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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Hyenas and Sheep and Ducks! Oh My!

It's been an interesting week, hasn't it?
Rumors galore.
Drama running rampant.
Robert and Kristen on Oprah.

And my email...
Comments on this blog...
Have been fascinating.
Or Negatively...

Thought I would share a couple with you.

Dear Rose,
I just wanted to thank you for always supporting
Rob and Kristen on your blog.
There is so much hate out there for this young couple
and it's always nice to be able to come here
and read positive things about them.
Keep up the good work!
- Robsten Fan
Dear RF,
I'm glad you appreciate my blog...
and I'm more than happy to share my thoughts with you.
But it's not work... It's just something to do!
Thanks for the kind words.

Poor Rose.
You are so pathetic. You keep going on about how
Rob and Stewface are together, but you still have NO PROOF.
Blurry pictures in airports prove nothing.
It's obvious that this is "PRsten"
They only do this because they have to, not because they want to.
When will you wake up and smell the coffee?
Rob only likes Stewface as a friend, if that.
Once the Twilight movies are over, they will be, too.
What will you do then?
Poor Rose.
-Pointing and Laughing

Dear Pointy,
Do you ever tire of screaming PROOF?
Look around you. See all those pictures of 
Robert and Kristen TOGETHER?
What more do you need?
You scream PR but obviously have no concept
what PR means.
And it's not PATHETIC RANTS.
Although it is applicable in this case.

Rose you are such a stupid sheep.
Rob and Kristen scream PR!
They conveniently show up at airports to get
their pictures taken,
But there are never any pictures of them doing anything
not PR related.
Baaaaaaaaaaa Sheep.
You are too stupid to see what is in front of you.
Kristen doesn't even like Rob,
She looks miserable everytime you see them together.
Stupid sheep.
You are so desperate to have them together
that your brain has stopped working properly.
Dumb Sheep.
- I hate sheep

Dear Animal Hater,
Robert and Kristen don't CONVENIENTLY 
show up at airports...
Airports are kinda hard to avoid if
you want to get on an airplane.
And again with the PR.
PR makes absolutely NO SENSE.
If they were doing this for publicity...
you would think there would be lots of 
PDA caught by the cameras.
If hiding from the paps and 
staying out of the spotlight as much as possible
is your idea of PR...
It's pretty clear that it means
Do something about that, OK?
It's highly contagious.
Oops... too late.

Dear Rose,
I feel sorry for you.
You are a stupid sheep who follows a duck.
What has happened to your leader now?
You are both delusional duck cunts.
You are lost without her made up stories.
You look like an idiot.
Quack quack.
-I have my sources

Hyenas and Sheep and Ducks!
This has become quite the zoo!
Let's see...
Sheep are all soft and cuddly...
and they don't hurt anyone.
Ducks are cute and cuddly...
and they don't hurt anyone.
Hyenas are fucking scavengers
who rip and tear at anyone who doesn't
agree with their point of view.
They snarl and foam at the mouth...
and make this bullshit personal.
Hyenas eat anything.
And I have no doubts they will 
turn on each other soon enough.
Oh and one more thing...
Hyenas eat Shit.

That's all for now.
It was worth a couple of giggles... yes?

I love this picture of Rob and the guitar.
What a cool idea.
So great that she asked Robert to sign it...
but now I wonder who else did?

Couple of closing thoughts.

1. I want to thank all the people who take time
to comment on this blog.
The kind words.
The positive point of view.
I appreciate it more than you will ever know.
Thank you.

2.  I honestly get more good emails and comments
than bad ones.
But the negative ones are just SO funny!
And to be honest...
Reading some of the delusional bullshit
actually hurts my brain.
It makes no sense.

3. Whether you believe Robert and Kristen
are 'together' or not matters little.
But it is certain that they like to spend
as much time as possible with each other.
Telling Oprah that Kristen was 'pregnant'
wasn't a denial.
It was a joke.
It was a deflection.
Did you really think they were going to come
out on national TV and declare their love for each other?
Have you not been paying attention?
Well... as usual...
The debate continues.

And so it goes.

Bye for now.



Patricia said...

Rose: I am always blown away with your comments and post ! You are so good at this blog. You were born to write and spread OUR LOVE FOR OUR FAVORITE COUPLE ! WE LOVE ROB PATTINSON AND ROB LOVES KRISTEN AND KRISTEN LOVES ROB AND AS YOU KNOW BY NOW WE LOVE YOU ROSE ! THEY "ARE" A COUPLE !

Did you notice how Rob (at LAX, in the video) goes one way to get the paps away from Kristen so she can sneak out another exit ??? I love him, what a sweet soul he is. His Mother did a good job!

Which reminds me I'll be away from your blog this week-end. My kids are taking me up to the Wine Country for Mother's Day. I need lots of wine after reading some of the crazies comments yesterday. But more great comments, because most of the people that come here love Rob and Kristen and you Rose.

Grazie I'll be having Rob withdrawals and Rose withdraws ! Be back Monday night to read all the latest.

To anyone who comes to Rose's blog that are Mothers have a great Mother's Day ! Embrace LOVE NOT HATE !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great words about our fave couple! Love you! keep on sticking it to the hyenas. They are unbeleivably mean and delusional!

Anonymous said...


I don't know how you put up with all of the NONsense and still stay funny and classy. Thanks for always brightening my day!

sara2 said...

The delusion is astounding and actually, quite funny. You don't need to say anything. Whoever that "person" is writing all that, and I believe it is the same person, is doing more to discredit herself through her rants, foul language and idiotic theories than anything you could ever say or do to discredit her. There are no words. Some people need to chill, get a life and find something else productive to do.

Thanks Rose for all your positive thoughts and classy ways. Keep on doing what you do. We love it!


KPattzNews said...

Dear Sweet Rose,

I look forward to reading your blog everyday because you speak the TRUTH. It seems the "Queen Hyena" sits and waits every morning for the first chance to pounce on your daily blog. She is PATHETIC, OBSESSED and JEALOUS! I love that you stand for what you believe in and no matter how much these hyenas foam and spew on your blog, you don't budge and I respect you for that.

Thank you for constantly making me SMILE! :-D *giddy*

<3 you!

Anonymous said...

"Get a life-sten" comes to mind.

Anna Br said...

love your blog, you're a special kind of person. Keep strong. Ducks can fly, hyenas cannot catch them.

kstewaddiction said...

You posts are always amazing, and you are always amazing.
that is all

Nicole said...

Rose -

I love reading your posts (and your cryptic tweets throughout the day), and I love being able to laugh at your replies to the hyenas - sometimes it makes me entire day better because it gives me a reason to smile about what I see in R/K rather than roll my eyes about how blind some people are.


katy said...

thank you Rose...another great post.

bridgit said...

Love your blog Rose and and very glad to hear that you get more positive then negative feedback. I truly think the numbers in denial are dwindling it's just the idiots that are still clinging are more vocal about it then the rest of us normal people who know that Rob and Kristen are together and are happy.

kelz said...


Just wanted say I love your blog..a voice of reason in a fandom gone wild (those hyenas are everywhere!! think we need some pest-control)

Anonymous said...

"Be who you are and say what you feel b/c those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind!" This quote is so fitting for your blog... as well as for Rob and Kristen. Love reading your blog and Happy Mothers day!:)

soadram said...

I became "hooked" on his blog and I'm always waiting for a new post .. because frankly is the only blog where I can read exactly how I think ... there is love, passion, friendship and respect and great sincerity, things I appreciate in people,
As for comments (silly) that I read here I will only give me to laugh at such idiocy, and I think just merely ignore ....
Rosa continues like this and always will have my support because you and your blog are the only bafurada of fresh air that exists here.
Thanks for sharing with us their words.
a kiss from Portugal

RitaPortugal said...

How amazing is that Hyenas keep chasing their tales? I think they're stupid. Always doing the same thing. Retarteds! But anyways, dear Rose thank you for sharing does "incredible" comments, I was feeling a lil down today, but that gave me a good laugh.

Thanks :)

- Rita

RPaddict said...

I admire the way you handle the drool and spittle that is flung at you over Rob and Kristen. They're downright mean, and you just laugh it off. You take the high road and that's what I love about your blog and following you on twitter.

What I don't get is why the hyena's waste their time coming to a blog that positivly supports these two beautiful,bright,talented people.(shrugs)
I didn't think for the longest time that they were together, but the pictures,and chemistry that "don't"(heavy sarcasm) exsist have opened my eyes to see their is much more than friendship between the two.

If one doesn't think that R n K are together, well fine,but,there is no need for the hatred,and,bitter,vile spewing sparked from differing opinions.

Hang in there Rose. Love Ya!

Rhonda said...

Dear Rose,

You made my day. I have never laffed so hard. Did someone really write and tell you that R&K conveniently appear at airports together to get papped, for PR? Really? BWAHAA! LMAO. That is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. Hilarious. Thanks for sharing, and please, keep up your awesome blog. It makes my day.


Purple83 said...

dear Rose, first thing first, I love you! you keep picking stuff out of my mind and post them, but that's ok :D

now regarding this post...OMFG some people are really really sad...I kinda feel sorry for them...to be this bitter they must have quite a sad personal life :/

That being said, Rob loves Kristen loves Rob :) I don't need them to tell me in what extent they love each other! It's clear that they do!

honey said...

Rose, your comments are always wonderful, and I always think that there's nothing to add to what you say, because you can express everything we all feel...Hyenas are so envious...I bet they're bad people without a life to care about...without someone to love and who loves them..they're poor souls, which don't even know what a PR stunt is...see? Before they denied Robsten because "there was any proof.."even if there was already then...now that proof is anywhere ..they just can't accept it..so, isn't it pathetic? I bet they think even spending Christmas Eve and vacations together, or one's Birthday on your boyfriends' set is a "PR stunt.."ahahahaahah Laughing sooooo hard! they had better check out the meaning of "PR Stunt" somewhere..poor delusional :) They're...well, there's no way in which they can be defined, really. But WE DON'T CARE. And, above all ROBSTEN don't care at all about what they think: they're in LA now, TOGETHER, and I wonder how the hyenas got the news that Kristen's new project won't be filmed till August...so during WFE filming she will be there with him...what a coincidence! :)))) and, when Robert will have almost wrapped up WFE, she'll start filming...again: what a coincidence! XD XD XD..so, they'll be together..wooow..!! Well, now I'll go, 'cause hyenas are foaming too much actually..I think I had better get a laaaarge umbrella.... :)))
Love you Rose and thanks for your beautiful posts. Rob& Kristen would probably laugh at hyeans' pathetic thoughts.... they have so much better things to do together <3333

salena05 said...

Rose you are awesome at writing this blog! I check it everyday, I even have you on my phone, so I will know when you post it. I love the fact,you only state the facts. Robert and Kristen want to spend as much time together as they possiably can. Thats a fact! I don't see how anyone can say, We are delluional at what we see. anyhow keep laughing at the hyenias and we will keep wishing Robert and Kristen nothing but happiness, even though Kristen has saids the paps is what makes her unhappy.Not being with Robert! So let the hyenias know that she may look unhappy when in public but it's the cameras Not Robert!!! They should look at some of the pictures or videos when they are relaxed and see how they play around laughing and smiling with each other!!! Thats the real Robsten!!! So hyenias keep on foaming from the mouth It won't make the truth go away! Let's all wish Robert and Kristen a happily ever after!!! <3Robsten Forever<3

misty said...

Love your blog Rose. Honestly, I am quite shocked by those emails filled w/ hate. I am actually in awe of you as to how you can remain positive after reading all that crap. I am just dumbfounded how people are taking what is going on w/ R & K so personally. It is quite sad really. There is WAY more going on in this world to get upset about i.e. oil leaks, national politics, floods, earthquakes, poverty, abuse, etc. I could go on and on.
I am a R & K fan, I love twilight, fan fiction, and just follow the daily news of this world as a fan. For a hobby. Nothing that happens in this world is directed at me personally nor at anyone else personally.
I think R & K are together. As with you Rose, this is just my opinion. That is why I come to you blog as I like what you have to say and it often makes me smile. No other reason.
Thanks for staying positive.

ciro said...

bhawahaha..rose u made my day...love your blog rose being sarcistic to desperate hyena screaming to sane people to changing the sane mind...so phatetic, delusional, rude and gross just like hyena lol..i just wanna share my beginning feeling toward rob and kristen, the first time i interested to twilight is watch the movie first but i'm kristen fan first since i watch her in panic room, i know rob in harry potter but at that time my feeling toward him, he is cute boy..so when i find him and kristen in twilight just connect like electricity toward them, and since than i google them also begin to read saga series...so i learn them in interview, blog anything so i begin falling in love to this two beautiful people, not just phisically but their soul, ...so hyena i confess i'm not dragging by another person to confince me rob and kristen TOGETHER, just my commen sense working here and heart,soul hyena...i know just deep..deep in yours black heart hyena u are agree R and K together but you try trick your mind with deny, deny and thousand time no wonder u not care to your heart and mind and at last the worst thing hyena end up in the asylum, so WAKE UP HYENA just turn your heart to love..it's easy anyway...join with sane people how happy, cheerful and joy we are..

so rose once again R LOVE K LOVE R AND WE LOVE YOU ROSE

cupcake said...


i applaud you for being the bigger person here. as they said, your patience is astounding. people are pulling you down because they know you are above them. and it just hurts them so bad to know that. lol.

hear no evil, see no evil. if you can't stand rose and her blog, then don't come here. save yourself from all the drama and future illness. there are hundreds of thousands of people who support rob and kristen all over the world. it's not gonna take a hateful comment or a spite site to convince us otherwise. we don't care what you think. its only you who obsess over what we think, say or do like your life depends on it. so give it up. you are only humiliating yourselves.

yup sheep are nice. i find it more endearing than offensive being called one. thanks for the love.

mbella said...

hola siempre piden pruebas de adn para demostrar que robsten se ama hienas patos malignos y ovejas dudosas alrededor de robsten chris freeland un catedratico con credibilidad , fue la luz y oxigeno para los fans que somos robsten hard los vio ,los reconocio demostrando ser fan los fotografio quien se atreve a descalificarlo ignorarlo no tuvo exito siempre hay alguien creible que reporta el amor de robsten lo demas es envidia de todos lados principalment e de periodistas sedientos de fama y ganas de destruir todo es facil reconocer rumores malintencionados no jueguen con nuestra inteligencia robsten together is on rob y kris son seres humanos y son felices los que son fans de desmentirlos odiarlos descalificarlos si que estan enfermos los fans robsten si estamos algfo obsesionados en observar en amor que ellos irradian incluido su atraccion sexual con ternura y amor que mas se puede pedir

Anonymous said...

Rose, love your reponses to some of thise crazier NONsense. It always amazes me how much negative energy peole are willing to put out to convince others they should think the way they do. Again, NONsensical.

I used to be a shipper. I desperately wanted to believe Rob and kristen were a couple. Now I'm just a realist: it's so obvious they are together that I don't even need to hear every little detail anymore. Even if they eventually break up, I'm OK with that. I just want them to be happy and healthy. I love them individually or together.


Anonymous said...

Rose- You are truely brave to face the haters rather than ignore them. Persoanlly, I ignore because they give me a headache. I really got a kick out the e-mails about R/K as a PR stunt. Lol. KS basically outright stated in her Elle video interview that she wears the same clothes repeatedly to devalue papp pictures (and obviously Rob does the same thing). Some people actually think THAT girl is down for a PR stunt? Huh? The girl who hopes people become bored looking at the same hoodie and jeans so they stop taking her pictures. Yeah.. so somehow THAT girl is so desperate for attention that she flies to Budapest to walk through an airport? Ugh, some people have no common sense!

m bella said...

anonimo ya piensas en el final separados robsten lo reconociste al fin es raro que hables de terminar nadie es adivino es evidente tu angustia y el odio se exuda por tus poros si los tienes , o acaso en piel dura de cocodrilo robsten es tan juntos y felices lo demas es envidia perversa y enferma

AerialisTeamCommonFuckingSense said...

I have only been on your blog a handful of times but can I just APPLAUD you for this right now! Everything I've been saying about that whole PR bullshit, you laid it out all out. What's wrong with these 'nonstens' is that they have deluded themselves into thinking they actually have some type of chance with Rob/Kristen. All they did was come on your blog, call you animal names (you know, cause, I guess this us kindergarten. Next, they'll call you a lint licker), and move a long screaming you have no proof of their relationship.

Welp, in all their rants, they have YET to provide proof that they aren't dating, and just came up with pitiful little reasons why they aren't together like facial expressions. FACIAL EXPRESSIONS?! And i bet all the tea and china and my dog named Fido they are talking about pictures where they are walking through a busy ass airport after doing whatever the hell it is they've been assigned to do and have had no type of rest.

I'm not an unreasonable person. I can agree to disagree, but if you are going to try to persuade MY opinion, you better give me better proof than facial expressions and "convenient airport visits"

I'm sorry I typed a novel, I just had somewhat vent that out. anyway, good job and all. I'll definitely be checking back on this blog more often.

vanlicous said...

To read your blog makes me happy every day. YOU. ARE. AWESOME.

By the way, I've become to think that the real obsession of our Hyena-Lady is not Rob and Kristen...I think you are her obsession :)

Keep going, Rose! <3

Lisa said...

Nice post Rose.. I cannot believe you have to put up with emails and DM's on top of the BS spewed here! You're a tough woman!

Just wanted to post this here for anyone who hasn't seen it. No explanation needed. (The ones that don't get it, you couldn't explain it LOL)


PS. Patty, you need to get a laptop or a smart phone. You will miss a ton over the weekend I'm sure! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose I just love,love your post you make my day.And to Patty if you look at the pic.you can see Rob looking at Kristen Hes making sure all is good with her you can see how he wants her to be safe Dont you thinks he knows about all the NUTS out there and how sad it would be if anything did happen he loves Kristen you would be mad to if someone hurt the one you loved and same gos with Kristen we get to love the ones we love so why cant they?I want them to be happy and they are together (HAPPY) thanks again Rose like i said before keep on SINGING and i hope you have a good day .........DEB.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I am relatively new to your blog, and have never commented but I must applaud you as well for keeping your cool and refraining from going ape-shit on the learning impaired.

Whatever...believe it or don't. I just don't understand why they come here. I don't go to the AT anymore and I have never visited that nonsten website because, well, it's an angry, sad place and I just don't care what they have to say. What I cannot figure out is why they come here? It's just so desperate. If they're not together...relax. It'll eventually come out. The crazy ramblings and neverending (and contradicting) excuses they come up with is just laughable. With not plausible justification in the bunch. The harder they fight against it the funnier it actually gets.

I don't need to spend my days proving why they are together. I was blessed with basic reasoning and logic and so I am capable of determining if it looks like a DUCK, quacks like a DUCK, walks like a DUCK, it's probably a fvcking DUCK. With acceptance comes peace.

linzy said...

Blogger ate my first comment. *grumble*

so instead of trying to recreate it i'll just go with this:

I *heart* you Rose! Thank you so much for making me laugh so hard there were tears in my eyes and my tummy was sore. You truly are a breath of fresh air. I bet it kills the delusional hyenas that they can't get you to go down to their level. teehee.


amanda said...

Rose, you are awesome. Everyone with common sense knows why it couldn't be PR, but thanks for laying it all out there. Truly, I don't even think they believe it, they just don't want admit to themselves R/K are together and so what else can they say? They've been saying forever "Need more proof!" and once there is then it's "PR". Then they come to your site and attack you. Must be extremely threatened by what you have to say.

And Lynn, I like what you said about not being a shipper just being a realist.

Sarah said...

I really enjoy reading your insights into the world of ROBSTEN! I personally believe that they are together, there's just no denying it, i'm sorry that you get all this hate! Honestly i dont care of they dont come right out and say they are dating...its all in the pictures! I just love seeing how happy they make each other..i mean come on kristen has been looking fantastic ever since she has been seeing Rob, same with rob i just love seeing his smile! he got his girl and that is alright with me!
Thanks again for doing this blog and i will be following it for however long you keep it!


linzy said...

@anon 1236pm
I could not agree more, especially with the last thought.

"With acceptance comes peace."

very very true. :)


careful everyone, the spittle is FLYING out there right now. I feel like I need a hazmat suit.

Patricia said...

Rose: Get ready ! As you know Taryder just confirmed that Rob and Kristen admitted to Oprah "They are dating". No surprise to us ! But the haters will be toxic.
Put up your shield quick!

Olivia said...

I <3, <3, <3 your blog. A big hug for you and your wise, steady, truthful, and beautiful thoughts.
The first picture of Rob and Kristen is the embodiment of "dreamy". Wow, what energy and electricity they have when they are together.
Respect Rob and Kristen.

mamabear said...


Haters will never believe truth even when it is right in front of them, they will keep dening it until someone believes them! Rose keep up the great work. I love coming to your site, I do it daily, just to see all the other true believers and to look at your beautiful pictures. It puts a smile on my face, because I do believe Robert and Kristen are together and it makes me happy that they are happy. I love seeing Robert smile, and Kristen you just want to protect her.

Thank you, keep up the great work!

Lady Oblivion said...

Oh God...I LOVE you Rose!!!! <33333

pricklypearess said...

Rock on Rose! Love your blog... it's a bright spot in the RP/KS blogdom. Great pics as usual. Way to keep your cool with such nasty comments. Some of these girls are downright scary with their anger. Yikes. Have a fantastic Mother's Day weekend everyone! xoxo

Anonymous said...

i just love hearing rob playing the piano piece on here i hope he is keeping up with his gift, wonderful pianist

Anonymous said...

can' believe they didn't use his bellas lullaby in the movie but glad they put it on extras, talented man, he needs to play more

Anonymous said...

sometimes my posts don't appear than i retype code and there is 2 of them???? i wanted to say that i loved rob's version of bella's lullaby in twilight more like the book, glad they kept it in extras on dvd

30yearoldtwifan said...

Another great post by Rose :)

Delusional people,Hyenas, you are an embarrassment to the fandom,a delusional bunch of nasty people. Isn't it enough you have threatened other R&K supporters? Isn't it enough YOUR hate has infested Teds board? Twitter or how about the harassment you all give Delaney on a daily basis? Leave this blog and Rose alone, you don't belong here. Karma is a Bitc* Remember that.

Amanda said...

Hi Rose! Kudos, great blog post.I look forward to reading you everyday. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but I can't figure out why some people scream their opinion so loud about Rob and Kris. If they don't believe, that's fine. If they can't see beyond their hatred for what, life in general maybe, then why do they bother reading anything about two young people that they don't even know? They obviously aren't fans of Rob and Kris, so why do they scream so loud? Why do they speculate, spew their venom, and generally become an ugly spot I'd like to wash from the bottom of my shoe.Ok, too much ranting about people who I don't even know, so why did I just waste my time commenting on them? I, like you Rose believe in Rob and Kris and wish them well, absolutely the best.In the end, RoblovesKrislovesRob,and it doesn't matter to them what any of us think. I just hope they know how many actual fans they have out there, who love and support whatever they do, whether it's in their careers or their personal lives. Rose, sorry for the long post, I felt like venting a bit, glad I did it in a sane, non spewing way. I hope these people who are so delusional find another outlet for their fantasies, it might make them happier. But who cares what they think, I don't even know them right?
Have a great weekend Rose, you are a wonderful person, I appreciate you.

Melinda said...

What a great post to start my weekend off!

Rose- I love when you share some of the emails/DM you get but what I love more is your response! You sarcasm brightens my day. Thanks for taking time out of your day to gift us with your words of wisdom (with a little snark added for the benefit of the hyenas), songs, and pictures.

Patty and Lisa- I saw the video and noticed that too! He did the same thing at the Teen Choice awards. He went one way and no one realized she was there until she stepped in front of him to get into their car. He said in an interview that he did with Rachelle, that Kristen gets nervous when she gets surrounded by paps/large crowds b/c she is so tiny and I can imagine for him he would want to make sure that she isn't being harassed etc by deflecting it to himself. What a great guy looking out for his love.

Oh and I love the conformation from Oprah's team! Maybe now people will chill and we can see some smiles on Rob and Kristen soon when they pop up together. I miss the way they were before the madness started.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms who come on this blog! Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Why do they always keep the 'sten' part. Why hate on someone Rob cares about?

It's nonsense. Whatever... hating or not, isn't going to change their lives together/apart.

I love your blog, sweetie. Peace and love everyone! :)

Xxx Peace Lover

Anonymous said...

Rose, I love your blog I've been following only for a couple of weeks but wow, very interesting. lol Thanks for not taking any shit and standing by what you write. Mean people really do suck! You are great to read, thanks again.

Garcia17 said...

Great post today!
I could not stop laughing at this post. Lol.
I'm still laughing.
I love your blog. It's seriously the best and honest.
I freaking love it!

Robert & Kristen <3

sollee said...

Hello :)I'm a teacher and I'm from the Philippiness and I happen to love the cute couple "Robsten". So glad to have read your blog and appreciate the way you give us the latest news,happenings on our cute couple. I see them as serious and intelligent actors and very professional, and so grounded. There are some who are so hungry of publicity who would do anything to get noticed by the public but for these two I would say they are natural and sincere in their ways. Hoping for more success and happiness for them. Keep up the good work Ms. Rose!

Anonymous said...

Rose,thank you for posting all those haters emails,now I know that they are like parasites unbelievable and you know what they are all over the web,talking same BS regarding Taryn's post about the O.

hornycorn hag said...

Hey beautiful flower,
Love the blog babe! Have to say, you are soooooooooo nice to the haters who so blatently ignore the warnings and vent their frustrations toward the truth on you. I mean really people, if you don't like facing facts then don't keep coming back here.

You do an amazing job here. I'm loving the pics and comments, and the care behind it all.

Olive Juice Babe

Anonymous said...

HI solee,it's nice to see a kababayan. Rose I just want to thank you for spreading the Ronsten love. Don't mind the haters, they're just jelous. The whole world knows they're together, I don't need confirmation,action speaks louder than words. Can't wait for new news, wonder where they are now, very stealthy these two, looove it!!! K2

sollee said...

Hello! same here! Glad that a kababayan is also a Robsten fan :)

Angelica said...

"Kristen doesn't even like Rob,
She looks miserable everytime you see them together."
Some people are so blinde.

Gosh, you are great. Keep up the awesomeness. Peace.

rpblc30 said...

hey there! i just found this blog and been reading your posts and thinkin why u soo furious with the nonsten until i found this post..sorry that u have to deal with all those haters, get stupid junk of mails from them but no worry u have us! we heart robsten!!