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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kristen is just a girl, who loves a boy...

Rob's face says it all.
Sometimes you just get sick and tired
of all the lameass bullshit.

A friend said to me on Twitter...
' Rose, don't you usually like to stir the shit pot?'
And she was right.
I do like to stick my big ol' paddle in
and give it a nice stir.
But even though I like to mix the pot...
and do a bit of pushing...
 I don't hate.
I still can't get used to all the hate.
Because it's not natural.
It's not normal.
It's not right.

Kristen is simply stunning.
(and that necklace is always there, isn't it?)

But look at her young, beautiful face.
Do you really see someone to hate?
Do you really see someone that deserves
all the nasty names and horrific insults that are thrown at her?

The Fandom was up in arms yesterday over Emma Roberts.
And yes...
Some people were out of control and said rude
and horrible things to that young girl.
(That's what haters do...)
People were defending her left and right...
And while I don't agree with what was said about Miss Roberts...
I have to wonder why people don't get so 
inflamed and pissed off at what is said about Kristen...
Some of the people who were proudly shouting from
their soapboxes about how horrible Twi-Fans are...
Are in fact the same people
who continuously insult and hate on Kristen.
How is that overlooked?
How is that acceptable? 

Kristen is just a girl.
Who fell in love with a boy.
And the boy fell in love with her.
That should make you smile...
Robert looks so happy.
Kristen looks so happy.
You should be happy FOR them.
It shouldn't make you mad.
Why does it upset you so much?

Even if you don't believe Rob and Kristen
are together...
There is no need for the hate.

I like this picture.
They both look great.
Yeah, I know a lot of people don't like Taylor...
But I don't have a problem with him.
And Kristen seems to really be comfortable with him.
I'm glad she has him with her...
It makes everything easier for her.
And I'm all for that.

Oh and I love her dress.
She does seem to favor black...
and it looks great on her.
Of course.

And dear Robert.
He won't be doing much promotion for Eclipse.
Kinda bums me out.
There is nothing better than watching him
sit down and give thoughtful answers in interviews.
Nothing better than seeing him smile.

A lot of bullshit has been said about stuff he has said lately.
That's always going to be the case.
Like I said...
Even if Robert and Kristen had a press conference
stating loudly and clearly that they were 'in love'
There would still be skeptics.
(Although I would think the whole PR bullshit has
been burned to the ground now)

So you see things your way...
I see the truth.

Bye for now.

P.S. I have to give a 'shout out' to @kstewartnews   
(I hope they don't mind)
But they are the ones that I get most of my
Kristen news and pictures from.
I don't usually remember who to credit when
I post pictures...
But I do remember them.
They are awesome.
All of them.
Thank you.


lois said...

So serene and peaceful today. I love it Rose. =)

KJ said...

Perpetual beautiful necklace? Check. Ring on left hand? Check. Fuckhot dress and heels? CHECK CHECK. flawless makeup and hair? UH. CHECK. and CHECK. She simply looks exquisite. She and Taylor both look good. Her time with Rob over the weekend was nourishing I'm sure. Will miss the The Bubble this promo tour, but am so happy to see and hear such wonderful things about his work on WFE. It's all worth it. *push*

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rose. Look forward to your post everyday and everyday I love it. Have a great day.

p.s. Thank you for caring for these two the way most of us do.

Anonymous said...

Love you Rose!
How can people not adore that beautiful, funny, adorable Kristen's face? She's just reserved and intreoverted..she's just amazing and herself..she's talented, she's beautiful, she's great and she's loved by one of the most amazing guys on earth, who truly loves her..She deserves the best. And life is giving her everything she really deserves...Love, love love..<3 Love always, Kristen and Rob..Robsten!
PS. Taylor is adorable too..he's a great friend of Rob and Kristen and she trusts him exactly like Robert does..and that's the only important thing..Robsten will go on for soo long..And I'm sure it's just a matter of time before Kristen gives us a beautiful baby Robsten...Love you guys, Love you Robsten! Kristennn YOU and JUST YOU...ARE THE BEST...<3

Anonymous said...

kristen is amazing.
What leads to hate?
certainly these women will not get robert

Cata said...

You know Rose? I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday about Emma Roberts, and how everyone was up in arms defending her, and outraged at the hate spewed at her from SOME fans (yes, because it was not an alarming amount of them. Just the few, crazy ones)... Uh, hello? How about the hate spewed at Kristen... and Rob, EVERY DAY? After all, all this talk about Leno and Emma gave her a huge amount of publicity... I'm sure she's doing just fine. And I'm sure she's already over it. But how about Kristen? She's so aware of her haters and critics, it really breaks my heart. Because you can tell it hurts her. She has this tough shield that she portrays while in public, but she's still just a 20 year old girl, who hates the attention she gets, and who's just trying to do what she loves, and be in love. Dude. I want to see the faces of all these haters and critics, and see who they are, and if their lives are lead so perfectly... if they look and act so wonderfully... all the time.
You're right; Kirsten is just a girl, in love with a boy. And the boy is completely nuts about her. THAT you can tell.
I am one who has to listen to people hate on Kristen.. because she's not your typical girl, and she takes some understanding. But once you do understand and see deep within the layers, wow. She's amazing! And truly beautiful. That from what she shows. One can only imagine how she must be behind cameras. I happen to admire her, and wish both her and Rob all the best, because let me tell you, if their relationship makes it through THIS... it will make it through anything.

deejon67 said...

Nice Post They Are Happy They Are Together.

Anonymous said...

She looks absolutely gorgeous. And intelligent and extremely sincere and real. Is it any wonder why Rob has fallen deeply in love with this girl? There's no going back for him that's for sure. And I think that is the main reason why she has haters. She is a real threat to their Rob fantasies. I'm happy for both Rob and Kristen.

Hilarious said...

Broke free early today to read ... and I love the love. Thanks, Rose. :)

It's so simple:

Gorgeous girl. Gorgeous boy(s). Rob is finer than ever. And Taylor may not ring my bell, but he's a cutie for sure.

Less than two weeks to go. Hopefully the movie will put a smile on everyone's faces. :)

PS: WHERE DO I SIGN UP FOR BEATNIK BOOT CAMP? You know Rob is DYING to worm his way into that one. He would be perfect for that movie; I would die if they gave him some small role or cameo.

Which they probably wouldn't. But I can dream.

AV Librarian said...

Thank you for another lovely post Rose. You hit on something I have been thinking about since all this Emma Roberts Fiasco started. Emma Roberts had a right to voice her opinion. The problem I had was how she did it. I thought she acted like a snot. I didn't think it was appropriate to do what SOME fans did to retaliate. But what got me was the outrage people felt because they did. Where is the outrage when Kristen is treated hatefully? She is treated hatefully daily and few people seem to care. They say she should just grow think skin and move on.

If you are going to outraged about what happened to Emma, then you should be horrifed by what's happening to Kristen on a daily basis.

The hate in this fandom is getting to an unacceptable level and it needs to STOP.

I am getting off my soapbox now. Keep up the good work Rose.

Anonymous said...

I also cannot wait for Beatnik, especially if Garretts going to be there. Kristen's so lucky. Hot times ahead for her.

soadram said...

Nice post, with much love, yes I enjoyed and made me smile.
I guess when you love someone or if you sympathize with these people and see them happy, I also feel happy. And they are happy. It's more than proved the love the happiness that exists between Rob and Kris when are together. As for Taylor is a good boy, but one good friend And both Rob and Kris need good friends and true and I have no doubt they have them.
A good day to you Rosa

Happiness.Is.Fragile said...

Lovin' Your Posts. Spew Te Hate. Dream On Haters! You Don' Even Get Th Shit Of Rob. [Laughs]

ciro said...

"Hugs hurt rose" i love u so much rose...and so i love rob and kristen...

kristen in rome is adorable and so beautiful, so right rob said her breathtaking beautiful...not just phisicaly but inside too...and so too rob not just beautiful physically but his personality too..that's why this two adorable give so much love to theire fans and gets hate, and jealousy too...

and people just leave emma alone this mentality people is beyond ridicoulous...

i confess too, i had not like some celeb or actress in HW but what i do?? i ignore they news, film, and never comment on the blog gossip or news relate to those, why should i waisting my energy and time to hate or spew foam in internet to the actress that i don't like...

just use my energy to generate love to rob and kristen cause i am fan of them...and i agree too, taylor is really such a nice guy, who like little bro to protect his sister aka kristen..this must be intruction from rob to taylor, ("keep my baby girl 'Bro"<---rob whisper to taylor)...LMAO

Anonymous said...

Well aren't such a expert Rose.

Guess what.. you don't know shit.

How the hell do you know Rob gave that necklace to Kristen?

And even if he did and shes wearing it that doesn't mean she loves him.

Where is Rob's jewellery? Yeah too bad thats not some sort of sign that he belongs to Kristen or that she belongs to him.

You don't know shit.

Rose said...

Calm down Anon @10:51am !

Such hostility! Take a deep breath... really... it will be OK.

Where did I say Robert gave her the necklace? I said... "That necklace is always there" and THAT makes you get all angry? Good Grief!

"You don't know shit"


Keep trying to PULL!
But it's much easier to *PUSH*

Anonymous said...

Lovely post I have to say. :)
The hate toward Rob AND Kristen is ridiculous IMO. Either people are hating on them because it's "cool" to do it right now, or just because they are jealous.

Excuse me but even if I don't like people like Lindsey Lohan or Megan Fox, I don't go around hating on them like a 5 year-old. It's called respect, and obviously some people are lacking some of it.

To Maggie (Thursday, June 17, 2010 10:35:00 AM)You know, if you want to WHINE, because that's what you're actually doing, you can do it on twitter, people will care about it (but then maybe not). This excuse has been used a lot of times lately and it's just BS. I didn't see her being uncomfortable at the Twi con convention. YEAH, THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT. & that guy is her boyfriend JFC try to find new excuses seriously. I don't know where you could have seen her being unconfortable with Rob lately. It's starting to be a little sad tbh. You don't even have good arguments anymore, simple, because there's none. ;)

Anonymous (Thursday, June 17, 2010 10:38:00 AM) BWAHAHAH Jealous much? I don't see what's wrong with that title, but I see something wrong with your comment. That's all you've got? I know, it hurts when you realize that they're TOGETHER, and he LOVES her, she LOVES him. They're HAPPY. And you're still at home, probably wishing he loved you instead. I guess you can wish right? It's not like it's gonna happen anyway :)

Thanks again for this post Rose, looking forward to the next one. <3

jen said...

omg, YES, Rose.

I was thinking that last night.

Sometimes I cruise that non site. I'll own to it. lol

And all the empathy and support and concern for Emma Roberts was completely justified by them..


Not ONE of them saw the completely hypocrisy in their posts, given the fact they pull the same crap on Kristen on a daily basis.


These are the same chicks who egg eachother on to get Perez to posts crap about her when she does something wrong--they were all bragging about alerting perez about the rape comments and other gaffes.

It's like look in the mirror, honeys, cause that's YOU. Switch Emma's name to Kristen and watch you transform into the very thing you're so apalled by.

People. Man they are funny when it comes to boys that are cute.

amanda said...

I don't understand the Kristen hate either. Can you really blame her for wanting to be with Rob? People try to say they didn't like her before Twi..yeah.. I'm sorry I think there is a reason hate sites have been recent. Whether you believe Rob and Kristen are together or not they obviously are VERY close . Why hate on someone who is important to Rob? If he knew some of his 'fans' were making these hate sites it probably would disgust him.

I know these Taylor/Kristen shippers are probably really young, but I don't want to see the Rob hate from anyone. This is a Robert Pattinson blog, why come here to hate on who the blogs dedicated to? I think anyone who has the need to spew hateful comments on a blog really need to step back and reevaluate themselves and maybe get some fresh air.

Carly said...

beautiful post Rose

I love you snarky and sarcastic. I like your pot stirring. but I love this hearfelt and thoughtful posts as well. maybe the most. because it feels so good to once in a while read something genuinly nice. about Kris. about Rob. about Kris & Rob

I hate hypocrisy. I have such a low threshhold for it and the fandom is full of it. especially lately. it makes me enjoy all of it - especially RK, a lot less at time. so I kinda went into hiding. trying to find new places that were more about love then about arguing. your blog is one of them

Kris looks wonderful in Rome. the dress is very feminine. sexy and elegant and fresh and subtle. just like her. and yeah, it always warms my heart to see the necklace :)

Im glad she had Puppy with her as well. Im one of those people who are not extra fond of him but I do respect him. he rubs me the wrong way most of the time but his relationships with both Rob & Kris tells me a lot about the kind of friend he obviously is. and while I wouldnt really want him to be my friend Im glad he is theirs

and those pictures of Rob you chose? stunning

a girl that fell in love with a boy indeed <3

Deb said...

Hey Rose love that its peaceful so far You are so right about Kristen you know I was looking at some old pis and interviews of her and she didnt do that much smiling then Im not saying thats bad I just want to put out there that shes always been shy even when she was young I see her smile and it is beautiful she has even said that she dose we just dont get to see it because of the paps only give us ones when shes not I love KRISTENS look she is a very very BEAUTIFUL girl you can see she takes care of her self . NOW on to OUR ROB THE MAN just dose it for me IM so glad that Robs a little old faction I say we need more like it How long do you know well Kristen be gone?I hope you have a good day Rose thanks again. .....DEB

loris said...

Amanda said: "If he knew some of his 'fans' were making these hate sites it probably would disgust him." I am sure he knows and he probably is disgusted with them. Sure there are some actors/actresses I do not really care for, but I do not go to websites to put them down day after day.

Rose, I love your points about the hypocrisy when it comes to Kristen. I just do not get all the hate.

Anonymous said...

Ha, Rose, I have to say, the people who hate Kristen "have just revealed themselves to have absolutely no taste"~ ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm Anon 11:33, Rose, forget to tell you I've seen The Runaways in theater today. Kristen's performance is good~~ ^.^

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

someone tweeted that fans outside rome hotel said eff you kristen, what a nasty thing to shout she had no time to sign many autographs until red carpet where she did apparently? she is usually good at spending time with fans signing she goes right up to them brave girl given the nuts that turn out

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say about said necklace it appeared after budapest trip we don't know if it was rob obviously we are assuming but i am thinking it might have been her bday present from him she likes it a lot and has worn it most of the time since leaving budapest? i still can't figure out what it is it looks like 2 loops or an 8 or maybe its just abstract, simple small etc and as for rob wearing jewellry guys don't generally sport jewellry rob doesn't even have a watch i have only ever seen the sharks tooth necklace in photoshoots

Patricia said...

Rose: Another GREAT POST, YOU ROCK !

Let's face it , the haters hate Kristen because she HAS Rob and they don't think she (is good enough, nice enough and loves him enough ) this comes from people that are SO IN LOVE WITH HIM THAT THEY CAN'T FACE SOMEONE ELSE HAVING HIM..THAT IS WHAT IS SO SAD.

Emma just was rude to him and got SLAMMED......

Kristen gets slammed everyday for being 'JUST A GIRL LOVING A BOY'


I'm getting better about Taylor, he is a good kid and I'm happy he is supporting Kristen. BUT I STILL MISS ROB ON THESE PROMOS.


Anonymous said...

Cata@10:33, you're right. People keep complaining about double standard. I can tell you THIS IS DOUBLE STANDARD. See the difference in treatment received by Emma Roberts and Kristen?

Totally UNFAIR!!~

Never mind~ Kristen is surrounded by love from Rob and we fans, not giving a shit to those haters!~

Monica from Asia

sfw10sis said...

Rose, very nice post today, here's hoping for a calmer day. As I said yesterday, I don't understand all the hate either, thats not what this fanbase should be about. I wish everyone could just enjoy all the pretty that is Rob and Kristen without all the negativity.

Kristen looks absolutely gorgeous in those pics today and Rob has never looked so relaxed and smily, he truly seems very happy right now, my guess is it has alot to do with his green-eyed beauty.

Rose, yesterday seemed to be one of the worst days this fandom has seen, you know like when an addict hits rock bottom, hopefully some have realized just how bad things have gotten, we don't have to agree, but we should strive to be civil.

I admire your strength and persistence, and very thankful for it, don't let anyone extinguish your light.

Rose, you make me smile everyday, thanks for that.


Anonymous said...

FORGET ROBSTEN. TAYSTEN IS ON! http://i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo68/twilightxchange/72/07/kstewartfans-hq231116.jpg

Cat said...


You make a good point KRISTEN AND TAYLOR DO LOOK TOGETHER. In fact I don't think I've ever seen her look this relaxed this Rob. Gee I wonder why. I'm sure your time with Taylor will be nourishing for her, a lot more than hanging around with Rob.

Anonymous said...

This is Love http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab26/edseth27/June%202010%20B/rome46.jpg

Maria said...

No fair, why doesn't Kristen beam with happiness with Rob at her side the same way she does with Taylor? Isn't she happy with him? I like Taylor but seeing pics of her so happy with Taylor makes me mad.

Anonymous said...

and how can anyone hate Rob?
not to mention shameless 'garretstew' shipping.
Sorry Rose, i'm not going to ingore them

Melinda said...

Again Rose such a lovely post. Thank you for pointing out all the hypocrisy that these people deal out everyday.

I don't understand why there is so much hate either. Rob and Kristen aren't the only celebs that deal with it it's just that they are front and center right now. I go on GC and read some of the comments people make against Megan Fox and others. People feel that b/c of the anonymity of the internet they can be rude and hateful. I really don't understand how people can be this way. Why would you want to be miserable? There is obviously something missing "upstairs".

I have decide to ignore the people who want to ship Kristen and Rob with other people. They just speak mindless dribble and there is no point arguing with them. WE CAN SEE THE TRUTH. I AM PRETTY SURE THEY KNOW IT AS WELL. THEY JUST THINK IT IS CUTE TO GOAD PEOPLE WHO KNOW ROB AND KRISTEN ARE TOGETHER. It is the hateful remarks that I won't ignore b/c there is no need or justification for it. Rob and Kristen have never done anything personally to the haters that warrants such hatred.

Rant over....Kristen looks beautiful as always. Taylor is starting to grow on me. He is still too young for me to find atractive but I love that Rob and Kristen are happy to have him as a friend (same goes for Dakota). R/K know that Taylor and Dakota aren't going to sell them out. It is good that they have friends like that.

Looking forward to the pretty pics coming out from the tour. I bet Rob is missing his girl already. Glad he has his parents in town to keep him company.

Gigi said...

@ Rose ...today is cleaning around the house ( ohh joy !!! ) day ..so I have been looking at the cloak all day and said ok she must of post by now ..here I go ...as always love it ..thanks so much ..
I have wonder all this outrage for Ms Roberts and by the way I think that she has the right to like or not to like some one ..but all that hate b/c she dare say it! yes she should of been a little , let's just say diplomatic , but so what ? even Robert made a joke out of it and done ...the same ppl so upset are the same ppl who talk crap all the time about Kristen no ? how about the outrage on that ?? what if Robert were to came out I say " frankly ppl I'm in love with her she is the woman of my life and I can't life with out her " what would all this ppl do ? commit suicide ??Ridiculous how most ppl like for other what they wouldn't dream for themselves ..the " golden " rule on reverse ...He is happy clearly, one can see it, beaming any time Kristen is near which takes me to the next point ...
@ Ano 12:19 and @ 12: 22
Give it up she has said her self many many times now that she sees Taylor like a brother to her and he has said as much to ...oh ano 12:19 and she would be relax with Robert if ppl would let them be and don't over analyze everything they do or don't do ..or say or look or what ever ..
Rose honey have a great one ..I will stop by latter ....chao

Anonymous said...

I would like to point out to the Taylor/Kristen shippers....

Both Taylor and Kristen have said that they are like brother and sister.

The reason she is relaxed around him is that she doesn't have to worry about rational people reading into every touch/look she gives them b/c the media and public do even consider them a couple.

If that were the case the paps would be chasing them all over trying to get the "money shot". The media would be doing everything they can to get her or Taylor to admit they are a couple.

Do you see that happening? NO.

Do you see Kristen and Taylor traveling all over the world together that has nothing to do with "work obligations", hanging out at concerts together, holding hands at a public airport in Paris, etc. That would be a NO.

Really please give up on this. It really makes you look SILLY.

amanda said...

Kristen wants to keep her private life to herself. Everybody knows she's dating Rob, she knows everybody knows. If you sense any discomfort THAT is where it comes from. If she was dating Taylor she would act the exact same way. She's not happier with Taylor infact during the Twi convention she kept smiling so big at ROB and leaning over to whisper to him so much I thought their chairs would fall over. Once again Kristen and Taylor have both recently said they have a BROTHER/SISTER type relationship in real life. If you still want to 'ship' that (erm..weird) then why don't you make your own blog about it? This blog supports Rob and R/K obviously.

MeTweeder said...

Its obvious to me why Kristen doesnt want to come out and say that they are together...With all the creepers out there hating on her already as it is...If she did let the whole world know they are indeed a couple I bet people would try to harm her physically...Scary to think that but with the way some of these people act I would not put it past them to do such a thing!! I absolutly love Kristen...She is a REAL person and just because she doesnt conform to what people "think" she should be like does not excuse the horrible things they say about her!! As for Rob and his gorgeous self Ive never seen him look at ANYone the way he looks at Kristen and that says it all for me...Its written all over his face that he truly adores and loves her!! Kristen is more careful with her public affection and rightly so!! The hate that surrounds them constanly is just barbaric...Im a fan of both but honestly Ive been so ashamed of the way other "fans" have acted recently...I do NOT want to be associated with people like that in ANY way...If I ever got the chance to meet Kristen or Rob I probably would play down my love of all things Twilight simply because I would NOT want them to think I was just another CRAZY twi freak hahah...All that being said I wish nothing but the best for these two...Together or not together really doesnt affect the way I feel about either one...Ill always be a TRUE fan and support them NO MATTER WHAT!!

Jenn Ski said...

Did you hear about this wonderful speculation from US Weekly.

Kristen and Rob have a secret love nest in the woods.

How romantic!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, great post, glad to see you happy. I am happy also because I believe in what I see too. I see Robert in love with Kristen, and I can see she is in love with him. They look so happy it just makes me happy. Looking forward to more happiness all summer long.
Thanks Rose, keep on pushing for loves sake. MelenaS:) happy happy

Anonymous said...

Hey anyone like to play monopoly the best card in the deck is A "get out of jail free card" Just love that game I really do;)

Anonymous said...

Rosse Hi I'm from Colombia I'm sorry I do not speak English, I love your blog I read every day and I'm still on twitter, I'm worried about Delaney did not return to post anything on your twitter, I also followed her, she is ok?, Simply tired of the attacks of hyenas? and we neglect or was posting somewhere more private, I beg you I beg you not go to leave we would die without knowing I adore your stories

Anonymous said...

to amanda

No offence but she was the same way with Taylor at the twicon. She was leaning into him at a lot and even kissed his neck. So the way she acted with Rob was no different.

Anonymous said...

Worst. Title. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Kristen, 1:05

Since you just called Rose a liar, I would like you to tell me just who it is that suppose to have come with his parents on this visit and exactly how you know this.

Prove to us that Rose lied about something.

I see what is in front of my eyes, and it is not going to change until I know something otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? Seek professional help immediately! You really have way too much time on your hands if you can sit and analyse these two into a relationship. LMFAO! Kristen hangs all over Taylor like the cheap slut she is and you say they are good friends, yet she won't even smile when around Pattinson, yet you believe her to be in love?? How delusional are you? Honestly, are you sitting in your padded room as I type this, microscoping your next conspriacy theory to "PROVE" a love that doesn't exist? Pathetic, truly, truly, pathetic! It is people like you, Rose that give the Twilight fans a bad name. OH! and there are no double standards with ER. You can't even compare the two as ER has at least some measure of class and dignity. She isn't running around shoving her middle finger at everyone and screaming at pappz to stop 'raping' her. No, definately NOT the same, but you are delusional for even trying.

amanda said...

anonymous 1:22 Meh. I just find her actions to be more friendly with Taylor, and more flirtatious with Rob. Maybe I just take it that way because of how she keeps saying the brother comments about Taylor.*shrug*

Lol at all the NONsense people here. Man, you must really push their buttons Rose.;)

Anonymous said...

You know why they won't confirm? BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING TO CONFIRM you nutjobs! LOL at all of you! Why don't you get out into the real world and find relationshiops of your own so you will understand how they work? Robert and Kristen dont act like a couple in love - because they aren't in love. Again - LOL at you! He is grace and elegance and class which does not mix well with the trailer trash, dope smoking, foul mouthed Stewart, no matter how you slice it!

Portia said...

Hey Kristen,

Since you know, why don't you enlighten us? Who came to the US with Rob's parents that would erase our belief that Rob & Kristen are in love?

What's that... no answer? How surprising.

If you don't have the goods, nonstener, I suggest you shut up and go home.


Sam said...

To Kristen said...

I'd have to disagree with you though I do agree that the relationship is not as rosy as Rose makes it out to be. Its Kristen that doesn't love
Rob back.

Theres more proof of that than Rob not lovin Kristen. While Rob may make goggly eyes at Kristen she ignores him a lot and looks angry with him a lot of the time. When you bitchface them it does not mean that mean that you love them, sorry kids. Rose does not does know what Kristen and Taylor have planned for Rome and that when shes around Taylor shes ten times more happier than she is with Rob. It shows in her smile. They even had a very inimate karoke session which puts her and Robs crappy Japan to shame. The entire title of this post is the true lie because Kristen doesn't love Rob and I can't wait for Rose to discover this with Delaney and all her other delusional shipper friends.

Oh and when you PULL you get stronger when you push you are just WEAK! Ever hear or Tug Of War girlie!!!

Risa said...

I personally love Rob & Kristen together. They just ooze love and happiness when they are together. And, that is something that is so rare to see these days. Which brings me to your question of why people hate on Kristen so much and that is the reason why. It is quite obvious that Rob and Kristen is not just a fling, but something much more serious and real and that is what upsets the psychos of the fandom. Rob and Kris has the real thing and you can see it in their eyes, their body movements, and their actions. For goodness sakes she wears that ratty shoelace around her wrist with her pretty dresses everywhere she goes, I think that says a lot about her commitment to Rob. She loves him holy and fully and he loves her.

I just wanted to add, I know some haters have been going on about the Jimmy Kimmel taping. I was there and I can tell you that they did not look upset, maybe a little tired, but definetly not upset. But my point is by chance that she may have appeared a little sad to others, don't you think maybe it had something to do with the fact that she had to leave her man and go to Rome that night. I know how I get when I have to leave my husband for a business trip. It just blew my mind how quick haters are so ready to jump to the wrong conclusion because they so deseparately do not want to believe the apparent truth that these two are in a deeply committed relationship.

I just cannot understand how people can claim to be such huge fans of Rob and not want him to be happy. I have never seen Rob as happy, smiley, and giggly, as he has been over the past year. And we all know it is because of Kristen. If you are a true fan than why all the hate. Rather you agree with his choice of companion or not, just be happy that he is happy and get on with your life because I can guarantee you he is and with Kristen Stewart.

Rose you rock!!! I am so glad that I stumbled upon this site.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know the mountain ranges iN which Delaney is in are more than capable of providing internet access. Delaney is not allowed to post until after the Eclipse opening weekend idiots. So, take that as you will.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:45 and 1:50: you know what's even more pathetic.

Someone who actually watches people who are watching other people.

You're one peg lower on the watching pyramid.

amanda said...

anon 1:45/1:50 There is no reason to believe they are a couple? Oh I don't know dinners, concerts, hotels inbetween films, IoW, leaving BAFTA together, her flying across the world for her birthday to visit him in Budapest, yeah Rose is the crazy one *eyeroll*.

YOU don't like Kristen, what does that matter in relation to whether Kristen and Rob are a couple? You have to approve of it? LOL. At the very very least R/K are very good friends, so if you are a fan of Rob be respectful of someone he CHOOSES to spend so much of his time with. Hating on a girl you don't even know makes you pathetic. And you don't like what's written here? Nobody is making you be here, infact I'm sure many of us prefer you take your foaming and spewing somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

It is really sad, that US Weekly is violating their privacy by spying on them with a heli and printing details of the location, but on the other hand this stuff is just hilarious.

"Hidden in the woods and situated by a lake, the one-bedroom, two-story guesthouse boasts a gourmet kitchen cherry-wood floors and -- best of all -- plenty of privacy.

An average day for the fiercely guarded couple: Sleeping in, poring over scripts and receiving grocery deliveries.

Pattinson, 24, doesn't bother with housecleaning, either: Us Weekly reports that he leaves clothes everywhere and never makes the bed!

Does their new living arrangement mean they're headed down the aisle?
...her struggles to say "I Love You"; how her "bitchy" mood swings have led to ugly public spats; and why Pattinson's pals fear she'll "move on once all this Twilight stuff is over"...

It makes you laugh so hard. They have a heli picture and write a fictional story how Rob leaves his clothes on the floor, and they have the insights of the moods in their beedroom.

But if you look at the fiction some write on this board, we can expect a "lakeside Robsten-Taysten drama" next week.


Anonymous said...

Why are people bringing Delaney up here? I swear haters are more obsessed with what Delaney has to say more than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Its because of Taylor RT @Twilighters_Ita

Kristen is smiling and laughing a lot

Trish said...

What a nice post Rose!

And most of all what a sweet girl!!!!

Especially seeing that first picture I DO NOT understand how ANYONE could have so much hate for such a young sweet girl like that. And very beautiful, she has such a NATURAL beauty that radiates! Rob saw that from the beginning..even before twilight.

I love how you care for these two like they were your own children Rose...that's very nice of you and very caring. I love how even though you are a huge fan of Rob and love him you also love Kristen because as we can all clearly see..Rob is completely smitten by her...it just warms my heart..love is such a beautiful thing! there should be more love and not hate...love is much more beautiful and peaceful!

Thanks again Rose!

Anonymous said...


I don't understand a word.
"...it does not mean that mean that you love them..."
I can read the words, but they make no sense. Language skills?


jen said...

to the "anon" commenter who is posting again and again with her power point nonsten "10 reasons I don't believe in r'sten" presentation.

You're very naive.R and K are coworkers. At a job that isolates them for months at a time together. Both of them are easy on the eyes.

If you are stuck farting around your hotel a lot off hours, with a 19 year old girl with a pert ass and pretty eyes and smart ass mouth, 99 percent of all men in Robert's position would be doing what we think he's doing now.

This isn't rocket science, sweetheart.

And we know, we know...you think she's boyish and a shrew and not classy and you are SOOOO sure Robert would be better matched with (insert a celebrity you identify with most here).

And that's why you are naive. Cause you think like a chick, not a dude.

Who has a pert assed girl who's on magazine covers in near proximity to him often.

Anonymous said...

So much about a simple necklace. Or the golden ring. What if it's a present from her family? I mean the necklace. And the ring, maybe is a family ring, we spoted them for the very first time AFTER her birthday. Who knows!

Patricia said...

To all the people that say ugly things about Kristen:



Anonymous said...

Hey Rose, great post. I love all of you answering back to the delusional nonstener who says "guess who came with his parents?" LMAO. Delaney, or no Delaney I as a fan and not an "insider" can see what has and is unfolding before my eyes. But you won't like it if you don't like R/K together. NEVER thought they were PR and have for a long while thought they were serious. Everything that we as fans have been privy too, aside from the noise has reinforced my belief. I thought they'd be living together this summer and lookie, they are. Wonder what will happen next. they obv love each other and very def have a plan. I'm not an insider but I can see that clearly. So go take your fairytale secret gf bomb elsewhere where some may actually have a chance of believing you.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious:

QUESTIONS (please answer): When does WFE wrap? Is Rob going to shoot Unbound Captives before BD starts?

@ Rose
Lovely Post today!!
***Rose's are read***
***Hyenas are blue***
***When we say PUSH***
***They usually SPEW***

Not to toot my own horn but I loved my little rhyme so much... I had to repost it today. LOL.

I do think that ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. Kristen should be DEFENDED with much more vehemence which is why I have written my opinion in an extremely long post to follow. LOL. Sorry my posts just keep getting longer these days.....:-/

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

Observations on Kristen: A Stranger’s Opinion.

I am a stranger to Kristen Stewart, but by observing her through all the press and fan stuff these past few years.. I have formed some opinions that I wanted to share.

Part One:
I think that Kristen is amazingly unique. I find her complex and intriguing. She passionately cares about her work and her art. It is important to her that she be taken seriously as an actress so she is extraordinarily careful about what she says in the media. She guards her words in an attempt to make sure that this seriousness is portrayed. She does her best to think of answers that would tie everything she wants to express into a single sentence and in doing so almost becomes tongue tied. I almost get the impression that her words and passion want to burst out of her and they all seem to be in fight to get out of her so sometimes when she answers things... she almost sounds forceful or rushed. She purposely makes attempts to keep her private life private because she realizes that being a tabloid scandal does not bring respect to your “Hollywood name.” I think when Jodie Foster told her not to let her life become a reality show for others if she wanted to have a long career she took the advice very, very seriously. Therefore, she draws a hard line when it comes to her personal life. I think sometimes despite all this she sometimes lets her guard down for a moment or two and reveals more of herself than she intended to. During these moments I think we see her as a rebel (flipping of the paparazzi), see her as a woman in love (making moon eyes at Rob or popping a quick peak at her Ipod), see her as sweetheart (small moments with fans)...its amazing and she’s amazing. I also think that most people who are in showbiz are people who get their energy or charge by entertaining others or being around people. They love people and people love them. I think Kristen is very different in that she seems to get her energy or recharge by being alone. She even states this when asked what she wants time to do. Even going so far as to say she might be a “crazy cat lady” in a few years.

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

Part Two to follow

Observations on Kristen: A Stranger’s Opinion.

I am a stranger to Kristen Stewart, but by observing her through all the press and fan stuff these past few years.. I have formed some opinions that I wanted to share.

Part Two: I sometimes feel as if the massive energy in a crowd is subconsciously felt and interpreted by the cast in the following ways: Taylor loves it and thrives off it, Rob works with it and twists it, almost effortlessly, while Kristen finds it exhausting and sometimes frightening. This reaction to people is something subtle I think we all inherently possess. I personally think I am more like Kristen... it is not that I dislike people or don't care about people... but I get my charge by being in my own space... in my head. I can appreciate that she likes to experience things that she wouldn’t normally get to by bringing different characters to life through her acting. And rather than do that for notoriety... she does it because she wants to live that experience. See it through the character's eyes. Its a very different approach to life and to acting than most actors seem to have. She is unique. And somewhat awkward. And her sense of humor does seem to run on the “snarky” side. She takes her self and her life seriously enough to have low tolerance for idiots and the ridiculousness which can come across as her being a little bit…. “Bitchy.” But she shamelessly owns her up to her faults. She knows who she is and won’t pretend to be someone else to satisfy the public’s expectations of her. She’s honest. She’s amazing. She’s Kristen. And that is why I sincerely see Kristen as somewhat of role model because the message that she carries is better than most ones people our age (I say our..I’m 24 around Rob & Kris’s age). Most people of our generation are…. Well that is whole can of worms…. But Kristen’s message: “I’m going to be myself. This is who I am. I am happy with who I am and I won’t pretend to be someone else.” That’s hard to do…. is something to aspire to.

Again these are all opinions… I don’t know her. But these are the impressions she has given me through countless interviews, behind the scenes footage, and press tours.

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

Rose and the rest of you who are living in krispin/Robsten world-Kissing their ass and starting these fan websites won't get you Rob either.When your buddy kris said that the fans behavior was dump and stupid she meant your behavior also.Be sure to walk slowly to your mailbox because that card that Kris and Rob sent you for sticking up for them is not going to be there anytime soon.There is no such thing as Robsten.They are not Bella/Edward.There is no such thing as a fairytail ending in the real world.I think your parents need to explain to you again the difference between fantasy and real because obviously you have your head stuck in the clouds and you don't know the difference.

Anonymous said...

Tweet about Taysten: Kstews_Knickers

LOL at how Taylor and Kristen were having a personal conversation on stage.

Anonymous said...

to anon 1:55

Yes, of course. Otherwise, how could she have known...

And ODO might not be an insider, but his insights are just ...spot on. ODO on Rob's Today show comment about date:
"Rob knows first hand how you can say something and in your mind you know what it means to you personally, but to some people it means something completely different - this comment was an example of people misinterpreting heartfelt comments."

Anonymous said...

'Oh she looks more happy with taylor, Rob who?'

'kristen is smiling a lot because of taylor' and all these comments belong to kstew fans.

Rob gets a lot hate because she doesnt look happy around him! WTF?
It's becoming dangerous for Rob. Well done Rose.

Anonymous said...

Taysten are real. Go hug your edward and bella dolls Rose!

Anonymous said...

Kris said from the very first movie that she had a special connection with Taylor Lautner.Taysten rules forever.So kiss all the Taysten believers rear ends Rose.

Anonymous said...

to anon 2:19

Actually this is a nice world. And who cares about this little blog in the big big world. So let us dream in our "delusional dreams". Do you think Rob and Kristen bother if people live in the "clouds" on this blog. The "shipper" dreams doesn't harm, it comes with the territory, it is within the saga, you know. LOL.
So why do you bother to come here? Why do you care so much, why are you trying so hard????
Do you want to prevent that I jump out the window when "Robsten isn't real"?? No worries, everything is fine, no harm to anyone. Just let us "dream our dream".


Anonymous said...

I just don't understand it, have you ever been in a real relationship or actually dated someone? These two might have hooked up, slept together occasionaly, there is no way to know this in detail. However,they are far from being an actual couple. They never show PDA, never go on dates,they are never photo'd tete a tete.. We see many actors date after meeting on a movie set,these two are not. There were either never together or they hooked up occasionaly and there was nothing to confirm, so they didn't confirm it. They were FWB if you ask me, and that's why avoided the are you or are you not questions all along and it ended.. and now Rob is looking for an actual date, see?? it all checks out.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Taysten are looking for a house in the hollywood hills for them to live in after BD is done.Taysten is very happy that Rob has found Rosie.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:19

Please pick an opinion and stick to it. Either we are delusional people making a fan site to get Rob or we are crazy people defending Rob and Kristen to get a card from them as a couple. We can't be both.

You sound like an ignorant asshole when you insult someone and contradict yourself in the same sentence.

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

"From the very first movie I have a indescribable special connection with Taylor" - Kristen

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 2:35-I think this person meant is that don't get your hopes up for these two to thank you anytime soon for kissing their ass.

Anonymous said...

A few people seem to be hanging their hopes on this Delaney person, hoping that she'll somehow debunk that Rob and Kristen are in a relationship.

Suppose she says they are? What will you do then?

The Kris/Taylor together thing is such rubbish because you never see them together unless it's work related. Taylor said it on Oprah, when she suggsted that all three could hang out. He replied that they don't really hang out together.

Are we also forgetting that Rob said he and Kristen have goten better at hiding and Kristen said if the paps don't get a pic to go with the story they have no story.

For me, no woman travels half way around the world to spend their birthday with someone/anyone who is not very important/significant to them. No one!

Jenn said...

I'm sorry, but TAYSTEN?! LMFAO!!!
People truly believe this?! My tween cousin who absolutely loves TL even believes that R/K are a couple and she's 11 for fucks sake! These idiots that come here to post this taysten crap are how old? Because it would truly make me cackle to know that my 11 year old cousin has more sense than those idiots. I look at pictures of K/T and it looks a little like owner and pet, and I have nothing against him at all. The fact that taysten shippers would come on this blog and call R/K fans pathetic says more about the hyenas than us. Seriously I wish stupidity was painful.

KPattz said...

Taysten,nonsten and after August Garretsten,why don't you all go and create your own blog?You can post your sick crap there.This blog is only for sane people.

Anonymous said...

You can say over and over Kristen is "comfortable" with Taylor because nobody reads into it but its simply untrue. Lots of people read into it. Go to SOB, Kristen's IMDB, Kristen fansites, and Taylor fansites. Rumors are starting because of it. If her idea is to avoid rumors by talking up Taylor its not working.. its just starting more rumors about her and Taylor.

Goss said...

You can say over and over Kristen is "comfortable" with Taylor because nobody reads into it but its simply untrue. Lots of people read into it. Go to SOB, Kristen's IMDB, Kristen fansites, and Taylor fansites. Rumors are starting because of it. If her idea is to avoid rumors by talking up Taylor its not working.. its just starting more rumors about her and Taylor.

Anonymous said...

They go on a vacation to the IoW for NYE, They leave the BAFTAs together, Kristen flies to Budapest to spend her birthday with Rob, Kristen told Catherine they were together, they hold hands in Paris, Kristen's Elle UK, Rob saying he's not trying to 'sell' his it and that's why he doesn't talk about it, concerts, dinners, multiple sightings of them kissing from older male non Twi fans (that tweet this at the same time) that aren't friends with eachother on twitter. But no, you're right nonstens it means nothing. Silly us for thinking they're together. After all, you don't like Kristen and Rob didn't ask your permission to date her, right?

Jenn said...

You can say over and over Kristen is "comfortable" with Taylor because nobody reads into it but its simply untrue. Lots of people read into it. Go to SOB, Kristen's IMDB, Kristen fansites, and Taylor fansites. Rumors are starting because of it. If her idea is to avoid rumors by talking up Taylor its not working.. "its just starting more rumors about her and Taylor."

And why is that Kristen/Taylor/Rob's problem? Because some tween prepubescents made it their problem. I doubt any one of the three care what people who need their parents' permission or a day pass from the psyche ward to see their movies are gonna think. They all have a job to do and their doing those jobs. Rob didn't need to be hanging over Reese for the rumours to start that they were bumping uglies. Rumors will always be there.
And people can like whomever they want, but when they come to a pro Robert board to talk about the " OMG gr8 twu wuv" that is Taysten(I'm sorry i'm still laughing over that one) then that's when I start questioning the intellect of said idiots.

Anonymous said...

Do you want to know who came along with Rob's parents? Rob's sisters, of course !!!

Anonymous said...

What exactly is there to read into with Taylor?
Kristen didn't travel half way around the world to see Taylor on her birthday nor was it his leg she with rubbing at the USA Today interview after Oprah!
The only time there are pics of them together is in relation to work!

loris said...

Oh look. The pathetic little hyenas have invaded again. If you never see Kristen happy with Rob, then you have your eyes closed. I am a married woman, I know what love looks like. It's sad that you refuse to see it. I know R&K aren't Edward and Bella. I'm just happy for them because they seem to be happy. Seeing people I admire so happy together makes me happy. I don't want Rob. I am perfectly happy with my husband. Maybe when you grow up you can understand that.

Taysten is never going to happen.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:34: Wow, so you're the new insider now, huh? Have you read your own words, you outdelaney delaney by a mile.It's laughable, you;ve probably commented about 20 times in the last couple hours, your tone is....discernible. A little angry, we'll say.

cam said...

All the robsten love happens behind the scenes. oh how convenient. yeah they did all these things but where are the pics. in every pic of rob and kristen, kristen looks miserable. the difference with taysten is that you don't have to try to fantasize some romance between them cause you see how happy kristen is with taylor and you're heard it from their own mouths that they've done things together like karoke. Did rob and kristen ever talk about the "rumoured karoke" that they did? I forgot every moment they've had is either fan or twitter based.. how reliable. Whereas with taylor and kristen you can see how happy taylor makes kristen.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Rob's family is not such a "special guest", they're his family, you know.

Anonymous said...

@Cam As a matter of fact Kristen did talk about the *karaoke* her and Rob did in an interview. They sang Your Song. Quite a cute interview, you should check it out.

jen said...

anon at 3:32, this is a very common tactic of nons. They do this crap all the time. The phantom gf that's HIS REAL LOVE.

She's a regular big foot, this phantom gf that is ressurected again and again for almost two years now. I've heard this story over and over again in various forms.

It's an old urban legend at this point, and for people who want PDA from R'sten to show they are together, you are sure keen on believing in big foot gfs that stay just out of the wings at all times.


Sam said...

It's funny how we so called "sheep" shippers never have to bring up Delaney and ODO(people whi I still have yet to know), but the foamers feel the need to come here and mention them. You hyenas are truly becoming more and more unhinged. And "Cam" you say how we can't see these R/K moments, yet you know for sure that Taylor makes Kristen happy? I would love to be a fly in your brain to see how that logic works. So now you're privy to T/K's private realtionship because they went to karaoke together?! You don't know any more about their realtionship than we so-called "sheep" know about R/K's. Seriously Tayseten shippers need to start their own blog or Taysten.com and GTFO.

Anonymous said...

If it is Taylor who is supposedly making her so happy then she should have spent her birthday and travelled halfway around the world to see him, don't you think!

Anonymous said...

Rose TOP OF THE Morning to ya Babe,
I can feel your "Cool as a Cumber" attitude this fine Friday morning. Even when you gave response earlier...I felt the patience and calm in your writtings....good on you girl...
Jen @2.08 love ya G/F always a pleasure...
patricia @2.11 You took the words right outta my mouth...Im the mother of 3 sons who are older teenagers/young men and I contimplate that often....'YOU CAN'T PICK THE PEOPLE THAT YOUR CHILDREN WILL LOVE'.
And when the shoe is on the other foot ...My Mother In Law [God Bless Her Little Heart][sarcasim here] COULD NOT TELL MY HUSBAND OF 21 YEARS WHOM TO LOVE ALSO...
My point ....The general fan base of R/K dont think so crazily about ther relaysh...they dont care who they are with as individuals or couple. They're concern would probably be that they are happy with there own situation, as Im sure they are....
Roberts and Kristens happiness is so OBVIOUS. Firstly on their inside and so much so it BEAMS so IMMENSLY on the OUTTA SIDE...This is Not always the case when you are in love...But shows So dam much with these two....Why can so much of us see that ....and the Minority CANT...or should I say LOUDLY....choose not too..heh..
The, think of Kristen as Emma hate debate....I never thought of it that way....But thanks for plantin a seed of thought...to look also to this other POV...
Keep it up Rose ..You have a loyal following happening. One you should be proud of...As it was You and Your thoughts that brought us here in the first place....i dont comment anywhere else..[check and see] im tellin the truth....
Hey I just dont dribble at ANY blog sites ya know......hehehehe

loris said...

Wow, look at how miserable they look here:

and here:

And just look at the pic of them holding hands on the main page.

I hope you find love someday. But it's difficult if you have so much hate in your heart.

Anonymous said...


loris said...

These are the same little trolls who spam the AT boards as well. Someone posted the link to this site there today. They just make up crap all day to try and push people's buttons. I say it's time for them to get a new hobby. I know when I was young and it was summer vacation, I was outside and having fun with my friends. Try it, you might like it.

Carly said...

@Suzy Q: I really like your opinion on Kris and I agree 100% nothing left to say

wow, the crazy is running high these days. I prefer to roll my eyes on it or I would have to cry. some of it is easy to ignore but others? there are some that are downright scary

Rose said...


It's just too damn easy.


Gigi said...

@ Anon 2:19 Our parents don't need to explain a thing to us , ( Or Rose for that matter who is a parent her self ) If you don't believe in happy ever after that is your sad problem I'm ( and I will bet many others too ) the perfect example to happy ever after story ... I'm marry to the love of my life and my best friend for 14 yrs now( toguether for 17) , sure we have to work at this marriage but like every thing that is important to us takes effort, this too takes work ..oh and by the way my parents have been together for 41 yrs and my grand parents who were high school sweethearts were married for 55 so yes honey there is a happy ever after ...ok ! and I do live in this real world ..
@ Ano 2:25 pls grow up ..they have both said no to this fantasy but I tell you what I would be happy if this were to make Taylor and Kristen Happy ...can you say the same if is Rob who is happy with Kristen ??
@ Anon 2:34 yeas there is no way of knowing but they have not said no either and there is plenty of sparks when they are together..he was not looking of any date , he wanted to have o would love to have a date guess who can't go out together in public for lack of privacy ?? so 2 plus 2 is what 8?
@ Anon 2:56 and for her birthday telling no ? I see this as more of a confirmation that anything else ..if it would been Taylor she would of gone to him but no she flys many hrs to be with Rob ..
Ok well I'm done for now ...life awaits ...kids pls play nice specially if you are under 16 try really try to be really nice remember that this is all suppose to be for fun ...chao

Anonymous said...

Food for thought:

So the nons think that Rob and Kristen aren't a couple, as they have said "there is no relationship to confirm" because they aren't together.

Here's my question I want answered (not that I think they will):

If Rob and Kristen aren't in a relationship then why don't they just outright DENY it. I mean if they aren't together why don't they say "We AREN"T DATING. WE ARE ONLY FRIENDS." I have yet to hear either one of them say those exact words for over a year now. This leads me (and the rest of the sane R/K supporters) to believe they are now a couple who want to keep their relationship THEIRS. That and all the other things that lead me to believe they are a couple.

I mean you would think if they aren't dating each other they would want to date other people and you would catch RARE glimpses (as you see them now together) of them with someone else. No matter who they date they are very private people so you won't see any PDA, etc from them anyway.

So if Rob and Kristen cease to exist as a couple and he starts seeing someone else are you nons going to deny that he is in a relationship with that person if you see no PDA, no dates, no photos at all except in the airport when he is coming/going places with her?

Sadly I believe you think Kristen isn't good enough for him. THANKFULLY he doesn't listen to your opinions. He doesn't listen to mine either for that matter. But for the record my opinions are A LOT more SUPPORTIVE so I believe he appreciates his fans that are SUPPORTIVE of the choices he makes.

Anonymous said...

Rose, Rose, Rose! What did you say on your little ole blog today that brought out the ANGRY (and very scary) people? I think I have an idea. :)
And they're reaching into their very old bag of tricks, huh? I wish I could say it's amusing but it's just pathetic.

And to the people posting over and over again about Kristen and Taylor, the fact that you have to post over and over again tells me you're not even buying what you're selling.

Kristen has never been seen with Taylor in the same way she has been with Rob. Sorry, but no. And that does say more than Kristen and Taylor smiling and posing at events, a place where we usually only see them. Have yet to see much of them outside of work related stuff. Definitely not them ringing in the New Year or celebrating birthdays when they're NOT working together.
To think Taylor is a romantic and sexual equal to Rob is just laughable. I don't think Kristen views Taylor as such. I think she views him as a friend. A safe friend.

If you want to highlight Kristen smiling at Taylor and ignore when she's smiling at Rob. Fine. But to say she's miserable with Rob is pretty ridiculous. There was smiling and laughing at the MMAs and the TwiCon. But, again, you want to act like that doesn't exist so you can peddle your BS--so go ahead. But you're not convincing me of anything.

And why the overanalyzing of Rob and Kristen at events, like Jimmy Kimmel? Imagine how you would feel if you're in this HUGE saga and you're dating the guy that women fawn all over. And you're sitting on stage with all the EYES staring at you? Would you feel comfortable? I wouldn't. You would feel more self-conscious? I would.
So why does their interactions at Jimmy Kimmel have to be analyzed frame by frame? I read a fan account where she said Rob said to Kristen "it's okay" when they sat down. That makes me think of how nervous she gets. And because of her real relationship with Rob, it adds to her nervousness. I get it because I would be the same way.

I am a huge True Blood fan so I have watched TONS of cast interviews. Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin are engaged and have been together for like 3 years. Sometimes they interact very little, if at all, in interviews! OMG!! I will tell you that how they act in interviews especially with their castmates doesn't give me much insight into their relationship. And while Stephen is more willing to talk about it, Anna will cut a bitch if she is asked something that's off limits.

Stop with the crap of putting Rob and Kristen under super microscopes. I personally don't need to. Rob and Kristen see each other outside of work stuff.
It's like when my boyfriend and I meet up with friends, we spend more time socializing with our friends and each other because....we talk and see each other much more than we do our friends!! What a concept.
Rob and Kristen don't need to be all over each other in public (they save private moments for, uh, private time).

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:39

Was reading you comment about R/K not being all over each other in public. Have to agree with you.

I don't understand why celebs have to give the public details about their private life (and I am talking sex here). I think it is vulgar personally.

That should be something special b/w you and the person you are with.

I am glad Rob and Kristen don't go that route with the public. Makes me like them even more.

Anonymous said...

Hey wheres the REAL LISA TODAY.
THE 'USUAL ONE'...NOT THE cough cough insane one ..I CAN FEEL A LIITLE SHIT STIRRING COMING ON... TO GET HER TO PUT HER 5 CENT THIS FINE. cold,chilli but sunny FRIDAY morning....

Deb said...

Suzy Q AND ROSE look you went and did it again AND THEY CAN NOT STAND IT CAN THEY You can see by the way they are coming in here saying all this SHIT.( THEY EVEN KNOW THAT ROBS WITH KRISTEN) and it is KILLING them THEY HAVE NOTHING YEP N-o-t-h-i-n-g- BUT ROB HAS KRISTEN and SHE HAS HIM its been that way for some time now and ITS NOT GOING TO END SOON they have a whole life ahead of them so set back and ENJOY the ride BE HAPPY FOR THEM thats not asking for much OPEN up your eyes an see the love they have for each other DONT YOU WANT ROB TO BE HAPPY AND WHAT ABOUT KRISTEN THEY WANT EACH OTHER THEY LOVE EACH OTHER THEY MAKE EACH OTHER HAPPY and if Rob is happy SO IM I say what you want like I said its not going to CHANGE any thing LOVE YOU ROSE and Suzy Q you said it all about OUR GIRL KRISTEN and I THANK YOU FOR THAT HERES TO A GREAT LOVING SUMMER I cant wait see ya...DEB

Anonymous said...

To Rose and all the Krispins-You guys are saying that the nonstens are the obsessed ones but who spends their every waking moment dedicating shrines to these two?You guys do not teh nonstens.Their are more shrine websites buy you krispins then their are nonstens.So think about that next time before you go after the nonstens.anyone with half a brain would notice that.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:44

I didn't DEFEND Kristen to kiss ANYONE's ASS, least of all hers. I'm not DELUSIONAL enough to think she would ever read what I wrote. (Perhaps you think you have enough influence in a Rob or Kris's life as to denote a response for them, but I sure as hell don't)

I defended her because she should be defended. She is worth defending. That is what happens when someone you consider admirable is constantly criticized you defend them because you consider it the right thing to do. Pure and simple. Over and out. The end.

And BTW I would never to anything so low as to cater my opinion to to kiss ANYONE'S ass - and I don't give a damn who THEY were. I find that implication simply offensive.

*Suzy Q*

May said...

And while I don't agree with what was said about Miss Roberts...
I have to wonder why people don't get so
inflamed and pissed off at what is said about Kristen...
Some of the people who were proudly shouting from
their soapboxes about how horrible Twi-Fans are...
Are in fact the same people
who continuously insult and hate on Kristen.
How is that overlooked?
How is that acceptable?


The fact remains, Rob and Kris are so happy together.That makes me so very happy.I wish them all the best for years and years to come.:D

Haters schmaters. ;p

Bex said...

One of these things is not like the other...


^^^this is called POSING for cameras.^^^


^^^this is called NOT POSING for cameras^^^


^^^this is also called NOT POSING for the cameras... when they were supposed to be posing for the cameras. oops ;-)^^^

Deal with it. It's much more fun when you do :-)

bex said...

oops. the first pic was supposed to be something along these lines...


Anonymous said...

Kristen looks very unhappy in that handholding you just posted. No doubt Rob grabbed her hand without permission. Please.. I've seen her look happier holding hands with MA and Taylor. And those pics are a year old. Wheres the lovely robsten pics now?

Anonymous said...

To 4.51

I agree with you. I don't want them to talk about details of their private lives, but I neither want them to pretend that they're not a couple.

Why cannot just ackowledge the relaysh without spilling the beans about it? Many couples do it.

Will they have to pretend to be just friends 2 more years till the saga is done? Ridicuolus.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:29 She looks miserable? Are we looking at the same picture? GIVE IT UP ALREADY. Someone 'miserable' with someone else wouldn't keep flying across the world to see them. You're embarrassing yourself.

bex said...

to anonymous Thursday, June 17, 2010 5:29:00 PM

where are there recent MA and K photos?? if you noticed she was much more relaxed back then because she wasn't uber famous yet getting stalked by paps to the point she can't even leave her hotel room

where are the taysten photos where she's holding his hand outside of a photocall or red carpet?? and did you ever think that the only reason shes more relaxed is because 1. fans in other countries give her WAY more space and aren't so crazy and 2. she doesn't have to work on preserving her privacy with Taylor because NOTHING is going on. in fact there is so much of NOTHING going on that not even tabloids are really speculating about them together. they are like brother and sister.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:29


Kristen is holding on to Rob's hand because there is something in his hand. And he is radiating happiness at her touch. OK so I only assume the last part. But the first sentence is ABSOLUTE FACT.

Say something that make sense, Blind-non-yena-shitstirrersky!! I mean if your going to attack start with basic facts first.

Oh wait... I'm sorry there are no facts to support your point of view so you have to make shit up. Forgot about that.

Facts support the truth. Not your crazy hyena yapping. Go yap somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

So,so,so...here is a contest for 2 PEOPLE to win a trip to Montepulciano and spend the night in the ROOM (singular) ROB AND KRISTEN spent their nights while shooting in Montepulciano.


It says ROOM not ROOMS and since it also says to bring someone special to you..2+2=4.I suppose that confirms Rob and Kristen shared a ROOM. *foam alert*

Anonymous said...

Kristen quote for the Eclipse triangle "I think there is always one person that loves the other person more and that is like so heartbreaking...

I know these are just the facts of life. But I, too, find that heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...

OK. I know I have posted WAY too much here today.


I feel that the second half of this video just reaffirms everything I said in my super long winded post earlier :-) From the 3:50 point on:


Fab quote from above video: "I don't tell Rob what to do." - Kristen Stewart

AND BEFORE someone jumps on me for the Kristen love and starts screaming "Krisbian". I seriously heart Rob too. :-D

*Suzy Q*

Deb said...

WeLL iM back I was thinking ya I do that some times hAHA FIRST HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN LOVE? do you remember what it felt like ? can you remember how you look at that one person you know that you wanted to be with the rest of your life ? Im not saying puppy love Im saying TRUE love ?HAVE you had that kind of love yet ?the love you would do or be any thing for that one person and to KNOW that that one person would do or be any thing for YOU WELL i have and i know what its like to like someone to LUST over someone and to LOVE some one until you have really have had that in your life you dont know what real love is and what it can do to you or what you would do to keep it I pray that you do find that some one so you well know what ROB and KRISTEN have and are trying so hard to keep They have FOUGHT so hard for it and im glad that they did THANKS again for hearing me out just wanted to put that out there ok ps I do hope you find that some one .........DEB.

Anonymous said...

I was a fan and I guess I still am a little bit. I think I really am just a fan because of Rob at this point though, I want to see him succeed even if it is in these crappy assed movies (once again no disrespect to Twi hards here). Anyway, as much as I DON'T want Rob to fail, I kind of want this movie to tank so that there is the infantesimal chance that Summit would re-think the idea of two movies realizing it isn't in their best interest financially .

It is all for the greater good really. As soon as Edward is dead and gone Rob is free to act in REAL movies with REAL people (no disrespect to the REAL actors he works with now, peter, billy, ashley, nikki, kellan, jackson, liz ~ did I forget anyone that can actually act) and he can have a REAL life without crazy sheep up his ass about dating his Bella

Anonymous said...

i don't mind. ;]about rob dating.
I knew it. in my opinion, if he wants to be happy with his chick, and her to be happy with him, he should not date until this whole, rsten/saga/prsten thing is over.it's suicide if he does.
krisbians woulddd beee alllll over his ass. all over. cheek to crack. for the simple fact, that they will always think he is dating her.

pricklypearess said...

Wanna know why Kristen is more relaxed in Taylor pics? Because she has nothing to hide with him. He's a friend and people aren't ripping her to shreds over him. She's much more cautious with Rob because she's trying to keep their personal relationship under wraps. Not too hard to understand. BTW, she looks great in Rome. Of course, I'm REALLY liking Rob's look right now. Oh my! I've been enjoying his interviews for Eclipse. He's getting more comfortable with them, huh? Later. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I think he is just done with the whole mess.. and since I think he knows how crazy you sheep are.. he prolly will wait to actually date someone.. when the whole thing is just over.. but staying single is probablly what he is keeping for now since he is a workaholic that man! he is dedicated to his career poor baby though.. I remember hearing a quote from Brittney spears about how being in the spotlight and having all that attention on you ALL the time can be the lonliest place in the world.. becasue its hard to actually have normal contact with anyone when your a big star.. I guess we will see.. but again I still think he is going to wait.. hopefully he will go back home after this whole thing is over and just Chillax

Anonymous said...

I just hope when this Eclipse promo is over Rob enjoys the months he has off before BD and meets a nice girl (if he hasn't already), go on a date and just enjoy his life before he gets sucked back into the Twilight vortex.

Anonymous said...

6:37 I won't always think they're dating. When they stop going on vacations together, spending birthdays together, and everything else people will stop believing they're dating.

OH and the PRsten stuff.. Rob said it ISN'T PR, he doesn't 'sell' his personal life at all. So unless you're saying Rob is a liar and a media whore I suggest you stop with all the PR crap because it doesn't make sense.. tiny islands with no paps, walking behind one another at airports and Rob's own statement. Kristen's disdain of paps and media. Not PR.

Anonymous said...

I could tell you something that would make the hyenas totally lose their sh*t but since, I wouldn't stoop to their level and compromise Rob & Kristen's privacy, I'm just going to let time and future events prove Rose and all of you with a working brain, right. Trust me guys, you'll love it ;)

Anonymous said...

Hyenas posting over and over on a pro-robsten board, about something you don't believe in? Who are you trying to convince more, us or yourself? You do realize MOST people believe they are dating, what does nonsten have, like 50 members? Most of which call Kristen nasty names and threaten her and they say Rob is in it for PR, something he said he'd never do. What lovely fans you are spreading that stuff about Rob.

mama bear said...

Hi Rose:

i have been reading alot of the negative things the last few days, I just think what the F- - -, to each there own opinion, just try not to stress or push your beliefs on the Robert and Kristen believers. I for one love the thought that these two beautiful young adults have found each other. Robert has been so happy in the last year....why because he has Kristen. Kristen is the best thing that ever happened to him, its what he wants and needs. He truely loves this beautiful young lady. Kristen for one must truely be in love with Robert to put up with all this bull shit that goes on with non-fans, and the Paps. To put up with all this shit and still want to be close to Robert, I would say that is love. Both these beautiful young adults have found something that is rare, hold on to that and treasure it. I love seeing these two together, it makes me smile......so Rose keep posting your beautiful thoughts and pictures, you have a huge following that believes the same things you do about Robert and Kristen.
And Robert and Kristen if you read this site............be happy and hold on to each other, you are good together and do not let the bull shit destroy it.....
love mama bear

Anonymous said...

hey Rose my GF just sent this to me...im such a true beleiver in this. But now have found this into words that just justifys my thoughts...
have a read if you will.....

A Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime

People come into your life for a reason, a season, or
a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you
will know what to do for each person.

When someone is in your life for a REASON . . . It is
usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have
come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you
with guidance and support, to aid you physically,
emotionally, or spiritually. They may seem like a
godsend, and they are! They are there for the reason
you need them to be.

Then, without any wrong doing on your part, or at an
inconvenient time, this person will say or do something
to bring the relationship to an end.

Sometimes they die.
Sometimes they walk away.
Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.

What we must realise is that our need has been met, our
desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you
sent up has been answered. And now it is time to move on.

When people come into your life for a SEASON . . .
Because your turn has come to share, grow, or learn.
They bring you an experience of peace, or make you laugh.
They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount
of joy. Believe it! It is real! But, only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons; things
you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional
foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the
person, and put what you have learned to use in all
other relationships and areas of your life. It is said

Anonymous said...


debbi said...

Hi Rose,

I haven't posted here in ages (too much hate on the board - I can see that hasn't changed). But I saw this interview today and thought of you. Listen to what Rob says at 2:13-2:23. It's perfect, really.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Rose for caring about Rob/Kris.To all of R/K believers don't listen to all the hyenas talking same BS everyday.This is not something new,remember before,they keep on pushing K/MA angle.The only problem with that implication is that they don't have any proof at all.Have we seen Kris/MA or Kris/Taylor hanging out after work or promotion?we didn't.During Twicon,they're trying to convince us that Kris/Taylor are a couple but where was Taylor after the event?Who was hanging out with Kris in the bar it was Rob,who was sharing the same room when they were doing the promotion it was Rob/Kris,who left the hotel together side by side it was Rob/Kris and we have proof/reports/twits about this.Where was Taylor then?TO ALL THE HYENAS/HATERS YOU CAN NO LONGER SHOCK US WITH THE SAME BS.WE HEARD IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN.Plus why are you haters nervous when somebody posting about Kris necklace/ring,Rob/Kris living together in the same house?Is it because it hurts too much?Rob will not leave Kris and Kris will not leave Rob.It doesn't matter if Kris will be working this July or Rob will be going back to London,they will always make an effort to see each other.Who knows Rob will probably go with Kris in Montreal or visit her. RONA

Anonymous said...

Debbie EXACTLY."

Anonymous said...

to Anon. hyena at 503...what's a krispin? Is that like a Rice Krispie treat? I want one!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Rob and Kristen are dating. Not at all. When you fly halfway around the world to spend major holidays and birthdays with your boyfriend and live with him, that's not dating. That's called having a serious,committed relationship.

Anonymous said...

Random Rob Love:

Does anyone remember the beginning of New Moon and Rob is just walking and the music is playing....*heart racing*


Now... I love Rob & Kris but can we just PAUSE the madness for a minute and *collectively sigh.* Because truly.... that was "pattinsonintoxication". I think when I saw that for that brief 15 seconds I was like completely captivated.

So while I am so so SO happy for them as a couple... I suppose I can *understand* NOT APPROVE of why the nuttos go a little (okay, way overboard psychobitch) crazy over him because the man is just so *le sigh*

Another random (PUSHY, PUSHY) comment:

Dear Hyenas,

I will be posting one tiny *squeal* over yet more confirmation the day Rob lands in Montreal. Just forewarning you.
I've talked to all my "inside sources" like the EYEBALLS inside my skull... and they told me that Rob and Kris are still together. And that TAYSTEN only happens when you play with your dolls.


Anonymous said...

To those who said that Rob/Kris were both miserable at JK,I'm laughing at you.I'm not a crazy fan of both R/K but I like them for who they are,because they are different from any other stars in HW.I was at JK with my 19 year old daughter,who is crazy with R/K and this is what I witnessed.Rob was talking to Peter and his bodyguard at the back,standing next to them was Bryce,Nikki,Ashley,Taylor and Elizabeth,in front of them was Kris and Dakota talking with Kris bodyguards,then Rob approached Kris putting his hand on her back lightly and whisper something then Rob grabbed Kris hand and helping her in the steps and at the same time looking back at her as if she's going to fall,then when they were in the stage,both of them dropped their hands together.During commercial Rob/Kris leaning and looking each other adoringly.With what, me and my daughter see last Monday,was that this two are more than BF/GF,the way they're acting around each other say it all.This is just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I really love the necklace that Kristen wears. It almost looks like it was an eternity ring and then flattened and twisted once, flattened some more. It must be very unique because no one can seem to find it anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Kristen looks lovely in today's pix. And would you look at that... she is wearing the necklace and the ratty old shoelace on her wrist with her very expensive designer gown in Rome. heheh

Anonymous said...

new still from kimmel:
Kristen is touching both Taylor and Rob's legs, this means she's doing both? lol poor shippers so naive.
Please open your eyes and let rob date around while kristen goes to montreal in 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

to 9:03...KStew411 said it was custom made just for Kristen...showed up for the first time when she was leaving Budapest with Rob. Wonder who had it custom made??? LOL BTW, Kstew411 is ALWAYS spot on with their Kristen news. Always.

Anonymous said...

After reading some of these comments I can't seem to get the following song out of my head..."Schools out for summer! Schools out forever!" I never realized that your blog was so popular with the tween crowd Rose. LOL

Anonymous said...

@ 9:11

Things wrong with your comment:

1. Putting a hand on leg is not the same as sleeping with someone...did you skip sex ed this week at school?

2. LET HIM do something? Who is this person you are addressing that is going to LET HIM DO SOMETHING? Who here controls Rob? LMAO Please tell me.

3. The only thing being shipped here a healthy dose of reality. Rob & Kris are a couple. Deal with it. Other things you may want to look in to have shipped... your medication.


Anonymous said...

to 9:15..I never realized there were so many pathetic loser teens that have no life...when I was a kid/teenager during the summers, I spent all day swimming,riding bikes, reading great books in my hammock, and when I got a bit older, hung out with my friends at the lake and flirted with cute boys. Don't you freaks have a LIFE??? Apparently not.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Beverly for your post. I too thought he held her hand when they were going up the stairs but wasn't really sure b/c of the angle so thanks for confirming that. He is always conscious of her wherever they are, especially when she is behind him. Not many 24 year old guys do that kind of stuff. One of the many reasons I am a fan.

This is from Glamour (German editions). The interview was done around his b-day this year. Question a fan asked Rob and his reply:

Are you replying your fan mail by yourself?

I’ll try, yes. When I’m at home in L.A. or staying with my parents in London.

Notice what he says about LA. Pretty interesting. That's all.

Below is a still of the Twi-trinity with Jimmy Kimmel:


I noticed some things. Kristen has her hands on both Rob and Taylor's knees. What I noticed was that on Rob's side her arm is pretty much resting on his upper thigh. Not the same for Taylor. Only her hand is on him.

Secondly, her body (hips) is positioned more towards Rob (like she always does) which is why she can rest her arm on his leg.

Now I am no body language expert but I just wanted to point this out to the people who say she is less comfortable with Rob and more comfortable with Taylor.

Take it as you will. You don't have to agree with me. I am not obsessing about it I am only making a simple observation.

Bex said...

Please. Are you seriously basing that comment on the fact that she's touching both their legs?? Why don't you take another look at that picture and look where robs other hand is??

Anonymous said...

The mystery of the necklace has been solved...it is the number 8. Kristen finally said yes after Rob asked her for the 8th time to marry him. (And if you believe that, I've got a nice little secluded cabin in the woods that you can rent).

Anonymous said...

I find it the HEIGHT of irony that the first post says "so serene and peaceful today. I love it Rose. =)"

Its like looking up at the pretty blue sky before the foam storm drenches it. LOL

Anonymous said...

Looks like her hand is barely touching taylor's knee, but her hand is full on Rob's. I normally wouldn't look or care, but you started it.

Anonymous said...

Two things to share:

1. Some awesome comments from the sane today.

2. Mummy and Daddy have NOT been regulating Sybill's computer time properly. Now that's just bad parenting.

Rose said...

Sorry Sybil.
My blog.
You don't count.

I would *PUSH* for every one of her personalities... but who has the time? ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi room,

Cool pic I found, but can anyone make out where Rob's hand is? I wish kristen would not slouch... she's really pretty and they way she sits makes her look frumpy. IMO


Anonymous said...

Opps.. try this one link. I'm anon 10:13


SueBee said...

Wow--I read through all of the posts and the only thing that stuck with me was "Krispens." LOL

Someone mentioned that it must be our love of Rice Krispies treats but I was thinking more along the line of Krispy Kremes.

Overdue for my midnight snack!

ANYWAY--Great post, Rose. Haters hate and Lovers love.

SueBee---Proud to be on Team *Push* :o)

eli said...

I'm sick and tired of all the lunatics who come here and post crap about Taysten(??????????),Stewgarano,Garrettstew,Dakotastew,Rob with every single woman,etc.I know that for some people,stupidity is something that they can't avoid,but please go and make your own blog and post all your shit there.

Anonymous said...


Press Release:
ECLIPSE VOLTURI CONTEST: Win a holiday in Montepulciano, Tuscany and sleep in the room Kristen Stewart & Rob Pattinson spent their time when shooting NEW MOON

Lisa said...

What a wonderful post Rose! I have to admit, after all the hate lately I didn't even come until most posters here are in bed! :( It's just SO bad! You're right about most things but today's post about the hate, where and why.. If you love Rob, you should love her, if you love Kris, you should love him. I can't come here and argue if they are or aren't together anymore. It just seems CRAZY to me. It's as plain as the sun shinning.. Anyway, I'm off track.. My point is, as sad as it makes me, I am not going to read any replies anymore.. (I have one I'm going to look up that another poster told me about) I will miss many of my favorites.. I wont name names because I don't want to forget anyone! :)

The new "you'll always be my Bella" is amazing! I cannot wait really.. It's SO close, yet so far! LOL Great print article came out today that Rob did on his birthday. It was just sweet. He was on his way to "elephant training" COOL! Another I found interesting is him talking about answering his fan mail and he said "when I'm at home in LA or visiting my parents in London" makes ya go hmmmmmm.. Also loved the extended Kristen interview. Reporter asked her about her seeming to enjoy the press more this time and more at ease. Said about Rob saying she was pregnant (on Oprah) and he said "did you tell him to stop saying that stuff" and she says "I don't tell Rob to do anything" :)

Kristen looked great today in Rome. Loved both outfits, especially the Marchessa (sp)I thought it interesting she STILL had that necklace on, even though it wasn't really appropriate for the dress. I like she marches to her own drummer. OH, I also liked that she eluded to the fact that the Wanted 2 rumors 'may' be true! I think she would be bad ass as she has that attitude! :)


Sal said...

Ah new Jimmy Kimmel still Rose. I wonder if you'll post it today. Interesting how Kristen has put on a hand on both Taylor and Rob's knees. Mmmmm which one is the boyfriend?

Anonymous said...

I have been following & reading your blog Rose since I found it and mind you I love every single of it as well the comments. It is unique. Robstens or Nonstens (although I am more than 100% Robsten), I don't really care who is who. I don't leave comments so easily but I have few of my favorites here which I really enjoy reading their comments and feedback aside from Rose of course. I love reading comments from the matured and professional ones. You feel it who they are by just reading their comments. Keep it up guys.
That's all I can say as for now. I have to go. I have telepresence meeting today and my team is waiting.


Anonymous said...

to anon 9.23 and 9.36

sorry but you're both full of shit. kristen does not both her hands on rob and taylor's knees and shes not doing anything with her hips. but if you want to talk about body language kristen is actually leaning more in taylor's direction. oh the fact that you're making up lies just shows that it obviously upsets you that once again kristen is showing no proof that rob is her boyfriend. if he was her boyfriend why doesn't she put her hand on his knee and leave taylor's alone? afterall hand on a knee is quite an inimate gesture.

Anonymous said...

Suzy Q@2:13, AMAZING, you spoke my mind!~

I watched Twilight & New Moon long time after they've come out. I thought it's a pretty good love story and so I bought the books. But I just read half of the 1st book and put it aside for a long time. Then, something amazing happened. One afternnon in March this year, I occasionally found some interview clips of Kristen (early ones for Twilight promotion). You know what, I TOTALLY FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS GIRL IN ONE AFTERNOON TIME. I picked up the books and read them again and again...try to figure out the depth and underneath meaning of the story Kristen portrayed.

Kristen glowed and radiated when doing interviews. Her passion and seriousness bursted out. These are beyond obvious. I wonder why people can't see.

From Grade 6 to college years, I had been doing some drama stuff and I understand the attraction of acting. It's a beautiful act. Thought I was just an amateur player, I can identify if one genuinely likes acting or not. I have seen many interviews of different actors. And NO ONE ever attracts me the way like Kristen did. It's effortless to feel her passion and dedication towards acting, much stronger than many young actors in her generation.

And to anyone who thinks she can't act, read this article please.


Quote Noel Clarke's blog post on Kristen's BAFTA award, "But she was genuinely a really, very nice girl, and being on the jury I had to watch almost every movie she's done, that we could get our hands on from the last few years and the girl can fucking act, there is no question about that".

Not considering anything else, just this point, Kristen deserves our respect.

Of course, there are many other inner qualities of Kristen that I admire, like her self-assurance, strong sense of dignity, limited tolerance to idiocy, bluntness, standing for her personal values & beliefs, etc. I don't know her either, just observe what she says and does. It's kinda weird to say she's my role model as I'm few years older than her but there are certain things about her I can learn from and totally relate to.

A lone entry just to echo to Suzy Q~ :)

p.s. Many fans and I support Robsten love simply beacuase we could see purity, hapiness and commitment in this relationship. It's NOT like we're projecting R&K as Edward & Bella. For myself, Kristen makes me love Twilight but not the other way around.

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

Wow all this nice comments about Kristen as a actress and a person yet I don't see any for Rob. Seriously, .. do any of you actually love Rob for his work or for who is .. or are you only interested in him because hes going out with Kristen? I do wonder thats all. Cause I've been on this blog for a while I've barely seen any comments praising Rob's work or speaking about his good qualities. Like if Rob/Kristen broke up tomorrow would you still support him or would lose interest in him?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,
Been a luker of your blog for awhile now thought I should say something today. I love your post today and your logic just nailed it. Taking about double standard, Kristen been subject this from both haters and media. Quite sad to know such hates are possible on a girl who desperately wanted to stay under the radar but whether it's a fortunate or unfortunate thing that she happened to in a relationship with a man who's hotly sowed after by everyone. Anyway, has anyone ever wondered why Kris tends to put her arm on Taylor shoulder? Same thing happened during NM promo...I always thought is it because Taylor is at the right height (*cough*short enough*cough*) for her to do that whereas it could be quite awkward with Rob as he's so tall. Just a thought.

Kristen is truly beautiful, for a married woman like me to even be dazzled by her especially of lately, can you imagine what Rob must feel like every possible moment to be able stare into those beautiful green eyes. They really do make a gorgeous couple. Rob is charming, witty and handsome. Both are lucky to have found each other.

Anonymous said...

Mary, that would be because Kristen is the one getting most of the hate. Just read the replies that Rose has gotten. The haters come here hating on Rose because she likes Kristen and because she believes Rob and Kristen are together. How twisted is that? And in their twisted minds, they think they are doing this for Rob? Disturbing. Seriously, do people really think Rob is being forced to hang out with Kristen? Spend time with her, which they obviously do? Where is the common sense?

I think the hatred has gone overboard, and frankly, it is frightening at this point. Now it seems the hyenas' delusional argument is that Rob is ready to finish Twilight just to be able to get away from Kristen, because according to the delusional, she is not good enough for him. A bad actress, rude, trash, whore, etc, etc. Forget that it was Twilight that made Rob a household name. Forget that it was the character of Edward that got him money and fame. Forget it was Kristen Stewart who insisted that Rob should be her Edward. Forget that Rob has even recently stated how Kristen helps him with his acting (tent scene anyone?).

I realize Rob has his haters, but the extreme that people go about hating Kristen concerns me greatly. Have you seen a blog dedicated to just hating on him? Because I have not.

I do worry about Kristen's safety, but it seems she has an amazing support system, and that makes me happy. People want to break her, and I think that is totally disgusting. And people wonder why she is so guarded? She knows her every word and move get scrutinized. I really hope she gets to a place where she doesn't really care, because it is not worth it. She has too much going for her to worry so much about sad, jealous, petty people.

Anonymous said...

this is a vid of Robert assisting kristen up stairs just about to go out on stage for the Kimmel show


Anonymous said...

This isn't me convincing myself, i do not doubt the relationship at all.. but have a look at this video..

at 2:48 kristen makes a face, as if to say, "i never said that, i wouldnt say that because its not true.."




Anonymous said...

ANON 3:54 AM-

I think you need your eyes checked.

Look at that picture again.

The upper half of her body is pointed at the camera straight on.

The bottom half of her IS angled closer to Rob. Therefore she is able to have most of her arm with the exception of her elbow touching Rob's leg. Simple fact.

I look at it as she is more familiar with Rob most likely b/c she sits next to him in a car, plane, house, or hotel with her arm on his leg quite frequently.

Don't forget it wasn't Taylor's leg she was resting her arm on during the USA Today interview.