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Monday, May 24, 2010

Rob and Kristen- How Do I Live Without You?

I guess it's the end of the world.
The End.
I'm not sure how I can go on...
I mean... seriously.

"It looks like the big lurve has ended.
Rob buying a guitar alone and Kristen being on a concert alone."
(Yes, someone actually wrote that.) 

Honestly... How can that be??
Rob bought a guitar... ALONE???
Kristen went to a concert... ALONE???
I don't understand it.
How could Robert and Kristen EVER do
anything... ALONE?
How can love survive that???? 

*Please note that the above is dripping with sarcasm*

Good fucking Grief.
People are fucking lunatics.
That's all that comes to mind.

If Kristen is hanging out with Rob...
Then she's a desperate clinger with no friends.
They constantly scream "PR! PR! PR!"
Kristen does a little road trip with friends...
Goes to a concert...
And now it means she's just not that into him.
Or they are just "Friends With Benefits"

Good fucking Grief.
My husband goes on Golf trips with his buddies...
I've gone to Vegas with girlfriends...
In normal relationships
Stuff like that happens.
The keyword here is NORMAL
Something the Hyenas don't seem to grasp.
Kristen is going to be VERY busy the next few weeks...
I think it's awesome she got to hang out with her friends
and go listen to music and enjoy herself.
How very NORMAL of a 20 year old girl.

And get your umbrellas handy, folks...
Oh yes.
Rob, Kristen and Taylor 
will be presenting an Eclipse clip at the 

And outside of being happy to be able to see
them at the show (together)
Now it makes BEST KISS all the more interesting.

Oh there is major foaming at this...
They can't stand it!
"I'm voting for Taylor and Taylor to win Best kiss!!"


Are we going to see something like this again?
Maybe this time they will actually...
I'm completely serious about the umbrellas...
Boots, goggles, gloves...
Whatever you think will protect you from all
the foaming.
The shit's gonna get deep...
and they are still 2 weeks away.

Remember this picture?
Taken right after they arrived at the MTV show last  year?
Looking all disheveled and fluffed...
Rob re-buttoned his shirt wrong.
Both Kristen's and Rob's hair looks like
fingers were running through it...

Can't wait to see what this award show will bring.
It will be...

So let the Sad Hyenas cling to Kristen's Roadtrip.
It doesn't mean anything...
and well...
It's all they have.
It's not easy being a Hyena...
All that drooling foam
The flies... The fleas...
Dealing with Rabies... 
Eating off dead carcasses.
Scavenging for anything to make themselves...
Not So Sad.
Let them bark about Kristen and Taylor
being in Australia and Korea without Rob
(Who is obviously working) 
Let the mutts have that scrap
They are starving after all...
Bye for now


bubbles00 said...

Love your blog, its amazing :)

wondering whether you'd read my blog http://bubblestwilight.blogspot.com/2010/05/loves.html it has kstew etc

really appreciate it :) x

Angelica said...

I still want a DakotaStew kiss. That would make the Nonsten's shut the hell up (hopefully) and it would make me very happy.
R and K can come back next year, when the (Eclipse) kisses are even hotter. Meow.

And yes, right, they CAN do stuff alone. Indipendency, people.

Anonymous said...

people are crazy... thanks again rose i love your blog <3

Twilightchick said...

Lol yes I feel sorry for the poor Hyenas. I guess people just have to have something to gripe about no matter what. Great article.

bubbles00 said...

I know, it's ridiculous of course they're gonna do stuff alone, they're not joined at the hip

And a DakotaStew kiss would be amazing !

Really wanna see a real Robsten kiss though :D x

May said...

Good fucking Grief.
People are fucking lunatics.
That's all that comes to mind.

MTE,bb.LOL Plus,dont worry.If R&K kiss on the stage,***stens&h8rs will still say "its for PR",so I dont even care for their delusional BS anymore. ;p LMAO

As always,an awesome,awesome post,dear Rose. <3

RobStenation said...

I love the dishevelled MTV pic.SO cute! Oh man, Can't wait for June 6. As usual, love the post Rose.

Anonymous said...

To Angelica
Oh I bet you do. Ugh. Seriously WTF? I used to like DakotaStew but after reading that disgusting fanfic about Kristen having sex with her best friend I'm put off. Wtf is wrong with you people? Kristen is with Rob and Dakota is her BFF. She is not going to get with her just because they kissed in a movie if thats what you're hoping for.

Anonymous said...

Glad she's hanging out with her friends, he's working hard right now, problably has very little time to be with her.
She said she would make a roadtrip a long time ago. Maybe she's preparing herself for her next movie, On the Road :)
I love her and I love them together.
And I love your blog!

Mia, from Portugal

Anonymous said...

amazing rose amazing
The keyword here is NORMAL!!holy words.
nonsten/hyenas are fucking loonies and irrationals.
these girls do not understand a Normal relationship because are obsessed ,obsessive ,desperate .
Robert and kristen are two healthy and normal people.

Anonymous said...

Quick Question: Why is it may I ask that shippers have absolutely no problem with Kristen kissing her costars but they can't stand Rob doing the same? Is it because hes a guy whos more likely to cheat?

Jenn Ski said...

I really hope they win best kiss!!!!

Anonymous said...

To anon 10:57, So Rob needs a babysitter now? He's a grown adult and so is Kristen. He's working so I'm glad she's spending time with friends, something normal people do. She'll do some promos for Eclipse while he's working then they have the rest of the summer again until she starts on her film. So you can add up all the days you want but you might not like the answer.

And yes, road trips are a blast!! Everyone should do at least once in their life.

Anonymous said...

to anon 10:57. You're going to compare Rob with Reece's kids? OK then.

bubbles00 said...


please try it :)

RPaddict said...

anon 10:57 you need a mirror to see true "delusional".

Rose I was thinking the same thing last night. My DH and I are happily married we don't get a lot of time together,but we still spend time with friends apart.

Rob once said that when your apart for large amounts of time that when you are together it's that much better.
Besides I bet they spend more time together than any of us are even aware of.

I'm looking forward to seeing them at the MTV awards.

I hope that the positve comments out way the the foamy drool filled ones. We love your blog!YOU ROCK!

Anonymous said...

I gotta say its so nice to see all the posters here being so grown-up about Kristen hanging with her mates while her and Rob are staying in LA. Its too bad a few of you didn't show Rob the same treatment when he hung with his friends at a birthday party in LA last year.

bubbles00 said...

I didnt know about the whoel thing in May last year, so I cnt comment :L

Anonymous said...

Well said Rose.

You know its sounds so sane and normal... the heynas are sure to descend.

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

Shippers don't care if Rob goes on a road trip, a concert, a charity event, or whatever he chooses to do with his buddies. It's the lunatics and the hyenas who are the ones who insinuate that he's cheating because Kristen is not attached to his hip. Shippers don't think he's a manwhore like the nonsense want us to believe so why would we care if he went out with his friends?

Anonymous said...

Rob said once that he didn't think that the kind of relationship bella and edward have is healthy because they are so centred in eachother.
It's just normal that they hang out with their friends (like normal people do), they don't need to be together all the time. And he's working now and Kristen is on vacation, it would be strange if she just be there waiting for him all the time.

Angelica said...

Dear Anon 10:55.
Ofcourse, I know that Kristen is with Rob, and that Dakota is her bff. I'm not stupid.
But I think their kiss in The Runaways was pretty damn hot and that's why I'm voting for them.
I'm not hoping for they to hook up or anything. They're just two hot damn chicks who made one hot damn kiss. Hotter than the one in New Moon. Jeez.

Anonymous said...

Love you Rose!
Really, I'm speechless today to define how pathetics are these hyeans..so, I'm just laughing so hard at them! .....but, just few words to them -ready to open my umbrella :) Hyenas..I wonder why you're so envious..maybe.. because, Kristen thanks God has everything: She has Health, Beauty, a job she loves, a beautiful, faithful boyfriend to take care about, and who cares about her..she's intelligent, she has a very happy life. She's brilliant,brave, she is not afraid of you or your pathetic comments: she's simply and wonderfully herself and that's why Robert loves her so much..and then comes to you: I'm just saying, but..you probably are very sad people without a life who can just spread foam and hate around and on Robsten, because...you don't have anything else to do..you're lonely people. Lonely, sad, envious and close minded people who can just scream "PR;PR!" Or "He bought two guitars...he was alone!" and you're so happy about that..I mean...how can we not to laugh at you? XD If only you could realize how ridiculous your behaviour is..you would be ashamed of yourselves. So, Get a life, find a boyfriend, find something to do, better than spending all your sad days before your laptop..I mean, I'm saying this for you XD Kristen really doesn't care about your shit: she's a woman, a great woman. She is loved by a great man. And you can scream how much you want. THINGS WON'T CHANGE: ROBERTLOVESKRISTENLOVESROBERT..Thanks God! You'll NEVER have him. He'll NEVER want you..HE LOVES KRISTEN..just deal with it. You'll be happier..
And Robsten....we love you! Keep being yourselves. Keep enjoying your beautiful love. Yours is some of the purest love I've ever seen..God bless you, always!

Caroline said...

Well wish just read the blog and move on but i can't; not today.Anonymous 10:57- It's obvious they are together, and she spend her time, her night with him, and do you think that maybe, just maybe she already been planed that trip?!And maybe she just wish to been in a concert, with her girls, have fun, to later, after a couple days, return into her man's arm!Well the funny thing it's i don't know wht she thinks but i do know they are together...Let them be!!!
And by the way, i prefer so much see a Rob and Kristen kiss...
Love you Rose!

Deb said...

Hey Rose LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your post you just said it all LET THEM CRY. By the way DO you steal SEE the RING she has ON????yep ITS STEAL THERE now lets see them cry over that I HOPE SHES HAVING FUN She'll be back in Robs arms before long You have a good day my friend AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK YAAAA for the MTV MOVIE AWARDS cant wait BEST KISS (ROBERT PATTINSON and KRISTEN STEWARD )....DEB

Patricia said...

Rose: I think we knew when the pictures came out of Kristen (at the concert )... that there would be insanity once again on the boards.

First of all I must admit "how wrong I was, speculating in my comment here yesterday, on how I thought Kristen was the one taking the picture at the guitar store " Wishful thinking on my part I guess.

I think some of the problem is 'THIS ISN'T EDWARD AND BELLA' we're talking about. It's Rob and Kristen and their relationship is not the Fantasy of 'THE TWILIGHT SAGA' I admit sometimes I also get CARRIED AWAY WITH THE THOUGHT OF THEM!!!


Grazie for your post Rose.

john said...

Kristen does many road trips with Scout.Last time they went at Vegas.They're very close.Really,really close,if you know what i mean.And Lily 11:25,i agree.Shippers are making up romantic stories that they're not exist.Rob and Kristen ARE NOT TOGETHER.

Anonymous said...

Robsten make love while hyenas are criyng..Sorry but that's the truth! A wonderful truth! And anonymous...hyena..you come here every single day writing the same bullshit...Everybody has understood that it's the same person witing..I mean, even my cat understood it, so..just try to keep calm and be less....ridiculous.Or maybe am I asking for too much? Hyeans, you are all delusional losers...XD
Get a life, come on! Let Robsten be in peace, loving each other! We know it's not simple for envious losers like you to become somethings else..but..just try, right?! ahahahaahah!!!
Love you Rose...we keep on dancing...Hyenas keep on screaming and crying..and Robsten keep on loving each other..XD that's the life.. XD

soadram said...

Brilliant post as always
One look is worth a thousand words.
I have read comments on your blog and twitter and elsewhere, and I think people who do are not normal ... it is nonsense that we read each and wonder they really believe in what they write ......
I have no doubt that Rob and Kris vao win best kiss and you can also rum normal relationship, because the normal relationships is always the person who lives boyfriend, husband,,,, because even I tneho married longtime friends and also have time for them as my husband has ... but I think (hyenas, and all of those who are against) do not know what is a normal and happy relationship, or is it because I do not know what is to a relationship or a marriage normal, I think it is more
Rosa a good day and ignore always been a motto so old
sofy of Portugal

Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHA there's nothing wrong with the girl doing a road trip, the WRONG thing is she's doing it while she can barely see his "boyfriend"! If you couldn't see your husband for long times (first a month, then 2 weeks, then...) would you prefer going out to Vegas instead being with him?

That's the point you shippers try to hide.

They are not a couple.

Anonymous said...

It's beyond obvious at this point Rob and Kristen are together. After Budapest and NYE and a million other things. But lets just say they are just 'friends with benefits' or just friends period. She still has more of a relationship with Rob than you ever will hyenas. Look at yourselves. The happiness you have about Kristen being on a road trip is just plain crazy. They got back to LA near the first of May and then weeks later she decides to go on a trip with friends. I get more and more convinced hyenas have never had a relationship. (I can't imagine why, they seem like such lovely people. lol)

linzy said...

Argh I've been away all weekend, looks like I missed a lot of fun *snort*

Thanks for keeping it real Rose :) I'm very excited to see what fun bits we get at the MTVMA's this year! Can't imagine anything less than epic, heh.

Personally I was stoked to see Kristen hanging with her friends and going to see a Zombie concert. She's 20! I was running around going to festivals and rock shows from the age of 16, many of them without my bf. Didn't mean I didn't love him to bits, just that I needed girl time :) I bet Rob had a great time guitar shopping on his day off. Thinking he's amassed quite a collection... wonder where they all get stored when not in use? teehee

Have a nice day all.. don't let the foam stain your soul!

kharma1 said...

Hi Rose,
Hope you had nice weekend.

Another great post.
The hyenas love to reach don't they, any excuse to spew hate and deny Rob and Kristen's love for each other.. sad, sad, sad.
Hey their loss, their just miserable, insecure, immature, hyenas. Sure doesn't affect Rob and Kristen's relationship does it.

I'm so excited that they will be at the MTV Awards.. praying for a makeout session on stage (I doubt it). But maybe they'll surprise us with a kiss. And then spend the night at the Charlie Hotel again.
Soooo romantic, love these two.

Thanks Rose.

Anonymous said...

I think it's the hyenas that are the clingy ones and can't understand how Kristen can spend time with her friends when she could be at home waiting for Rob to get home from filming so she can wash his feet and wipe his azz for him like they would. Bawahaha!!

Anonymous said...

@anon 11:25- well where do you think he keeps those vintage guitars, perhaps a place close to that guitar shop where he spends his free time, oh you know where

Fanny said...

Love this new post too Rose. How true. God forbid Rob or Kristen have friends and spend time with them.

The MTV awards. I can't wait! I hope R & K win best kiss again. I'm curious about how they're gonna avoid the kissing issue this time if they do win *evil* And of course I'm all for E/B kisses, they're hot.

'So let the Sad Hyenas cling to Kristen's Roadtrip. It doesn't mean anything... and well... It's all they have.' Totally agree, I too was saying this in the previous post. Let's them have this if it makes them feel better, they have nothing else to sink their teeth in *shrugs*

@anon11:02 - I don't think shippers have problems with Rob kissing his costars but are fine with Kristen doing the same. I bet you should make a difference between 'real' sane shippers who support both of them and do understand that kissing in a movie is their job and haters/trolls who come and pretend to be Rob or Kristen fans to antagonize and provoke people.

And could people stop bringing up some 'double standard'?! See above re. trolls. Both Rob & Kristen have their fair share of hate from the fanbase. Rob was criticized when he was seen with Katy Perry and Shannon. Same for Kristen because of this roadtrip. Haters said Rob didn't care about Kristen when he was in London after BA and was using poor love-sick kristen. Now Kristen is the one who doesn't love Rob as much as he loves her. Seriously?! That's getting more and more ridiculous every day!

Anonymous said...


Yes, we all see the ring, so what? she has many, bet you it's special, for Eclipse promo ;)

Please, say it, outloud, they are married and in luuuvvv. It makes me laugh every single time.

Fanny said...

Anon11:37 said 'I get more and more convinced hyenas have never had a relationship. (I can't imagine why, they seem like such lovely people. lol)'

^^ this totally cracked me up lmao. So true.

Anonymous said...


Yeap, it's called hotel.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:48

Oh, they have probably had relationships... but they are likely the kind of relationships that end in restraing orders.

I'm just saying.

*Suzy Q*

Deb said...

HEY I forgot to say -the HYENAS remind me of the WAY LITTLE and sometimes BIG KIDS get attention when they are KICKING and CRYING on the floor at a STORE I.WANT.MY.WAY. POOR little KIDS some day they well GROW UP and have a life. DEB

deejon67 said...

Kristen & Scout Did Leave LA Until Thur Night 5-20-10 Heading To Ohio For The Concert.Scout Posted It On Her Twitter. This Is A Non Issue Every Couple Has Time Apart. Movie Stars Spend More Time Apart Then Anyone.If You Have never Spent Time Away From Your Boyfriend, Husband Lover, Girlfriend Etc. Then That Not Really Normal Or Healthy For A Relationship.Everyone Needs Me Time Space. All Entertainers Spend Time Away From Each Other. This Fact This Life This Is Non-Issue.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to post this here but could some of you please report this site? People on it are wishing for Rob to die from cancer :( http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=110258405683131&v=wall

the awful truth said...

Kristen was out with all these junkies and freaks getting high.She's such a druggie and slutty lesbo.I bet she does it with Scout all the time.Rob is just her beard.

imloco2 said...

This one makes me scratch my head. How to comment... See, I can actually see it from the other pov this time, in that if Rob is 'home' for the weekend and his 'true love' is off with the girls for a concert when she doesn't get to see him very often that would be a little eyebrow raising. Cause, really, would you leave Robert effing Pattinson...ever?!

LOL On the other hand all that supposes that any of us has a freakin CLUE what goes on in Rob and Kristen's private life. He might be doing something for work and told her to go on. It might have been planned for a long time. It might be a spontaneous trip while her boyfriend is working. Hell, they could've had a fight and she slammed the door and said I'm going to Ohio! So there! It could be Anything.

I KNOW that R&K have a 'relationship'. The facts to support that hit me in the face and have for about a year now. I BELIEVE that they love each other very much. Actions and looks tell me so. I SPECULATE on their motivations and why they do what they do and when they do it and what they are doing right now. I and YOU have no fucking clue as to why they do anything. We don't know the circumstances of their lives and we don't need to know. It's their life and they're living it without regard to us, thank god. What good does it do you to try to prove an unprovable point? If we're happy thinking they're in love and together then why is is so important to you to make us unhappy. (as if)

Don't you ever get tired of arguing with people who believe differently than you? Oh wait, it's almost like a religion isn't it?

Yikes! This might never end.

I think I'll stay on the peace and love side of the war. What side are you on?

Anonymous said...

Fanny, I agree that both fanbase have their share of the crazies. But you also have to admit that the majority of bashing Rob received the night of Shannon's birthday was from trolls, probably pretending to be shippers or Kristen fans. They accused him of flirting and hooking up with Kate Perry when we all know that was not the case. I think the majority of Kristen fans knows she's a tough cookie and wouldn't put up with BS like that, especially from Rob. And like the other poster said, shippers do not think Rob as a manwhore. If anything, they have defending him countless times against those false accusations from the hyenas who would love nothing more than to see him cheat on Kristen. In fact, it's probably their main goal in life right now. It's rather sad isn't it?

Anonymous said...

yes they clearly spend time apart at times that's their thing but its not like they are with other people? and y god she flew hours to budapest for her birthday to be with him. road trip was discussed months ago it was already planned i am sure rob is not crying into his kristen pillow LOL i had to spend an entire summer away from my bf as he planned a road trip across USA and it was hard but i got to talk to him every day and he came home to me?

Anonymous said...

so the nonsten logic is that kristen and rob are not a couple because she went with friends to a concert and she should have been a better gf and spent time with him? they are not that type of couple they are cooler than most and totally support each other having a life beyond the bubble, it has more chance of surviving this way

Anonymous said...

I think this is all funny. I mean, it is the best example of a damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Kristen flys half way around the world to be with him on her birthday and she is clingy or it's PR! PR! PR!. Or there are Summit PR people planted in Chicago Airports or Ritz Carlton's to push a relationship that doesn't exist.

But if Kristen hangs out with her friends in a perfectly normal 20 yr old thing to do she's a bad gf, or a FB, or it never was. But none of this really matters b/c everyone knows Kristen is a lesbian with no friends, so she probably paid these girls to hang out with her. *sarcasm*

Also I would add the difference here is the difference b/t reality and fantasy. Those who say it's crazy to leave RP for a 4 or 5 days say this b/c you would never leave your fantasy. He isn't real to you, but he is to Kristen. See she knows that on the other side of that 5 days is hot reunion sex. So really what is a couple of days?

Listen I'm not a shipper. I don't even know what the hell that is, I live in reality. The reality of this situation is that if the vast majority of people all say that the sky is blue and you are one of a handful of people screaming that it's really green, you are probably the nutjob, not the other way around. So keep spewing all over this lovely blog but know people are laughing at you and not with you.

Also just a tip for the hyenas, you will function much better if you just accept the fact that even if you met RP or KS they still would NEVER want you, b/c just reading these couple of nasty comments makes be believe if you are not ugly on the outside you sure as hell are on the inside.

Funny thing also is if I don't care or don't believe something, I don't feel the need to keep on about it. But me thinks you all protest too much. Lol, so have fun with that, b/c you all bring me so many laughs on my lunch hour.

Great post.

Anonymous said...

You hyenas are very funny with your pathetic rants! People who support Robert and Kristen as a couple(not shippers) and believe in them have always been right. They knew Kristen and Robert would spend NYE together, they knew Kristen would fly to Budapest for her birthday and they know they are a couple(yes,still).

Whereas the hyenas have always been proven wrong. They didn't believe that Rob and Kristen would find time for each other and when pictures surfaced ..BAM!.."PR,PR,PR"..seriously.. And the hyenas are wrong again! Why? Well, because this trip was planned LONG TIME AGO..it's not that they broke up so Kristen decided in three days time(since last weekend she was in Laguna Beach with Robert and she left on the 20th) to go on a trip without him..USE YOU BRAIN PEOPLE! And Robert and Kristen? They are still together, no worries. Do I have to remind all the hyenas(AGAIN) that ROB AND KRISTEN SPENT LAST WEEKEND IN LAGUNA BEACH, ALONE, TOGETHER. See? Oh, but that didn't happen,right? No matter that people saw them, wrote about them being very cute and looking like a couple in love,no matter it was confirmed by reliable sources..no, it doesn't matter because this would burst hyenas's delusional bubble.

People who are not fans that tweeted about them always said it was clear they are a couple:the man that saw them at the airport in Chicago, the English politician, the man at the Laguna Hotel and so on...but, according to hyenas that doesn't matter, right?

@ anon 11:25-->And of course the guitars were for Robert.No one said they were for Kristen. Did you really belive that? "He's into vintage guitars". Kristen has his necklace.(yes, hyenas, it was a gift from Robert.)

And every time Rob and Kristen do things alone, hyenas say that they've broken up..but then Rob and Kristen show up together again..it's been like this for a year now..

And you'll be proven wrong again very soon hyenas..as always!So keep foaming while you can,keep living the delusion while it lasts,because it won't last for long..

Rob and Kristen are together. The end.

Anonymous said...

so rob was at a party yesterday too, see he's not crying because he all alone. Both are having fun on their own, *smirk* told you this summer was going to be fun shippers! and we are just starting :)

Anonymous said...

Rob is quoted as saying that he and Kristen will be apart a lot this summer.

Rob Zombie is a huge fan of Kristen Stewart. See this link:

Zombie has tour dates in July and August but KS would be unable to attend because of Eclipse promotion and OTR pre-production and filming. Perhaps this was a special invitation as she does have some free time now.

That posting on Facebook is sick!

Anonymous said...

Rose, I love your blog and normally I stay out of posting here but enough is enough. This roadtrip was most likely planned before Kristen even knew the promotion schedule. Meaning, that K didn't know she would have to leave so soon after getting back. Rob, being the guy that he is, wouldn't want Kristen to not go just because he wants to spend time with her. It's called being in a healthy relationship where you are sure enough of your feelings that you don't have to be together every second of every day. Also, we have no clue just how much time they have spent together since Rob has been back state-side (and even before that). Also, if you don't think that being apart doesn't spice things up, then you got another thing coming.

P.S. How judgmental do you have to be to imply that Kristen is anything more than friends with Scout just because an entire group of people went on a roadtrip together?

Anonymous said...

Rose not long ago you were hinting at a lovely Robsten Summer..

Is this what we were waiting for?? Kristen going away with friends while Rob is having days off work? Lovely.

For those of you who expect a real Robsten kiss on MTV stage. First off, they have to win and I really doubt it. Second off, Robsten are ANTI-PDA, so don't expect any kiss. Don't you see they're always fooling us?

Just expect the usual, no red carpet, no seating together, pics together, looks at each other, smiles, jokes. Period.

Ohhh I forgot, Robsten will leave together, that's usual too!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to bring this here but would you guys please report this site? Its important that it gets closed down. Its a facebook site totally devoted to hating Rob. People on it are calling Rob gay and are wishing for him to die from cancer. http://www.facebook.com/TwilightersGreece/posts/109995885711539

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, love your blog, I look forward to comming here everyday. I always read comments, just to see what people think. I like knowing what makes a person tic.
People talk shite on here because no one knows them, or what they look like or their history. It seems the meanies and hyenas and the obessors don't know what they sound like when they speak. If you don't like what Rose writes move on,comment that you don't agree then leave.Don't come back because she is going to write what she wants. You don't agree, bye.
I agree with Rose and the rest who believe Rob and Kristen are in love with each other. That's why we come here, no convincing involved, we see what we see, bottom line. Thanks Rose,your super!MelenaS

Anonymous said...

funny bob saget bday is may 17th. Wonder is the party was last weekend? you know while he and kstew were at the resort? *snort* poor shippers lol

ciro said...

ha..ha..ha...rose well said again..

those hyena really sick, ridiculous, trying so hard...to prove what?? that themselves couldn't hold what their believes...when first time i got kristen pic in rob zombie..i think she really enjoy the show cause kristen and rob both music lover they try to be normal and enjoy they hobbie aswell,, just remember kristen would so much busy in begin june promo eclipse and finish promo that would be pre prod otr and so does rob he busy filming wfe and promo eclipse...look the pattern rob and kristen would to live their life chance before busy...and those hyena really phatatic...

kristen and rob just act like they own age...not brutal or something...

i just got rob pic in john stamos house this weekend, well hyena try new story i guess...LMAO

so hyena live rob and kristen alone u don't know they personal live...don't u act like insider or something it's really ashamed of u...

i'm just feel rob and kristen are fine..so keep posting rose..'smooch'

Anonymous said...

I think it's hilarious that Kristen going on a road trip means her and Rob aren't together or aren't serious about each other.

Fine if you want to knock yourself out with this crazy logic but then you also have to acknowledge other things--The FACT that Rob and Kristen spend holidays and birthdays together. Something couples do. You cannot ignore this just to push your bullshit. You cannot just cling to stuff like Kristen going to a concert and never acknowledging the fact that when she had a choice to stay in LA for her birthday and hang with family or friends---she choose to spend it with her boyfriend, Rob. That is a pretty huge gesture. But, wait, you have plenty of excuses for that, right? LOL.

Rob and Kristen were in LA for 2 weeks and who's to say that they didn't spend practically all their time together? And then Kristen went away for a few days with friends--how is this such drama? Is Rob going to turn to dust because she left? LOL.

There was a TV actress who was on either Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon recently, I can't remember. And she was talking about how her "girl time" is important to her. She and her husband (he's a writer/producer/director) can get crazy busy but she still needs to her time away with her friends.
So any NORMAL woman in a healthy, solid relationship would tell Kristen to go and enjoy herself and Rob will be there when she gets home.

Why should I be upset over this as a fan of both of them? How will this not be a great summer for them? I just get confused with all this bullshit and irrational comments!

Anonymous said...

LOL in the new flaunt vid with kristen she says she's never gone out with attractive guys. I guess she doesn't find your god rob as attractive as you all think she does.

Gigi said...

Rose ...and we say " why don't just came out " WHY??? some of this comments are prime example as to why , they will never be able to please everyone , if there are together well what the heck is wrong with him and he spend all the time with her , if there are no ? well what the heck is wrong with them that they are not together ...for crying out loud !!! look the best part of having a " thing" with a guy is when you haven't seen each other in few day ...or no ?? that is when it goes great so pls let them be ..

Anonymous said...

check this from John Stamos official twitter:
SAGET BIRTHDAY!!!!! 1:47 PM May 17th via web

Guess that sighting of them at the ritz was fake lol
This is going to hurt shippers. Have a great week :)

Anonymous said...

Now everything makes sense, no wonder the reliable magazines didn't report the "weekend" together at laguna, because never took place

Anonymous said...

LOL why would it hurt the shippers?the ritz sighting was on the 15th idiot the party was on the 17th.LOL

Anonymous said...

@12:38pm. Huh? May 17th was last Monday. They are saying the party was this past weekend. How the heck does that make the Ritz sighting false?

Anonymous said...

Even if it was on 17th...Is that Rob ALONE? nononono, where is the lovely Kristen?

What a strange couple.

Laguna you said? Only Ted reported that. Yeah, we know Ted.

Anonymous said...

Um yeah.. We already knew Rob was back on the 17th. The sighting was the Saturday before. So sorry the Ritz sighting was real hyenas. Is there some sort of IQ test we can set up before people are allowed to make comments here?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 12:28

HAHAHAHAH! Do you have a calendar? The 17th was a Monday! The sighting was on the 15th, a Saturday! LOL! You're so pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Again with the Ritz thing? Lainey reported it, 2 twitters reported it and 2 guys on facebook reported sightings. But they're all lying hyenas? Bahahahaha. If you don't want to believe they were there, by all means ignore FACTS and believe what you want.

Anonymous said...

He's alone because Kristen is in.....let's see...OHIO! The party was this weekend, not on the 17th..you know people can postpone a party and not celebrate it on the exact day..

Anonymous said...

I'm a nonsten And I freaking adore Kristen Jaymes Stewart. She is talented, beautiful and works a pair of skinny jeans, but most importantly she seems to hate the shippers as much as I do! You go Kristen! Keep on doing exactly what you are doing! don't mind that you throw the dummies a little bone every now and then as long as you keep making them look like fools when they start waxing poetic with their marriage theories. It is so much fun watching this girl in action!

Anonymous said...

Considering the guy's birthday was a Monday, I am gonna say he threw a party over the weekend and not on the actual day. People can do that you know. LOL.

1:01pm. Yup. Kristen is talented and beautiful. And she's dating Rob. So many women would die to be in her place. Too bad they will NEVER have the things she has, including Rob. He will only ever be a fantasy. Too bad for them.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:50... IQ test definitely needed.

I'm suprised they can even get past the "I'm not a robot" word verification.

*Suzy Q*

pricklypearess said...

Rose: True. Really, this is the same shit that's been going on for a year now. I didn't realize that once you have a bf you can NEVER leave his side when he has a free minute. Funny. To me, Rob and Kristen seem very mature in their relationship. Did anyone notice what the supposed 'manwhore' was doing in his free time? Yeah, guitar shopping, working out and attending Bob's birthday party. Wow, what a sleezebag! (sarcasm) BTW, loved the pics of Rob this weekend. That boy is just fun to look at. Have a great Monday everyone! xoxo

Anonymous said...

this summer indeed is getting hot and fun lol
All I have to say is that we knew after kstew bday someone, a little bird got kicked out of the circle, don't expect "inside" info like before. Whispers and quiet is not a coincidence.
Happy summer everyone

Anonymous said...

Issue here:
-Don't pretend to know what is going on between them behind close doors when you don't know shit, because then you end looking like a fool.
ex.: this weekend

Shippers you are not looking good this weekend. Let's see what kind of excuses you can bring up in the next 4 weeks.
Take note and be ready to be dissapointed.

Anonymous said...

to anon 1:01
Oh what a surprise. Nonstens who are Kristen fans that hate Rob. Yeah right. Of course there are kstew nonstens. Yet amazingly there are still fans who believe all nonstens are Rob fans. sigh

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how when Kristen is out of town we have a lot of pictures of Rob out and about? I guess when she was in LA he was otherwise..occupied.

And anonymous 1:09 Go back and listen to the Flaunt vid again. Is that what she said.. no.

Anonymous said...

rob shopping, rob drinking milk, rob at the gym LOL he REALLY REALLY REALLY misses his beloved girlfriend KRISTEN poor baby

katy said...


And for the you lovelly Ladies...You have noticed that our Gorgeous Rob as been looking more buf...his been doing some workout :)

Anonymous said...

Does anybody else find the hyena comments totally funny yet creepy? It's like, I know they have no shame to feel embarrassed for themselves, so I totally feel embarrassed for them.

Anonymous said...

It seems that some people here are deperate to proof that Kristen and Rob are either not in a relationship or in a fake relationsship or at least in a non committed relationship. And this poster is spending all his the time searching the net for any information to either debunk sightings of Rob and Kris together or looking for hints that they do not spent time together. What a desperate attempt!! And it is obvious that it is all driven by the wish that Robert Pattinson is still single. But he will never be with you, if you accept that he has a girlfriend, you will feel much better.

But instead you are cyberstalking their weekend activities and come up with twisted and buffling theories. If Kristen does go out with this and that than it proofs that.. And if there are sightings of Rob and Kris together than it is either not true or PR. Your agenda is so tranparent.

The point is that the absolute majority of people are assuming that they are a couple. Rob and Kristen are obviously fine with that and lets not forget it was their actions which led to this conclusion.


katy said...

Anon 1:30

Kristen said that she finds Rob ATRACTIVE.

Anonymous said...

This is how a relationship works, you can't live just for eachother. You have to have outside ppl/friends to mingle with. It is very suffocating to just be together always, it is not fair for K to just be waiting for R to be free from work and be together. It is not fair for R either to know that K is always waiting for him to get home to. They've been w/eachother for over a year now, they know how to work this relays, no wonder their reunion always look so hot, coz they miss eachother. Folks, this is a 101 lesson on a good relationship. STOP BEING CLINGY!! K2

jen said...

Scout tweeted earlier this year that she and her girls had road trips planned all summer.

These trips were planned beforehand.

Kristen spent the birthday weekend with Robert, and then she went with her girls on a road trip.

Why..she's actually balanced and has a healthy attitude towards romance and friendship!

The nerve of her--I love that if she HAD stayed around, she's be called a clinger.

basically whatever sticks at the moment is what nonsteners will use.

Silly rabbits.

Anonymous said...

kristen said: "I know what they(fans)want from that(to know if she's dating Rob)..I don't know really how to be like, WOW I really like when guys are funny and dorky, I've never gone out with guys I found attractive INITIALLY" What do I get out of that interview? That she doesn't go out with guys because of their BEAUTY, but because she finds something worthy in their PERSONALITY. Kudos to her. She's not like the hyenas who gush about Robert just because he's hot!And that debunks hyenas' theory that she'll get together with her next hot costar because he's(again) hot.Kristen is not that kind of girl. Thank heavens! That proves that she really looks at Rob for who he is. That's why their relationship works.

Anonymous said...

1:20pm. I was just thinking about that. I think Rob and Kristen definitely get 'away' together (or as Lainey says go on 'love lockdown'). And did so the past few weeks. So, nice that Kristen got an opportunity for a little road trip with friends and Rob seemed to have a nice weekend--he bought some new guitars, went to a b-day party (still makes me LOL) and hit the gym. I think Rob and Kristen are very good at making time for each other while also letting each other have free time with friends and stuff. I like that. A lot.

I just find it funny that I am supposed to be sad today. LOL. That today isn't a good day for people who are fans of Rob and Kristen. Umph. Oh well. I can honestly say I am in a great mood. And will have a great summer!

mamabear said...

Hi Rose, a beautiful site again today. I see Rob and Kristen as two independent people, who have a life that they do things on their own or with friends. Kristen is a young woman, that is not married, but has a boyfriend, and yes she also has friends that hang out and do fun things together. Rob does the same, he spends time with Sam, Tom, etc. Road trips are fun, I did the same thing when I was her age, it was a trip I would not have missed. I'm sure there is communication between Rob and Kristen, as he is very protective of her. I would not worry about all the negative responses to this web-site regarding Rob and Kristen, as pictures, touches, etc. show the true meaning of this relationship, these two care about on another, but also they do not have to be together 24/7. Both had friendships prior to this relationship, because these two found each other does not mean they through away their friendship with other people. Both are caring individuals. No worries, Rob and Kristen are still together and that is what I believe, no one can change that.
Rose again, beautiful site I love coming here it makes me smile, beautiful thoughts and pictures.

Anonymous said...

The difference bet. Rob being out w/ his friends last year vs. Kris being out w/ her friends is the gender issue. Fans are so jelous when Rob is seen w/ any women(Old or young), K is w/ a bunch of girlfriends, so ppl. give it a pass. There was no mention of any guy/guys w/ her roadtrip. Hope this helps w/ the double standard. It is retarded to even think that they can't even go out w/ their friends regardless of their sexes. It's only immature kids who feels insecure w/ that set-up. K2

Anonymous said...

LOL, the chicks on nonsten are swearing that Kristen made a sidetrip to Tenn.--for the sole purpose of being chatted up by a guy who online shows nerds how to talk up women. Never mind Tenn.is states awway from where she was--they think she was close enough to tenn. to be able to get chatted up by some guy.


Go check it out-it's the most hilarious discussion I've seen ever. They won't believe men who twitter that they saw R/K together and actually get photo proof. But they believe a random faceless guy who thinks he flirted up Kristen in Tenn. who happened to say she went to Yale as well.

30yearoldtwifan said...

Wow its like hyena haven here today! I feel all dirty!!

Anonymous said...

Funny that when Kristen is out of town we get suddenly fotos from in town. LOL. You can say obviously the last weekend was not a Rob and Kristen together together hiding weekend. See how easy it is?

And because some people are so sick and cyberstalking all his moves we know what he did last weekend, so here are the facts:

He went to buy a guitar on saturday, showed his face at an hollywood event the birthday of Bob Saget with his agent,(picture on robpattinson.blogspot next to agent Stephanie, still in the cloth from the guitarshop). And highlight of the weekend was a trip to the gym on sunday. He was a good boy this weekend, while Kristen was not in town, dont you think!

And for all the in the know who are saying Rob has not a place in LA only in Ventura: he was in La on saturday and sunday. So he is obviously has a place there too, or just there or whatever.

And just for the record, I hate it, that we all have this informations, personally I would prefer happy if we dont know or make such a big deal what they are doing every day.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


i love your blog and i believe rob and kris are together but you failed this week pretending they were together. i will take your blog with a grain of salt now because obviously you're not an insider ou you don't get news from insider(s)

Lorraine said...

Just lookin @ Robert's shirt the buttons are disorganised lmarseo

Anonymous said...

Robert is wearing the black bracelet since Ellen taping.Kristen was leaving the exact next day. When was the last time we saw him with this bracelet?Right. Rob and Kristen are together,folks..don't listen to all the pathetic rants..it was like that also when Rob was filming Bel Ami and Kristen was promoting her own thing. Hyenas kept saying that they had broken up and then..Kristen was in Budapest..it's the same story, the same agenda, nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

The people who are saying Kristen talks about Rob in the Flaunt vid are stupid. As a KS fan I could even tell in the Flaunt vid that Kristen wasn't even talking about Rob. What she says is "I don't know how to be like ohhh I really like it when guys are funny and dorky!" She talking about what other girls would usually say about guys but that shes different. There was no mention of Rob.

Mr Lonely said...

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Hilarious said...

Hilarious that I can't help throwing my two cents into the void.

Hilarious that two people are supposed to have every aspect of their lives interwoven (or they couldn't possibly be in a relationship).

Hilarious that Rob Zombie is a significant topic of discussion today for a demographic I'd venture to guess is not typical.

Hilarious that Rob Pattinson did, in fact, go to Bob Saget's birthday party. And drink ... milk? A white russian? Seriously, that's f*cking funny.

Hilarious that the fact that two young adults, even famous ones, go out with friends or to the gym and it becomes BIG NEWS. Really? Please don't call when they get the mail or go to the drug store. I may be a fan, but I don't find it interesting when I do those things, much less them.

And finally ... hilarious that people have nothing better to do than provoke other people online. Or wait, is that sad? Eh, if the choice is to laugh or cry, let's giggle it out.

Entertaining as always, Rose. Thanks for writing.

Anonymous said...

The whole nonstens website is just nonsens, they cannot decide whether they have never been together, are for PR, Kristen is a clinger, Kristen is not into Rob, Rob not into Kristen, Kristen will cheat on Rob, Rob cheat on Kristen, Rob together with Tomstu or with other chicks. They have collected a huge pile of FBI files with pices of evidence... Every member has his own theories, often changing and contradicting themselfs.
And the prefered sources are: Perez Hilton, Hollywoodspy & Co, some random dubious twitters, twisted logic or whatever. Just let the nonsens pile grow. It does not matter anyway. If they like to spent lifetime on all this negative, ugly stuff it is their decision, should not bother anyone else.


Anonymous said...

In response to anon 1:51


Hold the phone.. You're an insider!?!?!!!

I did NOT know this!

I thought you were an astute, observing fan.

Apparently, I'm wrong?


Anonymous said...

Kristen is the one who calls papz to stalk Rob. She pretends she doesn't care about fame but, ha, no. Why do you think she let Scout show that pic? She want us to know where she is. Sorry this have been a bad weekend for you shippers.
Insiders, who else was at the party? Maybe some special ladie...BAHAHAHAAHA
This gonna be a great summer.

Anonymous said...

There were pics of Rob last weekend too, just saiyng.
Both of them are living their lives and having fun with their own friends.
Sorry but rob has been out and about almost all weekends and more while he was in london and most of the time getting drunk, everyone said it was cute and funny he was having a good time with his friends, so now that kristen (who is more private) shows her face enjoying her free time the shippers lose their shit.
So funny. Kristen goes out as much as Rob does she just knows how to keep a low profile. Wait a couple of weeks and you're going to find out what was she doing in London after her short stay in Budapest. They are friends, but the disney love story half of you have on their mind doesn't exist. They and their teams understand that and if they come out and say what they really are, both the shippers and the nonstens won't be happy abd will have a fit. What they are doing is the best for their futures.

Anonymous said...

I think we will be getting more and more indications that Rob and Kristen have parted ways. I think that right now everyone is keeping mum about it because they realize the shakey position the franchise leading lady is in with the demise of the realationship. I think that steps are being taken to make her look like the badazz and the one who ended the relationship, but I don't think that was the case at all.

Anonymous said...

"People will say instantly that we've broken up and then we got back together again"-Kristen Stewart

It's what people say every f*cking time Rob and Kristen are apart. Every f*cking time. Kristen and Robert know what people say about them, yet they don't give a damn. They keep doing their own thing. Do you eally think relationships end so easily? And just because Kristen went on a road trip with female friends? There wasn't even a guy with them. If Kristen was single I bet she would have liked some male company. But she's not. When Rob and Kristen are apart they are not seen with anyone else..Why? The answer is pretty clear. Go back to the cage hyenas. You are beyond embarassing.

Anonymous said...

to sarah

sorry but when you "pretend" to know (BIG)things that never happen, you're not just an observing fan LOL But I love rose, her blog is just entertainment not reality that's all

Anonymous said...

Poor rose her source is not as accuarate as before, wonder why? you should ask her..and as for "It will be...
Yes it will be very interesting to see the shippers graps for anything lol I can't wait for my own reasons, indeed it will be an unforgettable night :) looking forward Rob's new interview too.
Better be joining a support group shippers, hope you can cope.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 2:20

You know when I'll believe they parted ways? When Kristen will go with someone else to concerts, hotels, will be caught with someone else holding hands, there will be tweets saying that she's all lovey dovey with someone else. Up to last weekend all these things have happened with Rob.

Anonymous said...

Hyenas, isn't it time to give up already? If seriously all you have is Kristen going on a roadtrip with her friends after last weekend many sightings of her and Rob at the Ritz.. then you going on and on about how they are broken up or just friends is just sad. IoW, Leaving BAFTA together, Kristen's 14 hour trip to Budapest for her birthday, their stay at the Ritz all happened and because Kristen went with her friends somewhere, they aren't together? Do you realize how insane you sound? I believe some of the other girls in the group have bf's but I guess not since they went on the trip too? The NONsense is just crazy.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 2:22

I completely and totally agree. And we would definitely see Rob with someone if Kris and him weren't together.

Love the Kris quote. She called it... and that is exactly what happens.... every minute they are apart they have broken up and every minute they are together is PR. She knew it would be like that... so she chose to not cheapen the relationship by talking about it. Rob respected that. I think they are both smart to have chosen to do this.

Everything seems normal to me. They seem to have a very normal relationship. What are all these people freaking out over?

Anonymous said...

If I have to handle with that bitchface I would get drunk too. Somebody saw KandR in LA...together? just once? NO. Ok, that's what I thought. And lots of Rob's pics, Rob working, Rob in the Gym, Rob at a party, Rob at Ellen. But no Kristen with him...How is that?


KPattz said...

I want to ask a question the anon who keeps posting the same bullshit about Rob and Kristen and their "break up".Dear,don't you have a life?Posting all day in a blog gives meaning to your life?What if Rob and Kristen are apart?Do you really believe that you have a chance with him?If you do,then you're more sick than i thought.Now,get a life,go out and maybe you can find a real bf.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:32

" "I don't know if this is the actual reason why, but we have gotten better at hiding over the last year," Pattinson says.

"That's totally the reason," Stewart concurs. "They just make up a story to go along with the pictures. If they never get the picture, there's no story. We are just good hiders now."

Such subterfuge includes neither confirming nor denying that they are in a relationship. Yet there clearly is some sort of special connection between the two, what with their playful teasing and personal asides. Let's just say it wasn't Lautner who placed a hand on Pattinson's leg during a portion of the interview."

Direct from the horse's mouth. THAT is why there's no pics. They are just better at hiding. And, yes, they said "WE."

linzy said...

LOL @ crazies trying to talk shit about Rose being an insider or having insider information. SERIOUSLY? STFD already. Where or when has Rose EVER claimed to be an "insider" ?? Anyone? Bueller? That's right, she hasn't. Some of you fail so hard at shit stirring and really need to quit.fucking.talking.

The sun will come up again tomorrow and Robert and Kristen will still be together. Accept it or get off the ride. It really IS that simple :) Your hate and lies are falling on deaf ears. JS.

Anonymous said...

@2:25pm. LMFAO. I am so joining a support group!! OMG. How can I now live.

Rob and Kristen are...GASP...a normal couple! This news is so shocking.

And in no way am I surprised that today of all days....there are all these "insiders" on Rose's blog. Imagine that! And they are SO convinced of what they say, they HAVE to vomit it all over this board. Aren't you now so convinced? I totally am. *sarcasm*

@2:32pm. Are you serious? LOL. Please tell me where Rob and Kristen have been for ALL the other HOURS AND DAYS they have not been seen. There isn't a possibility that they have seen plenty of each other since getting back to LA?!?! How can you say they haven't! I mean--Rob working--wow paps were there. Rob at Ellen--wow there are pics of him at a TV SHOW. Rob at a party and going to the gym and no Kristen because...wait for it...she's out of town!!

PS. People are laughing at YOU and not with you.

Chloe said...

@ 2:32

You can't even keep a straight argument in your post. So which one is it? They are not together? Or he has to get drunk to "handle that bitchface"?

Reading nonsten comments is like reading "Choose your own Adventure" books. EX: "If KS shows up to foreign country to celebrate her bday, please go to page XX". "If KS decides to spend time with her friends and away from RP, please go to page XX".

Great post as always Rose!

Anonymous said...

To anon 2:18.....I've read some crazy things in my life but I must say you take the cake. So now that Rob's been papped doing nonscandalous things around LA, it was Kristen who called the papps on him? OMG, you guys have literally fallen off the deep end.

To anon 2:20.... You guys keep saying this for the past year and yet it never happens so I won't be holding my breath for this. Will Rob and Kristen break up one day?
Maybe, maybe not but until I have some hard evidence that this happened then I'm gonna say yes, they're still together.

Anonymous said...

to anon 2:25 so what are you saying exactly?rob is gonna deny 'robsten' in a new interview'?

not a shipper btw just a observer.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:32 Why would we see Kristen when Rob is working? That doesn't make sense. Why would we see Kristen when Rob is on Ellen? Again makes no sense. And then the gym and party were this past weekend when she was on a roadtrip with friends. Umm.. do you see how your whole comment made no sense whatsoever? A lot of the time they stay inside because remember "WE have gotten better at hiding"
You know where Kristen was seen with Rob? On a private romantic vacation last Saturday. I'm going to reiterate what others have said, why do you care so badly if they are together? If she isn't with Rob you still won't be.

And this is a good Rob interview. You feel like your in love with someone Rob?;)

Anonymous said...

People are saying Rob was with his Little Ashes hair when they first met but that´s exactly his hair in Bel Ami and the idiots were saying he was smexy as Georges LOL. Definitely, unlike Kristen, robsesseds have no brain. Kristen Stewart rules!

Anonymous said...

Kristen new that Scout would post that pic and she knew it was a chance someone would take a pic of her at the concert. I think she is separating herself from Rob and it's ok with him to. They tried a relationship, it didn't work so now they have moved on. He will be out and about without her more now and she without him. They will remain professional and friends to make it through the filming of BD but once that is through they will both go their separate ways. She was ok with the pic getting out she wants people to see that she's not with Rob and Rob out and about wants people to see he's not with her anymore.

Sam said...

Wow Anon 2:32
You are just a plethora of wisdom there aren't you? I mean you're just so speacial I don't know whether to shit or go blind with your innate knowledge and wisdom (and in case the tone was lost I am being sarcastic) Seriously I don't know about the rest of the NORMAL people here, but to the one idiot Anon who keeps posting about how the summer is going to be "great" I am actually having a great summer so go fuck yourself sideways for me ok? thanks
Someone should tell my boufriend and I that we are not ina relationship because we are not together right now at this very moment OMG what will we do?!!

Anonymous said...

To Annoymous 2:11:00 PM
They also put Kristen with Taylor, Dakota, MA.. whoever they can as well

cupcake said...

oh rose...i just love your blog!

as always thank you for being the voice of reason. you are too kind and your patience is astounding. bless you dear.

the comments are giving me a headache though. lol. i don't know these people and i don't understand all these hatred are coming from. they must have nothing much to live for each day and its sad. i hope your mothers won't be treated the way you treat rose. or if you have children, i sure hope others won't bash them to death like you do to kristen. if and when that happens, you've got nothing to blame but yourselves as you asked for it. sadly for you, what comes around, goes around. that's the rule of life in case you forgot.

good day rose. you know a lot of us are on your side, more than the ones who wish you ill.

Anonymous said...


How interesting eh? john Stamos and Rob Zombie. Where was Rob?At john Stamos'. Where was Kristen? At a Rob Zombie Concert. Connections,connections...

Anonymous said...

I love RK together, love the thought of them together, and want them together. That said, something has seemed off since she went to Budapest for her bday. She came back to go to Coachella all of a sudden, then we hear about the reshoot fights in Vancouver, the awkwardness on Oprah, her going off on roadtrips with the girls. Rob is suddenly papped all over the place this weekend by himself at bday party, gym, and guitar place. Did he do this on purpose? He can hide if he really wanted. They are seemingly more and more not together. When my girlfriends and I broke up with boyfriends, we'd all go on roadtrips and get the heck outta town. Ohio? Really for a Rob Zombie event? Really? Just an excuse to get out of town. Rob at a Bob Saget party for 50th bday? Really? Newly single and trying to find stuff to get his mind off of it? Sure, I'll go to a 50 year old's party because I suddenly don't have much to do. Supsicious here. Sad too.

Jenn said...

Hey anon 2:51:00 PM:

Maybe just maybe Kristen and Rob bear with me here;
Don't live their lives for what people will think. I know it's a crazy ass concept I know that no couple ever have ever been separated for work, leisure time with friends ever, or even gone to the gym by themselves. That has never happened before ever!! Rob and Kris have broken the mod here ladies and gents: they are the first couple to ever be apart for a period of time OMG! Seriously why do hyenas even bother coming here??
Didn't Scout actually tweet about this road trip months ago? So of course Kristen is gonna think ahead and tell her friend "hey don't post pictures of me in Ohio cuz those haters are gonna flip their shit" that's totally a Kristen move!! It amazes me how you hyenas can have all this shit to say without actually saying anything.

amanda said...

@2:51 Of course she would be ok with getting her picture taken. She is at a concert with friends. You act like she was at an orgy or something. I never knew going to a concert meant you were single...and I still don't. lol.

I swear, by the hyenas stardards half the people in America are broken up right now and they don't even know it!

I'm not a shipper, but I can see they are together and I'm sorry, going on a trip with girlfriends in no way proves otherwise.

Sam said...

That's all good and well Anon 3:01:00 PM BUT if you go by SCT's tweets the road trip was planned BEFORE budapest,coachella, the birthdays and oprah. So the logic doesn't really apply there does it? And Rob went to a party with his agent whoppdeedoo!! And I love that you know where they are every minute of every day. You must have some real scoop.

Anonymous said...

WHO knew Rob zombie and john stamo know each other http://www.istamos.com/?q=node/655

Anonymous said...

2:51. Kristen went with Scout to Las Vegas for a concert earlier this year. A picture was posted of that trip too. How did that trip mean anything in regards to her relationship with Rob? It didn't. Considering she then flew to Budapest to spend her birthday with him.

And I remember people were trying to pull the same bullshit back then and--oops--there's Kristen with Rob in Budapest and flying back to London with him.

But when they are together--the argument is PR. And when they're apart--the argument is that they broke up. And ANYONE who sees Rob and Kristen together--like in London, at the ORD airport after Oprah and at the Ritz--are liars and PR plants. LMAO. See how fucking silly this all is?

I think the people who just love posting BS all day are hilarious. All the new 'insiders'--too funny.
A lot of them need serious lessons in grammar and spelling. Oh, and in logic and being SANE and rational....

Anonymous said...

So I heard the shippers and rob fans are going nuts because Kristen didn't think Rob was attractive initially. Yeah and you guys actually think shes talking about Rob when she talks about funny guys when shes actually talking about what other people say. I do think its hilarious how she doesn't find Rob attractive cause shippers seem to live in a fantasy world where she immediately thought he was a god when she meet him.

Fanny said...

@Anon 2:51. Wasn't Kristen on a roadtrip to vegas with Scout too in late April? I remember a photo that, if we believe you she was ok with it being posted online. Was she trying to show people she was not with Rob anymore back then too?

Problem with your theory is that it was just a few days before she flew thousands of miles to spend her birthday with Rob in Budapest! Noone with a brain will believe she was visiting a friend, and noone is believing you now either.

Fanny said...

@anon 3:13- Guess we posted at the almost same time the same kind of answer to anon2:51 re. Kristen's previous roadtrip ;)

Fanny said...

^^oops except I meant a previous trip to Vegas late March, not late April though... Mixed up the dates lol

Anonymous said...

I love Rob and I love Kristen and I love them together. But, I am beginning to feel badly for them, because they are now increasingly sought after and photographed by paps. Especially Rob, I saw the recent pics of him on set of WFE and there was one shot of him looking directly at the camera and he did not look happy at all. It made me really sad. I don't like the fact that he can't even have any privacy while he is working. And the recent pics of him returning from the gym. Again, he looked pissed off. I know he hates the paps and I just hope this fishbowl existence does not harden his heart because he is so genuine and so sweet. I just don't want him to lose that innocent joy for life that he seems to have. As a true fan who cares about him, I would rather not see any pics of him walking on the street or even working on set if that would afford him some treasured privacy in his life. I hope more blogs will decide not to post pap pics of him because hopefully that will lessen the demand for them and therefore lessen the amount of pics the paps take of him.

Anonymous said...

Rob's ugly and Kristen saying that he is is just further proof. I bet she thinks Taylor is better looking. I seriously don't see the hype over Rob. Its sad really, with his lack of acting skills and poor singing, all shippers believed she was with for his looks. But now that shes admitted hes unattractive it makes you wonder why the hell shes still with him. I certainly never got why. Hes pale and sickly looking. Kristen is a good judge of character and can see that.

Anonymous said...

They have broken up. Shes going on a international promo tour without him in a few days. If they were still together she would be spending this weekend with him instead of back-stabbing famewhores like Scout Compton because she will be away from him soon. They are done. Face it people.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:26

Yes. Pale, sickly, ugly people are frequently voted to be one of the world's most beautiful people.

It all makes perfect sense now.

Thank you for clearning that up.

Deb said...

TO anon-2:39 THANK YOU FOR SAYING WHAT I WAS THINKING TO Linzy YOU GO GIRL I think that the HYENAS NO that Rose is right and thats way they keep coming here just to see what she has to say (THE TRUTH) They like to know whats going on to (THE TRUTH) so let them COME ON OVER glade to see there eyes open NOW THANKS Rose for your help you are good and beautiful lady and ONE of ROBS and KRISTENS #1 FANS love ya GOOD JOB. DEB

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose...do you answer my questions to you... thru your opening comments????? these answers to my thoughts thru cheeky words of revelance.....
i know where ive seen the MTV messy hair and incorrect buttoned shirt pic and notion from....that site actually taught me of this????
Repetition of words that i write to make a point..... soo i see or is this a coincidence OR SPECULATION....


I just thought of something it was rob who said 'being apart' is well...good ...b/c you tend to think about that person all the more, whilst there gone etc.....this is only a short break apart...it like there have been aprt b4 from each other...[sarcasm] right!!!!

Anonymous said...

to 3.26

Kristen is a good judge of character and she's in love with rob : conclusion: he is fantastic, thank you hater to let everybody know how wonderful he is !!!!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

In Kristen's very first interview with Rob she said he was "handsome" She also told People mag he was "pretty sexy" in another interview she said he was "good looking". In her Flaunt vid she doesn't say she finds the guys she goes out with unattractive, she just says she wasn't initially attracted. There is a difference! To be honest the more interviews I saw of Rob the more attractive I thought he was. Kristen has said before it was more of a connection thing than looks, and it was obvious she found Rob very attractive later because she kept saying it even though she had a boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

To 3.01 and 3.07

All what you're saying make sense, but I can't help feeling there's something odd going on.

Untill last year, they spent all their free time together, but after New Year's it's like they're getting used to being apart more often. They just met at Bafta's, NY, Budapest and finally LA in 5 months and their meetings have just lasted a few days.

Now that both are staying in LA, she goes on a road trip, he goes out on his own, and they both know they'll be apart soon when she goes abroad with Tay for Eclipse promo.

IMO it's odd, they're doing just the opposite they did last year.

Anonymous said...

I love it when they have a balance. They both look great and are achieving such great things!

Aside: I squee when they do separate kewl things because it's healthy and I like that they grow, stay interesting and have things to share. I liked when Rob said what spending time apart does for a relationship and missing someone and... Just squee!

Anonymous said...

If this trip was pre-planned way beforehand, then don't you think Rob and Kristen went MIA to have some private time together before she went on her trip and before she does some promo outside the country? I really don't think it's such a bad thing that they don't suffocate each other to death. Especially with Rob beginning work, I see no reason for Kristen to break her plans.

Hilarious said...

Chloe - the Choose Your Own Adventure example = perfection. Love it.

1.) I THINK Rob and Kristen are together based on what I've seen, just like many other fans and observers.

2.) I don't actually know Rob and Kristen. So maybe I'm wrong about their being together.

3.) I'm probably not wrong. Their chemistry has been palpable from Day 1, even if they clearly didn't act on it right away.

4.) For real, I don't know them. They could have broken up. I'm not exactly on the phone tree to be alerted.

5.) The fact that they did their own things this weekend is definitely NOT a convincing reason that they broke up. Nor would it be a convincing reason for any. other. couple.

6.) Now I want go on a road trip with my girls. But probably not to a Rob Zombie show. Not as badass as all that.

7.) Rob seriously went to Bob Saget's birthday party and drank milk or an adult beverage containing milk. That bears repeating because it's just super, super-amusing.

8.) Nothing I say matters in the slightest; someone with atrocious grammar will continue to make up random stories, pose ridiculous arguments and generally try to stir sh*t.

Rose, I love looking at pretty pictures of Rob, Kristen and the two of them together. Thanks for the eye candy you provide, day after day. ;)

Anonymous said...

What part of Rob saying, 'I like a woman that's independent,' do the poor hyenas NOT understand?? Rob and Kristen, though HE had been filming on locale, have basically been continuously together non-stop since her birthday in April, and a couple weeks before her birthday - she was with him in the UK for a good week, until they both came back to LA together. Rob's working on a film, probably 12-20 hr days, and Kristen took a road trip w/ the friends she probably hasn't seen due to being so loved up by her man/husband/fiance for the last several months. These hyena/nonstens need to get a life. She caught a Rob Zombie concert with pals on a quick road trip before she hit the bricks for Eclipse, and Scummit works her tail off traveling the world.

Wonder what the hater hyenas make of Rob wearing the black shoestring bracelet (that he wears when he and Kris are apart), and Kris's 'wedding band,' shining bright and sparkly backstage.

Muahahahaha. Suck it up haters.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Exactly show me a reliable source, like a magazine or a blogger like marc malkin (ted is full of shit) who has a legitimate sighting of them together? NOPE zero. They are not that good at hiding lol just that they don't spend any significant time together like a normal couple. Maybe cuz they aren't one lol

Amanda said...

And another great post Rose, you always make my day! By the way, I've got my waders on waiting for the flood of foam that's surely coming this way. Hope you have a great day, watch out for that spew flying your way. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Grown women talking about a show lace? seriously please.
Just one thing, kristen is a private person do you really think she is having a blast with people talking about her necklace and ring for hours and days? No wonder she is scared and paranoid.
Just because an "insider" told you robert buys every piece of new jewlery she wears doesn't mean its true. Leave her alone. There is a reason why she is not out and about with robert and is a very simple one. She is a cool girl with a great support system, let her be.

Just curious ... said...

Rose, I have to ask - can you see the IP addresses of people who post comments? I would be VERY curious to know if *some* of these comments all come from the same IP address.

Not that, you know, some of the posts sound like they're all from the same person or anything.

Anonymous said...

wonder by the end of the summer
1. How many pics of Rob out and about or reports will get?
2. How many pics of Kristen out will get?
3. How many pics of legitimate reports of rob and kristen together outside summit business will get?
4. How many reports or pics of Rob visiting Kristen on set will get
Numbers, numbers..
Happy summer shippers :)

Lisa said...

Great as always Rose.. I don't know how you stand it though. People coming to YOUR blog saying shit about you and just spitting all over! AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I just don't understand WHY people who don't believe as Rose and most others here do, come here? I keep asking but no one has the balls to ANSWER ME! I'm not a shipper, I'm a BELIEVER!

I think you hit it on the head. most of us (all here I'm sure), are average Janes & Joes. We think about how our relationships are. They are one of the most, if not the most, FAMOUS COUPLE IN THE WORLD! Things are not normal. It's the time of their lives. There are things going on, oppertunities that they MUST sieze. If not, they may never have the chance again. So, it's OK, they'll spend lots of time together soon enough with promoting Eclipse and making BD 1 and or 2! Now for PR, they are the oppisite of being together for PR. Rarely filmed together, but often filmed apart! hmmm

Anon, 12:05, you hit it right on the head! To bad it wont knock out the hyenas! haha

12:34:00 PM OMG do you not understand ENGLISH? She said "I've never really gone out with guys who I found attractive INITIALLY" Meaning he didn't walk in and she said OMG. Chemistry did the rest. She, he, CH & MANY others have spoken about it.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5K-T21kR6Q&playnext_from=TL&videos=TvIrmgRWWcI 1:01 mark

1:30:00 PM UGH! another that doesn't UNDERSTAND ENGLISH! She said "I really like guys that are funny & dorky" :59 sec mark of above video. Btw, WHO is FUNNY & ADORKABLE????? hmmm

2:39:00 PM EXACTLY!!!!!!!!

So many others.. Just go away.. You're not going to change the believers minds. And we're not going to "NON" blogs trying to change you're mind.. GO AWAY and don't come back any other day! PLEASE!!!

Oh, and just wanted to mention.. I like the pic of Rob at the guitar store and at the gym. One he posed for, one he knew they were taking.. I didn't like the one at the party, someone was sneaky! :( Also, liked the pic of KS, she was posing. Did you all happen to see the video back stage? She realized someone was taking it and went behind the wall. It's awful to be stalked. IF they ever do break up, this fandom craziness will probably be the reason! :(

Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHAAA *husband* BAHAHAAAHAHAA *wedding ring*

Aw, thanks. I needed those laughs shippers.

Lisa said...

LMAO @4:01:00 PM..

Melinda said...

So the preschoolers have gotten out of their playpens??? I guess the head hyena wasn't watching them very well.

I seriously don't have words right now!!!

I think this is the hardest I've laughed in a while!!

There are so many nonsensical people commenting today I can't even address them all.

But for the people who are true R/K supporters Luisa from down under posted a R/K time line on yesterday's post. BTW-Thanks Luisa! Whoever did it did a great job and there are A LOT of great R/K moments that I have never seen.

Real life is taking me away from the computer for now. I am sure when I get back on there will be more lovely stuff to read.

Rose- once again great post! You are fantastic! Delete away!

Anonymous said...

I don't see the big deal. Who even knows the last time Kristen was able to hang out with this group of friends. So she sticks with her plans to go to a concert while Rob begins his busy schedule and that is a problem? Yeah, she missed a few days to spend with him but maybe it's okay because they were together the weekend before and the weekend before that! Looks like Rob had to put in some face time with his agent. And Kristen caught up with friends. Move along now with the drama because I don't see any.

@4:19. What does any of this fucking matter? The last time they were in LA together (December), they went MIA. They weren't many sightings, but, uh, they were still exisiting as a couple. LOL. They don't stop exisiting because we don't see them out and about everywhere. Kristen flew to England under the radar to spend New Years with Rob and be in London for a few weeks (they also saw Eddie Redmayne's play--he confirmed it)--Uh. They definitely can get around without being seen and bothered too much.

I don't see ANY celeb couple together all the time. So I guess when they are not being seen, they disappear and are no longer together, they no longer exist. LOL.

Oh, and no doubt the next time Rob and Kristen are seen together, especially if there are pics--you will explain it away as usual. Same shit, different day is definitely the correct moto.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to make a comment about this tweet from Rose:

"I don't understand why some people 'pretend' to be a fan of Kristen's, when they attack her every chance they get... "

Yeah, you can say the same about Rob & Robsten fans regarding Rob.

And I saw that somebody tweeted to Rose about a FB account that is devoted to wishing Rob's death. Rose hasn't made a single comment about that. But somebody allegedly threatens Kristen?
God help them!

I'd like to know where all the mocking is of the shippers who were convinced that Rob & Kristen were together only to be proven totally wrong. So much for their EPIC reunions. So much for Kristen spending time with her beloved who she hasn't seen much of and won't be seeing much of in the coming weeks. I'd think that would have been a good enough reason to bow out of going to Ohio if she'd really wanted to. Another bust.

TRISH said...

I think it is completely pointless addressing the hyenas.

I also dont know why people come here arguing about certain stuff when they know neither Rob nor Kristen personally..leave them alone for Christ sake let them live their lives..why must ppl be so so obsessed about where they are and where they are going..they have lives too! and they dont have to be everywhere together.

Kristen is not insecure she doesnt need to be around him every single time..this is not a middle school relationship, they are two adults..its only girls who are insecure who feel the need to be around their significant others all the time..Grow up people!!!!!

Cant wait for the mtv movie awards..so excited about the new clip form eclipse and i hope it is a Edward and BElla one not one of those action newborn crap..and us for the kiss, mark my words they are GOING TO WIN..with all the twihards and all..they will win. I am just excited to find out what they will end up doing this year..i strongly doubt a kiss...But I hope they will think of the Robsten fans lol..we would love to see that but only in dream world..cant wait for june 6th

Trish said...


Question said...

I'm just curious...

1) If Heidi Klum was spotted at a concert in NYC this weekend and Seal was seen out and about in LA...would people think they were heading for divorce?

2) If Joshua Jackson was spotted in Vancouver hiking this weekend while Diana Krueger was taking in a fashion show in London would people think there was trouble for them?

3) If RDJ was seen in Miami with a bunch of guys while his wife Susan was back on the beach in Malibu would it mean that RDJ has fallen off the wagon and back to his old ways?

Is this normally how people react to couples being spotted in different places or are the unwarranted and unrealistic judgements strictly reserved for Kristen and Rob?

Just asking...

Anonymous said...

yeah good example, 5:06. You are talking about long time couples who have no isses adressing their relationships and that on daily basis acknowledge their SO, Rob and kristen? don't qualify in that group.

I'm going see how the shippers little by little lose their patience and faith. Sooner or later you all will have to see the truth.

Trish said...

what are you talking about?!? Rob and K dont want to share their relaysh for to the whole world...the couples that were mentioned dont mind that but ROb and K are different, they dont want to play hollywood's little game.

Which truth are you talking about!?!..maybe that THEY ARE TOGEHTER!

and why does eveyone assume if you are a fan of Robsten you are shipper..i am not a shipper most certainly..just a supportive fan who is happy ROb is happy(and Kristen :-) enough said!

Anonymous said...

Why are you dumb jealous hyena stalkers comparing older established stars to rob & kris?

They're two kids who are just trying their best to escape a teen vampire franchise and have some semblance of a legitimate serious career -- do you hyenas really think it would be a great idea to make themselves brangelina jr??

Brangelina can be Brangelina because they are older and have about 5 Oscar nods between them.

But two kids in a teen franchise, who could very easily disappear and not be heard from again after it's over - need to NOT try and make themselves the next fcking 'speidy'.

I appreciate the responsible and private way they live their lives - and they don't appear to be suffering from it either...they are both happy, giddy and in love...if the Oprah show, and those airport reports leaving O'hare, and the USA Today cover pic, can attest to.

Sorry it burns your nips that they are so in love.

Howver, advertising it for every tabloid and weekly, would be murder suicide -- when every question would not be about their work or film, but about what Robsten had for breakfast, and when they might have kids?? Their careers wouldn't survive it.

If you have a few Oscars under your belt like Brangelina or Sandra Bullock (whose REALLY regrettng sharing about the man who she claimed 'had her back'), and have escaped the smothering clutches of some gorilla movie studio - and are at least 21, then and only THEN - might all the press about your relaysh be something you can handle...

....but these hater hyenas asking two extremely young artists just starting out like Rob & Kris to willingly give up their privacy and invite the tabloid vultures into every aspect of their lives is almost insane.

Sometimes I wonder what you crazy ass women would do if Rob had some gf that was a famewh*ring lame who dropped his name every other second -- my guess is, you'd slit your throats.

You don't know how good you have it. LOL Kristen COULD be rubbing your face in it 24/7 and talking about Rob's big d*ck, but she's decided to spare you the stroke. You should be thanking her.

So have some respect for the girl, and the man who loves her - damn.

You're obviously his fans (or former fans) or else you wouldn't be on Rose's blog stalking every minutae of movement of these two. Hell, you probably keep better track of Rob and Kris than you do your own kids - but sadly, and SICK-ly, it's all to tear down their relationship, and live in a world of denial where a couple that is seen holding hands on an airport tarmac RIGHT UNDERNEATH your HYENA posts (seriously, look down -- see Rob's giddy face holding onto his girl?? That's called LOVE you hags! So sorry you can't recognize it! LOL)

...you still, STILL can't come to terms with the obvious.

All I wonder is, what kind of wives and gfs are YOU, that you are so obsessed with Kristen being adored by Rob...seriously, do you think your hag assses have a shot??? Bahahahahaha!!

Do you sit around rooting for this kind of sh*t??

I remember this same crazy hyena group did the exact same thing when Rob went to the Shanon Woodward/Katy Perry birthday party - they lived on that for about 12 hrs, remember?? Until Rob and Kris were spotted at a concert smootching, at the airport, and then leaving the BAFTAs in the same limo holding hands. LMAO Then it was, 'sh*t!! I guess they haven't broken up!!'

Guess what?? Men & women are allowed to NOT walk around in full coital intercourse mode, and don't have to prove to you they're still together, because they've 'disengaged.' LOL.

Get lives you crones. Let these two young people be.


Anonymous said...

Dear 5:06 pm...

You ask good questions. But here's how it works. Jealous catty stalker females with no lives ONLY ARE INTERESTED IN TEARING DOWN RELATIONSHIPS OF COUPLES THEY ARE OBSESSED WITH.

In other words. Women don't want to fck Seal en masse, nor do they want to fck Robert Downey Jr, nor do they want to fck Efron or Joshua Jackson.

It's only the guys that masses of women would KILL FOR, (see Brad Pitt, see Robert Pattinson) - that engender this kind of rabid obsession where their significant others are attacked daily.

For instance, if Brad and Angelina are separated for a few days - they get this same kind of bullsh*t.

It's a rarity, that's why you know Rob is special - because of teh sheer level of insane lust he gets from these women - that in turn creates a sick toxic vicious hate for the woman he loves.

No one gives a fck about Seal, or RDJ or Matthew Broderick - so of course, they'd laugh at the ridiculousness of someone saying, 'Sarah Jessica was at a fashion show in the UK last night, while Matthew Broderick was at home in NYC - they must be divorcing.'

But if Brad is seen on his motorcycle around town and Angelina isn't on the back of it - they are heading for splitsville.

LOL, see how this works.

Guys we don't care about - get to have normal lives with no interference....guys we are obsessed with, get to be stalked and their teen girlfriends attacked or threatened, if they do something like show up at his premiere...or hell, BREATHE.

It's Rob. He's an idol. Hence, his life will be made into a hell he can't even imagine - thankfully, he's got a gf/fiance/wife that cares about his life and career and chooses to not make it a circus, and not let the voracious old hyenas eat him alive.

Rob is a lucky guy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Bitter Hyenas:

You guys are total suckers.

You are exactly why they don't confirm or deny.

They are letting you have your delusions still without letting reality shatter them.


Cause well, Rob does need you to see his movies. And he's afraid one of ya'll crazy heffas is gonna stab Kristen in the knee once it's confirmed.

Have a great summer! Thanks for making R and K get constant security cause of your psycho ways!


Anonymous said...

I really hate seeing that Rob and Kristen's relationship is completely demeaned by "certain" people just because they won't let the whole world in on it. I don't see how that makes them any less of a couple than those that are so open with their personal lives.

Rob and Kristen spend time together. They also spend time apart. They also make it a point to spend their birthdays together and spend holidays together. That's what couples do. So sorry that they don't document it and talk about it for the world to see. But they aren't any less of a couple than those PDA'ing all over the place. And even with some of those couples--like Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan--they don't seem attached at the hip, they spend time apart even when they're not working. Shia was nowhere to be seen during awards season and he wasn't filming anything. But they are more in love and serious because they let paps snap them while they're kissing? I don't see the logic here. If Rob and Kristen did that, then these people would say it's PR. So they can't win.

Anonymous said...

have a friend who is married for 20 years, have four children and she just arrived from vegas, she stayed there with her high school friends, it does'nt mean that she divorced her husband and abandoned her children. i have a 20 year old daughter who also has a boyfriend and she will go with her friends for a tour and once she gets back, they're still together. rob and kristen are normal people. all the haters are STUPID! GO BACK TO REALITY! I just wish that kristen does'nt read all the comments because she might have a hyper tension or whatever at a young age.

Anonymous said...

Normal couples do take little trips with others when they are young. Just saying Rob spending a week in London when he went out 2/3 times and he was crucified for not running to Kristen. Kristen leaves LA when Rob had two days off this weekend (no, they didn't work Sunday night like some claim) and she's the coolest girl EVER! Its such BS. These two aren't serious and don't want to be. No big deal. Respect them both. They have been apart except for a few days for 5 months. He's finally in LA and she has weeks of Summit promotion coming up (first Korea/Australia, later NYC and Europe with TayTay) and she'd rather be gone Thursday-Tuesday/Wednesday with some girls than spend the weekend with Rob. Its her choice. She isn't more into him than he is to her. They are casual. Shippers need to get used to it. Its not going to change unless they break up.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Thanks for the bedtime story. @7:12.
I personally would never sit on an airplane for 14 hours for someone I didn't love and didn't love me back. Don't think Kristen would either. That.is.all.
Oh, yeah. Respect them both and stop posting bullshit about details of their relationship you know nothing about. (oh, and it was 3 months -not 5- that they were apart. They were together in January for several weeks, for about 10 days in mid to late Februay/early March and at least a week in early/mid April. Then Rob came back west 2 weeks later. BUT prior to that they did spend 5 months pretty much attached at the hip :) They seem to know how to make it work and it's their relationship --- So anyway....

amanda said...

I love how people keep saying "it's casual" as if they know anything about R/K's relationship. She's one lucky girl to be "casual" with Rob. She gets to spend all holidays/birthdays with him and go on trips with him, hold hands with him, stay in his hotel room, have him look at her like he looks at no-one else, and he buys her gifts. Wow, actually it sounds serious to me. Oh wait, that's right, she went on a girls trip after spending almost all month in LA so it automatically puts it in the "casual" category. I forgot. Lol. However you want to define their relationship hyenas, she actually has one with him. You never will. Nomatter how you try to lessen their relationship with your irrational logic doesn't change that.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I love your blog and all the wise supporters. Anon 5:52, you're spot on. I've gotton to the point where I actually feel sorry for the hyenas. Hate/negativity is blinding and unhealthy. They likely do not have close relationships with family or friends. There's a clinical word for them, and it starts with an s. I don't want to offend anyone, so I won't spell it out. Please, seek help.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to "speculate" but I just can't resist.

The pic in your post... the one where they look so disheveled... seriously... they soooo look like they just got out of bed! ;-)

OMG the fighting. Or is it fighting? Good Q about the IP addresses. The "bahaha" makes it sound like one person posting over and over again, does it not?

Is this person sitting there with their Kristen voodoo doll while they write "mine" on top of rob's picture in their own blood? Because frankly... the "bahahaha" is creeping me out. And everytime I read one of their crazy hater comments I totally picture some weird psycho sitting at their computer finding shoddy evidence to justify their crazy NONsense "nonsten" fable that they concoct to stave off their psychotic obsessive rage over Rob not being "theirs." I even have a picture in my head... anyone ever watch The Bodyguard? Do you remember the psycho fan who picked up whitney's glove and caressed it like a demented whack job. Well in my mind the person posting here looks exactly the same... but is a chick and has bows in the mad scientist like hair.

Okay.. maybe I've seen one too many horror movies.. but seriously... why so much Robsten HATE? Its just weird. I can understand getting a little giggle and a smile over a cute romance but to actually be obsessively hateful. Totally creepy.

Deb said...

TO anon 5:52 I want to THANK YOU for all you'v said I totally agree THEY them self has said they ONLY want to be good actors not some famewhores IF YOU SAY your a FAN of ether ROB or Kristen then YOU should KNOW them. People just dont have any thing to do in life but hurt and put down people WHO are in LOVE and DO want to be each other SO there not right now get a life do you spend aaall your time with your love one ????? if so what do you have to miss when they are gone or how boring it would get to have them in your face all the time DO you remember what ROB said about being apart form some one you love IF your are a ROB fan then you should know what im saying and as for Kristen IF you are a FAN of hers you should know that she said that she well keep what is important to her self WE all are not going to see eye to eye BUT PLEASE let stop all the HATE on TWO people WHO WE say we love and give them what THEY ASK and that is their privacy. and respect Thank you for listening to me And thank you Rose for your post. DEB

Anonymous said...

Hyenas are so happy and rejoicing that they are going to have a happy summer and shippers will be crying.LOL.Hyenas you're been saying this BS over and over for more than a year now.You guys are hilarious.How about the picture of Rob/Nikki that you're been claiming,where are they.Rob was out this weekend but their is no picture with him with Nikki/AG or any other women that you claimed.Kris will be promoting Eclipse with Taylor in Australia and Korea for 5-6 days,and she will be back in LA and they will be both MIA again, together.So I think Hyenas will be crying and foaming again and SHIPPERS WILL BE THE ONE REJOICING AND LAUGHING ABOUT YOU HYENAS.

Dani said...


It's a war zone in here!! :O

Honestly, Rose, I'm sorry you have to deal with so many idiotic comments on your blog. Thanks for the post though. It was great as usual. :)

Olivia said...

Thank you for the info on R/K timeline. It is a lovely site. You're right. The Twilight pics are precious.
Great comments : )
@ the bullies who make hurtful comments - shame
To Rose - as always, thanks for such dedication each day.

Anonymous said...

Oh Rose, i bet you have given up on your blog..please come back and delete the NONsense..if only we all think like you..anyway good night i cant wait to see what you have in store for tommorow..i love your blog and Robsten and i am such a fan..keep up the good work amiga :-)

Lets leave Robsten and we should let them be..

Anonymous said...

what is this the new AT? i thought i left there a long time ago..only to come and see this. At least Rose is nothing like ted!!

CTRL-ALT-DLT said...

And to the 3 haters who keep re-posting negative comments...yes, Rose can see your IP address. (Shh...work with me on this one, Rose.) ;-)

Anonymous said...

anom @8.38 if you did what i said was a good idea i.e look at that link i passed late yesterday ...you would know how that pic came about....your missen out......
Olivia @ 9.13 your most welcome

And if anyone else has come across a treasure as this most certainly is .....please SHARE....

Anonymous said...

9:17- my thoughts exactly! I don't even go there anymore b/c it is like the fiery pits of hell.

When Rob and Kristen are away (from each other momentarily), the hyenas come out to play (more like spew nonsense, but it didn't rhyme with away).

Food for thought for all the naysayers:

If Kristen and Rob aren't together why wouldn't they just say "we are not together, we are just friends" as they have said in the past?

If Kristen and Rob aren't together then why don't we see them with other people? Contrary to popular hyena belief I believe that both of them could be with anyone they wanted.

If they are only a PR relationship per Summit's decisions then Summit has failed miserably. Because Summit has done everything in their power to keep them apart. Word to Summit- didn't work for the New Moon promos. Those two communicated with their eyes (b/c they couldn't sit beside each other and talk) and I don't think it was about Taylor's beef patties. Although maybe Summit was onto something with the New Moon promos. Because during Twilight promos R/K paid little attention to what was going on around them. There's that bubble again....

If they are just FWB-another fail. The way those two are with each other does not scream "just in it for sex". If that's all they wanted they could find it elsewhere.

Anonymous said...


rose can see all your IP address and can see what site you've been before you go here. i'm sure she can track you down and know exactly where you are. no wonder why she's laughing so much on twitter. she knows what your agenda is, she knows if you're talking to yourself. lol. some people are just so stupid. continue harassing her in her territory and you get a taste of your own medicine soon. just wait. lol.

Anonymous said...

Kristen Stewart is a big part of Robert's life. Says it casual all you want. I hope it eases your suffering. Sorry you didn't get to see Robert on your birthday, sorry you didn't see him on New Years Day, sorry you can't call him when you like(he forgot to give you his number). Most of all I'm so sorry that you cant't hit his sheets when you like. I know it hurts!!!!

Anonymous said...

first to aufultruth..eww you kiss your mama with that mouth? nasty. I truly can't read anymore today. I don't know how you do it Rose, I am in awe of you and your kind heart lol. There is a lot of people not on their meds today. WTF? It sure seems like alot of the same person posting repeatedly the same crap on and on hmmmm..sad! Definately someone who has never gone on a roadtrip with friends, it's awesome. Or even just a concert with the just the girls totally different than with your boyfriend, just fun, not like lookin to get laid fun either haters omg. Great post as always, you are such a kind and patient soul. Thanks again.

sollee said...

wow..i think we should learn from robsten..giving each other some space to be themselves..yup we should not always expect them to be together always..even if you're apart but you love each other nothing can destroy that love you have with each other..if love is meant to be and you're really into it then you'll have a happy ending although as fans we should not expect much..as robsten themselves they give each other some space to grow or to share their love with others:)let's not be too possessive of them..although we wish that they'll end up together someday..i hope so..if not it's ok:)

Lisa said...

Hi Louisa.. I missed where you said Hi earlier.. Sorry about my epic post.. I just couldn't help myself.. Although I don't know WHY I keep talking to the hyenas.. They're NEVER going to get it..

I do hope with them learning that Rose can see their IP addresses (IF they know what that is) maybe some will go away or at least post their names instead of anon or some other made up BS.. Have a great day.. (it's bedtime here)


Anonymous said...

FEAR. That's precisely what drives the 'hyenas' - as they are called here. What is it that they fear? Something REAL...Real between Rob & Kris. For him, she is the REAL deal - as he is for her, and deep down they know it.

Nothing they spew, dream, or want, will change that very REAL fact. They can hate on it all they want. They can be cruel, ugly and mean. They can act all put out by the hilarity that others find in their lame responses and theories. And still nothing will change the truth of the situation. Nothing.

Purple83 said...

dear Rose,

I love you! As always you make great points :)
To all of the good friends, keep strong and ignore the hate! To all the loons be it Kristen's fans that hate Rob, Rob's fans that hate Kris or whatever other combo...please take your pills and while at it, get a hobby too! Hate isn't constructive! Pick up Origami or something...I'm willing to give you pointers, seriously, I have tons of patterns for you...knitting is a good hobby, too...but for Pete's sake why do you waste your time being vicious, and bitter and jealous and spewing hate when you could be spending your time doing something fun, and happy...and enjoyable? And another thing...what do you say about stepping into the real world a bit? You know, smell the roses, have a relationship of the real variety instead of the fantasy variety...

I don't even want to comment on the hateful comments...most of them are so lame it's not even worth it...the rest belong to some seriously deranged people :S

Love always,


Anonymous said...

Some things about Rob and Kristen:

Robsten fans tend to idealize Rob and Kristen as a couple. Dont.

When Rob describes himself as a possessive man. Absolutely believe him.

He's giggly, he jokes around, he seems very easygoing but deep inside he is more complicated than you can ever imagine. He's got an inexhaustible energy.

Kristen is a 20 years old woman and actress, brought up in Hollywood, who needs a i r and s p a c e. She is a XXI century woman, so:

They are not married.

They are not engaged.

They don't live together.

Because she doesn't want it...yet.

Anonymous said...

I think this article provides a little insight into maybe why Rob is in such praise of Kristen Stewart.
He did say she is a very important part of his life.


Anonymous said...

#to 9:16

WHy do you think SHE doesn't want it ....yet?????

Maybe they don't want it....yet

........and are you a close friend of ROB or you just try to interpretate himself?????????

Anonymous said...

it's very easy to think at ROb in terms of a very introverse person........mostly of the time if what easly you can feel from him...when he moves his hand..or when he look at....not you.......he seams to be very reserved and if is this the way to classify complicated.......ok
let it be............but probably for that he dosn't want to complicate his life!!!!!!!! at the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Read again my post.

When I say, She doesn't want it, it's because he has asked her several times, but She doesn't want it...yet because Kristen wants to go step by step. As I said she is only 20, but In a way, she is mature beyond her age. More than him.

Off by now.

Lisa said...
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