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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Loving Kristen Stewart- The Bitch is Back

Kristen Stewart 
at the 
Costume Institute Gala Benefit

Can I be honest?
To me... it wasn't her best look.
I'd give it a 7 out of 10.
Lots of hits... a few misses.

 Her makeup is flawless.
Her skin.
Her eyes.
Does anyone have more beautiful eyes?

2. The dress?
I'm no fashion diva.
Not by a long shot.
I'm not all that familiar with all the designers
but I know what I like.

I like parts of the dress.
Not keen on the neckline.
And it's kinda bunchy.
Reminds me of the dress she wore
in the HP pics...

Obviously its nothing like that dress...
But that's what immediately came to mind
And it's a good excuse to put this adorable picture
in this post.

This is the best picture of the evening.
You can appreciate the sparkly flow of the bottom
The dress looked better when it was moving...
when there wasn't direct bright light on it.
And love how Kristen looks here.

I feel the dress was VERY Kristen.
She definitely stood out.
She didn't blend in.
And she took a risk.
The reason so many people look up to Kristen
and can't wait to see what she will wear next
is because she's not afraid to take a chance.
I love that about her.

As you can see...
Kristen has way more HITS
than misses.
She's young...
She's beautiful...
and she will only get better.

And yes...
The Haters were out in full force.
Ripping and shredding.
But at the end of the day
YOU will never look like this.


You will never do this.
And it kills you.
You are choking on it.
Tastes bitter, doesn't it?

I wonder where Robert and Kristen are right now?

That's about right.

Bye for now
I'm a bitch, I'm a bitch
Oh the bitch is back
Stone cold sober as a matter of fact
I can bitch, I can bitch
`Cause I'm better than you
It's the way that I move
The things that I do


Anonymous said...

I am not a big fan of the dress. But, she has the prettiest eyes! I still love her and Rob. Great Blog!

KPattz said...

I totally agree,Rose.That wasn't one of her best looks.She can do so much better.But she takes risks,no matter what.That's brave in my book.

The haters are gonna spew poison,anyway.You know whay?Because jealousy is a bad thing.It's illness.And i don't say that if you don't like something,it means you're a hater.But when you attack someone,then you have serious issues with your life and especially with your soul.

Anonymous said...

I have never been one for doubting, but I think Rob and Kristen aren't together any more based on their actions not the haters. I think the actual breakup may have occurred as early as January and they have made several attempts to work things out, but I no longer expect anything good as a shipper for May. I feel for both of them because they are so young. I think that they were facing an uphill battle from the beginning because the whole world acting like it had a say in their relationship. I hope that they are able to figure things out and find happiness with someone else someday.

Honey said...

Simply???? I LOVE YOU ROSE! Kristen is just unique..she is not afraid of being how she really is..and that's one of the many reasons why Robert adores her so much..and plus, she's intelligent, brilliant, full of talent and humility, and God, she's BEAUTIFUL. Just her can wear strange dresses, looking sexy and hot more than ever..yesterday she was one of the most adorable girl ever. And yes, Robsten will be together now, for sure..and tomorrow they'll be recording Oprah...there's so much love in their eyes..and in Rob's eyes when he stares at her..he's always so proud of being her boyfriend..hyenas foam, foam, foam....that's the ONLY thing they can do unfortunately for them :( Kristen has much moooore to do, and you know what I am talking about..right??? Robsteeeen all the way guys!!!
It's gonna be a beautiful summer and beautiful days...yeppp!! ;)
Love Robsten, love you, girs!
PS. I really wouldn't like to be in the room next to Rob&Kristen's one right now...I guess Rob will have to "show" her one more time how much he's crazy for her, especially after having seen her all dressep up yesterday at the MET...I think he will have probably spent most of the night before his laptop, looking at KStew thinking "That's my hot, amazing girlfriend!" I'm totally sure about it! XD yeah, they'll be very busy doing..."things"...God Bless Them!!

Anonymous said...

this dress is of 2008.someone should be fired .
but kristen does not behave like a diva ,so the job of this person unfortunately is not in danger
the picture of the ELLE magazine are gorgeous.

wait oprah

debbi said...

Once again, I completely agree Rose. Kristen has way more fashion hits than misses. All the makeup artists, hair stylists and designers in the world couldn't make most of the detractors out there look half as good. And yeah, they will never have her beautiful green eyes, FLAWLESS skin, and Rob.

linzy said...

i love kristen and i applaud the fact that she was one of the few to actually take a risk last night... that's so very HER, you know? (of course you know, who am i kidding, lol) I wonder how much input she even had? Because if Chanel wants to dress you for the MET Costume Gala, I would imagine you let 'em do what they will. I imagine many women envied her elevated position last night. JS. Girl is class, all the way.

I hope everyone got to see that vid of her leaving... what didn't work for me in the still pics of her was turned on its head once i saw her in motion and without the harsh flash bulbs. it was magical and sexy and it rocked :) i love that even though so many people disliked the look, she is still being talked about this morning... once again she's caught the attention of many many eyes. just like always, because she's got that special something goin on.

why do i get the feeling stealth stew has gotten out of NYC without detection? heh. hope her boy can do the same getting out of LA, if he hasn't already. is it not awesome he hasn't been pap'd since he got in from Van?!

that open mouthed meadow pic will be the death of me, i swear it. *dies a little* :)

bring on the bitch anytime Rose
<3 it

Anonymous said...

Loved the look. It took a retro concept-20/30's film siren, and then subverted it with goth and rock elements to give it edge and modernity.

The only thing lacking last night on Kristen was her posing skills to sell it to us in still shots.

It's part of her charm though, she doesn't over pose like Renee Z., or J.Lo. She just stands in front of the cameras for the allotted time and moves on.

Watch any video from last night-she was a sexy, edgey knockout in a sea of dresses that belonged more on top of a cupcake than the MET Costume Gala.

LK said...

Wow!The crazies are already here.Anon 12:17,they broke up early January?I guess that's why Kristen travelled 11 hours to be with him on New years day at IOW just to break up with him.And of course,that's why she went at Budapest for her birthday,because Rob was feeling so lonely and she hadn't something better to do?Lol Jesus!What BS is that?
Anon 12:21,i'm sure you're one hyena,who hates Kristen,but you're posting all this crap,because you want to make her fans look bad.Nice try,but you failed.Get a life!

Patricia said...

Rose: I agree, she is Gorgeous and the picture of her walking up the stairs is my favorite !(BEAUTIFUL) AND THE DRESS LOOKS great IN THAT PICTURE ! SHE'S STILL JUST GETTING USED TO THE RED CARPET ! WHAT A NIGHTMARE ! When I watched the videos and heard the paps screaming at her to look, pose, turn it made me crazy ! No wonder she isn't herself doing this. People she's 20 years old. Give her a break.

Like I said last night, I wish Rob could of been beside her in a Tux (THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT !)! Too much pretty though, I don't know if we could have handled it ! TOO MUCH HOTNESS ! Rob had a photo shoot yesterday, I was guessing for BA. Too Bad. I am having Rob withdrawals. bring on the Man leaving for Chicago please. They'll be
tonight I hope.

Grazie Rose for the beautiful pictures and no matter how we feel about what Kristen wore, it doesn't change how we LOVE her and KRISTEN LOVES ROB AND ROB LOVES KRISTEN AND WE LOVE YOU ROSE.


Annabelle said...

OMG...Now the haters here are coming pretending to be "shippers" which haven't found nothing good about them, so to think they broke up..please, come on, just cook up something better next time! Because if you really are a shipper..what about Budapest and RM Première and Baftas and soooo much more?Oh, right..just a pr stunt..what do I have to say..keep on dreaming and hating haters..and..foaming, if it makes you feel better XD Yeah, we understood you hyenas..you can't accept that Robsten are happy...and you can't accept that you can't change the things...well, bad for you. Robsten are alright and deeply love each other...ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS; REMEMBER!!!
Go Robsten!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 12:17 You do know Kristen has traveled many times to see Rob since January right? *fp* They are going to be separated due to work sometimes, but the fact that they were together atleast every month shows me they haven't broken up.. I wouldn't travel 14 hours to spend my birthday with my ex. That would be weird.

I think Kristen looked gorgeous last night. Her skin is flawless. Dress.. I was meh about, but I guess the Costume Gala is all about taking risks and she definitely did that. You're right Rose, she has the prettiest eyes!

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm actually one of the few who really liked the dress, especially when it's in motion. I don't love it, but it was actually one of the better ones from lastnight. I think it also speaks volumes that she took a risk and that's so like her. She's young and beautiful and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next.

Anonymous said...

THe dress was appropriate for the occasion - it's from the chanel 2010 Spring Haute Couture collection.

It was conceptual and bold, not something you'd necessarily wear anywhere else but the MET Fashion Institute Costume Gala.

This is the ONE night to not play it safe, to not settle for being "pretty."

And so many settled last night - J.lo, Taylor Swift, even my personal favorites Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson.

Kristen could have settled for pretty. She's got a great face and body, she could have put ona princess dress and would have been awarded accordingly.

But she took a risk, did her hair differently, put on some haute couture, and let the chips fall where they may.

It wasn't a perfect look, but it was a much better attempt to rise to the MET Gala occasion than most of the other stars last night.

Certainly better than anyone in her age group.

Anonymous said...

As for Rob and Kristen, they are fine. Those 2 kids might be young, but they are very mature and wise beyond their years. They know exactly what to do to make their relationship work for THEM, not us. Besides, Rob may be awkward and goofy sometimes, but he is one very smart young man. There's no way in heck he would let a gem like Kristen get away.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You always defend kristen but everything is different if it's Rob right?

I mainly visit this blog and AT boards and the last few week I hardly see any kristen bashing it's all Rob bashing.

but yeah.. Who cares huh? let's talk about kristen's dress.

I am NOT nonsten/hyena whatever... I am a huge Rob fan and I respect Kristen a lot. but kristen fans and some shippers have a double standard for everything. This makes me sick!

Anonymous said...

Kristen was a rock star in room full of women too old to be playing Disney Princess Dress up. God, people were boring last night, but Kristen worked it.

Anonymous said...

So he didn't want to be in CA right? So I guess some of you asked him why he wasn't in CA earlier than he was supposed to? If I remember correctly, there were reports that Dean was at the airport waiting for him but his flight never arrived as planned. Could it be because of flight delays or maybe me missed his flight? Oh no, that's never happened before. It's ONLY because he didn't want to spend one day extra with Kristen. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

non 12:37: Believe it or not, Robert isn't some complete idiot who would RUIN PRECIOUS SCHEDULING COMMITMENTS FOR HIS UPCOMING MOVIE BECAUSE HE GOT IN A FIGHT WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND. How old do you think he is - 12? Do you have any clue how a 23 year old man even functions mentally? they are ambitious, self-centered little things, the whole lot of them. and if you think he's gonna stop all film production because kristen hurt his wittle feelings, you are a naive little things.

What went down this week was some small time power playing on BOTH sides.

vanlicous said...

Thanks again Rose for your post. I had mixed feelings about the dress too, but the rest was just perfect for me. Anyway, Kristen could wear a sack and would be gorgeous - that's the big difference between her and most of the other people on this planet. And the reason why hyenas will never look beautiful doesn't matter which dress they would be wearing is, that you would see at the outside what's inside. This can never happen to Kristen.

Go Rose, you are great!

Anonymous said...

Rose, please!Get the hyenas out of here!All this break up roumors are are all BS. Reliable sources said that absolutely NOTHING happened between Rob and Kris! Even Lainey pointed that out. So, GTFO!

Anonymous said...


1. What day is Oprah interview airing?

2. Where is Water for Elephants filming this summer?

3. Why was Rob late to Eclipse filming?

4. I totally believe that Rob and Kris are together... but one a scale of 1 to 10 - 1 being barely dating... and 10 being about to move in together... how serious are they?

Does anyone know? Because I totally don't... and I love Rob & Kirs and would like more info... so if anyone could answer... or has any ideas... I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks a million,

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1:28 I hope she deletes your post. Saying Bel Ami is going to suck blatant and total lie. Have you SEEN the stills of ROB... they are jaw dropping!!! You could have that crap on MUTE and it would still be an AWESOME movie!

Anonymous said...

Rose, since you seem to have some inside info and people believe you,just say something that shows that Rob and Kris are still together(as we know they are), so the hyenas can just stop all this NONsense.

Scarlet said...

To anon 1:28: "...what i said was too close from the truth" -- proofreading honey. What I think it should have read was so FAR from the truth. Why would Rose be threatened by your opinion? Nastiness is what Rose filters out from here (thank you Rose) and I hope she continues to since it really and truly is so hard to resist jumping into the proverbial sandbox with kids like you even though those of us on here for fun really, really know better! I have been enjoying Rose's comments SO much more when they are full of respectful discussions -- it's okay to disagree but why even call out the 'haters' with disrespect. Above them, remember people?!

Sigh. It will be nice to see their faces again and I really hope that they don't end up split up for promo work; Rob's filming may see to that and that would be very very sad.

See you later folks.

Lisa said...

I agree totally Rose.. Best pic of the night is over her shoulder. She looked MUCH better in the videos then in the stills. However, OMG! No wonder they hate the press! I can't imagine what it would be like to have all those flashes in your face, the yelling of your name and the yelling of directions. IT'S CRAZY! Could you imagine how it would have been if Rob would have went with her? A million times worse. :( As long as the media and we are all so demanding, I don't think it will ever happen.. :(

I didn't read all the comments, I just can't read the hate anymore. But Anon 1:28 is right above my post. If Rob looks like a foot, there is only two options for you. Either you are completely BLIND, or aren't interested in men at all. I realize we all have different taste. But there is no hot blooded woman alive (who isn't blind or doesn't like men) who would find him completely unattractive. A foot? OR?? Do you have a foot fetish?? HMMMMMMM

Thanks Rose..

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose just love your post and I to think that Kristen looked beautiful and to honey you said it all Rob is sooooooo happy that he has a girlfriend like Kristen TRUE LOVE girls TRUE LOVE put that up your ass and set on it nothing your going to say is going to stop ROBERT PATTINSON in loving KRISTEN STEWARD Thanks again Rose for the LOVING post hope you have a good day ........DEB.

Anonymous said...

to scarlet if rosee is not threatened by my opinion why she keeps deleting my answer to 12:42?

'so 12:42 thanks for confirming that R/K had a falling out this week just like i thought.'

looks like rosee is trying to cover up something.hmmm

Lisa said...


I'll answer what I know.

1. It's being taped tomorrow and will air on Rob's birthday, May 13th.

2. Check out http://filmwaterforelephants.wordpress.com/ for WFE info..

3. Speculation. No one knows for sure IF he was late or what happened there. Opinions vary.

4. Again, no one knows for sure, opinions vary.

Anonymous said...

to 12:28 LK

''i'm sure you're one hyena,who hates Kristen,but you're posting all this crap,because you want to make her fans look bad.Nice try,but you failed.Get a life!''

Seriously. stop.
Rob fans out there, but you can NOT deny, that there are Obsessed Kristen fans also, who attack him relentlessly.
Last time i checked Rob was a diva, a loser, a bad actor, and he isn't good for kristen.
at this moment 'eww bel ami looks terrible, his hair in Bel Ami looks fug eww' blah blah blah...

kristen's fans are just as f up as nonstens, no different use to be but not anymore. Period.


Rose said...

To the Hyena(s) hiding behind @Anon

Thank you for posting bullshit that I can so gleefully delete. It's FUN!
As I have so often stated (Don't Hyenas have comprehension skills?) I write this blog because I love and adore BOTH Robert and Kristen (OK, maybe Robert a bit more, but I am a human female after all)

I realize that the scraps of shit you usually consume have been scarce... so you need to make up delusional bullshit to feed the hunger. Enjoy it while you can...

As for Robert and Kristen? Let's just SEE... shall we? ;)

Note to Hyenas... you better close your eyes, you most definitely won't like what you will be seeing.
Gnaw on that.

Anonymous said...

I love you Rose.

sara2 said...

Thanks Rose, love you and your blog. No room for hate. Only the love.

Anonymous said...

I love you Rose.
"Note to Hyenas... you better close your eyes, you most definitely won't like what you will be seeing.
Gnaw on that."

Anonymous said...

I adore Kristen Stewart. We're so lucky to share her moments - and, they are inspiring. A dress is just a dress and I was and always am looking forward to what she'll do, say and wear next: on-screen and off.

I think she is gorgeous, talented, versatile and that rare quality of genuine insides meet the outsides. Kristen is all the sexier when she plays it down or surprises us with feminine or vamp on a whim and it's all the more charming that she's just a wee 20 years old. I can't imagine how she weathers all this attention rot so well. Hellz bellz, I get nervous going to the corner store in sweats sometimes. I digress...

On to "fashion." The Chanel pairing with Kristen had my hopes up because their Paris runway is filled with silk craftsmanship this year and street style (re combat boots), so I thought - how heavenly for Ms. Stew! If you can't score Vivianne Westwood, have a Lager. Lagerfeld for Chanel is under a little scrutiny for the visionary "baroque glam" this year in silver and pastel and just a little too much dwarfing of the female form in sack-like splendor and high ass Antoinette hair. Personally I could give a hoo-ha about that, but I do care greatly about whoever the ham-fisted tailor is at Chanel for Ms. Stewart's fittings. How could this numb knuckle not know the intricacies of seams, fabric bias and lines being in the biz? Hello. Take an extraordinary and stellar woman and a fashion forward gown creation - then what - botch the alterations? That's what I see here. This dress would have blown your panties off had it: 1.) been shaped to her bodice in proportion - just a little trim and alter, 2.) had that hideous short fishtail of tulle just several inches longer in front to keep from Eclipsing Kristen's legendary stems by breaking her leg line asymmetrically in three places. Fishtails are nice on paper, but difficult on almost any shape under 6 feet tall. Otherwise, the dress was bold and stunning. The styling and the alterations just under-coordinated our Stew that's all. Getty images may want to hire some professional photogs next time - it is a fashion carpet after all and they didn't capture the fashion aspect - where were they from, ESPN? All the elements were present. Shame on them. A similar Chanel alteration scenario happened at BAFTA - the dress seam flopsy- remember? Get it together people! I don't want to miss another moment and you've epically failed me.

Moving on... Gawdess, Kristen could wear a potato sack and even the hets among us would all still picture her au naturel - she just oozes that quality no matter what. That is fashion. Period - end sentence. It doesn't matter if Mr. Pattinson's rumored hotlips are in that sentence either. The lucky cuss. She exquisitely stands on her own, clearly. Kristen Stewart is a total package, and it's been fortified with 30% bonus genuineness and sweetness that makes her even more exponentially alluring. If Kristen were a cereal, you'd be tempted to have her raw out of the box sans milk. Get in line.

To put the dress situ into context. What was that bi-polar schizo fashion mess at the The Met this year? It was having an identity crisis it seemed. Half were retro starlets, the others were cookie cutter Oscar carpet redux. AN ex there - but, the affair had no sense of itself. I hope that's not a comment on American Women. Whatevs. Uhm, could you please throw another irrelevant ingenue at me in white ruffles with a slit up the leg - ho hums. Could you cinch up a mermaid in silk so she has to hobble up the steps some more? Trains? You want em? We got em. We only came to your clambake to see Ms. Stewart - so thanks for making me wade through flotsam of silken celebrity yuk memory anyway.

You don't have to agree with me. I actually prefer it when you don't.

Anonymous said...


Lainey loved it and gave some great context to it - Karl Lagerfield, the original bitchface himself was the one to direct this choice for her.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it was the MET Gala, and she had the chance to wear couture. Our Kristen, the girl who lives in skinny jeans and sneakers.

Of course she went for it! And you would have too!

amanda said...

Hyenas- If you really believed Rob and Kristen are broken up (and I thought you didn't think they were a couple in the first place hmm..) then you wouldn't be here posting over and over trying to convince everbody else about it. Rob left less than a day later than Kristen, you really think that is substansial evidence they have broken up? Do you even realize how pathetic you sound by clinging so hard to that? Even Lainey inadvertently said they are still together. Not that she has to say anything, because there is no cause to think they have broken up.

Haters to Rob or Kristen- Are your lives so empty you go to sites that support Rob AND Kristen and say bad things about them? Such sad lives you must lead.

MCvelvetkitten said...

oh man! she looks always so damn pretty it hurts to look!

the dress... she didnt pick it herself. the "stars" are dressed for that event. but i believe they can say yes or no.

Its Chanel ... i say Karl must be loosing his sight ... now that i worry about .. just a little!

she always has a way to surprise me with her dress choices! i like her style A LOT! and she has prettiest eyes ever! =)

Anonymous said...

All the white cookie cutter shoulder/leg peek diaphanous safe gowns that "people liked" were Kristen Stewart circa Tokyo several years ago. Creatively challenged much? We'll take it as a Stew compliment as it's clearly intended. We'll see you in daring Chanel in two years I expect. Occulus reparo.

Anonymous said...

I agree with each one of your words Rose. It wasn't Kristen's best looking, but she stood out anyway.

Those advices to the hyenas to close their eyes at the upcoming news...Jeus! I can't wait. I desesperately need Robsten moments. I wish they didn't hide their feelings so much, they're such a beautiful couple, love suits them.

Anonymous said...

So it seems Welcome To The Rileys will have a special screening at Cannes Film Festival.And guess what? Bel Ami will go to Cannes, too. I'm laughing my ass off at you hyenas! Keep foaming all you want...I hope disappointment won't hurt you irrevocably!Oh,wait.. I hope so!

Poli said...

Always amazing, dear Rose.
Everytime i look at Kristen i understand why Rob is in love
with her.
Anxiously waiting your next post bb.


Anonymous said...

I thought Kristen looked gorgeous. It wasn't my favorite look on her but...damn...the girl is a stunning beauty.

Kristen is someone you remember long after she leaves...and I love that she took a chance and went for it.

There were so many women last night who were just...boring! Some women who are older than Kristen dressing as if they're Kristen's age. It doesn't work.

Kristen could have done "pretty and boring" as others have pointed out. But she stood out. Good for her!

And out of all the A-list to D-list actresses there last night--Kristen is a true gem. She's got the face, she's got the body, she's got the talent. She's not a fake or a fraud or someone trying to be something she's not. The girl is genuine, humble and fierce and she's only 20-years-old!

Adore her tremendously.
Rob is one lucky SOB.

sfw10sis said...

Hey Rose, I too had mixed feelings on the dress, but the more pics that came out and the different angles it started to grow on me. My favorate is the one on the steps also, I think that was the one that changed my mind on the dress. Over all I thought she looked gorgeous and stood out rather then blending in.

I like that she takes risks, instead of looking like all the fake barbies in HW, It may not always work out, but it shows that she's real and wants to be an individual(her own person)not a clone. Kudos to you Kristen.

Boy what I wouldn't give to have those eyes of hers, or know what Rob is thinking when he gazes into them(I have my guesses though) I better leave it at that, wouldn't want to cause hyena hypertension.

You have a great day Rose, the sun is shining here too, so I'm going to take my smiley self out on the deck, relax and just picture all the hyenas growling and foaming at the mouth because they ignored your advice and kept their eyes open(yuck, its not a pretty sight)hey it's not like you didn't warn them, right lol.


pricklypearess said...

Kristen's face and eyes are really just perfection. While the dress was not my favorite, I have to say she's got moxy, so good for her for taking a risk. So many others did not last night. Can't wait for Oprah! Can't get enough of my favorite couple. BTW, I heard Robert was doing some prep work for WFE yesterday. Does anyone know if that's true? xoxo

Anonymous said...

re: 2:32. Kristen is definitely one of the true gems. Add to the list that she's got a brain in her beautiful head!

So many looks last night just didn't excite me. Too many of the women were wearing dresses that I just glossed over and they did not make me turn my head. No second looks--they blended in and didn't stand out.

There will plenty of more "looks" in Kristen's future. And I am always excited to see what she wears. Definitely more hits than misses.

soadram said...

"The eyes are the mirror of the soul .." everything can "lie" .. "deny" but the eyes never lie, are always a reflection of what actually is and for me is Kristen look gorgeous. clean, bright and passionate ....
It was a real beautiful Queen and elsewhere believe there is one more look very bright, clean and passionate.
Nice post Rosa
Kiss from Portugal

true love said...

hey ..rose and everyone..here..i agree with kris dress..not my fav on her at all..but kris..can managed anything and everything..what i don't get is why a 2008 collection dress..what happened to MARCHESA dress..???..hmmm..last minute changed..why..??..anyways..ROSE..i don't think the heynas are ready for what's comming..lolz..i know i am..rob and kris are more than fine..see ya..

true love..

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose, as usual! Love seeing you tell the hyena's to STFU, they need it. Kristen looked awesome, I agree about the dress but she did rock it. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose, as usual! Love seeing you tell the hyena's to STFU, they need it. Kristen looked awesome, I agree about the dress but she did rock it. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Rob and Kris were not staying in the same room at the hotel. Kris was picked up early on Friday as was Jacob. They were there early and Rob was late.How could that be if Kris was in the same room. She would have ensured he was ready to start. PUND tweeted when Rob arrived.Kris and Taylor were there already and were waiting.

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose, as usual! Love seeing you tell the hyena's to STFU, they need it. Kristen looked awesome, I agree about the dress but she did rock it. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

They are lucky to have each other and no doubt they are well aware of it. Go Rob and Kristen!

Anntastic23 said...

That the dress reminded me over the oversized mermaid dress from the HB was EXACTLY my first thought, too, Rose!!!

SUCH a gorgeous girl, SUCH a gorgeous set of legs, so much they could have done with the hair AND the dress....and yet... the hair (which I thought was the biggest travesty of the whole look) and the dress just didn't live up to the anticipation I'd built up in my head. This was a big opportunity to show a lot of people outside her normal fans just who this little bombshell is... and it kind of fell flat IMO. Not terrible, but just not her best look.

Some parts of the dress were just too bulky on her small frame, but not as bad as that Sharon-Stone-esque thing she drowned in for the HB shoot. At least it fit better than her BAFTA dress. I think this was an instance where the end look sort of got to K, too, and thus the timid (at least I thought) look all night. The haters think it was bitchface, but it reminded me of the nervous/apprehensive BAFTAS: Holy shit, I'm here, I'm not sure I should be here, but I am and this is BIG TIME! And this ill-fitting (in the case of the BAFTAS) dress is NOT helping my outlook.

I think her makeup (as ever) and shoes (OF COURSE!) were killer. I think I'd have liked the whole look a lot better if the hair had been improved.

I am so excitedly nervous for all of them for Oprah - I want them all to do well & come across well-spoken & poised. Talk about "Big Time!" It doesn't get bigger than The Big O!

Anonymous said...

wow Emilie is a midget, didn't noticed that before. How tall is she ? Kristen is tiny but at least she has some long legs. Emilie is really short. Poor thing

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 3:55: Right. You just posted the exact word for word thing on other sites. Me thinks you protest too much. Worried? Mmmm Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

to kelly 1:45

lol.. seriously? i guess hate makes them blind.

Bel Ami will be hot, haters gonna hate...
That is all.

pandora said...

Great post today, as always! Love you Rose! Love Rob and Kristen!
Love The bitch is back song, bring it on Elton.It fits so well in your post today, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

to kelly
I agree with everything you said.

'his hair is this, his hair is that.'
Well, kristen had her turn with the JJ cut i dont see those b!tches complain about her hair.

Welcome to world of double standards!

Olivia said...

Hi Rose. Thank you as always. Kristen was beautiful last night. The dress, not so much. I do agree it was the right event to push the edge. I will look for the vid to appreciate it more.
Wow! Rob and Kristen with a film at Cannes! C'est magnifique! : ) Sure hope that news is true. How lovely if they both can enjoy some time there together.

Celerina said...

I think Kristen looked amazing last night. And she dressed appropriately for the MET Fashion Institute Costume Gala.

Her look was bold, young,edgy,and haute couture. She stood out..very sophisticated. She oozed sex appeal.

I agree with an earlier poster that all she needs is to work on her poses. But she came across sweet but sexy. It's a lethal combination. VAVAVOOM

Just imagine if Robert had walked the red carpet with her. Wow, the twitter world would have imploded! Every photographer would have converged on them. The rest of the celebrities would have fallen on wayside. Just think...it's mind boggling.

Thanks Rose for giving us space to come together and talk about Rob and Kristen.


Anonymous said...

Gotta say I think the hair worked-it was a punky take on the 30's finger wave curl, as many sites have mentioned. It worked with the 30's starlet/french coquette/goth rock chick look she was sporting.

Her look was high concept, not meant for mere dinner parties or clubbing. but it was fun and exciting and actually made haute couture look youthful and fun for once!

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing about Kristen. She's beautiful and has a model's body. She could have easily "won" accolades last night in a princess dress like j.lo or anne.

But she didn't take the easy route. She went left of center, and isntead of trying to be "pretty," she tried to be interesting.

Kudos for her for not making every event about being the prettiest girl in the room. I love that about her-she doesn't come off vain.

kristine.hills said...

EVEN IF IF and IF YOU HATERS had that beautiful face, those gorgeous green eyes(oh boy how beautiful they are), that body(have you paid attention what a nice ass?!) do you really think you could have a chance with ROB? REALLY???? Nope you can't and you couldn't.But what REALLY KILLs you haters/hyenas it that : NOT ONLY KRISTEN IS GORGEOUS/STUNNING BUT ALSO SHE IS VERY VERY INTELLIGENT/SMART/CLEVER.So stop writing bullsh!t here, bc we don't need you to convince us about what we think about KRISTEN, we know she is FANFUCKINGTASTIC, and so does R.PERIOD

ROSE dear what a beautiful young girl.
Rob is very lucky man bc he has a UNIQUE girl, and he knows he can count on her all the time.
I LOVE that K is always expanding her horizons and she is not afraid of making mistakes, bc she knows that we can learn according our mistakes, that's why she's what she is A WOMAN WITH BRAIN, INTELLIGENT AS H E L L.

ROSE love it!!!

God bless RK.ALWAYS!

Anonymous said...

I finally made a profile to post on here. Don't want to be called out for being "anonymous" (not that I'm a hyena or anything)

I loved the dress. I love Kristen. I'm just not so sure I loved them together. I felt the dress was designed for someone taller. Like maybe the designer or stylist was using a tall fashion model to put the look together and tried to translate it to Kristen. I'm glad she went haute couture, that always takes plenty of attitude with a little b*tchface thrown in...but whoever put the dress together was not taking into account her body type. That is truly what I thought. The makeup was gorgeous. A+.

I love that pic of Kris and Rob. And see that dress is AWESOME. I suppose you can't re-wear stuff in the celebrity world... but that would have been a great dress to wear and she looked great in it. I was hoping for something with more WOW me factor. I did not feel wow'd when I saw the Met gala pics of Kristen... and I usually am pretty wow'd by her... so since it was the Met Gala my expectations were really high...

Oh well.

Not that she looked terrible or something she still looked pretty darn good... I just had such high hopes that I was disappointed because I felt that she looked okay in the dress.

Can't wait for promo/press stuff to start.


More Perfect Rose Prose.. how is it you always seems to take the words right out of my mouth? :-)

Anonymous said...

Both Rob and Kristen are awesome. Kristen rocked it last night. You can appreciate the dress, hair and makeup from the side view.

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for the Hyenas. Go read Kristen's Flaunt magazine interview, I know a lot of hyenas talk about a PR relationship between R/K.. I'd like them to read that interview and try to say with a straight face that girl would do anything for publicity.

Anonymous said...

thank god she's sexy, young and doesn't try to blend in. What's up with all the stupid white dresses anyway? Go KS this is why we love you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the interview in Flaunt is just awesome!!~

HotSexyRob24 said...

lmao you are so RIGHT.. i love you:)) my new hero:) hehe