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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Here, There and Everywhere

It's Sunday morning.
I sign on today...

And yeah... the tummy is churning.
As usual.
And then there's this...

Whatever control I thought I had...
is like it 'never existed'.

He is SO beautiful.
And while I know that Robert isn't perfect.
That he is flawed like any human being.
I still look at him in awe...
I've said it before and I'll say it again
Flawed Perfection

I loved The Runaways.
I loved Kristen in The Runaways.
I want to watch The Runaways

That's all I have to say about that.

You might find this hard to believe...
But there are a lot of Robert's fans
Who don't like the Twilight movies.
You might find this kinda strange
(I did)
That someone who is a fan of Rob's
wouldn't want to see him portray Edward Cullen.
Because let's face it...
I'm guessing the whole Edward thing is what is
kinda responsible for their being a fan.
And yeah, yeah...
I know...
YOU liked him WAAAAAY back when he was in 
Ring of the Nibelung
Yeah, sure you did.
But Anyway.
It's not that these fans don't like the books...
And they will go see the movies...
But seeing Robert with Kristen
Kinda pisses them off.
You know?

They don't particularly like Kristen...
And they don't particularly like when Kristen 
gets to kiss on Robert.

They would like to pretend that Kristen doesn't exist.
Which is kinda hard to do these days...
especially in connection to Robert.
I mean...
Let's face it

Wherever Kristen is?
Rob is usually right there.

Wherever Robert goes?
So goes Kristen.

It's kind of a package deal.

Which brings me to my closing thought...

Where are Robert and Kristen?
Honestly, I don't really want to know.
I'm just glad that they are finding some measure of peace.
Some quiet.

Bye for now

To lead a better life I need my love to be here...

Here, making each day of the year
Changing my life with the wave of her hand
Nobody can deny that there's something there

There, running my hands through her hair
Both of us thinking how good it can be
Someone is speaking but she doesn't know he's there

I want her everywhere and if she's beside me
I know I need never care
But to love her is to need her everywhere
Knowing that love is to share
Each one believing that love never dies
Watching her eyes and hoping I'm always there

I will be there and everywhere
Here, there and everywhere

(with much love and thanks to Paul McCartney)


Anonymous said...

OHHHH Rose I love that song, is beautiful, I can see R thinking in K when I listen that song, I hope they are having fun with eachother!!!:)

ssmartinez55 said...

Love it! Great way to start a Sunday morning. Glad to know these two are getting some peace and quiet. I'm looking forward to the summer! :)

ssmartinez55 said...

Also - those new pictures of Rob are unbelievable! He is just so beautiful.

honey said...

Soooo beautiful your post!!! Like always! Love it! And yeah, Robsten are just one person now..I mean, like you said...she's where he is, and vice-versa..Robsten was born a looong time ago...and today we can enjoy together a true, wonderful love..cause they're soulmates and they can't be apart...<3
Yeah, hyenas don't wanna accept it..but..I mean...WHO CARES???? XD They can scream, and cry and foam like they usually do..but things won't change anyway: RobertLovesKristenLovesRobert..

And I love you guys, I love you Rose, and God Bless you Robsten, always <3
We love you..just enjoy your time together without paps or anything like that..just love each other and live a beautiful, normal life ....<3

Patricia said...

Rose: What a way to get my heart pumping looking at those BEAUTIFUL pictures of this GORGEOUS MAN ( ROB PATTINSON.)

Grazie for my wake up smile to your blog.

I miss seeing Rob and Kristen, but understand that they figured out "how to stay private," and I'm happy for them. I KNOW they're enjoying just being together.

Your words and choice of songs are perfect ! YOU ROCK ROSE !


30yearoldtwifan said...

Words of Wisdom from Rose. Right on.. once again :)

Cel said...

Hello Rose. I really like this post. Yes, Rob and Kristen are a package deal.

I especially like what you said about some of Rob's fans who don't want him to play Edward because Kristen gets to be lovey-dovey with him on screen. Mwahaha. So funny.

And yeah, Robert is truly beautiful. There is something in him that draws us in. It's very rare because I don't feel the pull from other persons.

Thanks Rose for giving us the space to talk about Rob and Kristen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, longtime reader of your blog. I just wanna say that although I respect your opinion I kinda disagree with you. I was introduced to rob through twilight but the more I got to know about him and once I saw him in little ashes and how to be I saw there was more to him than edward cullen. I'm just saying that I think you're a bit off saying the reason rob fans are lookin foward more to rob's other movies is because they hate kristen. I actually like kristen but I've seen that theres more to rob than edward. I loved tyler more than edward but that doesn't mean I'm an nonsten. Frankly, I really couldn't care less who rob kisses onscreen. But come on, if we're going to talk about how who rob kisses as an issue, I think the real issue is that most people (shippers) don't want to see rob kiss anyone else onscreen but kristen and of course they refuse to rob outside edward. thats why the turnout for remember me was so poor and why it didn't get voted for best kiss or anything else. No one will say it but we all know thats why. And I think its sad. I love rob as edward and I like kristen. But rob will never get anywhere in his career if fans keep confusing his personal life with his work. And I would rather rob got recognition for other roles that will take him places.

Karen said...

Rose, thank you for a beautiful start to my day. The song is perfect!

Anonymous said...

@10:26 I agree most of you said, excepting I don't like Kristen. Hope this called twifans can move on and support Rob in his future projects.

Anonymous said...

Where is Rob?
Filming WFE in Cali, if you do some research you can find the location, he rented a house a few miles away from that place.
Where is KStew?
KStew is in LA as reported from twitter and a few blogs.
And summer is almost here.

Anonymous said...

@ louise 10:26

''But come on, if we're going to talk about how who rob kisses as an issue, I think the real issue is that most people (shippers) don't want to see rob kiss anyone else onscreen but kristen and of course they refuse to rob outside edward''
This is so TRUE!

I'm a huge Rob fan, I really like kristen too though. I wish them the best for their life and their careers but seriously, if people expect Rob to only play romantic parts with kristen, they're pathetic. Let him have a career!


KPattz said...

Wow!The freak with "wait for the summer" strikes again.lol

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but i have to share this.

@jerseygrl4lfe So rob fangirls actually edited out all of Kristen (wasn't much) & Taylor from oprah& have a video w/just rob? They need to grow a brain :/

err.. ok but some kristen fans do this things too. So? Blaming EVERYTHING on Rob's fans?

Anonymous said...


I can see where your thought process is coming from, but I must disagree. Although I think there are some crazy fans that take everything to extreme(both of the shipper variety and the nonsten variety) I don't think the majority of Twilight fans think the way you portay them to. I don't think most "shippers" have a problem with Rob kissing actresses other than Kristen on screen or vice versa. I just don't think RM was the carry-over movie that they thought it was going to be brought all of the Twilight audience. Twilight fans are extremely passionate about the books. Alot of them don't follow the actor's careers outside of the twilight world. Just because WE all love Rob to bits and pieces and would see him act in a remake of Gigli, doesn't mean every fan would. RM was PG-13, yes, but it was a very mature grown up story. I know my 12 year old daughter who is a huge Twilight/Edward/Rob fan had no interest in seeing the movie. She was hardy upset by the thought that her "Edward" was kissing another girl. She's 12 and she can see it-12 and she's not confused about anything. Acting is acting. Pretty sure the majority of fans aren't confusing anything. Pretty sure Rob and Kristen could give a care less either.

Great Post as always Rose. Hope Rob and Kristen are enjoying their time together. <3

Lisa said...

Excellent blog Rose..

Sadly, I see the "non's" are here already.. :(

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I really HATE when nobodies (if they were somebodies, people in the KNOW, they wouldn't be posting info here)come here and act like they KNOW where Rob is staying/living or where Kris is!!! If you REALLY know, tell us WHO you are, and HOW you know? AND, tell us WHY you are running from blog to blog telling what you know! Such BS!

Tamika said...

according to sightings rob and kris were at a hotel last night, maybe having dinner.

I think she'll be staying with him until she has to shoot her bit where ever that movie is shooting, dont think it'll take long then she'll be back staying with him me thinks

sfw10sis said...

Missed yesterdays post, family things all day, how dare they, lol.

Love the new banner, those pics were the reason I bought my first ever HB mag.

Beautiful words today Rose, as always. Together on the DL is were they are spending their Here, There and Everywhere time, and thats all that matters.

Have a wonderful Sunday


Anonymous said...

@KPatzz You mean Rose? Don't call her freak just because she keeps talking and talking about how good this summer is gonna be for RK :)

@11:09 *sigh* Robstens you know. the world is not worthy if you don't put RK together everywhere. I love that video of Rob's moments in Oprah, I can't watch the interview without seeing *cough* *b*****face* *cough*. So it's true Krisbians do the same with her and I don't complain. Speaking of tolerance.

I would like to copy/paste one comment from Robsessed, from nikola6, which I totally respect for her comments about Rob's career.

"Talk about calling BULLSHIT!

Why would anyone listen to the chatter of the internet over the director of the film? What? Francis Lawrence is in on the conspiracy too?"
"Think about it...
He's suppose to start filming in less than two weeks and because of him being delayed in Europe and with additional work and promotion of Eclipse, he's running out of time to rehearse for this film. Normal pre-production can take up to a month; hair, makeup, wardrobe, etc. Getting the character's 'look.' Then you've got script read throughs (breaking down the character), scenes to block, memorization of dialouge and then the actual rehearsals of scenes. But with this particular production, you've got an added element; animals. And he's running out of precious time to work with them; to get comfortable with them and them comfortable with him.

So of course...
He's going to take an entire day off to celebrate his birthday or better yet, he's going to leave town with his girlfriend on a vacation.

Think people. THINK!!!

And quit paying any attention to the bullshit, the horseshit, the dogshit, the humanshit of the internet."

I SO AGREE WITH HER. BS romantic vacations, romantic summer, nesting, necklaces, eagles and whatsoever.

Just STFU with gossip and go to see Eclipse, BA and WFE. Support Rob!

Scarlet said...

Hey Rose - I am one of the Rob and Kristen fans who don't like Twilight -- at all. I also read the first chapter of Twilight and thought is too was terrible. From their interviews, especially early on, I think that Rob and Kristen have struggled a lot to find parts of the characters that they could relate to. I got hooked on these two through watching interviews with them while they were promoting Twilight. Actually, my first hook was Rob on Ellen; adorable. Then I watched a few more interviews and when he AND Kristen were together -- wow. Then that infamous Charlie hotel moment and well, the rest is history. But I didn't even see New Moon and won't bother to.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10:53

Actually, according to some different twitter sightings, Rob and Kristen were spotted yesterday at a hotel. So, yes, Rob is filming WFE but Kristen is with him and she was there on his birthday as well. And the summer is almost here...what a beautiful summer for them!

kristine.hills said...

Sorry Rose I LOVE YOUR HUGE small blog(as i said before: HUGE bc you can feel love here and it's a small blog), but i get so SAD when i read or listen to people talking they don't Kristen, it just crushes my heart, come on ROB fans, if it WEREN'T Kristen we WOULDN'T KNOW RP. Kristen is the REASON WHY we know and love him.


"If Rob didn't get the part, if they didn't think I was right about who we should cast, I couldn't have done the movie. I probably would have done it if he never came in and just made it work with someone else. But he was the only guy who came in feeling like it. He looked terrified, and you could feel pain from him. He wasn't just concerned with standing in a statuesque way and posing. He had the right things going on in his head and at the same time he was very responsive. He didn't have this set thing that he was doing, he could see me.
Depending on what I did he would change his performance. I hate it when people are so structured that they've got what they're doing down. But we could see each other. It was a responsiveness thing. I didn't have that with anybody else. I was thinking, "Argh, everyone is lying to me. Why are you lying? Just have the balls to do it for real!" I'm not saying live the story. But be there while you're there. He was the only one that did that. He's a really hard worker. And I like that. I don't like lazy actors."

KS fought for RP, she CHOSE him, no otherwise. RP was thinking about quit acting, he himself said it thousand times, and recently at OPRAH. KS was his MIRACLE, she BELIEVED him, she had FAITH in him.
That's why i don't understand why they don't like her.

I loved your post today, i ALWAYS like them, it's a fresh air every day.Thanks again.

And you are right 'THEY liked him WAAAAAY back when he was in
Ring of the Nibelung,Yeah, sure you did.' LOL

XOXO from Brazil

And remember girls we should THANK our girl KS bc she chose RP, she wanted him to play Edward Cullen, and now we can see him play other characters. THANKS KRISTEN YOU ARE AMAZING.

And Rob you are the reason i admire KS. I learned to respect and like her a lot(she is different from everything i can see and read about HW actress).If i had a daughter i'd like she had KS personality(if i had lucky maybe her beauty.lol)

God Bless RK and Rose.

Anonymous said...

To anon 10:43-

So let me get this straight. Kristen flew thousands and thousands of miles to Budapest, to spend her birthday with Rob, but now that they are in the same city, they aren't going to be together as much as possible? You're silly, and your "source" is a joke. You are right about one thing; it's going to be a glorious summer. I love them both.

Excellent post as usual, Rose.:)
The "NONsense" always gets louder, when Rob and Kristen are physically together, which they will be, well, for most of the summer, and probably much longer than that.

Anonymous said...

Don't think my first post went through. GORGEOUS pics of Rob. Just beautiful. The one in the sweater???? Aahhhhhhhh........Greek God!! The mold was broken when he was created. Sigh.

There was a R/K sighting last night, don't want to give the location in case that's where he(they) are staying but it sounds legit. It was at 1 AM, a 30ish guy posted on his FB that they were next to him in said location. Certainly not a shipper or Twihard. LOL Another guy said something on twitter. Glad they were able to be together without shrieking girls or paps. Know they are enjoying each other to the fullest.(wink wink)

Lisa said...

Anon 11:26:00 AM, go away..

Deb said...

Hey Rose I have to agree with you I didnt even know about Rob until Twilight ( SORRY GUYS) but after that movie I was hooked And as for Kristen same thing NOW I want to see ALL of there movies And I dont care WHO they are KISSING I LOVE THEM for WHO they ARE and IM so happy that they found each other (SOUL MATES) YES I do believe IN SOUL MATES I married one MY BEST FRIEND . Thank You Rose once again for making me smile God Bless You Have a good day my friend AND KEEP SINGING..........DEB

soadram said...

"..... When we look at a person realize it is our soul mate ..."( not know if it was exactly these words that Rob used) (an interview) but what he meant is that he had found his alme mate (Kris) as she found hers.
And for MORE TURNS TO WANT TO GIVE SUBJECT. Rob is with Kris and Kris with Rob this anywhere. I do not have any doubts or need to ask anyone. Just let them be happy who does not want to be happy ... All people.
Rosa you are that "angel" who gives us words in this blog all that is sincere and visible to everyone.
I like your blog because I like to read what he writes, because it's how I feel, those who do not agree with the words of Rosa because they bother to come here?
Sorry, but minds are poor, are people who do not like to see others happy ... and with essse kind of people I do not line up.
Keep it up and Rose is happy because I know he is happy, because only someone manages to convey such a happy happy:))
A kiss from Portugal

Anonymous said...

@11:54 Another person said on twitter she was in LA. But if you like to think they are together, enjoy.
People who work in the film industry confirm he's working his ass 6 days/week ALL day long.
But maybe this is the same thing as the romantic vacation, all the shippers were like "Ohhh, take it nonstens" and them booom, WFE director twiteed he was working!


I'm out, have a nice sunday

KPattz said...

No anon 11:26.When i say the crazy with the summer thing i meant you!!You were here a couple weeks agao with a different moniker,but Rose kept deleting your stupid comments and now you came back as anon.How clever of you!lol' So,i guess R/K are gonna split this summer acceording to your "sources"?And then i guess he's gonna meet you and fall head over heels??lol Well,good luck with that!I hope you've talked about that with your therapist.Tell him that you need stronger pils,because you're getting more delusional and pathetic!

linzy said...

*sigh* isn't it too early yet for so much NONsense? *shakes head* all i see and hear is a lot of "wah wah wah" kinda like the teacher from the Peanuts cartoons. *giggles*

it is a hazy overcast morning out here in LA. perfect day to curl up in bed with a hot cup of coffee and someone special ;)

i know that's what i'm about to do.

hope everyone has a lovely sunday <3 especially you Rose

Anonymous said...

See, it's people like anonymous 12:23 that make NONstens look ridiculous! What does Rob working have to do with the FACT that Rob and Kristen are TOGETHER? People work AND people have relationships. You guys are just sounding more and more desperate all the time, and it's getting really old. I truly believe that some of you are honestly out of your minds.

And further more, it's really sad that your desperation and deluded state brings you to Rose's blog every single fucking day. You are NUTS.

KPattz said...

Idiot anon 11:26,12:23,since you're the same lunatic,let me inform you that Rob's in LA,because he's on pre production of WTE.He's gonna film there and at Santa Clara,Cali.If Kristen was spotted at LA,where's the news?They're both in LA,enjoying their time together.

Geez,some 12 years old are really stupid.Or you're one of those pathetic,drooling cougars,who think of poor Rob as their prince charming?

dillia said...

Sometimes i think that maybe it would be better for Kristen if she wasn't with Rob.The girl has to deal with a lot of crap and shit,and i mean his army of crazies,who claim themselves as his fans,but the truth is that they don't give a shit about him and what makes him happy or what he wants.They only see him as a piece of man meat.Feel so sorry for him.

Anonymous said...

I love how the NONsense people don't have ANY common sense. Kristen traveled to visit Rob for NYE, Kristen traveled to visit Rob in Budapest, but now they are in the same city they haven't been seeing eachother? Seriously? And if a guy spots R/K at the airport being affectionate or the guy last night seeing them at a hotel, he must be lying! Except they aren't in the fandom at all. Maybe the hyenas lie so much they think others must do it too. If it makes people happier to believe R/K aren't seeing eachother *eyeroll* then go ahead! But I really don't see what it matters because if he isn't spending time with her, is he spending time with you? NO.

Anonymous said...

to dillia

Oh really? Seriously, enough with the hypocrisy already. I can't deal with it anymore. his crazy fans, his lunatic fans etc..

How about kristen fans? Please, don't forget kristen's fans who hate Rob and threaten him... dont forget Hyenas,nonstens.. etc also include kristen fans who hate Rob.

Sometimes i think that maybe it would be better for Rob if he wasn't with kristen.

I mean the whole boycott RM campaign, detail magazine drama etc..

katy said...

anon 12:30 totaly agree you you.

Kpattz...I love you :)
And I love you too Rose...Great Post.

Anonymous said...

Yes, dillia@12:37, share the same feeling with you. Everytime I see people attacking Kristen, it breaks my heart. Can't understand the craziness of some Rob's so called "hardcore fans". Hurting someone Rob loves is justified as being a fan? Really wonder!~

Kristen, such a talented and beautiful girl, deserves the best. Glad to know: it's always been, R loves K loves R.

From Asia,

Anonymous said...


I agree with you. Kristen was more relaxed before she got involved romantically with Rob. Since they're together, she's not the same in interviews, she looks shy, nervous, forced as if she was afraid that Rob or herself said something they didn't have to say.

She's also too concerned about what people, fans or media think of her. You just have to read her inteview in Elle.

On the other hand Rob is dealing with all this shit pretty well! He doesn't care so much about media and fans.

So, yes, I'd say that Kristen should feel way better without Rob, that's whay I think she must love him crazily, otherwise she wouldn't stand all this stress.

dillia said...

Anon 12:56.First of all,i'm not a krisbian nor a robsessed.It happens to love Kristen ans Rob the same.And i'm not a shipper or a twihard.I guess i'm with the minority.But as a woman i feel disgust with all these psychos who are spreading hate over Kristen all over internet just because she's with their dreamy guy.
You said that you wish he wasn't with her.Don't forget that HE was the one who was hunting her,talking about how he had a crush on her,he saw her at ITW and wanted to meet her,and other stuff like that.HE was the one who opened the door at all this craziness.Everyboddy was aying that poor guy had a hard crush on his co star.Kristen got with him after a year.I'm sure she thought about it a lot,because she knew that Rob had behind him really obsessed girls/women.But i guess the pull was way too much to fight.
They're two kids who are trying to act normal in a very unnormal situation,but they manage to stay cool.Their fans from the other side are fighting over something that it's not their business.Especially Rob's who don't forget started a site just to bash Kristen.The girls on Kristen's IMDb think that Rob is a really adorable guy and don't bash him.On the contrary,they're very complimentary.

Anonymous said...

Great post today, as always! Love you Rose!..

to 12:56

I actually agree with you about RM and Details stuff. I still cant believe all this drama about Details shoot. It's just a magazine shoot. It's called being professional. just like acting. It meant nothing. I don't know why some robsten fans freak! I mean, zac Efron rolled around in the mud with naked models for magazine. Did it hurt his relationship with GF Vanessa? Why all the drama?

Oh and the whole boycott RM campaign made me wanna puke. that is all..


LK said...

So,the twihards and robsten shippers were boycotted RM?lol Are you serious?I thought that Rob's fanbase was huge.There are tons of his hardcore fans who are staying awake because they're dreaming of f--king him.All these women didn't go to see his film?You expected the twihars to show up?They only care about him as Edward.You can't force someone to go and see a movie.Maybe you have to reconsider about how many fans Rob really has.

Anonymous said...

To anon 12:56,

I'm not going to argue with u who (R or K) pays or suffers more when they are in a relationship. We all know they both got attacks from those NONsenses. From dillia's post(I believe she is a Kristen's fan as I am), I can see she just expressed her sympathy for Kristen without any intention to stir up hatred. So please don't be over sensitive. We aren't going to start kinda stupid game like "who suffers more?" here.


Anonymous said...

to dillia

just try checking out some LJ accounts/twitter of Kristen fans. I think, It's obvious you're nothing more than a kristen fanatic who isn't able to think objectively.

I see a lot of Rob/his fanbase bashing as usual.

admit it or not, kristen fans are just as f-up as rob fans, no different use to be but not anymore. Period.

Anonymous said...

dillia, glad to know we love R & K the same but still stand out to speak for K. Maybe you just voice out your thought honestly. anyway, I have to thank you.

Jsut hope everyone be as rational as you. That "who suffers more comparison" is idiotic and completely unnecessary.


dillia said...

anon 11:48,you can think what you want,it's your right.If this board doesn't suit you you can go at others who are more hardcore,for people like you.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Rose. This blog is supposed to be all about the love. There should be no room for hate or lies or petty arguments. Act your ages, guys.

Patricia said...

I don't understand why fans can't just support Rob and Kristen. If someone loves someone and they make them happy, then that's wonderful ! Embrace LOVE NOT HATE.




amanda said...

Boycott RM campaign? Never heard of such a thing. I'm an R/K fan and saw RM several times. Some friends I have who actually dislike Kristen only saw it once. I just think it's the type of movie that people didn't want to see over and over with that type of ending. It wasn't meant to make a ton of money, Rob said that himself. I don't think it had anything to do with the leading lady. Also, the Twilight fanbase is way bigger than the Rob fanbase, just like the Twilight fanbase is way bigger than the Kristen fanbase. I'm a Twilight fan, and a Rob fan separately. I will see any movie Rob is in from now on, but I understand not all Twilight fans will do the same.

And would people stop with the Rob fans versus Kristen fans thing? Just because someone mentions Rob fans, doesn't mean they have to say something about Kristen fans to make it even and vice versa. Yes, there are 'hyenas' on both sides, but if someone wants to make a point about one that should be ok. Even though I do think the "Sometimes I wish K (or R) wasn't with eachother so one wouldn't have to deal with.." is just a silly thing to say. They obviously think eachother is worth it.

pricklypearess said...

O M G!! That first pic...Hellooo Robert! Great post, Rose. I don't care who has the worst or best fanbase. Each group has its radical fringe. I love both Rob and Kristen. Glad they were able to stay on the DL this weekend. Have a happy Sunday everyone! Ignore the hate. xoxo

Anonymous said...

to dillia

'Don't forget that HE was the one who was hunting her,talking about how he had a crush on her,he saw her at ITW and wanted to meet her,and other stuff like that.HE was the one who opened the door at all this craziness'

So? Let's blame him huh?
Come on people! It's happening a lot!
People hate Vanessa because she's with zac efron, people hate Kate Bosword because she's with ASkarsgard. They're sex symbol, They're a lot of woman's dream man etc.. I know it's so pathetic.

You can NOT blame guys because of all the hate.

Anonymous said...

TO 1223 Anon...get over it...2 grown ass men said R and K were at the hotel they were at...Guess they along with the British politician, nerdy Midwestern Science guy and a 12 year girl on the IOW are ALL lying about spotting R/K together and cozy...get over it...Rob loves Kristen, is making love to her NOT you. He is with her. And WTF does his working have to do with anything?? Are you 10?? I work all day and so does my husband. Do we not see each other every night? Was Rob working at 1 AM when they were sighted??? You nonstens are all morons.

Melinda said...

Sunday bloody Sunday....that's what I feel like. Not a day goes by when there isn't NONsense started.

What I don't understand why bother reading Rose's blog if you think she is wrong all the time? Don't you have better things to do? She isn't going to change the way she feels and the majority of the people who follow her blog agree with her so you won't change our minds either.

Seriously I think you need to contact Melissa Rosenberg and ask her to write you some new lines b/c the ones you keep saying are old.

Rose can correct me if I am wrong but I believe when she is talking about R/K being a package deal she is talking about their private life not their professional one. I don't get the impression she has a problem with either of them acting with another romantic lead. At the end of day Rob and Kristen always come home (not always in the literal sense) to each other.

I personally would love to see them together in a movie with a fantastic script with some fire. Maybe in a couple of years and the Twilight fanaticism has died down. Rob at Cannes last year said he would love to do another movie with Kris. It's undeniable they have great chemistry.

Rose- thanks for putting the sweater picture up. It gives me a clear shot of his beautiful jawline! When he is kissing a certain someone it is even more pronounced! That man can melt butter with some of his looks!

I see some clear skies ahead for some and dark angry clouds for others. I'm all for some beautiful CA weather myself. Until next time...

Anonymous said...

Robert and Kristen are together and you NOTHINGS are PR. Pretty Ridiculous!!!!

Anonymous said...

To all hyenas/nonstens without a brain- Christoph Waltz was seen out at a Lakers game Thurs. night(Rob's bday!) after WFE rehearsals(although you will probably say that sighting was made up.) But Rob and Kristen can't be together last night at a hotel because he is doing pre-production?? Yeah that makes sense. Snort. And not even 12-16 hour days yet, pre-production/rehearsals are not that taxing. They are filming an hour away from LA once it starts and rehearsals are being done in LA itself. Yeah, he can't be with Kristen because she's just SO far away. LMAO You'll have to try harder.

over it said...

@ 1223,Rob was also working his azz off while doing BA and that didn't stop Kristen from spending time with him in London and Budapest and on set no less. We all saw that clip of him coming out of his trailer disheveled and disoriented while she was there.Gee,wonder why?Go find a bf and get laid and leave Rose and her blog alone.

Anonymous said...

Most actors work long days, right? Tom Cruise’s family visits him on set when he is working. Brad visits Angie when she is working. I could go on and on…… I would assume most actors have their own trailer where family and friends (girlfriend), etc. can make themselves at home while visiting the set. Oh, I forgot Rob is not a big enough star to have his own trailer (joking – he is a HUGE STAR). Have you guys ever heard of a break or lunch hour or a dinner hour for an actor? I know some don’t want to think of this wonderful man spending his break time with the adorable Kristen Stewart. Oh well

Anonymous said...

oh great right now some kristen fans (and they're robsten fan to) making a picspam with aranganostew. How nice... NOT.

I wonder if it's Rob ex what would their reaction be?

Doule standard much?

I love Rob and Kris. Together or apart but i can't deal with this sh!t anymore.

Anonymous said...

Rob and Kristen were spotted in a beautiful and romantic place in south CA, by multiple twitter sightings, and Chatty Cathy, aka Catherine Hardwicke, just confirmed in the twitour in Vancouver that Kristen is with Rob! Any hyena left? I mean seriously,people, if you still are not convinced that these two are together, seek professional help..

Anonymous said...

to 10:26, Louise...I agree 100% with what you said. Fans on BOTH sides want this Twilight series over with.

And to those questioning the boycott campaign for RM? Yes, there was one. Led by the shippers who can't see Rob with any other actress and by hardcore Krisbians just on principal.

And maybe the Rob fans vs Kristen fans will stop when people stop blaming everything on the Rob fans and start realizing that the Kristen fans are just as bad.

Anonymous said...

3.46 pm

Please, can you post the link to those twitters?? I'd like to see what they say about R/K. Any pic? I miss them.

Anonymous said...

@3.46 YER ME TOO
I read that some of you have twitter claims of the "BEAUTIFUL TWO" BUT IM NOT SURE HOW YOU FINDS THESS LINKS.. ....

Anonymous said...

CH needs to STFU. She would say anything to get media attention. Just saying.
About the Ritz. Pics or it didn't happen.
Rob is working. Summer working. One more time? Summer working.


Anonymous said...

@ anon 3:55

I don't want to give away their location..sorry..so I'm not putting there this twitters because they actually say where they are, and they deserve some privacy. But you can easily find them .A lot of them are talking about it.Just people have to stop questioning whether Rob and Kristen are a couple. They are and THEY FIND TIME FOR EACH OTHER when they want to.

Anonymous said...

to 3:43

i soooooo agree with you! They drooling over Michael and Kristen right now. 'oh they're better than rob and kristen.. I miss them sfm' blah blah blah...
Rob? oh please Rob could have nothing to do with the women or girls because fandom goes all crazy. Everything is different if it's Rob. Just f*cking admit it!

too much hypocrisy. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...


You know she is not the kind of "aw, I'm locked in a trailer waiting for my bb". She is gonna get tired soon. As soon as she has another hottie co-star. Oh, wait...OTR


Me again

Anonymous said...

I like ur post Rose. Rob's outtake 2day made my day. any way, Couger Cathy Strikes... Can any one tell Couger Cathy 2 shut the fuck up and stop talking about Rob as if he was trying 2 seduce a minor, isn't MA the little spicy one was dating kris while he was 20 and she is like 16 or 17. It's just one year different between Rob and MA, I wish one day Rob and Kris will give her piece of their mind so she stop talking about them.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 4:17-Me

Summer working includes easily SUMMER LOVING. Just saying. Jeez. Work doesn't rule out love! Johnny Depp is working in Venice, yet his family is with him, Brad the same with Angelina, Cathy Holmes always visits Tom Cruise on set, and so on..and just stop with the all pictures-or-it-didn't- happen. It's getting old..

Anonymous said...

to 2:50pm. I am seriously running out of words to respond to the utter crap I've read. Are these people trying to say Rob and Kristen haven't been able to spend time together and won't see each other this summer because he's working? Uh....

Rob and Kristen spent last summer filming on separate coasts and still saw/made time for each other. Rob was just filming in Europe while Kristen was busy promoting in LA and NYC and they still saw/made time for each other. I mean, Rob was hard at work on Bel Ami but still took Kristen out in London. And he was able to spend time with her on birthday (he looked SO happy and cute that day!). So....

C'mon, now. Stop with the nonsense. They saw each other when they were separated by thousands of miles! And some people think they won't do the same while in the same area?! LOL. They will spend as much time together as they can.

And if some Rob fans actually want to think that Rob spent the entire day rehearsing on his birthday...go ahead. But the director's tweet was early afternoon. And just remember that Rob worked on Kristen's birthday but she still flew thousands of miles and countless hours to spend it with him. She was there with him, hanging out on the Bel Ami set--he even took a 2 hour lunch! So, no doubt for however long Rob rehearsed, Kristen was there hanging out and then they went to celebrate in private, just like they did for her birthday in Budapest.

So, please, spare us with the BS about Rob working and blah blah blah. He has filmed a lot of movies, he knows the deal. Same goes for Kristen. Both of them know how to work and how to make time for each other and their family and friends.

Take your BS to a place that cares.

Anonymous said...

@4:23 Johnny, Brad and Tom are all married men. Notice the difference? The woman from Twilight is just 20. She will have a bunch of boyfriends before getting married. Face it.
This fandom is all about pics or it didn't happen, never gets old.
Garret, garret, garret...mmm...you know Kristen's method right? She has to FEEL things when is playing a part. Zathura, Messengers...not involved romancing or sex scenes...but when she had to face a hottie co-star like Rob for such a long time...she fell in love with Edward...yeah, with Edward. As happened with dear Angarano (we miss youuuu).
So...Garret, Garret, Garret.
Rob, don't worry, the world is full of women. Much better than Miss B*****face.

Me one more time

Anonymous said...

Aw, they work but they can see each other. OF COURSE they can, FFS, I KNOW THAT! but not as long as all robsten have been saying!. Kristen birtday. All day locked in a trailer, just seeing Rob in lunch break, and night (very late) What a wonderful birthday. You know, relationships get hurt when you are not able to spend enough time with your bb, specially if you are young and inmature (pffffff, STFU with that woman being mature, she is NOT, look at her interviews, she looks like a rabbit shaking her body).
Just saying.

Anonymous said...

to 3.43
You make a true point. And hypocrisy is a good word for it. The thing is I don't mind Kristen fans doing picspams with her ex or other guys. The only thing that annoys me is that if you made a picspam of Rob with his ex or another girl, you would be bashed and called a nonsten. I'm a Rob fan who supports Rob and Kristen as a couple and I once made the bad mistake of actually jokingly posting a pic of Rob and his ex Nina on twitter. I ended up getting bashed by shippers and Kristen fans. They said I hated Kristen and I was a nonsten. It made me very upset because I have always supported Rob and Kristen. I will support whoever Rob goes out with. I really can't stand the double standard. Kristen fans with their jessestew, oreganostew, etc. and I support them because I have no problem with it. But you can't do that with Rob cause then you're a hater.

Anonymous said...

#1@4:17pm So?

I am working this summer.
My boyfriend is working this summer.
We're both young attorneys. You know how crazy our schedules get?
But we still make time for each other.
So, again, what's your point?
Rob is working this summer but he will still see and spend time with his girlfriend, Kristen.

Seeing what he have seen of Rob and Kristen over the past year, some people have to be seriously deluded to think they are not and will not spend time together this summer!

Melinda said...


Get off the computer and go play with your Edward doll.


Anonymous said...

Now dear Angarano is fulling twitter. If Kristen cheated on him with Rob (mean woman), if they are no longer friends...he is starring the reboot of Spiderman franchise and new SSodenberg film, probably will be at the oscars next year...mmmm...I can see KSTEW looking for her first love again...hope he say 'hell, no"


Anonymous said...

to 4:33&4:39&4:53pm.
She wasn't locked in a trailer all day. LMAO. And being with someone you love, even if you can only have a few hours of private time is all that matters. And it just goes to show how serious Rob and Kristen are about each other!

Bringing up a movie Kristen will film months from now--And bringing up her ex-boyfriend--really? That's your ammo now? LOL.

As far as OTR, She has a supporting role but it will be a fantastic role for her! I am excited for the film. Sure Rob is too.

So. Whatever. Clearly you are an unhappy person. Very unhappy, it seems. I am sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Rob has to worry about Shorty Spice. The guy has nothing on Rob.

I don't think he is spicy enough for Kristen. Nice guy but not for her.

When lightening hits you it will alter you for life.

Anonymous said...

People,ignore the hyenas..they're so desperate right now..they know pretty well that their blabbing will come to nothing!They know that Rob and Kristen are a happy and solid couple and that very fact drives them crazy!It's so funny reading your comments,hyenas!Just don't forget that while you're so desperate,Rob is in Kristen's arms..

Anonymous said...

@ anon 4:19

You can talk like this all day but believe me no one cares.. (sorry but even you Rose) It's sad, i know.. I feel sorry for Rob, I really do.
People drooling over kristen's ex or her co-stars 'oh come on it's just some fun' *sigh* but when someone dares mention Rob's co-stars all h e l l breaks loose, I think it's mostly cause they are girls and they associate with the chick in the relationship, especially if they're her fans first too.

Welcome to world of double standards.

Anonymous said...

4:59 I'm dying in pain *sarcasm*
We'll see for how long. She is 20 20 20 20 20 20.
Garret&Kristen. Remember. Sex-scenes. Kristen Method "I need to feel things when I play a character"


Anonymous said...

4:33,4:39 and 4:53

Okay now quit trash talking Kristen. It's one thing to say you don't like her acting but enough with implying she is a slut. That's out of line!

You really need to find a hobby and not focus so much hate on a beautiful and very much in love girl you will never meet (thank God for small miracles).

Deb said...

IM NOT SORRY TO anon-433(ME) no one cares about what you have to say SOOOO keep trying SOME DAY YOUR PRINCE WILL COME( or not ) as you can see its all about me,me,me.read a book go to the movies OR just clean your room go look at other people who are in love it mite make your life a little better again get a life ok best wishes on that . and i am DEB. ....ps i dont know where our two love birds are BUT i DO hope they are having FUN in what ever they are doing.

Anonymous said...

@5:03pm. And so what? Kristen will work with another male actor *gasp*
She will have sex scenes *gasp*

She has done sexy scenes before with male actors. LOL.

You know Kirsten Dunst is also in the movie? What if her and Garrett have a sex scene? OMG. Then that means they will start dating! LMAO.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous hater- GET. A. LIFE. Seriously. I feel bad for you. You want Kristen to leave Rob because you don't like her? Nomatter what happens with them it doesn't mean you will be with him. And sorry to disappoint you, they seem to be in a happy, mature functional relationship. They don't know you exist, and you spend all day typing this crap? Pathetic. If you are a fan of Rob, be happy for him. He made it obvious he liked Kristen from the beginning so just stop and support him. Wish him happiness with who HE WANTS to be with. Get a life, a boyfriend, a hobby, something.

Anonymous said...

to anon 5:03

Do you know that sex scenes aren't for real right?That they have the director yelling CUT and then ACTION and then CUT...even real life couples when they have to shoot sex scenes,they don't do it for real..

You remind me of the hard core Robert's fan, who happen to hate Kristen(what a coincidence *sarcasm*), that when Rob was shooting the sex scenes with emilie posted comments like"GO ROBert!OMG!He'll fall in love with emilie!I mean, they're doing SEX SCENES" yadayada.That just shows how immature you are and that you know nothing about how sex scenes are been shot. There's nothing sexy when you're shooting them .

And by the way Kristen fell in love with Rob WITHOUT HAVING SEX SCENES TO SHOOT WITH HIM. What does that tell you? That she didn't need them to fall in love with him. Why? Because you don't fall in love with a costar just because you shoot sex scenes with him, but because you spend time with him on set and discover parts of him that you didn't know. And Kristen connected with Rob instantly. She liked his personality.

And one more thing, these aren't the first sex scenes Kristen will be shooting, she did some others(Cake Eaters and Adventureland )Did she got together with Jesse Eisenberg?No. So stop with the BS and leave this blog

Anonymous said...

''Kristen fans with their jessestew, oreganostew, etc. and I support them because I have no problem with it. But you can't do that with Rob cause then you're a hater''
My thoughts exactly. I just dont get it.

Anonymous said...

Wow some of the comments are painful! Kristen has to "feel" a part to get into it...uhm have you seen Into the Wild? Guess she didn't "feel" it or Wonderland quite as much lmao Seriously! They seem happy, just leave it at that gaaa. I recognized Rob from Harry Potter when they first had photo's of him as Edward and thought 'oh look it's Cedric'. He's cute you can't miss him, we all have strong opinions about him and Kristen but find a more positive way to vent your craziness. When you've posted like 4 times and keep spewing the same crap that no one wants to hear...and they keep telling you that...it's time to get a life. Great blog Rose, quite exciting today lol.

Anonymous said...

So you want Kristen to fall in love with one of her costars while doing love scenes. OK. I have a little secret to tell you. You can actually do a love scene and have a great amount of respect and acting chemistry with the person you are doing the scene with and not like that person in a romantic way. It’s called acting. You can also pull off a great love scene and dislike your costar. It’s called acting. You can do a full on nude scene with someone and you don’t have to like them or dislike them. It’s a job. You get paid for it!! Robert and Kristen are actors, doing love scenes with others are a part of their jobs.

Anonymous said...

thank you for stating the obvios Anom @ 6.14....
why do ppl have to spell this out to others all the time....
not sure...
maybe we are dealing with minors....
Surely to CHRIST an adult need an explaination to what ANOM @ 6.14 pointed out!!!!!

katy said...

I see @Lilly is back...Stop talking about Kristen like she was a slut.
You are so ridiculous, do you really think Kristen is going to fall in love with all her co-stars...Rob wasn't the first one...did she fall inlove with the others NO.
And how dumb you are to think Kristen is going to get back with Michael...because is doing Spiderman and maybe will go to the Oscar's...what are smoking girl...

So Please Go away and stop trashing Kristen.
She Loves Rob and Rob loves her...just accept it and you will feel better.

Rose lovely Post...as must I miss Rob and Kristen
'I'm just glad that they are finding some measure of peace.
Some quiet.

what? said...

WTF.How old is this moron saying Rob will be working this summer and won't see Kristen? LMFAO Hello?? He will be in the same city. And like no working couple ever spends time together when...gasp..off duty? I guess Reese won't see her kids for 55 days straight. JFC. Rose, any way you can screen for mental stablity on here? While you're at it, let's have an IQ test, logic/reasoning skills exam and age limit as well. That leaves all the nonsten hyenas out.

Anonymous said...

To the freak who keeps posting about Kristen leaving Rob for her new co-star-get a life.You are the same freak that posts ad nauseum about this Garret dude(never heard of him before)on Ted's AT board. Do you know how many male co-stars Kristen has had??? MANY. And she has been with only TWO. TWO boyfriends in her life! She did not get with MA for THREE years after filming with him and did not get with Rob for a YEAR after meeting him. This is not a girl who takes love/sex lightly. Now GTFO and go back to Twatlighters and Nonsten.

Anonymous said...

to 4:33 idiot...Brad and Johnny are NOT married men...perhaps you should know what you are talking about before posting your idiotic drivel.Oh wait,you can't. Everything you say is nonsensical.

Anonymous said...

All the haters are circling around because in truth they know that Rob/Kris are together in LA.HATERS do you really think that you can break Rob/Kris relationship by posting BS over and over?I don't think so.So STFU.

Anonymous said...

I think there is 1 person here who has obviously never been in a REAL relationship. I also think he/she’s medication dosage should be increased. Like now!!!! Yes you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha just checked out the new interview from USA Today. Lol either Rob and Kristen are not together or they have one bad relationship. Seriously how can you go out with a guy for almost a year and know who his role model is and yet you never tell him you met him? Lol Rob seemed so peeved that Kristen never told him. She obviously doesn't trust him enough to confide in him. The relationship won't last. They obviously just meet up for kicks and thrills, spend the night here and there. They're hot and rich so why not? Just your typical hollywood relationship with no trust and no values.

Anonymous said...

WTF are you talking about 8:27?? Please tell me you are NOT serious. It was such a cute interview. I bet you're just bitter her and was on his leg.

Deb said...

too ANON 8:27 keep digging and MAYBE YEP I said MAYBE you well start believing YOUR SELF LORD know WE WONT now get out of the sand box take your dolls and go home its almost time for bed. DEB. Sorry Rose but how can you stand it ALL this SHIT every day? I feel sorry for all you loney women/girls

bev said...

Love your blog, Rose. Makes my day and wish for a memorable Robsten summer. USA Today has a very telling article from backstage Oprah. Go Robsten.

Anonymous said...

Loved the USA today interview! The hand on leg, the 'we have gotten better at hiding' comment. All win! and I love their playful banter. and apparantly according to 'sightings' Rob and Kristen are together right now!

sollee said...

just want to say that wherever robert pattinson and kristen stewart are today i wish them lots of happiness..and hope they will continue to love and support each other:)

Anonymous said...

Looks like the guy's FB about R/K at a hotel is real, a legit HWood twitter has placed them at that spot for the weekend and Rob's bday dinner, won't repost it as they deserve their privacy. Let's just say I've seen pics on the official site and wowza...talk about a beautiful, romantic, very luxurious place with the ocean right there. Very private where no paps are allowed which is why celebs go there. Guess the resident hater here is wrong. What a shock.

Anonymous said...

Cute USA article,all 3 were great,all 3 really play well off each other although poor Taylor is lost in the bubble. lol Love K's hand on R's leg(!!!) during part of it and "we've gotten better at hiding so there's no pap pics of us." Even the journalist knows they are in a relationship! Wake up hyenas.

Anonymous said...

Anom @9.38 give me some more insight to your little joyous secret.....please

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. Looks as if Lainey was RIGHT.

Anonymous said...

After reading the new USA Today article,obviously Kristen had NO problems with Rob having such heavy sex scenes in BA with his co-stars. And she knows exactly what they entail. Rob probably asked her to help him rehearse his scenes over and over and over.... I guess Rob will have to return the favor when Kristen has to rehearse her scenes for OTR. Oooooo it's gonna be a HAWT HAWT summer!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

To Louisa-sorry, do not feel comfortable posting exact location if they are still staying there. It will be all over the net soon I'm sure.It's a high end place that caters to the very wealthy and celebs somewhere in CA. A person from CA said on another board that in the late
1980's a suite was several thousand dollars a night(yikes) so can imagine the cost now. Let's just say 'just friends' don't go there, it is very romantic and special and perhaps something Kristen planned for Rob's birthday. Private walks on the beach, pap-free, etc.Looks like Lainey may not have been FOS after all.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah Rob and Kristen's relationship is so bad. Kristen actually reveals she met Rob's role model Jack Nicholson, which is something you'd think she would had already told her boyfriend. Rob was totally shocked that she'd never told him and the interviewer even noted that he was quite annoyed. Lol she already keeping things from him. They do seem to have such a trusting relationship. Don't expect her to return the favour when it comes to her sex scenes. Rob will left out in the cold again lol.

Anonymous said...

Thank you USA today for this little morsel. Makes all the foam from earlier on more bearable.

I read on another blog a couple of weeks ago that there was rumor that after May 15th of this month Summit's say in R/K's relationship would end. Now I am not saying this is correct but if it is then maybe we will see R/K less guarded than before (i.e her hand on Rob's leg and the writer actually printing that tidbit).

Once again they are cute with each other. Like how Rob said "you never told me that." Pretty telling if you ask me.

Rose in case you read this- you were talking to someone else about the commentary on Twilight so it made me curious so I watched it earlier this evening. A few things I noticed:

* CH should be named cougar Cathy- I think she has a little thing for Rob. Listening to her comments made me a little worried for him.
* R/K's banter is pretty great. Would have been great to have a camera to see their faces.
* There is a part in the commentary where K tells R to F*** off (jokingly). It's pretty funny.
* Lastly Kristen is commenting on her scene after James bites her and she is writhing on the floor. She doesn't like the sounds she is making. She says she sounds like shes barking sometimes. She said that she was trying to convey the feeling on being bitten by a dog with RABIES.
Maybe she had a premonition of what was to come? Like hyenas with rabies? Maybe that's why she and Rob stay in hiding so much?

Tomorrow's post is going to be a good one! Can't wait to hear what your thinking.

Lisa said...

I have NEVER EVER in my 45 years been at one place (here tonight) that pissed me off SO bad and made me laugh until my sides hurt! Some of you people are NUTS!!! Anon 4:33 who is clueless as to who is married and who is not. Anon 8:27 who is clearly smoking something or wearing special glasses and sharing with only the dim witted! 10:27 is the same person as so many other posts.. GET A GRIP!

Melinda, I couldn't agree more.. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see them play adults in a movie together. I think there is a good chance some day! I sure hope so anyway.

Also, what you said to Lily "Get off the computer and go play with your Edward doll" almost made me wet myself!!! EXCELLENT!

I knew the hyenas would be nuts tonight. With the couple of just regular joes spotting them in a beautiful hotel last night. Catherine H. 'slipping' they are together. I'm sure she figures everyone knows as it's clear as day. The Oprah interview, back stage especially. And then the USA Today piece.. So telling, so true, so lovely! (she didn't tell him about Jack and "she's already keeping things from him" come on ppl!!!)

I cannot WAIT for Rose's blog tomorrow. It's been a huge 'news' day and you all have gave her plenty of foam to wipe up!

Anonymous said...

hi Lisa...ive been trying to find the twitter link for "chatty CAthy'...im still gettin used to twitter ...can you please post a link for me ....thax in advance

Lisa said...

Hi louisa (is it?)

I 'think' chatty Cathy is Catherine Hardwicke. She's called chatty because she kinda has a big mouth. She tells all she knows. She did a Twi convention in Vancouver today and said something like "We all hate Kris cause she's with Rob but she does a good job" She was teasing about the hate.. She was talking about ppl being jealous.. being funny..

But here's a news flash.. new pic just showed up. Rob was out running errands today with Dean and his hair is GONE!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Lisa, Thanks for the pics! He looks relaxed after the nice stay with his girl.;)

Anonymous said...

holy mother of god""""""
did you see that beauty spot he has on that gorgeous
neck of his....


Anonymous said...

yes Lisa i will introduce my self.....
im louisa.....louisa form down under....sydney australia to be precise....
hows it going????[in other words]
how are you ??

Anonymous said...

You're welcome ladies! There are several more that just popped up.. They are pops and I am not a fan.. I looked though.. :( And yes, I too like him in short hair..

Nice to 'meet' you Louisa! It's going pretty good! :) I live in the US, in Arizona!

Lisa (who is on another computer and cannot remember her password! LOL)

katy said...

Hey Rose, the guy who saw R/k post another comment...

' They seemed like really nice kids.. just really happy being together enjoying the night. Brandon bummed a smoke off of em'., thought that was funny. They were in their own world. Ahh, young love'

The bubble...how sweet...love it

katy said...

And I'm loving Rob with short hair...Hot

katy said...


Anonymous said...

To Katy, thanks for posting that. Adorable. Poor Tay Tay, third wheel as usual.

Well, if idiots STILL think they are not a couple, there is no hope for them. None. A popular national newspaper and they pose like this? They don't care who knows anymore,they know everyone with a brain and eyes know, they just don't want to discuss private details and can't blame them.

Yeah, Rob looks SO pissed at Kristen for not telling him about her 2 second meeting with Jack 4 years ago. LMAO Playful banter,anyone? Makes for hot sex and keeps the spark going. Hehe

Anonymous said...

http://twitpic.com/1ol6l6 Disgusting. Look at Rob's all up in Kristen's face! Kristen looks scared and like shes about to throw up. Rob needs to back off.

Anonymous said...

So what? I've seen tons of pics with Kristen having her face that close to Taylor. Rob is obviously just trying to get Kristen#s attention cause he knows she ain't interested.

Anonymous said...

to the last 2 hyenas that posted...LMFAO Really?? That's ALL you can come up with??? I am rolling on the floor here!!!

Yeah, she's not interested...not at all...that's why she has given up all sense of privacy and a normal life to be with him, has low IQ psychos like you hating on her, spent many nights in hotel rooms with him, flew to the UK to spend a couple of wks with Rob on a freeze-your-ass-off kind of cold, sparsely populated island for NYE, spent a week in London with him in Feb, flew 15 hrs to spend her bday with him while he was working, and now spent the w/e with him at a romantic resort. Yes, she is really not interested in him at all.

Go find your Edward Cullen dildo and use it. You need it. You might still have time to catch your school bus if you hurry.

Anonymous said...

hyenas are so sad today,have finished the hormone pills .
pr pr pr is the sound coming out of their ass .
the side effects .
prrr prrr ppprrrr

Lisa said...

Anon 7:38:00 AM, Kristen looks scared??? We're you not awake yet?? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!