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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day.
I am a mother.
My sons are the best part of me.
Everyday they make me smile.
And happy.

"These are the children God has given me.
He has been good to me."
-Genesis 33:5

I hope everyone has a great day today.
I hope you are all happy.

There isn't that much going on in terms of 'news'
Some lady decided to take a picture of Robert
while he was working with her husband.
Oh the power of Twitter.

It wasn't too long after that she begged
people to take the picture down.
It was an unguarded moment...
Where Robert wasn't aware he was being photographed.

Karma is indeed a bitch.

Let's talk about 'respect'.
I'm not a fan of the paparazzi.
I think they are mean thugs.
And I hate when people excuse their behavior with
"That's the price of fame"
"They are only doing their job"

Total bullshit.
They intimidate.
They humiliate.
They chase and scream.
That's not a job.
That's a fucking crime.

 But that being said...
There is always a lot of people screaming
It's really common sense.
A trait that is sadly lacking in many of this fandom.
Robert and Kristen do deserve respect...
It's pretty obvious that they don't always get it.
But I hate when people PREACH about it.
I hate when people preach about anything.

 They go on an all out WAR
telling people how to behave.
I get it.
You demand respect for Robert and Kristen.
I don't need you to shove your opinion
down my throat...

How about respect for fellow fans?
Kinda weird how some people can whine
about lack of respect for Robert...
Then turn around and personally
attack a fellow human being.
So... only famous people should get respect?
Think about the hypocrisy.
It hurts the brain.

And with that...
I leave you with this video that someone sent to me.
I love this kinda stuff.
Robert and Kristen...
Before they had to be so guarded and wary.
So cute. So adorable.

Thanks Mrs. Pattinson and Mrs. Stewart.
You done good.

Bye for now.


sollee said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Ms. Rose..
and thank you for a nice post :)

soadram said...

Happy Mother's Day.
Grand sempre.E post as in my country we say "... if you wish to be respected first respite others ...".
A great day for you and all the Mothers:)
a kiss from Portugal

linzy said...

<3 today's post.

This fandom and the world at large would be a much better place if human beings showed even a slight bit more respect for one another. Btwn the random fuckery and personal attacks going on, I often question why I stick around. But then I look at pictures of Robert and Kristen, listen to an interview, watch one of their movies, and then I remember :) THEY are why I'm here and I'm proud to support them.

Thank you for sharing your passion Rose! Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing (and drama free) Mother's day *hugs*

deejon67 said...


ciro said...

happy mothers day to rose and all happy beautiful mom in the world, with you all had been lead, guide your son, daughter to become better, mature, loving person in insanity of world today

Carol said...

Thanks Rose. Happy Mother's Day. This was a great addition to this day.

Grigal said...

Love it Rose & Happy Mother's Day to you. Hope you enjoy it

Anonymous said...

happy mothers days to you too, rose!!! love your site, especially robs music playing.....
never let the wrong doers get you down, unfortunately they will always be there. but hey, we can try to convince them to be nice!

diity said...

I see you took Kristen's statement about the paps, word for word in Elle. And about respecting humans? Learn what you preach. You are on here daily dissing the hyenas for their opinions...just because they dont wanna believe in Robsten. You egg them on, Hipocrite!! I got a question for ya, Do you have a blog for your sons??? Do you spend time blogging about your gifts that God has givin you, or just some celebrity you will never meet?? JUST KEEPING IT REAL! Oh, Happy Mothers Day

ssmartinez55 said...

I'll never understand how people can taint what is supposed to be fun by turning things into personal attacks. It's sad to me and very frustrating to see, especially to the good people in this fandom. Thanks for all the positivity you bring and keep alive with your site, Rose.

Happy Mothers Day!

Deb. said...

Happy Mothers Day Rose Thank You again for the wonderful post and I love the video AND THANK YOU MRS.PATTINSON and MRS.STEWART you did a GOOD job Happy Mothers Day to you all I hope you will enjoy your day Rose today is OUR DAY Mothers,Grandmothers,greatgrandmothers do you think they well be with her mom today?.........DEB.

sara2 said...

Happy Mothers Day Rose! I always love what you have to say.

honey said...

Happy Mothers Day!<3 I'll always thank God for giving me a mum like mine..love u mum!!! anyway, Rose, good job, again and again! Robert and Kristen are so beautiful and I'll love them, always...this video is great, and it's so beautifully clear the way they loved each other already since the very very beginning..God bless you Robsten, your families and Dears and one day when you are parents..I know, you'll be one of the best in the world for your sons..<3 Some Robsten babies...just fantasy for now...but an adorable, real future...<3 love Robsten and love u Rose!

Jude said...

To "diity" - she's not dissing them for their opinions; she's criticizing their BEHAVIOR, and rightfully so. It's one thing to think (delusionally, if you ask me) that Rob and Kristen aren't dating, but it's another entirely to behave as horrendously as some of you people do. Attacking, slandering, purposely causing trouble for real, live fellow human beings whom they've never even met...that's sick. I don't see how Rose calling them out on that could be labeled hypocritical. In fact, the height of hypocrisy to me is your having the guts to lecture her about her blog when you're obviously taking time out of your day to read it.

On a happier note, a happy and blessed Mother's Day to everyone, especially you, Rose! Have fun with your kids today! And to MamaStew and MamaPattz: thanks for producing and nurturing such beautiful and fascinating offspring!

RachT said...

Rose, I love reading your blog. You are seriously one of my favorite fans. Love the way you genuinely support Rob, support Kristen and support Rob and Kristen together. You want the best for both and you would never think to pit them against each other. Wish there were more fans like you. This fandom could use it.

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you have a wonderful day.

And I wish the same to all mothers out there especially those reading this lovely blog!

Poli said...

Happy mother´s day Rose!I hope you´re having a really special day.Thanks for another amazing and lucid post.

Rose said...

Yes, "diity"... I'm here on a daily basis pointing out the brutal and disgusting behavior of the hyenas.
Not for not believing in Robsten...
But because of the bitter hatred they spew...
And let's not forget that I don't call out anyone by NAME. Do you feel like you are a Hyena? Do you feel like I'm talking to YOU? Well, then I probably am. But that's YOUR deal... not mine.

There are people who are attacking REAL people using their REAL names. Harassing them. Prying into their PERSONAL lives. And why? Because they don't agree with their point of view about a couple of actors...

So take your self righteous bullshit somewhere where they will appreciate the stupidity.
Again, YOU come here and read my blog. YOU comment on it. I don't chase you around and make you read it.

Honestly. If you cannot comprehend simple English... Get the fuck out.

Stupidity should be painful.
You should be very thankful it's not....

cupcake said...

dear rose,

i've always thought rob and kristen are so lucky to have mature women, other than the young fangirls as supporters. unfortunately, this crazy fandom has proven that there are a lot of exceptions to this rule. it saddens me that some of these women don't know any better than a 12 year old. but such is life. good thing, there are sane mature people such as yourself left in this world. for all your unselfish generosity, your wisdom, your wit, your strength, your grace and for simply having rob and kristen's and their fans' best interest, i commend you. there isn't any other greater love such as a mother to her children. and you have proven time and time again such thing exists with out asking for anything in return. rob, kristen and their fans are still lucky to have you. have a happy mother's day rose.

Anonymous said...

Happy Day to all that have been a Mother or who have had a Mother!

I wonder if Cla(i)re got 2 Mother's Days/Mothering Sundays.

She also celebrated, hopefully with her son, on Sunday 14 March in London

Great blog!


sfw10sis said...

Happy Mothers Day to you Rose and all other Moms out there. I too am a mom, my daughter means the world to me, and hopefully I've done right by her and instilled in her the important thinks in life, one being respect.

I'd like to think that today of all days that maybe we fans (since we are basically all famale) could table the hate and discord (regardless of whether we are moms now or hope to be in the future)and just show respect to each other as females.

Thanks Rose, lovely post.

Happy Mothers Day everyone (believers and non-believers too).


Anonymous said...

DIITY your resentment is frightening...

By your bitter words, I figure out you don't believe in Robsten.

If you don't like what Rose writes, why do you come here?

You're kind of masoquistic.

Anonymous said...

"Kinda weird how some people can whine
about lack of respect for Robert...
Then turn around and personally
attack a fellow human being."

Just like the Kristen fans can complain about the hate towards her but turn around and bash other people.

Jan Breesmom said...

Happy Mother's Day, Rose!

Your blog has become a daily nugget of gold for me! I enjoy reading what you have to say. I look forward to reading it daily.

kristine.hills said...

You are so RIGHT1
I'm sorry, i've already come here and said b.sh!t about the blindhyenas, and i had no right, bc it makes me the same way they are, and i DON'T want to be this kind of person bitter and sour. I Want to share my love, to spread love and be HAPPY.

I'm sure you must be an excellent mom!


Anonymous said...

oh it's the blame game once again. "they started it, no she did, no she didn't." this is as useless as figuring out which one came first, the chicken or the egg. lol.

if i remember it correctly, the owner of this blog does her share of defending rob too. i'm not speaking in rose's behalf, but i can just imagine the hate she gets from twitter and her emails for openly supporting the object of robert pattinson's affection. i can only assume she doesn't get that much hate from people who don't worship rob like he is god. it's called being objective. i'm sure they are out there though. everyone is, after all entitled to their own opinion, such as youself. nobody's forcing anyone to believe in something anyway. its just that some people can't seem to grasp a concept as simple as that.

see, love begets love. and naturally, hate begets hate. :D

Melinda said...

Today we should be celebrating our mom's and yet again we can't have a day of just peacefulness. It makes me sad that some people can be so bitter and spew such venom. And yes it comes from both sides (R/K fans). I am sorry that R/K have "fans" like this. Although I personally don't think you are a true fan if you act like this. You are just seeking attention b/c you are miserable.

Anon 1:49- you are right in the fact that Kristen's so called fans bash other people as well. I do think though that Rob's so called fans are just a tad more venomous. But I digress...

Thanks Rose! Have a great rest of the day!

P.S. Not sure if Rose was talking about the crap D has been dealing with the last day or so with her crazy stalker but that chick is...I don't even know how to describe her. Glad to see that D isn't backing down and will take legal action if necessary. No one should have to put up with that kind of behavior.

This is the type of person Rose is talking about.

Scarlet said...

Rose - Happy Mother's Day. From a mom to a mom. Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

You hear that hyenas?..."The more time you spend away from someone the more you are thinking about them"...just a little quote for you guys to remember even throughout the summer when R/K will be seperated!! Great video and great post as always Rose!


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Rose and to all you beautiful ladies out there. I'm a mother of four beautiful young ladies myself and it bothers me to see the hate being thrown at these 2 beautiful kids who did absolutely nothing wrong except falling in love with one another. Knowing how hard it is to find happiness and love in this chaotic world, everyone should be happy for them. Well, I've learned to ignore the hate and just concentrate on the love and I love Rob and Kristen. And I love all of you beautiful ladies who share the same feelings for these 2 kids. Enjoy this wonderful day with your loved ones everyone.


Anonymous said...

anon @ 11:18

What a bitch!!!!!! have some respect better yet dont come here and disrespect ppl yoy dont know than that! if you dont like Rose, dont come to her blog! its not that hard!...Rose, you shouldnt have even replied people like that dont need a nyone's time of the day! just a waste..it wasnt addressed to me but i was just as pissed of even more than you Rose, people are just so disrespectful its disgusting!

P.S. sorry all you sane ppl for the profanity..usually not like this :-)


kharma1 said...

Happy Mother's Day Rose,
I also have sons and I just spent the day with them, that's what life is all about.
I agree with you about RESPECT, I feel it's lacking in our society and it's start at an early age.
We do need to as parent's instill in our kids to respect each other.
I've discovered through this fandom how much some people lack respect and just full of hate and jealousy. But I also discovered that there are still alot of wonderful, kind people out there.
Respect and Love, great words on Mother's Day. Thank you Rose

May said...

Happy Mother`s day,dear Rose. <3

Yeah,its all about respect,bb. Treat others how you want to be treated. <33

imloco2 said...

Thanks for posting that vid Rose. It was great. I love seeing R&K before they had a secret and were open and willing to talk. When you put it all together it's no wonder they ended up together. Kind of inevitable. *g*

I had a great mothers day I hope all you mother's had the same, especially you Rose. I'm glad you have as much common sense and strength as you do cause I love to come here everyday and bask in the sanity. A couple of commenters not withstanding.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers day! I too am a mom of a 6 yr old that lets me give him a "Edward Cullen haircut" Love him sooo much! Great post Rose, love the video, I love K sayin he's really hansome. so cute. I always think of the photo's of R with his head down outside a hotel waiting for his ride to save him while the paps are being relentless. There really is a point where it's too much...take a cue from that ditty, yea I named you, your being a total bitch go to another blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that video Rose. It's always interesting to see what they said about eachother before they had their guards up. Lol at Kristen saying she didn't even feel like she was acting with Rob. and Rob's "Yeah..who cares about the boyfriend?" haha.

Happy Mothers Day!

Anonymous said...

I suppose you could just not read the opinions that you feel are being shoved down your throat.. right.. I mean why complain about something YOU can control.. just don't read it.. easy enough.

Hope you had a nice Mother's Day