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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Robert and Kristen- What a Fool Believes...

It's about as dead online as I've ever seen it.
No new drama
(I know!)
No new pics
No new... Nothing.
(and of course after I post this...
some huge drama will unfold!)

I know the onslaught is about to begin...
And I am trying to prepare myself 
for weeks and weeks
of angst and stomach aches...
Oh... and get this.
I'm almost embarrassed to admit this.
I already bought my tickets to Eclipse.
I have NEVER done that before.
I kinda feel like a giddy lunatic.
OK, so normally I wouldn't have bought them in advance...
But I am going out of town the next day 
out of reach of all things Eclipse for about a week...
I just HAD to see this movie right away!
So we got a couple of 'reserved' seats.
I like that idea.
I don't have to worry about where we are going to sit.
And it's on the ULTRA SCREEN.
Huge bitchin' screen.
Edward. Bella.
And here comes the angst...

I started reading the Twilight books again.
Not quite sure why...
Until recently I was on the FanFic roller-coaster.
I have... oh ... about a zillion fanfics in progress.
It got to be overwhelming.
Reading 20 different chapters of 20 different stories a day...
With 20 different Edwards
And 20 different Bellas
 I'm dizzy just writing about it.
So I stopped.
Well, outside of a select few that I could never quit.
I decided to pick up Twilight.

Back when the Twilight movie just came out...
I was reading all of the Twilight Series
Back to back to back to back
(That includes what is available of Midnight Sun)
An endless cycle.
Because I couldn't get enough of Edward.
Until I found FanFiction

And now it seems
The books don't have the same OOMPH anymore.
I'm on the back end of "New Moon" right now.
And while I still like the books...
I keep waiting for Edward and Bella to have mad
passionate sex...
I mean...
FanFic Edward is always so damn HOT!
And I have a certain draw to Vampire Edward, too...

Don't get me wrong...
"Wide Awake" Edward was awesome.
So many other FF Edwards blew my mind.
Vampire or no.
But there is something about the immortal
strong passionate possessive Edward 
That I adore.

Where is Kristen Stewart these days?
Did she run away and join the circus?

Rob starts work today on WFE.
Busy busy boy.
Especially when he gets to go home...

Couple of closing thoughts.

1. Lots of speculation on Kristen's necklace.
isn't it all pretty?
It almost looks like someone had it made for her.
Just like Kristen.
Wonder who...

2. I know that sarcasm is easily lost on the written word.
But do you HONESTLY believe that Kristen 
didn't know that Robert admired Jack Nicholson?
That cling almost make me feel sorry for you.

3. For some reason... people seem to think
that if Rob is working on WFE...
He will have NO spare time to spend with Kristen.
"Rob couldn't have been with Kristen... he's working"
How do any actors maintain any kind of relationships
in their life if they are never allowed to leave
a movie set?
Good Grief.

4. Have I stirred the pot enough?
Chew on this.
Kristen is a magnet to Robert.
When he is with her...
He can't take his eyes off of her.
He stares at her.
He can't stop smiling.
He gravitates towards her...
Is pulled to her.
He always seems to want to touch her..
Brushing her arm...
Her leg...
Nuzzling his nose in her hair...

How does that taste?

 *Dries off paddle
puts it away for another day*

Bye for now
But what a fool believes he sees
No wise man has the power to reason away
What seems to be
Is always better than nothing
There's nothing at all
But what a fool believes he sees


Honey said...

I simply adore you, and your amazing blog Rose! <3 And I love Robsten, for sure! They're...magic. Wonderful...clearly made for each other. And if hyenas want to keep on screaming and foaming..they can, obviously..but this won't change the things: RobertLovesKristenLovesRobert, and it's gonna be like it for a looong time..I think for..forever, really. Cause they're bound by a really rare and special kind of love..they NEED each other. And it won't be a set or a hyena foaming to divide them :) They LOVE each other..and hyenas..they're PATHETIC...And I think they had better accept reality instead of cooking up a sort of strange, bizzare reality..Cause, things won't change...ROBSTEN IS FOREVER <3
Love Rose :)

linzy said...

dawwww.. can't explain the exact "why" but this post just made me so so happy and while i feel a tad silly grinning at my screen like a fool, i really appreciate it :) it is nice to indulge in something that brings feelings of love and giddiness with a side of snark & laughter. good on you Rose!

Patricia said...

Rose: I'm getting so excited about 'Eclipse' but I'm afraid that we're not going to see Rob promoting this film like he did 'Twilight' and 'New Moon' and I'LL MISS SEEING ROB AND KRISTEN (IN THEIR BUBBLE) That to me is almost better than the movie (because it's Rob and Kristen ) not Edward and Bella !

I know in my heart that Rob and Kristen are together as much as possible right now and until one of them is 'out of the country' They will find time for each other , that's what couples 'in love' do !

I went to the sight yesterday someone on your board left to see the necklace Kristen is wearing. It looks beautiful and (like you said) unique like Kristen ! I feel that Rob gave it to her for her Birthday ! That's why I feel she hides it sometimes.( what's hers is hers )

I'm getting anxious and have also been reading the books over and over again.

Rock on Rose !

katy said...

Rose...LOVE LOVE your posts...every single one of them.

sollee said...

hey can't blame you for loving robsten..i'm so in love with them as well..btw saw some scenes from eclipse shown on muse' love is forever mtv..wow it was awesome:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, You have a special way of knowing and saying the truth. That is one of reasons I came to your blog and put up my tent here. It does rain here alot with messy spiddle but I don't care. All I have to do is look at the faces of those two beautiful people that are so in love with each other,it's as if the sun is shining,geez it's almost hard to look at them because it is so radient.
Another beautiul post,thanks for making my day brighter.Melenas

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rose, I'm re-reading Teilight books too and almost finish reading New Moon~~ I'm not a twihard but the books remind me R&K and their sweet moments on & off screen.

*sign* I'm kinda of addicted to their sweet love~~ Just glad they have found each other.

From Asia,

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose u remind me of the oldies how Edward kissing Bella before the game was super sexy and the almost makeout in the bedroom before the break up and the make out OMG leghitch Omg in Eclipse ohh good days. I was Virgin in reading fiction and thinking like OMG this is so hot, but then SM thanx 2 her shocked me in BD amd made me Sexually Frustrated with the honey moon scene I almost get crazy and thank god I stumbled through WA which made me FF addict LoL... any way I still like the Twilight Saga books it remind me of the oldies and even I like the ff I read I still wish I didn't read it and stick to the books.

Anonymous said...

i like how eclipse is getting edward all riled up its about time edward gets possessive and angry LOL

kharma1 said...

Happy Thursday Rose,

Gawd, I love you Rose, I love how you stir the pot and really twist that knife in..lol.
I wish I had my own blog so I can do the same, but I'll leave it up to you... you are such a wonderful writer.
Hmmmm, the necklace is very nice. Someone had it posted with a better view of it. Looks very special and unique. I wonder who gave it to her..cough, cough.. and what he said when he presented it to her. Of course after he did, there must of been alot of kisses, hugs, and other things..lol.

I also can't wait till Eclipse and all the Edward and Bella "spooning".
Hyenas must be on the brink of madness.

Thanks Rose, have a glorious day.
Love is in the air.

Deb said...

Hey Rose There you go again reading my mine hahah I to have been rereading the twilight saga im on the Eclipse one now I cant read them enough It keeps me going until I get to see them again.And didnt Rob once say that Jack Nicholson was one of his heroes? SO YES Kristen had to know that Rob love him .I looked at the necklace that Kristen IS wearing and It dose look like something some one would make for a love one.And ya Patty she has had it and the gold band on scenes her B-Day Hmmmmmm.And YA Rose we all have to come home ans sleep some time sooo I do think that Rob well get to see Kristen some time. If not in the day time it well be at night.Well girls I hope you all have a good day AND HO ya Rose you said you were going to be gone some time next month I hope you have a good time BUT PLEASE do stay gone to LONE I'll miss ya. .... DEB

Anonymous said...

omg, I totally cut down my fanfiction intake too, and I'm only reading AU stories now to get back to vampire edward. EZrocksangel's "Creature of Habit" is my favorite completed fiction while the one AU WIP I drop EVERYTHING for Halojones' "Last Rites"(kstew411 kept saying she can't read twilight anymore after last rites so thanks to her for rec'ing). Read and enjoy two amazing vampire edwards, Rose:



Jenn Ski said...

I just started reading midnight sun a few days ago. I didn't want to start reading it because it wasn't finished and I knew I would be soo mad, but here I am on page 239. Can't get enough...

I know what you mean about the books not being enough anymore. Your brain keeps wanting them to have sex. lol

Check out this sexy vid. At first I was like this is dumb, and then I was like hmm. Imagination is a wonderful thing!

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Rob said his haircut was 3 days old. He taped Ellen show on Tuesday. So that meant that he got his haircut on Saturday. So obviously he had his haircut at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna while he was having his romantic vacation with KS right? NOT!

Lisa said...

Great post Rose.. Always make me smile HUGELY!

I recently finished Eclipse but haven't started breaking dawn yet (AGAIN! I wouldn't want to admit how many times I've read them since Dec 1 LOL) I'm taking a break to read On the Road and just read Neon Angel. Anyway, I've thought about reading some FF. What's some of your favorites?

Have you all seen this video? Very cute.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VIPZ3dHD4Y&playnext_from=TL&videos=8ZG1KM_DuuQ&feature=sub

Happy WFE day! :) Can't wait...

And Patty, I agree.. It will be kinda sad not to see as much of the "bubble" as we're use to..

OH, and I also got my Eclipse tix which I've never done before. But my daughters and I are going to see the Trilogy! 7 hours in the seats! YIKES CRAZY! LOL

@11:50 that Brent guy said Robs hair was short under the hat..

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 11:50 Laguna is only an hour and a half drive away from LA. He could have gotten a haircut that morning and checked out the set and returned. People's commutes to work every day are longer than that.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about 'Eclipse' my favourite book of the series !In this days I have been watching the movies over and over again!I'm so nervous and anxious ;I will not have disappointments about eclipse ...I hope!!!

Rose thanks!And thanks to robert and kristen;they're magic!without them everything would be different!
robert and kristen together have created this spell!


Anonymous said...

I can tell you Rose that as Rob is drawn to Kristen, Kristen is drawn away from him. This is what you do not understand and why their relationship will not last. Take for example the new Edward/Bella kiss. While Robward clearly wanted more, Bella always seems to be pulling away from kisses, even in that one. If you read the book you know that its the oppisite way around. Edward is hesitant and Bella actually inisiates the kisses. Yet once again we see her reluctant to kiss him. This is so not the way Bella was in the books. Is it obviously a Kristen thing. And it shows more up often than ever now, in conversations, pictures and looks towards Rob. You can tell she is insecure in her relationship with Rob and that he makes her feel nervous and edgy.

jen said...

anon 11:33: omg, Last Rites is my main fic right now too! It's the only AU story I've read that ever really gets what Edward is going through with his dual nature. Either people make au edward lusty or else too human. Her Edward is a vampire first, and innocent boy second that contrasts so strongly with what the vampire is capable. Gah, love it.

Anyways, great post Rose! Robert is a happy boy, so is Kristen, so that's all that matters!

Anonymous said...

i agree,lets see how she acts while kissing taylor i bet she will be totally into the kiss,kristen doesnt love robert,she loves taylor

jen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Pop out the umbrellas everyone, here comes the rain again.Melenas

Anonymous said...

Rob always looks like he's madly in love with KStew (the looks he gaves her, that's what every girl wants, the things he says about her etc), his feelings are written all over his face, can't say that about KStew,she pulls away and doesn't look that much into it in ALL their kisses. That's the total opposite of what Bella is like,let's wait for Failcob/Bella kiss, who wants to bet it won't be Bella pulling away in this one?

Anonymous said...

About the kiss. Sorry, I'm a fan of Kristen, but she truly does not show she WANTS it from him in the movies. ACT LIKE U WANT IT and stop thinking what people would say. Bella really wanted E in the books, what gives? Too self-concious? Don't want to give alway too much or you just not into it. He looks like a good kisser in this one.

Anonymous said...

Rob always looks like he's madly in love with KStew (the looks he gaves her, that's what every girl wants, the things he says about her etc), his feelings are written all over his face, can't say that about KStew.....

Anonymous said...

As much as I like Rob and Kristen,together or apart.Sometimes after reading your post Rose I feel that you have put them on a pedestal,and hope they will meet up to your expectations.But they are only a couple of human beings not Edward and Bella.Thus they will make mistakes whether you like it or not.

Anonymous said...

So Rose.. out of curosity.. where is that amazing present that you and your buddy KPattzNews said Kristen gave to Rob for his birthday? ...Oh wait, I forgot.. it doesn't exist lol. Unless its supposed to be that old shoestring Rob's been wearing for years haha.

jen said...

omg, can the same poster post the same post about 5 times in a row? Someone is late taking their meds!

Deb said...

HEY did you ever think that Kristen only pulls away (I didnt see her do that) was because shes TO MUCH INTO IT and didnt want to get carried away and not be able to stop hummmmmmm YOU KNOW SHE MUST LOVE KISSING ROB.( One thing CAN lead to another).THINK ABOUT IT .SEE the Love that have for each other ITS there Just OPEN up your eyes and you can see LOOK at the LOVE not the HATE. DEB

pricklypearess said...

I've never read any fanfic. Maybe I should start? Great post as usual, Rose. Did see 2 cute pics of Rob on WFE set today. He looked very happy. God, I love watching Rob when he's around Kristen. He is an open book. Suppose I'll take one more look at his gorgeousness then head out for the day! Have a good one everybody! xoxo

Anonymous said...

to anon 11:50: He said he's had it cut for 3 days...Sunday, Monday, Tuesday = 3 days. Nice try.

Anonymous said...

You have to remember that this is part of a movie. This is not real life. If you have read the book, the meadow scene was at the end, where Edward says, "I want you, right here, right now" and then kisses Bella. She pulls away from him to tell him that she wants to do this right, and tells hims that she wants to wait until they are married. This could be that part of the book. Just saying. I don't think this has anything to do with what they feel towards each other in real life.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rose! Love your blog! And for those that are talking about the meadow scene in the Muse video, please read pages 618 and 619...it clearly explains the scene!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose, great post as always, I too am going to read Eclipse before the movie is released.
And I have been way into fanfic for the last year, it's way addictive but some is really good. Glad to see there is less hate on here today, and less foam lol have a great day.

Anonymous said...

anon: 1:42: Willl you give it a rest? Robert didn't even know what day it was or in how many days he starts shooting-you think he sat there deciding if he should count day one on Saturday or Sunday? bwahahaha.....overanalyze much? The kid cut his hair short a couple days ago or so.

jen said...

Yes, Robert was asking Ellen when he began shooting and trying to remember the exact day it was. LOL

Lisa said...

For those talking about Kristen/Bella pulling away from Rob/Edward in today's meadow scene (and as eluded to) it happens in last kissing scene of NM. Where they are in her bedroom and he says "Can you? I hope you can because I honestly don't know how to live without you" she then says "come here" and they kiss. She pulls away when he is going for another just like in today's clip. Well, it's easy.. It's HER turn to speak NEXT. So SHE determines when to start talking and stop kissing. It has nothing to do with not wanting to kiss him! If she didn't want to kiss him, she wouldn't be doing it! And if you watch her in all her other movies, the kisses aren't as guarded. Bella/Edward are guarded. You can't call THE BOOK THE BOOK because the movies ARE NOT the book! These two play them the way they see them, feel them. People are confusing E & B with R & K! They are DIFFERENT people! Sadly, we don't get to see R & K kiss. So stop reading stuff into it and just enjoy the show! Sheesh!

And as for Kristen & Taylor? Give me a break.. He's a BABY for cryin out loud! SHE smokes (more then ciggs) drinks and swears like a truck driver.. Taylor is her friend, he could never be anything more unless one of them changes completely!

Happy Thursday all..

Anonymous said...

I have to share this, because i know they're read this blog.

Just LOL @ some kristen fans. Based on clips they're think kristen is too cool for this world (lol) and again they're making fun of Rob's acting.. tay's too.. lol just lol...

How about Volturi clip? dakota and the others was FAIL.
It's all about shitty writing people! and guess what? even your beloved kristen is bad in it.
there is only so much a good actor can do with shitty writing. and these movies have awful writing. Period.

and they call Rob fans stupid for objectifying him *sigh* believe me, you're doing the same with KStew.

Anonymous said...

Lol so where is the amazing present that RoseSee and KPattzNews said Kristen gave to Rob for his birthday that we would see? ...Oh wait, I forgot.. it doesn't exist lol. Unless its supposed to be that old shoestring Rob's been wearing for years haha. Just like last year and the year before Kristen didn't get Rob anything for his birthday. Some relationship lol.

Anonymous said...

to anon 2:24: That's my point exactly. I was responding to someone who was trying to make a big deal out of when he got his haircut. I'm on your team. Sheesh. Don't bite my head off.

Anonymous said...

some kristen fans? hmm...

and some robSTEN person.

There made it easier for you.

Anonymous said...

that was meant for to anon 2:49..

Anonymous said...

So today is the "Rob is totally drawn to Kristen but Kristen is not much into him". So what happend to the "stage 5 clinger" that followed Rob everywhere and went 3 times to Europe, while Rob prefered to stay in London with his family and friends instead of going to LA a day after BA finished? Some people can't keep track with their own record. I don't claim to have any insight into their relationship, but I guess they must be really into each other to deal day in day out with this nonsens....

Love Anna

Anonymous said...

anon 2:56- You really think Kristen didn't get Rob anything for his birthday? Please.

anon 3:10- Why are you listing Kristen fans? If you don't like what they are saying, you don't need to follow them. I don't like when people get disrespectful about Rob, so I just unfollow.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me,but people saying that the fact that Kristen is pulling away from the kiss in the eclipse clip just proves that Kristen doesn't love Rob makes me LMAO!! Are you people so dumb??

1) It's a movie, not real life. Two completely different things.
They have to stick to the SCRIPT.

2)I love that kiss. Very sexy and romantic(open mouth kiss *wink*)

3) We haven't even seen the whole kiss. Obviously this is a part of it but it isn't the complete scene. We don't know how it starts or how it ends. In fact if you notice in the Muse video,at the end of it, when it sort of fades to black, you can see Bella's face going close to Edward's again,like she's going for another kiss.You don't see it in the gif but you can see it in the video.LOOK THAT AGAIN.

4)Do you remebrer the meadow stills that were released long time ago?At some point Bella is ON TOP of Edward while he's lying with his back against the grass. How do they end up in that "position"? KISSING. So,the kissing scene was not complete in the Muse video. They couldn't put it all in there.

5) If they had shown the whole kissing scene people would have complained about it and said:"they are showing us the whole movie!". People seem to be always upset about everything.

6)Can we just enjoy the movie? It seems amazing so far judging from the clips that were shown. And people who saw the movie said that ther are LOTS OF HOT AND HEAVY makeout sessions between Edward and Bella.

7)Rob and Kristen are together. the NONsense does nothing to them. Haters can make up stories all they want, it doesn't change a damn thing. Haters know this very well and are so desperate that it's beyond pathetic.

8)News flash: Rob can work and have a relationship. Do people really think that he's 24/7 on set?LMAO. Where the hell do you live? He found time to be with Kristen while they were in 2 different parts of the world and you think they don't make sure to be together now that they're BOTH in CA?LOL! Ok.Whatever makes you feel better..

9)Rose you're awesome.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:30

'why are people listing kristen fans?' hmmm.. Why not? why are people listing rob fans? Oh believe me they do. or why cant we just ignore hyenas then?
I am a fan of both R&K and i follow Rob's and Kstew's people and i have to say I think nonstens and krisbians need to work together!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Lisa , Lisa you stike again thanks for putting these numbskulls in place....although i have to admitt we have much LESS comments to read this fine Friday morning [ ALMOST FORGOT HELLOOOOO ROSE ] LOVE YOUR POST ...BUT NO MUSIC THIS MORNING ....WHAT HAPPENED... I WAS ENJOYING THAT IMMENSLY!!!!!

Melinda said...

Another beautiful day (at least in my world it is)!

I bought my Eclipse tickets already too! Can't wait to see it. I have never seen any of the Twilight movies opening weekend but this time I decided to join the masses.

Saw a t-shirt the other day that said "Isle Esme- Home of the free flying feathers". I may just have to buy it.

Oh and about the necklace- I never thought it was a St. Christopher medallion as some people were speculating. Sometimes it catches the light and sparkles. Whoever gave it to her (I personally think it is from Rob) it is obviously important to her as she hasn't removed it since her b-day.

As for Rob giving her b-day presents in the past-she has only talked about the guitar he gave her for her 18th b-day. That was when they were still friends so I imagine now she would want to keep anything else he has given her private.

As for her not getting Rob anything for his birthday well...presents that you can get your man are totally different. So it could quite possibly be something that he doesn't carry around for the whole world so see. Who knows and quite frankly who cares. They are together and I am pretty confident that she has gifted him with things in more ways than one.

The whole "Kristen is into Taylor" thing is a laugh a minute. She was the one who said it felt weird to kiss him. Also have we ever seen them together outside of work related things? A big fat NO. I think Taylor enjoys the spotlight much more than Kristen so just no. No, no, no.

I heard that Reese W. has a house that she owns near the filming location for WFE. I wonder if she and her boyfriend will invite Rob and Kristen over for some R and R during filming?

Hope the rest of the evening is calm with no major foam....

Anonymous said...

Ugh! So apparently Kris and Taylor are now doing promo for Korea and Austrilia and Rob is doing zit. Ridculous! Absolutely unfair that Rob is not promoting Eclipse and the other 2 have to schlep everywhere and do his share. God Rob really is the golden boy. There is no equality here at all. No R/K /T promotion of any substance at all, Gee they fire Rachelle. However, the lead is unavailable for any real promotion of Eclipse?I feel bad for Taylor and Kris. Rob gets all the press and the limelight and top talk shows and the other 2 leads do all the mud slinging/dirty jobs. I cannot believe that KS tolerates this. I just do not see her with RP at all. Rob is such an arse licker big time! What have you done to deserve this-played a game for Summit ROB! I am so sick of Rob Pattinson * Zeus and Demi-God with teen witches who worship him. Sickos!

Deb said...

HEY Melanda you said what I was thinking (about) the b_day present that Kristen got for Rob. You know she gave him more then he was asking for hehehe And I did hear some where that she got him a guitar so there WHO knows what she got him I just know he must have been happy to get it and by the way not every one knows what my hubby gets me on my B-Day.So let the unbelievers think what they want I dont think Rob and Kristen are going to get mad over it They dont give a shit what any one thinks Its there life NOT OURS (The End)......Deb

Anonymous said...

@4:08 If the others were filming a movie during promotion time it would be just the same. He is doing promotion too, just a little less this time around. Take your hate back to the AT boards. This site is called PATTINSONintoxication, if you don't like Rob, get out.

soadram said...

I read your post with a silly smile of malice;) And I loved it.
I contend not only believe in Rob / Kris who does not want to see.
And the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and never deceive the eyes of those two when they are say a lot, even if not open his mouth.
A happy day for you Rosa

Anonymous said...

Love all the new pics of Rob. He would look hot wearing anything!
Rose, Can you follow me on twitter please. I'd love to reply to some of your tweets.



Anonymous said...

to 4:08pm. What the heck are you blubbering on about?

a) Rob is filming a movie.
b) Kristen and Taylor did promo last year in Brazil and Mexico without Rob. He was in Japan.
c) Kristen and Taylor have done the same big talk shows as Rob has.
d) Who knows what promo Rob will be able to do other than LA stuff. It's all speculation at this point. Not sure if they're going to Europe but maybe, just maybe, Rob has some time off for that. If he doesn't, oh well, he has to work! Eclipse promos will be different because of that. For NM Rob, Kristen and Taylor all did the same amount of promo work.

Anonymous said...

SOADRAM @ 4.34 WHAT LOVELY SENTIMENT FROM YOU THIS MORNING...And the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and never deceive the eyes of those two when they are say a lot, even if not open his mouth.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:08

and i can't believe your idiocy!
This site is called 'Pattinsonintoxication' just FUCK OFF! ...

Anonymous said...

Oh Rose, I think you must be my twin, because everything you write I am either doing or thinking. I love Robsten, and I agree about the necklace...it must be special to Kris because she wears it all the time and she tries to hide it. I was hoping to see them together promoting Eclipse, but am beginning to have my doubts, since he is filming. Time will tell. Anyway, keep up the good work. I look forward to your words every day.

Patricia said...

Rose: This is what I was afraid of : Kristen and Taylor are going to Korea and Australia while Rob's doing WFE.... I'm sorry I don't think they have any chemistry !!! I really will miss Rob and Kristen doing these promos. I'm disappointed.

Rob looks gorgeous on the WFE set. Sexy, dirty boy OMG !!!!

I've said this before, the gold ring Kristen has been wearing on her middle finger left hand is the same one Rob wore in Bel Ami.


Anonymous said...

What about the ring? She used to wear 3-4, now just one...maybe it's a special one ;)

Anonymous said...

@Patricia, I think it's not the same ring Rob wore in BA, but a special one for sure ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! More great pics of Rob on WFE. He's in costume, working with a horse and looks FABULOUS! The pics are all posted on robsessed. You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

To Melinda..I wondered that too, if Reese would invite Rob and Kristen back to her place on weekends etc. It's close to where they are filming,I've seen pics on some celeb housing site and it is beautiful, she has several acres and a barn/horse ring. Rob will get even 'broodier'(Brit for wanting kids) if he spends any time with Reese's 2 kids,if nothing else,he will see them on set at times. Poor Kristen,she doesn't have a chance.lol

Anonymous said...

Have y'all seen the pics of Rob in Jacob gear on Robsessed/Popsugar??? Holy shit!! Hot damn. Don't think I've EVER seen him look so hot. He looks like Cedric as Dr.Doolittle.lol Tan, sweaty,dirty, suspenders, gorgeous Ivy League
30's hair, leading a horse! Hot men with animals are my undoing and Rob has undone me. lol

Anonymous said...

just been announce on a prime Sydney radio station Kristen and taylor doin promo in Sydney may 31st without Rob....waht a let down....NO DISRESPET TO K & T ...BUT no rob show.....IT WONT BE THE SAME

Anonymous said...

I doubt Reese would invite them, not cause she isn't a nice enough person, but they attract psycho paps and no one needs them sniffing around her home and kids. But there's a bunch of lovely places to rent by the beach right around those parts, Robsten, take advantage of it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rose, love your blog. But I'm afraid it's going to be a long summer with the junior hyenas out of school, on the prowl and nothing to keep them busy or gainfully employed. Sigh!


katy said...

LOVE LOVE the 1930 look on Rob...SO HOT.

Lisa said...

I agree, he looks better then I thought.. I likey!

And for those asking about the rings, someone posted this on twitter today. I saved the pic but forgot to save who made it?? I'm not saying it means ANYTHING.. I have NO IDEA, but to each his own..

Here's a pic, you'll have to save it to blow it up..

Anonymous said...

im not assuming just visualing!!!

Anonymous said...


Awesome. I love Rob.

*Suzy Q*

Lisa said...


The pic on the left is Kristen left hand, ring on middle finger like we've seen. The pic on the right, is Rob's hand with look alike ring on his left ring finger. People are assuming its part of a Bel-Ami pic. In THOSE pics, the rings do look alike.. I have no clue..

BTW, MORE new Rob/Jacob pics just showed up.. VERY nice.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oh yer i get it with the rings i was havin a blond moment.....lucky for me you cant see my hair colour...[btw yes i am strawberry blond]
yer i suppose that figures...

Anonymous said...

kristen is not into rob haha


Lisa said...

Nah, you're good Louisa, it's just all the excitement today! Yes, his eyes looked really blue and teeth really white.. cute as a button...

@7:59.. Did you bother to READ the whole thing, or just the headline? Silly..

Anonymous said...

to lisa:

yes i did thank you let me quote it for you "“[Rob] likes [Kristen] more than she likes him,” Dr. Lillian Glass tells HollywoodLife.com."

Anonymous said...


Deb said...

TO ANOM 8:09 YOU DID NOT I'll say it again( NOT) read the whole thing IT DID I'll say it again (DID) say that you can SEE that SHE is into HER LEADING MAN WHO????HO ya ROBERT PATTINSON go back and read ALL of it not just what you want to read.THANK YOU Louisa People only see what they want to see and if its not what they think then they well say lies ALL lies I feel sorry for them How do they even work in this world OR live??? beats me . .....DEB

Anonymous said...

"Fortunately, Rob’s affections aren’t totally one-sided. Although she’s more subtle, Kristen’s body language still shows she’s very much into her leading man."

That's the part you so conveniently left out of your little rant.

Yet another reason R/K won't talk about their relationship with the world. They get picked apart for every little thing.
Also, take into account that the "experts" are looking at one set of photos. If they looked at other photos of just them without Taylor...you might get a very different take on them. Have Ms. Glass look at the New Moon press pictures when Kristen was giving Rob looks that could set a forest on fire!

I think when they are alone she shows him what she is feeling. If he wasn't getting what he wants out of the relationship I bet they wouldn't be together. This is not a PR couple as some still like to believe.

Spread the hate somewhere else please.....

Lisa said...

Anon 8:09... Ahhhh I see, you SELECTIVELY read it. That's cool, whatever you need to make it through the night.. :)

I'm not going to argue with anyone on the matter if they're together or not. It's clear they are. Forget what we think we see.. Listen to what they say.. The latest USA Today is enough. How much he likes/loves her, or she likes/loves him we'll probably never know.. Those who wont admit it have problems I can't fix.. ;)

Anyway, for those interested, CUTE video..


amanda said...

I think it's pretty obvious Kristen is into Rob. She traveled to Budapest to spend her birthday especially with him, not to mention New Years. I'd say it's a pretty balanced relationship. His feelings are written all over his face and her actions speak volumes. :)

WFE Rob=HOT! Kristen you lucky girl.;)

Fanny said...

I can't believe it's a 'kristen doesn't love rob as much as he does' day. They both look damn happy together so I'd say they're pretty fine with the love they receive from each other.

Sure Rob's feelings are written all over his face. But Kristen's feelings are pretty obvious too. She's the one who showed the most pda imo. Holding his hand in Paris and during the london conference, touching him while whispering in his ear in Madrid, traveling to London and Budapest to spend a few days with him. Aren't these enough proofs she loves him too?

Wow those photos of Rob in WfE!!!!! I love that book so much and thought he'd be great in the movie. But I couldn't even start to imagine he'd look THAT perfect!!!! I even more can't wait to see this movie.
Love this Jacob look, lucky Kristen!

I'm disappointed that Rob won't do as much promotion as last year. I'd like more appearances of the trio (well I'd gladly take just rob & Kristen but won't happen so...). Seeing Rob or Kristen on talk shows is always fun but after watching Oprah, I'm greedy and need more of that! Oh well we'll have Kimmel, gotta be great too. In the meantime I'll watch Kristen & Taylor and stare at Rob pics from WfE. Eh, works too, doesn't it ;) ?

Lila said...

Hallo Rose,

Hope all is well, like always you put a smile on my face...your blog always brightens my day!!
I wanto ask you a question...it seems that you read quite alot of books and I'm currently looking for something good to read. It just seems like no book actually compares to the Twilight saga...I want that intense love, romance, heart ache..etc! any suggestions? please help!
Take care, can't wait for the next post!

Anonymous said...


Lisa said...

Well, I call BS.. Hear say.. However, even if it WERE true, that was PRE Twilight. Doesn't have anything to do with it now. just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Nick and Steph hard at work for their golden boy