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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kristen is the Magnet, Rob is the Steel

First things first.

Robert looks amazing.
The haircut.
I absolutely LOVE it!
He looks adorable.
Strange how something like how hair
is cut and styled can make such a difference.

Kristen in Australia.
Yeah, a lot of bullshit drama went down.
She flipped off the paps (big fucking deal)
The usual whimpering about how she is ungrateful
Yada Yada Yada
Kristen could stand still and not make a sound...
and the fucking haters would find some fault.
They hate her for EXISTING.
It's the way it goes.
Haters gotta hate.

A close up of her unique necklace...
Looks like it was made JUST for her.
What does it look like to you?
Some people think it looks like the
symbol of infinite love.
She must really REALLY love this necklace.
She's been wearing it since her birthday in Budapest.

Cute picture.
I can't wait to see what she wears during all this
Eclipse promo.
I've never been a huge fashion diva or anything...
But I love seeing what Kristen will come up with.
I love her sense of style.

The Hyena button.
It's SO EASY to PUSH!!
And ever so much fun!

Watch and see.
They can't stay away from this blog.
Why do they care what I have to say?
Too damn easy.

They can't get enough of me...
I'm expecting my very own thread soon!
They are completely ROSEssed!

Haters need to make up their minds...
They always complain how I never defend Robert...
How I should change the name of my blog to Robsten Intoxication
I'm all about Kristen.
But then...
I'm SO obsessed with Robert!
I want to MARRY Rob!
See, that would make sense if
I was the one who had the problem with
Robert and Kristen being together.
But it's not me... its YOU.
If I was SO obsessed with Robert
I wouldn't be happy he's with Kristen.
But then again...
I'm talking logic and reasoning.
Hyenas don't have those qualities.
All they know how to do is 
rip and shred at people they don't know.
Filthy Scavengers.


Some people were saying that the whole
airport frenzy was staged.
Of course.
That explains EVERYTHING!
When all else fails...
Desperate times for desperate Hyenas.


Too fucking easy.
Bye for now

Now I told you so you ought to know
Ooh it takes some time for a feelin' to grow
Ooh you're so close now I can't let you go
Ooh and I can't let go
For you are a magnet and I am steel
I can't hope that I'll hold you for long
Ooh you're a woman who's lost to your song
Ooh but the love that I feel is so strong
Ooh and it can't be wrong
With you I'm not shy to show the way I feel
With you I might try my secrets to reveal
For you are a magnet and I am steel
For you are a magnet and I am steel


Anonymous said...

Kristens got the hots for Taylor http://bit.ly/ctjVCy
Finally a real man

Anonymous said...

loves it rose. as always. you really know which buttons to push. lol.

jen said...

The airport was staged? bwahahahah Do they realize how delusional they are getting? How many more people have to be involved in the "PR STUNT" to make their logic even fly? Like the Sydney airport? The Australian paps? The airport witnesses that watched the whole thing go down? So ALL those people were involved with this setup?

What planet do these people live on?


KPattz said...

Rose,i think that some "people"are really Rosessed!Bahahahaha!That's why they keep coming here and spew all their crap.I'm sick of them.They're so idiots.If their idiocy was money,they would be zillioners till now.Anyway,i loved Kristen and Tay in Australia,their interviews were great and i expect the same at Korea.I hope the paps there to be more civil.

cookie said...

teen 11:41,it's time to go and do your homework,or take your meds.

andii cullen pattinson said...

LOVE ur blog&NOT i dont think u just talk about Robsten Or Kristen for that matter u DEFEND all about Rob, Robsten, Kristen, etc, etc... I just ADORE that u do that!
THANKS&yeah the hyenas will and ALWAYS WOULD be HATERS so dont paid them ANY attention they wo they;re (IDIOTS, F*CKERS u DONT have a life on they own) but u know who2bread them!

THANKS again

Anonymous said...

I think that Kristen's necklace is a Chinese lucky charm.To send away the bad spirits and for luck.The symbol of infinity is quite different,i think.

Anonymous said...

I never posted before but I love your posts...you say what most of the non-crazies feel about Rob and Kris. we love and respect them both equally and are happy they are together..

The next few weeks will just keep getting better!

Kimmydonn said...

Not to be picky, but, um, steel isn't magnetic. You knew that right?

laurieO76 said...

Hey, Anonymous, your real man Taylor doesn't know how to act around women's panties. Contrast styles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjRyeQ_oINM That shows that Rob is the real man who knows what to do with a woman. ;)

Anonymous said...

Part of me wishes they would just come clean to shut the haters up for good. The other part of me realizes that it would just trigger double foaming by the haters. Guess I am leaning toward coming clean, and I hope it's in a BIG WAY, and VERY SOON. They deserve it. Go Rob and Kristen!!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me but why is it everytime Rob opens his mouth he proves what an idiot he is. I mean Details was terrible, cause he opened his mouth and silly things like he hated vaginas and he loved his dog. I'm glad Kristen and Taylor are doing promo without him because his interviews last year were just too much idiocy for me to take. At least Kristen and Taylor give good straight answers. Sadly Rob doesn't know when to shut his mouth. Yep I think Rob should just stick to doing what he does best.. looking pretty. JMO

Patricia said...

Rose: I am so done with all of these unbelievable remarks about these two. PR ( what the hell are they thinking or maybe that's it ! THEY'RE NOT ???? )
The airport scene when Kristen was leaving was awful ! This tiny little lady and all the guards ( ARE WE LOOKING AT A WAR ZONE ????) And people WONDER WHY SHE 'HATES' THE PAPS.

You know if Rob had been there things would have been different. He always makes sure she is safe and okay by tricking the paps into following him so she can go to another exit. Love him ( SUCH A GENTLEMAN AND GREAT BOYFRIEND )

I love the new pictures of him on WFE set. HOW CAN HE GET MORE BEAUTIFUL ????????? ) I LOVE HIS HAIRCUT.





Rose said...

Kimmydonn: It's a song, not a science experiment.
*insert eyeroll here*

Anna Br. said...

love you, love rob ad Kristen.
to Kimmydonn, you are right,if Rose want to that Kristen atract Rob it's better change steel for iron.

ciro said...


i like it rose, i wanna try too 'PUSH', 'PUSH'...LMAO

Opytaylor said...

The Australian Paps took it to a new level of danger. I wonder if they were trying to get revenge for the finger. I think she should avoid Australia unless she take a private jet and avoids airport. When Rob is with her, it's like he is a blocker. He clears the path for her.

Anonymous said...

It's from a song called Magnet and steel.

Ooh ooh ah
Now I told you so you ought to know
Ooh it takes some time for a feelin' to grow
Ooh you're so close now I can't let you go
Ooh and I can't let go
For you are a magnet and I am steel

I can't hope that I'll hold you for long
Ooh you're a woman who's lost to your song
Ooh but the love that I feel is so strong
Ooh and it can't be wrong

With you I'm not shy to show the way I feel
With you I might try my secrets to reveal
For you are a magnet and I am steel
For you are a magnet and I am steel

Deb said...

Hey Rose love the post AND I LOVE the hair HO shit I just LOVE ROB I was looking at the PIC of Kristen and all I could do was cry IT looks like she wanted to cry to I also LOVE,LOVE the necklace I seen her holding it to AND in some of the pic. at the air port she was holding on tight to her(ROBS) hat. Cant wait to see her with her man and feel safe. SOON we dont have LONG she mite be home fri. And we well not see her WHY maybe case she'll be hiding with her honey they did say that they are good at it She'll be back safe in his arms soon WHAT A LUCK GIRL THANKS ROSE as always keep up the good job WE love ya and we love ROB and Kristen Have a good day my friend .... DEB

Anonymous said...

lmao push button ignited exhibit a,b,c. oh you rosessed people you. set stalkers would be ashamed of themselves next to you. rose will not adopt you. lol.

fyi, just like the rest of the world, the number 8 or the mystic knot in chinese is considered lucky because it made up of a universal never ending pattern that symbolizes infinity. chinese people would prefer to get married, start business on the 8th day of the month for everlasting love and success. not insinuating anything, just sharing my culture.

katy said...

to Kimmydonn

No to be picky.
Steel a ferromagnetic material. It is a combination of iron and several other metals,wich gives it greater hardness than iron and because of its hardness, steel retains magnetism longer than iron.

Great Post Rose.

Caroline said...

HI Rose,
First, nice blog...and i felt so bad looking those pics; so cruel-papz!And Rob, oh my, why so handsome.
About the necklace, i think this pic it's the back, not the front...in others shoot, there is something that sparkle...
And for those who write bad things about Rob, get a life.I think is the same who love banish everything Rose write and pretend to be a fan of K ; but they actually enjoy put some fire in this blog.go away...far, far away..

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, you are the voice of reason in this kooky fandom. Yesterdays pics at the airport made me so angry I was enraged. To see Kristen clutching Rob's hat like a lifeline really turned my stomache. This needs to stop!!
I am at a loss for words right now,I love Robert and Kristen and the mother instinct in me needs to protect, I feel helpless. All I can do is believe in what they are and what they have for each other.

As for the haters and hyenas,you can just rot in your delusional misery. At least you have each other for now.
Thanks Rose for another day of insight, your blog is the best.MelenaS

Anonymous said...

Don't let them fool you. First was "amazing april" then "May flowers" and here we are, nothing happened. We are exactly the same. What's the big deal with June and July? Nothing. MTVMA, they will share a car, just as past year. That's it. Nothing new. Rob GQ? He will do the same as did Kristen for Elle. Sort of Ipod pic to show they are close. Big deal. It's Eclipse time and PR machine is running. That's all? Here we are one year later, nothing been confirmed.
Marriage, engagement? BS. They know is not true, it's so silly. Do you really think they are married? For real? Stay alert, they try to tease you, but at the end of the day, again, nothing happened.
Taylor Lautner is harassed by papz as much as Kristen. Maybe even more. It's a problem of character. It's her problem. Deal with it or take another job. And if you can't handle your PR with Rob, don't do it.
You can be giggly and keep your fanbase excited about next week, next month, next summer, fancy dreams about secret marriages in Italy or France, engagement rings or necklaces. Rumors, rumors, bs, bs, that's it. You love that shippers.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:20

I like that about the 8. That is really sweet and makes sense, since if you were to trace it you would just go round and round two circles.

LOL. geez are we even going to argue over the metaphor of magnet to steel? LOL

Rose, its okay. I get it. They are attracted to each other. Cute post. Cute song. The australian paprazzi... I'd like to shoot them with more than just the bird. Kris looked so scared :-/ And in addition to a push button. I advocate a rip cord attached to a trap door. You know like in those old fashioned TV shows or cartoons. When the antagonist started getting uppity someone would just pull the cord and down into the deep dark hole they would go. I say... you need a hyena rip cord for you blog. :-)

*Suzy Q*

katy said...

About the necklace...I think it's the infinity simbol, it looks somewhat like CIƆ or an 8, I know the usual looks diferent but if you look closer you can see the pendent on Kristen necklace looks like CIƆ or an 8...and if it's diferent from the usual pendent maybe and I'm also just speculating...it's like Rose said...someone made it specialy for her.

That's what I think, but maybe I'm wrong

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add:


Whenever you say "hyenas" I always picture the totally loony ones from the Lion King. As pictured below:



*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

perfect! just perfect! somebody's super dooper affected. haha. lol. push button really works like magic. careful dear, your veins might snap. do some yoga instead namaste.

Lisa said...

Good one Rose.

@12:42 What IS your problem? You're right, nothing's changed in the last year. They're STILL together, living THEIR lives the way THEY want. Why do they need to "come out" or confirm? They don't! It's as CLEAR as the hatred in your posts. So foam on if it helps you sleep at night.

@Suzy Q... LMAO at the rip cord thing.. Wouldn't that be wonderful! LOL

Anonymous said...

To anon at 12:42: Whu so bitter? i can see with my own 2 eyes that Rob and Kristen are closer than they were a year ago. Since Dec we have had IOW on NYE, Bafta's after party and week long love fest, flying to NYC together for RM premiere with K on red carpet,K's b-day in Budapest-hmmm... I guess she had nothing better to do than to fly to Budapest to ring in her 2-0. Uh, let's see what else, oh yeah all the goodness on Oprah, Chicago airport, Rob's b-day weekend at RC. NO ONE is stringing me along. I have my own eyes and a brain and they have been leading me to the truth for quite some time now. You really sound bothered though. Just because Rob and Kristen don't jump on couches to declare their love does not make it unreal. It is so simple if you look at the small things-K taking R's beanie to OZ, the way R checks for K behind him a million times in an airport or when surrounded by papps-that says it all. So keep on ranting but no one is beiong led astray except for you. And I wouldn't be a bit surprised if R/K did turn out to be eng/married and I came up with that all on my own from watching them for the past year! PUSH

Lisa said...

Forgot to mention the necklace. I think that easily could be the back. Those two.. what looks like holes? Are often needed for stones to show their facets. But I like the infinity idea..

Anonymous said...

Umm...Magnet and steel comes from a FAMOUS song..."you are a magnet and I am iron" just doesn't have the same zing. lol

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:54, You're right, it is just you. Rob is nobody's fool. His "vaginas" quote from Details was perhaps not the best choice of comments. But it's been explained many times:

"I'm allergic to vagina. It makes me swell," is an old English joke, probably lost on American audiences. He was just trying to be funny.

And as for his comment about his dog, if you notice, he always dodges questions that pin him down to who he likes best --probably wise. In this case, an interviewer asked which family member he's closest too. Creatively, he said it was his dog Patty. He's said he truly loved his dog (now deceased), but I think he was trying to avoid hurting any family member's feelings.

I love Rob's quirky sense of humor. He has enormous charm and is highly intelligent, despite your implication to the contrary.

Why waste your time coming onto a pro-Rob website just to blast him? Now, who's lacking in brain cells?


kharma1 said...

Happy Wednesday...
Hi Rose..
Love the picture of Rob, he looks so young with that haircut, it suits him.
The picture of Kristen at the airport makes me sad. Being a mom, I feel protective of her and I just want to wrap my arms around her and get her out of there.
At least in Korea she shouldn't have the craziness with the paparazzi. I don't think they have papzz there.

And the necklace. It's definitely very special to her. Very unique, looks handcrafted. To me it looks like two round bands intertwined, very interesting.

I'm not going to talk about Hyenas today. It's one of those days I don't feel like talking about those rabid animals. They've lost their minds eons ago, you can't reason with them, their sick.

So thank you again Rose and for posting the lyrics to that song.
I had forgotten about that song, I haven't heard it in so long. Sure does fit Kristen and Rob. I think alot of love songs do, reason.. they are in love. It's only logical, but only logical to "sane" people.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...


I think what 12.42 meant is that we actually can't believe what ODO or other "sources" are hinting.

ODO predicted that the showers of april would blossom flowers in may...or something similar. Everybody figured out that something big was going to happen in may but we're already in june and nothing really has ever changed.

Actually it's a bit boring or depressing. Many Robsten fans say we don't need any confirmation, but in fact there's so many people talking and expecting Rob and Kristen to come out publicy.

I remember a couple of months before New moon release, many people said that Robsten would confirm the relationship right after the premiere, but they wouldn't, and it's been almost the same in every important event they've attended. Now fans are wondering and expecting whether they will walk the MTV red carpet together... but, as usual, I'm afraid we'll get no novelties.

What it's really annoying are the great expectations these "sources" are arising cause it makes you feel disappointed when you see that nothing new happen.

Gigi said...

@ Anon 11:41
She's got the hots for a real man you say ?? really 18 is a real man !!! what are you 12 ?
@Anon 11:53
I don't know I go back and forth too about should they just "come "out or not , but in truth when was the last time any of us had to make a proclamation of " oh and by the way I'm dating this guy or another " it is silly and totally their business...
@Anon 11:45
Robert is English and they do have a different than American sense of humor which is why the majority of the time no one gets his jokes b/c to Americans he is just not funny ..I grew up in Australia and have lots of English friends I tell you he is brilliant , at 24 he is well read and has a rare cense of self ,what to you may be may be idiocy is his sense of the strange life he is living, better yet I love the fact he just does not care if you or I care it shows me he knows what he is about ...
In general ...I love the necklace but it may be something just between the 2 of them so I let it be ..as they are coming so called out ..I don't care either way I'm happy if they are happy and they seem to be so !!! I'm happy ...they don't need a big declaration of anything I do have eyes and they tell me that every time them 3 ( Robert , Kristen and Taylor ) are together , poor Taylor does look like the 3 in the pict and I don't think they are doing it on purpose in fact on contraire they do try to not be on you face with it ...but it is what it is and that is all ...
As always Rose loved the post

Deb said...

Im not sure when but didnt Kristen say she's not going to say any thing that time well SHOW you about her and Rob?And didnt Rob just say some thing like that( about TIME well SHOW) and havent they shown us TIME after TIME in the last year what OR how they feel about each other I think thats what they were saying about TIME WELL SHOW YOU with out saying a word I feel like thats what they want SO open up your EYES and just LOOK they are telling US I can see it and so dose a lot of other WE dont NEED them to say a WORD WE just know. seeing is BE-LIEVE-ING! SO if YOU CAN-NOT see that then PLEASE go to your eye doctor and get some eye DROPS to help wash out all the HATE you are seeing ok ........DEB.

Anonymous said...

Love it Rose, you go girl! Especially loooove the Hyena button.lmao thanks for the closeup of the necklace it's very unique looking, suits her.

Anonymous said...

Very nice post Rose!

I wanted to add my 2 cents about the necklace..on one side there's the 8 symbol but if you look closely its border lines are not well defined so as to somewhat create a sort of heart which could be on the other side. Anyway, I do think it was made just for her. Not even coolspotters could identify it...

Anonymous said...

New Robert's interview:

"I learned that if a relationship is honest it can last through anything despite all the challenges we have to face and everything that happens around us"

Plus he brought Kristen to the junket


Deb said...

LIKE I SAID O_P_E_N. your EYES WHAT MORE can they say??????????????????..NOTHING thats RIGHT . DEB

Rachel NZ said...

Hi Rose
Long time reader here...love your blog.
Can not believe all the Haters and the crap that they say about these 2 (beautiful) hard working people.

Come on imagine if the goddess Kris was your sister and she was just doing her job and fell in love with someone at work. (Like that doesn't happen in the real world.....)

Any way love your random thoughts and as a mother and wife I am still trying to understand my ridiculous obsession with a man called Rob who is the same age as my brother.....

keep up the blogging :)

sfw10sis said...

Push, lol, love it, Rose you are truely one of a kind.

Love Rob's hair-cut, makes him look so young and his eyes stand out so much more, what can anyone say, he is simply beautiful.

I was appalled by the airport pics of Kristen, I don't understand how that is allowed to happen, she looked so tiny and overwhelmed, my heart just went out to her. Hang in there sweetie, Sunday's just around the corner.

On another note, I'm sad to see Kstew411 shuting down, there are over 24 thousand followers on her twitter. I hate the thought of sites with lg numbers of Kristen fans not being available for new people who are just becoming fans of Kristen's, its one of the first places I found, then I was able to go from there. I don't want her to lose any fanbase sites, I just don't want to see the NONsense overtaking everthing.

Please Rose, don't ever close your site, I think I would feel lost(I know that sounds silly)but I enjoy reading your posts and the positive vibe you project towards Rob & Kristen.

Puch button came in handy for a few comments I read, thanks(smiling).


Lisa said...

@2:14 I got what she meant.. But I think some of you are too gullible! And some people (don't know if I am having a slow day or what. But I don't know what or who ODO is) are messing with you! They can build you up and let you go.. Several were doing it yesterday.. We shouldn't take anything as gospel unless it comes out of R & K's mouth. And as someone said. They both eluded to: It will come out naturally. Which it has. We've seen all the pics, how can anyone REALLY deny something very PERSONAL is going on? I mean, there are pictures of them holding hands, pics of them being in different parts of the world together with no other reason to be there. We've seen them sharing clothes.. We've seen the bubble they are ALWAYS in when doing promos. Forget the speculation stuff (of which there are mountains of) Just LOOK at the FACTS, it's there. If people choose not to see it... You know what they say: You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink"

This is a cute article from RM but just making public. The girl who translated it (THX for doing it), who is very reliable and did a great job reporting from the Bel-Ami set said the magazine is not a tabloid mag.. But as always, people will make of it what they want. I enjoyed it.



Patricia said...

Rose: I don't think Rob and Kristen need to confirm anything. Slowly but surely they're showing us more and more that they are a couple.

We know all the trips to London, Isle of Wright, Budapest back to London, New York... All the birthday celebrations between both of them (and the latest mention of Rob bringing Kristen to his interview at press junket for 'Remember Me" Her arriving on the red carpet for 'Remember Me' her at after party for 'Remember Me' and 'Bel Ami' I-pod picture description, 'Bel Ami' on her Kindle (mentioned by interviewer) Jesus "What more do you want" THEY ARE A COUPLE AND HAVE BEEN A COUPLE FOR OVER A YEAR NOW. "OPEN YOUR EYES HATERS"

Anonymous said...

good morning to you Rose....im still reading the 40 odd comments soooo if someone said this already SORRY IN ADVANCE...

kimmydonn @ 11.52
you obviously dont own a fridge that made from ...YOU GUESSED IT STEEL AND PLACE FRIDGE MAGNETS ON IT....




Anonymous said...

GIGI @2.16 I TOTTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT THE "HUMOR FACTOR" we do have a similar humor to the UK if anything theres is a dryer one....The Details comment didnt offend me in anyway...i too understood as you put it .....and so what if he loved his dog....what did you think he was going to say ....HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!!!

Anonymous said...

intoxicated with your blog!!! noticed you like attaching songs to your posts. maybe you could use 'according to you' by orianthi, the first stanza is perfect for the hyenas and the chorus absolutely fits how rob feels for kristen.


Melinda said...

Love the post today Rose! Hyena button! Brilliant!

As for the staged PR at the airport...that's just the most asinine comment ever! No one in their right mind would do THAT for PR. What I would like to know is why there are no pics of Taylor in the airport chaos? Maybe b/c he didn't look upset/terrified so the pics wouldn't sell. Or maybe it wasn't nearly as bad for him?

Some celebs invite the paps into their bed daily (just look at the article on People's website on Heidi Montag-PR PR PR). If they want to that's their business. Kristen and Rob are not part of the group of celebs so they have every right to defend their privacy.

Suzy Q- love the idea you have!!

You know I wish that I was able to hit every single gossip site as well as their comments section on the internet and blast them with an antidote that would cure them of their venomous, poisonous, despicable hatred. These sites write such crap for no other reason except to get hits or sell magazines. It makes my stomach curl reading some of the comments people make. The sad part is the "rag" takes one statement and twists it, makes the person look bad, and then allow people to hate on that person. It's diabolical.

I just don't get how people can be this miserable. I have found that when someone makes a bitter statement it is not a reflection of the person they are saying it to or about but a reflection of their self and personal issues they have.

One more thing to add- I noticed that the shirt Kristen was wearing for the press junket in Sydney looked familiar. It was way to big for her (she had a white tank underneath and it wasn't knotted like she normally does). It was gray with a pocket on the left hand side. Looked like the one both she and Rob have worn on different occasions.

@2:57- I have to add to your comment... below is what followed the relationship question.

Are you referring to your relationship with Kristen?
(He doesn’t answer, just grins widely. Pretty obvious, yes?…)

Makes me smile!!! Cheers everyone!

Anonymous said...

@ 3:50

OMG NO FREAKING WAY... EVERYTIME I hear that song... I ALWAYS think the same thing!!!

It ALWAYS reminds me of Kristen like singing to her haters.

I can't believe someone else actually has my same thoughts. Thats just crazy.


*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

anon 12:42--can you be any more melodramatic? Is Rose in some great conspiracy to overtake the world I don't know about?

The most likely answer to any question is the easiest one. The most direct one.

You guys keep making up all these pr schemes and scenarios that are complicated and baseless and without any sort of motivation even. You just slap "PR" on EVERY possible thing.

But you know what the easiest answer is really to THE question? They are two co workers who got close through work and now date. R and K are no different than us, they date out of the workpool too. It's not a big deal, it doens't mean they are engaged or even serious.

But it's the easiest, most logical answer to THE question.Conspiracy theories rarely pan out, you know that right? It's always the most direct theory that holds in the end.

Anonymous said...

talking fitting songs i always think of R & K when i hear that song that been out for a little while JOHN MAYER SINGS...ICANT REMEBER THE TITLE AT THE MOMENT...I WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN IT COMES TO ME...SORRY THE OLD BRAIN .....ITS A LITTLE EARLY FOR ME AT THE MOMENT....

soadram said...

Great post. as already accustomed us.
I come to this blog because I like what I have read and agree to the post of the Rose, all of them, always believe in Rob and Kris and components already said a few days ago it was love at 1st hearing is the so click that you love is in your heart.
Having read the comments to write this blog here, but honestly I decided to ignore such comments, why are so irreiais so stupid, so silly so abnormal, that as I always do in my life not know what does not interest me.
Thanks again for your blog Pink is the only good thing that we read and laugh at the same time.:)
A good day for you
Sofy of Portugal

jen said...

To Rose: on twitter you asked when was the last time they denied? The last time either mentioned a denial was in the February issue of Nylon from Kristen in 02/09, and the interview was conducted earlier.

The reality is that ever since 05/09, when they both bypassed the red carpet among rumors things were heating up against them, they both stopped denying it.

Instead they either said they would not comment on their private life, or else would Evsay they were both "good friends."

When people begin to use common language to describe things, it means there have been some forethought involved how to address something publicly.

Even though many nonstens cling to the Vanity Fair as a denial, it's not. Robert said they were friends. Same language used all year. Vanity Fair included "just." And then the author actually side commented that they acted very close at comicon, and that she would not be surprised if they had hooked up since the interview.

And where do we stand today? With kristen actually taking a step forward with Elle UK, where she gave a nonverbal confirmation to the itnerviewer.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is more melodramatic than Kristen herself.
I'm telling you that all they want it's "push" the "hyena"(sic) buttom to tease nonbelievers. But they have nothing. Yoy are excited for a nothing. You won't get a confirmation from them. Surely there's other ways to mantein the so called PR, GQ will be a very good example. Come on, we know it. There's no need to be giggly :) Rob will give you some "clues", nothing deffinitive, but you are ok with that. It's all you need to make fun of the nonbelievers. Enjoy. That means nothing. This rumors all over the net...never, ever. It's not gonna happen :) You know it. They are not married nor engaged.
Remember this comment in July.
PS. ODO is not a insider. There's one or two real insiders, and you don't want to know what they know right now. Elle magazine has changed everything. Someone wants to get out of this madness.
Love this fandom.

Anonymous said...

BWHAHAHAH--someone wants out of the PR stunt.lol. God, that's precious.

I love the vision that poor Robert's a slave to "PR"(he's a real person you know!), and Kristen is a horrible hag he's tied to because of PR, but now Robert's gonna break free everybody!

You realize that nonsten argument has been happening for MONTHS. It's the flip side of thinking they are engaged or married. Crazy talk essentially, people projecting their wishes onto Robert and Kristen.

You wish he was really enslaaved and ready to break his chains. But guess what--it's a pipe dream, just like those who say they got married in Italy.

Hilarious. I don't know how many time nonstens have sworn Robert was "fed up" with "PR" and was ready to rebel. I've heard that since last fall.

I'm sure you'll all wait too, just like those waiting for a wedding invite.

Anonymous said...

has anybody seen the new pics of Rob on the set of WFE 2 june....my GOD in a suit , whit shirt whoaaaaaaaa whoaaaaaaa,,,,,,can he get anymore HANDSOME.......

Olivia said...

Dear Rose,
Thank you for the 70's flashback with the Egan song. For those who want to sing along.

PR conspiracy at the airport? Get a life, please!
Kristen, her handlers and security were all bothered and uneasy. The airport is certainly not a place to stage a stunt. Not in this day and age.

WFE looks so awesome. Rob is perfect both in looks and personality for the part of Jacob. I sure hope it comes out before the end of the year so that it can have Oscar consideration. The cast is outstanding and from the trickle of info coming from the set, it seems to be progressing with great artistic care and authenticity like the book.

Take care all.

Anonymous said...

@ anon

Actually yes, there's one or two real insiders but YOU don't want to know what they know right now. And YOU won't like it when it will happen.

Anonymous said...

Song I heard on the radio the other day and thought of R/K because of the comment K made about things will come out naturally...

The song is called "Naturally"- it's cheesy but the lyrics are fitting.

How you choose to express yourself
It's all your own and I can tell
It comes naturally, it comes naturally

You follow what you feel inside
It's intuitive, you don't have to try
It comes naturally, mmmm it comes naturally

And it takes my breath away
What you do, so naturally

You are the thunder and I am the lightening
And I love the way you know who you are
And to me it's exciting
When you know its meant to be
Everything comes naturally, it comes naturally
When you're with me, baby

Everything comes naturally, it comes naturally
Bay bay baby

You have a way of moving me
A force of nature, your energy
It comes naturally (You know it does)
It comes naturally
Mmmm yeah

And it takes my breath away (Everytime)
What you do, so naturally

When we collide, sparks fly
When you look in my eyes, it takes my breath away

I took out all the repeat verses to shorten it some.

@4:29- So cryptic your comment. That's b/c you have no idea what is coming out of your mouth. I know it starts with a "f" and ends with a "m". What GQ article are you speaking of? Show me quotes that back up what you are saying. As for the Elle article...which one are you talking about? Kristen did 2 of them. Both showed me that no one is going anywhere anytime soon. Me thinks the madness that "someone wants to get out of" is all in your head. Seek help!

Anonymous said...

this was @ anon 4:29

Amanda said...

@anonymous 4:29
Ok, believe what you believe. This is your second time commenting on here today, correct? It seems you're hinting it's all PR, but if you truly believe that you wouldn't be coming here again and again. We believe they are together. Not through 'insiders' by what we can see with our own eyes. You believe there is some elaborate conspiracy, but it doesn't add up for most people for that to be true. You talk about the nonsten insiders but they have been proven wrong again and again. First saying Kristen wasn't in IoW, then saying Rob wasn't going to the BAFTAs, then saying Kristen wasn't in Budapest, and then they turn out to be wrong and turn around and say "OH it was just part of the PR!". Yeah, sure sounds like really in the know people *eyeroll* I don't listen to what any 'insider' says. Anyone can write anything on the internet. I just look at what I see myself and I see two private people who are dating. Why are you here again? You aren't going to convince anyone here that believes they are dating that they aren't.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:29

The only REAL insiders are Rob and Kristen b/c they are actually living it. Everybody else are just spectators.

There are some crazy speculations all over the spectrum that's for sure!

What is apparent is that they are together. Beyond that it is pure speculation.

Anonymous said...

the nonsten argument is that Kristen is such a fame whore because she has NO job opportunities, all she can do is cling to their pr stunt for press.

so they think she pulled a famewhore move in elleuk by showing the picture of robert.

in their fantasies Robert is blazing mad that she's taking the pr stunt too far, and is ready to bust out of the stunt now.

Never mind the whole point of the pr stunt has become very fuzzy for the nonsten. Is it to promote eclipse? Or Kristen? BOth? And robert is just this little unprotected lamb being used again. Never mind the fact he has a WHOLE TEAM of handlers whose job is to look out for him. seriously, take one look at the bulldog Nick-you think Nick wouldn't shoot anyone in the knee caps who was compromising Robert's viability???


Anonymous said...

If Rob is really pissed over the Elle interview and wants out he can do it easily. Not need of dramatic pause or anything. He has the easiest job, and can change the perceptions of the shippers with 2 or 3 actions. So, if you're right, he'll do in no time but if he doesn't do anything, then don't come back here saying there is this huge powerfull conspiracy that kristen and summit PR teams control him and is trapped cuz that's first class shit and you know it. We'll see what happens in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

To 4,29

Oh yes, I do want to know what the one or two insiders know right now. I'd love it!

Anonymous said...

Wait a sec, I'm confused. I thought the nonstens said Rob took the picture with Kristen to show the interviewer for PR. But now he's mad Kristen showed the interviewer? Does that make sense? It's mind boggling what they believe. I don't even think they can keep up with their own stories. They say, Kristen is a famewhore, and then say she's dramatic about the attention she receives and should be more gracious. So which is it? They use whatever suits them at the time but it all contridicts eachother.

Anonymous said...

WOW...everyone read this new interview with Rob....VERY interesting what he says about his parents' marriage, his belief in eternal love and his own (unspoken but widely hinted at in this) relationship with Kristen http://www.spunk-ransom.com/2010/06/02/100xszep-magazine-we%E2%80%99ve-become-robsessed/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Anonymous said...

I was the 5:32 anon, just re-read the article and somehow I missed the part where Rob brought Kristen to the RM press junket with him! Wow, let's see how the hyenas can explain THAT away. lol

Anonymous said...

The PR stuff just makes me LOL.
Eclipse promos are highlighting the fact that a PR relationship is not needed with the franchise. The movies are in no way dependant on it.
Kristen is doing the majority of her promos with Taylor. And Summitt is even doing a big premiere in London without the main stars. It's because they know that no matter what, the fans will still buy tickets to see the movie. Summitt isn't worried at all about Eclipse making money. They could send the wolf pack around the world and the movie would still make bank.

And every actor does magazine spreads and interviews for promo for their movies. I knew the second Rob and/or Kristen decided to open up a little, people would attack them. It's because these people DON'T want to hear what Rob and Kristen have to say if it shows even more than they already have---that they are together.

Rob was interested in Kristen the moment he met her. He was falling all over himself to impress her during Twilight filming. He liked her. A lot. Back then, he even bought her a fucking guitar for her 18th birthday. He has always had affection for her.
He thinks she is amazing. And people honestly expect me to believe that for the past year he has been forced to be with Kristen?! LOL. No way. You bet your ass she was in England for New Years, and with Rob after the BAFTAs celebrating her win, and then spending time in London before going to NYC with Rob, and later in Budapest for her birthday...because Rob WANTED her there. He is not being forced to do anything. It's wishful thinking on the part of the crazy faction of his fanbase.
I honestly think these people's insiders/sources are the tabloids. Their crap coincides with the crap that the tabs post for the week. It's where they get their ideas for crazy theories.

Jordan said...

Rose, you are amazing. When all else go to hell, I come here and your words put a smile on my face. Luv you Rose. jcb

Anonymous said...

@11:41,How about if I tell you that Taylor is gay.HA,HA,HA.Keep dreaming my dear that Rob will break up with Kris,you're going to be waiting forever.If I were you get a life or get laid,you feel better trust me.

pricklypearess said...

Back from holiday and had to catch up on the posts. Perfect as usual, Rose. Yes, Rob looks mighty fine with the haircut. Yes, Kristen looked mighty cute in her yellow skirt. No, the airport frenzy was not staged. How funny that people would even say that. Yes, I find it funny that she gave the paps a double finger salute. Good times. xoxo

Anonymous said...



The tale end of this interview Rob clarifies his "allergic to vaginas" comment. I think Rob is very intelligent but has a quirky sense of a humor

Paraphrasing Rob from the above interview:
"I've learned two lessons 1. don't make jokes in interviews and 2. don't do interviews." "don't joke about vaginas apparently people are very sensitive about them. I made the joke because I thought people were going to be offended by the photoshoot but they were much more offended by my joke."

Anonymous said...

@4:29,Ha,Ha,where is the so called 2 insiders that you know.What's their name.Well if you're confident enough to tell us that you have 2 insiders tell us then.Insiders my @ss.R/K supporters doesn't need any insiders to tell us ,that they are a couple and in love,we are not blind like you hyenas.

Anonymous said...

ROSE,you are really pushing the hyenas to the walls.I love it,I love it.

Deb said...

TO anon-5:54 you know I never though about that before YOU know there mite be Tabloid going in some of peoples blog.s to get information so they can writs shit about them I dont think they know SHIT and we are the ones telling them HOW FUNNY IS THAT?/hahahaha AND all they have to do is just OPEN THERE EYES and then they would see to what the believers SEE ITS be on me how some people go through life with there eyes close beets me . DEB

angel said...

That necklace is interesting.

It makes me think back to a very, very special ring. You know the one? Chanel. Dainty. Showed up at a very special time. She wore it everywhere.

From Rob, of course, naturally.

Where's that very special ring now? Where? I can't find it.

How odd. So many people claimed it was a love ring from Rob. How odd that it's completely gone and hasn't been seen on her finger for months.

If they were wrong then, they certainly couldn't be wrong now, though, right?

evangeline said...

hi rose,always love your and we have something in common,we both love rob va d kristen,but i love rob more sorry but that's just me,i want to ask you something do you read over these comments well i belong to robsessed and i am neither old nor fat as the haters always say rob's fan are old lonely woman and i have a husband so i am not lonely either,rose why don't start deleting the haters if you keep doing it eventually they will go away,they get deleated or ignore very quickly on robsessed rose get rid of them there are blogs for them

Anonymous said...

Video of Kristen and Taylor arriving in Korea. It wasn't nearly as bad as the Sydney exit.

Still it is amazing that Taylor doesn't get swarmed like Kristen. I don't get it. Watch the pap's video camera microphone nearly hit Kristen in the face/head. It is really crazy/scary the stuff she and Rob deal with. Because truthfully I am not really convinced that Taylor deals with the same intensity from paps.


Christina said...

OK I read this blog daily! I never post...but if your gonna be snarky at least know your info...cause that's just shows you stupidity....I have a magnet hanging off of steel right now! magnets won't attach to aluminum...By the way Rose, you're awesome! thanks for your blog! I will retreat to the background again.

Anonymous said...

I'm only a Rob Fan. I feel nothing about Kristen one way or the other. However she's not the only celeb who get the crazy pap treatment so why behave like a druken sailor. She's been in this business since she was a kid. I'm sure she's been trying to get to this level for a longtime. Why not enjoy it? Instead she always have that shitty attitude and that look of disdain on her face. From what I read a lot of young actresses auditioned and would have killed to get the role of Bella. Lucky for her she was chosen and didn't have to audition. Yet she behaves as though this is a burden. Well all the celebs are dealing with it. If she hates it, then she should STOP ACTING. Then she won't have to deal with any of it. I personally do not see what Rob sees in her. I'm assuming in private she's totally different with him. That's the only thing that makes sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Kristen Stewart does not like the paparazzi and has never pretended that she did.

Every director and star who has ever worked with this young woman has said how wonderful she is. The Australian media that interviewed her said she was lovely and the fans concur.

She is fantastic to the fans and if anyone cares to look, Youtube is filled with her kind interaction with the fans. It's also very clear in the videos after the Q&A in Australia and first hand fan encounters.

Rob said he auditioned for the part in Twilight because she was in it and he had just seen Into The Wild. Many others, like Mike Wech and Justin Chon said the same, they auditioned because she was attached to the project. He (Rob) had a huge crush on her going in and it would seem that over the years his admiration (that's the word I'm using because they haven't confirmed anything. Although I happen to think it's more than obvious they are more than mere friends) has grown and not waned.

Rob has consistently praised her and has known her since the beginning of Twilight, three years or so. He has said she's sweet, generous and smart. He obviously thinks the world of her.

Jodie Foster with whom Kristen starred in the movie The Panic Room had this to say about her this past Tuesday:

Two-time Academy Award winner Jodie Foster knows what it takes to make it as a young actress in Hollywood. Luckily for Twilight star Kristen Stewart, the elder actress is there for her with valuable words of wisdom.

So what advice does Foster, 47, have for Stewart? "Just about how to not go crazy," Foster, who costarred with Stewart in 2002’s Panic Room, told PEOPLE at the New York Women in Film & Television’s Designing Women Awards last week. "And [how to] be a young actor who wants to have a long career."

When the former costars caught up with each other at the Oscars this year, Foster told the 20-year-old, "You know, you could learn a thing or two from me," Stewart revealed on the Tonight Show in March.

But Foster says Stewart is doing just fine with stardom on her own. "She doesn't need any help. She's on the right track. She’s a good girl," Foster told PEOPLE at the Macy's event. "And I love that kid. I spent so much time with her."

GOROB said...

Isn't that the necklace in the HB shoot she is wearing on your intro picture?

Anonymous said...

Going back to the necklace the number 8 means infinity it's a cross between love and the glorious dick. It can mean a solidifying of two beings intertwined forever. I can't believe how deep Rob is or how much he truly loves her! I only hope she can love him just as much.


Anonymous said...

Rose, I lke the button part. It's funny~ And love the idea of infinity too~

Melinda@3:57, yes, I google Kristen's news in these two days and 95% are very negative. It's heartbreaking to see so many mean articles and vicious comments. I'm totaly sick and fed up with these!!~ Glad to see one sane article from a fb page. You may have a look if interested: http://kstewdevotee.wordpress.com/2010/06/02/litrally-untitled/

Anon@4:47, Thanks for sharing the song. It's sweet~~

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

"Push It, yeah, Push It Real Good"

sorry, random Glee moment over now. but I really love the Hyan button LOL

you choose teh most perfect songs. its a pity I can never find them. but I will not stop till I do. do you know which songs reminds me of tehm lately: Gypsy by Shakira. especially the line "I will steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me"

I used to be an occasional visitor but now I come every day. because of your beautiful post. and even because of the commetns. some make me LOL really hard. others just warm my heart

I barely lookwed at the leaving Sydney pics because even just fromt eh comments I wanted to cry. I cant understand how anyone should be expected to just deal with it.

Rob looks gorgeous in the fotos form WfE set.a nd Kris looks really really beautiful during the promo tour so far. and Im sure she will continue as well. what she wears is not exactly my style but she looks beautiful. she is the rare kind of beauty that would look stunning even wearing a potato sack.

the necklace ... I have no idea what it is. but Im sure it means a lot to her. and I think its from Rob. and I think the idea that its custom made isnt that far off

is it Sunday yet?