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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Best Kiss?

MTV Movie Award Nominees were announced.

Of course New Moon was nominated for
Best Picture

Robert and Kristen were both nominated for
Male and Female performance...
and Best Kiss.


Kristen and Dakota for BEST KISS!

I love that Kristen was voted in on the Superstar.
Love it.
But no Robert for Remember Me?
Makes me feel guilty that I didn't vote for anything.
I liked Remember Me.
Rob was good in it...
I would have liked RM to get something here...
I'm surprised that Rob and Emilie didn't get a Best Kiss
It would have been nice for Rob to get recognized 
outside of the Twilight mania.

The power of Twilight.

Will we see this again?
Except maybe an actual KISS this time??
I'm a bit torn to be  honest...
As much as I would love to see Rob and Kristen kiss
at the MTV awards...
Kristen and Dakota???
And a little bit of recognition for 
The Runaways.
(which was a great movie... 
and it was a great kiss.)

Torn between two lovers...
Feeling like a fool.
Loving both of you is breaking all the rules...

And oh my...
The angry foaming has already begun.

"The MTV Awards are a JOKE!"
"The voting is fixed!"
"Kristen fans spent all day voting for her!"
"I hope Rob doesn't even go to the show
especially with HER"
"Remember Me kiss is too HOT for MTV"
"The RM Kiss wasn't anything special"
"I'm going to vote for anything not Twilight related!" 
"MTV Awards are for people who don't get REAL awards"

Yada Yada Yada.

So many excuses.
So much bitter foam.
Sometimes I wonder how they keep
themselves always at the ready 
to spew hatred and anger.
Fun life.

June 6th.
I look forward to it.
I may even vote for some stuff.

I have heard that Rob and Kristen won't be presenting...
But I gotta think they will be there since
Eclipse is just around the corner.
Great PR!
(Take note as to what PR really means...)

To be honest...
Things aren't looking too good for 
the Haters...
Cannes ;)
(That's another post...)
MTV Awards.
Eclipse Promo.
Rob and Kristen...
Happy together.

Hyena Forecast is dark and foamy...
increased chances of hatred and anger
Partly bitter in the afternoons.
Bring your umbrellas

Bye for now.


C said...

Hope they win and that they do the same as last year.......but this time KS has the eyes shut.

That was brilliant....so funny :)


Anonymous said...

I'm torn too Rose. As much as I want Rob and Kristen up on that stage for Take 2, I loved the kiss in TR between Dakota and Kristen. It was so sensual and unique. The NM kisses could've and should've been better. Now I don't know which one to vote for. Help!!


Anonymous said...

I voted for Rob as a Global Star and best kiss. Boo to the "real" fans who actually prefer to vote Kristen&Dakota best kiss and Kstew Global Star. Now I get what happened with Remember Me box office.

Anna Br said...

Great post Rose, as always. Btw, what do you know about Cannes?

Anonymous said...

hi Rose
loving your post AS USUAL :)
ive tried to comment lots but it never lets me :(
im so happy rob and kris are up for best kiss, personally, i think they will win over kris and dakota!
hmmm.. i wonder what you mean about 'Cannes ;)', i thought rob was meant to be doing pre-prod for W4E but :) it looks like you are hinting a Robsten moment!
Dont listen to the haters-its plainly obvious that they know Rob and Kristen are together! i do not know why they deny it

Great post rose xx

Anonymous said...

Rob is not going to Cannes due Volcano Ashgate. That's it. Otherwise he would be there without Kristen. He's working on preproduction for WFE right now, so anyway no free time, sorry. Hope he'll be in UC too, I like working summers for Rob, that's good for his career.


Patricia said...

Rose: I'm also disappointed that Rob didn't get a nod for "Remember Me" I thought he was WONDERFUL in it ! I guess it will take seeing a few films of his by some of his fans to get used to him being an ACTOR AND NOT JUST EDWARD ! I love him no matter what he does.

It's also cool that Kristen and Dakota were nominated for the kiss. It was a good kiss. But Rob and Kristen to me was THE BEST KISS !

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow and seeing them on Oprah!!! I hope Rob will have a great Birthday with his favorite lady and we will see or hear about it !

I'm having Rob and Kristen withdrawals ! But the good thing is they're having some private time and not being hounded by paps.

Grazie Rose for the MTV pictures, it brings back great memories for me of OUR FAVORITE COUPLE !


ciro said...

bhawahaha those hyena really retarded, to be honest rose i vote rob in remember me for male role, kristen in the runaway in female role,...but guess what according the vote fandom of twilight are more powerful than rob in RM and kristen in TR...i dissapontment to rob not in RM and kristen in TR for leading role but they got in new moon....so who hyena wanna blame now???kristen fan?? since i know kristen fan most likely vote dak and kristen in best kiss...they just wanna excuse...excuse something not make sense..hyena really, really sick....LMAO

Anonymous said...

RM wasn't good enough to get in. Thats the truth. But of course some fans can't accept this because Rob is a god and his movie was amazing. Well guess what it wasn't, it was a piece of shit. You know it Rose and I know it so cut the crap about it being a great movie. Too scared to tell the truth to your precious rotards?

Anonymous said...

I'm SO pissed right now.
The Runaways kiss up for best kissed but RM is not. It's ok. but krisbians or whatever they call themselves is like 'ha! suck it b!tches dakotastew ftw! poor Rob fans' 'RM kiss was fail' 'famewhore Emilie' etc...
God! I can't stand them anymore.
I hate how Emile, Christina, Uma pretty much all of Rob's female costars get picked on but Kristen's costars.. Jesse, Ryan, Eddie, Dakota are squeeed over and loved.. How is this not a double standard..?

Rose, I really care about Rob's career. He is not Edward cullen for God's sake.

I love them together but i'm starting to believe this whole robsten stuff will hurt Rob's career. I mean they only care about kristen and they don't want to see Rob outside Twilight. I think it's so obvious.

Anonymous said...


Didn't you mean ROBERT deserve all the awards?. Because when I commented a few days ago here that I don't like Kstew people went mad. What are you gonna say now, robstens?

Aw, and someone insulted EDR. Nice.

Well, you'll be happy krisbians, aparently some called "robsten" are gonna vote D&S and K for Global star. And some of you called me "not a real Rob.fan" Talking about irony.

linzy said...

i like the scenario of Dakota pulling a Kanye if R & K win for NM that was suggested by a few peeps on twitter... because I don't believe R & K would ever go through with a kiss and they couldn't go the same route as last year. Maybe a bite to the neck? IDK. I do think that the twi-fandom is large enough & um, enthusiastic enough, that the other kisses don't stand a chance.

Personally I prefer TR kiss... the music, the buildup, the mood... all left me gasping. I also feel like Kristen should have been nominated for that performance over NM just as I feel like Rob should have been nom'd for RM over NM. Both performances were stellar and show what they are capable of when outside the twi franchise <3

The oprah clips today are KILLING ME SLOWLY. So much cuteness! Anyone else feel like they are going to explode before it airs tomorrow?

srsly now... i'm laughing so hard at the hyena rage. it is highly amusing to see them contort and whine and spew in desperatation. nothing whatsoever to cling to, NOTHING.

thanks for the post Rose <3 *dances*

Anonymous said...

to 12:04..

Oh of course emilie and all Rob's female co-stars are famewhore right?

Seriously, i'm so sick of the idiocy here.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised Rob and Emile didn't get best kiss. If you voted for them you were a traitor and hated Robsten. I voted for them but only because I thought it was a great kiss. It had nothing to do with Rob's personal life and his relationships. I still don't understand why fans had a problem with it. Its Tyler and Ally, not Rob and Emile.

Anonymous said...

'Cannes;) ???
rose.....you have fun with our minds?
because hyenas dont have

Anonymous said...

hi rose love your blogs but i do believe mtvma are somewhat rigged they have to get the "winners" there and they know in advance as r/k said even though voting on still going on. will they present themselves with the popcorn?LOL i hope betty white presents it if they win and rob grabs her and gives her a big kiss that would be funny and they can still avoid kissing in public LOL

Anonymous said...

i didn't realize that fans voted on the the nominees i thought it was only for the final list they got a vote . avatar has to win its the only oscar nom movie there. i still want betty white and rob to get on stage together and make out that would be too funny

Anonymous said...

i didn't realize that fans voted on the the nominees i thought it was only for the final list they got a vote . avatar has to win its the only oscar nom movie there. i still want betty white and rob to get on stage together and make out that would be too funny

Anonymous said...

@ kit

wohooa! We have a Remember Me bashing already!?

I refuse to believe hardcore nonstens are worse than krisbians. No way. They're both just as bad.

Ele said...

Great post, Rose! I think Rob and Kristen will win again! I hope they'll kiss this time around! And I'm sick of people who always create drama saying "The Runaways kiss is the best!" or "The RM kiss is the best!" or "No, they suck!the NM kiss is the best!"..I mean come on! They are all beautiful and different kind of kisses!Since R/K are nominated I hope they'll win BUT even if the RM kiss was nominated I wouldn't have minded!And if the Runaways kiss wins , I won't mind either, I'll be happy for Kristen..just let's stop with the drama!We all know that Rob and Kristen are together! That has nothing to do with who will win the best kiss category!
Rose, darling, what do you know about Cannes??You are teasing us!! I'm dying here!LOL!Hopefully we'll know soon!

Off topic: I just saw that the Black Keys are on the eclipse soundtrack and Kristen said in the vanity fair interview clips(those that featured the girls of the new generation) that this band is one of her favourites!And guess what? Back in the twilight days Rob said that he had this band in his i- pod list!Just something else to add in favour of Rob and Kristen as a couple!
Love you, Rose!

Anonymous said...

if rob is going to cannes he's better be on his way as he is taping ellen on 18th and its a LONG flight to france from LA

Anonymous said...


And what about people voting D&K and Kstew for GS? Are they true, real, loyal Rob.fans? ok, let's watch MTV awards on June to see Rob getting in his sit without any award.

I'm starting to think there's no such a thing as robstens fans, only krisbians here.


Anonymous said...

Best Kiss
I spent five minutes trying to figure out who to vote for..Dakota/Kristen so hot and sexy.
Rob/Kristen electric like always. It's a hard battle. The thing with Rob/Kristen winning I could see like one of the people on twitter were talking about Rob being cute and cracking a joke if they win.
I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Dakota is lovely but Emile is an ugly tramp. Rob is bad at picking his co-stars. He needs help.

Anonymous said...

all the movies except the runaways were big hits on mtv noms runaways offered girl on girl they always offer one same sex kiss. as for RM maybe it was because it was a bedroom scene? i don't know what the rules are for this nom

Scarlet said...

Oh god Rose -- where is the delete button?! Yikes. Name calling, insults, back in with the 3 year olds I see.



Anonymous said...

I prefer the runaways because in a indie movie. needs a wide audience.
is not a war between robert and kristen .why are you so stupid?

Anonymous said...

emilie isn't an ugly tramp thats ridiculous he chose her and i am sure kristen gave him the thumbs up, he said that he was in italy filming and the audition was sent to his computer so of course kristen probably got her say!!!

Anonymous said...

i hope rob kisses betty white actually now that would be up their alley and funny

katy said...

Ano 12:13

the only piss of crap here is you...Remember Me was great, I loved it and can't wait for the DVD, to see it again. Remember Me actualy did very good in the box office almost 60 Millions...that's great.

As for the MTV awards I'm going to vote Best Kiss Rob/kristen
the Kiss between Dakota/Kristen doesn't do nothing to me.
I would have love if Rob was nom for Best Male performance in Remember Me but unfortunaly the Twillight Fan base is Huge...but I'll be voting for Rob for this categorie for NM.
I feel the same for Kristen...would perfer if she was nom for her performance in TR...but will vote for her for NM.

As for the global superstar I'm going to vote for Rob.

Anonymous said...

the question is if kristen and dakota win best kiss will she go through with it, this will be fun

Anonymous said...


krisbians = nonstens hardcore

And then you have the so-called robstens (who are, deeply inside, krisbians but "tolerate" rob, say nices things about him, get emotional when they see necklaces and eagles and pffffffff) shipping Kristen with Garret or Sam, who cares. Voting for Kristen instead of Rob and whatever.

I'm starting to like the word robssesed, at least it doesn't mean "two-faces"


Anonymous said...

i'm voting for rob/kris kiss, sam worthington, avatar, global star rob, baddie, christoph waltz and wtf moment that asian guy from the hangover

Anonymous said...

and then it all depends which of these nominees can appear if they win of course, they can't drop everything to appear on this show, some people just cannot make it so they don't win. if sandy wins best kiss she is going to be a no show so ryan and betty white might have to pony up LOL

linzy said...

It figures that some people would let (or is it use?) the MTVMA's divide this fandom further. *eyeroll* i'm sure Rob and Kristen don't take this near as seriously as many fans seem to be. have you looked at the names of some of the nomination categories? this is about having FUN, enjoying some goofiness, seeing your fav celebs... not some be all and end all critique of movies and movie kisses. Personally I'm wondering how Taylor and Taylor got in there over Rob & Emilie. That's like the joke answer on a multiple choice test.

Rob and Kristen both know that when they win for Twilight it isn't so much about 'them' as it is about the characters and the phenomenon (and there is nothing wrong with that). Check out the clip of them talking on Oprah, they get IT. They'll be fine once the twilight films are behind them. Not winning an MTVMA for their first major roles outside of the machine won't change the positive course they are both on right now even if it leaves some us a little bummed in the present.

People need to chill and just enjoy the potential for more face-time from the pretty and awesome and hot that is Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart :) There's so much good coming down the line for them and for us!

Anonymous said...

So Rose, who did you vote for? D&K or R/K? Maybe you should rename your blog. I am a Rob fan,and I really like Kristen. But the Kristen-centric tact you have taken lately,along with the pot-stirring is just getting old. I know,I don't have to come here. But don't call others names, make cryptic comments and then expect no backlash. And, seriously, you voted against Rob for best kiss? I have really loved you and your posts, but the constant Runaways, Kristen stuff is just not what I come here for.

Anonymous said...

i don't know how some of these movies got nominated for best movie, they left out all oscar noms except avatar, alice in wonderland? really it made a lot of money but it wasn't great and neither was new moon lets be honest, still vote for rob and kristen though

Anonymous said...

i bet r/k are praying they don't win, the last thing they want is more of a spotlight on them as a couple

Anonymous said...

I'm just popping in to say I hope Rob has a very happy 24th birthday tomorrow since no one has mentioned it which I think is really sad. I think its more important than some stupid drama about some awards when Kristen has already won a Bafta and hopefully Rob will too someday. I hope Rob has a wonderful birthday tomorrow wherever he is. I also hope that the paparazzi and screaming fans will leave him and Kristen alone. x

Anonymous said...

Voting for Rob and Kristen for best kiss, have to see those two on stage together again accepting that award whatever happens. Love that Dakota and Kris were nominated for Best Kiss, mainly because it gives the Runaways a mention. Really glad RM kiss was not nominated, b/c I don't like EDR. I don't like when people criticize Kristen so I'll leave it at that

Anonymous said...

I'm a Rob fan first and I voted The Runaways for Best Kiss. I thought it was the best out of all three. It's ridiculous people in the comments are on here basically saying you can't be a true Rob fan and vote for TR. Do you think R/K want to be up there again? I'm guessing no. People are taking this so seriously and it's the freaking MTV awards. Do you think THEY take it seriously? JFC.

katy said...

I hate wen people criticize Rob...and some of comments today...it's all about criticizing Rob and his work.

Out of here.

PS: And don't take wrong I do Love Kristen and support her to and don't like people criticizig her too.

Rose said...

I love how people are now telling me who I voted for. I didn't mention WHO I voted for, just that I voted.

And @Anon 12:38 Who exactly am I calling names? Anyone you know?


Why is that so hard for people to comprehend? Why does everything Twilight related have to become such drama? Why do people insist on putting words in my mouth?

I like the name of my blog. And if I ever need input on a new name, I will be sure to let you know. K?

And the whole Krisbians, Robstens, Robsessed, Nonstens bullshit. Damn... that gets confusing.
It's pretty simple to me.
On one side we have sane, rational people... who allow for differences of opinion without hatred.
On the other we have delusional lunatics...who rip and shred at anyone who doesn't agree with them.
It doesn't matter who they love or who they are devoted to...

Sense vs NONsense.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 12:44:00 PM
Thank you! I'm glad someone brought up Rob's Birthday. I was starting to think people had forgotten about Rob's birthday. Yep 24 years ago tomorrow a little boy named Robert Thomas Pattinson was born. I really hope you do a Birthday Post for Rob Rose. I love your posts. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Winning awards is good for Rob, ok? Is good he get press attention and bussiness industry attention. MTV awards is not Oscar Awards but it's good, and Rob's face will be everywhere. Hell, I loved Sandra Bullock movie, and I think RR&SB kiss was hotter than R&K, but I AM a Robert Pattinson fan , so I voted for him.
Reading all your comments, twitter comments and facebook comments seems like D&K are gonna win. So, Rob's fans (yeah, not robsten=krisbians) VOTE FOR ROB!


Joyful said...

Those pics of Rob and Kristen at last year's MTV movie awards, always crack me up. Kristen's hair, lack of lipstick... Rob's mis-buttoned shirt. Things that make you go hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Heres what I don't understand. Why do people hate Emile so much? Is it just the shippers? I'm a Rob fan first but I also like Kristen and I can't understand the hate towards Emile for the life of me. And hypocritical much?
Anonymous 2:44:00 PM you talk about how you don't like Kristen being criticized but you think its ok to pick on Rob's costar Emile? I really don't get it. Do you guys hate on her just because she kissed Rob in Remember Me. I'm sorry but isn't this the exact reason why some people started off hating on Kristen .. for the same reason? I not a fan of Emile but I have never heard her say a bad word about Rob or Kristen so I don't feel any need to hate on her. And people who say shes some of threat to Rob and Kristen's relationship.. I think you've been listening to the nonsten's theories too much. Why hate? On Kristen and Emile. Why not like them both?

Melinda said...

Wow the poison is setting in already....all kinds too...bitterness, resentment, delusion,and hatred to name a few.

Well medicine is available if you want to be cured. Just copy and paste the link provided:


Love what Kristen says at the beginning about change.

For the regulars who actually love and support Rob and Kris...notice the subtle fingers touching around 55 secs or so. Makes me smile every time b/c they are in tune with each other without trying. What makes me sad is at the 5:00 min mark when he goes to sit beside her and has to move. Summit doing their dirty work here and it shows on both their faces. This is one of my favorite videos I have seen of them and the song is beautiful.

As for the best kiss category- I am sure R/K will get it again. Don't think they will act on it if they win but I hope they do something funny. Personally I thought their kiss at the END of New Moon was way more yummy. Especially b/c the director calls cut and they just don't stop!!

Oh the countdown continues.....happy times ahead!

Ele said...

Can I say one more thing? This is the MTV Movie Awards we are talking about, not the Oscars,for God's sake! Why does it matter so much?And I wish Rob was nominated for RM too, but for me it was a given that NM would have taken over..not because NM is the best movie ever, far from it, but because behind the twilight movies there's a huge fandom that exists since 2005..

If Leonardo de Caprio had been nominated for Titanic and at the same time for Gangster of NY, what role do you think people would have nominated him for?Does that mean that Leonardo Di Caprio isn't a good actor?NO. It just means that people are far more invested in Titanic than in GONY.Same goes for NM .

Remember Me was a great movie, but even if it had been a huge box office phenomenon it would have been knocked out by NM, just like TR.It happens all the time when blockbuster franchises are competing.Fact is the MTVMAs are for FUN. No one takes them seriously so I don't get why peole get all emotional about it. And Rob will have a huge career, he's an amazing actor. The fact that he wasn't nominated for RM means nothing as far as his career is concerned. Once BA comes out critics will rave about him. BBC has already said that BA is a huge movie for Robert. Let alone WFE with its oscar pedigree. It's just that when anything twilight is involved, inevitably it knocks out eveything else. So when people say that Rob's career is dunzo, they're completely wrong.

babbles said...

Ha......I love the last two pix.... Rob biting his lip, then Kristen biting hers....
I loved that they won last kiss for Twi and I will be voting for NM as well... But your right, it's a shame RM didn't get more recognization....

linzy said...


aw, what a sweet video!! she did a beautiful job covering 2009 and all the moments that made it so sweet :) i am very fond of the sound bites from R & K... my favorite is the last bit from Kristen during the NM promo. her face while she's explaining why she is keeping the info to herself is so telling and very endearing. Followed closely by Rob's comments about falling in love quickly <3

thank you for sharing the link!

Anonymous said...

to anon 1:07

'Heres what I don't understand. Why do people hate Emile so much' This!
and.. why when news of Kristen with other guys will come up, everyone is gonna fangirl?

Anonymous said...

@anon 1:07- I am a Roswell fan, my dislike of EDR is longstanding, nothing at all to do with Rob, I just don't like her. I wasn't picking on her, I have plenty of things I could say, but I simply stated my opinion, which I'm allowed to do, and that is that I don't like her so I'm glad she has no reason to be at the MTV awards.

Lisa said...

OMG, I'm trying to get my thoughts straight to post. First I am SO VERY SAD Rob got no nod for anything other then as Edward. In today's new clip from Oprah he said "doesn't feel like all the hoopla is about me, it's about the phenomenon" :(

@ kit??? WHAT? Obviously you're just a Rob hater. Remember Me was little more then an Indie film. What it a great movie? No, but I loved it. And Rob WAS great in it! What made The Runaways better? It was a true story.

As for "The Kiss" If you're a straight adult female, you KNOW the kissing in RM was FAR BETTER! Now, in NM's defense, it's suppose to hurt Edward to kiss her. He's over it in eclipse and I expect the kissing to be MUCH better. But I digress.. The kiss between KS & DF was good.. But if they win, on stage I doubt their will be a repeat as Dakota is a MINOR!!! She JUST turned 16. I'll be voting for Rob & Kris... If we're not careful, neither will win and we'll all split the votes! :(

I just can't believe what we fight about in here. I can't believe that it seems so MANY people really just love Edward and Bella, not Rob & Kristen! :( I will always adore Edward & Bella.. Because THEY gave me R & K. But I'm behind Rob & Kristen in EVERYTHING they do.. Together and apart!!! (and that's on screen and in real life!)

And if your still with me, what do you all think about the eclipse soundtrack? I was thinking.. Wouldn't it be nice (I know it will never happen) if for BD they got all the actors who sing to have a song? Rob (Kristen playing with him if she doesn't want to sing) Jackson, Billy, Jamie, and whoever else is musical? Ahh a woman can dream can't she? LOL

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:27 Exactly. I didn't like Emilie before RM. I was disappointed she was chosen to play Ally. It has nothing to do with Rob, robsten, or anything like that. Isn't she married anyway? Just didn't like her acting before that.

Anonymous said...

I've been happy when I've seen Kristen-Dakota nod for best kiss, but that's enough! Nothing compares to Kristen-Rob kisses.

I don't wanna miss Robsten on the stage picking up the best kiss award and, will they end up the last year's almost-kiss?? For God's sake, they should!! I hope they're not fooling us again hehe

Rose, what's up with Cannes? Any scoop we don't kwow?

Keep up the good work!

Melinda said...

Lisa- So far the Eclipse contributors sound good. I love this kind of music so it makes me happy. I think it is interesting that Kristen has had some influence on the music for all movies so far. She picked the song that was played during the prom under the gazebo in Twilight. She picked the Bon Iver song Roslyn for New Moon. Girl has great taste! We'll see what the Eclipse soundtrack brings us. Wouldn't surprise me if another band Kristen is into is on there. Band of Horses maybe?

As for the BD soundtrack- they probably won't go that route but maybe we can all suggest to Summit somehow to have bonus tracks from Rob, Kris, Jackson, Billy and any others...just a thought

Lisa said...


Loved the video.. I'd seen it before but R/K are always worth another look! :) It kinda makes me sad because you can tell how new it was and even though they're guarded, they're not as guarded as they are now. Sigh...

I knew about Kristen and twilight song.. I didn't know about NM. I must admit, I think the music in nm went great with the movie but I don't care for it as an independent CD. However, I think the twilight CD is amazing as a stand alone. It's in the #1 slot in my car. :) But nm is there as well.

I'm for whatever I can get on the bd.. LOL Lets tell them! ;)

sfw10sis said...

At work, looks over shoulder, all clear. Awesome post Rose, I'm also torn over the kiss award, leaning towards R/K, the chance for a hyena meltdown may be just to tempting, but in all honesty, having them on stage together again and sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what they will do, how they will handle it, will sway my vote.

Weather forecast, just brillant, you can't have me laughing this loud at work, your killing me here.

Love your blog, everyday I leave your site shaking my head, how are you able to come up with the perfect words, phrases and pics on a daily basis, just astounds me, your awesome Rose. Looking forward to tomorrows post, hopefully some insight into the giddiness, take care.


Olivia said...

Thank you Rose.
Early Happy Birthday to Rob.
Kudos to Rob on his success in Remember Me That movie really blew me away. So did TR. Rob and Kristen are truly gifted actors and growing in the craft with each new movie.
<3 Rob. <3 Kristen. <333 Rob and Kristen.
MTVA is a fun and light night. It would be nice to see both of them in attendance as winners.
The big O show tomorrow promises to be awesome.
From a believer and one who respects both.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Rose ...thanks for your input in my day today...
For me its MAY 13th...and you know what that means....dont you all????

well after reading all these comments

soadram said...

I read your post and as always loved it and gave up some gargalhadas.Eu like the way how to write and say things in addition to being a fan of Rob and Kris now also am your fan:))
But before I comment on the mess you start reading the comments ... so much hate and really pray for Rob prays for Kris, I think in my humble opinion, that whoever is a fan of someone, or that your fan be happy, be happy smile, twinkle in there eyes that have good jobs ... and want to believe or not, all that exists when Rob and Kris are together.
Each vote onte stupid and hate you want but leave out the door, because I get so much crap qu eja of people living with ill themselves, just might.
Rose has a great day and continue as I always have "seen" I like that
a kiss from Portugal blessed :))))

Anonymous said...


Lisa said...


someone on twitter said they were going to record it off their mac with a tv tuner so it should be around

Deb said...

Hey Rose I was here earlier and was going to post but I didnt just because I wanted to see if others was going to say anything about OUR MANS Birthday and as you can see very few did WHO cares who wins the best KISS I know who I want to get it and we all are not going to agree with each other All I know is I love Rob and I love Rob with Kristen and want the best for them (together or Apart) I hope that Robert has a very good day tomorrow and I hope he is happy and SAFE in what ever he is doing Rose as always love your post KEEP ON SING GIRL and have a good day .....DEB.

Anonymous said...


Robsten - The Only Exception Robert and Kristen

Lisa said...

Hello louisafrmdwnunder..

I've seen that video, loved it..

Deb.. I didn't say anything about his birthday because it's only about to turn 3pm on the 12th where I am! :)
I will tomorrow though! :)

Melinda said...

So I kinda figured that Kristen would get Band of Horses on the Eclipse soundtrack somehow and low and behold they are on it.

BTW Rose never told you how much I like today's post. You have a gift. Thanks for doing this everyday. This blog makes me enjoy the fandom even more.

Looking forward to tomorrow's birthday post assuming you are doing one about Rob for his birthday.

Celerina said...

Hello Rose, great pictures.

Hi everyone! Just stopping by.

Me, I'll vote for Rob and Kristen for best kiss because I'm loyal that way.

Happy Birthday, Rob!

Thanks Rose for giving us a space to talk about our favorite couple.


Anonymous said...

LOL wheres the bubble now shippers? Kristen isn't even aware of Rob, she only has eyes for Taylor. Her face lits up whenever shes around him. Shes never like that with Rob, she always looks miserable next to him. Wake up. Taysten is real. http://s422.photobucket.com/albums/pp309/twilightmoviegifs/caps4/?action=view&current=20100505twilighteclipse8600x250.jpg

Anonymous said...

7:44.. you're just trying to stir the pot! LOL you can tell by your post YOU don't even believe it.. I suppose there are those who love to get people started no matter what.. If that's what rings your bell.. Enjoy

Melinda said...

Dear 7:44- come up with something new...you guys are starting to sound like a broken record.

In other news...since this post is about MTV Best Kiss noms...I noticed something when I was voting...of the five nominated kisses, Kristen has shared an onscreen kiss with 1 person in each of the other nominated kisses (Avatar being the odd man out).

That's all...

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, great post as always, sooo I don't know about Cannes, but looking forward to Oprah tomorrow, oh and by the way...Rob Kristen and Taylor are all going to be at the Twilight convention in LA in June. Guess it's gonna be a saaaaad summer for the poor hyena's out there with nothin better to do but spew venom. Can't wait to see the MTV Awards, always fun no they're not the Academy awards but I think the awards mean just as much to the nominees. Meh, whatever it's still great fun. Thanks again Rose.

Anonymous said...

I too hoped that Rob got the nomination for RM and Kristen for TR as they both had stellar performances but since they didn't, I will be voting for them in the NM category. As for Best Kiss, K/D did have a HAWT kiss but there's nothing better than an R/K kiss, they both get really into the kiss. The chemistry oozes and makes your skin tingle. As for Rob's RM kiss with EdR, that was just Meh. No matter how long they make that kiss between R/E, there is no chemistry. You can tell that Rob is totally not into it and her. A 5 second Rob/Kristen kiss would blow away a 5 min kiss between R/EdR. The R/K kiss is like molten lava where as the R/EdR kiss is an iceberg.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:15.. I am a Robsten nut! And I don't believe there was anything more between Rob & EdR. But gosh, to say there was no chemistry between Tyler & Allie? I didn't feel they had a lot in normal scenes.. But in the making out/sex scenes?? Holy Cow!

I'm very much looking forward to seeing Edward and Bella let loose a little more. Because I think if and when they do (when Edward isn't worried about killing her! LOL) there will be nothing like it!

I'm SO ready for June 30th! LOL

Anonymous said...

i vote for Robsten kiss...
something sweet for all Robsten fans...their fate is written in the stars...

Anonymous said...


I cant take this!!!

vote for R/K best kiss !!!