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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Robert and Kristen- The Walls Come Crumbling Down

You knew I would write about it... 
I knew I would write about it.
My inbox is overflowing with comments.
And yet...
I'm not sure exactly what to say.

Kristen had a photoshoot/interview with ELLE UK.
I thought it was a fascinating read.
And the pictures?
Every single one was drop dead GORGEOUS.
Every one.

All the drama...
All the HATE that came from this interview.
It's frightening.
But it doesn't really surprise me...
Hating is what the Hyenas do best.
It's what defines them.

Let's break it down.

Quote 1:
‘People always ask me if I’m dating Robert. It’s beyond annoying.’ Concealing a small smile, she doesn’t exactly warn me off asking whether she’s dating her co-star, but a light tension hangs between us amid the cigarette smoke. I slice it in two, ‘Well, are you?’ She breathes out in a slightly exasperated, slightly amused way. ‘What I say is, that, why would I want anything that’s private to become entertainment for other people?’
‘People say that if I just tell them everything I’ll be left alone, but God you think if I tell people they’ll leave me alone? They pick up every little scrap, and that’s much worse.’


I was fascinated that she even brought him up.
Neither her or Robert usually mention the other...
But my personal feeling is that this is the 'tip' of the 
proverbial iceberg... And it's finally melting.
Oh and loved the 'every little scrap' comment...
Sounds like she's talking about the Hyenas!

Hater Reaction?

"PR! PR! PR! PR!"

Quote 2:

‘It’s so weird, that you have to be worried about people seeing things. You want to be excited about something, normal people can be excited about their lives, and I am, too, but it’s such a different thing. It comes out as entertainment for other people and that makes me want to throw up.’ She slides her sunglasses, and adds in a small voice, ‘Do you want to pick something to put on? If you look at the pictures on here I’ll kill you.’

She takes the iPod back, pauses and bites her lip nervously. ‘This is what I wanted to show you on here.’ Kristen hands me her iPod and flashes me a picture. It’s a familiar, deliciously handsome young man with an arm around her and an arm around Jella, her cat. Without saying a word, she quickly shoved the device back into the glove compartment and turns up the volume before I can say anything.

I immediately starting laughing.
Because I KNEW the reaction would be hilarious.
I wasn't disappointed.
I love that she shared the picture of Robert and her beloved cat.
I love that she carries that on her iPod.
It makes me smile.

Hater Reaction?
(Hang on to your hats, this shit gets good!)

"If she wants to behave like a two-faced famewhore by saying one thing, then doing the exact opposite just for shits and giggles, then that's how she's gonna be treated. She can't have her cake and eat it too."

(Actually... she's doing exactly that... eating that deliciously handsome cake...)

"It was Michael!! Maybe she's trying like Hell to hang on to something. Maybe she's hoping after all this shit with Twilight is done, that she'll be able to go back to what she had with Mike."

"I'd bet money it's Taylor. Would the reporter even recognize Michael or her brother? I wouldn't think so. Taylor is "familiar" and "handsome" and I think the reason the reporter is flat out being coy about it in the interview"
(Like I've said before... Oregano is cute in his own 
green flaky way... But deliciously handsome? Please.

"IMO the games make them BOTH look like douchebags. and further-- douchebags who have no respect for their friends/co-workers, and douchebags i wouldn't want to know."

(Guess what? You don't know them. So don't worry about it ;)

"Friends take pictures together."
"Rob isn't that into her and doesn't want it to come out."
"Rob may see her as his lifeboat/crutch/whatever. OR just as someone he can get in bed with because it's just easier to "do" her, so to speak. Same goes for Kristen." 
"Rob is just a beard. Kristen is afraid of coming out before the Twilight movies are over"


Laughter is indeed GOOD for the soul.
Which means mine is in great shape!
I'm particularly fond of the Oregano excuses...
Here this little guy is...
Minding his own business...
Living his life with his new GF Emma Roberts...
He's back with Kristen!!!

Yes, there were other moments in the interview
that some people have taken offense to...
Poor choice of words on Kristen's part?
No doubt.
But the Hater reaction has been so angry...
So bitter and violent
It's disgusting.
Far worse than anything Kristen had to say.
So I won't repeat the comments here.

And I truly believe that even if Kristen 
hadn't used that 'word'
The Haters would just find something else
to spew their vile hatred about.
Desperate people do desperate things.
Especially when the walls are crumblin' down...

And let's face it...
Robert and Kristen are together.
You know it.
I know it.
The whole damn world knows it.

I'm sorry Kristen, that you don't like people
viewing your relationship as entertainment...
I really don't blame you for feeling that way.
But I'm thoroughly entertained.
Not so much by the relationship itself...
But by the never ending drama
that always surrounds it.
It's been a fascinating journey.

Bye for now.

Song for the day.

"Crumblin' Down"
John Mellencamp

Some people ain't no damn good
You can't trust 'em, you can't love em
No good deed goes unpunished
And I don't mind being their whipping boy
I've had that pleasure for years and years
No, no I never was a sinner-tell me what else can I do
Second best is what you get-till you learn to bend this rules
Time respects no person-what you lift up must fall
They're waiting outside-to claim my crumblin' walls

Saw my picture in the paper
Read the news around my face
And now some people
Don't want to treat me the same

When the walls come tumblin' down
When the walls come crumblin' crumblin'
When the walls come tumblin' tumblin' down
Some people say I'm obnoxious and lazy
That I'm uneducated and my opinion means nothin'
But I know I'm a real good dancer
Don't need to look over my shoulder to see what I'm after
Everybody's got their problems-ain't no new news here
I'm the same old trouble you've been having for years
Don't confuse the problem with the issue, girl,
'Cause it's perfectly clear
Just a human desire to have you come near
Want to put my arms around you
Feel your breath in my ear
You can bend me You can break me
But you better stand clear
When the walls come tumblin' down
When the walls come crumblin' crumblin'
When the walls come tumblin' tumblin' down


Anonymous said...

I should write something witty and mature.

But all I can think is

Dear Hyenas,

Na Na Boo Boo!

*Suzy Q*

fab post Rose!

Anonymous said...






Jenn Ski said...

I was so hoping you would write about this!! Thanks!

lois said...

epic! hearts rose!

Anonymous said...

http://twitpic.com/1ra75n A manip of Jella, Rob and Kris! They look so adorable.

Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHAH!! You are the best!! All that foaming could cause tidal waves. Why the "hyenas " are still trying to deny something that is real is rediculous and delusional. They know it and we all do, Rob and Kristen are together and whether we choose to believe it or not, it is what it is..Which them luck and be happy that they found something in each other that we all strive for in life..Thank you Rose for cutting thru all the bullshit and stating what is obvious to many.

Anonymous said...

How are you any different from the hyenas, Rose? All of of you claim to be so above the other and know something about R/K's personal life when you have no fucking clue. They may be psycho but so are the shippers. If your whole life is wrapped up in Robsten/KPatz nonsense you are pathetic and might as well go join the hyenas you claim to hate. I'll call them hyenas and you sheep. How's that? Please get a damn clue and a real life.

soadram said...

Wonder post
each new post to your every day becomes better than the other previous
and Apollo, I AGREE:)
Rosa until tomorrow:)

M said...

Great post, Rose! It's amazing the kind of hate that is around! It's so ridiculously senseless! Kristen is really damned no matter what she says or does! Wow! It really blows my mind the kind of venom people spit out here.

She gets blasted for saying nothing and being guarded then when she lets her guard down they call her a hypocrite! It's insane! No wonder she rather not say anything or hide - people are just crazy out there.

I find it amusing that there is so much "defending" going on behalf of either Rob or Kristen on the treatment of the other. They are adults. They can take care of themselves. I am pretty sure they treat each other pretty well! ;)

I don't get all the drama or the hatred. If you don't like her, don't read about her. Don't watch her movies. Just don't. It's a choice. No one is telling you to like her. She's just living her life. Rob happens to be part of it. Can't really see how that should affect anyone's life, but clearly by all these venomous comments it does and honestly it boggles my mind!

I adore Kristen. I adore Rob. I like them as individuals and together. I will enjoy watching them in the movies they are in - all this other stuff about them is just too insane and I am not surprised that they try to hide from it all and keep to themselves since obviously they can't do anything right. We don't own them. We have no rights over them or power. They are just people who happened to be in the spotlight, but they are just people.

jen said...

love it rose. You hit all the important notes.

It made me so sad that people made such a big deal of showing the interviewer her ipod photo. I LOVED where she admitted she's excited about "things"(more like a person) and sometimes she just wants to be a 19 year old girl.


She mentioned being very impulsive, and I think in that moment, she's like eff it, look. Sue me. I want to show off my pretty pretty boyfriend.


I think it's probably the most endearing thing Kristen's ever done in an interview to be honest, to see her let don her guard and just be a giggly girl who wants to show off her boy.

And I think one thing people aren't catching onto with her candor? This interviewer? She's younger, very hip, a dj as well, music lover, Kristen really took to her, it's obvioius. I really think in that moment, they were just two girls eating fish burgers on the PChighway, laughing it up, singing Morrisey, and sharing ipod photos.

love it.

and love you rose!

Anonymous said...

Why did Kristen show the interviewer a pic of her and Rob when she didn't know if the woman would tell other people? I do not understand. She was a stranger and Kristen said she wouldn't give her anything.

Anonymous said...

To the first anonymous sending Rose to someone to help her for being "obsessed" with them....Who are you going to for your "preoccupation" with Rose?....:)

Anonymous said...

Uh oh. Now that the hyenas have too much proof they are turning on us personally. First the attack on Rose. And now calling us all pathetic.

Bitter, much?

Anonymous said...

Again, bravo Rose!!!
I am so happy and giddy for all the great news, I could dance around for hours. Kristen wants to shout out she is in love with the man of her dreams, and poor kid can't because of foul mouth,seedy bitches that live in a jealous hell. MOVE ON it's for your own good, you'll find someone else to fan over. R&K fans are very happy for them, we are celebrating here.
Thanks Rose :)
For those who are not,sucks to be you! MelenaS

Anonymous said...

The image of Rob, Kristen, and Jella melts my big heart. I love family pictures. Yes, and I love cake too. I bet Kristen LOVES eating her cake. LOL. Have a good one ladies.


Jude said...

OMG, the Nonsten reaction to this interview is amazing. It's hilarious, and yet at the same time, kind of scary and really ugly...sorta like the clown in Stephen King's "It"...

Anonymous said...

Kristen calls Rob "Robert"

Very formal.

babbles said...

Great post Rose... Kristen is such a private person... I couldn't wish anyone better for Rob than someone who values their privacy.... Calling her a fame hoor couldn't be farther from the truth, she is the opposite....

I hope they are blissfully happy and in a constant state of post coital bliss LOL!


Anonymous said...

Why is it that when ever their is something negative said about kristen it has to be from crazy Rob fans? Please try checking out some LJ accounts of kristen fans. even her fans bash her for this interview.
her fans making up drama with oregano and taystew things. because they're think Rob is not deliciously handsome. I follow them on twitter.

sorry for my english by the way English is not my first language.

Patricia said...

Rose: First of all those pictures of Kristen on beyond GORGEOUS ! That is the BEST INTERVIEW SHE HAS DONE SINCE 'TWILIGHT' BEGAN !

She is saying how happy she is to be in love with this Delicious Handsome Man ( Rob Pattinson ) but how she doesn't want it to be ruined by the rag mags. and haters and people who don't want them together. What a shame !

I'm really sick and tired of the hate that has come to this board and all the ugly things said by these haters. BUT YOU CAN'T CONVINCE PEOPLE IF THEY DON'T WANT TO SEE THE TRUTH. SO I WILL NOT EVEN TRY.



And no matter what nonsense some of these haters spread, WE KNOW THE TRUTH.




pinkpepper51 said...

Hi, been reading your blog for a while and listening to Rob all the time. In the beginning of the interview the interviewer dropped a clue as to the 'Bella is in love with the deliciusly handsome Edward Cullen' 'played by the also deliciously handsome Robert Pattinson'. That was then brought to the end of the interview with the comment about the picture on Kristens IPod 'It's a familiar, deliciously handsome young man...'
I guess it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out, but maybe.... Anyway, I agree that they are together by just their body language and if they are not then they both ought to get ACADEMY AWARDS for the acting that they are doing. It's been a joy to behold!!!

Anonymous said...

One thing I don't get about the haters: they DO KNOW don't they?? That the only thing preventing them hurling themselves into the Nonsten Pit of Despair is Kristen CHOOSING not to air her personal beeswax to the world. You'd think they'd be grateful for the respite from the 'official' bad news (in their eyes) that Kris is giving them. But yet, they beat her up. If I were Kristen, and I actually cared what these losers thought (which it's obvious she doesn't), I'd mention Rob's adoration at every opportunity just to figuratively stab them in the heart whenever I could. I guess Kris is just nicer than I am - or scratch that - she doesn't give a fck about them or what they think. That's it. lol

Rose said...

to Anon @12:44

Have I claimed to know intimate details about Rob/Kristen's relationship? Really? I think they are together and give my opinion. I'm allowed.
And now YOU are claiming to know about MY life? First my life is all wrapped up in Robsten and then I need to get a 'real' one.
Look up the meaning of hypocrite.
Get back to me.
Better yet... don't bother.
I don't care.

To Jude
Love the Clown from "IT" analogy!
It made me laugh out loud!
Hilarious but scary and ugly...
Pretty much describes the Hyenas.

To everyone else?
Thanks for the positive comments.
I appreciate each and every one

Anonymous said...

re: why kristen would show an interviewer the picture not knowing what she did with the info.

There was an understanding implied between reporter and Kristen. Kristen was giving nonverbal confirmation to the girl because she asked earlier about robert.

But Kristen drew a line by flashing it but then putting it away and putting up the music. In other words, I'm shoing you, but I'm not takling about it.



1) The interviewer was not some tabloid wanna-be journalist. Of course Kristen could trust her to write this article with integrity and taste and not disclose anything more than what they had probably agreed on.

2) Just because Kristen showed the interviewer a picture of her and Rob doesn't mean she is suddenly contradicting herself and sharing her private life. All Kristen did was reinforce what everyone ALREADY knows. That she and Rob are together. She didn't go into details about the picture, what they do on the weekends, where and how they spend their time, etc. She did not share any personal accounts. By showing a picture all she did was give a subtle nod to the "are you dating" question. Personally, I love that she did this and I love the WAY that she did this.

3) Anyone who did not get that the guy in the picture is Rob needs to go back and re-read the article. This reveal at the end was the entire arc for her story.

Overall, this was very well done, she looks great, the interviewer seems wonderful and Elle UK will soon be getting a new subscriber in me.

Anonymous said...

LOL at the people bashing as "Anonymus". What a joke. That's what I call a coward.

As for you Rose, I think I love you (yes again, but you're that awesome). Haters are pathetic, they'll always find something to bash & as for others, they're never happy with what they get.
I can't believe people are hating on her again (but then again, when does it end?). It infuriates me to no end. What did Oprah say again to Kristen? "People just want you to be yourself" THEN WHY IN HELL ARE PEOPLE ALWAYS CRITICIZING WHEN SHE'S DOING EXACTLY THAT?!

PR my ass. I won't elaborate, I won't waste my time explaining why the PR theory is completely BS to dumb people. Then famewhore? She's not Nikki reed, thank you very fucking much. She said she didn't want her relationship to be an entertainment for people. She's not the one that is always talking about it, it's not her fault R/K are on the cover of BS mags. They chose not to say anything. Just because she showed that picture to that interviewer doesn't make her a famewhore, she didn't show it to us, she's keeping it to herself. The fact that she even showed it was a big deal.

To the hyenas, Mind your own business and go buy a life on Ebay. JFC. Jealous because she's with the guy that you want to be with? HUH, HELLO! YOU DON'T KNOW HIM, YOU'LL NEVER BE HIS FRIEND. The sooner you get that into your little head, the better. You hate the fact that he's with her? TOO BAD. It won't change tomorrow & your life will be exactly as boring.

HUGE FAT FACEPALM to those who think this picture is of oregano or Taylor. OREGANO IS A DONE DEAL. She won't go back with him. It's time for you to realize that. And excuse me but WHY, would she be nervous to show it to the interviewer if it had been just a friend? MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY.

Denial is not just a freaking river in Egypt. Grow up.

-Lena. (Sorry needed to vent. I feel better) :)

Anonymous said...

Rose, I love you, love your blog, you said it all with todays post. Brilliant! And funny too, it has to suck to constatntly feel like you have to watch everything you say in every interview to protect your privacy. Poor haters nobody here wants to hear your stupid crap...what the hell does "malsane obsessed mood of tehm" mean?(anon 12:36) bwwwaahahahaa they are soo starting to sweat now Rose, and foam too. Hopefully soon they "get a life" and go to a blog with other haters.lol thanks again

katy said...

Great Post Rose. It was such a Epic interview...I'm Still dancing...and Happy.(I finished my bottle of champagne...celebrating Rob and Kristen.

Anon 12:54
Kristen calls Rob "Robert"
Very formal.
YEA Right...I guess then that mean we are all intimate with Him...since we all call him by Rob.

Anonymous said...

didn't the interview begin describe rob as deliciously handsome and then ended with the photo with same description, of course it was him. i have no idea why she flashed the photo to the UK elle gal, maybe she just likes the europeans more LOL by the way i am guilty of being entertained by their not so secret romance tee hee

Anonymous said...

sometimes she calls him rob and sometimes robert in interviews i noticed that plus we have no idea what all the leading questions were up to any of the answers etc, people are accusing this interviewer of making up the story of the photo now to sell the mag, i believe she did flash the photo i can't imagine an elle person would blatantly lie like OK and other crappy mags i am sure nonstens are storming gossip cop to cofirm is this interviewer is lying

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rose - you've hit it on the nail again. Thanks for the post. Do your sides hurt? Mine are killing me from all the laughter the hyenas/haters have been stating out there. I need a breather.

Until the next blog.....

Anonymous said...

if you read the interview she talks about music etc on her ipod then the gal looks at it and then k says crap theres some stuff you probably shouldn't see on there after looking at some downloads she takes ipod and flashes the photo quickly says is this what you wanted to see and then puts it in the glove compartment. it turned out to be her, him and her cat i was thinking far dirtier thoughts LOL

Anonymous said...

see i knew rob had to be in LA to feed the cat while kristen went to rob zombie concert!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

to anon 12:54-- Would you rather her call him Flippy then? Sometimes she refers him to Rob, sometimes Robert. Who the eff cares?

Anonymous said...

@Rose: great post, as always. Thanks for consistently handling your blog in an intelligent, witty, and sane way.

@Anon 12:36: If you disapprove of Rose and what she has to say, go elsewhere. Oh, and get an education.

@Jen and Clarity. . .
I so agree with both of you. Great posts.

I totally understand why Kristen is adamant about keeping her relationship private. I would handle it the same way. R&K both know that everyone knows about them, but giving verbal credence to that is like opening a door. I think she gave us just a peek in the subtlest of ways. Smart girl.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rose! Love your blog!! How funny that you used a John Mellencamp song, because I was just thinking this yesterday...Here's a little ditty about Rob and Kristen...two Hollywood kids living as normal as they can!! LOL

Uh, maybe Rob likes to be called Robert...what do you mean by formal? they have known each other for years now...derp derp

Yeah maybe she didn't use the best analogy, but she is just 20 and blurted "the word" out...she's a huge advocate for rape victims, you know?

anyhoo, love everything you write Rose...you're the best. I look forward everyday to your blog. peace people!!

Anonymous said...

sorry but i had no idea mike was dating emma roberts? let the guy rip

Anonymous said...

oops...forgot to mention this too...maybe she brought up Rob first because she knew it was going to be brought up, no doubt! And she wanted to be in control of the situation, you know? js

Deb said...

Spot On Rose some well never BELIEVE so why try.Im just glad that they are together and have each other to lean on People are going to talk they dont have any thing else to do (POOR souls )And I just hope it well be safe for OUR girl now that all the NUTS know whats going on. BUT IM sure that ROB well make sure she'll be fine he always has before. I wish them the best of luck in all they do And Im very PROUD of KRISTEN SHE let us know by saying not a WORD AND YOU KNOW ROB WELL HAVE HER BACK on ALL this Thanks again Rose for your words of WISDOM I hope SOME well take it all in. I know I dont need to tell you to have a GOOD day I know you already are MEEEE TO. DEB

Anonymous said...

i wonder if it was one of those long arm shots where you are hoping you are all in pic or if someone took it? if so whom? btw the reporter didn't totally sell her out she just described him as she did in the beginning without saying his name

Anonymous said...

kristen loves her cat so i guess the cat is ok with rob too her 2 favourite things LOL rob really wants another doggie but he is never home hard with a dog someone has to walk it

pricklypearess said...

Loved this interview and not just for the 'deliciously handsome' references and ipod pic, although that brought a smile to my face. I find it sad that Rob and Kristen are not able to express openly the thrill of a good relationship like normal people because of the media and hatefulness. Can only hope for them that things will eventually calm down. Thanks for another great post, Rose! Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone. xoxo

Anonymous said...

ok this is how much of technophobe i am i had no idea you could have photos on your ipod? do they have cameras now or just a download?
technochallenged gal

sara2 said...

Dear Rose,
Great post. Once again, I truly do not understand the anger thrown about out there! I know you do not go looking for these comments ~ they are EMAILED to you! They look for you.

I adore Robert. Always have. I have also always liked Kristen. But I gotta say, after reading that, I like her a lot more. You are not a girl who has ever been in love if you don't understand what it meant to flash the ipod with the picture to the reporter. It was adorable, impulsive (with a bit of thought, if that makes sense) and just subtle and classy.

If any of your were dating beautiful Robert Pattinson, wouldn't you want to show someone a pic of you with him, your beloved cat, and his arms around you both???

Thanks Rose. I do not want to be obtrusive in their relationship, but it is nice to see such mature, well grounded people handle such an intense situation with dignity and grace. Those that don't see it must not recognize something they can't comprehend. Maturity and grace.

Anonymous said...

i can barely post on here, sometimes it doesn't come up and i tried to register but i couldn't LOL
technochallanged gal call me TG

Anonymous said...

I'd like to point out some things.

- Kristen should assume she's working in the Entertainment Industry, she's a celebrity, so is Rob. Her private life will never be like normal people lives.

She shouldn't be so attentive to the Media or fans and just enjoy her live, this way she shouldn't feel like throwing up.

- Phase 1--> Deny any relationship with Rob Pattinson.

- Phase 2--> Not denying. No confirming. A sort of long rant just to say nothing at all.

- Phase 3--> Playing riddles. Guess who's the familiar and delicious handsome guy in Kristen's iPod pic.

- Phase 4--> Coming soon.

- Didn't she say that the deal was to keep her private life, private?

Dear Kristen, this is getting ridiculous? Pathetic? Hilarious? Actually I don't know.

Why the hell so many philosophical rants if she's almost spilling the beans? Please Kristen, keep up to your statements or I'll be the one to get sick and throwing up!

Isn't she fooling us????

Anonymous said...

with all the hatred against her from the rob crazies, she could easily flaunt the fact she is with him but she plays it down because she is right if she says yeah i am dating him there will be 1000 more intrusive questions, its just very frustrating for us though because i want them to be able to be "normal" and get excited about going places, we see that a little on the european promos but again its work related and that is just fodder for the pr theory people, such is life!

Anonymous said...

it would have been nice if she could have shared her experience of england, and the IOW and budapest for example but of course she can't because she was visiting rp and that brings up him, birthday visits, dating, maybe one day maybe?

Anonymous said...

anon 1.46 i totally understand your frustration and it is confusing to us, its not going away anytime soon so why not? i have thoughts, maybe she if fearful that once out and about so to speak with the relationship it spells the beginning of the end like so many of them do running around hw, it becomes a commodity more of a spectacle? so if things did turn sour it would be all out there but heck life is short if it doesn't work out don't worry about that live in the moment enjoy it its never going to be easy and maybe just maybe she might feel more comfortable with it all when its out there who knows?

Anonymous said...

it seems to me its far more stressful sneaking around and talking in circles and trying your best to give signals than just coming right out with it and owning it but that's just me being a greedy celebrity lover maybe?

Anonymous said...

i still can't get over rob at john stamos's house LOL i hope uncle jesse gave him good advice, maybe he said keep it under wraps because look what happened to rebecca and i?

Anonymous said...

how about yes we are dating no further comments

Anonymous said...

Rose, why you hate Rob fans so much?
You make all Rob fans look pathetic haters.
People talk a lot of crap about Robsessed,Rob fans..
There are Obsessed Kristen fans also, who attack Rob relentlessly.
I like them together or apart but seriously, the whole evil Rob fans thing is ridiculous, and really old.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:02

Because that wouldn't be the first question she would have to answer.

If she answers "yes" to the dating question it opens the door for a million and one questions about the relatinoship itself. If she never confirms then they can't ask her all the personal details about the relationship.

And she doesn't have to answer anything. Its her life. Her relationship. We should be happy she shared even that small snippet with the interviewer.. not demanding more.

Anonymous said...

To 1.57

I'm 1.46 I see you understand me. Thanks. I completely agree with you too. Whatever things turn, sour or sweet, it will be out there anyway because they're just the Twi Saga lead characters, you know, soooo what the hell, enjoy life!

amanda said...

The hyenas are on a rampage today. "How dare she show a picture of her and Rob!" "Keep it to yourself!" They act more like crazy scorned ex girlfriends than fans. I thought it was so cute and such a teenage girl thing to do for her to show off a picture of her and her boyfriend. Anyone who doesn't get it was Rob has reading comprehension problems. The interviewer called Rob by name "deliciously handsome" two other times in the article. I think everyone knows they are together(even the hyenas) but some were in denial so long they feel they have to stick with it. I'm just happy that Rob and Kristen seem happy.

Anonymous said...

To 2.02

You nail it!! Bravo for you!

Yes we're dating. Period. No one can force them to answer any more question. Just saying they don't speak about their private life, its enough. Pretending would be over, hiding would be over. I'm absolutely sure they should feel more relaxed than ever.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:16

They hide because they don't want their relationship out there. Not just the fact that they are in one. But all the personal moments in public are meant to be kept private. They don't want to be in the tabloids... that is why they hide.

Why can no one see what they have clearly pointed out a million times? They want to keep their personal and professional lives seperate.

Its like a dog with a bone. Just answer this one question and we will leave you alone. BUT then if they did... its just another question that needs answering. Because immediately they would have broken up and so ever break up rumor would need to be confirmed or denied by a press release.

They don't want any of that. Hence why they keep saying they want to keep their private lives private.

Anonymous said...

So, when they go out, for a stroll, to the theater, to an event, to a restaurant, shopping etc they have to pretend they're not a couple, otherwise the media will ask them if they're dating?

Is it worth living like this? Jesus Christ! Like I said, no one can force to answer any question!

Anonymous said...

The image of Rob, Kristen, and Jella melts the hearts.It's so sweet and real.every girl(and boy) who has been in love did the same thing.I'm absolutely sure they are happy and in love together .
But I can feel the anguish in the words of kristen .she and Robert are not free to walk hand in hand without fear of a stupid article or a inglorious comment .This is the power of the hyenas and the asshole like perez .these miserable and broke people know it in fact continue to write shit .
the point is no longer denying .hyenas want to hurt .

Anonymous said...

Ive read this blog everyday because Rose, I think you're a smart and sweet person who truly cares about RK but i've never commented because the comments here are just too much. Ive followed Rob and Kris for 2 years now, I adore them together and apart for so many reasons.

They are together, I mean every person can see that, the evolution they had since 2008.

BUT those Hyenas,...they are made to HATE. if it wasnt for Stew it would be for somebody else, Im not even sure they care about Rob. if they did, they would be happy for him...

I THINK...maybe Im wrong here, we should all ignore them, we should'nt react on their comments (they make absolutely NO sense). and maybe you should delete what they say.
I know that normally its not the right thing to do but too much is too much. too much hate for a 20 years old girl, who is just living a great and scary life, who is just in love with an incredible man. too much hate!!!

and if one of those Hyenas read this...Im sure some of you have kids, think about them, think about the words you use in here. just STOP, use your heart, it must be there...SOMEWHERE.

(sorry if I made any mistakes, English is not my first language, so, sorry)

Oh and my name is Marion, I dont like this Anonymous, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Look at this tweet..
I feel very alone defending K at team_kbitch. about 2 hours ago via web
ps; She's a huge kristen fan.

So, even her fans bashing her for this interview..
Stop blaming everything on Rob fans..

People on both sides are so pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you haters should now start hateing her cat now.....the cat sees more and knows more than you will ever see...GET A GRIP PEOPLE!!!Leave Rose alone, it's her blog and her thoughts not yours!

Deb said...

HEY Rose its me again haha I was thinking WHY DO YOU THINK KRISTEN loves it SOoooooooo much IN ENGLAND.??????? maybe because ROB and her can be them selves They dont have to LOOK over there shoulders to see if some one is taking a pic of them. THEY are VERY happy when they there.WHY ho WHY cant WE be more like that? I wish we where.And to all of you out there ROSE LOVES ROBERT PATTINSON and if KRISTEN STEWART is PART of HIS LIFE then YES SHE LOVE HER TO. SHE has told us SOooooo over and over again what she loves AND IF you dont like it GO SOME WHERE ELSE dont come here PUTTING HER DOWN ..BECAUSE.. YOULL have to dill with US her TRUE FAN WE love ROSE and THANK her every day for making us SMILE. DEB

rita said...

I think this interview proved how immature Kristen is.She feels like she's raped?Really?Does she knows how serious this is? Rape victims have to deal with hell,their life is ruined. Maybe she must think twice what she says,because she ends up saying BS.She has tons of money and all this spotlight is part of her business.Many great actors have endured the spotlight,is she any better or she feels that she's so special and people must not touch her and her life?SHE chose to be with someone who is in media's golden boy and she knew it would be difficult,so why all the whining?It's annoying.

And the photo thing?Well!First she says she's private and doesn't want to sell her life,but she shows the photo at the journalist,knowing that she's gonna share it with the readers.Privacy,my ass!What's the big deal,girl?Just say that you're together,but you don't wanna talk about it.Does she think she and Rob are the royal couple or what?I think she makes herself look like an idiot.But that's why she 's with Rob.He says BS all the time(the vagina comment and the sloppy seconds are classical).
By the way,if people stop be entertained with her,she won't take as much money as she gets now.

Hilarious said...

Maybe I should have changed the name to "Distinctions," just for today.

DISTINCTION: there's a difference between criticism and pure vitrol.

Criticism is "I didn't like that interview." Vitrol is reading an interview and calling the subject nasty, heinous names. Things I refuse to repeat.

DISTINCTION: fame v. the type of fame currently being experienced by Rob and Kristen.

Being an actor doesn't usually entail the kind of scrutiny these two are under. The interest is about 1000x greater than the average actor trying to make it in Hollywood. This is. not. normal.

Just imagine: you're TWENTY. And every time you leave your home, you're subject to scrutiny. Remember being that age? Remember all the dumb sh*t you did? Try to imagine living your life under a microscope.

You're considered fair game if you dare to show your face. Any time you try to do anything in public, there's a distinct possibility that aggressive paparazzi will be in your face, screaming anything they can imagine to get a rise out of you. Disgusting, disturbing things. They will follow you when you drive. They will camp outside your home or hotel.

Can you imagine what it's like to know that people make a viable CAREER of intruding into your life as much as possible?

This isn't "Oh, you get your picture taken sometimes and recognized and approached by fans." It's something else altogether. I would be terrified. And ... fiercely protective of any semblance of privacy I had.

DISTINCTION: acting - and the desire to act - is not the same as trying to represent yourself to the public. Being good at one does NOT mean you'll be good at the other.

First, Kristen is very young (and in the grand scheme of life, so is Rob). She has time to develop the grace that comes with age. Sometimes, her words are awkward. Sometimes they're poorly chosen. But her hesitance tells me, more than anything, that they're authentic. And in a very, very insincere industry, that is refreshing to some and off-putting to others.

To some degree, I bet that never changes. Kristen seems much more comfortable playing someone else than trying to show you who she is.
Doesn't make her a bad person, and doesn't mean she's not professional.

DISTINCTION: being a fan v. basing your entire world around being a fan.

Most people fall into the former category. It's fun. It's a distraction from life's more serious stuff. And for most fans, it's in addition to the mix of family, friends, love and career that makes up life. It's not sad or pathetic to take an interest in something.

If fandom is preventing you from having family/friends/love/career? Well, that's another matter.

But I can say without equivocation that it's really f*cking pathetic to waste your time (it's precious, remember?) spreading hatred about people you've never met. Distinction.

Rose ... a pleasure as always, you lovely girl. :)

Anonymous said...

Robert pattinson... Performance of the year.. Yipeee

Sarah xx

Anonymous said...


What you say makes a lot of sense, and I'm a Robsten fan, but I'm getting the feeling that Kristen is losing her sense of direction.

She seems mature beyond her age, but she's only 20 and she has a long way to go before her behaviour can be more coherent and mature.

Anonymous said...

Another great post Rose. Thanks again for the photos. My favorite is still the one where they are on the multi-colored rugs/pillows. I am guessing that more fun times are coming sooner rather than later. Hope I'm right about that! hee hee Gotta love them. Go Rob and Kristen!

Anonymous said...

Rob won performance of the year?Bahahahaha!That was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

oooo Small Eclipse Preview.. didnt reveal tooo much actually.. But very exciting.. Actiony :)
Peter = Funny acceptance speech ..


paola said...

I believe that Rob and Kristen should stop giving interviews,because they don't have any idea what they're saying.Kristen comes out as totally uneducated.
This Robsten story makes me wanna throw up.Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ms. Stewart does know what rape is, she filmed a movie dealing with it and did a PSA supporting rape victims.



Anyone, anyone who hasever seen this new breed of paparazzi in action can understand her choice of words, you are stripped of everything. THEY RESPECT NOTHING!
Even celebs older than KS and in the business longer have never seen paps operate like they do now. Many have come to near blows in some cases.

I think KS is fiercely protecting her privacy, the pic is shown nowhere in the article, heck it's quckly shown to the interviewer and then put away. Kristen doesn't say a word more. Instead she turns up the music. End of!

What this proves is she's damned if she or Rob confirm and damn if they don't confirm.

zoe said...

Kristen ,dear,first think,then talk.Rape?Throw up?Cooters?I mean,REALLY?

The maturity stuff is beyond ridiculous.Do you wanna hear really mature kids?Try Ellen Page,Carrie Mulligan and Emma Watson.Kristen is completely immature,she swears all the time,she says crap all the time and she actes like a fake hippie with millions.

katy said...

yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee The deliciously handsome Robert Pattinson won Best Performance of the year



Anonymous said...

For those of you thinking KS is uneducated or immature I strongly suggest you read that entire Elle UK interview and not snippets off the Internet.

paola said...

anon 3:31,i read the whole interview and i still think the same.If she wants to be considered as mature she must act and speak like a mature person.And she doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Rob's role was so small in NM.Why did he win an award?I guess it was a popularity award,not a real one.Taylor was sooooo much better in NM.

Hilarious said...

Oh, and re: the use of the word "raped." Best idea? No. Probably not.

But she could have used any number of words that mean similar things. "Violated" is what came to my mind.

I highly doubt that Kristen, with her experience (highlighted so well by Anonymous 3:24), meant for that statement to be taken literally.

But her use of such an inflammatory word is telling. That shows you the depth of feeling she has about it.

And her privacy IS violated, in the grossest sense of the word. How she goes about her daily life is significantly impacted by all of this.

Once again, this isn't normal. This isn't what most celebrities deal with ... and the ones who do are usually much older and have had their chance to be young and carefree.

It was an extreme metaphor, but it's not altogether wrong. And the people who are heaping the most abuse on her for it are the ones who would critize her anyway for - literally - anything she said.

It made me cringe, too. No one's perfect. Loved the rest of the interview. I'll take the occasional misstep over an overprogrammed, plastic message-spouter any day.

Lisa said...

BRAVO ROSE!!!!!!! The best part was this: "Actually... she's doing exactly that... eating that deliciously handsome cake..." LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!

I'm glad I don't read where you read because that shit pisses me off! Bad enough here. Sick, sad, sad people! :(

I'm not going to read the bullshit here (maybe tonight when I don't have to function properly!) It's been a great couple of days. All the wonderful pics of Kris, unbelievable interview, NM, Eclipse and Rob winning @NMA's, AND the cutest clip of him! :) If you let the fans vote, they vote who the like! :) :) :)


Oh yeah, how adorable was Peter at the awards!?!?!?!?!

Rose said...

To Hilarious.

I think I love you. Thank you for sharing your intelligence, your wit... and your common sense with us.
You're a beacon of light in the tunnel of bitter foam.
The pleasure has been all mine!
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

People need to remember the NMAs are BRITISH so expect more british actors to win awards.. Over here we just want to show our support to Rob Pattison, who spends so so much time in the USA these days...


Anonymous said...

Well of course Kristen is inmature,..coming from the cougar Rob fans who are in the 40's and 50's with kids Kristen age.
Bigger questions why are grown ass women who have kids older than kristen lusting on rob, posting on mb and hating on kristen..yes, that screams mature.

You all should ask Rob why he is with her then, since most of you are sure she's: inmature, pure educated, social retared, horrible upbrining, lesbian, in short..the worst person ever to be born in this world. He, after all is a walking on water Jesus with no flaws, perfect family and of course perfect fans.

I know all of you even that can't stand her, read the intervew, so you know she admitted that she can't handle. Yes, she wants us to believe she's badass, but yesterday's interview shows us a vulnerable, oh no perfect side. She's aware of the hate, sooner or later she will crack, the haters (yes mostly rob fans) will celebrate and toast. Is that what we really want out of a 20 yeard old? she puts to some much shit I bet she probably wonders if all this is worth it?
Again, you have a new video of Jes..sorry Rob accepting some dumb award, accoring to you looking hot and adorable and at the end of the day that's what really matters right?

Anonymous said...

WOW now hyenas analyze the word "raped"!!!!
any excuse is good .
these women haunt robert and kristen;threaten death kristen ;envy a girl 20 years old ;
have fantasies about robert Worst of rape .
these women talk about the word "raped"???THESE women???these women are not even worthy of being called women .
robert is disgusted by women like you . is not fault of kristen. your nature is creepy .with or without kristen .
these women talk about "raped" . is shameful .
they want to steal something lovely to robert ,they want to threaten, to inveigh , analyse , destroy kristen .
and these women have the courage to talk about kristen ??
about immaturity ?
these women should have the courage to stand silent .

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

P.S Not that i mind him being in the USA when he's filming, promoting and Visiting his lurvelly g/f :D

In my opinion an award going to anyone within Twilight is a joint award for the entire cast.. they make eachother look good, i wouldn't change any of the cast for somebody else EVER..

Ahhh When are these haters going to Tire.?? Is the day ever going to come??


Anonymous said...

kristen has no right to use a word you do not like
but you can say about her all you want
What kind of people are you?

Anonymous said...

AH lisa i just woke up....what pics send me a link will ya plzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

I think Kristen is getting as much obssesed with paparazzi, the media and fans, as Rose with the hyenna stuff.

I apologize Rose if you feel ofended, but if you didn't pay attention to hyennas, non-stens etc, if you just ignore them, your blog wouldn't be invaded by all this non-sten people and probably you would have saved more than one headache.

It's the same for Kristen. If she didn't care so much about media, fans, paparazzi etc, if she didn't complain that much about this stuff, she wouldn't attract the attention of haters over her person.

She just has to learn to live focused in what really matters her and in being happy.

Stop obssesing with the media and using dramatic words like "rape", "throw up" "shit" "fuck" etc The media will always be part of her life meanwhile she is an actress, so ignore what you don't like. Just ignore it.

"the more you pay attention to them, the more attention you'll get from them."

Anonymous said...

The NMAs are the British equivalent of the Razzies. At last an award Rob deserves lol. He looked awful in that clip too and was stumbling his words. Sad

Anonymous said...

'fancying' 'rubbish' 'bums'

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 4:37 Get your facts straight, they aren't anything like the 'Razzies'. If you think he looked anywhere near awful in that clip then you really need to get your eyes checked.

katy said...

Anon 4:37...Sad...yes...PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

Lisa said...

Good morning to you Louisa, they're more Flaunt out-takes.


Here's video of Robs speech too..


New eclipse spot.


Anonymous said...

Thank You! I agree completely!
I'm the anonymous at 3:24. No matter what word Kristen had used she would've been raked over the coals for it. Violated, raped, Fucked, Screwed, Ravaged- you name it!

Yet, some of the same people so strongly criticizing her are the very same ones who use those words to describe what they'd like to do to Pattinson!
No wonder KS and Rob are so bloody protective of their privacy. My God some of the things I read cannot be coming from mature human beings and they have the nerve to criticize a 20 year old who has shown more maturity in handling an out of contol situation than many people twice her age!

I loved that interview in Elle UK. The interviewer said KS was super lovely and the coolest girl ever!

Melinda said...

Rose- I swear I think this is your best post yet!!! Thank you for sticking to your guns. I also appreciate that you share some of the crazy comments that get sent to you privately or that you see elsewhere.

Hyenas are digging their own grave now. I bet there are some of us willing to help them out, yes?

To Hilarious and Clarity-you both get kudos for the comments you made. Truth will always come out on top.

For the haters- until you have walked a mile in Kristen's shoes YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to judge her! Not one bit! It is scary as heck that some of you are mothers!

I remember Jennifer Anniston saying that Brad was missing a sensitivity chip in an interview one time. Well some of you people are definitely missing a chip somewhere in that small brain of yours to speak the things you say!

Side note- I love that picture of R/K from Vanity Fair. The placement of her hand inside the sleeve of his shirt to me is so intimate. There was emotional intimacy from the start. And they both look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I will admit that Rob is dating Kristen when HE shows pictures of them together to reporters and when HE is papped trapsing all over the world to see her when she is working and when HE walks the red carpet at one of her premieres. I totally get that she wants to be linked to him, even if she does moan and groan about privacy. But I don't get any such vibe from him at all. Sure, he is keeping his partying on the DL and sure he doesn't deny, but that is because he has a job to do and he knows that the boss will be happier if the desperate twilight moms think that Edward and Bella are real. Unless Rob claims this rude little girl as his own, then I refuse to believe that he would ever want anyone so common. He will never claim her though because he is not with her and pretending otherwise would hurt his blossoming career. Just watch. He doesn't want her and he will never say that he does. She is the desperate one, not Rob.

Lisa said...

Hilarious, your posts today were anything but.. More like, Wonderful, insightful, intelligent, etc... Thanks!

Anonymous said...

*Sigh* I wish it was Mike in that pic even though I know its Rob.

Kristen seemed so content and natural with Mike.

I still think she was happier with him and regrets getting with Rob.


Anonymous said...

anonymous 6:28 Even when Kristen had a boyfriend Rob would talk about how much he likes her and has a crush on her and how she's "breathtakingly beautiful". If you think she's "common" please, display a picture of yourself on here and see how you measure up. Besides, if you think he'd go along with something for publicity after he has said he'd never do anything like that, and doesn't want to be in the tabloids, how can you be a fan at all? It would be much easier to promote him as single, Twilight will do the same either way, and obsessed fans like yourself wouldn't be so upset about him having a girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

hey Lisa you on the same page as me again about "hilarious" we gotta stop thinkin along the same level or others are going to talk ...
have a great avo/ evening ...
unfortunately i have a funeral to attend for a dear unselfish man who coached my eldest sons soccer team...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6.28 you keep telling yourself that. whatever helps you sleep better at night. God you are pathetic. And believe me even if rob did sing it to the world how he felt about Kristen you would still find a ways to say it was not true. Just like all the other hatters out there.Denial is not just a river in Egypt you know.

Anonymous said...

Kristen Stewart finds Robert Pattinson unattractive

Lisa said...

Lousia, I'm sorry about Josep.. :(

@7:03 INITIALLY!!! WHY do you all keep missing that? During Twilight she said the same thing.

This is from Twilight press: Nov 2008

Kristen: "I'm just 18-years-old but I've never gone out with someone or been interested in anybody I ever thought was attractive when I first looked at them, not ever. It happens like a second later. Also, if they're not looking at me, I'm like 'pshh (who needs 'um?)'. When somebody looks at you a certain way, it's indescribable, especially if you're both doing it at the same time. But, I've never been the type of girl who has looked for this unattainable thing/guy who isn't aware of you. I've never been fixated on anything that wasn't fixated on me! (another laugh)."

Deb said...

Louisa I agree with you 100% And I do know what it is like And yes you can say in some kinda way it mite feel like that. And for that I feel sorry for Kristen KNOW ONE SHOULD EVER FEEL LIKE THAT (NEVER)now thats been said I really think that alot of WOMEN.GIRLS or others are just mad at her because SHE IS (THE ONE) THAT ROBERT ONCE BUT IF you say you like one and not the other then your a liar to either ROB or KRISTEN by saying you are there fans dont you want him or her to be happy?I know I do I love them both and I love to see them smile and be happy AND I NEVER WANT KRISTEN to feel like she has said she dose IM sorry for all my runt BUT I want you to know that there are other people out there that DO CARE ABOUT KRISTEN THANK YOU. DEB. ps to Paola now your the one who sounds immature.

Anonymous said...

That was a great interview and gorgeous pictures. It's so cute, Kristen's iPod had a picture with her two greatest loves. Of course she is excited.
Last week, they say she didn't show enough affection, this week they say she's a clinger. Eejits.

Anonymous said...

to the cooters poster, just remember that amanda seyfried had "minge" tattoed on her person and that is the british slang for vagina - i wonder who gave her that idea? clearly dominic. cooter is actually quite cute in comparison

Anonymous said...

i posted earlier about them just fessing up, i get they want to keep work and private life personal and i truly believe they are a couple in love but i feel sad for them that they can's truly be themselves all the time we are not asking for tonsil hockey on the red carpet just show up together occasionally and relax a little and don't answer questions

Anonymous said...

Please pardon my little detour here.

For the record, Joan Jett describes Kristen as a very humble, down-to-earth, likeable human being. She was also extremely dedicated to the task at hand - and as silly as it sounds, when she told me she was going to cut her long hair into my Runaways shag, it really relaxed me. It showed me Kristen was "all in". I knew she would take s**t for it.

In person, Kristen comes across as a young actress who simply isn't into being famous. She's sweet and nervous.

Elle UK. July 2010.

Rob used the word sweet to describe her as well.

I think in USA Tooday and Oprah BTS, they were a little more open with the touches and answers. We'll see if it continues. It was nice to see.

Caroline said...

Well..i think i don't need to post any comment today since i agree with Rose...They are together.Your opinion and my opinion it's not going change anything.And who are you to judges their lives?!She is just a girl/boy who falling in love for each other.So get over this.And i think she is right; reading some comments on this blog make me wanna throw up and it seems like her life is "raped"by every stupid and strong comments.Fuck....
Love, Carol.

Anonymous said...

Kris showing the ipod with the picture of Rob and her cat is confirmation to the interviewer's question, if she is dating Rob without saying a word.Good for her.

Anonymous said...

i see that you deleted my post. I will say it again.

Rose what you do is not different from the crazy shippers and the nonsten people you like to make fun of. Just yesterday kristen were wishing people will stop using her relay;life as an entertainment tool; but here we have a so called supporter who lecture other about respect , and privacy who can't understand that. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:07

Rose re-posting an interview Kristen gave willing. Not an invasion of privacy.


I'm happy. The interview was fabulous. The confirmation was adorable. And I came here expecting more people to be grinning and impressed by her. Clearly... I'm naive.

And I can commiserate completely with the way she acts in public now. I was always a bit puzzled by her reticence in public but now... now I totally get it. If people RIP up the small piece of herself she shared with the world... would putting more out there be better for her and Rob? Are you crazy?

No wonder she guards her words like their her prized possessions and holds onto her privacy with two hands clenched. Can you blame her? I certainly don't. She loosens up for the first time.. just the smallest bit and people pick over her every word. Dim witted assholes fail to see the use of the word "rape" as a metaphor and desperate fans demand an actual verbal confirmation.

I do get entertainment value out of the whole "robsten" idea but oddly enough the value I get out of that entertainment I would gladly sacrifice for their privacy. But since I don't rule the universe... I will still be grinning like a fool over this. Why am I grinning? I think Rob is awesome. I think Kris is awesome (even more so after the interview) And the way they look at each other makes me go awwwww..... so I love the little confirmations. But yet I'm fiercely glad Kristen and Rob can hide. Do hide. They are very smart to do so. As made evident but some comments that I have read here today.

Oh and @ 8:07 if you don't like Rose or Rose's blog.. I believe she expressly and explicitly told you and people like you to go fuck yourself in yesterday's post. In case you forgot, please refer back. Its her blog. If you don't like it. Don't type the address in your web address, dumb ass.

Nora said...

Instead of feel sorry for them for the scrutiny that have to suck in all the way, i find myself very impressed by their power to maintain their relationship in their own bubble which not many of us can do that. Imagine all the pressure knocking on u in all angle but they manage to puch it away and simply enjoy each other's company near or far. So kudos to R&K...U R TRULY AMAZING PEOPLE...

Olivia said...

Thank you Rose for providing this blog and allowing us from around the world to gather and enjoy these two bright stars in the film industry.
@12:40 -I agree, the manip is so adorable.
@ Hilarious - yes, you are a breath of fresh air - bravo to you for your many well written and thought out comments. It is a pleasure to read them : )
@Louisa - May Josep's family find peace. I am sorry for their loss and send comfort to you and your son.

Anonymous said...

I would bet a month's salary that if these people (and I am talking about the hyenas)were sitting around with friends (assuming they actually have some)and a friend said that they were being "raped" by the American justice system they would think it is funny as heck. Or if their friend said they felt like "throwing up" because someone got their kicks out of spying on them (i.e peeping tom)in a private moment for sick/entertaining purposes they would be appalled and jump to their defense.

Yet they will crucify a young, talented, and beautiful actress because she feels that this is what is happening to her. And they think she should "take it" because that's "her job".

Talk about really screwed up people. I really don't know how you live with yourselves or how other people live with you.

And what's worse is you feel no SHAME or EMBARRASSMENT for it. Well I am embarrassed for your families.

soadram said...

Sorry for this comment and especially to you because the Rose is his blog ..
but after reading some comments on this post here I need to say something.
To all those who do not believe in robesten who are not together, which should be c kris do not know who and bla and bla bla and that's just rubbish, because you come to see the blog of the Rose since we do not agree with the posting of it, if we do not believe in it, who are you doing here?
I think most who are here because they are stupid and dumb and blind if you think we believe in Rob / kris, Robesten, we must believe or fail to read the post Rose supports it and support and believe, you're wrong, because both I and many people who come here and enjoy this blog does not need the crap comments that are here, because when we read these comments can only see hate and more hate, so give up, because nobody believes in you. And for me this people is ignored.
sofy of Portugal

Opytaylor said...

Well I commented about interview yesterday. What I want to know is, those that fight for any possibility that the relish is not real.....what's in it for them? Say Rob gets papped making out with some blonde: what would this achieve for these non-believers? It won't happen, sorry. She owns him. And vice versa. Stop with the he loves her more crap too. That's just her hard LA chic exterior. He gets to see the vulnerable side of Kristen, like after she flew to Budapest on her birthday to wait for him to get off work for the day. He is more affectionate in public but that means nothing.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Anon 6:28 - You are in deep denial. Your elevator dosen't go to the top floor Dear!!! Oh and that common girl as you call her has your boy wrapped around her finger and vice versa. Dip to the left and don't slip on that foam that's coming out of your mouth.

Opytaylor said...

Yes and straight. I have to hide this little obsession of mine. Else I would suffer endless teasing from my friends. Weird how the time I once invested in non stop sports has really shifted as of late. In the past year I have read all the Sookie books and then all four Bella books. That reading changed me a bit.

Anonymous said...

Robert doing some shopping today chataignestyle

Robert Pattison spotted at Beverly Center....almost causes a riot...wow

Yes, he and kristen spend so much time together. Almost inseparable

Papz pics soon, kristen leaves friday, rob has a nice, fun weekend ahead
Happy summer :)

Anonymous said...

@12:16 You're..creepy. JS.

Opytaylor said...

12:16 why did you just make that shit up? How does it make you feel?

Anonymous said...

Rose, love you & your blog~ You know I read the interview yesterday and am still carrying a stupid simile on my face now.

Oh, yeah, I read some comments from haters on other websites too. We can tell from the interview how honest, real, lovely and sweet Krsiten is. The haters are just unable to appreciate anything genuine and true. They are really ugly people inside and out.

From Asia,

Fanny said...

God I have no words... how can some people be so mean, the level of hate I read is unbearable.

Anon @8:29. I agree with everything you said. Perfect post.

I loved the article. One of kristen's best interviews. And the kinda confirmation made me all happy for her and grinning. I'm so happy for both of them. They obviously make each other happy and are just 2 kids in love who'd love to be able to live their love and life like any other couple is able to.

I'm also glad Kristen appeared like she wished she could let her guard down about her dating Rob and shout it from the rooftops. Because I keep reading how she's the one who doesn't want to share and is keeping Rob from shouting it himself. Sounds like that though she seemed protective of their relationship, she'd have liked to share it like any other 20something young girl in love if there was not this craziness around them.

Also for people surprised she would show the photo, I guess she felt comfortable enough with the interviewer, she probably had a moment when she decided to not give a fuck anymore and show her the photo like any other girl would do with a photo of their bf. But also, wasn't the interview done during Easter weekend? Just a few days before she flew to Budapest. I guess she was missing her bf like crazy, thinking about him a lot and very happy and looking forward to meeting him again very soon for her birthday. Something she was giddy with but couldn't share for fear of it being used as entertainment in the media. Guess for a brief moment, she couldn't help but indirectly share part of the happiness her bf brings in her life with the interviewer. Is that so bad of her, haters? I think that's sweet.

That said, as much as I'm happy for them, as much as the showing of the photo had me grinning, I can't help but feel bad for Kristen. That's not the first time she acknowledges the hate and the pressure she feels. I feel like it's weighing more and more on her (understandable because it's been happening for a long time now and it's getting worse and worse). I fear she'll be on the verge of not being able to take it anymore soon. It sounds like she takes everything not lightly, she just wants the madness to stop and be able to live normally and have a normal relationship with her bf.

Fortunately they have each other, they are under the same scrutiny and can understand and support each other. I just hope people would just give them a break and let them be, these 2 kids deserve it.

Anonymous said...

loved the entry. loved the feisty rose :D

haters will always be haters. that's all they live for. its a sad life really, nothing to look forward to but see other people fail, hurt, miserable. whatever kick they get from it is just temporary anyway. coz at the end of the day, all the negativity will catch up and they would feel a hundred times much worse. and that's just really sad. oh well, such is life.

i loved the elle interview. it's nice to see kristen let her guard down. she's not perfect, but she's human, she's beautiful and she's real. bless her and rob.

Anonymous said...

I love Kristen. Elle UK and Elle US are both ones of the best interview of Kristen ever. Dismiss the haters. Just focus on Rob and Kristen. They are both talented, fascinating and great people. I am happy they are together.

Anonymous said...

These haters are sad, desperate people. They are like a used piece of toilet paper and we all know what to do. FLUSH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i just saw NMA interview with the host james nesbitt (love that irish guy) he said NMA honours big movies because the movie industry depends on the fans going to see them so its kind of like peoples choice awards for big movies

Anonymous said...

as Dr Phil would say to haters, what are you getting out of this? because you know you are doing this for a reason

Anonymous said...

rob is on wfe set this week isn't he? at least that's where acceptance speech was from, assuming this week

Anonymous said...

They're doing it because Rob and Kristen speak of each other as *WE* not *I*

Geez, it'll be a long, cold summer for some.

Anonymous said...

every time i hear rob's piano piece on here i want to hear him play more, he is a brilliant pianist

Anonymous said...

He was out yesterday, the beverly center sighting is true.
One last thing about Rob, is tell who your friends are and i'll tell who you are, and no I'm not talking about the britpack but he's L.A enoturage. Says a lot about his state of mind and intentions while he is here.
You kids love to search and research and do it well, I'm sure someone is going to find what I'm talking about soon. Need motivation? his "friends" are chatty about Kristen, so be ready to meet this side of Rob.
L.A Rob never dissapoints lol

Hilarious said...

Rose and other nice people - thanks. :) It brings me no end of pleasure that you enjoy my ramblings.

And thanks to all of the posters who leave sweet, supportive messages about Kristen, Rob and Kristen&Rob - I enjoy reading your comments and soaking up the positive vibes. On the off chance that they check out this blog (they clearly do read some stuff about themselves online) ... I hope they focus on YOUR kind words and none of the rest.

Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Fanny, yes, the hatred and hostility towards Kristen are truely disgusting, horrible and unbearable!!~ Haters are always self-contradicting. Few days ago they complained Krsiten was not that into Rob and today they blame Kristen selling the relationship. And, the most ironic thing is that they criticise Kristen being inconsistent. Oh, well, how sane & consistent the haters are!~

You know what, I think the rape metaphor is the best fit one ever, given the terrible behavior (hating, cursing, bashing) of YOU UGLY HATERS and those annoying paparazzi!~ Haters' reaction proves that Kristen has made the best choice of word to describe her feeling.

I actually do not want to comment the haters but I just can't stand that shit!!~ I really worry about Kristen. Every word out of her mouth can be twisted and blamed.
How could she face this extremely crazy situation? No matter how tough a person is, as a human being, sometimes s/he feels weak. I hope LOVE will make Kristen strong and her FAMILY, ROB and GENUINE FANS will always at her back, giving her strength and faith.

From Aisa,

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

I just found a beautiful youtube clip:

Highly recommended!!~ It contains some quotes of Kristen and does capture what kind of person Kristen is and demonstrate her beauty inside and out.

Can't describe how touching I am after watching this......

And yes, Hilarious, hope Kristen could see our support, ignoring BS from heaters.

Love from Asia,

Anonymous said...


After reading what all the haters say I just had to put my 5 cents in...

The haters will always find something to bitch about. It doesnt matter what poor Kristen says. To them she is always a liar, slut, bitch!! But, her true fans know the truth.. We all know that picture was of her and Rob and her cat jella We know she has no desire to get back with Michael!!! If she did then they would be seen together again. They didnt hid their relationship before why hide it now.

I love her and Robert and truly believe they are indeed together!!. Some are so unhappy in their own lives that they cannot stand to see others happy. They are sad pathetic Morons that will keep hating even if they did come out and say they are in love which we know they are. As Kristen said why say anything. They will still find shit to whine about!

Noting poor Kristen does will ever be right in their eyes. All they see is hate and they are sad, sad.. I dont want to say human beings cause that they are not..

All of us true K/R fans know the truth and that is all that matters. So, you haters need to take it somewhere else. We dont give a shit what you think. Go and get lives and go hate on someone else.. We dont want you here..

Kristen is beautiful and such a talent and Rob is Hot as hell and is a wonderful actor and they are perfect together!!!!

Keep doing what you do girl! You fuckin rock and tell it like it is and I'm glad we have this blog to vent.. Keep the blogs coming cause your Amazing!!

You tell it like it is.. THE TRUTH!! We see it but, those looser will never... All I care about is that You have such honesty and truth on your blogs and that's what keeps me coming back..

Love ya Rose!!!


Please follow me so I can reply to your tweets.. "YOU ROCK GIRL"



Gabriella Gomez!

I am always asked so, Yes Selena is my cousin.. Dont like to advertise that but, it seems I'm always asked!..
Enough said.

Love you Rose!!!
Keep it coming girl!

Anonymous said...


After reading what all the haters say I just had to put my 5 cents in...

The haters will always find something to bitch about. It doesnt matter what poor Kristen says. To them she is always a liar, slut, bitch!! But, her true fans know the truth.. We all know that picture was of her and Rob and her cat jella We know she has no desire to get back with Michael!!! If she did then they would be seen together again. They didnt hid their relationship before why hide it now.

I love her and Robert and truly believe they are indeed together!!. Some are so unhappy in their own lives that they cannot stand to see others happy. They are sad pathetic Morons that will keep hating even if they did come out and say they are in love which we know they are. As Kristen said why say anything. They will still find shit to whine about!

Noting poor Kristen does will ever be right in their eyes. All they see is hate and they are sad, sad.. I dont want to say human beings cause that they are not..

All of us true K/R fans know the truth and that is all that matters. So, you haters need to take it somewhere else. We dont give a shit what you think. Go and get lives and go hate on someone else.. We dont want you here..

Kristen is beautiful and such a talent and Rob is Hot as hell and is a wonderful actor and they are perfect together!!!!

Keep doing what you do girl! You fuckin rock and tell it like it is and I'm glad we have this blog to vent.. Keep the blogs coming cause your Amazing!!

You tell it like it is.. THE TRUTH!! We see it but, those looser will never... All I care about is that You have such honesty and truth on your blogs and that's what keeps me coming back..

Love ya Rose!!!


Please follow me so I can reply to your tweets.. "YOU ROCK GIRL"



Gabriella Gomez!

I am always asked so, Yes Selena is my cousin.. Dont like to advertise that but, it seems I'm always asked!..
Enough said.

Love you Rose!!!
Keep it coming girl!

Carly said...

I loved the part with the foto. and I felt sad aboutt he comment with the "word" and I was truly baffled by some reactions to it because it didnt even occure to me it was offensive. and then I alsmot felt guilty for not feeling offended. almost

and I really love you song choices. another way in which Rob & Kris (though you, broaden my horizon :)

I love music and a lot of songss remind me of them, but most of them is in Spanish. the one I always, always associated with them is Built to Last by Melee

thank you, Rose, for making me feel all warm and tingly and hopeful yet again

Anonymous said...

Rose you are great...really you rock...every time I read your blog I feel like you are just reading my mind. I love your blog and every post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinion with us...love you.
p.s. do someone knows were I can find this interview...I've looked for it but I can't find it. help please! I really want to read it completely.

Trish said...

Well i am super super late to the party but i will say that i enjoyed the positive comments..

What a fantastic post Rose i am so upset i missed it on wednesday because i was so busy and couldnt catch up on your posts to till the weekend but i am glad that i came to catch up..this was one of your best posts! Bravo!

I love Kristen although sometimes i dont agree with everything she does and the choice of words but she is young and will make mistakes but hopefully she is learning from them!

I love that she just showed the picture to the interviewer and all those FOOLS out there who said why was she showing it if she said she wants privacy..i thought that plan of hers was genious..it looked like she felt comfortbale with the interviewer and trusted and wanted to answer but just didnt want it publish..so it was a great way for her to show her.

I was thinking about it the other day, my little niece was so fasniated with Demi Lovato and Jo Jonas..and they came out and said they were dating months ago now thing are being written about them and there are sayings that Jo broke up with her on the phone or letter or something like that...what is my point you ask? Rob and Kris are being so so smart not talking about their relaysh..the minute they do they will be hounded nonstop with rumors and all daily and things will be far far worse..so it is a smart move they are making..as muchwe the real robsten fans who want nothing but the best for them want them to see them together showing affection and happy the world is not filled with ppl like us..the media will turn them apart..so my wish is that they just keep it to themselves..it is obvious they are together and have been from the start so we dont need any pics..they should keep it to themselves trust me folks, it is far better that way!

Cant wait to see them next weekend at the mtv movie awards 2010 and cant wait to see what they will do for best kiss..because trust me they WILL win!! because there are just so many Robsten luvrs out there who support their relaysh with twilight and Edward and Bella completely out of the picture! we love them for them not the characters.

Thank you Rose so much i love coming here I hope eveyone has a great holiday weekend! Kisses to you Rose and all the Robsten fans form all around the world :-)

P.S. It is sad that Kristen finds that we think it is entertaining this is why we are so invested...we just want them to be happy...we dont sit and get a bag of popcorn to watch their relaysh..thats what the movies are for..we just want them to be happy and they seem happy with each other..when they are happy i am happy as a fan :-) Happy they found love and each other in this madness.