a little bit of Rob played out in that scene. I think the tent scene must have been hard on him with Taylor saying that was his favorite part "spooning Bella" and the tent scene.

I can watch the two of them all day. I love Rob and Rob loves Kristen and Kristen loves Rob and we all love you Rose for always posting what's in our hearts and minds.

cupcake said...

you are always the voice of reason rose. i still don't understand how you could put up with all these foam and rabies. but yeah i guess when the truth is on your side, then the hell with everyone else.

i loved oprah. i don't always take note of the answers though. it's the reaction and those little details that i look forward to. and i am quite pleased with what i saw. i like the way they finish each other's sentences. and just one look from kristen, rob would know she's after his shirt or he's being silly. stuff like that which defines a relationship. i'm happy that we get a glimpse of what goes on in their little bubble. i'm just happy that they're happy.

kharma1 said...

Happy Friday..
And Hi Rose a good friday to you.

I loved watching Oprah yesterday, the only criticism I have is, I didn't want it to end.
Just love seeing these two together, they are so adorable. I especially love the way they look at each other, especially Rob, it literally melts your heart.

You are so right about a spat, gosh, if we didn't argue with the ones we love, what kind of relationship would that be. To agree with each other 100%, how boring is that. That's called a healthy relationship. Those two are so intuned with each other I'm sure with a smile or a touch and it was over.

I love seeing the hyenas squirm and spew because they are so full of hate... karma is a b itch. Their aura is dark and dark aura brings bad karma, bad karma, miserable life. I wonder if they'll ever get it, I doubt it.

All I know is I'm happy,I have a great life and I love coming on here and reading your positive post and comments (I skip the hate).
I see a bright, white aura around Rob and Kristen, good people, good karma, which brought them together to find true happiness.

Have a great weekend, life is good.

pricklypearess said...

Loved the O yesterday. Some great moments: "nachos", "rapper", "most beautiful". Rob was in rare form. Kristen was beautiful. They all laughed alot and seemed to be having a good time. Sure he had a lovely birthday. Looking forward to Eclipse promo and more fun Rob/Kristen moments! Have a great Friday everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose...Another great entry. I posted last week and have decided to come back. I left the AT weeks ago because it was such an angry, mean place but after yesterday's Oprah cuteness I decided to go back. Big mistake. It was worse than ever. I had been so blissfully unaware of that hate for so long it was a jolt to the system. I will never go back, but I know nonstens come on here and read so I wanted to let them in on a little secret.

Nonstens: you're losing the war. By leaps and bounds. I was out with my older sister and her friends last night, they are all Twilight fans but don't go searching for news online. They are casual fans. All of them were talking about how darling Rob and Kristen were. What a cute couple they make. On facebook yesterday, people who don't even know what's going on commented on how they so look like a couple. My mother even posted about besotted they look when they glance at each other. And it got me thinking...all of these people are ignorant of this dark, hatred-filled underground that is the nonstens.

I know you nonstens feel like you're pretty bigtime with this lying, bullying, manipulating ring you've got going on, but the internet represents a mere fraction of Twilight fans and other rational civilians. And EVERYONE believes that Rob and Kristen are dating.

So, while you psycho's are busy harassing the internet behind your anonymity (because everyone knows you'd be too chickenshit to say any of this to anyone's face), and while lawmakers continue to make laws that will protect people from the likes of you (if that doesn't give you pause, nothing will), just know that the rest of the sane and rational world is talking about how cute Rob and Kristen are. Together.

~ Sydney

Anonymous said...

Great post as usual, Rose.

I LOVED the Twi-trinity on Oprah. They were all so cute and relaxed. And Kristen looked absolutely beautiful. I love her hair back to its natural color. She looks and seems more feminine. And, as always, her skin is gorgeous. I too watched it multiple times. It will be a long time before I delete that program.


sfw10sis said...

Wow, Thanks Rose, for once again adding a sane perspective on all the f--kery and bullsh-t that went on yesterday. I had the day off from work, was so excited to beable to be online more so I could enjoy Rob's birthday and the Oprah show, then all hell broke loose, what a shame that the drama couldn't take a backset to celebrate the birthday of this amazing young man. Thank goodness that he is probably unaware of all that went on and enjoyed the day with Kristen. I'd hate the idea of him thinking thats how his real fans feel about him. Some of you should be ashamed and if your not then what a sorry lot you are and your lives must be truly empty.

Now moving on, I just loved the big O, lots of cute R/K moments and wasn't she so beautiful, hardly any make-up, very natural, she looked very happy to me, at times maybe a bit over whelmed, I think the way Oprah treated her allowed her to feel that connection and love from the fans more and I think Rob was aware of this, the way he looked at her with Oprah's hug and the girl from the audience, there's alot of love in that boys eyes. Summer lovin never looked so good.

Now on to a question I have, I hope that I'm not looked upon as a loonie afterwards, but this thing has been in my mind for a few days and then after yesterdays f--kery i thought it was worth asking if anyone felt like I did. Ok(ducks head)You know how New Moon was mostly Jacob centered and they seem to be pushing Taylor at us, then abs pic and girlfriend Q on Oprah, then you have him nominated for several mtv awards, then all of a sudden you have (bullsh-t) rumors of Rob that put him in a not so good light, I don't know how up & up the mtv awards are, but lets just say that maybe a certain studio wants this to be Taylors year on the stage (come on I saw the Valentines movie kiss and it was ackward to say the least) would the majority of fans really vote for that kiss unless drama was floating around the fandom swaying a certain fan base, granted Taylor Swift has a hugh following but I think most would like to see what R/K would do this year over anyone else but my gut is telling me we are going to have a Taylor love fest on stage this year, (gosh I hope not).

My other out there thought was that maybe R/K have voiced their opinion of not wanting to be on display this year, after last year with the Charlie and their evolving relationship maybe they don't want what would shorely become an invasion of their privacy once again because you know that everyone would be disecting their every move.

Just thoughts, I swear I'm sane (Rose keeps me that way)but I was wondering if anyone else had similar or maybe even different thoughts (only sane people reply please).

Rose love todays post your the best.


pricklypearess said...

to Sydney: I agree. I didn't start looking at blogs (started at the AT...BIG mistake) until this winter and was completely shocked by what people were writing. Doesn't matter. Rob and Kristen seem to stay true to themselves and are loved by many. Most of whom never look at a blog or fansite. The hyena world is actually very small. JMO.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 9:44am, let's just ignore the negative and maybe it will go away. They post here because they know it will spark a reaction. So let's not give them one.

I love these blogs, Rose. And you should write about what YOU want to write about and don't feel like you need to be defensive. Deep down everyone knows what's up, they just can't grasp it. So let them deal with it elsewhere and you focus on writing your kick ass blog!

Great job today as always! I thought they looked amazing on Oprah.

Anonymous said...

This is a little off topic, but I know the people here will remember...do we know for sure where Rob and Kristen were for Easter? I had thought that Rob was in London and Kristen at home. But we never saw her leave the U.S. (even for Budapest). Yesterday, friends on facebook were talking about Rob and Oprah and a friend came on and said she saw Rob in Montmartre over Easter weekend. Obv. she was looking from across the street so it may not have been him but these were her words:

"We had an apartment in Montmartre in April and RP was in the penthouse across the street talking on his cell phone in skinny jeans and a white oxford."

When someone questioned her further she responded with:

"Yes, yes, yes... it was Easter weekend and we had an apartment that overlooked the Eiffel Tower on one side and Sacre Coeur on the other and I was having a glass of champagne and all of a sudden, there he was on the balcony right across the way. I thought our apartment was pretty but his was gorgeous, with a wrap-around balcony."

We had a report from someone saying that they were on a flight with Kristen from Paris to Budapest when she went for her birthday. So, if we don't have actual sightings or pics of Rob in London for Easter...he very well may have been in Paris with Kristen?? And maybe just left before her to go back filming? I don't know.

mara said...

Loved Oprah, Rob was SO freaking adorkable and gorgeous. One great line after another.Lots of new fans today I'm sure. My husband actually watched the show with me last nite...we DVR'd it...he thinks Kristen is beautiful,thinks Rob is hilarious(he laughed his ass off at the door to door stuff,so did I lol)And oh yeah...he says if people still don't think they are together as a couple,they are idiots.

Patricia said...

To Sfw10sis (Susan) You have a good point. I've been thinking since "New Moon" same thing. They are totally shoving Taylor down our throats. Golden Globes, every kids award show, the Oscars and so on and so on. Rob and Kristen don't LOVE THE SPOT LIGHT. THEY ARE MORE PRIVATE. BUT TAYLOR WANTS TO BE SEEN EVERYWHERE. I'm not knocking him, that's his personality. Very much public and does very well (out there)

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else compulsively watching the backstage Oprah video? Its so freaking adorable. Better than the show I think. I could watch the three of them just talking to each other about random stuff for hours. If you haven't seen it here's the link:

There is this point where they are talking about the sleeping bag scene and spooning. And Robert like slips for a second and it almost seems like he's talking about him and Kris spooning... Kris says "what?" and then he tries to play it off like hes talking about Edward and Bella.

So. So. So. So. SOOOO. Cute.

Love Rob. Love Kris.

Love. Love. Love. All smiles!

Hope they did get a vacay. Can't wait for WFE stills... think seeing Rob work with animals will be interesting.

Does anyone know if Bel Ami has a release date yet?

*Suzy Q*

Lovely post Rose. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Rob and Kristen kept a low profile for his birthday.I know he had rehearsals but we all know he went straight to her afterwards,maybe she cooked his favorite meal for him and gave him lots of TLC as only she can. All night long!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Rose. Loved Oprah yesterday. Did anyone notice that when Oprah was talking to Kristen and telling her not to be shy and, "We just want to hear your TRUTH..." (or something to that effect), Kristen's eyes widened and she looked right at Rob, like he was her TRUTH and she just got called out on it? If you missed it go back and take a look, my jaw dropped at that moment.

Anonymous said...

According to a "little bird"that has ALWAYS been 100% right about R/K(I'm sure you can all guess who it is) Rob brought Kristen to the set of WFE yesterday.

Deb said...

Hey Rose love the post today and again I have to agree with you. All the SHIT and what for?SO THE LITTLE PEOPLE with NO LIFE can come in here and say NOTHING YEP NOTHING because that is what it is *NOTHING* so what if they had a little fight. If they dont have little fights now in then what kind of a relationship is that? NOT a healthy one. All good relationship has there ups and downs that what makes the MAKING UP sOOOO good I hope that Rob had a good day yesterday WITH is lady,family,friends.Wewll my friend I hope you have a Good day and thank you Rose for LOVING our two love birds your the best kiddo.KEEP ON SINGING ROSE ......DEB.

Anonymous said...

That's right 12.45 pm.

Kristen was in WFE set with Rob yesterday! I hope they had a wonderful birthday's party at night!

Had they Rose??? hehe

I don't need any verbal confirmation, but I'd die to see some PDA, holding hands, anything **sigh** someday...

Maybe Kristen will get over her shyness! Relax dear Kristen.

Purple's Cool said...

Rose, keep up the awesome blog. And keep ignoring those hyenas...maybe they'll go away! (We can only dream) Love the blog, you are always so right on with your posts! Hope R&K had an awesome day yesterday. :)

Anonymous said...

hi i love kristen and Rob but when rob says she pregnant and then kristen says like is imposssible something get out of her, gives the impression that she doesn´t have kids of her own:( i like the the fan encounter

Anonymous said...

hi i love kristen and Rob but when rob says she pregnant and then kristen says like is imposssible something get out of her, gives the impression that she doesn´t have kids of her own:( i like the the fan encounter

Anonymous said...

Rose. Before watching Oprah I was pretty sure Rob dating or have whatever relationship u can call it with Kris, but after Oprah (btw Rob and Kris were so adroable I loved them more) am sorry it's obvious and by obvious I mean as clearly as the sun that they are just friends and good buddies. Plz don't attck me cuz I was in much hope that they r together.
P.s Did u c the TwiMom they scare the hell out of me.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1.34
How would you feel if you were in a room full of women who want YOUR man?
kristen is intimidated , embarrassed .she can not say anything against these girls .

Anonymous said...

I think Kristen was so shocked by Rob's comment over her pregnancy that she, actually, didn't realize what she was replying...

She's just 20, but when she grows older, she will want to became a mother and have babies, above all if she has the right father by her side.

Anonymous said...

to anon 3.00
That's right.thay are friends .thay are colleagues .and the are lovers too.

you go to Budapest for a friend?in a special day for you,
on your birthday?

I can not speak for Robert but kristen showed us her love

Scarlet said...

Oh my god. It isn't debatable. Just stop it. They ARE together. Gah. Have a great weekend Rose and I can understand if you do stop reading the comments here. A lot of them are inane.


Anonymous said...

anonymous 3:00 Really? It was the exact opposite for me. I thought after watching the show it was clearly obvious they are dating. Even nonstens have come around after the show saying they are pretty sure they are dating now, but they don't like it, lol. Besides, they were holding hands at the airport after the show so..

May said...

Bb,I just have to say one thing.There are nuts in this world who actually say RK have a very brotherly-sisterly vibe going on.:p NGL,never before in my life have I laughed so fucking much. LOL

Dear Rose,this fandom has lost its fucking mind.There is no other explanation&hyenas can growl,moan and foam at their mouth as much as they want to.RK are happy together&they are here to stay for many more years,if God allows.;D <3

Anonymous said...

I bet anyday now Kristen and Dakota will announce they're a couple. I'd like to think they are. Don't forget to vote for DakotaStew. DakotaStew!

Anonymous said...

Dude, they are so bumping the uglies. Or in their case the lovelies. Oprah played it up just right-she knew they would not give her an answer. But she did enough open ended questions to let their interaction come through.

Sly oprah! Always gets the last word in.

Anonymous said...

another option Rose is that some people may be misdirecting us into thinking Robert is one place when he's in another.

Just sayin''. I think any of the options are possible. Lainey's lying. The vacay is over. Robert's working. There was never a vacay. But I do think another option is that tweeting can be used just as much against us as it's used against them! lol

Anonymous said...

A few notes to Rose:
-They didn't have a week off, Rob was working on Saturday, and as Delaney said (and I conceed she is right most of the time) he also was in pp for WFE on Monday/Tuesday. For what I read in the net people are saying the fight was real. Hope she doesn't hurt him (emotionally)
-The necklace. You don't know for sure if that is Rob's birhtday present. You can say whatever you want because is your blog, but I feel the need to point out this.
-The wonderful summer you keep talking and talking. What is it? Are they gonna get married? Live together? have sexual reassignment surgery? I don't think so neither of three. I'm sick of people talking and talking what they don't know for sure creating false expectatives.
-I agree Rob was gorgeous in Oprah, funny, sweet, sincere...lovely guy he is, certainly.
-I better don't write what I think of "her" bitchfacing Rob in backstage because don't want you to delete my post.
-Miss when you only talk about Rob, sigh. Can't stand her, that's it.

I read both "hyenas" and Robstens in the net, same as YOU (just saying to the people who want me to get out of the blog)


Anonymous said...


I wish! sAnd they live happily ever after! sadly don't think is true :( As much as I can't stand KS I'm voting for Rob and she in best kiss award (I know he won't kiss her anyway hehehe, and I really want him to win as many awards as possible)


Anonymous said...

Oh Lily, I'd appreciate your comments on Kristen. I'm sure you can speak about her respectfully. There's no need to insult anyones to express an opinion and I know you're able to do it.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's easy to figure out R/K won't kiss on MTV stage if they win Best kiss Award.. they never ever will gift us any PDA... I've given up any hope.

I assume that when they break up and no longer see them together, we'll have the stronget evidence that for a time, they were an item, b/c there's no breaking up without being a couple.

Anonymous said...




I NEVER insulted her :) anyway, everybody knows what I think, there's no point

(shhhh, don't call rose to come delete this)

So...I'm reading Elle interview and director CW, also CH said K has to feel deeply inside what she' playing (about Twilight) and suddenly...my heart started beating faster and faster...what if...she is not in love with Rob and it's all about her "performance"? she fall in love with dear Oregano too(always missed)! And maybe when this dam*** franchise is over, she found out her true feelings for him! *crossing fingers*

hey, you cant talk about vacations I can dream whatever I want!

kisses girls


Anonymous said...

@Lily 5:02 So basically you are wishing for Rob to get hurt. Wow. What a fan you are. Can't you just be happy for him, and wish him the best with whomever he chooses? It doesn't affect you whatsoever. I like him and Kristen together, but if he was with somebody else I'd still want happiness for him. I wouldn't wish for anything like that to happen. It's evident he cares for her, and her for him, so just get over it.

Anonymous said...

Lily are you meaning that Kristen may have missunderstood her feelings?? I think Kristen is intelligent enough as to decipher if she's in love with the actor -Rob- or the character -Edward-.

It's been years since Kristen filmed Twilight. She's spent a lot of time with Rob in sets, hotels, interviews, trips, promo.. Kristen has to know Rob pretty well and her feelings for him must be very clear when she goes specifically to Budapest to spend her birthday with him, don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Kristen is in love with Edward and not Robert. That's a new one for the record. My, my, my. I'm laughing so hard until I'm crying. If it makes you feel better to think that, go on..... I hope it gives you some peace.

Deb said...

HA HA HA OK LITTLE GIRLS get out of the sand box and take your little dollys home its time for a nap.Tomorrow is another day AND YES ROB WELL STILL BE IN LOVE WITH KRISTEN And SHE'LL BE IN LOVE WITH HIM say what you will but it WONT CHANGE any thing (so sorry so sad)IM just happy that THEY are HAPPY.Rose like always HAVE A GOOD DAY hon........DEB.

katy said...

Rose Love your Post, always the voice of reason.

I' sure Rob had a great Bday even if had to work...we all know that the real party was at night behind close doors...with Kristen.

to Lilly:

Rob and Kristen are a Couple...accept and move on with your life.

Melinda said...

Best Moments from Oprah:

1. BTS when Kristen says "what" to Rob! So flirty that girl and still makes him smile!
2. I actually liked her facial expression when Rob is talking about spooning with her. I read it as "Babe don't go there".
3. NACHOS- enough said
4. When Kristen growls at Rob (rubbish). Funny as all out and she did it so naturally.
4. Oprah helping people understand Kristen a little bit better. The shy/awkwardness that she has makes us like her all the more.
5. Kristen patting Rob on the back. Once again very natural and in tune with her guy!
6. Taylor getting the tables turned on him about his love life (and better yet R/K ganging up on him).
7. The "dating" q & a- too cute. Love that Kristen slips and says that they have already had the baby conversation.
8. The audition segment- "Well"-love how Kristen said that.
9. The girl from the audience giving Kristen a hug. Better part was watching Rob's face-he was proud!
10. The best part was that we got to see a glimpse of Rob and Kristen just being themselves with each other and how sweet they are. Rob really wears his heart on his sleeve, that's for sure.

I could actually go on b/c there were so many other great moments.

Rose- it was a wonderful day yesterday despite all the noise from certain people. Thanks for another great post. You rock woman! Just keep it real no matter what they say.

BTW, angry possessive Edward is so so hot!! You gotta love a man that defends you like that!
Rob once said in an interview that he is a possessive guy. Maybe a little of Rob was coming out in that scene???? Just a thought.

amanda said...

I really enjoyed Oprah, and I didn't think it was possible but I like Rob and Kristen even more now. Even Taylor, was more likeable to me and I'm usually kind of "meh" about him. I'm sick of hearing about the beef patties and how he got his body though!
Rob and Kristen were so cute. They definitely aren't hiding they're together anymore. Even though they didn't say exactly, it was more than obvious. I did think it was funny that Kristen said, "We've actually had this con-"
How Rob looks at Kristen is so cute. The haters were saying they couldn't stand it, lol.
Perfect post today Rose. "In acceptance you shall find Peace" So true. I love that.

Anonymous said...

@ Lily,I thought you have a boyfriend,why are you so concerned about Rob,you don't know him,even if Rob/Kris broke up,(which I doubt they will)you still doesn't have any chance with him.You're so delusional,you're all over the net posting same BS over and over.GET A LIFE.

Anonymous said...

Someone yesterday posted a video that a fan made for Kristen's birthday.

The same fan made on for Rob's b-day so I thought I'd share. Let the celebration continue!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rose, loved your post, could they be any cuter? People must be blind to not think anything is between them...I don't just mean as friends. They seem really at ease with each other, and really kinda freaked out by all the screaming lol Oprah was great fun!

Olivia said...

Thank you for the youtube link. What a beautiful video for Rob's Birthday. Lovely, lovely Rob and Kristen moments.

Anonymous said...

To 8:06

All over the net?? O.O I only post here, my english is not so good :/ I have a boyfriend but I like Rob, like some regular fan. Don't see how you always get mad with me just because I don't like kristen. I don't want him to be unhappy, just to focus on his career and find a girl who really loves him (not me!) People should learn to accept others opinions. If I come here bashing Rob, well, I would understand you to be angry, but that's not the case!


Anonymous said...

Lily you amazes me.... Rob looks unhappy?? Where the hell have you seen Rob looking sad or unhappy??

In Oprah he was adorkable, hilarious, smiling and joking most of the time.

Watch Rob's interviews and you'll never see him more happy than when he is with Kristen. It's not just my opinion, it's a fact!

Concerning his career, WTF, he's filming awesome movies back to back. He can't be more focused in his work.

I understand that you don't like Kristen, but don't try to justify it saying she makes him unhappy.

pricklypearess said...

True, Rose. I have NEVER followed a celebrity until now. What is it about Rob? New pic at the top of your page is grand! xoxo