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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Is It Love or PR?

Here I sit...
Staring at my computer screen.
I got nothing much today.
Well... Yeah
I mean...
I COULD talk about the bullshit drama
that is always following Rob and Kristen around
like a hyena in heat...
But sometimes
All kidding aside...
There are times when words aren't enough.

1. Hyenas howl about "PR" when it comes to 
Robert and Kristen.
Yet... they claim that every time they see
Robert and Kristen together...
"They look miserable"
"Kristen looks like she hates Rob"
(Looking 'miserable' is supposed to be PR??)

Only to turn around and say
"Kristen is desperate and clinging to Rob"
"Kristen follows Rob around like a lovesick puppy"

So which is it?
Does Kristen hate Robert....
Only with him to boost her career?
Or is she a desperate clinger trying to hang onto him?


There were some "Stars of Twilight" magazines
released yesterday.
People and US Magazine.

Pages and pages dedicated to "Robsten"
It was kinda hilarious.
Does it help sell magazines?
No doubt.
But if they REALLY want to sell "Robsten"
Why wouldn't they put a picture of 
Robert and Kristen on the cover?
Surely that would have made more "PR" sense
considering the Hyenas claim that both
People and US are working just for Kristen's career.
(Well, anyone who claims there is a "Robsten" is
automatically on Kristen's legendary payroll.

You see where this is going?
The haters can't seem to make up their minds.
I mean...
People and US magazines are 'working' for Kristen.
Yet, fail to put her on the cover.
What kind of "Robsten" PR is that???

Public Relations

Does Eclipse and the whole Twilight Train
NEED "Robsten" to sell tickets?
Twilight is proof of that.
Robert Pattinson is one of the hottest stars
on the face of the planet right now.
The Twilight Series is a phenomenon
(Can't you just hear Oprah saying that?)
The combination of the two
is box office GOLD.
And sure...
Robert and Kristen do "PR" for their movies.
It's part of their job.

 But staying out of sight as much as possible
Flying under the radar
And going out of your way...
NOT to give the paps a picture of you together?

Robert and Kristen admit to being good at 'hiding'
Not letting people get many pictures of them.

If it was truly "PR"
There would be photo ops all over the place.
Public sightings
Public displays
Public romance.
They most definitely wouldn't be hiding!

But that's not what Rob and Kristen want.
They define their relationship...
Not anyone else.

What do they seem to want?

Each Other.


Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Just asking, but why do you mention the hyenas, nonstens etc in every post? That must give them so much satisfaction. Why not ignore them. They don't affect you and they certainly don't affect Rob and Kristen. You should focus on the positive more. It's a great blog, but all of the hyena talk gets annoying and unnecessary.

katy said...

Love uour Post Rose :)

Rose said...

Dear Anon @11:49

Eh... I'm bored and sometimes that is all there is to talk about. Sorry if you don't approve. I guess you can write about whatever you want on your blog.
I promise not to criticize you.

Don't worry though... things will be changing very soon ;)

Summer Lovin' had me a blast!

Anonymous said...

TED boards


to Ted Sat, May 22, 2010, 6:14 AM

You can't be engaged NOW if you're already married right?

Is this true ladies? Love them together but somehow it's hard for me to believe that, they are way more mature to keep waiting some years.


Anonymous said...

the hyena stuff is funny. They are entertaining, cause they can't pick an argument and stick with it. Kristen's a lesbian, Robert is a generous beard,doing it out of the kindness of his saint-like heart. lol


Kristen is a clinger! She has nothing else to do but cling since she can't get any work line up!(Never mind the fact she's been holding out for On the Road, the director already said she's turned down bigger movies because she's committed to the project.)


Kristen's career is so bad, all she has is Robert for PR purposes so she controls the media and Robert and everything to make it look like they are together!(Never mind this notion makes Robert look like a total simpleton...)


Summit is making them! They are both so tired of this charade, it's coming to a head, and robert is going to revolt cause he so totally hates her! And so does the brit pack! Everyone hates her!(projection 101 on this argument)

Yeah, hyenas are funny. Talk about them all you want, cause they are entertaining.

Anonymous said...

anie-they ain't married. Those girls on AT boards have been saying they are engaged/married for forever just cause they seem to want it to be true for some lame reason.

Anonymous said...

Amen!! u always say what is need to say. unfortunatly some ppl can't get it, won't get it ever! good luck for them.
Thanks for ur posts.Cadaquez,=D

Anonymous said...

It is an odd thing really, the need to disprove they are dating.

I know many shippers are creepy, for wanting them married or over analyzing their every word and gesture. i want to smack those people upside the head, cause it's like, leave them alone already.

But the need to do the SAME exact thing to prove they are NOT dating is JUST AS WEIRD. Hear that Nons? Your rhetoric is just as creepy as those sheep you talk about.

I like Kristen and Robert together, but I won't be losing sleep over them if they are or aren't. Either way it's their lives, not mine.

katy said...

Rose...when you say things like 'things will be changing very soon'...makes me very giddy...Can't wait to see what it will be. :))
Hope it will be very very soon

Gonna go watch some Rob/kristen videos...they always make me happy.

And your NOT Boring at all

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.....I think things changing mean, they are gonna come out publicly finally. It was done on their terms too-by the time they confirm it, it's gonna be like anti-climatic cause everyone knkows already andi t won't be a big deal.


Anonymous said...

Love ur post Rose, what proves for me they r 4 real that there's no PDA ( as u know Rob is not the kind of PDA guy if u notice him in his previous relationships) they r so cute and adorable together I wish they last plus when she is around Rob always have shit eating grin and happy Rob make me happy too.

katy said...

to Anon 12:10...well don't know if the marriage thing it's true...but I think they are mature enough to make that decision.
My parents got married at the ages of 20(father) and 23(mother) and they are still happelly together after 37 year of marriage. (and no they didn't got married because my mother got pregnate...they had me 10 year later)

Patricia said...

I keep going back to why Kristen said "she wants to keep what's hers, to herself"..... There is no fucking end to the ugly remarks and it's getting old. Some of the mags are twisting words just to sell mags. It's a business.

I don't care ( and I know you feel the same what all the haters say about Rob and Kristen ) but the fact that they come to your blog and say it, is the reason for your post !

I know that Rob and Kristen are together and in love. Seeing is believing and PR is Taylor with Taylor. ( He's a nice kid ) and I respect that he keeps his mouth shut about R/K , but all these photos of him are the same , he wants a big career and he loves being seen. That's more of what PR is !!!! Not hiding from getting your picture taken out and about.

Rob loves Kristen loves Rob and we love you Rose.



Anonymous said...

yeah, never got the PR argument. PR does not work the way they hope it does. IF this was a PR stunt, all the people responsible for the stunt would be fired for being so crappy at PR!

The reality is this NONbelievers: Kristen and Robert have basically confirm noverbally for months.

This is called a "slow roll out" so that alll those against the coupling can get used to it before an official confirmation(if there ever is one).

Notice the Nonstens for instance. They almost self=detonated with the New Years IOW picture.

But now?

They totally don't think twice about seeing them together, they've gotten used to it.

Now the next step is for them to get used to them being an item, which will be what they are force-fed soon.

Buck up, Nons. You'll always have Michael Angarano and Nina Schubert! hahah

Anonymous said...

@ 11:49

Rose always mention the hyenas& kristen's hate in every post but not even a single word about Rob's hate..
I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really think Robert and Kristen are the "marrying young" type?

Lord, it sounds like getting Robert to commit to a relationship is a small miracle in itself, the way he's spoken about commitment in the promotionals! lol

Kristen must be a special girl to have him get into a relationship in such a crazy moment in time. But I don't think either of them have voiced anything remotely relative to the idea they are up for marrying young.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:10

wow! Seriously how can you people ignore the Rob hate?
You really need to visit At boards asap.

Anonymous said...

anon, 12:26: Why do you make Rob hate sound like a cause or something? It Rob hate really something so horrible that it needs to be addressed constantly? I think Rose simply speaks about the lunacy that surrounds Robert's choice to maybe date someone or not. I have a feeling Rose would write the exact same blogs if Rob was dating someone else - it's more about the hysteria that Robert may actually want to attempt to do normal things like date someone consistently.

It's not about Rob or Kristen Hate.. Give me a break, neither one of them are causes to champion. They are famous kids ith complicated lives, but I'm not going to worry about the "hate" that is simply people being lame online.

Anonymous said...

Anie, the mention of Marriage between this two kids is totally crazy in my opinion. They are truly, very pasionate in love, time is what they need ;)

Anonymous said...

To those saying Rose never addresses Rob hate:

This is a Rob blog. Not a Kristen blog, even though she figures in prominently now cause she is dating Rob.

As a Rob blog, Rose is asking people why fellow Rob fans can't deal with him dating someone. How can they swear they are his fans, yet in the same breath accuse him of being manipulative, a lying manwhore, stupid, manipulated, duped?

She is speaking to fellow Rob fans. She has no reason to speak to Rob haters-they are lost causes. But to Rob fans, she wants to kno how they can be so undermining of the very person they swear they like.

Melinda said...

It is LOVE- just watch those two....you can fake smiles in a PR relationship all you want. You can't fake tenderness. Sometimes if I see a video of them that's what I see...tenderness in their actions/expressions. It shows me that they are closer than ever.

Will it last? I hope so. I think what they have is a rarity in Hollywood. Kudos for them for not compromising their relationship for media/public consumption. And more kudos for not giving the paps the money shot. As much as I like to see their cuteness with one another I respect them all the more for not letting the paps make money off of them.

Here is a new R/K video that's well done. Note what Kristen says around 3:00.


You know Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy had amazing chemistry on film (kinda like our couple). They also were a couple off screen as well in spite of the fact that Spencer was married the whole time. They too were stealthy in keeping their relationship from the public eye.
To date they have had one of the best romances they came out of Hollywood.

Lisa said...

First off, LOVE the post, as always! Secondly, I completely disagree with the first comment from "Anonymous." I don't feel like it's a bad thing to acknowledge the nonsten craziness and to be honest, I find it abosolutely hilarious! Maybe ackowledging them and making them see how ridiculous they appear to others, is a good thing. We know they read Rose's blog. We've seen their comments and by the sound of their response to all of her posts, they don't exactly seem "satisfied." They still desperately try to defend their absurd claims. And the best part, the best part is that they actually take the time to read Rose's lovely blog and I happen to find that satisfying. Cheers! :)

Anonymous said...

ANON 12:40

Thanks for clearing this up cause I swear some people just don't get it. I personally think they don't want to get it b/c no one likes to be proven wrong.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

sara2 said...

Stop going to the AT boards. It will do you a world of good....hate is hate. Don't seek it out! And, don't give Ted the hits.

Anonymous said...

Robert and Kristen together equals PR for the movie(this movie needs no PR) So Funny!!! My Grandmother and Grandfather could play the leads in these films and they are in their 70's and the movie would still be a block buster. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are together because they want to be. Oh, I guess Kristen is going to be broke soon because she is paying everyone to further her star status. Yeah, OK!!! This tiny girl who wants to be an actress not a STARLET. Robert Pattinson looks so good with short hair. Such a beautiful face that man has.

Anonymous said...

sara2, you're right, it's ridiculous talk about marriage, let their love grow, and let them enjoy each other in private ;)

Trish said...

sara2 i completely agree!! ladies, dont go there, its full of pure hatred!! i stopped a long time ago...i only come here...Ted just wants hits,..his so called insiders and deep twi is bs!!!

Anonymous said...

THE first hyenas are the media.

Anonymous said...

I stopped going to the AT Boards. I realized it was a sick place. Rose is great. Ted is full of it and just wants hits.

Anonymous said...

I never thought Kristen was clingy. In fact I've only ever believed that she doesn't like Rob as much as he likes her. You can believe what you want to believe but for a long time I've believed this. Sure she went to IOW and Budapest but thats off camera and we don't see what happens between them then. All you can judge by is what you see on camera. And from what I've seen on camera, Kristen looks nervous whenever shes next to Rob and is very insecure around him. I'm just saying.. compare that to the way she is with Taylor Lautner or Dakota Fanning - theres a huge difference. She seems happier in their company and more comfortable and talks more confidently. Granted, things were different two years when Rob and Kristen were promoting Twilight and were just friends, they were giddy and comfortable with each other. Its all changed now, particullary for Kristen who seems all the more tenser when shes around Rob.

Honey said...

Rose, you are great. Robsten are TRUE and wonderful together..and hyeans...well, let them be so pathetics if they're good with it..particulary this one hyena, who continue coming on this blog writing the same bullshit, pretending to be more people..I mean..could anyone be more pathetic than this? I don't think so. Could anyone have a more sad and empty life than hyeans? I don't think so. Could Robsten be more in love and addicted to each other? I don't think so :) They are just meant to be together..Hyeans know that and can't accept it..well, No problem. Their hate wont affect Rob&Kristen love...and while they're claiming like crazy "PR;PR!" Kristen is waiting for Robert to come home each night. Robert tells her everything he has done on the set, and then.....they'll be in their private bubble, like always..God bless them..and may hyenas find "peace" in their poor and sad lives...XD
Robsten live, forever...

Anonymous said...

to alex

rob took advantage of her. that's why she's so uncomfortable around him now.

Anonymous said...


I can see how you could think that. Just hear me out though.

I believe that Kristen is comfortable/happy around Taylor or Dakota because people aren't analyzing her EVERY move with them b/c she isn't dating either one of them. Therefore she isn't as nervous.

When it comes to Rob she can seem uncomfortable b/c EVERY SINGLE THING they do is picked apart. As someone who is very private being under a microscope 24/7 it can be overwhelming. She has said that when things are important to her she keeps it private. Rob is important.

Rob also wears his heart on his sleeve so it appears to some people that he loves her more than she loves him. I think this is a silly/ignorant statement to give more justification to rip her apart.

I'll say it again...if Rob isn't getting what he wants/needs out of their relationship I believe it would end. No one is "forcing" them to be together.

They are together b/c they want to be.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:45

Pray tell how did he take advantage of her? I'm waiting on pins and needles for this theory.

Anonymous said...


sam Sat, May 22, 2010, 11:40 AM

Of course Rob and Kristen aren't engaged or married. Gossip cop debunked the engaged part a few days ago now and you would have to be engaged first to get married perhaps.Of course Kristen isn't going to die an old maid,I'm sure there must be plenty of willing men in Hollywood who would love to marry her.Even if Rob doesn't want her.But it's just a fact that Rob and Kristen are together,together.

Thank you ladies, maybe the non* are spreading the marriage rumour to distract our attention, the main fact is they are in love ;)


Trish said...

@anon 1:46..are you Rose!?! lol..you sound just like her..

amen to everything you said btw..they are not being forced to be together!! and i hate that shit so so much..when ppl say kristen does not love rob as much....if anything its the opposite..she cares so much she is trying protect what is theirs..she has to watch that nothing is giving away, honestly if you ask me if it was left to rob alone he wouldve said it...Kristen wants to keep what is theirs private that is why she is careful they dont slip..and tje qestions piss her off to no end...she hates that kind of attention

but like i said before mark my words, these two are slipping and slipping..they are good at hifing but the are humans and arent perfect.

soadram said...

Ja should know well my opinion about Rob and Kris .. and I do not have any doubts.
But when I read the title of this post I laughed a lot.
The comments I have just read a few, are so so silly that it's not worth commenting.
and still say not only see who does not want. for it is more than obvious that they love and like e. .. e. .... e. ...
against the people stop being sad and hateful people.
When I do not like something ignore why not do it (hyenas and others) do not like to ignore us because both Rob and Kris are fine without you.
A good day for you Rose:))

Anonymous said...


Actually I posted the 1:46 comment. Didn't feel like putting my name for some reason.

What should be obvious to some clearly is not. I think it is b/c they have some much foam in their eyes and ears. Clogs the senses therefore NONsense spews.

BTW- could we keep Rose's blog clean of AT trash? I mean all they do there is re-post the same crap over and over and then decide to take to other boards. That place should be condemned along with nonsten.com


Trish said...

oh Melinda....anyway i loved the post!!! you made so much sense.

Anonymous said...

@InKstewsPants twitter, yesterday

-Omg. *smacks forehead* RK had more than Rob's bday to celebrate while at the ritz. God I'm so stupid. I've known this all along... about 23 hours via txt

-Rob has claimed Kristen in front of God and a few people that matter to them and thats that. about 23 hours ago via twidroid

-@valeriacullen4 awesome! Its so obvious to those willing too see about 23 hours ago via twidroid

-@InKstewsPants EH? U mean like kinda marry-claim-to-god
-@RPalis bingo!

-@strocchia :) best year of Rob's life I'll tell ya!

Mmmmm...what dou think? This girl sounds legit

Fanny said...

Love the new post Rose. Reading all at once all this contradicting nonsense from the hyenas was hilarious. And this 'But staying out of sight as much as possible, Flying under the radar And going out of your way... NOT to give the paps a picture of you together? THAT
IS NOT "PR". Isn't that right. Sums up everything perfectly.

@Alex. I don't get your 'she went to IOW and Budapest but that's off camera... all you can judge by is what you see on camera".

I actually think the opposite. What they do on their private time (when you get to hear about) is what you can judge by. On camera, they're guarded, careful not to slip or give anything away to people who are too much invested in their relationship for their liking (yes that'd be us lol). The fact that she flew miles to get to spend time with him on more than one occasion is actually what makes me believe they're in a serious relationship. On camera, we had Rob giving her loving looks and we gad Kristen slipping and touching him on more than one occasion. I don't see why some people would say one is more commited or in love than the other.

We don't get to see how they act behind closed doors, only them (and maybe their closest friends/relatives) can judge but from we get to witness, all we can say is they look really happy together. It doesn't look like one doesn't get what they need out of this relationship, as Anon 1:46 brillantly said. Why would they protect it so much, why would they stay with someone who doesn't love them back enough, why would they put up with all the crap they get (the rumors, the paparazzi and the hate) if they didn't love each other.

Trish said...

anon 2:23 PM you DO know that people just love to make up shit!! especially on twitter..EVERYThing should be taking with a grain of salt!

Why would they even get married now..the have too much to do especially career wise!

I am so obsessed with that last kiss..the way his lips carries hers..wow!!

very hot! that kiss IS 80% Robsten and 20% Edward and BElla!!

Anonymous said...

1.46 your post makes sense, but I can't help thinking that Kristen is just not so secure about her feelings for Rob, like he is about her.

At this point it's ridiculous that Kristen doesn't want to confirm what is more than evident. Rob is just holding back for her. The "question" will be asked in almost every interview till there's a clear answer, so what if they acknowledged their relationship?

The Mistery would vanish and Kristen would feel pretty less tense than now. They wouldn't be forced to speak further if they don't want to, but at least they's avoid the "question" and Kristen wouldn't look just about to jump over Rob if he spills the beans unwillingly.

I just don't understand this "protection thing", protect from what? The media will chat about them anyway, so their relationship would be more protected if it was confirmed cause curiosity killed the cat, you know? When curiosity is satisfied, everything gets relaxed.

So I actually don't understand Kristen, if she truly loves Rob, just acknowledging the relaysh, she'd save a lot lot of stresssss. But if, otherwise, she prefers to stand all this pressure.... I'm guessing she doesn't love Rob as much as he loves her.


Anonymous said...

Trish, I know, but I've been following this girl for a while in twitter and she really sounded legit to me all this time, so the others involved in the whole conversation. "Rob has claimed Kristen in front of God" only has a way. I don't know what to think. All I know is they're together, together :)

Fanny said...

Okay I'll be honest here and say that this whole 'Rob would shout it for the world to know if not for Kristen' bothers me a little.

I see nothing that'd tell me he wants to spill the beans about their relationship. Sure he does sound like he has no brain to mouth filter sometimes and could slip up big time whereas Kristen sounds more careful with what she says. But who knows if, in case Rob did spill unwillingly, he wouldn't be angry and blame himself afterwards?

Rob's smart, he's no puppy i'm sure. I'm sure they talked about the situation a lot, weighed the pros and cons and made their decision together and compromised accordingly. I feel like people sometimes think Rob's weak and has no backbone or something. Both are strong willed persons and I'm sure they have heavy discussions and even arguments due to that over different matters.

The only difference is while Kristen says and explains it clearly why she won't confirm, Rob usually just laughs it off. As far as I'm concerned, I feel like they totally agree on the not talking about our private life but they have different ways of dealing with the question in interviews.

Also I do find it smart not to talk about it. They're not hiding, they just won't talk. The media will end up taking it as a fact/rule. If they do talk now, once won't be enough, it'll open up the door to more questions. They're definitely smart and mature kids when dealing with that.

All of this is just my opinion of course...

Donna said...

Great Blog today. You totally nailed the pr bs. Like I said on twitter you are one classy lady who calls it like you see it. Love reading your blog.


Opytaylor said...

I have been viewing your blog for about a month. I am a straight male Robsten supporter. I am told we are rare. Really I am infatuated with Kristen. I became a Robsten fan when I learned what a humble guy Rob seems to be. If she were with some jerk I wouldn't cope too well. I come to your blog to try and understand what the deniers, or Nonstens are all about. So far I don't see a motivation for them outside of hate. There is no logic to their arguments. These days, the modus operandi for R&K no longer seems to be: deny, deny, deny. Rather it seems "we are not hiding. And maybe you can tell from our interactions that we are not just colleagues or friends. But we are not discussing OUR PRIVATE LIFE to the media."

Actually, I think this policy is coming more from Kristen. I think she is the Alpha of the couple and Rob will do whatever she wants. If she would have allowed it, he would have pulled a Tom Cruise couch jumping on Oprah "I am love with this woman.". Lol

Lisa said...

Great as always Rose..

Lots of you made sense today! First, people make up anything they want and post it on Twitter. There is nothing stopping me from going to my twitter right now and say ANYTHING! So...

As for if they're married or even engaged.. (I seriously doubt it) but so what? What if they ARE?? Again, it's their choice! They'll tell us what they want or don't want, when they want. I mean, we'll never know unless they admit it or someone comes up with a marriage license! And of course, in most countries they allow celebrities use fake names so little chance of that! LOL Nothing we can do about it. So why argue about it? LOL

As for all the who loves who most.. That's impossible to measure. Yes, he wears his heart on his sleeve. He 'seems' more open to letting people think what they may. But remember, Kristen (and others) have said many times. "Rob is incapable of telling a lie" This is why he deflects! Kristen on the other hand is more guarded. You can easily tell that. She was open about MA, and he took some backlash (and still does from what I can see although he's been great about keeping mum) about it. Can you IMAGINE how it would be with the hottest man on the planet right now? And she said "I've been told to just admit it and then it would die down. But it wouldn't, then they would want DETAILS" and she is 100% right! Look how much crap she takes for just appearing not to like/love him as much as he likes/loves her! (yes,for those of you uptight about Rob not being defended. I am a Rob fan FIRST and will always defend him. However, when it comes to their relationship, where I read, she gets the brunt of the crap) If they were openly in a relationship and she broke up with him, the girls would crucify her! :( As long as we're all rabid, I don't think we'll get much.

At any rate, I love them. Together or not, in love or not, married or not! :)

Welcome Opytaylor! Nice to have a male POV! You're exactly right I think! She is strong and bossy! He's said in many interviews he needs someone like that because he's too easy going.

Lisa said...

BTW, the music works for me. You have to go all the way to the bottom, let the player load and start playing. Then you go back to reading. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is a question about who loves someone more or who wants to talk about it or not. Rob and Kristen are very similar. That's what drew them together.

I hate it when people say that K doesn't look happy with Rob but so much happier with Taylor and Dakota. She is guarded. She has something real with Rob and people constantly are trying to analyze everything she does when she is with him. She cares a lot. Things that are important to her she tries to protect. It's easier to interact with T & D since there isn't something to protect that everything wants a piece of. They are her friends, but that's all. She loves Rob and vice versa so she is protective of that since so many people feel they have a right to have a piece of it.

Things have changed from the early Twilight days. Now, that their relationship has progressed she is trying to be protect something that means a lot to her.

Ultimately, it's between the two of them. They seek each other out and that's enough for me. I do believe there is something special going on there and they are on the same page as to how they are handling it. :) It's their relationship - as long as it works for them - that's all that matters! They owe us nothing! I love them together - I love them as individuals and just want them to happy! Whatever the future holds is up to them - hope they can hold on to what they have despite all the craziness.

Great post as always Rose!

Olivia said...

Hi Rose and friends,
Lots of great comments today.
Rob and Kristen are two very savvy professionals. They also must have received some very wise words of wisdom from family, friends, and fellow actors regarding keeping their relationship private. Many have mentioned that the fandom is slowly being accustomed to their guarded relationship.
I agree with so many that have said that Rob and Kristen do not owe the fandom anything that deals with them being a couple. How lovely it is however to peek in at the glimpses that they let slip. It does seem like we will see a bit more as the summer progresses.

Anonymous said...

"I hate it when people say that K doesn't look happy with Rob but so much happier with Taylor and Dakota. She is guarded. She has something real with Rob and people constantly are trying to analyze everything she does when she is with him."

I think people constantly are trying to analyze just cause they don't speak out about what's going on with them.

If they spoke clearly, all this craziness would end because we'd know for a fact that they are an item and there wouldn't be the need to analyze every movement.

So, they choose to put this pressure on their shoulders, it's up to them, but I don't think that their relationship run through any danger if they acknowledged it..just acknowledge, not spill the beans..

Abby said...

I have never understood those Paris airport pictures? Why were they holding hands when they KNEW there were papz and photographers? i Love robsten to death but seriously how can they even try to tell people they're not dating after those?



Anonymous said...


Melinda said...


R/K have this bubble around them. It's been in place for a long long time. What is inside that bubble is very much real and important to them. Right now the media and public are throwing darts at it but for the most part aren't getting inside. The reason...b/c R/K are keeping it private. As Kristen said, no pictures, no story.

I truly believe that if they were open about it things would get a lot worse.

It is hard for the public to understand why they don't want to talk about it. It's b/c the public is assaulted on a daily basis by "celebs" telling way way way too much information. So therefore we feel we have the right to know. Most celebs are narcissistic b/c the media and public allow them to be.

Yet here you have two of the hottest people on the planet that are the complete opposite of a normal celebs. This makes the media/public mad therefore they write crap about them.

Opytaylor-Welcome to the board. It will be nice to have a male POV b/c it can get crazy sometimes!

Abby- Yes I am sure that they probably knew the paps were there but they are human and when you are in love sometimes you just need to be physically linked to that person in that moment.

As for people saying that Kristen is bitchy to Rob. That cracks me up! I have watched interviews/videos of her and she is quite funny- she is pretty sarcastic. But she does let her guard down and when she does I bet she a lot of fun to be around.

Well I am done for the night. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I love your blog, and I love the way you defend our favorite couple. I think people are so jealous of Kris, and that is why everybody attacks her so much. I am a fan of both Rob and Kris, and I defend them always. I think they make a wonderful couple, who clearly belong together. Please never give your blog up...I look for it every day. it

Anonymous said...

they do pda if they know it's a pap free place, only private individuals report it that's why we have news of them kissing, holding hands, vacationing together. the article at US and ted were so unfair for kristen. she does more of the adjustments for rob, going to london and budapest while filming bel ami, and now i think she chose not to work until august to be with rob because he's filming back to back. as i see it both love each other very much, they may not show pda but who knows what happens behind close doors. i love these two kids.

Anonymous said...

Kristen is very aware that she is constantly being criticized. You can read it in all her interviews. The truth is that the same people that put so much pressure on her shoulders, analyze every move when she is near Rob, criticize every word and gesture are saying: "Look she is not happy when she is around Rob, she looks miserable, she is not with him". And that is exactly what these people want to achieve. And she/he is aware of it and why people are doing it. And the only reponse is to cut people out of their private life. Talking about it would make it much worse, the words would get minced and twisted and people would still want to know more. Rob and Kristen are on the same page, Rob is not going to talk about his private life and his relationship with Kristen. But he doesn't say "I am not talking about it". For 2 reasons: 1)It doesn't fit his public image, the open, honest guy who is telling everyone everything (except for the fact that he talks a lot but never reveals anything at all). And 2)If they ever change their mind to go go public Kristen can't do it anymore, but Rob can still spill some beans. For the moment they stay mum, but made it obvious that they are an item. Another thing is that they don't want to throw their relationship into the franchise and sell it to Summit. During Eclipse promo they will stay very private, don't expect PDA on the red carpet. They are the opposite of PR.


Barbara Fenwick said...

I do have a questions. I read something yesterday about Rob and Nikki Read. I knew they dated, but I thought it was casual. What happened between them? Why does Rob hate her? This all happened before my obsession started. I do not like Nikki Read but love Kris. Please help me find out the truth.

Anonymous said...

People ask why Kristen doesn't just say it because it will take the pressure off. She says the answer in her new Elle interview, "..then they'll ask for specifics" and it is completely true! Imagine if they confirmed, it would open the floodgates and they would have no privacy! Right now, they aren't hiding they are together but because interviews know they won't talk about it, it gives them privacy. I also agree with Kristen that it cheapens relationships when talking about them. When everyone knows all about your relationship, it's obviously not important to you, it does give it a "falseness". I can totally see where she's coming from.

Lisa said...

I don't remember where I read or saw it. And of course, if it's true or not.. But that those airport pics were taken in Paris at 2 am. They weren't aware, at least at first, that the pops were there?? Now if that's true, I have no clue.. I'm sure some of you know more as I wasn't following them so closely then. Or maybe I should barrow from Rose and say as "intoxicated" then LOL :)

Louisa, I did see your message from the other post. Thanks, I don't know what I did to my back.. I think it's just arthritis.

Anonymous said...

Last year somebody was posting about R/K being E/M and that R will be the one wearing the pants this year and both of them plan their schedule together so they can spend time visiting on set.So we don't know if R/K are engage or married,but if they are good for them.I know that they are young and have a career but this two have millions together, I have a feeling that they might walk out of HW somebody.

Anonymous said...

Rose, love this post, I don't think it matters if they confirm their relationship or not people will believe what they want. It didn't really make a difference for Brad and Angelina, they still write about him secretly being in love with Jenn. lmao ...to say Rob and Kris are doing everything for PR is so laughable it's crazy. I love how peole take sides, she's desperate, he's a manwhore..wtf? laughable, that's why I don't really mind you posting all the hyena nonsence it really is laughable and quite entertaining, it's all what you want to believe to be the truth.
Thanks again Rose.

Trish said...

Hooray for the straight male Robsten supporter! There are many of you out there i know! come out form your hiding spots lol :)

Trish said...

Melinda if you see my post, wanted you to know i love ur posts!! i love the dart anology on the bubble..spot on girl!! and you are right about them being the opposite of normal celebs..thats why we love them so much...i bet it drives the media insane!!! lol..thats what they get im happy they do that to them..yay Robsten!!

sollee said...

wow..i think robsten are really in love:)..and as years go by i know our fave couple learns to understand more how to handle their relationship..and i guess they do handle it well now..and hope too that they could stick together despite the pressures of their careers and personal lives..love and maturity will keep them together i guess:)

Melinda said...


Thanks! Right back at you my new friend.

Have you noticed that some of the really venomous comments directed towards R/K haven't happened so much in the last couple of days.

I think they are finally getting the point that they can't come in here and win. There are to many of us that are R/K supporters.

I've even noticed our little friend "L" (don't want to say her name in fear she will show back up!)hasn't commented. I think she got the picture that if she continued bashing Kristen we were all coming after her verbally and she wouldn't come out on top.

It's getting late in my neck of the woods so I'll talk to everyone later. Good night.

Anonymous said...

Solle@9:49, very well said. I really hope so.

Can't understand people continue to query why Kristen won't talk about their relationship given the fact that Kristen has stated her reason over and over in different interviews.

People say Kristen is strong and bossy but I have a feeling that Kristen may not be as strong as she appears to be. Though I don't know Kristen, I could imagine. She said she cares about people's comments. You know, there is a lot of nonsense and crap. If you care, it must hurt. So I sometimes feel very protective of her.

It's unfair to say Rob will be heattbreaking while Kristen is rather easy if they eventually broke up. Of course, I wish them could work that out and everlasting despite all the pressures.

God bless our favourite couple.

From Asia,

Deb said...

HeY Rose Just got back from my best friends wedding this is her 4 one sorry to say all the others died on her Well any way i'v been reading all the post that others have said today and ALOT has been said I do have to agree with Tish and Melinda. Well any way I love Rob and Kristen together And I'm glade to that they keep to them self And like you said Rose good thinks are coming . so HOLD ON and enjoy the ride WEll my friend Thank You again have a nice night . DEB HO ya Rose have you every read this book (In here -internet-called Loner my Nilla79 ) I read it last night boy ho boy nice read but made me cry to YOU CAN google it

Anonymous said...

OK,OK! I,ve read your blog almost everyday but what is all the BS about. If R/K are together good for them, everyone deserves someone in their lives. DIDN'T YOU when you were young. Why are so many wanting them to commit! Rob is shy we all can admit to that even his father so if he finally meets someone he feels good with why can't we just let them be. Both are working so hard to get away from the saga image. I would never be one of them to try and break them apart because of fan pressure or hurtful words but everyone needs some privacy which I'm willing to give them. Mandy07

Fanny said...

Good, I went to bed thinking that I was the only one believing Rob and Kristen are on the same page regarding their not talking about their private life policy and that they're smart in adopting this rule. And I get up and read that I'm not alone thinking that :)

Anna@6:42 - That was an excellent post. My thoughts exactly. You said it more eloquently than I ever could. They definitely are aware of the hate that is thrown at Kristen because she's dating him and the scrutiny they're under as soon as they appear together. They admitted they google themselves and I shudder when I think of all the awful things they might find sometimes. Thus, why would they give away the only thing they want to protect more than anything?

I know it's romantic to imagine Rob shouting his love for her over the rooftops but would he really, knowing all that is already written about Kristen? Because let's not fool ourselves, she wouldn't be criticized like that if she wasn't dating him but also if Rob didn't look so in love with her, the seriousness of their relationship makes it worse for the haters. And second reason for not admitting they're together is that it definitely would open a new can of worms (doubting that would be naive imo). Kristen herself said so and isn't she in a better position and doesn't she have more experience than any of us to judge? If she thinks it wouldn't make her life easier, I believe her and even if I didn't, she's the one making the decision, it's none of my business.

Also, I'm pretty sure, carreer wise, their teams advise them not to talk about their relationship too. They'll have to try and not be stuck in their Bella and Edward images and being together and talking about it wouldn't allow that. A low profile is smarter. jmo.

I also agree with Monica@11:41. That's how I see Kristen too. She shows a tough exterior but I can feel her more vulnerable side inside. That's the way she protects herself, showing a bad@ss tough exterior to hide herself better and prevent unwanted inquiries/investigations when in interviews. We can see glimpses of her other side when she's nervous, a private side that Rob gets to see when they're alone or with their friends and families and when they can be themselves and allow themselves to display their affection. Rob looks all soft and tender looking at her when she's shy/nervous and in the same time we know he loves her tough, 'stick to her guns', 'tells it like it is' attitude too. Must be refreshing to him, when so many people in HW probably kiss his @ss constantly nowadays.

Vulnerability and toughness, a great combination that obviously Rob seems to enjoy a lot;)

Also what people see as Kristen being bitchy to Rob, I see as her being protective of him and caring for him and as a proof of intimacy/understanding. Why would you bother letting someone know they're saying something they shouldn't if you didn't care? And would you dare doing so if you weren't very very close (as being a couple) to them?

Anonymous said...

Robert and Kristen totally agree on the not talking about our private life but Robert is the one that has more to lose ;kristen favors him!
She went to London ,Budapest etc!
the facts speak louder than words for kristen! she risks.she pretends to be strong but robert is the most stealthy!Rob usually just laughs it off ,not a word .
if he was more explicit about his relationship with Kristen ,she would be happy!now favors him!
because they are in love.
but for me is not she that wants to keep hidden . she does not want to talk about the relationship but not keep hidden. IS very very different.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with the previous comment. If they don't talk about their relationship is because they want to keep it hidden.

When you talk about something, you're saying that you want to share this thing with the rest of the world. When you reject to talk about it, you're saying that you want to hide this thing. So simple.

At this point, it's utterly ridicuolus that they still hide it. If their relationship is serious and commited, they shouldn't be so afraid of coming out.

Fanny said...

^^ Well there's a big difference imo between hiding something and not talking about something. And there's a difference between keeping something a secret (in a 'not wanting people to know' way) and protecting one's privacy (even if to do so, you migth have to hide from the public eye on occasions).

If they were hiding it / keeping it a secret, they wouldn't let themselves be papped at airports together. They used to not walk together when they knew there were paps outside. They don't anymore. They do know people are not blind and know they're a couple. They don't care if you believe it or not. But they won't flaunt it for the media, they'd rather have their privacy and avoid going where the media will see them and make up even more bs stories. But if they can't avoid it (airports for example), they don't hide, they have nothing to be ashamed of.

They don't keep it a secret, they let their actions speak louder while they don't talk to protect themselves and prevent more invasion.

And be happy, that way, nonstens can choose to believe whatever they want. I believe the hate would be worse then. And would you care if people you don't know believe you love your bf/gf, would you take a risk with your privacy to please these people? Well I know I wouldn't...

okay, now I'm out. It's BBQ time :)

Anonymous said...

fanny I am absolutely agree with you

Anonymous said...

Fanny i too absolutley agree wid you too....
i think there is way to much thought put into this for one day so good nite ...its 9.44pm and im stuffed....zzzzzzz

Anonymous said...


Well said!

Anonymous said...

Fanny@2:49, exactly exactly!!~ Can't agree with you more.

I wish my English was better so that I could present my thoughts in a more organized way.

Glad to have Fanny here, being thoughtful, analytical and has a clear mind.

From Asia,

Anonymous said...

Fanny if they get papped at airports or anywhere else, it is not their choice. I'm sure if they could put on the invisibility cloak of H. Potter to hide at the most their relatioship, they would do it.

Actions speak louder than words. what actions? Have they ever attended an event as a couple? Have they ever show up any clear PDA? Almost-hand holding in Paris was a slight kind of PDA. That's all I can remember, maybe you can recall something else.

Yes, Kristen was in London for New Year and in Budapest for her birthday, but we learnt about it cause of a young fan and some papazz. Rob and Kristen did their best to hide it all.

I don't believe they feel ashamed of their relationship, that'd be ridiculous, but I have serious doubts about the strength of their feelings. Kristen, especially seems the most insecure.

Anonymous said...

Yeah so I'm in the check out line today and the lady in front of me is writing a check for her 350.00 worth of groceries. Both the cashier and customer are most definitely senior citizens and apparently this is social hour. There are no other checkout lanes open and I'm bored. I will admit I have NO patience. I breathe a lot to get through my days. So, I picked up Us Weekly because Rob and Kristen were on the cover and I scanned the story... LOL LOL Yeah.. uh.. I don't think so. I am laughing at the gross exaggerations...and put the magazine down. But then later when I wasn't doing much of anything some random thoughts occurred to me:

Now, I will admit that when I am bored and on my computer I love gathering up all the Robsten stuff circulating the web. How is it with the little time I spend on the web.. I could write a more accurate story? And these people are journalists?

Rob is lovesick and Kristen's a b*tch. What is that? I take all of life with a grain of salt. But I was still a little I don't know... pissed.. I guess I was looking a the big picture and I realize that this grocery store magazine is going to reach so many people more than just the Twilight fans.. even those who have no interest in Twilight. And all these people are going to think badly of Kristen. Which of course if they are believing Us Weekly.. their opinion shouldn't matter but it does effect her image in negative way. Being "popular" to the general public is what makes you marketable in Hollywood and thus affects which roles you are offered....and because I enjoy seeing Kristen in movies... because she is mega talented... I guess I just simultaneously felt bad for her and pissed off by the irresponsible assh*les that write this crap.

And granted Rob would have to commit murder or something to affect his marketability... but the article wasn't that flattering to him either.

Just felt like sharing my random thoughts.

*Suzy Q*

Trish said...

WOW Fanny!! great words!! hope you enjoyed that BBQ :)

And Melinda..thanks..I have also noticed our little friend doesnt come any more..she has decided to stick to her medication and is thinking more these days..glad she's gone :-)

And Suzy Q its so so sad it such a shame they write this shit about her..and shes not even like that!!!