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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Friday, June 25, 2010

Robert and Kristen- If a Picture...

If a picture paints a thousand words
Then why can't I paint you?
The words will never show the you I've come to know.
If a face could launch a thousand ships,
Then where am I to go? 
There's no one home but you
You're all that's left me too.
And when my love for life is running dry
You come and pour yourself on me.
If a man could be two places at one time,
I'd be with you.
Tomorrow and today, beside you all the way.
If the world should stop revolving spinning slowly down to die,
I'd spend the end with you.

And when the world was through
Then one by one the stars would all go out
Then you and I would simply fly away...

 *Lyrics by David Gates*

Bye for now


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Anonymous said...

OMG----BEAUTIFUL,Rose!!!! What an AMAZING and happy day!!! :)

Lollyblogster said...

Thank you Rose.. They are beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, we are all giddy and on high from last night. We got so much more than I expected.


SunshineLuv said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Bex said...

awesome post Rose!

no words are needed at all. the pictures say it all.

what a beautiful night and a beautiful morning!!

deejon67 said...


Carly said...

you are right, Rose. no words are needed. the pictures say it all.

and I have no words left either :) I just have a smile

soadram said...

Beautiful, perfect, wonderful and a picture says a thousand words.
Approved and confirmed.
Rosa a good day:)

Lisa said...


Nothing more to be said! :)

sollee said...

wow!!! one of my fave songs :)...and robsten they truly make a lot of people happy...more love and happiness and blessings for them:)

RPaddict said...

They are beautiful,happy and content. I feel the same. Last night was epic.It's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

I'm still pretty much speechless from last night so all I can say is "Beautiful". My heart is smiling for them.


true love said...

Rose...just wow..just wow..beautiful words..nothing else to say..u almost made me cry..love it..thx a bunch...xoxo to u..

true love

TIKisokA said...

OMG! I was singing along as I was reading your post! LOL~
You encapsulated the epic night superbly!
Kudos Rose!

Lizzie said...

so freaking happy today!!

<3 <3 <3

prajitha said...

i am not able to take eyes from the pictures.......can lost into those forever

Melinda said...

This post makes me SMILE really really big! The words with the pictures are just beautiful! You really can't say much more than that.

Last night was fantastic! I don't need to see them holding hands or anything to know that they have something special.

Just a couple of things to share:

"They are definitely a modest couple" AP live asked Lucy/Kristen Prout about Rob and Kstew.

Some things never change...two years later...the smiles are even bigger...the side glances still are adoring...the HAPPINESS in being with each other.

You just can't help being HAPPY for them.


I know the foaming will commence but honestly why fight with them over stuff that is pure nonsense/BS.

ciro said...

SQUEEEE....until now, so beautiful rose...my dream come true, Rob and Kristen make us seen the bubble so clearly, even i forgot oh there are taylor but he is just lost in translation...LOL i love taylor such nice little bro...

Patricia said...

Well Rose: My prayers were answered and your post and pictures are the reason why !!

Grazie..I can't take the BIG SMILE off of my face.

My favorite is Kristen's hand grasped on the back of his jacket...


Honey said...

I'm sincerely overwhelmed by all this..love! I'm speechless and too, too happy...I thought that I was dreaming when I first saw these amazing pictures...I've always believed in Robsten and I always will <3. Love them..love you Rose, and..I don't know what to say today..I think that no words are needed here...THIS IS JUST PURE LOVE...A LOVE THAT WILL LIVE FOREVER...GO ROBSTEN, May God Bless you, always....<3

kristine.hills said...

Oh Happy day!!!
Beautiful as always!
God bless Rob and Kris!

Rose you are GREAT!




Caroline said...

Ohh Rose...you really make me cry..so much love, and beauty...This is a song, a poem?

I just love, love this two...

Love, Carol.

jen said...


Loved the shots from last night.

Of course people will argue that these are pictures with them on the clock.

They are.

But what they are failing to see is that THESE pictures, on the clock, are presenting something to the public.

Something that was not presented previously. Hello, NM didn't even have them on the carpet at the same time!Taylor was in the shots at the afterparty!

THESE shots are a statement. And if you look at Robert's face in them, it's a face we don't see often.

It's not his usually sweet smile. He's looking authoritative, and cocksure. Whether he's staring at kristen, or staring at the camera, it's a look that says, "I'm standing by my girl."

I'm not one to read body language, I wince at the thought because it's so subjective.

But LOOK at the way he is holding her in the shots. Look at the way Kristen is coming off in turn, quite demure for a girl who usually looks like she's wearing the pants.

LOOK at the after party shots. AGain, Robert is practically shoving Kristen's face into his armpit, he's got the shoulder hold on her so firm. LOL And again, look at Kristen's response. She's almost shy looking, nudging her face willingly into his chest.

People, these shots are an interesting development in not just the fact they look like a couple.

They are showing us a side we don't see often. Of an authoritative Robert who is taking a stand for Kristen. And she looks young and vulnerable in these pictures, we don't get to see her like this shy, and demure.

She's eating his caveman protector shit up!


I think it's safe to say Robert is publicly sticking by Kristen's side , knowing she takes a lot of heat, and is saying without one word necessary, to back the eff up.

Anonymous said...

Omg Rose, you make me cry. They look SO happy.

sfw10sis said...

Just got back, so much catching up to do, and by the looks of things, what a great day for that, smile.

Absolutely perfect Rose, no words needed, the looks say it all and if I'm not mistaken a certain after party pic (candid) you posted says more than enough.

Thanks to everyone out there that contributed to the awesomeness that was last night(pics, links, sightings and comments).

Now if you ladies will excuse me, sunny in Ohio today, there's a cold corona with my name on it and my deck is calling me, exits w/laptop in hand, going to bring the pretty with me and boy there's a lot of pretty.

Rose, I simply adore you, thanks for all the giddiness you provide.


kiddikat said...

I don't know what it is about R/K that makes me so happy; they are just very, very special people and so beautiful together - there's something inexplicable about the way they are..........!!!!!!!

Melinda said...

I wonder if WTTR premiere will have a surprise guest tonight.

I certainly hope so if his schedule allows it since Summit screwed them over for the Runaways and sent Taylor instead.

SueBee said...

I saw the premiere party last night. Beautiful!

The after party pics were what put an extra smile on my face this morning!!

Sooooo cute!

SueBee said...

Another after party pic...


lroy6 said...

Great post, Rose :)

Anonymous said...

I love how he is so tall and she is so tiny. He looks like he has a china doll attached to him. Simply BEAUTIFUL.

Anonymous said...

I hate Scummit SO MUCH! I can't believe what they forced Rob to do, and with BD is going to be even worse. Not saying that pictures mean something special, I mean, there are Taylor and Rob, and Taylor and Kristen pics too, they posed together and apart. But I'm sick of this. Really.

Geez...well, I trust in the information my NON BELIEVERS friends gave to me. The PR is done until BD filming and nothing more in going to happen in July or the summer.

But hey, if you are happy with a few pictures of them posing in a red carpet...be happy then.

It's very important to stay calm. Nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

I love them both. Such a happy day. I am so happy for them. Kristen looks so tiny standing next to Rob with his arm around her. He looks so happy and in love. Thanks so much, Rose.

olivia said...

Beautiful Rose, so beautiful. Last night was monumental. Like k1 said, "My heart smiles for them."
Rob looked so proud of Kristen, and she seemed so peaceful, open, and happy to be with Rob. This is one of my favorite pics from last night:


Loved that Papa Stew was there. He is so proud!
And yes, both Rob and Kristen appear to appreciate Taylor as a younger brother and very loyal and devoted member of their Twi family.

Hope you checked out the letter to Rob's parents from a WFE fan / kinker : ) The link is at around 7:15 PM from yesterday's comments. Again, the comments about Rob and his family were heartwarming.

Life is good and it was such a special treat that Rob fans were given last night. It is lovely to see him so happy.
Love to all.

Deb said...

HO MY GOD Rose the words are SO true thank you for saying them I am so happy I could dance (maybe I well)DID you see them last night THEY (WHAT IS the word Im looking for) NOT just BEAUTIFUL,LOVING BUT TOGETHER YEP TOGETHER if you cant see that then Im sorry And the after party They really just let you know YEP we are TOGETHER NOW STFU. HE look SO happy AND just look at Kristen HO MY shes with her MAN and dont give a shit whos looking WHAT a happy,Happy day it is TODAY I do hope Rob did get some sleep last night he had i work at 5:00 today Thank You Rose for the BEAUTIFUL PIC And the song ITS so much ROB AND KRISTEN DEB

soadram said...

ANOM 11:48
Please go to sleep .... but what PR which what? open your eyes once and accept the evidence.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:48

Ahh and so it starts! Yeah, Rob really looked miserable last night and geez he must be a real puppet having Summit tell him what to do! Sheesh! Whatever! The PR excuse is so old, but non-believers have to hang onto what they can. There isn't much left.

Lovely post, Rose! No words needed. Actions speak louder than words.

Anonymous said...

Rose, just speechless...Your poetic words match Ronsten pics perfectly!~ Simply beautiful~

I feel much calmer now. Hours ago when I saw these pictures, esp. the after party ones, I was like, forgot to breath and my heart stopped beating for seconds. I have been overwhelmingly happy.

Surprise comes while you aren't expecting much~

All I see in the pics is pure happiness and love. *sigh*

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

Robert and his baby girl are killing me softly. You know guys; it’s a wonderful thing to take time out to me happy for others in life. I see someone is a little upset. Why come here if it wounds you to view all of these positive comments. Go someplace else where you to can find peace because you will not be able to spoil our happiness this day.

Amanda said...

11:48 'what they made Rob do'..?? Are you serious? Do you see that man's face? Seems pretty content doing what he's doing to me. Rob himself shot down the PR ridiculousness, but if it makes you happy to believe that about Rob, go ahead, knock yourself out. But know you're basically calling Rob a liar.

Rob couldn't take his eyes off of Kristen. So cute. They look so happy together. I love how she's kind of snuggled into his chest in some of the after party picures. What a beautiful couple.

Anonymous said...

AMEN. Love them both. Hope to see Rob in WTTR premiere too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and spot on words. Love is in the air!

Anonymous said...

The pictures were beautiful and the words spot on. Love is in the air!

Emtx3015 said...

The after party pics were a great way to wake up this morning. I wasn't expecting much from R & K and then THIS. I *heart* them. It makes me happy but I don't know why. I don't comment often but I am here daily. Rose you are tremendous and I bow down to you!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:48

"It's very important to stay calm. Nothing happened".

Are ya having any luck at that 'staying calm' thing?? I highly doubt it! Seriously, give it up! They're together!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you all notice that the most repeated word in today's comments is... "Beautiful"?

There's not a better word to describe what happened yesterday with our favourite couple.

Thanks Rob and Kristen for a beautiful night. Love is beautiful!!

Bex said...

report from the after party

**take it with a grain of salt but its still super cute to hear**

"The afterparty at L.A Live atop the west parking structure in downtown Los Angeles was all about who was hanging with whom. Rob and Kristen may have been at separate tables, but…


Rob's table was next to Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel, while Kristen's table was assigned one platform down the way with Dakota Fanning and Billy Burke.

Once the screening ended, though, we're told Rob and Kristen, along with Taylor Lautner, came through the back entrance of the party to go to their respective tables—minus Kristen choosing to hang at Rob's, of course.

The Bella babe, still her naturally gorgeous self, changed and was dressed much more comfortably in jeans, flats, and a brown and white tank. In fact, Ms. Stewart took her Christian Louboutin heels off the minute she rounded the black carpet so she could walk into the theater more easily. Lord love this girl!

Stewart was all smiles with what looked like some family and friends near Rob's assigned table, while he too was just a few feet away with his fam nearby.

The two went out for a smoke break around 11:30...but didn't return. We hear they left the party together to...well, who knows, but hopefully get some sleep! And we mean it.

Meanwhile, across the way from Robsten's table, Taylor sat with a lot of his family, with Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser also sharing the same platform"


Tarra said...

My twitter besties and I were tweeting the entire time of the Eclipse premiere. We've been feeling extremely giddy this entire week and we just knew something epic was going to occur last night and it did! Robert and Kristen have something very unique and special that garners our attention to them. There are many HW couples but none have caught my attention and interest as Robsten. Maybe it's because they were destined to meet. I'm sure Rob couldn't have imagined that he would get the opportunity to work with Kristen, an actress with whom he admittedly had a crush. Their chemistry was instant yet not simple since Kristen had a boyfriend. Us Robsten fans so believe that Falling In Love for the Last Time was written by Rob about his feelings towards Kristen. The lyrics shows a man clearly aware that he has fallen in love with someone that he can't have yet he seems unable to stop wanting her, torturing himself as he knows she is with someone else. Be still my heart on that one! I respect Robsten's decision to keep what is personal to them private however their deflecting questions related to their coupledom has not stopped the scrutiny. Maybe last night is an indication that they will not necessarily discuss their relationship publically but they are lowering the bar just a little to allow you to come to your own conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Thanx Rose...oh thanks Kris and Rob for sharing with us your "secret".

It seems Kris is ready to go public. She was so comfortable with her man. She looked vulnerale, fragile, nervous without Rob, but once they "together" like in "ROB-together" not 'Taylor-together" she was in heaven.........mwah!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely perfect!!!! Rose we win ! And I'm sure that it's not still ended !

Gina said...

Wow!! That was too beautiful! Last night was EPIC, Rob and Kristen looked gorgeous and HAPPY!!! Thanks Rose!

Anonymous said...

I love the pic where you can see his hand gripping her side at the after party. She has removed her jacket so its a little further into the after party. He's had a drink so he seems more at ease. The pic does not look like photo op but more like them just standing there like a couple. And you can tell by the way her shirt is wrinkled around his hand that he has a tight grip. His hand is just centimeters away from being scandalous. Her with her eyes closed. Him looking cocky. The picture just seems to scream "She's mine!" I love it. I love this post.

There can be no doubt now. :-D

*Suzy Q*

Bex said...

@suzy q

Can i get a link to the pic with Rob with a drink in hand?

Thanks!! :-D

Deb said...

TO anon 12:20 I seen that to she was so nervous BUT when ROB got to her she was all comfortable SHE looks like ya IM WHERE I need to be at BY HER MAN and yes Suzy Q I seen they to THEY ARE SO TOGETHER HE is holding on for dear life like she was holding his back THANK YOU ROBERT PATTINSON and KRISTEN STEWART I have mad YOUR TRUE FANS VERY HAPPY GOD BLESS YOU. .....DEB ps SuzyQ I hope your back is getting better

Bex said...

heres a pic of Rob and Kristen at lunch with a couple of friends before the premier. :-D



Anonymous said...

@ Bex

He doesn't have a drink in his hand in the picture (at least that I can see) I'm describing the picture 8th down in Rose's post. But if you see the pics of just Rob from early in the night you can see a green bottle in his hand, which looked like a beer bottle... I may have made an assumption that he's more relaxed because I saw a beer bottle in an earlier pic....Sorry. (i'd give you a link but I don't have access at my wrk computer) He could just be more relaxed because its the end of the night and hes with Kris too... :-)

*Suzy Q*

bex said...

@suzy Q

not a problem :-)

thanks anyways!

Anonymous said...

@ Deb

Thanks :-D My back is definitely on the mend (I can walk around without wanting to scream) and I'm back at work which is almost but not quite as boring as being at home in bed :-D

And I'm still grinning ear to ear. Robsten cuteness overload <3

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

I guess the hyenas are choking on their own foam!
How many lame excuses do you think they will come up with now?

Anonymous said...


Beautiful comment, I love it!! Thanks so much.

Rose what can I say... spot on as always! Pics speak more than words!

Anonymous said...

And your laugher, ah, that seduces my heart
I promise you
Because whenever I turn to look at you
I feel going completely speechless…

ancient greek poem.

Bex said...

it is oddly silent today.

i think enough evidence has mounted to shut the taystens, nonstens and hyenas up.

silence is golden. just like Rob and Kristen :-)

- they did sit together at the after party, proof #1 that the article i posted before is correct-
:-) gotta love beer, chicken wings and of course... ROBSTEN <3

Gigi said...

@ bex here you go he eats and drinks and all next to whom??? love it


Anonymous said...

The photos speak for themselves. Thanks for the post Rose. Go Rob and Kristen!!

SueBee said...

It does seem serene around here doesn't it? Poor Rob--bet he wouldn't want the chicken wing pic out! Nothing like getting caught stuffing his face.

I saw Kris right next to him!

Anonymous said...

Its the best day in awhile. Hyenas are silenced. Robsten is so together and happy and IN LOVE. The only thing that could make this day better... a Rob sighting at the WTTR premiere tonight. That would be the cherry on top of an already pretty perfect sundae :-D

Melinda said...

Whoever posted that Greek poem I love the words...thanks for sharing.

Saw a pic on twitter (not going to post it b/c it is not mine to share) of Rob and Kristen all smiley and cute. The person who did the picture put a bubble over Kristen's head and in it, it said "Dear Nonstens...He's mine! Love, Kristen"

Pretty funny!!!

Looking forward to seeing the RC for WTTR and what Kristen is wearing.

Anonymous said...

And let us not forget all these pics are of them at WORK.


SueBee said...


If you gave the person credit for the pic, I'm sure they wouldn't mind!
Let's see the pic!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ 1:58

If I started making moon eyes at my co-workers like that I would probably be fired.

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:58

Right - just because they were at a work event and work together - they can't possibly be together for real! Wow - the logic. I met my hubby at work. :) The PR reason is just so overused. I didn't see K or R mooning and getting close to any of their other co-workers. It was a beautiful event last nite and I think the pictures and their actions speak for themselves. However, I know nonstens are going to believe what they want. Ahh well!

Fact is said...

Rob won't attend the WTTR premiere today.And that's a fact.

He's not gonna visit her in Montreal while filming OTR.And that's another fact.Rob,after finishing shooting WFE,is gonna go in London.And that's also a fact.You know what else is a fact?That after the premiere,the PR stuff isn't necessary.They're gonna need it when BD is gonna start shooting.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine who was at the after party told me that they DIDN'T leave together.Kristen left with her family and Dakota at 11:30.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely ADORABLE COUPLE!!! thank Rose (love fr Asia)

Anonymous said...

Ignore the NONsense...they have gotten bored over at the AT board and have decided to come here apparently.

However I would love it if Rob did show up tonight just to shut them up about the "facts" they all know.

Anonymous said...

"Be healthy and fuck everyone".
Real classy there...

So Stew is basically telling her female fans, who idolize her, to be sluts. Nice, real nice...
Someone at nonsten posted this.If you think that these "women"are gonna stop hating Kristen,then you're wrong.They say that Rob was speaking with some blondes and was at different table from Kristen and that her family isn't classy.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:40

Amen to that. I don't think Rob showing up or not showing up is indicative of anything but his work schedule... but I seriously don't want the crazy "fact is" blah blah poster to feel justified in their nonsense if Rob can't show up. You know?

SueBee said...

Dear Diary,

My Rob "Edward" doll started talking to me again---no it wasn't the voices this time!!!

He whispered all of his plans to me. Now I know the facts. Proof!!! He can't be with her--he just can't!!

Bex said...


THAT WAS EPIC. hahaha and sadly probably not far from the truth.

Anonymous said...

Morning Rose i gave my peace last night...did ya get a chance to hear my gloating...it was a little Epic.....



ennuff said ......

dradena said...

I loved the pics!! I saw them last night on another blog... They are together, nuff said! I dont wanna cause uproar... but I come on here to read Rose's views and opinions, not someone elses ( Lyrics to a song) So enlighten us next time Rose, thats all I'm saying. Your way too bright to hide behind a song, you have been doing that alot lately!!! :) cheers mate.

Anonymous said...

hey Suzy Q sorry to hear your a little off....with your back....a prayer for quick recovery Never goes astray.....

Anonymous said...

According to some tweets there was a girl(probably hater)who did that blue marker on Kristen's face and she left the carpet to fix her make up.If it's true,those haters are more dangerous than i thought.

Amanda said...

@2:43 LMAO. You didn't watch the video did you? They asked her about girls and body image and she answered 'just be healthy and fuck everyone' aka It doesn't matter what other people think. Not to actually 'fuck everyone' it's an expression. She's saying just be happy with yourself if other people have a problem with it they can fuck off basically. Sometimes I seriously believe nonstens aren't all there.

Rob will be working tonight, so it doesn't mean anything if he's not there and if he surprisingly shows up, all the better! As for visiting her while she films OTR, only time will tell.:) Hyenas are extra foamy today..

Karen said...

Oh, Rose. This is one of my favorite songs. It brings back beautiful memories of a long ago love. It fits Rob and Kris beautifully. This is one of the loveliest posts you've written.

Caroline, the song was sung by Bread, a popular group in the 70's.
Oops! I'm showing my age!!

Kristen was absolutely beautiful!
I've never seen her so relaxed.I'm so glad Kris wasn't afraid to show how she felt about Rob last night. It made my heart melt the way Rob kept looking back for her on the "black " carpet.

Thank you.

Deb said...

YOUR to Funny Suebee Rob mite not be able to go to the WTTR because of work BUT IM SURE IF HE CAN BE THERE HE WELL TRY And if not its all good after last night WHO CARES We Know that they are together.Im just happy that is out there now FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE GOT IT (WHOLE WORLD).Seeing IS believing SO open up your eyes and shut your MOUTHS .Your going to get FILES in it if you dont. DEB

Anonymous said...

first of all I'm all for Robsten
but after the pictures I saw today I'm not that convinced anymore that they are really together.
First of all who is that woman in the blue dress who accompanied Robert??? She is definitely not one of his sisters. And - except for the eating picture ^^ - all pictures are for the press. Even the pictures of the after show party where they cling onto each other.

btw did you notice Kristen's shoes??? omg I'm sure I couldn't do one step without any help ^^

Anonymous said...

Are you guys hearing the song when you initially come on this site....it used to happen to me auto that the songs just starts playing ..but no longer....if anyone knows how do ya activate them????

Bex said...

to the idiot that keeps posting "they were at work" (as if it's the answer to everything)...

yes they were at work when they were on the red carpet so lets just disregard those pics for now.

at the after party however,they were no longer at work. they were at a work sponsored event.
-do you know what happens at MY work sponsored events (Ex: Christmas Party)? everybody gets shit faced and has a good time, leaving work out of it. the drama that ensues from other employees sleeping with one another is talked about on monday but for the time being, everybodys just there to have a good time.

Rob and Kristen were working while on the red carpet but once their job was done and they got to the after party they were relaxing and just having a good time.

The pics prove that much.

As for them leaving together or not... we won't know for sure until pics surface, if any were even taken since they've gotten pretty good at sneaking around.

KPattz said...

Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson may have had separate tables at the official Eclipse afterparty downtown, but they couldn't keep their hands off each other a private bash later.

A source tells E! News that the undercover couple was "all over each other" while attending a rooftop party at the Thompson Hotel.

And we're talking full on PDA here, Twi-hards, not just hand-holding. "They were kissing, nuzzling, holding hands and embracing," the source tells us.

"He's so into her," says the insider. "The way he looks at her is so passionate."

As for K.Stew? She seemed to be loving the attention from Rob. "She was so smiley," says our source.

More platonic partygoers included Taylor Lautner and the rest of the cast, who entered the bash through the back entrance. This is the second year in a row they've celebrated at the hotel.

Read more: http://uk.eonline.com/uberblog/hwood_party_girl/b187711_kristen_stewart_rob_pattinson_all_over.html#ixzz0rtqGpSbD

This is dedicated to all the haters out there,who are too blind to see and too stubborn to admit.

Karen said...

To Anon 3:30:00,
The woman in the blue dress was Stephanie Ritz, Rob's agent.

Bex said...

--grain of salt --


Private party however if some "insider" is talking about this, then hopefully they got a pic or 2 to prove it.

If not, then its all fun and games and super cute to hear....

now howcome stories like this aren't coming out about Taysten or the mystery blond GF?? oh right... because they don't exist on ANY level.

Anonymous said...

but they obviously pose together at the aftershow party. Do you normally stand next to your boyfriend with one hand in your hips? There were some photographers and they posed. I would not interpret too much into the pictures of last night. Jimmy Kimmel and the touch of their legs was more like a sign for Robsten :)
But who was that blue-dressed woman??

Anonymous said...

thx Karen

SueBee said...

For what it's worth


Anonymous said...

anon 3:30 thats rob's agent stephanie and i dont think we need anymore conformation...they're together for sure

Amanda said...

I don't think it was that they posed together, I think it was HOW they posed together. They certainly do not look like two costars. And take away everything that happened last night, because it was cute but it doesn't matter. We already know they're a couple from IoW, BAFTA, Budapest, and a million other things. So the people who say, 'they had to pose together', well actually no. They didn't for New Moon.. and it's not just last night. It's everything together that makes them a couple. But it's nice to see them being more comfortable with it and owning it more.

Bex said...


I AGREE WITH YOU 100%. Thank you for putting it in a way the nonstens/taystens/hyenas could understand.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible? Will we actually have one entire day without that juvenile Taysten shipper here? Hilarious. There is a video of the three of them on the balck carpet. Kristen and Rob have their arms around each other posing for pictures. Taylor is standing there next to Kristen off to the side, totally ignored. She and Rob are whispering. It takes her a full minute to even realize Taylor is there. And when she does, she hastily throws her arm around his shoulders. Robsten bubble at it's finest last night.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=To39k1ZnIOg&feature=player_embedded

Love the nonstens coming on here screaming IT WAS WORK. What was it in Budapest? London? Isle of Wight? How do you keep on with this kind hypocrisy. The nonstens parading as Taystens have no shame talking about Taylor and Kristen when there has literally never been one instance in which those two have hung out when it wasn't all about work.

Do you really not see how clear it all is?

Anonymous said...

Rose, thank you for all the pretty pictures. I hadn't seen the ones with Kristen in jeans...soo cute! I looove the picture where she is grasping his jacktet, you have to be blind to not see the looove. Thanks again Rose.

Caroline said...

Oh karen, thanks so much...you're funny...lol...

mara said...

Rose,beautiful post today. The pictures say it all.

What a beautiful,beautiful couple,inside and out.

They both looked so radiant and relaxed with each other. Looks like they have both decided to be more open with their relationship and let the chips fall where they may.

Love is in the air.

Anonymous said...

love this moments on the red carpet with Rob and Kristen



Anonymous said...


he tried to go to sleep....yeh right!!!


Anonymous said...

If I saw 2 of my coworkers looking at each other like that I would expect them to take a very long lunch hour. OK

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@ Sue Bee

Your dear diary comments crack me up.

I would like to be able to write a little letter of my own. (FAIR WARNING: SNARKINESS AHEAD) It would go a little something like this:

"Dear Sybill,

This is the manufacturer of your Robert Pattinson doll. It has come to our attention that in people prone to paranoid schizophrenic delusions that this doll could carry some risks. We have identified you as fitting into this category. Therefore, we ask that in order to maintain the possession of your doll, some rules be instrumented to avoid these delusional tendencies. To begin with this process please follow these instructions:
1. To avoid contaminating others with your delusions please immediately take your computer and chuck it out the window.
2. Take out your Robert Pattinson Doll and Write "Property of Kristen Stewart" so as to clarify the reality of the situation to yourself. By writing this, we hope for you to make the connection that the real, living breathing Robert Pattinson is most definitely "Property of Kristen Stewart"
3. Seek psychiatric counseling and take all medications as directed by your doctor.

We appreciate your compliance in this matter as when we manufactured the doll we did not take into account the affect our doll may have on an individual such as yourself. If you find this situation unsatisfactory, we hear Justin Beiber is always looking for new fans and he does seem more age appropriate for you.

Robert Pattinson Doll Manufacturing Company"

"Dear Diary,

Not even the doll loves me any more.


*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

@ Louisa 5:07

Thanks for the well wishes. Back is doing much better. :-D

Yeah... he may have been in bed but I don't think he was trying to go to sleep. LMAO. Okay... but seriously... you know if your all wired and nervous... it is a really good way to release tension... Okay, I shouldn't be speculating on that stuff... but sometimes I can't help myself.

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

so true......a perfect relaxer in my book...lol

Anonymous said...

Rose thank you once again for all the lovely truths you put out.
Nonstens, Hyena's and all other non-believers, it is time to shut up already. Rob and Kristen do not need your approval or your delusional b/s. They showed the twi-world that they are indeed in love and together last night without verbal confirmation. Those looks, whispers and holding on tight to one another are proof enough. Get over your juvenial selves and appreciate the fact that two people have found love in an otherwise crazy world. Accept that Rob has found his soulmate and so has Kristen. I wish you all that kind of truth in your lives.
They are beyond beautiful together. Just wish them well and hang up your delusional backpacks.


Anonymous said...

Sybill and the 100 voices in her head need to be like Gilligan and get lost on an island.

Kathy said...

Rose, I have been looking forward to your blog ALL FRICKEN DAY !!!! PERFECT pics, PERFECT song. Rob and Kristen....PERFECT !!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO......flppin' happy today !!!! There reallyl isn't much more I can because the smiles and the love going on between Rob and Kristen SAYS IT ALL !!!!

Kathy said...
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SueBee said...

Funniest thing. Showed the hubby Rose's pictures from the premiere and at the first picture, he asks "Hey did they get married?"
He thought Kris was in a wedding dress. :o)

NOT saying they got married for any hyenas who want to jump on that!!!!!!!

Just saying clueless about Robsten hubby can even see the love!!!

Anonymous said...

Kristen has a male admirer:


Then Rob meets him:


Doesn't Rob look just THRILLED! LMFAO!

Anonymous said...

First pic above should be this link:


Anonymous said...

@ Suebee i recon the last Rose posted looks more like a wedding pic...i suppose ...would that make Taylor the best man??? HEHEHEHEHEH...cause he would'NT be NOTHING More...... RIGHT!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Rose.

So many beautiful pictures of Rob and Kristen last night. They were so gorgeous and happy!

And I am LOL at the people who keep wanting to point out they were working. Are you the same people who come here desperately trying to show a Kristen and Taylor relationship by posting pictures of them when they're working? LOL. Because that's when we see them--when they're at work.

But we have seen PLENTY of photos of Rob and Kristen together when they're NOT working. Like the 3 times Kristen went to Europe in as many months while Rob was over there. So there is a big difference.
And like fans of any other celeb couple, we can enjoy Rob and Kristen on the red carpet together. Them promoting their work doesn't take away from the sweet moments they share.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Rose

loris said...

Last night was awesome!

Someone on IMDB said Rob left at 11:30p and didn't see Kristen and someone here said she left at 11:30p with her family, must have gone out another way.

Hope he get off early tonight to go to WTTR. If not I guess he will just send her some BBM's :)

Anonymous said...

BRAVO ROSE,BRAVO.It was definitely an epic night.To much Rob/Kris bubbles.I was not expecting it.They are definitely not hiding it anymore.

Anonymous said...

The beginning.


Anonymous said...

i was teary eyed looking at the pictures. they were so happy and adoring ano another. they made their fans happy by being together in the red carpet. i felt it was their wedding day with all the beautiful pictures. love really makes you look good and happy. love you rose and thank you for always giving us a beautiful blog. we love you rob and kristen. please continue to love and cherish one another.

Anonymous said...

WTTR Premiere. No red carpet. Just a screening with questions and answers. So it wasn't really "the premiere" Kristen Stewart is there. But no signs of Rob yet. My guess is because its not an official premiere with no red carpet AND I thought I read he already saw a screening... is that he won't be there. But... who knows...its possible. But if the cast is just doing a screening with Q and A... I highly doubt it. :-(

Dang It... no more Robsten bubbles to look forward to for quite a while. Its cool though, I'm glad they are so protective of their privacy. I just hope that Rob does visit Montreal and we get a least a little airport pic ;-p

Sue Belvoir said...

The Look of Love ~ Burt Bacharach, Hal David

The look of love is in your eyes
A look your smile can't disguise
The look of love is saying so much more than just words could ever say
And what my heart has heard, well it takes my breath away

I can hardly wait to hold you, feel my arms around you
How long I have waited
Waited just to love you, now that I have found you

Rob & Kristen, so much love and we love you for sharing your looks for each other with us. My heart is singing!

Anonymous said...

On twitter not too long ago it was confirmed he's still on WFE set working. Don't think he'll be making it tonight.

Anonymous said...

OMG - I absolutely LOVE the picture where she is grabbing on the back of his jacket!!!

Lisa said...

Rob is still on WFE set, set lurkers say.. So Kristen is at WTTR without him. But it's only a screening and a Q & A.. However, several are saying Sam Bradley is there! That's GREAT! More proof in my eyes! LOL

loris said...

Apparently Sam Bradley is at the screening.

Anonymous said...

Sam Bradley is at the WTTR screening with Kristen and Scout (her co-star from the Runaways who Kristen went to her movie screening a couple of nights ago) is what I am hearing. Rob didn't get to set until 1:00 PM and took food break about 45 minutes ago.

Gotta love the Britpack and their friendship!

Bex said...

Funny story -

In a Portuguese interview (miraculously) the interviewer asked THE question "when will you two make it official"
rob first said something like "..in the movie?"
the interviewer said "no"
rob said "when the sun turns black" (total deflection of the question)

the funny thing is that there is a solar eclipse on July 11th and the sun will turn black. Hahaha

Amanda said...

It's really nice Sam is supporting Kristen since Rob can't be there. It's really great that his friends click with her too..she's like a member of the britpack now.:)

Anonymous said...


Maybe this is what ODO was eluding to about July and fireworks etc...ha ha!

Maybe Rob is secretly ODO on his own board and that's why ODO seems to know about things before others!!

You never know....it wouldn't put it past him!

Anonymous said...

I truly hate to sound so sappy but Thank you Rose. Your post today brought happy tears to my eyes. I had not yet seen the after-party pics and I was actualy quite happy and content with the pics from the premiere. But seeing the after-party pics just put me over the edge of happiness. It's great to see that they are feeling more comfortable showing their affection for each other. I heart these two, and you for your never ending support for them.

Hugs, TaterTots

Lisa said...

9:20.. Yes, Rob said at his NY premiere for RM that he had seen very early cuts of both WTTR & TR.

Also, Kristen saw Remember Me very early (which she said on the TYH press junket) and has already seen Bel-Ami. However, Rob recently said he hadn't seen it, as it isn't done. Which could only mean Kristen saw DAILY'S or was there watching filming. Which I would assume was around her birthday.. In my eyes more proof (only the DD's aka dense and/or delusional still need) I don't think your 'friends' or your 'PR buddies' see ALL early cuts of your film. Taylor had not seen the TR until he went to the premiere! Which I know because he was asked outright ;) And I've NEVER heard Tay mention that he's seen an advanced copy of one of her movies. Nor she his, have you?

Bex said...

Oooh shiiiiiittt


!!! :-D !!!!

Lisa said...

CUTENESS! http://kstewrobfans.livejournal.com/263449.html

Lisa said...

You guys see this? There is another that shows his handwritting too.. I wasn't so sure about the other but this sure does look like his R and maybe an O.. I'll leave you to decide for yourselves.. :)


Amanda said...

OMG.. it does look like ROB. I'm usually skeptical about things like that but yeah..

Lisa said...

Here's another.. There is a closeup too.. If I run across it I will post it.. Anyway, the story behind the writing part is.. A girl from a fan website (I forget at the moment sorry) spent a LOT Of time making a font of Rob's actual writing (she did Kristens too) anyway, the ROB above the ring is actually Rob's handwriting! Again, I'll let you decide.. :)


Anonymous said...

about the gold banded ring...some other pics iv seen her wear a more sculptured design on the plain gold...Not engraved R O but like swirly lins defined in the gold as such....maybe there are 2 gold bands she wears seperatley.

Lisa said...

I saw one also. It was not as close and someone posted it here saying it said "cherry bomb" and that Dakota had one just like it. Never produced anymore pics of it, and never could find one of Dakota with anything like it. I don't know if that ring was actually on KS hand or not. I do know this one IS her hand. I can't say for sure it says Rob, but it does look like it. And maybe the other side has scrolls.. I just don't know.. And am not here to debate it. Just wanted to share..

Anonymous said...

@lisa i beleive you have a FB msg???

Anonymous said...

So,Rob DIDN'T attend the WTTR premiere as i said yesterday and everybody claimed that i was foaming!(lol)Isn't it strange that they only pose together at their premieres and when Kristen attended the premiere of RM,which was another Summit's movie?

linda said...

The whole Robsten thing is so funny and completely lame.It's like a story for little girls.I guess older women have mind as a 10 years old girl and that's really sad.All this:"the Big question wasn't answered",the neclace,the ring,the looks,twitter confirming,insiders,people who spend their time on twitter tweeting about every single move R/K do is so pathetic.

Maybe you should give all the information to the FBI so they could follow them around and capture them in the BIG moment.Bahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 12:11 And you're STILL foaming. He is still at work filming right now. One of his best friends went to support Kristen. And you're right, they only POSE together at premieres, but they are PICTURED together all over the world. Stop being intentionally obtuse, it only makes you look bad.

Anonymous said...

And you're here commenting on something you think is lame. I guess that makes you extra extra pathetic.

Bex said...

Umm just so you know nobody was expecting rob to show up. Everybody knew he was working so the fact that he didn't show doesn't prove anything.

Nice try though.

Anonymous said...

@to 12:23 and your obsession with Robsten makes you look stupid!lol

Anonymous said...

12:11pm. LOL. Everyone knew there WAS a chance that he'd be working. It's more like you are throwing darts at a dart board hoping something will stick. It's beyond obvious now. And so very amusing.

And where there heck else are they supposed to pose? At the airport? When eating lunch? At a concert? Of course they pose on red carpets! But their private life, when they're doing everyday things---they don't pose. LOL. But we have seen them together--A LOT--in their personal downtime. Funny that's always ignored, huh?


Too bad Rob couldn't be there. But so very sweet that Sam Bradley is. He's one of Rob's oldest and dearest friends. Just nice to see Sam's support since Kristen gets so much hate from crazy idiots. Sam knows Kristen and knows how happy she makes Rob.

Is this the only premiere for WTTR? I remember the producer talking about a fall premiere or was that changed in favor of tonight's screening? I didn't see anyone else taking pics. It seemed like it was just the stars of the movie.

Anonymous said...

How do you know that Sam was there?Because of some tweets?Come on!Pics or it didn't happen.Scout was there and there are pictures.What about Sam?No pictures?Well,you get my point.

Anonymous said...

To Anon@2:43, if you're a female, I'd say SHAME ON YOU. Everyone has a brain gets what Kristen meant. Btw, thanks Amanda@3:23 for clarification.

Anon@2:43, I'm very proud to be Kristen's fan. Kristen truly shows what's GIRL POWER.

Confidence is the key and don't give a shit to those who tell you what you should do or behave.
You are who you are. Follow your heart. Do what you want to do and not be ashamed of it.

These messages are what Kristen has been long delivering.

In an interview (http://pics.livejournal.com/kstewrobfans/pic/000ay8c3), Kristen was asked if she would classify herself as a feminist. She replied, "I definitly want to stand up for our gender".

It's a SHAME that you're unable to appreciate a girl who has constantly reminded us to be strong and appreciative of ourselves.


I'm pissed!~

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

Like 5 people said Sam was there. Kinda random thing to say he's there, if he's not.
I guess the thought of Sam at Kristen's screening bothers some people. LOL.

Deb said...

Linda sorry BUT ROB WELL NOT BE GOING IN TO YOUR BED TONIGHT Theres only ROOM FOR KRISTEN in HIS. sorry but you had to be told I KNOW I KNOW you'll feel better soon (I HOPE) I know you want to change your name to Kristen BUT THATS not going to help WHAT WELL HELP IS IS IF OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE THAT ROBERT PATTINSON IS IN LOVE WITH KRISTEN STEWART OK I hope you feel better soon GO to doc.and get HELP DEB

Anonymous said...

You're wrong.It doesn't bother me if Sam was actually there.But was he or some girls who like to post all the kinda of crap on twitter said that?I'm sorry,but i'll say once again pics or it didn't happen.

linda said...

Deb,are you drunk?Because your comment makes me think that!And please don't give me the "i'm drunk from the robsten epic night",because i'll think that you're stupid,too.

And sorry for ruin this for you,but i don't want Rob in my bed.He's too young and too skinny for my taste.I don't like boys,i prefer men.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Okay. I don't need pics of Sam. I think there's a good chance he went with Kristen to support her. No biggie. Rob and Kristen are still a happy and beautiful couple regardless.

Anonymous said...

RT @KStewOnEllen: Kstew was sitting 4 rows behind us and we heard her talking about the Sharpie incident...lets just say it was NOT an accident.
less than a minute ago via web

This person says that the incident with the blue marker at the premiere wasn't accidental after all.

Lisa said...

For those of you who haven't bought your Remember DVD yet, hurry up. I pre-ordered mine so I just got it today. I just put it in and am watching the "extras" and then "making RM" and I am in tears already.. Rob is just amazing and the cast and crew say wonderful things about him! :)

renee said...

Let's be real here,girls.RM was NOT a good movie and i think you all know it,but don't want to admit it.I know that you all want to support Rob's work,but that doesn't change the fact that the movie was mediocre.I've seen much,much better family dramas.Rob looked beautiful and sexy and that's the only thing the movie was selling.That's why even with the trailer and the whole promoting the main issue was the love story and the "hot" scenes.

Lisa said...

renee, HOW DARE YOU TELL ME WHAT I THINK ABOUT A MOVIE! Really? You ever hear of "to each his own"? Difference makes the world go round! You decide what YOU like, and I'LL DECIDE WHAT I LIKE! Unbelievable!

renee said...

Hey,Lisa,calm down ,will you?You can believe what you want,i just posted my opinion.If you loved this movie so much,then ok.

Anonymous said...


That's a blunt denial for me!

Anonymous said...

As for how he looks at Kristen, I've seen pictures of him looking at Anna Kendrick the same way, and in one he's even trying to eat half her face lol. Just because Robert and Kristen smiled at each other, does not mean "super secret love". So how some interpret their red carpet pictures is just an opinion, and is very subjective. I've seen many costars posing the same way.

You're so right!

Deb said...

Lisa I have the movie myself and i really loved it i think Rob did a good job and it was sad at the end I myself can not wait to see his other movies coming out He is a good actor and i think he well go far if he chooses to AND be there to see all of them. DEB

i'm wondering said...

why Kristen's or Taylor's parents NEVER pose at the red carpet,but the Pattinson's ALWAYS pose like they're celebrities,like the Kardasians.Are they fame whores or what?

Anonymous said...

I wonder who came up with the "are they or aren't they thing" It sure keeps all you robstens and nonstens in a nonstop hot debate. Whether it's Scummit, Rob or Kstew it was a "Brilliant" PR move. Keep'em wanting more. Well Done R&K.

Deb said...

TO anons 2:56 I dont think that THAT was very nice to say do you know them?NO so why would you even say that about people you dont even know HOW RUDE of YOU and by the way how would you like it if someone said nasty and DISRESPECTFUL things about your parents?SO please DO NOT say DISRESPECTFUL things about MR.and MRS. PATTINSON or any of ROBS family .....DEB

i'm wondering said...

Wow,Deb.Do YOU know them personally?I was just wondering about why they're signing autographs like they're celebrities.I've never seen Kristen's or Taylor's families fo that.If my opinion bothers you,then just skip it.

Anonymous said...

"Stewart and Taylor Lautner are making their way back to America where on Thursday they’ll join Robert Pattinson and the rest of the Twilight cast in LA for the big premiere. Those Twi-Hards have already started lining up. In their tents, with their signs, days in advance, making pilgrimages from as far away as Australia, in the hopes of a 30 second glimpse of his hair. To breath the same air. To sweat in the same heat. To be illuminated by the same moon.

What exactly is the hope here?

That while his girlfriend signs autographs three feet next to him, he will lock eyes with one of these losers and somehow not think she’s a loser even though she’s been standing there for 72 hours waiting to tell him he’s Robbed Her Heart? I get it for a 15 year old. I do not get it for the 35 year old basement mom who spends more time with her Edward pillow than she does with her own children. "

This stuff was written by Lainey before the premiere.She's so right about those morons.

Opytaylor said...

It's so funny that as the evidence becomes more indisputable, these retards become more active and desperate. My theory today is they like being annoying because they know they are not winning any arguments. Their logic is so fallible. I really do not even think they believe what are they saying. I wish their was a system of accountability here. If I were Rose I would appoint moderators to delete their posts. Their own mental health is at stake when they are given this platform to continue spouting hate and lies. Not staying to listen to their responses. Deep down they know I am right.

Anonymous said...

And her boyfriend last night was very much on game too.

The colour of his suit is a liiiiiiittle carnival, sure. But the tailoring is perfect. And he’s wearing it with flair. You know when Johnny Depp puts on his weird little outfits and it’s pointless to call it a weird little outfit because he just owns that sh-t like it’s his?

There is nothing sheepish about Pattinson here. He didn’t ruin it by being embarrassed of it, which is kind of what his play has been thus far. Instead, maybe because of the hair, Pattinson is demonstrating some fashion flavour of his own. In combination with the fact that he’s learned how to close his mouth and hide his mothering hips, and again that beautiful short cut, this Pattinson is much more appealing. And it’s undeniable that his pretty combined with Stewart’s pretty, they are indeed one of the most pulchritudinous couples in the business, if not just a little bit brother and sistery, which is what they say about all attractive pairings. "

That;s what Lainey posted about the premiere.Even she,who doesn't like Rob,admits that he's Kristen's bf and read her last sentence.DO YOU GET THAT HATERS?

the awful truth said...

"My gut has told me all along that although Rob and Kristen have a close personal relationship with each other that this relationship does not go beyond a platonic one, so to infer that Robert is Team Bella off screen is simply a publicity stunt."


vickie said...

Interesting answer from Rob here at 2:00

"When the sun goes black"
What the **** does that mean now???
It might be just a way to not answer the question.. or might be a clue!

Oliviamk1218 Yes, there is a TOTAL SOLAR ELIPSE coming up in the US on July 11, which is when the moon (Edward) blackens the sun (Jacob) :)

FYI, NASA says there will be a solar eclipse on 7/11... so when Rob says he and K will be an "official" couple when the sun turns black...

@arden8283 He said it in Portuguese interview... but NASA says there will be a solar eclipse on 7/11... so we don't have long to wait! LoL!

This is why people think both shippers and nonstens are completely crazy.

Anonymous said...

Let's not put Kristen's ring under a microscope and analyze it to death. It's obviously from Rob but she is wearing it with the writing facing down for a reason...she obviously wants to keep a very special and private thing between them to themselves. I know I wouldn't want the public analyzing private romantic things that my husband has given me. Let's respect their privacy and just keep enjoying the beautiful pix of them that are coming our way and lots more to come. JMO

Robsten sucks said...

"This is why i can't stand them. They are hypocrite. They are all well we're all about love at least we don't promote hatered. And what do they do all the time? They trash everyone who isn't robsten,
i used to be idifferent wto taylor but now i feel sorry whenever people call him gaylor,failcob the choice and other stupid name and stupid theorie just because the guy is in the *beep* movie. He is nothing but gracious when it comes to kristen. He held the door for her help her walk in her massive heels. I've never seen rob doing that for her. But even her *beep* fans can't appreciate that because they're so wrap up in their robsten *beep*

Mike the guy is nothing but class. Never opened his mouth when a dude was coverting his girlfriends for years. That for me is class and i don't know if the robsten tail shippers tell is true kristen and rob deserved that class behaviour.

As for nikki, i feel sorry for her. The girl does nothing to be treated like a crap. I was so happy to see how kris's dad was hugging her at the premiere. For me it told me what i needed to know that shippers and their crazy *beep* FF are FOS.
As for the inccident with robs people, i like to believe that it was nothing. And if people trash her for that when she was from their own interpretation the victim then, i don't know what they will do when robsten split.

Shipper who are kristen fans and who act like this scare the *beep* out of me. Some on kristen fans live journal are scary in their hatered of anyone who is seen as a treath to the robsten fantasy. It's mean spirited. I like kristen. But i can't like robsten. It was born from crazyness;there is too much crazyness around robsten to make me enjoy it. "

This is what sane people,who are Kristen's fans,think about stupid Robsten and the psycho shippers.

Anonymous said...

The screening of WTTR at LAFF last night was not a premiere. It was simply a screening with a Q & A afterward.

The film opens in the FALL and red carpet primieres are held a week or two before a film opens.

I don't think anyone seriously expected Rob to be there. It's a screening and Q & A afterall. He had an early call and it was apparently a long day.

to the hyenas said...

The foaming nonsten hyena trolls are back(sounds like ONE girl) and post the SAME foaming messages WORD FOR WORD on Ted Casablanca's AT site. WORD FOR WORD. What a shock. More than likely post them all over other Rob/Kristen boards as well.

EVERYONE sees through your pathetic,grasping, IMMATURE rants and you are fooling NOBODY.

Rob and Kristen are a couple whether YOU like it or not and even the American media is no longer saying "rumored" couple...they are now all saying "Robert Pattinson and girlfriend Kristen Stewart" "on and off screen lovers" etc etc

Go play in the sandbox where you belong. YOU'VE LOST. BIG TIME.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:22,media says what their viewers wanna hear.Do you believe anything the media say?

Anonymous said...

to Opytaylor at 423- ITA and I like having a male's viewpoint here. The hyenas aren't even Rob or Kristen fans,it's clear they hate both and come here just to try to piss people off. Attention seekers with no life. Twatlighters are infamous for going site to site just to stir the pot.

That's why I just ignore them and do not respond to their drivel.From their horrific spelling,grammar and writing style,you can tell it's a young teen who is bored out of her mind on summer break.

gucci said...

Robert made a big impression in the fashionista world with the Gucci suit,many fashion blogs are saying what a fantastic look he had and pulled it off like no one else could.One said 'on the 8th day,God created Robert Pattinson.' LOL

Anonymous said...

There are people who think that R/K are coming out officially at July 11th,at the eclipse,because Rob made a joke at a brazilian interview and when the interviewer asked him when he and Kristen are gonna come out as an official couple he said when the sun turns black!!!lol

Some people are soooooo desperate and lame and stupid.

Anonymous said...

Rose,can't wait to see what you will say today. I think your finger will hurt from all the pushing you will have to do! :-)

Anonymous said...

To i'm wondering...

You should direct your question to the fans who have asked autographs from Rob's family. Because I'm sure they would tell you "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS".

i'm wondering said...

to anon 8:05,are you relative with the Pattinson's?Because you're very touchy about them.

Anonymous said...

To i'm wondering...

Unfortunately I am not. Use your common sense that is if you have one...

Anonymous said...

To i'm wondering...

Apparently you have'nt got a common sense otherwise you won't wondering all the time...

i'm wondering said...

well,wondering proves someone with brains.On the contrary,someone like you who accepts everything that sees and hears provs someone with no brains at all.lol

Lisa said...

renee, first off I'm calm.. You just ticked me off. You see, people come here and argue, and I think it's stupid. Because I have my own mind and KNOW what I know! You didn't say 'Oh, I didn't care for the movie, etc...' you said
"Let's be real here,girls.RM was NOT a good movie and i think you all know it,but don't want to admit it"

WHY would I say I like it if I don't?

Anonymous said...

Such utter nonsense being spewed all over Rose's blog late last night into this morning.

Funny how it was so quiet early on in the day Friday. I guess the hyenas needed time to figure out a new line of approach to dispel R/K being a couple.

But wait they went back to the standard PR, PR, PR which Rob already debunked TWICE in one week! Cracks me up that they keep using it for their own agenda not listening to the words coming from Rob mouth.


For the comment about the Pattinson family signing autographs...why is such a big deal? It is not like they are going around asking people if they would like an autograph from them. People (Rob's fans most likely) ask them. If someone wants an autograph why would they be rude and say no?

And the whole eclipse comment by Rob (we sane supporters talk in jest exactly like Rob and Kristen do) well to me it would be anti-climatic for R/K to "publicly" come out now. Everyone knows it so what's the point?

WTTR stuff- since I don't know Rob's schedule all I said was if he was able it would be nice to see him there in support. Hearing Sam was there (tweeted by several people that he was)is just another piece of the puzzle of R/K.

Once again the haters have NOTHING that sticks!!!

Anonymous said...

This is cute. Check out how Rob lets Kristen know they have to move over a bit................At the 0:18 point.

loris said...

I highly doubt they will make some kind of official announcement on July 11th. I think most Robsten fans are just laughing about it to tick off the hyenas. It's just ironic because we know Rob is deflecting in that interview, but he's saying "when the sun goes black" and here he is sitting in front of a large poster of a sun turning black. LMAO. If you don't get the irony in that. then I can't help you. And then to rib the nonsense further, there is an eclipse in July. Everyone's just laughing about it. I don't know if anyone is really taking it serious.

I do wonder if there is some sort of article coming out in July. We'll just wait and see. But I just don't get how anyone can still be in denial about it. The question just doesn't need to be asked. It's obvious. And once the hyenas realize this and stop making up crap, the Robsten fans won't feel the need to find proof for your closed eyes. And then everyone can leave R&K alone.

Joy T. said...

Rose, This post is lovely and visually so pleasing. You shine the most when you put your focus totally on Rob and Kristen. Your writing becomes poetic and lyrical and reach out to many of our hearts. You are in fact writing for a lot of us who love Rob and want him to find happiness with Kristen. I hope you will continue to be inspired by Rob and Kristen and their love for each other.

Body language said...


IF A PICTURE.........

Body language said...


same here!

SueBee said...

@ body language

Well, gee, you convinced me.

Oh, no wait, I'm a sane adult. Looks like a picture taken for fun a while ago.

Keep scraping the barrel if it soothes you though.

Body language said...

Hey Suebee,you shippers have an obsession with body language.I just posted some photos that prove Rob's bl with other co stars,too.Don't freak out!You have to admit that with Anna he was more intimate than with Kristen.

SueBee said...

Hey body language, sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. Let me break that down if you don't understand metaphors.

You have got to be freaking out if you really feel the need to post this tripe.

Just give up. It's a done deal.

Anonymous said...

Rose! Love, love, love your blog!!
I always enjoy the picture at the top as well!!! The look on their faces, just says contentment, love and peacefulness, especially Kristen's face.
We got ever so much more than we were expecting!!! Seeing how happy they are makes me so happy for them!

Anonymous said...

@anon Saturday, June 26, 2010 2:34:00 AM
You're AngelWingsAndStardust. I saw you posted the same thing on Robsessed - "Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Will Become a Couple in...Eclipse?" thread. Kind of sad that a 25 year old has to go around blogs disapproving a beautiful relationship.

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