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Friday, May 21, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Love at First Sight?

It's pretty quiet in the Twi-World at the moment.
That's a good thing...
(or IS it?)
I'm not sure.

It does seem to always get really calm
before something BIG happens.
*wink wink nudge nudge*

Robert on the set of "Water for Elephants"
Lots of hearts aflutter over these pictures.
I'm not sure if its how Rob looks...
Or if it's just because it's Robert.
Or a combination of the two.

The shorter hair makes him look younger somehow...
He could actually pass for 17 here...
Whereas he seems older in the Twilight movies
where he is supposed to be frozen at 17...
Maybe Edward needs to keep this haircut?

I just love to see him SMILE.
Happy Rob makes me so happy.

Dirty, sweaty, sexy Robert.
There aren't a lot of people who would 
be appealing like that.

There was a link to all these Twilight pics on Twitter
So it made me all nostalgic for Twilight.
I was particularly attracted to the deleted scenes
for some reason...

Like this one where Edward attacks Bella in class.
Fascinating where Rob's hand is...
He is REALLY in character here...

But to be honest..
The scenes I really liked were the ones
where Edward and Bella are walking outside...
Talking about her 'number being up'
Edward pulls Bella down to the ground...
and she says...
"Wanna taste?"
(Remember... at the first Comic Con
Kristen said this was one of her favorite scenes)

And Rob just intensely stares at Kristen...
And Kristen proceeds to stick her finger in his mouth...

Rob obviously bites her...
Kristen obviously reacts...

Very intimate moment...
And what does Kristen do when she pulls her finger
out of his mouth?

She puts the finger in her mouth...
and sucks on it.
Now you may say that they were only 'acting'
But Kristen made it pretty clear that they
were just improvising here...
(I doubt Edward could 'taste' Bella)
But to take her finger out of his mouth...
immediately into hers?

There were a lot of spontaneous 
unguarded moments like this on set...
in interviews...
that we got to see back then.
Moments of two people...
Falling for each other.

I think I need to go watch Twilight.

In closing...

1. I don't even have anything to say about
"That pack of mutts"
(as Alice says...)
I feel a kinda pity for them now.
It's strange.
They are so angry and bitter...
snapping and biting at anything 
They are so SO desperate...
 I feel sorry for them.
But I'm sure this will pass...

2. Kristen and Taylor are going to Korea
and Australia next month
for promo for Eclipse.
No Robert.
He's too busy with WFE to leave
for extended lengths of time...
So most of his stuff will be West Coast.
I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities
for Rob and Kristen to be
I mean... on camera.
We already know they are off camera

Bye for now


Angelica said...

Aw, damn you. You are pretty damn good at this blogging shit. Power to you.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the hair, keep it shorter for BD it looks great and he does look boyish

Jenn Ski said...

lol, I was also watching the deleted scenes yesterday. Now that Eclipse is a month away I spend more time submerging myself back into it all.

"rob and kristen are the most introverted and private. They can be trapped in their rooms for a month and there will still be stories of them being together in London or something."

-Ashley Greene
Seventeen Mag

Sometimes I wish one of the cast members would slip up! But a part of me doesn't want to know, I like the mystery.

Anonymous said...

rose hands down...once again

i miss the innocent twilight too..the two so cute, adorable, so real...oooh

Anonymous said...

lol, that deleted scene was Kristen's favorite moment(with two other ones) in the film she said in comicon. And it sounded interesting, so I looked forward to seeing it.

And then I watched it on my DVD and was like, "wtf?"


Cause I"m sorry, that was not Edward and Bella right there. It needed to be deleted because it was more like "Robert and Kristen flirting with eachother."hahaha

Glad it was on the extras though, ain't gonna lie!

Anonymous said...

nonsten that site is really odd. I've never checked it out until yesterday. I don't really get the purpose of feeling superior to "shipper sheep" when you are wasting just as much time talking about how they aren't together.

Different sides of the same coin.

And all the hatred toward Kristen there, it's very irrational. I'll be the first to say I'm a dork for being interested and Robert and Kristen by extension, but to feel passionate feelings for strangers is weird.

Patricia said...

I watched 'Little Ashes' and 'The Haunted Airman' last night. Could this man be anymore BEAUTIFUL ??? Jesus..... I could watch him read the phone book. He was very good in both of these movies.

I loved everything to do with 'Twilight' especially the interviews. When Kristen put her finger in his mouth and then in hers, I said to myself "There's WAY MORE GOING ON HERE THAN BELLA AND EDWARD"

I hope we get some news or pictures of OUR FAVORITE COUPLE. I am OBSESSED WITH THEM AND NEED MY FIX.

Those pictures of Rob yesterday wow !YOU'RE RIGHT HE SHOULD LOOK LIKE THAT FOR 'BREAKING DAWN' THAT FACE !!!!!!

I loved young, dirty Rob !

His pull is getting stronger ! I need serious HELP !!!!

Grazie for your post Rose. I'm looking forward to your next one.

Patty <333


Anonymous said...

What is this BIG thing you speak of? I'm intrigued now...

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, I love the quiet times in life when you are in love. I remember when I first was dating my husband and we were in our own bubble and our haters didn't count,we were in to each other so much our love blocked out all the noise. I still love my hubby the same after 20 years, but that begining time was a thrill I will never forget. I feel it when I see Rob and Kris, I see my self and my husband, that's why I believe in them and their love.
Sorry for the ramble, I could'nt help it, that's what their love makes me do <333. Thanks for the spreading the love Rose :)MelenaS

Deb said...

Hey Rose I was telling my kids last night that Rob.Looked very young to like he was 17 and how he looks older in Twilight how funny . I love the new pic of Rob but I love Rob any way Old, young.Every NEW movie of Rob beings out a NEW ROB and I like that He is getting so much better at doing new movies I cant wait to see one with him and Kristen do some thing different than twilight.To bad he cant go with Kristen and Taylor to promo Eclipse But like you said they well have there time together ON and OFF camera.Well my friend I hope you have a good day And I hope we get some new pic of our Rob.I JUST LOVE the NEW ones of him. DEB PS Rose Look How Far They Have Come from twilight tell now The love is sooo much better a lot more closer NO longer A ONE WAY THING THEY both WANT IT .YOU CAN SEE IT.

kharma1 said...

Happy Friday Rose,

I love Twilight, I lost count on how many times I have seen the movie. And I also love the deleted scenes, especially Kristen's fav. And naughtly Rob in that one where he has in hands up her blouse. That boy just can't contain himself when he's around her..lol.
Those two definitely fell in love on the set of Twilight. The chemistry was there from the very beginning and wouldn't we love to get a hold of that kissing scene on CH's bed..lol. They can make a fortune on that piece of film, hey they can donate the proceeds to charity. May make more money then the movie itself, just kidding.

I hate to talk about the hyenas, such a downer. Why do people like that exist, what good are they doing to mankind, just spewing hate. Hate is the root of all evil, what good has it done.. wars, crime, murder, incest, too much of it now. I wonder if the hyenas can look in the mirror and can honestly be proud of themselves. I mean what a waste of life, space in our society.
That's all I have to say about hyenas.

On a brighter note, love you Rose, you are definitely NOT a downer, but someone that knows how to live life to the fullest.. being happy and making others happy.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Robert and Kristen- Love at First Sight? Yes ,for me!
They have had an immediate connection ;they're a different sides of the same coin ; opposites attract!!twilight is pure sexual attraction ;while filming new moon,they were already a couple!the difference is before our eyes!I think they're together since last year!!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh! i never noticed Edward/Rob's hand underneath Bella/Kristen's shirt in that deleted scene. I.AM.OFFICIALLY.DEAD!
I love the WFE pix...Rob is simply deliciously boyish adorable...*sigh*
although...to me...it looks like Rob is filling out. His body seems more manly...or maybe I'm just staring too long.hm...ok...where was I? Oh, yeah, R&K...*sigh*...i simply ADORE their love and can't wait to see more sexy/unguarded pix in the future! yay Rose! You rock!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble but didn't Kristen have a boyfreind at the start of filming Twilight, and he was still there until filming New Moon moved to Italy,when he does his disappering act.Ok he has gone now.I am happy for Rob and Kristen but we shouldn't forget these things.

linzy said...

I logged into twitter last night to find my feed full of people exploding over new Rob pics... and as much as I adore the man, I was trying to figure out what could have everyone in such a frenzy? Well didn't I get smacked in the face with the hot n pretty.. GOOD LAWDS! Between the haircut, the dirt, the sexspenders and that smile?! *faints*

I really have to go back and watch Twilight and all the special features now. It has been a really long time but the earnestness with which Kristen & Robert played their roles still touches me. My dear BF, who's rather gruff & claims not to be sentimental was musing to me the other day how he thought it would be pretty damned incredible to have documentation of falling in love with someone. Bless his heart he puts up with my K/R ramblings but he doesn't often comment about them, so when he said this I flailed. Because he's right. All the pictures and the video are things they can look at many years down the road & smile & laugh about. How lucky can two people get?

Thanks for another great post Rose. I too feel some pity for the hyenas, because I tend to think their lives must be pretty miserable if they spend all their time on being hateful and negative... but then again, people make choices and should learn to take responsibility. And that is a group of people who refuse to acknowledge that. So my pity only goes so far.

Happy Friday everyone <3

Anonymous said...

Love this one, Rose. You're soooo perceptive.

I remember when Kristen was so frustrated back during the Twilight promos because viewers insisted on reading so much into every gesture and body-press we saw between her and Rob.

I'm sorry, Kristen, but body language reveals a lot. We were all lucky enough to witness two people falling in love. Those moments meant a lot to us too.


Anonymous said...

at anon 12.45
you read?you did not understand!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing happened between Rob and Kristen on Twilight. An attraction was there but from Catherine Hardwicke's statements their relationship did not start on Twilight.
In early interviews for Twilight promotion it was very clear that Rob had a huge crush on Kristen.

To Kristen's credit she ended things with her former boyfriend before starting any relationship with Rob and he (Rob) waited.

I love that they (Rob and Kristen) are not letting the tabloids etc dictate how they handle themselves. Very mature young people. Many in Hollywood could learn a thing or two from them.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post as usual, the new pics of Rob on the set of WFE gave me a heart attack.

Anonymous said...

Could someone help me find that deleted scene where Rob is biting Kristen's neck (I've never seen that picture before, and I don't think it's on my dvd version...) - is it on you tube somewhere? I got really curious about it and I'm dying to see it! Thanks!

Lisa said...

Always great Rose..

That "wanna taste" is my all time favorite! As someone said, that was Rob/Kristen, not E & B and was best cut out. (Thank God in the DVD) Also remember in the interview on set (MTV I think) they had just asked if they get along and she reaches up and scratches something off his tooth? LOL He they said "No, we don't get on at all" LOL

I have also thought if they were to stay together, have kids, etc.. They will have a TON of stuff, video & pics to document their love. Very, very nice. IF it happens. :)

And yes, Kristen had a boyfriend. I believe she was true to him but CLEARLY they fell for each other on Twilight. They've said they did but it's what they had to do to be "real" I would assume they both thought it was just a movie thing. Rob is on record saying it took him a few months "to get over it" Then NM started and it must have been clear that it wasn't just "the movie" and at which time MA, took his leave. It's pretty clear they've been together since. If you didn't believe EVERYTHING else you've seen or read, USA today tells it all. "We've become very good at hiding in the last year"

Sigh.. Happy Friday all.. Gotta check twitter.. Maybe somethings up. I'm 233 behind! LOL

Lisa said...


This ones a little more..


This is just biology.


Gigi said...

I remember the very first time a watched this deleted scene when she said " want a taste ?" I tell you my heart skipped a beat , I was really Bella you think ?? really ? I love that scene one of my favorites ....
His new hair cut is brilliant love that to but then again it is simply that he looks good on anything no ?
Great weekend to all ....

Anonymous said...

Oh Robbie what was it like living with Nikki in WEST Hollywood right through TW promotion. It was hard to get your stuff back but a good mate helped. Interesting that KS does not live in Sherman Oaks is it not? Wonder why Rob was in SO? Love finds a way. There is a fine line between love and hate hey Robbie? If only everyone knew. Interesting ,does everyone know where Nikki's new house is * Old friends will be so close by this time.They insisted on it, and made extensive plans to ensure it. Candles in the house * OH if only everyone knew. Those days in WH were magic! I wonder what Summer loving will bring? You know you want one?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lisa for the links! I only discovered the Twilight world a couple of months ago, so these old things for you are all new and exciting to me :) That biting scene is definitely NOT on my dvd, stupid Scandinavian version...I wonder what else they have left out! Can't get the commentary on the first film here either, so frustrating...

Lisa said...

@2:26 SUCKS no commentary! As for extras, just look up twilight extras and deleted scenes on youtube. There are a ton.
I'm pretty new at this too! I saw Twilight about a month or two after it came out on DVD. Liked it OK enough, hadn't read the books. Then went to see NM @ the end of Nov. Came home and read the books. (I wont mention how many times I've read them since then:)) My obsession didn't even start until after the first of the year though. It's out of control now! LOL

@2:22, I really couldn't follow what you were saying. :( I got the jest of it.. you were trying to imply Rob & Nikki were, are together, or something like that.. Whatever.. You believe the way you want, and I will believe what I see! ENJOY!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 2:22 Happy Feet.. Is that you??? LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Lisa - so what you're describing is probably my future :) I was wondering how long this craziness would last, but there are no signs of it fading away yet...it's so nice to be this excited about something this much, my last "fan thing" was almost 15 years ago...lol. Although it is starting to affect my work in a real negative way...not much sleep since Rob and Kristen came into my life, too much to read and see online!! But I'm loving every second of it :)
And as for the commentary on the first film - I downloaded it from the internet and tried to listen to it while watching the movie, but the timing was all off...had to keep pushing the pause button all the time... I guess I need to take a trip to the States and get the real thing :))
- Erika

Lisa said...

@ 3:04 I keep meaning to tell you that every time you post about "Happy Feet" it cracks my ass up! Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Taysten lives! Can't wait to see Kristen flirting with Taylor during Eclipse promo. Robsten shippers ain't got nothing! So Kristen tries to take Rob's shirt off in Oprah well guess what she did the same with Taylor except she exactly tried to take his shirt off. And she nuzzled him too. Whens the last time you saw her as sweet with Rob as she is with Taylor. And shes always talking about about happy Taylor makes her. She said if I recall that shes always smiling around him. Whens the last time you heard speak like that about Rob lol?

Anonymous said...

Yes, anonymous 3:15, I also recall her saying Taylor is like a brother to her and it felt very weird kissing him. I also recall her flying to Budapest to spend her birthday with Rob.
Are these Rob/Nikki Kristen/Taylor people for real? It's just weird.

Melinda said...

Rose- I too miss the old days. They were so cute (they are still cute today just a lot more guarded).

The "tasting" scene was so R/K! You could cut the tension with a knife!

I actually bought Elle (darn them for not having the whole article on line!) today. The cashier (who was probably in her mid 50's) made a face when she saw the cover. Said "I love Twilight but I don't like her and I don't think she is pretty". I was going to point out all the things that make Kristen one of a kind but I didn't think the people behind me would like that too much. It is amazing the preconceptions people have of her. Thank goodness she probably doesn't even know.

The Elle article was really good-to me all of the positive comments from several of the directors she has worked with was nice to see/read. Personally I don't think the mass public understands her acting "style" at all and therefore they say she can't act. Well the Elle article dispels that. Melissa Leo (WTTR actress) was describing in an interview that she (ML) thinks that Kristen is a fantastic method actor. One of the best.

While in line at the store I saw the new US Weekly mag. R/K were on the front about "how Kristen tortures Rob". Really who writes this stuff? I read the article-made me mad the crap that was written and the info about them from "sources". Of course it makes Kristen look like a B**** etc. And no I am not a krisbian I just think she gets a lot of crap thrown at her.

Okay so the pictures of Rob. Delish...what more can I say. I can't wait for this movie. He is simply beautiful!

Happy Friday everyone!

Melinda said...

Man they are starting to come out of the woodwork!

People really-

Kristen and Taylor? That makes me laugh! Why would she want him when she has Rob?

Kristen and Michael? Again why would she want him when she has Rob? Michael has clearly moved on so why don't you?

Rob and Nikki? Heck NO!!! Why would he want her when he has Kristen? I mean really no comparison there.

I don't even want to say it but there was some chatter on Twitter about how Xavier should do some promo's with K/T if Rob isn't available. Can you imagine the crap that the hyenas will start saying if that happens? And who it will be directed to? It would be a long summer indeed.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see more taysten moments like this throughout Eclipse promo. If Kristen and Rob weren't together I could totally see Kristen hooking up with Taylor! Maybe she already is with him? http://community.livejournal.com/kaytay_daily/26384.html

soadram said...

called wonderful.
I do not have any doubt it was love at first sight. Love was in the first look ...
I think both Rob and Kris are very cute young, good players, but beyond the beauty that one sees in them is something that becomes even more beautiful, they are simple people who want to live their lives with them and for them alone.
And the simple people are the most interesting, fell in love with them both in the first movie and from there the passion grew. To me was how could we say of passion, love, friendship, which has for one another.
I do not have any doubts
I have a good day Rosa

Anonymous said...

So I just booked my ticket to see Eclipse in July :), at an early screening here in the UK :D :D :D At long last.. Yipppeeeee.. So excited :)

And i LOVE this post, especially because you upload all the recent pictures of them, so i know as long as i read your post i wont miss anything :)

So I decided that the only reason why Rob and Kristin dont admit it is because.. Kristin many times said that although MA was her bf, her was like her bestfriend before that.. clearly the 2 are not, and havent been together for a long time .. but if he meant alot to her and she loves him, but isnt IN love with him, like she is Rob.. then this just shows what an amazing person she is not hurting his feelings.. because if she did admit this 'not-so-"new"' relationship.. maybe that would show that she wasnt commited to the one she was in with MA..
Not that i wouldnt appriciate an honest answer.. but we should just keep having faith in the relationship.. i mean its not every day that taylor lautner and kristin are papped together, doesnt that show its not just a 'cast' relationship..

Also, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the Oprah behind the scenes, where Rob and Kristin ALWAYS ALWAYS listen to what each other said especially, it was like watching a couple and a tag along.. in the nicest of ways :D

I hope what iv said makes sence :/

So, Kristin and Rob .. Keeping dong what your doing, and Rose keeping posting these blogs - because we LOVE it :)
Take care, Sarahx x x

Anonymous said...

Stupid rumors about R/K engagement/marriage are in twitter and forums. For your information:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLxWvqphvuQ min 8.30

They are not engaged, not married. Don't let them fool you.

ITK said...

Nice blog post today. ;)

It reminds me of Twilight Tuesdays, when Kristen tried to pick something out of Rob's teeth. That MTV interviewer didn't know what to say. LOL! Kristen must have had a thing for Rob's mouth from the very beginning.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm why is MA always around West Hollywood when he is supposed to be living with his family in Woodland Hills? LOL. You guys here need to investigate. You are missing ALL the clues LOL,LOL,LOL

Anonymous said...

You're all delusional if you think they're still together. It was very obvious to me that Kristen had been hurt. I believe they ended it. She seems to be having trouble getting over it and he seems to be fine with it. I would bet there is some truth to these rumors that he's cheating with other girls. I don't believe for on minute that a guy his age and looks would not be sampling everything he can especially since he and others have said that before Twilight he couldn't get a date with anyone. He's probably like a kid in a candy store now. Hey, he's single...so let him be!

Anonymous said...

Proof that Kristen is not into Rob as much as much as he is into her. Sorry guys but its true. http://www.hollywoodlife.com/2010/05/20/robert-pattinson-love-kristen-stewart-photos/

Anonymous said...

Ted Casanova has confirmed they are not married nor engaged.

There's something in the air I don't like...shipper seems too happy.

Don't believe everything you read. Remember she is 20 and he is 24. Keep rational.

Anonymous said...


Trish said...

Hey Rose, what about the new eclipse posters?!

I guess the hyenas are barking barking, foaming spewing..somethings NEVER EVER get old..when will it end? i dont know..round and round like a merry go round.

Its friday too so the kids are out here posting follish things..i am just going to leave quietly because i just stopped by to say hi Rose! great post! I love the hair cut too looks very boyish and cute xoxoxo

Olivia said...

Hi Rose,
Happy Friday.
The WFE pics are such a treat! Rob is handsome, hunky, and adorable. What great films are in store for us these coming years.
Wow! The Rob and Kristen fall down, finger in the mouth, let me taste scene and also the neck bite in biology class from the out takes are such favorites of mine. I agree, these were such give aways of their growing friendship and love.
I have confidence that Rob and Kristen will be able to enjoy their relationship in the months ahead while they are both busy with work commitments together and apart.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:15, hate to burst your delusional bubble...well not really, but Taylor is 17, jailbait ya know illegal as in statutory rape...Kristen is 20 uhh when you were (or I should say 'when') 20 did you reallly notice the 17 yr olds? That would be sort of sick and twisted in perv kinda way don't you think? Think about it hater. Nuff said.
Rose, love the WFE pics, he does look 17. Cute with the shorter hair and love the 3's look.

Anonymous said...

4:52- ummm I am not going to say they are married or engaged b/c I have no idea but have you ever heard of Janet Jackson? Have you forgotten that she was married for several years and NO ONE knew until she got a divorce. If you want to get married and keep it to yourself there are ways. R/K are the king and queen of stealthy behavior.

5:00 - I guess I should link clip about Michael talking about how things happen in a relationship and people move on. DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO WATCH IT?

5:04 #1- oh goody the "Rob's a cheater" poster is back. You been here before, none of us buying what you have to offer so go sell your theory to someone else.

5:04 #2- someone posted this last night here (it was you most likely). I see you are leaving out the part where the body language "expert" says that Kristen is more subtle in her actions but that she is still very much into her leading man. Run along dear!

5:31- what are you talking about? EXPLAIN what is in the air you don't like. Otherwise you are another ranter.

Anonymous said...

these nonstens or whatever they are called go on every website linked to rob and kristen and repaste the same stuff over and over i think they just deranged?

Anonymous said...

lol, Rob and Nikki? Nikki can't even say his name without dry heaving! She and Kristen have reconciled(to an extent), but Rob has drawn the line and so has NIkki. Both nikki and Rob are very strong willed people, and they both feel the other completely double crossed. Hate eachother, Robert will not even pretend to like her publicly. Nikki will if she must, but she makes snide comment to this day about him when she can. The person pushing Nikki is making me laugh, they obviously have NO IDEA what went down between Rob, Nikki and Kristen.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose you are so good at this. I look forward to your blog everyday. It is very quiet where Robsten is concerned. I do wish Rob could do more of the promo work but understand he is busy. I do miss seeing pictures of them, but I know that is how they like it and I love them enough to want what is best for them. Rob does look great in the scenes from the new movie and I am looking forward to seeing more.

Anonymous said...

Nonstens are you not tired of repeating same BS over and over.Can you nonstens proved it to us about Rob/Nikki,Kris/MA or anything that you psycho's are foaming about.You don't have any prof,so suck it up.Do you think Rob/Kris will breakup because you haters spread lies about them?Rob/Kris are smarter than you nonstens.

Anonymous said...

Kristen won't miss Rob when shes in Sydney. She'll have Taylor.

Lisa said...

Happy Saturday to you Lousia! Hope the soccer game goes well.. I was busy here this morning.. It was fairly quiet and I've hurt my back so I have nothing better to do then sit on the couch with my laptop. Both good and bad!

Bea, Taylor actually recently turned 18 but he's still a baby. Kristen has said over and over she has always had older 'friends'. Those pushing Taylor/Kristen are just silly..

I guess I am missing something. I know there were rumors about Nikki with Rob AND with Kristen but nothing worth a bean that I every saw. @8:10:00 PM, enlighten me please?

"Ted Casanova"? LOL It's TED CASABLANCA. He's as full of shit as anyone.. At least twice today it's been brought up "they're not married" WHO said they were? I missed it??

Anonymous said...


The Kristen/Taylor thing cracks me up. It is silly. The only time she is with him is for work related things. I will say that Taylor has been a good friend to them and keeping his mouth shut about R/K private life.

The Rob/Nikki/Kristen thing- I had read that she blew up at Kristen (about ending what she felt was a good relationship with MA for Rob- also Nikki and MA were friends prior to Kristen and MA getting together)during New Moon filming saying some very nasty things. Rob took offense, as we all know he would. I don't think that Rob cares for Nikki much anymore since that. I think K/N have made peace but I am sure their relationship isn't what it used to be. You learn who your friends are and who won't sell you out to the media. I think that is why Kristen gets along so well with Dakota. She knows Dakota won't talk to the media.

Now this is pure speculation/rumor. No one knows what really happened except the three of them.
If you watch the Comic-con New Moon clips there is a clip of Nikki surprising Kristen. Kristen gives her a hug, Rob completely ignores her all the while keeping his arm around Kristen. Pretty telling to me about his feelings at that point.

Hope this helps.

amanda said...

Haters, you REALLY need to make peace that Rob and Kristen are together.

Kristen and Taylor? EW. They have a brother/sister relationship. Kristen has said that herself. Plus he's way younger than her and in a recent interview she said it was WEIRD kissing him.

Kristen and MA are over. If she was still with him, he must be way understanding because Kristen flew 14 hours to spend her birthday with Rob, oh and New Years, and left the BAFTAs together and were seen holding hands at the Chicago airport.

Give it up! It's beyond obvious Rob and Kristen are together and happy. Move on already. Now the clinging is just sad!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Melinda@3:29, Kristen's interview in Elle is a must see. Many directors she worked with have very positive comments about her. The dircetor of Adventureland said "Kristen can't be fake in films" (something like that).

I feel so sorry for Krsten for all the irrational and unreasonable criticisms she received. And so that's why many my previous comments appeared to defend her. I truly think this girl deserves much more love.

Actually, my love to Kristen started just a few months ago. I searched for all her movies, interviews and photoshoots. I remember the last time I did a "fan thing" was about 10 years ago, yet it's no way to compare that with my involvement as a fan of Kristen. At least I didn't spend time on googling, reading and leaving comments on blogs/facebook groups.

p.s. Rob's look in WFE is really cute and I agree with Rose that he looks younger with short hair.

From Asia,

Anonymous said...

hey Lisa..im back home from the game....had to catch up on all the goss here....pretty damn juicy if you ask me...what in the hell is anom 8.10 going on about...what did i miss....i cant decode that ....why doesnt he/she be a little more specific????and finish what she started...she has the 'idea' inspire me and let me have an idea....i know she trying to catch a nibble with others curiousity....and you Lisa will probably say like you have ' not even worry about that and continue thinking that way if you will
'BUT im really intrigued for an alaboration if you will???

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Fanny said...

Some days I find delusional people's comments tiring, some days I find them hilarious. Guess today is the later.

Funny how you turn the situation around and call the believers delusional. Though I kinda agree with part of your post, BUT it's not accurate at all anymore imo. I'm pretty sure Rob felt like a kid in a candy store like you said when fame came 2 years ago. He was single, I'm sure he enjoyed life and got a lot of dates (though I don't believe for one second that he had problems getting a date before), like every 22 years old would. BUT here we are, 2 years later, and it seems obvious he's now in a loving commited relationship with Kristen, a girl he wanted since he met her. You can clearly see he adores her and there is NOTHING that tells he's a cheater or a player. On the contrary. He's seen with no other girl but Kristen and they go MIA as soon as they're together in the same country, go out of their ways, flying miles, to spend time together even when they're crazy busy. Rumors are just that, rumors, created by people with an obvious sick agenda.

And to the other posters bringing up MA. Seriously, be sane and let the guy move on and go on with his personal life without dragging him in your nonsense. I'd hate reading about me and an ex everywhere on the net.

That said, a question... Louisa talked about music in the background? When you log on the blog you mean? Or you mean lyrics in the post? How comes I don't hear anything...

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hi fanny @2.25 i dont know when i opened the site initially i heard rob songs in the background like an ipod of background music songs starting going to the end and another starting up ...alll Rob songs...but not any more ...i dont drink/drugs...im not imagining it...but no more it stopped thursday for me...is it just my compuer...surley not....Rose can you ellaborate please???

KPattz said...

Rob was seen back in 2008 with many skunks leaving bars,especially when he was in London.The guy was single and felt lonely.The girl he wanted was with someone else and he was trying to move on.He failed!

If Rob wanted to play the field,we would have known it,because some pap or fan would have captured him with hooking up with some girl.So,let it go all you delusional teenies and go do your homework.

And something else.Go and listen again the twilight commentary.There's a part where Rob says that when he finished shooting he was in his trailer watching a movie and he was so overwelmed it was over,that he started crying....I wonder why.Maybe because after 3 months he would be seperated with the girl he liked?

And watch Comic con 2008.Have you seen how he looks at her or you all look your friends like that all the fucking time?lol

And MA has already another girl.He's spotted so many times with her holding hands.

Anonymous said...

Yes KPattz, Rob is very much into Kristen, but is she that much into him?? I've always had the feeling that she's not.

Kristen and Rob met in 2007, everybdoy says and I believe it, that he fell for her at once, but it wasn't untill the beginning of 2009 (some say february, others april) that they became oficially a couple, there was not public confirmation though, but it's true.

---It took Kristen all that time to realize she was in love with Rob---

I hope they will be together and happy for a long time, but I can't help thinking that if trouble or doubt come, it will come up on Kristen's side.

Rob would shout out his love for her from the rooftops. She wouldn't and he's just holding himself back for her.

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i accidentally watched in youtube video barbara streisand singing the way we were, and saw some clips of her and robert redford. the lyrics and pics together hit me so hard and the couple that came into my mind is robert and kristen. if they are together in real, i wish they can listen to the song. hope it will give them strength to hold on to their relationship even with all the craziness around them, so that they won't let each other go...if somebody out there who is good in making a video, you can gather pics of robsten and make the song the background music. then give robsten a copy so they will be reminded and won't let go of their beautiful relationship no matter what...thanks!