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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Isn't It Wonderful?

I know you have all seen this pic by now.
Hey... what can I say? 
I only post once a day... and it's usually in the morning.
So I miss stuff.
But it also lets me 'wait and see'
about gossip and innuendo.

Robert's and Kristen's face!
They are so damn adorable.
I just want to hug them.
But I wouldn't...
Did you see Rob's face in the promo?
Just as he was about to get swarmed by the girls
whose house he knocked at?
They screamed and hugged him.
NOT that I blame them...
I mean...
He would be hard to resist
His face...
The dear boys face
as always
shows exactly what he is feeling.
And I'm pretty sure I saw FEAR.
Robert is a good sport.
Love him even more.
Is that possible at this stage of the game?

Kristen. Coachella.
Please let go the whole "ST. Christopher" medal thing.
I'm thinking... No.
Robert is much more romantic than that...

Adorable picture.
Rob seems to be comforting Kristen...
They don't seem to care who sees it.
And Taylor?
Well... I like the boy.
I really do.
But he looks SO out of place here.
And he knows it.

I was discussing the whole 'Robsten' drama
with a good friend.
This was someone who used to not believe that
Robert and Kristen
were together or dating.
She does now.
And she can't believe the lengths that some people
will go to... to not believe.
We had a lot of chuckles
over the incredible NONsense
that some people cling to in hopes of not
believing what is so... OBVIOUS.

You see...
Me and this friend have had a lot of discussions
about this topic.
She didn't WANT to believe Robert was with Kristen.
She's not a fan of Kristen.
(but she doesn't hate on her, either)
She loves and adores Robert.
SANE, RATIONAL people can see the truth.
It is possible.
Like I have said so many times before...
I have a lot of friends who aren't fans
of Robert/Kristen being together.
They are all about Rob.
Not Kristen.
But they have all admitted...
Even though it doesn't make them happy
That there is no doubt 
Robert and Kristen are together.
Amazing... huh?

Sometimes I just think...
If people WANT to believe that Kristen
flew all the way to Budapest for PR...
Let them.
If it makes people happier to think that every picture
of Robert and Kristen together
are staged?
So be it.

I guess they NEED to believe it.
Because you know...
And I know...
That they see the very same things we do.
So they have to come up with NONsense
to rationalize what they see.
They try so hard NOT to believe
what is right in front of them.
And sometimes it's fun to poke at stick at them...
And sometimes...
It's OK to feel sorry for them.

Just another day in Twi-Land

*Have you noticed angry foaming lately?
Yeah. Always lots of anger before
a Robert and Kristen 'event'.
Like Robert smiling when Kristen is around.*

Bye for now


linzy said...

aw, sweet post today Rose. I love the picture choices, they increase the giddy exponentially :D

i've had the same experience with a couple of Rob fans whom I'm friends with. it took some time, but they've come around and are simply happy that HE's happy... because ultimately, that's what matters. i know i'd much rather spend my time focusing on the positive and the things that make me smile, than the useless nonsense and drama.

2 days til oprah & til Rob's bday :) i get the feeling it is going to be an all day celebration online yeah? WOO!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for said "event" why do I feel that has nothing to do with Oprah?

honey said...

Love you Rose!!!!
Your post is perfect today too...I mean ROBERTLOVESKRISTENLOVESROBERT...What else do we needdd??????? Love them so much...but not as much they clearly love each other..theirs is an amazing, true love..God bless Them and their love, always.. as for hyenas...well..they just keep on foaming and foaming foamingggg and we...just smile! well...*giggles!!!!*

cityofglass said...

Doesn't it say something about these supposed "fans" who would rather believe that Rob would partake in such a PR scheme than to believe that he found someone he loves?

Anonymous said...

many people who aren't fans of Robert/Kristen being together COINCIDENTALLY are all about Rob.
If people want to misjudge kristen I feel sorry for them. because they are the first to KNOW and SEE the very same things we do. Kristen is a danger to their fantasies . but sorry ,they are not real fan of robert for me .
I will not defend kristen but I want to defend robert's freedom .Did you see Rob's face with the girls? did you see kristen's face with the paparazzi?
There are many forms of prison.

Stop the hate


Anonymous said...

love the picture, thanks rose.. make me smile all day, my sister keep asking what you smile at???? are u got fever??? LMAO...

Anonymous said...

love photos, haven't seen some of these before, also can't believe studios will make rob fly to cannes 14 hours and back then onto wfe set, my goodness that guy hasn't got 5 minutes of peace

Anonymous said...

nice post. I have friends who are rob fans only too, and aren't big fans of kristen. And I understand why-she's just not as engaging or warm publicly as Robert is. But they still think they are dating, and realize that most rationalizations are desperate sounding. YOu heard the newest/oldest theory right? The net is full of theories that MA and KS have never broke up, THEY are the true underground couple, and PRsten is just PR.

Wow, Kristen's a regular 007 agent, huh? lol

NEver mind the fact Summit welcomed MA into the picture with TWilight promotion, never tried to hide him, even spotlighted him.lol So why hide now?

Never mind MA has dated high profile girls in the last year. Or that he has his own career that's doing well(he's a front runner for the Spiderman reboot) and doesn't need to play games for Twilight cause he has his own life.

No, never let reason and logic get int he way of a convenient argument.

Anonymous said...

anon 10.54 adoring fans rushing you and thuggish pappz rushing you hardly comparable? i am sure if kristen was at a house full of her fans she would have been smiling too what's your point?

soadram said...

Nice post once again and completely true. As I have said just do not believe in Rob / Kris together. who really do not want to believe ...
What about the "enemies" of Rob / Kris, I in my life I've always had a friendly attitude of my friend, as the enemies simply ignores them completamente.Pelo I have seen are people who feel very bad in seeing others happy For me these people are garbage and are not fans of anyone.
A kiss of Rosa Portugal

Anonymous said...

most fans are rob fans not kristen fans that's how these books work, that's why oprah sent rob out to naperville not taylor or kristen. that said it has to be hard for her to put up with the hate towards her for dating him from his crazy fans, if she came out and said yep he's mine she would be branded a smug bitch i am sure and the hate would be worse, i commend her for keeping her mouth shut and just getting on with trying to be in a relationship with him which must be very difficult for now.

kharma1 said...

Hi Rose,
I absolutely love the picture of them on Oprah. I just want to take both of them home and protect them from all this nonsense.
Pictures of them together always warms my heart because you can see how happy they are when they are together. It must be so hard on them when they are apart, but makes the reunion even more special.
The promo Twilight pic is one of my favorites. Rob is gorgeous in it and Kristen in his arms, just feeling safe and warm and the look on her face is beautiful.
Thank you for another great Post and hmmm that necklace must have a special meaning behind it, she's been wearing it since her birthday, I wonder where she got it from...lol.
Big week, Rob's birthday and Oprah, Maybe we will get a surprise siting of them.
We can only hope.

sollee said...

i'm glad to have found many robsten fans all over the world...i have to thank you for giving us so many beautiful things about robert pattinson and kristen stewart...good luck to both of them!...looking forward to the oprah show for the twilight trio guesting as well:)

Carmel said...

To annoymous 11.06
Excuse me but I'm a rob fan, not really a kristen fan but I am not a crazy rob fan. And I have never ever hated on kristen. I already accepted that they were together a long time ago and that it was none of my business. I do hate how rob fans have been labelled as crazies. Trust me, we're not all like that. Some of us just want to support Rob and all this labelling is starting to get annoying. And for the record, taylor did go to naperville. Thank you once again Rose for a great post x

Deb said...

HEY Rose love your post and I agree with what you have to say But i was thinking DIDNT MA even think that OR seen that Kristen was falling for ROB? You can see it alot in some videos.Im just happy to see them (ROB and Kristen)happy .cant wait tell thur. You have a good day Rose PS I would LOVE to know what Kristens getting her man for his birthday hmmmmmmm(THAT TOOOo)hehehehe. DEB

Patricia said...

Hi Rose and all the fans that love Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! I also loved Rob first, but just like with my kids,(when they brought someone home that they loved and wanted to be with) when I saw the way he felt about her, I opened my HEART AND LET HER IN !

I've been away (three days) but stoled looks of your blog everyday. But I couldn't ever comment, I really missed that. I want you to know Rose how much I enjoy commenting about Rob and Kristen. I loved seeing all the pictures you posted of them with BIG SMILES ON THEIR FACES (BECAUSE THEY'RE TOGETHER) !!! Seeing is believing

Rob loves Kristen loves Rob and WE LOVE YOU ROSE!

<333 ( I think this means something good) If not PLEASE ROSE LET ME KNOW ?


vanlicous said...

Ahhh Rose, great pictures. It's so nice to look at them. It always cheers my heart. Thank you.

Scarlet said...

Hi Rose, I love this post. I hope I manage to catch the twi-trio on O after the fact via youtube before it gets pulled! Maybe it will be embedded in enough websites that I'll be able to see it :-)

Anyway, it's been much more calm in terms of comments lately...it's nice. Whether you're just deleting them or the hate is abating a bit I'm happy!

I think it's great that you're really demonstrating how people can be civil about their beliefs regarding something as superfluous as a celebrity romance. I recognize some of the names of people you tweet with from various nonsten places ... doing a 6 degrees of separation on some of them let's you see that they're in regular contact with people who are truly discpicable about Kristen and Robsten in general. But it doesn't come here. Differences of opinion -- don't make you evil!

Anyway Rose, have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Necklace what about the necklace...Jeez u cheapen it and turning it 2 high school drama leave them the hell alone wither they r together or not am so sick with ur doubts about her jelwery & clothes
(and plz don't attack me cuz I'm hard core Rob fan)
P.s poor Rob I feel sorry for him every time I watch Oprah Promo the girls gone all wild and crazy. Happy b'day Rob

Gigi said...

sometimes I feel this debate is so darn simple ..but most ppl go at it as we were all stuck in the 5th grade ...the question of are they dating is irrelevant , the way I see it , they are both old enough to be doing more than that ...I asked my self at times, would any of this ppl who are so adamant to the most of obvious of things , if they were to know for sure would they stop there??? ..I don't think so and the reason to that is b/c some ppl are just plane envious of happiness no matter who has it they just hate that ...so in conclusion let me be simple I'm over 40 yrs old woman and I may not know much but this is for sure ...this 2 are doing it and liking what and whom they are doing it with ...that much is noticeable to anyone who bother to look ...is that called dating ok then so they are dating ...yes I know some ppl may not like it but so what I don't like the state of our economy either and there is not much I can do about that ...it is just life ..
Rose love you blog as always ...

Anonymous said...

Gigi, I so agree with you. I've always objected to the word dating. It has the same impact as calling adult partners "boyfriends" and "girlfriends."

It's apparent that R&K are in a close and loving relationship. They may occasionally have dates with each other, but their relationship goes far beyond that.

And Rose, love your blog as always. Today's post is especially sweet.


Anonymous said...


pricklypearess said...

Lovely post, Rose. Never saw that pic of them sitting under the pine tree during Twilight filming. So cute! Ok, gonna take one more look at gorgeous Rob pics then head out. Have a great day everyone! xoxo

Anonymous said...

oh RP is so going to be in Cannes without KS for his birthday,just wait and see! There is going to be **** on this place tomorrow and the weekend. Robsten.......oh please!!!!!!!Most of the shippers will defend it but they shall see.He is spending his actual birthday in cannes without kristen partying with all these other women.

Anonymous said...

Rob is due to start shooting Water for Elephants very soon, so he's not going to Cannes. Schedule conflicts. Uma is likely to be in Cannes promoting BA, not Rob.

Ele said...

@anon 3:41
Nothing is confirmed about Rob going to Cannes. No one knows. It was reported only by the twitter account @EvaLongoriaNews. And to anon 4:32 --> Desperate much?If Rob goes to Cannes(I highly doubt it since WFE pre-production has already begun)it will be for work. Just stop with all the BS you all hyenas come up with just to prove there's no R/K relationship. It won't change how things really are.They are together.Deal with it.You haters have been proven wrong again and again and you can't accept it. And guess what?Rob and Kristen will be together afterwards,as they always do.

Lisa said...

Nice one Rose.. I like Taylor too.. He's an adorable BOY! I do feel bad that he often seems completely clueless and out of place when he's around Robsten! LOL

Anonymous 4:32 go away! It doesn't matter if Rob goes to Cannes or not. Nor if it's on the 13th or not. WHERE do you think he's been? Do you think the ONLY day a birthday can be celebrated is on the ACTUAL day? I don't THINK SO!

Gigi, you are so right.. I am in my 40's and adore them. Anyone with half a brain can tell they are together! How together, I don't know, I don't know them. But whatever it is and for as long as it lasts, I hope they enjoy themselves. I know I am enjoying them!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

anonymous 4:32

*IF* he goes to Cannes, you do know it's for promotion, right?
and if you don't believe there is a relationship between Rob and Kristen, why do you care if he spends it in LA or not? hmmm... You hyenas crack me up.

PR, you say? No. Part 1. said...

Thoroughly enjoy this blog. As a fan of Rob, as a fan of Kristen.

I work in PR. So it's pretty hilarious to see that word thrown around like it is in this fandom.

Granted, publicity (which is a subset of PR focused on promoting an individual person) is not my specialty. However, the basic tenets are the same. And it ain't hard to figure out, kids. Trust me. PR tactics aren't always easy to execute, but the strategy isn’t rocket science, either.

I get why people are skeptical of any celeb relationship. Hollywood is full of bullsh*t, posing and tightly shut closets. But not everything is like that.

I don't know any of these people personally; I’m no insider. But if Rob and Kristen are trying to push a fake relationship via PR? Someone failed.

Disclaimer: at one point in my crazy head, I did think "Is it possible that this is reverse fake-out PR? Are they deliberately doing things wrong so that it won't look like PR?"

Answer: still no. Still fail if that was the idea.

First of all, Summit aside, for ROB AND KRISTEN'S INDIVIDUAL CAREERS, associating themselves together isn't necessarily the best thing. For almost any other young couple, it might be different. But they desperately want to pursue diverse career options that are the polar opposite of Twilight. They are not Edward and Bella, and they want to be sure everyone knows it.

Being so closely associated in their personal lives? Just makes people think about Twilight some more. And though it’s easy to forget, not everyone likes Twilight. In fact, a lot of people actively dislike it. And those people buy movie tickets, too.

Remember, these two are all about the work. Attention is good, but they're not trying to be famous, they're trying to be actors. And moreover - especially in Rob's case - they're trying to prove themselves.

Kristen doesn't need the attention to get the roles; she has more credibility. That’s not an insult to Rob; she just has a stronger track record to date. The attention benefits Rob more, but I bet your ass his team's life would be easier if they could pimp him as a single man, no question about it, ladies-he-could-be-yours.

Just saying - there are plenty of ways that they could EASILY drum up media attention as individuals that wouldn't tie them so obviously to Twilight.

PR, you say? No. Part 2. said...

Secondly, for a convincing PR effort, you’d need to spring for slightly better visuals. They could set the stage for much more interesting and clear paparazzi shots than what we’ve seen. Reference: Biel, Jessica.

And, there’d just be more. If Budapest was meant to be PR, then there’d be a shot of Kristen and Rob on set, or going into his trailer. Maybe some shots out on the town, sightseeing. They wouldn’t be lying low now; there’d be random shots running errands or out at a restaurant. The paps just don’t catch them very often; usually it’s because they’re attempting to travel. Or work. Or support a friend.

In fact, some of the most incriminating photos we’ve seen to indicate that there’s a relationship are personal shots, usually from fans. And if you think that British teenager who outed them on the Isle of Wight is on Summit’s payroll … I just don’t have words.

Finally, they refuse to confirm anything. I know, I know – continued speculation means continued coverage. But they could get coverage anyway. More coverage. If Rob openly gushed about Kristen, do you think people would boycott? Do you think fans wouldn’t keep buying magazines if there were gorgeous pictures of Rob and Kristen holding hands, or kissing, or on a tropical beach somewhere? Some fans wouldn’t buy. But I bet a lot more would.

For the record: I do think they’re together, obviously. And they’re cute. But my world doesn’t revolve around it. This monstrosity of a blog comment is based on simple observations, from someone who has to think day in and day out about appearances, messaging and brand strategy for my clients.

Rob and Kristen could easily exploit a fake relationship for PR. This wouldn’t be the way to do it. And they’re smarter than that. Just my opinion.

Kisses to Rose for entertaining us and everyone who enjoys following the madness without spewing hatred. :)

ITK said...

To: PR, you say?

Logic? You have it.

Unfortunately, your brilliant comments won't penetrate the delusional minds of many in this fandom.

Rose, great post. As always.

May said...

SANE, RATIONAL people can see the truth.
It is possible.

Bb,its too bad that hyenas have a monopoly on insanity. ;p
Its definitely so damn amusing how they seem to cling to the idea of a PRsten.OMG Desperate much? LMFAO

As always, your post makes my day,bb. <3

soadram said...

PR, você diz? Part No. 1./2 disse ...
I sincerely already read your comment n times but I still do not understand your comment or'm already tired or do not already know how to read or you do not know what that says to me is more likely in my country (Portugal).... There is a saying ... when you know not what you say shut up ... I think it is appropriate for you.
It's so sad people want to believe their own lies.
Anyway ...
Rose has a good day:)

Anonymous said...

I don't think Kristen is happy with Rob. You can see it in her eyes when Oprah asks her about her relationship. She looks terrified and tense. I think Rob forces himself on Kristen because he a very clingy guy. So clingy its frightening. Rob was always very persuasive and basically made her break up with MA. He didn't give up until he ruined her relationship and he is still desperate to make her love him.

just wondering said...

Great pictures, as always and great post!!!! I have to say Rose, I sure enjoyed PR Part1 and Part2. She sure laid it all out. She even made me laugh. Thanks PR for a great post!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 7:09 Yeah. Because she would travel so much to be with somebody who doesn't make her happy. *eyeroll* and Rob's clingy, but she's the one traveling to see him. (I'm not saying she is clingy either, just making a point.) You sound like an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I saw lots of volcano ash reasons or work shedule from the comments. So if that factor was out of the picture then that means to say he would have (or still might) gone to Cannes? He will choose that instead of spending birthday with his "girlfriend"? Curiouser curiouser

amanda said...

@7:27 He would be made to go promote his movie. He has a contract to fulfill. I know you are trying to make it sound like he wouldn't want to spend his birthday with Kristen, but come on. Sometimes he has to work and has obligations. But if it makes you happier to think he would be choosing to work on his birthday, go ahead and think that.:)

@PR, you say? Great comment!

Anonymous said...

let's see the love through his eyes...nuff said!!!


Anonymous said...

Kristen looks really unhappy there. I think shes planning on breaking up with Rob.

Anonymous said...

then you can take over her place in Rob's heart..dream onn loser!!!!!

Gigi said...

oh this is just ridiculous ...as any grown ups knows if you have to work you have to and it does not matter if it is your birthday or not ...how many time I have had to things in important days and I have hated it but ohh well I just had to do it ..and yes I have celebrated my b-day on more than one occasion not exactly the day I was born b/c I just simply could not be with the ppl I loved so what ?...what has the fact that he may or may not be with her on the day of his b-day means anyways ? I tell you what he will not be with his mum either , does this mean he does not love the woman that was in pain to bring him into this world?? Please !! lets not be ridiculous what does he being with her on his b-day has anything to do with do with anything ? and PR ??? pls they are better ways ...I just said more than enough so that is all ...

Anonymous said...

kristen not happy with rob? if im not HAPPY i would'nt have that big smile on the photos above and giggling on my face! her reaction can easily be read as being nervous because it's oprah. i think when you're in her shoes you will have the same reaction of more. rob has a calming effect on her and she's a bit confident when rob is around becasue she knows that rob will do the answering. and i know that being a couple they already talked about it who will do the talking just in case there were unavoidable questions. no matter what they say, i believe what i see and i can feel it. i love these two and will support all their movies.

Anonymous said...

to 7:27.
Uh. I am with amanda @7:37. If it makes you happier to think he would choose to work on his birthday...then go ahead. Please, knock yourself out.
But considering he is going to start filming a new movie next week and also has an appearance on Ellen--if they're making him go to promote, then it has to be sooner rather than later, does it not? He's on a time crunch. Which makes his scheduling even more out of his hands. And means sometimes he's gotta work when he'd rather be elsewhere and doing anything but.

And as of yet--I haven't seen a legit source even speak of the possibility that he's going. So whether the studio scheduled him to go, let alone when he would go...No idea.

Anonymous said...

So what makes you think *if* and i said IF Rob has to go to cannes WHY WONT KRISTEN go with HIM THINK ABOUT IT SHE CAN cant she????that would be a nice B-day present I know he would LOVE it just saying WHY NOT......

Anonymous said...

Of all the comments I read from people who were actually at the Oprah show, not a single one of them said Kristen was unhappy. They all said both Rob and Kristen were very cute and happy. And they got to see everything live and unedited. Lucky people!
They did say she was shy and nervous. And I would be too...It's Oprah!

Melinda said...

Anon- 8:55 I am glad you said that b/c I was going to write the same thing! I know I would if I could. Why not?

I am so glad the PR 1 and 2 said what they said. Maybe (wishful thinking on my part, silly I know) the negative people might see the light from someone who is "unbiased". Because we all know Robsten's and shippers are totally biased when it comes to Rob and Kristen.

I was going to post a Robsten video that I found that is really well done but I'll wait till tomorrow. I am sure the toddlers will be back and they might want to see it. (note the sarcasm) :)

It's late and I am going to watch The Good Wife. Less than 48 hours till Oprah!!!

Rose- another sweet post. Love that Twilight picture of Rob with Kristen leaning against him. Haven't seen it before. Love that she has the look of feeling safe, protected and loved (as Bella).

Lisa said...

7:09:00 PM OMG you're out of your mind! nuff said..

Anonymous said...

Hi All i just watched this great vid...
just thought id share it with all you BIATCHES...[I MEAN THAT IN THE MOST NICEST WAY]
Non believes can leave the room...
piss off for good would be a great idea...lol
this is da heading on youtube....
ROBSTEN | life imitating art? (Part II)

Lisa said...


PERFECT! I'd seen it before, but was worth seeing again! :)


Anonymous said...

Very sweet post Rose.

Yesterday I was just so busy for defending Kristen ("defending" may not be accurate. I just want people see the adorable side of this lovely girl) and forgot to thank you for your beautful words in this blog.

Love u Rose, spreading love, not hatred.

Kiss from Asia,

Anonymous said...

thanks Lisa...

Anonymous said...

Love your post as usual, my neighbor and I don't agree on their status, I say yes she says no. lol but we respect each others opinion and listen to each others side. We don't hate on it! lol have a great day Rose.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice Rob has on the same shoes, (or alike shoes) in the pic of him and Kristen sitting under the tree from twilight as he does in the eclipse promo photos? You know, that everyone was having a fit about? Hmmmm

Anonymous said...

3:00 Why were people having a fit over his shoes?

Anonymous said...

Necklace of kristen?? mmmhhhh
Rose someday you'd say

katy said...


Why notice the shoes Rob hearing?...don't see why it matters.
Is just shoes.

Anonymous said...

rob is already in cannes? nice I just want our boy to party like there is no tomorrow for all his short stay :)

Anonymous said...

rob is taping ellen on 18th to be aired on 19th of may so if he is in cannes he'll be hightailing it back quickly

Anonymous said...

remember cannes starts tomorrow it takes a day to get there and a day to get back so it is possible but a crazy schedule to make it back for ellen taping for a.m. 18th

Anonymous said...

They were talking about how cheap they looked. I personally thought they were fine. It wasn't a knock on Rob, it was a knock on Summit. Some people just seem to hate them.