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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Robert, Rants and Rose... Not Necessarily In that Order

This is to all the people out there who don't 
like what I have to say...

Read slowly.
Comprehend the words
(I know its not easy... but try)



No one is putting a gun to your head
forcing you to come to my blog...
(unless it's one of your alternate personalities)
No one is making you read what I have to say.
Why do you come here if I upset you?
Why do you read my thoughts...
If it makes you so angry?

I believe Robert and Kristen are together.
It's my opinion.
You don't agree?
Good for you!!

Do you see me following you on Twitter?
Do you see me commenting on your blog?
Do you see me trying to change your mind?
That would be a big fat NO.
And why is that?
Oh yeah because

So... before I close this rant...
One more thing.

Do not tell me what I can write about.
Do not tell me what to name my blog.
Do not put your slimey foam covered words in my mouth.

I don't fucking need them.
Or you.

My blog.
Take it or leave it.
Preferably LEAVE it.

 I know it's hard for you to understand...
Rabies does affect the way the brain functions...
You're paranoid, delusional and confused.
The fleas are itching you...
And you are drowning in your own foam.

So Sad. Too Bad.

Is this a random picture or what?
Rob at Bob Saget's birthday party...
Hanging out with John Stamos.
I like John Stamos.
I think John Stamos is damn good looking.
I kinda just like writing John Stamos.

So I guess John Stamos wrote something on
his John Stamos twitter...

And that makes John Stamos pretty cool.
Yeah, I like John Stamos.

All right, all right...
I'm done.
(John Stamos)

You already know what I'm going to say here...


Need I say more?
Didn't think so.

THIS is Kristen Stewart.
Naturally Beautiful.
She's talented.
She's smart.
She's rich.
And guess what?
She has Robert Pattinson.
And you don't.

So you can hate on her all you want.
At the end of the day...
Who is spending time with Robert?
Who does he looking at with such
complete and utter adoration?
Who gets to kiss on him ALL the time?
That would be Kristen.

Is she back in LA?
Where do you think she is 
RIGHT now?

It's going to be an incredible summer...
And just think...
It's only just started!

Chew on that.

Bye for now


Caroline said...

Congrats Rose...Right words...love you even more...
I think we are going to have a nice and calm time know...
Love, Carol.

Anonymous said...

Could someone PLEASE explain to me what so different about kristen fans? cause I dont see any difference between Rob/kristen fans. I know, Rob fans out there, but you can NOT deny, that there are Obsessed Kristen fans also, who attack him relentlessly

but.. Rob fans always be under fire for this. Why?!

Let me tell you;
Kristen and some Robsten fans doing picspams with her ex or her co-stars. everyone is fangirling but if you made a picspam of Rob with his ex or another girl, you would be bashed and called a pathetic hater,.
I'm actually scared about this summer. I mean all these garretstew fans..
'If i were kris i would be like Rob WHO?' 'idgaf i ship it' blah, blah and blah.. and That's another hypocrisy, they mock Rob fans and say they're stupid cause they make Rob out to be a manwhore, but they're doing EXACTLY the same with KStew I think they are just as much to blame for shipping kristen with anyone but Rob.

Rob and kristen spent the weekend apart big deal? Of course NOT! Good for her. but just look back at the drama that him going to Shannon's b-day party without KStew caused..My God it was terrible, people were ready to burn him at the stake, and when he hangs out with his buddies, he is labelled many things, nothing like that ever happens to Kristen when she's away and hanging out with her girl friends... another double standards...

AT boards.. *sigh* i mainly visit AT board and believe me i hardly see any kristen bashing it's all rob bashing. All this hatred for Rob is just so confusing to me. The guy has done nothing wrong. I dont get it..

Have to say.. Kristen Stewart fans are NO better than Rob fans. They only act like they're so innocent and above it all, mocking Rob fans in the process, shame, they're such hypocrites... Period.

kstewartnews and KStewDevotee I love these two.. The rest can ......


jen said...

bwhahahah, awesome entry Rose! You're the best. And she's back, huh? Sweet. She's probably role playing with him as we speak, calling him Uncle Jessie in bed while she's wearing pig tails saying "How RUUUUUUUDE!"


Poor hyenas....

Anonymous said...

had to comment before the crazy starts

Great blog Rose. It's always nice to read your thoughts, I think you say what most of us (the sane logical rob and kristen fans) are thinking.

Katherine said...

haha okay, i think i love you! your blogs are so out there and honest and damned right FUNNY! haha love it!: D

Anonymous said...

John Stamos and Rob made my world's collide together in a cosmic crash. Very strange indeed, funny in many ways. I like John and know he is a great guy!


Anna Br said...

I love you. Love your blog,love Rob and Kristen.preclea

Anonymous said...

Is she back in LA?
Where do you think she is
RIGHT now?

Her house? you know she lives in L.A. She wants to relax before she leaves on friday to australia.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Rose!

I've been reading your blogs for a while and have enjoyed it tremendously. It's my first time to leave a comment. I just want to say "keep up the great work!" You're really funny and a true fan of both Robert and Kristen.

Caroline said...

Oh Monica,i don't think it's Kristen fans that hate Rob or vice. i think it's the same people all the time, banishing Rob and Kristen, the Haters, and they like to put some fire in everything...you know wht i mean?
I love Rob and Kristen, and the most people, the sane people wants what is good for both!
Sorry my english...

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Rose. Well said from start to finish. Why the haters even come here is the real question but you explained it well -- rabies does cloud the mind.

I've had to ask myself WHY I CARE what is said about Rob and Kristen. After careful consideration I now know. Rob is truly unique. Yes, he's gorgeous but I'm intrigued beyond his looks. It's because he's such a normal guy, unaffected by fame, so charming, treats EVERYone with respect and kindness. He wouldn't approve of the words the haters post on your blog. His open adoration and respect for Kristen is just not something people see every day. He is truly in love at the deepest level and has the courage to lay it all out there. Which makes him unique and awesome in my book.

Kristen. Is so not Hollywood. She's an actor. Loves portraying people in interesting situations. She doesn't suck up or kiss asses. Her stable family gives her the roots she needs to be HERSELF and not conform to anyone elses expectations. Beautiful, talented, sexy. It's no wonder Rob has chased her all over the world. And caught her :>

Adore them both, wish them the best. Haters leave Rose alone. Take your opinions to blogs that want your input. This one doesn't. Rose is more diplomatic than I am. I'd delete your ass. Rapidly.

Tara said...

There really isn't much I can add to your post today! You said EVERYTHING perfectly, as always! I don't know how you do it everyday with the hate comments/emails but you are truly AMAZING!

I <3 you big time!

girlyinthenorth said...

Thank you Rose. Love your Words. Always gives me smiles. J'adore x

medelia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30yearoldtwifan said...

Rose, My advice is to block the nasty hyenas, For real. This is an enjoyable blog, I and many other R&K supporters enjoy and agree with your words. Unfortunately the haters are trying to turn your beautiful blog in to the AT boards please don't let them! They must feel threatened by you, I mean your words must affect them on some level.

Ok so Hyenas question! I mean who really cares what some random R&K fan think and say on her own blog If you don't agree? and arent a fan of R & K. Rose is not working in the industry or a pap or gossip blogger. Why do her words bother you so?

I like ya Rose, your a fan, that's it, a fan with a blog. Why do your words STING the hyenas? I am thinking they KNOW your words are TRUE and it bothers the crap out of them. Ha ha!

Roxy Rae said...

Thank you Rose you made my day!

Bouffant said...

Rose, you just put a BIG smile on my face :)

Anonymous said...

great post ,Rose .
laugh loudly

Anonymous said...

No offence Rose but I'd be more worried about Rob if I was you instead of Kristen cause she can take care of herself. Its Rob who seems to cling to Kristen and get stone drunk when she leaves him. And if anyones ever gonna dump someone it will be Kristen dumping Rob. And thats what nonstens don't understand. Its Rob that is hopelessly love with Kristen but Kristen is luckily not as much as a fool in love as he is. Shes only 20 for pete's sake so she shouldn't even be thinking like that. And thank god she isn't.

Patricia said...


For all the Rob lovers and Kristen lovers all I can say is Grazie for your words and please some news and NEW pictures of our gorgeous couple !!!

I love John Stamos, I guess Stephanie (Rob's agent) is also his and that's why Rob was there. I love that tweet from John. He has always been a classy guy !

So for all the lovers of Rob and Kristen and Rose let's enjoy this couple and comment with love not hate.

Patty <333

Anonymous said...

Yeeeessssssssss Rose. Gave them your power. I'm behind you and you've so many friends and fans. I adore what you believe and I'm a big fan of you. Haters go where you come from. Rob is not available for you. To get him you must have a heart. But you are heartless. You are pure EGO. You are envious, jealous, greedy, calculating, hateful, stupid and without compassion etc. Kristen is in his heart and life and I think it is the best woman he can get. I wish that he'll be happy with her the rest of his life and she is what he deserve. And he is what she deserve. God bless them with love, health and a happy marriage in this cruel world with so cruel people like you. Find your way out of that. Go to therapy. You're so sick.

May said...

THIS is Kristen Stewart.
Naturally Beautiful.
She's talented.
She's smart.
She's rich.
And guess what?
She has Robert Pattinson.
And you don't.

So you can hate on her all you want.
At the end of the day...
Who is spending time with Robert?
Who does he looking at with such
complete and utter adoration?
Who gets to kiss on him ALL the time?
That would be Kristen.

Is she back in LA?
Where do you think she is
RIGHT now?

It's going to be an incredible summer...
And just think...
It's only just started!

HEAR,HEAR. :D And this is exactly why you are too fucking awesome for words,bb. LOL <3

Anonymous said...

Absolutely great post Rose! Hyenas I feel so sorry for you...Kristen's not filming until August....and Rob's done filming in July...pretty convenient huh? wonder if that was planned? hmmm...think and foam on that for a while.
@Monica - there's a huge diff between Kristen obsessed and robsessed. Kristen fans don't have a site set up to hate on Rob and the ones that I follow don't hate on Rob at all, they are just excited to see her star with other actors. As they've endured the EDR ship - w/sex toy talk @ promo, Bel Ami model talk, every actress under the sun dropping rob's name, and journalists actually tweeting about how hot he is. So yeah, Kristen fans are psyched that she will actually be starring in a movie with some cute guys - non twi related. After two years of Rob hookups (in the tabloids) it's time for Kristen to get some male attention! No harm intended! I think we will love "jealous Rob" lol

kharma1 said...

Hi Rose..Happy Tuesday

LOVE the pictures you posted giving the FU to those hyenas.
You know what makes me soooo happy Rose, you are absolutely TORTURING these hyenas and you do that by the "Almighty Pen". Think about the power you have, it's awesome, the power of words and of course pictures...lol.

The sick part is, how much these hyenas like to be tortured, they keep coming back. It goes to show you their brains are the size of a pea,the term "Pea Brain"..lol. I don't know, hyenas might be smarter then these nonstens

Thanks Rose, you are awesome.

Anonymous said...

As always, Rose, you said it perfectly!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rose, great post. You always manage to say the things I'm thinking.

I'm glad that Kristen is getting to do things that normal 20-yr-olds do, like take road trips with her girlfriends. I bet Rob even encouraged her to go - not because he didn't want to share Uncle Jesse with her :), but because he wants her to experience life and not miss out on life experiences that he's already had. It's as if they are both living in a zoo right now, on display for anyone who wants to watch, so why not take advantage of an opportunity to have some fun under the radar. They both seem to be generous and caring toward the other. I think this is one of the reasons they work so well together.

pricklypearess said...

Rose flipping the bird at hyenas...priceless!! Made me laugh today. I come to this site because I agree with what Rose has to say, I like the pics and I get a kick out of her posts. I don't go to sites that I don't agree with. Why? Everyone has a right to their opinion. Not interested in stirring shit and upsetting people. Don't get why some folks get off on that kind of thing. I believe Rob and Kristen are together. You don't? Oh well. Peace out. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Here here...right on sista!!

Take them all down... what the cuss is it to them what you have to say ON YOUR BLOG?

Let them start their own and see what happens then...

Rob♥Sten forever...


Anonymous said...

Well said and truly righteous post, Rose. I couldn't agree more.

Honestly, the chaos and mayhem about who's better or more justified in their hatred, Robfans or Kristenfans, is so beyond ridiculous. I keep thinking back to having read Animal Farm (or maybe Hyena Ranch) in junior high school.

The bottom line is that we have no control over what other people think and say, but we do have control over how we respond to it. What we don't want to do is give it too much credibility by over-reacting to it.



Anonymous said...

To monica.
Sigh agreed. The whole double standard is getting ridiculous. I hate to think what would have happened if it had been Rob that left Kristen for a weekend to hang out his mates. He was already called a terrible boyfriend and got death threats for going to a bday party.

Eve said...

Oww Rose I just adore you and your blog!!I'm a fan of you from Romania hehe.
With each post you make me smile!You're so right,even the "fans"of Rob are hating Kris ,she doesn't give a shit 'cause she knows that she's the only one how can have Rob,and honestly I'm really happy 'cause of that.
Just don't get mad b/c of all that things that the people say to you.You are just you and they have to know that whatever they say ,you won't change yourself or your opinion.Keep it just like this.Kisses

cupcake said...

rose i couldn't love you more!

before the haters barge in with their nastiness, let me just remind everyone that the owner of this blog could see your IP ADDRESS. she could tell what site you came from and could clearly read your agenda. if and when she wants to, she could track you down and give you a dose of your own medicine. please think twice before vandalizing her territory. she has every right to do anything as she pleases and you have no choice but to respect that. this is after all, her blog, her property, her territory. don't you dare push her patience coz not everyone can take so much. everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but responsibility comes along with it. there are laws in cyber harassment now, in case most of you forgot.

i want to believe there is goodness in everyone. sadly, this fandom proved that there is an exception to that rule. and its pathetic, living each moment of your life picking on someone you don't know, rejoicing over other people's failure, venting your frustrations to those who are happy. your words reflect what's in your heart. thank you for giving the obvious.

and lastly, we are happy for rob and kristen. this blog is a venue for those who celebrate their love for each other. again and again, if you can't take it, then leave. its for your own good.

thank you rose. have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Rose, for me reading your blog every day is a must. You never, ever fail to put a smile on my face. Thank you.

kharma1 said...

To Anonymous..11:45am

I just wanted to add to what you just said.
Some fans keep saying how Rob loves Kristen more then she loves him.
For what Kristen has to endure on a daily basis.... she absolutely loves this man.
For a 19 and now 20 year old to put up with this cr ap that she does, just makes me love her even more and I'm sure another huge reason why Rob loves her so much.
She is a strong and amazing young lady. I'm sure she occasionally gets jealous, she wouldn't be normal if she didn't, but she has alot of self confidence to put up with it all.

Anonymous said...

What I hate is how things are different when it comes to Rob. When he hung out with girls at a birthday, yeah girls he knows through his mates.. fans wished for him to die. And when Kristen hung out with guys ..she knew from WTTR at a charity event in LA everyone was ok with it. Rob did Details and posed with naked women and he got more death threats. Kristen hasn't even done a shoot like that but I bet if she did there wouldn't be the same outtrage. One more thing.. Kristens very comfortable with Taylor, she hugs him, nuzzles him and is very affectionate with him. I have no problem with that. I know its because hes her friend. But could you imagine how it would be if Rob was like that with one of his costars? Yeah he would be called a cheater, disrespectful to Kristen and he would be killed by fans.

Anonymous said...

That Allure pic has a lot of photoshop indeed.
Answering Rose' question, K is in LA and Rob is filming as hell. Where will she be in a few days? In Australia. On the road again ;) Loving the summer.

Anonymous said...

kharma-YES. I'm sick of people acting like Kristen isn't invested-she's taking the brunt of the sh*t publicly with the media and gossip media. They were not really paying attention to her until she was linked with him to be honest. And now, they are relentless and creule with her.

The fact she's tolerated this scrutiny, has kept her mouth shut, while silently supporting Robert like going to his Remember Me premiere says a lot about the girl as well as how she feels about him.

eccrackward said...

I read this blog all the time but never leave a comment until now. This post was brilliant, if people have such a problem with R/K why waste so much time talking about how they hate one or the other.


P.S. I like how you cut the bullshit and get straight to the point.

Anonymous said...

GOOD LORD... It's 1:04 and there are already 32 comments as I write.
I stand in ovation and clap wildly for you Rose! Excellent post today,your blog rocks the most!Peace out all and to you Rose, BRAVO!!!MelenaS

Anonymous said...

Ugh We've already seen Jealous rob. Kristen already did that during New Moon promo with Taylor. Did you not see how sad Rob would get when she would ignore him and pay attention to Taylor? I've never seen jealous Kristen though.

Anonymous said...

Oh.my.god... O.O speechless. I read all the comments here. The most you get is Robsten fans and Kristen's haters(myself one of them). Do you think I could end up in jail or sued because I say "I don't like Kristen, she looks awful, gross and ewwww, and I wish she leave Rob alone?!" Really? Get the IP, such a big deal! Let's be clear, that's not cyber harassment (which is a much more serious matter).
I'm anon. 12:02

Anonymous said...

Exactly Rose! What sad, pathetic,lonely lives the hyenas must lead to put this much energy into something they apparently don't care about when no amount of the insane,vitriolic crap they spout is going to change the fact that these 2 are clearly together,happy and enjoying a normal relationship - you know, where you work,spend quality time together and also WITH YOUR OWN FRIENDS,without it meaning your relationship is on the rocks, like the majority of us.
It doesn't matter whether these are Rob fans, bashing Kristen or Kristen fans,bashing Rob it's equally unacceptable. Also,why so people feel they have any right to pontificate on who loves who more? It's fairly obvious they adore EACH OTHER,simply by the way they look at each other,it's just that Rob can't keep the grin off his face when he's around her while she's more shy and try to hide how much she loves him. I think they're both really sweet.

soadram said...

great post, wonderful, what might be called the Wife of weapons
I agree with you Rose and his every word, (who does not like, do not eat ....)
Because honesty, sincerity, love. freedom is what I see in your every post.
What the Light .... You always enlighten every minute of your life.
sofy of Portugal

Anonymous said...

Why do people come here saying which fans are worse? Who cares? Yes, they can both be bad. Anyone who tears down Rob or Kristen is pathetic. So unfollow them! Lump them all together and put them in one big category 'hyena' and move on.

misty said...

It is sad that you have to put up a post like this. Your blog is for you to say what you think and feel. If people don't like it, don't come here. It is easy. I don't really pay attention to the daily bullshit being said whether R fan or K fan or R&K fan, or some kind of sten. Negativity is never good. I am not a fan of the name calling i.e hyena.I can only imagine that you are under attack, being provoked, and probably being called names as well. So it is none of my business to judge that aspect, since I am not in your shoes. Honestly, I am not sure how I would react in the same situation.
What I find funny is that while all this back and forth bickering is going on between fans, Robert and Kristen are out having fun (whether separate or together) and working on a craft they both clearly love. None of this drama is dictating their lives (as it shouldn't). Words being said back and forth about which fans are the worst or belief of these two dating, has not bearing on real life.
I come to Rose's blog as I am a fan of both R & K. I love that Rose never shifts in her fan appreciation of the both of them. She is always consistent in her words and belief. Her opinion will not change with harsh words as neither will mine.
Love you Rose.

Anonymous said...

to monica 11:27

How right you are. Of course there's a double standard. And that's because most of robsten fans are girls and girls tend to identify with the girl int he relationship and sometimes expect way too much from Robert. Let Kristen hang with her mates? Ok Good! If I recall the one time Rob hung out with his mates for a birthday party when he was Kristen were both staying in LA. Everyone went nuts and he got tons of crap about he was a bad boyfriend for leaving her by herself and fans even wished for his plane to crash into the atlantic. Sick of this sh*t. I wonder what would have happened if it had been Rob hanging out with his mates at a concert this weekend instead of Kristen? Yeah he would have been crucified for not bringing her along.


Anonymous said...

A simply awesome post.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:02 The Allure photo isn't photoshopped, you can even see Kristen's cute freckles through the makeup, a natural beauty. And I'm loving the summer too. I wonder what Kristen will be wearing during Eclipse promos, since I loved seeing her New Moon promos.

Anonymous said...

Yeeahh Rose! I laughed my ass off when I saw the first picture, sooo appropriate. After all the posts from Sun and Mon that were just dumb I'm so glad to see you telling them exactly what most of us here think of their opinions. I mean if you hate chocolate why keep ordering it. If you hate Rob and Kristen, together or apart, then why are you bothering to look for information on them. Dumb!. thanks again Rose.

cupcake said...

@ 12:14
your point is? did you read my post carefully? opreative word is "IF"...when rose get harassed, when she can't take it anymore, it's her prerogative to take action. as i said, it's her right.

i really don't care if you like kristen or not. she's a human being, she's far from perfect, she can't please everybody. i don't have a problem with that. the problem i see is that some people can't take it if other people like her, want her with rob, support their relationship. isn't that the point of your existence in a pro-rob/kristen blog? to vent your frustration to people who view things different from yours. i don't know who you are, but you know fully well up to what extent some people say or do just to get their message across. words have bearing you know. and jokes are half-meant. that is why i say it again, freedom of speech comes with a great responsibility. i hope you get my point now.

Anonymous said...

to anon 12:18

'Why do people come here saying which fans are worse?' Good question. You know why?
Sometimes people create way too much sh!t. Blaming EVERYTHING on Rob's fans?..
That what bugs me most about kristen fans always acting innocent like they don't do the same cr@p they rip Rob fans for doing..

Anonymous said...

to Monica.

You are my hero girl! Well said.

and how about fake robsten fans? Jeez, i cant even. it's ridiculous… it's not even funny anymore. They talk a lot of shit about Rob at many different place (LJ accounts,blogs etc..) and then acting like 'aww we love Rob, we are just joking' I dont know about you people but I cant stand TWO FACED people.

Camila said...

I really don't understand WHY this "people" come here. This place is NOT for you... You guys are totally RIDICULOUS.

The fact is R/K ARE TOGETHER.
and that's all.
Deal with this and stop to talk so much shit.

Looooove you blog, Rose. <3

Kstew Fashion said...

Hey guys, rose your blog is fantastic as always. Just saw some comments regarding kstew fans here and felt the need to say that yes I agree some people are awfully judgemental of rob but not all of us. I adore K and if your a fan of someone you like seeing them happy right? Who makes her happy - Robert so why would you not like these two together? The concept is insane to me. Kristen going on a road trip somehow degrades her and Roberts relationship? I think not, mature people realise that to have a healthy realationship you need to have your time with friends just like Robert does. Would I bring him down for spending time with his friends? Are you kidding me? Absolutely not (speaking of which I am in dire need of a picture of him and tom, has he ran out of underpants yet? Those 2 in the same frame? Oh yes please.)

now I think some people are confused by the whole garrett and Sam thing (kristens on the road co stars just incase). Thinking 2 people will be hot on screen doesn't mean you ship them, I think the on the road trio will be absolutely fantastic together just like I think Robert and christina ricci, uma thurman and Kristen Scott Thomas (I love her) will be scorching on screen. It's about the role, it's about their career not about them as people (p.s I also thought Robert and emilie had amazing on screen chemistry which doesn't mean I ship them just that they worked well together). So anyone admiring their co stars doesn't seem like a big deal at all to me because that's work and at the end of the day a fan wants their career to be successful.

The on screen stuff is all fun but who gets the real kisses and touches and hugs? Robert and kristen together because I believe they make each other happy and choose to be together. I can't think of anyone who doesn't ship happiness.

Anonymous said...

to get even, people should also crucify kristen for going out with out rob. they should also bash her to death and threaten her physical harm. lol. wait, doesn't she get that on a daily basis elsewhere? j/s.

don't get me wrong. i like rob and kristen both. in fact i like rob more. but i feel protective of the girl coz i'm a girl too. i don't know the real dynamics of the krisbians, but most of them are quite respectful towards him. i don't know. nonstens are louder i guess.

yeah double standards exists coz we all have our preference, our personal favorites. that's why god created free will. and it shouldn't be such a bad thing. depends how one looks at it. two wrongs don't make things right, that i know.

Deb said...

HEY ROSE all I got to say is THANK YOU FOR STANDING UP FOR OUR TWO you know what to say and how to say it and I thank you for that And to anon 11:33 you said it all to ALL the right WORDS AND one more thing I want to THANK ALL the Rob and Kristen believers for the RESPECT that you give them. Rose ONCE again you'v had said what WE ( the TRUE FANS) have been thinking SO ONCE again THANK YOU my FRIEND AND to ALL you HATERS stay the FUCK out of here go play some where else Have a good day my friend . DEB

Gigi said...

Rose as always ...great
What I don't really get is where do some ppl get the notion that b/c we may like a movie star , we have the right to like or hate ( in some cases ) who they would chose to have a relationship with ( or heaven forbid) have sex with ...who are we to tell anyone: I like you ,but only as long as you like who I like for you ...this I see as pure stupidity and ignorance better yet immaturity of character...we need has humans to accept ppl specially ppl that we say we like ...to the point both Robert and Kirsten are old enough and we don't know ( no one of us have a magic ball to know this ) if Robert likes her more than she likes him , or if she is or not attentive to his need ..what the hell do we know of anyone's private life ...come one ppl be realistic and understand that Robert is not a possession and that he is a person as such he is entitle to his own life and decisions what ever they may be ..even if some one else likes it or not ...

Anonymous said...

My description of Rob: He is a smart, charming, lovely and flattering big "child". He's got an incredibly creative and tortured soul. You should know him behind the stage, at home. He is crazily in love with Kristen and would do anything for her.

My description of Kristen: She is matured beyond her age, but not enough and she knows it. She is highly sensitive, generous, genuine and smart. She adores Rob and she's doing her best to make the relationship work.

Rob would have already married her. She knows they are too young. She doesn't feel ready to even ackwoledge the relationship, so, please, Just let them be and time will tell what's the best for them, individually or as a couple.

Anonymous said...

to kstew fashion

'I agree some people are awfully judgemental of rob but not all of us.'

Thank you for being honest.
People act like all kristen fans are so innocent. No. They're not.
but i agree with you monica, Rob fans always will be under fire for this.

silvia said...


Olivia said...

Excellent and spot on Rose.
I love the picture of Kristen being absofreakinglutely FU-bulous : )
Here I am, old enough to be Rob and Kristen's mom and I so approve of that picture.
As a matter of fact, I so approve of both of them, together and apart.
Two most unique and talented souls that have found each other and fit together so very well.
It is so nice to see them respect and care so much about each other, their family, friends and profession.
The least we can do is respect them.
Love ya Rose.
Of course, I'm a believer.

Salena said...

Rose that was awesome!!! I'm so glad you finally put them in thier place! I love you and your blog! I look forward to it everyday. Thanx again Rose for all you do to keep a Smile on us normal people!!! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings, and if they come back foaming again please ignore them. Cause you are so much better than they ever could be! Keep writing cause you have alot more fans than enemies!!! we love you<3 Robsten Forever<3

Hilarious said...

Er, well, the hate isn't actually hilarious. Far from.

What I do find - moderately - amusing are the people who come here to be angry about something.

Sorry to be skeptical, but I don't believe that the people who get on this blog and write negative things about Rob are true Kristen fans. In reality, those posts seem to be from a hater trying to stir sh*t in general. And who posts anonymously multiple times, spreading hate in ALL directions.

(Is that to "throw us off track," by the way? Because, yes, it's flagrantly obvious when posts are by the same person. You can't possibly believe that you're fooling anyone, so it must be just for shiggles.)

MOST PEOPLE who come to this blog come here because they are fans of Kristen and Rob, period. Most comments are full of love for Rose, and the mutual enjoyment of being fans.

There are also Rob fans who aren't crazy about Kristen. Some may have stopped reading the blog. There are also some Rob fans who don't like Kristen who post comments and are respectful about it. Let them be role models: we don't all have to agree, but we don't have to be assholes. Life lesson.

Rose, thanks for writing as always! Rob and Kristen are lovely. And I love their attitudes. Sometimes, you just have to shoot someone the bird. Your blog, your rules, f*ck the rest. :)

Francy said...

Good blog, good job. Kris and Rob deserve respect!

Anonymous said...

Ok, just read Elle UK interview and wanna say 2 things:

1. She doesn't recognize any relationship. Just say she wants to keep her privacy

2.That young man with the cat is probably her brother, the interviewer call him "familiar" and handsome. My guess is Taylor.

Still think there's too much photoshop in this magazine, too.


Amanda said...

Hey Rose, another great post. I love ya! Have a great day! xo

vanlicous said...

Simply perfect, Rose <3

Melinda said...


Thank you for saying what I have been wanting to say for a while now! There really isn't anything you say that I would have to disagree with.

Bravo for sticking up for yourself! You deserve good things in life.

You know I don't even feel like trying to talk some sense into people today.

Bottom line is- Rob and Kristen are a couple. They get a lot of crap said about them by crazy, obsessed (and not in the good way) fans. I can only imagine that they must really care about each other to put up with this.

Here is a quote by Rob about what kind of woman he is crazy about:

"I’m crazy about independent women who don’t require too much attention."-Rob

Gee who fits that description?

Once again I am amused (and quite frankly scared sometimes) at people who think they (the people)have the right to dictate what kind of relationship Rob and Kristen should have.

Apparently the one they have works really well for them b/c I don't see any black clouds ahead only pretty summer days.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lily (3:56)

What's there to photo shop? The girl is near darn perfect body wise.

Anonymous said...

OMG. So now people are going nuts because in the Elle interview Kristen shows the interviewer a pic of her and some handsome guy holding her cat Jella. Well I believe Kristen and Rob are together but I think shippers are silly for thinking that its Rob. Honestly as if she would show the interviewer a pic of her and Rob when shes already said a million times that she wants to keep her and Rob's relationship to herself. I'm sure shippers wouldn't want to believe this but could there be a possibility thats its MA? Why not since he was a part of Kristen's life. Yes I know hes in the past but she did love him before Rob and would have taken pics with him with her cat.

moo said...

I can't be the *only* one who finds the Rob at Bob's Saget's birthday party totally hilarious. Could he have picked anyone more random? lol And WTF...is he drinking milk? A milkshake? A protein shake? Are beef patties next? LMFAO He looks like a lost little boy there. lol

Such a party animal/manwhore. His girlfriend is out of town for a few days, and what does he do? Buys a couple of guitars, drinks milk based products at a 50 year old's afternoon bday party with his agent and hits the gym the next morning. Why, how scandalous.

Anonymous said...

Aww,that's a sweet message from John Stamos(another very hot guy.) Seems he has been dazzled by Rob's English charm,too.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 4:11 At the beginning of the interview the interviewer calls Rob "deliciously handsome" then when she sees the picture on the ipod she says, "a FAMILIAR, deliciously handsome young man". It's Rob. Why would she nervously show the interviewer a picture of her and MA? The interviewer would have worded it differently. The whole interview you can tell she's slowly 'coming out' about their relationship. Before she even shows the picture to her she says how she's happy, but she doesn't like how others use her relationship as entertainment value.

Anonymous said...

XD You could photoshop a lot!

And the Ipod pic...well, the interviewer maybe doesn't know that Tay is her brother...or maybe is MA as other people said...or Taylor Lautner! who knows. Why do you think is Rob? Because she said "handsome" ?(damn, I agree, Rob is handsome, but other guys are handsome too). And some people are saying the interview is fake, because they need to sell magazines.

Anonymous said...

Familiar means someone the interviewer recognizes. How can people not think it's Rob with what Kristen says before that? People are in such denial.

mara said...

I think many people forget just how YOUNG Kristen is. She's just turned 20. She's a baby. Age of the average college sophomore. She has not had the opportunity to make girlfriends and hang out having fun with them like the average high school/college girl. She was homeschooled from 7th grade on and spent most of her time around male friends/MA/her brothers until the last year.

Kristen herself said(HB?) that it was much harder on her to be stuck in their hotel during Eclipse filming than on Rob. She said that since he is 4 years older, he has had lots of time to be independent, live on his own, and to go out and hang with his friends. She hasn't.

Rob knows this. He knows this very well. And he loves her, very much it appears. He wants her to enjoy her youth like other girls, taking road trips with her girlfriends, going to concerts with them, shopping and dinners with Dakota etc. He's 24. He's a grown ass man who knows that if he wants a lifetime with her, he needs to let her spread her wings a bit and have some fun with her girlfriends that doesn't always include him. And that's ok, because when the time comes for them to take that plunge(in whatever way they do) they will know that there will be no regrets. JMO.

Hilarious said...

Well, hell - looks like all productivity's shot for today, anyway. Might as well pay Rose another visit!

NOT that logic will reach the ears of those who don't wish to hear it ... but ...

Believe that Rob and Kristen are dating. Or don't. Believe what you want. Think what you want. Dwell on what you want. Analyze what you want. Cry over what you want.

But when the answer to everything is "It doesn't mean they're together!!!!! I do ACTION with PLATONIC FRIEND/FAMILY MEMBER all the time!!!"

No one who thinks Rob and Kristen are dating thinks that because of a single incident. People who think that - in addition to the many friends and significant others who have cast immediate opinions just based on a few photos or videos - generally think it because we've been fans for a while.

We've seen LOTS of photos, videos and live appearances. We've read MANY different interviews. We've heard from ALMOST ALL of their costars. We're fans. That's what we do.

And the sum total of ALL of that reading and listening? Tells us that these two are dating.

No, they didn't pay for a full-page f*cking ad in the New York Times (or, more likely, a spread in People magazine) to announce it. No, they don't invite paps to *spontaneous* outings to catch convenient PDA. No, they don't choose to directly answer questions. (Which may be annoying to some, but it's their perogative; doesn't make them bad people.)

It's the scientific process, just WAY more fun than your high school science classes. You make a hypothesis. You test your theory. And, based on the research you conduct, you arrive at a conclusion.

Rose, and me, and many people at this blog have concluded that they're together. We don't want you to give us a f*cking cookie (though you can if you want). We don't even care if you agree. Just take your vile hate and ooze it somewhere else.

Note: not your disagreement. That, when stated even semi-respectfully, is reasonable. Just your hate. That can go f*ck itself.

That was fun. I'm having a drink and toasting Jella tonight!

Anonymous said...


Twilite @11.33 you really did hit the nail on the head for me..thank you ... thats why i come on to Rose's blog daily... it pleases me that i know there is someone in the world out there who thinks along the same notion as i do...
Gigi@ 1.49
Olivia @ 2.57
Thank you for putting into words ....my thoughts I have noticed in so many ways.....there are really great individuals out there who extremly just love Robert and Kristen for who they are... Actors in love who are trying to live as normal as possible with abnormal circumstances [such as fame and lunatic fans who wish them harm]....
Rose 'You go girl' glad to hear K is in the visinity to give R the pleasure the only way she knows how.....AND THAT IS JUST BY BEING[ WHAT DID YOU THINK I MEANT HEHEHEHE}....

linzy said...

lol forever at the ppl who think the interviewer made up the bit about the picture or that the entire inty is a lie. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? how embarrassing for the human race.

Elle UK is an established, highly regarded, iconic fashion magazine. Get it through your thick skulls - Kristen and Robert are together. Period. End of story. Kristen is very aware of what she says and what her actions will mean to the public. Some of you are just too stupid and juvenile and jealous to accept the truth. THE PIC WAS OF HER AND ROB AND HER CAT. Grow up, get a life, and move on.

Can't wait for your next post Rose!! Epic day is epic ;D

Angela said...

ROSE! Gobs of loves to you and yours. I am virtually pouring virtual champagne all over you right now celebrating Ms. Stewart's Elle UK reveal. I'm so happy that I'm in bits right now.


Anonymous said...

I don't think they're together.

Kristen calls Rob "Robert" which is very formal.

Plus I think the guy in the pic is her dad.

katy said...

Read the Elle interview...EPIC.
Kristen Tottaly revels she Dating the our 'delicious Handsome' Robert Pattinson...without actually saying the words'yes, we are dating'...very SMART.
Kristen-'people always ask me if I'm dating Robert. It's beyond annoying' Conceling a small smile...
interviwer-'well are you?'
She(kristen)breathes out in a slghtly exasperated, slightly amused way.
Kristen- what I say is, that, why would I want anything private to become entertainment for other people?'

I would love to se the Pic 'it's a familiar, delicious handsome young man with an arm around Kristen and around Jella, her cat'
The description of this pic made me so happy and warm inside...I'm just SO happy for Rob and Kristen.

(sorry bad english)

anon 3:56 if it was Kristen brother in the pic...don't you think the interviewer would say it was him...and why would Kristen be nervouse in showing the pic.
I don't you accept the fact that Rob and Kristen are dating and be happy for them.

Anonymous said...

Interviewer already described Rob as "deliciously handsome" earlier in the article, so she describes the mystery man in the ipod photo as "deliciously handsome". It's Rob. But really you don't have to be a genius to realize Rob and Kristen are together. To me, they came out last August when she was staying at the Chateau Marmont for a few days. Really, how much evidence do some people need? And if tomorrow, Rob and Kristen said they were dating, those same people would cry PR.

Anonymous said...

There is no fucking way someone like Kristen Stewart or ANY girl would put up with all this shit for over a year from psycho nonsten hyenas if she wasn't deeply in love with Rob. Handsome men are a dime a dozen in HWood and great sex only goes so far. She loves Rob and he loves her. This is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

The only photoshopped photo is the cover and EVERY cover is photoshopped. Kristen is a beautiful young woman and she just gets better looking. Rob and Kristen are an attractive couple and have a lot of the same traits and interests. Ah, young love.

Karen said...

Rose, thank you for standing up for our R&K. It is indeed going to be an incredible summer.

Love your blog each and every day!


P.S. I love the walk too. Can the man get any sexier!!!!

katy said...


You just gave me a great idea..I'm gonna Open a bottle of champangne...not virtual...I'm gonna celebrate that EPIC Interview.

Lilly...I know your posting here...accept it and move one...Rob is taken.

Anonymous said...

I'm Anonymous 5:01. I thought the cover might be photoshopped but I just saw a HQ scan of the cover and it doesn't look photoshopped at all (I used to work in fashion advertising BTW). Beautiful girl is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Robert and Jella have to share Kristen. Too cute!!!!! Oh Photo Shop is all you haters can bring to the table today? No PR? Robert is so talented and "deliciously Fine".

Anonymous said...

to Katy...yes I noticed the L person is still posting here under 'anonymous', same tween attitude and wording. Same delusions and denials.

Anonymous said...

Why do I have this sudden need to watch Twilight and to go out and buy a cat? I don't even like cats. Oh boy!!. There are some very nice commentors here and one silly child that needs to placed in the corner in timeout!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet those haters are dying to get their hands on Kristen's IPOD. Even though they are saying it's her brother, it's Taylor, it's Mike, it's her Dad, it's not Robert, etc. Ha!!. Wow, some foam came through my computer.

pricklypearess said...

Deliciously handsome? Sounds like Rob to me!! Rob, Kristen and kitty cat....how sweet.

Anonymous said...

has anybody gotta link to this interview please...

Anonymous said...

Talk about DELUSIONAL...... Geez, Whatever are you gonna do with yourself rose when they are no longer together...HMMMMM maybe get a life! If you dont like us coming to your blogs to rant then why the he*** are you making your page public????? Ponder that one for awhile.

The Journalist knows... said...

A link to part of Kristen's Elle UK interview...she basically comes right out and says she is with Rob...read the part about being all excited like a normal girl(about her relationship with Rob) but not wanting it to be entertainment for others...she gets all embarassed about Rob's pic that the journalist sees... the deliciously handsome young man with his arm around K and Jella is Rob...http://twitpic.com/1r0rdi/full

Anonymous said...

The Journalist knows... @ 6.40 thanks for you quick reply im readin it...

The Journalist knows more... said...

More from Elle UK...The main headline somes right out and says... Kristen's "RELATIONSHIP with co-star Robert Pattinson"...Oh it's out there now, nonsten hyenas...http://twitpic.com/1r06o5/full

Anonymous said...

I came to comment on the UK Elle interview. If you haven't read it. Read it immediately.

If it were humanly possible to be a bigger fan of Kristen Stewart than I already was... then the Elle UK interview pushed me over the edge. And not just because of the basic confirmation (yes, CONFIRMATION, hyenas... slobber on that) but because I felt this was one of the few interviews that Kristen showed us more of herself than in other ones. The girl is amazing. Just amazing. She has to be one of the few people in Hollywood...that I can honestly say I truly admire. I admire her dedication to being herself. Her conviction to stay true to what she believes. Her passion for her art. Its, truly, inspiring. And I never thought I would say that about a person that worked in Hollywood. (and don't worry I admire many things about Rob as well, I feel that he too is an inspiring, hard working individual) Which is of course, why I love them as a couple.

And Rose's post today...made me GRIN..... I feel almost like I wanted to stand up and say "Preach It Sista Rose!"

*Suzy Q*

The Journalist knows part 1 said...


The Journalist knows part 2 said...


The Journalist knows Part 3 said...


Delicious said...

Love K's Elle UK spread...only a fucking moron would think it was MA, K's dad, brother, mailman, dentist on her Ipod pic...the writer specifically calls Edward Cullen a "deliciously handsome young man", calls Rob a "deliciously handsome young man" and at the end of the article, sees a "***FAMILIAR*** deliciously handsome young man" with his arm around Kristen and an arm around her cat Jella on Kristen's iPod. Kristen is blushing like a schoolgirl when the writer sees it, and Kristen knows she sees it, and Kristen knows that she knows.JFC.

Anonymous said...

I don’t understand what the fuss is about today. It’s just a picture. Correct? The haters say she is nothing to him. Just some co-star to him. Or his get it and hit weekend/monthly side piece (some of you would sell your souls for that to be true). Ok. Why so bothered? If she is not important to him then what’s the big deal if she has a picture of him on her ipod? Some of you act like the girl is giving birth to his child in front of you. The screaming can start now: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 6:37: Go away bad dream!!

Anonymous said...

@7:45 anon,I love you,I know we can join the hyenas screaming,1-2-3,NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@4:46 mara - what a wonderful post! So, true. I think they are very serious about each other and very much in love but they also need to cultivate other friendships or their relationship will suffer for it. And I think they are both mature enough to realize this and to want the other to have that experience.

Anonymous said...



There is absolutely no question about it...that picture was of Rob. Kristen's relationship with Rob is what the interviewer uses as the entire narrative for her story. The "deliciously handsome" comments are bookends to this interview and placed there on purpose.

Angela said...

Katy - you are awesome. I'm drinking this sucker as we speak. I just want to celebrate! I don't care about weird people's neg nag issues in Trolltown (prob the same 2 or 3 anyway) - never did.

It's totes joy time. Ignore the rest. Woot!


Patricia said...

Rose: I'm soooo happy ! I just ate a whole pint of Ben and Jerry's Pistachio/ pistachio ice cream and I am in( another world.)

Now for wine to celebrate !!!!!!!!

Kristen's interview was fabulous and very telling. I loved the way it was handled by the classy interviewer. I loved the perfect clues and I heard from Kristen what I've known since 'Twilight' Promos that Kristen loves Rob and Rob loves Kristen.

Haters need to go somewhere else to comment all their negative remarks. because Rose's blog is for people like me who embrace their love and enjoy their relationship. THEY ARE TOGETHER.



Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Melinda said...

4:47 (Hilarious)

I'm not sure any of us would want any cookies from the hyenas b/c they would probably lace them with something!!! Ha ha!
But your posts today have been so funny! Thanks for making me laugh!

6:37- Don't worry Rose has a life outside of this blog. Furthermore if R/K ever break up me thinks she will go back to writing about Rob like she was doing before he and Kristen became a couple. But you are so nice to worry about her that way (can you hear the sarcasm dripping from my voice?). Nope....probably b/c the foam is clogging your ears.

here it is said...

The paragraph that answers THE QUESTION asked round the world through a photo...damn lucky bitch that Kristen...and I love her for it...http://twitpic.com/1r0zgz

Olivia said...

@The Journalist knows -
Thank you for the links to the UK Elle interview. It was very well done. The photos are beautiful.
I agree with those of you that say the deliciously handsome one is Rob. : ) That point was very nicely and purposefully woven into the article.
Have a good eve. I so enjoy visiting here.

mamabear said...

Hi again Rose, another beautiful day. I sit here typing to you and listening to Rob's music. deliciously handsome young man, yes we all know who that is. Wonder what pictures Rob has???? and yes you know he does, he is hopelessly in love with this beautiful young lady. Roadtrip, phone calls, reunion.....
I love these two young beautiful people.
Rose keep up the great work, I have an obsession of needing to come to this site daily to get my happy smiling face for the day.
Thank you, have a great night and I look forward to tomorrow's update!

Kristen and her Brits said...

Anyone else LOVE that Kristen gave the answer to a BRITISH journalist??? Gee,wonder why. lol

Pulitzer said...

Give this journalist a Pulitzer!!!

Anonymous said...

***"Can you get my iPod out of the glove box?" she says "Oh sh*t!" She laughs a throaty laugh "It's so weird, that you have to be worried about people seeing things. YOU WANT TO BE EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING, normal people can be excited about their lives, and I am, too, but it's such a different thing. It comes out as entertainment for other people and that makes me want to throw up." "This is what I wanted to show you on here." Its a familiar, deliciously handsome young man with an arm around Kristen and an arm around Jella, her cat.*** From Elle UK Interview

I find this so telling. In every interview shes ever had she talks about her cat as if it is her "edward" and yet the one pic she shares here... the cat and Rob. I think despite the lack of public demonstrations.. that one choice of picture shows how much she cares. The things she wants to be excited about in life but that come out as entertainment for others.

Anonymous said...

know the girl [Kristen] doesnt have to say anymore...not b/c im deluded .....oh no by no means...she just let the fans know ....in her tactful and cheeky little way.....a credit to the interviewer...like there writting skills.....so witty yet reveiling...
Another thing that got me thinkin in Kristens interview, when she said
When asked 'well are you'? [ in a relaysh with Robert}
K says ' What I say is, that, why would I want anything thats private to become entertainment for other people"

then further on in interview on when the interview got ipod out of g/box K says " its so weird that you have to be worried about ppl seeing things"
"You want to be excited about something, normal people can be excited about theirs lives, and I am too, but its such a different thing. it comes out as entertainment for other people and that makes me want to throw up,"

what does that tell you????

Anonymous said...

@ Pulitzer

Yes. A pulitzer is definitely deserved.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:18... I'm 9:17

We were typing the same-ish comment at the same time. LOL

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rose, love your blog,it is my favorite Robert site and I love Kristen as well. Why? Because Robert loves her and that's good enough for me.

Boy, the nonsten hyenas are FROTHING at this news on Twitter. They are PISSED. They cannot handle the FACT that Robert is in love with Kristen and Kristen is in love with him. Robert isn't going anywhere,folks, and neither is Kristen. Not for a very LONG ass time, if ever. This was a HUGE step for her and you know Rob is behind his woman all the way.

Hyenas, get a fucking life of your own and leave Robert and Kristen to love each other.

Anonymous said...

I really wish that Rob's fans were like James McAvoy's(another British cutie although not nearly as hot as Rob lol) His fans LOVE his wife, actress Anne Marie Duff. He looks at her the SAME googly eyed,lovestruck way Rob always looks at Kristen, he is happily married and she is due to give birth to their first child any day now. His fans respect her because they respect James and know how happy she makes him. What a concept,huh?

Anonymous said...

9:14 Brit

Spot on! Shows where her allegiance is, with her very delicious handsome Brit.

Anonymous said...

Well. I know what Rob looks like but I was curious about Jella, the cat. So here's a youtube video of Kristen and her cat.
That cat's name is both Jella and Max... because it has an alter ego.


check out @1:24 Her cat is like her life. LOL

Natural outing said...

Well, Kristen was right...she said months ago in NM promos that her relationship with Rob "would be shown naturally." She knew there would be no reason to ever actually have to say in 6 words..."Yes, I am dating Robert Pattinson." We have had fan and pap pics/sightings galore the past year and especially the past 6 months, RM premiere,the Oprah interview, USA Today and now this...this has been a slow, slow outing to get people used to the idea...these two are smart...very smart.

Lisa said...

Oh Rose! I came here this morning and was blown away! I thought it was an AMAZING post! Just fuck you right in your face! PERFECT! I didn't get a chance to tell you that tought before Twitter blew up! WHAT A DAY!!! I KNOW it's full of spew here! LMAO! I will have to go get full protection gear on if I come read the 129 comments! OMG! I know they are full of hate... I am not sure I'll read them or not.. Because as far as I'm concerned there has been no argument for a VERY LONG TIME! (although sometimes I cannot help myself and argue anyway) But not only were these some of the BEST PICS Kristen has taken, it's her BEST INTERVIEW! I'm sure everyone has read it all (many times?) by now. There is SO MUCH TELLING INFO IN THERE! But let me just do a couple of quick quotes to close.

At the beginning she (interviewer) describes Edward played by "the deliciously handsome Robert Pattinson" And then at the end she says Kristen flashes her a picture on the ipod. She describes what she saw as: "it's a FAMILIAR, deliciously handsome young man with an arm around Kristen and an arm around Jella, her cat"!!

GAME, SET, MATCH! nuff said! :)

Anonymous said...

For those that feel they have lost today there are consolation prizes for you. Please take your pick. Behind door #1 there are some lovely blow-up Edward dolls. Behind door #2 there are some BIG yellow buckets to catch the extra foam that’s coming out of your mouths or behind door #3 there is some good old fashion commonsense.

sollee said...

happy for both rob and kris...i just love them as a couple:)

Anonymous said...

anom @9.55 and for the winners

#4 the biggest fucken smile in Australia thats what im wearin and waited for in a while

Angela said...

Dear those of you who are upset today:

I'm celebrating and feeling inspired today, true. But at the same time I have this overwhelming empathy - so I'm not gloating. You see, I know what it's like to have strong feelings and to want something - or, at least to want a vision, a dream or symbol to mirror those feelings upon.

So, I understand you and I'm sorry if you're uncomfortable or hurting today. I truly am.

Isn't the important thing that you came to learn something closer to an ideal you seek in your own life through Mr. Pattinson? I mean isn't it positive that you found qualities you'd like to share with someone special in your personal life? It's a gift I think because if you don't know what it is or feels like how will you find it?

I'd like you to have a special someone that has those qualities you admire. Fortunately, Robert's popularity serves as an example to other men - who will emulate him to win your affection. And, they'll be there for you. You won't have to stand on red carpets, buy tickets or click to see them with your mouse either. They are waiting to love you in return. You deserve that love because you are really special. I know you'll find it because you had the good taste to recognize it in Robert and in yourself and that makes you awesome. Believe that.

You create your own reality and detracting from others will take you further from your desire. Emulating positive feelings will bring it closer until you'll find you aren't pretending anymore and it's all around you.

I wish you all the greatest - I do. When you find it (and I know you will) - please come back here and share your inspiring story with us because we're waiting to hear it and we'd like to celebrate with you. If you need some time to grieve that's totally understandable - it takes a little time sometimes. Creative projects help me - what's your special ability?

Hugs to you all.

Anonymous said...


BAAHAAAHAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! You take the prize with that post!!!!

Deb said...

Rose I am so very happy right now and I was thinking didnt Kristen say on the Oprah interview that she has a Edward and Bella relationship with her cat? Right there she was telling us. How funny .Im proud of Kristen SHE DID KEEP WHAT IS IMPORTANT to her SHE didnt have to say a word But yet she said it all. NOW CAN WE ALL DO WHAT SHE WOULD LOVE US TO DO AND GIVE HER AND ROB THERE PRIVACY We the fan of either ROBERT PATTINSON or KRISTEN STEWART OWE them that Let them be happy. By making us happy By making more movies. They well let US see what they want and not any more. Cant wait to see what MRS Rose well have to say tomorrow God bliss all of you AND MY GOD BLISS ROB AND KRISTEN. DEB.

Lisa said...

OK, I got all my gear on and came to read.. Here goes.. (all with a big smile on my face) However, I must say it makes me sad that the crazies will not leave them alone and they feel they can't be open about ANY they'd like to! :(

@3:56:00 Yea right!!!

@4:11:00 delusional!

@4:13:00 OMG, CRAZY? Rob & John have the same agent. He's young, he's making connections. It wasn't milk, obviously, you're too young to know there are MANY white/light drinks!

@4:31:00 Ridiculous!

@4:32:00 see above

Hilarious, RIGHT ON!

@4:53:00 LMAO! NO disrespect to Papa Stew but have you ever saw him? First, he wouldn't be "Familiar" and certainly NOT "deliciously handsome"

@Delicious, LMAO!

@9:14 she loves all things Brit it seems.. The reporter, mag, the band she was listening to, The Smiths, she drives a mini cooper, and THE MAN of course! :)

@9:55 you may owe me a new computer!!! I just spit my coffee on it! LMAO

@Angela, that was nice.

Opytaylor said...

I can't read all of the post. But just knowing there is a controversy over them doing separate things over the weekend is pathetic. Mature relationships aren't clingy. It would burn out faster if they never let each other out of site. As long as K is not with me, she is going to be with Robert. And I am not waiting. LOL

Anonymous said...

Rose, you rock on!~ Just appear to show some support.

The Elle interview has definitely made my day!~ Thank you for the links. Rose can't figure out why she adores Rob so much, neither can I for Krsiten. Words are impossible to capture my love to our bb girl Kristen~~~ She's such a sensitive, artistic, passionate, self-assuring, unconformative, gifted, beautiful and unique, creature. I am so glad that she has a "deliciously handsome young man" to love and take care of her. And yes, her love to Rob must be deep so as to make her strong enough to stand all the pressures from haters, nonstens and press (those make up fake stories). Remember she complaint about the INTRUSIVE questions and described looking at the photos of celebrities was like someone being RAPED. Poor, so sorry for her. Anyway, I beleieve LOVE WILL MAKE HER STRONG.

A wonderful day indeed~

p.s. Kstew Fashion, nice to meet you here. I follow your blog too and it's beyond awesome!~

Love from Asia,
Monica (well, just another Monica)

cookie said...

Hi Rose,this is the first time I'm writing here. I really am shocked at how there are still people out there who can't seem to grasp the fact that Rob and Kristen are together. I mean they've been showing everyone little by little and Kristen going to Budapest for her birthday and they spending Rob's birthday weekend together at The Ritz Carlton in Laguna Beach . I mean no amount of proof will make them believe. They are in complete denial. Anyway to answer anonymous regarding the photo on Kristen's ipod could be MA is really very funny. Why in the world would Kristen have a photo of MA still in her ipod and she showing it to her interviewer, just writing about it is ridiculous. He was out of the picture a longggggg time ago and she wouldn't mention it if she wasn't hinting it was Rob. Also she said the interview was done Easter weekend meaning Kristen was still in London. So Anon hon, take your Meds and chill. Rob loves Kristen loves Rob. Repeat several times so you can get it right! Love your blogs Rose don't mind the Hyenas they have no life! All will be revealed soon and guess what? Kristen will be filming On The Road in Montreal beginning Aug.2 as per Montreal Gazette. I live in Toronto and am going there this summer only an hour away also very close to US border States if anyone wants to know, It's a beautiful city and very European her fans should make the trek. LOL

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

lisa @ 11.48
lmao..........how hilarious
you may owe me a new computer!!! I just spit my coffee on it! LMAO

Lisa said...

LOL good morning to you louisa! Why would I give you a piece of my mind? I usually agree with you.. Plus, giving out so much, I need to keep a little for me!

Opytaylor.. you're too funny.. need to post more..

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

hoho!!! waiting for Rob to smoke Kristen in their next interview together...he get really enthusiastic around her, like USAToday pics or on their live interviews...it will be fun...fun..fun..

Opytaylor said...

I read the Elle interview. K seemed comfortable because she had contol. She is driving. A 20 year old in her car. She warms up to this writer. Gives a flash of a picture of the familiar guy between her and her precious cat. Before writer can respond to the picture, K throws the iPod back in the glove and cranks up the music. As I said last week there are no denials anymore. Haven't been for a long time. But to discuss it, that goes against the principle of keeping what's most important guarded. To suggest that pic was MA or anyone else is an of desperation. Stop it!

Anonymous said...

im with lisa ...i like your comments Opytaylor yes i thimk so too about the last post

Lisa said...

Gosh I like you Opy! :) I think you got it exactly right.. The reporter was also a young and hip (if you will) girl. :)

Louisa, if you're still around. Do you have that time line link handy? I'm on another computer and can't sleep so I thought I would look.. :)

Anonymous said...

to opytaylor, at the beginning of the interview the writer referred to rob as deliciously handsome, and when krsiten shows the picture, the man is deliciously handsome so....

I'm with you, it was ROB :D

Maialen, I've been reading this blog for a while but never commented, I love it.

Anonymous said...

what time is it there? is your back still givin you trouble?
that link i finished looking at it, as it is very in depth and has alot of stuff to twirl your brain over ....


Saphire1231 said...

Rose, as usual your Blog warms the cockles of the heart!
You truly are the 'Antidote' to the venom and bile spewed by those sad hyenas, who try to destroy the adoration we true Robsten fans share. Such a sad fate they have!
Sometimes I just want to delete, delete their drivel... and yet others occasions have me wanting to psychoanalyze them!
The humanitarian in me wants to try to understand what makes them SO SAD.
I guess it is the bully tactics which are so often prevalent in their hateful comments which I find most disturbing. Being a bully is sooo wrong and soooo typical of those who are damaged psychologically!
My Dad once told me that I cannot heal the worlds problems and time has proved the wisdom of his words, so I guess understanding hate & greed is something that just can't be done.
I therefore will continue to enjoy my like minded friends in our adoration of the talent and beauty that is Robsten and continue to come to your blog at regular intervals to recharge my spirits with your wonderful words. Thank you Rose... thank you!!!

Lisa said...

It's almost 1am!

My back finally started feeling better today! Thanks for asking.

Thanks for the link.. I've actually seen that before but only got through the first few and forgot about it! It takes forever! Maybe it's just me oogaling too much! LOL OK, I think I'll overload for a while.. Was reading On the road while watching NM but will look at the pretty's a while instead..

BTW, just saw a great fan made video for BD if anyone's interested.


Anonymous said...

To Anon 12:42

I'm sorry. What do you mean Rose can't figure out why Kristen adores Rob so much?

Does she think Rob doesn't deserve Kristen?

Why, is there not enough to adore about Rob?

Or does Rose only care about his looks like some of her robsessed buddies?

Anonymous said...

i have seen those sneakers in the store they are red and black

Anonymous said...

does anyone believe the elle uk mag interview where the interviewer claims to have looked at her ipod thing and k shows her a photo of rob on there,with him her and the cat? why is she so compliant with UK/europeans does she hate the US media that much?

Melinda said...


To answer your question-

Generally speaking the world (including journalists)is much less intrusive to celebs than the US is.

Why do you think that Johnny Depp (who is notoriously PRIVATE) lives in France? Why do you think Gywenth Paltrow lives in London? Why do you think Brangelina lives mostly in Europe?

Because they are pretty much left alone.

Kristen said in an interview a while back that she loves being in London because she can just "be" and people aren't intrusive like they are here.

moo to Lisa said...

To Lisa...I was the 'Moo' poster...obviously you have no sense of humor and wouldn't know facetiousness if it hit you in the face. I am well over the legal age and have had many milk and non-milk drinks in my day. And hate to tell ya, but John Stamos(as cute and sweet as he is) is best known for playing Uncle Jesse on a sit-com 20 yrs ago. Not exactly a mover and shaker.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 6:04, oh, oh, that's toally NOT what I meant. Maybe it's my poor English misled you. English is not my 1st language. Apology.

I respect Rose much. I remember Rose had a post before mentioning her deep adoration towards Rob and couldn't figure out how she could be so obsessive, right? (something like that, to my best memory) I just used Rose's feeling to liken my feeling to Kristen. The "she" in my previous post means Rose herself, not Krsiten.

I, definitely, 100% support Rose, Kristen and Robsten!~ Will be more careful with my wording when making comments next time @@" Sorry again for misleading you. It's embarrassing.

From Asia,
Monica -_-"

Anonymous said...

Rose, you say what I am thinking...but you say it so much better than I think it! LOVE IT. Thank you. Thoroughly enjoy your blog. Keep it up.

Lisa said...

"Moo" No, I'm pretty sure it just didn't come out funny..

Considering they share and agent or manager (forget which now) I don't find it random. John's been in Hollywood for a very long time. Rob also simply may have went, to have something to do besides stay home with Jella! LOL