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Monday, May 17, 2010

Rob and Kristen- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Where do I begin?
To tell the story of how great a love can be...
The sweet love story that is older than the sea
The simple truth...
But that corny song has been in my head.
Kinda scary.



Cute picture... yes?
Love it.
And love how Rob can't seem to stop looking
at Kristen.
More on that later.

So there was an interview on USA TODAY
It was absolutely adorable.
Can you tell I'm smiling through just my words?
Big smile folks.

Here's an excerpt...
"Although, lately, the frenzy has calmed somewhat, judging by the number of Twilight-free magazine covers at grocery checkouts. “I don’t know if this is the actual reason why, but we have gotten better at hiding over the last year,” Pattinson says.
“That’s totally the reason,” Stewart concurs. “They just make up a story to go along with the pictures. If they never get the picture, there’s no story. We are just good hiders now.”
Such subterfuge includes neither confirming nor denying that they are in a relationship. Yet there clearly is some sort of special connection between the two, what with their playful teasing and personal asides. Let’s just say it wasn’t Lautner who placed a hand on Pattinson’s leg during a portion of the interview."


WE have gotten better at hiding over the last year.
WE are just good hiders now.
It wasn't Lautner who placed a hand on Pattinson's leg



Sure, this pic is ALL for PR.
They are trying to sell more tickets for Eclipse.
Because without this picture of Rob 
getting all cute and adorable with Kristen...
Eclipse would probably fail.
Robert can't seem to focus on anyone...
Anything else.
"The girl, the girl... THAT GIRL"
It's like he's expecting her to turn her head and...
Well. You have imaginations.


Rob and Kristen were 'spotted' out to dinner on Saturday.
(No, this is not a picture of that dinner)
Many were saying it was a birthday celebration.
Of course we knew these two knuckleheads
would be together...
Aren't they always?

A couple of sightings...
Take them as you wish.

First Facebook.
Some random guy.
Talking randomly about Rob/Kristen

 Brent R Ba*** - Hangin w/my friends at the Ritz & Roberts Pattison & Kristen Stewart from Twilight are next to us! Don't see the hype. :)

Brent R Ba***-They seemed like really nice kids.. just really happy being together enjoying the night. Brandon bummed a smoke off of em'., thought that was funny. They were in their own world. Ahh, young love
 Then Twitter...

  EARLIER: Kristen Stewart + Robert Pattinson bday wknd dinner @ Ritz-Carlton (Laguna) "They're staying there" (Sat 9:25p)

Awww.... so sweet.
The "Robsten" bubble.
Isn't it wonderful that Robert got to spend
his 24th birthday with the important people 
in his life... i.e. Kristen?

And one more GOOD

Catherine Hardwicke.
I have mixed emotions about her.
She DID cast Robert and Kristen.
She was there from the very first day.
The beginning of Robert falling for Kristen.
She is a bit 'chatty' sometimes...
But it does make for interesting reading.
So.. There was this "TWI-Convention" thingy...
Lots of cast members talking.
CH was there... talking...
and there were people on Twitter who 
were there... tweeting what she was saying.
and that leads us to...

Mandys***- Catherine says about Kristen Stewart, "We may hate her because she's with Rob, but she does a great job"

 WE may hate her?
I adore her.
And her being with Robert doesn't affect 
my feelings for her one bit.
Or my feelings for Robert, I might add.
She may be Chatty Cathy...
but she was THERE... you know?


Well. You expected this, didn't you?
Drooling and foaming...
The pack was circling and attacking all night long.
First the random guy who obviously was putting that stuff
on facebook for... attention.
Or PR. Yeah... He's on Summits payroll!!

And I'm sure IF Rob and Kristen were having dinner...
They were only doing it to get papped...
for PR.
Because... well.. that's what they do.
They seek out the paparazzi...
*insert eyeroll smiley here*
Even though they said they were good at hiding
(and they have gotten quite stealthy) 
And no Paps did get any pictures...
They are bound to be seen by random strangers.
They are kinda famous, you know.

Then they circled CH
Calling her all sorts of names.
Telling her to SHUT UP.
Oh wait...
CH was doing it for PR!!!
Of course she was.
CH was trying to sell tickets for Eclipse.
Oh. No. Um... wait...
She is working for Summit.
Of course it's PR! PR! PR!


Poor sad, desperate Hyenas.

They are still clinging to the insane PR bullshit.
I guess I understand...
It is the only thing that is keeping them from 
turning on each other at this point.
Can you imagine a hyena frenzy?
I think we are pretty close.

Rabies is really ugly.
It messes with reasoning and logic.
But the snarling and foaming is ridiculous.

"I can't respect Rob anymore.
I won't have anything to do with him if this is true"

"Kristen is the one who follows him around.
She's so desperate."

"Every picture of them together is staged.
It's ALL PR! Why can't people see that?"

"It makes perfect sense for Rob and Kristen 
to put their love life on hold for a few years
while Summit promotes the Twilight Saga."

"I put my hand on my friends thigh ALL the time!!!
AND I let him sniff my hair. ALL THE TIME!"

"It makes perfect sense for Kristen to travel
around the world to get a picture of her
and Rob for PR!
I do that ALL THE TIME!"

"IF they are together? It won't last!" 


Pathetic Rants.
So... to cleanse our minds 
of the bitter foam..
Let's go to...

Short hair.

I kinda like Rob's hair the way he has been
wearing it lately...
Not quite the long 'sex' hair...
Not really the short "I'll cut my hair if I want to" hair...
More like the Remember Me hair.
But let's be honest here, shall we?

I love Robert Pattinson.
He could shave his head...
And it wouldn't matter to me.


Bye for now

***Foam Flood Alert***
I suggest you start building that ark...
Just don't bring the hyenas.


Anonymous said...

Oh you can totally tell Kristen is still mad with Rob in the Usa Today pic. She looks like shes in turmoil. And she did seem awfully peeved with Rob throughout Oprah. It must have been because he hung out with those exotic dancers like Lainey reported.

KPattz said...

Anon 11:05.I see the craziness is already here.Get the f*ck out of here and go take your meds.Now!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:05, If we're going by Lainey's reports, then the fight wasn't even ABOUT the burlesque dancers.

She doesn't look like she's peeved with Rob or like she's in turmoil. :\

No offense, but just because someone thinks that they're fighting or doesn't think that R/K are together doesn't make them crazy.

@Rose, Just saying, you acknowledging the 'hyenas' and dedicating a portion of every post to them must be awfully satisfying to them; maybe you should stop, and focus on the positive.

Sue said...

First time poster here and I see the Anon comment... are you out of your frickin mind? Seriously, go. away.

Rose, love all of your posts and couldn't agree with you more each and every time. Love Robert and Kristen!

ohlovelyrose said...

Dear Anonymous...bahaaaaa, just bahaaaa.....thanks for the laugh....rose excellent post as usual...

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:05, if i'm mad at my BF i wont "put hand on his leg a portion of the interview"

Anonymous said...

Oh there was so much Rob and Kristen cuteness this past week. And I'm loving the fact that they were able to spend a quiet and romantic weekend together. It's amazing how they've known each other for over 2 years now, yet Rob still looks at Kristen with complete adoration and love. Oh how wonderful it is to be in love. Thanks for the post Rose.


Anonymous said...

hahah, first poster, you realize Kristen strips almost nakey in her next picture, right? And she has some serious sex scenes coming up with Garrett Hedlund for on the road? She's not exactly a babe in the woods when it comes to such things--if you thinks burlesque performance at an art school fundraiser with other acts of all places is gonna make Kristen mad, you're a little naive my young grasshopper.

Caroline said...

Rose...great post...

Cute photos and great interview....


RPaddict said...

anon 11:05 are you blind,deaf and dumb? Oh wait you must be.
You are dismissed!

Rose excellent common sense once again.
What it means to me to be a fan of Rob,is to support his work and his decisions. His decisions are his own.
Kristen is part of that and I couldn't be happier for them.
Some of the fandom need to rethink what it means to actually be one.

Thought the USA article,and pics,definately awesome,and pretty clear.The pictures ummm hello...
Have a great Monday.

Anonymous said...

omg, Robert and Kristen sound like an old married couple with oncoming dementia in the USA TODAY interview, it's hilarious. "ie or ei, dear?" "i before e except after c, dear." "dear, money for the movie." I was cracking up, you can totally see how their dynamics work. Robert is like the mellow one who reins in Kristen...

Anonymous said...

Great post! I think its sad that he's losing fans because of who he's dating, but then again good riddance he doesn't need fans like that.

Anna Br said...

Love Rob, love Kristen, love Rose.
PR= perfect relationship.

Anonymous said...

great post rose. Lainey is not backing down from her claim they had a vacation post-oprah, she just reiterated it today. Lainey's been wrong before, but when she is, she backs away and ignores her mistake. She does NOT highlight it by repeating it, so Lainey's standing by her story ya'll!

30yearoldtwifan said...

Anon,, are you serious? I mean really, Come back to reality here. KS looked MAD??? Did we all see the same Oprah interview? Did we all READ the same posts from Twi fans who were there? Yes, they were in the audience, and saw REALITY. Also the interviewer! Who stated KS had her hand on Robs THIGH.. (I just heard a hyena growl) Please come back to... R.. e.. a ..l...i ..ty..

You hyenas are so pathetic at this point, I actually find you all entertaining. LMAO!

Anonymous said...

If I'm mad at my boyfriend I don't spend a weekend just with him in an awesome hotel at Laguna Beach, you know..and sure they didn't play chest in their hotel room,ok?So GTFO!

girlyinthenorth said...

Fabulous Post Rose. LOVES it. First Anon Poster: Listen to Kpattz, and take your MEDS.

Anonymous said...

what is robert doing in that picture?lol It's the funniest pose-Taylor is out in Siberia looking confused, while Robert's all sniffing up to Kristen.

I understand people are saying, well, they are playing it up for the cameras. I get that point. But it's more that this not out of the ordinary--Robert's always in her personal space and Kristen is always welcoming it.

PR, you say? said...

Favorite part of that interview: when Kristen talks about Rob's sex scenes in Bel Ami.

Just another drop in the bucket of MANY little details that show how close these two are.

If you don't see it, you don't see it - I'm not going to spend my time arguing over it.

But really?

Okay, sorry. For real, moving on: they're so cute. Their interviews are so much fun to read, because they can't help themselves. The little interjections, the telling little comments. That's what happens when you spend a LOT of time with someone and a LOT of time talking about your life.

You can't fake that kind of insight. And in a manufactured, PR-driven relationship, you wouldn't need to - everything is purposefully overt, meant to be obvious.

They seem happy. Like they've found a bit of a groove and are enjoying some privacy. Good for them.

And good for you, Rose. Love your words, as always. Keep your head above the foam. ;)

deejon67 said...

Great Post Rose! R/K Are Together And Happy.

Anonymous said...

From what I can see in that pic, Rob was obviously feeling guilty for having hung out with those burlesque dancers so he was trying to connect with Kristen but shes having none of it. Hes hurt her too badly.

Anonymous said...

To be honest don't like Rob's haircut. Thats just my opinion. Yes I get that its for a movie role but it does not suit him at all. It makes him look like an army dude. I thought he was playing a circus worker? And whats with the awful clothes? He looks like he borrowed them from Sean Penn. I hope he grows his hair back quickly because he doesn't look like Rob, he looks like some stranger :(

*Stoli_Princess* said...

bwahahahah first of all LOVE your blog! So many blind people in this world so much hate! and this is why these 2 cant hang out and be together, theyre damn if they do and damned if they dont! Hyena def need to wipe the drool, teke their meds and get to goin! LOL Of course Kstew knew about the steamy sex scenes she read his script and knew what day they were being filmed and felw here happy as there! thats what a good girlfriend does! i know i would have too! LOL

Anonymous said...

Rose,once again you amaze me. Don't know how you can read the idiots coming here and keep sane. The nonsten hyenas are all over the net and are having a total meltdown today because of the R/K goodies..the sighting at the RC...have you seen the pics on their website??? The dining room alone...SIGH. Beautiful,romantic luxury that the haters will NEVER experience and certainly not with Robert Pattinson looking at them like he always does with Kristen. Perhaps this was part of her birthday gift to him? The rooms/suites are very pricey.

Then the USA Today article and pics...ADORABLE and poor Taylor? Third wheel as usual. And yes, I caught the WE part right away as well. And the hand on the leg?? hehe

Love Rob's short hair,he looks younger and from a more innocent time. Perfect. I'm sure Kristen loves it too, and we all know she would love him just as much if he shaved his head.

Glad their romance is going full steam ahead and even the journalist saw the intense connection b/w them. Love these 2 and wish them all the happiness in the world. I esp. love Rob and she makes him SO happy and that makes me happy!

KPattz said...

To the first anon and anon 11:35,probably the same idiot.So,Kristen is mad with Rob about the burlesque dancers(he was with his friends and his SISTER) and now she's gonna cheat him with that Garrett guy?????How stupid are you,dear?You keep telling us the same BS since yesterday,i guess it helps you sleep at night.Well,i think a valium would be more useful in your case.lol

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,
Here we go. I was reading how you entitled your post "the good, the bad and the ugly" and then a photo of the trio. I know Rob is the good, but since TayTay is such a nice and handsome guy, I was having a hard time figuring out who of them can fullfill the other two words...*loling*

Oh, well...

sightings on twitter and facebook...meh. If that's true so it is the burlesque dancer twitting about him. Don't buying it.I only have seen pictures of Rob, ALONE, walking with Dean, carrying his script up&down, you know, he is busy, WORK...complete the word :)

-USA TODAY, what? what the big deal? an interview? shezzzz, watch NM interviews, she touches TayTay a thousand more times than he does with Rob, and in a more intimate way.

-CH Please.Really. Please. She has said the same thing for the last two years. Famewhore alert.

What else? Nothing?

So, life goes on as always.

Can't wait to WFE begin filming, and we have pictures of Jacob!!
PS. Rob beautiful as always, love the haircut.

Bye, Lily

Anonymous said...

to 1136. Facepalm. Rob plays a young vet in the 1930's. ALL men had short hair back then. It's for a movie role!!! He would look good with no hair.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO at the first comment. Do you know the definition of DELUSIONAL? You should look it up!

Patricia said...

Rose: I'm happy to see every new picture of our GORGEOUS MAN ! Jesus that man !!!! LONG HAIR SEX HAIR NO HAIR (HE just has it doesn't HE) ???

I'm happy for all the new interviews, and I think our couple is finally letting out more and more of their feelings for each other naturally without saying a word. SEEING IS BELIEVING !

I'm also glad that once again they spent their Birthday with each other. That's three years now of the Birthday celebrations.

I love what CH said also, she after all is who we need to thank for ROB AND KRISTEN , because she did hire him (THANKS TO KRISTEN SAYING "HE'S THE ONE" )

SO HATERS "let it go"


PATTY <333

Anonymous said...

ROSE! Can your posts get any better? You are awesome, like always.
Lets not worry about the few little losers out there who really are foaming pathetically at so much love, and happiness coming from Rob and Kristen! If this is how it is without them mouthing the words, I can't imagine how they would be if they actually didn't try so hard to keep us out.
What a beautiful couple, and I truly wish them all the best, together and individually. I love them, and I'm happy so many others love them too.

Anonymous said...

To Lily-I never knew anyone could be so stupid and delusional until you started posting here.

Anonymous said...

It's totally bizarre the way photos are over-analyzed to the point that an entire scenario is imagined just from a blank look or a transitory grimace.

Faces are facile, mobile. Our expressions change all the time. Yet a curled lip or something equally as benign can indicate some trash like: "Kristen hates Rob," "Kristen is angry at Rob," "They're about to break up."

I have a curled lip myself just now, typing this post. It's all so silly!

Good post, as always, Rose. You are the best at teaming up great pics to illustrate your post. Keep 'em coming.


Anonymous said...

To 1126 anon...sorry but I can't resist,you said they didn't play "chest" in their hotel room. LOL Au contraire, I am sure both Rob and Kristen had fun playing with the other's chest. LOL

Deb said...

Hey Rose Love the post And I too love the hair Rob looks good any way Long hair or short him and Kristen really into there movies I love that about them and im glade to see they got some lone time together Yep people are going to talk why not they dont HAVE any thing else to do when they are WRONG.And I love it when THEY say weve gotten better in hiding YOU KNOW THEY HAVE good for them keep it up you two.YOU can see how Rob adores Kristen and how much shes IN LOVE WITH HIM TRUE SOUL MATES Thanks again Rose you have made my day one more time I hope you have a very happy day my friend God bliss you AND to the haters out there keep on hateing it wont get you any where LOVE the pic. of our two To be young and SOOOO much in love . DEB

Anonymous said...

to first anon and anon 11:35 absolutely the same asshole :
stop to combine alcohol and pills

robert and kristen are totally in love, when they are together are the image of happiness . they are so cute ,sweet and adorkable .

CH absolutely right

Hyena prrr prrrr the sound of your ass pprrr prrrr

kristine.hills said...

Blind + hyenas = BLINDENAS

What really matters is what we can see and read.

I'm just SOOOO HAPPY, it's hurting, i can't control this HUGE smile on my face. I'm leaving for work and i'm very happy.

Wonderful post Rose!

ROB IS GORGEOUS and his new hair is STUNNING.It's the same story when Kris had her hair cut.
RK coulfd be bald and they would be GORGEOUS.


I'm sure i'm going to have a wonderful day.

RK God bless you!

Anonymous said...

love the post, rose-what's the big deal about the USA interview? They act like an old married couple. No, i don't think they are married by any means either - it's more that they display all the signs of a couple that's been together for awhile. It's subtle-if you're emotionally tone deaf, I can't help you. But they sound like a settled couple at this point. Their dynamics and the way they speak for eachother show two people who know eachother well and can anticipate the other easily. I never got that impression with them until that interview

Anonymous said...

The USA Today is cute but I think it might have been a bit insensitive of Rob to turn to Kristen like that in such an inimate manner when he knew she couldn't react during a photoshoot. I wouldn't be surprised if Kristen was annoyed with him for doing that when they were working. It was also a very bad thing to do to Taylor. Rob didn't seem to care that he was singling Taylor out of the pic when he was only focusing on Kristen. I feel so sorry for Taylor.

Anonymous said...

oooooooooh poor little taylor. alone with his beef meatballs .

Poli said...

That´s why i love you. You
always have the right words to say about everything in a very sane and funny way.
Thank God i have a really large
umbrella to protect myself from the
Love you Rose.

P.S: poor Taylor always seems out of place next to them.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you guys? I'm sorry but Rob's hair is not stunning, its awful! It makes him 20 years older. He should never have cut it. I don't get what hes trying to prove by shaving all his locks off. I'm sorry but I think he looks unattractive.

katy said...

Rose best post ever, Thank you.
Don't even care about the delusinal...I'm extremely Happy...and nothing is going to change that.
This USA Today interview just reenforce what I always knew...Rob Loves Kristen and Kristen loves Rob.

Anonymous said...

to anon 11:50

I meant *chess* LOL! I guess it was a Freudian lapsus?LOL! You're right: they played a lot with their *chest*!

May said...

NGL,I`m kinda sorta in love with that USA Today interview atm.R&K are so fucking adorable&Rob is so unable to look anywhere but at Kris.I love. LOL

As always,an excellent post,Rose.<3
TBH,I think about divorcing this fandom about 10 times a day. *sigh*

I love Robert Pattinson.
He could shave his head...
And it wouldn't matter to me.

MTE,bb.Beautiful is beautiful. :))

Anonymous said...


Your mom called she needs you to come home so she can take the trash out...

That's all....

Anonymous said...

Wow! Seriously, some kristen fans never fails to make me laugh. They're drooling over Lainey's crap article about Rob. 'oh Lianey i heart you, Thank you Lainey etc.'
It's so funny how there are people who blatantly hate on Rob...but they're the same ones who get pissed when people *cough Perez cough* hate on Kristen.
They hate Perez, but loooove Lainey, they expect Rob fans to show Kristen respect, but they're not showing Rob or his co-stars any respect, such hypocrisy...


Anonymous said...

anonymous 12:09 Um..you "don't get what he's trying to prove"..?? Well, he needed to cut it for his new role. If you don't like it, so?

I'm so glad R/K could get a little R&R before he starts working. The USA today interview, and pictures are all win! As for Chatty Cathy, it's not as if she's stating something that isn't completely obvious at this point.

I found the getting better at hiding part funny. Yeah, all PR relationships try to hide. I've found a lot of hyenas are past that now and now are sad or saying "It won't last!" Poor hyenas.

Anonymous said...

@Daria I agree. Lainey STFU! Looking for more visits to her site, that's all.

To the Anon. who bashed Rob's hair. STFU you too. He's playing a 1930 23 year old. He looks YOUNGER with that haircut. we all love his messy long hair, but its ok, it'll grow up!LOL at you for saying that, and then someone called ME stupid. Who's the stupid. I'm seeing all the crazies not going to the cinema for WFE just because a)the woman from twilight it's not there b)they don't like rob haircut c)he gets to kiss another woman.



katy said...

Here's the Big Version of the Most Adorable couple ever

Love it :)

pricklypearess said...

Great post and pics! I'm liking the short hair for a little change. Obviously, he did it for WFE which starts filming today. USA Today article adorable and the pics were a hoot. Rob can't take his eyes off her can he? I thought the little back and forth between them was sweet. The hand on the leg? Mmmm Hmmm. Nice to know they got away for the weekend. I choose to ignore the foaming hyena posts. They post shit here to get everyone riled up. The hyenas are upset, so they want you to be upset also. Don't allow it to work. Have a lovely Monday ladies! Much to smile about! xoxo

katy said...

To anon 12:21 ahhhh That was Funny
Thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

to Daria

I know what you are talking about. Both Lainey and Perez say nasty things about those two, krisbians need to stop being such hypocrites...

Anonymous said...

long story made short about rpattz a girl i know met him at a concert ** some british singer who happens to be good friends with rpattz. she saw him near merch before the show and was talking with him, then rpattz came. they hit it off, he gave her his number haha and said that the next time he's in town ***** let her know. this was like a year and a half ago. the past few months she's been in nyc intering * mtv and went to regis and kelly or whatever morning show it was with no idea that rpattz was the guest. when he came out and saw her he smiled. then later a PA came out and asked if there was someone by her name there, and said a guest has something for her. turns out rpattz saw her, and ended up giving her the swag bag he got from being a guest.

Anonymous said...

@katy You laugh so easily...


katy said...

I love Rob's short hair...and can't wait to see WFE.

soadram said...

Great post, as always in fact every day is even better.
I still say that not only sees who does not want to see.
è well known that Kris and Rob have been together for quite time.Eu still think that whoever says they are together or not and bla bla bla and bla bla and like to be the Contra, believe in their own lies ... . (hyenas) in my country we say who does not like not eating, so if you do not like do not come here to post Rose, because I do not really need your words and anon you go to the doctor who is in need of glasses and wash the ears and enjoy and see a psychologist ......
Rose has a good day, I know that will :))))
a kiss from Portugal

Anonymous said...

I really can not believe that grown women, really ???? grown women ???? hate on a 20 yr. old because she is with Robert Pattinson and doing all of the things to him you wish were doing to him. Must really suck to be GROWN WOMEN, I use the term loosely, and have such hatred in your hearts for someone you don't know- I feel sorry for your families, esp. your children- God help them....and for those of you who are not grown women, God help the future of this country.

Anonymous said...

Wow so Rob looks like hes going to kiss Kristen and its a big deal? Guess what, I've seen tons of pics with Kristen having her face that close to Taylor. Of course, never with Rob. Its obvious Rob is just trying to get Kristen's attention in that photoshoot cause he knows she ain't interested. Kristen loves Taylor. http://x17online.com/celebrities/kristen_stewart/new_moon_premiere_pix-11162009.php

Anonymous said...

To Daria
Agreed. Lainey is nasty. She had no class posting the article about Rob supposedly upseting Kristen on his birthday cause it made him look bad. Not only that, she didn't even wish him a happy birthday. Even Perez wished Kristen a happy birthday but Lainey couldn't even swallow her hatred for Rob for one day and wish him a happy birthday.

amanda said...

anonymous 12:55 Kristen has said two separate times she feels a SISTER/BROTHER relationship with Taylor. JSYK.

And Lily, What are you talking about? Nobody has said they won't see WFE. Nobody cares if he has love scenes with somebody else. If I remember correctly it was you that couldn't differentiate between real life and acting, going on and on how Kristen would leave Rob for her new costar. *eyeroll*

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, I feel like I'm listening to a broken record. Robert and Kristen are in love, and it's the most perfect relationship of all time and anyone who doesn't believe that is just an ugly, jealous hater who's life ambition is to get in Rob's pants.

It's the same message over and over and over again.

True, I can stop reading at any time. But can I? It's all over my twitter feed. I can't escape this ridiculous obsession.

I used to be a "shipper" - back in the days when it was fun and cute to ooh and aah over a real-life romance between the two stars that play Edward and Bella. But now it's a war, and I'm done with it.

The fact of it is that there is a lot going on in the world right now and in life that is far more important than this. And cooing and squeeing over Robert and Kristen was an escape from that until it became THIS - the hyenas and haters and the nonstens and all of this other crap.

Just enjoy them and have fun with it and leave all of the other crap at the door. You claim that there are haters out there? Well, then how about ignoring them instead of constantly trying to combat hate with hate. Just because you believe in your cause doesn't make the name calling right.

My intent is not to be rude. I'm just sad that something that was fun now just makes me kind of sick.

Enough is enough. I love Edward and Bella, but stuff like this makes me done with Robsten. Sorry Robert and Kristen.

And you are welcome to hate all you want on my post - it will just be proving my point.

Anonymous said...

Omg and you guys talk about the robsessed. The fucking krisbians are hating on Blake Lively because she's on the cover of Vogue and Kristen isn't. How fucking childish.

soadram said...

res anon. 12:55
His only comment me laugh, but laugh with the idiocy that you wrote here. but you go to a doctor quickly. ahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahaha

Anonymous said...

@ Daria

I so agree.
so many kristen fans call perez ugly,jealous etc cause he's hating on Kristen, but at the same time they love Lainey because she hate Rob. I hate hypocrites.

xandrea_1988 said...

I´m kinda obsessed with your Blog! I mean I have watched Every single Day to see what you put on it! and I´m in love too with that picture from the Paris Holding Hands it just Great! XD hope you keep doing this! Good Luck in Everything you do from this! And Just Ignore all the Hienas! they don't deserve your words!!
Im Happy in my Robsten World and you make me more happy with this Amazing Blog! for all this THANKS!!!
Greetings from Chile!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1:02 You choose what you read, and who you follow on twitter. If you don't like what people are saying, you don't have responsibility over anybody but yourself, and you can not hear it, if you choose to.:)

Again, to the people complaining about Krisbians, I must follow the right people because I don't hear that stuff. Don't like it? Unfollow! It's that simple.

kharma1 said...

Good Afternoon Rose,
Not even the rabid hyenas that posted first could put me in a bad mood, I to have a huge smile on my face. What a great weekend and to start Monday off with that beautiful picture of Rob ready to kiss Kristen. He just can't help himself, he's in luuuurve.. like the twitter said, ahh young love.
It's great to come over to your blog everyday and share the love for our favorite couple. So thank you for that.

It's definitely torturing the hyenas, but they must be the most miserable people on the planet. Sad, what a way to live your life.
Not much you can do about it, it's their upbringing, they've had hate instilled in them at an early age.
It's like a drug addict, until they can face that fact, acknowledge it, seek help, there's no convincing them. Sad but true.

Rose, enjoy the rest of the day and thanks again for brightening mine.

jack said...

I wonder,why R/K are not talking about their relationship,they're hiding and they don't confirm,but Rob has no problem posing like tis for the Usa Today?Please,something's fishy here and you all know it deep inside.Rob won't be promoting Eclipse,because of his filming,so Summit wants to give to the shippers too much of their real life E/B "couple" to dream about.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Rose.

I have definitely reached a point where posts like "Lily's" just bring the LOLs.

And I find it beyond hilarious that any person who sees Rob and Kristen out together and posts about it...are PR plants! I mean, seriously? LMAO. And the people who automatically believe any sighting but Rob and Kristen together...No, they refuse to even consider it. LOL.
I love when Rob and Kristen are seen by dudes who really don't care, like in London, the ORD airport and at the hotel this weekend. BUT these guys are all plants. Too funny.
Then certain people demand pictures but when we get them...oh, wait...it's all PR. LOL.

Rob and Kristen can't win. And the best thing is, they don't care. Whether they're out and about together or at home having a quiet night...they are just going to live their lives. And the shit people say? Eh, whatever.

Oh, and I love the 'Rob's busy' excuse I keep seeing. LOL. Some people are acting like the guy has never filmed a movie before! Like he doesn't know how to balance his work and his personal life. He was out running errands late yesterday afternoon for an hour or so...But he's too busy to see Kristen. LOL. Nevermind he and Kristen had a nice little getaway.

And his co-star, Reese Witherspoon got out of town for a little getaway with her boyfriend as well and was running errands yesterday.

BUT Rob (and his co-stars) are soooo busy, they have no time for relaxation. LOL.

linzy said...

scuse me one sec while i bask in the awesome that is today, and this last week, and just everything about these two lovely kids.

the USA today article and companion pictures are beyond sweet, and very telling. i've never had a problem with them not confirming their relationship, haven't needed it... in fact i quite enjoy the subtlety and nuances we get when they feel comfortable. it is so obvious that they share a closeness that only comes when you've spent hours upon hours (*cough*last2years*cough*) with another person talking about anything and everything and nothing at all. there is a familiarity between Robert and Kristen that simply can't be faked.

i'm glad they've let their guard down enough to let us see just a glimmer of what they share. for me that is more than enough.

Thank you for another perfect post, Rose. I feel like I say that every day but it's the truth! Thank you for always making me smile *hugs*

"We are what we think.
All that we are arises
with our thoughts.
With our thoughts,
we make the world"

Anonymous said...

to jack
something's fishy here . yes :lily and daria
and you of course

if you think that Robert is a liar Find a more toys

and please please stop comparing perez to liney . perez is a asshole , Envious of all and ready to get into bed with all boys . comparing perez to hyenas

Anonymous said...

I LOL at the PR excuse not only because it shows what kind of "fan" somebody is who would actually believe that but because it doesn't make sense.
IoW an island with no paps.
Budapest Kristen stayed inside the whole time.
And their getaway this weekend was somewhere paps aren't allowed.
Not to mention Rob and Kristen say they don't want attention, or publicity, but fans of Rob would rather believe he's a fame whore than has a girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Rose as always love your post.
I just wanna say



Anonymous said...

To 1255 anonymous...the REAL truth is...Taylor was waiting for Kristen in their love nest upstairs at the Ritz Carlton and since he said he has never had a cigarette,he called Rob and Rob volunteered to drive all the way to Laguna at 1 AM and keep Kristen company while she smoked and then he left. Such a nice guy.

just ignore them said...

Someone on another board said that her dumbass brother and his friends go to Harry Potter sites and spread shit about the actors to get the posters all riled up, and they take the bait every time, and her bro and friends sit back and laugh their asses off at those people who get sucked into it.

IGNORE the hyenas/haters/nonstens like the first poster,Lily, Jack,different anon.hyenas etc(prob.1-2 people that change their moniker) They are shallow,empty,miserable losers who have nothing better to do.

Anonymous said...

to 1:40
'something's fishy here . yes :lily and daria' Well, IDGAF about lily's comments but I totally agree with Daria. Some kristen fans are NO better than nonstens. Period.

'and please please stop comparing perez to liney' Oh please, don't be hypocritical!

Anonymous said...

If that RC sighting was true, I agree that it was really romantic. Check out the place http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/Properties/LagunaNiguel/PhotoTourPop.htm

Anonymous said...

@1:45pm. I LOL at the PR excuse for the same reasons.

And, also, Rob and Kristen could do very limited interviews/promos together or none at all and Eclipse would STILL make a shit ton of money.
People acting like the success of the movies rely solely or heavily on Rob and Kristen's relationship are sorely mistaken.
Twilight, the movie that needed to make a lot of money to guarantee the future of the movie franchise--and Rob and Kristen did not play any PR games so why the heck would they decide to do so for the rest of the films that were AUTOMATICALLY going to make money?! Giving up years of their personal lives for films guaranteed to be box office hits? Doesn't make much sense. And I don't see them doing that at all.

And considering they hide from the paps instead of embracing them, like PR couples do, they are failing at PR. LOL.

Olivia said...

Yeah for Rose and her blog!
The USA article and photos are precious. You can read it online. It is such a sweet description of the comfort level and closeness between Rob and Kristen expressed through their banter and support of each other.
So glad that life together is good for them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, I love your blog, you may have one of the best one's out there in cyber world. I've been lurking for a while to see how safe it was here.
Always a great post, I can't figure out how you will top your self everyday but you do, thanks for your brilliance in thought.
Oh yeh I forgot to mention I don't speak hyena, so they don't matter at all ;)melenas

Yes, I Love Robsten said...

Sometimes it baffles me how clueless people can be!

1) Couples choosing to keep their relationship private and not discussing details in public forums is not the same as showing a little effection in a picture and/or during an interview

2) Who says Rob is losing fans because of who he's dating? I, for one, BECAME a Rob fan because of who he's dating. Not to mention, Rob isn't losing fans, he's losing crazy stalkers. If they no longer like Rob because of who he is dating, then they weren't really his fans to begin with. He's better off without them.

3) If people are going to be so adamant about who was where this weekend, then PLEASE learn some LA geography. One can easily travel north of LA and south of LA in a very reasonable amount of time. Especially when no one even knows when the arrival and departure times occured. I, for one, hope R&K had a great time at the beach before Rob headed back to work on WFE.

The only thing that keeps me sane is that I hope somewhere out there R&K are laughing their asses off at some of the ridiculous theories people will make up just to make themselves feel a little bit better.

Amanda said...

Great post Rose, you're the best! Beware the foam!
Have a great day. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh God! WTF? Why people hating on Blake L.

Jeez, I refuse to believe hardcore Robsessed are worse than Krisbians. No way. Krisbians are worse.

Anonymous said...

Mornan Rose...
i get on here this cold n miserablE Tuesday morning and see 'OVERDRIVE' in 80 odd comments ALREADY...geezz ppl when i get on at this time , its usually much less.....
Love your post ROSE...i look foward every morning....


Deb said...

Louisafrmdwnundr anon.3:46 I just LOVE the way you just put it I agree with you 1oo% why would THEY day WE hmmmm or what about the hand????? ALL IS GOOD WITH ROBERT and KRISTEN lets just be happy for(HIM)and (HER) T..O..G..E..T..H..E..R.Thanks again Louis.YOUR new friend DEB

sfw10sis said...

Wow a lot of goodies came our way over the last 48 hrs, boy does it feel good to be on the right side of the tracks when the train comes barreling down.

Well once again Rob & Kristen have shown us with gestures , looks and words (WE) how much together they are. I haven't stopped smiling since I got up this AM. I did leave for work prepared for the spittle and foam ( umbrella, raincoat and glushes)but when I arrived it was fist pumping all the way down the halls to each co-worker I'd acquainted with your blog. Looks like summer lovin has started a month early and who am I to complain lol.

Rose, very fitting words for all thats happened, you are so articulate, you seem like a very lovely lady who is very passionate about what you are feeling and you express it without being hurtful and nasty, how nice the fandom would be if there were more who followed your example.

I wish that we all weren't just written words to each other on a blog, how nice it would be to met each other (well not everyone obviously, don't want to drag my umbrella around)have lunch, dinner or just drinks and make new friends that feel the passion that Rose does and enjoy each others company and of course the intoxication. I guess we'll have to settle for spreading the love state by state with blogs like yours Rose, Thanks for providing this place for our adoreable couple, I'd like to think that they are aware that the majority of their fans are sane and would rather spread the love over hate. Keep up the good work, just last week a friend became a believer ( I might have cheated and read your blog to her daily, hey, alls fair in love & war)lol.

Looking forward to tomorrows post, take care.


Anonymous said...

thanks DEB [ another new friend]and if you read the end of yesterdays comments you would have seen YES my name is Louisa....
i was reading another site and they brought to my attention that the photo of R close to K isnt staged bt just looking at T face....he isnt laughing or has expression like this was a stunt as he usually has when R is teasing an mucking about wid K

Melinda said...

Little by little we are seeing snippets of our favorite couple. I can honestly say that nothing the haters are saying today has affected me. I am that happy. They have made me laugh out loud several times since I started reading the comments though.

The article was lovely. You can tell R/K are closer than ever. The group pictures were pretty telling. In all 3 Kristen was closer to Rob than Taylor. What does that tell you? And sadly Taylor looks out of place.

Sad to see the sex hair is gone but understand it is for a great role and it will grow back. He is still sexy no matter what!

Off topic- was watching the press conference for New Moon at Comic Con with the 3 of them. First, the looks R/K were giving to each other could set a forest on fire. Secondly, I found it interesting that when Taylor was saying that Eclipse was about the "love triangle" Rob said sorta under his breath "arguably"-while Kristen slightly nodded her head in agreement. So it seems they are both tired of the love triangle push that Summit is so in favor of.

Rose- what a beautiful mess this is. Beautiful for us supporters. Mess...well you know. You have a gift for telling it like it is. Keep on, keep on....

Anonymous said...

SUSAN @ 4.28

Trish said...

@11:58 Am thanks for the good laugh iwas having a tough day! thank you! I DO feel sorry for Taylor it always feels like he is the theird wheel, who ma i kidding, he IS! He shouldnt worry, soon enough he will find love like Rob and Kristen..i have no doubt! that hair thing was so cute in the USA Today thing! loved it! yeah, i am sure kristen was annoyed but they are just SO cute!! very cute! Dont mind the hair cut but what is he going to do when he gets nervous...it looks like when they get nervous thats all they do-rub their hands through their head.

Aw, I love Kristen's cute pose! she's so cute! and Rob is looking tall...yum!! I agree,like i said, i really fell bad for Taylor! but i love that picture!

How much obvious can it be that they are together..sheeh some ppl really need help...jokes aside.

Ladies, next time please please please ignore a comment like the first anonymous FOOL..they come here for attention..ignore, we know they are together and eveything is great, lets learn to ignore and speak of the positive..R and K had fun somewhere at dinner thats enough to make us happy.

And Catherine Hardwick is such a loud mouth! but I love her though, she doesnt care..she has already told us several time and dropped several hints of their relaysh..the love guru as i call her, she must be very proud that she brought these two together!

Kisses to you Rose and every single Robsten fan on here kisses to you all too!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...


Someone commented on another site that they (the commenter) has a theory as to why R/K fun their fingers through their hair so much.

She thinks it's their mating call!

I found it pretty funny....just felt like sharing.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone fighting? We should be SMILING!

If you don't believe Rob and Kris are together than you're blind... and I don't care enough to fight with you or convince you. :-)

USA Today Interview.. so freakin' cute! Oprah interview... have you seen the way Rob looks at her. Its a-freakin'-dorable! And Kristen is trying to keep her cool.. and not let her emotions bubble over... not make it so obvious.. but still its so cute.

I am SO HAPPY THEY HAVE GOTTEN BETTER AT HIDING. Because if all the fans are willing to fight this much over the little that is given us... can you imagine it out in the open... Jeez everyone would have an opinion about a relationship that doesn't involve them. I'm insanely happy that Kristen and Rob can keep their private lives private. :-)

Granted... I love to coo over the Robsten bubble... but I'm glad they can hide from the paparazzi and don't give a fig for our opinions... its what makes their relationship special. Its what makes them "Robsten."

And everyone whose hating on Rob's hair... is seriously pissing me off because the man takes his work seriously so he cut off his freakin hair for a part. HE IS AN ACTOR... THAT IS WHAT HE HAS TO DO.... HE DOES NOT EXIST SOLELY FOR ADMIRATION and ADORATION. He has a career that is quite a bit more important than your opinion about the length of his hair. Geez.

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

@ Trish.

Mating Call!

Fabulous. Hilarious. I love it.

*suzy q*

Anonymous said...


Melinda said...

Suzy Q-

That was actually from me. Wasn't it funny though. You know with those (emphasizing those) looks they give each other, you know that's what they thinking about.

Teresaterri said...

I came home from work and came in here to check on things and what do I find? Theyre in USA TODAY!!!!!!!!! I put my coat and shoes back on and raced out the door to go to Kmart. Tryin not to look like a total Robsten goob I calmly looked at the newspaers. NO USA TODAY!!!!! WHAT THE HE##!!!!!!!! I WANT MY USA TODAY AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!

Ill go to every store and gas station in Ohio if I have to!!! After calming myself down from my meltdown I went across the street to Borders. Borders will have it. Of course they will. I calmly walked in and there it was behind the counter!!!!!!!! Trying not to squeal like a fangirl instead of the 52 year old that I am I calmly asked the cashier for a copy of USA TODAY. And then there it was in my hot little hands!!!!!!!!!!! Right on the cover too!!!! Rob looking like he was about to give Kristen a Vanity Fair smooch :) Taylor off to the side looking like third wheel.(tee hee) My fav part? Rob gettin peeved cause Kristen has met his fav actor Jack Nicholson and Taylor has sat next to him at a Lakers game but he has never met him lol. Well thats my adventure for today not that Im Robsten obsessed or anything.

Teresaterri said...

Thought youd like my little adventure Rose Love ya!!!!!!

Teresaterri said...

To the hyenas that might jump on th Jack Nicholson comment. He was joking you fools!!!!.

Cel said...

Rose, you can write anything you want, post any pictures you want and I will still come and read your blog everyday.

That's because I know you love Rob and Kristen. I also know that you're loyal, true, sensible, and logical.

You will never insult Rob and Kristen. You will always treat them with the utmost respect and love. And you'll always defend them against the hyenas.

So, please continue doing your thing. We'll continue coming here.

Anonymous said...

The hyenas/haters are circling around,it's funny.Rob/Kris are together,their is no question about it,it's obvious.And to LILY,why not take care of your so called boyfriend and just STFU.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I'm so glad you posted the USA Today article, it's so nice to see R and K just act cute and couply. An yea they probably did leave Taylor out a bit, but they're jus so cute ya can't stand it lol. To the crazies that think K is in love with Taylor...you realize he's like 17? Uhh yea you can get arrested for that, and why would she ever choose anything else over Rob? Seriously could you imagine that drama. Can't wait to see R in WFE o by they way (again) he cut his hair the for the role, he's an actor, they do that lmao. omg like shootin fish in a barrel here, anyway another great post Rose, love your blog and totally KNOW they are a very happy couple.!

sollee said...

rob's still cute with that short hair:)..love love love robsten and even taylor lautner, i saved lots of pics of them..thanks to all the blogs who feature them esp. yours rose:)..more happiness for robsten!

Anonymous said...

i can't blame our loving couple if they're always hiding, not only becasue of the papz but also because of the fans. the picture itself can not hide what rob feels for kristen it's overflowing, they are once again in their own world, is taylor included? hehehe. i just can't explain how i always feel whenever i see a picture of them together. what more if i see a picture of them kissing in real life. i'll die. thanks again rose. godbless to you and your loving family. not only we love rob and kristen, we love you also for you always give us a great blog. don't stop doing it because you're also making a lot of followers happy. am from the philippines.

TIKisokA said...

let me just say..I LOVE UR SITE'S NEW BANNER! Lovely Robsten for all to see!!!
and i still am giddy over the epic Oprah and USA Today interview!
and no! I hardly am touchy feely with my guy friend's legs! haha

love ur posts as always Rose!

vanlicous said...

To the haircut-haters:
You don't like Rob's new haircut? Well, that's great. We don't need to share that "Allways looking awesome guy" with you anymore? Yeah! I can handle this :)

Thank you Rose, great post, great Pics, allways a pleasure!