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Monday, May 10, 2010

Where have you gone, Rob and Kristen?

This. On Oprah.
Robert's Birthday.

Wow. I miss Rob's face.
And Kristen's.
I like when they do group interviews.
They seem more relaxed.
Robert seems to have a calming effect on Kristen.
And Robert usually can't stop looking at her.

Some people who were there have given
hints about what to expect on Thursday.
Most say that Rob and Kristen were 'adorable'
and it's 'obvious' they are together.
I guess we shall just have to see for ourselves.

I was just thinking that we haven't seen
Robert or Kristen 
since they got back to LA...

Wonder what they've been up to?
Wonder where they've been...

And here I sit... 
With a big ol' smile on my face.
Big. Smile.
*wink wink*

No Hyena talk today.
Well... OK 
I guess this technically counts 
but nothing much.
Because I'm sick of it.
(at least for today... hahaha)
I mean...
I read what they think.
And I just sit here and shake my head in disbelief.
They don't REALLY believe their bullshit...
They can't.
I can't believe that there are people out there...
who supposedly function as human beings in this world...
Who THINK like that.
And who think that it's OK to think like that.
For now.
I'm keeping the foam at arm's length.

This is my dog, Kaia (pronounced Ki-Ya)
She is sitting outside on the deck...
Looking at me through the window.
It's sunny.
She wants to play.
I think I want to play, too...
So I'm shutting the bullshit down.

Until later :)

Bye for now


KStewInspired said...

Hey Rose!! Thank you sooo much for this post!! i am at school and having a horrible day, mostly bc i havent seen ROB or KRISTEN in a while!! I miss them! This post just made me feel so much better!! And i am sooo fucking excited for Thursday!! i cannot wait to see them on OPRAH! The things i have heard just literally make me want to whittnes this for myself more and more!! I just cannot wait!!
I have no doubt that Rob and Kristen are going to be the most adorable things ever! But i just cant wait to see it!! I just get soo excited!!But thanks Rose again!! I look forward to reading your blog for Thursday and Friday!!
Thanks for putting a smile on my face!!! YOur the BEST!!

Anonymous said...

This is what I love about you Rose, you ALWAYS take the high road. If only others would follow.

Great post today. You're dog is beautiful, btw. I hope you had fun playing! :-)

Anonymous said...

yes, with the exception of him doing some voiceover work on Saturday morning, those two have been MIA.

Good, they need a rest from us! lol :)

RPaddict said...

Can't wait 4 Thursday either. I took the afternoon off work and informed my other half, that I was not to be disturbed while Oprah was on.lol
I say poo on the Hyena's, I'm just going to enjoy my KnRobsession. Phoey on what they think. If they want to be miserable people let them.
I refuse to let them put a damper on what makes me happy and that's Rob and Kristen.

Your the best Rose. Love to listen to Rob sing as I read and look at pictures of these two beautiful people.

May said...

Dear Rose,your today`s post was so...calming.:D No foam is a good thing,when it comes to hyenas.;p

Have a great day,hon! Your doggy looks like somebody who knows how to have fun. Enjoy those moments,bb. <3

honey said...

Rose.. you really are the best!!!!
I was thinking about it too..where have they gone???! Oh, Rob&Kris are so adorable...they don't need nothing but each other's love and company..well if it isn't love...<3333! Go Robsten, can't wait to see them so in love at Oprah...God Bless them! and hyenas..well...they don't even reserve time or words...hyenas are crying and screaming...but the truth won't change: RobertLovesKristenLovesRobert <333

Melinda said...

In the spirit of keeping things peaceful today...here are a couple of quotes Kristen has said about Rob that I think are sweet.

"When I looked at Robert it was like I could look into his heart, and he could do the same. That's how I would describe the chemistry between us." (and it is obvious he likes what he sees!)

"He is incapable of lying and he listens and he really hears and waits until he sees something before he responds to it. He really took time to look at me." (That right there is a deal maker for me-no wonder she is with him)

Can't wait till Thursday! Yep I miss seeing them together too! I do hope they are getting some down time before WFE starts.

Another great post Rose! Have fun playing with that pretty dog of yours.

Anonymous said...

I no longer like robsten because i am not into double standard.

Let's remember...
Details mag? They critisised Rob before even the pics were.. will we get this drama and angst with kristen when she has a film to promote and has to participate in raunchy phototshoots…..no…of course not… hypocrites…

'TYH promotion' Kristen said Eddie redmayne was a better kisser and shippers can accept it. ' oh come on its all a bit of fun,' Ok. But if Rob says that Emile is a better kisser he'll be attacked.

Rob could have nothing to do with the women or girls, he poses for pictures with fans or female friends and the fandom goes crazy call him manwhore.. Kristen on the other hand... no one says shit..

How about Remember Me?
'rob and emilie look so funny together' 'remember me pr campaign was fail' 'boycott RM' 'i will not watch this movie' 'i wish kristen was ally' etc... Well, if you expect Rob to only play romantic parts with Kristen, you're delusional.

'stupid Rob fans shipping him with Emilie' (which I do not agree with either) and now... 'omg! garretstew suck it b!tches i ship it'

'oh no! remember me sex scenes i dont want to watch' 'eww he'll have a lot of sex on Bel Ami' 'Bel Ami is like porn, it's so cheap'... but now 'f*ck kstew will do threesome with these guys i cant wait...

You can make fun of Rob fans all you want but at least they are NOT two-faced bitches like 'kristen fans'

I still like kristen a lot but her fans.. not so much.

true love said...

hey Rose..!!..nice and quiet..i love it too..just knowing that Rob and Kris are in peace right now..in their lovenest..ahhhhhh..!!!!..no worries here..can't wait for thursday..i'm getting ansious..too..by the way..u r dog is beautiful..and he(she)..looks like he's in action..lolz..wow..if that's your deck..back yard..it looks lovely and peaceful..have a lovely day...and thx..heavens the hyenas..are quiet..i think ur dog had them scared..lolz..just saying..maybe u should put him(her)..more out and bout..like that the hyenas..won't come near u..but i see what u r saying bout ppl being on the denail bout rob/kris..soooo not real..reading and seeing ppl with soooo much doubt and hate..i guess that's the world we all live in..scary..i know..but i thank GOD..that there is also ppl with lovely hearts..like u..thx girl..:0)..hate..made ppl look ugly inside and out..see ya..true love..

Anonymous said...

HI Rose, can't wait for thursday either. I cleared my appointment book from 3 to 4 that day, nothing and nobody will ever disturb me for an hour, too excited. For some reason,I can see your face on my Iphone, you're really pretty Rose, it would be nice if you put your face here too!!! K2

Rose said...

@anon 10:53

I'm seriously worried about you.
Where did all that bullshit come from? Not from here.

And FYI? I don't make fun of Rob's fans... Why?

Sheesh. This is EXACTLY what I was talking about. Scary NONsense.

soadram said...

In reading your post just makes me smile ...., but smile of happiness:)
And your bitch is very beautiful, indeed one person as you like and could only have animals.
I love my pets, my life is around them:)
Enjoy the game well with their Ki-ya and have fun, because we have many friends of both legs, but there is no greater friends than the four-legged animals:)
A kiss from Portugal

Anonymous said...

to anon 10:53

I kinda agree with you.
I mean, of course there's a double standard.
And that's because robsten supporters are girls and girls tend to identify with the girl in the relationship and sometimes expect way too much from Robert.

Rose, i dont think 'anon 10:53' talking about you.

ciro said...

morning rose, and to you awsome gal...
rose i missed rob and kristen too, can't wait to see them in oprah..must be priceless,melt heart and adoroble..mmm make smile already on my face lol...yeah i feel peace too just enjoy the clarity, and peace of mind...
by the way your dog is beautiful rose make remembering me couple days ago i've seen I AM LEGEND will smith, i cried when sam, will smith dog got infected virus monster and died...ohh it's good movie and the director would direct too in WFE can't wait.. must be awsome....bye just remember R LOVE K LOVE R LOVE U ROSE

pricklypearess said...

Great post. Nice to see R/K are able to be on the DL for awhile. Saw a video of their early interviews for Twilight and how unguarded they were when they talked about each other. Very sweet. Such a pretty puppy! Ignore the hate. xoxo

Deb said...

Hey Rose I just love your post I to love dogs have 3 myself ( they truly are mans best friend)it reminds me about how much Rob loved PATTY his dog I to cant wait to see ROB and Kristen on OPRAH And I would like to know WHAT kristen is going to get Rob for his B-Day HUmmmmmmm.I miss out two.But glad to see them in the DL WELL MY FRIEND I hope you have lots of FUN with Kiya Thanks again Rose you make my day with all your love for to kids ..........Deb.

Anonymous said...

*quoting anon. 10:53*

"How about Remember Me?
'rob and emilie look so funny together' 'remember me pr campaign was fail' 'boycott RM' 'i will not watch this movie' 'i wish kristen was ally' etc."

That's my biggest concern. First of all, I want to say I'm a Rob's fan. That's why I'm here, at Robert Pattinson intoxication, so please, don't start saying "go away, this is not your place" when you read this.

I don't like Kristen. I don't like her as a person, I think she has a thing for male co-stars, that appears to be mature for her age but deep inside it's totally the opposite, and that her hole actitude with the press, which she claims "I'm just being myself" is more kind of "I'm just being direspectful" like the texting message in the middle of a press conference where the presenter asked her if she was twitting! If helen mirren for example was there...she would share with her a word o two (not kindly) Acting is a very serious profesion, press conference are also part of your job, like it or not. It's not school ladie. I also believe that she really didn't like Rob at first, not romantically, and only when he became ROBERT PATTINSON, the big movie-star, things changed. You maybe don't fall in love in one day, but after a few months, you know if you like that person or not, and well, she spendt NYE with MA in Africa, so...I don't like that, maybe she got impressed by Rob's fame, who knows. And I'm saying this, speculating, just like everybody else, like all of you. Anyway, this is just my opinion and it's not important.
What I really cares is about Rob's schedule and career. All this pseudo-fans claiming they were not going to see RM because Emile is not Kristen...jesus... I'm pretty sure he is in love with K, but honestly, I just can't wait they are done. He needs to take his career all over this things, is so young. I remember a video with R and Nikki Reed (I'm not shipping them, ok, not even remotely) where she just talk softly to the paps. That kind of normality is what I want for Rob. I think Kristen gets mad when she sees a pap. and all the histerya surronding Rob with press is provocated for that. If he could talk to the press as he used to...I miss so much Rob being himself. He doesn't need this shit, this circus we are we are not dating. I feel sorry for him :(
Wish her all the best, but...just apart from Rob.
It's my opinion, don't get mad, I love Rob too. Respect me, please.

mamabear said...

Rose your site puts a smile on my face, yes I am missing Robert and Kristen also. But I know they are enjoying the down time together, hopefully spending time at mamastew's house, since that video last May after MTV awards and how mamastew got a big hug and was fixing Rob's hair, you knew mamastew has been around him for quite some time. I hope Kristen and Robert are enjoying the quiet down time, but I do miss seeing them, it just makes my day to see them out and about together!
Rose, your dog is beautiful!
Thanks again for a beautiful site.

Anonymous said...

anon12:01 I agree with you

Anonymous said...

I hope they got away somewhere together. I hope they are alone and enjoying each other's company.


Anonymous said...

@anon 12:01

I totally agree with you!

at this moment... The crazy kristen fans are pissed because Remember Me is up for Best Kiss!
Rose and others; call me hater or whatever but kstew fans have a double standard for everything and i really can't stand this anymore.

People need to stop being so immature and let Rob have a career.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 12:01

On one hand you ask for respect and I respect you BUT on the other you don't have respect for Kristen .

1) Do you know her personally?NO. And ,news flash, you don't know Robert Pattinson personally either. He doesn't need fans to tell him what to do. He liked Kristen from the beginning and she liked her for who she is. Fans who say "I love Robert but I can't wait for him and Kristen to be done" aren't real fans. Sorry. Likewise they aren't real fans those who don't go to see his movies just because Kristen isn't in it. I acknowledge that. Fact is Rob and Kristen know each other better than anyone else knows them. And saying that you can't fall in love after a year it's completely wrong. My best friend got together with her boyfrien after 2 years they knew each other and they've been together for 5 years now. Who said Kristen wasn't attracted from the beginning? She was in a relationship, a long-term one. Maybe she thought that this attraction was due to the movie and so she didn't launched into an other relationship because she wanted to see if her feelings were true. Very mature behaviour if you ask me. And don't forget that breaking up with Angarano must have been very difficult since their families are/were very close. And despite that,when she couldn't deny her feelings anymore she CHOSE Robert.I'm glad they were friends first. Most successful relationships begin when two people are friends first and then become lovers.

2) As far as paparazzi are concerned: read Kristen's FLAUNT interview.You'll find the answers. I'll say one thing: DIANA. That should be enought to prove that paparazzi aren't gentle and respectful.They say lots of mean things when they chase you for photographs. I'm sure you'll be pissed too. And last week an italian actress(Claudia Pandolfi) went to hospital because paparazzi were following her. See?They can be dangerous. Nikki Reed? Please! She's fine with paparazzi because she wants them to chase her. Paris Hilton?Same thing. And lots of others actresses who want publicity. It's a common thing in Hollywood. Kristen proves to be different.

3) I think that as Rob fans we should really respect him, and that means that we don't have to tell him what to do. He's not a child for God's sake. If Rob and Kristen break up(I don't see it in the horizon at the moment)it will be their choice and we'll have to respect it, but for now they are together and we have to respect that too. They know what they do. Our role as fans is to support them and to enjoy their movies, we don't have the right to tell them how to behave in their private life.


Anonymous said...

I meant *he* liked her for who she is.


Angelica said...

YAY! No hyenas!

sfw10sis said...

What a beautiful dog you have, hmmmm might have to change my mind on a second cat and rethink the choice of a dog.

No sighting of R/K, here's hoping they are enjoying this time together without all the craziness that usually surrounds them, they deserve their private time just like the rest of us. Maybe we will catch a snipit of them on his birthday, hopefully without it being overly intrusive.

Great post, go enjoy the rest of your day, I know my deck looks like its calling my name, I wouldn't mind having that beautiful dog of yours laying beside my lounger. I wonder if I should take a trip to the animal shelter first, darn it Rose, now look what you've done lol.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

To Ele

No, I don't know R or K, neither you, or Rose, or the commenters here. And you have an opinion of them, you love kristen, you like their relationship, you think she is a nice person. Good. I think the opposite. I respected her. I didn't call her names. It's my opinion again, the impression she gaves me. Can I be wrong? Yes , so you can be.

I don't expect R to do what I want or what you want, even if you like him with Kristen. I hope his people give to him good advice (from what I heard they did, but...) And above all, I wish( it's just a wish, a personal one) he'll do what is better for his career, and one day, when become older and mature, hope he can feel he did the right thing.

You are a real fan and I am not because I don't like Kristen? Ok...

You know what? I went to see RM 10 times, and I will be doing the same for BA and WFE, even if he's with Kristen. And I will support him even if he's with Kristen, no matter what. I just expressed my opinion on her and my concern on his career. Very respectfully.


Anonymous said...

to Rose...

Don't worry about me Rose. I'm actually worried about you. You dont see anything.
Sorry if i offend you.
Clearly, this blog is not for me time to leave.

Anonymous said...

10:53 You know what I'm tired of? The generalizing. I'm a huge Kristen fan. I like and respect Rob though, and never have made fun of Emilie. But I hear over and over again how we disrespect Rob and 'ship' Kristen with costars when it's such a small portion of Kristen fans. I'm not going to say I hate Rob fans because of the portion that doesn't like Kristen. That doesn't make any sense to me.

Anonymous said...

RIGHT ON ELE You said it all WE AS FANS NEED TO RESPECT them BOTH I LOVE KRISTEN AND ROB together OR apart BUT hes looks SOOOOO happy when he is around her (TRUE LOVE STARTS WITH FRIENDS FIRST)Thanks again ELE for putting that out there . DEB

P said...

Rose- Just found these photos on a hairstyle blog and had never seen these photos of Kristen and Rob.

I love the ones with Rob's arm around her. SO - IN - LOVE.


Anonymous said...

@ anon 12:01

you're NOBODY in the life of robert!you're NOTHING!you can't afford to interfere . robert is not your toy . if he is happy ,if is in love .....it is not you who must decide.
kristen is smart,funny,honest and in love whit robert.
please ,please STOP to talk about MA . you are ridiculou. when she was with ma ,robert robert has fun with other girls .is the life but is the past.
robert and kristen are friend,lovers,colleagues but they are also two normal human.

Fanny said...

@Anon 12:01
wow, how mean and pathetic it is to wish for a couple to breakup and say you can't wait they are done. I wouldn't wish a breakup on anyone, even on people I'm not fan of or even on people I don't know. Breakups are always painful, no need to hope for that on anyone. Sure breakups happen but shouldn't we hope for people we claim to love to be happy, whatever their choices are and whoever they date? Spread love, not hate!

Rose, nice post and I too can't wait for Oprah. I missed seeing Rob & Kristen together on tv. Hopefully I'll be able to watch the show on youtube :)

And nice dog! I love dogs. My dog (a russian wolfhound) is quite old now and isn't that playful anymore but it's really nice to have him near me, such a calming and loving presence. Have fun with Kaia :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ anon 12:59

Where did I say that you are not a fan because you don't like Kristen? Go and reread my post. I didn't say that at all.I said that a fan should support Rob in anything he does. If he breaks up with Kristen, fine. If he has a long term relationship with her fine. But since he is with her at the moment, I don't think we have the right to judge a person he obviously cares about and to say that he should be with someone else that WE think is better for him. He chooses his movies and his girlfriends. That's all. You said how you feel about it all and I did the same. Very respectfully, as you say. I didn't attack you in any way. And again, I didn't say that you have to like Kristen, just that we should respect her since so many so called Rob fans attack her. Same goes for Kristen fans that judge Robert and throw his acting under the bus. If Robert chose tomorrow to be with Emily de Ravin or Uma Thurman or with someone else , we shouldn't begin attacking those actresses just because we dont't think they are right for him. End of story.


Anonymous said...

anonymous 12:01
Kristen should have known straight away Rob was for her? I'm sorry, but if you were with somebody for 3years, and friends with them for a few more before that, wouldn't the decision to break up with them take time? Make sure her and Rob's connection was something beyond the heightened emotions you have when you're in your own little bubble? It just tells me she is serious about her relationships and she must have really cared for Rob. Also, none of us have any stake in Rob's life whatsoever. but I'd rather have Rob with someone who shies away from the paps than gravitates to them cough*Nikki*. Rob's not dumb. Respect HIS choices, and his decisions.

Anonymous said...

Mean and pathetic? Really? I guess you were mean and pathetic too when all of you were shipping Kristen with Rob and she was in a relationship with MA, wishing a coulple for breakup (notice irony)

Sigh...if you don't like Kristen and wish Rob were HAPPY with someone else, then you are mean. Ok.

katy said...

Love your Post Rose.
I Miss so much seeing Rob face...I've been watching old Rob Interview....because I miss his face...his voice...what can i say I adore Rob.
I am a major Rob fan...since the beggining it always been Rob... but I also love Kristen and I miss her to...can't wait to see them on Oprah.
I everybody said that they looked adorable, and that are most defenetely a couple,...I love seeing Rob and Kristen together, love their inside joke...can't wait to see it...so please somebody put it on Youtube or something because we have Oprah where In Portugal...but we have like...last year episodes still going on...so please please someone.

And please why can we all get a long, i mean We Rob fans a we Kristen Fans...who cares if some Rob fans shipp him with others than Kristen or if some Kristen shipp her with others than Rob...that not going to change the fact that they are together as a couple.

katy said...

i can't hopen this link
can someone tell me a nother one

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:10
U pathetic little bitch Kris doesn't need losers like u so wat if u don't like ha her no one is tellin u to like ha get yoself 2gtha n admit ur a hater instead of sayin u dnt like ha ppl like u a so sick to da core dat u sling all yo hate @ this innocent gal whoz herself n foeva will be so wat if its ova btwn RK I support ha n alwz will nomata who She love n da same fo R . Rose its been a peaceful day bless u

Anonymous said...

I mnt anon 12:01

Anonymous said...

Good morning Rose,

I love your blog , its the first thing i look at every morning...
and without fail you give me that lil something to make me smile about these two beautiful people...
who I adore greatly...
Im just looking at that pic on your blog w/them both in black w/Robs hand on Kris's waist....
So nautural and adorable....you can just see the comfortablness oozing from their faces.....
i cant wait for Oprah either...but I dont think we get direct shows in Australia either...
Does anyone know if i am able to get the show thru Oprahs website or hopefully Youtb.....
As for Anon 12.01 i agree wid you....
come on you lot as if what you write or think is what is going to have any effect of either Robs Or Kristens decisions on lifes journey or not....
im sure they dont give a RATS ARSE on what you negative people are thinking or writting...
At the end of the day there living there lives on there own accord....
Negativity is a bitch...

You know 'the oil always returns to the surface'....
'what comes around goes around BITCH'....
Are you gettin my point all you negative idiots out there.....

Love you ROSE ...BTW I have a g/shephard like yours...and he is my big baby.....i luv him like my
x3 beautiful children....
Im sure your pup gives you love and happiness as mine does they are such a loyal breed...
i cant wait till 2moz to read your nexy post....hopefully we might see those two lovebirds come out of the wood work and give us a pic or 2 or 3 ....but I live and hope....

Anonymous said...

I disagree. I don't think Rob has a calming effect on Kristen. In fact shes more tense when shes around Rob. Taylor and Dakota make her calm. And shes happier doing interviews with them. But of course in the shippers minds Rob is the only who is good for her. Yeah I totally disagree. If Rob had a good effect on her then she wouldn't have moved away from him in Oprah.

linzy said...

I really cannot believe some of the comments I'm reading today. There are days when I feel more or less immune but today? Not so much. The entitlement some "fans" feel is mind boggling. As are folks who come here to not so subtly complain about the fact that Rose chooses to focus on Rob AND Kristen. I mean, it IS ROSE'S BLOG. Regardless of the title... if you don't like it when why. are. you. here?! *facepalm*

I'm especially disturbed by the commenter earlier who insinuated that Kristen only got with Rob b/c of his rising fame.. seriously? THAT's what you get out everything we've seen from both of them over the last 2 years? No offense but if you are a fan of Rob and you respect him, then why don't you trust his decision making when it comes to his friends? Because I guarantee you they are at the very least close friends & share a tight bond. You do him a disservice by dismissing her & passing judgment. It wreaks of attention whoring when you come onto a blog that is well-known for its Kristen support and preemptively request everyone respect you when everything you've typed out is your thinly veiled dislike/disgust/distrust of Kristen (and by extension, Rob - you might want to think about that). Again I ask, WHY ARE YOU HERE? *eyeroll* There are plenty of other blogs out there where you could share your oh-so-innocent opinions with others who feel the same. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, k?

moving on..

Rose, you have an Alsatian? I'm totes jealous :D They are great great dogs.. I just want to cuddle with the cuteness. Annnnd I think I'm jealous that you live in such nice surroundings.. Makes me want to move away from the city all the more, heh.

Can't say I'm sad that R & K have been able to keep a low profile... I imagine having that peace is priceless for them. I'm sure they're both busy with work obligations but just the simple fact that they are in the same town for a while makes me smile! I'd like to think that the new anti-papz law that went into effect out here this year are contributing to their ability to stay hidden. If they were truly the PR stunt some claim, we'd see them getting "caught" out and about conveniently, not unlike Ashley Greene the other day. I'm not hating on Ashley at all but its fairly obvious when an actor and/or their people tip off photogs. Everyone has their own prerogative. I admire the frak out of R & K for doing everything in their power to remain private. Speaks to their integrity and to the integrity of those they choose to associate with. Fame-whores they are not <3

Can't wait for Thursday! Oprah will be so much fun to watch ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ok, linzy and the others. It's enough. You never, in your entirely life have seen something in TV or a movie, an actress or an actor, read interviews, etc and have a bad "vibe", an awful feeling?. I DON'T LIKE HER, ok. And I love Rob, and by saying I prefer him to focus on his career I'm not insane. Your intolerance is insane. This is a Robert Pattinson blog and that's why I'm here. I will say it again, I didn't insult her!. I just don't like her.

I'm not telling Rob what he has to do! I'm showing you my point view, this is blog jesus, not Rob's bible! And you say if I am a real fan (again) I will aprove all his decisions. Well, no, I'll suport him no matter what but If I don't like one of his movies, I will say it (and probably go to see that movie more than 10 times anyway) even if he is with Kristen. But I don't think he is a superhuman who does nothing wrong, he can be wrong, and I do believe Kristen is not ok for him. Am I wrong too? Maybe, but that's what I think

Relax, and accept people have opinions different from yours. I like this blog, and as long as it's Robert pattinson intoxication I'll stay here. If you don't like what I write, don't keep reading it.

just wondering said...

Rose, great post. I do enjoy reading your posts. I certainly agree with you when you say that Rob has a very calming effect on Kristen. I noticed that from the start. If he is near her, she relaxes. But more important is watching Rob. His love for Kristen is seen in his eyes. I do enjoy watching them together. I also love how they mirror each others actions. Unbelievable!!!
So cute.

amanda said...

@12:01 You contradict yourself A LOT. First you basically call Kristen a fame whore by saying she only got with Rob after he was famous. THEN you complain she doesn't talk to the paps like Nikki does? Ok..

You say you think she just likes all of her costars BUT then complain that she didn't get with Rob sooner.

With all do respect your comment doesn't make sense.

pricklypearess said...

To Anon 3:21: Please tell me you're not going back to the Oprah seating debate. It really is one of the most assanine debates I have ever heard! It's fine if you don't think Rob and Kris are good together, but please don't include the seating arrangement on Oprah as part of your argument. It really makes people take what you have to say less seriously. Peace out.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 4:09

You stated your opinion but you can't expect people to just sit and read your words. If they don't agree with you they're going to tell you.They have all the right to say what they think , too.You can come to this site all you want but people who lurk here obviously LOVE both Rob and Kristen.It's called pattinsonintoxication but Rose always says that she loves Kristen,too. No one is going to throw you out of this site but you can't expect people not to react when you imply certain things about Kristen. You should know that.

Fanny said...

Yes I DO believe it's mean to hope for 2 people to break up, whoever they are. And also to decide that they should be happy with someone else, Rob makes his own decision, he does look happy with who he chose, even if you don't like it, no need to hope for it to stop and for him to go through a breakup so that he can be happy with someone else you'd like better. If they break up, so be it, but I don't get the 'I can't wait for it to happen'.

That is MY opinion, just mine I'm not talking for anyone else. Just like I'd like you not to make assumptions and generalisations. I for one never hoped for MA and Kristen to break up. I wasn't even around at that time. She was already with Rob when I noticed how cute they are together. But I did feel sorry for Michael, it had not to be easy for him (the rumors, the breakup, ...) and I do think he's probably a nice guy and I respect him and the way he acted in all the madness that was going on in the media. So no need for your irony.

Fanny said...

^^ oops that was @anon 2:01

Anonymous said...

to 12:01pm.

I think Kristen always cared about Rob and the fact that she didn't jump into anything with him right away--instead she took time and sorted out her feelings--is a very mature thing to do. She handled it the best way she could and much better than most people would at 18. Kristen and MA met as young kids--young love doesn't always grow into adult love.

Rob doesn't like the paps either.
Is his life different then it was in 2008? Yes. Because Twilight blew up, because there were more films made, because more people became obsessed.
Whether he starting dating Kristen or not, the craziness would still be his life. As time passes, celebs in the spotlight do become more guarded. They do start to hate the intrusion into their lives. Rob started to mind being photographed and being bothered because he got sick of it!

And in regards to Kristen. Believe me, other than Rob's family and long-time friends, Kristen is one person who genuinely cares about him. There are PLENTY of vultures out there who would love to use him (it boggles my mind that some Rob fans want him with these types of girls). But Kristen is definitely not one of them. She saw something in Rob that no one else did. And she has had his back since day ONE.

Rob has known Kristen for over 2 years. Obviously he knows her better than any of us ever will. She is someone he cares a lot about, someone he leans on, trusts, admires, someone whose company he greatly enjoys, thinks she is smart and unique, and not to mention very beautiful. She's not just a girlfriend but one of his best friends....But yet you prefer that they break-up?! So he loses someone like that out of his life because you don't like her? And that would make him happy?

Yes, you are entitled to your opinion. And you are entitled not to like Kristen. But posting this kind of stuff on a blog that CLEARLY supports both Rob and Kristen...is just...ugh.

Melinda said...

So much for a peaceful day on the blog...I shouldn't expect much knowing the kinds of people who come on here to hate.

You know after reading some of the negative Kristen comments I have something to add.

I (and I think most of the people who post comments here that support Rob and Kristen) have no problem with someone stating they don't Kristen. You have a right to think that. The problem I have is when you attack her CHARACTER. I am not talking about today's posts only. It is an ongoing problem. It's okay to say "I don't think she a good actress" but to say she "leads her male co-stars on" and the like is absurd. Granted I don't know her personally but I have never thought that about her. She has bore the brunt of intense scrutiny b/c she is not your typical actress (thank God for small favors). I think she has done a wonderful job dealing with it for someone that is introverted. I'm glad she has a great support system in her family and Rob. If not she would probably go insane.

For the record, I personally did not understand what all the hype was with her at the beginning but after seeing her in "Cake Eaters"- totally heart her now!

The more I see of these two the more I love them!

Most of the people on here loved Rob first and b/c he loves Kristen we have started loving her. If you can't state your opinion without attacking Rob and Kristen's character kindly take your poison elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:01 I think Rob's fame and the fangirls were part of the reason why Kristen fought her feelings for Rob. As someone who dislikes tabloid/pap attention, why would she want to date Rob for that kind of attention? At Comic Con 2008, she was turned off by the fangirling, I certainly wouldn't want to get involved with someone who has women throwing themselves at him. I'm thinking Rob proved himself in some way as a loyal, steady person in her eyes, as their feelings grew into something more than a mere co-star crush.

Anonymous said...

@anon 3:21 It made sense for Kristen to sit next to Dakota from an interview standpoint. From what I gather, Dakota came onstage later on in the show and Oprah proceeded to ask Dakota and Kristen questions about each other. It would've been awkward if they were separated.

Anonymous said...

To pricklypearess,
What do you mean? There was no seating arrangement on Oprah. Kristen choose to move away from Rob because it was her choice. He makes her nervous.

Melinda said...

Anon 5:04- good point

Melinda said...

Anon 5:11- for the love of all things holy... will you look at the picture below of Rob and Kristen at the Paris airport. Does she look nervous to you? I see a girl who is with her guy, calm, cool, collected, content, and peaceful.

Now I am done engaging with people who don't really make sense unless I see a personal attack on something I said.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5:11

Whatever helps you sleep at night,hun..

Anonymous said...

12:01 In a recent interview Rob said Kristen is the "Smartest, strongest and sweetest" girl he knows. I think he has good judgement of people. Just look at all his other friends and people he's close to.

I don't think anybody has to like Kristen, but as other people said, if you come to a blog that so obviously supports both you should expect some backlash and commenters saying their opinions when you make a comment like that.

ms said...

5:09. Exactly. I have a feeling Kristen and Dakota were told to sit next to each other during that segment since Oprah would be talking to them about each other. Makes sense! But some people don't like sense, instead it has to be something personal. Whatever.

linzy said...


LOL. Okay, whatever you say bb. I think many more people have expressed my same thoughts about your "opinions" and in a more eloquent manner than I could... I had long reply set up but blogger ate it and I'm taking that a sign that I'm better off not going there.

But I do congratulate you on your attempts at being passive-aggressive, baiting, bashing, and your cowardice (lol @ hiding behind "anon"). Hope you feel accomplished. Me? I'm done with your bullshit... it stinks and its getting on my nice new wellies. :) Have a nice day!


To everyone else,

if you need a pick me up and haven't seen it yet (or even if you have) i suggest this pic:
When they smile, the world is a better place, y/y? :D

Trish said...

AHHHH!! Rose..me encanta tu perro!!! You make me want to get one now! YOu are so right this hyena thing gets old and can be tiring..dont they ever get tired? that's the question...poor sould, i could fix them up with dates since they always seem to be so bitter. they have no significant others in their lives or either that or they are not getting it on a regular basis...HAHAHA!!! hehehehe!!!

That's the question..where are Rob and KRisten..hmmmm...so many fucking possiblities...one thing i know is that they are not apart!

Hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day Mamita...I'm such a huge fan of yours Rose and i love your blog..say hi to Kaia for me.

Karen said...

To just wondering and Anon 4:56:00
I agree completely with both of you!

Anonymous said...

Lizzy are you totally out??
what are you say the world ,,..,..,...,,,,....is a better.........,,,;;;;;;;
OMG if is this the fans of course they have their secret!!!!!
SUppose they aren't together are you going to death??

Anonymous said...

I think Robert Pattinson liked Kristen Stewart from day 1. I think she tried to stay his buddy ONLY. That poor girl didn't have a chance. Those 2 are adorable.

spacepop said...

x rose:

You have a really nice Dog!! i have the same but her face it's a little bit more clear tahn yours


spacepop said...

name of mine is KIKI

deb said...

Hey Rose its me again hahaha I'v been looking at some of Rob and Kristens youtube videos and i just love the one called gravity soo sweet you can really see the LOVE they have for each other ( OH TO BE YOUNG AND IN LOVE) Thanks Rose again ......Deb

pricklypearess said...

to anon 5:11: Let me say it again. I refuse to debate the seating arrangements on Oprah because it is one of the most assanine arguments I have ever heard. Got it now? xoxo

Melinda said...

Linzy- love the pic...i can't wait to see what was being said that made them laugh/smile like that. They are very comfortable with each other. Body language speaks louder than words most of the time.

To me it looks like Taylor is nervous the way he has his hands on the armrests. And before anyone jumps to conclusions I am not "bashing" him just stating what it looks like from my point of view.

Anonymous said...

TO pricklypearess





Melinda said...

To lighten the mood up....this is from Ashley Greene...too funny!

On what vampire sex would be like: "Yeah, take the best sex you’ve ever had in your life and multiply it by 100, and that’s vampire sex."

Trish said...

hahaha Melinda!! Did Ashely really say that!?!? wow...too funny..naughty naughty!!! but she is wrong about one thing...not just sex with any VAMPIRE...EDWARD CULLEN!!! :-)

pricklypearess said...

to DI: Thanks for the kind words and yes I am. :o)

linzy said...

@ Melinda:

I totally get what you are saying about that Taylor, so you didn't come across as bashing. It just always seems to happen that he ends up outside the "bubble" somehow. I don't think it is intentional but it occurs to me, that unless a question/discussion directly involves him, he looks.. out of place?unsure?awkward? I'm going to wait to see it in context but this pic looks like another one of those moments. Poor kiddo :) I look at Taylor and see someone who is a product of an intense PR team so when something extemporaneous happens, he becomes nervous b/c he's not as comfortable being "unscripted" as R & K are. I keep hoping that as he spends more time with them, he'll be able to be more of "himself" down the road.

Is it silly that I totally get the happies seeing the mirroring (again) in Kristen & Rob's body language? That and the big smiles just make me swoon. lol. SO CUTE! ITA about how comfy they are with one another... it radiates from them when they are in a setting that isn't hostile or unwanted. I think this interview has the potential to be epic... been far too long since we've seen the kids doing inty's together. Thursday needs to hurry up!

Also? K's shoes? *wants*

Melinda said...

Trish- you said it...only with Edward! Ashley said it in Maxim magazine.

Linzy- I have thought the same thing about Taylor. I am sure it must be hard being outside of the "bubble". I think he is a nice kid (I'm in my 30's so he is still a kid to me)but I think the studio has gotten their hooks in him. I have watched videos of him,R and K for New Moon press/interviews. He seemed to be the "spokesperson" most of the time. Not sure if there was pressure from executives or not. I hope too that he can learn from them and be himself.

Anonymous said...

to all the drama Queens...save the drama for your mama...heres Gravity vid, pls enjoy the loves & the bubbles. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM6pypA2isU&feature=player_embedded

Anonymous said...

TO anon.8:08 Thank You I didnt know were to get the http:for that video I just love it thanks again .....Deb

Anonymous said...

Rose, thanks for your post, your always positive and always give equal treatment to R and K. Too bad some of their "fans" can't do that too. lol I've seen both of them in films separately and gotta say they shine together, the chemistry is like Crazy! Why would you ever wish someone to hurry and split up? Weird ... thanks again.

Anonymous said...

As a fan of Kristen, I feel I should stand out and speak something in seeing people judging her in a biased way, or at least ignoring her adorable parts (intentionally).

I recommend you all to visit this blog: http://kristenstewartfashion.blogspot.com/
There is a recent post about fans' giving back, for the reasons why they love Kristen. All the words from fans are sincere and touching. The more you read, the more you love this girl!~

I am an Aisan. Popularity of Twilight Saga in my city is no way to compare with that in US nor UK. But I still noticed this girl and fell in love with her after watching her interviews on youtube. She may not be a perfect actress. Yet, she will make progress. People who worked with her, like Jodie Foster, Joan Jett...they all have very positive comments on her. She has fierce passion & devotion to acting. She chose to star in a lot of indie films (obviously she can do bigger ones) beacuse she only works for projects which she thinks they're worth doing. Her professionalism and enthusiasm towards the film industry is definitely respectable! I watched Panic Room and The Messengers. They are really good. I just couldn't find Into the Wild, Adventureland and In the Land of Women in the store near my home. I decide to go the the biggest audio, video chain store in my city to find these movies in this weekend! (But believe it's no way for me to find Speak and The Cake Eaters)~ Kristen opens my eyes. Because of Kristen, I learnt rock n roll bands like The Runawys, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Their music is wonderful!~ Because of Kristen, I also learnt that Into the Wild is a great movie. I was deeply moved by just watching its trailer (I have never heard about the movie before. It was not shown in theater in my city).

The most important points that I love Kristen is her personality and carefree attitude. Though I am a working woman (6 years older than Kristen) and supposed to be "mature" to handle different circumstances of life, I just always struggle to stick to my true self. Kristen is really brave and strong and insists to be herself, facing the pressure and criticism from the outside world. Kristen reminds me not making compromise easily......

p.s. It's ridiculous if you are chased by paps and still smile like a fool. Hollywood is already overwhelmed with fake barbies. It's great that kristen is not one of them.

Have much more to say, but just stop here. Sorry for a long response.

Love from Asia,

vanlicous said...

Wow. Robfan, Kristenfan, WTF-fan. Are you still aware what you are talking about? These two people are actors, they are working for the filmindustrie, making movies, it's a job. This is not the Third World War. Honestly, I'm shocked about these kind of reactions - far away from reality and sense...it's a shame.

Dear Rose, thank you again for your postings. I enjoyed them a lot as always. Go on, girl.

Bellanieve said...

Hi! Rose ,you know I love reading your posts I agree with so many thing about our intoxication...oh yes...but I got a shocker. I've been busy lately with other things in my like you say other REAL world...I went to the end of this posts and I just burst into tears...I saw your dog.
My dog that i lost 2 1/2 yrs ago and I have her ashes on my night stand. I know some people won't understand. She was my angel , she was a German Shepard .....and her name was Kaya. I can't,Aida