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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Our Lips Are Sealed.

Can you hear them
They talk about us

Telling lies
Well that`s no surprise

Can you see them
See right through them

They have no shield
No secrets to reveal

It doesn't matter what they say
In the jealous games people play
Our lips are sealed

Careless talk
Through paper walls

We can`t stop them
Only laugh at them

Spreading rumors
So far from true

Dragged up from the underworld
Just like some precious pearl

It doesn't matter what they say
In the jealous games people play
Our lips are sealed

Pay no mind to what they say
It doesn't matter anyway
Our lips are sealed

There`s a weapon
We must use
In our defense

When you look at them
Look right through them

That`s when they`ll disappear
That`s when you`ll be feared

Hush, my darling
Don`t you cry
Quiet, angel
Forget their lies


Bye for now.
*Thanks to the Go-Go's*


Anonymous said...

no words ... it's wonderfull thanks rose

Anonymous said...

kim: "I have a very reliable source in VC because we were told earlier this week that to expect something big this weekend, and look what happened. So Rob is in a different hotel than the others. There was a big meeting with Summit bigwigs. KS had a fight with a rep from Summitt, I guess KS was being a smartass at the beginning of the meeting, KS manager had to step in. KS had company at her hotel but it wasn't RP. (This hasn't been confirm) but RP had some blond company until 4:45 a.m. today. RP has a problem with DS bc he wants more time and RP can't he needs to be on set for WFE on Monday.I guess there was a rift btwn R/k because she wants to keep working to get scene right but RP is working on limited time bc of his other commits. Also expect R/K to be out tonight for pr damage bc Summitt feels that it needs to do some damage control. Rob will be leaving VC on Fri and Kristen will be heading to NYC for work related to Runaways and Eclipse...."

Also we found out that K was in Budapest but no by herself her company left an hour before the R/K photos in the airport. I guess Summit made sure someone was there for the photos. R/K were to meet up Easter weekend but RP had other plans so KS had to go her birthday weekend bc she had the concert the following weekend. What a mess."

Jenn said...

Oh Snap!!! That picture where Kristen is flipping the bird is so awesome!! Why is this the first time I'm seeing it?! I wanna be KStew when I grow up, and I'm older than Her!!
Anyway great blog as usual and oh so true indeed!!

soadram said...

Wonderful ... more words to that?, All written and seen in a simple and true.
Have a great day

Purple83 said...

I love you Rose, that is all :)

ciro said...

love it rose, i'm side yours leave R and K alone don't intrudging theire personal life...the true fans always support them and seem happy whenever make them happy..just make world better place..just see this vid
make your life come easier remember R love K love R and we love rose

Opsable said...

Soulful and true

Sam said...

Anon @9:45
Are you serious with that? Because none of those scenarios actually happened. They all left VC on Sat. This so called PR damage doesn't make any sense, seeing as there were no pictures taken at all of Rob/Kris in VC. Right that whole Budapest trip was just a PR move by summit Ok sure. The hyenas are out early today huh?
Anyway great blog Rose, I am definitely intoxicated by Robert
Anyway Great blog, I love reading what you have to say

Tamika said...

OMG such a great entry!! I have been reading your blog for a while it rocks!!!

And wow to the hyenna...could you at least think of making something that resmebles reality!! Grow up honestly!! Kinda ruins ur theory when they didnt go out and do P.R control right!!

And yeah she left family on her b'day to meet up with someone who was not rob but then went to the airport......do u guys even realise what u say makes no sense!!

Thanks for the awesome entry Rose!

katy said...

to anon 9:44 you make no sense...though your storie made me laught on how ridiculous it was.

Rose loved your Post.

Rob loves kristen and Kristen Loves Rob

Anonymous said...

We don't know if they are still together, if they are done they aren't going to announce it to world just when eclipse promotion is about to start. They will do what they have to do to keep it civil and be professional. Later when everything is said and done "someone" will leak that they are over and we will move on. When october rolls and they have to face eachother and work together again everything will be just fine.
So stop please, just think for a minute, you think there is any chance they will do anything to jeopardize eclipse promotion? NO. The priority the next 2 months is smile, sell the movie and keep the fans happy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:44 come now. You got to come harder than that. You have got to improve your skills if you want that job at comedy central.

Tamika said...

anon at 10.06...the fact you think that rob would agree to something like that and be miserable for so long...u clear are not his fan if u think he or they are fake go back to nonsten please....fester with the other heyennas

Anita said...

Dear Rose,
great post and you have chosen the perfect pics for the post.
Love you Rose and love R/K <3

Olivia said...

Perfect Rose!
Got to love Kristen's gutsy and honest attitude. You go girl! Bless their hearts, the fishbowl part of fame does suck. Keep the faith that they are strong young professionals who are so very fortunate to have found each other. May they be a constant source of love and inspiration to each other, together and apart as the life of an actor so demands.
Respect Rob and Kristen. What lovely souls they are, together and apart.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* how does someone get so happy from being mean? I don't understand the hyenas at all. How do you live with yourselves seriously? Do you have any sort of conscience. How anyone could hate on such a beautiful couple just baffles me. And the PR excuse is so laughable and ridiculous. Summit is a cheap company they would never fly Kristen to Budapest for PR and Kristen "badazz" Stewart flying across the globe on her b-day for PR is even more ridiculous. So much pressure on them. I just wish for Their happiness and love. *sigh*

Honey said...

Rose..it's beautiful..simply beautiful...Hyeans are becoming more and more ridiculous...and they really make me throw up..their lies are so disgusting..but none believe them...Because facts can speak louder than words and so..let's laught at them XD..I Mean..how can some people be so pathetic?! XD Well they have much fantasy...but, they can't accept the simple truth: RobertLovesKristenLovesRobert..and that's it...They're such in a wonderful, private world where none can reach them..and hyenas are foaming..and Im enjoying it ahahaha!!! XD XD
Ah, almost forgetting: the whole cast left Vancouver on Saturday, every member.. And Robsten are so onnnnn...!!!<3 a loooong summer is waiting for them..together! ooops: maybe I didn't have to say that..now hyeans are gonna foaming even more saying the same bullshit..poor them!While they foam..Robsten make love...I like it!XD

Love Roseee!!!

jen said...

Fun Fact, Rose:

"Our Lips are Sealed" was originally a poem written by Terry Hall cause he was dating one of the Go Gos. Of course the Gos Gos used that poem to have their first hit, but here's Terry's version of it, which I prefer--I always imagined this version for Robert and Kristen:


Enjoy! His voice is better than Belindas...lol

Edith said...

Loved the pictures,Rose.Hate the drama.I'm sick with all these hardcore hyenas and shippers.I'm in love with R/K,together and seperately.Got sad,when i saw Rob's face at the LAX airport.He looked pissed,like he wanted to kick someone's ass.I wish he had.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that song Rose!! And isn't so sad that Rob has fans that think so little of him? They actually think he would stoop so low and sell his soul to the devil rather than accepting the truth. Actually, I think they know the truth but would rather make up stories and lies to make him sound like a complete tool. Now who really needs fans like that? Well like the lyrics say, " It really doesn't matter what they say. In these jealous games people play". Love it and love you Rose.

Anonymous said...

Look at the popsugar pics, he doesn't look sad, he is smiling and smirking. Probably laughing his ass off at all you shippers. This is going to be an amazing summer for all Rob fans..how long it will take for the shippers to run out of excuses? I say middle of june :)

kate said...

Rose,can you please forbid the anon comments?Some of them like anon 9:44 are completely crazy and psycho.They'll be seen together today fpr damage control?Really?Do you know that Kristen is in NY and Rob in LA?Idiot.

Patricia said...

Rose: Great words of wisdom .....
I love to come hear everyday and read your blog !





Anonymous said...

I think that everyone invested shipper and nonsten alike are all a bit crazy to be honest.
i believe that they are together but I unlike some people make no assumptions of the type of relationship or lever of commitment they have towards each other...
those of you who say "the fact you think that rob would agree to something like that and be miserable for so long" ok i do believe all the P.R stunt shit is all BS but those of you who defend this people stating that you know how they think and behave, you're all a bit delusional..
We only know what we have been able to see of them in pictures and interviews but theres only so much that you cant take from that...some of the fans act as if they actually know this people and in reality we dont...we can make assumptions of how we think they are personality wise but in the end we dont really know them...
so whenever you guys say...ohh Rob would never do that or Kristen would never do that and whatnot,HOW DO YOU KNOW?
Assumptions negative and positive are just that assumptions.

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:45 that is desperation at it's best.

I love them and how they are together. It is going to take more than them being seperate for work to convince me otherwise. I am happy to know what I know and leave it at that.


RPaddict said...

Kristen said in an interview last year that no matter what she said about the relationship between her and Rob that it wouldn't be true.

She explianed that she ment that people were going to think what they wanted, if she said yes,then people would say they had broken up, or vica versa, so she wasn't going to feed the animal.

How true her words have been. These two wonderful people can't win, so why should they confirm or deny? Why should they give proof to an aundiance that won't take their word for truth.

I believe silence is their best weapon because it drives the droolhungry hyena's crazy, and thier true fans support thier decision to keep thier status to themselves,and are just happy for them whatever their status may be.

I believe that they are together, and I believe they are best friends. Most importatnly I want them to be happy however thier relationship stands.

Love that you put this song to their situation. Great Post Rose.

KPATTZ said...

It seems like the loon from yesterday,who had a ting with summer and shippers,returned.Oh dear,myself,didn't you take your meds today?

kharma1 said...

Happy Sunday Rose,
Love coming on here and reading your post and looking at beautiful pictures of Rob and Kristen. What a gorgeous couple and even more so because they are in love.
The one where she is flipping the bird was taken in Italy when the pappz were intruding on the girl's lunch.
Good for her, I'm doing the same thing to these nonsten/haters right now.
The Rabid Hyenas are up early this morning and by reading some of their comments, rabies are definitely starting to
affect their brain cells, they are hallucinating.
Looking forward to this week..Kristen at the MET, can't wait for those pictures. Rob and Kristen both on Oprah, how awesome is that. Both of them coming back to LA together.
Summer luvin'
Thanks Rose, enjoy your Sunday.

Olivia said...

@ Jen
Thanks for the youtube link to Terry's version. Enjoyed it!

jen said...

Anonymous Kim: let's break down the lies, shall we?

Whoever thought this fantasy up has little to no knowledge of how movie production is done.

Why would DS want more time for reshoots? He's turned in his final draft--Summit's the one telling him to go back to the drawing board. He has less than 2 months to complete this again. Do you really think he's going to want to lollygag around Vancouver with reshoots?

You realize DS is on a MUCH tighter schedule than Robert's, right??

FIRST LIE!DS does NOT want more time.The window of time for reshoots was made well in advance, Davids not just deciding on the fly how long to shoot things. Please, people have schedules-him,the actors AND ALSO THE CREW THAT HAD TO BE DUG UP LAST MINUTE.

Lie 2: KS getting into a fight with Summit for being a smart ass: You do realize that diva behavior is pretty much tolerated by actors, right? This isn't Kindergarten class, Kristen is not goign to "get in trouble" for being a smart ass. She'd get in trouble for not complying with contractual agreements.

Lie 3: "I guess there was a rift btwn R/k because she wants to keep working to get scene right but RP is working on limited time bc of his other commits." WAY TO SHOW YOUR IGNORANCE. You honestly think Kristen is in charge of how long they are going to shoot at each location..."to get the scene right??????" To the point that it would keep them longer than is permitted in each location? To the poitn Robert would stay in VC longer than expected? WHAT PLANET DO YOU LIVE ON???? Kristen does not make those decisions AT ALL. She's told where to go and show up, and then she works. And then she's told when the shooting is doen, and where to go next.

Lie 4: "Expect R/K to be out tongiht for damage control." Ummm...only in a nonsten mind would this even be logical. No ONE thinks R/K are fighting-the gossip is that DS/RK are fighting. We'd see THEM out if there was spin control. To be honest, no one is really spending as much time on "Robsten" either where they would need to do "PR" sightings together cause everyone assumes they are together. Whoever thought this tale up has no clue how PR or damage control works.

Lie #5:Kristen was in Budapest for PR: Again, what planet are you people from? That Budapest trip hardly made headlines. Again, why? Cause everyone is over "are they or aren't they"--everyone except for hyenas think they are together. SEeeing them come out of a van at this point? IS BORING. That's not how you do PR. IF it was PR, then we'd get romantic shots of them hand in hand touring historic Budapest.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think they are cute together. If they broke up, well, it was a good run. If they are together still, well, good for them.

See, that's the difference between most people here, and those so intent on thinking they are a PR stunt or broken up.

I realize they can break up at anytime, may have already. And you know what? I still ahve to get up in the morning and go to work, so it's not skin off my back.

For now, I tend to think they are together. But things change in the future, well best of luck to them...

Celerina said...

Hyenas have an earnestly desperate tone to their posts that gives them away everytime. It's like they want us to believe them so much that they cannot help coming across as desperate. One can almost detect a faint shaking/fluttering of their hearts, waiting with baited breath for our reactions. It's palpable.

In other words it is so easy to recognize a hyena. Rose, I was doing a crossword puzzle earlier, and you might be interested to know that the word hyena was in it. The meaning: laughing coward. How apt is that,eh?

Anyway, thanks for today's post. Love it!


Anonymous said...

and love jen's post in regards to the claims by Kim. It's like a 10 year old made up those assertions.haha

Anonymous said...

hi rose, am from the philippines, i follow you, delaney and kstew411 for updates regarding kristen and robert. i love these two individuals because you can feel and see that what they have is real and they're protecting what they build for how many years now? it's always good to be friends first with your lover coz you have built the foundation you need for a lasting relationship. i just wish that these two young people will continue to love and cherish one another, adore and respect each other, make time for one another and not be swayed by rumors or intrigues. i salute kristen for at a very young age she thinks above her age and she knows what is common to couples in hollywood if you won't protect it.

Anonymous said...

Robert loves Kristen and Kristen loves Robert.
the people who hate robert and kristen are disgusting and sick.
hyena alias anon9:44:00 AM go to veterinary for sterilization

imloco2 said...

Rose, how do you DO that? Come up with the perfect lines to go with the perfect pictures? Or vice versa. Either way, I love it. Almost made me weepy it did. Love you too. Have a good Sunday. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, I've always thought of this song for them, cause of the line, "there's a weapon, that we must use in our defense--SILENCE."

Everyone keeps saying they are hiding, or playing games. NOPE-silence is their weapon against all of this effery around them.


Anonymous said...

Robert likes Kristen. Kristen likes Robert. It's all so simple. Can you haters find another IDOL to worship. Heidi and Spencer Pratt could always use more fans!!

Angelica said...

You are fucking awesome, my friend.
And I love the new layout. And the header *swoon*

Anonymous said...

Look, there are those who will tip off if their relationship runs its course. There are those who can't wait in fact--Lainey of Laineygossip has been harping for months that Robert isn't deserving of her(silly woman!).

The minute Lainey gets wind of trouble in paradise, trust--she'll be happy to air it, hyenas...lol

As for now though, she's made it clear they are still "lovers"--thus the reasons she qualified her tweets to make us know it wasn't R/K fighting.

This isn't rocket science, people.

Anonymous said...

and before you say lainey is part of the "conspiracy"(you are all so paranoid): Keep in mind she has egg on her face for insisting Robert and Kristen would not hook up last spring. They did like a week after her big declaration.LOL

She's been very "meh" about their relationship ever since, and would love vindication if they ended up parting paths--cause ever since they've gotten together, she's been trying to match kristen up with moer "worthy" suitors.

Lainey would jump on that smut tip faster than a cat ona hot tin roof.

sara2 said...

Hey Jen, good synopsis, breaking down the lies. You forgot, all three cast members stayed in the same hotel. Rob did not stay somewhere else. The far-fetched stories they come up with is mind-boggling. Can't people just accept the truth and move on? I think they would rather believe convoluted, and wrong, conspiracy theories than what is so obviously before their eyes. The naivety is astounding in their assertions of how movie productions work. And any time I read "damage control", it's like when they say "trust me." I shudder.
Thanks Rose! Great as always. Even though some anonymous cowards love to come on here and spew their crap!

Anonymous said...

Rob and Kristen are what they are. No one knows what that is but them. Just wish them the best and go support their careers. We get plenty from them in public forums. That should be enough. If you are a true fan, you will leave them alone in their private life and be happy for them. Thanks for the great post Rose.

Jenn said...

So anon @10;35:
If there happens to be a photo of R/K on Rob'd birthday we are to assume that's all for press and PR for Eclipse right? And seriously why are you yelling? Go take your meds and leave us all in peace.

And I agree with the poster about Lainey, that woman is obsessed with Kristen and thinks Rob(who she keeps saying she is indifferent to btw yeah right) isn't "good enough" for her. I totally think that she would be the first to smugly and gleefully report if there were trouble in paradise. I find her kinda creepy which is why I stopped reading her blog.

kristine.hills said...

OMG Rose i LOVED your POST today, it's one of the most beautiful you wrote.
But when i read the comments i got sick, i wanted to thown up(literally).How some people can be so DISGUSTING?!
I only can pray for RK, bc only GOD can protect them.

ROSE your post made me cry, it's very beautiful and so sad.
I really would like RK have some peace.

God bless RK

Anonymous said...

have to say.. a lot of kristen fans shipping everyone with kristen.
gosstew,zacstew,oreganostew, whateverstew... but when Rob fans doing something like this they call them ugly jealous hyenas.

dont get me wrong i like robsten but this hypocrisy need to stop!

amanda said...

If it was for PR, Kristen wouldn't have flown 14 hours to Budapest just to stay inside those days, same with NYE IoW, they went to an island with no paps. People aren't logical AT ALL.
Anonymous 9:44 Rob WAS in the same hotel as the others. Punkd even confirmed that, and he always tries to stir stuff up with R/K fans.
If people really thought it's all for PR, they wouldn't be coming to sites like this trying to convince everybody else. But they know they are making stuff up, or listening to people who don't make any sense, and they are miserable.

Anonymous said...

I would love to give the fandom a tutorial on how PR stunts work and don't work:

1)PR Stunt working: Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler getting "caught" on her Mexican birthday holiday together on the poolside balcony looking greased up and half naked drinking margaritas in plain view of paps.

2) PR Stunt not working: Robert and Kristen spending her Hungarian birthday away from paps. Only get a shot coming out of a child molester van in the airport parking lot.

See the difference??

Anonymous said...

Thus the PR stunt tutorial equation of the day is:

Child Molester van + airport parking lot background + two kids looking downward sulky = someone in the PR is gonna get their ass fired for the complete and utter fail imagery!

PR is all about public image and perception.

Anonymous said...

No words is right!! Rose, tell me, how do you do this EVERY FUCKING TIME! Amaze me!! you never fail to amaze me! This post left me speechless. Everything went along perfectly..the pics everything and the one with Kristen given the finger i say Heck yeah!! Thats what all these hater: may i start listing,? I shall :hyenas/cougars/robsessed/krisbians/nonstens need to do..eff off!! And leave them Alone! to live their lives. Is their lives so so miserable that they come on here to spew hate on two ppl who they will never ever meet?! It boggles my mind Rose, why ppl just cant leave them alone and let them be!! They are in love...and let me tell you, love is not always rational, and is not always easy so i hope they continue to live their own lives and ignore..

You know what my wish is Rose? that they stumble upon your blog oneday..just oneday! they need to see this..everything you have created especially Rob! Thanks as always xxx

Love the Go-Gos too!


Anonymous said...

I dont think that any of us should waste time trying to explain it to anyone why it is not PR and the whole Budapest and New Year's thing..they choose not to believe and frankly we cannot change their minds.They should continue to live in their own worlds. We know the truth and that enough to say we are fans and we support them and want the best for them. Some of them will say whatever they can say..well if it helps them to sleep at night and still have good dreams of how they will end up with one of them then fine..we know reality they can continue to live in fantasy..that's all i can say because sadly i dont think this bs will ever end.


linzy said...

Oh Rose, this is easily in my top 5 fav posts you've made about these two. The pairing of lyrics with pics is an A++++ and such a nice way to start a sunday :) Thank you for that.

RE: Lainey
While I agree that she would be all over it if there were problems between Rob and Kris, she's definitely not the best barometer for monitoring their relationship given her fail!gossip history. Which is pretty f'n funny since back in nov '08 she was clearly on the bandwagon only to jump off in favor of the lie that was Rob and Nikki. When that turned out to be a big pile of NOTHAPPENING she became a bitter arse towards Rob - rarely complimentary, though I suppose she seems to have softened towards him a bit recently, idk... I don't trust her. About all I can give her is that she is a Kristen fangirl, beyond that she's a gossip by trade and thus a professional shit-stirrer (as we saw the other day *eyeroll*).

And in case some people didn't know, @punkd_images is Lainey's pap. He's a total POS in my opinion and it is a huge warning signal to me not to put much stock in what either he or lainey have to say about Rob and Kris.

I trust my own eyes and don't give a damn what the slobber monsters have to say (that would be you, anon @ 944am and your ilk). I find it hilarious that r/k fans are accused of writing "fanfiction" about r/k but I see WAY more of that going on with the crazies. Srsly. It would be funny if it weren't so delusional.

Can't wait to see some mad Kristen steaze tomorrow!! Girl will be a total knock-out, I have no doubt. Being invited to that gala is a HUGE deal. Then it'll be time for Oprah... and thne? who knows what'll happen next but I'm stoked to be strapped in for the ride ;)

MAMABEAR said...

Rose, I love your words, and I for one believe Robert and Kristen are together. Both are working and try to spend as much hours together as they can. Both seem so happy when they are together. So much drama, and made up bull sh__! Pictures show the true relationship these two have. Robert loves Kristen and he is one lucky young man to be able to be with her. Kristen is one lucky young woman to have won his heart.

Nice site Rose!

Anonymous said...

Summit in no way could or probably even would tell Rob and Kristen they have to spend holidays/birthdays together. How people even think that is beyond me.

anonymous 10:27 I don't think people are pretending to know R/K. But if you are a fan of theirs and listen to what they have to say, "don't want publicity" "want to keep private life private" "want to keep something for myself" "want to be recognized for my work and not my private life", You come to the conclusion that Rob and Kristen would never do anything like that.

vanlicous said...

Thank you Rose! You're a light in this fandom-craziness. Today I'm so tired of all that BS. Sad.

I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

@ lnzy... totally agree on the r/k fanfiction front. At least the r/k fiction writers acknowledge and know that they are writing FICTION... as opposed to the nonstens who write fiction and yet BELIEVE the crap they write.

Seriously... fiction writer vs delusional?

Whose really crazy?

And on another topic I do NOT GET the PR claim of the hyena whack jobs at all. SERIOUSLY it doesn't even make sense to me!! IF they were going to do a PR relationship aren't there WAY better ways to pull that crap off. I mean, I don't work in Hollywood... but if you were going to do a fake relationship for PR's sake wouldn't you pick well-known pap'd up places to go to? Not go hide in a dink town in BFE (IE the Isle of Wright) to get "caught" by a freakin' nine year old with a cell phone camera? And if you were going to PR it up for a "ROMANTIC BIRTHDAY GETAWAY" wouldn't you get caught a restaurant at a candlelight dinner maybe by a window or something not making a mad run for the airport desperately trying to grab some Mickey D's after you'd been in hiding? And when you arrive in London wouldn't you at least go to a hot spot type club and cuddle in the VIP section to be seen? Not just have paps snap your Adidas at the airport? Then in Vancouver if ALL THIS HAD BEEN FOR PR TO BEGIN WITH... wouldn't they be out partying it up on their nights off not rocking their hotel room.... Please, hyenas, explain this PR claim to me. Because I keep hearing it over and over and I JUST DON'T GET!!!!!! It makes absolutely, positively no SENSE and I AM SICK OF READING IT!

Anonymous said...

Another great post Rose. If Budapest was PR, then it was an epic fail. There was only one rag mag that really reported on it. I think R/K are doing an excellent job keeping their relationship on the DL in the mainstream media. When I flip through the rags, there's usually never anything about them. It's all about Kate Gosselin, the Kardasians, Sandra, etc. They know that their relationship is not a secret, it's just that they don't want to discuss it and add more fire to the "fiending".

kristine.hills said...

I'm SICK and i want to scream

ROSE DARLING i found a place for all these losers who insist on coming here and posting disgustiung Bullsh!t about our kids

losers,hyenas,lunatics and blahblahblah

here is your place


this is the place that you go when you see RK very much TOGETHER again soon.



Melinda said...

(I don't know what happened to what I posted before so if it finally shows up I apologize in advance)

Love, love, love today's post. The pics are perfect for the choice of song. Love the one of Rob (sunglasses off) and Kristen (letting the paps know what she thinks-gotta love it). You can tell they hate this crap too!

I'm just going to focus on the good and not the nonsense today...

BTW Rose- that picture of Rob below with the cig in his mouth...there is something about his expression...it gets me every time! I see the intoxication!

Anonymous said...

Is i me or kristine hills is delaney. I love you Delaney

Anonymous said...

I just want to say one thing:
they are beautiful in the story of the SAGA ,they are two people both esthetically beautiful ........than themselves, but why they have to stick together at all costs?
Why instead only to PR? Couldn't only be a healthy and tender friendship? Have you ever had a man friend? There tenderness, care and attention, not only in a coiuple that is allowed; between two sincere friends we exchanged gestures of understanding, looks nasty (maybe not to say that the situation funny and are not living) are basically two young away from their important affections and JUMP(ROB above) into a media show of fear.
Maybe it is the right time to end this long a controversial story!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

to kristine!!!!!

Fantastic video!!!!!!!


Thata said...

Is's so funny what people imagine about them.It's so obvious they're together.When "hyennas" say they broke up they are addmitting they were together before ( and "hyennas" never belived in that).They are so confused while we are like Rob and Kris enjoying their love

Rose,I love your blog!!!
Kisses from Brazil

Anonymous said...

Today's blog was so cute and so Kristen and Robert! I can't stop smirking.

pricklypearess said...

Perfect song, Rose! Looks like we have alot of Chicken Little wannabes..."The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" LOL No, Kristen just has a professional obligation at the MET in NYC tomorrow. Really, you'd think the hyenas would learn by now to not count their chickens before they're hatched. Have a lovely Sunday everyone! No worries.

Anonymous said...

HEY ROSE Just LOVE,LOVE your post today You said it all (THE LYRICS the PIC.HOW DO YOU DO IT ??) and to Trish I to would LOVE for ROB to stumble upon this blog to see how ROSE and OTHERS love HIM and Kristen LET KEEP our heads up hight WE All know whats going on KEEP the faith in ROB and Kristen Thanks again Rose I LOVE YA KID and i hope you have a good day KEEP singing Rose .......DEB.

TwilightFann1969 said...

Rose, first I want to say I'm sorry to you. I do not want to use your wonderful blog for a rant. But I'M PISSED OFF! These R/K haters need to get the F out. I dare you come here and spout this shit. We here love Rob and Kristen, together and seperate. HATERS BEWARE, because I'm on a rant today. You know my momma told me a long time ago that if you didn't have anything nice to keep my fucking mouth shut. Maybe you were not taught manners, but I'm here to teach you some now. This shit that the "Anonymous" person said this morning at 944am can't be validated. So you need to keep your DAMN MOUTH AND FINGER OFF THIS BLOG! THIS IS FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE ROB AND KRISTEN YOU JUST WANT TO STIR UP TROUBLE. SO PISS OFF! THAT GOES FOR THE REST OF YOU DAMN HATERS TOO!

Anonymous said...

Well, Robsten and shippers are celebrating the one year anniversary of Rob and Kristen's epic love story while the Nonsten and NonRobs are fuming rabies. Is there anyone of you who is reliable of all these madness? I bet no one! The only seems to be reliable I guess are the Robsten or Shippers for being so clever, using their common sense while the Nonstens and NonRobs are more getting obvious of their sanity in question. I think they need some medical attention and something is going wrong, brain is malfunctioning due to severe or extreme jealousy pointing to our girl. They think that our girl doesn't deserve Rob and Rob doesn't deserve our girl. Who are they to judge anyway when only Rob and Kristen knows what lies about them. LOVE prevails! Oh yes! LOVE prevails and can move mountains!

Anonymous said...

It seems that Rob didn't have any shoots at all in VC. He came from London to VC to join Kristen to have a lovey-dovey for few days since they will be separated after this hence Kristen went to NY for business affair and Rob to LA for the WFE shooting schedule. Can't you see how they find ways and means to be together even just a fraction of their time. They will soon be united for the Eclipse promo tour and of course this is PR because they are promoting the film but they are stealthy sneaking for their own secret bubbles away from prying eyes because it's their own private lives and we will just be happy and contented for both of them.

sfw10sis said...

Rose you nailed it again, perfect pics with a song so fitting of the situation. I'm so in awe of your talent.

As for Rob/Kris, I respect them more for wanting to keep their relaysh private, It speaks volumes of the amount of integrity they have for themselves and their relaysh, considering more then half of hollyweird pimps themselves out to the highest bidder. The way they have handled themselves shows their maturity and level of respect they have for each other. I for one adore them more for it, (yes I'm human and would love to see some sort of interaction between them, but it is theirs to show, not ours to demand).

For all you drama queens lurking out there or poluting Rose's blog, scroll midway down the pics in Rose's latest post, Kristen has a message for you (I second it).

Rose, hope your enjoying your Sunday.


Nicky said...

Sometimes it's great sitting back watching the little gems that get dropped for us. Rosesee again beautiful. I am happy waiting for these gems and watching the hyenas chase their tails.

Anonymous said...

Dear Diadema,

R and K don't have to stick together at all costs because we say it. It's simply that they fell in love while shooting Twilight and that's why they stick together whenever they can.

Or should we forget all the evidence just to make you happy?

Should we forget that K's ex-boyfriend is out of the pic more than one year ago?

Should we forget R and K's staying at Chateau Marmont during MTV?

Should we forget their hanging out at night?

Should we forget Kristen flying to UK to spend New Year with Rob?

Should we forget Kristen flying to Budapest to spend her 20 birthday with Rob?

Diadema, if you don't want to see the evidence, it's up to you, BUT DON'T EXPECT US TO BE BLIND TOO!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how the angry jealous psycho multiple-cat lady perspective, never changes.

These famous couples that are together and in love that are the objects of their hate, will still get the lies and vitriol no matter what their circumstances.

Whether they are a couple that keeps it private, but makes it obvious like Robsten, or whether it's a couple that shouts it to the world like Brangelina -- at the end of the day, the haters will hate.

So whether they're young people on the cusp of their career falling in love and being committed, or a bit older committed couple with babies coming out of the ears -- for the women that want and need to hate them they will always be around, making up vicious lies and spreading rumors (perfect song Rose).

Rob and Kristen could pledge their love for all time in primetime TV, get pregnant, have a seaside ceremony, speak of each other non-stop, and STILL, they'd be dragged thru the mud at the first opportunity - and people would claim that they do not exist. OR, they will lie in wait for a reason to say they don't: 'aww, Rob isn't smiling. He and kris broke up.' or 'aw, Kristen is in NYC w/ Dakota, she and Rob broke up.' 'Aw, Kristen is in Budapest to tell Rob they are done.' (LMAO)

Obsessive Hatred Prolonged = insanity/mental/emotional disturbance.

Rings, babies, marriage certificates or none of that - will ever change the hater/nonsten/hyena's level of straight up catty hateful b*tchiness that drives them to attack and spread lies.

Fans usually have to just wait them out. They will either get new celebrity victims to hate and obsess over OR, their obsession/hate will wane.

Until that happens - just keep the troll spray handy, and press the proverbial ignore button. LOL

Anonymous said...

At Anon 5:05 PM Great post darling!!!! All your reminders just made me smile!! loved the post!! i even forgot about the chateau Marmont thing...And cant wait to see Rob on Ellen on May 19th...this will be his what? 3rd time! And also Nikki's coming on May 18th..it going to be an awesome some...Robsten fans are in for a treat and NO hater can take that away!! f off! us Kristen said in that pic..


Anonymous said...

oh and also Anon 5:14 PM loved your post!! I already purchased that troll spray a long long time ago! LOL! I got packs of it!!! Hopefully they WILL find another celebrity/celebrities to obssess over..i feel sorry already for that celebrity!


Olivia said...

@Anon 5:14
Definitely in agreement. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Someday I hope you get a chance to
meet r\k in person...they im sure would be happy to meet a true and SANE fan! Thank you for your honesty!

May said...

Dear hyenas,there are no words in english language to accurately describe on how many desperate levels you people are pathetic.Even you numbnuts can get what I mean.LOL

Rose,sweet Rose,this might be your best post so far,bb.In other words, you fucking rule. ;D

Anonymous said...

Rose, perfect pics, perfect words, just perfect as always. You Rock. Haters and Anon's get a life already and a new place to sit your sorry asses. I also remember the interview with K where she said no matter what they say people will think whatever they want, smart girl. Grow some brains anons and haters and just lay off already.

Barbara Fenwick said...

First I want to thank you Rose for your blog. I love it. I personally love Rob and Kris and I believe they are together. I am so tired of all these people making up lies just for the fun of it. The pictures of both Kris and Rob arriving in VC looking so happy and excited speaks volumes. I actually read Rob had no scenes to reshoot, he was there to spend time with Kris and this does not go with staying in separate hotels with people in their rooms. All these haters should leave them alone.

Anonymous said...

wow are you that lost hyenas? now you bring Nikki here? looooool. its obvious Nikki and Rob hate each other.Did you forget she called him feminine looking? So you prefer someone that bashes Rob publicly more than kristen herself ? pathetic , angry, brainless hyenas , i bet next time you will ship Rob/ donatella Versace or Rob/ octomom right.you make me puke, you have no life .Kristen yes she has a great life: critically acclaimed; Bafta, Oscars, all these mags covers, galas...The most important of all she has Rob he loves her, he dores her, he said she is the sweetest, smartest and strongest girl ever. She went in RM premiere and hung out with his family, they spent the new year and her birthday TOGETHER. What a beautiful couple.So take your pills bitches, its just the beginning

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose as always. Let's ignore hyenas. Let them be. It really doesn't matter what they say or choose to believe. The truth is always the truth. Just be happy for R and K. Love them.

Lisa said...

RPaddict, exactly right!

She also said.. I will and have to keep what's really important to me, private..

Great post as always Rose.

Fanny said...

Just a simple question here: why are some of you believing that Rob didn't have anything to shoot in Vancouver? Sure would be cute if he went to VC just to hang out with Kristen but how do we know he didn't have to be there for Eclipse? Just curious since whatever the reason he was there, they did spend time together and I'm sure enjoyed every minute of it ;)

Anonymous said...

to Anoynimous # 5,05

Dear , i don't want that you blind meat all!!!!
i only ssaid a different way who for some people can think in a different way from you!!

I mean if htey are together GREAT but all the doubts of a lot of HYENA as you called , maybe can be also read in the way that i read WHY NOT??????

Maybe it's your problem not mine!!!!

If you disocver that they are not together your dream will breack in 1000 pcs. and your life doesn't belive anymore in a very PASSIONATE LOVE!!!!???????????

So if not i'm happy for them i have nothing to do in this sense a part naturally , that i LOVE ROB for his talent!!!!!

VEry very easy and clean dear!!!!!!!

I found that he have a TALENT(see LITTLE ASHES) and i found She is a very beautiful girl only!!!!!!!Nothing to do with talen at all!!!!!
I'mI talking about only their professionality nothing to be or not to be a couple

That's my opinion and if you want that everyboddy think as you than is better if you live in an island alone with you dream!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think he shot scenes. His hair and face were scruffy when he arrived-when he left, he was clean shaven and his hair cut proper.

elle said...

Check this out. Whos she tlaking to? Michael Angarano? I know its old, but it was supposedly a date with R/K. lookslike not


Scarlet said...

Elle -- she's talking to Rob. MA is nowhere in the picture -- her brother is there and Rob.

Anyway, what drama. Thanks for slogging away at this Rose!

Have a great Monday everyone and get ready for dressy stew tonight!

Anonymous said...

Tsk tak shippers. Of course Rob worked while he was in VC, he was working on friday at the studio with the other 2.
Sorry to be bad news bear to all you but did any of you have the chance to see BA stills? very nice right? Oh yes forgot to tell you Rob is spending his Bday in Cannes :) isn't that wonderful? he's going to party with tons of women and have a great time.
Happy May shippers.
PS. Hold on tight because today most of you are going to be suprised to find out who delaney really is, so sad all of you got played.

Anonymous said...

OMG and who is Delaney, a guy, an alien, a drama queen, a FBI agent????

I'm so curious, please give us some hint, I can't wait...

Anonymous said...

To Anon 8:09

Is that you, Candykizzes24, the talk of twitter last night?

Anonymous said...

Let us for the sake of argument say that Robert will be at Cannes this year. Well, so what is the big deal about that in terms of his relationship with Kristen? He was there last year and they are still together. And how do you know that Kristen won't be there with him? She may just go with him,after all they have spent their birthdays together for the last three years.
Anon 8:09 you are showing your hyena color.

Anonymous said...

Dear Diadema

You can think whatever you want, in fact, you do it, don't you? You prefer to avoid the evidence, so what?? I'm not critizising you about that, the only thing I'm saying is...



You don't think like this? great! Then go to a place where people share your ideas cause in here you're not convincing anyone. Do you understand? I know you do.

pricklypearess said...

to anonymous 8:09: Don't follow Delaney. Heard of her on the AT, but really couldn't care less. I form my opinions around what I see with my own eyes. Until I see otherwise, Rob and Kristen are together. Could that change? Sure. But, so far have seen absolutely NO evidence to the contrary. I don't consider work obligations as proof of a breakup. Sorry, I'm too rational to buy into that line. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Guys! i know i am going to be grilled by the Robsten fans, but Rob and Kristen are not together at the moment. Do not believe what you see in the media....believe i know!

open your eyes and start doing your research about that.