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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Monday, May 3, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Do You Believe in Magic?

I have a lot of thoughts today...
I apologize in advance for my upcoming rants.

1. Still from "Bel Ami".
I am beginning to think I might not survive this movie.
Sexy, bold, take what you want, DuRob
I'm already in melt-mode.

2. This picture is a YEAR old.
But for some reason still causing some people
to snarl and bark...
It's a new/old picture from that infamous concert
where Rob and Kristen were caught in their own bubble...
Where is his hand?
I'm pretty sure about one thing...
It's not on YOU.
Or me.
And whether or not it's on her thigh at that moment?
I'm guessing it was later...


3. The taping for Oprah is this week.
There is already so much drama about this event.
Not that TwilightLand needs an excuse to have drama.
I mean...
People take ordinary everyday occurrences and
twist and bend them to make it look like drama.
Like the whole Eclipse Re-shoot Drama.
Mountain. Fucking Molehill.

4. Anyway.
So what IF Oprah asks Rob/Kristen the BIG question?
And what IF they answer it with
"Yes, we are together"
What then?
World Peace?
Floods, Death and Pestilence?
Nothing would change.
Absolutely NOTHING.
Oh sure...
There would be an initial response
But that would quickly go right back to
"It's all PR! PR I say!!!"
"It's only a matter of time until they break up!"
"Kristen is holding Rob back!!!"
"Kristen needs a better boyfriend!!"
It won't make a difference.
There will ALWAYS be delusional rationalizations
There will always be bullshit drama.
It doesn't matter what they say to us.
It doesn't matter what we think.
Because when it comes to 
Robert and Kristen...
Let's face it...
WE don't matter.

5. I want to see this.
Robert. BIG Smile.
I love his smile.
I love happy Rob.
 I want to see this ...
and this...

Because they both deserve to be happy.
And if it's with each other...
Then we should be happy for them.

Kristen is going to be at the
Costume Institute Gala at the Met.
Will she look gorgeous as ever?
All signs point to 

6. I want to discuss 'Hyenas' a bit.
At least what is behind me using that term.

 Just because someone doesn't like Kristen. Robert.
Or doesn't believe they are together
Doesn't make them a Hyena.
There are plenty of decent, rational, SANE people
Who just don't share the same opinions.
Nothing wrong with that at all.

Not everyone is going to agree on certain topics.
And I like that.
Just think how incredibly boring it would be
if everyone was a mindless drone
and thought alike?
No fun.

It's one thing to not believe
or not share love for Robert or Kristen...
It's quite another to fucking HATE these people.
To constantly rip and shred Kristen apart...
To mock and attack Robert...
That is what HYENAS do.
They hate.
They make shit personal.
It goes beyond being right or wrong...
It becomes bitter, vile venom
directed at 2 people who don't know they exist.
2 people who are just living their lives.
And the Hyenas don't like how they choose to live it.
They think they deserve a say in what Kristen does
Or the choices Robert makes...
They are Toxic.
They are Hyenas.

Will this picture be played out in Chicago?
All signs point to

Do you believe in Magic
in a young girl's heart?
How his music can free her
Whenever it starts...

Bye for now.
*One more thing.
Some 'people' seem to have this notion
that everyone who believes in Rob/Kristen
need constant reassurances...
or needs someone to tell them what to think.
I Believe What I See.
I don't need anyone to tell me that.
I have my own mind.
My own thoughts.
And I make my own conclusions.


Purple83 said...

dear Rose, thank you! that is all ;)

andii cullen pattinson said...

LOVE ur blog!
its SO great&yes
u SHOULD believe in
&truth be told I also
believe in what I see with Rob&Kristen and yeah maybe
we dont matter in their relationship
but we do know that they MIGHT BE in LOVE
well I think thats ALL
u have SO much right in ALL u write


Anonymous said...

I don't need reassurances and never have. I believe in my heart what I believe and that is it. It is going to take a lot more than what people throw out there to convince me otherwise.

I agree, a admission will change nothing. The haters will always find a reason to hate. Just as we shippers will just have what we already know confirmed again. How many confirmations do we need? I stopped needing them long ago, KOL was all I needed. Everything else has just been chocolate curls on a already iced cake.

I want to see Rob and Kristen happy! I could care less about either of their careers, the Twi movies, but I do care about them together. I am a pure, full blooded shipper, no outside motivation.

my word verification was prout. The Hyenas can go prout together.

Sihm said...

All I can say is: LOVE THIS. LOVE YOU. Great as always :D Hugs from Norway

Ele said...

Yes, Rose! I do believe! This is one of your best posts ever!Thank you!

katy said...

Loved the post Rose, thank you :)
Hope the heynas stay way.

Anonymous said...


Lizzie said...

Great Post Rose!

Love that picture of Kristen in the ripped jeans. She is just stunning.

Nope no reassurances needed. I can see it in their interviews, and their pictures. No one needs to tell me anything.

Love you Rose!
Love Rob!
Love Kristen!

Anonymous said...

thank you Rose.
I wanted to see Kristen and Robert at MET .
but I think it will be nice to see them on Oprah .

Patricia said...


I used to think if Rob and Kristen admitted they were "in love" and in a relationship it would shut the haters up ! But I now agree with the decision Kristen came up with when she said it's JUST FOR HER AND SHE WILL KEEP IT TO HERSELF. BECAUSE YOU'RE RIGHT " NOTHING WOULD CHANGE" THE THINKING OF THESE HATERS !!!!!

I am so in love with Rob and Rob loves Kristen and Kristen loves Rob ! The fans of them come to this blog because WE LOVE ROB AND KRISTEN AND YOU ROSE FOR ALL YOUR POST ABOUT OUR FAVORITE MAN AND OUR FAVORITE COUPLE !
Rock on Rose !



linzy said...


another day, another drama llama making its way through the fandom. how old and tired must it be? *shakes head*

personally i'd like to see Oprah go down like Kimmel did. all that giggling and smiling was uplifting for me as a fan... and when they are in a group interview like that, i get the impression they feel more comfortable/safe which makes for a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience. jmo.

"I Believe What I See.
I don't need anyone to tell me that.
I have my own mind.
My own thoughts.
And I make my own conclusions.

<3 that pic of DuRob. OMG *thud*

misty said...

Thanks for your blog and having a voice of logic.
Love Rob and Kristen, separately or together. These two talented people should be happy.
Looking forward to seeing Kristen looking beautiful tonight. Also, looking forward to seeing Rob/Kristen/Dakota/Taylor on Oprah and Rob on Ellen. I love Ellen's humor and Rob seems to laugh a lot when he is on her show. Always a light and airy interview.

To go with your Beatles love, can't we all just say "all we need is love..... love is all we need"

Anonymous said...

Focus on the positive and hope for the best. Great post Rose. Go Rob and Kristen!

Honey said...

Every day I come here to read you. Evey day you find the way to give some of the most beautiful emotions just saying the truth..and the truth is that Robsten love each other and they make each other happy, just being side by side...that's love folks. And hyenas...well...they're crazy people who, not having a life, want to "try" to hurt other people's life..people like Rob&Kris who found the magic and the love in their life...but they don't know what true love is. And they don't know that true love will never die...like Robert&Kristen love..
Thanks Rose...and hyenas.scream, scream, scream...nobody will ever you..!!! XD XD XD

Anonymous said...

i just want to say that i don't believe in the BS rumors of rob being unprofessional on eclipse reshoots i think its all made up drama

Anonymous said...

Have to say...
Lately, i have no interest in robsten. That's right i said it.

Just go and visit AT boards and some fans twitter...

all krisbians fangirling over lainey's article.

They create too much shit about Rob.

'rob is diva' 'he is bad actor' 'he is loser' 'he is obsessed freak' blahf*ckingblah!

They expect Rob fans to show kristen respect, but they're not showing Rob any respect, such hypocrisy...

I'm done with this BS.

soadram said...

Nothing more to say .... (.... you said everything I believe in what I see ...)
I still say it is the only blog you encounter a bafurada of fresh air
Thanks Rosa
A kiss from Portugal

pricklypearess said...

Brilliant as usual! Do I believe in magic in a young girl's heart? Yes. Yes I do. I also base my opinion on what I observe, not on the gossip du jour. Love happy Rob and Kristen pics. As for Bel Ami? Well...look at the pics...hell yes! BTW, Rob and Kristen confirming that they are together would NOT change a thing. True dat, Rose. Good for them for keeping what's important, private! xoxo

amanda said...

You are exactly right Rose! Isn't it convenient how the hyenas have done that? There is nothing left to cling on to so anything that happens now will be for "PR". That way, they never have to face reality.
And I agree completely with your closing note. Hyenas bring up KStew411 and Delaney all the time. I never once believed Rob and Kristen were a couple by what those people said. Through logic I believe they are. No offense to them, it's just I don't need anybody to tell me what I can see for myself.
Those pictures from one year ago are really cute. So unguarded and carefree, it's funny, looking back same excuses from people for those photos. "It was really loud in there!" "I always talk into my friends mouth when I need to tell him something!" Hehe. Have a great day Rose.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo Kristens going to meet Eddie Redmayne at the Gala tonight. Now theres a real man and a good actor! I hope they get together cause frankly I don't care about Robsten. Sorry Rose, I've tried to like Rob but hes too much of a pussy and now his diva-like behaviour is pissing me off. Rotards may like it but he just looks like a 5 year old in my eyes. Kristen needs someone more mature than that.

Anonymous said...

Robbie boy flies to Vancouver later than planned? Didn't he want to see 'his' Stewy so bad? aha Looks like he didn't....

vanlicous said...

In the beginnig I had mixed emotions about my enthusiasm for these two people, but than I saw more and more of their Movies, Interviews, Shows, Music...you know... and I loved what I saw. And than I saw something between them, I saw the bubble, I saw the LOVE, I felt it. It happend in front of my eyes. No, I don't need any validations, I know how love looks like. I have been there and I'm still there. It's this kind of purity. The best emotion human beings can have. Love can change everything.

I believe.

Thank you Rose for your post.

Anonymous said...

Lainey had the guts to tell the truth. If ODO, KStyew411 and Delaney´s not denying or commenting it it´s confirmed. Disappointed on Rob´s unprofessional behaviour. Show respect for the crew, idiot

kharma1 said...

Happy Monday Rose,
I can't believe it's been a year since the infamous Sam Bradley concert and what a year it's been.
Both have matured quite a bit since last year and I'm sure their love for each other has also grown and matured.
I just hope this coming year they are more open about their relationship. And with that I mean just not having to hide and run from the pappz all the time, it must get tiresome and stressful. That's why I love the handholding picture of them in Paris, an unguarded moment and you can see how happy they are together, Rob's smile is priceless.
And I agree about the MET comment, I would also love to see them together at that, but it just might be too much gorgeouness for one night..lol. Maybe next year.
Hope we get a peak of what she is wearing tonight. I'm sure whatever she wears, she will be the Bella of the Ball.

Thanks Rose.

Anonymous said...

he waited a whole day before flying there even though he was supposed to come earlier...hmm Doesn't sound like he was itching to be 'reunited' with KStew LOL

Seriously you shippers better call BS on lainey's story cause it's in no favour of Robsten.

kristine.hills said...

Are we asking too much?



Rose too soon we are going to see our bbs TOGETHER AND HAPPY!

DuRob is Roblicious!
And Kristen is our gorgeous porcelain doll, jesus, she's stunning!

PS.: there is a person who said i'm Delaney, no i'm not, but i DO RESPECT her too much.

pricklypearess said...

Oh, one more thing...I'm not buying the completely fabricated stories that Rob was a "diva" on the Eclipse set. Anyone who has followed this man knows that he does not have that type of disposition nor has he ever given anyone a reason to believe such a thing about him. Oh yeah, and having an opinion does not a diva make! That story is nothing but BS to make him look bad. Why someone would want to do that? I have nooo clue. Ok, done venting. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose great post I fill the same way you do and others the true fans the ones who dont need any reassurances we JUST believe what we SEE and that is LOVE true LOVE I want to see our man HAPPY and he is when he is with his lady (KRISTEN ) and she is happy when she is with her man and isnt that what we all want?? is for them to be happy? I love the frist PIC. were did you get it ? I cant wait to see that movie And to Patty you said it all to hun I love all the true fans Lets keep our heads up hight and be happy for out 2 lovers have a good day Rose and keep singing ...........DEB.

Anonymous said...

So we have a bitter krisbian attack already?


Of course krisbians hate Perez, but loooove Lainey, of course they believe everything she said.
what a shocker... NOT!

They need to stop being such hypocrites... That is all.

Anonymous said...

DS said on his twitter the story was false. Lainey is a gossip site, I take that story with a grain of salt.

Anonymous said...


action do speak louder than words indeed,rob was in no hurry to go to his loving 'girlfriend' then? she isn't reson enough for him to catch his tuesday flight and would rather stay in london for one more day. pretty telling. lmao.

i hope you are ready rose it will only get worse for you shippers.get ready.

froggie59 said...

Rob does not have a disrespectful bone in his gorgeous body. Enough said.

FlorBella said...

Hello first sorry the English more or less, my flower love reading you, congratulations on your site, and agree in gender number and degree, and have a lot more a lot of patience with all this madness because she is very far from over. Be at peace Kisses thousand light

Ele said...

to anon 1:26

Yes, probably Lainey is right. I'm sure something happened BTS during the eclipse reshoots BUT we don't know THE REASONS. Lainey had the gut to say the truth BUT she didn't have the gut to say the reasons. She just likes spewing venom towards Robert in anything he does. So if she has so much information about what happened between Rob and Slade, why she doesn't get her facts straight and tell us ? Meybe because it's something trivial and it's not as big as she want us to think. So, since we don't know anything about what happened I wouldn't judge Rob,if I were you. He surely had his reasons. And Slade is not innocent at all. He once dissed the twilight series saying it was all rubbish and then shows up as the director of eclipse?? What an integrity! But Lainey wants to get hits, right?Yes, yes she does.So she wants us to believe that Rob is a diva. I simply don't buy it. Why? Because I use my logic and since when I don't know the reasons I simply don't judge. And btw, I'm glad Rob speaks out when he wants to, he's not a pussycat.

blazon said...

LOL. Oh, I see what today's arguing with be about! Am I the only one who just laughs at posts like 1:23, 1:26, 1:30, 1:40? I don't take these posts seriously at all!

And Rob just not showing up to work? Don't see that. That kind of stuff will get yourself a first class ticket to other studios and actors not wanting to work with you. Unless you're a hollywood heavyweight, you just cannot act like that. And I don't see him pulling that over "pick-ups" or anytime soon with a job. He knows what is at stake.

Now, maybe there was a argument and that happens all the time with directors and actors...but if it was some major drama, like Rob not showing up when he was supposed to...well, Rob's manager, Nick would have had his ass up there faster than a speeding bullet. No way all this went down without Rob's mgmt there. So, I think the story is greatly exaggerated. Lainey seems pretty obsessed with the meadow scene...going on and on in saying that it was supposedly going to be shot. LOL. Uh, maybe plans changed and Rob wasn't needed until Friday. Now there's a thought!

Also, would like to say any fighting that might have happened with Rob, Slade and Summit has NOTHING to do with Rob and Kristen's relationship. Nothing. So find something else to hone in on.

linzy said...


EXACTLY! We get Chris W's write up on Rob for TIME which is totally incongruous with what Lainey was implying with her gossip. I'm not saying something didn't go down but there are always 2 sides (at least) to every story, and then there's the truth. IF Rob was that upset, then I believe there would have to be grounds for it... BUT as someone pointed out elsewhere, if Rob was expected earlier and caused a kerfuffle, why did they have such long days of filming WIHOUT him? Someone should explain that to me, because they didn't just randomly decide to re-shoot other scenes because Rob bailed. Too much money & time involved in setting something like this up for haphazard pickups to be done. Nevermind the fact that Rob has never shown himself to be anything but professional.

I'm more bothered about Lainey's lack of apology for her asshole pap disturbing filming. Sorry, I don't buy that he just *happened* to FLY OVER THEM in btwn shots, give me a break *eyeroll*

Maybe Rob & Slade aren't besties but I doubt either would behave in a manner that would put the production at risk. I've gotten in disagreements with my boss plenty of times, that's life. As Rose said: Mountain. Molehill. Why must people overreact? Why must they try and pit Kristen & Rob fans against one another? JFC.


KSTEW MAD-STYLE coming up in a few hours, who else is stoked?! *bounces*

Ele said...

By the way,I apologize for the mistakes in my post, but i typed relly fast. And english isn't my first language.

Scarlet said...

Ele, I agree that likely Lainey is right. Let me preface this with how much I love Rob (and Kristen) together, apart, whatever. But, I didn't read Lainey's take as really anti-Rob (although I know she is).

For a while now I've been reading between the lines about what's been going on from Slade's own emails:
1) during filming he kept singing Xavier Samuel's praises (not so much for other cast members)
2)Then we get the directive from Summit that Slade tweeted to put more Edward in -- that immediately made me think Slade was purposefully focusing elsewhere -- if he thought Rob was hot shit he wouldn't have shied away was my gut feeling on it.

Anyway, I think Rob would stand up for himself and don't think that constitutes him being a diva. I *don't* think Rob would purposefully miss a scene he was supposed to shoot; from everything I've read about Rob that doesn't ring true. Maybe he was late for some other reason.

The potential that Slade doesn't think Rob is a strong actor -- pretty high I think. Even Coulter said in an interview that he probably wouldn't have hired Rob if he had seen the Twilight movies. They're just not Rob's best forum.

Whatever the drama is caused by all of this is a different issue though.

Anyway, I hope we get a bit of good news soon. And I hope that if something *did* go down during reshoots it doesn't impact on Rob's focus on set today (if he really is starting) nor on Kristen's enjoyment of a fabulous evening!

Have a fun day everyone. Lots of love.

Anonymous said...

to 1:09

meh! It's just 'bigcombat' and a few pathetic krisbian.

We all know they think Lainey is a God!, we all know they hate Rob and love kristen they talk like this endlessly day after day after day after day...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jenn said...

I to am really reluctant to believe Lainey's story as absolute truth. Do I beleive something happened? Yes I do believe there were issues. Why would SM have showed up? BUT I just do not believe that Robert Pattinson would intentionally show up to set a day late just to spite DS and completely disrespect the cast and crew that way. So while they were waiting for him they decided "oh hey Kristen, Taylor Rob's not showing up but let's go ahead and reshoot some of your scenes instead" Yeah I totally believe that Rob completely blind sided his cast and crew so they were forced to reshoot other scenes instead. And how does Lainey know what was said in a closed door meeting? Did her sources stand with a glass to the door listening?
So yeah I beleive something happened, but I do not beleive that Rob was the inconsiderate, insensitive asshole as some would love to make us think. And bye the way did Rob kick Lainey out of bed or something? What is her deal?
Oh and hyenas GO AWAY!!!

Poli said...

A-M-E-N Rose! You are
amazing. Wise, very wise words.

Love ya.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ele said...

to Scarlet,

Exactly, that's what I think. I'm sure something went down but I don't like that people are considering Lainey's words the absolute truth and that they say that Rob is a diva, because he simply isn't. *If* Rob had some problems with Slade's vision, I'm glad he spoke his mind. It's simply his right. He did nothing wrong. And by the way, this has nothing to do with Rob and Kristen's relationship. So hyenas, find something else as excuse.

Rose said...

A couple of things.

1. A Hyena foamed about my blocking the Anon comments, then not. It's true, I did block for a couple of hours. But then I read through previous comments and realized a lot of decent SANE people posted Anon comments. So I decided to let them stand... for now.
Besides it's ever so much fun to DELETE those I don't like ;)

2. Hyenas like to criticize me... and my blog. But remember this, Mutts... YOU are coming here. YOU are not only reading my blog, but taking the time to comment... again and again and again.
YOU are seeking me out. Not the other way around. So tell me who exactly is the lonely, lifeless troublemaker?
All signs point to the Foaming Mutt hiding in the corner.


FaE said...

I missed a lot of the drama. I was too busy at the Yankee games this past weekend and enjoying the lovely NYC weather (although today, I don't find it so lovely).

I am excited too see Kristen tonight at the Met Gala. What an awesome opportunity for her! She is such a gorgeous girl. I really love that photo you posted of her, Rose. So pretty!

Do I think there was some drama with Eclipse reshoots? Yes. It's clear there is tension between Slade and Summit. Rob might have been caught in the crossfire. But do I think it was major drama? No.

I have the day off today but I guess I will try to stay offline until later tonight. I cannot stand all the BS! Same shit, different day. It's so redundant, it's quite silly.

Instead of being able to enjoy Rob and Kristen news, I'll just have go do something else. Maybe watch some Chuck. Zachary Levi is my happy place. Wish Kristen would work with him down the road in a fun comedy or something. I'd die of happiness.

Well, have a nice all. Try to not get dragged in with the dramaramas--people who love to stir the pot and create havoc.

FaE said...

Oops. Meant to say "Have a nice day all"

I cannot type today!

Sam said...

I love that this "news" that Lainey posted is now putting the Rob fans against the Kris fans as if one had anything to do with the other. Why must one of them be torn down to prop the other up? neither one of them needs "fans" like that. Kristen was not even mentioned at all in Lainey's post, yet "fans" are already harping on "how Kristen is the professional one and how she should dump Rob, she's too good for him, well at least Rob spoke up and defended himself where was Kristen"(yeah I actually read that LOL) yadda yadda.I guess it was Rob's turn this week. Next week would have TayLaut kicking puppies in West Hollywood.
And I agree with Scarlet the Twilight movies, while I have found them entertaining in a cheesy popcorn flick kinda way, surely have not done the Edward Cullen character any favors at all, nor the actor who portrays him. I don't believe Rob DeNiro could have made the lines that Edward had to spout any less cringeworthy.

MulletMofo said...

Again you are spot on. :)

Anonymous said...

so now Td is backing Lainey's claims? interesting

Anonymous said...

DS tweeted and said the story was false. Sorry, but he doesn't seem like the type to pander to anyone. I believe the truth is somewhere in the middle. Lainey has been making a huge deal about the reshooting and the meadow. Remember how Gossip Cop said they weren't even reshooting the meadow scene? Sorry, but maybe Rob wasn't expected until the next day and Lainey was wrong. Didn't she say they rushed him to the meadow when he arrived or something? Well Rob was scruffy when having lunch with Sam, so that doesn't add up. All I know is maybe there were problems but I don't see Rob acting like a diva. Slade has been known to be difficult to work with though. I love how the hyenas turn this into something against Rob and Kristen's relationship. *fp* They'll cling to anything.
Can not wait to see what Kristen wears tonight. :)

Jenn said...

Anon@3:09 is it really that shocking that Ted would? frankly I'm shocked that it took this long and isn't this same DeepTwi or whoever the hell he's called the "insider" who implied that Kristen was the Diva a few weeks back? Ted's a real paragon of truth (rolls eyes)

linzy said...

@anon 309pm

i didn't get that from Ted's post so much as i did another "insider" spilling nada to another gossip columnist. *shrug* but maybe that's me.

ted and lainey have agendas. their preferences and biases may not be the same, but their bottom line is: the more views, the better.

i have a feeling the greater stress is between Summit/Slade/Meyer.. and that THAT stress filtered its way down to the cast.. they are only human after all but we have no reason to believe any of them have behaved like divas, EVER. that's a studio's way of deflecting from their PR problems. of which there have been many.


did it ever get confirmed that Rob had a photoshoot in LA? i'm dying to know what kind of magazine spreads/intys he might have coming up :D

Kelly said...

Awesome comments today, loved them! Love you Rose! Love Rob and Kris!

Anonymous said...

Please Kristen dump Rob and get with Eddie. You know hes totally into you and hes not a bad actor like Rob!

Anonymous said...

Anon @3:45:
do me a solid, go take a long walk off a short pier. Get a life and move on k? How is you repeating the same drivel over and over conducive? Kristen is totally gonna read this board and do exactly what you told her to do. (rolls eyes)


RachT said...

I am very excited to see Kristen tonight! The Met is in my neighborhood, I walk by it often and sometimes I love to just sit on the steps and people watch. But due to the weather and the crowds...I am going to avoid going by there tonight. Have no idea if people can even see anything because I have never bothered with the Gala before. Would love to see Kristen in person but I cannot stand crowds of people!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
pricklypearess said...

To anon 3:09: Actually, Ted said the insider didn't say either way who the problem was with. He also said he didn't for one minute think Rob went all "Russel Crowe" on us. In other words: Rob isn't a diva. Of course, those of us who are rational thinkers already knew that. When will this story stop? If the person (we all know who she is) who started this whole thing really had any details, I'm sure she would've spilled them. So did I hear someone mention that Rob is starting WFE today? Is that true?

Melinda said...

I am so glad I found your blog recently. You always seem to say what I am thinking. And thanks for just putting it out there (whether people want to hear it or not). The SB concert pics are so sweet to see. They were so unguarded when those were took. That's what their fans want to see. Them HAPPY together. It's sad that we don't see it anymore b/c of the constant scrutiny. I'm happy they are happy. That's all.

I heard that Kristen will be wearing Chanel tonight. Can't wait to see what she looks like. I wonder (with all the hate Kristen gets from people) what Rob thinks when he sees her at these types of events. Can't be to hard to guess!

Looking forward to tomorrow's post. Focusing on the love and not the hate...

Thata said...

Another great post!I love to come here and read what you write 'cause I think the same thing about it!

Kisses from Brazil, dear Rose!

Anonymous said...

to anon 4:28

Actually,if there's a loser in all this hoopla,the loser is SUMMIT. It's Summit's fault if they ruined the movies with an awful promotion and with their we-don't-care-what-the-fans-think-we-are-going-to-make-a-lot-of-money-regardless attitude. And actually Summit lacked professionalism even in the way they treated the actors. They made Remember me a PG-13 movie when the script suggested an R rating just because they thought about MONEY. But who had to pay the consequences? Robert.So I wouldn't be surprised if Rob actually has some issues with Summit. AND to whoever says that Kristen has to dump him because of his behaviour, I'm ready to bet that Kristen backs him. Do you forget that they talk to each other every day?They discuss things. It's not like Kristen didn't know what Rob was going to do. If you believe such a thing, well, wake up!And it's not like they just met each other, so that Kristen is just starting to know him. They know each other since late 2007. They were first friends, then lovers. That has a HUGE relevance.

Jenn said...

So Anon@4:28 where did Ted's sources say that Rob showing up when he did had to do with the tension on set? In fact Ted's "sources" seem to imply that Lainey's "sources" were wrong. And how has it been proven that Rob is an "immature loser"?
I believe something happened on set, but I don't believe that it has been nearly as dramatic as it has been made out to be either. However I do believe there are issues with Slade/Summit, where Rob fits in I don't know.
Anyway, I absolutely cannot wait to see what Kristen will be wearing tonight.

Anonymous said...

Rose, another great one, I love the pics of them smileing, you dont see that very often...especially when being accosted by the paps. Yea we love the pics but it has to suck to be them at times. Love the definition of Hyena, of course they don't consider themselves or their comments to be anything but the truth lmao, seriously! I think by looking at pics you could tell something changed during filming of Eclipse, they looked at each other a little different. Is it love? Only they know for sure, but if they're happy then let them be and stop sounding so freakin desperate for attention and just plain sad! Oh and DS tweeted that is was like a reunion getting together for the pick up shots sooo.:-P

sfw10sis said...

Great post Rose. I too believe what I see, it was that belief that led me to wonderful people like yourself, Kstew411, Delaney and Robstonlove, and I'm sure there are many more happy and sane sites that feel the same, but I don't always have alot of time to be online. I choose to visit sites that share my interests and opinions, what I don't understand is why people who have a different opinion(and everyone has a right to their own opinion)choose to come on blogs with different beliefs just to be hateful, nasty, vile, threatening and I'm sure the list could go on, why not stay on sites that share the same opinions, so you could carry on convos with people sharing your beliefs, what benefits come to you posting, just to be spiteful. Why not agree to disagree and move on. Doesn't that seem more productive then being mean and nasty, wouldn't you rather walk away from your post feeling good about yourself because you didn't offend anyone, you just shared a different opinion. Oh well, one can hope, moving on now.

Wow, what a difference a year makes, who can forget SamBradley pics and this new one that I haven't seen(I see your hand Rob). I really miss the carefree days when they could smile and have fun, just enjoying being young and together(like anyone of us would do). Its a shame that now they feel the need to hide themselves away from the public, that they have to watch their every move and word spoken because their fandom is so divided. That is so wrong, would you want your freedom to choose taken away from you, shouldn't we as fans, love them regardless of their choices. I believe their together, you might not, but if we loosened the reigns alittle, maybe we might just start seeing them being themselves again, smiling, carefree. I know as a fan I would much rather see my idol happy(come on a genuine Rob smile, nothing beats that)knowing he has fan's that love him for him and not what he does in his private life. I remember a statement he made a while back, which made me sad, he was afraid of reaching the top because when you do people are just waiting to tear you down, do we really want him to feel this way now that he's on his way to the top, as a true fan I know I don't. When you spread false rumors and nasty lies, aren't you as guilty of tearing him down as the rags and pappz. Think before you post and maybe we'll start seeing that sexy smile of his more often.

Kristen, you go girl, Met Gala wow, and the pics to come are going to be insanely beautiful. Please everyone, can we also, as with the above paragragh, give her the same rights of freedom and choice(you say see never smiles, has a mean look on her face) give her a reason to smile.

Rose, I choose to come to your site because you make me smile.


Anonymous said...

LaineyGossip Guests of C Bailey * Burberry table 2nite: Emma Watson, Daniel Craig&Satsuki, Danes&Dancy, Ed Norton, Eddie Redmayne. Now THAT is a table. OMG Kristen is going to get with Eddie! Go EddieStew!! ByeBye Rob!

Melinda said...

Saw a link to this video on another site and decided to post it here b/c it is really cute video tribute for Rob's birthday. Hope everyone enjoys. BTW- I am not the author of this video...


Anonymous said...

to anon 5:32

sorry to burst your bubble, but Eddie has already a girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Rose, all I can say is Amen! I love to see the two of them together happy and smiling.


Anonymous said...

@KStewDevotee: She is all smiley. Spring Summer 2010 Dress. * a hand bag.1 minute ago via HootSuite rob is not around she NEVER looks happy with him.

Anonymous said...

Kristen doesn't smile around Rob anymore. Rob needs to leave her now so she can be happy again. Eddie is a good choice. And you're wrong he broke up with his girlfriend so theres every chance they could get together. Frankly I'd rather see Kristen with someone who would make her smile rather than some loser actor who clings on to her because he doesn't want to let go.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kristen stays with Rob because he is a control freak and she fears he would become depressed if she left him? Just a thought. We don't really know Rob and I just get the feeling she'd be happier with someone else.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous who keeps posting over and over about Eddie. Eddie is one of Rob's best friends. If you were a fan of Kristen's you'd realize she's a big girl and can make her own decisions. I doubt she would travel to see somebody so much if they made her miserable. She always looks happy with Rob except when they are getting swarmed by paps. Give it up already.

Anonymous said...

to 7:22, 7:26, 7:31. LOL. Same shit, different day. As always. Same bag of tricks....

Yada. Yada. Yada.

I think Kristen looks beautiful tonight. She went for it and I like her look (dress, make-up and hair) much more than a lot of what I've seen at the Met Gala. Some dresses are too much and others are painfully boring.

One thing for sure. Kristen's face is always beautiful. Regardless of what she's wearing. Stunning, natural beauty.

Patricia said...

Rose: Kristen is GORGEOUS tonight ! The only think that would make me happier is Rob beside her in his Tux ! OMG OMG OMG

Olivia said...

Super post today Rose. You have such a great sense, eye, and ear. It is a joy to see your creativity each day.
Awesome pics. DuRob...oh my goodness! He does leave one breathless.
Kristen.... such a pure and natural beauty!
Smiling Rob...makes me smile.
Meadow scene....I'm a believer.
Loved the vocabulary word lesson : )

I am captivated by Rob, Kristen, individually, and especially together. And yes, I make my own conclusions too.
Respect Rob and Kristen.
Oops, almost forgot to mention.....
Can't wait to see Kristen at the Met Gala.

Anonymous said...

I love this picture of Kristen.


So gorgeous!

Adore her.

Anita said...

Dear Rose,
today's post is one oy your best post. Love it. Love you and love R/K <3

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rose. Your post today is so beautiful.

And I still don't understand why people, who doesn't like Rob and Kris together keep coming to your blog, keep reading it and keep spreading their hates?!?!?! Because I would not waste my time to read what I hate and let alone reading it everyday and then spread my hate?.

I guess the haters really have a misarable live and have nothing else to do than spread their hates. What a sad life.

I can't wait for your tomorrow's post Rose.

Sam said...

Exactly Anon@9:03
They call the believers sad and pathetic, yet they come when they know they're not welcome and post the same thing over and over. I'm not even sure it's a "they" it could be one sad sack individual. Yeah Kristen's gonna leave Rob for one of his good friends, totally gonna happen. Does this idiot realize how unlikely and crazy that sounds?
Btw I LOVE that Kristen took a risk with the dress, I know the critics are divided but I am totally feeling the whole look. Can't wait for tomorrow's post too.

Anonymous said...

Can't you people see the signs? He didn't want to go to Canada because he didn't want to see her, and then they took separate flights out. Rob didn't go with her, and she didn't stay with him. So what does that tell you? It tells you that they broke up. That's why everyone is so tense.

Anonymous said...

Or Anon@9:24
Maybe everyone was so tense because the movie is scheduled to be released in over a month and for whatever reason people weren't happy with the final product and they had to do reshoots. And just maybe they took separate flights because oh I don't know Rob was needed in LA and Kristen is currently at the Met Gala? Maybe it actually doesn't have anything to do with the state of their relationship, funny how that works. Seriously hyenas are gonna have to start finding other things to talk about, than the fact that they are occasionally gonna be separated because if that were the case, my b/f and I broke up too and someone forgot to tell us.


Anonymous said...

@Spence Stop. You're making too much sense. I'm sure the hyenas can't handle it.

Spence said...

LOL Anon @9:55
Sense and hyenas should not even be in the same sentence. I'm with Rose, you don't have to like Kristen or Rob together or separately, but when you go out of your way to spread lies and hate for no reason, that's just mind boggling to me. There are many celebrities I don't like and guess what: I don't go to their fansites to post ridiculous shit about them, I don't think about them at all, and yet here are these same hyenas posting the same shit over and over, not just here but other places as well. I suppose at this point I'm suprised that I can still be gobsmacked by the stupidity.

Nora said...

Wat...rob a diva..? Not a single molecule in his bone.

Watever the drama was i'm sure nobody knows the REAL thing except 4 those whose involved. So if u just happen to lurk arnd wt ur camera and then pass it on to some gossip corner doesnt make u the important ppl there. Someone said that lainey is a quite respectable (??) personality there in canada so she wont simply make up stories. But the way she's reporting and relying to her so called pap source is actually wat makes her less respectful.

I just dun care to all the rumors i'm just gonna quote rose...again..

I Believe What I See.
I don't need anyone to tell me that.
I have my own mind.
My own thoughts.
And I make my own conclusions.

Body language just tell u all the truth..if u dun see it then i'm sorry if u dun hv the gift.

Kudos rose :-))

Anonymous said...

I like rob and think he doensn't deserve the hate but some of his fans are really disgusting. they cry when people bash him but are always bashing kristen. this chick
@witchrobin7 on twitter cries everytime someone bashes Rob, but is always bashing kristen. I don't get it. I know this @witchrobin7 is always here for the kristen bashing .you may dislike her but why being obssessed with someone you hate.get a life. you act like a pathetic jealous and angry bitch .

Anonymous said...

How many times did you see carey and shia on a red carpet together?.how many did you see them taking the same plane? he didn't walk the red carpet with her in the OScars even if she was nominated.no pic of them together in the after party either. Shia said himself it's because they are not fame whore , like kristen and rob.and please give me a break with your laughable comments, rob went in la for a photoshoot and kristen to attend the gala.You're talking signs? are you kidding me?
they gave all the signs that they are in love but you hyenas refuse to see them so STFU.I can(t wait to see them on Oprah show.
PS:many people caught leighton and stebastian stan making out together yesterday.

Anonymous said...







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