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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Robert Pattinson- It's Always Been Kristen

I can admit it, you know.
That I love Robert Pattinson.
No, I'm not IN love with him.
That wouldn't be... prudent
Especially since I never met the guy.
But I do love him.
Adore him.

I think about him every day.
I write about him every day.
Every day.
I'm not sure what to make of that... at all.
I'm trying to figure it out.
Even after all this time of feeding my Rob addiction
I still don't understand it.
I've NEVER felt this way about someone famous.
Even when I was younger...
I never... ever felt this way about anyone.
Why Robert?

Sometimes I feel like I am just dreaming my life away.
Living from one Robert moment to the next...

You know how on Oprah...
Both Taylor and Rob said they were living
in 2 separate worlds?
So am I.

I have my normal Rose world.
Full of family, friends... life.
Then I have my Robert world...
Full of Robert and Kristen and Twilight.
I go back and forth
Although sometimes not easily.

 The Robert World does create more angst for me.
The closer it gets to "Eclipse"
and all the press and interviews that come with it...
The more anxious I get.
The more my stomach does flip-flops
The more time I spend online.

I kinda hate that feeling.
It sometimes gets so bad...
That I just wish Eclipse were out
and I was done with it all.
But it will never end... not really.
Bel Ami, WFE, On The Road...
There will always be something else

And so Rose Goes.

Random Thoughts.
I have a lot of them.
Too many, probably.
It's pretty obvious that I think
WAY too much.
I over-think everything.
I guess it's a curse...
(or is it?)


1. I wonder where Kristen has been lately?
(wink wink nudge nudge)
Outside of the WFE tweet...
Rob and Kristen have stayed off the radar.
Oh sure...
People are tweeting they saw Rob here...
Or there...
Or anywhere.
Just more lame bullshit to stir the pot.
Not that I don't like to stick my paddle
in every now and then...

2. I was reading shit online.
OK, that's a bit harsh...
Not all of it was shit.
But a lot of NONsense
(you know what I'm talking about... yes?
I refuse to write that NONword anymore)
You read all these gossip sites.
All these entertainment sites.
I mean, seriously...
Just about EVERYONE believes that
Robert and Kristen 
are in fact... TOGETHER.
Even if they don't want to believe it...
They admit it's true.

Except the NONrational
Who still claim PR! PR!!!!!!
(All the while relentlessly attacking 
both Robert and Kristen)

Don't the NONsane
The NONbelievers
Find it amusing that they scream
(howl, bark, whine)
About Rob/Kristen not being together
While just about EVERYONE else disagrees?
I mean...
EVERYONE else is wrong?
This small pack of mutts...
has it all figured out
And the rest of the world is way off base.
What does that tell you?

That Rabies is very bad.
And it eats away at your brain function.
And makes you paranoid and confused...
And you produce large amounts of 
bitter foam.

Poor things.

In closing...

Robert Pattinson 
is a beautiful, charming, witty, talented guy.
He could quite possibly have any girl he wanted.
Any girl. Anywhere.
You never see him hanging out with random girls.
You never see him at concerts
hotels, in limos, airports,
red carpets, on vacation
with anyone...
EXCEPT Kristen.
Kristen Stewart.
The beautiful, talented, awkwardly adorable girl
That he CHOOSES to spend his time with.
It's Kristen...
It's ALWAYS been Kristen.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

I have noticed since Rob and Kristen have been together, Rob has grown more handsome and Kristen more beautiful. I think love does that to you.


Anonymous said...

Yes it always has been Kristen, the haters need to chant this, this will not change. Love your blog Rose.

Anonymous said...

Damn it is like you were in my head writing this today:) Two worlds, unknown love for Rob that can't be explained away, and seeing the love between R&K. Happy Saturday folks!

KStewInspired said...

thanks rose again!!! i swear i feel exactly how you feel!! i definatly thnk wayyy too much and over analyze everything, but i guess that also is why i feel so connected to both Kristen and Rob! They both do the same, think to much over analyze, i just love them more and more everyday!
Rob and Kristen are together and people just do not want to accept it.
They are just to perfect for words and it is so apparent the way in which they even looka t each other! Their little manerisms twards eachother. You can just see the connection between them, it is crazy! I love them so much and thank you for all of your wonderful words about the two most wonderful people in the world.

Antonieta said...

Bravo Rose! Tu as TOUT dit! Rien a ajouter....si n'est que adore ton blog! bisous

Anonymous said...

don't you know Rose? The NONbelievers think they are smarter than everyone else, and that "PR"(they treat it like Big Brother, PR)has pulled the wool over everyone else's eyes?


God, seriously, these two could break up and it's all gravy to me, they are young. But to try to deny they are dating so irrationally is hilarious.

Vampsus said...

Rock on, Rose. Thank you for putting it out there. Thank you for the pics and the music. Many of us are walking on this same trail with you, and we are applauding you as a spokesperson for our thoughts and feelings.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, Rose.

Yeah, the rationale for "PR" is bizarre. IT's all they have left to hold onto though, nothing else works. THey are even grasping onto the hope that MA has been K's undercover lover this whole time, just taken underground for "PR."

I don't think they realize that most of the world could give a crap less about them--just hardcore fans who will see eclipse anyways.

So, why "PR" that involves a year of deception, and k/r not being able to date others, all to impress....people who don't care?

The public is over "are they or arent' they" ---everyone thinks they are together.

Carol said...

They FIT together....Ain't love grand. Rose, your words are always right on.

Anonymous said...

Here's where the nonstens are in a rock and a hard place.

The only time "PR" is used this extensively for this long of time with a star is because the star is gay.


And the beard would have to get something out of it. THe beard is usually someone who needs something big in return--more publicity, more exposure, a higher status.

Beards don't beard out of the goodness of their hearts-it's a huge sacrifice!

This is the only way "PR" is in place, and it doesn't make a lick of sense for either R or K. Both are have too much exposure if anything.

Silly hyenas....

Anonymous said...

Yes, things have been foamy here for awhile, yes?

Desperation is foamy.

Kristen and Robert pay their managers and agents and publicists huge amounts of dinero to help guide them toward career longevity.

Their future earnings of their respective teams are dependent on R and K being in it for the long haul career wise.

If a NONbeliever thinks for ONE COTTON MINUTE that their people would jeopardize their future earnings by letting Summit control their clients to look like a couple for over a year now, to the point they can't date others, and fly out to airports for "photo ops," THEY HAVE NO COMMON SENSE.

Robert and Kristen dating is not an ideal situation for either career wise-it makes people think of them permanently as Edward and Bella when they are trying to break out of those molds.

To think Summit would control R and K to the extent of interferring with their personal lives and the future viability as actors is laughable. This isn't the 1940's, when studios did have that sort of clout with clients. Studios don't have that control over actors anymore, they are free agents, with handlers who look out for THEIR CLIENT"S best interests--not cheap ass Summit's short terms interests.



Anonymous said...

First time poster, long time reader. Beautiful post as always. Thanks for bringing something good out every day. Love your banner!

Anonymous said...

OMG i know exactly what you mean by living 2 lives i feel exactley the samee i go to school act like me then go home and i enter the world or robert pattinson and twilight and i alsohavent ever felt like this about any other celebrity either it is so wierd..... even though i know i will never will have a chance with him i still have a obsesion and it is nice to know that i am not the only one :)

Antonieta said...

C'est quoi "PR"??

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Rose be rational what about Shannon Woodward who's am pretty sure he is dating her they always go out together. beside Katy Perry, Camilla Belle and in the past the clingy one NR

rosa said...

anon at 11:00 AM: preach! That's exactly it. People don't understand that Robert and Kristen aren't slaves to Summit. Quite the contrary--Robert's in a pretty position of power with the runaway success of the franchise.

He had every reason to walk away from a 5th installment-negotiations were a bitch it sounded like, and who wants to do five movies of the same characters one after the other? Professionally, it's not a good idea, unless Summit offers up all of their firstborn to the guy.

You think in such a vulnerable position, Summit is gonna turn around and insist he pretends to date kristen right now, for vague PR purposes that aren't even grabbing covers, save it for the pathetic OK! cover?

"Robsten" has peaked in the public interest, cause folks think they are together now.

jean said...

Imo idk if there's any1 who doesn't believe thse two a together I meen u kan see da way thy luk @ each otha dhat desparate need to touch, kiss each otha I see it and read it 4m their body language and avu seen it 4m da wad go and I kant bothered bi da NONs. Its alwz Kristen Stewart thnx Rose

Anonymous said...

anon 11:11am: I want to smoke what you're smoking, it seems like the strong stuff. lol

Uh, Camilla Belle has been dating a female tennis player for years now - you haven't heard?


Shannon is his friend's girl too. That's a pathetic list you have there of possibilities.

kharma1 said...

Hi Rose,
Thank you for writing something beautiful everyday, it always put a smile on my face and warms my heart. Life is good, life is being positive, life is loving someone and to be loved, most of all to be Happy.. Life is too short not to be.
And I agree with the first comment, love has made Rob and Kristen more beautiful, if that's possible, because they were always beautiful. That's what love will do to you.
And I love your line at the end about, it was always Kristen. Kristen, I mean Bella, said the same thing at the end of New Moon, it was always him (Rob, cough, cough). It was wasn't it.

Have a great weekend.

Patricia said...

Rose: I can't believe how I agree with every single word that you wrote about your feelings for Rob Pattinson. I have NEVER felt this way about any actor either. I feel exactly the same way you do. Sometimes it upsets me that I'm so obsessed with him and then like you said I have my other life and go back and forth. I have to know everyday what's going on and if he's okay. I also feel like I do about my grown children about Rob and Kristen and hoping they're okay and happy. Watching them from the beginning of "Twilight" falling in love has been one of my greatest joys. Now I'm obsessed with both of them. I have to have my fix of them every couple of days. So it's time again.

They put a smile on my face when I see them together and hear about what they are doing.

They are together.
They are in love with each other.
They have been for a long time.
You can see it on their faces and actions.
I believe WHAT I SEE.

Grazie Rose for your feelings and words which are also mine.
That's why I come here often and comment on your wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

@anon 11:11 Katy Perry's engaged to Russell Brand, Shannon's dating Andrew Garfield. Camilla used to date bestie TomStu (although there are rumors about Sharapova). Who knows about Nikki, if anything happened, it's old news.

Anonymous said...

Ahh once again Rose you nail it hunny with some simple decent clear as mud words and we all love you for it. Yes it has always been Kristen, right from the getgo with no way out. He was sunk, swimming in a sea of deep rooted affection and desire for this young beautiful lady. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we become beautiful when we are in love. Yes he has become more handsome because he is at peace and that peace shines out of his eyes and his smile when he looks at her...love does that to you, and Kristen has grown into a young radiant woman, and still is growing and that comes from feeling loved, feeling protected and feeling wanted by him, of all people he has chosen her and she chose him end of story...

Anonymous said...

That was brilliant and so true, Rose. You summed up what I think and feel every day.

To the NONbelievers STFU and get over yourselves.

I love the new banner.

Anonymous said...

Love your post Rose as always,but don't you think it's sad that they will be under summit's control,until all the movies have hit the big screen and are over and done with.That's also providing Summit doesn't ask Rob to star in another movie for them.After all we don't know what sort of contract he has got with them.

kharma1 said...

I forgot to mention. I love the new picture you posted on top, one of my favorite from the HB spread.
They both look so beautiful.
Kristen is holding on tight to her man and Rob, like he always does, looking back to make sure she's okay. He ALWAYS does that, never fails.
PR, yeah right, pfffft.
Rabies, dead brain cells, rabies, dead brain cells.. yeah, makes sense.


Anonymous said...

I would like to post this here too, for people saying I'm posting the same all over the net! (Are you crazy?)

"All over the net?? O.O I only post here, my english is not so good :/ I have a boyfriend but I like Rob, like some regular fan. Don't see how you always get mad with me just because I don't like kristen. I don't want him to be unhappy, just to focus on his career and find a girl who really loves him (not me!) People should learn to accept others opinions. If I come here bashing Rob, well, I would understand you to be angry, but that's not the case!"

to 11:11 sadly *snif* he's not dating shannon, he's dating that woman from Twilight :( we have to accept it and wait he'll do better in the future (and when I say WE, I mean people who has the right to think different, ok?)

Liked the post, Rose. Second picture of Rob is one of my favourites. I have this feeling WFE is gonna be so big for him, maybe bigger than BA. And I want so badly he can do UC, is a small part but so juicy, award-worthy, he has an audience as a movie star now he needs to win critics respect. It's difficult because all of the stupidity surroanding Twilight but still, I'm glad about the steps he has made.


Caroline said...

HI Rose, i feel the same way.I have a husband and a 2 years daughter,but when i have time, i emerge in this other world, the K and R world...and i feel all the anxious, love and regret all the hate.I feel so sad when people say bad things about them, "how R is gonna change K for another K cause she is strange and not funny",blá blá blá; and i want tell the people "See what is in front of you.; look at them...they are happy...and they are so special...I feel glad that you talk about this, cause i only can talk about this feelings with you guys.. Tx Rose Carol.

em said...

@ ANON 11:00
Shannon who?? pliz dnt bi naïve, its been K and alwz will u tok bout Camilla belle n da rest God knos bt boy da way R looks @ K u kan tell its her unless yo blind and da boy is allow'd to have frndz forfucksake boy saw gurl in a movie,audction'd fo Twi to meet her then fel in love is it too much to handle

Anonymous said...

And before someone say "what, you liked the post?" yes, I did, because when the K-word shows up, I just skip that part and focus on robert. I'm much happy :)

kisses, nice weekend all of


abbey said...

love your banner pic rose as usual...it's wide and absolutely gorgeus....
i wanna share something rose i live in leo and kate 'titanic' hype...i do love them in that age 20..but after so long since now i never realise i love rob and kristen now than leo and kate that day, i'm still watch theire movie but the love i feel not as deep to this adorable kid(R/K)...cause i now rob and kristen very, very different to another hw actress...maybe that's why i found and others feel refreshing, to rob and kristen behaviour so much down to earth, and theire passion about acting, music, love, life, people theire love etc. After i seen oprah, it's made me understand there are insanity fans with drown theire fantasy and try theire fantasy bring to reality, so they try full force bring negative issue, news everything toward R/K, even i found in another famous gossip blog the hyena still in the morning (5 am) spewing the hate (facepalm), so scary.....and that make me realise that's invite people jealous so much to r and k...they try day by day to rip them apart every side...so we very thankful to u rose and other r and k sane fans defending r/k...and not just R/k, but fans respect each other just like rose said view days ago... that's all we could do to r/k to keep the peace surround r/k, keep away from phsyco hyena...and keep us sane in insanity...
PS. sorry for my english

kristine.hills said...


Pattinson Realloveiskristen,

so YES blindenas, it's PR-Pattinson RinlovewithK or Pure Romance.
The blindenas KNOW they are TOGETHER living PURE ROMANCE, if they don't WHY they try to find a lot of excuses?For instance: they broke up, K is rude, K doesn't have a friend, R is sorry for her. Well if it were Public Relations why the blindenas would be so rabid???HUUUMMMMM exactly Because even they can believe what they say.They say it out loud every day but thei mantra refuses to enter into their minds...hahahahaha

Well i was thinking about it today:
"THE EYES ARE THE WINDOW TO THE SOUL" It's completly true.

We can say so much with our eyes that it isn't always easy to hide what we are feeling. They show our true emotion even if we are trying to suppress it.


PR- Pretty Real
PR- Priceless Romance
PR- Perfect Robertkristen
PR- Passionate Remarkable
PR- Pleasant Relationship
PR- Possessive RobertK
PR- Phenomenal Resplendent

Beautiful Post Rose!

And blindenas PUTyouRABID behind and enjoy the life, life is short to be so Prudish n Rabid.

It has been ALWAYS Kristen
It has been ALWAYS a RK Priceless Romance/Relationship...sigh

Kisses from Brazil

Anonymous said...

Rose, I totally agree with everything you said in this post.

I love my ROB-world. That's all.

ps; I love R/K together. They make me happy & warm & gooey on the inside :)


Anonymous said...

Great post again. Love them together. Go Rob and Kristen.

katy said...

Your right 11:15...anon 11:11 must me smoking something very strong...she's pathetic...and Katy Perry is dating Russel Brand for along time.

I find it sad that some people perfer Rob beeing perceived has a manhore rather than dating Kristen.

Rob and Kristen are dating, only pathetic delusinal heynas like you anon 11:11 don't want to accept that...yet deep down inside you know it's true...so you have to make up these lies and post all over the net...but you know what repeating a lie does not make it true.

Rose lovely post like always. I feel the same why about Rob, I love him...I'm not in Love...but I do LOVE AND ADORE HIM (MAJOR FAN).
I also love Kristen...and think she's perfect for Rob. Since the begining...Kristen is the one Rob wanted...it's always been Kristen.
(Rose sorry for my bad english, it's not my mother tongue)

Anonymous said...

o yeah~ The picture on the top is my favoutite one. P&K look so sexy and intimate. Love it.


sara2 said...

to 11:04 - you are exactly right. It makes no sense whatsoever to say it is PR. They have careers outside of Twilight - careers they are working on tirelessly, trying to distance themselves as best they can. It is not best for them career-wise to be together,for the reasons you name. I do believe by being on the DL, working hard, they can overcome the Edward/Bella thing. I hope so! I love them in their other projects. The non-people are a very very small minority who like to agree with each other and rage against what they don't have in their own lives. It's sad,really.

Kristen and Rob are together and happy. Doesn't matter if you don't like it. Move on.

Great post Rose! Hopefully soon, you won't have to defend your "position". The reality just keeps getting more real every day. Like you, I don't think they are together because I want them to be. They are together because THEY want to be. Does it make me happy? Yep. I like it when people are happy. I'm happy...you seem happy,Rose, why wouldn't we want Rob and his girl to be happy??

Bye for now! Thanks!

soadram said...

Rosa grand post, and everything you wrote here, I always thought so. I have built my life and never went fanatica by any actor or something ... but Rob and Kris are special even from the first day I saw the movie and not even knowing nothing of what was happening around them. ...
Congratulations for the conveying love and happiness.
A kiss from Portugal

Michele said...

Rose.... You and I have the same thoughts! Between your blog and twitter I feel we are always thinking alike. And I think you live near me. Chat over wine??

Anonymous said...

To Lily

You amazes me.... Rob looks unhappy?? Where the hell have you seen Rob looking sad or unhappy??

In Oprah he was adorkable, hilarious, smiling and joking most of the time.

Watch Rob's interviews and you'll never see him more happy than when he is with Kristen. It's not just my opinion, it's a fact!

Concerning his career, WTF, he's filming awesome movies back to back. He can't be more focused in his work.

I understand that you don't like Kristen, but don't try to justify it saying she makes him unhappy.

"It's always been Kristen". I love it Rose!

Anonymous said...

Someone said “until he can do better”. OK. Ha!!!! Robert Pattinson is a bright man. He knows what he wants personally and professionally. He and Stewart fit together like a hand in the perfect sized glove.

Anonymous said...

Rob and Kristen are together and people just do not want to accept it.why?
because rob&kris do not publicize their relationship. however nonsten speak of PR.
is a contradiction .
accordingly nonsten are dullards ,Air-head ,boozers...

Kathy said...

OMG Rose...everything you just said is exactly how I feel too. I literally live in two different worlds. One being completely full of Robert and Kristen and then the one that includes family, work, etc. I sometimes feel like a bad mother being SO consumed by my addiction so I try to go to that place when my son goes to bed. Then it's MY time. I just can't get over the FACT that this man is the most beautiful creature I have EVER laid my eyes on (other than my son of course). He consumes me. He always will. I'm happy that him and Kristen are together...happy and in love. They're perfect for each other. I hope they get to the point someday when they don't have to hide it. Thanks for an awesome post as always. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Great post again. I'm not even suprised to hear the NONweirdos are still trying to find excuses to prove that ~ZOMG Rob and Kristen are ~not together.

You can't help but be angry or laugh your ass off when you hear them talk. Because like you say, it's just Nonsense. Most of the time I hear them, I'm like 'Are you for real?'. Seriously, in the end, that's their life that is miserable. I mean, they're hopelessly searching for excuses meanwhile we ALL know that it's pointless trying to find them because there's none.

Obviously, they're doing their researches like dumb people. PR is Heidi & Spencer. not R/K.

I think Urban Dictionnary would be a good place for them LOL. PR is not trying to hide a relationship, it's showing it off. It's not, forbidding questions about one's private life, it's actually answering them all the fucking time. But then if it's not PR, for them, it's Rob using Kristen (why would he do that? I know I'm wondering too)

Whatever. I say, let them have their fun, I'd gladly have a conversation with one of them right now, I'm bored. I would have a good laugh at least. Maybe I could make someone cry, Mwahaha.

I'm loving your posts more every day, and keep ruining NONbelievers life. :) You're awesome.

Anonymous said...

Rose, this may be my favorite of your posts.

Love is sort of the antitheses of common sense. But I've always felt that it makes perfect sense that Rob and Kristen to be together:

1). At the base of their relationship is a strong friendship.

2). Rob has said he likes strong, talented women; Kristen is a strong, talented woman.

3). Rob has said Kristen is breathtakingly beautiful, charismatic, and the most talented actress of her generation; Kristen has said Rob is tall, British, witty, pretty sexy, and has an insane work ethic.

4). They can best understand the stresses of each others chaotic lives and careers.

5). Both have strong family attachments, a strong sense of themselves, and a history of close friendships.

6). Both are mature beyond their years.

7). Rob grew up with sisters and as a result likes and feels comfortable with women; Kristen grew up with brothers and likes and feels comfortable with men.

8). Neither have ever had a history of being runarounds.

9). Both love music, often the same music.

10). Both are largely introverted, intelligent, intellectual and well-read.

11). Both are very private people.

12). Their togetherness is predictable: every time they have a space in their busy schedules.


Anonymous said...

Lynn - Absolutely 100% Spot On. That is exactly why they are perfect together :)

Patricia said...

Well said. My feelings exactly !

BTW Rose I love your new banner ! To me that is always Rob looking back at Kristen making sure she is behind him and safe. One of the things Kristen said in HB interview is ( HOW THOUGHTFUL HE IS) !! I agree

I also love the "NEW MOON MOVIE" statement "It's Kristen, it's always been Kristen !! Love you Rose

Karen said...

Rose, I swear you are inside my head! I too hae never felt this way about any celebrity before. I watch and worry about them as if they are my children. What's up with that?

It HAS always been Kristen. You can see it in their every interaction,in the way he looks at her,in their discreet way of touching or looking at each other. Oh yeah, our Rob and Kristen are head over heels in love.

linzy said...

*fangirls new banner*
excellent choice in images Rose <3

I feel so torn sometimes about my investment in this fandom and two people I will probably never meet... it has been a surreal experience to be this drawn by a celebrity or celebrity relationship, but it is what it is, so i try to accept it. like you have i another life outside of all this, and it is full of wonderful friends and family and school and my dreams. honestly i think having a happy "real life" and feeling content in yourself increases your ability to enjoy this fandom without getting trapped by the NONsense and hate. but that's jmo.

one of the things i've spent a lot of time pondering is how very difficult it had to have been for R & K to take the plunge and choose to be together. especially kristen... since we all know she had been in a long-term relationship with someone she considered her bff. can you imagine meeting someone who knocks you on your ass but have that connection take place within your job where your responsibility is to live this epic intense and forbidden love?! a sane and rational person would be very wary of confusing the emotions required by the role for genuine feelings for the person opposite you. it would be so easy to get it confused and jumbled and as a result hurt a lot of people, yourself included. but we've all read and watched 100's of interviews with R & K and have seen how very cerebral they are, how self-aware they are for ones so young. the fact that they took a long time to come together and give a relationship a "go" makes me admire them greatly.

someone posted a few days ago about why this relationship is the antithesis of PR, so i won't repeat it... but it is obvious that the easier choice for both of them would have been to stay buddies and go about their lives without a romantic entanglement. that would have been the uncomplicated route to take through the years of filming these movies. kristen would not be subjected to near as much baseless hate and robert's people could happily play up an image of a young bachelor. the choices they've made have earned my utmost respect and understanding RE: the need for privacy. they have a long road ahead of them. People change so much through their twenties and navigating a relationship is hard enough without the extreme circumstances R & K find themselves in. And yet they have found in each other someone who can fully understand their reality, who they can trust to keep their confidence, and someone who can see the real person inside.

keeparmin1 on youtube, who created the R/K video to "Gravity" included a soundbite from Michael Sheen about love:
"Love is what makes life worth living. If you don't have love in your life, you don't have LIFE in your life." How very very apt, don't you think?

Thank you for posting every day Rose. I know I'm not alone in appreciating that you've created a positive place for us to share your intoxication. *MUAH* hope you have a lovely weekend sweetie! same to all the like-minded lovers who share their positivity, it makes coming here even more worthwhile.

linzy said...



Spot on!! <3

Trish said...

Bravo Rose!!! Bravo!!!!!!!!

I agree more than 100 percent!!! it has ALWAYS been Kristen! Always..from that first audition in Catherine Hardwicke's home to now! always has been...they always had something for each other even when kris was with MA.

I was so happy to see them on the Oprah show! I love these two so much and cant wait for Eclipse promos! I heard Rob will be on Ellen on the 19th or something like that! cant wait!

Kisses to you Rose and all you lovely Robsten lovers like me! Have a great day!

"It HAS always been Kristen. You can see it in their every interaction,in the way he looks at her,in their discreet way of touching or looking at each other. Oh yeah, our Rob and Kristen are head over heels in love."....Karen i agree...very much! head over heals even that is not enough!

I too have never loved a celebrity like those two its amazing! Yet again they are not so hollywood that is why maybe we love them so much...they are different...they are not seeking the limelight and it is truly a change from all these hollywood fame whores!

Love the banner picture Rose! Kristen is grabbing him for her life and is not planing of letting go anytime soon! hold on girl! the motorcyle is a metaphor for all the fame and the stuff they are going through! Kristen is right beside him holding on to him and not thinking about letting go.. very nice and sweet!xxx

Lisa said...

Rose, just when I think you can't say it any better, you do! Every day I wonder WHY I am so crazy for Robert! I mean I get it, but not for me! I've NEVER been like this. I'm 45, still in love with my husband, have two grown daughters and five grand kids. Every minute not devoted to regular life is devoted to Rob. LOL It started with just Twilight, then just Rob, now Kristen too.. Now it's ANYTHING Rob and or Kristen. The way he feels about her, made me like her. Now IF and or when they ever split, I will always like her and follow her. I just had to get to 'know' her, and I did because of him.

I just want to hug them both, say it'll be alright. There are normal fans who love & adore EVERYTHING they do. Not just Twilight.

Don't get me wrong.. I see some pics and things of him and think OMG HE'S HOT.. But, I don't want him THAT way! LOL.. I just want what's best for him, and her. Right now, it seems to be each other.. If someday it's not, that will be OK too.. And for all the haters, I don't get it.. If you love one, HOW could you not love the other? Love means caring, wanting what they want, what's best for them. Guess what? THEY get to decide what's best for them.. Not me, and NOT YOU! So suck it up and be happy for them.

PS. I miss them and want to SEE them, but then when pictures show up, I'm sad because they can't have a private life and people are stalking them.. :(

Deb said...

Hey Rose its so nice to see that someone else can see and feel the same way I do.I was looking at the Oprah video again(the 12 time)ha ha and I liked the way she said she was going to ask THE BIG QUESTION to Rob because Kristen is so shy well he only said that she was prego Kristen was the one who did all the talking she even slip and said that they have talked about this before hmmmmmm Im so glad that they have set down and talked about there future. NOT that I wouldnt LOVE to see a little ROB or KRISTEN running around but they are to young right now (not that they cant handle it) but im glad that they have talked about it .I know I know say what you will But I will see and think what I want.ALL IS GOOD WITH ROB AND KRISTEN Rose i hope you have a good Saterday and thank you gain for saying what I feel. ........DEB

Andrea said...

The Robert & kristen World does create more angst for me.
The closer it gets to "Eclipse"
and all the press and interviews that come with it...
The more anxious I get.
The more my stomach does flip-flops
"The more time I spend online.

I kinda hate that feeling.
It sometimes gets so bad...
That I just wish Eclipse were out
and I was done with it all.
But it will never end... not really.
Bel Ami, WFE, On The Road...
There will always be something else"

I feel exactly the same, exactly!!! Glad n relieved I'm not the only one. :D

Andrea said...

"Random Thoughts.
I have a lot of them.
Too many, probably.
It's pretty obvious that I think
WAY too much.
I over-think everything.
I guess it's a curse...
(or is it?)


1. I wonder where Kristen has been lately?
(wink wink nudge nudge)
Outside of the WFE tweet...
Rob and Kristen have stayed off the radar.
Oh sure..."

It's like you were describing me!

Lisa said...

@Lynn, spot on..

@linzy, BRAVO! It must have been very hard for them. Rob says in an interview and I forget which.. But it's often used in fan made videos. "Sometimes feelings are so strong, you end up destroying relationships when you had no intention of doing it" I've always believed he was talking about K & MA. I think they couldn't help themselves and have both given up much and still sacrifice much(privacy, time), to be together.

May said...

@Lisa 3:48 PM ITA with you,bb.Its obvious that many sacrifices were made by both of them.Thats life for you.But if K/MA had an actual future together,no third party could pull them apart&that was obviously not the case.;)

I dont have much to add today,dear Rose. As always, your post says it all beautifully.:D

R/K make me smile SFM.Thats all.I sometimes cant help but think that love is contagious.;) <3

Melinda said...

Rose- fantastic post again. You always know what to say. No one in my family understands my Rob/Kris (including of course Twilight) world. So I know I can come on here and find people just like me. We are sane rational people who love Rob and Kris, together or apart. Also, great new banner pic. Kristen's eyes really pop. It's my favorite from the HB photoshoot.

I just got home from my friend Bethany's wedding. This was a girl who married her best friend. I say that b/c they did everything together (he was her go to guy when she needed a "date" if she wasn't dating anyone at the moment). William knew from the start he wanted to marry her. It just took Bethany 4 1/2 to figure it out! He is a patient man and he was rewarded today when she pledge forever to him.

I couldn't help but think about Rob and Kris and their start. When your best friend is someone whom you are intimate with, your relationship will be solid. There is nothing like it.

BTW, I really hope that if we ignore all the comments that include nonsense, hate, etc they may go away b/c they aren't getting the attention they want from us. There is always hope.

When I look at Robert I can see his heart.- Kristen Stewart

It's always been her.....

vanlicous said...

Oh Rose, the two lives, too many thoughts, the incredible enthusiasm for two actors much younger than I am...

That's well known to me. It never ceases to amaze me, but finally I've accept it for myself. I'm relieved to read that their are others around the world in similar situations and with similar emotions.

Thank you for a place to share all of this and be safe. <3

And by the way, of course they are TOGETHER :)

Andrea said...

I know a lot of people that like Twilight but I think nobody feels the way I do, so like Melinda said I'm happy to find people just like me, who understands me! Sometimes I wish I wouldn't be that obsessed too, so I could eliminate the anxiety, but like you said, it seems it won't end soon.

Anonymous said...

good Sunday mornan to you Rose and all my BLOG FRIENDS.
Its time to lay my cards on the table this fine Sunday morning also....
40 y/o. Married at 19 y/o
i Dont believe/like the COUGAR statis or label...
Very happily married 22 years...have 19,17,14 sons...love them to bits....BUT
i also....... LIKE YOU...
Rose have this OTHER WORLD....

Olivia said...

Put me on the list of all your readers who feel just like you do. You, and others today, have put in words my thoughts and feelings about Rob and Kristen. It really is an amazing, heartwarming, and sincere attachment that so many of us have made for these two people that we do not know personally.

Yes, my gut feeling has told me from the very beginning that Rob and Kristen were meant to be together. Perfect wording Rose. It's Kristen...
It's ALWAYS been Kristen.

Anonymous said...

Rose, first ....awesomme banner, one of my favorite pics of the lovely twosome, second I totally understand your love of all thing Rob. lmao I can't explain it but boy do I get it, my husband just tries to look the other way, he's a saint. And I'm over 40, married 8yrs with a 6yr old even my son realizes who Rob is lol we're just spreadin the love...of Rob lol great post as always. thanks Rose for all your Lovin of Robert.

Trish said...

A lot of things I loved about the interview!

Lynn, well said and well put out!!

As someone said on here, Kristen slipped a lot...she started to say we had a conversation about this but she stopped in the middle of conversation and caught herself...they HAVE talked about it..

Also, when when Rob said the pregnant joke and Kristen was telling the audience and oprah how Rob likes to shock people and how he is...she must know a lot about him to say that...a.k.a spending a lot of time together!

What's my point you ask?!? bottom line anyone who doesnt believe Rob and Kristen are together is a fool.

Deb said...

Hey Rose its me again I just wanted to say to ALL those other ladys out there that I to am ONE of you I have a 34,29, and a 24 all girls who just cant see WHY im so into Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart when I see or read some thing about them all I can do is get all giggly and some times I even cry I to dont know what this is But Im glad that there are others just like me out there I thank GOD for MR.and MRS. Pattinson for with out them I wouldnt have ROBERT PATTINSON. Thanks again Rose FOR your post and THANK YOU to ALL you lades out there that see and feel just like me . DEB PS ROSE I LOVE the new pic.

sollee said...

I think I can't blame you and all the Robsten fans for being so charmed by our lovely couple..if there would be a vote for the most beautiful couple in the world I would have voted for them..yet even if they're too famous i still think they're too modest and would prefer to have a little privacy for themselves every now and then..hope people won't try to exaggerate and write lies about them..they deserve our respect coz they do care about their fans as well..

Anonymous said...

You know i rely alot on this post about what is going on with those two [robsten ] duh...
im sure all you/s in the US hear soooo much more goings on between them than we do.....
i want them to enjoy there private lives......i dont like the papz BUT
im so into them that i just want a little nibble [so to speak] that they are just hangin about....maybe that theyve been here or there....just to Know they are all good....

Anonymous said...

Oh~ Lynn@1:27am and linzy@2:29am, your words melt my heart.

I have never obsessed with celebrities like R&K before. I just can't help it. I always worry about R&K, considering the extreme situation they are in. Lynn, thank you for reminding me that they have such a strong base. You give me faith and hope!~

And, linzy, you're so sweet and thoughtful. What you wrote is exactly the way I feel and that's why I love seeing R&K be together.

*sigh* beautiful words from beautiful people. May God bless the lovely couple.

Love from Asia,

justme@30 said...

I read your blog every single day and often you write stuff that is so right to me. But this one (specially the first part)is not right, it was me!!! Exactly what I feel, what I think! I´m a "grown" woman and never felt like this in my teen years..It´s just like you said, two worlds, for me one more secretive than another...Because not all people understand this state of mind... anyway...Thank you Rose!!
Big Kisses and keep going;)
Ps: If I mispelled something, sorry...English is not my first language.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,
oh my god, I feel like I have just looked in the mirror. I just read this blog for the first time(and definately not the last). Everything you say I relate to. I wake in the morning ROB, go to sleep at night ROB, I also lead two lives my husband has no idea that I am totally obsessed with a guy who is younger than my eldest daughter. Holy cow,I have never even fancied a celebrity before and I am 45. My stomach is in constant turmoil, I actually ache for him. Every morning I get up and straight on utube or photobucket (I have got more photos on there of Rob than my family). I get irritable and stroppy if I can't get any Rob time and I will do anything to get precious moments on the computer. When I watched Remember me I was so in love I felt physically sick. Like a teenager. Actually I NEVER felt like this as a teenager. He should come with a health warning because my life is spiralling out of control I am lost to him. I like you, get completely stressed when I know he is doing a show or something it is almost painful, I worry incase I might miss something. There has never been ANYONE more excruciatingly beautiful, sexy, charming,endearing, the list goes on. I don't know myself anymore, my husband says I act strange at the moment. "Yes dear, that is because I have got a 24 year old beauty on my brain from morning till night," who has my body and soul in his control, he just doesn't know it. The only person I could bear to see him with is Kristen she is so cool. Sometimes, I actually cry when I see him in interviews.I wish someone could explain the spell I am under because I am out of control. By the way that first picture with that jumper on nearly tipped me over the edge. Mind you so do most pictures of him. HELP!
p.s your blog is brilliant I will be stopping by here often I expect.

Patricia said...


Everything you said is how I feel !
I think that why the name of Rose's blog is ROBERT PATTINSON INTOXICATION . because this man intoxicates us by just being Rob and I am obsessed with him.


Jaz said...

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