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Monday, June 7, 2010

Robert and Kristen- "She IS Mine!"

MTV Movie Awards.
Did you watch?
Did you like what you saw?

I just re-watched the Rob/Kristen parts...
(Gotta love DVR's)
And I have a few (thousand) thoughts.

1. Kristen looked gorgeous.
To be honest... I'm not really feeling the hair
I think her own long layered shag is cute enough.
But loved the dress.
B (my DH) said she looked skinny...
"The girl needs a burger or something"

2. Rob looked wonderful...
But a bit too under-dressed.
I get its MTV...
And I get he probably doesn't like to dress up.
Does Robert have a thing for wearing 
jackets that are too small for him?
(By this time B went to watch baseball 
in the den. Thank goodness.)

3. Robert and Kristen sat by each other
With the exception of when Rob was moved up front
when he was going to get the best male
and Global awards.
Did you notice in the very beginning of the show...
When they were showing people in the audience...
and they got to Robert?
He was looking to the side.
If you look DOWN...
You can see Kristen.
She's next to him... but on the floor?
Was she hiding?
I slow-moed over that bit a few times.
Not sure what to think about it either.

4. Robert look GLORIOUSLY happy last night.
Almost every picture of him he had a huge smile
on his beautiful face.
When Kristen won her award.
Did you see his face?
He was beaming.
Yes. Beaming.
He was proud of his girl.

5. LOVE this picture.
It's the little moments that show
just how comfortable they really are with each other.
Kristen stumbled.
Her first reaction was to go to Rob's arms.
Can you imagine what it would be like
to be in Robert's arms?
Can you imagine what he would smell like?
Cigarettes and Dior?

6. Again. Rob's face.
It was so wonderful to see him smiling SO much.
He seemed so giddy and happy all night long.
Maybe he was just glad that Kristen was back?

7. The KISS.

I have a few thoughts about this.

A. I get that the New Moon kiss was awkward.
And I get that they continued in that vein...
Well, I don't really get it...
But I get it.
Does that make sense?
Probably not.
See... from *my* point of view...
If I were Kristen, I would be kissing on him
But... see...
That's a fan's point of view.
Kristen sees Robert differently.
She gets to kiss on him anytime she wants to.
She doesn't need to share it with the world
if she doesn't feel like it.

B. So they were all awkward and fumbling.
I watched this in slow-mo too...
Rob never takes his eyes off of Kristen.
Not once.
Obviously they have planned out the 'kiss'
Rob would have put down the award
if they were really going to go for it.
He was so cute.
Following her lead...

8. Rob went for it.
And I'm not sure Kristen knew he was going to do that.
I don't know.
He just grabbed her and quickly kissed her.
It was adorable!
But at this point...
why keep pretending?
Come on...

Did you see Rob's face after the kiss?

9. He was all proud of himself.
Laughing big time.
Kristen just smiled and they walked off.

My opinion?
(like you can stop me now)

OBVIOUSLY to me... they are together.
Kristen is wary when there are cameras on her.
So she tries to control herself as much as possible.
(except for the occasional flipping off...)
He doesn't give a shit.
He wanted to kiss Kristen... so he did.
I think Rob is probably ready for this relationship
to be out in the open now.
I'm guessing he's tired of the non-answers
The control in public.
Looking at him... looking at her?
No doubt in my mind how he feels about her.
No. Doubt.

10. Robert accepting his awards.
He thanks a lot of people.
But he ends with his thanks to Kristen.
He's ready.
He wants this.
He wants the whole world to see...
"She IS Mine"

11. Final thought.

Watching the cast go up on stage
to accept the final award.
Peter kinda grabs Robert...
Kristen walks up with Elizabeth...
But watch Robert.
Just watch him.
He looks for Kristen.
He gets on stage...
And he is so aware of where she is.
He always knows where she is.

Maybe the 'Kiss' was a bit anti-climatic.
Were you really expecting them to make out on stage?
Kristen is most definitely not comfortable 
sharing her private life in any situation...
Live TV in front of millions of people?
Yeah. Exactly.
I'm not too surprised by the outcome.
I did think Robert was cute...
And I'm glad he just grabbed a kiss anyway.

It's always good to see Robert and Kristen.

More to come

Bye for now.

P.S. Today was a Hyena free zone.
At least until now.
Guess what? 
They didn't enjoy the show.
Go figure!
Bitter, angry foam is Everywhere!

*Kristen's hands automatically knows where to go...*



Anonymous said...

Its sad. I think if last night confirmed anything for me its that Rob is definitely into Kristen and he really wants to come out with their relationship. He really did seem to want to kiss her. But I think Kristen feels differently about it all. I mean she really didn't want to kiss him and even pushed him away many times. Even when she went up to get her award when Rob stood up to thank her she seemed to push him away. Why must she be so cold around him? I don't think she'll ever want to come out on their relationship. Ever. But I bet Rob does. Can't stop thinking also that Kristen doesn't love Rob as much as he loves her. I have a bad feeling that hes gonna get his heart broken badly.

May said...

I`m in fucking heaven.THE END :D

Jenn Ski said...

Last night was awsome, i was skipping around the house singing rob loves kristen! They looked so cute!

Yeah I can tell he doesn't give a shit anymore and whats everyone to know they're together.

robstenlovex said...


Anonymous said...

Lovely post! Kristen was still seated in the opening, not on the floor :)

Bellanieve said...

Spot on, as always, Rose...I love that ...yes, He always is looking out for her...such a Gentleman...sigh

Anonymous said...

Sad that the delusional get here before anyone else, eh, go figure. Great blog Rose, loved the show. I think the kiss was just so them.

"My opinion? (like you can stop me now)" -No one should ever stop you Rose, reading this blog and your opinions is one of favorite things to do

Anonymous said...

Love your post so much. MTV this year was epic. My top moment was when Kristen went to accept her awards. Rob's eyes were full of pride and love for his girl. I screamed with happiness.

Jenn Ski said...

Kristen seems cold, but it's because she's shy. When I was younger I was the same way, I could never even hold my boyfriends hand in public.

I totally understand her. I'm sure no one was ever watching me, but everyone was watching her and she knew it!

Anonymous said...

ya summed it up perfecto!!

I loved your tone today, when you're being witty and astute, talking about the things you love, you encapusulate everything to the T!
Just sometimes get's lost when your angry of defending?

love it, love YOU


federica said...

wHAT CAN I SAY...this is the best post ever i was wating for it..because you are too good at this....you analized everything and i couldn't agree with you more...for me they are together and they are so into each other...it's so cute...i would have love to watch a nice pick on the lips though...but i can't have everything...still the scene was so cute i melt on the floor...i would give away a kidney to be Kristen (just kidding) they fit perfectly..and i LOVE LOVE LOVE a full smily Rob..he was bright and fully awar of her near him..and sometimes when the camera spotted them Kristen was lost in him..she often looked at him...
AMAZING as usual rose i can't say anything more

Tracy said...

I have been waiting all morning for your post. :) I agree with your assessment and everything that you wrote. This looked like a couple in sync with one another.

I think the beating Kristen got this week over minor things probably made her even more wary in front of cameras. I don't think she is hesitant to proclaim that Rob is hers, she is just afraid to open that door to what is sure to be a flood of venomous hate.

She is a young woman with a lot going on and she handles it well. Kudos to her for keeping a modicum of privacy and modesty when it comes to love. Some things are just meant to be private and personal. She was with Michael A for a few years before you saw them making public appearances but when it ended they both handled it with class and silence as it should be between them not between them and the rest of the world. And even though she wasn't as known as she has become due to Twilight, there was plenty of interest in that young couple as well.

I was both thrilled and disappointed with the show last night. I loved that Twilight won so many awards, the many appearances of Les Grossman and the host but I was absolutely appalled at the use of gratuitous profanity. It surpassed all previous shows.

Anonymous said...

Great, perceptive post as always, Rose.

I loved them on the MTV Award Show. Obviously their awkward kiss was orchestrated (I'm guessing, by Kristen). But I agree that the grab-and-kiss at the end was total Rob teasing her and the fans. She took it well . . . I'm sure she takes it all well. *grin*.

I agree absolutely with your take on their clothes. Kristen looked beautiful. I even liked the extension ponytail. But it looked like she combed her own hair back with her fingers.

Rob couldn't look bad no matter what he wore. But I do think he was a bit under-dressed, and the jacket did look too small.

But I love the very telling way she immediately turned into Rob's arms when she stumbled, and, as you say, she certainly knew where to put her hands during the kissing scene. Obviously it's something she does a lot. Lucky girl!


soadram said...

Grand post and all thorough and correct, as I think, I was up at four in the morning and just to see the program (Portugal here), something never done lolol, but I loved it.
I think anyone who had any doubts that you may be enlightened now ..... or not ....
I'm happy for them Rob / Kris, in fact I'm always happy when I see the happiness of others and I love these two:)))
Rosa a good day for you
---- anon 12:06 and you should be little blind girl / o full or not because you want to see what any mortal sees. Rob and Kris and Rob Krios and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

My face is still hurting from last night's show. I think I fell asleep with a smile and awoke with it still plastered on my face. I'm sure millions of Rob and Kristen fans did too.
Rob looked so completely happy and Kristen was still a bit wary, but seemed a bit more carefree and relaxed than ever. The cutest part for me of the whole night is how she stumbled and her natural instinct was to run and jump into his arms. That is something I do all the time with my hubby. The kiss was awkward and cute, but it was their interaction the whole night that made me happy. And that was because they looked extremely happy. I love this beautiful and adorable couple.


30yearoldtwifan said...

I have to admit, at first I was a bit annoyed at the way KS acted towards Rob last night, I love her, I do. I just feel she plays this "game" with us. Maybe it comes with maturity I don't know, or maybe shes so affected by what the HATERS say she doesn't trust the media, not even a little.This was suppose to be fun, but it kind of looked.. immature. I don't know. I do think its her, she not ready for this to be out in the open in any way, even on a award show even that's just meant in a fun way.

Then again,To even sit next to Rob the entire show is a big step for Kristen, We the fans want them to show there love so bad, not know there personal lives when they go home or details, just share some of this RL love story with us. Is that wanting to much? Maybe. I do need to add, the rolling of the eyes when Rob Thanked her was very immature also. I just don't get that. I still love her, I do, but I don't "get" her sometimes.

Lizzie said...

I love them!!

That is all!!

Anonymous said...

I think Kristen decided not to kiss Rob because she was thinking of MA. She knew he would be watching and didn't want to hurt his feelings.

KStewInspired said...

Rose, THank you so much for that!!! You said it perfectly what i was thinking!!!
Kristen isnt as comforatable showing the world her private life, and thats ok! People need to get off her ass about it!! She has a right to keep what is hers, hers!!
People also were not understanding that the whole fumbling over one another, her pushing him away, him steeping on her deal was PLANNED!! Did you not hear what she said at the beginning of the acceptance! She was setting the stage for them to be akward!! Hence. "It takes a lot of smoke and mirrors for us to look good kissing" SHe would not have said this if they werent planning on making it akaward!
I do think She knew he would kiss her and im sure they had a signal or something! Something that we would only love to know be apart of!
Overall I died!!! I was on the ground balling my eyes out over how much i fucking love them!!!
ANd Rob thanking Kristen was it for me!! The man just ADORES her!! They are just perfection!!!
Love them Forver and a long time after that!
ANd thank You Rose for again saying always whats on my mind!!!!Love KStewInspired

Anonymous said...

Here's my take: Rob doesn't care if people know anymore. He is not cautious. Kristen still is.

Now, one thing to remember is that publicly, Kristen has a reason for caution. She's messed up in the press more, and she's analyzed(and critized) much more than Robert. So, it's second nature for her at this point to not want to share things with the public.

Think about the horrible backlash she got last year when she got linked to Robert last summer. She was completely ripped apart over her joan jett looks, her scowl,etc. Said she wasn't pretty enough.

I get both arguments for coming out or not coming out. I think Kristen just doesn't trust the public enough yet to share this. And I understand that.

But Robert-yeah, Robert's kinda over the moon and dude can't hide it at this point. So, I hope she follows his lead and realizes she may just have it easier in the end.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous~ your just sad you can't deny it anymore and of course will now say he loves K more than she loves him. Shush!

When he thanked K, the look on her face said it all as did the look on Stephanie's face!

It was a great night and I think they showed us as much as they could. I don't think they want to sell their relationship and making out on stage would have been just that. Rob gave us a gift though! He loved it too!


Deb said...

HEY Rose I was thinking of you last night YEP they did it AND IM GLADE. If Kristen didnt want to kiss Rob then why did she have her hand around HIS neck?I just love it they said it all by saying nothing and ya I did see them together all night ROB with a BIG smile and Kristen to. believe want you want but I think by now we all know whats going on IM just happy for them both AND very proud of them THANKS Rose you where right all along injoy your day I know I well and that WAS a KISS on the lips . Deb

Anonymous said...

It's funny that you put the part at the end: "Kristen's hand automaticlly know where to go.." - cause I was thinking the same last night - I was like: "Uh, yeah obviously they do this a bit.." ;-)If anyone can't see that Rob is Stars and fireworks, goofy, stupid in love - their blind or retarded. <3 your blog Rose!

30yearoldtwifan said...


Comments like THAT are why KS wont give any detail on her Real Life! Grow up! Sounds like you have an obsession with MA. Hes is so long gone. Maybe hes single and waiting for a crazy Twi fan like you? Go for it, you seem obsessed over him. Kristen sure IS NOT.

deejon67 said...

They Are Together They Are Happy And The Kiss Was Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caroline said...

HI ladies..Rose..great night..But i have to confess that in the end, in my mind, watching the video, i imagine that Rob was upset which Kristen...i don't know...his face...But i think it's only my mind...Worry to much!

Well, we all know K is shy but sometimes i whish she just used to be more the old Kristen, who didn't used to care about what people say or who is looking...just know they are in love but i whish she wants everyone to know they're together...cause Rob is ready for it!

Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

True. Rob is like an open book and has a bad poker face. He definitely shows his feelings a lot. Kristen is different and sometimes I do think she doesn't like Rob or is cold towards him. But now I think it is because she is very guarded and very wary of the media, moreso than Rob. I do still wish though that she was more open with her emotions like Rob. It can very confusing sometimes if she does something and then I think she dislikes him.

Anonymous said...

Rose. You ROCK! I, too, re-watched moments in slo-mo. And one thing I noticed, in addition, to what you commented on, was that when he thanks Kristen... before he actually says it... he clenches his hands... and then opens his mouth and just says it... almost like he was bracing himself to say it..... and he thanked her last. After his family... like she was the most important person to thank... to him. And to say that she was what holds it all together... even if he tagged on the bit about the movie... I felt he was implying that she was the glue that held him together... but maybe I was reading too much into it.

@ ANON 12:06

Kris is a little cold in public because she doesn't want her relationship with Rob to be publically analyzed and picked apart. I think Rob doesn't care about the public knowing about him and Kris... I think Rose is right... he's ready for the world to know that Kris belongs to him. I'm suprised that Rose didn't comment on the fact that she is still wearing her necklass.... even on the red carpet. I think that says more than her carefully checked actions in public do. Besides.... whose to say how affectionate she is in private... we just don't know.

Anonymous said...

to the first poster oh dear another one that needs to *push that button* of denial...

Psst let me tell you a little secret, it's called ad libbing, it's called acting, it's even called inpromtu foreplay if that will still keep you up at night, basically the whole fumbling and bumping into each other was staged just like last year when they did the whole 'lead up to kristen turning away from him' the only difference there was this time around was that Rob grabbed her in the end and kissed her...


Honey said...

I'm in Heaven right now...Robsten looked gorgeous...and deeply in love as always :)...It's clear Rob wants the world to know he belongs to Kristen and vice-versa..he's so proud of his girlfriend..and his girlfriend, so shy, beautiful and amazing loves him so much in return...When she was going to fall down, she immediately turned to Robert and held on him tight, like he was her safety net...as infact he is for her..They're soul mates. We always knew that..and I think that now, just blind and crazy people/foaming hyenas could doubt about the truth of this relationship..It's love people. It's pure, honest love. Robert has chosen: He wants Kristen. Kristen wants him..and they'll make each other happy all life long...Robsten...go, my loves!
No time for hyenas. No times for losers..Haters to the left for today at least..'cause "True love never dies"..and that's just it.. <3

KPattzNews said...

I <3 you Rose...BIG TIME! U R truly amazing!!! Just keep *PUSH*ing...bwahahaha

Anonymous said...

i always love the way you write that is so simple but so CLEAR.. :) AND IM DYINGGGGGG TO KNOWWWWW the first mins that u talked about how rob looked down? pls do you have the link? and pls tell us whats ur speculation about that thing that he was looking at?


Anonymous said...

34 comments in 1/2 hour... I think we have all been waiting for Rose to post!!!! :-D

Anonymous said...

I don't think Kristen loves Rob or even wants Rob to claim her. No I don't. You know why? Because shes touchy feely with Taylor too. So I don't see the big deal just because she grabbed his arms or nearly kissed him even though she didn't want to. Taysten is real.

Anonymous said...

ROSE I was always agree with you!ALWAYS but
not today.

after all that kristen proved in recent months Robert finally made his duty .
are both at the same level
are in love but the are reserved
MTV is a stupid show
we can not question the love of kristen or can not be said that Robert is ready to reveal their story to the world but no kristen .
is unfair
who is gone to budapest?
who held him by the hand?
who ran from him?
kristen has shown much .

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:34

First Hyena of the Day.... we we'll dub they Taysten Hyena. Please leave a message after the tone and we will get back to you when we're not grinning EAR to EAR in total HAPPINESS at the ROBSTEN CUTENESS LAST NIGHT.


Anonymous said...

Robert Pattinson is so obviously in love with Kristen Stewart and KNOWS she loves him as deeply!


Bex said...

The only time Kris looked uncomfortable was when she was looking directly into the camera. All the times they panned over the audience and she had no idea the camera was on her, she looked completely relaxed and happy with Rob. Big smiles on both their faces.

<3 them both. and <3 the post Rose.

And she TOTALLY knew where to place her hand.

The only thing awkward about the kiss was when they were trying to pull away. You could tell it was hard to act like they didn't want to jump each other right then and there.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm Portuguese so I apologize if they do not realize what I say.

When you talked to kristen who sat on the floor next to rob, that was when? there photos? I really want to know

katy said...

Loved your Post Rose

I love so much the MTV Awards...I agree with you Rose I think Rob is ready to come out with their relantionship,I think his ready to shout 'she is mine' and I think Kristen is also kinda wanting to come out with the relationship too but I think she more relucted just because she knows that the atention around them will get bigger...you know the constant questions...people will want to know details.
Don't know if you listened but during the acceptence speesh, wen they go for the kiss...Kristen says to Rob 'were used to it'.
I think they were both nervous but it's just because they know people wanted to see them kiss, and also because of the media atention that it would get afterwords, and more because they are private people and kissing for millions of people whaching its just awarked...me thinks.
I think it was cute...I loved it, for me it was enough, I'm Happy.
I loved how Rob looked so Happy.
I also loved Rob speesh for Best male performance...we can see that he is so thankfull for his sucess, he still can't believe.
And he thanked Kriten...I could see on his face that he wanted...I was hearing speak and I thought...he wants to thank Kristen too and He did...and the look on stephanie face...was like hw adorable.
Love it...can't wait for more of this Epic moments.

Forgive me for my terrible english

Caroline said...

Anonymous 12:38...i didn't see this other side...you have a point...maybe she is just scare to show in public what she feels and live in private life!


katy said...


Yes, he was so proud...the looks on his face said if all.

Anonymous said...

They are fully aware that millions are watching and will analyze every tiny little detail. They are awkward but this makes them even more awkward. And they are no public kissers, never will be. They are together, but they are trying to seperate their private lifes. Nice to see that they don't kept distance, that they sat next to each other, that he was blushing after he kissed her. But I am not sure if I want them to come out and do the public couple dance, at least not yet. Their relationship would get a part of the franchise. But the Rob loves her more is such nonsens, it was Kristen that flew 3 times around half the world to see Robert.


Anonymous said...

i will forever remember this day! am so glad that in his own little way he let the world know that kristen is his! kristen did during the interview of elle when she showed the picture to the reporter. i loved that they were touchy last night, very close and they kept on smilng and laughing, whispering when they were seated together. i love the look and laugh of robert when he kissed kristen. i just love them!

Anonymous said...

Did you see the pic of Kristen and Ruth?

Now that was hot!

Anonymous said...

I like Kristen but I'm still a bit upset that she pushed Rob's face away from her the second time he tried to kiss her. I hope his feelings weren't hurt :( You can tell Rob is a very sensitive and fragile guy.

Anonymous said...

Rose, you nailed it, as always. Rob and Kristen surprised me last night... big time. Because they were VERY open, giddy and awesomely adorable. But what really got me? Rob's face. The ENTIRE TIME. He's smile, his eyes, his body language... everything spoke KRISTEN. And how much he adores her. Haters will hate, losers will continue to loose. But last night was absolutely EPIC. in massive proportions. Rob stealing a kiss, Rob cheering for his girl--so openly and proudly--, Rob THANKING Kristen... that did it for me. I was shaking... I was so happy. I simply wanted to hug him. and her. they are adorable, and I don't give a shit what any of the dumbazz losers (aka, Hyenas) have to say.

Rose said...

I guess Kristen wasn't on the 'floor'... she was sitting when Rob was standing? I don't know.
It was in the very first shot when the Award show started.
It didn't make sense that she was hiding... But Robert kept looking at her. Kinda cute.

Thanks again for all the kind and positive comments.
I appreciate each and every one.
Thank You.

katy said...


I'm sorry...she didn't roll her eyes go see it again. She didn't expeted...she was surprise...that you can say.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Rob looked unhappy after Kristen gave her acceptance speech almost as if he had been expecting her to say something but she didn't.

Jennifer said...


Patricia said...

Anon. 12:06

I think Kristen, as she has said so many times "WANTS TO KEEP WHAT'S PRIVATE TO HERSELF".....Kissing Rob in public is not her. She can kiss him all day long in private, but PDA in public,( NO ) I think she loves him just as much as he loves her. THE DIFFERENCE IS, ROB WEARS HIS FEELINGS ON HIS FACE AND "HE ADORES HER" SHE'S MORE RESERVED ABOUT IT IN PUBLIC. IT ALSO MIGHT BE 'THAT SHE'S JUST SHY ABOUT THOSE THINGS. BUT SHE'S 'IN LOVE WITH HIM ALSO'

ROSE: I couldn't wait to see your post. I was so excited I posted last night during the awards.

The look on Rob's face when she was up on stage receiving her award (HE ADORES HER) OMG I LOVED IT.


I think she was a little surprised that he finally planted one on her, (not according to her plan ) but seemed to understand when he had that big smile on his face afterward. Also when he mentioned her in his acceptance speech (caught her by surprise) But she has said in the past "HE VERY THOUGHTFUL"

ANYONE WHO THINKS (THEY ARE NOT A COUPLE ARE BLIND) AND EVERY NEWS REPORT I'VE READ TODAY AGREES WITH US !!!! Rob loves Kristen and Kristen loves Rob and they have been a couple in love for over a year now.

That necklace Rose, looks like an INFINITY SIGN.




Anonymous said...

To all those who doubt Kristen is not as into Rob as he is into her--- this could not be more wrong. Remember that she broke up with a long term boyfriend because she felt so strongly for Rob. And yes, she is more guarded than he is about their relationship, but it in no way reflects how she feels for Rob.

Anonymous said...

@ Patty

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!! EVERYTHING YOU JUST SAID. 1. They together are completing intoxicating... and make me giggle and their cuteness...I'm still a little giddy today. 2. I'm so TEAM EDWARD that I actually like to pretend that the whole Jacob thing never happened.... and they are totally playing it up in the movies so that Jacob/Edward rivalry will make it more marketable... which is NOT what Meyer intended in the books 3. I'm already ready of MTV MA 2011... like right now... LOL

Anonymous said...

Well I actually think Rob grabbing Kristen and kissing her was actually planned cause if you watch carefully you see Kristen giving Rob the two thumbs up right before he dives in. It was still cute though. But I think it was just a peck not really a kiss.

Anonymous said...

If you look at this pic Kristen is leaning more into Taylor than Rob. This just goes to show that they are together. Taylor is like an magnet to her. http://s422.photobucket.com/albums/pp309/twilightmoviegifs/caps6/?action=view&current=snapshot20100607113827.jpg

Anonymous said...

Rose, I watched and I feel the exact same way you do...That boy has it bad, almost as bad as she does. I think he is past the point of careing, but she is really shy and uncomefortable in public. Who wouldn't be, knowing everyone is watching you and disecting every move. I loved their kiss it was totally cute, and I agree with you he just went for it. You can tell they're together, they look totally comfortable with each other and they seem very happy. Good for them. I loved that he thanked Kristen, they're just tooo cute. lol Thanks Rose

Olivia said...

Thank you Rose for the beautiful post today.

I watched the show last night and this morning looked at the many photo caps of Rob and Kristen at several sites.
I am so proud of them and appreciate their willingness last night to share more of themselves with us. The adoration and pride that Rob exudes when he is near Kristen is heartwarming and enviable. He so loves his girl, and I agree, is so ready to sing it from the roof tops. His smiles, expressions, and laugh are so infectious. The pic of him with his tongue out just a bit and a huge impish grin right after the hidden kiss ( she has her arms up in the air, right before she walks back up to the podium) is "adorkable". He seems to have absolutely surprised her and it appears that they both immensely enjoyed the moment - just look at them - what a precious couple. The whole evening was filled with lovely, lovely Rob and Kristen moments. When he ended his acceptance for Actor and Global Star by thanking Kristen, I felt that he spoke from his heart to her and that it was the most touching moment of the evening. I agree that he tagged the little extra on at the end to ease the emotion in front of the millions of viewers.

I am so very happy for them and the entire Twi-Saga world. What an enjoyable guilty pleasure it is following this adventure with so many people around the world.

What a beautiful couple Rob and Kristen are together. May they give each other love, joy, support, shelter, strength, and continue to grow in their relationship. They seem to have become each other's "constant", their tie to reality and staying grounded with their life, family and friends despite having work schedules that take them to different cities and cause them to be apart. Hooray for them!
Take care all.

Anonymous said...

"What doesn't matter still holds it truth that nothing matters when I'm with you."

You can totally tell when Kris is around Rob is in his happy place :-)

Jenn Ski said...

Just read through 60 posts, good stuff!

Not too many haters today! Hooray

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose! Great post as usual!! When Rob thanked Kris, she wasn't upset, she was just embarrassed and humble b/c he called her the linchpin of the movies...we all know how she is when someone praises her!! Love Rob and Kris!!


Lisa said...

My goodness, aren't we busy this morning! LOL Great post as always Rose. Only one thing I didn't get was about the part when he was moved up because he was about to win. I'm watching it yet again. But I did see once when they showed her, he wasn't there. Or at least not right next to her. But I thought when he won the double awards, he was sitting with her. After all, they were in row two, at the end.

Sorry, I think is going to be EPIC.. Skip if you want but I have a lot to say.. how could one not? LOL

My take is this. As Kristen has said, "Rob cannot tell a lie" and "he wears his heart on his sleeve" I do see he's in love and it must be hard to be so guarded all the time. But no matter how mature Kristen is, she is still 20! She has had a TERRIBLE week or so! All that flying, popz stalking, flack for flying the bird and then the apology! Did anyone notice or look at pics of how big the audience was? HUGE. She tripped with ALL eyes on her. :( She got up there and was flushed, her voice was even rough making her sound sick. It hadn't been like that when she won best actress. My feeling is, they had the kiss generally planned but she was overwhelmed by it all. So maybe it didn't come off exactly the way they hoped.. Who knows. You know she HATES that people feel they have a right to know about her private life. AND how many times has she said "I'm well aware of my haters"? She KNOWS people hate her because of Rob. She always always says how much she cares what people think of her. Can you imagine how much worse it will be if, and or when they ever do really come out? I think if they stay together another year or two, they'll be out. She's just scared.. and what an AWFUL thing to feel! :( But clearly, she wasn't going to 'kiss on cue' because that's what fans want! Look how lame Zac and Vanessa's was! Because real is real, staged is staged.

AND, no one has said anything about the Eclipse trailer.. I HATED that part when they had Bella leave with Jacob. Didn't happen and wouldn't happen! :( Done for now..

Lisa, STILL smiling! :)

linzy said...

Wonderful post Rose!!

I didn't get to watch the awards til laaaate last night but kept myself spoiler free til then by staying away from twitter, lol. I'm very glad I did because that was some truly EPIC ADORABLENESS.

I was extra happy to see Kristen so smiley and engaging given the week she had... like the strong woman she is, she pulled through the controversy and showed up last night with her head held high and stayed close to her man :)

and that man? utterly smitten and out of his head in love with her. drives some people insane with sick jealousy but that doesn't change FACTS. those 2 adore each other and while the best kiss acceptance felt a little scripted i really didn't mind because they were both so giggly and happy! DID YOU SEE THEIR FACES?! omg. Smiles for days... and sweet blushes. How can anyone deny what is so obviously there?

I think the capper for me was Rob including a thank you to Kristen in his acceptance speech. He managed to make it a personal thank you but also gave recognition to how important Kristen is to the series - something I think a lot people forget. Her reaction face, along with Stephanie's, made me "awww" for the rest of the night.

keep on PUSHIN, Rose ;)

Anonymous said...

Rob and Kristen could not have looked more in love last night! And while I agree that Rob is READY to let it all out and Kristen may be more reserved, she seemed more relaxed and affectioante to Rob in public than I have seen her in a long time.When she passed him to accept her award she touched his arm and his belly, and when she fell upon getting up for best kiss award her first instinct was to go to his arms. I saw a lot of affection from her. And while Rob grabbing her at the end to kiss her may have been a surprise she smiled, put her arm around him and kissed him. I think she made a face during his acceptance speech when he called her the lynchpin that holds everything together because taht was an awesome compliment and she is self conscious-she wasn't mad at him. Seriously? They could not have looked happier together to me. Last night was ahuge step for both of them. I bet Eclipse premiere will rock!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1:14 Kristen has said Taylor is like a BROTHER to her.

Both R/K were so cute last night. Like Kristen said, "It will come out naturally". Little by little they show us more and more. I think last night was a big step for Kristen, I'm surprised they even sat together. My favorite part was seeing Kristen accepting her award and Rob in the audience looking so proud with his hands under his chin. SO CUTE. I do think Kristen is more guarded, but she wants to "keep it for herself". Can't blame her for that.;)

Patricia said...

Lisa: This is Patty. I mentioned how upset I was about the trailer read my comment. It's Bull-shit !

Anonymous said...

Again BRAVO rose and thank you, i too have been waiting for your post today lol!! Spot on as always you have only got to see them together to see how they feel. Mmm I wish I was kristen lol!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa & Patty: This is Suzy Q. I, too, am mad about the trailer!!

Still smiling about the Robsten cutenes though!!

Rose, wonderful post. As always!! Couldn't wait to read it today!! :-D

Lisa said...

You're right Rose! They did move him up! Funny!! Must have been running out of time! LOL

And for anyone that wants to see a close up.. Someone posted this last night.. http://twitpic.com/1uo1g6

Anonymous said...

I love your posts :) I wait for them everyday...
These two are cute to die and I'm giggling like a little fangirl (and I'm NOT little anymore)...
How can people say she loves Taylor?????????????????????? uh????? blind... blind...

Lisa said...

Sorry ladies.. I got called away in the middle of my posting and didn't go back to read new posts before finishing! I did see your trailer mentions.. I guess as "team Edward" it's a bit tough to get too far award from the book. I also hate when they keep promoting "there's a choice to be made" in the books you NEVER think for a minute she would choose Jacob.. OH WELL.. I keep telling myself it's OK because we all KNOW who wins in the end! LMAO!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Yo! Was'up? (here I am, improving my english :) )

I'm quite sleepy but I wanna comment the MTV. I'm not going into what shippers said or what nons said, I just turned on my tv and in the news was MTV awards, I swear to God, they mentioned Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock, and none Rob's award. Just the non-kiss and they called it "decaf" (as the coffe) boring and dissapointed. Fandom apart, it's what people think about it all over the net, the newspapers etc. Face it and move on.
I'm very sad. I mean, I supposed to be happy.
-No red carpet together --- checked
-Sitting together...well, yeah, with miles, steph and taylor. It's work. But even, if you like to think they sat together, not a big deal, Eclipse promo time----checked
-Kiss---Jesus, nobody knows if they even kissed, but even if they did, it was so awful and give so much second hand embarrasment (of course not to you shippers, I mean, the rest of the regular people outside this fandom, you can google it) --- checked
-No sightings of afterparty, holding hands, cars---checked.

Last year was a lot worse for me, I started to thing maybe they had a flirt or something, the hot nonkiss, they leaving together...PR of course, but still...

SO I'm sad. Rob's career is going down the toilet as Les said, and all because of her. It was so akward. Like people couldn't even watch them. Rob is afable, open, funny, if he had a real costar, I don't even bother if they'd kiss! But she is making him to seem distant, out of game, and giving so much second hand embarassment. If he wants to be a big movie star he has to leave all that behind. Specially her.
So that was the big Monday? Nobody is talking about Rob's multiple awards, just Tom cruise, sandy and...again, too much second hand emabarrasment with the awkard.
It's hard to find out who you can believe in this fandom, but hell, I don't believe in secrets, engagements, marriages, rings, necklaces etc...you proved one more time, you didn't know nothing, I don't mean Rose, I mean the "insiders". Still hoping big June-July news? A GQ interview set 2 months ago where Rob could say that he likes Kristen in a PR way? It's Eclipse promo time babies!
Meh, I'm not even happy and I have all reasons to be. Did you hear what I hear about her? That's she can't keep on this? Look at her face, this PR is about to end, thakfully. I can't stand how she bitchfaces Rob every single time he talks something she doesn't like. She doesn't look happy neither. And it's no me! Look at what people say about her, not the nons, or the shippers, just regular people outside this fandom.
Rob, you deserve much better, and as much as I don't like her I hope she will be happy too. JUST FAR AWAY FROM ROB'S CAREER!



linzy said...

Want to throw in my two cents into the ring re: the Eclipse clip last night.

If this is Summit's best shot at trying to sell the "triangle" in the film.. they failed. While I am not at all pleased with the script (why the fuck did they keep MR around? mediocre writer who did a terrible terrible job adapting the story) I VERY MUCH appreciate how Kristen played that scene. Not like the actors could do anything about that kind of change from book to script but how they play the scene does set the tone. The tone I got was a girl hurt her bf lied, but not overwhelmingly so, and peeved that her friend was being a smug juvenile punk. I saw no triangle... there's no question who her loyalty lies with and that is ultimately what I care about where the relationships in the movie are concerned. I give credit to Kristen and Rob for how they played that scene and making up for the fail that is the script.

Anonymous said...

oh MAN! This definitely made my sad existence even sadder, but better if you see what I mean... I actually GIGGLED! awww I love them though <3

Angelica said...

I've kind of always seen that Rob is more ready to confirm this relationship than Kristen is. And when (if) Rob's trying to hide it a bit, he's failing big time; like Kristen said, he is a bad liar.

I loved this post. The kiss was damn awkward and I still think that Dakota and Kristen could have done it better, but this made my heart pound and I couldn't stop smiling, before I went to sleep.
Any kiss with Robsten is epic.

I love you Kristen for being so gorgeous and loveable. I love you Rob for being proud of who you're in love with and not giving a shit.

Robert loves Kristen loves Robert.

sfw10sis said...

Yeeesss, been waiting for your post, I knew you would have beautiful pics, and fitting words to sum up a great evening.

We were treated to alot of wonderful Rob & Kris moments last nite:

No buffer in between them speaks volumes

The look on his face when she won, awe, just precious

Love his leg up on chair(how cute was that)
Did you see how she ran her palm across his chest when leaving her seat

They won best kiss, THEY WON BEST KISS, I'm smiling

I love how it was just natural for her to turn to him when she tripped

On stage moments, too many to mention, but the best being our boy just going for it in the end

And last but not least(because its natural for him) always aware of wear she is

Like someone above mentioned, I felt like dancing, ah hell, I did, merlot in one hand, remote in the other (for slow mo), if my daughter had walked in she would of had me committed.

Over all a great nite for everyone concerned(well, not everyone, he he, oops, it's not nice to gloat)I think after the BO for eclipse, we are going to see a more open R/K.

Are you all ready for some summer lovin, with Rose to guide the way with her beautiful pics. Go Rose, keep those fingers limber.


Anonymous said...

@ Lisa

I just pretend that the whole Jacob thing is just Bella being temporarily insane or something. Sorta like in a criminal trial when someone flips their lid... and we call it "innocent"... in my mind... I sorta block it out like that. LOL

*Suzy Q*

Jenn said...

OK OMG Perez..I mean "Lily" is back... You are nothing if not tediously predictable. You say you're sleepy? Yeah Rob still doesn't want you. "Normal" people saw the "kiss" for what it was: 2 people goofing off at the absurdity of this award show(I mean they had a category for WTF performance or whatever for goodness sake). It wasn't the freaking Oscars! I love the people who just absolutely know how Kristen feels and who absolutely know how Rob feels, like either one of them actually give two good goddamns about what any of us think at the end of the days.
So yeah Lily take your meds dear and I find it hilarious that you come here still sleepy to give your opinion as if people are waiting for your words of wisdom. GTFO!!! No one here misses you.
Seriously Rose you should be flattered attracting the crazies as well as the normal people. That is talent and I'm not joking

Anonymous said...

Ano. 12:19

You got it. So well expressed.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn. Whatever. Just google MTV awards kiss and read what people outside this fandom think about it. Bloggers, newspapers, etc.

You can't handle the truth.


Sam said...

Ok I seriously have to ask here, and I'm not trying to be mean but I truly am curious:
I've seen various comments on the web saying that if Kristen and Dakota had won, they would have done it better. Um ok are you serious? I like Dakota Fanning, I think she is incredibly talented, but do people honestly believe that her and Kristen would have actually burned the house down with their kiss. I thought they had great chemistry in the runaways BUT that girl is about as vanilla as they come and I'm not saying that to be mean at all, it's just the truth as I see it.
It's all subjective I know, but I just don't see her going for it they way Rob tried to, but then again, I'm one of those who wasn't expecting them to kiss at all last night, and guess what the sky is still blue and the world hasn't ended. And I will also go as far to say that however R/K act in public does not define their personal relationship at all, but I know the hyenas and even some rabid shippers need them to hump publically for them to believe they are in a real relationship.
And Oh look Lily's back SHOCKING!!!

Lisa said...

Awww Lily, honey.. You make me so sad sometimes! I don't know if it's the language barrier, your age, your wishful thinking or a combo of it all. The lesser being most likely. But really, you HAVE to stop. WHY do you come here when you don't agree with Rose and most everyone else here? I don't know what "net" you look at or what "internet searches" you're seeing but almost every single publication, show, etc.. Call them a couple of lovers. So honey, just stop already!

Go look at the link I posted, you'll know "if" they kissed or not.

LOL @Suzy Q YES, we know who wins don't we? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, I've got a love hangover today. Loved the show, loved Rob and Kristen, love the fact they are together, and I love your blog and you too. In the word's of Alice Cullen "show me the love" ;)
Peace out ladies, MelenaS

Hilarious said...

Hello, friends ... and less friendly but equally passionate friends. :)

Just a few quick observations from last night:

1.) My favorite part of Rob's acceptance speech actually wasn't when he thanked Kristen. It's when he thanked CATHERINE. If you didn't notice, listen to it again, listen to the words, listen to what his voice does.

Some of you won't agree, but I think he was absolutely talking about his career ... and something more, too. :)

2.) Rose, you so hit the nail on the head with the part about Kristen running to Rob when she tripped. What you do instinctively says more than anything. Precious. Both of them.

3.) Loved seeing the cute moments with Anna Kendrick and Peter Facinelli, two of my favorite among their co-stars. I would love to see a long Anna-Kristen friendship in particular. They both have great things ahead.

4.) Rob looked amazing last night due to the gorgeous smile on his face (and the super-UNF hair), but the outfit was unfortunate. He can do unkempt so much better than that! Next time. :)

5.) The stolen kiss was awesome. The rest of it would have been pretty meh, if it weren't for the fact that they were having so much fun with it. Have you ever seen them so relaxed? And goofy. Love it.

6.) I'm single, but as soon as I find a guy who looks at me like that? Done.

7.) The fine jewelry equivalent of brass knuckles. Could I love her bad ass more? Doubtful.

Good times. Hope everyone's had a pleasant Monday ...

Jenn said...

Oh Hey Lily, I can handle the truth just fine, the question is why do YOU care so much? If Robert and Kristen don't care about what people think why the fuck should I lose sleep about people that are faceless hiding behind computer screens? The truth is if any one of those people were to see Robert/Kristen in person they'd(and I suspect YOU) would be tripping all over themselves and fawning like a bunch of pre-pubescent tweens.
Why do you come here when you know you aren't welcome? And why are you working so hard to convince other people to see your way? You don't like Kristen? GTFO!! Simple as that!
I'm done now. Go take your meds! I will not indulge you further

Lisa said...

OMG Look!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Lily, do you even know what PR means? Obviously not if you think this is a PR relationship. You are so delusional. The MTV awards are supposed to be fun and silly. Not to be taken seriously. There is no need to be embarrassed for him. Kristen is admired by some of the best actors in Hollywood. It isn't bad for him at all to be linked to her. Rob will never be with you. It doesn't matter if you approve of Kristen or not. Rob KNOWS Kristen. He chooses to be with her. At first I found you amusing, but now your obsession is a bit sad. If you believe Rob is with Kristen for publicity, you aren't that much of a fan are you? You're just a sad fangirl who lives in your fantasy you should be with him, or you should get to choose who is with him. Pathetic.

pricklypearess said...

Great post! Obviously Rob and Kristen worked out the Best Kiss thing before hand, although I think he surprised her at the end. Funny. Love that he mentioned Kristen in his acceptance speech. He's so happy around her. Now don't rip my head off anyone, but I do wish she would show a little more towards him in public like he does towards her. Oh well. JMO. Still obvious to me that they're together. That boy is in l-o-v-e. Gonna take one last look at happy Rob pics then head out. Yummy. xoxo

Anonymous said...

@ Lily

Okay. Forget the kiss. Have you SEEN the way he LOOKS at her. Are you BLIND?

The kiss was awkward and contrived because it was PLANNED. DUH!

But Rob's reactions to Kristen.. the love clearly written on his face. That is REAL.

KPattz said...

ignoring the trolls......Last night was a great night.Rob looked cute,Kristen gorgeous.Together they made magic.I don't care about the kiss,but Rob's "tank you" to her and the way he was looking at her,speak volumes for me.The guy is head over hills.Kristen's the same,but she's more reserved in front of the cameras.She's the one who gets the most hate.She's the one that stupid trolls and haters with no brain(like some who keep coming here although they know they're not welcome)say that clings on Rob for publicity!!!lol

If you lurk today all over internet,especially at Kristen's IMDb,you'll see more hate than ever from psycho teens and crazy cougars,who can't accept that their dream boy loves her.Even them know the truth deep inside and that makes them mad.

PR?Really,morons?You say that Rob is such a nice,down to earth guy,shy,doesn't like publicity,but from the other you accuse him of PR?WTF?Make up your minds already or visit a therapist for your mental problems.Or get a life.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rose for your post!

I do know that Robsten exists for more than a year, even long before Kristen broke up with Michael.

Rob was into her from the very first moment he met her, but she needed quite a long time till she made up her mind on Rob's side.

I just feel that Rob is fed up of the "comedy". He's not afraid to come out to light but he stops from doing it for Kristen.

Kristen is not shy, she's just reacting to what she considers an invasion of her intimacy. "The more you want to know, the less I'll give you".

The "mistery" around her relationship is still getting more attention on her, she knows it, like she knows that whether she comes out to light or not, her relaysh, either way, will be analyzed.

It just annoys me that Rob wears his heart on his sleeve but Kristen is no yet ready to show her feelings clearly for someone who's getting the patience of a saint for her.

Rob would do anything for Kristen and she's making good use of it.

I tell you, he'd be the happiest man in the world if she acknowledged the relaysh, but after 2 years, he still can't.

cookie said...

Why you all keep responding to the stupid teen with no name who comes here daily and craves for attention?You only give her what she wants.Ignore her and her stupidity and she's gonna vanish!

Anonymous said...

Kris was not on the floor, she' sitting down, don't want to get up, this happed on the opening credits where evrybody stand up and clapping and kris won't, that's why Rob is looking down on her. To Lily, Rob owned MTV and TW won evrything. But you have to agree Tom C. gave a good performance. Why you expect critics to talk about Rob when they all know he's hardly there in NM, just like the emcee said, he's there at the beg. and says bye I had to go, and at the end ask Bella to marry him and won Best actor, last night is fans night, the fans voted evrything TW, it's all about popularity not acting. What is shocking is Taylor didn't win anything when Scummit over played Jacob's role. It goes to show the power of RP, maybe BD will finally be the E/B story, FINALLY!! As for Taysten, give it up ppl, yah right kris is more into him, she put her brother in between them. I did not see any interaction bet. them except when they're are in the stage acepting the best movie award. Last night was a good indicator of what summers' going to be like. Kristen is easing up a little bit, give her time she's really a private person, very happy last night, she even grab Robs' neck for the kiss at the end. I CALL THIS PROGRESS IN THE LIFE OF A REALLY PRIVATE LOVERS!!! K2

Anonymous said...

'''''''''TOP''''''''OF ''''THE '''''MORNAN'''''''PEOPLE'''''''
IM''''' STILL'''''''FREKIN''''SMILEN''''''


The face Kristen pulled when Rob acknowledges her in that speech ...was the exact same face way back when he [R} compliments her in the first EW interview[ remember when she puts her fingers in to clean his teeth]...When Rob says 'she is the best actress of her generation.....She was incomfortably embarressed then and she was ...well embarrassed when he complimented last nite too.
Back to my point...thats how I , myself try to read the SPECULATION....facial expressions ...mate they always give it away for me...cause nothing else is clear..in other words its a natural feeling to pull a face at a situation...and the giveing away things ...you - yourself cant see yourself doin it...So i analyse her expresssions [im sad I know] and sort of catougorise them....sorry im rambling..
I also heard kristen say ' we are used to it'.....Do you rekon she means
1. the attention
2. we kiss all the time at home anyway
3. being up here on stage and are expected to prove something..
4. all the above....

my answer #4

love ya bye.......Lisa I was only seeing if you'd bite....and you did.....shit stiring is in my nature.....sorry...lol
p.s sorry,.... if you all seen my name appear on here a bit too much yesterday........i need a little counciling in my 'self control' dept.....
love ya bye

Jewels64 said...

I have admire your tenacity Rose.

You know we sit on the opposite ends of the fence on this subject.

But I still have to give you kudos for sticking to your guns.

We see different things. I see good friends. You see more.

At least the one thing you and I could always agree on is Rob. Period. Rob looked genuinely happy. I'm not saying it's because of KStew, which I'm sure you will disagree. What I do know is that he is riding an incredible wave of popularity and fame right now.

Let's just keep celebrating HIM!

LK said...

I really,really don't understand why some of you keep comparing Rob's with Kristen's public expression of feelings.Rob is more impulsive,Kristen more reserved.You forget how all the crazies were calling her a cheating whore last year,now they say that she uses Rob for her career,the media super analyze everything she says and give her a tough time.Give the girl a break!She's only 20,and she has to handle tons of crap on her shoulders.She wants to be taken seriously in business and not an actress of a pop phenomenon and the one half of the soap Robsten.

Do you know how she acts when they're at their home,with their families and friends?I'm sure she shows him how much she loves him without the world watching.I remember when the KOL photos were out,some of Rob's stupid fans were saying that she was looking at him like a drunk, horny bitch.So,i think she's very careful when they're in public.But i bet when they're out of people's sight,she's lovey-dovey with him.That's why they're together for over a year now.They're in love.And for me,they're the most cool and adorable couple.I admire them deep.

Anonymous said...

latest interview backstage yes it was all planned out not the one he wanted to do but the bumbling and fumbling all planned it was so obvious how could anyone (except someone who is in denial) not realize that i wonder what his idea was LOL

Anonymous said...

People just don't understand how it feels to be shy. People assume you are stuck up, cold or mean. It is excruciating sometimes when you know people are watching you and you feel awkward and on display. I would literaly tremble with nerves when I had to speak in public. It took me years to get it under control and I think Kristen does an amazing job handling the intense scrutiny she is constantly under and with age the shyness will wane.

Tom said...

Rob was drunk his ass last night,that's why he was beaming.Backstage,he was flirting with all the girls,even those bimbos from Jersey Shore.Kristen came and left with a guy that some think was her cousin?

Anonymous said...

Love your post as always Rose. If you actually watch a few things closely, you might see a different side of Kris.

1) Before the kiss, she actually motions for him to come to her and is already turning her body. Meaning that this was all planned. Maybe not the peck she got but at least the dip was.

2) During the thank you, Kristen actually winks at him first, raises her eyebrows and then moves her eyes to the side. Kristen is humble enough not to feel like she is the "lynchpin" of the series. Being called that in front of millions is going to make her shy, hence the reaction. It in no way means that she doesn't love Rob and much as he loves her.

I am currently still grinning from ear to ear and gladly wiping the foam away.

Anonymous said...


Really? Because absolutely no other media outlets reported that at all. Nice try though.

Anonymous said...

Just read Kristens last interviews: She describes how she feels, that she is not miserable, that she always tried to protect something, that she cares a lot. Every costar and everyone who really met her, describes her as a thougtful, lovely, shy but also fierce young woman, who tries to stay herself. Chris Weitz, Eddie Redmayne (one of Robs and Toms friends), Joan Jett, Jodie Foster, everyone is totally gushing. The absolut majority of people really like her. She won the best female award yesterday, she won the BAFTAS. All public votes. Only a small number of women want her to be miserable and it is easy to figure out why.
I heart this girl and I think Mr. Pattinson is a lucky lucky boy.


jen said...

Many of us remember this observation about Kristen in relation to Rob in 11/08 by none other than Laineygossip herself:


In it, she mentioned that when they interview alone, they speak wonderfully about the other. But together? They act "awkward and weird."

Furthermore, she noted how Kristen responded to what the crew thought was her obvious crush with her costar:

"that to us it was the textbook behaviour of a girl – to borrow from Stephenie Meyer – in love with a guy trying desperately not to show it."

Now, these words came back to me watching last night. Was the kiss acceptance speech beyond bizarre in some areas? YES. Kristen gets so self conscious and nervous-he was literally having to drag her to kiss him at the end! lol

But then I thought back on Lainey's observations, and how young Kristen can act at times, even for a girl who in many ways seems older than her years.

She acts, as Lainey said so prophetically two years ago, that her actions remind me of "the textbook behaviour of a girl – to borrow from Stephenie Meyer – in love with a guy trying desperately not to show it."

Which on made me think the bizarre parts were that much more endearing.

Anonymous said...

Right,i finally thought all the NONsence would be over after last night..
And without doubt they sat together ALL night because they've had to spend so much time apart lately, (due to the eclipse promo and Robs work)..And thankgod, because if they werent sitting together i would have felt os bad for them un-nesseseraly being apart.. Soo yea to that :D
I think they gave a much as they are going to ever give last night, it was like they're own different way of admitting the obvious, without having to say or do much, because everything they did just seemed to come so naturally to them..
Also, i just watched Rob talking about the best kiss, and how it didnt go to plan at all ..
So oviously Kristen wasn't expecting it.. although** i did notice that just before he went in for the kill, she did kinda give him the thumbs up.. anyone else notice that??
Give it up!! ..

But yea, im in the best mood really.. looking at these screen caps just makes me smile, at every single one..
i mean he didnt even actually catch her when she tripped, she got her balance back and THEN went straight to him, like he's her natural protector or something..
And i thought that there were tonnes of smiles from kristen, especially on stage..

Waited so long for your post to come on here today Rose, and boy o boy you didnt disappoint!!
I wanted to ask aswell, im not very good at this whole twitter business.. but i wanna send you something iv found through email privately.. how can i do that?? Can i do it through twitter?? ahh man, im useless!
Amazing blog :D Take care Sar xxxx

Anonymous said...

Right,i finally thought all the NONsence would be over after last night..
And without doubt they sat together ALL night because they've had to spend so much time apart lately, (due to the eclipse promo and Robs work)..And thankgod, because if they werent sitting together i would have felt os bad for them un-nesseseraly being apart.. Soo yea to that :D
I think they gave a much as they are going to ever give last night, it was like they're own different way of admitting the obvious, without having to say or do much, because everything they did just seemed to come so naturally to them..
Also, i just watched Rob talking about the best kiss, and how it didnt go to plan at all ..
So oviously Kristen wasn't expecting it.. although** i did notice that just before he went in for the kill, she did kinda give him the thumbs up.. anyone else notice that??
Give it up!! ..

But yea, im in the best mood really.. looking at these screen caps just makes me smile, at every single one..
i mean he didnt even actually catch her when she tripped, she got her balance back and THEN went straight to him, like he's her natural protector or something..
And i thought that there were tonnes of smiles from kristen, especially on stage..

Waited so long for your post to come on here today Rose, and boy o boy you didnt disappoint!!
I wanted to ask aswell, im not very good at this whole twitter business.. but i wanna send you something iv found through email privately.. how can i do that?? Can i do it through twitter?? ahh man, im useless!
Amazing blog :D Take care Sar xxxx

Deb said...

HO my little Lily you just cant stand it can you.Its all there OPEN UP YOUR EYES YES you CAN be happy (JUST TRY) you know you seen the love they have for each other like the rest of have AND I dont know where your reading BUT there is A LOT of people out there that ARE NO so much in to Twilight that are saying GOOD things about ROB and KRISTEN YES that you can see the LOVE they have for each other I know I know you dont want it BUT its there and its NOT going away You cant stop LOVE when you want it SOoooo bad like ROB wants and so dose Kristen SO go back and OPEN up your eyes and YOUR HART and you'll see what we been saying GOOD luck kid I feel you'll need it DEB

Amanda said...

@Hilarious I was thinking the exact same thing about when he thanked Catherine. I definitely got the impression he was talking about more than his career.

A lot of people are saying Kristen rolled her eyes when Rob thanked her. Um no. She does that when people compliment her. She's done that before in an interview when Rob was talking about how talented she is, also when Joan complimented her during Runaways promotion. She doesn't take compliments well. I have a hard time with that too, I get embarrassed.

Lisa said...

One more and then I am going to try my best to SHUT UP! Kristen isn't as open and transparent in public like Rob is. But she SHOWS him, and us, in other ways. WHO flies all over the world? She does that. WHO went to who's prem. (in NY) KNOWING what a storm it would stir up? You just have to use your eyes to see and brain to THINK..

Tom?? WTF? Have you ever SEEN pics or video when Rob is drunk? If so, you'd know he was NOT drunk last night. And the big guy is one of Kristen's "brothers".. forget his name..

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything.

@ Louisa SO GLAD YOU FINALLY GOT TO WATCH IT!! :-D I sooo noticed that she made the EXACT same face when Rob called her the best actress of our generation. She got what some interupt as a "bitchy" look on her face... but she really just has a hard time taking compliments.

@ Amanda I totally didn't get that the Catherine reference encompassed Kristen when he made it but now that you mention it... that makes a lot of sense. :-)

*Suzy Q*

Melinda said...

It's 5:00 PM where I am and STILL wearing a cheesy grin! Can't stop smiling!!!

Haters have their agenda. Well after last night it got torn into pieces and now they are scrambling to put it together again. I have read some of the negative comments so far and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. That's all I am going to say about that.

We all know that Rob wears his heart on his sleeve. I believe he is slowly helping Kristen come out of her shell. We as their fans just need to give her some time.

I know what it is like to be uncomfortable when people are looking at you. I had to stand up in front of a group of 500+ people once and ended up getting SHINGLES b/c I was so stressed out about it. So I completely understand where Kristen is coming from.

I think everyone has covered all my happy moments except for a couple.

1. Love Rob's face when Kristen sat the award down when she won for Best Actress.

2. Love Kristen's face when she doesn't want to take the Best Kiss award.

3. Love that Peter gave Kristen a hug after he was done talking. Would love to know what he said to her. I know it was something positive.

Okay now onto the whole "Kristen doesn't show her feelings like Rob does" junk. Last night watching them they reminded me of John and June Cash (country singers). Certainly not looks wise but personality and relationship wise.
John was more outgoing than June. He wore his feelings for June on his sleeve. June was criticized by the media and public (this was in the 50's mind you) b/c she came from a Christian background but had an affair with John while they were both married to other people. She had a very playful/feisty side to her and John brought that out in her but not a lot of people really saw it. She never like to be "put on the spot". She would get embarrassed when John would praise her. The Cash's are one of country music's greatest couples still today.

To me it sounds like R/K. Minus the affair obviously!

So what am I getting at is...if Rob isn't getting what he wants out of the relationship I really think he wouldn't be in it.

And furthermore if you are truly madly in love with someone you don't just fall in love with a few qualities they have, you fall in love with the whole person "quirks" and all. I think that they bring out the best in each other.

I bet it kills other celeb couples to see R/K totally blissful and happy with each other and that it is not contrived unlike some couples I can think of (Zac and Vanessa*cough cough).

Wow this post was long! Just had a lot to say. Can't with to see what comes along.

Anonymous said...

Okay I am going to say it even if it cheesy but if Rob is drunk it is b/c he is drunk on LOVE!!!

Stew on that....

Anonymous said...

suzy q @4.55 i just watched that clip again...its like Rob DROPS everything at that point [ about CK] his voice, face , demina....that was truley a deeeep sentiment towards CK he seemed to want to thank her on so many D&M levels...i felt realy sorry for him at that point of the speech...

Anonymous said...

@ 5:08

Cheesy and yet true.

And Rob Drunk...

Clearly... Rob was NOT drunk last night. LOL. LOL. LOL.

All the Kris and Rob Cuteness in 11 minutes:


Anonymous said...

Kris and Rob interview in Harpar's Bazarr... Kris says whenever Rob wins something he makes a sound like a five year old. He totally made that sound at the beginning of the speech. Gotta say... girl knows her man.

Anonymous said...

before any other idiot starts the PR BULLSHIT...I HAVE ONE PERSONS NAME FROM LAST NIGHT......


Anonymous said...

I thought I was done talking but I forgot to put my two cents in about the Eclipse trailer.

Didn't like that Bella went with Jacob like she did. Totally not in the book. The ONLY redeeming part about that scene was when Bella gets on the bike and tells Jacob to wipe the grin off his face pretty much telling him he hasn't "won" her from Edward and they are just going to talk things out.

Also I hope we get a more playful E/B like they are in Eclipse as far as she sits on his lap several times throughout the book stuff like that. The meadow shots have show a little of that. Love how B is sitting on top of E while he is laying down. That's what I hope to see.

Michelle said...

Love your blog. Was really looking forward to today's post and it does NOT disappoint.
I'm reminded of a quote...from the movie "Sweet Home Alabama" - " look at those two welded together..."
Love love them.

kristine.hills said...

ROSE it took you a long time to post today my dear(LOL), i was dying here, but it was WORTH it. You Rock girl, your post was amazing! I read and reread it...sigh. Magnificent! Thanks Rose!

Olivia my dear What a beautiful comment, specially the last part.Very Special!

Lisa about Eclipse i have the same opinion as you. I hated when Bella rode a motorcycle w/J.It was beyond ridiculous,there wasn't it on the book.Jeessssss WTH!And Ed stays there seeing his girl w/another guy.It couldn't be worse than the book, but it was.I can't believe, bc for me J doesn't exist.

And for a lot of ladies here, you nailed it girls:

"Kristen shows ALL the damn time she LOVES Rob. How many trips to London this year? And his birthday in a hotel near the beach? Jesus just the fact she spent HER birthday w/R speaks volumes, she left her family and went thousand miles to be with her man."

And she ISN'T doing it to PROVE her love for ME or FOR anybody, she is showing for the ONLY person who really matters: ROB.
Because when she does show how much she loves him, she show it to ROB, and she is right. 1+1=2 a couple, and this is a relationship. And i can understand this side of her very well, bc i was very shy and reserved when i was younger, when i was w/my boyfriend.And she's doing fine, and my realysh wasn't on the spotlight, but hers is, and she manages it very well .

In the end of the day/night she is with ROB showing him how much in love she is.And you can bet her/his friends and family know it as well.

I'm so HAPPY
1) MTV award was Excellent, i can't find a better word for it. I still have a HUGE smile on my face.

2) I could read 95% of the comments here, and they were positive.I was so tired of so much hate.But today they were very good.

3) it's just the beggining of a WONDERFUL month...summer...and then fall...winter...spring...you can wait and see my friends, we are going to see much love.

XOXO from Brazil!

Blindenas/vulturenas you can scream,cry,hate and blahblahblah
Nothing is gonna change that fact that RK are together,happy and so much in LOVE...

OMG these pics were everything! Pure n Romantic.

And KRISTEN was beyond gorgeous, she was beyond stunning.She was a princess.And Rob was so cute.Their smile is contagious!!! I can see love in their eyes.

Do you wanna know what love is??? LOOK into RK eyes. ;)
and don't cry.I told you so. lol

Anonymous said...

About this Eclipse preview..
Personally, reading the book itself, i was sooo thinking the whole time this is just not possible..as in for bella and jacob to be feeling this way.. and clearly kristen and Taylor felt simularly, because she said it was like kissing her brother, it was just weird..
This clip, kind of just makes me realise how well they've acted the film, because i actually felt bad for edward/rob watching it.. and really guys.. thats exactly how we're supposed to feel.. Its very convincing.. and for those who dont know whats going to happen, it makes the relationship between bella and jacob slightly realistic, and they wont know which guy she chooses right up until the moment she does.. which is exciting for them no??
So yea, i didnt like the clip at first, but now iv thought about it, i think this scence fits nicely into the film.. :/

Anonymous said...

@Amanda,ITA. It looked like an "aww, you didn't have to" expression to me. Even if she did roll her eyes, there's another instance when she does it. In the Twilight commentary, Catherine Hardwicke was thanking the gods for Kristen playing Bella, and CH said Kristen was rolling her eyes when she said that.

Rob said a fan had told him she loved Edward because of the way Edwawrd loves Bella. That's one of the reasons why I love Rob - the way she loves Kristen. A love so joyous that he cannot hide it.

Anonymous said...

ROSE,wonderful post.I love it as usual.Me personally was not expecting that they will kiss anyway.I don't even want them to win the Best Kiss,because I know they are not going to kiss in front of millions of viewers.I just want to see them being there together and happy and it shows they are very happy.I've noticed that they are more comfortable of showing everybody that they are couple,look at how they act. Both of them knows that everybody knows that they are a couple.Last nights wins with both R/K showed us fans that they really have millions of fans than haters.

Kathy Cullen said...

Rose, as always, very insightful, and for this Robstener, very true. AND unlike some things I've seen, very respectful to Rob and Kristen. I personally think Rob would go public, but I absolutely respect and understand Kristen wanting to keep the most personal part of her private life, well private. I think Rob wants 2 messages out there. 1, that he loves her and is proud of her and 2, that he is serious. I think he'd love to lose a little of the playboy image that the press seems to incorrectly put on him. Afterall, he's had affairs with Nikki, Emelie, who was he filming Bel Ami with, now it will be Reese after filming Water for Elephants. Being public with Kristen would eliminate much of that crap. I wish the eworld was still such that Kristen could feel comfortable living her life in the public eye. Before social media made everything accessible instantly. I love Twitter for the info that I get that I can believe, and the friendships it has brought me, but hate that some people use it to ruin others lives, and invade their privacy.I also hate that papparazzi have taken their "craft" to new low levels and made celebs want to hide so much. Sigh...

sollee said...

thanks again for a beautiful post on robsten..wow i see a very special love bet them and it will continue to grow i know:)..love you rose:)

Melissa said...

ROSE!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! This post was amazing!!!!! Last nights show was SO good :) :)

One thing though...I find it HILARIOUS that Jewels64 is acting all cool, calm and collected here in your comments....all the while acting like a total psycho over on her own blog. LOVELY! Practice what you preach, Jules. Nice to know you want to cause bodily harm to a 20 year old actress who's done nothing more than date Robert Pattinson. NICE.


Anonymous said...


That post was pretty freakin' nasty... but at least she had the decency to do it on her own blog and respect Rose's (unlike the other haters who come here) so that is saying quite a bit!!

ON ANOTHER NOTE: anyone find any links on what the two cuties were up to today? Any press? Or was Rob filming? Or were they flying under the radar? I couldn't find anything... was wondering if anyone else was luckier than I was?

Anonymous said...

the hyena argument for months now was: "Kristen's such aclinger, Robert can't stand her! God, he wants her to go home already!"

Then yesterday happened...and...and...and...

"Kristen's so cold and rude! She has to be a lesbian!"

Clinger or lesbian--only hyenas could make such a weird either/or. lol

Anonymous said...

Don't forget too that that Pap from Vancouver said, that Krsiten was all over Robert, acting intimate. Look at how she held onto him at the Paris airport.

Kristen's hardly an ice cube with the boy-she just doesn't show it when the cameras are on.

mara said...

Rob and Kristen are so adorkable. I know that word is overused esp. with Rob, but that describes them perfectly. She was so beautiful and he was so handsome and both are so REAL and likable. Compare that to the fake tans, fake boobs, fake teeth, fake relationships, fake personalities, fake EVERYTHING with the likes of those Jersey Shore idiots, etc etc. Is it any wonder these 2 are crazy in love with each other?

If anyone thinks that Kristen acts like a tough bitch to Rob,think again. We saw small glimpses of what they are like with each other when the cameras/people are gone. Without even thinking, running into his arms for comfort when she stumbled was purely instinctual, something she is very used to doing and feels comfortable with...being in the arms of her man when she has the need to feel safe and loved. And Rob loves every second of protecting her and it shows.

ITA that Rob is beyond caring now,he WANTS people to know that Kristen is his and how much she means to him. Kristen is slowly starting to come around but is treading slowly d/t all the hate she gets. I hope she realizes that the Kristen lovers FAR outweigh the crazyass psycho hyenas.

mara said...

Forgot to add...I loved the look on Rob's face when Kristen won her award. Gah!!! His face had LOVE written all over it. He was literally beaming at her. That boy is gone...too far gone. She is as well and we all know she shows him her love in private away from prying eyes.

I think they have the chance to make it...REALLY make it.

Anonymous said...

@Lily,last night was really killing you right.So you mean Kristen is not good for Rob?Who will be good for him you,(in your dreams honey)Rob loves Kris and Kris loves Rob.Rob is the one that chased Kristen since the beginning of TW,he can have anybody in HW or in the world,but he chossed to be with her,so get over it. If you waiting for them to break up, like the haters whose also trying to break them up, for almost 3 years now,and what happened Rob/Kris are still together and in love.It's funny that you cannot let go with both Rob/Kris at all,you're all over the net posting same BS over and over,nobody will believe your BS,Hyenas probably but not R/K supporters.PUSH,PUSH,PUSH.

Karen said...

Oh my, Rose! I'm still grinning like the Cheshire cat! Loved the playfulness, the sincerity, and the love between them last night.
Kristen is as much in love with Rob as he is with her. You could see it in her subtle touches and the way she immediately turned to him when she tripped.
Rob's beautiful smile just undid me. He most definitely was telling everyone that Kristen is his.
Thanks you for the beautiful blog and photos, Rose. YOU ROCK!!


Anonymous said...

Rob Cosmo Mag 10 Reasons They Love Him


Dear Lily... Please see # 1


Kathy said...

OMG...that was THE BEST show !!! I watched it at work and one of my co-workers, who isn't into the whole Robsten thing, and hasn't even seen any of the movies, said that when they showed Rob in the audience when Kristen was accepting her award, he was just SO obviously in love with her. The way he was just looking at her, he was literally beaming. Of course he was. Now as for Kristen, I think that she did awesome last night giving us a "bit more" of a glimpse of her relationship with Robert. She kissed him. Maybe it wasn't as sensual as WE would've liked it to be, but she did what she could comfortably do. They did NOT disappoint. Yeah, I believe Rob is ready to be more open about him and Kristen. I think he wants the world to know. Kristen will get there one day. Bless her heart for wanting to keep something that is SACRED to her, to herself. Nothing wrong with that. That just shows how much she cherishes her relationship with Rob. Anyway, I was SO FLIPPIN happy last night with everything. Everyone deserved their awards. Rob looked SO hot, as did Kristen. I've noticed how sometimes they are color coordinated in what they wear. They are so in tune with each other. Loved your post Rose. You said it all PERFECTLY, as always.

Deb said...

OK I know Im hear again hahaha But I was just reading where Rob said It was HIS ideal for the kissing but it didnt go the way he wanted you can see it on( thinking of rob)its funny how he puts it. And yes I though the same about cw that Rob wanted to tank her for more then just the part he got he GOT SO MUCH MORE you think(soul-mate) for life . DEB

Anonymous said...

When it has gotten to the point that GOSSIP COP feels safe IMPLYING that Kris and Rob are a couple I believe it safe for everyone to say that they are officially a couple."And besides, as most people know, she doesn’t hang out with Pattinson off-screen just because they’re best buddies." That is the confirmation to top all confirmations. That is just short of ROB actually saying I'm with Kris, which YES he DID NON VERBALLY last night.

A somewhat shipperesque comment to follow:
I just hope that despite the madness surrounding them... they are able to create a lasting relationship. Both of their parents have made it this long so that is definitely something working in their favor... I just hope twenty years from now.... they will be one of the rare couples in Hollywood that we can look at and say...see they've made it. See Rob still looks at her like that... with that goofy grin of true love. Because that would be amazing. True love that lasts is one of the rarest things in the world. I suppose it has to be what first drew the Twilight fans into the whole Bella/Edward thing... and while I know Kris and Rob are NOT Bella/Edward... I hope that whatever they have found together is as lasting and special as the fictional characters they portrayed when they first met. :-)

@ Melissa said...

@ Melissa at 7:20...YIKES is all I can say about this Jewel64 psycho...she is a NONSTEN hyena that's for sure and must post on their site...a middle aged loser that is jealous that the young man she obsesses over is in love with a beautiful 20 year old girl. PATHETIC. Jewel...Robert DESPISES repulsive nonstens like you. Get a life and leave Robert and Kristen alone. Hope it drives you mad to think of them being intimate!

rkm said...

Kristen needs to know that she has many,many fans that love her,they voted her Best Actress last night.Over Sandra Bullock,America's Sweetheart who is going thru a nasty divorce and people love her too.

But not as much as Kristen.

What does that tell Kristen haters? That they are greatly outnumbered.

Oh and Rob? He loves her,and he tells her that,and of that she is very aware.Every day.

PS She loves him too.

Anonymous said...

I know i was gonna limit my view....But...i have an interesting observation...so here goes...
The winning KISS for NM scene was and nobody brought this up YET!!!!
That actually was a scene Rob and Kristen thought up themselves and wasnt in the script....Rob tells in Madrid interview how the scene had to be rearranged cause they past filmimg and R & K thought it would be cool if they could....... Funny That....E & B kissing , won them an award and R & K thought of that scenario...[refer to Madrid interview NM . } same interview CW says that spanish director who in fact alive and he said that he past...

loris said...

I had to do it, I had to look at the hate site to see what they are saying. I mean, I seriously stood up, pointed my finger at their ridiculousness and LMAO'd. I have never seen so many delusional people in my life. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Sorry still laughing. I mean, they post a .gif of Kristen doing something with his sleeve and they love it because they think he looks annoyed with her touching him. Hahahaha. he was freaking smiling. They really do have sand in their eyes.

I am still smiling from last night. It was just Epic! Some people really do not know what love looks like. I mean the way Rob was beaming at her. Umm, hello! And of course the haters are still saying "PR". Hahaahaha!Standing, pointing and laughing again.

RobstenFan said...

Rose, I love your blog. This is a wonderful place for fans of Robert & Kristen.

Love, Love, Love them. They are so adorable together and seem to make each other very happy. Which as a fan of both, makes me very happy. I don't believe that Rob loves Kristen more than Kristen loves Rob, they have two different personalities. I do think Rob would shout it from the roof-tops that Kris is his girl, whereas Kristen is more reserved and wants it to stay as private as possible. I totally respect that. I'm just grateful for any little glimpse of their cuteness that we can get.

I think last night was great. They deserve it all. So happy they shared a wonderful night together and thrilled their fans in the process.

I just melt when I see how Rob looks at Kristen. He can't help himself, he shows how much he adores her with every glance. Love a giddy Robert. For all those who complain that Kristen doesn't smile, she is always smiling brightly when she is around Rob. Yes, Rob makes Kristen very happy (IMO). Haters can choke on it.

Anonymous said...


lmao you pretty much summarized everything i think, but you were actually able to put it into words. i just found myself jumping up and down like a child during the awards last night. lmao but seriously, i cannot get enough of those pictures <3

did i mention i love you?

Lisa said...

OK, I said I was going to shut up. But that jewels64 or whatever.. I did go there and I have two things to say about it..

First, HEY watch it with the 46 cougar comments! I will be 46 on Friday! LMAO! I am NOT a cougar, I don't want Rob like THAT! LOL I just want to hug him (Kris too) tell him I love and adore everything about him. That I support him and would buy tickets to watch him read the phone book! As someone said, they're not fake.. No fake tans, fake boobs, fake teeth, etc...

With that said, I cannot imagine why a grown woman would say such things about a young girl/woman! BUT, it's HER blog and she can say what she wants. I wont be going back there. I don't read ANY blogs that are not pro Rob/Robsten or follow any haters on twitter. That woman came here and was quite respectful of Rose's opinion.. So hey, she can't be all bad, can she? ;?

Anonymous said...

Lisa im not shit stirring BUT we both said we arnt goin to post soo much...But i think we have the same issues....you and i .....we cant help ourselves.....You are no cougar.....well i hope not...and my point exactly when i mentioned Katy, Fake tits,fake hair,show off,white teethed,fake tanned,OTT PR sukerupperer,cant stand Perry

Anonymous said...


Melinda said...

Rob is a beautiful man but boy when he looks at Kristen his beauty gets shot through the roof!

I mean there is just something about a man who is not afraid to show his emotions!!!

And his feelings for Kristen can light up a room. I kinda felt bad for all the other male celebs who were in the theater. He puts them to shame b/c what he is feeling was so genuine.

You can see they are just HAPPY! Nothing fake about it.


LA Times 2010 MTV MAs Best: Kristen and Rob

Aww, those darn kids
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's romance is not something we spend much time thinking about. But their giddy giggles after their onstage kiss for winning the best kiss award seemed more genuine than the dozens of "thank yous" delivered by the rest of the show's winners.

Anonymous said...

just saw these two vids of rob if youre interested; mtv interview



Anonymous said...

Rose, thanks so much for your beautiful post. Many of you ladies have put down beautiful words. Olivia, it's very very sweet of you and I also give our lovely couple of my wholehearted blessing. Everything's perfect!! (well, except there're some little persons and haters yelling around)

For anyone who doubts how much Kristen loves Rob, I bet her love to him is as deep as the ocean. Remember how many times she said she'd keep what's important to herself. She tries to protect their relationship as hard as she can. She just scruples that the excessive attention and hatred would ruin the relationship she cares so much but she's not ashamed of "showing" it, in her ways.

She flew around the world to meet him...
She sit beside him all night long in the show (a big step to me)...
She wears the necklace everywhere, in all causal and formal occasions, not consideing if it matches with her outfit, not considering if the cameras would give it a close-up...
She knows the world is watching...
She's not ashamed of "showing" it!~

Too many great moments in the show and many of you have pointed them out. Rob's face while Kristen was accepting the Best Female, Kristen tripped and run back to Rob, the grab, the kiss, Rob's thank you speech, Rob looked for Kristen while the whole cast were on the stage...love them all!~

Glad to know I'm not the only one who think Rob's thanks to Catherine Hardwicke implied some more than about his career. I guess he's truly thankful to Catherine who gave him chance to know Kristen, become friends with Kristen...and...fall in love with Kristen. Just a romantic thought~ :P

Kristen did make some faces when Rob thanked her cuz she's such a shy and humble person that can't take compliments easily. I'll also
be embarrassed when I hear praises, like bowing my head and biting my lips. I guess Kristen was a little unexcepted Rob would say it publicly too~ All in all, this proves again how lovable Kristen is~~

Another very heartwarming moment was that Peter gave Kristen a hug after his speech. He must want to show Kristen some support given that she had a rough week.

Everything's perfect, isn't it?~

Opytaylor said...

People can't take their own ideas about love and relationships and expect Rob & Kristen to stay within the lines. One that I think is very true is this couple is composed of two very unique people. Kristen grew up amongst all this Hollywood Hoopla. What many people think is cool and desirable she finds repulsive. This is what I love about Kristen and I think Rob does too. Of course she loves him as much. But she is introverted. She is only going to reveal her true nature to small groups of people. The affection she shows Rob privately is To Die For, I would imagine. This spring she has become a little more open. She allows Rob to be a bit more affectionate in public. He is not bothered that she is reserved in public. He knows what is waiting for him when they are alone, and he is SO happy about it that he can't stop smiling. He has always talked about how unique she is. Think of the now famous USA Today pictures where Rob is basically inhaling Kristen. She smiled about it, weeks pass, and he ogled over her again last night. That's just what we saw. When the cameras are off, she is all over him. Don't doubt that.

Anonymous said...

Hey did anyone notice they had their matching braclet,shoelace,leather whateverthings on their wrists last night? hmmmm since they're not 12 I don't think they would try to dress alike lmao. I think it was twifans your awesome Rose.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post Rose,just come back from being away.Thought I might miss the Mtv awards but this post makes up for it.Loved all your comments and pictures.Rose the haters must really be backing off now.

Amanda said...

Why are the haters so obsessed with Kristen? Like 'Jewels64' up there. Post after post about Kristen and how much you hate her and fantasies of hurting her on your blog? First of all, seek help. Second, if you truly believe they are 'good friends' what does it matter? In your mind they are still very close. Rob would be sickened by the things you write. I don't care if anyone believes they are together, but the hate? I don't get it.

Carly said...

awesome post. you basically summed it up

Rob does wear his heart on his sleeve. he always had. and seeing him on Sunday, beaming, lughing, glowing. how can anyone doubt the man is in love? his acceptance speech. wonderful. when I saw it for the second time he did seem nervous. about being on stage? about what he was going to say? both? neither? who knows. he still made the best speech anyway

Kristen is more guarded. I get why people say if she gave it a go, he would shout it from rooftops. but Im not sure. I think he wouldnt mind to hold her hand. hug her. gush about her. all the time. but he gets to hug her and kiss her and hold her almost all the time. and he gushes about her anyway. so I dont really see the need to shout it from teh rooftops :)

Kris is more subtle in her adoration thats why I think people get the impression he is into her more. but the way she talks about him? yeah, definitely qualifies as gushing in my book. she seems to be a rather touchy feely person with the ones she cares about. if Twilight BTS is anything to go by, so I guess she is restraining herself. but she does slip occassionally :) she lingers and touches when there is no need. and when you look at the little things, the looks she gives him - in front of the cameras, when she thinks no one is watching, when she has her gueard down a bit - yeah, she has those little hearts in her eyes too

I thought their little stunt was adorkable. it was so very them. and I think he did kiss her. and I think it wasnt really planned. but all this doesnt matter because they were next to each other the whole night and they glowed. they were happy.

I dont mind the extantions. I think it worked with the dress. she made the dress work as well. I liked the way they matched in a missmatched way LOL and I thought I was the only one who got the feeling his jackets arent exactly fitting :)

so what is the verdict? we got yet again more then I would ever dare to hope. we got the first pics of them on their own since last years MMAs. we got a kiss. we got a young man who is head over heels in love with a shy girl equally as in love with him. we got a few laughs. I would say this night was a success :D and Im still smiling like a lunatic every time I see a foto. or a gif. or a clip

mamabear said...

A beautiful write up and the pictures...I got my robert and kristen fix, I am happy,are there any doubts now that these two are in love....I didn't think so, now just have to wait a few more days for another robert and kristen fix...these two make me so happy.
I finished reading Water for the Elephants, great book, Reese and Robert are perfect for this book.
If you get a chance read the book.
Looking forward to your post today, it's my morning Rose fix....

Kstew Fashion said...

Hey! Rose fantastic as always. To be honest i saw a young couple in love last night. I don't have to break eveything down to see that, it's beyone ridiculous now to say 'are they dating?'. The people that shout PR, it's insulting to even call yourself a fan if you think so low of someone why are you here? If you disagree with Rose then go create a blog or go to nonsten.com there's no point in puting comments here because it won't change anyones mind. We all have eyes and the right to an opinion and speaking as someone who is happy if they are together or apart i have considered them a couple since last year. If we're being honest if this were any other 2 celebs people wouldn't even be debating it. I wish them all the best, they seem so happy i was genuinely suprised at how affectionate they were. If they make each other happy as individuals then just be a true fan and be happy for them.

trkn said...

let it go! Kristen he is yours too :)) great job rose :) she is mine ohhh i love this so muchh :))

Anonymous said...

to Lisa, nothing wrong with anyone of any age finding Rob attractive,handsome etc. He's a cutie.
But when a grown ass 46 year self proclaimed "cougar" (and that is *not* a good or flattering term BTW) calls a just turned 20 year old girl a bitch bec. they dont like the way she treats Rob(is she in bed with them? eating dinner with them? seeing how they hang out together?) saying K likes him ONLY bec. he is famous and hot etc. and wanting physical harm to come to her...THAT is a MAJOR problem, and yes, she IS that bad of a person. A person in need of some serious mental health help.

TIKisokA said...

another great post rose!
and I;m still squeeing giddy over the robsten epicness that is the MTV twilight awards! haha

i agree that rob most likely would like their relationship to be a little more out in the open...
which would go against kstew's fierce love of her privacy...hence the stealing a kiss onstage and the offhand to and fro is she into him as much as he is soooo into her - that boy really puts his heart out and not only on his sleeves! haha

but whichever way this relationship goes...
I am happy that they seem to be happy giddy together...stress on TOGETHER!

Saphire1231 said...

Just beautiful Rose... as usual a great post.

My take is similar to most in that I believe in Rob and Kris as a couple and wish them success, love and happiness always in their private lives and their careers.

Reading through all the posts tonight, was often entertaining (especially those who have scraped the bottom of the barrel to find something bad to say).

The instances quoted by the 'Nay-Sayers' were, to my mind, very feeble efforts this time around. (Perhaps the love we all feel for Rob & Kris is finally winning out - Well as they say, Love conquers all... even hyenas it would seem) LOL.

MTV was great for all the wonderful Robsten moments we got to share. Great also for both Rob & Kristen with their respective wins and great for the Twilight saga with the 'Best Movie' win.

Whenever I read nonsten/hyena comments I find myself immediately answering in my head with all the Robsten moments that shoots such rubbish down in flames.... such as Kristen traveling around the globe to be with Rob (when he was working) . Especially on the 9th April this year... That was her birthday (the actual day of)! and who did she choose to spend it with... family?, numerous friends? NO, that would be Robert (in Budapest no less)! Oh yes... one other thing springs to mind... as public as Rob & Kris' lives are... no where do we read of either of them seeing other people (relationship wise).

Why? Obviously because they have no need for others... they have what they desire in each other...

Long Live Robsten!!

Thank you once again Rose for such an awesome post.