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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Love Will Keep Us Together

I know I have used this picture recently...
But as I type this (9am)
This is what's happening on Oprah!
Well... plus Dakota, unless she is via satellite again.


Dammit to hell...
And I'm supposed to wait until next Thursday to see it??
What kind of cruel punishment is this?
Why must you torture me so, dear Oprah?

I don't know why...
But I have this gut feeling that this interview 
is gonna be good.
Like GOOD good.
Great even.


New Eclipse Still.
I love Eclipse.
I guess the Oprah audience got to see
a rough cut of Eclipse last night.
And, oh yeah... I'm green with envy.
Not only do these bitches 
(and I mean that in the most adorable way)
get to see the movie...
They get to sit in the audience while Miss O
talks to Robert and Kristen.
Lucky bitches indeed.
I should be so bitchy.

"What... I'm not the RIGHT kind of bitch for you, Bella?"

That just came into my head.

Robert is Edward.
I love the whole
Beautiful but dangerous vibe
Robert gives to Edward.
I just love Robert.
And Edward.

Kristen is beautiful.
There just isn't any way  around that.
I watched New Moon last night
(and I never seem to tire of it... go figure)
And seriously...
Kristen is drop dead GORGEOUS in this movie.
Even when she's pining away for Edward...
The girl looks GOOD.

Yes. One of my FAVORITE pictures.
I'm sure you could tell by now.
Big smile.
Hands on skin.
Close your eyes and picture
Robert and Kristen 
Doing this very thing when they were reunited...
And it feels SO good.

I want to talk about STENS for a moment.
(with the exception of Kristen, of course)
You know what I mean.

We have
nonSTEN, robSTEN, hateSTEN

You get the point.
I think my favorite is...


Learn it. Live it.

We have a lot of sad hyenas these days.
Things just aren't going the way they hoped.
I guess being delusional comes at a cost.
Do hyenas get depressed?
Um... the one in the picture looks like it's going to cry.
So instead of 'laughing' hyenas
We get 'crying' hyenas.
So very very sad because no matter what they say
or how they say it...
Doesn't make it true.

Actions do speak louder than words...
And if you look back over the past year (or so)
The actions between Robert and Kristen
have shown us the truth.
Over and over again...
They have shown us to what lengths they will go
to be




You, you belong to me now,
Ain't gonna set you free now;
When those girls start hanging around, 
talking me down,
Hear with your heart and you won't hear a sound.

Just stop, 'cause I really love you;
Stop, I'll be thinking of you --
Look in my heart and let love keep us together, whatever.

Young and beautiful someday your looks will be gone;
When the others turn you off who'll be turning you on?
I will, I will, I will, I will

I will be there to share forever;
Love will keep us together.
Said it before and I'll say it again, while others pretend,
I need you now and I'll need you then.


Anonymous said...

Funny how much they hate Kristen yet they use the end of her name to make their name. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, makes her important.

I loved the post, it is going to be a GOOD day and hopefully one to silence the haters. That will never happen.


Sandy said...


jillian said...

Oprah asked R/K about their relationship and Rob joked and said that Kristen is pregnant!I wish all these people stop asking the big question,because it has become really annoying and lame.They don't want and they aren't gonna answer.Is it so difficult to understand?I thought Oprah would respect them,but she'll do anything for her ratings.Old cow!

Anonymous said...

Check for Oprah tweets: Rob made a joke said kris is pregnant then Kris said he's having the baby lol
How they sat: Rob-Kris-Dakota-Tay

Anonymous said...

I love your blog Rose! Seriously you are awesome writer..
I read your blog everyday.

I love Kristen and Robert!


zaila said...

OMFE u gonna be da death of me i swear i dont kno hw i will live thru' Eclipse holy fuk and all da naysayers, hyenas you name it get a grip

soadram said...

Once again a great post, real, real, loving .....
I hope the "NOT" or the "Contra" open your eyes once and stop inventing shit every second on Rob / Kris.
They have been together muitoooooo and really the only place where I'm smiling every sentence that I read here on the blog of Rose or her on twitter.
And for the believers not to let Rose in peace.
A kiss from Portugal

Lizzie said...


You rule honey. I just love reading your blogs!

vanlicous said...

You've blown me awaySTEN.

Thank you, Rose.

zaila said...

she flatout and asked the Question then Rob replied that Kris is actually Preggers n Kris said its Rob avin da baby am dead

May said...





W O R D. ;D

Scarlet said...

Love it Rose. Love the twitters about the show. Def no "awkwardsten" to borrow a phrase from that nasty nasty website that none of us have checked out and then run screaming from pronouncing that humanity must be dead if that's any reflection of it!

So if R was so shattered that he delayed a whole movie production bc he didn't want to shoot a scene w/ K then why so happy on Oprah?

I think the STFUsten is the best response to the haters. I hope they lose interest in Rob and/or Kristen depending on what side their craziness lies.

Have a lovely day everyone.


Patricia said...


You rock !

I can't wait till next Thursday to see them on Oprah ! I also need a (COUPLE) picture, I'm having Rob and Kristen withdrawals ! I love them so !

Rock on Rose ! We so enjoy being part of Rob and Kristen fansten and making comments on your Rosesten blog ! ROB LOVES KRISTEN LOVES ROB !


Anonymous said...

Everybody who was at the taping on twitter are saying Rob and Kristen kept smiling and looking at eachother and they think they are together. Wasn't it just yesterday the hyenas kept saying they had broken up?
Can't wait for the 13th to come around!:)

pricklypearess said...

I'm a LoveRose'sBlogsten!! Ooh I can't wait to see Oprah. Rob and Kristen are always so amusing to watch together. The looks they give each other...oh yeah! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Funny post, Rose. LOVE it!!

Greetings from Hong Kong~ ^.^

MarieCurie said...

Guess by the twitts nothing important happened on Oprah, just a joke, no lovely touching-hands, meh. Booo, is this the B-Day? shippers can't face it.

Enjoy, this and the Eclipse premiere is all the robsten you're gonna get :)

Have a nice working-summer Rob and Kristen.

PS. Bel Ami new stills are hot, can't wait to see the movie! Rob, honey, focus on work, let the girl alone.

MarieCurie said...

Yeah, Kristen-alone, sounds good to me. Robward can do so much better. MET gala was a bluff for her. Boy, you have to move on.

And last thing I heard on serious forums was Rob is buyong a new house. Good for him, that Summit money needs to be invest. Kristen can visit you. Oh, wait, then the shippers will say they live together. Nooooooooo. The brit pack sure will go there for fun too...lots of friends, you know, he is a nice guy.

Enjoy working-summer Rob :)

kharma1 said...

Dear roseSTEN,
Thanks for another great post, love all the STENS, very clever.

I can't wait to see Oprah next week and see the adorablenessSTEN of these two and the eyesexing..lol.

I hope Rob and Kristen can enjoy Chicago for a few days before heading back to LA.

Anonymous said...

HET Rose I didnt think it was my B-DAY the 13 (ITS NOT) BUT I fill like it will be cant wait for Oprah I'v read some of the post that the people said about Rob and Kristen ALL GOOD you can see the love i just love your post Rose you can see the love you have for our MAN and his LADY keep up the good work and have a good day hun.................DEB

Anonymous said...

Wrong again Rose,

The Oprah show was a let down! I was there... Questions asked were not answered! Oh well, on to speculating again!

I think Rob and kristen avoid questions on purpose so blogs like this can still exist! LOL

Anonymous said...

Love love love this Rose! LMAO You are the best! Can't wait for Oprah to air! Those hyenas talk more about Kristen than they do about Rob! They are addicted to watching her every move lol just like we her fans do! They ignore the big picture like...Kristen & Rob going back to LA together BUT pick out some tiny detail like Kristen sat next to Dakota. Lamesten hyena She's sitting next to him now when the cameras aren't on and I bet that's not all she's doing he he he he.

Anonymous said...

I like Robsten but I'm done with Kristen. Rob would never have moved to another seat away from Kristen. She would never have done that to Taylor.

Anonymous said...

Whoever the poster is that keeps posting the SAME thing about how they were sitting...GROW UP!!! How old are you? Kristen does need to sit next to Rob for 45 minutes during a talk show. She'll be sitting ON him tonight! Deal with it...you're childish antics only make you look stupid.

Anonymous said...

Gee Kris is so rude she moved from him. Even Rob asked her if she wanted to sit next to him! How rude you are MS. Stewart. Rob is your costar and in fairness has never said anything bad about you. But you! you treat him like a piece of dirt in public. What a horrible person you are.

Anonymous said...

Rob seriously needs to grow some balls and stand up to Kristen. Shes using him too much and making him look like a prat on telly. If she was going to move away from him he shouldn't have said sit next to me. He should have just ignored her cause she ignored him. Rob needs to stop being a pussy and be a man.

Anonymous said...




Jeez there are some really angry people today. And I am so *shocked* they found their way here!

I love when Rob and Kristen joke around. It makes them more comfortable in these situations. Some people said Kristen was shy and nervous.
And if they actually answered with a "yes" then certain people would be screaming PR PR PR! They cannot win.

The thing with Dakota, it seems Kristen might have went to sit by her so she wouldn't feel left out. I also think Kristen's nervousness played a part. Apparently Taylor ended up moving over, which I think is what Kristen wanted to happen. The thing I love though, is Rob didn't want Kristen to move. I love this because just last week the BS was that he didn't care at all about her....LOL. Uh. Wrong, as usual.

If the interview is fun, happy and flirty...then I am a happy girl. If people watching came away with the thought that Rob and Kristen are together or at the very least extremely close and care about each other...awesome! Then what does it matter who sat where for an hour of their life?

Now back to LMFAO at the BS being spewed today. And the overall bitterness of those unhappy people.

Anonymous said...

They have to show the world all is OK with the leads prior to Eclipse release, but KS could not even sit next to Rob as soon as a better option came along. Actions speak louder than words. I am so annoyed she did that to Rob in front of everyone. Really low.

mamabear said...

Hi Rose,
Another beautiful writing.
Now all the Bull about Kristen getting up and going over to sit by Dakota, why not, these two are friends that have not seen each other for awhile. Robert I'm sure was busting Kristen about moving....Don't worry they will see each other tonight.....look into each others eyes, each others mouth, pull each other into each other arms, feel the pulse and heart rate change....that's love.

Anonymous said...

I think it's sweet Kristen wanted to make her friend, Dakota feel comfortable. I also think it's sweet that Rob wanted to sit next to his girlfriend, Kristen.
I don't think Kristen meant to be rude to anyone. Think she was just trying to be a good friend and didn't think Rob would mind. Find something else to hate on her about because you're just looking like petty assholes.

Anonymous said...

Rose as always you crack me up! love all the "Stens" love the hyena bashin, maybe one good whack to the head would take care of them lol. I don't get all the concern over where they were sitting, seriously how old are you? More than one tweet said it was Rob, Kristen, then Taylor moved to make room for Dakota between him and Kristen. Read it, it's everywhere loooser! Man I hope you are like 13, but you should be in school getting educated not on blogs hatin!

good grief said...

Yes, Rob is so upset. And Kristen doesn't care about him. That's why Rob and Kristen are together right now as I type.

But keep bitching. Sorry to let you know, it won't change a damn thing. They will continue to be together regardless of the hate you spew.

Anonymous said...

To Annon1.08
You're a hypocrite. Everyone knows that Rob clearly adores Kristen, what is pissing people is that she humilated him in front of a audience. She knows how he feels about her and that he was hurt that she was moving away from him but she still stomped on his feelings anyway. As usual people make excuses for her. Let me ask you this though. If Rob had moved next to Taylor away from Kristen, would shippers have been so forgiving? No they wouldn't have, they would torn him to shreds. But as usual Kristen gets off because Dakota is her BFF although they've never actually hung out except for promotion.

debbi said...


I guess this is the "straw" that the haters are grasping at today. Have a good time with that.

Anonymous said...

to 1:29. Oh, whatever. People harping on this are taking it WAY WAY WAY too seriously that I'm finding it hilarious.

So excuse me while I laugh some more. I doubt Rob was seriously hurt and felt humiliated. Come-fucking-on. And if Rob moved if one his friends came on stage? BFD. But, you bet, certain people would be telling me that it means he's not in love with her. LOL. See how it all works? Same shit, different day. And people taking every little thing all so seriously.

They did an interview. They had fun. They are happy. No one was hurt or humilated. Move on....

Anonymous said...

There was so much expectation about R&K at Oprah..but, actually, it didn't happen anything interestng..Rob&Kristen joking and avoiding the question as usual, smiles etc etc and tha was all!

This is getting boring.

I'll come back in 10 years to see if R&K, finally, come out to light..Byee.

Rose keep up the good work, see you in 2020!

kristine.hills said...

I'm PIS S ED off right now.
Do you know your fuckingstupids you are LOSERS!
Of course she cares for Rob, she LOVES him.DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY DON'T TALK A LOT ABOUT THEIR RELAYSH?Oh please, if she WANTED to be near D IN THE END of the interview, so WHAT?
Of course Rob was OK with it. That's why he was SOOOOO annoyed and was holdong her hand at the airport!
GET OVER FUCKLOSERS, they KNOW they are being watched EVERY SINGLE MINUTE, if she did it, it was ok.THANK GOD they have a MATURE relationship, ONE OF THE THINGS you LOSERS WILL NEVER HAVE.

OH Rose my dear, you are a wonderful person.I don't know how you put up with so much haters in your beautiful blog and twitter.How they dare come here and write too much bullsh!t and think we are going to believe it.

And NOOOO nobody said he was sad bc she switched seats with Tay. Because Rob has K all the time and so does K.They need time to catch up with friends.

Do you have friends haters?That's why things work.We have time for love and friends.

Love you Rose and you blog!

You are a wise woman!

Love from Brazil

30yearoldtwifan said...

WOW some of these comments read like there by 13 year olds! Probably ARE LMAO.. bla bla bla...

" shes a bad girl fried because she went to sit by Dakota " this reads like: I am 13 and have no life and need to live threw ACTORS love lives. SAD.

OMG she needs to be crucified! GET A GRIP PEOPLE.

Oh Guess who are leaving for LA Together as I speak?

Anonymous said...

Why can't people just enjoy the interview? And be excited to see it? The audidence members sound like they enjoyed it very much and Rob and Kristen were very cute and happy. It seems there was some musical chairs being played but I think it happened toward the end of the segment. And I don't see the problem with Kristen sitting next to her friend for a little bit. As always with this fandom people jump on the littlest things and make such a huge deal out of it. When it's nothing note worthy at all!

If Kristen didn't care about Rob, then she wouldn't have gone all the way to Budapest for her birthday! It's THAT simple. Not her seating arrangement on a talk show! Give it a rest people.

Anonymous said...

They're not together! Why can't you see it?!

Anonymous said...

OMFG Are you people serious?! Kristen's ashamed of Rob b/c she moved seats to sit by Dakota?! WTF is wrong with you people & how old are you?
Think about this...Kristen's sitting there as the only girl with Rob & Taylor..of course when another girl comes out she's gonna go sit beside her, wouldn't you?
I'm sure Rob & Kristen are comfortable & confident enough in their relationship that they don't have to be stuck up each other's ass during an interview to prove anything to anyone. And she's ashamed of him?? Guess that's why she flew to Budapest on her birthday to see him b/c she's so ashamed of him...WTFEverrrrrrrr.

LOLing said...

I am laughing so hard at some of these idiotic comments.

Kristen moving seats hurt Rob's feelings? Proved she doesn't care about him? Made him look like a fool?

*OMG! BRB have to go die from laughing*

linzy said...

*walks into comments section with wellies, rain coat, and umbrella*

figured best to be prepared... haven't even read the 40+ comments yet but i bet there's lots to wade through, lol. poor wittle hyenas. bet they got the crazy eyes a spinnin and are drowning in their own spittle.

great great day and what a fabulous post to go with it! <3 you Rose. can't wait for next thursday :) sounds like we have lots of cuteness to look forward to, y/y? teehee. the gifs produced will be epic, no doubt.

i knew that the inty would go well ala the kimmel show with the main 3. only this one is even better because we got dakota as well. safety in numbers in an interview, esp with a pro like Oprah. talk about a secure environment. no random dirty journalist to make them feel awkward and weird. no need for bitchfacing from anyone. just good times for all involved. i'm very jealous of everyone who got to go, but happy nontheless to see the extreme amount of love pouring out as a result <3

i'm so giddy right no! i can't stop grinning, feel like my face might break in two.

true love said...

first of all GOOD POST ROSE..once again..now, the ones complaining bout kris moving to another sit..gosh..u r all anoying..cry selfish..kids..grow up..have u all being in a relationship before..gezzzz..have u all think that maybe she wanna to face rob face to face not side ways..????..hellooo..or not even that ..who cares..where she sits..when they live together as a happy couple..every day i get more amazed at the dum and inmature ppl..seriously..bunch of fake fans..see ya..can wait to see the show on the 13th..ahhhhh..rob's bday..wow..nice...:0)..God bless..xoxo

Anonymous said...

bwahahahhaha, people are attempting to analyze relationships by seating arrangements! I sat on the other couch while my husband was in the lazy-boy last night-I guess we are getting divorced now and that makes me a lesbian!!!

God, I love the entertainment value of hyenas..

linzy said...

kristen moved seats. um, ooookay. AND? is that it? is that what is being clung to? OMFG, LOL *facepalm* logic, you have none.

girl is damned if she does, damned if she doesn't. i also love the lack of reading comprehension by the crazies. every tweet i saw that mentioned the seat adjustment said rob's comment and the situation as a whole was CUTE. nothing hurtful or awkward. take a pill, get a grip, and quit f'n talking.

as small as their respective social circles are, i'm grateful stew and dakota have a tight friendship. i don't blame kristen for wanting to sit next to her, you know you would do the same. quit crucifying kristen for doing something so HUMAN and NORMAL. you look ridiculous and the sane fans in the world are mocking the shit out of you.

i kinda feel sorry for the fellow who saw r & K together and holding hands at o'hare, and then shared it. i bet he's getting pounded from all sides. i don't like that he tweet'd a pic or fwd'd it to PH but those not in the depths of this fandom have no clue how brutal it is. i don't blame Kris or Rob for their distaste of twitter. look at how it has intruded upon what little normalcy the have?

btw, thank you for all the STENS today. i forgot to mention that in my previous comment. had me rofl!

and kudos to the commenter who came up with STFUsten. WORD BB!

Anonymous said...

Rose- the people on this blog (the haters) are so entertaining- i am seriously laughing my ass off. Get over yourselves- who gives a flying f**k who Kristen sat next to?? No one has even seen the freakin' show yet and they are getting all defensive! GROW UP!! Rob & Kristen are both beautiful people- who care very deeply about eachother (and i DO believe they happen to love one another) are great actors and hoepefully have very long careers ahead of them! They also don't give a rat's ass what anyone thinks of their relationship and they certainly do not need to admit anything to their fans! Ease up, grow up and shut the fuck up!

KristenwillcheatonRob said...

Uh-Uh Kristen is about to do a film with Garret Hedlund, I'm shipping them :) She says she's EXCITED. Rob, you deserve much better. I know you are so sensitive is gonna hurt but...and the end of the day, he has no sense of fashion or actoral skills.

I like Natalie Portman for Robbie :)

Anonymous said...

a lot of sad hyenas these days.



robert loves kristen
kristen loves robert

opinion: at the end of the show, without cameras ,certainly Kristen was in the arms of Robert

Anonymous said...

The photos and the post are great. Thanks Rose! I'm looking forward to seeing Oprah on the 13th. How about you? Go Rob and Kristen!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kristen moved seats cause she got tired of smelling her own sex on Rob, from their all night and morning love fest..

KristenwillcheatonRob said...

*I obviously meant SHE (KSTew) has no sense of style, fashion or actoral skills


luviuRob said...


You are gross.

Besides he is catholic and practises abstinece

I would do the same if she was near of me.

Anonymous said...

well they were seen holding hands on ohare afterwards i guess they weren't that upset with each other LOL

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose your beloved robsten friends already shipping kristen with her new co-star...
Please just try checking out some LJ accounts of kristen fans or go twitter.
Seriously...enough with the hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

WTF is wrong with you people ?
dakota 15 year old ;kristen is so sweet whit her.
nonsten do not have a soul.
You make me sick.

I love you Rose

Anonymous said...

Kristen will soooo get with Sam Riley this summer. Hes hot and talented.

Anonymous said...

@2:47 @3:13. LOL. Quick out of the gate, huh? Not surprised since the same crap is always done with Rob.

It's a great role for Kristen. It's not a huge role so she won't be needed for the entire filming. The story mainly centers around 2 guys.

Hope she talks about it during Eclipse promo. In the interview, she didn't sound sure it was definitely being made soon but people seem to think it is. Hope it works out because, like I said, it's a great role for her.

Marion said...

Enjoy your working summer far away from Cali Kristen


Anonymous said...

to 3.09
I agree the double standards are so wrong. So its ok for shippers to attack Emile, Camilla and Uma the other night at the Gala and ship Kristen with her costars? And What does Rob get? Death threats for hanging with his friend's girlfriends and insults for doing a photoshoot with a costar. Rob fans can't even jokingly ship him with someone else like Betty White cause it riles up shippers. But shippers love to ship Kristen with other people and love her costars lik Ryan, Jessie and Eddie. Huge difference to how Rob's costars are treated.

Anonymous said...

Rose all this shit about setting HOW do you not know if Oprah didnt say hey when D comes out can you set next to her Kristen ???? THINK ABOUT IT........Deb.

Anonymous said...

to anon 3:02

For the millionth time kristen fans show their hypocrisy. That is all.

I feel sorry for Rob, i really do. He could have nothing to do with the women or girls. Kristen on the other hand... Please tell me, how is this not a double standard..?

amanda said...

Oh wow. Hyenas are extra crazy today I see. I'm excited to see the interview! Apparantly R/K couldn't stop looking at eachother and flirting.

And if anyone seriously thinks Rob was actually hurt she went to sit by her friend, then please go seek help. Now. I thought just a couple weeks ago she was "too clingy"?? and now she's mean and trying to embarrass Rob? The only people who should be embarrassed are the ones spewing this NONsense on blogs today.

As for the holding hands picture, the guy isn't a Twilight fan. Would see no reason for him to lie. But things like this don't matter anymore. No more 'proof' is needed.

Anonymous said...

and please dont get me wrong Rose, i really love Robsten but seriously we always blame everything on Rob&Rob's fans.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 3:02. Kristen fans who are excited about the role and like the 2 actors involved or think they are hot is fine. But anyone who takes it to such an OMG level and goes around telling Kristen to hook up with these men, are pretty ridiculous. And I feel the same when it's done with Rob.

Rob and Kristen are actors. They will work with plenty of people now and in the future. To hook them up with everyone they work with is just...so high school. To claim they will cheat and blah blah blah has become a given with certain people. It's all so stupid and childish.

Whatever. I'm just happy for Rob and Kristen. They have each other and they have a lot of great things happening for them professionally.

Anonymous said...

to anon 3:13: Ummm. Sam is taken. Nice try.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anonymous 3:45! My thoughts exactly.

pricklypearess said...

I heard the Oprah video of Rob going to fan girls' houses in the Chicago area is hilarious. Cannot wait to see it. Oh, also hear there's lots of Rob and Kristen smiling and exchanging glances on the show. BTW, anyone who is nit picking the seating arrangements on Oprah are truly desperate and in danger of losing their marbles. Who cares. I like that Rob and Kris were spotted at O'Hare. Isn't it the nonstens that always make a big deal when they don't fly together? Well, if you use their logic (the one that says they're broken up if they don't fly together) then this should mean they're together! xoxo

Anonymous said...

So how are Rob and Kristen going to see each during the summer now? They're gonna be filming during the summer far away from each other. Yes I see it now. Kristen will fall for Riley and Rob will fall for Resse. Then PRsten shall be over.

Anonymous said...

Its sad but no matter what Rob does Kristen will always one step ahead of him. He'll always be overshadowed by her.

Anonymous said...


actually they're like ''OMG! Go kristen, Rob WHO?''

Who's needs enemies when we have Robsten fans like these.

@ anon 4:07


Anonymous said...

to 4:04. Far away? Where is Kristen filming? And when does she start? Summer can mean June, July or August. And since I'm sure her schedule is pretty packed with promos in June, I will be surprised if she starts in June.
And her role isn't huge. It's definitely more than what she did in Into The Wild but she's not going to be filming onlocation for months and months. Sometimes the smaller roles get you the best recognition. And it's a great role!
Besides, they could easily film some scenes in the deserts of California.

I love that Rob and Kristen are doing films from great books. I bet Rob has read On The Road.

melinda said...


OMG!I almost choke to death coz laughing so hard read comments of nonsten n robtards..

So now they try to make seating arrangement BIG DEAL??!!

Unbelievible!They're so entertaining! n thx coz ur BS comment really made my day :D

Greeting from Indonesia, Rose..once again ur GREAT!

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous 4:04: Only in your delusional fantasies.

Anonymous said...

This coming summer we won't get rid of tabloids shit. Kristen and Garrett Hedlung, you know...

Rose I'm afraid this summer will be as hard as it was the last one. Rob filming, Kristen filming somewhere, maybe far from LA, so Rob and Kristen apart again.

Work comes first. How many couples have broken up for their work priorities and the separation it implies?

No Rose, not. This summer is not going to be so yummy for Robsten as you hinted.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:48

Actors are bound to be separated for work. Their job requires it. Yet there are a lot of couples that find the way to make their relationship work. Besides they won't be apart this summer because when Kris will begin shooting, Rob will have already finished WFE filming.

Anonymous said...

Sorry hyenas, *IF* they are shooting the movie somewhere else they won't be separated long. Kristen has a small part in On the Road if you're going by the book. It's a huge deal, and really great for her, but won't take long to film. Also, haven't you learned distance doesn't matter to R/K? Remember Me, The Runaways, Bel Ami filming, they obviously find ways to make it work.

Anonymous said...

@4:48. I don't think that's fair. Are they supposed to just pass up these great parts and say "Nah, find someone else?"

They have shown that they can handle their relationship priorities and their work priorities.
One thing I know--if two people want to be together, then they will be together.

Anonymous said...

I love you A.rose.by.any.other.nameSTEN!

Anonymous said...

Genius and true! I like it to be here and read your posts. Soooooooo gooooood!

Anonymous said...

aw, kristen gets to play YET another iconic figure. Bella, Joan Jett, Mary Lou---impressive!

And nonstens are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to act like seating arrangements matter, or that Kristen's costar is prettier than Rob maybe, and Reese is prettier than Kristen.

Silly rabbits. The kids are going to be okay-they made it through last year, a couple months of filming each is NOTHING--and then it's off to Vancouver for six months...


Anonymous said...

@anon 4.13
kristen fans like killercrotez is saying stuff like that. the same one that said she hoped kristen who hook up with someone else and that rob would drink himself into a depression. yes I'm naming her cause shes a nonsten and I'm sick of people saying its only rob fans that are nonstens. there are the kristen fans too who can't wait for rob to fall on his ass and want kristen to dump him.

Anonymous said...

My heart really goes out to Rob. Its just too terrible for words. Poor guy. I just hope this year can't get any more worse for him :(

Anonymous said...

Yay for kristen! She will be great in this movie.

PS;I just want to see her ACT with these guys, not sleep with them. Kristen fans need to stop being such hypocrites...

@5:27 umm.. i can't even..

Anonymous said...

Rose, is there anyway you can delete the Krisbian and Robsessed comments that aren't just opinions and are completely mean?

We get it. Some of you don't like Rob. Some of you don't like Kristen. Why don't you go elsewhere? This blog obviously supports BOTH.

Olivia said...

Dear Rose,
Love the Captain and Tennille and LOVE will keep Rob and Kristen together. Along with maturity, friendship, respect, trust, family, and lots of other positive forces.

A professional actor knows that they must travel and spend time away from loved ones. It is part of the job. A mature person can spend time apart and even sit apart from a loved one and carry on a conversation with others. One does not need to be glued to the hip of your loved one in order to show that indeed there is a relationship. This is called being an adult and being secure in one's relationship and oneself.

The interview on Oprah sounds like it was a very entertaining and fun event. I'm happy that Rob and Kristen gave humorous responses to "the question". Yeah for them. The house visits by Rob promise to be hilarious. The audience members received such a wonderful opportunity to be with these lovely actors for a short while.

As always......Respect Rob and Kristen.

Dani said...

Um, I'm sorry but WHAT THE FUCK???

I'm a kristen fan mainly and i think i can definitely say that the majority of fans are totally cool with Rob. As long as Kristen's HAPPY, it's fine. All those "JesseStew", "EddieStew", etc etc are meant to be taken in a FRIVOLOUS manner. Meaning NOT seriously. Jeez, some people need to chill. It's just joking around. And actually, most of the time it's meaning their FRIENDSHIP.

Also, to 5.41: I'm pretty sure KillerCortez isn't a "nonsten". So you can stfu.
And I've RARELY or even ever seen kris fans give Rob death threats. Please. The majority of them are chicks anyway, so her fans react differently to relationships, i think.
Example: most fans of actresses know they won't end up with her; fans of actors (the crazy fans) hope they will.

I like both people, admire their career choices, and how they choose to present themselves to the public. Can't we all just stop with all this bullshit negativity? It gets so old. Just be happy. Thanks Rose!

-Dani (first time posting) :)

Anonymous said...

wow wow just wow!!! reading this is so entertaining!!! better than tv..some ppl made a fool of themselves..love the Stens rose i lmao so many times!!!


Anonymous said...

@ Trish. I too am LMAO!!

I am super sad (although not one bit surprised) that neither Rob nor Kristen pulled a Tom Cruise couch jump. I was so hoping for that. Only because it would have been HILARIOUS. Still I was not expecting a confirmation. Kristen wants to keep her personal life personal... and she seems like the kind of girl that once she makes up her mind she is going to stand her ground. (I say seems because I don't know her personally so I will use the word seems) So we will probably never get a verbal confirmation. Have you read the Flaunt interview?


R: Kristen's pregnant.


Still pretty darn funny.

How many idiots out there will take him seriously? Furthermore, how many gossip rags will quote him this as a serious quote. I can see the headlines now "Rob Reveals Exclusively to Oprah that Kristen is Carrying His Love Child" LMAO!!

I read comments/unsubstantiated rumors that Rob is buying a house. I also read comments/unsubstantiated rumors that Kristen has been house hunting? Coincidence?

@Jillian (10:28AM) I can understand your outrage at the whole world prying into their business BUT ITS OPRAH. If they went on Oprah they had to EXPECT "the question." Because its Oprah. And you can't call Oprah an old cow. Show some respect. :-) I think at this point Oprah may have more influence in America than the president or something. I'm just saying.

Teresaterri said...

The hyenas of course will be going ha ha because they didnt confirm anything on Oprah. They dont have to idiots. They have something special and they want to keep it for themselves. If I were them id want to do the same thing. And half the fun is specualating about it all isnt it?. What fun would it be if we knew every little detail? Rob and Kristen keep it for your selves. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Kristen says over and over she would never talk about it because that would cheapen the relationship. She also said it will come out naturally. I think that has happened. I think it shows how serious they are about one another by trying to protect it the best they can. It's not as if it's not obvious anyway!

Anonymous said...

So Kristen moved to sit next to Dakota for the last few minutes, big deal. Oprah did 'girl talk' with them and about their being friends. We all know where she's sitting on Rob right now!

Anonymous said...

Concerning SFA news anounced long ago by KStew411 on twitter, let me say I feel disappointed....On the road is a good novel, but Kristen will play a supporting role and it's not such a big deal taking into account that the lead role will be played by a non A-list actor.

I expected something bigger, I mean I really got stunned when I learnt that Anna Kendrick would take part in a movie with George Clooney. That was a big deal!

Anonymous said...

I already knew hyenas cling to anything, but Kristen changing seats when Dakota came out and them talking about their friendship is nothing to do with her and Rob. How.. I don't even.. It's probably one of the more ridiculous things they've said. It's like hyenas have never had a relationship before or something.

Lisa said...

First, another great post Rose.

Second.. Anonymous 12:30 and others playing chair-gate! WOW.. What ARE you smoking?

I understand haters have thick skulls and can't seem to grasp the idea.. But what about the Robsten fans! I haven't seen one mention the fact that since they really got together, they rarely sit or even stand next to each other! I think it's because they can't keep from touching one another. And then that is posted over and over as proof. Almost ALWAYS someone is in between them! And if it happens there isn't, they've got their arms crossed against their bodies, or sitting on their hands, etc... Don't believe me or didn't realize? Go look at some videos and pictures! LOTS of proof out there. Also, I forget which fan fest it was, for new moon anyway. Chris comes out first, then Kristen, then Rob. He starts to sit next to her (starts to pull out chair) and then goes and sits on the other side of Chris.. It's NORMAL for them! They've all but admitted it. They've done everything but said "YES WE ARE A COUPLE" Go read her Elle interview. Once again she says SHE'S NOT GOING TO ADMIT IT. She said if she did, people still wouldn't be happy. They'd want details (which is sad but true)! I mean, she's telling you right there! People who don't believe are one of two things. Delusional or deaf, blind and stupid!!! GOOD LORD!

PS. Please do read the Elle article. I found it sad.. That along with fan accounts of them (fans) banging on the SUV's as they were leaving Oprah.. WHY would they ever give such rabid people anything more! :( I'm sad for them and for fans who CAN control themselves but get less because so many can't..

Off my soapbox, carry on.. LOL

Melinda said...

The comments today were just the icing on the cake for a fantastic day for R/K fans! Can't stop laughing!

Thanks Rose for another fun post. I can't wait till next week. While we are all watching Oprah and how cute Rob and Kristen are, they will be celebrating Rob's big day. I only hope they will be able to pull off a get away as stealthy as Budapest!

Looking forward to tomorrow's post and what you think about the comments here tonight.

Anonymous said...

anon- 10:18 I guess it's a big deal to Kristen personally because she has talked for years about liking the book. It's a classic. Also, I think she got chosen personally by Francis Ford Coppola. That's pretty SFA.

Anonymous said...

It will be a big deal for Kristen, but it's not for me as a fan. It's only my opinion.

Anita said...

Dear Rose,
you have made me laugh today. You really are great.
Love You and love R/K.

Anonymous said...

who care if it's not a deal for you.STFU, i really hate people like you. This is a great opportunity for her career.Even anna kendrick had supporting role in ITA. I'm fucking happy for my my bb right now. and this is SFA for her fans. Angelina jolie got her oscar for supporting role. And if you are not happy, then go away

Me said...

Gosh, what will the haters come up with now? Did Kristen have a fight with Dakota now? In the morning she "dissed Rob" by not sitting by him. Did she diss Dakota and Taylor because she's with ROB at the airport.. hmmmmm LMAO Can't wait to read today's blog and shit slinging that will go with it!


Anonymous said...

Francis Ford Coppola is a God .
I'm so proud of kristen.
little girls ( or the little brain)can not understand .
they only want to see naked robert .
Robert and kristen are real actors . must be respected

LurkerStu said...

Personally, I think this part is a big fucking deal. Marylou is an iconic literary figure... I suppose some people appreciate that more than others. I guess I can understand why people who aren't fans or aren't familiar with On the Road are underwhelmed by Kristen playing a supporting role over a leading role. But I think leading roles are overrated. There's no such thing as small parts, only small actors. You never know what this part, her role in this film could lead to. As someone said Anna Kendrick has a supporting role in In The Air, and she took everyone by surprise and was nominated for BFD awards. Several other high profile actresses have had amazing and widely praised performances in a supporting role. I bet if Kristen receives praise from critics and peers in the form of award nominations and the like for this part (I'm not saying it's in the bank, but any possibility is on the table), THEN it will be a big deal to her currently underwhelmed fans. Just be happy for her... she loves the book and the project means a lot for her personally and it could end up meaning a lot professionally (imo, it already does). Everything opens up another door, another opportunity. Kristen doesn't want to be a movie star. She wants to be an actress... this is a good meaty part for a female in this industry. I wish some of her fans would realize how rare that is.

Also, why all the emphasis on "working-summer"? LMAO, the things people cling to. So you're saying that people who work apart can't keep up a committed relationship? What a sad world you live in, and you really have a twisted view of younger adults. I'm in my twenties with other friends in the same age group who are all in the same monogamous relationships they've been in since we were 19-20 years of age. Some people have no interest in serial monogamy or playing the field, and R/K have never given any indication that that's how they operate based on their relationship histories. And how can you know that these projects will be far apart from each other? News just broke on Kristen's summer plans, and nothing's been said about the film location or when she'll actually be needed on set and for how long.

Last comment, I think... why all the concern about from which direction the nonsten comments are coming (either from Kristen's diehard fans or from Rob's)? Why are so-called 'shippers' (though sometimes I feel like some of these comments are by pretenders) flouncing Kristen or Rob because they happen to have some vapid and rabid fans. They can't control the crazy. Either way, it's clear that those fans think very little of the person they claim to be fans of and that neither Rob/Kristen would like their concerns and questions about their decisions and judgment ... and they most certainly wouldn't like the insults toward each other from factions of their respective fanbases. Grow the fuck up, and I'm not just talking about age because I really question the mental faculties of the grown ass woman who go on and on about their concern for either Rob or Kristen's careers and their focus. Kindly STFU. They don't need your concern or your advice. Go buy a pet if you need something to fawn over and coddle. Just please... if you haven't already, don't ever spawn.

Nora said...

They dun need to admit publicly coz they're already admitting it by not admitting it...get it? They never said NO and constantly dodging the big question. They're just like...a lot of ppl seen them together already and they knows so y need to admit? Those who knows knows....PERIOD.

Nora said...

They dun need to admit publicly coz they're already admitting it by not admitting it...get it? They never said NO and constantly dodging the big question. They're just like...a lot of ppl seen them together already and they knows so y need to admit? Those who knows knows....PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

So many haters come out, a bit scary actually.

I'm a huge fan of Kristen. Rob to me is kinda OK~ If Kristen loves Rob, I will love Rob too!!~ Can't u guys see Kristen's SWEET SMILES and HAPPINESS when she's with Rob? So stop attacking Rob NOW if you a genuine fan of Kristen. The same logic to Rob's fans. Can't you see Kristen could really make him HAPPY?! So stop for attacking kristen NOW!!~

Just wish them happy always and enjoy their films!


Anonymous said...

I hoped that Kristen made a step forward. She's played quite a lot of supporting roles in drama movies and I think that, more than a smart move, this role in On the road is actually a personal choice.

I hoped that, after playing Bella, she'd leave the supporting roles behind to move ahead and get the lead roles. I think it's her time, but maybe she prefers to be done with Twilight to get another kind of roles. I wish it!

And I just don't want lead roles for her, I want lead actors to work with her, just like Rob has done in BA with Uma Thurman, Kristin S. Thomas, Christina Ricci or right now in WFE, he'll work with Chris Waltz and Reese Witherspoon.

Kristen is too talented for just a supporting role, even the one of an iconic literary figure.

Maeby said...

Anon @10:07:

Her career is not ending, so why the eulogy? This is ONE project of many to come. Why waste energy on negativity? Many talented and uberfamous so-called "lead" actresses took on supporting roles even after a major success (including the three you've named), and Kristen isn't new to this career, and she's never done what's expected of her... so why would she start now?

I'm not even going to get into the fact that the director for On the Road is one of the most respected directors on an international level. She's appeared alongside some highly respected and talented actors in the biz for a long time (Glenn Close, Patricia Clarkson, Jodi Foster, Diane Lane, Donald Sutherland, Olympia Dukakis, William Hurt, Marcia Gay Harden, Hal Holbrook, Sean Penn, Robert DeNiro, Stanley Tucci, James Gandolfini, and the list will keep growing). Nobody ever said that becoming a great actress or even a leading one meant that she'd have to leave behind her preference for intriguing supporting roles in well made movies.

I repeat she wants to be an ACTRESS not a STAR. I don't think it's odd for her to not go after that next huge role (personally, I think naysayers are underselling Mary Lou... because it's not easy to find GREAT scripts/roles for young women and the few that exist have stiff competition). She's already had amazing reception in The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys. She doesn't want to be a headliner... that's not what she's after, and if you're a fan of Kristen and you're honest to god expecting and hoping that she'll select her roles according to how much time she gets on screen then you'll be sorely disappointed. I don't consider the two actors that have been cast in On the Road as being beneath Kristen's talent or resume, and there are still parts to be cast... so who knows? You just might get your wish for other "lead" actors in this film, and if not, so what? And if a major reason she fought hard for his part, was personal, once again I ask, so what? One thing I will never understand about certain people in this fandom is how determined they are to be unhappy with every sliver of information. Another day, another reason to complain. It's just one movie. If you can't accept that Kristen isn't the average hungry actress looking to see her name above the title, then you should move along. It's about the work for her... it's about the opportunity to grow because she wants to have longevity playing characters that interest HER (she's not going to consider "her fans" when reading scripts for her next part... that would quickly date her career). She does not want to become an entity that can be marketed with an expiration date because I assure you, that's what will happen if Kristen started selecting scripts based on some false sense of entitlement post-Twilight (if you want proof on how badly such career managing turns out a majority of the time, look at Lindsay Lohan's stellar movie choices post Mean Girls).

Just stating my opinion as you stated yours.... the situation isn't dire. My outlook is optimistic.