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Monday, June 21, 2010

Is Kristen the Luckiest Girl on the Planet?

Really Robert?
How the hell do you do it?
How do you manage to look more beautiful with every new picture?

This one took my breath away...
And now I can't seem to breathe
I love LOVE his WFE hair.
This may just be my favorite look of his... EVER.

That is actually the sound my mouth is making.
Because words...
Words cannot do these pictures justice.
I don't know.
I don't.
I don't know anything right now.
I love you, Robert Pattinson.

So... Eclipse premieres on Thursday.
My stomach goes into knots thinking about this movie.
I'm hoping that Rob and Kris will be together 
on the red carpet this year...
Summit needs to remember where the ultimate
Love Story resides.

I'm just giddy at all the stuff I'm hearing...
Robert and Kristen
Together again.

Of course there is your typical bullshit as well...
Do I really need to get into it?

There is a story going around about a fan encounter
with Robert's parents.
Now I have mixed feelings about all of this.
A big part of me wishes people would just 
leave his lovely parents out of this bullshit.

First off...
It's true that some fans got to meet 
Mr. and Mrs. Pattinson 
after the Leno Show.
We all saw the pictures.

But now someone is claiming that
they asked Mrs. Pattinson about Rob's girlfriend...
She supposedly said 
"If his lips are sealed, so are mine"
and then asked if she could at least 
comment on whether or not she
was a good actress...
Robert's Mom supposedly said...
"Yes... she's very talented."

Well... As always...
I say get out that salt shaker.

That being said...
The haters kinda went ballistic.
"How dare you!"
That sort of self righteous bullshit.
I'm telling you...
REACTIONS are where its at...
Always a good show!

If Mrs. P had said 
"Rob doesn't have a girlfriend right now"
or something of that type...
Those same haters would have been 
foaming all over everything.

Take it as you will.
You always do.

This is one of the pictures from the 
Eclipse Movie Guide.

Is it just me...
Or does it look vaguely familiar?

Kinda like this one?

or maybe...

This one?

It doesn't really matter....
Those are some of my favorite Edward pictures.

I'm still all giddy at the thought
of how they are going to make the
Edward Walk Introduction
in Eclipse.

Walking into the cafeteria?
Strutting across the parking lot?
Double check.
I think I'm looking forward to that part...
almost more than anything else. 

Bye for now

I never said you were a Hyena.
You called yourself that.
People who don't believe in Rob/Kristen
are Not Hyenas.
People who lie, hate and attack
people on a personal level...
Who make it their life's work to 
hate on Robert and/or Kristen
or anyone else who doesn't agree with them...
That is my definition of a Hyena.
Well damn...
I guess you were right...
You are one.



Anonymous said...

I actually think Rob is the lucky one, but hey, you say tomato, I saw tomahto. LOL

kstewaddiction said...

I agree I think Rob is the lucky one as well. But I also believe they both are lucky to have found one another. Another great post rose.

jen said...

Great post, Rose.

lol, I love self righteousness too.

Especially selective self-righteousness, where you can only get self righteous about things that don't work in your favor.

It makes everything so convenient.

Self righteousness works a lot like screaming "PR!" too.

Cause both allow you to dismiss everything that doesn't work in your favor.

jen said...


I have to side with Rose - Kristen is the lucky one.

Because Kristen is rocking some serious shoe porn all the time, and she may be rocking those very shoes while rocking a pretty guy at the same time.

And no one is more lucky than her if that's true.

Patricia said...


I'M HOPING WE GET TO SEE ROB AND KRISTEN TOGETHER ON THE RED CARPET LIKE WITH 'TWILIGHT' Isn't the story about Edward and Bella's love???? ( I know Jacob is very involved) , but he's at all the promo and I'm really missing Rob being there.

I'm getting anxious...
Rock on Rose

Rob loves Kristen loves Rob

Carly said...

those pics? yeah, almost gave me a heart attack. he should come with a warning. he should be classified as a weapon of mass destruction

and this is my favorite look on him because nothing distracts from the beuaty of his face. dont get me wrong, I love all his looks. I love his messy hair. but this? yeah, this is perfection

Im not looking forward to Eclipse. at all. but im looking forward to teh premire. and I seriously hope they (whoever they are) dont pull the same shit they pulled with NM premiere. I want to see Kris and Rob all dressed up, next to each other, smiling. on at least one effing foto. aint that much to ask, is it now?

as for teh parents Pattz encounter. I find it kinda sweet. though the fans were pressing a little too hard. you gotta love the rents though, for sticking up for him. for them

and they are both lucky :)

mamabear said...


Beautiful as always, I think they are both lucky to have each other, Robert and Kristen are both beautiful people. Kristen is one beautiful young lady inside and out. I saw the video of her signing authographs in the allyway for some fans, so sweet, so tired and she still had the time to sign for her fans.....love her. Robert the picture this morning was beathtaking....cannot wait for these two to get back together and I bet they cannot wait either. Both seem the happiest when the other is near. How can people still think these two are not together......the looks, touches, smiles they give each other, the trips to be near one another even if only for one day.....I miss seeing Robert and Kristen together. The picture of Roberts parents signing authographs, was priceless, especially the dad, he was all smiles like you want my authograph......Priceless. I hope Roberts parents stay in town so when Kristen comes back she also can spend time with Robert and his family....Robert and Kristen....aaahhhhhhhh

SueBee said...

Hoo boy! Those pics are truly a gift! :o)

Doesn't Rob just look like he's waiting to get pounced on? Yum. Kristen should get her running shoes on so she can get better tread when she leaps on him!

The second one looks like he wants a roll in the hay. Literally. Wow, I love the new haircut!

Sorry, nothing intelligent to post! LOL!

ciro said...

hai rose...

first of all i see the pic rob Thud..omg this would be chaos in twitter...LMAO...he is really special any kind you name in could count!!!..and the hours people comment on twitt after see rob pic make me LOL so hard n giddy, and the comment is hilarious make rosie cheek..he..he..

and i wait to see jimmy kimmel in wed, hope gut robsten bubble again..and when premier come up i hope summit would allow rob and kristen walk together in red carpet just like when twilight days..not just wanna see cough"robsten"cough, but since rob not got a chance to promo eclipse except LA, and kristen and rob present edward and bella the saga always about edward and bella, at last saga who end happyly ever after --->Edward & Bella..don't undersand if summit read the entire saga so i'm not buying bella and jacob...

and i'm very look forward kristen promo in stockholm this baby must be so busy until she tired and sick but still professional, and that make us fans very proud include rob too..LOL

and the sad thing is there are still reporter mocking rob and kristen during the promo, cause i support them so i don't just read the article bring neg effect, just see tidbits...they are trying hard to underpressure rob but i believe rob don't care that shit , and i'm pretty sure he would go long acting in Hw cause he so talented, intellegent, attractive, nice,funny,down to earth etc...

and for kristen i put quote from alexander wang if i'm not mistake..correct me " kristen got swagger like elvis presley" i agree with this quote kristen is full mistery surround her and this mistery atracted people even hyena, haters attracted to kristen in crazy way LMAO, she is beautiful, talented, shy, smart, down to earth, fierce girl, mature beyond her years... and i'm never got interested and love so much to hw actress...beside kristen and rob

when i still in college i interested angelina jolie when she first time play girl interupted, and got oscar...and AJ reminesent the fierce girl not same as actress in her era you name it gwyneth, winona, kate winslet,...she got the power to knock down hw greedy producer

and this is why i had vibe so strong to kristen, she would like to took stick estafet from angelina in the long run, of course kristen would represent herself not just copy angelina but the era of Kristen Stewart for female actress, i could assume angelina had stick estafet from julia robert...it's just my opinion

so could we celebrate the eclipse, yet??? LOL

Deb said...

HO MY GOD Rose I LOVE,LOVE the new pic. of our ROB I dont know what im going to do if they ever stop taking pic like that. I to think that Kristen is ONE OF THE MOST LUCKIEST GIRL on this PLANET just to be able spend time with him to have him look at you the way he dose to KNOW that he LOVES you ,WANTS you YES SHE IS THE LUCKIES GIRL ON THIS PLANET and she should be HOME soon cant wait for the red carpet And I hope that Summit well let them be together LIKE IT WAS THE OLD DAYS -WELL I get to see our ROB today at Regis and Kelly and that well be on in 17 mins. so my friend have a good day . DEB

Cida said...

Hi Rose. Yes she is one lucky girl.

"Walking into the cafeteria?
Strutting across the parking lot?
Double check"

I swear Rose every time (like 1 million times!)I watch Rob walking during these scenes, they always remind me of your blog and your lovely posts. Haha!


Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon 10:07 & Kstewaddiction~ Rob is a lucky guy. Kristen is such a sweetheart!!~ Have u seen the vid of her to stop her car and run back to greet her fans in Italy?~

Indeed both of them are lucky to find each other~

Monica from Asia ^^

KPattz said...

I believe both R/K are lucky gor having each other.They deserve each other.

The fan encounter with Mrs Pattz sounds BS to me.You know why?Because she respects her son's privacy and choice not to say anything about his relationship with Kristen.There are hyenas who come up with crappy,fake stories,but there are also some hardcore shippers who are posting fake stories,too.

Rob's new photos are.....mouthwatering.Rob is just gorgeous!

Edward and Bella's new photos are amazing.They look so cute and in love.Twilight saga is about their love story,not Jacob,not triangles.Their love story is the heart of the saga.

I really hope that we'll have some good photos with R/K from the premiere.If we have the same situation as in NM,with Kristen only posing with Tay,i'm gonna be really pissed.Not having photos of the leading couple will be stupidity and lack of respect towards fans.


Anonymous said...

Just a random thought, no hidding meaning and not weighing in any Taysten discussion.

Am I the only one that thinks Taylor at photocalls often like a Mattel action figure or a wax figure.

In some pictures I have to look twice to make sure that Kristen poses next a guy that is really alive.

The pictures in the garden in Italy were o.k., but looking at the one at the swedish photocall. At the twi event he was so funny and spontanous, I liked him at least as much as Rob.

I am really asking this, no bashing, no second thoughts.

What is it? His posture, perfect hair, that he always stands the same way, has no flaws, body to perfect, too young? I don't know, I often have the feeling I am missing something, some people even call him a trained machine. But he seems to be a funny, nice guy.

I am really clueless.


Trisha said...

WOW!!!! At a loss for words with those pictures.

We see that from a fan standpoint and squeeeee. I can only imagine what Kristen thinks (wink,wink).

OMG we are in premiere week!!! Cannot wait for Rob and Kristen. They soooo better walk the red carpet and at least take some pictures together. Last year was bull.

Well again thank you Rose for your words and pictures. It is so nice to be able to wake up to that.

Have a great Monday.

Caroline said...

Hi Rose...perfect... Rob...oh my!!!And they're lucky to meet one another...this kind of relationship only happens once in a life time...Future?! we don't know, but i'm sure they never going to experience feelings like that...They will remember forever...
And Ana, i think Taylor is a cute boy, but i think the way he poses, and talk it's a product on how their parents raise him...But he is sweet and very good friend of Kristen...
Can't wait to see both, next each other, on the premiere...i hope summit don't disappointed .



Anonymous said...

Yep Kristen's so lucky. But I love them both. I hope her and Rob have a wonderful life together.

Sam said...

Although I wish they would something tells me Rob and Kristen might not walk the red carpet this year not because of Summit but because they know the media will make a huge deal out of it.

Anonymous said...

But Kristen tells Taylor she loves him in this vid. Surely that has to mean something? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_qam-VzBh8&feature=youtu.be

Anonymous said...

I agree, Rose. The pics of Rob in WFE are the best. He is effortlessly beautiful.

I just finished reading WFE and imagined Rob as Jacob all the way through it. I think he is perfect for the part of the young, kindly, noble and passionate Jacob.

I've never been able to visualize him in Bel Ami. I can only imagine he was intensely uncomfortable filming many of the scenes. But in WFE his role is not focused on his stud-muffin qualities as much as on his character.

Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

@ 11:54

She said something about Edward and then said that.Nothing special.Taylor and Kristen are really good friends get it.

Rob and Kris :D
Woww look like they are holding hands but we can't be sure :P

Anonymous said...

Rose's post. Love it. I totally agree. Kristen is the luckiest girl on the planet. And yes Rob is pretty darn lucky too. :-p

Eclipse: I am dreading all Jacob/Bella BS. But SO looking forward to jealous Edward. And seriously anticipating all the E/B makeouts. I hope they haven't released ALL the kissing scenes. I want to get my moneys worth and at least have some unseen E/B moments. LOL.

I, too, have nothing intelligent to say. Just some fan girl yammering.

BUT wooo hooo its premiere week. And I seriously hope Kristen gets some sleep before filming starts! She looks SO tired!

AND omFg those pics. Holy Crap. Yeah. Luckiest. Girl. In. The. World. =P

*Suzy Q*

lookin said...

Hey Rose, Love the new pics!! Okay, I feel like I'm one of those fanatic fans about the robstens... But I was watching a video this morning of Kristen and didnt see her necklace?? I know it doesnt mean anything, hell, she could of left it on her night side table, but I'm just curious if maybe you guys see it in the video and I dont!!


Anonymous said...


In the video the mics are blocking where we would see "THE NECKLACE"

In this image on the same day at the photocall (she is wearing the same dress as the video) You can clearly see... "THE NECKALCE"



Anonymous said...

You can see the necklace clearly here:
Kristen is still wearing it. :)


Anonymous said...


Robsten *le sigh*

I'm tired said...

i've been rolling this over in my mind time and again trying to figure out what it is exactly that is bothering me so much about the rk non confirm with this round of press. i think i've finally made sense of it. despite whatever "insiders/trolls" have to say about rob and kristen's relationship, it is very obvious that they are close. i would venture to say that, as far as we know, kristen is the woman that is closest to rob outside of his family or management team. she has never once sold him out or used him or his image for gain. ever.

whether it is right or not, public perception is that rob and kristen are involved romantically. rob and kristen are very aware of that fact. together they have chosen not to comment on it. when kristen is asked about their relationship, she deflects but in a very benign way (i'm not talking about it, i didn't say anything, good to know i have a boyfriend (jokingly)). she makes it clear that her romantic life is not up for public consumption and she stands by that. i love her for it. she has never ONCE played the fool or idiot card by pretending not to know exactly what is going on around her.

on the other hand... rob... he cries about not having privacy, not wanting to sell his life, about having to hide... yet talks about wanting to go out on dates and kissing girls' hands and wooing all in the same breath. um, what? which one is it? does he want his private life to indeed be private? if so, great. more power to him. but if he doesn't want people to speculate about his romantic life then he has to stop adding fucking fuel to the fire.

it's one thing to not care about what people say about him... but to make a fool of kristen who has been nothing short of loyal and a good friend? that's fucked up. ever since kristen broke things off with mike and started spending more time with rob, we have all seen the scrutiny of her life increase a hundredfold. and rob rewards her on top of that by making her look like a cheap and convenient lay. how so? talking about wanting to go on dates and wooing girls when most of the world believes he is with kristen. nice, rob. how very matt damon. even if it *were* the case that rk are fwb (which i highly doubt), to do that to her publicly is a disgrace. spare me the argument of "he's just misunderstood/ what he said could mean different things/people shouldn't take what he says seriously/etc". that is a load of crap. he has been doing this long enough to know exactly how things are perceived. bottom line: there is no excuse.

rob's sister and friends from home have all benefited quite nicely from being associated with him and he has never once done anything to make them look bad. he has been supportive and gracious in helping them up while trying not to overshadow them. he has been truly lovely in that regard. yet he has not given the same respect to the one person who has nothing to gain from being his friend and who has withstood relentless attacks from jealous fans and a hungry media. i don't care how strong kristen may be. friends protect each other and it has been made quite clear that rob is not a very good friend to kristen. i love rob but he makes me very sad.

Anonymous said...


I think you are thinking too deeply into the situation. The way Rob answers the questions is in line with the way he answers questions. Period.

I mean think about it. Its not just the relationship question that he is not so serious about. Its all questions that he tends to joke about. I mean when promoting Remember Me... he told I don't know how many interviewers he had no idea what it was about. He told people he hasn't read Breaking Dawn yet and then accused Taylor of sleeping with the baby. He's talked about glitter lube and dandruff on national television. That is just him. The one serious answer we got from him was that he did not want to sell his personal life. Which seems in line with something Kristen would say.

Kristen is just much more serious in interviews then Rob. Period. She is sometimes sarcastic and so her answers are deflective and saracastic. In line with how she answers questions.

I think their answers are reflective of their interview styles... not their feelings for one another.

Anonymous said...


And one more thing. As far as supportive in a professional sense... Rob is beyond supportive. When asked about her movies. He always gives rave reviews... and continually will call her "one of the best actresses of our generation" and say that "she is a much better actor than I am." So, professionally... he is definitely supportive. And he totally thanked her when making his acceptance speeches at the MTVMA. So... I think he is pretty supportive of her.

jen said...

I"m tired...

R and K simply deflect in ways that fit their personality more.

Kristen's more confrontational, so her draw a line and staring at the interviewer without saying another word works for her.

That wouldn't work for Robert. He has mentioned himself how it made him nervous and intimidated that Kristen can just sit there and stare without a word. It makes him talk more! lol

So, Robert deals with it differently. He's used the same schtick for months now. "I can't get a date." "No one would ever want to date me." Blah blah blah. A bunch of words he uses to just deflect and move on.

Everyone knows he can get a date. Everyone knows everyone would want to date him.

Everyone even knows they are dating(some refuse to just admit it).

At this point, they aren't even hiding it anymore. They just aren't defining it, and that's the key.

Anonymous said...

Defining it.

Paraphrasing Kristen: "Its ridiculous because you should be able to talk about the things in your life that are important to you but then it become entertainment for other people and that makes me want to throw up." (Elle UK Interview)
What we can infer: Rob is important to her. Not just a "FWB."

Paraphrasing Rob: "There a comes a point in your twenties when your it feels like you have been faking your emotions up to that point. And then at he point in your twenties you come to accept that you do love someone or you are jealous of something."
Inference: The only person he could be referring to based on the timeframe he is talking about is Kristen. Therefore, he must love her. (not that its not written all over his face) (Press interview for Remember Me) Kristen is definitely not just a "FWB."

The only thing up in the air in my opinion... is will it last? How long will it last? Because it is obvious to me that they do love each other.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:55,if the media or the fans won't stop haunting them,over analyzing every photo,interview,word the say,then i'm afraid they won't last long.They're both very young and all this pressure and scrutiny isn't normal.One or both of them are gonna give in and that is gonna be a sad day,because for me they make the most adorable couple out there.

Amanda said...

@I'm tired
They both use their tactics to avoid answering. In a new interview with him they ask 'If you were single, would it be difficult to ask someone out?' and he said 'I would imagine' and goes on about his self confidence and blah blah blah. He acknowledges he's not single while still joking around. The best way to deflect for him is to make jokes at himself. Kristen can stand her ground and make the interviewer back off on their own or she has the 'thanks for telling me about my life' tactic. They both have different ways of approaching it, but when they're both being serious it's clear their answer is they want privacy and are protecting what they have.

Anonymous said...

trouble in paradise?

i'm worried,kristen just took of her necklake at the fan event today.:(

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 2:13

Nope, no trouble. I see the necklace, don't you?:)


I'm tired said...

To Anon 1:21/1:30

i appreciate what you are saying about their answers reflecting their different personalities, but the one thing i come back to is nm promo, particularly the letterman appearance. he deflected and avoided in his own way but he didn't make a joke of the whole thing.

after kristen travels to budapest to see him, goes to the rm premiere and defends the privacy of whatever their relationship is at every turn, rob decides to become a cute clown and starts babbling about wanting to go on dates. we all have our opinion on the nature of their relationship and i don't care either way if they ever tell us what it is. my beef is - if kristen is important to him, he should not be acting like a jackass and making her look the fool. that's all.

Bex said...

haha trouble in paradise? no. i'm sure she just doesn't wear it ALL the time. thats normal especially with a necklace. who knows. maybe she was worried about loosing it with people hugging her for pictures etc.

Also to the Taysten shippers. Did you happen to catch on that even though K and Tay were in Germany together... the only time they hung out besides 1 dinner (with a group) was at the press conferences?? He went go-karting and she went to a holocaust museum.
Some relationship that is if they don't even hang out together when on promo in a foreign country.

You know had Rob been there they would have experienced the history together.

<3 R and K

Anonymous said...

Necklace is on her...

Anonymous said...

I think Kristen is happier without Rob >> tweet >> kstewlovee

I usually don't like to say these kinda things, but you can really tell the difference in Kristen when shes promoting w/ Rob & when shes no

Anonymous said...

She is still wearing the necklace. You can see it clearly.


Anonymous said...


Yes you can.

Less laughter w/o Rob. Less eye "f*ckery" w/o Rob. But Tay seems to keep her spirits up...a little.

But you can SO see a difference.

jen said...

i'm tired:

He actually did the "I can't date" stuff during NM promo too actually.

With Oprah, he did a very similar letterman-esque deflection as well. Notice both are television talk shows that got the more charming answer, and for a tv show, the main focus is entertainment and pleasant banter.

So, I would actually say he's been consistent since NM promotion with how he handles THE question, depending on the situation he finds himself in.

Also keep in mind - Kristen is often criticized for coming off prickley and annoyed for being asked the question at all. That to some, it seems like she's offended for even being asked. When in reality, it's a consistent deflection on her part.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 2:24

What? I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you. Rob acting like a jackass? Um maybe he was talking about going on dates with Kristen. Sorry but what about Kristen's saying "I didn't know I had a boyfriend" you don't think that sounded weird? Hey I'm not attacking Kristen ok, I think neither mean harm by what they said. I'm just getting sick and tired of fans of picking at every single thing Rob and Kristen say. Its getting ridcuolous. No wonder they won't come with their relationship.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Kristen is happier being around Taylor than Rob so I don't get why people think shes actually going to walk the red carpet with him when its going to make her uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Rose.......The Newer pics out do the last.....
Oh my, no words , no rambling,
Just plain and simple......WOW....
He sure is playing with our heart strings with those two poses aint he just....
Kristens looking beautiful in Europe isnt she...Even the close ups are so flawless...

She coming home to that.....could you even try to imagine what 'that' would be like....And Im sure he cant wait for her homecoming either ..Especially with some of the photos that have been circulating of the promos..

They're both lucky....

Mama Patz and Papa Patz....Why would she contradict herself and un-open those sealed lips of hers...in one breath...I dont know sounds a little fishy to me...
Have a great day....ALL

Lisa said...

Well, I think Rob is lucky too.. BUT Kris is THE LUCKIEST! LOL Those new pics are just killing me! I ADORE the WFE hair. I dare say he's becoming more of a man then a boy.. YIKES could be dangerous for me! LMAO Anyway, have you all seen the close up of that first picture? His eyes are just..... I have no words..

I was disappointed today's appearance on Regis & Kelly was a repeat from NM. Mostly just because they didn't advertise that! Anyway, seeing him is ALWAYS a good thing..

Poor Kris & Taylor. Anyone notice how tired they look? Kris' eyes a bit puffy and Taylor wasn't as articulant(sp) as he's been. They'll be home soon but busy still! I'm SO excited for this week and next! GIDDY! LOL

Anyway, back to Sweden. You all see this video? They ask about missing Rob (about 1 min mark). She looks to Taylor, he makes a little joke about how much he misses him then says "but we'll be seeing him soon". Then Kris says it does feel weird him not being there and makes a joke about not being able to talk about it, etc... Then in the background they've moved on to the next question Kristin looks down and says "I miss him" very quietly. It's at the 1:40-1:41 mark. The sound and words are a little off but if you rewind it you can see her say it too! Turn your sound way up (she whispers) use headphones if you have them.

More proof I don't need to fight or even read what the haters, non's, hyena's, etc.. have to say! ENJOY!!!!


Anonymous said...

Will someone please explain to me how she is happier around Taylor? I don't see that AT ALL. She's always smiling around Rob. She acts different around both of them. With Rob she looks is more blushing/smiling/ and they stare at eachother A LOT, and Taylor she seems at ease and friendly, but I don't see how people can compare both and think she's happier around Taylor. I often wonder if I'm watching the same footage..

Anonymous said...

Happy Kstew WITH ROB!





Amanda said...

@ Lisa
I saw that earlier..I don't think she thought the microphone would pick it up, but you can clearly hear that she says that.:)

Anonymous said...

@ Lisa...Hi thanks for that link...i also heard it......Its these little slips that make it all worth while....
Im sure we will hear from a so-called 'experts' to contradict the obvious....

Anonymous said...

Why the Taysten morons keep coming here?Why don't you start your oen blog?The Taysten lovers blog?You won't have many followers,but it's all right.

soadram said...

Post beautiful, beautiful pictures, beautiful words
Of course Kris is lucky ..:) but also Rob is a lucky, this one to the other, complement each other.

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought for today......

Be who you want to be, not who others want to see, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind!

Deb said...

To I'm tired-- You seem to me to be the jealous one here I dont think that Rob has said any thing wrong when it come you HIS lady IF you go back and see some of the videos of Rob and Kristen you well see him looking back to see if shes ok he has even said that Kristen is better at doing interviews.Open up your eyes and LOOK at them and you well see how BOTH of them are happy BE happy for Kristen after all she HAS ROBERT PATTINSON WHO LOVE HER she is a very lucky women. DEB.

Anonymous said...

Rob loves Kristen so much.
You will all soon witness just how much.
Is there such a thing as crying hyenas? Because that is what they will be doing soon enough! lololol

Anonymous said...

RT @gossip_dance: All journalists I've talked to so far says Kristen &Taylor (specially Kris) was in a great mood & smiled alot - its the taylor effect :)

remember that....... said...


This is Rob's real gf.Teresa Palmer.Remember her,because you;ll see Rob attending her premiere in July.I know that yoy're gonna throw stnes on me,but it's true and you'll see it really soon.

Melinda said...

What a lovely post Rose! It really brightened my day!

I swear I always think Rob can't get any hotter and then "poof" another picture comes out. There is just something about him. I really think that it is b/c in real life he doesn't come off as being vain so there is a humbleness even with all the sexiness. I believe Kristen even said that in an interview once about how he is not vain.

I can't wait to see pics from the red carpet. I would love it if R/K pose together. If they don't I wonder if it will be Summit's call or theirs. Oh well, it really doesn't matter.

Glad Kristen and Taylor are making their way home (if they haven't made it already). They both look tired. Someone is going to need some TLC.

Lots of good stuff coming our way. It never fails to put a smile on my face!

Anonymous said...

Wow!That girl is very pretty.I hate her already!

Anonymous said...

sigh,tereza palmer is dating nash edgerton stupid troll

Bex said...

Who the eff is that chick?? she looks like his sister....

You nonstens sure do like to ship the brother-sister thing.

First Taysten and now this?? HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Remember That:

She is a very pretty girl I give her that but you failed to mention that she already has a boyfriend named Topher Grace.

Plus I don't think she is spicy enough for Rob.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know if Taylor had PUPPY breath when Bella kiss him SHE said something today about him being more like a DOG then a wolf HOW funny

i'm wondering said...

"I read ODO quite a bit on Rob's board. I agree some of his posts are a little off but for the most part he is usually right about a lot of things. His hints are confusing but clever. He always makes sure to write positive things about Kristen but is quick to say how important they are to each other and all of that but never says they are Dating. He even clarified this recently. He was talking a couple of weeks ago about July and Independece Day. He mentioned the fireworks and how there were many independence days in July. He also has mentioned Disney several times over the past few weeks. Well I read a nasty post on the AT board about Rob dating Teresa Palmer and they were going to come out as a couple in July. I looked her up and she is a blonde from Australia and is starring in the Disney movie, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice". ODO mentioned about a week ago about Rob not being at the NYC premiere for Eclipse but hinted about Rob suprising and showing up for a premiere in NYC. The Sorcerer's Apprentice premieres in NYC on July 6. It also opens on July 14, which is French Independence Day.
There has also been lots of talk about Rob walking the Red Carpet with his real girlfriend. A blonde actress from overseas."

This was posted by a shipper at the Robsten angels forum.

It makes me wonder.If it's true,Rob is screwed by twihards and shippers.

Anonymous said...

She has broken with Nash Edgerton six months ago and she was rumored dating Topher Grace back in 2009.DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Anonymous said...

Truth be told, I'm sure they like Kristen just fine, I think Rob's father possibly does not put as much stock into how she behaves as much as he's keeping an eye on his son's behaviour, but maaaany shippers were afraid that Papa P's e-mail indicates he may not approve if Kristen (again, their own interpretation), and that the assumed relationship cannot last if he doesn't approve.
Sorry to disagree, but I don't think there is anyway in hell his parents like or approve of her as a girlfriend for their son.

The email from his dad which Rob read on Leno indicates that.

bex said...

its amazing all your anonymous ppl latch onto Rob dating this girl without a single shred of proof but all the proof that he and Kristen are a couple and you choose to ignore it.

sad sad crazy ppl.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:34

His email indicates NO SUCH THING. Quit projecting your delusional bullshit onto the meaning behind his email.
Does anyone remember Rob flipping the finger IN the movie Twilight?
How quickly we forget.
Kristen isn't the only one who uses that 'gesture'

Portia said...

To Anon 4:33

Actually honey, you should do YOUR homework. Teresa and Nash were just outed as a couple in January - not reported to be broken up.


Try again!

Gosh, I can't believe we're wasting energy on a no-name actress when Kristen is the one Rob has been spending all his time with. But then again, it's anyone but Kristen, right nonstens?

Rb said...

Because of his love for Kristen, he has grown up, matured. It's showing in his interviews, much more calm, relaxed, confident. Perfect for each other.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe it's anyone but Kristen for the nonstens, it's actually ANYONE WHO ISN'T WHO HE'S REALLY WITH. Say he was with this Teresa girl (who has a boyfriend already btw), it would take them two seconds before they started tearing her apart too. Rob has been seen with ONE girl over the holidays, birthdays, at concerts, dinners, pubs. Kristen.
Hyenas get more and more crazy with each passing day.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, so Teresa Palmer is the real girfriend of Rob, also she's the gorgeous blonde staying at the hotel with Rob's parents and also, Rob is going to her premiere in july... Have I left anything??

Yes I believe it, if you nonstens stated it, I believe you. Why shouldn't I?

I'm literally dying to see them together.

Ohh please, can anyone enlighten me a bit more? I just would like to know how long have Teresa and Rob been dating? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

If hyenas are going to link Rob to other actresses atleast choose one that's single. *facepalm*

Anonymous said...

You think honestly, he's going to show up to a premiere for his secret girlfriend on july 6, less than a week after Eclipse came out?

Do you guys use any sort of logic at all?

There's one consistency about Robert. he does not share romantic information. He does not "sell" it in any form, nor is he planning to in the future.

showing up dramatically to a girl's premiere to out himself with her, is selling. Big time.

God, keep grasping at your pathetic straws. Kristen or no Kristen, that's not how Robert works.

Anonymous said...

why is ODO not denying Teresa Palmer but toying with the idea of feeding the rumor even more?

Anonymous said...

BWHAHAHAHA once more

You nonstens were the SAME people completely disregarding ODO as a source for weeks now.

None of us here even read his/her posts at wherever he posts at.

The minute you think he's posting something you like now you are hanging on her every word like gospel truth?

God, you're entertaining....

Anonymous said...


I have been reading alot of bull on this site regarding Roberts new girl friend.....right! This is just pure hate towards Kristen.

I saw one of Roberts interviews where he made the below statement.
If you don't know someone how can you hate them??????? So why all the hate towards Kristen, they do not know her.....because she is with Robert...so pitiful..........

Bex said...

i just started reading the comments section/posting about a week ago.

Who is ODO??


Anonymous said...

Why all this people keep bringing up ODO when he was never ever proven right? He's so cryptic for a reason? Why all this people keep ignoring Delaney? She's been proven right again and again. She predicted Harper's Bazaar, Details, IOW holiday, BAFTA, Budapest, and she says that they are a couple IN LOVE. And this is exactly what we've been witnessing. Rob and Kristen always together in their free time, living together...

Are you so desperate that you feel the need to link him with someone else that he has never been seen with? Don't you think gossip columnists wouldn't have figured it out by now? Are you so dumb? When all the world believes they are together and even TEd C., lainey, Gossip Cop say so, and you are the only one that says otherwise, well you are delusional..Do you think this supposed GF would have stayed hidden all along allowing his BF spend some quality time with Kriten at so many romantic hotels? I really am worried about how these women handle their relationships if they believe in such BS and can't link the dots to see the obvious.

Anonymous said...

why is ODO not denying Teresa Palmer but toying with the idea of feeding the rumor even more


You should ask him/her. He's a good teaser hahahha. Why don't you try to ask him? I'd love to know her/his answer.

So, nonstens, I'm waiting for a reply too. How long have Rob and Teresa been dating?

You always come over here with such a good insider info, that I can't believe you don't have the answer to that simple question.

BTW, Was ODO who brought out the name of Teresa Palmer as Rob's girlfriend?

How did this girl come across Rob's life? Who's seen them together?

Anonymous said...

to anon 5:34

Oh God! Here we go again.. only Rob fans are bad...
kristen fans are so innocent.

Anonymous said...

Rb... Not only has Rob changed in attitude...." much more calm, relaxed, confident". ....His looks are soo maturing of late also....
When your content on the inside ...it shows immensly on the out....Not just Rob... but most of us actually....But its Rob that I can see a dramatic change in his look.....Im not imagining it....The proof is there....Just ask Kristen SHE is the one I also think who is having this positive effect on Mr Stud Muffin ....lol

Behind every great MAN.......is.....

Kathy said...

First of all, Rob's WFE haircut is HOTTER than hell !!!!! Damn, he is SO scrumptious. Secondly, I think BOTH Rob and Kristen are lucky to have each other. They are both such unique individuals. They have so much in common. They're both committed to their relationship and refuse to let anyone mess it up. There is so much trust between them. It's so sweet. They are like two "old souls" who have found each other. I just LOVE them. Great post Rose. As always.

loris said...

ODO pretty much confirmed that Rob & Kristen are shacking up together.

I think ODO was mocking you and your little theory on IMDB.

One night a whole bunch of ODO posts got deleted on IMDB , since the nonstens don't like the truth. It was the closest they came to admitting R&K were together. Said they were getting sick of the deflections. Didn't get much into it after that but it sounded like things would be confirmed soon. AKA whatever was going to happen in July. That's what I got from it but I could be wrong and hard to tell now since they got deleted.

This troll has been spreading the same garbage on AT, here and IMDB. Probably other places too. It's very disrespectful to Rob, Kristen and Theresa.

The reason why ODO has the Disney thing in their sig has nothing to do with Rob or Kristen. It is because someone was making fun of ODO's love of Disney.

Caroline said...

by ohdreamon 1 hour ago (Mon Jun 21 2010 14:17:51)
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"Well, I am researcher by occupation and I love a good project. I read the boards about Rob quite a bit but never usually post. After reading ODO for what feels like forever. Here is my conclusion: Rob is dating Teresa Palmer. She is staring in the Disney movie "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" which will premiere in NYC on July 6. ODO mentioned July being Independence Day and also mentioned how there were several independence days in July. It comes out in Theaters on July 14 (French Independence Day) and he also joked about Rob surpising at a NYC premiere. It is upsetting because I am a huge Rob/Kristen fan!!! I hope I am wrong."

ODO response:
oh my...you have been reading me forever..like forever ever..or like the past year or so ever?....heck...who cares... colour me flattered...lol

See? Anonymous you're totally wrong...

jen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caroline said...


Oh i forgot to put the source if you like to check...
Get used to..R and K are together...stop trying..


Anonymous said...

LOL. Come again?
Rob has a secret girlfriend (who now it's been added that she's an actress--was this because of Rob's Mum's suppose comment? LOL). And he's going to come out with her as a couple in a few weeks? Someone he's never been seen with? What?!?! *laughing hysterically*

This crap is just beyond crazy considering that for the last 14 months, Rob has been seen with Kristen all over the place. She's been his date at events and premieres. And she was the woman he rang in the New Year with and celebrated birthdays with. And clearly she was his date at the MMAs just a few weeks ago. And 2 journalists saw them out together after twicon the weekend before last.

What kind of idiot, loser, pathetic girl would stay hidden while her boyfriend traveled around the world with another woman and taking her as his date to events and premieres, not to mention celebrating her birthday with her just a few months ago? LOL.

I know the crazy faction of Rob's fanbase would love for him not to be with Kristen....BUT Rob would look like THE biggest douchebag on the face of the earth if this crap were true. As I mentioned above he has been SEEN all over place with Kristen. The majority of the public knows Kristen as his girlfriend.
So, not only would a lot of fans lose respect for him (I would) but casual fans and other celebrities would think he's an asshole and he would look like the biggest joke. And some of his fans want this for him? Oh, my. No words.

So. Whatever. Moving on.
PS. I still have no clue who ODO is.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose, I was hopeing you had seen these pics...omg that man should be illegal. lol. Why are all you anons so intent on proving that Rob is dateing this other acrtress? It really is starting to sound even more desperate. Rose you mentioned the fan encounter with his parents, I kinda have a hard time believing that his mom would give up anything to a fan. They never have before, so why now. Anyway I may be wrong, but it just doesn't sound right to me. I cannot wait til the premiere, guess we'll see how cute R and K can be at that one. Thanks again Rose.

Anonymous said...

I love this picture of Kristen (she's looking at Rob) before they went on stage for Jimmy Kimmel. How gorgeous is she? So beautiful and what a lovely shot of her.


Anonymous said...

@ anon 6:03

Calm down.


I think crazy Rob fans and the crazy kstew fans need to work together!

Caroline said...

by ohdreamon 1 hour ago (Mon Jun 21 2010 14:33:12)
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" Your hints are so interesting and fun to read. I love a good mystery. So am I close, did I guess right?"

ODO response:
thank you so much...you really are making this Monday a great day.....interesting and fun....can't get better than that.....lol....

..close is a relative term...do you mean....close like right next to each other?...or do you mean close like in the same galaxy?.......lol

I must tell you.....Rob's fans are cracking down big time on the personal info here...respect Rob and all that....mind you...you can stilll talk about all the naughty things you want to do to him....or blow up pictures of his crotch.......I sure hope you aren't trying to trick me into saying something just to further enhance your reading pleasure b/c that would just be shameful...lol"

See?Stop saying something for your own pleasure...

Anonymous said...

to 6:13pm.

Calm Down?

I am calm. Just expressing my opinion on all of this.



Not that concerned about what the crazy Rob fans and the crazy Kristen fans do. It effects my life 0%. But I can have an opinion when crap is brought to a board I read.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to see what the fuss was about with ODO. Seems like a Kristen fan, Seems to believe R/K are a couple, Likes to leave little 'insider' comments that get nonstens riled up. (Great entertainment by the way)

Why do people need insiders anyway? Come to your own conclusions. Usually the simplest answer is the right one.

Deb said...

OK here it is DIDNT THEY (WHO EVER) say this last year? It came out someone saying Robs SECRET girlfriend A GORGEOUS BLONDE HIS MOM LOVES !ALL THIS BULL SHIT AGAIN ! I heard it all ready LAST YEAR she was to come out on a red carpet event come on you guys cant you come up with something new (LIES)THIS IS SOoooooooo funny I peeed my pants reading this Please please come back when you have MORE LIES to tell how can any one have a sad day when you are here to make US all LAUGH AND I BET IF ROB and KRISTEN read any of this SHIT thats being said they to are laughing ITS ALL BEEN SAID BEFORE GET OVER IT MOVE ON . DEB

Bex said...

Still have no idea who ODO is... but judging by some of the comments of stuff hes posted it looks like hes using Robstens answering tactics. He never confirms or denys any of the questions you ask. He just makes all you little hyena's keep on chasing your tails... running in circles.

SueBee said...

I'm still trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Who is ODO? Is this person a reliable authority? What was the point again? Was he/she pro RK or anti RK?

Not sure I understand the point. So Rob is supposed to have a big coming out with a blond?

Can anyone even come up with a grainy photo? Footprints outside a window? Blond hairs on his jacket?

Gah, the fidiots are irritating today!

Anonymous said...


ODO is a supposed 'insider' on Rob's IMDb page. Pro R/K sort of, more like a Kristen defender when people start saying things about Kristen on Rob's IMDb, Supposedly gets a lot of things right when it comes to the two of them. Knew about Budapest before anyone else supposedly.

Kara said...

@ 6:14
Ok that is it! I have had enough of the rob fanbase being picked on. Sorry but if according to this odo person, if the rob fans who blow up pictures of rob and stare at his crotch are "rotards" or whatever the hell rob fans are now being labelled as then I guess you're talking abpit most of the rob fanbase including some of rose's friends. And I'm sick to death of it. You know its wrong and pathetic to label the entire rob fanbase just because of the actions of a few crazy individuals? Sorry rose but I just can't take the namecalling anymore. I'm sick of rob fans being given a bad name. I'm proud to be a rob fan and I do love kristen too and that isn't going to change just because of a couple of nonstens.

loris said...

Sue Bee,
I am a late-comer to the twihard party so I have missed most of the ODO action.

No one knows who ODO is or if they are really an insider, but it's all pretty entertaining. They knoew that Rob would be at the BAFTA's, knew that Kristen would be flying to Budapest via Paris and knew about Oprah. The latest clues which seems to have the hyenas in a tizzy is that nonsten will no longer exist in July. And implied they would not be happy.

Of course the hyenas have been twisting this around that the truth will come out about R&K after Eclipse is released and that they will break up. hence why you see all of these blond stories. The nonstens are making up stories to fit ODO's hints. ODO talked about indepence days and celebrations in July, so they are just using those dates to make their own fan fiction. But ODO never said whatever would happen would be in nonstens favor.

The first hint when it came to July was something about a magazine interview or something Rob did, but no one knows what for. People were all upset about Kristen and her iPod thing and saying why doesn't Rob acknowledge they are together and ODO stated that Kristen's just came out first.

Other hints have been talking about French things. That's why the hyenas say that Rob is going on vacation to the South of France. Most others have come to the conclusion that Rob will go to Montreal.

We'll all just have to sit and watch and see how it plays out.

ODO thinks the little troll posting these things about blonds is ridic.

Anonymous said...

may i ask a stupid question? how do you get to, reading this BS please...ODO ect...

I'v searched www.imbd.com then put in RP's name ...is the link from here or am i wrong completly...im just curious about from where this gossip came from ?????

Anonymous said...


I'm not the OP, but I just wanted to say that I think what threw me about ODO's response today was different than normal. He/she will normally make fun of the person and throw all kinds of lols and teehees in there, but IMO, he/she acatually seemed a little taken aback by the new "theory." That bothers me a little. Another thing is that he/she never said that the Nonstens would be unhappy in July. He/she simply wondered aloud if there would be any need for nonsten.com by July. Weird. Yep, I guess we just wait and see.

loris said...

Here's a link to their profile:


ODO seems pro Robsten to me and can't stand the hyenas. They were talking about celebrations in July so I just don't think they would be celebrating along with the nonstens. From all the deleted posts that one night, I got from it that R&K are just ready to come out. I could have interpreted it wrong though. It was actually the most straight forward they had ever been. They did not allude to a break-up or PR cover up. The hyenas for some reason report posts like that and the admins delete them and I have no clue why.

Anonymous said...


True, but if ODO is someone who knows Kristen, he/she might be celebrating the independence of Kristen since the nonstens won't have reason to constantly hate on her. I'm sure I'm overanalyzing it. Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that in July they are just going to "come out" unless come out is just be more publicly together. Because at this point to issue a public statement would make them both look like hypocrites after they have for this entire press whirl-wind tenaciously fended off comments. And even concretely said "I will not talk about my personal life."

So I don't understand what the big news coming July is. I am not an insider and have POSITIVELY no information... but total speculation here, if something is coming in July.. the only thing I could think of it being is maybe Rob traveling to see Kris in Montreal and staying with her there for a little while?? But then we have already had things like this happen before Budapest and IOW? But then really what else could it be. The only other "big" news it could be would be marriage? And I so, so, so doubt that. They wouldn't be moving in together while Kris was filming... that wouldn't make a lot of sense. So... the only other thing I can come up with is they are going to make a public appearance together... maybe the red carpet this week? Or some other event?

What are you thoughts?

Because I keep seeing the possibility of this "news" coming up... and I'm just like trying to go through logical possible responses. So, the only one I can come up with is either Rob is going to stay with Kris in Montreal OR they are going to make a really public appearance together as a couple.

SueBee said...

Thanks for the explanations!

So, the nonstens are making up a story to go with the vague clues?

Were the previous (Budapest) clues more straight forward?

I'm just trying to get a feel for the basis of the hoopla.

loris said...

I think one thing that would be big with Rob going to Montreal is that in the last 6 months, all the visitation has been on Kristen's end. So the hyenas would call her a clinger. They say Rob doesn't do anything for her on his end. So if he does go to Montreal then they could shut up about that.

Also, if there really is an article out there with Rob having an iPod-type reveal.

It's all speculation though. I'm sure between now and October Rob will go to London as well. Who knows if we would even know if he went to Montreal.

I know Kristen has said she doesn't want her private life to be entertainment if she were to be more open about it, but look at what it has turned into? It's a big Robsten vs. Nonsten battle of fans. I really wish tey would say "Yes we are together, that's all we're saying. have a nice day." and be done with it. Of course the hyenas would have constant breakup and cheating rumors, but they do that every day anyway.

Anonymous said...

A break up wouldn't be planned. It would be a sudden thing. There is no way they are going "okay we are planning to break up in July." So nonsteners are way off. I mean... think about it. That makes no sense. But nonsteners are known for their no sense NONsense. And if Robsten had already broken up Rob wouldn't have been looking at Kris with goo goo eyes during press stuff... their would have been some kind of awkwardness. And no leaving together reports.

So whatever the supposed "news" is has to be pro robsten. Or it wouldn't be something planned. Its not like they make plans to break up or fight or something. Because NO ONE plans that stuff.

Does that make sense? I'm just applying some logic here.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:32

Good call with the article. I didn't consider that one. I suppose there could be another semi-revealing Ipod like article.

That is possible.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:34

ODO has never once said that R/K are a couple. She often says things about their friendship, and about how they like each other and like to hang out together. But never anything about their status. Playing the devil's advocate here, it could be that they have never been together and that we will know this come July. Once contractual obligations are over.

Do I believe they are together? Hell yes. Do I think ODO actually knows anything? I'm not sure. Sometimes it seems like she likes messing with all the fans, not just nonstens.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:38

I don't know anything about ODO. I was just thinking of possibilities of "if there is news it could be A, B, or C"

But regardless of what ODO says or doesn't say... or who they are... or whatever.

I agree with you Rob and Kris are a couple, if only because there cannot be any other logical explanation in my eyes. No other path would make any kind of sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Okay. I'm sorry. I miss Twilight promo days. They were just awwwwtastic.


Anonymous said...

Just a reminder:

Remember Me - out on DVD tomorrow. (technically midnight tonight :-D)

Rob is doing commentary :-D


*Suzy Q*

Rapper said...

Boy, do you really think Teresa Palmer would of keep her mouth shut this long if she was dating Rob. Seriously? She would of leaked it to the media asap!! The girl gets around but of course nonstens would rather see him with any girl other than Kristen. Go figure.

Lisa said...

Cute video.. Especially the very last shot!


Yes, RM is out tomorrow.. Coupon here.. rememberme.com/coupon

Deb said...

OK how dose this ODO know anything?Ask yourself that Has Rob or Kristen even said any thing about there private life? that would be a BIG NO so to say they KNOW something is just a BIG LIE Why would you think that Rob or Kristen would go to them and tell them ANY thing about what they are doing in there LIFE GET REAL think about it Dose that sound like Rob or Kristen? People just want to say ANY THING to get us talking you know he said she said and all the time NO ONE KNOWS BUT ROB AND KRISTEN IF something happens it happens if not then so be it All we as fans can do is set back and wait and see and just in joy them as actors Theres nothing out there so people well talk SHIT WELL THATS HOW I SEE IT .......DEB

Anonymous said...

Gawd we have to wait until 14 july W..T for RM

Deb said...

OK just go with me here ok I was watching a you tube video(ROBSTEN )I love you in dedication Well any way dose the shirt that BELLA has on when she is kissing Edward on the bed isnt that ONE of ROBERTS shirt look around 159/331 and 144/331 they look like the same do you think or is it just me you can go to where Lisa @9:45. where she has cute video its not in that video but in the one i said take a look and see maybe its just me . DEB

Tarra said...

A thought popped into my head as I was reading these posts. My mind suddenly turned to the Nightline interview where Chris asked Rob about why he was choosing to not discuss "it" (relationship status with Kristen) and Rob's response now that I'm playing it in my head is interesting. I'm paraphrasing here but he said something to the effect that if I was trying to sell "it" I would talk about it more. Now hold on a sec, Rob and Kristen do not talk about "it". So it makes me wonder if he did do an interview where he responded to the "it" question. If he did than that would make sense when he said he if he were trying to sell "it" he would talk about "it" more. Did you talk to someone about "it" Rob? I have always believed that if they had decent interviewers you might not get an admission of a relationship but you would get some honest, heartfelt responses from them about how they truly felt about each other. So as a Robsten fan, I'm thinking that there maybe some interview of significance that is forthcoming. I would love to see an interview where Rob is asked about the dark side of the fandom that includes stalkers, haters, death threats, etc. and specifically his feelings on how he feels that so much of this foolishness is directed towards Kristen.The majority of the Eclipse interviews are repetitive, lame and cookie cutter. So it was refreshing to see the Nightline interview.

Patricia said...

I didn't think Rob was going to be finished with WFE till the middle of July. Kristen is leaving for M. the beginning of July for 4 week boot camp If Rob goes up to stay with her that will be him 'coming out and saying they're together.' it will have nothing to do with PR or promo for any of their movies.

Another guess.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired@1:10, believe me, I'm a huge fan of Kristen and I feel heartbreaking everytime when the press and haters are harsh to her. But it's not Rob's fault. Kristen is a real person and not so typical HW + jealousy of some immature teen fans. These are the sources for all the hatred towards Kristen. Actually, I'm glad that Rob is there to love and support her. It's very obvious that she shines and smiles from the bottom of her heart while Rob is around. Kristen is a smart girl. She will not be with a guy who doen't cherish her. Please just trust Krsiten's choice if you're a fan~
All they need is a blessing~

Anon 1:55, I really hope they last long too~

p.s. for my post@10:53, it's Berlin, not Italy~

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

tersa palmer?? no way !!ahhahahahah
bwhahahahahah mhuhahahahahha
You're gone Stone Cold crazy man

someone show me one picture of them..together

if this story is true
Santa Claus exists

Anonymous said...

Talk about picking a name out of left field!
Who's Rob going to be linked to next?
Let's see.............Rosie, the elephant?


Anonymous said...

Emilie De Ravin is going to the eclipse premiere. Great summer indeed :) last year they had fun at the afterparty and the party after the afterparty while Kristen was MIA. Rob sisters and his boys love her.

Anonymous said...

Your point?
EMR was seen with Kristen at The MET Fashion Gala as well.

Wait..........Shouldn't you be looking for Theresa Palmer on that list or will any blonde suffice.!

loris said...

Oh come on! It was a given that EDR would be there. She's part of Summit and RM is released this week. Now that's PR.

I mean, I thought Rob was with TP? Oh, right, she's not on the list so now you are back to EDR. So freaking pathetic. But wait, I thought you were saying he was with Nikki?

Have you ever heard of the story "The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf?" The more crap you spew, no one will ever believe anything you say.

Anonymous said...


If there is anyone out there that is buying the crap they are spewing...I'd like to talk to these people because I have a large bridge for sale at a reasonable price. It was built by a leprochan and made out of the gold I found at the end of my rainbow.

Anonymous said...

To anon 9:12 - I absolutely don't believe the craps of nonstens spewing here. But I am interested of what you're selling. In that way I can probably convince the nonstens to become Robstens by distributing the treasure I would find at the end of the rainbow.

Here nonstens.... one for you.. two for us... Next!!!