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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Enough...

*Yes, her hand is on his arm...*


It was difficult to pull my hand back,
to stop myself from moving closer
to her than I already was.

A thousand different possibilities
ran through my mind in an instant--

a thousand different ways to touch her. 

The tip of my finger tracing the shape of her lips.
My palm cupping under her chin. 

Pulling the clip from her hair
and letting it spill out across my hand.

My arms winding around her waist,
holding her against the length of my body.


Edward Cullen, Midnight Sun, Chapter 12, p. 252

I love Midnight Sun.
It's my favorite of the Twilight Series...
Even If I haven't read the whole thing.

Bye for now

Are you all proud of me?
No Hyena talk.
I'm having too much fun watching them
chase their tails in desperation.
Good Times.*


Twilightchick said...

Very nice. Did a great job.

Angelica said...

I love Midnight Sun. Dude.

Anonymous said...

Awesome as always. You can't fake the looks those two give each other. Their intensity and connection...sigh. I love it.

So wish SM would finish Midnight Sun.

Anonymous said...

Love it. Love them. I think you should keep up the Hyena Free blogs. This way they will get bored of talking to themselves...and go away.

Julie said...
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, I think you are right. We have enough, there is no more needed for proof. Now we can just enjoy everytime we see them together, we get a glimpse of the bubble.


Lizzie said...

Great one!
It's all in the eyes and Rob and Kristen's eyes say it all..

I love Midnight Sun. Quite possibly my favorite as well.

Anonymous said...

I like Kristen and Rob. But I wish you would talk about Kristen and Ryan Gosling Rose. Hes a great actor too. Ok don't hate me but I think Kristen could be good with the Gos. I like Rob but Ryan is better looking and more talented than Rob. And he is also an indie actor like Kristen and they have more in common. Just my opinion.

sofya said...

More words for what? .. A picture says a thousand words, sometimes when they join several pictures Real do not need more words. (I just do not believe those who do not want to see)
As always great post.
And also I agree with you ...." love Midnight Sun.
It's my favorite of the Twilight Series...
Even If I haven't read the whole thing"
A good day for you Rosa
A kiss from Portugal

Anonymous said...

I love Midnight Sun as well and will admit I didn't get "edward" and the way Rob played him until I read it. Actions speak louder than words Rose and those pics speak volumes. I get goose bumps just looking at them.

Anonymous said...

anon at 10:40 -

Maybe you should start your own blog then. Rose's blog is Robert Pattinson Intoxication!!

linzy said...

absolutely lovely post <3
kinda wish i could just stare at the prettyhotsweetness all day.

i love that VF pic, and would pay a pretty penny for another shoot like it with the same photographer. they were so electric that day!

cannot wait to see Rob's new hair :D hope we get a pic before tomorrow.. regardless i'm very much looking forward to Ellen, he seems to genuinely enjoy his visits on her show.

Scarlet said...

Have to agree Rose -- the lack of attention to slathering is refreshing. I was starting to shy away; but this last post will bring me back :-)

Sihm said...

Wow, that's from Midnight Sun?? I totally forgot :p As always, good post, lovely pics :) I bet the hyenas are having a bad week so far.. or month.. or year ;D *snicker*

Anonymous said...

to 10:40

just go away krisbian... go back to liking gosling's poster.

Cel said...

Rose I have no words...this post is simply beautiful... Edward says it all for Rob, Kristen, and for us.

Enough, indeed. Rob and Kristen are in love and happy together.

Thanks, Rose.

Anonymous said...

Rob and Kristen just melt my heart. Look at them. Their connection and chemistry is out of this world. Thanks Rose. BTW, LOVED Midnight Sun. I hope that woman finally finishes it soon.


katy said...

Well Anon 10:40 Kristen isn't dating Gosling...so why talk about him and Ryan Gosling is 10 year older that Kristen.
Aso Rob is a Very Gorgeous Man...and as talent...but you know what...I don't think does are the reason Kristen is with Rob...because Rob is So much more.

Love your Post Rose

_Beccaspage_ said...

You always know exactly what to say. Love the pics you chose as well. Hearts!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10:40

poor thing.
This blog is called Robert Pattinson Intoxication!
*sigh* dumb krisbian is dumb.

vanlicous said...

I love the pictures, the song and Midnight Sun (it's my favorite too), but mostly I love that they are together. Happy together.

Thank you Rose.

loredana said...

Thank you rose. You are amazing :). I love this post (as all your posts) and I really love Midnight sun, it is my favorite book of the saga. I really wish SM will finish it.

It's good that you have a hiena free day so you can concentrate only on the beatiful things.

And yeah, don't forget: Rob loves Kristen loves Rob and we love you

Anonymous said...

wow, everynight i always check your blog before i sleep, i am from a different country, it's midnight here by the time you post your recent blog but i can't stop waiting. i love these two and i know that were in for a more these coming months. i love all the pictures because it radiates the love for each other, the adoring stares. full of romance and love. don't we all love a love story. thanks rose and godbless! goodnight

Anonymous said...

beautiful post Rose ,thanks!
this poem reminds me robert and kristen
My True Love Has My Heart
by Philip Sidney

My true-love hath my heart and I have his,
By just exchange one for the other given;
I hold his dear and mine he cannot miss;
There never was a better bargain driven.
My true-love hath my heart and I have his,

His heart in me keeps him and me in one;
My heart in him his thoughts and senses guides;
He loves my heart for once it was his own,
I cherish his because in me it bides.
My true-love hath my heart and I have his

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, how's your day?
Just wanna say that in the first picture Rob is actually looking at Taylor's hand. Watch more carefully

@the Goslinfan, STFU, Rob is 100 times better than him! Altough if you wanna ship him and the woman from twilight I support you.

Rose, there are beautiful photos from WFE set, just giving you some ideas for new posts.

And I still think it's too much (that woman from twiligth) in the blog but I'm in a good mood today and don't want you to get mad at me.

Bye, Lily

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, how's your day?
Just wanna say that in the first picture Rob is actually looking at Taylor's hand. Watch more carefully

@the Goslinfan, STFU, Rob is 100 times better than him! Altough if you wanna ship him and the woman from twilight I support you.

Rose, there are beautiful photos from WFE set, just giving you some ideas for new posts.

And I still think it's too much (that woman from twiligth) in the blog but I'm in a good mood today and don't want you to get mad at me.

Bye, Lily

Anonymous said...

lol, Robert needs to work on his poker face! His face is so expressive. My favorite picture of him looking at Kristen is the one from the InStyle mag shoot--look at that face! So sweet. A close second is the MTV movie awards you used-it's devilish and predatory. haha

Caroline said...

Oh Anonymous 10:50 i know wht you mean...i live in Brazil and i wait until the lunch time; its when my baby take a nap; and run for Rose's blog...It's magical how you can write about what I'm thinking and feeling..

Great not talk about Hyenas , only about magical stuffs...like R and K...and are you listening this music?It's Rob singing?Tx for this day!

30yearoldtwifan said...

Rose the Hyenas are entertaining though arent they? and I say that knowing there is a BIG difference from people who just don't like KS but are respectful about her and keep there nasty comments to them selves and don't hate on a 20year old. Not all people who don't like KS are hyenas IMO..To me the hyenas are the hate filled, nasty, lairs who hurt with words and call them selves "fans" and stalk sites that support R&K. But yeah we don't wanna give them to much attention :)

I love how every single pic Rose posted has a story told, with no words. Just love,attraction and admiration for each other, even when these R&K didn't mean to show us.. they did.

Isn't love grand? :)

sml6446 said...

"Edward Cullen, Midnight Sun, Chapter 12, p. 252"

Where is this? I've didn't know there were 12 chapters. Where can I find them?

Rose- love your blog!

KPATTZ said...

Rose,i so agree with you.I love Midnight Sun.It's my favorite,too.I think it's way better than Twilight.It's more emotional.I hope SM will publice it someday soon.

As for the hyenas,they can go f-ck off.They're pathetic people with really sad lives.

Anonymous said...

dear lily--there are going to be some VERY telling stories on the set of WFE with a very lucky lady and Robert---Rosie the elephant! LOL

LK said...

Hey,Lily!You're here again,dear!I bet you love the bashing,hah,woman from hell?Don't you think that it's time to find a real bf and hit it on,because licking your Rob's poster everyday it's not healthy.I'm sure you can find a retard willing to shug you.Maybe then,you ugly woman(in the inside)you be more calm.If you can't find a poor guy to f@ck your brains out,then you can always try some therapy.

Anonymous said...

I feel so bitter today and I will bite, sorry rose.. I can't deal with all this DRAMA!

the hypocrisy of some of the robsten lovers. Almost enough to make me want hate robsten. Oh and please don't start with 'just ignore them, unflollow them' bs.
Why cant we ignore the hyenas then?
I dont know where to start, i really sad for Rob I mean he couldnt even stand next to a girl without people going on about him possibly cheating on Kristen.
Kristen on the other hand no one says shit about her.
Let's Continue, when ted made that post about KStew acting DIVA-ish on set, her fans were up in arms over it, but when Lainey posts BS about Rob, and they eat it up every time. Oh of course they love lainey because she's obsessed with kstew, but she talk a lot crap about Rob, even his birthday ehh.. who cares.. *sigh*

Kristen fans doing picspams with her ex or her co-stars. and people like 'aww they were cute together or wow they would make a hot couple' but if you made a picspam of Rob with his ex or another girl, you would be bashed and called a hater.

let's all hate Rob's co-star/friends but love Oregano, garretstew,eddiestew,jessestew because that's fair. *sigh*

and AT boards... God! I hardly see any kristen bashing it's all Rob bashing...

Seriously, why all the hate? Oh I'm sure Kristen loves people like this bashing someone close to her.


PortugalRita said...

Tday I was at school and in the cafeteria tv was play some doc. and there was some lion chasing an Hyena, and I remembered you Rose, for some reason I thought it was ironic and thought of the Believers chacing the Hyenes XD I got a laugh for it.
Thanks for the awesome blog today Rosie. I love Midnight Sun as well, I got to get to know Edward alot better.
- Rita

Anonymous said...

I'm melting!


sophie said...

TO 10:55 person:you know that Rob is never,ever gonna meet you and he never,ever gonna love you.In fact.i bet you're the kind of "fans"that he dislikes and feels horrible about.So,why are you keeping coming to a site that loves Rob and Kris?Why don't you go at nonsten or at his IMDb?There are many psychos like you and you can share your sick opinion with them.I;m sure they're gonna like it.Here you're not welcomed.People like you,who are sick from hate are poisoning this healthy blog.So,back off,ok?

Anonymous said...



cookie said...

tanni,i'm sorry but we're lurking at different blogs.The girls on Kristen's IMDb love Rob.They think he's adorable and really cool.KStew411 and Kstewfans the same.There are only some posters who think that if Kristen wasn't with Rob,she wouldn't get all these shit from his hardcore fans.They don't bash Rob.I've never read something like that.At AT blog,well there is different.Some posters(probably the same person with different monikers,maybe Ted himself)tries to stir the pot,because of the hits.Nobody,except some psychos from both Rob and Kristen's side are against them and bashing.

Anonymous said...

I just love seeing people in love :) There is magic and wonder in it. I love these two beautiful people because they make me realize that love is the best feeling you can have in your life, it feels delicious. Thanks for a beautiful post in words and in pictures.
Oh yeah by the way, why do people come on here and speak hyena when no one understands them, either learn the language or go back to where you came from.
Thanks Rose you are supreme.Melenas

jen said...

to 11:19

.......flipping the finger.

Anonymous said...

I see a lot of people calling out KStew hate but not batting an eyelid when somone bashes Rob.

Such hypocrisy!

ciro said...

hai rose

love your post today, and i agree with u i want midnight sun finish..love to death to waiting SM finish this one...

to tanni, u sound just like other kristen fans who demanding who suffer more rob or kris...well i thought they are suffer both, first, their freedom from normal life and both side had fanatic fans...and both had rabid hyena to riped them....
so it's unfair to compare, i first kristen fan and after than become rob fans too...
u know what rob fans who hate kristen, u should be proud cause rob got one kind girl called" one in million" kristen stay to the ground to keep her private life, not sold her soul to fashion magazine VOGUE...rob must be very proud to his girl, i'm too more in more to kristen...

not much hollywood actress who acted like kristen...good for her, she acted beyond her age and very mature...love R love k

Anonymous said...

To Annon 11:08:00 AM I agree with you. I didn't think it was very nice of Lainey to post that article on Rob's birthday when she knew it cause all sorts of craziness. She could have posted it the day after instead of stirring the pot. I also hated that she didn't even bother to wish Rob a happy birthday. For the record I hate Perez with a passion but at least he wished a Kristen a happy birthday. Lainey didn't even have the manners to wish him Rob happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

Aww, mean people are mean.

btw, KStew411 loves Rob? Really? Mmmm. Then Laney too.

I'm a proud Rob fan. Period. May that woman have a long life, 2 oscars and 3 kids. Betcha not with Rob. Don't anymore care what she does. I'm not even mention her.

I'm still coming here to see Rob's posts.

And for your information, I'm not old (I'm quite young, still learning english properly) I have a boyfriend, my first boyfriend :) and I'm not a model but no way fat.

And it's funny how I never, ever insulted anyone here (ok, didn't say nice thing about her, but not called her names) and you insult me all the time. talking about tolerance.

see you tomorrow rose, bye


Anonymous said...

If you look at the picture of Comicon you can see Nick and Stephanie in the background watching every move of Rob and Kristen. Just check the vid on youtube. LOL.

Ever noticed Kristen's shirt? I love it: "Sheeps - A minor threat." !!! Do you think she has also a "Hyena - major threat one"? ---Buahahahah


Anonymous said...

shut up widows hystericals .
any excuse is good ,left free robert .He is not crying for Liney.

pathetic girls

Anonymous said...

@ tanni

AMEN! That is all.

I know people are protective over kristen because of all this hate but what about Rob?
I can't imagine how any Rob fan can tolerate it! How can you tolerate this Rose?

ps; i unfollow KPattzNews today. I mean all this Lainey's tweet. You know Lainey called Rob 'scum' last post since i am a Rob fan, i can't stand this. but i see no one cares.

Patricia said...

Rose: Jesus already the crazies are out !!!!!!

After I saw 'twilight' ! I stumbled on 'Midnight Sun'. Rob nailed Edward (then I understood him so much better) I didn't know at the time that SM didn't finish writing it and I was so disappointed when it stopped at chapter 12.

I love the pictures you posted of our favorite couple. I'm happy that they're getting to spend some private time together and I'm looking forward to seeing Rob on Ellen. He is so damn adorable on her show. I watched two previous times and enjoyed them

Grazie Rose for your blog and letting the lovers of Rob and Kristen share their INTOXICATION OF THEM . ROB LOVES KRISTEN LOVES ROB.

KPattz said...

to the young girl at 11:47.You're a proud Rob fan,i'm sure Rob is not proud of you AT ALL.You're bf either,if he knew the ugly soul you have.I wish you have a long life too with 5 kids and lots of money.Betcha NOT WITH ROB!LOL

cupcake said...

oh lily nobody here likes you. who cares what you think. we sure don't. no one's forcing you to come here. yet you insist and persist yourself when you clearly know you're not wanted. don't you feel embarassed at all? your addiction to rejection isn't endearing. really, it's so pathetic. and sad. i suggest you polish your english comprehension skills first. you might be lost in translation somewhere.

once again, great post rose.

i hope this deserves a spot here... said...

Brent Hey there people.. Thought I'd let you all know what I saw Sat night at the Ritz as many people have asked me what happend. I will start with Sorry, but not a Twilight fan so I had no idea how big a deal the sighting was. My friends had a room there so we all just met up to have some drinks and catch up. We went to the outside patio bar around 11pm and there were only maybe 10 ppl outside. Was mood lighting from the fire pits and they were sitting at the high top table together sitting maybe 1 ft apart if that. I didnt think anything of it, thought they were a young couple in love and thought how cute because you could tell that its not just lust/frisky/horney/drunk kind of thing. They were just really caught up in being together. I noticed it because it made me happy and think back to my first loves. So we were looking for an empty pit to sit at and there were none so we sat at the other end of the high top bar maybe 10ft from them and had drinks. It was then the women in our group started talking about the couple sitting behind me. I thought it was an ex of one of the girls and thought what bad luck. Mind you she was there with her now husband but what are the odds you run into an ex. Rob was wearing a "LONG BEACH ST-DIRTBAGS" baseball cap (way to go man supporting our local teams) and both were very casual dressed but again, sitting almost in each others laps just intoxicated with each other as the rest of the world was not even there. We then moved to a now open fire pit right across from them. Oh, skipped the part where the girls informed me of who it was. So I turned, took a look and sure enough, girls were right on. I thought it was pretty cool that two people who worked together could meet and have that kind of a relationship. (Again, Didnt know there was this Controversy over if they were dating or not-dont read those mags) Then at one point around 1130pm she went to get a cig and dropped them all over the floor. He helped her pick them up and I'm telling you, I know now some like Him, some like her, some dont like one or the other but they are a really cute couple. They look good together and you can just see how happy they make each other. So THEN, my friend walked up and bummed a cig off of her. (I thought it was funny) -The whole time, nobody, not even the wait staff had approached but the bar had closed up there. She gladly gave him a cig and offered a light. I mentioned to them I had matches and she asked if he was sure as she had her lighter. We all hung out till about 12am and headed inside leaving them by themselves as most others had left (again, patio closed at 1130pm for service) I know everyone is freaking out about this it seems but I've been in love a few times and know what it looks like. Let me tell you, that was it. They were just really happy, very very close, nobody was bothering them and they were just enjoying their lives together. I left feeling very refreshed to see that in a couple young actors. I left feeling very happy for them. THEN the emails came in from everyone!! So sorry if some are upset/disappointed about what I'm informing you about, but i think its great to see two people find that kind of love because its not easy to find in this world these days it seems.. at least not in Southern California! And that is it.. Oh.. about kissing.. When the ladies were first whispering about the couple behind me, I looked and to me I just saw to young people making out as his hand was on her neck and his face was tilted to her but I looked away not thinking much, but as I realize now what a big deal it would be if they were.. Could have been a kiss, could have been him whispering something in her ear. Funny thing is, they were doing their thing, we were laughing, talking having our own fun so really didnt pay much attention! And that is that.. Hope it helped in some way- Brent

Anonymous said...

Pss, kpatzz, I'm sure Rob is not proud of any of you commenting private photos or speculating with rings, necklaces, vacations and talking about that woman. He is older for me anyway! Probably he doesn't give a s*it of you or me, he just want people come to see his movies, and I do. Grow up you.

I like the blog, if you don't like me don't talk to me. Easy.


Anonymous said...

To Lily,
I truely believe that you are young...
If english isn't your first language what is it then, my guess: not french, not spanish, german perhaps, yes I think it is german, right?
And yes you are insulting and mean. You are coming here every day to point out that you are a true fan of Rob
- but don't want him to be with "that woman"
- want them to break up
- claims what he should do or not do

- who is happy when Rob is working so he has less time to spent with Kristen or with his fans on promo tour
- who thinks Rob is "God" and Kristen is just not good enough for him.

Honestly, you sound like my mother in law!!

And Kstew 411 actually likes the "Sparkly one", she thinks he is pretty, adorable, has his flaws, but most important, he makes Kristen happy. Well the Gos, he is her personal preference, nothing wrong with that.

And Laney, she is bitchy, very snarky, she gives him credit when he deserves credit, and I personally found it very touching when she jumped in last week to clear things up. But she is fed up with this Twihards who think Pattinson is god, the screaming, the objectification of this guy.

And honestly, I think that Rob would prefer to have a beer with Kstew411 and Laney instead of his screaming, clinging, judgemental, "true" fans that behave mean against his gf and want to rule his life.
Get my point?
Next converation in german?


KPattz said...

Ok,girls.How about to start speculating about neclaces and rings so to piss off the girl with no name?Then maybe she'll leave and don't ever come back.Maybe she;ll return to nonsten.com.Or we can always skip her comments like she's invisible.She comes here to prove herself anyway.

Anonymous said...

stephanie let rob read midnight sun before he took the role shame we didn't all get to read it before we saw twilight it was good and it gave a whole new perspective to edward which rob played on

Anonymous said...

Rob doesn't give a s*it of what you think, or what I think. Its only a blog! don't talk to me if you don't like what I say, I don't mind! I just write what I think and its no a life or death matter. XD. I used to come here when this was Rob's blog, and I liked it. I still like the Rob's parts and the pictures.
One more time, I DONT LIKE HER. I have my reasons. And maybe in a few years, Rob will regret this woman and you'll agree with me. Who knows.
All of you better talk about WFE, he needs our support, he sure doesn't need you to comment on that woman.


Anonymous said...

i read midnight sun it was leaked online and that is why rob plays edward the way he does of course nobody got to read the book, darn it stephanie you should have released that the same time as twilight and people would have got it

cupcake said...

yeah, there are just creatures you have to live with even if you don't like them, they're filthy, they spread diseases, they're gross and they just won't go away. like a cockroach.

such a shame cyber insect sprays are not yet invented.

oh well, such is life. lol.

Anonymous said...

@12:49 STFU! Rob doesn't do drugs!Have you seen him, not even weed? No! And despite all the bs that surrounded him *cough* he doesn't do that!ok?
Bet they don't get mad here with you as they do with me. Oh, wait , you mentioned "her", just wait.



Anonymous said...

To Anna,
Lol I agree that Rob could have a beer with KStew411 but I could never imagine him wanting to have to have one with Lainey. Are you crazy? Lainey is a gossipblogger just like Ted. And Rob hates gossip. Rob couldn't trust Lainey. He couldn't tell her something and expect she wouldn't write it on her blog or try to glam it up. Lainey may have cleared up a mess last week but she didn't mind stirring the pot about Rob and David Slade and about their "tension" during reshoots and the sad thing is it was just to get the attention for herself.

kharma1 said...

Happy Tuesday...
Now you did it, you had to post these gorgeous pictures of Rob and Kristen, talk about torturing the hyenas. These pictures put them over the edge...lol.
Look it the way he looks at her, he simply adores and loves her. How can you not be happy for them.
Even the guy at the Ritz said "intoxicated with each other as the rest of the world was not even there" and "great to see two people find that kind of love because its not easy to find in this world these days it seems.. at least not in Southern California" I say, anywhere.

So Rose, thank you again for putting us in a "Happy Place".

katy said...


Rob addicted to valium and cocaine...NEVER.
The only one addicted to heavy mediction and probably on drugs it's you.
So fu**ck of and stop spreading this BS bullshit about Rob.

Sorry Rose.

Rose said...

To Anon @12:04pm

Look. I'm not the ROBSTEN police chief. I don't have any control over what people say about Robert or Kristen, good or bad. Do I like that people insult BOTH Rob and Kristen? No. I don't. Outside of this blog, there isn't anything I can do about it. I'm not responsible for the words and actions of others... so why do people continually come here and comment about the 'double standards' and which fanbase hates the other more bullshit?
I don't give a shit.
I know my own mind.
I know that I adore BOTH Robert and Kristen. I know that *I* don't hate on them, or say nasty horrible things about them.
Take your hate complaints to the people doing the hating.

Anonymous said...

@ Lily. I bet Rob loves fans like you who trash and disrespect the girl he loves. What did Kristen do to you that you dont even mention her name, very disrespectful? Why do you get so personnal with her? Did she steal your bf? You have your reasons to hate her? Well Im telling you, the only reason you have is called ugly jealousy. Oh, dont hold your breath and pray every night for them to break up, cuz you might forget to breath at all, oh wait...hold your breath...lol. Do you think your idol rob is so naive to spend all his time with somebody so "horrible?". Do you think you know Kristen her better than rob does? I dont think so. Its 1 think not to like somebody, another thing to hate somebody you dont know and never will. You are either too young or too naive. I can recommend you some sites to play with other kids or dumb adults.
nonsten.come (known as nonsense.com)
Robsessed.com (known as possessed.com)
showbiz.com (known as complete delusionbiz.com.

I say you run...now!

With love

sfw10sis said...

Oh how I wish SM would finish Midnight Sun. I reread it several times, then would rewatch Twilight it really was interesting to hear what edward was feeling during pivital scenes in the movie.

Quiet post today, I don't blame ya Rose, sometimes there are days wear you just feel like ENOUGH.

Beautiful pics, my favorate being VF, I wish they would do another, just the 2 of them. I am also very fond of the MTV pic, the way he is looking at her while bitting his lip, I'd give anything to know what was going through his mind in that moment, I'm betting it was pretty hot (fans self) lol.

I'm lovin this blog Rose, keep posting.


Anonymous said...

to meghan..

Robsessed.com? Seriously? Stop making up drama please.

I love Robsessed blog, i love Goz,Kate,Kat. nuff said.

Anonymous said...

KStew411 cares a damn about Rob. Not long ago she twitted she didn't care about WFE or any Rob's project. On his 24th birthday KStew411 didn't say a word to congratulate him.

KStew411 just twiits about the sparkly one because she knows that many Kristen fans adore him too. That's it.

Mad Steaze said...

To Lily:

It is obvious you are young and not a native speaker, and anyone worth their salt would not criticize you for that. What we can take issue with is how you choose to say things and what you focus on. While you've tamed your vitriol towards Kristen to a certain degree, you can't really expect those of us that were here to forget your horrid comments about her? That was disgusting and uncalled for. You've never apologized for slandering her and you even tried to claim you didn't say anything wrong. That would be LAUGHABLE if it weren't disturbing.

If you were genuinely so focused on supporting Rob you would be in here fangirling the most recent pictures or news about him... NOT bringing everything back to people's opinions of you, to your dislike of Kristen, your personal wishes about her relationship with Rob, or how you think Rose should run her blog. Your opinion revolves around something that is a fantasy and wishful thinking, not reality.

If you want to talk about WFE, why not start the discussion yourself? Quit being so passive aggressive and contribute something of substance. Or even just a comment that has not one negative note. Are you capable of that?

There is no excuse for being hateful. I don't care how old you are. It does not take a mind reader to know Rob would not be proud to have you as a fan, so you should think before you speak.

Rose said...

To Meghan:

I fucking LOVE Goz, Kate and Kat.
Like really love them.
I count all three of them among my closest friends online.
Not here.
No way.

Anonymous said...

@ Susan, oh maybe they have improved with time and have come to their senses. not starting any drama. Havent been reading that blog lately....appologies, it wasnt intentional. can i replace it with twatlight.com?


Anonymous said...

I think Meghan was probably more referring to the comments on Robsessed. And there are A LOT of hateful comments towards Kristen. But you can't hold that against the blog itself that is very neutral, just like the comments here that are crazy have nothing to do with Rose. I love Robsessed blog! I just stay away from the comments section now days.

katy said...

Sorry Megan, but I don't agree with you about the Robsessed blog...they are very respectufull to Kristen.
It's one of my favorite Rob fan blogs.

Anonymous said...

@ Katy, as I said...i might be wrong, might be the comments section or my perception. nothing personal with the moderators.


katy said...

Well if the comments on Robsessed blog are disrespectull to Kristen...I never read one...just saying.

Anonymous said...

@ Rose...Rose im new here. my first time posting, but been reading the blog recently. Not starting any drama or anything. I love your blog, I can admit when i might be wrong. sorry, didnt mean to offend anybody.

sara2 said...

Katy, I agree with you. Robsessed gets bashed, a lot, and I have never, or almost never, read anything against Kristen there. It is a Rob site. Duh. It focuses on Rob, which is ok by me. But if someone in the comments says something out of line, the moderators step in. But often, the other commentors shut it down.
I just had to put my 2 cents in here....Robsessed cannot be compared to non-whatever in any way shape or form!

Thanks Rose. Beautiful beautiful post today.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1:47

'There are A LOT of hateful comments towards Kristen'
You're kidding right? just a few comment maybe.. STOP making drama!
also you really need to visit some Lj account of kristen fans.

to sml6446 said...

You can find Midnight Sun on Stephanie Meyer's website. Click on Twilight series tab and Midnight Sun is one of the tabs. Click on that and she has it posted. It's VERY good! Too bad it's not completed..pricklypearess

Anonymous said...

What hateful comments on robsessed blog? I'm sorry but no no no I have to agree with katy. I'm a fan of both Rob and Kristen and I actually enjoy going there.

pricklypearess said...

Rose, your post is a ray of sunshine in my day! Enjoyed the hyena free post. Those pics...wow! I also love Midnight Sun. Hope she finishes it someday. Edward says it best. Can't get enough of Rob and his girl!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 2:03. I dont think we should compete which blog hates who. My post was innocent, didnt mean to start this, obviously people get very passionate and personal. I say we change topic, sorry about this anyway....

Deb said...

HET ROSE I to love Mednight Sun you can really see Rob in it I didnt read chp.12 But Rose when I read your post today I really though you was talking about Rob and Kristen funny thats how I see them TRUE LOVE you can see it,feel it love it ITS all Rob and HIS LADY I can see him wanting to hold her to kiss her just to be closer to her IT all stared a long time ago AND NOW he is kissing her loving her and has gotten closer to her I AM SOO happy for them.Thank You Rose For letting me feel and see the LOVE they have for each other To ALL the LADYS out there who love Rob and Kristen HAVE A GOOD DAY and enjoy the ride Theres MORE TO COME. DEB.

Anonymous said...

Love your post Rose, I personally think Midnight Sun was waaayyy better than Twilight. I mean you see it all from Bella's POV so it was really cool to know he was just as hooked on her. Brett, thanks for the post, cute. I'm glad they seem to be happy TOGETHER, lets leave it at that..stop being so hateful you fake fans, you know who you are lol.

Anonymous said...

to Anna at 1230...are you freaking kidding? Rob would have a beer with Lainey???? You are insane,she does nothing but ridicule him and call him names. She is a total bitch. During the Juno w/e spring of 09, a local blogger saw him in a VC bar and approached him with her friend. Long story short, he was kind of gruff with her when she said she was a blogger and warily asked her "are you Lainey?" He knows EXACTLY the shit she writes about him and you know Kristen does too. Yeah, I'm sure he would LOVE to have a beer with her. He would throw it in her face. And I would applaud him.

And a beer with KStew 411? HA.You DO know there are several girls that comprise KStew411, it is not 1 person. One is a shipper and 1 really does not like him at all and is rather rude about him. Don't think the site wished him a happy bday. You can always tell when the shipper is on and when it's one of the others, they don't give a damn about R or his projects.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to read any hate towards Kristen on Robsessed comments, it's my favorite Rob blog(sorry Rose,love yours too but many times I just want to read about Rob alone even though I do like K) The nonbelievers are very few and far b/w now, they have been weeded out and if someone does make a comment about K, it is not hateful, not everyone is going to like R's gf.

Anonymous said...



Thank yoU beacullen @ 3.19....





Trish said...

Ms. Lily over here just wants attention! she needs help..i have noticed that she comes here every blessed day just to piss people off and see how many ppl respond to her foolish comments..she wants ppl to see her posts and respond to her thats all..ignore her, shes just having way too much fun with this...ignore and it will go away as I always say.

Someone on here said love is a magical thing..Folks, it is!!! lOve is such a beautiful thing! just to know that these two are in love is enough to make me overjoyed! I am just so happy for them..truly, especially Rob..Are people's lives so bitter and depressing that they cant be even happy when they see two people happy..i dont understand, the love that radiates from these two should make any SANE person happy..oh well, i guess we cant all be the same.

Aw, Rose you are making me go back to square one again when it comes to Midnight Sun..i have wished and wished for it i am tired lol...I really hope Ms. Meyer reconsiders, truly.

As i said..Ignore, lets keep things positive. Love you Rose :)

P.S. Rose, what?! no talk of hyenas today?!? but i love it when you do Rose..reading your comments about you making fun of them makes my day everyday! I love it when you make them feel like shit!! hehehe..write more about them tommorow! It makes me happy to see them miserable...hahahahaha :-)

Anonymous said...



C YA..

Anonymous said...

KStew411 isn't bad. They DID actually wish Rob a happy birthday, sometimes they poke fun at him, but no more than say, LetterstoRob and they always promote his stuff too. Plus, somebody earlier said she was rude about WFE saying she didn't care. Well, I believe people were asking her questions about it. It would be the same if someone was asking a Rob twitter about what was happening with one of Kristen's movies. KStew411 then went on to say she wants to see it when it comes out. That's not hate people.

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose! Love Midnight Sun, better than Twilight if you ask me. She really needs to finish it. Brett, thanks for the cute story, you'd have to be blind or dumb to not see the chemistry and love between those two. To all the haters...SHUT IT! enough already grow up, you can tell your young by your stupid comments that you keep inflicting on all of us. Have a great day Rose!

Anonymous said...

Do you think for one minute that Robert Pattinson could stand the site of you knowing the intense dislike you have for: “SAY IT NOW” Kristen Stewart? He would run in the opposite direction from you, and here you worship him. Ha!!!!! Robert Pattinson is a grown a$$ man he knows what he’s doing with his life. Who are you? His guardian angel. Last I heard angels had wings and not broom sticks. I like your little act of not knowing much English. Your little act is all over the net. I guess that’s the only stardom you will ever have. Sorry. Robert and Kristen haters need to fall back!!!!!

sollee said...

love to see them together as always:)...nice post,thank you rose:)

Anonymous said...

@ Lily, I hope for your sake that you're really young! You know why?, b/c you still have a lot of growing up to do. This obssession you have of Kristen is bordering on psychotic, you need mental help,ASAP. Your're pretending to hate her by pretending to be in love w/ Rob, but in reality K is the one you truly in love w/. You got it really bad girl. But sorry my dear, she loves Rob and I can sympatize w/ you, it hurts doesn't it when love is not reciprocated! Just accept that you're gay and find a real partner, you need to fulfill your sexuality the right way or it will destroy you mentally!!

Anonymous said...

Re: Bret (Brent?) Rob/Kris story. Yes, I said it is a story because the way he described what he witnessed sounded more like fanfic than a real one.

I do believe him about seeing Rob and Kris at the Ritz but I don't believe the whole scenario that he described.

Typical guys don't pay any attention to details and gets very dramatic about young love or being in love. They are usually clueless about this kind of things.

I think he was fed to write that story. Just not believable, sorry.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that Brent guys story. For one, I think he was getting a LOT of hate mail from the hyenas (which he basically said) so he went into detail because he was trying to show.. I don't know.. that it was a happy thing?? Besides, I can totally see them being in their own little world, I mean, they basically are in some interviews I can only imagine if they are on a semi- private vacay. Also, we all know Kristen is clumbsy, so the dropping of the ciggs I can also see as true. I believe it. His friends backed up his story aswell.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that Brent guys story. For one, I think he was getting a LOT of hate mail from the hyenas (which he basically said) so he went into detail because he was trying to show.. I don't know.. that it was a happy thing?? Besides, I can totally see them being in their own little world, I mean, they basically are in some interviews I can only imagine if they are on a semi- private vacay. Also, we all know Kristen is clumbsy, so the dropping of the ciggs I can also see as true. I believe it. His friends backed up his story aswell.

Patricia said...

Rose: I read two things that were interesting. That Kristen was there today behind scenes when Rob was taping 'Ellen Show" ( that's why there were no pictures of Rob arriving and leaving the taping. And the new pictures of Rob's new haircut (HE'S GORGEOUS ANYWAY) You know how Rob never wears a watch or rings, he had one of those leather shoelaces like what Kristen used to wear on his right wrist. Hmmmnnnn I WONDER WHERE THAT CAME FROM ??????

Anonymous said...

@LILY,wow you really cannot handle the truth.You claimed that you have a boyfriend ,does he knows that you have so much hate to a girl that you don't even know.I fell sorry for you family and to your boyfriend if you have one.You need some psychiatric help.

Melinda said...

Wow RL took me away from the computer today and so I've finally had a chance to sit down and read the comments.

A couple of things I am feeling right now:

Most of the negative comments made are pretty petty so I am going to start ignoring them and just focus on the positive.

I will call anyone out who thinks they can come on here and slander R/K's character. This really pisses me off especially when you have no proof to the things you are saying. If you want to call Paris Hilton a slut be my guest b/c IMO she has done things that show she has no problem sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Moving on....I love Midnight Sun. I think that it was more darker and you could really understand his POV. I would love it if it was finished.

Really pretty pictures and love the word's of Edward. It almost seems written for Rob and Kristen.

Can't wait to see Rob on Ellen. Love seeing him being his witty and beautiful self!

I'll leave you with some quotes on hatred:

Hatred is self-punishment. Hatred it the coward's revenge for being intimidated.

Hatred is active, and envy passive dislike; there is but one step from envy to hate.

Hatred is a boomerang which is sure to hit you harder than the one at whom you throw it.

abstract way said...

Hey Rose:
I loved your entry today, those pictures say it all don't they. And just taking a moment to look at them and they way they adore each other gave me a wonderful start to my day. I really appreciate the people like you that put yourselves on the line to share the love you have have for Rob and Kris for all us to enjoy. So thank you! By the way I gave you a shout out in my fanfic...you will see the mention at the end in the authors notes for Chapter 7. If you get a chance check it out! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5882420/1/Work_of_Art

Anonymous said...

Rose, how could I love you more?~~
Your post today is purely beautiful. You took my breath away.

*sigh* Look at the pictures, intense love intense love... I am dizzied by R&K, like Bella is dizzied by Edward. I love Midnight Sun too.

Also, Mad Steaze@1:36, I agree with every word you say.

For Tanni@11:08, you sure no one says shit about Kristen? I'm a Kristen's fan and google her a lot. I actually see haters bash her everywhere!~ I just ignore that NONsense (and sometimes defend Kristen) and I guess you may ignore crap & BS about Rob just like me. I joined a facebook group created by Kristen's fans and no one say a negative thing about Rob there. I mean you always have choice on which blog/group you visit. Many of us like Rob too b/c Kristen is happy with him. Personally, I think Rob is a cute guy and I'm glad to know he's in different projects. So don't label us!~

As for Lily, you sick woman. You say you do not disrespect Kristen? Laughable!~ Your words are full of hatred and malevolence.

I love the story by Brent. With a big smile on my face while reading it. Hope Rob & Kristen's love everlasting.

Love from Asia,

Lisa said...

This might be long..

Rose, loved it.. I have a smile perm. on my face and you just added to it. To quote you, I'm GIDDY! LOL

Lily, I'm not going to bash you today. I think I may have in the past. I just want to give you something to think about. You love Rob right? As do I, as do most here. Of course we get the crack pots that come here just to stir the pot. Anyway, if you love him, do you respect him? Do you think he's not only good looking, but talented? What about smart? You wish the best for him correct? Do you not think he's wise enough to make his own choices? If so, he's chosen Kristen. Even you've admitted he's with her. But you object. I can understand her not being your first choice for him. But that's YOUR choice, not his. He didn't ask any of us. Maybe some day you'll get your wish and they'll split up? (maybe not, but WE don't KNOW) If you love him though, why not try to accept her? I didn't use to like her, heck, I didn't like him as Edward at first. Now I ADORE HIM, period!! Because I of him, I took the time to learn more about her. And I like her. Do I like EVERYTHING about her? NO.. I would change a few :) But she's who he's chosen.. To love him is to love her.. OK, at least like, tolerate, NOT BASH?? I would LOVE to talk about WFE or Bel-Ami or anything Rob with you. But I can't.. I can't as long as you come here and say bad things about her. (and to me saying "I can't/wont say her name" is BAD too) Because if you are mean to her, in my eyes, you're being mean to him. I cannot 'like' someone who's mean to him. PERIOD!
So if you really can't get over your dislike for her. Couldn't you find a blog that was geared towards your same thoughts? One that ONLY loves Rob and wants to see him with anyone but Kris? I mean, wouldn't you even be happier that way? I know many of us would. Don't get me wrong.. I would rather you stay and BE NICE.. But if you can't..... Just think about it, OK? Thanks in advance!

I can't see any post with 12:49. I'm glad, I am being nice today. :) Saying he's on drugs? Doesn't even DESERVE an answer. BUT, if this was my blog, you would be blocked. :(

Midnight Sun.. WONDERFUL!!!

As for Brent, I believe him. He casually, said something about it on his FB and it went nuts. He got tons of friends requests and private messages wanting to know what happened and even got bashed. He wrote that blog so people would leave his FB alone. Did he maybe go a little overboard? Could have but it was HIS observation. Maybe he's a very sensitive man?? But even his friend Brandon (who bummed the smoke from K) posted about it and said he SHOULD have kept the smoke. OH and Brent finally told us that Rob's LB hat stood for! LONG BEACH ST-DIRTBAGS

Patty, Rob has wore that shoelace looking bracelet before. And yes, K has one. As do a couple of other cast members I believe and other famous ppl.

Now I've forgotten what else I wanted to address! LOL

Deb said...

Thank you Lisa You were very nice in what you said You have shown to others that we can be nice even when they dont look like they need it. THATs A true FAN of Robert yes WE care about him AND DO..NOT..LIKE people saying WRONG things about him*..BUT*.. HE ..IS..IN..LOVE..WITH..KRISTEN and he is HAPPY SO lets all put our guns away and play nice FOR ROB and FOR KRISTEN if you love Rob do it for HIM and if you love Kristen do it for Her Thank you all. love is sooooo much better then HATE . DEB

Anonymous said...

well hello lisa and deb glad to read your 5 cent worth deb....and you dollars worth lisa lol.....

Anonymous said...

its l.o.u.i.s.a by the way....louisa

Lisa said...

Thanks Deb & Lousia!

Deb, I agree! Love is SO much better! Rob/Kristen AND Rose inspired me today! :)

Louisa, you made me laugh! I was kinda long winded! ;)

Anita said...

Dear Rose,
great post again and that's why I always comes here daily but I sometimes don't comment, because everytime you post it's almost midnight at my countr, so I only take the time to read. I often feel that there is something missing if I go to bed but haven't read your post:D
I also wish SM could finish Midnight Sun soon.
Love you Rose and love R/K <3

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose, I don't have your email so I'm sorry that I have to ask you this in your comments section. What did you think of the whole "feeling Rob up" game on Ellen. I just can't believe that its going to be aired. Don't you think it was a bit disrespectful to Kristen? Should Rob had refused to do it? Please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hey kids, did you see the confirmation that kstew was not the girlfriend, Adam Lambert guitarrist was talking about meeting on Ellen?
Now what you say about that? wonder who it was,maybe his real girl lol

Anonymous said...

Ashley Green is now public eney of the shippers because of this:

Anonymous said...

to anon at 8:22 and 8:23 obviously the same person. firs of all the guy was talking about another Rob. Rob Paterson, AL band member. Dont worry, Rob didnt hide his "new girl" in his lil pocket.
Second. I dont find anything wrong with Ashley's quotes. Some of those quotes are not new. That Rob appeals to female world and has girls crushing and texting him is not new either. He has even joked about it in national TV for god's sake. I wanted to say rob has a very unique sense of humor, which might come accross a bit "silly", but you have to be at the same level of intellect to get him. I love Ashley she is beautiful, but i dont think she is the sharpest tool out there...no offence intended.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:53 is Meghan. Sorry i always use my name posting

Anonymous said...

You last few..

It wasn't disrespectful to Kristen.. However, I understand why he doesn't like doing press.. He's shy and you know he hated it.. I actually hated the whole interview.. I thought Ellen was "off" saying his worries about opening mouth and inserting foot (needing to think before he speaks) ask something else.. :(

As for Ashley, she has said much of those things before and on air. She says he's not real outgoing, isn't a ladies man. He's quiet and keeps to himself. He's not one to be chatting up the ladies.. etc...

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, Your passion for Rob AND Kristen seems to be second to none. I love how you defend them from the Wolves/hyenas. Your blog is brilliant it seems to be one of my new Rob related addictions. The comments you make often make my spine tingle, I have to say especially the ones about Rob who makes my spine tingle anyway. The pictures of Rob and Kristen together are so sweet he is like a 'satellite' around her and I can't get enough of them. They are just the most beautiful couple, 'Robsten Forever' soz that was a bit cheesy wasn't it! How would we computerly challanged people get our daily fix of this most beautiful man, if it wasn't for the likes of you. thankyou.