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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Don't Hate The Players, Hate The Game.

 Robert. Walking.
I don't really have much to say today...
(Which means I will ramble aimlessly)
Let's see...

Kristen walking!
She looks pretty damn good doing it, too...
Ah Kristen.
People will find any excuse to attack you.
People will pretend to 'try' and like you.
But we all  know that's total bullshit.
They never liked you.
To be honest
You were never on their radar before.
Even when the Twilight movies were cast...
When you were still dating Oregano...
People didn't seem to have a problem with your behavior.
They really didn't notice much.

Until it was becoming abundantly clear
that there was something going on
between you and Robert.
THEN the backlash started.
Before you were the actress who was in "Panic Room"
and was cast as Bella.
You are the epitome of Evil.
Your every move...
Your every word
Is analyzed and deciphered.

Some people just look for any excuse
to lash out and attack you.
You're breathing?
You bitch!
You get my point.

The closer you get to Robert...
The more bitter foam is directed at you.
The more obvious it becomes
That you and Rob are indeed a couple...
The more ways they find to bring you down.
Every picture of you and Rob spending time together.
Every smile...
Every glance...
Every touch...
Just makes them more angry.
More desperate.

Nothing you do will stop the hate.
That's not quite true
There is SOMETHING you can do.
*Why is it kinda cute when Rob does it?*

You can stay away from Robert.
Then the hate and anger would get directed
at whoever else Rob chooses to be with.
You know it's true.
*I think it's kinda cute when she does it, too...*

But of course...
It would be silly to let some venomous lunatics
dictate who you should love.
It would be silly to let anyone or anything
tell you what to do when it comes 
to matters of the heart.
The heart knows what it wants.
You've made it pretty clear who that is.

Robert has made it pretty clear
what his heart wants as well.
People always talk about how open 
and honest Robert is...
That he shows his feelings right there on his face.
That beautiful face.
When he looks at you, Kristen...
There is no doubt what he is feeling.
That brings me to my favorite walking picture...
I never get tired of this picture.
Everything is right there.

To the haters...
You can pick apart every molecule
on Kristen's body...
And it will not change the way 
Robert looks at her.
Or change the fact that he wants
to be with her.
You think you know her?
You think you know him?
We don't know anything.
Kristen knows Robert.
Robert knows Kristen.
They've been together for well over a year...
Friends for even longer.
He knows what she's like.
He knows who she really is
And guess what?
He chooses to be with her.

I often wonder what Rob would think of all
the hatred directed at someone he obviously
cares very deeply for...
Robert is very loyal to those he loves.
Do you think it would make him happy?
Do you think he would thank you for supposedly
showing him what Kristen is 'really' like?
Or do you think he would be disgusted
with all the vile, bitter hatred?
We are only spectators in this game.
We have no say in how the game is played.
We watch.
We speculate.
You can shout all you want from the sidelines...
But no one is listening.
We have no impact on what they do...
or who they do it with.
Rob and Kristen are the players...
We can only watch.

Bye for now.

*MTV Movie Awards are almost here!!*



Anonymous said...

Great post Rose!! Can't wait for 2morrow!! Love Rob and Kris!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Rose; I am a HUGE Rob fan. Always will be that first. But I am also a shipper that loves him with Kristen that is why i am here.
i know some people hate kristen but all i see Rob/his fans bashing lately. 'their tweets,Lj accounts etc.' why?! boycott him for bunch of crazy people? same goes for kristen fans then.
I dont get it. This guy has done nothing to deserve this type of treatment.
The hate is not coming from large part of the fanbase just a small group with big mounths. and these people really think that all nonstens are just Rob fans? *sigh*
Sometimes i tink that crazy kristen fans needs to set up a Rob bashing site like nonsten. JMO!

KPattz said...

Rose,i don't think that these haters mind about Rob.They call themselves fans,but they act like jealous girlfriends.They think that with all this hate and pushing all over internet they gonna make Kristen get tired and leave Rob.They're just so delusional.They're pathetic people with a very sad life,no morals and zero education.They pretend to care about Kristen not being politically correct in using some words.But they don't care when they verbally abusing her daily all over internet.They're such hypocrites.They're low lives.I feel so sorry for their families and the people who are close to them.

deejon67 said...

Great Post Don't Hate The Players LOL Rob Kristen Are Together And Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rose is right.

Rob is the reason that Kristens get hate so lets blame Rob for the hate.

At least thats how some will interpret this post.

carma is a bitch said...

anon 11:03,those people who want to boycot Rob's films i can assure you that they're not Kristen's fans.NOBODY from her IMdB,kSTEW411,KSTEWNEWS and many other fan sites don't say such things.These people are from nonsten.com who create different accounts and pretend to be her fans.Many of these accounts are reported and came to be from nonstens.These women have a lot of free time in their hands.Losers.

Kstew Fashion said...

You know, despite saying you don't have much to say today this post was fantastic. I always remind myself and *try* to tell any haters who cross my path (of either rob or kristen) that in the end we don't know these people. We have an 'idea' of what they are like from interviews and such but at the end of the day they know one another. The haters saying 'i hope she/he realises what they are really like and gets rid of them' - seriously? So stupid clearly they know what each other is like and they choose to be together because of that. There are obsessive haters on both sides, i shake my head because us who can actually look at this with some logic are labelled or put to shame by some fans. Can't wait to see them both tomorrow, dressed up looking beautiful as always. Have a good afternoon everyone :) x

may said...

ANON 11:06,GTFO!

RPaddict said...

I love Rob. I love Kristen. Ilove that they're together and hapyy. I would love them if they were apart. I loved them when I thought they were simply good friends.
Good friends make great lovers.

No need to hate, no need to create drama for them.What's the point.

I have to say my phrase of choice for Kristen over the past months of vile hatered:
And for that I admire her even more.

Once again Rose you are spot on.=)

Carly said...

beautiful really beautiful. they both looks sexy walking. but they look the best walking together. and they do kinda cute flipping the bird ;)

the hatred and cruelty aimed at her and even at him are mind boggling. and it says nothing about either Kris or Rob but it speaks volumes of the people spouting those vile hurtful things. but they will never get that.

and yolu are right. Rob knows Kris. Rob loves Kris. Kris knows Rob. Kris loves Rob. we are just spectators. and whether we cheer them on or foam at their every glance it wull change nothing of what they feel or do.

Im a fan of them - together and separately. and the more I learn about them the more reasons for admiration I encounter.

and I wont hate on the game :) I will enjoy it. because I dont think they are playing. maybe with us, the fans. but definitely not with each other :)

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered that too, and I'm sure he's aware.

How does Robert feel about the fact that so much public hate is directed towards Kristen simply cause they are into eachother?

That must really suck for poor Rob, no one likes to be a liability to their SO, and unfortunately something out of his control is directly affecting Kristen.

I bet he wished he didn't have some of these shitty fans of his.


Patricia said...

Rose: You nailed it again ! Great post.

What I'm afraid of now is that Kristen seemed like she was opening up a little by showing the i-pod picture of Rob, her and her cat. Now I feel like the walls will come back up and we won't hear any sweet , interesting things about what's going on with OUR FAVORITE COUPLE. That's too bad. I loved those little tid bits we'd get.

I hope this doesn't change their BUBBLE at the MTV Awards either. I am sooo looking forward to the two of them together again.

I also loved the pictures of Rob on the WFE set yesterday !HE IS ONE DROP DEAD GORGEOUS MAN. THUD!!

Rose: I feel that no matter who Rob would choose, they wouldn't be GOOD ENOUGH for SOME of his obsessed fans. I'm afraid that's how it is.



Anonymous said...

11:06, you have poor reading comprehension skills.

Rob is not to blame. He has great fans for the most part.

But there's a specific community within his fanbase that treat him like their lover, and get very jealous if he's seen with Kristen. Because they have the arrogance and ignorance to think Robert needs to run it by them who he dates first.

All the blame goes to these grown women who have lost their friggin minds and assume they know what's better for Robert than Robert himself.


Anonymous said...

to Kstew Fashion

'There are obsessive haters on both sides'

Thank you for being honest!..

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, you put me in a romantic mood today. I love to see people in love. Looking forward to tomarrow what ever happens, I don't care just as long as they can be together. I hope they hold their heads up high and be proud of themselves for their accomplishments so far.You can see how much pride they have for each other. Let's just be happy for them and let them enjoy their moments.Give them something to look back on when they are older to tell their grandchildren,oops. *push*
Thanks for your blog Rose.MelenaS

Anonymous said...

OF course there's weirdos on both sides-weirdos make their way into every community. some of the kristen fans on the imdb are complete freaks.

But let's be honest, the rob fans who hate kristen are more organized. Thus the reason for nonsten.com that exists soley for the purpose to pretend they aren't together and assign all that is wrong in the world to Kristen.

Oil Slick? It was Kristen's fault.

Global Warming? Kristen pulled that off?

The Depressed Economy? You know who is responsible.

I think weirdos suck, whether they are rob hating kristen fans or kristen hating rob fans. But the more organized they are, the more their presence is made known.(waves at the hyenas while handing them napkins-they'll need it after this weekend).

zoe said...

Please,don't throw stones on me about my opinion.I hope that they won't win best kiss.I don't want them to.It'll be akward.Let's Tay&Tay win for once.So we won't have drama aferwards about"oh,they didn't kiss,they're not together" or "Rob/Kristen didn't want to kiss her/him" or "so,they kissed,it's for PR,she/he looked disgusted" and other laughable shit like that.But,i want them to win all the other awards.I'm looking forward to and i'll be happy for them.They're my favorite kids.

Anonymous said...

Exacly as always.AMAIZING!!I don't how you find your words to describe what Rob feels for her and what Kris feels for him,the only thing that we know and the haters as well,but they don't want to recognize it is that they really love each other.Great Post Rose!!

Caroline said...

Rose thanks again...and Ktew fashion wise words...

Anonymous 11:06...you always says the same thing...you're not a fan of Kristen, just stop to pretend like you care about her...we love her and Rob!Go away!!!!stop with this hate crap...

Can't wait for tomorrow...hope R/k win...but if don't i hope they have a wonderful night!!!

Love Carol.

Anonymous said...


Not all Rob fans like this.

I love R/K together or apart but i just wanna say this. I really really don't like '@jerseygrl4lfe' I only just found her on twitter and I've noticed she calls all rob fans rotards. I think this is very insulting to the rob fanbase. Seriously I'm sick of rob fans being labelled and namecalled just because of a bunch of crazy nonstens. And she attacked robpattznews. I get that shes protective of kristen but her labelling of rob fans is wrong.

Purple83 said...

great post Rose, as always!

to the anonymous above me ...@jerseygrl4lfe is an awesome girl and she only calls Rob's obsessive lunatic "fans" that incidentally are part of the generic group called "nonsten" robtards...like the obsessive krisbians for that matter, they are a plague in the fandom...they see no reason, they see no logic they see no truth...they ARE retards...It's not a sin to love Rob, or to be robsessed...Hell knows I'm one of those people...I am also Krissessed in the same measure, and I own it! I'd go gay for the girl given the chance! BUT there's a great difference between that and being blind to the world...that's where robtards and kristards come into place...that's where nonsten.com comes into place...that's where asylums and psychiatrists should come into place!

Anonymous said...

No one who is saying such things is a fan of either Kristen or Rob. They have a weird obsession with whatever: their fan battle, their Robward phantasies, their jealousy for Kristen (and the other Twi girls which get their share as well) or they simply are trolls seeking attention. AT, nonstens and Robs IMBD are good examples. Butit is a very small group and it's in the nature of such a hyped and successful franchise, ecspecially with the Twi books that let hormons get ou of control. But it will fade away, people will move to the next big thing after Twi has finished. Rob and Kristen are already on their way out.


Melinda said...

Great post today Rose! Rob and Kristen didn't bring all this hate themselves so it is asinine to want to boycott anything they do b/c you don't like 1/2 of the equation. The game (aka trash talk) is all this silly nonsense that is thrown all over the internet by some really immature and ignorant people.

I'm feeling a little nostalgic. Maybe b/c the MTV movie awards are tomorrow night and for me that's when the magic of R/K was really cemented. Before it was always "well I think they are together" after last years MTV awards I changed to "I know they are together". Was looking a a link someone else posted from last years award show and it was the backstage pics. Two pics jumped out at me. 1)Rob biting his lip while looking at Kristen and 2) Kristen giving Rob a really hot look when he was looking elsewhere. Now knowing where they woke up the next morning it's easy to interpret those two photos. Wink*Wink

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Looking forward to tomorrow night and Monday's post.

"I think, love arises because two people long for the same things. For example closeness or endless intimacy."-Rob

"He was really looking at me, and I could see him right back. It rarely happens between people, and we just have that..."-KStew

"There is a lot of similarities between Kristen and I and we were(and still are-I added this) quite good at making a little bubble."-Rob

This is one of my favorite quotes. Their banter makes me smile every time!

Rob: "I’m really good with the microwave. She makes noodles and meatballs (he did say noodles, not spaghetti)."

Kristen: "I make canned meatballs and noodles. The best thing he knows how to do is opening a bottle of beer."

Oh their cuteness!!!

Deb said...

HEY ROSE you did it again said it like it is NO one knows them like they know each other only they can say whats going on and yes we are the ones who set back and watch I think that EVERY ONE knows by now that they are together and they just want some one to notice them they know its true that ROBERT PATTINSON is in love with KRISTEN STEWART but hey if they say it no one is going to want to talk to them so they start shit ONLY for others well come in here and bitch at them they have NOTHING else to do with there life how sad SO as long as we respond to them and all there hate they well keep coming And its so true ROB and KRISTEN dont give a SHIT what WE have to say THEY have each other to love,hold to be there when time get bad And you know that ROB would be upset to know how people talk about the one he want to be with I love ROB and Kristen together WHY because they make each other HAPPY and that makes me happy . Have a good day my friend and i'll be thinking of you this SUNDAY whit a BIG smile on my face . DEB

Anonymous said...

If I can quote you, Rose:

One more thing.
I purposely didn't talk about Hyenas certain people today.

I need to step back from all that bullshit.
No, my thoughts haven't changed.

I still think hating on people you don't know
is a waste of time and energy.

But sometimes when you deal with nasty shit
on a daily basis...

Some of it splashes on you.
Who needs it?"

I guess you need it, huh? Because that lasted for all of about 1.2 seconds. Why don't you really think about what your posts say to the general public about YOU? You'd be surprised.

Can't wait for the BD announcement. You'll see. *Push* *Push*

Anonymous said...

oh i see you "wait and see you'll be crying/sorry shippers" poster. booorrrring. you've been saying that forever. wasn't it just the other day that you'll say we'll be crying yesterday. lo and behold, nothing happened. go get some credibility first. some integrity and shame. may i also suggest that you get some attention elsewhere too. quit obsessing about what rose writes. it's too obvious, you're too affected. you just admitted to those words she used to described you. copy and paste it on your resume, will ya.

i wonder if this is the person who has a multiple personality disorder. lol. pathetic.

Anonymous said...

to Purple83

jerseygrl4lfe attacked to robpattznew because she tweeted a fan story about Rob.

I love Rob/Kristen but some of the Robsten fans need REALITY CHECKS. Rob is a 24 year old guy who likes to have fun. He isn't a manwhore sleeping around and getting arrested. There are enough dumb actors out there for that. He's with his friends, drinking, having fun, and girls come up to him all the time. What do you want him to do? He's young and it doesn't hurt for him to have a little fun flirting. Please he's not a monk. He's not a social loser either. He's naturally charming. I would be worried if he turned his head away from girls all the time. Now that won't be normal.
He is with KRISTEN now! It's all good.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:11 go away! It's Rose's post, she can do what she wants. We keep waiting for your "Big Deal" that "just wait you'll see" wtf get a life. Melinda, loooved your post.lol. And Rose today's post was great, I love the walking photo too so cute. One more day then "we'll see" lol yea maybe we will.

Amanda said...

I'd never be "crying" over people I don't know and their personal life. But how long have the hyenas been saying this anyway? What I think is funny is they have the need to come here and convince us R/K aren't a couple. It's so desperate. I know the nonstens are full of crap and so I don't have the need to convince them of anything. And yet they go to forums such as this, they sit and talk about something they supposedly don't believe in all day, and are obsessed with a girl they don't like. Scary.

Anonymous said...

Please "Anon 1:11" (probably Lily?) doesn't even understand that the PUSH is for the HYENAS... they pushed their own button by writing PUSH PUSH on the bottom of their post. DUMB ASS "lets wait and see the BD announcement *push*" actually implies that something pro ROBSTEN will go down. LMAO.
Not that they have any idea either way. Probably one personality said to the other personality... "I have some news for you." LMAO.

Okay... So I feel just a little catty today. I'll stop.

Because aside from catty... I feel SO EXCITED. MTV Movie Awards... tomorrow!!!

Rob. Kris. Awards. Acceptance Speeches. Red carpet moments. (hopefully - have you been voting?) And none of the crazies can dim my awesome excitement over this :-) I hope they are not totally PC and have a little fun. I was pondering this correlation: Rob once said Betty White was the sexiest woman in America and she is a presenter tomorrow - do you think she'll give him an award. That will be an LMAO moment. What will we call them Betert? Robite? LOL... I'm just teasing.

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

KRISTEN - keep your head up!

YOU ARE SO LOVED by "normal" fans.
There are enough of us out here -

Stay happy, keep safe, love your

Anonymous said...

@ 2:26 I wish we could get like a petition with that message and send it to her. Because it must feel sometimes like the whole world is against her since the haters are so vocal it must feel to her like they are plentiful... but I don't think that is the case... I think that she has many, many sane fans. That support her and Rob.... but they just aren't as vocal (because we have lives and aren't nuts) we don't spend all day campaigning against her every move and word... you know?

Anonymous said...

A fraction of Robert Pattinson’s fan base acts as if he is married to them and he is their child's father and left the family for Kristen Stewart. Weird!! And the apology, well done Kristen. But I guess the haters thought that this would be the nail in her coffin. Probably hoping Rob would dump her because of her comment or that everyone would turn on her. Shame on some of you. Some were offended by her comment and I understand that. But some don’t give a penny about a victim. They just used her words to try to destroy her. That’s sad and wrong! And anyone who hates on Robert has got issues.

belvoir5342 said...

Rose, on a good day for me I never have such incredible things to say as you do! I love each and every one of your posts. As you have said, what the world needs now is love, sweet love and you bring it each and every day. I adore Kristen Stewart. And I adore Robert Pattinson. So, thank you to them and to you for brining so many smiles into my life.

Anonymous said...

Yes, jerseygrl4lfe is an amazing girl and I understand why she is calling out RobPattzNews. If you read the fan story from last summer there are a lot of Hmmmms in the story, like she spended a couple of hours sitting with him and his friends and they didn't talk, she was just busy not staring at him until eventually he and his friends said good bye and left? The story seems to have at least a huge fictional part. The point is that RobPattzNews claims to respect Robs private life, not posting anything personl but posts Rob "flirting stories" like this one or for example his supposed flirt with a dutch starlet 3 years ago, because they are just "fan encounters". But she never mentions Kristen. Clearly RobPattzNews has her own agenda, but in the end she is just a fangirl with a fansite, she has no insight in Robs life, she will never be with him or will have any influence on his life, neither professional or personal. My general rule: if you don't like someone or something on the net, just push the ignore button. Take it Easy. All is good.

Anonymous said...

"I often wonder what Rob would think of all
the hatred directed at someone he obviously
cares very deeply for..."

Excuse me? What about the hate that Kristen fans throw towards Rob? Are you kidding me? You're ignoring that again?

Can't you be unbiased for one second?

Anonymous said...

Robpatzznews is about Rob only. It's not that difficult to figure out why she posts Rob news only. But apparantly it is for some of you.

Anonymous said...

Kristen doesn't date Rob.The girl has better taste than going out with a guy who has a clown face.And have you hearded him laugh?He laughs like Beavis and Butthead from MTV.

Anonymous said...

Robert has said that Kristen Stewart is a very important part of his life.
I don't know how much clearer the man can get than that.

It amazes me that in order to make Kristen Stewart seem like an insignificant part of Rob's life some people are willing to have him attached to every female star and also make him out to be a manwhore who is willing to shag every female in sight within seconds!

Anonymous said...

It *used* to be a known thing that Rpattznews doesn't like Kristen. It was clear. She has gotten much better recently, but in my opinion only because people repeatedly called her out on it. I understand why Kristen fans wouldn't like her, and I also understand if people have just started following her they wouldn't know why people had/have a problem with her.

Anonymous said...

Someone posted a very nasty comment about jerseygrl4lfe so I responded to that and the background of the story. I am indifferent to Robpattznews and as I said everyone can push the ignore button if you don't want to follow someone on the internet. If you agree, we should not bring up other blogs or twitter up her, this is Rosesee's blog. And let's put it this way: Rosesee is one of the rare people in this fandom that seem to have no own agenda, that know that nothing what we say has or should have any influence on Rob's or Kristen's personal life. Like she said in her post we only watch from the sideline. But some people feel so "intimate" with the star that they think they have a special connection, a say in there life, through her comments (can you here me Lily???) or postings on their websites. My point is that it in the end it doesn't matter what they post because it is just blowing in the wind.


Anonymous said...

As much as I applaud how they have doggedly held on to their privacy about their relationship, I wish that tommorrow at the MTV awards they make it clear that they are a couple.
No words would be necessary!

They probably won't do it but it would be a kicker!

Amanda said...

Great post!

Hope you have a nice weekend, Rose!

Enjoy the MTV awards, I know I'll be glued to my t.v.!


Rose said...


As always... Haters have to come to my blog and read what I have to say. They can't stop themselves!

I must be *PUSH*ing the right buttons!

You make it too easy.

I know you will be back
Since you can't seem to stay away.
(And I DO see you... Heh)



And Anon @2:49 pm

Seriously. Go away until you gain reading comprehension skills.
How many times do I have to say that I KNOW that there are fucking lunatic Rob fans, and fucking lunatic Kristen fans...
Who get off on hating one or the other. How can anyone NOT know that?
But here's the deal.
I'm a fan of BOTH Robert and Kristen.
In fact, if I had to choose between Rob and Kristen...
I would choose Rob.
So there ya go...
How can someone who loves and adores Robert... be biased about the people who hate on him?
I'm not.
Like I have said before... take your whining to the people who do the hating.


Clara said...

Oh hai! Your favourite walking picture is mine too! But to this day, i will never understand why they did that? Why did they suddenly decide to suspend their whole tight lipped act? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for that :)

For Best kiss, i think it would be cool if, they do the same as last, the whole build up/tension etc and when kris goes to pull away, Rob grabs her chin "Not this year, you don't"

Epic win!

Lovvvies... Clara

Anonymous said...


I'm Lily, and NO, I didn't write any of the comments before OK? I'm sick you always blame me for every comment you don't like. Rose can check, It's not ME, ok?

Off to bed, good night

Anonymous said...


They were in the city of lights and arguably one of the most romantic cities in the world. Probably got caught up in a moment of just being together and didn't think about who was watching.

As for the kiss- that would be so funny! Especially if he doesn't tell her before hand and surprises her. Imagine what look he would get. Totally looking forward to see if they do something funny again. I'm really not expecting an actual kiss.

Lily- Sweet Robsten dreams....

Anonymous said...

Good Sunday mornan to ya Rose...thanks so much for acknowledging me yesterday....
One word for todays post


Melinda @12.05 thank you for those lovely quotes..they realy bring home what these two have in their minds...if you take proper notice that is?? why can we see that and other dont...

@ANOM 2.26 right on!!

Anonymous said...

clara @4.15
"Not this year, you don't"


Anonymous said...

Ahh sorry, iv been off here to long.. posted my comment on an old blog..

Here goes-
So, Iv always been a very loyal Robsten supporter, so yesterday was a lovely day for me..

Through a friend of a friend, i basically got complete confirmation of the relationship.. thinking back to the BAFTA's.. as far as im very very aware.. Kristen and Rob didnt leave each others side ALL NIGHT and made no attempt to hide they're obvious feelings.. and we all know they left eachother..

So yea,where as before i was 99.9% sure now im one million % sure :D and feel no need at all to have to talk about it constantly, because i realised all i was doing was trying to convince myself, and now i know, the convincing part is not needed.. because i KNOW.. :D
and iv also realised through conversations with this person, that Kristen is a very insecure person, so damn all those people who put her down constantly.. get over yourselfs..
Iv got an amazing photo of him too.. i need to find a way of uploading it for you guys :/ hmmm.. see what i can do..

Take care Sxxxx

soadram said...

Grand post
in his post said ".... I do not really have much to say today ... " I disagree, I think your post said it all and as always makes me smile a lot :))))
And tomorrow is Sunday .....
A good day for you Rose
Sofy of Portugal

Anonymous said...

Sweet Robsten dreams for Lily? I guess it'll rather be nightmares!

Lily you don't like Kristen's personality or you don't like Kristen because she's right where you'd like to be, that is close to RPattz?

Anonymous said...

I want to write a thought I have since days:

I lived in Sydney for some years and go back on visits quite often.

Kristen, Taylor and their people stayed at the Park Hyatt in Sydney. It is a beautiful hotel, facing the Sydney Opera, has a wonderful restaurant, but unfortunately the layout offers NO PRIVACY, not at all.

It is a low rise building direct on Sydney Harbour, the west rooms face Hickson Road, the east side is facing the Opera House but has a public park in front, and the south side opens to the rocks. You can literally look into every room.

We stayed on one of our last visits there, in a Opera House facing room, the views are stunning, BUT it felt like living in a public space. Just google maps and you see what I mean.
When I came back from my morning run I could see my family on the balcony from far away.

Ther are many options in Sydney like the Four Seasons which is in CBD, a high rise building, that offers total privacy.

That said my first expression when I saw the photos of Kristen flipping the bird from her balcony at the Park Hyatt was "they were exposed". There was no private room, as soon as she stepped on her balcony she was probably facing 30 paps down there.

Aussies love to see celebs enjoying beautiful Sydney. They live literally "at the end of the world", it gives them importance.

Next thing we saw was Kristen and Tay walking all the way from the Hyatt along the Rocks to catch the boat at Circular Quay, Kris eating pizza, climbing the boat, a herd of paps following, taking photos of her "twins" when Kristen entered the boat. And then Kristen lost it again and flipped the birds.

What I want to adress is, that this was a very public show, we didn't see that in Paris, London, Madrid, Munich or anywhere, they always had their privacy, at least in their rooms, in their breaks, at their time off.

Someone organized this public show, of course not the actors!! But the the actors must have feeled like ANIMALS IN THE ZOO, including the very public Koala cuddling.

And the sad truth is: If Kristen wouln't have flipped the bird in Sydney, without the photos of these incident, the whole "rape" discussion" would not have blown out of proportions.

Luckily Korea was different (which lies in the asian nature), no paps at the airport, no photos at the hotel, no public sightseeing.

This is what I want to share, I think Summit organized a public Aussie show, maybe with the best intentions, but it might drove their stars to a limit and it was a huge backlash.


Anonymous said...

good on you ANNA.......

Anonymous said...

Unrelated to the post, which was amazing, Rose!! You're amazing! But if you do love Kristen.... and you haven't seen Fierce People.... you totally should. She is amazing. And so young in this part... and to be that amazing at that young. Wow!!

Anonymous said...

Well, Rob of all people knows what it's like to say something they probably shouldn't have said and will commiserate with Kristen over the media backlash. The hyenas sending her Elle comment to blogas/media everywhere just drove Rob and Kristen even closer together! I am sure he doesn't mind "comforting" her at all! Heheh Hyenas messed up AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

Can you send this post to every gossip show and blog out her i.e. Entertainment Tonight, Showbiz Tonight, E!, Access Hollywood!

Absolutely well said. I cannot wait to hear what Rob does tomorrow at the MTV awards. I've always said, he is an angry man to find out what happened in Australia now this made up "rape" controversy.

They're messing with his girl...

Anonymous said...

Rose thank you again for depending Kristen.Hatred is in the bloodstream of it's individuals,their is no cure for that,no medications or therapy can cure for hatred.It's the same as being a racist.To the people who is trying to boycott Rob's movie,they are HATERS of both R/K.If they want to boycott who cares.R/K doesn't need a fan like you psycho's.

Anonymous said...

You R/K supporters should read DANCER post at GOSSIPCOP,she email RAINN,about the rape comments and wants RAINN to apologist to Kristen.I like how she expalained how Kristen was being rape by the papz.

Anonymous said...

Interview of Taylor and Kristen in AU if anyone is interested. Cute moments:


Anonymous said...

Anon 2:26 and 2:32, absolutely right!!~ Kristen's fans are all over the world, like I'm from a remote city in Asia. I just travel around my city to find DVDs of her films and sadly, Anon 6:14, I haven't manage to find Fierce People yet. I'll make it in short future, I swear!~ Ha ha.

Glad to hear from Anna and Louisa. Would you please share more about the media and public views on Kristen in Australia? I'm kinda curious and worried if general Aussie have negative impression towards Kristen.

For MTV moview award, I share similar feeling with Zoe@11:29. I expect the drama will be heated again no matter they kiss/not kiss. But I waish they'll win. Maybe with smiles, sincere thank you speech to fans and a soft kiss on cheek will be good. Anyway, I think they can handle it well.

Lastly, Kristen, chin up and chest out, walk the red carpet with pride and dignity!!~ You are a strong girls and will never be defeated. We all HAVE YOUR BACK!!~

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

MONICA @11.50


Anonymous said...

I just think people shouldn't set their expectations too high for tomorrow night. R/K are private people. However, we can all look forward to the double pretty. :)

Anonymous said...

Louisa@12:22, thanks for the link. I've watched the interviews they did in Australia before. Sorry for my poor English and what I'd like to know is that if the Assuie feel antipathy towards Kristen for her to give the finger.

I learnt from others that an Australian reporter called Kristen "a wild cat", though someone said the description is not very negative.

Anyway, thanks again Louisa~

Monica from Asia

slowie said...

I just cried .... thank you!

Fanny said...

Rose, that has to be one of your best entries. Beautiful, spot on, perfect.
A friend of mine arrived at my home when I was reading this and thus had a look at your post too. She's not into Twilight, Rob, Kristen or Rob/Kristen but knows about them because of me and can't believe all the nonsense in this fandom. Her reaction to your post was 'wow that's beautifully said. Great writing'.
So keep on writing all this great comments rose. Looking for the next one. And of course I can't wait for the MTV awards, whatever we get there (at least we'll get to see both Rob and Kristen and that's always a good thing :D ).

Anonymous said...

Can anyone decipher what Slowie is yapping about???

khani said...

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