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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Wyck Gives a PUSH

So I went to see ECLIPSE today.
I liked it. 
A lot.
Did I love it?
I think I need to see it a few more times...
You know how the first time you watch something...
You tend to focus on a particular element
For me that element would be Robert.

I kinda kept looking at his face.
It was distracting.
So then I would miss something that was happening
in the movie.
But then his face would be on that huge screen...
lighting up the whole theater...
I would forget what the hell I was watching...

Robert looked absolutely
in this movie.
I kept noticing his eyebrows...
How they were so much bushier than in Twilight...
And then I kept staring at his hair...
So awesomely touchable...

And while I don't really believe in 'spoilers'
in a movie that is based on a book 
that we have all read...
and we all know what happens in the book...
and how the book ends...
I won't go into detail about ...
well... details.

I will say this, though...
No cafeteria stroll...
No parking lot strut...
Nothing of the kind.
I do feel cheated out of that moment.
Those previous walks were the highlights of
Twilight and New Moon...
WTF Eclipse?
Watching Robert Pattinson walking...
With a smirky smile on his face...
Isn't asking for much...
Is it?

Thanks a lot.

Kristen back in L.A.
Wonder what her plans are?
Wonder who she is going to see?

Yeah. We know.

I have one final thing to discuss.

I'm having a new part of my blog starting today.
It's going to be called...


Did you ever hear a Hyena laugh?
It's pretty hideous.


This was in Time magazine:

Eclipse Producer  Wyck Godfrey on the Rob-Kristen Romance
By Bryan Alexander

I:Everyone is talking about whatever is going on between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Is that good for business?

Wyck: Do you want the honest answer? I haven't even thought of it that way.

I: That's not the honest answer.

Wyck: It really is. I honestly don't think of it in terms of business. It doesn't affect our core business at all. The thing I do think about is, Oh my God, I hope they stay together. Because it could be awkward on set in the next movie if they have a huge falling out. It's like, Wow, they have to portray this love story through two more movies. God, I hope they stay together; please stay together. That's what affects my day-to-day.

I: But you walk by newsstands and it's a publicist's dream: they are on every cover.

Wyck: I don't feel it's out there anymore. Do people still report on it? If you look at people who have a stable personal life, the rags get tired of them. I think we're heading to that place where they are together and that's their life and we better find someone new to create drama out of.

The producer of the Twilight movies...
is admitting that Rob and Kristen are in a relationship
AND he hopes they stay together.
"...where they are together and that's their life"


Massive Foaming.
I mean...
The Hyenas started circling and attacking poor Wyck...

"Wyck is full of shit."
"Wyck is lying"
"I wouldn't be surprised if Time 
edited out key words from Wyck's quotes."
"The 'producer guy' he isn't reliable at all."
"PR! PR! PR!"
"How would this asshole know anything about Rob and Kristen?"
" He's obviously DESPERATE to sell tickets to Eclipse"
"I HATE Wyck, he doesn't know what he's talking about!"
"He's just making up shit to appeal to the Robsten fans"
"Wyck sucks."

You get the drift.
Or the foam.
Shit was deep yesterday.
The producer of the Twilight movies...
Just answered a question.
It was his opinion...
based on what he obviously saw on a daily basis...
Things he saw...
and was privvy to...
in the safe atmosphere of a movie set.
We all see it.
This guy sees it too.
Even on a more intimate level.

Thanks Wyck...
for the 


Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Laughed out loud when I saw the title in the tweet. I love to see you guys *PUSH* on twitter. Wyck certainly pushed a few buttons himself too.

I saw the triple feature last night. Epic. Seeing all three movies back to back was exhausting but worth it. Rob and Kristen together on screen never fails. 10 hrs in a theater and what did I do the moment I got home (at 3am) bought tickets to see it again on IMAX this weekend.

Lolita De Fuego said...

When I saw Eclipse last night (or this morning...whatever) I so thought about you when I saw no Edward strut!!! And I was a bit (okay A LOT) disappointed.
O & I loved the Time interview ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love the Wyck quote. That is totally a confirmation. :-D

I really missed the Edward entrance moment... because it was so missing.

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

great post as always. I think i'm the only one that hasn't seen it yet, but im going on friday.

O and i don't know if u heard but the hyenas are now attacking on of Sam's band-mates for talking about hanging out with rob and kristen. These nonstens have really lost their marbles.

deejon67 said...

They Are Happy And They Are Together!

Ash said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
deb said...

ROSE IM GLADE you got to go see the movie I guess Im next Some have said GOOD things and some BAD I JUST LOVE YOUR POST TODAY and what you said about All the HATE I new they would go NUTS over the truth how funny they well NEVER,NEVER BELIEVE well they ho did you hear about the other movie coming out? Summer House its coming out sometime in July You know i'll be getting that one well my friend Im glade you got to see your man and im SORRY there was no WALKING Thanks again Rose Have a good rest of the day . DEB

Anonymous said...

Bwaaahahahah! that is great Rose! I could just see the hyena's heads ready to explode when I read that quote. Wow I guess we're not so stupid now...hmmm. And he's not even 12 yrs old and trying to get attention. Bummer there was no strut scene, one of my faves, can't wait to go see it on Fri and Sat. woo hoo.cb lol thanks again Rose, great as usual....and now comeing to you foam free!c

Melinda said...

I love how little by little things are starting to come out of the woodwork!!

As much as I want Rob and Kristen to have their privacy, I am glad stuff is coming out. I really would love for all the BS to fade away. I am smart enough to understand that we have 2 more years of this but maybe it will die down some. At least when the saga is done and gone and they are still together the PR angle can't be used.

So looking forward to Eclipse. I am going Friday night with friends. I have heard more pros than cons so I am excited.

Heard the "leg hitch" scene is hot even if it too short. Imagine what R/K would be like if it was rated R. Ha, ha.

Rose- I believe you had said that you are going out of town this weekend. Hope you have a great time! Looking forward to seeing what you write when you get back if you don't blog in the meantime.

deb said...

HEY ROSE its me again I just read the review on Rachells Review on Collen Boys and She sound a little like what you have said I JUST PRAY TO GOD THAT Melissa DOESNT fu*k BD up just thought I say that. ho well we well see wont we . DEB

Ash said...

Hey Rose. You're so right. What upset me about Eclipse was Edward's missing strut plus the fact that Bella and Jacob's kiss seemed more pronounced in the movie.. it was very long and very dramatic which I didn't like. I really hope it doesn't win best kiss next year. I would had liked longer Edward/Bella kisses. Hopefully we'll get it in Breaking Dawn.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Rose...I too enjoy watching the “Edwards Struts”..and too was disappointed we didn’t get another dose in Eclipse.
The Wyke quote was a revelation as far as I'm concerned too...But someone posted yesterday the person conducting the interview was the same that CH made her little revelation...so I’m not sure if that is relevant or just coincidence on how true it is...But then again some others were saying it’s from a reputable outlet......
I’m still buzzing from my “Grand Fix”...I wouldn’t mind going again soon to see Eclipse...perhaps at a more sane hour...I'm a sleep deprived bitch at the moment and that can’t be good...lol .....’Hey at least I’m honest’…..lol
Others said perhaps you are having time off the blogg for the weekend....hope you have a good one!!!Looking foward to when you come back.....hope I dont have to much withdrawal...lol on joking have a great time anyway...

Patricia said...

Rose: I also just got back from seeing 'Eclipse'. I was so involved with the beauty of Rob that it kinda blew me away. That man is so GORGEOUS. He even looked better because of those close up shots of that BEAUTIFUL FACE. Jesus.....I got lost in his face. Truly INTOXICATING.....

There were a few things I didn't like:

Bella riding off with Jacob on the motorcycle and leaving Edward standing there. I HATED THAT SCENE, BELLA WOULD NEVER DO THAT.

THE UN-ENDING KISS WITH JACOB and how Edward was hearing Jacobs thoughts and I didn't feel like Bella said enough to make Edward know she loved him more.

When Jacob got hurt also.

She just seemed through the whole movie that Jacob was more important to her, but WE ALL KNOW SHE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT EDWARD AND THAT'S WHO SHE ENDS UP WITH.

At the end when she made that speech about being a vampire and Edward said "so it's not about me" it was kinda lame (that little speech) I didn't like that either.
But I loved the movie mostly.

It is the screen writing that I get so disappointed with, because I feel she leaves so much out that I loved in the book. And it seems to me she has a thing for more JACOB. (than he is in the book)
I could watch Edward and Bella kiss all day long. What a gorgeous couple in the movies and in real life.


BTW: I noticed the necklace was back on when Kristen came home at LAX (gold ring also)


SueBee said...

Just back from Eclipse. First and foremost--Edward--yowza--


When he is kissing her at the beginning and telling her to marry him---how the hell could any sane woman say no? Concentrate on homework?? LOL

Liked the movie mostly and I know I'm going to sound like Wendy Whiner--but I feel like Jacob was shoved down our throats. We know she loves Edward more but come on!!!

Could have done without the LONG J/B kiss too. Geesh! I was ready for it but seeing it was a turn off. Then seeing Edward after, Gah!

I still hate that Bella did that after that superb proposal! Loved that scene by the way!

It seemed to me, and this is just me, that Bella was doing more fighting her love for Jacob than actually showing Edward her love. It almost seemed like she was talking herself into it and I didn't care for it. She seemed more IN LOVE with Edward in the book.

One more bitch--sorry--Victoria is supposed to look like a beatnick nomad. It looks like someone took her to Nieman Marcus for a makeover! LOL

Even with that said, the movie did go more off of the book. I liked getting to see all of the characters get some screen time.

WTF with the wigs? Oh well, not the actors' faults!

LOVED Jasper in this one. It was great hearing him say all of those words all in a row! Hair looked better in the film than the pics I saw.

Need to watch the movie again to get a better perspective.

SueBee said...

Just wanted to add, in case that didn't come out right, I KNOW Bella loves Edward the best-est!

Just loves the way he looks at her--on and off screen--sigh!!

Anonymous said...

Rose, I think MR gave the "strut" scene to jacob this time....but without strut. Just gratuitous muscle bulging--the scene when Edward asks Bella to stay in the car and of course she doesn't. It cuts to Jacob leaning on the steps with a great "strut" song in the background. THAT should have been an Edward moment!! I agree with the poster who said MR must have a thing for Taycob cause he seems to have more scenes in the movie than the book....But Rob was STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS in this film! Maybe they gave Tay-Tay more to soothe his ego, make him feel a 'lil better! Being next to Rob has to be a ball-buster! teee-heee.....

SueBee said...

OMG! You are completely right! The Edward "strut" was given to Jacob! The way the camera moved to him and the music in the background was set for "Hey girls, check this out!"

Nothing againt TL-he's a little cutie-but compared to Rob--not so much. To me, abs or not, he still looks like a kid. When you look at Rob as Edward in the movie, you really think, can someone that beautiful even be real?

Maybe I should just be content that Rob got so much screen time!!

Oh, and how awesome was it that Edward finally got to kick a little ass?

deb said...

OK here I go so i have reading ALL THIS SHIT about ECLIPSE And a lot of DUMB ASSES are saying Twilight FANS HELP make the movie make 30 million ONLY BECAUSE TAYLOR was SHIRTLESS so I ask what the fuc*is all that about? I think it was because of all the babies who went to see it(9and under) So if they get that much money from Eclipse because of younger KIDS what do you think they well do for BD.??? HO please tell me they wont fuc* up BD.PLEASE THE BOOK IS ABOUT EDWARD and BELLA you dunbass WHY is SM letting them do this? ok im done sorry for bicthing I just had to get it out :( DEB. NOW im off to see the movie.seeya later

sfw10sis said...

Ugh, no Edward strut,(stomps foot, crosses arms and pouts)alright that's it I'm not going, kidding, but seriously, how can we not get "the walk", thats just plain mean, lol.

Well it sounds like I'm amongst the few that hasn't seen it yet, waiting til Sat., (if I can hold out that long)going with a group of friends for dinner, drinks and the movie. I had begged for the drinks to come after the movie, didn't want one ounce of alcohol to interfere with my edward gazing, (that earned me a slap side the head and some eye rolling), hey a girls gotta do what girls gotta do, right, ha ha.

Well, well, well, validation/confirmation (not that anyone w/a brain or sane needed any)from someone who would certainly know and in Time, not a rag mag, well ladies I guess thats what you would call game, set and match, not to gloat or anthing, oh what the hell, jumps up , fist pump, twirling, YAHOO, TOOT, TOOT, take that you evil heyenas, well it looks like karma has a way of sneaking up on you huh, swallow that, make sure you don't choke on it's way down.

Calms down, sorry Rose, sometimes the NONsense really got to me, alittle left over I guess.

Gotta love Wyck, PUSH indeed, love it. I can now tell my daughter that I'm not the only one with "foot in mouth disease", lol.

But seriously, what do you think will come of this, how do R/K feel, will he retract, or will they be more open in public, now that the cats out of the bag, not that it wasn't widely known before, I'm just curious how this will play out. I agree with you Melinda, even though I want them to have their privacy, I would love them to let their guard down just once, one little slip up for all the BS to go away, I would love to pack away the umbrellas, and waders, here's hoping.

I'm with you Rose, on the repeat viewings, I get so caught up in staring at Rob on screen that I lose track of whats happening in the movie, so I'm sure I'll be seeing it a few times, is that sad or what, nah, it's called Intoxication, right Rose, ha ha, great post, love ya.


Becky said...

i completely did the same thing...i just kept looking at his face the whole time i watched. and also i felt totally jipped that we didn't get a smirky stroll onscreen. gah! but i'm good with more kissing. that was hot! and God love wyck. he is awesome!!

olivia said...

Hi Rose,
Interesting to see the Wyck quote in "Time" with the same interviewer as CH confirmation from last year. I love Rob and Kristen both, together and apart. I wish them the best and hope that they can quickly receive the privacy that they deserve.

After seeing Eclipse this afternoon, I need to see it several more times to really let it all sink in. Whenever Rob was on screen, I too was so focused on his face, actions, and voice that I kept missing the whole picture in those scenes. He was gorgeous , the handsomest Edward yet. His voice and smile including his eyes just overwhelm me. I loved how happy he was after the proposal/ring scene in the bedroom.

A few thoughts:
- The back story on both Rosalee and Jasper was very well done. Nikki and Jackson both rocked their lines. Also loved how Jasper and Alice "showed the love."
-Even though the Quilute campfire story is necessary in the book, I skipped over it when rereading Eclipse, yet it was quite good in the film.
-Charlie and Bella have a great relationship. The "talk" was awesome! : )
-I was not looking forward to the MR/DS heavy addition of the newborn vampire storyline. I really did like it even though I felt it was too long. The Riley and Bree characters were excellent. Sorry to say that Bryce was very good but I really miss RL as Victoria.
-Too much Jacob again. The kiss with Bella was annoying due to the sweeping mountain top vista and length. I do like TL, but I wanted to see much more Bella and Edward screen time.
-The tent scene was my favorite in the book, and in the film it was lacking in critical dialogue just like the last scene of the movie in the meadow. I realize that the script must condense, but there are some lines and even scenes that are so critical that it is a shame that they were left out.
-Wolf pack and training and fight scenes with the Cullens were excellent.
-The music absolutely rocked, even though several songs only played in the end credits as before.

Sorry guys, I got a little carried away. Definitely going back again ithis week to take a closer look. Overall, I was very happy with the film. It sure is going to be an awfully long haul until BD(1) in 2011 and then BD(2) in 2012. Good thing Rob has some great films coming up.
Love to all.
Proud to be a believer. Rob and Kristen sure make a beautiful young couple. Bless them.

30yearoldtwifan said...

Oh Rose the Time interview brought out A LOT of foam and crazies. There were people on the Emovie.org site calling each other bitches.. all kinds of disrespect. It really is getting so old. Then you had the people who say he outed RP and KS.. I don't agree. He didn't say anything about there personal lives, just the OBVIOUS anyone with 2 eyes could see the past year. There two are a committed couple. Poor guy got his ass handed to him between the haters and obsessed fans who act like there BFF with Rob and KS.

Anonymous said...

I really loved Eclipse. I kind of had the same feeling as you Rose when I first saw it. I saw it a second time and that's when I fell in love with it. I think I was just distracted the first time.

Weren't the hyenas laughing yesterday about Kristen only sharing her bed with her cat as some kind of Rob denial? Did they catch the line about Max having to fight his way into the bed? Just saying.

I find it very upsetting that today they are cyber bullying one of Sam's friends because he was posting pics from the BBQ on his twitter and talking about the WTTR premiere. He didn't say anything secretive. And the pics only if you looked hard could you see what was going on. It's not like the BBQ was a secret. So what is their purpose in harassing this guy? It's really scary crap. If they think he is being to open about Rob's like and inner circle then that is something Rob can decide to handle. Not the freaks he already despises. He's a big boy and can take care of himself.

And when are they going to understand that Rob HATES them. If ODO really is somebody from the inside, they said that R&K think the extreme Robsten love (people who think they are married) is funny, but the nonstens who hate on Kristen, their friends and their family are scary.

jen said...

man, they totally lost their shizz over Wyck's words. The funny thing is they don't understand that Wyck actually is quite protective of kristen, he's come to her defense often over the years, and wants her to work on his new production project.

Wyck said what he did with the blessing of Kristen and Rob. If anything, he was doing what neither of them can do because people will FOAM if they did.

Silly hyenas.

Melinda said...

I truly get amazed by the negative comments/thoughts people have.

I have decided that truthfully most of the general public don't care about the lives of celebs enough to go on the internet and comment about it. I guess that's a good thing.

I have never followed the career/personal life of a celeb before Rob and Kris. Mainly b/c I think most of them are fake and I hate it.

Then I saw Twilight and R/K just had something and it made me curious. The more I learned about them, the more I liked. They just seem like the real deal.

Hopefully with Eclipse promos wrapped up the media will lose interest pretty soon and there won't be any more "stories" to print about R/K for people to negatively comment on.

I guess I need to train myself not to even read this crap and only bask in positive comments on sites.

Oh well, enough ranting. Going to watch Kristen on Lopez.

SueBee said...


My brain must have stopped working. What song was playing during the bed/kissing scene before the proposal? I know I liked the song but then I got distracted when Bella started pulling Edward's shirt out of his pants. :o)

Anonymous said...

It was My Love by Sia.

SueBee said...

Thank you!

Melinda said...

Okay I had to share this. #teenthings on twitter tweeted these in the past hour. Does this not fit Rob and Kristen and the hyenas. I mean LOL!

Also-if you didn't see Kristen on Lopez you should see it. She was really relaxed. Her dad works as a producer there and he told her she looked beautiful. So sweet! She talked about Rob re-teaching her how to juggle. Really good interview!


How would you like people sending hate and death threats to your boyfriend/girlfriend?

And people wonder why celebs keep their personal lives personal...

Think before you hate.

Hating on a celeb's girlfriend/boyfriend isn't going to make them break up with them, it's just showing your immaturity level.

I hate when people hate on their favorite celeb's girlfriends/boyfriends, shouldn't they be happy for them?

People shouldn't believe everything they hear.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose! I just watched Kristen on Lopez Tonight and, no surprise, she looked beautiful. I really am loving her new hair color. And she was so freaking cute in the interview. I enjoyed it a lot.
It would be beyond adorable to ever see Rob and Kristen juggling together. I also love hearing more about Kristen's cooking and her cute cat Max/Jella. Still wish I could sneak a peek at the pic of Rob, Kristen and Jella together. I am a huge animal lover and I'm so glad Rob and Kristen are as well!

Haven't seen Eclipse yet. I promised my sister I would wait for her!

Opytaylor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Opytaylor said...

I don't understand how ravenous the haters can be. Every day over the past six weeks or so, they have lost ground. Now we comments from a very credible source    and they turn it a notch and start telling lies and making threats. They are nearly unredeemable people. I have to avoid comments sections on any site that allows comments because this deranged minority is seriously flaking our right now. Now we will have quiet times for a few months. Maybe Rob will be spotted visiting Kristen on set. After the past week, they will probably be more open. Not verbally, but they won't go out of their way to avoid being photographed together.
I too never once followed a celeb until something about Kristen sorts put me under a spell. Guess the same happened to Rob.
Yes these people who claim to be fans of Rob and hate on Kristen: it's a guarantee he would absolutely want nothing to do with them. And he is very protective of her. Anyone critical of Kristen will get no respect, and shouldn't because Kristen is one of the rarest beings Hollywood has seen in a long time.    Rob won't be so cherry and friendly to anyone attacking her.    They would see a totally different side of him.

Opytaylor said...

Yes Summit magnified Jacob's significance tenfold. I have not seen Eclipse but NM was way over Jacobfied and these trailers give him too much. It's the really young girls who follow Jacob. But no worries, the Edward fandom is much larger. Just look at the MTV voting. Rob beats out Johnny Depp for Global Superstar. No way Taylor gets enough votes for best Kiss in that vote. Women over 20 realize that Taylor is about puppy Love, right? Y'all don't think "sex" when you see AB boy, right? And if he did, she wouldn't kiss him. She would send in a stunt girl or something silly like that. Despite what I just said, I think Taylor is a good kid and he has been super cooperative with Rob and Kristen and their need for privacy.

Lisa said...

I could have SWORE I posted here today but don't see it.. A few things.. I am going to see Eclipse again in the morning and then maybe I'll know how I really feel about it.

I didn't know people were threatening Sam's friend. Funny thing about that is.. He mentioned the bbq but NEVER said anything about it having anything to do with R & K. Kristen brought up the bbq at the NY premiere! He posted that pic before she brought it up. At that premiere when she said she had a bbq and cooked. The interview (Josh from MTV I believe) asked if her her "twilight cast mates were there" she said "um some" THEN he interviewed Taylor and asked him if HE was there. He said NO! Then on Lopez tonight she mentions it again. George asks him if her cast mates were there, "yes some" (or maybe she said a few). But before that, George says her Dad (who is the stage manager for Lopez) told him that she has her "twilight buddies" over and order pizza and stuff and then charges it to his credit card! LOL Those of you who watched it, ignore me! LOL She talked about Rob quite a bit and quite openly. Not as in them being a couple but them spending a LOT of time together.. That's a new development.

As for the movie and pushing Jacob.. They did.. And although many of us would like to see nothing more then E & B making out, we're not going to get a movie of just that! LOL As for the end when she gives the speech and he says "so it's not just for me" (with a hint of a smirk mind you) at first thought, I/we thought OH NO. But on second thought it makes sense. Shes telling him that she's not just doing it for him. Giving up her life, family, for him. She's giving it up, choosing him and his life because it's where she BELONGS.. Where she fits. I get it.. And in the long run it probably makes more sense... Now of course would I like them to just stay obsessed with each other? Works or me! LOL

The theater I went to last night held 604 people. Sold out of course. Before twilight started a girl came out and talked and then said "team Jacob" people screamed then "team Edward" It was easily 2 to 1. However, every time J came on screen they hooted and hollered. My daughters & I (others joined) would BOO when they cheered for him. E's fans didn't do the same.. Well, they did with him and B but other wise no. A very funny part was at the end of NM after E asks B to marry him, she inhales and they fade to black, my oldest daughter yells "Eat that team Jacob" I sunk in my seat but everyone laughed! The whole trilogy was a nice, fun experience. Except for the 50 something (maybe 60) year old women behind us that was saying obscene things about Taylor! :(

My point was, someone else mentioned it. Taylor/Jacob fans are much younger then Rob/Edward fans. I saw a article about that tonight too..

I didn't know people were having a fit about what Wyke said. I don't read anywhere there is hate. Well, now that it's gone from here. I don't know if he had R & K's blessing, (I would doubt it) but I don't think he thought it was a secret. Anyone with eyes can see it.. I meant to look up to see if it was indeed the same reporter who talked to CH before. But either way, it's TIME magazine. They don't print trash. You can be sure he said it. If there would be any debate (and not in my book)it would be.. if what he stated was truth. Not that he said it..

Sorry I've rambled so long.. Have a great day whatever time it is for you. I'm off to sleep a bit before I head to Eclipse again!

deb said...

ok ladies im home just got back from the movies All I got to say is OH MY GOD DO I LOVE ROBERT(Eward) I am going back 1-2-3.times boy was that man SEXY I mean the face the eyes and ho my the lips I just loved it I know I well have to go see the movie now to see WHAT the HELL happen all I SAW WAS EDWARD(rob)Kristen did a good job to for me you think she was talking to Rob when they where talking about marriage just look at there eyes and face the real love they have for each other that is what i saw SO yes I well have to go see THE MOVE again and look at the hole thing not just ROB and Kristen What a way to go to bed I am HAPPY So see ya all later. DEB

Carly said...

I will see Eclipse today so I will give my 2 cents later. maybe :)

Kris back in LA. and look what is around her neck? yup. just saying

saw her George Lopez apperance and I loved it. loved the guy, loved PapaStew, loved Kris. she was her slightly nervous self but she seemed very comfortable.

as for Wyck. he just called it as he saw it. if you dont beleive him, its your right but honestly? at this point is just laughable. if you dont like the fact they are dating, OK, to each its own but to dount it? even now? when its so clear the relationship goes beyond friendship? has been for quite a long time? its not like your opinion, or my opinion matters. not to them. and the fact you dotn believe Wyck? yeah, doesnt change a thing about who shares the bed with Kris and Max every night :D

Anonymous said...

Hi all I just saw a real beautful video I'd like to share...


Anonymous said...

I just saw George Lopez interview....Did'nt Kristen's hair look really good...when she didnt turn so you could actually see that it was pinned back....{I presumed that she cut and had another style at first but mistaken]..It looked sort of a bop shorter at the back and longer at the front....That style would suit her soooo much....because thats how it sort of looks in the interview... She did look comfortable...I suppose she was really talking to her fathers boss/associate at the end of the day..Was'nt she????
It was a nice change to see Kristen not studder so much as she does usually....

Anonymous said...

One thing I noticed with the wording on George Lopez was he said "you and your friends come over and order food." So it does sound like she stays elsewhere. ;)

olivia said...

Good morning Rose and all,
I loved the George Lopez show last night!
Felicitaciones a George - una entrevista muy bien hecho-con amor y respeto a Kristen : )
( Congratulations to George - a loving and respectful interview with Kristen that was very well done.)

So great to see Papa Stew and the love and pride he has for his daughter ( "You're beautiful" shout out was precious.) Did you notice how Kristen smiled then looked aside, so similar when Rob mentioned her at the end of his acceptance speech at the MTV event? She loves her papa and her Rob.

I am so impressed and tickled that she goes golfing with her dad. What a lovely way to stay bonded with him and get away from the crowds and "walk" in the beautiful outdoors - something she misses.
And cooking? You go girl, that's awesome, what a great way to gather friends around and entertain in the privacy of your own retreat with loved ones.

Juggling with Rob, sharing stories about her pets, it shows that she was feeling the love on George's show to open up and let us peek in a lot more. Yes, I caught the "pizza" comment too, quite cute!

George was equally gracious with Billy Burke and Julia Jones in the second half of the show, and the night before with Boo Boo and oops, his name escapes me - (one of the Volturi/Brit. rugby) . The Twilight Talent spot has been fun. Thank you to George for being one of the most informed, interested and genuine interviewers/hosts during the press junket. He seemed very proud along with Papa Stew.

froggie59 said...

Oh mother of all holy hotness! Rose, are you trying to kill me with that hoodie picture as your banner? Bam! Gave my old heart quite a jolt! Thank you!

I rarely check out the comments here anymore, although I read your blog every day. I guess I could skip over all the hater comments, but I don't even want to have a glance at them.

I don't want to ruin the happy moment I had when I saw the Wyck Godfrey interview, confirming what we already knew, and the enormous high I had at the Trilogy Tuesday night. I haven't had so much fun in years!

Can't wait for today's blog! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Im glad you brought this up. I read this article too and was like "YES!" lol because it was so random (I thought) to have the producer say this and not a cast member.
Anyway I loved the movie, but Im with you. I think Ill have to watch it a few more times to really have an opinion on it.
I LOVED the meadow scene in the beginning. I re-play the scene where Edward is asking Bella to marry him over and over in my head....and the kiss....*sigh* I feel like such a school girl lol. Rob in this movie was absolutly BREATH TAKING. I mean he is in all his movies, but damn.....I found myself gazing at the screen!!!I think your word INTOXICATION is about right ;)
Loved Kristen on Lopez. Im glad she seemed more at ease.
The haters seemed to be on mute ......for now, I guess until they have something new to come up with. Good luck with that!!! bwhahahahahaha
Have a good weekend Rose!! :)