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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Love Me Tender...

I don't even know where to begin.
I'm flabbergasted.

So the Oprah interview is done.
There were endless tweets about it...
All of them were sweet and cute
talking about how adorable Rob and Kristen were
How shy and beautiful 

I want to stop there.
But I can't...

There were some tweets about who sat where...
Like it was the most important fact of the day.
No, I can't even go there.
And then.
Some poor guy who happened to be in the same area
as Robert and Kristen at the airport...
Took a far away image of Rob and Kristen
And he happened to say they were 'holding hands'
Poor schmuck.
Hell hath no fury like a hater scorned!
All of a sudden he was bombarded with tweets.
People were accusing him of being a 'PR PLANT'
They were calling him names...
(I know... I know)
The guy just told what he saw.
Take it or leave it.

Robert and Kristen
arriving back in LA

Robert looks kinda happy.
The "God, I'm crazy about her" kinda happy.
Kristen looks like she hates going through airports
no matter who she is with.

Right away...
"She's not smiling. 
She's so rude! I would NEVER wear earphones 
IF I were with Rob!"

I know you have seen the airport videos.
They are insane.
Screaming. Yelling.
Pushing. Shoving.
Cameras flashing and being shoved in your face.
I don't blame her for not wanting to smile.
As for Robert?
Well, he has always worn his heart on his sleeve...
and when he's with Kristen he can't help it
No matter where they are
Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.
The pics in the new ELLE issue are amazing.
Kristen is amazing.
I adore her so much...
I cannot understand how people can hate her.
I just don't get the hate.

She said some telling things in the interview
(and made me love her all the more)

On the madness that has become her life: “It’s insane! Once somebody finds out, you have to get the hell out of wherever you are. People freak out. And the photographers, they’re vicious. They’re mean. They’re like thugs. I don’t event want to drive around by myself anymore. It’s fucking dangerous.” 

Which only reinforces why she looks unhappy
when she is being hounded by the Paps.
It's ridiculous. It's scary.

On criticism of her public manner: “I think it’s funny that when I go onstage to accept an award, they think I’m nervous, uncomfortable, and awkward—and I am—but those are bad words for them.”

The fact that Kristen is nervous, uncomfortable
 and awkward?
I find all of that part of her charm.
I love that about her.
Don't ever change!

On her red-carpet demeanor: “People say that I’m miserable all the time. It’s not that I’m miserable, it’s just that somebody’s yelling at me…I literally, sometimes, have to keep myself from crying…It’s a physical reaction to the energy that’s thrown at you.”

Well to be honest...
Kristen could be smiling all the time
and people would find fault with that, too
She really cannot win.

On Team Edward vs. Team Jacob: “I would never cheapen my relationships by talking about them. People say, ‘Just say who you’re dating. Then people will stop being so ravenous about it.’ It’s like, No they won’t! They’ll ask for specifics.”

She's right.
So many people just say
"why don't they just come out and admit it already!"
But then people will just find something else
to go crazy about.
She doesn't have to confess who she is with anyway
Pretty obvious at this point.

Although I do have to add this...
Some people have actually said
That Kristen is talking...
About Oregano here.
Because there has never been "PROOF" of their breakup
so she could very easily be talking about him.
They said that.

Couple of things?

1. I do NOT hate Michael Oregano.
Please do not get on my case about it.
I think Shorty Spice is very adorable in his own flakey way
and he has been respectful about his relationship with Kristen.

2. Oregano dropped off the face of the planet.
Do you remember how he used to ALWAYS be 
lurking in the background wherever Kristen went?
It was kinda a "Find Oregano" thing for me
Trying to spot his stumpy spiceness 
when pics of Kristen showed up.
I haven't been able to play that game
in a LONG time.
Please let this go.

Another Eclipse still.
I know everyone is saying it...
WHATTHEFUCK is up with Jasper's hair?
Oh boy.
Maybe it's just me...
But would Edward wear a hoodie?
Edward Cullen??
I don't know why that just seems out of place
That's not my picture of Edward.
That's Robert.

Couple more things
(Than I'm done... promise. Maybe)

1. Kristen confirmed her role in the film adaptation
of Kerouac's "On the Road".
This will be great for her.
Big smiles.

2. Sometimes I get criticized for talking about
Robert and Kristen.
You know...
"Leave them alone"
"They don't want to talk about it
you shouldn't either"
But I want to talk about it.
I like it.
Robert and Kristen
Makes me happy...
Because it's obvious to me that they are happy.
There's nothing wrong with that.
I don't hate on them.
I support them.
I don't delve into what happens behind closed doors.
I'm not concerned with the intimate details 
of their lives.
I just think they are together.

A lot of the same people who attack me
for talking about Robert and Kristen...
have no problem talking about Rob... intimately.
They discuss his sparkling 'peen'
The size. The shape. Where it lays...
They close in on his crotch
and analyze every wrinkle
every curve...
I guess that's not intrusive at all...
Riddle me this
Which topic do you think
Robert Pattinson would be more 
embarrassed to read about?
Someone talking about how happy 
he is with Kristen?
Or someone who is talking about 
the length of his 'peen'?

If that's what makes you happy?
Go for it. 
Robert and Kristen make ME happy.
So let me be.
To each their own.

Bye for now.

Love me tender,
love me sweet,
never let me go.
You have made my life complete,
and I love you so.

Love me tender,
love me true,
all my dreams fulfilled.
For my darlin' I love you,
and I always will.

Love me tender,
love me long,
take me to your heart.
For it's there that I belong,
and we'll never part.

Love me tender,
love me dear,
tell me you are mine.
I'll be yours through all the years,
till the end of time.


kstewaddiction said...

Once again an amazing post, taking the words out of our mouth. Rose your awesome.

slowie said...

great post as always!

Anonymous said...

omg, I always thought that all the "robert and kristen like eachother" speculation was silly during Twilight promotion--UNTIL I SAW THIS VERY PICTURE OF ROBERT LOOKING AT KRISTEN FROM THE INSTYLE PHOTO SHOOT.

The way he is staring at her is the sweetest thing ever-it's full of kittens and rainbows and butterflies!lol

I never shipped or anything cause that's weird, but after seeing that photo, I did think wow, it's only a matter of time....:)

Anonymous said...


KPattz said...

Great post,Rose.Again!But the haters will always hate no matter what.So,f*ck them,they're just brainless people!

Anonymous said...

The haters will always hate. They are naive and ignorant, they don't understand that ear buds are just a way to drown out noise and pretend you aren't even listening to paps scream at you. Ditto with sunglasses. Ditto with not giving the very paps that are making your life hard and easy paycheck with a big cheesy smile or a hand hold.

If someone treats you badly, you don't indulge them. You tune them out, and don't give them the very thing they want and are forcing from you.

linzy said...

aw, sweet post. between the pretties and re-reading the kristen quotes, i'm even more of a fan of her! seriously, what is there not to admire about her?

as much as i hate pap pics, i'm glad to see the duo together :) and we didn't get pics/vid of them being chased around LA, so here's hoping they can stay under the radar as much as possible, for as long as they want to.

there's no reason for rob or kristen to verbally confirm something they've been showing for a long time now. personally i think she DID confirm it in that quote about her relationships. people just need to read between the lines and put actions + words together. the truth will set you free, hehe ;)

cheers Rose, here's to another day of giddiness!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Rose. I like Michael Angarano, I think he's a stand up guy for keeping his mouth shut. And I think Kristen learned a lesson about being pbulic about their relationship--he got burned in the press with their breakup, was often talked about or compared to Robert.

I think that's part of the reason kristen is so adamant about not talking about Robert - she saw the hurtful things that were directed towards the MA the first time around with fame.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this Rose, so if a Rob fan likes to perv over Rob and look at pictures of him and talk about how hot he looks it means they're a nonsten? Guess that means 90% of Rob fans on twitter are nonstens cause thats what they like to do. I'm a Rob fan and I like Kristen, oh and yes I do use the word "holy peen". So I guess that makes me a nonsten then.

Anonymous said...

Just saying, but you're kind of amazing. <3

Anonymous said...

Robert and Kristen are not hiding anything.

They have gone public.

The only thing they won't offer is a description and qualification of what they have.

They are keeping the details for themselves.

Who can blame them, when something as small as putting earbuds in your ear so paps can't ask if Robert is good in bed is twisted into "she hates Robert! Look at her ignore him! they aren't even on speaking terms?"

Our dynamic duo are smart, they know not to throw pearls to the swine.

Anonymous said...

Laura at 11:08: Rose isn't saying that you're a nonsten if you speak candidly about your fantasies of Robert.

She's saying people are hypocrites when on one hand they say she's being intrusive for speaking about his potential relationship with Kristen, when in the same breath they are talking sexually about Robert.

If you think it's intrusive to speak about his potential romantic relationships, don't act like it's okay to sexualize and objectify him at the same time.

Rose wants people to just be consistent in their logic.

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose. And anon at 11;02, I too started wondering if something was there from that very same Instyle Photo Shoot picture. The look is positive adoring on his part, and not his usual zoolander model poses. I saw it on perezhilton.com, and remember just staring at it for several minutes thinking she was one lucky girl!

kristine.hills said...

"But I want to talk about it.
I like it.
Robert and Kristen
Makes me happy..."

And YOU make me happy bc you write things that it's beyond wonderful!

About Rob 'peen', i swear to God, i think it's DISGUSTING. I can't even read or see pic they are analyzing and analyzing(REALLY) it.WTF!
That's why i LOVE you and you huge little blog!You are a sweetie girl and there is no harmness here.


It's what Rob is singing for his beloved right now!!! SIGH...

ciro said...

morning rose and u guys in east/west coast...in here almost midn EITHER!!!!..go back to your cage hyena....
so R love K love R love u rose

live4ska said...

Have to say, I don't agree with the 'hoody' talk. He wore one in Twilight and he's meant to be 17 *shrugs* whats the issue here?

Otherwise, another great post Rose. :)

kristine.hills said...

About Kristen interview, YES, she did it again, she DO DESERVE our RESPECT, she always shows us how genuine/unique she is, and she is only a human being trying to live her life, and her PRIVATE life is only for herself or WHO she wants to share it.
And i AGREE with anon who said she isn't hiding anything, she just wants to keep what is SPECIAL for her PRIVATE, and i think it speaks volumes HOW SHE LOVES ROB, she cares about what they have, that's why they are going through the years...



Kisses from Brazil

Rose said...


Where did I mention NONSTEN?
I never said people who talked about Rob's 'peen' were NONSTEN.
Please stop putting words in my mouth... they taste Bitter.

I don't give a rat's ass what you want to talk about.
I was making a point.
People criticize ME for being intrusive in talking about Rob's relationship, but then turn around and discuss his crotch.
Surely you understand that I was not directing this comment at any particular group of people.

It's my opinion, Laura.
I don't care if you agree with it or not... but please don't fucking make shit up to get outraged about.
Read, comprehend...
THEN get back to me.

Good Fucking Grief.

Purple83 said...

<3 u Rose, great post as always!

ciro said...

sory first post got error...
i just wanna say i like the interview kristen in flaunt and elle, she does speak truth to her self and what experience she feel and concern of her feeling so badly toward the haters and i thaught she become self defence in crazy fandom surround hers, maybe when twi hype calm down she and rob would open and more relax... and hyena always spin off the article, and bring false news like the sane people look dummy...so i would say hush...hush hyena go to your cage...just love the adorable R and K (nice pic u put rose...

Anonymous said...

Rob spotted in a hotel bar last night... Jenny Fitzgerald DeBonis You know that you are in LA when you see Robert Pattinson and Donna Summer all in the same room! .....Jenny Fitzgerald DeBonis I went down to my hotel bar for a glass of wine last night and they were both in the bar! 47 minutes ago via Email Reply....http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1349936266&v=wall&ref=search

hmm So not a house, but a hotel, and no KStew in sight hmmm

Anonymous said...

Kristen is a special woman .robert is the 1st to say this,ALL of us we know (yes ,also hyena obesa knows ).Elle magazine has done a fantastic job . amazing interview and gorgeous pictures.
ALL yesterday's twitter was so sweet about kristen and robert .
robert and kristen are lucky.

dear nonsten and hyenas obese :
why kristen justify her behaviour ?
mad mad and jealous nonsten .
robert never ever want you .prescind from kristen .
could ever want girls like you?never


Patricia said...

Rose: Were you in my head (AGAIN) ???? "SPOT ON POST", YOU BLOW ME AWAY !!!!!

As you know by now I love Rob Pattinson and seeing him so happy when he's with Kristen puts a smile on my face all day.

The article in "ELLE" was very telling , and made me feel closer to her and her feelings about the situation.. Rob wears his feelings on his sleeve. So he's so much easier to read. She is probably THE MOST MISS UNDERSTOOD SWEETIE PIE OUT THERE ! The article validates that to me. GIVE HER A BREAK !

I can't wait till "OPRAH"

99% of the people in the audience said (THEY WERE A COUPLE) !!!



mamabear said...

Hi Rose:
Love the post - yes I love Robert and Kristen, everyone says how lucky Kristen is to have Robert, well how do you think Robert feels to have those gorgeous eyes looking at him, those arms reaching for him, warm kiss'es returned to him, that secret smile just for him, the girl he has adored since Into the Wild, spending time with him, traveling all over the world to be with him, being their to support him. No wonder he is always smiling and very protective of her! Even Robert's staff is protective of her, Dean @ London airport, guiding Kristen the correct way, Nick Robert's manager @ the Remember Me after party walking with her to the party, Robert's agent Stephanie walking with Kristen at the Remember Me premiere in NY. Kristen is a true gem that has Roberts heart and I love her for that! Robert wants to protect what he loves and gets support from his staff.

Thanks Rose for beautiful pictures and words. I visit this site daily and I always leave smiling!

katy said...

Anon 11:30

Rob was spotted in the hotel bar...well maybe...and is that important? NO
Because we all know (including you) that Rob loves Kristen and Kristen loves Rob.

_Beccaspage_ said...

Seen this quote thought it fitting for the haters. "Haters only hate the things that they can't get and the people they can't be." remember that R&K being together, it's mind over matter They don't mind and you don't matter.
Go R&K! hearts =)

Scarlet said...

Rose, love it. I am going to try to NOT read the comments. I like some of the intelligent ones though, but then I hit ones that are just so ... stupid. Not a word I even let my 7 year use but sometimes if the shoe fits ... well, you know. It's quite funny that Chris the corn guy (who has NO investment in Robsten) posted deets on his twitter about them snuggling and looking sweet on top of everything else but then someone can still insist they aren't together hmmmmm....too much invested in that idea.

Whatever Rose, it's still fun to come and read.

Anonymous said...

I'm shipper, I'm KS fan but sometimes I feel dissapointed with another KS fan who claim their self shipper but they start to support KS with another guy..such as ryan gosling, Jesse E, Eddie R and now Garret H.. but it's true that they're mock another Rob co star and female friends.. I understand the motive of nonsten..But I just don't understand about KS fan who claim as a shipper too..I follow many of them on twitter..because I'm KS fan..Most of them are shipper and support robsten even drooling over him..but when there's another rumor guy or her another costar..they start tried to ship them..for clear example is when KS and Eddie R attended MET Gala even they not meet each other..her fans start to cheer EddieStew on twitter.. and when EDR pic came out..they start to call her fugly,old,drunk etc.. why??

katy said...

TO _Beccaspage_

Agree :)

Anonymous said...

bwahahah...omg...newsflash!!! Robert was spotted in a BARRR!

Who would have ever thought it would come to the day where Robert Pattinson would consume alcohol publicly.

Good grief, what's the world coming to....the next thing you'll know, he'll actually EAT a burger at IN-N-OUT next....


Anonymous said...

anon: 11:51: When people behave like that, they are being immature. Hating on EDR is immature, and it's silly to fake ship Kristen with any human being owning a penis within10 feet of her too. This happens simply because many people are living vicariously through Kristen too much. She's like a SIMs character, and they want Robert to only have eyes for her, and her to have the pick of the male litter, etc.

So they encourage male suitors and expect Robert to live in a box when he's not near Kristen.

It's silly, but people are just bored. lol

Poli said...

After reading this post i wish i could hug you and say how awesome you are.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose! You always make my day a little bit brighter. I also think it was cute that during the Elle shoot it was noted that Bel Ami was on Kristen's kindle.

Anonymous said...

The Nonstens have cracked the mystery:

Robert isn't dating Kristen--HE"S DATING DONNA SUMMERS!!!!

Case closed, shippers. The hyenas have spoken.


soadram said...


Rosa I'm sorry but I have to respond to anonymous .... that Donna Summer was with Rob last night ..
ANOM 11:30 oh you're wrong it was not Donna Summer was me who was with Rob was an unfortunate mistake that you had.
Actually I knew that there people in the world stupid and dumb and ... plumb stupid but very very stupid and never thought, in fact not only not you see that interests you ... see you who are against the Rob / Kris must be so happy .... who can not see who is and is happy, you know more as we say in Portugal .... Va grazing snails ... "
Pink, as always the words that come together in sentences true and real.
Kris is a wonderful girl. For me is a Great Woman with 20 years.
"... I like Robert and Kris together makes me happy ....."
a kiss from Portugal

Anonymous said...

Awesome post as always!!! The PR-sten is so laughable. Have any of you hyenas saying this EVER worked in PR??? Ever? Well I have and this is NOT how it's done. You BLAB about it LOUDLY, you manage to ALWAYS get papped holding hands, snuggling (if Mr "pr" guy at the airport was doing his "job" we would've had PICS)!!! Sorry for shouting but it's so ridiculously laughable that I know I'm speaking to moronic hyenas who clearly do not have any idea how you go about PR!!!!

vanlicous said...

At first to the criticism-part:

If you are criticized, then you must make some things right. Because we all take those only who has the ball. (Bruce Lee) :)

I can only agree with you about everything except the MA-part, but it doesn't mean you're wrong, I just don't want to talk about him, cause he belongs to Kristens past and I feel uncomfortable with talking about him - but that's my thing.

You wrote about the sexual talk about him and I can say that I hate it, when people are doing it. They have no distance and respect.

But yesterday I saw a lot of happy comments about R&K, too and I decided to concentrate on them and share the happiness :)

Thanks again for your great post and keep going!

Anonymous said...

so now Rob is cheating kristen with Donna Summer? Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

so Rob was at a bar and no KStew in sight when they havent been together for months?? hmmm ok lol

enjoy your summer rose lol

Anonymous said...

Not. like. Kristen.
My point. Period.

PS. The broke up.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha these hyenas crack me up. I don't know if Rob was at a hotel bar or not, I mean he was also spotted by another person in LA when his plane was in the air sooo.. I have my doubts about it. Does it change a thing if he was at a hotel bar? No. It's just another thing like the seating arrangements on Oprah, that makes no sense to cling to but hyenas have nothing else so they have to cling to something. Instead of just being a fan, and wishing happiness for a celebrity you're supposed to be rooting for, you wish them misery in their relationship? Or wish them to be the type of celebrity who seeks publicity when they so obviously don't? Because why? I'm sorry. I just don't understand the hyenas. Twisted individuals in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Scan here from E! Robsten Boards: If I've said it once, I've said it 1000 times. Once they open the floodgates to questions about their relationship, there's NO going back. EVER. It will completely overwhelm everything they do.

There's a reason why there's only ONE 'Brangelina,' because NO ONE ELSE has the fortitude to ignore with the sh*t they do, day in and day out - and no one else (right now) is sitting ON TOP of the Hollywood food chain like they are. You can talk about your kids and your man when you get paid 20 mil a movie, and your babies are playing with your Oscar.

However, Kris isn't even legal, Rob is not yet 24, their careers are JUST starting!! If they don't play this right, Rob could forever be Vamp boy, and Kristen, Vamp loving girl. Cartoons, not taken seriously!

When you're barely out of your teens and the public, and the media won't let you evolve beyond your teen franchise, and your 'HOT' relationship, your career is TOAST. The rags will make you a cartoon, and a joke.

They are just starting out, they have burgeoning careers, more importantly - they are two young GIFTED SENSITIVE ARTISTS WITH TALENT GALORE, however, it could not withstand the voraciousness of people wanting to know all about them as a 'superstar' couple - that is ALL they'd be interested in.

I know, because that's all I'M interested in (Robsten), despite the lockdown on what they tell people! LOL

The good news is, right now, the media knows they are OFF limits to inquiry. So in legit mainstream publications, what will get talked about is THE WORK - will the articles mention their private life, yeah - but in passing. phrases like "rumored real life love," etc., will be used.

Sure, a brave few will try to get more, but they'll get shut-down by the KStew b*tchface, or they'll have to watch Rob squirm and look sheepish - but that's all they'll be getting, they'll have to move on, or stop the interview cold.

In the meantime, Rob & kris can cuddle, snuggle, smootch, eat out, go to concerts, buy houses, get engaged, get married or whatever -- and set about living their REAL lives in private, and their WORK lives in public.

It will be their small corner of the world just for themselves where no one intrudes.

In my opinion, they're playing it the best it can be played.

Patricia said...

Rose: it's me again , after reading all the comments here today, something came to my mind again that Stephenie Meyer wrote for Edward in the "Eclipse" book that says it all to the haters and none believers :
"YOU CAN LEAD A HORSE TO WATER" and to complete the saying "you can't get them to drink " That's how I feel about the hard heads (they will believe what they want,) and that's fine but don't try and shove it DOWN OUR THROATS ????

We believe that they are in love and together.......

Anonymous said...

The photo of them lying on the multicolored blankets and pillows is from my favorite photo shoot of them. Thanks for that one! Go Rob and Kristen!

Lisa said...

PERFECT ROSE! You did it again.. Can't think of a way to say it better.. Personally, I don't know why anyone would want to talk about his "peen" is beyond me. But to each his or her own..

As for Rob in a bar, IF it's true(and many have figured out if they mentionn Rob on FB or Twitter they can get a ton of followers in a hurry! Like the actress wanna be yesterday that said, "OMG, I just walked by Rob Pattinson in LA" Funny thing, he was still in the air from Chicago but she got a ton of followers) OH NO! Who would think Rob would EVER have a beer! LOL And if the haters can't figure it out, Kristen is TWENTY. In the US, drinking age is 21! Of course she wouldn't be there!

katy said...

anon 12:35

Yes, the summer will be amazing...Lots of Rob and Kristen Love.

Rob loves Kristen and Kristen Loves Rob.

Anonymous said...

Some people just crack me up!
The guy at the airport yesterday was called a liar and a PR plant (LOL at that) and some were saying "pics or it didn't happen"
He posted a photo he tried to grab of them to show he did see them but still "certain" people just wanted to call him a liar and blah blah blah.
Now someone posts about Rob at a bar and it's automatically believed by some people? LOL.
What happened to taking things with a grain of salt? If that person said Kristen's name, you know damn well people would say "pics or it didn't happen"
This shit makes me laugh.
Where was Rob last night? NO IDEA. And if he was in a bar, well, maybe he had a business meeting. Those happen in LA. Maybe Kristen was meeting up with him later. My goodness that is possible. And it's possible he was nowhere near a bar last night. FFS. Why is all of this such a big deal?

If you don't believe they are together by now, then IMHO, you never will. You will constantly talk yourself out of believing they're together---by constantly looking for diminutive things to show they aren't together while INGORING all the significant things that show they are very much together.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad for you that you are happy. They made us all happy. I'm so glad we are together here. I'm so glad for Robstens love and success. Same as you

Anonymous said...

Re the bar, Kristen and not being legal yet (21) -- the haters absolutely cannot stand being reminded how YOUNG Kristen is, so keep doing it. lmao.


Anonymous said...

HEY Rose love the post today WHY OH why cant people just read what Kristen said?WHY cant they see how this BEAUTIFUL girl wants to keep what is special and private to her self I know that there are things in my life I DONT want the whole word to know and im sure theres alot of others out there to soooo why is it that they have to know every little thing that gos on her life??? Please lets give the girl the RESPECT shes ONLY asking for SHE LOVES ROBERT PATTINSON and he loves her lets respect them both LETS be happy they have each other IF WE ARE TRUE FANS isnt that what we all want ??Thank you again Rose for the sweet post and your true feeling about our two lovers I hope you have a good day ........DEB.

Anonymous said...

Omg Rose! You are awesome, thanks for trying to keep things honest and positive. I looove how Robert is looking and Kristen in that photo hmmmmm lol anyway thanks again for a great post. Give em hell Rose!

Anonymous said...

I love Rob and Kristen and I love reading this blog. I hate that I avoid reading the other comments now but I don't want to spoil the happy that the blog gives me by accidentally reading a hater comment.

Great post again as usual Rose, reading your blog is one of my favorite parts of the day.

Anonymous said...

to anon at 11:55 I follow a lot of Kristen fans and they are ok with Rob because they accept that they are together, but that doesn't make them Rob fans. They don't dislike him and mostly refrain from bashing on him, but many of them would secretly like to see her with someone else.

On the flip side of your comment about her fans wanting Rob to have only eyes for her, yet she have the pick of the litter...aren't you being a little hypocritical? I mean look at the bashing done on Michael. Just because he had the nerve to be her boyfriend before she even met Rob. Look at the sheer panic people go into anytime Kristen is spotted out anywhere without Rob.

As far as having a pick of the litter, I'm pretty sure that Rob's fans feel like every woman in the world wants to be with him and that's just not true. There's a good bit of delusion on ALL sides of this fence.

I wouldn't take any of this stuff so seriously either way. Enjoy them together, enjoy them with someone else, whatever makes you happy. Its not as if any of us have a personal stake in whether or not they are together.

Anonymous said...

What Kristen said about not publicizing her relationships rings so true.

In a recent interview, Tom Sturridge would not answer any questions about Robert in any capacity with the interviewer and than elaborated. Tom said he didn't want his friend to see him talking publicly about him in print. That it would be weird.

That's Tom being a protective friend, realizing that talking publicly about their friendship is a weird thing to do.

Likewise Kristen's statement is along the same lines.

Robert keeps loyal, protective friends and gfs around him, I love that.

You would think that as a Rob fan, people would applaud her stance....geesh.

Anonymous said...

Rose: I just adore your blog. I'm actually crying this time, because I have experienced so much hate on twitter and on some of the blogs....you know the blogs that are supposed to be there for fans to discuss twilight and ALL things twilight. Every time the issue of Robsten comes ups, I am either modded, or a lot of anger RISES to the top. Yet I have to endure comment after comment about the size, shape, position of Rob's peen constantly. Or possible sexual scenarios with Rob & Taylor...you know the ole 'TEAM ROBLOR'...
i don't get it.
I am merely happy for a couple that is so much in love, that it actually makes me believe that true love DOES exist and that I should NEVER give up in believing in it.
I'm so incredibly happy that Rob & Kristen found each other...kindred spirits in a world where NOTHING is REAL anymore. Everything is VIRTUAL or PLASTIC. This couple is NONE of that. They are 100% real...flawed...yet perfectly beautiful.
I love LOVE and in every sense of the word... I see LOVE when I see Rob & Kristen together. It makes me smile, as few things in this hectic life ever do.
Thanks Rose....just....thanks :)

Anonymous said...

to anon 1:40

Actually, That's some kristen fans hypocrisy, they mock Rob fans and say they're stupid cause they make Rob out to be a manwhore, but they're doing EXACTLY the same with Kristen.
kristen fans are just as much to blame for shipping kristen with anyone but Rob. Period.

Melissa said...

AWESOME post, Rose!!! LOVE YOU!!

People hate on Kristen because they are SO jealous of her. She has what they all want; beauty, success, a REAL personality, and Robert Pattinson. It's sick to hate someone over any of those things.

If I were Kristen, I wouldn't smile at the pappz either. We've all seen the videos; those idiots yell out the most horrendous things. How can it not bother and hurt her? She's a human being just like anyone else. LEAVE HER ALONE. Fuck the pappz.

That is all...for now ;-)


Anonymous said...

If you hate them, you hate them and nothing will change your mind. But if you love them, you love them and nothing can change that.

I love them and actions speak louder than words. Nothing will ever change the way they look and act together. The writing is on the wall yet people still try to get around it.

Give it up!

linzy said...

you know what i don't get? (bedsides the NONsense)
why do people come here to bicker and bitch about whose fans, rob or kristen's, are more to blame for what being flat out stupid. if you don't like what someone is saying, then DON'T keep reading it and upsetting yourself... and then spread it around blogs like this. jesus h. it really isn't difficult is it? last i checked you can choose to not read something and Rose certainly isn't the blog/twitter/r&k police (though you wouldn't know it from some of the comments on here). idgi?

yes there is nasty stuff thrown from both "sides," but generalizing entire groups of fans based on a few loud mouths? WTF?

*bangs head on desk*

sorry Rose.
:| tired of seeing fans pitted against one another *sigh*

going back to my happy place :P

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:30 and @all those who say "OMG!Robert in a hotel bar without Kristen! It must be over!!" and blablablablabla:

Most definitely Kristen was in the hotel room waiting for him.. and stop with all this BS once and for all. Have you already forgotten the sighting of Rob and Kris at the Chicago airport holding hands? Oh, yeah, but (according to hyenas) it wasn't legit because in the picture you couldn't see anything! And now they are clinging to this bar sighting?C'mon!You can do better than that(sarcasm)! Again, probably Kristen was in the hotel room, since she stayed at his hotel many times in the past

And can I suggest one thing to the hyenas? Use your brain every now and again!It doesn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

Kristen and Rob are dating but not exclusively. They do hook up when they are in the same town. But when they are in different country or State they can date or hook up with anyone they want.

sfw10sis said...

Ugh, I hate working doubles, I missed all the good stuff yesterday. Elle mag looks absolutely amazing, boy she can work any look. Once again the interviews for both Flaunt and Elle shows us just how real she is,(anyone of us in her postion would have similar feelings)she brings herself down to a level, that any young girl can connect to, shows that she has normal genuine feelings, she's not some robotic droid, she can think for herself. My guess would be thats one of the things Robbie P. likes most about her, so Gnaw on that for awhile, oh I'm sorry your mouths might be full with all the other Rob & Kristen goodies from yesterday, wait I've seen a hyena's mouth, their pretty big, carry on.

Rose you had me laughing out loud at all the "sten's" from yesterday, once again, your awesome. I will have to catch up on all the rest of the goodies after work. Don't let the loonies over take the asylum.


Anonymous said...

KStew : "I Would Never Cheapen Relationships By Talking About Them" - That's why she said Angarano was her celebrity crush, boyfriend, the person who she most...like 1,2,3...whatever times. Talking about coherence. grow up girl, we all know you don't love Rob, he seems like a puppy you like to take for a walk a couple of days every month. Oregano is a good guy, he was lucky you left him. Wish the same for Rob.
R is smiling at LAX, as the goofy, nice and gentle guy he is, and she...well, she looks like she is. Bitchface.

Anonymous said...

Wait, Rob STAYS in a HOTEL ROOM? What about Kristen's house?



Anonymous said...

So,hyenas,want to hear something else that will make you even more desperate( if that's even possible lol!!)?: apparently "On the road "begins shooting in August, and guess what? WFE ends shooting in the middle of July..any other guesses? Yeah, no conflicting schedules in Rob and Kristen's filming and Kristen will have plenty of time to spend with Rob during the shooting of HIS movie and Rob will visit Kristen on set during the filming of HER movie. Besides they'll spend time together in the month or so they won't have anything to film.
Have a good summer hyenas!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3:07 Are you serious?? You can't think that was the same situation AT ALL. That was before she got really famous and before she had an equally famous bf and it was before people wanted intimate details of her private life so of course she would have felt more comfortable back then.
How do you, or anyone for that matter know how she feels about Rob? I certainly don't. But it sure says something to me that she flew 14 hours just to spend her birthday with him.

And really? Criticizing her for not smiling at the paps? Wow.

Anonymous said...

so much for spending the WHOLE SUMMER APART. Her movie starts shooting in August according to the hollywood reporter.

Anonymous said...

Psss, 3:18 wanna know something? That's the WORST possible scenario for you, shipps. While Rob is filmimg he MUST concentrate, and of course, he'll work ALL DAY. She can visit him a few hours, hey :) Then about 15 July Rob is done, guess what? K will be in preproduction of her own film, bussy, very bussy with rehearsals. And then, August. You know K wants to be ALONE while filming, to be FOCUS, she said that in an interview. So here we are in October, ready to BD and R&K spendt the summer...wait, no


Happy working summmer :)

Anonymous said...

@ anon 3:07

the exact opposite: she cares about Rob more that she did about Angarano(I've nothing against the guy,mind you). Answer me this: when you feel the need to protect something(of any kind), why is that? Because it's so important to you that you don't want to lose it.For example, As Kstew411 said, Kristen didn't talk about her role in On the Road all this time(she had the role since November), even though she was very enthusiastic about it and she wanted it so badly. BUT she didn't want the circus of talking and gossip to surround this project.Same goes with her relationship with Rob. She learned the lesson and she's right about wanting to keep private things private.I'd do the same.

Anonymous said...


She is not private, she is ashame.
Love is beautiful, you don't need to hide it. By doing it, you just create more bs.
And she is ashame because there is no relationship. It's bussiness, not the first time it happened, not the last for sure.

Anonymous said...

The hyenas getting excited they will spend a little time apart while filming separate projects is so creepy. If Kristen isn't with Rob, does that mean you will be? No. How does it affect you at all?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 3:28

Pss,wanna know something?

1)You know nothing about filming production. Things don't work this way. Remember eclipse? It began shooting in the end of August and even though Rob and Kristen had spent the all summer filming their respective movies they managed to spend time together in the beginning of Aufust(a whole week) before eclipse shooting.
2) People can go visit their significant others on set and some of them spend even whole months there. So, nice try!
3) The post was addressed to hyenas and you just showed your hyena nature. LOL!! Keep living in your hyena delusions!!

Anonymous said...

For anyone who thinks Kristen would have a relationship with Rob for PR, go read her Flaunt interview. She wants privacy. Remember when Rob said he wasn't going to answer that question because he wants to be known for his work and not his private life? Remember when he said he would never do anything for publicity? And you are a fan of him and honestly think he would do something like that? You are no fan at all. If it's for PR why do they run away from cameras? Why on NYE did they visit an island with no paps, only an 11 year old girl who took their pic? Why didn't they walk hand in hand through the streets of Budapest instead of her staying inside for those days? Come on, use common sense. They are together. Just because you don't want them to be, don't make Rob out to be a publicity whore and spread your delusions just to make yourselves feel better.

L said...

Anon 2:41:00 PM, and you know this HOW? Because you're delusional? Hoping he or she?? will be with you when they're apart? LOL FAT CHANCE!

Anon 3:07, pot calling the kettle black?

Anon 3:40 and many other Anon posts (easy to tell) here. Obviously either English is not your first language, or you're a child?? Either way that may explain your issues. WHY you can't comprehend what's going on right in front of your face! You're losing stuff in translation, or need to grow up??


Anonymous said...

@ 3:40

LOL!! When you talk about your relationship with the whole world, it means you don't give any relevance to it. When I go out with people without my boyfriend, I don't like talking about him. And I'm not even famous!I don't have to share him with the whole world as Kristen!Does this mean that I don't love him?NO. I adore him and he does too. I just don't want to give people the chance to gossip about how many times we do it, how many times we go out, how he treats me, how we live, how many presents he gives me and so on.. Kristen and Rob manage to keep it real in the fake world of Hollywood. Period.

Anonymous said...



1) I know a thing or maybe two...about filming production. My schedule was correct. MAybe they will A free WEEK? wow, so much timeeee...yeah, maybe.
2) Read a few Kristen's interviews. She will NEVER be locked for two months in Rob's trailer while he's working. Same goes for Rob. My bet is he will be in LONDON. Maybe, yeah, maybe again, he'll spend a couple of days with her, in her trailer.
You know, the have this coupleofdayseverymonth relationship.

I repeat, LONDON. While she is filming. Record this in your mind.

3) Nice try. Don't bother

Anonymous said...

@ 3:28.

Actors are able to work and still spend some time with their loved ones. Rob was able to spend some time with his family and friends while filming Bel Ami. And when Kristen was in London, he was with her after work. And I have no doubts that Kristen visited the set in London. Just like she did when in Budapest.

Also, Kristen's role in On the Road is a supporting role. Filming for the movie looks to be starting in August. But when and where she will start filming, I don't know. Kristen won't be filming straight for months and months.

Anonymous said...

i agree with whole rob looks like rob not edward, the cullens were into high fashion in the book they were very rich and dressed well and edesigner etc

Anonymous said...

i agree with whole rob looks like rob not edward, the cullens were into high fashion in the book they were very rich and dressed well and edesigner etc

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

anonymous 3:56 Yeah, you're exactly right. Kristen is a supporting role. I doubt she'll be filming for more than 3 weeks if that. Not that it matters. R/K have proved they can successfully do the long distance thing and find ways to see eachother.

Anonymous said...

what about unbound captives is that still a go for rob?and why are the haters so challenged in the spelling department "bussy" really? get a dictionary or an english teacher its hard to take your rants seriously when you can't even spell correctly

Anonymous said...

Poor Rob. Hes seems so deeply in love with Kristen but I don't think she feels the exact same way. Its sad because shes younger and is still learning about relationships whereas Rob is probably at a stage where he feels he could get married. I'd say Rob is the more serious one in the relationship. I think if Kristen ever ended the relationship Rob would get very depressed and it would be awful for him. Its a scary thought but he just seems like a weak guy who can't handle rejection. Hopefully their relationship will work out.

Anonymous said...

rob may actually film unbound captives after wfe if its a go, in new mexico but he also has a supporting role rachel weiss said its gonna happen soon

Anonymous said...

i don't think rob has had many serious relationships before maybe only nina in fact i don't think he is ready to get married at 23 LOL

Anonymous said...

i think they like being apart for couple of weeks at a time it makes you miss the person so bad you can't wait to see them, it makes you appreciate them more when you have the time with them

Anonymous said...

Hey, when you can speak french and german as I do english, we'll talk. LOL, you are desperate, right?

Enjoy this beautiful working summer for R&K

Ps. Rachel Weisz said UC is a go. I did't want to hurt you even more, dear shipps. :)

Melinda said...

So the hyenas are out in full force again today? I wonder when the pile of crap they spew will suck them under? I think we will all rejoice when that happens!

Rose- you are a gem! Thanks for all the happy pictures and sweet songs that fit perfectly.

Man I love Kristen more and more each time she does an interview!

I think the reason I love Rob and Kristen so much is because they are REAL in a land of plastic. I applaud them for wanting to keep what they have to themselves. They are a sweet couple. I think it would be cool if Rob and Kristen had the opportunity to interact with fans that really love them and aren't just wanting to meet them for the sake of meeting them (i.e. so the "fan" can have their 15 minutes of fame). I think a majority of people that comment on this site would love to just hang out with the both of them and have a drink. No BS allowed (or Kristen would call you on it, ha ha).

Summer loving, had me a blast!!

pricklypearess said...

...and the tail chasing continues. LOL Don't care what their filming schedules are. Don't care if Rob heads back to London while Kristen is filming. Don't care if the hyenas snap out of their delusions (they won't). I find their fantasies very entertaining. They're a creative bunch. R & K are together and they find time to be together even with their busy schedules. Good for them.

Anonymous said...

4:21. LOL.

If UC is a go--great. Rob has a small part and can film it in a giffy and then be done with it once and for all. But talk of this movie being a go has gone on for months now. So, who knows. Not really concerned about it. If I am supposed to be---sorry to disappoint you.

Whether Rob and Kristen are filming at the same time or filming at separate times, they always find time for each other.

No worries! :)

Lisa said...

Anon 4:10:00 PM, Rob has said as much in an interview. "not seeing someone all the time makes it better when you do see them" They're young and hot right now. Lots of work to do while the getting is good. When they become true stars, they can take time off, etc.. But they're YOUNG. If they spent all the time together, it would get rough.. If they're not ready to get married, what's the point? Remember, most of us lived normal lives when we met our loves. We didn't have a whole lot going on and the person we were dating were probably fairly close to where we were. It was EASY to spend all your free time together. They are in a totally different situation, which most of us can barely imagine.

And WHY do we have to speculate so much? WHY can't we just be happy for them? :(

Anonymous said...

Why does a certain group of people harp on and on about Rob and Kristen's filming schedules?

News flash--They are ACTORS. So of course they will film movies. Sometimes at the same time or sometimes at different times. And sometimes they won't be filming at all! People who want to be together, will be together.

How is this any different than any other working actors in Hollywood? Actors with significant others (some who are also actors, some who are directors) and some with children. The can work and have personal lives!!

katy said...

Anon 4:20

tell me have you ever had real relationship?
Apparently not .... do you really think Rob and Kristen will end their relationship only because of differences in schedules?
They are actors and are aware that sometimes they will be separated as they work, they are smart and although they are young they are very mature for their age and know a what to do to find time to be together and know what to do to make ir work between them.

the thing I find dispicable...is you beeing happy...because they mate not see each other will working.

PS:to all the supporter of Rob and Kristen forgive my bad english.

Anonymous said...

Rob left L.A already? why he is not going to the press junket tomorrow in L.A?

katy said...

Don't think this is true...they would have annouced it?
And Rob is in LA.

Anonymous said...

Eclipse junket tomorrow?Sounds really weird. No one talked about it. Rob is in La. If he's not going it's because he has WFE commitments. Again, sounds strange..why do a press conference without one of the leads characters? I get if they do other promotion without him(such as the european tour) but not a press junket..we'll see..

Anonymous said...

But,it's too early to do a press junket,isn't it?I mean the movie comes out in more than a month..

katy said...

I hear on twitter is because taylor as a movie in June so they have to do it earlier.
I want Rob in this Press Junket...his the reason I see this Press Junket and go to bed very very late just to see the Priemiers...without him is not going to be the same.
Don't have anything against Taylor...but don't care if is there or not.
I know that Rob has WFE commitments
but I hope he can manage to take the day for this Press Junket.
I'm sad now :(

Anonymous said...

Taylor's movie starts in July, so that's not the reason. Also seems to be a junket only to international press not american but still strange that with Rob in L.A can't make it.

katy said...

Summit has confirmed Press Junket is not tomorrow.
Anon7:24 I don't know if is in June or july Taylor Movie, it what I read on twitter and If Rob doesn't do it is because of WFE commitments.

amanda said...

Summit just put out a statement saying that it's false. NO press junket tomorrow in LA. Just thought I'd let everybody know.:)

babbles said...

That last pic on this post has always been my favorite of them..... I agree Kristen has little reason to smile at the paps, but she is within inches of Robert Fucking Pattinson, spare me a grin Kstew... I love that these two are so similar yet so completely different at the same time... I completely disagree with Kristen on the matter of just setting the record straight only fueling the fire, I think the opposite... These two are adorable either way and I wish the best... The blog is looking great Rose, did you know the Rose is one of the heartiest flowers?, they survive anything... Xoxo

Delicate, my ass!

Hate you ;)

Lisa said...

Anon 6:27:00 PM, Rob left LA? No way, doesn't make sense. He would have went wherever it is right after Chicago..

And sadly, we all need to be prepared! Rob more then likely is not going to be able to do as much press as usual because of WFE. I'm sure he can take a day here and there but not too many. :(
I'm worried about the MTV awards.. They are up for a ton, it would be awful if he's not there! :(

Olivia said...

Another perfectly paired set of pictures, comments and lyrics. Bravo Rose!

A note to those who participate and English is not your first language. I applaud your time and effort to learn another language. Many of you speak two or more and our world has been so changed by the ability to reach others on the other side of the globe within seconds through the internet. You learn and improve by using the language, and that is what you are doing, by reading, and writing responses. Good for you. I love how Rob has learned some phrases from the many countries to where his acting career has taken him and he has used them when speaking to his fans. They love it. He, Kristen, and the Twi phenomenon have tied so many fans together across the world. It is truly amazing. I love visiting blogs from other countries and reading comments here and elsewhere from fans from outside of the USA. A couple of weeks ago there was the cutest YOU TUBE video about a group of ladies from Indonesia watching the trailer for Eclipse. There reaction to Rob was precious.
Oops, so sorry for the detour that my comments have taken tonight. Love polyglots : )
Respect Rob and Kristen as always.

ssmartinez55 said...

Rose - I look forward to your blog and read it from work on my phone every day. Thanks for keeping the sanity and positive vibes going. I also love the term "hyenas" it is a perfect analogy for what goes on. I will never understand how people can be so miserable and spew such venom. What I always like to say is "sometimes reality doesn't affect people the way it should". The reality is that these two are very obviously dating and very in love. They are real and I really respect them as actors and people. I also like to say "never understimate the power of denial". The power of denial will keep hyenas yapping for eternity, these two will never win. I'm glad Rob has Kristen, I can't imagine what he'd be going through if she wasn't around to ground him. They are quite simply just perfect. Thanks for posting your thoughts and keeping it fun and real in all the craziness. It is much appreciated. :)

Olivia said...

Ha, ha

I meant " their" reaction.
I did proof but missed it. : (

Anonymous said...

Rob will be doing the promotions with Eclipse,that's part of his contract.He will probably taking a break from WFE when the promotions start.He cannot just say I can't do it because I'm filming,that's not how it works,he have an obligation to promote movie,even though his busy.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:28: you drama queen. lol

People focus all the time--and that has no bearing on having family or SOs visiting you. Do I think they'll be connected at the hip all summer?

Hell no. These two are putting their careers first right now, as best they should.

But that doesn't mean you can't visit eachother regularly while on location.

Musicians and actors do it all the time. My sister does it with her musician hubby who tours. Kristen did it successfully for several years with a boyfriend.

I mean, you make actors sound like robots or something...LOL

Anonymous said...

@3:50 P.M. Thank you!!! so much *applaudes loudly* "Kristen and Rob manage to keep it real in the fake world of Hollywood. Period" That is my quote of the day!! I read these comment to find the most sensible quote..exactly how i feel!!!


Rose said...

To Melissa @2:18pm
And Babbles @7:53 pm

You guys know how I feel about you.
Thanks for all the support and love.
And hate. Hahahaha.

Love you both.


Lisa said...

Anon 8:33.

Of course he'll do press "it's in his contract" yes, thank you. I know that! And he's said that if promoting wasn't part of his contracts, he wouldn't do interviews! He also said he will NOT being doing as much promoting for Eclipse, as he did it for the other two. When I run across the video again, I'll post it.

Anonymous said...


On the Road should start shooting on August 1 in New Orleans and Montreal.


and rob is going to london as soon he is due with WTE,great summer indeed just not for you and the shipperslol

Maeby said...

I'm a fan of Rob AND Kristen, so I love this site, its pictures and words, even though the name and header don't match up with the content, which is more "Robsten" Intoxication.... though I loathe the term "Robsten." :)

I go back and forth when it comes to Kristen's quote about why she's not going to talk about her relationship (lol, that's a confirmation if I've never heard one).

I agree that they don't owe it to anyone to confirm, to put into words their claim on each other.

I agree that such a confirmation would not mean the end of fan squabbles, paparazzi intrusions, and rumors and accusations that it's PR or that they broke up or that a co-star will come between them and anything else bitter harpies will throw at them.

I agree that such a confirmation would not bring peace and that journalists will not stop trying to ask them about each other and their relationship.

I agree that the things that are important to you should not be flaunted, that they should be protected and held close to your heart away from eyes that judge and sneer.

I agree with her on so many levels, and I do think withholding is a kind of power... but I also have to wonder if the opposite is true as well. Is their inability to be free with each other in the presence of photogs or at public events at which many couples are able to attend side by side also a concession of power? If being private and protective is a part of "owning" something you love, then couldn't retreating, staying hidden, allowing what is natural to be stifled in public be interpreted as allowing the situation to "own" you?

I don't think they need to release a statement or do an exclusive interview. I don't think they should jump on couches and kiss at crosswalks, but I see no reason why they have to keep space between them. It doesn't matter what people say. People who love them or hate them together are going to talk regardless, so why not just "be" and let the chips fall where they may?

They are in a very strange situation that I can't begin to imagine though I have tried. They are damned if they do; damned if they don't. I'm not sure how to describe their current strategy. As you can tell, I'm mixed about it. I suppose you could call their strategy 'empowered powerless.'

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling they can't confirm because of the franchise. Their chemistry is the only selling point-it sure ain't the wig or makeup budget!lol

If everything is riding on their "chemistry," and they date, and they then break up, everyone will say the franchise is "ruined" because their chemistry is ruined.

So, I have a feeling that even if they wanted to, they can't confirm. All they can do is confirm quietly, and they have been doing that since New Years.

cupcake said...

i find it funny how some people could think they could get away with their stupidity.

the owner of this blog could easily trace you down if she wants. she would know if you're talking to yourself. could track down your location and your identity. that is, only if she wants. keep pushing her, who knows what she might do. this is after all her blog.

who don't you trolls go back to your dungeon and stop messing with the people here. nobody wants you. nobody believes you. nothing you say or do would change anything. unless you enjoy humiliating yourselves, then go ahead, troll away. thank you for making this blog the center of your world, and those who support rob and kristen your god. such a shame you've got nothing to live for other than this. i pity you.

as for rob and kristen, i believe they'll be fine no matter the distance, time apart and all the intrigues come their way. i am no reletionship expert nor a psychic, but they have proven time and time again that they could surpass the bumps that come their way. love always finds a way, argue with that. good for them and for us. too bad for you.

Anonymous said...


Do you have a point with your multitude of posts on this topic?

So what Kristen starts in August? The exact date? Don't know. I'll wait for more confirmed reports to come out.

And where will Rob be after WFE is done filming? I have NO clue and neither do you!

I, for the life of me, don't understand all this nonsense.

Rob and Kristen are filming movies. One is starting soon and the other in late summer. What's the big fucking deal? Do you honestly think they won't see each other this summer? LOL.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand all of this summer talk. How old are you guys? Still in high school? Because when you're a grownup 'summer break' kind of loses it's significance... it's just another season where you have days on and off from work. R/K were a couple in the Fall, the Winter and the Spring. They will still be a couple this Summer and the season after that. Burns doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

by stating "my relationship" is given already... read between the lines guys ^o^

Anonymous said...

rob may go to cannes to promote bel ami with uma but i can't see that seeing that wfe is about to start its already in preproduction unless he can make a quick trip to france, talk about jet lag?

Anonymous said...

to the person who is hater spelling badly stating they speak several languages great for you but this is an american website so if you spew hate using ridiculously bad spelling expect to get criticized by americans on an american website

Anonymous said...

4.54 anon i agree enough said

Anonymous said...

they may sneak in a junket before rob starts filming wfe which begins filming on 20th this month, he will probably have to prepare, run lines, get hair and make up etc if he can sneak a cannes trip in that will be amazing and tiring but who know he went last year i think it starts on 12th may so he may get a day or two in if bel ami is screened first?

Anonymous said...

but if he does attend its cutting it very close to wfe shoot considering it takes a days travel there and back plus the days attending, crew already on set of wfe and he was already spotted at some meeting with cast i think after VC

Anonymous said...

someobody said yesterday that on the road may go to cannes to try and drum up financing may or may not need kristen and cast there or maybe just the directors?

Anonymous said...

i see that DS got rob's edward cullen hair back sporting it on oprah, now he'll have to have a 30s cut i wonder what style that will require?