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Friday, May 28, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Random Thoughts

I have a lot of random thoughts today.
But I have to admit my head is just not
into the drama today.

But here goes anyway...

1. I get a lot of shit about the name of my blog.
Not sure why people care so much what I have 
named it... do they feel betrayed somehow 
because I talk about Kristen, too?
The purpose behind me starting this blog
was for me to get a handle on my feelings
for Robert.
I started it a month before Twilight came out.
I talked about Robert being adorkable
and beautiful...
How incredibly intoxicated I was...
And I tried to figure out why he was the one
who made me feel a way that I've
never felt before... about anyone.
Yeah, well I still do that.
I haven't figured it out yet.
But you see...
Robert's life has evolved alongside this blog
And as much as it pains some of you people
Kristen is now a part of that life.
Part of His Life.
I know some of you would prefer her to not exist.
I know that you would just like to enjoy Robert
without having to deal with Kristen.
And hey... I get it.
But for me?
The more I saw of Rob's adoration
and obvious feelings for Kristen...
The more I came to see her through his eyes.
I absolutely adore her.
Kristen makes Robert happy.

Robert being happy...
Makes me happy.
That's really all there is to it.
I'm a fan of Kristen's
I'm a fan of Robert's
And even if there comes a day when
I believe that they aren't "Robsten" anymore?
I will still love and adore both of them.

2. Back to Kristen.
Kristen did an interview with ELLE UK.
I thought it was a very interesting...
and telling read.
She gave us little glimpses into her life...
Her ipod (hahahaha)
And what happens when she does that?
She gets blasted and insulted...
Attacked and ripped apart.
All because she had the audacity
the fucking nerve
To show the reporter a picture of 
Robert on her ipod.
Don't you get it now?
Don't you SEE why she doesn't want to share
one moment... of her life with Robert?
Can you imagine what would happen 
if she admitted she was with Rob?
I cringe at the thought.
I shudder at the hatred...
I wonder what Robert would have thought
about the people attacking someone
he so obviously cares about?

I have a lot of people who look for stuff for me
to blog about. I don't ask them too...
But they send it to me and I must admit to finding it hilarious.
I don't know where they get this stuff...
I don't even ask anymore.
Because who said it doesn't really matter
(A Hyena by a other name... is still a Hyena)
So here are a couple of choice tidbits...

(I believe that they may have spent some nights together, with Rob drunk.)

Well, believe it or don't...
but how insulting to Rob is the drunk comment?
It still boggles my mind that people think 
that Robert is some kind of manwhore
who shags every woman he works with,
all the while keeping Kristen on the side...
JUST IN CASE he can't find anyone else to be with.
Good Fucking Grief.
He's with Kristen... because he WANTS to be.
Doesn't get any simpler than that.

They seem so miserable together. 
How can even the dimmest bulb think anything romantic ever happened between them? 

Um. Wait a minute. 
2 people who are only together for "PR" looking miserable together? 
How exactly does that work?
Isn't the point of "PR" to try and make people
BELIEVE that they are together? 
Wouldn't looking miserable and non-romantic
kinda shoot the whole "PR" bullshit down? 
Yeah... Thought so. 
And what watt bulb are you.. or have you burnt out?

For those times when they're supposedly 'alone' we never have a pic proving it.

This made me laugh out loud.
Truly. I'm thinking that someone needs to look up the
definition of ALONE. 
You might learn something 
(wouldn't THAT be exciting?)

separate, apart, or isolated from others:
to the exclusion of all others or all else:
Do you get it now? 
Meaning there isn't some lame asshole
with a camera taking their picture... 
because they are ALONE.
Got it? 
(Probably not)

 I saved the best for last.
You tell me.

This is true. My Dad's best friend is doing lighting for this film and he said rob has been telling everyone that he is single. My sister and i were so upset, we thought they were dating.


This is true. My Dad's best friend is doing lighting for this film and he said Rob has been telling everyone that he is madly in love with Kristen. My sister and I were so upset, we thought we had a chance.

Which one do you believe?
Which one do you WANT to believe?
It's what it comes down to anyway, isn't it?
What you want to see.
What you choose to think is truth or bullshit.
I think both of these are full of shit.
Robert would NEVER tell 'Everyone' 
he is single or in love.
Robert Pattinson?
The shy, awkwardly adorable Robert Pattinson?
Yeah, I can see him skipping around the set...
Telling anyone who would listen...
Do these people have any concept of Robert at all?
That would be a NO.

Closing thoughts?
Don't really have any.

Oh... I am going out of town this weekend.
Not sure if I will be able to post on here 
for a couple of days.
Have to wait and see what happens.

I'm thinking it will actually do me some good
to get away from the bullshit drama that
I find myself wading through everyday.
Yeah, I know I do it by choice...
But that doesn't mean I always like it.

This is what I will be looking at this weekend.
It's the view from our deck.
Well, there will be more leaves on the trees 
But yeah...
it will be good.
Good Friends.
Good Food.
Good Times.

Bye for now.


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Jenn Ski said...

It makes me so sad. I could tell from that interview she wants to tell the whole world she's in love, but she can't. Argh!

Caroline said...

Hi Rose, great post...
Enjoy your travel, take some rest, and be back for us who really love you and what you write.
Love, Carol.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I feel precisely as you express in this post.

Let's face it. Rob could quite literally have any woman he chooses. So it's perfectly logical to me that he wants Kristen.

He is a man of substance, not shallow, not a manwhore. But who does he choose? Kristen, a woman of substance.

Rob is obviously not attracted to mannered, cookie cutter girls. Kristen is real. She is loyal, dry-humored, discreet, has great values, and is loving of those close to her. There's not a false note in the girl. She's exactly the kind of girl Rob has always said interests him: a strong, super-talented, independent girl.

There's no mystery here. He sees Kristen's beauty inside and out.

Rose, your weekend getaway looks amazing. Have a great time with your family.


Lisa said...

Excellent post Rose! I know this is cliche and many people here say it. But it REALLY is like you pick the stuff right out of my head. You say it better then I, which is why I don't write a blog! LOL

I'll really miss your posts but you deserve the weekend off! LOL

We should have some Kristen pics to keep us busy as she'll be promoting! :)

Have a good time!

Anonymous said...

You are spot on. Don't let them beat you down. You do a great job ... and your calm analytical approach in explaining things to the naysayers ... is just wonderful.

We all know the kind of people Rob & Kristen are. They are absolutely perfect for each other. They have great values and the support of loving families. I admire them for keeping their love as something truly special just between the two of them.

Enjoy your weekend. Look forward to hearing from you when you get back.

Donna said...


Have a wonderful time. Enjoy the time with your friends and family. Everyone needs to take a break and re-charge from all the s**t that goes on.

The view looks awesome.


ciro said...


everytime, everytime i see your blog i love it...that is true rob is handsome, adoroble, funny, down to earth, talented and i could't discribe anymore LOL..and when he near kristen everytime without any pretention, he check kristen, stare her...ooh boy it melt my heart...cause only man in love could do that, and the act of robert to kristen not fabrican...cause shown what heart telling to the loving one...

and we could leave the hyena..wasted time, hyena living in denial, dumbnass, numb heart...

oh rose i'm gonna miss you..but enjoy your little vacation 'wink' and take care your self and when you back i'll be waiting from your post...see you rose.....

Anonymous said...

I like Robsten but seriously, I am getting tired of all these speculations, comments. Enough is enough.
What's the whole boycott/unfollow H2OforElephants stuff?!

So everything is ok wiht kristen fans, they making picspam/manip with her co-stars, garretstew will be hot stuff etc.. people like 'oh we are just joking'
But when someone dares mention pattinspoon they will be attacked!
How is this not a double standard..?
First Remember Me and now WFE!?
Leave Rob alone already. Let him have a career.
Every costar is linked with the other in almost every movie, it's Hollywood. Stop making up drama every time.

You know what i hope same karma hunts 'On the Road' back.

Oh but i'm sure if there is a rumour about kristen and garret they probably drooling over this.

The hypocrisy of some of the rob sten fans make me sick!

You know who you are!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog as always Rose!! Enjoy the beautiful view from your deck this weekend - looks A LOT like the lakes I grew up on, though I won't name them here. ;) It is warming up and the traffic shouldn't be too bad either. Be safe!

Anonymous said...

Rose, you touched on something I don't understand either. Why do the hyenas try to make Rob out to be manwhore? Maybe they believe he's more attainable that way. It's pretty sad they live in their delusion that either Rob is for them or they know what's best for Rob. Or since they don't like Kristen, he must not either (have they read/listened to any of his interviews?). And it's funny now that it's obvious they are a couple they scream PR! Do they realize what they're saying about Rob? These 'fans' go around trying to prove the case he sleeps with everybody, he does publicity stunts, all while they bash somebody close to him. Pathetic.

Rose, great post today, hope you enjoy your vacay!

Anonymous said...

to anon 11:44


They're even created LJ accounts for oreganostew,jessestew.. Jeez.
It's called sense of humour/sarcasm..
and they're always say that but unfortunately everything is different if it's Rob and his co-stars.
that what bugs me most about kristen fans always acting innocent like they don't do the same cr@p they rip rob fans for doing.

Anonymous said...

Rose, enjoy your weekend. We'll miss you~~

Lynn@11:10, yeah, so real and so true. R&K are both great and adorable. It's simply natural they fall for each other.

Anon@11:44, STFU. It's just annoying that you've brought up the double standard thing again and again!~ I'm sure some Kristen's fans follow Rose's blog and comment (like me) but we never call for any boycott for Rob's project. Hey, why don't you just go to those sites calling for boycott shit and complain? Leave us in peace. Thanks.

From Asia,

Anonymous said...

Not talking about the relationship makes on the one hand totally sense, on the other hand it brings them in a vulnerable position for BS stories about their relationship.

I think that fans who followed them closely and listen what they say know wich story is totally untrue (which includes all the marriage, proposal, pregnancy stuff as well as the hook up stories).

But there are so many people who desperatly want to believe a story when it fits their agenda, but knowing it is a lie. And they twisting things, building their own reality and running from blog to blog posting it.

The same person that is saying one day: "Rob is a private person, he has made it clear that he is not willing to answer any questions about his private life. Kristen has showed a foto, she is not respecting his wishes, she does it for her own PR."

And the next day:
"Of course, no surprise Rob is going around on set telling everyone he is single, he has always denied that he is dating her, every time he has been asked he publically denied it".

It makes your head spin.


linzy said...

Lovely post today Rose :) Not sure what to make of some of those emails you received... talk about a head scratch-er, lol. I'm still kind of amazed at how far reaching people can be in the efforts to deny the obvious. *shrug*

Regardless of whether you can post or not, I hope you enjoy your weekend to its fullest. That is a beautiful view!! Makes me kinda hate the concrete jungle I call home ;)

Hope everyone else that basks in the love has a great weekend too!

Anonymous said...

the twi universe is composed of diverse people from all over the world. of course people disagree. even people with in their core groups don't agree all the time. this isn't a religion, nor a cult. so do not generalize.

if you want to be happy, then...


if you hate how it sounds, don't listen. if you don't like what you see, close your eyes. apathy and indifference. they are your friends. learn it. use it. love it.

and oh, have a happy long weekend rose!

Fanny said...

Have a nice weekend Rose :) Enjoy the break from all the craziness in this fandom. And hopefully when you're back, we'll have had nice news that maybe you'll get to post about.

Monica: Oh god yes. I so agree with you re. all the 'double standard' complains here.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong Rose. What about Kristen? Rob doesn't make her happy.
Rob is good not enough for Kristen. Kristen deserves a better man. Rob is nothing.

pricklypearess said...

Do I think Rob and Kristen are together? Hell yes. Do I care if someone else doesn't? Hell no. Do I think the BS and hate directed at these 2 is extremely disturbing? Hell yes. Thanks for the post, Rose! We're heading out of town also. Yeeehaw! Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone and give up a little love and thanks for the men and women that have died for our country. Peace out.

Anonymous said...

well the sad truth is that rob and kristen have broken up. they're still friends and there shouldnt been any drama. they're professionals and they'll do bd and go on with their careers. of course, since they never confirmed they'll never say they've broken up, though, either, so everyone will be free to believe what they want to until it becomes really obvious over time. you'll see.

Anonymous said...

@12:27 HA! Rob is not good enough for her? Really?
*waiting for the anonymous posting Rob and Kristen are so much in luv and MARRIED*
*then laughing*
Seriously Robstens?. Married. Like Married.

katy said...

to anon 12:57 your should I say, @Kristenidola I have read some of your tweets are a sick person and I recommend to seek help Immediatetly....your are mentally instable.

Rose, have a great vacay.

Anonymous said...

repost girl from AT is back. lol. get a life kid. stick to AT where someone might buy your crap. you're in the wrong place, sorry.

yeah rose, you are so so wrong. that person has a copy of rob and kristen's CT scan. kristen's prognosis says she's so unhappy with robert. please. who can argue with medicine?! lol. whatever you're on, double the dosage. stat.

sfw10sis said...

Your words are spot on once again. I wish those that enjoy being hurtful and hateful could objectively read what you write and see just how much more sense it makes compared to what they want to believe. I think that most know that Rob & Kris are a couple (realistically, how can you not)but enjoy keeping the conflict going, they come to your site and other pro sites just to goad everyone, hoping to plant just a seed of doubt would be my guess, little do they know that most sane and rational people can see whats right in front of them.

I believe Rob & Kristen are a couple and have been for some time now and I also think that they are slowly trying to let us know that.
I think its a slow reveal of sorts to test the waters,(ELLE UK). They should have the right to express their feelings for each other just like any other couple. Look how giddy Kris was with her ipod pic, why should she be made to feel like she can't enjoy the experience of a young girl in love, why should Rob have to restrain his hands from reaching out for her when they are standing next to each other, please if you call yourself fans, of one, or the other, or both, let them enjoy this time as any young couple would.

I'm a big fan of Johnny Depps, as I'm sure millions of women are and he's been in a committed relaysh for years but that doesn't change the way we as females adore him and gush and swoon, why can't that be the same for Rob, I don't understand, can someone please explain what the difference is, most all of the swoon worthy man in HW are in a relaysh (Hugh, George, Brad, Leo, Daniel Craigg, the list could go on and on) and they all have millions of female fans, why is Rob not allowed to have a relationship, while still maintaining a female fan base, it's so frustrating, as I'm sure it is for him also, please people be true fans.

Rose, I love this site, I love your pics and your words, you always manage to make me feel light and airy if that makes any sense. Stunning view from your deck, enjoy the long weekend, no ones more deserving.


Sue Belvoir said...

some people can be so cruel. listen, i don't know robert and i don't know kristen. never will. but i do know what love looks like and dear lord, someday before i go to the sweet beyond, i want a man to look at me like rob looks at kristen and vice versa. love you rose, enjoy you time with the breeze, water and trees. i'm going to step away for a few days myself. looking forward to stepping away for a while. happy holiday everyone!

Anonymous said...

i love how 12.39 covers all her options

soadram said...

Your posts each day gets better for me, you're an intelligent woman, wise and honest and true
The post today is honest. wise and clever and true, then it could only be written by you, I agree with every word, and I have no doubts.
While you can and want to keep writing, because you are the only bafurada of fresh air that we find here, the rest ....... bahhhh.
I wish you from my heart a good weekend and enjoy this landscape reminds me of one I love is that at the dam of Cabril in Portugal, and I will tomorrow too:)
All the best for himself and Rosa know what they say in my country .... Donkey voices do not reach the sky ... so ignore:)))
sofy of Portugal

Anonymous said...

i love how 12.39 covers all her options just incase

Anonymous said...

i just read that ashley and xavier are doing the madrid promo, shame, kristen said she would want to go and see madrid

Anonymous said...

whats left for the twifecta promos? london LA, Italy, germany? i wonder if others will be inserted in these other promos instead of them and isn't australia, korea and sweden new this year? who is going to japan?

Anonymous said...

just read on popsugar that rob is filming a lot this week without RW maybe he is getting a lot of stuff done knowing he will have promos coming up there are plenty of scenes with him without her only with walter etc

Anonymous said...

i can't find my wfe book i must have given it to someone i should read it again it was good

Deb said...

Hey Rose thank you for the sweet post I am a believer And I to LOVE to see my ROB happy and you know who makes him happy YES Kristen and I LOVE her for that I worry about her safety all the time and you are 100% right Rob would be VERY upset AND IM sure he is about ALL the shit he see or hears about Kristen AND some of us CALL are self FANS. Either one of Robs or Kristens SO your jumping ship this week HOW FUN I well miss ya BUT I hope you in joy your time with friends and family Thanks again Rose for ALL you do and dont. Have a good day my friend. DEB.

Anonymous said...

Is it really true that you didnt know of Robert until Twilight came along,he is a very talented actor dont you think,Your daily comments are sometime really good and can be funny.Your right Rob and Kristen shouldnt have to put up with all the hate on a daily basis.But its really sad that if they didnt have roles in Twilight you wouldnt of noticed them. Loved Kristen's Elle photoshoot and interveiw,but do we really know who's photo she was showing on her ipod it could have been Kristen with her cat and her dad,or kristen with one of her brothers.

Fanny said...

@anon1:27. No offense to her dad, but I don't think he's the one the interviewer called deliciously handsome ;) And as for K's brothers, why would she be nervous about showing a photo of one of them with her and her cat and put the ipod back before the woman can ask anything?
The only option is Rob on the pic. The one the journalist called deliciously handsome at the beginning of the article :)

Olivia said...

Thank you Rose,

Not one word to add because you said it all so well.

@Lynn and sfw10sis - I second your comments.

Rose, enjoy the gorgeous lake this weekend. I miss the Midwest, Great Lakes "going up north" to the summer cottage ritual. Not quite the same here in the Southwest. But I do make it up there from time to time. Rest, relax, and dip your toes into that cold water; you so deserve it : )
Love and a hug to you

Gigi said...

Rose ; As always great post ..I truly enjoy you and can't wait every day to see what you had to say even if I don't always comment I do always read you and the comments ..with that said ..have a incredible peaceful time ..we all be back when you get back so don't worry ...ok ?
Finally as always, I marble at the ability of ppl that say I like ( in some cases adore ) some one and then they judge that "adored" person b/c he/she do things like they wouldn't like or go out or have friends of dress or what ever, different as they would like them to be ...it just does not make sense to me . I would love to go to the moon ( truly I would I think it would be incredible to do so no ? ) but this does not mean I could go to the moon , or that I will get one day, even out of space, little less the moon ..what is all this I like Rob for me crap ?? I don't want him with her b/c I think I could get a chance with him ...PLEASE if this is you , no judging but seriously you need to look at you life and understand you need help ..b/c like me and my love for the moon even if I do trully like to go there does not mean that I could go or that I would ever never get to be close to even going ...same for Rob ...so GET A LIFE a real one and truly be happy ...he is ! so should all of the so called ppl who like/love him too .If you truly love him pls respect all of his choices and support him on them b/c this is what ppl that like each other do..Actions are lauder than words ..!! so pls lets be respectful of him and all the other cast members of this great movie that we all love and enjoy ...RESPECFUL ..means don't give any location where they may be , or take picts unless you ask permission first and give them space to be and do all of those things that you as a person also enjoy ...
Ok Rose I guess I have set me peace for today ..thanks one more time have fun ..(ohh sorry my English is horrendous today don't know why I may need a margarita or 2 so off I go )

Patricia said...

Rose: I feel that the name of your blog is perfect, please don't even think of changing it ? I was drawn to it because that's how I also felt about Rob Pattinson (intoxicated)........

I felt so happy for Kristen when she pulled out her I-pod and showed the picture of a very delicious, handsome man with his arm around her and her cat. How sweet was that ??? When you're twenty and in love ( IT'S THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD ) How could she not want to share that ??? Cut her some slack. She seems to be( DAMNED IF YOU DO --- DAMNED IF YOU DON'T) No wonder she doesn't want to admit anything !!!!

These haters coming on your board are very upsetting. But I don't know what the answer is for them, they're going to believe what they want and all the fighting isn't going to change anything.


WE BELIEVE THEY THEY ARE A COUPLE (IN LOVE) I believe that they have been together for over a year !

I REALLY DON'T CARE WHAT THE HATERS BELIEVE ! Because seeing is believing ! What I see are two people in love with each other and trying to keep some private times in their very public life of "THE TWILIGHT SAGA"

I really hope you have a great week end Rosie ! But I will miss your comments everyday. YOU AND YOUR WORDS ARE SUCH A BIG PART OF MY LIFE AND LOVE FOR ROB.

Grazie for them!


Anonymous said...

Oh man I love your blog you say everything that I am thinking THANK YOU Rose, will miss yur blog while you are away have fun mandy x

Melinda said...

Rose- What am I going to do with my intoxication without you around to feed it??? Thank you for making me start the weekend with laughter!!!! I truly hope you enjoy your weekend away! The view looks beautiful.

I'm feeling somewhat melancholy today (I think it's the dreary weather here) and I was thinking that two people we know and love are probably feeling the same so here is one of my favorite songs for the mood I am in and I think it fits for their life right now with all the promos/work stuff happening. Enjoy...


Anonymous said...

hey Rose just to say again as i do every morning as i open my computer and you elighten my day with shared thoughts of that gentleman and women that most of us adore without fault or provication....i will miss your post so i will be hearing from you on Tuesday...but as a consilation prize we here will have Kristen and Taylor.....gracing us with there presence....they will be doin a Q & A in town on the 31st. I wont be attending. My cope out excuse is a hate crowds....i truley do....and a radio interview which airs on Wednesday 2DAY FM Sydney, for those who are interested....
Did you get the chance to admire the full moon last night? i bring this up b/c this is something we all share...the marvel that visits us every few weeks when in fullness and in bloom....its a reliable and natural thing we as ppl can share [ as you are to us Rose]...even when distance and oceans keep us apart we can look up at that same view....sorry for rambling but the site of it for me the other early morning took my breath away....i just wanted to share that with you.....have a lovely weekend...love ya Louisa xx

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blogs, Rose. Hey, is this Lake Placid?

Anonymous said...

I just watched these two videos i just thought id share !!!



Anonymous said...

So shippers have you seen or heard of them together lately? no, not at all. They broke up and you will accept it in time.

Anonymous said...

Of course not you f@3ken idiot... they are living there personal lives out of public view..FFS grow up or better still take a look at the evidence they are a couple in the first video i posted above.....

Jenn said...

oh hey Anon 3:56:00 PM
Has nonsten.com rejected you?
You're pathetic and you will accept it in time. F*ck yourself sideways.
Seriously just once I want one of these hyenas to leave their name.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen or heard of Brad and Angelina together lately? Nop....but surprise! They're still together!

duh! said...

This made me laugh out loud.
Truly. I'm thinking that someone needs to look up the
definition of ALONE.
You might learn something
(wouldn't THAT be exciting?)

separate, apart, or isolated from others: to the exclusion of all others or all else:
Do you get it now?
Meaning there isn't some lame asshole
with a camera taking their picture...
because they are ALONE.
Got it?
(Probably not)

Anonymous said...

Rose, thanks again for another great day of posts. Hope you have a great weekend, you definately deserve some time away from the crazies. lol. I have to say I was not a big fan of Kristens at first, mostly cause she wasn't how I imagined Bella to be in Twilight..i admit it..and she would say some random weird things in interviews, she was always just so twitchy. Well now I really like her alot, I admire her trying to have a normal life and keep her secrets to herself. She seems to be as honest as she can, and I really like the fact that she chooses not to answer about her and Rob's obvious relationship, it's her and his choice. You really can't blame them after reading comments from all the truely delusional people out there that just want to be assholes in a public forum, and for some reason have chosen BOTH Rob and Kristen as the target of their hatred. They are so in love, you'd have to be blind not to see it...or maybe crazy! bwwahaahhaaha

Karen said...

Love the blog, Rose! I agree 100%.

Enjoy the nice long weekend and forget about the hyenas.


Amanda said...

It makes me LOL when people say they've broken up because they haven't been out in public lately. When they aren't in public does that mean they stop existing? No. Rob probably filmed WFE some days this week, but we didn't get pictures, does that mean he wasn't there? Remember the whole "WE have gotten better at hiding" thing? Yeah, exactly. You can be together without making a spectacle of yourself..and even though Kristen is promoting Eclipse for a couple weeks and Rob is filming WFE they can be 'together' without being together, if that makes sense lol. People are so funny to me.

Anonymous said...

I hate the weekends on here b/c the preschoolers are out of school for a couple of days so they have nothing better to do than come on here and make lame comments that no one except themselves believe.

Anonymous said...

I have some Hyena homework for you to do over the weekend:

I really would love for a "Robsten" non believer to tell me honestly why they believe R/K aren't together (and including their name) instead of cryptically making snide little comments all the time.

Anonymous said...

For the homework question above-

do not slander either R/K with your answer.

I just want a normal answer as to why you think the way you do.

pricklypearess said...

to Amanda 5:20: LOL Yeah, it's kinda like "If a tree falls in the forest, but nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?" If they are together, but nobody sees them does that mean they really weren't together? Good one.

Melinda said...


This may shock you put Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are ending their marriage of...ooh...3 minutes. Oh my gosh that can't be!!! They are so in love, yada yada yada.

Doesn't shock me a bit b/c they are the king and queen of PR relationships.

They would sell their soul to the devil if it got them publicity.

Luckily our two lovebirds are the complete opposite and are doing just fine.

Anonymous said...

hi rose, hope you enjoy your time with your family, friends. we need some time off for us to recharge and be back facing our tasks ahead with new enthusiasm. it really saddens me with some peoples perception of robert, they clearly just don't know him or they're just looking at face and not at the character. it also saddens me for kristen bacause we all know what she's feeling. at 20 and so inlove. we want to tell our friends about what's happening, pictures and everything. but she can not. and when she just did a little she was called so many names. i have a feeling that robert will follow suit with what kristen did. he will give a little hint regading their relationship. love these two individuals.

Amanda said...

I just love you so much Rose! You say it just about better than anybody else could. I laughed so hard at some of those ridiculous little comments that people had sent you. I wonder how these people deal with their own lives on a daily basis, must be some kind of train wreck. Loved your post today very much and I hope you have a great weekend...nice view by the way, very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

i find it quite funny that shippers are the one complaining about the lack of privacy, the intrusion of the pap the media; when they are the one creating the frenzy.*

Have you read kristen interview in elle, can you try to spend a week without creating another drama with your post rose? You are a grown a=up , i'm shure you get what kristen say about not wanting her relationship to be used for entertainement. Please as a fan you can give that to her or rob.

What do you want, the title as the best shippers, you win it. Please stop with this every day post just to create drama.

Anonymous said...

Let's have a bit of humor here...LMFAO..Rob and Tom Cruise doing MTV MA promos!! This is HILARIOUS. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1500155/board/thread/163882777?d=163882777&p=1#163882777

Anonymous said...

Here is the direct MTV link...http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/522184/2010-movie-awards-les-grossman-gives-robert-pattinson-style-tips.jhtml#id=1640303

Deb said...

TO POST 7:45 WHAT THE HELL are you talking about????????? THIS is ROSES POST she comes here to put down her thoughts and THAT is ALL YOU-WE are the ONES who COME IN HERE and START SHIT SOOOOOO DONT YOU EVEN COME INTO HER POST and SAY S.H.I.T. about her SHE dont LIKE all the SHIT she hears to GET OFF HER BACK AND go SOME WHERE ELSE if you dont like it BUT DONT YOU DARE come in her and put her DOWN YOU are the one who once the entertainment and DRAMA by saying shit GO AWAY AND DONT COME BACK YOU are a very mean mean LADY. Sorry Rose I had to say some thing SHE just made me sooooo MAD .(SORRY :( ) DEB.

Fanny said...

@Anon7:45 and @haters
My opinion: I don't think Kristen minds that much a few online shippers going "aww how cute they are, we're so happy for them". She hates the paparazzi and all the DRAMA around her relationship and thus wants to protect it as much as she can. If people had just accepted the fact that she's dating Rob, there'd be no drama. No point for the papz and media to stir the pot and go out of normal ways to play up the 'are they / aren't they' and feed the craziness. Kristen hates all the made-up stories about her and rob, all the breakup / cheating / whatever crap that is written not only in the tabloids but also online by the crazy part of the fanbase and consequently of course the hiding she has to do and the papz hounding her 24/7. That's what and who create the drama and create hell for R & K.

If it were only for the shippers online and only for the media to please these shippers, her life would be much easier. Much like the other actors out there, just a few tabloids and photos (still annoying but they could roll their eyes and ignore). But the wars, the denials from some delusional fans, the meanness of the haters made the frenzy so much worse and their lives much more difficult than most of the others celebs in HW.

So don't come and accuse Rose and the people here who actually support both Robert and Kristen individually and together, who don't write hateful things about them. On the contrary people here have their backs and defend them, are just happy to see them happy, don't judge them for the choices they make in their private life and don't hope for them to breakup and be miserable.

Sure we like seeing pics of them and hearing about them, but we are all about love and positivity as far as Rob & Kristen are concerned. Not about hate and jealousy. We do not create the drama, we don't verbally abuse them. Like Kristen said, she would have answered the question if there was not all this drama about it. She knows people would be interested in her personal life anyway, it comes along with being a celeb and she probably would have shared, not much, but a little more if she knew it wouldn't be teared apart and used for sick entertainment. The drama, the bs everywhere are what brings the crazy intrusion in her private life.

I do think that without the haters the intrusion wouldn't be as bad. Just take the AT for example, they get tons of hits because of the shippers/nonstens/haters war so why wouldn't the site stir the pot and feed the craziness even more? And the more craziness, the more they'll want to take advantage of it, the more R & K will be hunted down and their lives intruded upon. If it were not for the war, there'd be only 10% of the post on the AT and no need to say their owners would have already found new 'celeb victims' to post about and get hits. And that goes for all the gossip sites. So no way the shippers or Rose for that matter are the ones creating hell for Rob & Kristen.

Anonymous said...

To Fanny 3:43 AM...EXCELLENT post. You hit the nail on the head. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything Fanny said. By entertainment, I took Kristen to mean the made up stories about their relationship. People waiting for them to have a fight and have that pap'd so they can laugh about it. Waiting for one of them to cheat so they can talk about it. I really doubt she minds that people are happy of they are happy together. And honestly it would not even be an issue or any drama if there were not so many haters around.

Those physical threats from the nonstens is scary. Why get so vicious, over what? Because someone you don't know is dating another person you do not know. Do you know how much Rob must HATE these hyena's. Like any of them ever have a chance with him?

It's funny, whenever Robsten points out how cute it is that R&K seem to be sharing clothes, the nonstens balk. Look at their reaction today about the beanie on her head at LAX. None of us know if it is really Rob's. She did say in one of those BTS interviews that she gets her style from her friends. But can any of them even question that she came home from the RM premiere wearing the same shirt he had worn the night before. Sweat stains and all? I don't think it is that far off to think that she likes to wear some kind of token of him when they are not together. Looks like she is still wearing that Bel Ami ring.

They also say that in one year of the rumored relationship they have never been pap'd. What do they want the paps to catch. Them doing it? I've seen plenty of stuff pap'd. Holding hands in Paris, Budapest (it was not for PR), goo goo eyes at Kings of Leon (there are some in the series that looks like they could be making out because their faces disappear. They just do not want to see it. It's all a game to them to try and disprove it. That's all it is. A game for them. They make up more outlandish excuses for why it can not be ignoring what reality most likely is.

They are just a sad, sad, sad bunch of people. To have that much hate in their hearts over someone who has no affect on their personal lives.

They want to know why they have not been pap'd together since he's been in LA. Well, she did say they have gotten better at hiding. My guess is Rob is staying with her. I could be wrong, but I would think by now people would have found a hotel he is staying at. And also they laugh about how they are pap'd at airports for this work stuff but nothing else. Um, isn't that quite obvious? Even I could have figured out she would have been leaving to Australia sometime on Friday to get there in time. The paps can easily narrow down the airlines and times to grab the shots. Duh.

The bottom line is, these nonstens are miserable people who need some kind of mental help. I definitely have my internet sites that I go to about things I enjoy, hobbies, interests. But to be on a site to fester hate for someone? Sick. Okay, I admit, I was once on a political forum and definitely did not like our former president, but that was more of a complaint on the way things were going and what he was doing and how it affected my life personally. I believe there is a difference. And even I did not hate on the president as much as these hyenas hate on Kristen.

And while I love to see pics of them together and looking happy, I do not need to see them if it makes Kristen feel so violated. If it means that to get these photos she has to be stalked, chased and taunted.

Anonymous said...

Fanny and Anon 8:23

Thank you for both your posts! They were well stated. I too believe that Rob and Kristen are okay with their fans that are happy they are together b/c they are so cute.

I don't know Kristen's mind but if I were in her shoes and in a happy/exciting place right now in my life I would want to share a piece of it with my supportive fans (i.e. the pic of Rob, her and Jella).

Patricia said...

Fanny and Anon 8:23

I agree with most of what you both wrote.

I know she loves her fans and we love her.

The paps are assholes, they say awful things and shove the cameras in their faces (you can't even see for the flashes ) FRIGHTENING ! And she's very tiny. (I remember ROb commented on that in an interview )

Kristen is a 20 year old in love !Remember how wonderful that is ?

At the airport she had her Birthday necklace on, the black bracelet they wear when they are apart, and her gold Bel Ami ring.

I'm disappointed that Rob can't join her for the Promos outside of LA because of WFE. That has been my favorite part of the movies (ROB AND KRISTEN IN THEIR BUBBLE)! Just being together.

I can't wait till MTV Awards. Love Rob and Kristen.

Rose: I hope your having a great time ! Enjoy ! I know you loved Rob and Tom's video and the pictures of Kristen at the airport.


Karen123 said...

know what i love about coming here? The comments and discussions are so diverse! there is never repeats day in day out or the same old (deadly boring) arguments brought up again, it's sooo refreshing?!

I also love the way all bloggers/commenters are so respectful to each and don't mind when there is differences in opionions. Everyone acts like adults and it's not like whenever someone throws a conflicting comment in the works everyone gangs up and jumps down the person's throat, Hurling insults like pathetic cowards behind the ridiculous shiled of cyberspace.NO! NEVER HAPPENS HERE!

Pah! If only, think i may have taken one too many sarcasm tablets today...

this place ...

cookie said...

Ok,what's the bullshit with Rob and Reese?Can someone fill me in?

Are we gonna have another summer with crappy rumorsabout Rob hooking up with his co-stars?Some idiots don't understand that this is old and lame?I wonder why some of his "fans"are following such a manwhore.I thought they think of him as an angel on earth.Hyenas are mental.

katy said...

Cookie, unfortunaly, people are starting the BS bullshit...it's summer all over again.
They don't even respect the fact that Reese has a boyfriend who is there with her.
this came from fox news, but the gossip fox...No Credebility.

Patricia said...

Katy and Cookie:

If you ever read any of those mag rags you would laugh out loud. They take quotes from Rob and Kristen that have nothing to do with what's being said at the time (old quotes from 2008 before they were together ) and put them into new reports that make them look stupid and not involved with each other. ANYTHING TO MAKE MONEY ON THEM. I feel that out of all of them 'People" seems to be the most honest, but they go over the top also.

I think with Kristen's comments in Elle's Uk helped see her in a better light. I hope so. I loved the interview.

Embrace the love of Rob and Kristen, not the hate !!!


Anonymous said...

Wow~ Fanny and Anon 8:23, applaud to you both.

As R&K's fans, we need to voice out something positive to counter balance the nasty shit out there craeted by haters. It's nice if R&K could see some supports from their true fans. You know they did tell they google themselves.

From Asia,

Fanny said...

Thanks :)

@Monica- yes they did say they google themselves. Isn't it a scary thought, just thinking they might come across such hateful comments written by their so-called fans on some sites. Hopefully they're able to shrug it off easily and focuse on the positiveness and support they also get from the bigger part of the fandom. Or maybe better yet ignore the internet twilight madness as a whole ;)


This article about Rob and Reese was on Foxnews.Isn't Fox legit?Why you all sheep here can't accept that Rob is single as he has said so many times?Remember the VF interview?Reese is cute,they match.They'll be the cutest couple in HW.

Anonymous said...

Kisten Stewart spoted wearing MA's ring on her thumb, on her way to Australia. So romantic. Good old times are coming back. She can't stand the presure Rob's fans are full on force.

KPATTZ said...

I bet the gossip mags will come up with the Kristen/Garrett crap in August.Haters will be out in full force.I hope our stomaches being prepared.

Anonymous said...

The ring:


Awwww, so romantic.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the man in the IPOD pic is Michael Angarano.

kelly said...

anon 2:40,has Kristen tell you that this ring is Ma's or it's something YOU want to believe?Get a real life and stop searching the coolspotters.com


KPATTZ said...

Since when MA is "delisiously handsome"?lol

And he must be really.really really cool if he accepts his gf flying all around the world,spending NYE and her birthday with her costar.He's soooooo civil!

Anonymous said...


@littlewing1985 twitter, an hour ago ( a shipper, yes, a shipper, you can check):

@carefreeDV MA bought those rings a long time ago and the company is re-producing them using cheaper metal just to make a profit.

@carefreeDV Yes, they both have RRH rings. I assume he got hers for her.

@carefreeDV LMAO I wonder if the RRH rings were like promise rings for them? That's so cute.

@xPaleBlueEyesx They both had them on. He has one of his own.

What do you say NOW?

NYears? Birthday? Pics! Not airport pics LOL

Anonymous said...

MA must be a saint for putting up with all of the rob and kristen love stuff over the past year. lol. somebody submit his papers at the vatican please.

i read it somewhere during NM promo that the RR ring was bought by kristen for her and him. she could still wear hers if she wants to, its her money after all. but sorry, MA's not wearing the RR ring anymore. next.

must be boring in the nonsense site these days. they're so attached here, they keep coming back. lol.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for your answers. SHE IS WEARING MA'S RING. What do you have to say?

Necklace, golden band, bracelet...it's all from MA. Summit PR is making up all this robsten nonsense for the $$$$$. I feel so sorry for Kristen and Mike, the have to keep their relationshio on the low. And you know why we don't pics of them? because, as Kstew said, she is better at hidding this year (so rob, and michael)

dalia said...

I like MA.He's cute and low profile.Not like Rob-the i'm an idiot and you can understand that from my fans-kinda of guy.
Rob must have the most creepy,idiot and psycho fanbase ever.They're like Kathy Bates in the "Misery" movie.Have you seen it?I feel sorry for the guy.These lunatics are so obsessed with him that they're gonna hurt him badly if he officially comes out with a gf.

Anonymous said...

Oh really¿ You don't mind if she wears MA ring?
LOL. You must be kidding. And liying.
This is gonna be interesting.

Anonymous said...

And we don't have a lot of pictures from MA, you don't know if he wears that ring too...

Anonymous said...

A crazy teen is here today.And she's obsessed with Kristen and Mike.I think it's that stupid Lily.
So,what if Kristen is back with Mike?Do you think Rob will be with you?

BAHAHAHAHHHHA!Medication is what you need.

Rob/Reese and Kristen/Mike they can make a fourshome.

Anonymous said...

Any port in a storm.
They've got to latch on to something.

Funny how convenient it is to ignore the gold band and the necklace she's been wearing consistently since Budapest.
That beanie also looks very familiar. :)

Anonymous said...

PR = how curious it is that...we only have this Elle UK interview with Kristen when she is making PR for Eclipse...
It's so obvious. Everything.

Anonymous said...

3:08 I don't ignore them, they are from MA. But for you shippers, it's from Rob (summit =PR, well done $$$$)

How about your boyfriend/husband wearing a ring from his ex in a special and sensitive event for him? Awwwm, of course, you'd love it.


Anonymous said...

3:07 That's how we know you are desperate and without arguments;)
Face the truth.

Anonymous said...

I thought Rob and Kristen were secretely married because she wears ONLY the necklace and the gold band for the last month...
Oh, wait...

keyla said...

I don't understand why you girls,keep arguing with the crazy Stewgarano anon.She has no school today and she wants to play.Or worse she's a pathetic person with no interests and no life(since she's all day in front of her computer and knows EVERYTHING about a celebrity she obviosly doesn't like) and craves for some attention.Ignore the bitch and let her crawl back to her corner and cry.

P.s.MA is now with Emma Roberts.Do your haomework better next time.LOL

Anonymous said...

You know what? Michael was in Budapest too. He was inside Kristen's suitcase. He's so good at hiding too...

Anonymous said...

3:21 MA is not with ER. I bet all my money on that, and you will know soon why. Go to MA lj.

Again, that's how we know you are desperate and without arguments. You don't reply, you just insult.

Anonymous said...

From MA?
You mean after he let KS fly half way around the world to spend her birthday(the days leading up to it, the day of and the the days after) not with him but with RP.

Now I know you've completely lost it.

BTW Michael Angarano was spotted having lunch in Hollywood on May 13, not a ring in sight!

Anonymous said...

Please. With arguments :)
No one?

keyla said...

He was in IOW,too.He was hiding behing the rocks,because he didn't want to get photographed.And my source told me that he was at the Bafta's,too.He was hiding in Kristen's purse.Wow!These kids are experts in hiding.And last but not least,Kristen is already married with him and pregnant with his baby.


Anonymous said...

oh i see someone having a field day here and in AT.

you like multi-tasking? here you go....

littlewing1975@carefreeDV Yes, they both have RRH rings. I assume he got hers for her.....you forgot this>>>ASSUME. and you people say shippers are FOS. now you take one's ASSUMPTION like the gospel truth. LOL. make up your mind.

Deb said...

Fanny I agree with you I hope they dont set and look at ALL the shit that has been said Kristen did say she KNOWS what PEOPLE say about her so you know that Rob must know to He must feel bad for her and maybe even mad. You SEE how he looks at her to make sure she is SAFE My friend ask me if I thought if Rob would give this all up if any thing happen to Kristen? I told her I didnt know he loves his work BUT thats his LADY so i dont know.I do know that he would do all he can to make sure shes SAFE. you do that for (SOME ONE) you love.Thanks again Fanny for your love for our two. YOU ARE A GOOD FAN. ps i miss ROSE hope shes having a time . DEB.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please, she didn't go to Budapest to spend her birthday with Rob, she had work:


Time to go out. No answer from you. So sad. I post a real argument, a tangible one. A ring. And nothing. An so many pages about the necklace, and the golden band...oh, wait, because you think that's from Rob! LOL
Take that shippers. Good grieve.
And it's a lovely ring, love that she wears it, still. In such an important event. It's endearing. Lovely. Sweet.
Awwwwww...Love, love, love

cookie said...

Hey,crazy anon.You have so much money that you would bet it all in Kristen and Mike?Wow!Why don't you use it in some good therepy?It's obvious you have a big problem.Does your family knows about it?


Anonymous said...

Ah, exactly what I thought. Only bad jokes. They always do the same when reality kicks their ass.
Good griev, I know deep inside you, it hurts.
Keep the humour fest. I'm gonna enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

What real argument?
How lucid are you?

Like I said. Any port in a storm!

Anonymous said...

Oh here we go again with all these cryptic little remarks.

PR is when you call the paps and tell them where you are, then when they show up you look all lovey dovey together.

PR is when you constantly talk to the press about your life.

PR is when you try to convince the world that you are with a certain someone and that everything is just perfect.

PR is when you have an agenda (i.e. new movie, new book, new album, etc)and you use the press to your advantage.

Famous PR couples- Tom and Katie, Heidi and Spencer, any of the Bachelor couples from ABC, the list could go on and on.

Rob and Kristen will most likely never be on that list b/c they actually value their privacy together.

As for the MA ring- only a few people know who bought it and it certainly isn't you! Get over the MA story already. Michael and Kristen clearly have I don't understand why you people can't. Oh wait...I get it now....you love to stir up crap b/c you have nothing better going on in your life.

In other news- OK mag (yet another stupid gossip rag) has an article about Rob defending Kristen. I read it in line while at the grocery store. Pretty funny crap- said that Rob and Kristen will be going all over the world for Eclipse press (obviously they don't remember he is currently shooting WFE). Also said that he has a special trip planned for her to IOW b/c they have special memories from there. Bunch of other crap as well.

I think the only thing they managed to get right was that he is getting pissed at all the garbage that is written about Kristen in the press. Now that I could see some truth to. I would get tired of all the repulsive (his own words) people out there that were saying all this stuff about the person I am with. At some point it has to take it's toll on you.

Anonymous said...

What argument? Are you asking me that? LOL
Well, shippers, the same argument YOU had when the necklace was spoted. Or the gold band. You wrote pages and pages about that. Did you know for sure it was from Rob?
Well, this is from MA. And you know that because MA/KS shippers did the same yoy do now with the necklace, when that gorgeous ring appeared for the very first time.
It's ok. I know it hurts, still :)
Take that.

Anonymous said...

Kristen Stewart is wearing Michael Angarano ring for the International Press Tour.

Amanda said...

MA has been seen on dates/holding hands with other girls. MA and Kristen have broken up long ago. She spent her birthday with Rob and New Years with Rob. Haters, give it up already. It's sad and really really pathetic. Even if Rob and Kristen weren't together (which they are) he still wouldn't be with you! The fact you're on here saying the same crap over and over just shows you don't even believe your own story. And if you think it's for PR you obviously aren't a fan of Rob in the first place if you think he'd do something like that.

Anonymous said...

Ok, now, can you please, explain me how the MA's ring fit in a woman engaged/married(LOL)/in a relationship?

Deb said...

TO anon 3:36 YOU GO GIRL you said it all in a nut shell TOLD YOU HES GETTING MAD I just hope he dont say FUCK IT ALL.She'll be home before long and then well see alot more of them.ISnt it funny how (or WHEN) they both are gone from each other they ALWAYS have the BLACK STRING ON he wears his and she wares her HUmmmmm.See ya . DEB.

Anonymous said...

One more thing. You have insiders, we have insiders too. Rumour has it....Elle UK is best thing ever happened to Nonstens :) Just wait (not for the GQ Rob interview, that was set more than a month ago) and you will se why I'm saying that.
Believe or not ladies, we loved that Elle Interview.
Someone is not following the (PR)game anymore...too pissed off with comments...

Anonymous said...

so we can't assume those rings are from Mike but we HAVE to believe the necklace and gold ring are from Rob right? lmao make your mind shippers.
Kristen is finally feed up with the crazy Rob fans, so happy summer.
Rob is not crying a river, he is spending memorial weekend partying, you'll get the scoop mid-next week. I'm sorry if you are expecting some "bubble" moments next sunday, won't happen. She's done of his ways and he's not wasting any time. Better this way now she has no doubt how "much" their thing meant to him lol one last thing, I read some shipper gossip from ODO that Rob is going to talk about "his private life" on his next interview, be ready to get fooled and played again shippers. Just like the nonsten are having issues with Elleuk, the shippers will have tons of issues with Robbie's interview lol

keyla said...

I guess the crazy anon is a Mikesten shipper and she feels hurt,because they're not together anymore.By the way,Kristen used to wear a silver band in her left hand and THAT was Mike's ring.It was something like a promise ring.Have you seen haer wearing it the last year?I know i haven't.

And something else.If you're one of Rob's idiot fans,why are you following a shipper's twitter?Are you that desperate or you just want to play the agent?Was that your fantasy when you were a kid?

Anonymous said...

Whatever gets you through the storm.

KPattz said...

Is anyone else bored already with the same crap over and over again?

Anonymous said...

it was during NM promo, in some kristen LJ where hard core kristen fans said she bought the ring for the both of them. she bought one for herself, his came later. could be true or not, who cares? look for it if it will please you. most of us are too lazy to search. we let haters do the work for us since they don't have much of a life anyway.

and even if the ring is from MA, so what?! he didn't patent his name in all things red riding hood which she happens to love ever since. kristen isn't banned from using things that are associated with MA either. don't you people keep saying, "i do that with my friends all the time. and it means nothing." then some people can also say this: "i wear things from my ex all the time. and it means NOTHING too."

do you see how silly you sound now? but you accept that concept as a valid excuse no? then take it as you want.

you people care for us too much. i think we should feel flattered now. lol.

Anonymous said...

She's had that spoon ring for a looooong time. Nobody knows where she got it from. People figure it was from MA since they were together AT THE TIME but she switches rings constantly. Kristen spends birthdays/holidays/vacations with ROB. MA is seen and photographed out on dates and seen kissing girls at clubs. GIVE IT UP. MA and Kristen are NOT together.

Anonymous said...

Rob pissed at the comments, the press, the fans? LMAO *bellylaugh^*
Newsflashs ladies, if after 2 freaking years you can't see what's going on then you need glasses.
He doesn't care! as long as the drama doesn't otuch him he could care less if Kristen falls into a blackwhole PR mess and dissapears from the face of the Hollywood earth.
True love? LMAO more like having fun and taking advantage of a very young girl who is "in love" with him.
She's doing all the work, he is just enjoying the ride. Need more proof? just wait and see what he does when she's filming this summer. Don't worry eclipse L.A premier and party should leave you clues too :)

jen said...

I think nonstens are secretly in love with Kristen.And shippers.That's why they spend so much time playing agents.

Anonymous said...

*checking facts*

*MA and Kstew dating, confirmed by them, and wearing the same rings* Checked fact

*Kristen spoted with a necklace and a gold band ring and MA ring. Dating Rob? NOT confirmed * Checked fact

Hope this help you. Simple. Easy. :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:03 As a Rob fan myself, what you are saying is not ok. Saying he's taking advantage of a young girl? EW. What kind of a fan are you? A sick twisted one. Seriously, you would rather Rob be a cruel person, a manwhore, a publicity whore, than be with Kristen? That is seriously deranged! You're comments would probably make Rob sick. You have problems.

Anonymous said...

Wow, poster at 4:04 can look into the future!

What will he do when she's filming this summer. WFE finishes in July.

I hear Montreal is lovely around August when OTR starts filming.

It's really disaapointing when people who pretend to be fans of Rob in trying to deny his relationship with KS have him pegged as a manwhore.

Opytaylor said...

Some of you are delusional. I don't understand the motivation that drives you to fight this petty argument. If R&K went on 60 Minutes tomorrow and said "Summit made us do this.... We are not together.". Would that be the greatest day in your life?

Too bad for you. They don't want to talk about it. That gives you the tiniest opening to make your case. But actions speak louder than words. It's so obvious to even neutral observers that neither of them want anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

because it's not about rob anymore. they are way too invested with kristen's life more than they do for rob. fine liene between love and hate. it's beyond obsession already. it's an addiction to all things kristen stewart. look at their name, nonsten...no trace of rob there. it's an homage to kristen. if that's all they live for, give it to them. as much as we don't like them, lets not deprive them for their sole reason for living.

insiders you say? time and time again, those loons keep saying, shippers are gonna cry, that we'll see. time and time again, they are proven wrong. so why bother.

mind your own business, as we intend to do things our own way here. it's not gonna change a thing. your efforts for us will just be wasted. we will believe what we believe and there's nothing you can do about it. sorry.

Amanda said...


Exactly! It's quite obvious they are together. But why are the haters fighting so hard against them being together? How does it change the 'hyenas' lives if it was for PR? I think a lot of them don't see Rob as a real person, they see him as their fantasy and so I guess Kristen kind of ruins it for them.

You know what I think? If anything is for 'PR' Its the not telling. They know some of Rob's fans would rather Rob be single. Honestly, I don't believe any of it is PR, they just want privacy, but that would be more plausible. And tell me, if their relationship is for PR, why do they go on vacation to tiny islands with no paps? Just to get pictured by a little girl? I swear, some people have no common sense.

Anonymous said...

This keeps getting funnier and funnier.

I am waiting with bated breath to find out what we "shippers" are going see soon from you hyenas.

I love how you all love to continually make cryptic remarks but have NOTHING to back it up with!

Poor Rose is going to come back from a relaxing vacation to this...

KPattz- yes I am getting bored with the tail chasing.
I think I'll take my leave...

Anonymous said...

how is this PR? when kristen was in budapest, she refused to get out of the van and nearly cried upon learning that the paps were waiting for them at the airport. this was reported in their local news btw. even fans who don't like kristen could attest to this too.

these people are clearly barking at the wrong tree. rob and kristen are not dumb to participate in any fauxmance. the thought is just too funny.

Anonymous said...

You know today where i live there is a forecast of strong winds, flash flooding almost cyclone weather...this is a true fact.....

Anonymous said...

For those of you who dont like the launguage i expressed earlier....please except my apology...

Anonymous said...

Whose the loon obsessed with the MA ring? LMAO

Do you think if you keep saying it will be true? PUH lease.

katy said...

KPatzz, I'm with you...getting REALLY BORED of all the crap.

to the Anon hater up there...go away, you have nothing, you come in here with all that BS Crap just to stir the pot...to try and make us doubt...well guess...Nothing that you can say will shake our belief.
-Rob is going to talk about is private life??
-Come clean will all the contelss women that he slept...that you hatters keep saying that is been with??
-About the PR bulshit that you hatter keep scremming??
-about the partying, you keep talking about???

You are such Idiotes...you have been proven wrong again and again but you keep coming with the same crap over and over again...nobody belives you.
Didn't you figure it out by now...that you (hatters) dont have credibility.

YEAh...let's just wait for Rob's interview and we will see who is going to be laughing.


katy said...

To louisa...not offend I think you said it very nicely.
And I'm going to quote you.

GO F#$K YOURSELF!!!!' (hatters)

Anonymous said...

hehehehe thanks Katy @ 5.56....

katy said...

Your Welkome Louisa 5:58 :)))

loris said...

To the anon obsessed with MA. I have news for you. MA is not deliciously handsome or familiar. I would not recognize him if I saw him. The Elle UK writer refers to Rob as deliciously handsome twice in that article. Deal with it!

And why the heck are your reporting what someone says on twitter as Fact. I have no clue who that person is. That ring the Kristen has on looks like the one Rob had for BA. It doesn't mean it is it. But it looks like it.

Okay, maybe Rob didn't give her the necklace. Maybe his mom did. ;)

I mean seriously, like I read someone else saying: Robsten realizes the sky is blue, nonstens try to convince themselves that it is green. Pathetic really.

Anonymous said...

I am coming to the conclusion of all this hate.........

Kristen Stewart THREATENS their very existence....which amazes me to no end. In the ELLE(US version) interview one of her former directors even eluded to this. If I had my copy in front of me I would post it but I don't.

Anyone with half a brain knows Rob and Kristen are together. So I guess this means that some people are missing something upstairs. Not that we didn't know it already.

Hyenas are like vampires....they have no heart and they will (attempt) to suck the life out of you.

loris said...

Nonsten's are saying that it is it Rob's beanie that she is wearing. They are posting photos of it folder over. Look at this pic:


Looks pretty big for her head and you can see it was once folded at one part.

Poor things. Must be painful with all that sand in their eyes.

katy said...

Loris let the Nonsten's say what they want...they are ridiculous.
It make me laught thinking of the amount of time they probably took to try and proff that they are right.
And your right it sure is to big on Kristen.

Lisa said...

What the hell happened? All was peaceful here and then I went out for a while and some crazy MA shipper showed up. And my goodness, if you want to be taken even semi serious, SLOW DOWN! One post after another.. huh, huh, what, what, nothing to say, etc... So childish!

I have never seen a pic with MA wearing a ring like her "spoon" one on her thumb. If he has, yikes.. It's kinda girly. LOL Don't get me wrong. I like MA, he's been great at keeping his mouth shut.. It must be tough too.. He's even a little cute but certainly not "deliciously handsome" LOL (and make no mistake, Rob is SO much more then that too)

And little miss Anon a million times... You go on and on about this ring on her thumb. Why no mention of other things? The gold band is on the SAME hand as the one you're claiming to be MA's ring. She's wearing the necklace that's been in question since her birthday.. She wearing the black shoelace bracelet Rob was just seen wearing last weekend while working out. And I would bet that's Rob's beanie.. Unless we see him in his while she's out of country, I'll believe it.. So by your logic, that's four to one! LOL Here's a pic that show's Rob's 4, http://i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo68/twilightxchange/kstewartfans/233/kstewartfanshq457.jpg

You're blowing smoke.. But whatever gets you through the night! :)

Anonymous said...

Anon blahblah, what is your point of posting all the crap you have today? Are you hopeing to turn some of us over to your crazy way of thinking? Not gonna happen...and why do you always post under anonymous? not so proud of what your saying that you don't want to own your own bullshit? Just leave can't you tell no one here really cares what your saying. Weren't you on your way out or something? BUh bye loser!

Deb said...

I cant think of what our poor ROSE is going to think when she gets back ALL this SHIT going on on HER post I feel shes not going to like it not at all. WE all know how she feels about rob and Kristen And for US to come in to HER post and fight IS JUST WRONG sorry I just had to say something HO by the way IM talking about MYSELF to and for that im sorry DEB.

Anonymous said...

haha I love it.. Telling the pops what she thinks of them! Not, the band is back on the left middle finger.


Anonymous said...

Not = Note

lilian said...

As much as i love Kristen,i find this move(flipping the paps)totally immature.I understand that they're annoying,idiots and many more,but they're there for their job and so is Kristen.She could just ignore them.

Anonymous said...

here are the same and extra of Kristen on the balcony..

p.s hi Lisa

Anonymous said...

come on give her some credit the link i posted had her staring at the view also......lol...
Unless youve experienced being papped every bloody step you make....its hard for you to have the experience to judge her.....so dont>>>

Lisa said...

Good morning to you Louisa! Did you listen to K & T on the radio? They started supposedly 35 mins ago. Someone posted a live link for us here in the US but I forgot to look it up before I came upstairs! LOL

John, gosh who pissed in your cherios? :(

Could she have handled it better? Maybe.. maybe not.. We don't know what they did before she did that. The pops followed her leaving LA and she did nothing. Maybe they provoked her, maybe not. I'm with Louisa.. Unless you've walked a mile in her shoes...

john said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No Lisa I havent heard any radio interviews today..do you remember the radio station .....when you go back upstairs [ sorry for being a pain] and post the link for me. If you have it that is thanks in advance....the stations i usually listen to didnt mention it either. As i took one of my sons shopping and as i was driving my son was surfing radio channels...as usual..it annoys me to death, but anyway ...he must of flicked 5 or 6 popular Syd stations and i heard no advert for it. I do know however K & T will be on a popular radio station on my Wednesday your Tuesday . that station web site incase your interested
www.2dayfm.com.au go to Khlye and Jackie O link and you should be able to find a replay once it has aired in Syd of course. They said around 8am Syd time and we are 17hrs infront of LA and 15 hrs in front of this blog time so you have to work out for you. if i hear any more i will let you know.

Anonymous said...

John @ 1.45 you didnt mention that part in @ 1.14...The arsehole are being exactly that ARSHOLES...THEY ARNT ACTING CLASSY! SO WHY SHOULD SHE>>>>>i hope they arnt Ozzie Papps....such bastards arnt they>>

Lisa said...

John, I hope you're very young. Either way, shame on you! :(

@1:46 they were awful. I was just reading on twitter that the pops are really bad in Au? I'm not sure if that's true or not. I have heard Rob mention that have some pretty terrible gossip mags. One of them there are the ones who said Rob was pregnant! He said his mom sent away for it but has since quit reading all gossip mags..

Lousisa, sorry, I'm in bed. Not going downstairs to fire up the computer. I'm sure it's over now anyway. I will look in the morning and post it if they have anything. They were supposed to be on at 4 pm Sunday. Which in looking would have been 11pm my time, PST. Unless I'm all goofed up on the time..
I wish I could remember what station it was. It was their site, I want to say it was black with some pink and started with a K.. Doesn't help much I know..

Goodnight! :)

john said...

louisa,they weren't calling her that.I was just being sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a pain Lisa...goodnight...
John with all the shit on here today , nothing surprises me....with the papps here nothing surprises me....i cant see your fascial expressions when you post ....so i took it as i read it ....sorry to accuse but like i said NOTHINING SURPRISES ME !!!!

john said...

Lisa,the shame is on you,bitch.And,no,i'm not very young.Do you have a problem with that?Just because i post my opinion about a girl who behaves like a brat,makes me immature?
These photos proved to me once again that Krisbo is a rude little kid,who's trying too hard to look like a rebel badass(yeah,right!).

I'm sure the Aussie people will boooo her at all the events.

Anonymous said...

Kristen is so edgy sometimes.This photo will be at all the gossip covers and will make the haters come out in full force.

Fanny said...

Oh God... So many comments... The 'MA ring' ones are hilarious and so ridiculously repetitive.

Anyway, if there are French posters here, I'd like to wish every mom a very happy Mothers day :) Off myself to spend the day with mine :D

Carly said...

Dear Rose,

thank oyu for all the wonderful words. I admit I dont read the blog dayily but I usually catch up on what I missed. and this last week this blog became sort of a safe, sane and happy plave for me. because all my other happy places (except one but I dont feel super-comfortable there yet) became crazy and cruel and annoying. thats why I envy you and Im also glad that you are going away for a while. I will miss you but good for you :)

have a nice time and until your next post


Anonymous said...

John, Louisa from down Under[ Australia Mate]
Im from Australia and i consider my self a huge fan. I wont be attending any events but i dont think my fellow Aussies are as rude as those "Wanker" papps ....I posted the link earlier and those pics of Kristen were not all her being on the defensive. On the Sydney news tonight showed K & T visiting a local animal park. Both where walking to the entry with swarms of papps. Kristen looked hidden with all the entourage. It looked very sad for me . I felt sorry for her. If the Papps are being arseholes. sometime or another you as a celeb are going to snap. She just got off a long flight. Was MHOB havin a smoke. to be photographed.and maybe they did ensite something to get a reaction. B/c as i said i wasnt surprised at all at your sarcasim. they probably said that or something equivalent.
Doesnt matter if you are in the States or here In Australia papps are there for only one thing[ this is not new news} a great photo. bottom line...

Anonymous said...

To 2.36

You're completely right. Kristen is just doing what paparazzi want from her.

This is not going to take the paparazzi off her, just the opposite. This people go like flies where there's controversy and scandal.

I feel so sorry for her. I actually don't know how she could stand shooting and promoting two more Twi movies.

Please, somebody should advice Kristen to IGNORE paparazzi and focuse in her job.

Anonymous said...

love your blog
do not worry about the hyenas.
i do not understand why people believing one thing have to annoy other people in their own blogs.
i mean the difference between the hyenas is not only that we believe in robsten and they do not.
it's that we leave them thinking their bullshit, not going on their haters or nonsten blogs to annoy them. while they do not have anything to do with their lives, their time but to annoy you or other robsten blogs !
what an annoying life must be their life !

Anonymous said...

Some celebrities enjoy the pap madness, Kristen does not, she never did.

Many celebrities have come to blows with the paps. Giving them the finger seems pretty miild to me.

I hope she enjoys Australia and finds a way to ignore/tune out the paps.

Anonymous said...


The RRH Spoon ring is one of the rings Kristen is wearing for years. She usually wears it on her thumb. No idea where it originally came from. In this picture you can see the ring clearly. It is from Paris promo last November:

She was wearing it when when she arrived together together with Rob from London in NY for RM premier:

Or here when they arrived in LAX together after they spended time in NY:

And this is MY FAVORITE ONE: Kristen is holding hand with Rob in Paris, wearing the RRH Spoon ring on her thumb: http://robertandkristen.org/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=31277&fullsize=1

To the anon who spammed this board with the MA ringate, stating things as a fact, before checking any facts. Don't you feel a bit stupid now?

But from one of you comments I get what it is all about (the one that she couln't stand the pressure anymore and is now back with MA): You and other hyenas are trying desperate to give this girl a hard time until she cracks and leaves your "beloved" Robbie alone.

No words for that.


Anonymous said...

I love see the pictures of Kristen and Taylor on the boat on Sydney harbour. Having fun, laughing and smiling. I like Taylor he seems to be a nice guy and a loyal friend, I see really a lot of Jacob in him.

But at the same time it is sad because it reminds me of a time where the Twi gang was happy and the fans were happy. Now everything is so bitchy and bitter, every of their move gets analized and turned into a smutty, dirty story. And hyenas have a big part in that. Would Rob have joined the boat ride if he was in in Sydney? No, he would have probably been hiding in his hotel room.

So sad sad sad.

Anonymous said...

It seems like most of these pap pics are of Kristen like they are really trying to provoke her. I'm surprised there aren't more pics out there of Taylor. At the Wildlife center, it's mostly pics of Kstew. I think they want to provoke her enough where she punches them. Leave her alone. sigh.

Anonymous said...

i heard on lj that rk broke up,is that true?:(

loris said...

@Anon at 7:58

I doubt it. I just read one of the articles from Australia and they were wondering why rob was not there. So someone was probably just speculating that they broke up since he isn't there. Fact is, he is working and could not make it. She has so much stuff on her to remind her of Rob, so I really doubt it.

katy said...

Anon 7:58 No, Rob and Kristen didn't Broke up.

mamabear said...

Hi Rose,

I feel sorry for Kristen in Sdyney, I know the paps are the lowest of low, some have such bad mouths, I remember Rob in an airport and they were yelling are you f---ing Kristen. I would give them the finger two, the paps do not respect Rob or Kristen, so why should they give them anything but the finger.
Kristen have fun in sdyney, Rob keep be concerned about your girl, you know they are talking to each other and Rob wants her safe!

Anonymous said...

Kristen looks so annoyed and unhappy in the pictures taken by paps in Sydney. Feel very painful to see this. Our poor bb girl.... >.<

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for her.I hope she's not gonna have a breakdown.

john said...

Maybe it's time to use some weed to relax.She knows it,she does it all the time.Or,she can stop fighting her real nature and give in to her lesbianism.I think then she's gonna be calm.

Anonymous said...

What's the matter John, did she turn you down?
KS does not like the paps and has never made a pretense of doing so.

Wow, KS really loved that boat ride. Those things are a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

to katy: are you sure?because some are talking about r/k broke up on livejournal.:(

Anonymous said...

He was not working yesterday, he was partying, and tomorrow he is not working either.
I feel for Kstew and I'm not talking about the papz being assholes in australia. The crap she will have to deal with the she's back home is going to be 100 times worse. Her publicist is going to be really busy the next two weeks.

Deb said...

I just looked at some of the pic of Kristen on the boat WHY in the HELL did they have to take PIC of her BOOBS. NOW can you see WHY she HATES the PAPS.she cant even go have fun with out some one starting SHIT I feel bad for her.AND I would think that Rob would not like them taking pic of her like that WHAT ASSes I hope she dose find time to in joy some of her time there. DEB

vickie said...

Kristen was not in her best mood,because she has broken up with Rob.Everybody talks about it on Twitter and on LJ.Apparently,Rob's attitude and his womanizing ways make her leave him.That's why we haven's seen a single photo of them together since they got back in LA.

Anonymous said...

She was all high,that's why she flipped them.That girl is pothead,rude,immature ....do i need to continue?

Anonymous said...

so it is indeed true r/k broke up?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

anon 10:30,i'm afraid it's true.

JJJ said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

prove it then. why would we just take your word for it? didn't you people keep saying this over and over since last year. this is getting boring really. same old same old. get a life. a real job and real friends instead of spending all your time here. no wonder rose is laughing at your desperation. you are pathetic.

i miss rose and her antics. hope she's enjoying her vacation. looking forward to her new entry soon i hope.

Anonymous said...

I'm dying to see any proof of K&R's break up !!

So many posts but no one proof, How are we going to believe it??

Probably it's the same person who is writting over and over about the break up, is it ??

Anonymous said...

Don't worry you proof will come in 6 days, meanwhile you can join the party with Robs's fans. He knows what's best for his image and future. Special thanks to Steph to knock some sense on him. He is having so much fun this weekend. His team really knows how to send him to the right places with the right people ;)

Anonymous said...

Wrong!The proof will come in 4 days.Jesus himself will come from heaven and prove to all of us that Robsten is no longer together.Then he will turn all the crazy fans into pigs.

Anonymous said...

just as i thought. same recycled baseless lines from nonstens. nothing we haven't heard before. lol. may i ask how many sites have you posted this 'speculation' of yours? i see you're a regular amongst anonymous boards. i wonder why. nah, we know why. coz you're a dumb coward who's got nothing, who knows nothing. you should seriously get a life.

Anonymous said...

Celebration time!!!!

German girl said...

Does anybody know if there's a full moon?Because the crazies are out full force.

john said...

Bitch has gone out of the picture.For real.Rob is free as a bird.Bring on the real girls!

Anonymous said...

Din don,the bitch is gone.

eat some dirt,stupid shippers.

Anonymous said...

How fitting and funny while kristen was riding a boat Rob was also enjoying a different kind of ride ..lol
*countdown to MMA* shippers proof day

katy said...

John, LIES LIES...do you really think anybody here is going to believe you...like I alraedy said you hatters are so pathetic you come in here and everywhere in the net posting your lies just to stir the pot...just to make us (Robsten believers) shake our belief...that's not going to happened...especialy if you (hatters) came in here and say things like
-'Special thanks to Steph to knock some sense on him. He is having so much fun this weekend. His team really knows how to send him to the right places with the right people´' Really??? do you really aspect us to believe this BS Crap, don't you see how ridiculous it sounds.~
- Rob a womanizer??...this one makes me laught so much every time you psico haters mention.
-Kristen publicist is going to have a lot of work next week...GOD do you know how many times you psico haters have told this one...1000000000 times.

You haters...don't learn...you have been proven wrong over and over again but you keep coming with the same crap...your Crap doesn't change...I have heard the same shit from you insignificante little people so many times that it's getting boring.

So Go back to the Nonsten where you belong...here nobody cares what you have to say...and nobody believes you. And I know you will keep saying that it's true...that we will see next week but next week will come and you insignificante little people will be proven wrong....How ridiculous you are.

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...

Anon 12:11
*countdown to MMA* shippers proof day

Really??? let's just wait and see who will be laughing.

Patricia said...


Kristen was tired after that long flight. The papps are awful and she snapped. I would of too. I'm sorry Rob wasn't with her. He seems to keep the piece and take the papps away from her and onto himself. I always notice that about him. HE LOVES AND PROTECTS HER. HE COULDN'T GO BECAUSE OF FILMING WFE. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT.


Enough with MA. He has moved on just like she has. THAT IS OVER !




Anonymous said...

There are some nasty people posting today!!!!!!

Quit coming on here and slandering two people you don't know!!

I'm tired of crappy people saying Kristen is a lesbian. I am not gay but if I were I would be offended. You are basically saying that if a woman doesn't dress like a woman they are a lesbian. News flash...Ellen D.'s wife is VERY feminine. So you can't play that card.

I hope when Rose comes back she will come on and start deleting the heck out of some of your comments b/c they are as vile as you are!

What did Rob call you people again? Oh yeah....REPULSIVE!

About Kristen flipping the bird...get off your high horses...you know if your friend did the same thing to someone who pissed them off you would be ROFL.

For the people who say Kristen is immature. She has a problem with the paps invading her privacy. THAT'S IT!

You don't see her going to clubs, drunk all the time, she keeps her clothes on, you won't see her flashing her lady parts while not wearing anything on underneath (i.e. Paris and Lindsey). So don't go there. I think she is pretty grounded for someone her age.

For all the other stupid comments in the words of N'Sync....BYE<BYE<BYE....take your leave and go back to where ever you came from.

OH AND JOHN- I think you owe Lisa an apology not that I think you are man enough to do it.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

We should just enjoy the lovely pictures of Kristen and Tay in Down under. Rob is missing all the fun. But maybe he would have stayed in his hotelroom...But wait wait it is Australia, and Australians are cool like most people here in Europe (we don't have hyenas or nonstens here, you know), no screaming fans hanging around his neck.

So it is getting a bit ugly on Roses lovely blog lately, time to take the umbrella out. Seems that the events in the last 6 weeks (Budapest, Orpah, Today interview, Elle UK) have driven some in a frenzy.

So have a nice long weekend, hope Rose has fun.


Anonymous said...

you honestly believe that rob and/or kristen would over shadow the eclipse promo in MTV next week with a break-up news? no, even you people who are so fixated with your PR theory don't believe that.

guess what, kristen will have Q&A in australia tomorrow. more reasons for you to hate her then. enjoy obsessing!

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