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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rob and Kristen- While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Robert recently at a guitar store.
I guess he bought himself a couple of guitars.
Guitars are fascinating...
And when you play one
You can never have enough of them.

My son plays guitar.
He probably has 10 of them... so far.
Acoustics, electrics, 12-string, bass
And he's always wanting more.
He would LOVE that store!

There isn't a better sound in the world than listening
to him play the guitar.
I could listen for hours. 
And sometimes I do...

Robert obviously loves his guitars.
And honestly...
Is there ANYTHING sexier than seeing him play one?
The opening notes on "Never Think" melt my heart.
It's like you can feel every note he plays...

So I get that guitars are important to him.
And you know what else?
Guitars are a very personal gift.
You have to know that person really...
really well.

Kristen plays guitar too...
So playing the music on "The Runaways"
wasn't that difficult for her to do.
How many times have we seen her carrying her guitar
with her through airports?

The guitar she is carrying here was a birthday gift from Rob.
(Not this past birthday... we all know what she
received from him this year... ;)

“Yes, of a couple of people, I got something.
Rob gave me a guitar, that is simply only beautiful and magnificent.” - Kristen.
Can you imagine?
A beautiful and magnificent guitar from Robert.
Some kind of wonderful.

I love how Robert and Kristen share their love of music...
with each other.
Makes you wonder what kind of music they may 
have written...
Does Rob have a "Kristen Lullaby" somewhere?
Rumor has it that Kristen gave Robert a guitar
for his birthday this year...
A vintage guitar.
Do you think he thought it was
Beautiful and Magnificent?
I'm guessing...
One more thing...
Just because you don't see every moment
of someone's life in a picture...
Doesn't mean it didn't happen.
Doesn't mean it's not happening right now...
As you read this.
We only see fleeting flashes of 
Robert and Kristen
Seconds out of hours...
There is so much more that we don't see.
And that's the way it should be.
2 people sharing their lives...
Hanging out
Playing guitar

Bye for now.


Patricia said...

Rose: You rock! You are so good at this. I love reading your blog.

I miss seeing them together, but I know they are. ROB LOVES KRISTEN LOVES ROB.

Grazie for the beautiful pictures once again.


deejon67 said...


Anonymous said...

Hi rose
ultimately I think we know not much about this (love)story .that's the way it should be.
they are two young people who live their lives. stop bullshit drama ;stop speculation.
we know only the appearance.
for that reason the hatred is so senseless. the same for necklaces,gifts,rings ....!
there is something concrete?

I think they are absolutely and clearly together .But too much gossip...to much buzz about robert and kristen!

Fanny said...

Very nice post :) Even if I love piano more, Rob & a guitar IS a sexy tought ;) And I can't wait for TR to be released in France so that I can see Kristen playing the guitar in her jj mode.

RPaddict said...

Beautiful post today Rose.
Quiet, mellow, romantic. Rob and Kristen as they should be. (sigh).

I also love listening to Rob play his guitar.

Just showed my sis the clip of Kristen singing and playing in "Into the Wild". She was very impressed.

Anonymous said...

Their love is very cute.This post is very cute and sweet. Thank you for not talking about hyenas and focusing on the real thing, they're totally irrelevant anyway. Thank you again Rose.

Anonymous said...

Is it a coincidence that the guitar shop is located just minutes from Kristen's parents home and her rumored new home in a gated community? Or maybe I should say THEIR home? BTW, Rob looks pretty beefed up in the new pic. His lady love must be baking those pies again. *smile*

Anonymous said...

to anon 11.12
I think it is not fair to give this information.
no need to prove anything .robert and kristen are a couple .
it is not necessary to inform the insane people and the paparazzi and gossip magazines...

mike@elena said...

Hi Rose, very nice post. My daughter also plays guitar and my brother too. Guitars are a very passionate instument, people who play them can be too. At least the people I know. Thanks for your thoughts.MelenaS

Lora90 said...

Lurve yo blog Rose and yes Rob z beefed bse his kickin it with Kris ev'ryde bout K givin R a guitar fo his BD I kinda disagree cos I think no one knos wat K got him and beside y wud R bi duin thr I meen gtin more guitars yet his got a beautiful one frm his gf

Olivia said...

Where there is music, there is creativity, enjoyment and development of self. Having someone who is your best friend and love of your life share in your joy of music is heavenly. May Rob and Kristen make beautiful music together for as long as they wish. What a great gift to share with friends and family and especially privately with each other : )
Thank you Rose.

Anonymous said...

all of you are really disperate!!!!!

you wan to see them togethere jsut to be your dream come true???

So funny!!!!!

That's the reality otherwise now all your paprazzi shit people already get them togethere after so long time in LA

Come'on be real!!!!!!!!

good luck any way

Anonymous said...

Thought you'd all like this. A DakotaStew fanfic. Sick sick sick! They actually talk about Kristen having sex with her best friend Dakota. I like Kristen and Dakota's friendship but this is just wrong. Now I see why fans are starting to make fun of the whole DakotaStew fandom. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5959926/1/A_Lesson_In_Romantics

Anonymous said...

So once again Rob is seen out buying something expensive for Kristen and she is always wearing her gifts from him. May I ask when are the gifts that Kristen has bought for Rob? Was she even spotted buying anything for him.. ever? I said it before and I'll say it again. Its a onesided love.

Wildhart007 said...


You are the best at expessing your feelings about Rob and Kristen. You make me smile with your honesty and feelings, thank you.

And thx for not mentioning the hyenas today. Your writing is much more beautiful without them.

Lisa said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post Rose. Short, sweet and to the point.

@11:05:00 I agree to a point. But if you don't like us posting, speculating, etc.. why be here? If you weren't, you wouldn't know what we're saying and wouldn't bother you.

@11:21:00, it's common knowledge where Kristen's parents live. and 11:12 said "rumored" about Kristen buying a house. So if she read it, so did many others you can bet.

Lora90, guitar players like to have LOTS of of them. Those who can afford them always do! My brother has a ton and he's not rich! LOL

One also has to assume that he's going to be storing ALL these guitars somewhere! ;) LOL

We'll ignore @11:44

@11:45 I don't know what that is but I'm not going to look. Dakota is SIXTEEN!!!!!! :(

Happy Sunday all!

Anonymous said...

Kristen is not in LA, she is doing a roadtrip with Scout, as she posted. Vintage guitars are for Rob, he collects them. He stays in a hotel near location during WFE filming.
Keep your facts straight.The end.

Anonymous said...

What do you give a man who has everything? That's always been my problem almost every year. Well you give him something that money can't buy. There are many *gifts* you can give a man that will have him smiling ear to ear. JS

Anonymous said...

maybe you don't understand!!!!!

I LOVE ROB forever and ever!!!! this Blog should be a robertintoxication Not a COUPLEINTOXICATION!!!!!!
You are really funny that you try to prove all of their story

You are bedder than paparazzi with all your stupid novel

You are so pathetic!!!

Anonymous said...

To anon 11:59. No she's not. She was at my graduation party lastnight here in FL. You don't know what you're talking about. LOL.

Lora90 said...

Ok Lisa I get it but I kno in ma unsderstandin no one knos wat she got him on his Bday let's jst enjoy da pretty pics k

Lisa said...

@11:50:00 no one said or even implied either one of these guitars were for Kristen! He bought her a guitar for her what? 18th birthday? Maybe it was 19th, I can't remember now. And as far as I know, the "necklace" is only speculation because it showed up around her b-day and she hasn't been seen without itsince. It keeps getting mentioned because the "non's" keep making such a BIG deal about it! Makes it funny and a way to poke fun of silly people.

@11:59 who posted what? So what if he's staying in a hotel close to WFE set? He wasn't there yesterday, he was in the valley! Silly to get so upset.. And what makes you think you know, is more "fact" then what anyone else thinks they know? Geeez

@12:02 WHO are you referring to? WHO'S "BETTER" than the pops and who's writing a novel? I love Rob too.. As do 'most' who come here.

@12:04 LOL!!!!

Lisa said...

Lora90, agreed! I love the pics! ;)

cici said...

I swear this is a coupleintoxication not the other way around sure fo all of robsten fans to live in their fantasy world lol u guyz mek mi luff ma pants off da way u gush bout these two like thy shit gold ohhh u guyz kan dream dats fo sure

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11:59

Scout said on her twitter that she was leaving with friends,she DIDN'T mention kristen's name in any of her tweets. Delusional much?Keep dreaming. Kristen is in LA.

Anonymous said...

i just try to say: that this blog is a RPINTOXICATION not a COUPLEINTOXICATION

most of the post are in relation is they are a couple with all the comments and the NOVEL that i can read

so that's way i say Badder than paparazzi because with all this NOVEL you just aliment the fantasy

let them be !!!!!!!!

Let's talk about our INTOXICATION that is ROB

to cici:

if you want a response write an eglish clear to understand maybe osmeone is not american as you

Anonymous said...

The hyenas get so angry! It's pretty funny. Also, Scout never said Kristen was on a road trip with her. Scout is on a road trip, but why make stuff up? I guess it bothers hyenas R/K are probably together right now.
I love the video of when Kristen talks about the guitar Rob got for her. You can tell she loved it so much. Has anyone seen the closeup pic of Kristen's necklace? It looks like a sideways heart. It's very pretty.

Anonymous said...

all have something to say!!!!!
she is in fl at a graduation
she is scout.......here and there!!!
just because there's no picture of them??
so than???????

i don't get the problem


that's all

Anonymous said...

Love the new picture. I wonder who's taking the picture though. Seems like everyone who was at the guitar store wanted their picture taken with Rob, including the dog. lol. So I wonder who could be the one who didn't want to be in the picture. If it were someone from the store, they would've probably taken a separate picture with him. Could it be someone who lives near there and frequently shop there too? Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

@Cici Then go away, go write your own blog. Go to nonsten where you'd feel more comfortable. This site isn't going to change just because you don't want to acknowledge Rob has a girlfriend. Kristen is part of Rob's life. It's just the way it is! If you don't like when people talk about it, I'd suggest stay off the internet.

Anonymous said...

# 12.27

you are so funny!!!!!

it's so funny to see how you are upset of the different point of view
more close to the reality than

you dreams!! now doesn't come true!!
at the moment of course but this is the truth

cupcake said...

rose, you are always spot on. these are exactly my thoughts, it's creepy. lol.

i like the way they used the word "WE" in that USA today interview. that single word speaks volumes, like they consider themselves a single entity. "WE are good hiders" is a self-explanatory statement. while i am personally thankful that we get a glimpse of their lives, i am more grateful that the rest of it is just between rob and kristen alone. just the way it should be.

Lora90 said...

This love being oneside a u insane y wud one want to bi wid some1 who doesn't like them R wudnt put upp with that, is a senstive guy for him to put with sum1 who is nada interested I kant see it in him so if u kant make sense of wat yo postin hre then plz dnt say it cos makin peeps like u see da love dats screams out of R/K's eyes is like fucking a rock

Anonymous said...

#to cici:


it's too funny to read about it

And also you have to accept if you wan to be on net and on a public chat other comment dear

Anonymous said...

Rose why do you this, put ideas into people's heads? I can see now its no wonder fans make fun of diehard shippers when they make crazy assumptions about stuff and you help them. The fact is you don't know who Rob bought that guitar for. Maybe it was for Kristen, maybe it was his for sister or maybe it was for it was for one of his mates. No I'm not a nonsten, I'm just a normal fan of Rob and Kristen whos just sick to death of both of them being brought into everything the other one does.

Anonymous said...


you english is better than mine .....but you got the sense that i would like to say

that's the NOVEL that i'm talking about


Anonymous said...

So Kristen flew all the way to the UK to be with Rob and to Budapest, but now they are in the same city they aren't seeing eachother hyenas? Bahahahaha.

Rose said...

Anon @12:37pm
I NEVER said Rob bought the recent guitars for Kristen. I was just talking about when he DID buy her one for her birthday.

HUH? Me no speak NONsense.

HUH? Me no speak NONsense.

To anyone who doesn't like the name of my blog? Tough shit.
Where Rob is... so is Kristen.
So naturally she is going to be included in anything about him.
That's just the way it goes.


Anonymous said...


All th eworl what to know and in the same city nobody take a shooy of them?????


Rose said...

Anon @12:45

You are creeping me out.
Good grief.

Seriously, take a deep breath...
Calm down.
It will be OK.

Anonymous said...

somebody get someone an interpreter please. the incoherence is amusingly mind boggling. lol. where the most of us come from, there is such thing as freedom of speech. rose, being the owner of this blog, is free to do whatever she wants to do here in her territory. i wonder why this blog's title affect your life so much. last time i checked, there are hundreds and hundreds of blogs out there that would match your taste. you are of course entitled to your opinion as well. but it is also your choice to come here, knowing fully well where the owner stands. if you can't take the heat, get off the kitchen. its your problem dear, not rose's, not rob and kristen's, and definitely not ours.

Anonymous said...

LISA I'm anon 11.05
I did not say that I do not like the blog or the speculation ,I said that speculation is just speculation. I think Robert and Kristen have a love story. only a blind or jealous is not accepting that fact . but we will never know the datails .that's the way it should be.
and even if we know the details or gifts
hyenas will not stop.then or something real or nothing.

dear hyenas
kristen may has friends and also be engaged to robert!!
this is the life of normal people !!!
you are who do not have a social life....

Anonymous said...

For once, I'd like to know what Kristen gave Rob for his birthday. We've never heard of it ever.

We can see her with Chanel ring, BTW where is that Chanel ring everybody said it was an engagement ring from Rob? It's totally missing. We can see the new golden band. We can see the new necklace, we heard about the guitar for her 18th birthday, but we've never ever learnt what she got for Rob!! If she ever got something for him...

Rob has always looked obssesed about Kristen, from the very beginning, that's why this looks like a one-sided love

Anonymous said...

ANON 12:33
I hear you, I do but stop gushin like thy shit gold maybe wi shud jst wait fo da breakup shall we. FYI this is a fuckin free world deal with it not evry1 sleep thinkin about yo precious puppies"robsten" get a life I will keep luffin @ stupid shippers lick yo screen gud f*kin grief. Cici

Rb said...

I only read about half of these comments. There are those who have truly followed Kris and Rob from the very beginning and know they're very deeply in love. Then there are the others who don't bother to actually listen to their interviews and put together what's real. Pathetic. Sad they're missing out on such a beautiful love story.

Rose, your blog is always dead on. Thanks for putting into words what the rest of us with actual sight and hearing see.

katy said...

Anon 12:37 did you read Rose post carefully...She didn't say Rob went to that store to buy the guitar for Kristen...Rose only mentioned the guitat Rob gave to Kristen for her 18 birthday...it was Kristen said Rob bought her a guitat for her birthady.
And if your sick of reading about Rob and Kristen in this blog...just don't come here.

Loved your post Rose

Anonymous said...

oh haters, double your dosage please. like this is a matter of life and death to all of you. while the rest of us are just having fun. speculations are fun. as long as they are in good faith. hating is just pointless. it only gives you temporary satisfaction, and when it sinks in, you'll feel so much worse.

loved this blog rose!

Anonymous said...

To anon 12:54. So what do you think his family and close friends gave him for his birthday? How come we don't see that either. Maybe they don't love him and never bought him anything before. lol. The only thing we know he gave Kristen was a guitar for her 18th birthday, everything else is speculation. But of course Rob has to tell us what he got right? Otherwise we KNOW that Kristen didn't get him anything. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Rose I don't know how you do it? There are some seriously crazy chicks who comment on your site.

To all the NONsense people, do you think Rob is waiting for you somewhere? Do you think he wants you? LMAO! Is that why you can't see with your own eyes that they are together? What kind of deranged, pathetic world do you live in? I would suggest some medication...or therapy for your anger and your disillusion.

Keep up the awesome work Rose. Don't let the crazies get you down.


Anonymous said...

This is Rose's blog, she write whatever she wants to. If you feel so bothered about what's in it, why do you keep reading? Why do you even leave a comment?

It. doesn't. make. sense.

But you know what makes sense? People appreciating the love shared between two wonderful people. Believe, don't believe. People respect if you don't, so respect who does.

Xx Bee

Anonymous said...

To Annonymous 12:54:00 PM
Agreed! Enough of what Rob buys. He already know he bought Kristen gifts. What I'd like to know is what shes gotten him. I completely the entire relationship is onesided! For all of Kristen's rings and guitars what has she ever given Rob? A load of heartache is what I see. On Oprah when she said "I liked being in the sleeping bag with him" about Taylor she was obviously trying to get Rob jealous. She does it every single time she flirts with Taylor in front of him.However wrote that article was right. Kristen loves to torture Rob causes she knows hes a fool for her. Sad and petty.

Anonymous said...

FYI... Norman's Rare Guitars is located less then 3 miles (5 kms) from the Stewart family home, and less than 5 miles (8 kms) from Kristen's place. So... I'll let you all draw your own conclusions. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

jejemon said...

1Z th!s ali3n talk? we\\\'Ve 60t sP@N1sh and aziUAN peowpl3 hIr and m0St OF thEm sPEAK ANd undErzt@nd 3ngL1zh w3lL ♥♥♥♥♥. m@n jEJ3jEJe~~~, U NE3d som3 s3rI0Uz tRAnzlat0R anD THerU@PEh. ♥ xD ♥ loL L0lZ.

Anonymous said...

To anon 1:10. Well I guess we'll have to wait until someone asks Rob what Kristen got him then won't we? I wouldn't hold my breath to get an answer though knowing how private they are. Maybe the sleeping bag scene was her favorite out of the Eclipse. I know that was my favorite part of the entire book. It didn't seem to bother Rob, but he did make it a point to let everyone know that he gets to spoon her too.

Deb said...

HEY ROSE Love the post.My brother has his own band so he has a lot of guitars And yes I to love to set and hear him play.I heard to that Kristen got Rob.one for his b-day or was looking for one to buy for him And ho ya didnt they start a NEW law in CAILF. about the PAPRAZZI?not to be within so many feet now? I would just LOVE to set a hear Rob and Kristen pay there guitars and sing THAT right there would be Beautiful .Well my friend I hope you have a good day Thanks again Rose for the sweet and loving post . DEB.

Anonymous said...

I have a thought. HAVE ABOUT YOU ALL LEAVE THEM ALONE. Including Rose, who profits from whatever they are. She gets hits and riles up the fandom.

Anonymous said...

Robsten 411: Rob is a sad puppy who lives for Kristen and would die without her. He only lives for Kristen, she is his reason for breathing. He had no life before her. He spends his time thinking only of her and buying her gifts. Kristen is his queen, she tells him what to do, Rob has no mind and cannot think for himself. He is a pussy who would not dare to hang with his mates and females or pose with models for fear of upsetting his beloved. Kristen owns Rob and could easily live without him. She need not buy him gifts because he is the man who is utterly devoted to her and cannot live without her.

Anonymous said...

To 1.03 pm. You're right. We only know for certain that Rob got a guitar for Kristen on her 18th birthday and the rest is speculation, but speculation comes up when there're sources spilling the beans, when the fans find new objects in pics to analyze like the rings or the necklace, you know? But there has never been this sort of speculation about Rob, cause we've never seen anything new to analyze like a watch or a ring... maybe a shoestring on her wrist..but I guess this is not a birthday gift!

Moreover the so-called sources never have talked about any present from Kristen to Rob.

Summing up, I'm just wondering if she ever got something for him, I guess so, she can't be that selfish. It's just that we've never learnt anything. We only hear about gifts from Rob to Kristen.

amanda said...

First of all, nobody knows what Kristen has gotten for Rob. So to the people saying 'look at all her gifts' you have no idea what she's given him! How can the relationship be onesided when she has traveled so much just to spend time with him? Is this a new hyena tactic saying just how mean you think Kristen is? Please. In one of Rob's recent interviews he has said Kristen is the smartest, strongest and SWEETEST girl he knows. What does that tell you? If you haven't seen a gift Kristen has given Rob, does that mean it doesn't exist? No. It just means you aren't apart of their lives!

Monica said...

If you guys dont agree with her, then who cares! Thats awesome, I'm glad you were born and have an opinion, but it's a BLOG, thus she can write whatever she wants, and not to mention she is right about almost everything so find something better to do.

I'm sure there is a site called Iliketobenegativeaboutlife.com.

Anonymous said...

lmao. i'm sorry rose, but you've got yourself a dictator on board. this calls for a revolution. lol.

guess what kookoo, the whole world thinks rob and kristen are together. BBC news calls them bf/gf. the tabs, entertainment shows and gossip sites will continue to write and report about them. even the remote city of hongkong believes they are in a relationship. you have got a big problem here. i suggest you start going door to door and convince everybody else otherwise. goodluck with that.

katy said...

to Anon 1:26

Rose profits with her blog, are you kidding...You sound more and more ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1.27 are you Calliopeas????

Calliopeas in her twitter is always making up funny conversations between Rob and Kristen. Kristen is the smartest and she's always fooling poor Rob and Calliopeas is Robsten.

That's the way the most of fans percieve the relationship between Rob and Kristen.

imloco2 said...

LOL The crazies are out in full force today, yes? Maybe they got kicked out of the AT. Or worse, they're breeding. LOL Or maybe it's just a couple of people who are getting a kick out of messing with normal people. *shrug*

Whatever. Great post Rose. I love that he's still getting out and about, he's finding some pretty kick-ass guitars, seems pretty happy and he's looking pretty good too. And for some strange reason when I think Rob is happy it makes me happy. :)

Boy, I sure wish I could hear him play something new. Sing something. Come'on Rob, pretty please...

Anonymous said...

Right!In the couple Kristen is the smartest and Rob the poor fool in love.

Dizzle said...

LMAO @ Cici. Girl, you need a dictionary or something.

Rose, Rose, Rose, I will never understand why the crazy people are attracted to your blog like deranged magnets. You are such a sweet soul, and I love your way with words. Keep on keeping on!

And Of COURSE Rob and Kristen are spending all the together they possibly can. If any ocean can't keep them apart, then how could anything else? Duh. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I don't really want to start on the hyenas/Nonstens. I do, however, want/need/have to comment on their blatant disregard for grammar and spelling. For Christ's sake, use spell check or get a dictionary! How are we supposed to take your views and comments seriously, when we don't know what the hell you are saying.

That is all.

No love,


P.S. Rose you are awesome, as always.

pffffttt said...

wow, rose profits from this blog? lmao. that's the funniest thing i've heard all day. gone were the days when ignorance is bliss. nowadays, it destroys you like a disease.

Patricia said...

I'm really trying to understand why there are people leaving comments on 'Rose's Blog' telling Rose and the Rob lovers who come here and post "what we can comment about and what Rose can post" Are you fucking crazy ???

If I'm commenting on something that Rose disagrees with, then fine let Rose tell me. Not some person that doesn't believe what WE BELIEVE IN, AND THAT IS THAT ROB AND KRISTEN ARE TOGETHER AND LOVE EACH OTHER.




Anonymous said...

To Anon 1:10
Kristen didnt make the sleeping bag comment to torture Rob ..he knows better..she made it to torture guys like you..its working very well I see..driving you crazy huh?..bahahahahahahahahahahahhah!

soadram said...

Nice post and has my full support and endorse his every word-
I will not keep repeating myself because I think it's not pena.Qualquer face of the earth will be able to have eyes to see Rob and Kris, have no doubt that nenhumasw are together.
But apparently many people walk to need glasses and consultation to the ears.
to anon's blog on the Rose only mean one thing ... The Blog is the Rose and she writes whatever it wants and how to understand and who do not like not to visit because there are many people poor in spirit ........
Rose have a nice day and keep it up (I know it will continue):))

Anonymous said...

i'm hitting rose's blog today so she'll profit from me. then someday she'll be able to buy an island for rob and kristen where no one will bother them. :sticks tongue out:

hit hit hit!


Anonymous said...

LOL. Is anyone laughing as much as I am? It's seriously all I can muster up these days.

Everytime Rob and Kristen lay super low and we don't see them together for a while, this BS gets loud. Same crap as prior times. Like when they were filming Eclipse and weren't pap'd for a while. And when they were in LA after spending the weekend in NYC when NM promo was done. We didn't see them. And how many places was Kristen said to be in? LOL. How many places was Rob said to be in? LOL. And where were they? Together in LA and the surrounding areas. We next saw them together in England for New Years! Only thanks to a fan and not paps.
So people using the no pap pics as an excuse and also an excuse to start BS...you're using it for the WRONG couple. As Rob and Kristen have shown us time and time again, they CAN and DO spend time together AWAY from where the paps are. The pic from yesterday was from the people who own/work in the guitar shop.

Their every move is NOT going to documented for us, ever. But if you think they haven't been spending time together since they've been back in LA...I cannot help you. I guess think whatever you want, whatever makes you feel better.

I believe they spend as much time together as they can. But they're not together 24/7, obviously. They can do things, like run to the guitar shop, or anything else by themselves without it being some huge deal. When I see pics of Zac Efron without Vanessa, I don't conclude they're not together anymore. LOL.

Kash said...

"I wish people who have trouble communicating would just shut up".
Tom Lehrer.

We all make mistakes but really people... we DO NEED an interpreter here, I can´t understand some of the comments lmao.

Regardless of what you choose to believe or not, we all should be able to get along. We tend to be more "agressive" when we don´t have to show ourselves. Hiding behind a computer make it way too easy to insult others. Just say what you want in a polite manner, just like you usually do in real life please. Thank you.

FYI this is a fan blog, not a newspaper so chill people. If you like what you read... good. If you don´t... then just go.
This is not a life and death situation here, we are not discussing the cure of AIDS or the Oil Disaster in the Gulf.

Have a nice day you all :)

Kash said...

Geez i was so caught up in the comments section I forgot why I came here in the first place lol

Nice blog you have here Rose. I like it ;)


Deb said...

ITS me again I forgot to tell you that last night I was listing to some music on hear that others had posted and I found one that I could just see Rob singing to his girl Kristen (ONLY YOU CAN LOVE ME THIS WAY -BY KEITH URBAN) You really need to listen to the words and you'll see what i mean its like Keith wrote the song for them HOPE YOU LIKE IT I DID .Keep your head up Rose and keep on singing Deb

Anonymous said...

Do the hyenas think that R/K stop existing when they are no longer in front of cameras? What part of "We have gotten better at hiding" don't they understand? They travel thousands of miles just to be together, so it's a pretty safe bet that if they are in the same city, they are most likely seeing eachother all the time.

Lisa Z said...

I'm half laughing and half cringing at the comments today. And instead of addressing the craziness I will just say this....Rose, another wonderful post, as always my dear! Sorry that you have to deal with comments from the clinically insane and illiterate. I must say though, their responses make for some great entertainment. :)

Melinda said...

Good grief! The comments today have been off the chart!

CICI- your mouth...your mom needs to take a bar of soap to it! Real classy!

As for all the other NONsense. Are you mixing your meds with alcohol? You do know that's not very smart? But then again since your comments don't appear to be smart...well...

I think it is funny that people like to come in here are dictate what can or can't be said.

Ummm last time I checked this was Rose's blog. Kristen is an extension of Rob so therefore she will be discussed.

As far as speculation goes about gifts...we do it in jest. I rather read cute comments about a possible gift they have received than read hate and slander comments.

So in the spirit of speculation....

I wonder where Rob's car that he bought for when he is LA is kept? I think there is the possibility that it is safely secured in a garage next to a certain Mini!

In the words of Chris Weitz....Keep Calm and Carry On.

Melinda said...

Oops I forgot to add something....

Rose- Wonderful post as always!!! Rob and his guitar-it's a beautiful thing....

Anon 2:13- I agree with you on the "hiding" comment they made in USA Today. Rob said "WE" not "I AM" or "All of us (meaning to include Taylor)" and Kristen backed him up on it. Taylor said nothing but then again I really don't think he wants to hide from the paps-nothing against him but that's how he is. People don't want to see or hear what is in front of them.

music man said...

The pic you have of Rob playing guitar in the RM photo reminds me of something Peter Fachinelli(Carlisle) said at some Twilight/NM convention last year. He said that he took one of the wolf actors over to Kristen's LA apt. to meet her,this was right before NM shooting began,so would have been late Feb-early March '09 right after the Japan Twilight trip. Anyhoo, he said they got there and guess who was there with Kristen at her apt? Rob...and he was sitting on her couch playing guitar,nonchalantly like he was used to being there,just the 2 of them. Not sure Peter realized what this meant at the time,lol. Hmm...the timeline looks different doesn't it...think this was happening way before anyone thought.

HotSexyRob24 said...

HI rose thankyou so much for this post. It makes me smile everytime i read one of your posts.

And haters wtf leave here if you dont want to hear it.. NUF SAID!!!

Anonymous said...

NONstens...you can't handle the truth, we know it ;) deep inside, you know it too ;)

Just wait for the A-(MA)-ZING news to come...


Lovely post Rose, sure Rob is having the time of his life... ;)

pricklypearess said...

Oh, I love listening to the guitar. Pic of Rob at the shop is cool. Who else but Rob can make a plain old white t-shirt look sooo good! I'll bet Rob and Kristen have a great time playing music together on their guitars. *sigh* Thanks for another great post, Rose!

Anonymous said...

I can't even read half of these posts. They are a mixture of pig Latin and Ebonics. Coherent English please.

Patricia said...

I'm back again to say that ( I LIKE TO SPECULATE )

I agree with anon. 1:14

I think Kristen is the one taking the picture at the Guitar Center !
I remember the owners saying awhile back (that they closed the store for rob to give him privacy while there ) !!!!!


Anonymous said...

I get increasingly cross reading the comments on your blogs sometimes, and this is one of them..
Clearly Rose and many others like me, are free to believe whateva we choose.. and tbh SOME PEOPLE .. *cough cough* .. need to realise the facts, and stop fighting against what EVERYONE sees between them..
AND CLEARLY.. we come on here to appriciate Rob and there fore Kristen too.. because he OBVIOUSLY has feeling for her.. We shouldnt have to read an amazing blog and then have to ARGUE OUR CASE..
THEREFORE, CLEARLY .. if your not a fan of Rob and Kristen.. why the hell are you wasting time reading this blog in the first place.. you know what it's going to be about.. so instead of telling all of us all the time to "get over it" and "that its NOT true" .. Go and find something else to do with your sad lives..

It would just be nice to have blog comments which are positive for a change.. instead of *Hyenas* pawing rubbish all over them..

Rose, i love that you understand Rob and his love for Kristin, and he probably wouldnt want it any other way!! IT seems there will forever be *SAD HYENAS* who have nothing better to do :( :( :@ So keep up the amazing blogs :)

Sarah xxx

Karen said...

Rose,another great post. Love you!

I hope Rob and Kristen never run into some of the loonies that are posting here. As someone else said, some of these posts are incomprehensible and just plain ridiculous. If you don't like what's being said, GO AWAY!!!!

I hope Rob and Kristen have plenty of quiet time to enjoy each other before the madness of Eclipse begins.


Amanda said...

Oh Rose, as I sat here reading the wonderful things you wrote I had a tear in my eye... partly because of your words and partly because I happened to be listening to the soundtrack from Twilight, and guess what song I was listening to? Isn't he so soulful, just beautiful. Thanks for being who you are Rose, you are such a ray of sunshine in the darkness we sometimes get shrouded in. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Guitar + Rob = hot.

But I must admit...

Piano + Rob = hotter. That one pic of the piano by the ocean and hes falling off the bench. Is. A. Maaa. Zinnnnng!!!!!

I wish both Kristen and Rob would record music. Together. Separate. Whatever. I love both their voices... so mellow. I think they would sound really good together though.


*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

LOVE the comment about everyone in the guitar store wanting in the photo, even the dog!! Crack me up...smart dog!! Situation reminds me of the fan encounter pics in London where we see Kristen and the fan and Rob and the fan...so of course each was taking the others' picture. Maybe Kristen WAS taking this one--makes perfect sense. She knows the area, loves guitars/music (and Rob), and they were shopping for the day! Too cute...Hey, maybe they'll get a DOG together?!! Rob loved his dog and it could stay at Casa Stew when they're away!! Yaaayy, Dogsten!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

If you don't know by now,you will never, ever, ever know....... Robert and Kristen are a couple. Deal with it. And learn how to spell while your at it!!! Some of you are a mess!!!

Fanny said...

@SuzyQ "Piano + Rob = hotter. That one pic of the piano by the ocean and hes falling off the bench. Is. A. Maaa. Zinnnnng!!!!!"
I TOTALLY agree with you. Piano+Rob is a fantastic image. Even better than with a guitar. And he was hotter than ever in that pic!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose ...my goodness is it really windy in the States today or something....Most of you are soooo aggitaited and highly strung!!!!today...
Music man @2.39 i think they where semi together heaps earlier also...
comic con08 there something fishy goungs on.... Kristen hides behind her hair and you can sort of make out thru lip reading that she says and i quote 'i want it" then proceeds to move up n down on her chair...then they both burst out of laughter.....that was back jun/jul 2008.....every time i see that footage i always get a buz cause it just shows how confident they realy are towards each other....maybe you all dont see what i do.....and im reading into it toooo much.....

Michelle said...

Rose, lovely as always. Write about whatever you like here, it is YOUR blog. Don't let the haters get you down. So many of us love your blog. xo

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most beautiful songs and Robsten video I've ever seen. "I'll Never Give Up You"......... I'll taste the devil's tears, drink from his soul.... But I'll never give up you. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Has nobody else noticed the big angry looking red welt on Rob's chest? They've talked about it on R's IMDb. An injury on set so soon? Fight scenes filmed already? Maybe they've added August going after him with a whip? Or maybe Kristen was a bit rough with him the night before.lol

Anonymous said...

The 1962 Gibson guitar he bought goes for 20-35,000 dollars. Notice the zeroes. And he's going to leave that in a hotel room while filming. RIGHT.

Anonymous said...

TO Anonymous 4.37
You do know that from Rob's perspective right? Cause he wouldn't give up on Kristen? Cause he didn't give a damn that she was a minor who was already happy with a great boyfriend?! But no! He still took advantage of her. He kept pushing and pushing until she broke up with MA. Now where is Kristen? Trapped in a relationship where she has to hide from his crazy fans and the paps. I bet Kristen regrets getting with Rob now. I definitely don't think shes as much into Rob as hes into her cause he forced her to love him but it didn't work. Oh he'll learn the hard way when she dumps him.

Anonymous said...

5:06 Whatever.
"Cause he didn't give a damn that she was a minor"
I guess the same goes for MA right? He's about the same age as Rob. You think Kristen would be pushed into a relationship? That is a bunch of bull. Kristen is a strong girl who makes her own decisons. She chose Rob, so get over it. Kristen always talks about "following your heart" and I guess that's just what she did.

katy said...

To anon 5:06
Do you really think Kristen has no free will? Do you really think she would be with Rob if she didn't want to?
Do you realy think Rob could force her to love him?
She's with Rob because she want'to to...not because he forced her.

your so Pathetic....GO AWAY

Anonymous said...

to #1.14

the shop is in tarzana so how is possible if htey live in LA are more than 25 km instead of what you said??

Anonymous said...

to anon 5:06.. There was an instant attraction between the 2 right from the beginning. They have both described their "unique chemistry" in the auditions and CH has mentioned it many times. Sometimes you just can't deny fate. The heart wants what the heart wants. I think Kristen was mature enough to try and make it work with MA but he was her first boyfriend. They may have fallen out of love or were never there to begin with, but you can't fault Rob for falling for her. I think if it wasn't Rob, it would be someone else. If her and MA were as strong and in love, then Rob wouldn't have mattered no matter how hard he tried to win her over. And it's her life and her happiness in the end. She has to follow her heart and I think if she weren't happy, then it would only be a matter of time before she ended with Michael anyways. As for her and Rob, obviously she must cherish what they have since she has gone all out to protect it. If she weren't happy then she would've gotten out a long time ago. JMO.

Anonymous said...

i think exactly in ht eopposite way!!!
they probably was very attractive each other at the beginning but after....she broke with M than she probably push him R so much that finally he is not ready for the relation that she want!!!!!!

this is another story...evverybody can have their own story about this Story!
so funny........

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Omg. Anybody who thinks they're together because one pushed the other is insane. They are together because they want to be. The End. It was obvious they had a connection from the start, some sort of mutual attraction and it grew into a relationship. They are smart, capable people who make their own choices. People must want to make drama about Rob and Kristen because they are so miserable in their own lives they don't understand how two people can just be happy together. It's pathetic really.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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katy said...
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Anonymous said...

anonymous 5:36 You post over and over but nobody can understand what you're saying. I think things are getting lost in translation. Rob bought Kristen a guitar for her 18th birthday. Kristen said that in a video interview. It was a rumor she bought one for his recent birthday. Reading what Rose wrote is important in comprehending what Rose wrote.

katy said...

anon 5:06 'Cause he didn't give a damn that she was a minor'

You do know Michael is only one year younger then Rob?

If she had such a great relationship with Michael...she wouldn't had broke up with him...and what make you think it wasn't Michael that broke up with her...because he saw Kristen loved Rob.

Anonymous said...

Okay. So they are together, now. Lets not get into how/when/why. Although if we are going to go there... I would say comic con or end of filming New Moon is when they likely actually "officially" got together because that is when MA disappeared. I think they were just friends and the chemistry thing kept building until Kris had to make a move or maybe MA broke up with her.. .and then her and Rob got together.. but who cares about that part what matters is that... Clearly they are happy together!!

On another note. Just watched Little Ashes. Rob is such an amazing actor. If you are an adult.... I totally recommend it. Amazing movie.. Rob was beyond amazing. Wow! I can see where the "beard" rumors would come from because he played the part really well. But that just makes him an amazing actor.

Yeah... Rob probably owns more than one guitar. So even if Kris just bought him one... he is probably building a collection... since he likes music. That would make sense.

*Suzy Q*

katy said...

Anon 5:55 I can't find Little Ashes here in My country...do you Know of any link...site where I can find it. I would Love to see it.

And agree with your comment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose, loved your post today as always. Sorry about the epidemic of craziness, apparently rabies really does have an affect on the language center of the brain lmao. I think it's obvious they really have alot in common including music, books, love of family, and a need to keep their private life private. A little less hate would be great. thanks again Rose, keep writing about what you want it is YOUR blog after all...thanks for shareing.

Anonymous said...

to Melinda,
LOVE the thought of Rob's car stashed away with the little black mini C.!!!! teee-heee....
to Anon 5:21,
What a beautiful thought you expressed here: "As for her and Rob, obviously she must cherish what they have since she has gone all out to protect it." That gives me a whole new perspective on why she won't come out and admit their relationship. I get it more now...thanks for your post--I agree with you!

Ground control to Major Tom said...

Oh my goodness. Reading comments in here is like reading an illiterate stenographer's notes at a global UN conference.

PS- English becomes much easier to write when you use the nice words. ;-)

sollee said...

rob looks great in that pic in that guitar store..i'm glad both rob and kristen love to play guitar..i hope they would on some shows or promo tours play guitar together:) that would be so nice :)..i saw that video too when kris mentioned rob's gift on her 18th bday and she said the gift(guitar) was so beautiful..that was sooo sweet:)

Anonymous said...

To those who are complaining about Rose blog,STFU,get out of here.Rose doesn't need you moron,we love Rose blog and we love to speculate above what's going on with Rob/Kris,if you hyenas hates it too bad.
@Music Man,I think you're right they started going out,before NM.

Melinda said...


You know I just had to add it! It makes them crazy!

Who knows where his car is. But logically I can't imagine why you would pay a monthly fee to store it in a parking garage somewhere when there is a perfectly good place to keep it free.

And if the inside smells like him I would be sitting in it sometimes during the times that I'm missing him. You know?

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I'm sorry, but some of these comments are totally ridiculous, so please pay no attention to anything they say. Your blogs help keep me sane.I know in my heart
Rob and Kris love each other, and that is the reason they are together, and that is the only reason. Thank you, please never stop.

Trish said...

Wow, just came back from work to just see all this NONsense!! To that person who posted that Rob and Kristen are not together i forget what time it was but i am preety damn sure you know who you are...please, before you try to make an argument learn how to spell..it will do you some good and maybe people will take you a bit..i only said a bit! more seriously..it is TOGETHER..that right there shows how old you are!

With that said,Hi Melinda and all you Robsten fans :-)


Rose, you are so right about anon @12:45..that post really scared me..see this is what happens when EVERYONE has access to the internet even the ones who have just been released from the psych wards and are not keeping up with their prescriptions..





Anonymous said...

to Melinda,
Ahhh, Rob smell.....it must be amazing!! Of course, if KStew wears his clothes when he's away from her, she would sit in the car as well!! Maybe it has some great private memories~~waggles eyebrows~~for her to re-live...BIG SMILE!! And she probably HAS to get CD's outta there periodically cause you KNOW they swap those back and forth as well....It's all good! Every couple does this stuff, totally normal--except they are both ridiculously beautiful and talented!!
to Katy,
try Amazon.com for Little Ashes. I got mine there and I'm pretty sure they ship internationally!

Anonymous said...

so kristen is with scout and friends in ohio kristen havent seen rob for months and she'd rather spend her weekend away with friends when she could had a weekend with her bf and she has to travel this week too,poor rob she doesnt love him at all.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they are a serious couple. They are casual. She's going away for at least a week soon.. and has been away with Scout for what, another week by choice? It wouldn't be a big deal if they were together all the time like other couples but these two barely see each other. No big deal. They get their rocks off together when they want but don't otherwise feel the need to hang around. Just like Kristen jetting to Coachella instead of hanging with Rob. Its clearly their business and their choice.

Anonymous said...

They are FWB. Neither side was right. The Nonstens think its all PR. Its not. The shippers think they are super serious engaged/married. They are not. Nor will they ever be. They are convenient screw buddies who won't squeal on each other. Rare with their level of fame.. especially his.

Anonymous said...

Dizzle said..
"And Of COURSE Rob and Kristen are spending all the together they possibly can. If any ocean can't keep them apart, then how could anything else? Duh. :)"

Guess not. Rob was in LA & Kristen is partying it up in Ohio. So much for all the dreams the shippers have been having of them being together.

Anonymous said...

Its not that they have to be glued together 24/7. Come on. Normal couples spend time together AND apart. Its just that this couple has been "apart" since January (except a few days every month) and yet as soon as Robbie is in LA she runs on a road trip that precedes her being away for weeks in the next month for promotion Rob won't be apart of. Korea/Australia is the tip of the iceberg. Rob has a 55 day shoot for WFE. There will be no Rob in anything outside of LA.. K/T will do it all together. If I had barely seen my boyfriend for 5 months and he was finally in my town I really wouldn't be jumping to get away from him knowing I wouldn't see him half of June (because of promotion) and in July she will be deep in preproduction away from him for her next role. It has nothing to do with being "clingy." I'm just saying objectively this does not come off as a very serious couple. They seem like two nice kids who have fun together but certainly aren't ready to walk the aisle as some say.

Anonymous said...

Keep trying shippers. Its not about "worshipping" Rob. Its about wanting to spend time with your boyfriend you have seen only a few days strung together since December or January. You have to admit its a little strange that when he is in her city she'd take a week long vacation away from LA knowing she won't see him next week due to promoting overseas. Who knows what promotion Kristen and Taylor have after that but there will definitely be a European string of dates that will take another week at the least in either June or July. Salles preproduction won't be in LA so right after Eclipse is out and she's done promotion she will likely be out of the area doing that.

Anonymous said...

i think they broke up noticed kristen is not wearing her necklake?

Anonymous said...

Aww, I don't think it's a big deal she went to a concert for a few days. Should people not spend time with friends once they're in a relationship?

So, now they are not serious about each other because they're not attached 24/7?

Whatever. Carry on. Hate and bitching has become common place in this fandom. But I think of Kristen's past relationship and MA being attached to her ass didn't do them any favors. You learn that having a balance of relationship, family and friends is the best way to go.

But like I said, carry on.... People full of unhappiness and anger will do what they gotta do.
I will just now hit the ignore button.

PS @9:59pm. As soon as Rob is in LA? He's been there for weeks. It's not like they haven't seen enough of each other over the past month. I think Kristen going away for a few days, especially while Rob is working, isn't such a big deal as people want to make it.

Anonymous said...

Kristen and Michael were attached at the hip. Unless you are one of those crazy shippers who think he forced himself on her.. then you have to admit she acts 100% different with Rob. She invited Michael on all of her promotional tours. Went on vacations with his family. He was spotted on her parents steps with her in those infamous smoking pictures. They were basically never apart except for work and even then not for very long. Even during their relationship's demise he visited the set several times. So, please, don't push the "Kristen is an independent woman and never likes to be around a boyfriend for an extended period of time because she's so fierce." She does not act serious about Rob. She acted seriously about Michael. Wasn't afraid to admit they were dating. He was everywhere with her. Not hating on Kristen at all.. or Rob. Just saying this relationship appears casual when held up against her last one.

Anonymous said...

nonsten here

And I adore Kristen. She is beautiful, young, and she never fails to give me plenty of proof that the shippers are FOS!

Anonymous said...

Shippers want to act like they are this couple who is secretly married. Yet, she barely worked from the time he left LA until he came back and she only visited him for a few days at a time. Booty call? He gets to LA and she runs on a 4 day (so far) trip. Probably 4 days back as well. Then she's jetting off to promote with her buddy Taylor. Rob obviously didn't work this weekend at all yet she'd rather be out with friends who were all in LA for the past 5 months unlike her supposed "boyfriend." They screw around. Cool. They aren't living together and they aren't getting married. They both seem like they are nice people but the fans are projecting some big romance that isn't there.

Anonymous said...

to 10:14pm. Like flying to Budapest for her birthday! Have you ever been on a plane for 14 hours?! Oh yes, that definitely shows they're not in a serious relationship. Too fucking funny. I mean, pick out what you want to bend while ignoring all else. Love that logic. Kristen goes away for a few days and that means she doesn't love Rob and they aren't serious about each other. It never fails for the LOLs. I will remember that when I am away with friends without my boyfriend--who travels a great deal for work. But I am not going to not see a concert with friends just because he's in town and not traveling. You only live once.

to 10:24pm. And how did that work out for them? Being attached 24/7? Having friends and spending time with those friends does not make a relationship less serious. It actually means you're in a healthy relationship.

Anonymous said...

Rob got ripped to PIECES for going to Shannon's birthday. She's been his friend as long or longer than he's known Kristen. Rob is in LA and Kristen goes on a 7 day trip (left Thursday.. are still in Ohio now) with some girls who were in LA for the past 5 months that Rob was gone and she's so awesome to this board? double standards. they arent serious. he doesn't hang with her family. he bones her. she bones him. uncomplicated. not earth shattering.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a shipper AT ALL but it is obvious they are together. Are people surprised some Rob fans are clinging to this? I'm not. They've had nothing to cling to lately of course they'd cling to a concert. I've been a Kristen fan for a long time and MA and Kristen were not attached at the hip. There were many times he was in New York and she was in LA. All of this is ridiculous. She's been gone a few days doing something with her girlfriends and she isn't with Rob? Please. Budapest and New Years showed me they are beyond a fling and if you want to believe differently, by all means.

Anonymous said...

Rose said "Just because you don't see every moment
of someone's life in a picture...
Doesn't mean it didn't happen.
Doesn't mean it's not happening right now..."
well so fitting right now. Shippers are crzy day dreaming about them playing guitar and spending all their free time together. This show you in the end you don't know shit what's going on with them.

Anonymous said...

Rose, thanks for the sweet post today.

I really miss the nice comments yesterday. But today, haters are hyped up and bark out loud. And, I am sick of the onesided love BS that some anons keep posting. The love and attraction between R&K is MUTUAL. Only blind people can't see.

From Asia,

Anonymous said...

Even if Kristen drove with them instead of flying to meet them, well, she didn't and won't be missing too much time to spend with Rob since he was and will be working on the days she's away. I really don't see the big ass deal. The fact they seem to have such a great balance is refreshing and it gives them more of a chance of a long-term relationship over couples who only spend time with each other and no one else. That becomes really unhealthy and too dependant. I have seen it myself.
Also, how the hell does anyone know whether he spends time with her family? Are you with them every minute of every day? These kind of statements are pretty amusing.

Marchu said...

you know what? I love the way you express yourself in every post. And I coudnt agree more with you in every single word you said.
Kisses from argentina :)

Anonymous said...

Krisbians are so pathetic. Now she's on the road trip as some ode to her next project? I wonder if she's sleeping with everyone she meets like her character. You know, she's super method like that. They aren't serious. They aren't egnaged. They aren't married. They will never be serious, engaged, or married. Kristen is happy with the arrangement. Rob is happy with the arrangement. They know the fans wouldn't understand. Neither side would be "winners" or happy so they will never explain. When they are done having fun they will move on to others. Shippers need to face facts. She is spending 2 weeks away from Rob by choice. It will be more once dates are announced by Summit. Kristen has plenty of friends. Rob has plenty of friends. They bone but its not some E/B romance. Its barely a romance. Its a safe, convenient screw.

Anonymous said...

10:53. LOL. Thanks. I am glad you THINK you know Rob and Kristen so well.
We are all just observers. And guess what? I think they are in a relationship. And a serious one at that. Yup. We all have opinions and I am pretty steady with mine.

Anonymous said...

This proves once again hyenas have never been in a relationship. If you have been you know you go and do stuff with friends sometimes. It's healthy. She traveled 14 hours to only spend her birthday with Rob. Sorry hyenas, that's a committed relationship. If you don't think so, and were confident in your belief they aren't serious or aren't together you wouldn't be here on this site! You try to convince other people to convince yourself.

Anonymous said...

You can’t be in love and take a road trip with you girls. That is just all kinds of wrong. RIGHT? You see, an insecure woman would not leave him home alone. She would be so far up his a$$ that he could not breathe. Couples are not together all the time. She can’t have fun with her friends without being accused of being his FWB or a casual fling. Do you live in the real world? What does a girl’s weekend have to do her true feeling for her boyfriend? Let’s get this right: If she was at the guitar shop with him then she would be a clinger. And if she is independent enough to spend time away from him with her friends than she is just his side dish that he uses on occasion. OK!!!! My, My, My!!!

Anonymous said...

They (at most) spent 8 days together post-Oprah. She left on Thursday and will be gone 7 days (at the least) and then she should be leaving for Australia since she will have two days there and several more in Korea. Even when they have the option of being in the same city they choose to spend more night apart than together. I see both sides. Shippers have a lot of evidence they are together. Then again, Nonstens have a lot of reasons to think this isn't the epic live or die relationship that shippers claim it is. Some distance is healthy. These two spend more time apart than together (unless they are filming the same movie which after BD will be over). To the casual observer it certainly doesn't seem like a fairytale ideal relationship. Seems more casual.

Anonymous said...

He and Kristen are exclusive FWB. He wouldn't embarrass her like that. Even though this board blew up that he DARED to go to SW's birthday party without Kristen but shes a hero for going on a 7-10 day road trip with a bunch of clingy famewhore friends. R/K shippers look stupid for thinking he was with her all weekend and they were "pelvic wrestling" and other embarrassing BS. Nonstens look stupid for denying that there is anything going on with R/K. They are FWB. Get it on when they want to. Yet, spend 1/5th the time she did with Michael and he did with Nina in their actual serious relationships.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:05 I don't think they have a fairytale relationship at all. I think they have a normal relationship.

It doesn't seem casual to me only because she went to see Rob 3 times while he was in the UK filming BA. Twice with no other reason than to see Rob. Apparantly with multiple sightings and Lainey they just spent time together in Laguna, so how does it show they are casual if she went on a road trip with her friends? It doesn't. People can believe what they want but I believe they are very much together. A girlfriend trip certainly doesn't prove otherwise.

Anonymous said...

11:05pm. 8 days? What days are you counting? Oprah was 2 weeks ago last week.

Geez. I really don't get it. Rob is filming. Had yesterday off and I am not sure about today...so Kristen goes away for a concert for a bit. She doesn't get to do that too often...just enjoy stuff like that and be normal. So, why does this have to reflect so much on her relationship with her boyfriend?
Rob's working and she got the opportunity to see Rob Zombie...why not go?
If people want to throw around that they're casual because of this...well, whatever. Then there are a lot of casual yet serious relationships out there. LOL. FYI you can still be serious and not spend everysinglefreemomenttogether.
I went to school in a different state than my boyfriend. When we were home for holidays or summer, we weren't always together. We would spend time with family and friends too. Even though we didn't see much of each other during the semester. And now by certain people's logic, I wasn't in a serious relationship with my boyfriend while we were in college...LOL. Even though we didn't date anyone else. Whatever floats your boat I guess. But I don't agree with this logic AT ALL.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how people that don't care for Kristen Stewart track her every move. Waiting for the days when she is not with Robert. I can see them now jumping for joy because she is away from him. That's very .....interesting? Funny!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No normal fans cared that Rob went to Shannon's birthday, I mean she is the girlfriend of his friend. Just like no normal fans care that Kristen went on a roadtrip with friends. MA and Kristen weren't together all the time. Obviously a lot of people saying that they were didn't follow her before. Why are people saying a 7-10 day trip? She's left Thurs. How does anybody know how long she'll be gone? And since Rob was at a guitar shop a couple miles from Kristen's house he is probably staying there.

Anonymous said...

Well I knew the internet was good for something. I just realized that my husband any I are indeed, friends with benefits. OH JOY. I love my benefits.

Anonymous said...

11:36pm. LMFAO. I just found out my boyfriend and I are FWB too! Wow. So many smart people that come to Rose's blog to spew their "wisdom"....
I am dying (laughing) over here. Don't know how I will break it to my boyfriend of 5 years. Here we thought we were in a committed, serious, healthy relationship. Well, my benefits are awesome--love them as well. :)

Lisa said...

My goodness.. What fun! I saw the new KS pics and decided I would come (with umbrella) to read the shit.. Most was so funny I wrote down comments all the way! :) A book in itself! :)

The Hyenas have been DYING TO POUNCE as they've had nothing lately.. Knew they had to grab on to any little bit.. :)

12:54:00 I never heard the Channel ring was an engagement ring. And as far as I know, all gifts have been speculation besides the guitar which she told.

12:55:00 PM if you hate us "shippers" so much. WHY ARE YOU HERE??

1:26:00 PM, I have a thought too.. Go away! How dare ANYONE come here and tell Rose what to write! Don't like it, LEAVE!! JESUS

1:27:00 PM WHY are you so full of hatred for Rob?

imloc2, LMAO "they're breeding" God help us!

1:57:00 PM TOO FUNNY!

Melinda, great post! LOL Also loved the "sitting in his car daily" You crack me up! :)

4:41 I just thought it looked like his collar bone ran into his chest muscle (which have you noticed, he doesn't look big but much more defined?) and then into his hair.

5:06 WOW! just WOW

5:36 you answered your OWN question. "Gossip Magazine"

Suzy Q, I love Little Ashes as well..

9:28 and others up in a tizzy cause she went to OH with friends. SO WHAT? He's working, they'll be together tons with making BD 1 & maybe 2. Should she just sit at home and wait for him to show up after 15-18 hour days? This could have been planned? Could have been an invite by Rob Zombie since she is side stage during his performance and pictured with him! They're young, even in love people CAN still do all kinds of things.. Means nothing negative about their relationship. But if it makes you feel better, dream on.

9:42, you're right about one thing. And only one..
"Its clearly their business and their choice."

9:44:00 PM Wow.
"screw buddies" do you get a bedside seat? Or is this YOUR OPINION?

10:14:00 PM, Kristen was very young while with MA. HE also was not the most famous man on the planet either. (not saying Rob always will be, but he IS now)

10:14:00 PM why aren't YOU at Stewartintoxication or something? Instead of bugging up here at PATTINSONintoxication!

10:40:00 PM, vulgar and jealous much?

11:05:00 PM, wow, you're so close to KS that you know her exact whereabouts everyday? Then WHY are you at Rose's little ol blog.? Oh wait, we all know don't we ;)

Anonymous said...

HYENAS was been been waiting for this moment,HAHAHAHA.Do you think that because Kris went to Ohio to see a concert means that Rob/Kris broke up and not together?You HYENAS are really delusional/Psychotics.LISTENS MORONS THE MORE THAT YOU HATE AND DESTROY KRIS THE MORE THAT ROB LOVES AND PROTECTS HER.THEIR IS NOTHING THAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT,BECAUSE ROB WILL ALWAYS LOVES KRIS AND KRIS WILL ALWAYS LOVES ROB.

Melinda said...

Some of the comments on here since the picture of Kristen came out are so screwed up it is not funny.

For all you nonsensical people making comments- GROW UP!

Once again the fact of the matter is NONE OF US (both the logical and nonsense) know what kind of relationship they have. We believe what we see (the logical) or what we want to see (the nonsense).

What is most funny is that people actually come on here and state stuff that they have NO CLUE what they are talking about. You are just talking out of your ...

How the heck do you know how many days R/K have seen each other since Jan? Or that you know ALL ABOUT Kristen's relationship with MA?

To 9:28- where do you get that she hasn't seen Rob for "months"? Umm They have been in LA since May 5th so logically they pretty much have spent THE WHOLE MONTH together.

9:59-see my comment above about them being together for pretty much the whole month of May. She hardly "ran on a road trip" as soon as he got to LA.

10:14- Pretty much when Kristen was dating Michael no one really knew who she was lets be honest. So their relationship was pretty easy. Skip forward a few years and nothing about her new relationship has been easy. Yet SHE STILL finds time to be with him even when it is hard. That's not a "casual" relationship.

10:19- again she didn't jet off with her friends as soon as Rob got to LA. Really you gotta try harder.

10:40-not even going to bother

10:53-how is Kristen spending 2 plus weeks away by choice? Yes she has spent a few days on the road some friends. That was her choice. BUT WHEN SHE STARTS ECLIPSE promotions that really not her "choice" that's WORK. She has to do it. I am sure if she had a "choice" about promoting a film or being home she would prefer being home.

See I can logically dispel all the NONsense. Just face it...you don't make any sense...and people will call you out.

And furthermore quit with all the FWB talk-it cheapens their relationship.

Can't wait to see what Rose has in store for us tomorrow. The nonsensical people have given her a lot of material!!!

BTW- Hey Trish and Lisa :)

Anonymous said...

Have i missed something here....
All this blog is speculation....
non-one and i mean no-One really knows the true and correct method of Rob or Kristens madness [so to speak]
We are outsiders lookin in...unless told other wise....by the two in question themselves.....
So why all the dribble of what he did or she went.....
Why not just show your support to these lovely , talented and beautiful people and be done....
MAybe they are not as commited as we would like to presume or maybe they are.....
There has been so much presumtion on todays...and whether you are dribbling SHIT or not NOBODY knows the real facts....so why do you all just keep going on and on about it....
Its not going to bring the TRUE FACT OUT IN THE OPEN....
We have to be fans of either or both without presumption B/C they dont confirm nor deny anything ....
'JACK SHIT' .....

Anonymous said...

10:05-missing necklace rant

Ummm okay? What picture are you looking at? Because if it is the one at the Rob Zombie concert how in the heck can you even see something around her neck from that far away?

But carry on with your prattle. Who really cares.

Fanny said...

I wonder if reading the comments right now would be a good idea... Lots of hyenas' ? I'm disappointed in the Lost finale right now, so I'd like something nicer than haters' comments. Maybe I should go and do all this ironing that's waiting for me and come back later here when there's a new nice post from Rose?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My, my! Such drama!
All because Rob and Kristen choose not to confirm or deny a relationship.
They're damned if they do and damned if they don't.
It's hysterical that two young people are giving the tabloids, paps and others nothing and the stories and comments become more ludicrous and laughable by the second.

By the way KS is still wearing that gold band she's been wearing since Budapest. It's the only ring she seems to favor these days.

Anonymous said...

To add to the above:
They (Rob and Kristen) are speaking as a "we" as in ...."We have become better at hiding over the last year".

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, I thought Kristen was "clingy" because she flew to spend her birthday with Rob. Then after 3 weeks with Rob in LA, she decides to take a fun roadtrip with friends (who probably have bf's also) and now they are just casual? As someone else said, I thought I was in a serious relationship, and I know a lot of people who are in serious relationships but I just learned tonight we're all FWB by the hyenas standards. Lol.

Fanny said...

I caved in and read some of the comments. Bad move, so much nonsense ;)

@Anon5:54- LOL exactly. What is kristen exactly? Is she clingy? Or is she just FWB with Rob? Haters should choose one option and stick to it already. True too about K's friends probably having boyfriends too and leaving for a few days nonetheless. Are they in FWB relationships too then lol?

Now, that said, I'll let the haters have their fun with this. If it makes them feel better, so be it, poor things don't have anything to give them some hope so they're desperate *rolls eyes*
Now I won't lie and say I wouldn't have liked to get up this morning and read about a new R&K sighting. Well it'll happen sooner than later anyway. So right now I'm happy for Kristen that she gets to have fun with her friends and still manage to have quite a normal life. Rob's working, does she have to wait all day long for him to come back from the set and do nothing but that? They just spent a few weeks together, she's away for a few days and they'll get to have another steamy happy reunion in a few days. I'd say, lucky them ;)

Anonymous said...

No it can’t be. I just realized my son is a product of a FWB relationship. The shame I now feel is overwhelming me. How dare I hook it up with a beautiful man who is my friend? LISTEN: Please stay on your meds. Skipping a dosage could result in some of you not making one ounce of sense.

Anonymous said...

Kristen goes away with her friends just the days that Rob is off work.

I've just seen Javier Bardem getting the best actor award in Cannes, Penelope was in the audience and he said "This award is dedicated to my friend, to my mate, to my love. I owe you so many things...I love you Penelope"

I couldn't help thinking, Jesus, this is Love!! I've never seen them talking to the Media about their relationship, ever... but it's so beautiful to declare your love this way, not caring that half the world is gonna a see you. It's as if they need to demonstrate their love and share it with the rest of the world.... except the gossip world!

From Spain, Laia

katy said...

All the NONSENSE, it's making me sick.

And kristen says she will NOT cheapen her relationship by talking them...It's the hyenas that cheapen their Relationship.

Anonymous said...

Louisa@4:53, Thank you SO SO much for introducing the link!!!!~~ I love u!!~

I melt in front of my computer while watching this!!!!~ It's overwhelmingly beautiful and romantic!!!!~~~

>333 Kisses from Monica

Anonymous said...

@Laia from Spain:
I don't recall Ms. Cruz mentioning Mr. Bardem when she won her Oscar and she has never publicly acknowledged her relationship with Javier Bardem. Just like Rob and Kristen they have been seen places together and separately!

So, is Mr. Bardem whipped for dedicating his award to Penelope and is Penelope somehow less invested in the relationship because she never talks about it.


May said...

Bb,only when I come to your blog,it becomes so obvious how desperate h8rs&nonstens really are.Dont they have their own place to hate and be delusional and shit? LMFAO

One more thing...
Just because you don't see every moment
of someone's life in a picture...
Doesn't mean it didn't happen.
Doesn't mean it's not happening right now...
As you read this.
We only see fleeting flashes of
Robert and Kristen
Seconds out of hours...
There is so much more that we don't see.
And that's the way it should be.
2 people sharing their lives...
Hanging out
Playing guitar

You read my mind,bb. <3

30yearoldtwifan said...

I am a R & K supporter, I love them both, (together or a part)but I do find it odd she went away with friends for a week if not more, when she doesn't spend a lot of time with Rob because of there jobs and hes in LA now. Plus shes leaving to do promo with TL soon. I'm not saying they arent a couple,I think they are I just find it odd. Unless hes so busy filming he told her to go and have fun with her friends, which is possible. We will never know people. We shouldn't know to be honest, its NOT are business, we are all just to dam nosy LOL

Anonymous said...

I think it speaks volumes that KS left her friends and family mind you to fly half way around the world to be with Rob on her birthday. Her birthday was on April 9th, they flew out of Budapest on April 12th. Surely if this relationship wasn't important to her she would not have done that.

Again, she celebrated her birthday with him rather than friends and family.
Isn't it time to buy a clue!

Also, when they have spoken about the paps finding them they speak as WE not just I.

Anonymous said...

To 10.12 am.

--"she has never publicly acknowledged her relationship with Javier Bardem"--

Yes I agree!! I said they've never talked with the Media about their relationship, but what I think it's beautiful, is that even so, they demonstrate publicy their feelings. They don't hide, they don't avoid PDA and they're attending events together. They live their love at most staying away from gossip world.

Maybe I didn't make myself understandable, but I actually meant that I'd love Rob&Kristen were able to get rid of prejudicies and lived their love at most, not stoping themselves from showing PDA o their real feelings.

I'm just so tired of analyzing everything they do. For a change, I'd like they really were able to hold hands at anywhere or to attend some event together. That is all.

Anonymous said...

To the "haters":

You don't believe (or you don't want to believe) that they're together. OK, I get it. And I respect that (I don't go to your blogs and try to change your opinion, and I certainly don't insult anyone who doesn't believe the same I do).

What I don't understand is WHY ARE YOU HERE...?

Do you really think the things you say are going to change our opinion? No, that's not going to happen. And you certainly know that.

So... again, WHY ARE YOU HERE?

You just like to insult people? Does it make you feel good?

Just trying to understand.

eimski said...

People are very strange, not sure why they get so worked up trying to prove something doesn't exist when it seems pretty obvious it does. Secondly my husband and I do things separately ALL THE TIME and we don't get to spend that much time together during the week either. I don't love him any less nor does he not love me - he knows that it is good (and healthy) to spend time with friends and others.
Beautiful post as always Rose, hopefully R&K are having some time together to be regular people before the onslaught of Eclipse media :)