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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Denial is Futile

I don't know where to start.
This picture of Robert is a good place.
Another 'outtake'.
I am literally sitting here...
trying to find coherent thoughts
that makes sense enough to type.
It's not working is it?

Yeah... this one has long been a favorite...
I guess I have this fascination with his legs?
Walking. Standing.

Yeah. I'm sure that's it.

There has been A LOT of hatred thrown Kristen's way
the last couple of days.
Well, that isn't anything new...
But the Hyenas have been even more
bitter and angry than ever.
Even MORE bitter and angry!!!
Hard to imagine, isn't it?

But anyway...
They are all kinds of pissed off at Kristen.
Saying she was all bitchy and horrible at the MTV awards.
I didn't know that Rabies affected eyesight...

Let's go through this...

The first time we see Kristen on stage...
She was smiling.
She was her usual awkwardly adorable self.
She didn't drop her popcorn.
She thanked Chris Weitz.
She thanked her fans.
She smiles and exits the stage.

Ah... Best Kiss.
Kristen stumbles a little going to the stage...
Immediately turns and goes into Robert's arms.
Natural reaction?
I'm thinking... Yes.
Rob is smiling BIG time.
In fact... he was smiling all night long.
He looked REALLY happy.
Kristen looks REALLY happy.

I honestly don't remember the last time
I have seen Robert so damn giddy.
Every time you see him on camera...
And again...
Where is Kristen all bitchy and grumpy?

Because not only do they both look
They look pretty intimate.
Big smiles on both of their faces.

So they are both on stage for Best Kiss.
They are trying hard to be awkward and weird...
(OK maybe not trying TOO hard)
Kinda like the kisses are supposed to be
between Edward and Bella.
It might be a bit anti-climatic...
Kristen is smiling and chatty
Robert is goofy and charming.

And even after Robert steals a quick kiss...

Kristen is smiling...
Robert is all giggling and happy.
Where is this bitchy, ingrate Kristen
that so many have talked about?

Then we see the 3 of them...
To introduce the Eclipse clip.
Nothing bitchy there.
They all talk and smile.
Short but sweet.

Then Rob gets his 2 awards.
He humbly thanks his parents...
Catherine Hardwicke...
And oh yeah.
Just Kristen.
They go to her in the audience...
And she makes an embarrassed face.
The same face she always makes
when someone compliments her.
Like when Rob said she was 
"The best actress of her generation"
way back before Twilight came out?
She made that face.
When Catherine, Rob and Kristen were doing 
the commentary for Twilight...
And Catherine gushes over Kristen
Catherine comments that
Kristen is "rolling her eyes at me"
But continues to praise her.
It's pretty obvious that Kristen doesn't
handle compliments without embarrassment.
Is that a crime?
Not being so full of yourself
expecting and basking in others praise?
Being shy about people saying nice things 
about you in public on national TV?

But the Hyenas fucking POUNCED on that...
Calling her nasty names...
HATING on her.
They had to... 

New Moon wins Best Movie...
The entire cast is on stage.
Kristen is laughing and clapping.
Robert is laughing and clapping.
Looking perfectly happy.

The Hyenas then seized on some bizarre little clip...
It supposedly looks like Kristen brushes his arm...
And Rob reacts 'like he's been burned!!'
All night long Robert and Kristen 
have been giggling and smiling...
Touching and playful...
and some obscure second of movement
is what the Hyenas cling to.

Seriously DESPERATE.

Is this the face of a man who despises Kristen?
Is this the face of a man...
Who wants to distance himself from her?
Is this the face of a man...
Who is shouting to the world
that he is SINGLE!
(Yeah, because that's what Rob would do!)
Is this the face of a man forced to be with Kristen
either as a PR stunt or a 'beard'?

 Or is this a face of a man...
Every smile...
Every look...
Every touch...
Was for Kristen.
And that is exactly why
the bitter anger 
is so overflowing the last few days.
The spiteful, jealous hatred.
Because the haters all saw what the rest of
us have been seeing all along.
Welcome to reality.

Denial is Futile.
Acceptance is Peace.

Bye for now.


loris said...

Awesome post as usual. I too was quite puzzled about what the hyenas were talking about with that clip of Rob. I saw him smile in it. I am pretty sure most of them know the truth, but they just can't admit it to their clique because they have revolved their lives around it for so long it's too hard to let it go. They are just clinging on to absolutely nothing and it just makes them look like the biggest fools.

is it bad that I wish that someday Rob comes out and denounces these hyenas and tells them he doesn't need fans like them?

lroy6 said...

Well said, Rose :) I thought Kristen was VERY happy that night! And she smiled A LOT. It's just people stereotyping her that she "doesn't smile" when it's clearly not the case. It's a shame, too, because stereotyping people is disgusting. I'm so tired of people being judgmental if the poor girl doesn't have a megawatt smile plastered on her face 24/7. And your assessment of Kristen being embarrassed by compliments is spot on! I feel the same way. :) Keep up the great posts! Love you xoxo

sollee said...

I love this post sooo much...Thank you again Rose:) You're the best!!!!

SueBee said...

I feel for Kristen because my expressions get misconstrued too. If I'm looking down or thoughtful or whatever, I get asked "what's wrong?"

Nothing's wrong. Just thinking or zoning out--not sad or mad.

If Kristen smiled 24/7, she would look like a Stepford wife!!! Give the girl a break. She's human like the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

Rob reacts as if he's been burned.

That is the craziest thing I've ever heard!!!!!!!!

Hyenas have definitely lost it NOW!


You make my day! :-)

*Suzy Q*

Patricia said...

Rose: For the first time the hyenas haven't bothered me with their remarks.




But Rose some people will never agree with 'THE TRUTH' THEY
Grazie for another great post !
You Rock!

Deb said...

Hey Rose Its so funny how they(haters) keep on denying the truth THEY DONT HAVE ANY THING ON THEM but the truth I love the way you put it got there and I think they'll keep on lying tell someone new comes along for them to hate Im just happy that Rob and Kristen are together AND HAPPY If you go look at some of the pic of Rob at work just before Kristen got HOME he was smiling KNOWING SHE WOULD BE HOME SOON and look at the last day or to hes smiling again you can see how she makes him happy ALL is GOOD with Rob and Kristen Thanks Rose I love the post hope you have a good day my friend .....DEB

Anonymous said...

I loved how he thanked Catherine Hardwick for EVERYTHING!!!! Says alot right there. She catches a lot of hate for being "Chatty Cathy" and spilling to TIME magazine but Rob doesn't seem to mind does he? He made a point to thank her although they haven't worked together for over a year. I just thought that was interesting.

Anonymous said...

@ Deb

I think its really sweet how in the new French GQ interview that was just translated. The interviewer comments how much more relaxed and happy he seems from a year ago... and Rob makes some comment about how happy he is about the movies he's working on and how he deals better with fame. But I think (my opinion) also being in a relationship with Kristen has made a huge difference from a year ago. And you can totally see a difference in him. He seems more relaxed and content.

Here's the interview if anyone hasn't got to read it yet http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2010/06/premiere-magazine-france-new-gq.html

Anonymous said...

i love the blue nail polish i might get my toes done that color

Anonymous said...

i love the blue nail polish i might get my toes done that color

jen said...

Exactly Rose re: Kristen not handling compliments.

Is she the most gracious swan on earth? No. Is she simply not good at receiving praise from Robert in particular? Yes.


They have never caught on that Robert in many ways does it to get that reaction. lol

They don't understand Robert and they don't understand Robert and Kristen's relationship dynamics at all.

They think he's some wimp who's gonna fall apart cause Krsiten's "being mean to him."

Give me a break. He's a grown man who gives as good as he gets with Kristen, he just does it with more finesse.

They tease and banter eachother mercilessly. They both like to put one another on the spot. They like to get reactions out of eachother.

Almost every interview I've seen has confirmed this.

Remember Rob telling Kristen her cat's gonna die soon cause cat's don't live long? And this is the cat that is like her life???

He's hardly a shrinking violet, and they obviously have a subversive sort of banter that goes on between them to make him say things like that.

Watch him on Today: he completely teases her about having a crush on her, knowing it's gonna make her uncomfortable(and shake her head and eye roll), and then he puts her on the spot that she gave him a back handed compliment for not being perfect at around 4:30:


Watch him tease her and put her on teh spot on this etalk interview, making her flustered, and yet there's a flirtatious undertone at the same time throughout:


It makes me laugh, because the hyenas are so emotionally tone deaf to their way of bantering, they don't realize this tendency to put eachother on the spot, this tendency of Robert to tease her is a form of foreplay for these two.


Anonymous said...

CH gave rob the break against the odds summit were not convinced she said wait until i get him into hair and make up it will work out - she was right he is unusual looking without being pretty. i think rob appreciates her more as time goes on

Anonymous said...

CH gave rob the break against the odds summit were not convinced she said wait until i get him into hair and make up it will work out - she was right he is unusual looking without being pretty. i think rob appreciates her more as time goes on

Anonymous said...

sorry about double posts but the first time it says it didn't work

Anonymous said...

sorry about double posts but the first time it says it didn't work

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,
Good post. I do not agree with you in everything but I love reading your blog anyway. You are very enthusiastic and inspiring.
I can not understand all the talk about how beautiful Rob is. What about him? :-) Perhaps I'm just too old :-)
And Kristen can do better on stage ... I think. She is an actress. I understand how she feels. I myself am such a "great" speakers, but I'm just an engineer not an actor.
B U T I love them anyway. I saw all the movies with them that I was able to access and I love them all.
And Rob and Kristen together is the best part of Twilight Saga :-) I do not know why but seeing them together gives energy ... good energy .... Love Energy
I hope they can hold together long time that will give hope for the LOVE :-).
Thanks for the blog and Bye for now

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that Kristen was hiding at the beginning of the awards show and that Rob looked mad after she gave her acceptance speech? Food for thought.

Melinda said...

Rose- you said it perfectly once again! Denial is futile. I think they are getting senile as well b/c they can't keep up with the crap they spew.
Now that Rob pretty much showed in his actions he loves and adores Kristen they are going to go with the "she doesn't love him as much. He is only going to get his heart broken" bit. It boggles the mind.

I don't think that Rob will ever make a "public statement" about the hatred Kristen gets. To me his best move is to do what he did Sunday night. Show with his actions that he loves, adores, and is proud to be with her as much as he can when in public. It will eat them alive b/c there is nothing they can do about it. What's even more amusing is that Hollywood backs Kristen up. She has tremendous support from some big Hollywood players.

My take on the kiss- The awkward bit was planned. The actual kiss...still up in the air about that part. I can imagine a conversation taking place beforehand with R saying "I am going to kiss you" and K saying "you are going to have to initiate it". I don't think she would be comfortable on stage being the initiator. It looks like she gives him "the go ahead" but isn't sure what he was going to do. I for one am glad he is knows her well enough to turn her away from prying eyes since she is shy and nervous. And when he does kiss her one hand grabs his neck, the other actually goes inside his jacket! I think you have to be very comfortable with the person to put you hand inside their jacket.

Overall I hope she soon realizes that her supporters outweigh the hate. I personally have no need to be over saturated with her and Rob but I do love when I see them totally and blissfully HAPPY! Brings a smile to my face every time.

Jen- great stuff you posted. They both give as good as they get. Kristen loves to "trip him up" in interviews (Oprah back stage, New Moon EW interview she does it twice). And when she does it he tells her to "shut up" with a huge grin on his face. It's foreplay all right!

Anonymous said...

@ Melinda

When you watch the kiss from the other angle... I caught in a video the other day. You can totally see Kristen giving him the "thumbs up" before he goes ahead and kisses her... so the whole thing was planned. But they planned it together. :-) LOL Too cute.

loris said...

@anon @11:58 His jaw was probably just sore from smiling so darn much. Maybe he was missing her already or concerned for her meeting interviewers backstage. Did you notice he disappeared after that? They were both hanging in the green room.

Not sure your point about her sitting down, she had probably just reached her seat right before the show. Maybe her feet were bothering her.

Anonymous said...

Whether they are a couple is a given and a waste of time on those too stupid to see it.

What I'm now intrigued by is... the NECKLACE! The back looks like the infinity symbol and he recently used the word "eternal" in describing his parent's love for each other. I could easily see him applying that term to the feelings he clearly has for Kristen.

The front was exposed at the MTV awards (http://socialitelife.celebuzz.com/archive/2010/06/06/kristen_stewart_2010_mtv_movie_awards.php?img=4&gfmt=e). It looks like an encased engagement ring. An engagement ring encased in something with the back side a symbol of eternity. So when she's ready to say "yes!" to marriage - at age 21? - she already has his commitment. hmmm...


loris said...

About the kiss. I don't think it was planned at the end. I took her thumbs up to mean okay I am done, finish the speech and then he went for it. She looks surprised by the way she jolted back a sec but then gave in.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...I'm 12:05... and I wanted to add...

They planned it and rehearsed the whole thing... but they bumbled it at some point. But they definitely meant to kiss because the thumbs up was telling Rob to kiss her.

I hope they go with Rob's plan next year when they win. :-D I have a feeling his plan is more PG-13 than G Rated. LOL

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:58-

Who cares if she didn't get up at the beginning. I highly doubt that her not standing up got people's panties in a wad who were there. Maybe just yours b/c you are looking for something to criticize her for.

As for Rob's face at the end of her speech...he didn't look mad at her for pete's sake...my spin...he was looking at something else...probably seeing someone eying his girl as she bent to pick up her award and didn't like it too much. You know he is a possessive guy!

STEW on that!


Anonymous said...


The thumbs up wasn't after the speech but after the fumbling and directly before the kiss so I don't think it mean the speech is done.

loris said...

@12:15 I meant that she gave the thumbs up because their little skit was not working and she thought they should just finish it up like maybe they had planned for Rob to say a thanks or something. But he was just looking at her and then he grabbed her. I do not see it as an "okay kiss me." I saw it as an "okay, I'm done."

Chloe said...

"probably seeing someone eying his girl as she bent to pick up her award and didn't like it too much"...that was my thought as well. Kristen had five men standing behind her as she bent down in her tiny skirt to pick up the award. Possessive Rob came out alright.

Rose, as always, your post was great!

Little said...

Yeah, rabies effects eyesight AND the brain...causes prolonged hallucinations in hyenas! We see smiles and they see frowns, we see Rob and Kristen happy as hell and the hyenas see just the opposite because they are looking at THEMSELVES!! I keep hoping one days those hyenas will get so upset about our Robstenella that they'll just spontaneous combust!

Anonymous said...

It is the face of a man IN LOVE
It is the face of a man ADORED
It is the face of a man HAPPY
It is the face of a man AT PEACE
It is the face of a man DEVOTED
It is the face of a man DESIRED
It is the face of a man NEEDED
It is the face of a man WANTED
It is the face of a man TRUSTED
It is the face of a man WORSHIPPED
It is the face of a man CARED FOR
It is the face of a man PROTECTED
It is the face of a man CHERISHED
It is the face of a man HOME

What do all of these have in common i hear you all ask?

She is his everything, his very need for her is shown not only in his face because that's where the real truth lies but in his touches and his thoughts and in the way he moves around her. With Rob, Kristen can be herself, she doesn't answer to anyone in her life but with Rob she is herself, awkward and a little bit clumsy and so is he but with him, she can be picked up and righted completely, with her Rob doesn't act so dorky and uncoordinated, with her Rob acts like a man who is always there for her no matter what, protected, loved, cherished and wanted.

This is what the harping hyenas can't seem to understand, what they are seeing is real, not PR because PR didn't look so bad on Rob and Kristen. PR is plastered on smiles, smiles that don't reach the eyes. PR is stategically placed hands and arms posing as if they have come off some runaway. PR is calling the paps whenever they go out the door and have them snap away in public places, eating, drinking, buying clothing. PR is fake and can be spotted a mile away'

Lindsay Lohan
Britney Spears
Heidi and Spencer
The Olsen Twins
Kate and Jon
Nikki Reed
The Hills cast
The Jersey show cast

and anyone else who has to live their lives surrounded by drama and constant paparazzi shots just so that they can always appear in the press and entertainment shows.

PR is not Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart because if it is then they are doing a crap job at it.

Robert and Kristen are real, they don't need to put on a show for the world, they don't need to prove their love, they don't need to gain attention, they don't need to tell the world...

Rob; "Actions speak louder than words"

NEVER a truer word spoken from someone who does everything in his power to make sure he is not in the spotlight, does not hang around in places to be papped, does not date a loser who is all about the impression and nothing about the romance, he is real he is flesh and blood and he is not a circus clown for the haters entertainment.

He's in love and he has never been happier than the day that Kristen finally said yes and let him in.pro

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Rose, for another great post.

Kristen presents such a study in contrasts:

1). she's a beautiful tomboy, not yet so at ease with her sexiness.

2). she's shy and somewhat introverted but can also be agressively confident

3). she is so much a child of her time, yet she often seems much older than her years

4). she's slow to trust but fiercely protective of those she loves

5). she has a tiny frame but the attitude of an amazon (she's said she feels like she should be 5'10' tall!)

Kristen is one of a kind, the kind that our Robert loves.


Hilarious said...

So I see I'm not the only one still on an MTVMA adorability high. :)

Actually, the way this week has been at work, I wish I was on another kind of high. ;) But looking at pictures and videos from Sunday keeps putting a smile on my face!

I have nothing of real value to add, other than that I keep going back and forth on whether or not Kristen knew about the last kiss. When I was watching live, I thought the thumbs-up was her saying "Come on, let's get off the stage" ... but now I'm not so sure.

Because I've watched the damn clip like 80 times. That's normal.

She seemed surprised to me about something - might have just been the way he did it. Not sure. Either way, the smiles on their faces were SO cute.

It's amusing (hilarious, even?) that Rose was even inspired to write today's post - people really thought that Rob and Kristen looked unhappy at the event?

I can't get over how much FUN they seemed like they were having. In the pics, in accounts by other people at the event, even on stage, especially in comparison to other award shows. Many people have used "giddy," and that's spot on.

That's it from me. Hugs to you all. Hugs AND f*ckhot significant others gazing adoringly at you.

Anonymous said...


AWESOME post. Beautiful!!

olivia said...

Lovely post, as always Rose.

@Cute Video - Thank you for the link from yesterday to the YouTube "Robsten Sweet Disposition" Beautiful vid accompanied by a perfect song. Touching moments between Rob and Kristen from the MTV evening. It reinforces how Rob wears his heart on his sleeve and that his tenderness and exuberant spirit show the world that he wants Kristen's happiness.

@ Jen - Wow, I love the comments, and totally agree - teasing is a definite part of their intimate connection with each other.

They make me smile : )
I love their individuality and indie style.
I hope they can stay true to their own heart, spirit, and vision in life.
Being allowed to sneek peeks as they share this adventure together has been lovely.
Again, life is good!

Anonymous said...

Why do you girls think Rob would be the possessive type? (I'm just curious, not antagonistic....I heart Rob & Kris)

Gemslvs said...

Hey Rose,
Once again on the money you are!.. it's funny how people no matter how much they try they want the rest of the world miserable as they are. There's nothing that was hidden Sunday Night I think it was just what it was, two actors being praised for thier work who just happen to also be together!..and what a couple they are, mirror images of each other, soulmates. It's written all over thier faces.
So I say HAH to the downers and Kudos to you! Sally :)

Anonymous said...

anonymous 12:59
In a couple different interviews when asked in what ways Rob is similar to Edward he said he is possessive in relationships.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it :-) That is sweet... Rob being possessive & protective of Kristen.

Patricia said...

BTW That first picture you posted of Rob ......OMG...I saw it yesterday...THUD....My heart. That man is so fucking GORGEOUS. There are NO WORDS !!!! Grazie for that.

Anonymous said...

As for the "he looked mad after her speech thing" there's a pic floating around of Kristen picking up her award and David Spade staring right at her ass while Chris Rock seems to be saying something and doing the same. Okay so ya think he got pissed because she was being ogled on stage? He's a guy, he knows how guys think and I'm thinking he got really pissed. It pissed me off actually. As for the burning touch, I have no fucking clue what these crazy bitches are talking about. Look, my DH was watching on and off and when he saw Rob's face at her winning he said "wow, pussy whipped for sure (his delicate way of saying Rob was crazy about her). That's coming from a man folks. So give it up already and STFU.

Deb said...

TO anon 11:41 I have to agree with you. You can see the change in him over the years and being happy in love really shows And to angelsssave I just cried when I read what you said I just loved it it was ALL TRUE and Im so happy that Rob has Kristen to love and for her to love him back makes me even happier Thank you for being a good true fan of them both. THE haters are going to hate thats all they have . DEB.

Anonymous said...

To 12.59

Rob himself has recognized to be possesive in different interviews.

He has asked Kristen to marry him more than once. What guy, 24 years old ask his 19 g/f to marry him nowadays? They can live as a married couple, if they want to, but allegedly Rob needs to tie her up, down to the last detail.

I learnt they're not even living together, it may be because she still needs more space than he's able to give. I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Acceptance is Peace.
ooh yessss
holy words

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, not much to add, you said it all.
When I read your blog today all I could say was "huh?"
Now I know where the haters aka hyenas hang out when they are not here, they are in another demention because that would explain how lopsided their view was and is. Oh well,a fool is a fool and they only believe foolish things.
Thanks Rose for sharing your thoughts, you're great. MelenaS

Anonymous said...

At anon 1:33: Geez, you make Rob sound like a cave man. I think he is very PROTECTIVE of her and proud that she is his. Just because R is 24 and K is 20 does not mean they don't know what they want and can't be serious about it. I don't doubt Rob has asked Kris to marry him for real-but none of us know for sure what she said. Remember, there are theories that they ARE married. They aren't so crazy or off the mark imo. Some sources say they are living together and this makes sense to me since they lived together during Eclipse filming. I see Rob as very loving, adoring and protective of Kris and if he is possessiveI'm sure it is not in a bad way or K would set him straight!

Anonymous said...


I think Summit needs to fire MR and hire you to do the script!! What you said was beautiful!

Lynn- great post! Kristen is one of a kind and that's why Rob is head over heels!

Anon 12:59- Some people have already stated why Rob is possessive. I wanted to add something more.

Not all men want their girl showing their T and A all over kingdom come. For example: Russell Brand might be fine with other men staring at Katy's chest that she displayed so easily Sunday night (obviously she had no problem with it).
I think Kristen is pretty modest compared to other Hollywood women (especially in her age range). She plays up her legs and that's it. She is not busty but she still doesn't wear cleavage bearing tops, etc. She leaves room for the imagination. I would be surprised to see her do a photo shoot where she is just in lingerie,partially nude or fully unclothed. I just don't get that vibe from her.

I think that Rob is possessive not in an obsessed way but that he doesn't want other guys ogling what is his. I'm sure that he likes that other men thinks she's hot (what hot blooded male wouldn't)just doesn't want them being pervs about it.

Anonymous said...

@1:33 You must get your info from the tabs. Yes, Rob 'proposed' to Kristen on the set of Twilight, but as for a serious proposal, I guess nobody knows but I seriously doubt it. Also, how do you know where Rob and Kristen live/don't live? Once again, anybody's guess.

mara said...

Rose, love you and your blog! You stand alone in the world of Rob blogs/sites. You are a huge Rob fan that has their head on straight. Some blogs/sites are run by hyenas that act like Rob is THEIR lover and has personally cheated on them with Kristen. How dare he fall in love with his beautiful young costar? And she with him? They're completely nuts and are not teens, they are grown women and that is indeed very scary. VERY. Loons,all of them.

Like you, I love and adore Rob and have since Twilight first came out. And now I love Kristen as well because of what I see between them and how happy she makes him. They have the real thing and THAT is what terrifies the hyenas into their frothing, rapid vitriol towards Kristen. What Rob and Kristen share is not lust, it's not infatuation, it's not a harmless unemotional fling. This is love, TRUE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and
it's obvious by their actions that this love is getting deeper each and every day. A happy Rob in love makes me smile.

Keep up the great job. You have many, many fans.

sfw10sis said...

Great post Rose, boy it sure has been a fun couple of days. As someone else mentioned, I too feel like I'm on some post MTV high, It sure feels good, all the smiles and laughs that the pics have shown, you really would have to be blind not to see whats going on with these two.

You know I think some blinders might be coming off because to me it seems the amount of negativity as lessened some, your site alone seems to have less hateful posts, who knows maybe its just wishful thinking on my part, one can hope though.

Saw the John Corbett convo about Kristen, boy could you just imagne if he had asked Papa Stew about Rob, the goodies he probably would have revealed without realizing, thinking that it was common knowledge that these 2 were dating, now that would have made for a very interesting day, don't you think, LOL.

Beautiful pics, (Robs legs, yeah I agree)fitting words, now that I have visited my happy place I'm off to work, Rose (ladies) have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

Denial is futile... so is resistance for the hyenas.

Anonymous said...


I am pro-Robsten but I agree with your comment about getting info from the tabs. Rob's proposals were all in fun. He has been known to joke like that alot. And has noted in interviews that he does or did....less talk about joke proposal lately.... maybe maturity... maybe less flirty now that he is in a committe relationship... who knows. While I would not be suprised to find out they lived together... i would be shocked if they were secretly married or even engaged. And I think if Rob were serious about getting married he seems thoughtful enough to ask at the appropriate time. They have only been together (in all likelihoood) a little over a year and some months.... isn't that a little soon for marriage and Kris isn't 21 yet? They just seem so serious and thoughtful... hardly the type to make a decision like that after only under 18 months as couple.... but I'm totally just speculating here.

And saying I would believe any tabloid saying "marriage" about Kris and Rob like I would believe Perez saying "lezzie" about Kris... they have the same credibilty.

mara said...

Forgot to add...I peruse the AT boards(I know, I know, I'm a glutton for punishment lol) and a few wks ago, someone pulled up posts from the archives several yrs back about Beyonce and Jay-Z and posted them(pre-marriage and before the world knew they were really together.)

Lo and behold, they had their share of hyenas as well! There are posts from jealous girls that said "It's all PR. He doesn't even like her." "Look at them, they never even hold hands or kiss in public. They're just friends. If they were dating, they would be all over each other." "They take separate cars and leave by different exits, if they were together, they would be proud to be seen with each other." "They always say to interviewers,'we're friends',if they were dating, they would come right out and say it." "I will not believe it until they both come out and say they are dating. But they're not, so I don't need to worry." "She needs him for her career." "She's a bitch. He feels sorry for her, that's all."
"They won't hang out after her new CD comes out." Etc etc etc.

Sound familiar? lol And we all know how Beyonce and Jay-Z turned out...

linzy said...

i still have a giddy hangover from the MTVMA's :) and i find it incredibly amusing to witness the scraps the hyenas are desperately clinging to. quite honestly i wasn't expecting to see R & K so outwardly happy and affectionate in such a public situation. i realize some people would say that they weren't affectionate but seriously? they keep things so close to the vest most of the time and sunday was like the lid was taken off and they decided to simply "BE" you know? the quiet whispering, laughing, smiling, touching, etc... that was two people showing the world they are comfortable and content with each other, haters be damned.

thanks for another great post Rose! and thank you to all the regulars and you're warm and positive comments.. you all make this place that much more fun to visit ;) MUAH!

courgarmom said...

Well done Rose! I give you props on this one...They were all smiles all night, maybe just a few times she had a serious look on her face and that's only because the damn camera kept going back to Rob and Kristen to see if they could catch them in the act of some sort. i do wish they would have done a better kiss, but atleast Rob grabbed her and planted one, that was awesomely well done! I am so tired of different rumors popping up about her being a lesbian, where the heck did that one come from. Rob made a movie with a man and that blew over and Kristen did the same on the Runaways and will die out the same. people have nothing better to do with their lives and are so bored that they have this need to start ridiculous stories and see how far it will go. But in the end we all know that Kristen and Rob will always remain. keep up the good work as always!

Anonymous said...

to twilite at 1208-During a taped interview last Nov. for NM,K said she couldn't imagine getting married at 18-they asked her about Bella and the teen marriage thing.BUT she said she could easily see herself with someone for 'eternity' at her age. Hmm...gee,wonder who she meant?

Nataliee said...
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Nataliee said...

The best post ever. was funny, and charming.
I just loved it.
I was watchig the same things in the live show, and thinking the same-
It's so obvious that they have something! I don't wanna risk myself saying what, but they have it.
It's not the first time I read your blog, but it is the first that I comment.
Amazing blog and better posts. Always.
A huge hug from Argentina.

-just a Robsten believer-♥

Anonymous said...

Well I still think Kristen is unhappy with Rob. The evidence is still there. Notice when Rob gets up to congratulate her when her name gets called out? She gets exasperated and glances around at the audience like shes thinking about what they will think. She then pushes Rob to the side without looking at him. That is the sign of a girl in an unhappy relationship. Rob is obviously too much of a fool in love to see this. Sadly he'll probably learn the hard way when she dumps him for another man.

Amanda said...

anonymous 3:35 Exasperated glances? She was smiling! She touches his stomach and holds onto his arm until she is to the aisle. Somebody who is unhappy with their relationship would really fly 14 hours to Budapest to spend their birthday with someone? Or support him at his premiere, or fly to the UK for NYE? The truth is YOU probably don't like their relationship so you're projecting your feelings onto her, when it's obvious by her actions she wants to be with Rob.

@Mara That's really interesting what you said about Beyonce and Jay-Z. I have always thought how they handle their relationship with the public was very similar to R/K, but I didn't realize they had the same sort of haters. Thanks for sharing that.

Rose, I noticed the same thing with Kristen not taking compliments well. Also, while promoting The Runaways it was either Joan or Cherrie that gave her a huge compliment and I remember her doing the same thing. She gets embarrassed because she's a humble person.

I thought they looked happy through the whole show. I guess the miserable try to look for misery though.*shrugs*

Anonymous said...

Kristen Stewart, confirming she's NOT into married/engagement, just a few months ago


STOP speculation.
MTVMA = major FAIL.
She's having a bad time lately. They're coming for her, lots of anger and hate in the way. That's not good. This "relationship" is about to end.

NEMZ said...
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believe_them said...

@anon 3:35
Well..its just look like u didnt read this beautiful post carefully..Rose had explained that..maybe u should read again c a r e f u l l y and v e r y s l ow l y, so u can understand :P

Lisa said...

Sorry this will be epic again I'm afraid. Rose, I am SO glad I don't see all the hate and bullshit you do. I just really couldn't take it and would be having a fit!

One thing I saw in your post that 'they' said (whoever they are) that there were times Kristen had on her bitch face. Well, SO WHAT? Don't we all do that? I sure do and I don't have cameras and millions of people gawking at me. I don't know how people don't understand she hates all the attention. Some say she should give up acting then. WHY? Is this NOT America? Not a free country? Who says you can't do what you love without putting up with the bullshit? She will get better at it, give her time for cryin out loud! Look how FAR Rob has come since Twilight in interviews! She WILL get better.

I'm not sure why she didn't get up during the beginning of the show. She should have, but we can't see. Maybe she was fixing her shoe or what knows? Anyway, BIG DEAL! Gosh..

As for that arm thing.. I went back and searched and searched. Only thing I could find was at the end when MN won best movie. Rob is trying too hard not to look at her. Makes me sad.. Anyway, as she claps or swings her arm, she grazes his left jacket sleeve. It's rolled up and the other is not. He never looks at her to see what she did or why.. My GUESS is, he assumed she hit it to say, 'roll that down'.. Ladies, do you not do that kind of stuff to your men? I sure do! LOL

As for the kiss and thumbs. I'm not sure how much exactly was planned or not planned. However, we do know, via Rob's behind the scene MTV spot, that it didn't go as planned! LOL As for her thumbs up, I think we're reading too much into it. She gives the thumbs up 1 and almost twice in her best female win. She also gives it at the end for the NM movie win. There are many other videos of her doing it. Rob too. (as they mimic each other in MANY things) So I don't think it was anything. Also, KS was already red (flushed) before they started the kiss bit, I assume about the stumble.

As for Rob being mad at the end of her speech? I didn't see that. His look is more stern then it had been. But in watching it yet again, he is looking farther off to the right. So unless he's looking a big screen watching it, it was something else. If he was looking at the screen it could have been (as someone said) David Spade looking at her ass as she was bent down. The pic shows Chris Rock & Kevin James looking at David, looking at KS ass! LOL

THE Bubble

OMG :( I don't know anything about this site or if this is true but with the hate I hear is spread about her, I could believe it. And THIS is why she'll stay private.

Here's something for all those screaming PR. If he wont do it for his "work" he's NOT going to do it for his personal life!

@2:29:00 I would be shocked if they were married too. BUT, I think the only reason, is because they're stars. I think it makes a difference. I met my husband on vacation when I was 19, he 23. We spent every minute of 10 days together. During that time we rented an apartment and then I moved 400 miles to be with him a month later. We got married after only knowing each other for 5 months. We've been married
26 1/2 years.

@3:35:00 PM Really? You need to get to the eye doc ASAP.. :(

Any of you see the new WFE pics from yesterday? Rob arriving in an old fashioned suit? YUM!

Notice I say "think" allot? I do that because it's what I believe. I don't KNOW anything because I'm not an insider. :)

And now since I started this, there is a NEW clip out.. Of Jacob taking Bella "home" :(

Sorry it's SO long! LOL

Lisa said...

4:11:00 PM that was like 8 or 9 months ago.. LONG time, LOTS of things can happen and change in that time. Can I ask you something? WHY don't you want them together? Serious answer only please. None of the it's bad for his/her career etc... It's up to them to decide what they want and to weight the good vs bad of it all.

Amanda said...

Well Rose, I thought yesterday's post was one of your best ones yet. I stand corrected, todays totally rocked. You are like a fine wine that gets better with age, no offense; you know what I mean, I hope. :) xoxoxo
RobLovesKristenLovesRob and isn't love grand? It makes me so happy to see them so damn happy!

Caroline said...

"As for that arm thing.. I went back and searched and searched. Only thing I could find was at the end when MN won best movie. Rob is trying too hard not to look at her. Makes me sad.. Anyway, as she claps or swings her arm, she grazes his left jacket sleeve. It's rolled up and the other is not. He never looks at her to see what she did or why.. My GUESS is, he assumed she hit it to say, 'roll that down'.. Ladies, do you not do that kind of stuff to your men? I sure do! LOL"

Lisa...i have the same thoughts...i actually ask for everybody about this, if someone else had this same feeling, but no one answers...i felt little sad about this; i watch over and over again, and Rob tried to not look for her once, and people tweet that they keep talking during the trailers, and when they went to the stage, he didn't look for her, even wait for her,; i don't know...i think it was nothing serious but i feel like something, small, happens that time.
But every couple has your owns issues, and it's normal.Love then so much!

Great post Rose.Love, Carol.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Rob and Kris hang out with Jay Z and Beyonce. From day 1 of Jay Z and Beyonce's relationship people would hate. People would say: why does he walk infront of her, why don't they hold hands, Jay Z is realy in love with Rhianna, etc. They have been together for years now and they still get hate. Especially Beyonce. Women can be so mean to each other.

pricklypearess said...

Givin' it to 'em today, Rose! LOL Oh my, that first pic of Robert....um, yeah, hard to look away. Once again, your blog is a bright spot in the day! Peace out. xoxo

Anonymous said...

No hate for David Spade. But he was getting his peep on with Kristen Stewart and that cute little skirt that she was wearing.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, Robert mentioned being possessive in regards to creative control , how he can be a control freak with work mostly.

I don't think Robert is possessive, if anything he's just hyper aware of kristen and who she's paying attention to-he sorta eyes her alot publicly.

Lisa said...

Carol, I didn't take it as a bad thing. (him trying not to look at her) And as for going up the steps before her. If you watch closely, it appears he was going to wait for her but after greeting Peter, Peter has his arm behind Rob and kinda ushers him up the stairs. Then Rob greets the rest of the cast. Remember, he sees Kris all the time, the others, not much. Also, in airports and things, he usually leads the way. He ALWAYS turns around looking for her, making sure she's OK and or still there.

Anonymous said...

to 534 anon...Rob has said he is possessive like Edward in 'relationships', I have heard him say it it interviews,Q and A's,not just work related.

RPaddict said...

I waited to comment on this post because I have a lot to say.
I went on a small rant on twitter last nite about this very subject.
I got hit 1st thing Monday at work because I am the "resident Twilighter".
It was "why is Kristen so awkward and surly, she's so figity,she always looks pissed", on and on with the usual foam.
Then it's " why don't they just admit they're together already?!" and more of the same old foamy shit.
You can't defend her because you can't get a damn word in.
I feel soo irratated at people and their,BLIND, biased ignorence.

They were so happy and looked like they were having fun.All of these pictures are evidence of their true feelings.

Rose another song that would be great to dedicate to Rob and Kristen is on the Eclipse Soundtrack. No. 1 Eclipse ( I'm all Yours.) The lyrics are perfect and I can envision Rob and Kristen thinking those very words.

Agian epic post thanks soo much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose You said it all....
Hi ladies you've left nuffin for me to say...so with that ..thanks for the pleasurable read....You "USUAL Ladies again havent let me down.... You know who you are.....The USUALS.....

Nora said...

Its been awhile since i last comment..the reason coz hyenas never stop being stupid and unacceptable.

Kristen is Kristen...being fidgety, akward sometimes dorky, makes faces wen she's uncomfy or embarrassed...its just Kristen. Im so used to those qualities of hers that everytime i see it i just so get it. She's a beautiful person whois not a famewhore and speaks right from her heart. Thats y Rob luvs her and adores her coz Kristen is Kristen...take that hyenas.

I mean look at the kissing pic...even in astonishment Kristen curled up her hand up to Rob's neck not to his waist which is easier in that situation. She's all his girl u hyenas...so SUCK.IT.UP !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rose you are soooo right, as usual. Sometimes in pictures they catch that one awkward moment that maybe you look pissed but your not. I am amazed all the haters are still spending so much time disecting Kristens expressions, Rob's body language....blah blah blah. You can't dispute how happy they both look when they're together... Angelslave, you said it best. Anon 1:33 I see you are a personal friend of Rob and Kristen and know EXACTLY how "tied down" she wants to be.ugh please, he said he used to propose as a pick up line, you know a joke.
anon 4:11 how long did you search youtube? Get a life.
They're happy it's obvious

Anonymous said...

Why does Rob and Kristen have to be so overanalyzed? They didn't have to smile for 120 minutes straight Sunday night for me to believe that they are very happy.

Their OVERALL mood at the MMAs was HAPPY. Two people who were enjoying their night together and were happy! Very simple. No need to disect every.little.thing.
I mean, I realize we don't get to see them much so you want the most when we do but cut them some slack. They don't have to interact constantly. When NM won best movie, Rob was greeted by Peter and then was ushered to the stage where he was also greeted by Taylor while walking up. Rob then had a fanboy moment in wanting to greet Tom Cruise. LOL.
Rob did look for Kristen when he got to his spot. And they don't have to overtly look at each other to know where the other is. It's like they have that radar and are always aware even when it doesn't seem like it.

But the cast was just up there listening to Peter speak. Rob and Kristen don't have to be looking or speaking to each other at that moment. They're a couple in real life. They have a life together outside of work. So they see each other MUCH MUCH MUCH more than they see their fellow castmates.
I saw the big picture. Which is two very happy people who had fun Sunday night!

Oh and about Kristen sitting down, I don't think she was hiding. I think she just couldn't get up fast enough. Maybe something with her dress or her shoes. It looked like she was laughing and Rob was checking that she was okay. That's all.

Also, certain people just want to pick Kristen apart for anything she says or does. They have no interest in ever trying to UNDERSTAND her. I try my best to ignore these people. Rob understands Kristen and supports her and that's the important thing.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I had NO IDEA "the hyenas" worked for the New York Times!!! I'm impressed.

Because clearly anyone who think Kristen is a sour bitch is a hyena, right? People like award-winning male arts journalists.


I'm skipping off now. Keep enjoying your delusions that the only people who think Kristen is often a nasty piece of work are jealous haters.

Caroline said...

Oh Lisa... I know!!! Me neither... And you're right again; just sometimes, i analise everything too much!And thanks for this info... Know i can see it's really nothing!
And wht anonymous said she and he doesn't need to look and react together all time!
And thanks again Rose, for bring the goods for us and for this amazing followes...

Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:56 They picked 3-4 pictures of Kristen not smiling and used them over and over when (if you watched the show) there were many more times she was smiling in the audience. It's funny you used that article as an example because just by watching the show you know it was crap. So what if she wasn't smiling those times in the audience? They can tell when they are on the screen and it probably makes them uncomfortable. I didn't know if you didn't have an ear to ear grin at all times that you are considered a bitch. I wonder what a women who searches the internet for negative articles of a 20 year old girl and posts them on sites that obviously supports her is considered? Eh.. probably just pathetic.

Gigi said...

@ Ano 6:56
Ohh no not only hyenas think that a girl that they don't know or have ever seen first hand ( or talk to ever ) is a sour bitch , awards winning male arts journalists who make a living out of publications that sell more if they report on celebrities are just opportunistic .. but for the record you should in case that you don't know what the word Jealous and haters means ..or better yet I will help you ...
A adjective
1 covetous, envious, jealous

showing extreme cupidity; painfully desirous of another's advantages; "he was never covetous before he met her"; "jealous of his success and covetous of his possessions"; "envious of their art collection"

2 jealous, green-eyed, overjealous

suspicious or unduly suspicious or fearful of being displaced by a rival; "a jealous lover"

A noun
1 hater

a person who hates
Category Tree:
╚object; physical object
╚living thing; animate thing
╚organism; being

Do you see your self in this description ?? I feel sorry for you and doble sorry if you are a so called Reporter ...the truth is there and by the way I don't claim to have it , I'm not God , but I do have eyes to see and experience in life and by the way enough intelligence to know that I don't believe everything that one person or any other so called publication of any kind publishes it ...it is not so just b/c a magazine or news paper or reported said it ..ok ?? thanks
That is all ...good nigh

Anonymous said...

Journalists can be jealous haters. Whether male or female, award-winning or not award-winning. They can be biased or make unfair judgments or make ridiculous conclusions. And at times right something that is just a bunch of crap. Rob and Kristen have both been victims of this.
IMHO anyone claiming Kristen was unhappy or bitchy or miserable or didn't smile at the MMAs needs to see an eye doctor and also should stop being so quick to use preconceived notions or make judgments of a young girl in a crazy situation who is just trying to deal with it all. The Kristen "doesn't smile" is a load of bullshit and I am so freaking over people saying that even though they damn well know she smiles. Just because she doesn't do 24/7 like a plastic fake barbie doesn't mean she's a bitch.

Lisa said...

@Gigi great post..

@6:56 award winning? What awards? I looked and could find nothing about that writer except for a bunch of stupid shit he writes on twitter! What award winning journalist claim to fame is twitter? There was a nice rant about him hating his Dad on there.. Real nice.. Get a grip! He's an ass.. Is he the person you want follow? Then have at it but spew your um... foam somewhere else. Oh and I love how you THINK you're dropping a bomb on us and then run away.. Are you the one that kept telling us we were gonna CRY? I'm STILL waiting for that one.

Anonymous said...

Eye Doctor indeed...did you see that camera on them for most the night....I think thats why Rob conformed to the featal position...the F..ken camera was in his face for the most of it...
I cant stand a moment of stillness for one picture taken of myself....let alone a camera sitting on one for most of the evening.....Smile.....do you think that comforts R & K to have a gorking camera there....Wake up ...I can give the phone book to look for your local eye specialsit.....
picky picky picky....this is startin to repeat it self and rear its ugly head.....
They should have left the camera on s/one like {yes i will mention it again]
Katty -look at my fake boobs Perry...she would appreciate the attention more.....enufff said...i can see myself going to the RANT ROAD...and quite frankly i couldnt be bothered...

Anonymous said...

I have never commented at one of the sites before but just have to respond to the anon that said "Because clearly anyone who think Kristen is a sour bitch is a hyena, right? People like award-winning male arts journalists." I will say none of us know either Rob or Kristen. Maybe KS is a big b*tch like you report, BUT if that was the case, it would make me wonder what exactly that would make RP. How many of you have made judgments about people based on the way they may have appeared at a party or event? Thinking because of a glance they gave or the way the talked or did not talk, that they were a b*tch or @ss and then later when you actually speak to them and get to know them you discover they were just a shy person or self-conscious person that was genuinely nice? There have been too many people that KS has worked with over the years that have had nothing but praise for her. Praise that at that given point in time (years after the movie) they did not have to make IF that was not their true thoughts or feelings. As for RP, I think he (as well as she) gets at this point that they don't have to generate PR for this series. They don't have to travel to other countries while the other is promoting another movie or celebrate holidays back home with their best friends and family all in order to get some attention. LOL At the very least you can say they both seem to LIKE each other and enjoy time together. What does that say about RP if he hangs out with a person that is 'just a b*tch'? IMO, it either means he is a big p*ssy or an ahole, and I personally do not THINK he is either. Both these actors seem to have minds of their own and are able to stand up for themselves. Maybe RP just truly knows her and likes her as a result of that, versus only being able to go by what random people see or think because of some glance they got of the person and ass-umption they made.

Gigi said...

@ Lisa ...Every day I tell to my self ...self ( lol ) today you are going to read the blog and enjoy it and then ignore all the comments ...but darn it I can't and it is not like I can't stand diversity of thought , or exchange of opinions even if I don't share them , b/c let me tell you there is growth in debating anything but only if is done to elevate the subject not to put ppl down or to makes us thinks that we are better or they are worst ...this all " we are right and we know better " altitude of some ppl who immaturity shows a mile away kills me ...it is like I'm talking to my 11 yr old ..wait I take that back my 11 yrl old at lease will tell you that it is wrong to make assumption of ppl that we have never talk to or know ..it kills me really the level of lack of thought of some ..what ever happen to ..." if you don't have something nice to say , don't say nothing at all ??" my goodness how would any of us like to be 20 and under a microscope like she is , how about the proverbial" walking on her shoes one mile" and then talk ..anyway I feel better now ...I'm off to have a ice tea and relax ...

Anonymous said...

"Kristen is the smartest, strongest and SWEETEST girl I know"- Rob Pattinson

That's not from 'an award winning journalist' or anything, but it is from a person who actually knows her.

Lisa said...

@Gigi.. Yesterday was a nice peaceful day here and I LOVED it.. Rose posting all the stuff she hears just killed me.. But then reading what that reporter wrote really bugged me. It wasn't even that bad but WTF does he know? I have said here before I didn't like Kris for a long time. But once I SAW how Rob felt about her, I decided to 'get to know her' you know, as best I could.. reading about her, her interviews, etc.. Anyway, I was just telling my husband that people attacking her REALLY pisses me off and it brings the Mom out in me! LOL I'm not talking about some of the "kids" that come in here.. They're just silly and immature. I'm talking about grown ass ppl.!

@8:59! PERFECT and EXACTLY right!

jen said...

anon 6:56: BWAHAHAHHAHAHA, you don't even get the jist of the "award winning" journalist's article do you?

Poor thing.

Let me spell it out for you slowly.

He's playing with the perception of Kristen being emotionless.

I'll give you that much.

But the majority of his digs are aimed at MTV and it's award show. It used to be a program that attracted top names, usually had some "event" happen that was newsworthy, and was full of water cooler talk the next day.


This year, there was little to react to--he was simply using Kristen's rep for being hard to crack a smile as a vehicle for the fact the program was completely un-entertaining.

God, sometimes it's like you have to spell things out for hyenas, they are always two steps behind --EVEN WHEN THEY ARE SKIPPING ALONG....

Anonymous said...

Thank you anon 6:43! You hit the nail on the head. The people who hate on her aren't ever going to try to understand her so it is best to ignore them. They are just miserable shallow beings. I feel sometimes it is futile to try to reason/defend her to these nasty vile people.

As for the gossip rags take on her...well their job is to sell whatever it is they are selling at the moment. She won't give them anything to sell so to speak (and right now she is 1/2 of the hottest couple that every rag wants dibs on)so they write BS about her to sell their crap. Bullies always pick on the shy awkward person, we all know that.

@1:33, 3:35, 4:11 are just really silly people. Not hating Kristen outright but just being dumb to get a rise out of us. They just like to blog hop.

@6:56- read the article- not sure if he was outright attacking Kristen or he was just playing up her "rep" to write a funny article. If he was harping on Kristen then he must not of been loved as a child.

Lisa- about the "stalker"- I know in the Elle UK her phone rings several times and she tells the interviewer that she has a phone "stalker"- I think she said it was a girl she went to school with. I bet she (the girl) has no real interest in Kristen just wants the attention it would bring her. Love K's BS detector. Celebuzz is a gossip rag so I wouldn't read to much into what they print. If she really had a true stalker I think respected media outlets would be reporting it if it got really bad like they did with Erin Andrews. But if it is legit I have a feeling her team won't be taking it to lightly.

Well it has been pretty quiet today once again. Just some silly desperate posts from people who are desperate and silly themselves.

Lisa said...

Rose and other blogger/s/site owners. I've been dying to ask this and have posted so much today wasn't going to do it. But I've just seen something that stirred me up once again. Hard to believe huh? LOL Anyway, Rose you don't do this but you may have a better understanding of it then I. Why do fans who run blogs and sites put BS on their sites? I'm not going to call anyone out but example. Someone will post on twitter something like "New Rob mention" you click back to their blog/site and it's an AWFUL article. Today there was one where someone made a crack about him that make him look like an idiot. Tonight, another said "so and so mentions Kristen" I click, again linking to another 'supposedly' fan blog/site. They've taken time to upload what I consider and TERRIBLY negative rant about her that after 20 seconds I had to close it. WHY would you put EVERYTHING you find on there like that? I just don't get it. I mean, not even the network news does that! CNN reports mostly liberal views, while Fox reports mostly conservative views. So if you run a Rob or Kristen blog/site, why not keep it positive? I would! Really interested in peoples thoughts.. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if Rob/Kris are married or not,but who knows.Sandra adopted her baby before her split with Jesse and nobody knows about it.If you're rich and have connection,nothing is impossible.I will not be surprise if a marriage certificate or pictures will be leak.But I think they are living together.Rob doesn't have a house in LA yet,they're probably staying at Kris place.

Anonymous said...



QUESTION: Will there be a live feed form the Twilight convention? Can anyone find one... or does anyone know??

@ Lisa.. I'm sure Rose may respond... but I know why they do that. They do it because they want it to sound like a news story so you will click on it. If they wrote Bitchtastic Piece on Rob..or MY PERSONAL OPINION ON ROBERT PATTINSON. You wouldn't bother because you would be like OOOO just another whacko/hyena/slobberish/strait jack "fan" airing their opinion (sometimes even stating their opinion like its a fact)... but they want you to read about their crazy piece on them.... so they put a "normal" sounding headline to get you to click. Its like when marketers bait and switch. :-D

*Suzy Q*

Lisa said...

@Suzy Q.. I get they're looking for hits. But these are not pieces they wrote, or their opinions. These are other real articles, tv & radio interviews with other famous people, etc... I don't follow any haters. All the people I follow that have to do with Robsten are PRO Rob & Kristen. Yet, I can't figure out why they put negative stuff about them on their sites.

@10:19 I forgot about her phone stalker! I believe she got the number from one of Kris schoolmates. I had just read that article when I was posting.. I since think it's probably a rag site..

Anonymous said...

Something that has been bugging me lately. All those females on set of WFE... and ALL these WFE pics that are posted daily (and there is a TRUCK LOAD.) Rob is never seen talking to the girls or flirting with the girls. Don't the hyenas ever wonder why that is?

Nevermind. Dumb question. They don't see reason/logic/OBVIOUS things.

I mean the hyenas actually said that Rob acted as if he was burned when Kristen touched him at the MTV MA. Something that 1. Didn't happen and 2. Made absolutely no sense.

Question: Does being a hyena make you age prematurely? I mean first their vision starts to go... so they can't see what is RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF THEM. And then their hearing starts to go SO THEY CAN'T HEAR all the things that Rob and Kristen let slip, even the blatant ones like Rob's "Thank You." And then their mind starts to go so they start rambling about things that DIDN'T HAPPEN or DON'T MAKE SENSE. I'm just saying... maybe its like a disease or something... rabid hyena disease.... we should look for a cure. It would be the kind thing to do.

Just Sayin'

Anonymous said...

Wow~ Lynn@12:38, thanks for your list on Kristen's priceless qualities. It's WONDERFUL!~ Just a few to add:

1. She's humble & doesn't like showing off while she's extremely talented (she can act, sing and play a musical instrument).

2. Poeple are fussy about her but she sticks to her guns and won't change to pander others.

3. She's very selective on projects but she dedlicates completely to the roles she plays once she's committed.

4. She respects and dresses up for events while she's very casual in her free time.

5. She's not trying to be sexual appealing but she's HOT AS HELL.

*sigh* If I was a man, I would be dying for a woman like HER.

Rose, you know the world isn't perfect. There are always some miserable people around and you could do nothing to change them. It's sad and I'm trying hard to accept that fact.

And, ladies, many of your comments are heartwarming and beautiful~ Love you all~

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

@ Lisa

Oooo. Then. I have no idea. I try to figure these things out. But I don't know. I don't twitter or follow twitter. I occasionally read KStew411 but now she is going down I don't know of any twitter feeds to watch for legit news.

Maybe the fans post the negative stuff so that the fans will rally against it? I have no idea... I'm just randomly guessing. BTW thanks for the heads up on one of your posts about Rob's French GQ interview...I would have missed it if you hadn't mentioned it in your post!! :-)

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

@ Anom 10.24 You know an Aussie radio station talk to U.S gossiper Richard REED...and the conversation was about the privacy act in comparison to the U.S opposed to Aust....Leaked info about anyone here is a no no...it has severe penalties....Richard was stating that in the U.S it is an easier tool to obtain such private affairs with brib money....and if the names are also legit...Im not sure how true this is ???and if so dont you think someone would have already gone down to view marriage cert of such celebs..... If what im saying is correct ???that is...I dont know how if this is correct or not?

Anonymous said...

@ Louisa

Technically, and legally speaking, in the states ALL marriage certificates are a matter of public record and therefore suppose to ALL be available in the public.

Our system is corrupt. I suppose there is a POSSIBILITY of keeping a marriage hush, hush. BUT for it to be legal, the document would have to be registered somewhere and available for anyone to see. Marriage certificates are public record. Not a private matter.

Anonymous said...


to the public NOT in the public.

For example, if I know which state and county someone was married in, I should be able to find record of the marriage. It is a matter of public record.

Anonymous said...

OMG coming from what im used too ...thats crazy,,,SOOO why in the helll hasnt anyone devowed this loop hole and checked????...or for that matter confirmed if they are at least M...Im gobbed smaked you can entre such private documentation....
Im now impressed with the "Privacy Act" in Aust...what an invasion if someone really wanted to find out such personal things...

Anonymous said...

Well if they where M ...The most intelligent thing for them to do is....Get married [when/or if they do] in the UK....surley there justice system is similar to ours....by the way of privacy that is??
Thats logical to me....im just speculating on a previous comment and extenting it a little more....NOT CREATING RUMOURS...

Anonymous said...

@ Louisa

Soo.. theoretically speaking... if they were married (which I SO DOUBT... as my PERSONAL opinion) they could have "sercretly" have pulled it off a few ways.

1. Got married in a very obscure little town and paid off the public records people not to tip off the paps. It would take FOREVER to check EVERY SINGLE Clerk of Courts Office in the country.. and then the name of which office that keeps the records varies by states....etc.

2. Got married somewhere overseas in which case the US would recognize the marriage so long as it was legal in the country where it was performed.

I doubt case number one because lets face the paps payout would be too enormous for someone NOT to sell out. I doubt case number two because Rob is not a US Citizen there would probably be immigration questions regarding the marriage in which case, I believe, there would have to be official records of the marriage published somewhere... in which case someone would have tipped someone else off.

But in regards to privacy in the US. Privacy acts here pretty much only cover financial and medical information. Any other information is public record. In addition - bankruptcy, foreclosures, marriages, and divorces are public record.

And that is my essay on US Privacy Laws and their relationship to Robsten. LOL Never thought I would get to make those kinds of tie ins.

*Suzy Q*


IF I'M WRONG HERE... feel free to correct me. I have taken several law classes but I'm not a lawyer... I could be mistaken somewhere here. Also, Louisa, laws can vary by state so in some states there may be a slight variation on the basic law. For example in New York in may be on way but in California another. But the general law is usually the same.

Anonymous said...

looks like im asking the right ppl for this enquiry....My goodness...the back grounds of some...are not noticed until you ask the specific questions are they not...Thank you Suzy Q...I thought this little enquiry of mine was going to stop at my comment...but lucky for me a have a little more insight to the U.S legal system..

Anonymous said...

@Just saying...you gotta love their stupidity! It is pretty amusing most of the time.

@Monica from Asia- I agree with you. I can safely say there are several straight women that are "girl crushing" on Kristen right now. How could you not!

Suzy Q- if you want to follow a good twitter since KStew411 is going follow KPattzNews- she is another sane Rob and Kristen supporter. She actually comments here regularly.

I forgot to comment on this earlier about the awards show...several accounts from inside the show stated that R/K quietly talked to each other the whole night (there's that bubble again), he had his hand on her lap/leg quite frequently, and every time either one of them came back into the auditorium the fans would clap for them, both would smile and wave.

Lisa said...

@Louisa, no, they are not fan posted. Like me posting links and what not. They are embedded in the blog/site like Rose does her pictures. They've gone and taken them off other sites and uploaded them to theirs. Only the owner or administrators can do that!

@Suzy Q, as far as I know you are right. However, I do know that famous people can get around things. Not the public record stuff (you can look up property that anyone owns too. How much they paid, what it's worth, etc...) but how they obtain licenses, divorces and property. They can use initials for the first two. Sandra & Jesse filed divorce papers using their initials reversed! Its not that hard as they have their reps/lawyer do it and they call the head ppl. Not the lowly clerks that the rest of us would use! LOL And to buy property, they simply start a holding company to use. That can still be found out but you have to know the name and other info first. Anyway, as I've said, I would be shocked if they were married. But if they are or are thinking about it, I would bet it would be in another country.

Anonymous said...

@Lisa sorry BUT WTF???

Anonymous said...

In another country would probably pose the same dilema...kristen i think as Suzy Q put it....is an U.S citz so wouldnt the U.s know if she wed in another legit country...anyway this is going off the beaten track...i think i will stop it here....i can imagine rumours starting from this and that i do not want...

fable said...

You know whats sad Rose, you stare at your computer all day looking for things the hyenas say!! Who friggin cares! I think youre into beastiality, because you are so obsessed with what they have to say... you seek them out. I would love to see how long you go without mentioning the hyenas.... whatever would you do? tsk, tsk...

Lisa said...

@Louisa, yes, but privacy laws are stricter in other countries. That was my only point, long and drawn out I guess! LMAO

@fable, wtf? You're sick, go away..

Anonymous said...


@Louisa, no, they are not fan posted. Like me posting links and what not. They are embedded in the blog/site like Rose does her pictures. They've gone and taken them off other sites and uploaded them to theirs. Only the owner or administrators can do that!

Anonymous said...

You didnt tell me your hair colour i meant to say...well is it blond tooo.....and if so ...dont worry ...i understand....realy i understand LMAO

Deb said...

TO anon 10:19 I think you said it all I like the way you think THANK YOU for putting out there like that NO MATTER what we say there are going to be others saying BAD things about Kristen or ROB they dont have it in them the be nice maybe they never had some one LOVE them the way ROB LOVES KRISTEN and IM sorry for that TO have another person LOVE you and wants you JUST the way you are is very special and I am very happy for them both to have found that and like some have said I think they DO BELIEVE but just want the attention that there getting IM sorry this is so long but Iv been reading all night and I just had to say something have a good night and thank ALL OF YOU WHO ARE TRUE FANS OF ROBERT AND KRISTEN And most of all THANK YOU TO ROSE for letting us come in here and posting what we are thinking . DEB.

Lisa said...

@Louisa, no, I am not blond but guess I was "having a moment" LOL that should have read:
@Suzy Q, no, they are not fan posted. Like me posting links and what not. They are embedded in the blog/site like Rose does her pictures. They've gone and taken them off other sites and uploaded them to theirs. Only the owner or administrators can do that!

Night all.. I'm off to read my first FF. :) Then I'll go upstairs and finish BT.

Carly said...

spot on as always

he was glowing all night. I think I only saw one instance near the end of the show when he looked somewhat bored. but other then that, he just radiated happiness. even more so whenever Kris was nearby or focus of his attention

I dont know how to react to compliments either. last time I checked it was not a crime

the awkaward fumbling where they tried to show us how hot they are not while kissing was adorkably cute. it was a fail as far as the persuation goes, cause even goofing around they are hot as hell, but it was entertaining. seeing them smile is always a good thing in my book. especially if they smile at each other ;)

the part I loved about the Best Movie bit - beside Peters awesome speech, was when he gave Kris a hug. that man is such a class act

and the best for last - the foto ... excuse me while I drool :) I love the GQ shoot. he looks several kinds of awesome. and that pose? yeah ... I wish we get more cause it would be a crime to hide that pretty

catrina said...

hey, i thought that nonsten site was crap, but wow this site is even more pathetic.
to be honest, i did not pay too much attention before but i like kristen a lot more now after this show. it`s clear that when he thanks her she is embarrassed, that is really cuteee.
at the same time i am more convinced than ever before, that they are not together. when i stumbled in front of a big crowd i showed exactly the same reaction towards a good friend of mine, no proof of love there. rob likes her, no doubt, but the kiss was planted on the corner of her mouth. still very cute, i actually wished they were together but they are not.
and you are indeed seeing things that are not happening. like scientology. just wow.

Lisa said...

Catrina, then go somewhere where people believe as you do and leave us alone.. You SHOULD be at nonsten!

Anonymous said...

Lisa i thought you where goin to bed about 2 hours ago..

Lisa said...

LOL Louisa, I said night and that I was going to read FF a while.. Well, I started reading, then ended up watching a tear jerker.. My Sisters Keeper.. :( Now I'm reading again.. I NEED to go to sleep as I have a busy day tomorrow but..

Anonymous said...

but......but what...you got stuck...glad you replied i thought i was goin to have to wait again for your sleepyness to wake>>.lol

Lisa said...

but I got hooked! I am going to finish this chapter and then I HAVE to go to sleep.. 'see' you sometime tomorrow.. :)

Hey, you guys have a favorite fanfic?

Carly said...

@Lisa: I do have loads but right now my favorire fanfic is probably Unacompanied Soul. and Discovering me, Discovering you. oh, and Love in my box. that is the cutest, funnies, most genuine and hot fic I read in a while. and if you were dissapointed with Eclipse - the book, try Atlas Shrugged. best canon fic I have read hands down

I usually comment first before reading what others have to say about teh post and RK in general but I just wanted to say thank you for all the sweet things that you all yet again written. I wont name names cause I would surely forgot soemone but I do appriciate every single one :)

Anonymous said...

Oh look more blog hoppers late last night and early this morning via Fable and Catrina. These dumb people come on here, vomit and then don't stick around to clean it up themselves.

I love how they talk out of their butt and then don't stick around so we can kindly tell them how stupid they sound.


Anonymous said...

Great Post Rose as always

@ Catrina

Their not together??? Really????
-How do you explain Kristen spending NYE with Rob?
-how do you explain that after the Bafta,Kristen stayed in London with Rob and then came back with him to New York to his Remember Me premiere (and remember she stayed with him until the last day of his promo in New York)
-How do you explain that Rob...of the all cast was the only one how saw a cut of TR or Welkome to the Rileys or Kristen beeing the only one of the cast how saw Remember Me before everybody else?
- how do you explain Kristen having the power of giving tickets to two fans who were in the Remember Me Premiere, that wanted to see and have an autographe from Rob but didn't...so Kristen asked for to tickets to be given to these two Fans?
-How do you explain Kristen going to Budapest for her Birthday??
- If their not together Why don't they just say their not together?(that would be so simple...if it was True).

Would love to know your thoughts about it...


Anonymous said...

@ Katia

Love your proof. :-) Too true.

Viva la Robsten.

loris said...

It's exactly as Katia says.
The only way they could be "just friends" is if they were both gay. But, that is not the case.

They have kept mum about their relationship for a while, but they pretty much cannot hide it anymore. I suspect once Eclipse is out, they will start being even more open about it. I met my husband at work and when we started dating, we did not tell anyone. It's something you want to make sure is going to work out before you tell everyone or else it can become really awkward and uncomfortable with other co-workers. The same could be for Rob & Kristen. It's not easy for them since they live so far apart. Make sure they are sure before they let the world know for sure. They haven't denied their relationship. They deflect and re-direct from the question. If they were just good friends, they would say that.

Here is what she says in Elle UK:
"People always ask me if I'm dating Robert. It's beyond annoying.
People say that if I just tell them everything they'll leave me alone,but God, you think if I tell people they'll leave me alone? They pick up every little scrap, and that's much worse."

‘It’s so weird, that you have to be worried about people seeing things. You want to be excited about something, normal people can be excited about their lives, and I am, too, but it’s such a different thing. It comes out as entertainment for other people and that makes me want to throw up.’

She takes the iPod back, pauses and bites her lip nervously. ‘This is what I wanted to show you on here.’ Kristen hands me her iPod and flashes me a picture. It’s a familiar, deliciously handsome young man with an arm around her and an arm around Jella, her cat. Without saying a word, she quickly shoved the device back into the glove compartment and turns up the volume before I can say anything.

From USA Today:
"Yet there clearly is some sort of special connection between the two, what with their playful teasing and personal asides. Let's just say it wasn't Lautner who placed a hand on Pattinson's leg during a portion of the interview."

So please tell me, what is the reason why they would be "just friends". Ever watch 'When Harry Met Sally'? So many interviews you see of them when they are next to each other, you can see them in their bubble. Sorry, that's more than just friends. I really take it you have never really been in love before. Once you have been, it is pretty easy to spot.