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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rob and Kristen- The Hate is Out of Control

Robert on Leno.
Absolute perfection.
He looks wonderful.
He was witty and charming.
He was Robert.
Rob pulled out his cell phone and
read some email from his father...
So sweet.
Robert has wonderful parents...
They must be SO proud of him.
He is obviously very proud of them.
So lovely.

Now the funny...
And maybe not so funny part.
Emma Roberts was the 2nd guest.
Now, there are rumors that she is dating Oregano...
I have no idea if that is true or not.
But Emma Roberts was clearly NOT impressed with Rob.
And it was actually kinda amusing.
She even went so far as to say she was team Jacob!
Rob said she 'had no taste'
Good shit.
It was kinda fascinating to see a young girl (she's 19)
who clearly was not all into Robert.
It must have been strange for Rob, too... hahaha!

But unfortunately...
The lunatic fringe of the Twilight fanbase...
Had to immediately come in and attack Emma.
I mean...
Was that necessary?
I joked that she was only standing by her man (Oregano, of course)
and not everyone has to be team Edward...
But some people starting calling her horrific names...
and bombarding her Twitter account.

Most definitely.

I guess Kristen is probably on a plane by now...
Jetting off to Rome with Taylor.
I'm sad that Robert won't be able to go with them...
It's always much more fun to see Robert on these junkets...
But I'm still glad that Kristen has Taylor.

I am looking forward to seeing what fabulous clothes
Kristen will be wearing...
I never thought I would be the type of person
who really gave 'fashion' much of a thought...
But I will admit that Kristen always surprises me...
And I'm sure she will look fantastic!

I love Robert's Profile.

I don't usually directly address anyone on my blog.
And this will be the first and last time.
I don't make this stuff personal...
But something was sent to me this morning that was VERY disturbing.
So I have a few things to say.

1. Hyenas.
I feel like I need to clarify what my definition
of a Hyena is.
It's not just a Nonst*n.
It's not any specific 'group' of people.
You see...
I don't care if you don't believe in Rob/Kristen.
That's perfectly fine.
To each their own.
Live and let live.
When you get personal?
When you HATE?
And you rip and shred Robert and/or Kristen apart
on a daily basis just because they don't live
their lives the way YOU think they should?
If you personally attack someone...
Bringing their family into your rants...
telling them "Fuck You, Bitch!"
THAT is what a Hyena is.

And that brings me to the absolute bullshit
I was sent today.

"Sugar Lipps" at Nonsten.com
said this...

OK now for the disturbing shit:

Ok, I AM NOT GONNE SAY THIS CRAZY BITCHES NAME :loco: Bcuz she will get off on it and be masturbating for weeks just knowing that THIS hyena recognized her ugly cow ass, but ummm does she realize there are STALKER laws that were created for people like her :scotty: ? This is all kinds of fucked up and well I just don’t know…wow. By the way, honey for the record, the last and only time I personally “foamed at the mouth” was this morning when I brushed my teeth and I got too much tooth paste and it started to kind of get foamy around my mouth. Can you say as much considering what is it you said “you love Edward/Rob more than you have ever loved anyone in your life” even though you are married with kids.

'He wants to start dating! Did you hear that Robstenlovers?!! HAHA!' they screech, foam and spittle coating our faces.

Rob OBVIOUSLY was using 'date' as a noun. After constantly being spotted out on 'dates' with Kristen all of last year and some of this one. We have recorded documentation, detailed down to the eyeteeth minutae, of Rob and Kristen out on dates in restaurants, pubs, diners, concerts, on beaches, etc. We know everything from what they ate, when they sat and ate it, to what they ordered and the name of the car service or cab number they took when they left.

How do we know this you ask??

Because we, the millions of hungry fans who are strangers to them, posess (I repeat) 'RECORDED DOCUMENTATION DETAILED DOWN TO THE EYETEETH MINUTAE OF ROB AND KRISTEN OUT ON DATES...' well, you get the picture. No, scratch that, ALL OF US, have LITERALLY 'GOTTEN THE PICTURE'...THOUSANDS OF THEM...and the blog pieces, and the message board posts, and the tweets and tweeted pics...into their elevator after the meal, up to their hotel suites, at breakfast...etc. They have no privacy when they GO OUT. Kristen has already gone on about them not being able to make a move without someone tweeting and raining hundreds of fans down on their heads!

And this was a response...

Sugar Lips, I love you! :)
Please, explain to me: was this written by the crazy psycho bitch "nonsten intoxicated"?
Send me a PM, if you don't understand who I'm talking about.

Because, this was posted here this morning, I and went scared for Rob's LIFE, and I also CRIED, some people aswered me to calm down! :hug:

Because of this part: "the millions of hungry fans who are strangers to them, posess (I repeat) 'RECORDED DOCUMENTATION DETAILED DOWN TO THE EYETEETH MINUTAE OF ROB AND KRISTEN OUT ON DATES" :confused: .

It scared me to death! :frown:

OMG, isn't something than the LAW can be make against this kind of person? What about her sons? What about them? How old are them? :frown: A crazy psycho like that is not able at all to take care of any kids!!!

See, THIS is the thing that makes mad about the crazy :sheepjump: . The teen :sheepjump: will grow up and discover what is real life, but grown women who have kids??? Their children need to be protected!

Sorry, I think I will :vomit: I just can't stand this kind of thing. I just can't...

The children of women like that are the REAL victims of all this disgusting BS, not Rob, neither Kristen.

I don't know where she got this stuff...
But to say that *I* wrote it?
That's all kinds of fucked up. 
Those are NOT my words.
Where was this?
Because if it wasn't posted on this blog...
I didn't write it.
And guess what?
It wasn't a post on my blog.
I don't go to other sites... and leave anonymous comments
(that's more your style)
I don't hide behind "ANON" screennames
And I'm not afraid to say what I think...
I do it everyday right here.
So just because someone is talking about Hyenas
doesn't mean *I* wrote it.
Sorry to say... but I'm not the only one to use
the term HYENA to describe Haters.
So get your fucking facts straight before
you accuse me of your lame bullshit.

And while I may have said that I love Robert
more than 'anyone' in my life...
I was referring to celebrities/movie stars.
A totally different kind of 'love' than one has
for family and friends.
(But you had to know this... right?)
That is why I started this blog in the first place...
To figure out why Robert affected me so strongly...
So differently than anyone else.
But that is neither here nor there at the moment.

Dear Sugar Lipps...
If you are going to copy and paste fucking bullshit
At least know who wrote it.
Don't put your fucking words in MY mouth.
I have more than enough of my own...
I don't need yours.
And I don't need you lying to people
and saying it was me who wrote anything.

And one more thing...

Leave my family out of your hate.
You can hate on me all you want...
(And ask yourself WHY you hate me...
Just because you don't like what I have to say??)
But to bring my children into this?
That's disgusting and repulsive.
And uncalled for.
You don't know me...
And I definitely don't want to know you.

This is the last time I will ever
write the word NONsten.
Right now I'm nauseous over their constant hate
and loathsome personal attacks.
You have taken it too far.

P.S. And for the record...
I don't make those kinds of spelling errors.
I'm kinda a spelling Queen... 


Bye for now.


Kstew Fashion said...

That's beyond personal. It's the few bad eggs in the fandom that ruin it for other people. To bring ones family into something is beyond crossing the line.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I love your blog. You tell it like it is. It's best to ignore the hyenas. They are just chasing their tails like always. Full of Non(sense). Let's talk about how Rob got his romantic streak from his dad. Kristen is a lucky girl!

May said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
May said...

I`m srsly thinking about divorcing this fandom atm. AGAIN. *fp*

P.S. As always, your post nails it,Rose.

Sihm said...

Rose, please don't let them get to you! CLEARLY there are people who enjoys dumping lies in the name of someone else. I find people like these downright scary, and it sucks that you get dragged into this BS everyday. To go to such extremes is just pathetic.
That being said, I love your blog. It's always fun to read it, to know your thoughts surrounding Rob and his life (in a non-scary way of course ;)) I support you 100% FYI! Hugs from Norway :) (sorry if my English is bad)

deejon67 said...

Love Your Blog Don't Let Evil People Change Who U Are. The Personal Attack Is Wrong And Childish Stay Strong.

Pam said...

Hi Rose,
I know this wasn't mentioned in the post but I found it interesting that Rob's Dad has been sending him tips on how to woo a girl, what a sweet guy. I know some nonstens have already claimed this is because his dad is giving Rob tips for getting girls. However I think he is telling him how to woo Kristen into not keeping him at an arm's length the way she seems to. I'm sure she loves Rob but she has appeared a bit detatched from him lately especailly on Jimmy Kimmel. Maybe Rob's dad was giving him tips on how to get her back. Anyone else agree?

RPaddict said...

wow Rose I'm sorry you had to deal with that kind of crazy, and just because you admire and love Rob.

I'm just sorry. (Hugs)

Camila said...

I am very disgusted with these "people".
If you're reading this comments, that's for you guys: you are the most despicable and stupid creatures. There is a very big difference between family and be a fan.
You are siiiick. Love, me.

Rose, even with all this hate on you, be aware that there are many people who love you! (Even though this is strange hahha o.O) ... <3

I'm sure you know it already...

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Your blog is the best !

loris said...

I have been a part of a lot of fandoms throughout the year. There are crazies in all of them. However, some of these Twilight fans are the absoulet worst there is. They cyber bullying is out of control. And the people from that site that shall not be named are seriously bat-shit crazy. I have friends who are nonsten, but they are not hating hyenas like those people.

I am feeling a bit mama bear for Kristen right now. I HATED seeing their house exposed like that on TV. I fear for her safety. I'm actually so glad that she will be out of the country for a little while. I don't know what lengths these crazies will go to keep her away from Rob. All weekend at those junkets he talked about being old fashioned and marriage and babies and there is one interview with him saying he wants to goon a date and they make a manwhore out of him. What kind of fan are these people? How rare is it in HW that you find a guy who doesn't want to sleep around and same with the girl he catches. That is something to admire. It's just so pathetic.

I am done talking about these heyenas. There's no convincing them of anything.

And whomever sent nasty messages to Emma no matter what part of the fanbase you are, you're pathetic as well.

30yearoldtwifan said...

Rose I don't even know what to say, I don't even know how any normal person thinks its ok to bring a "fan" or "blogger s" children in to anything,at all is ok. For what? Over what? Even if they don't agree R & K are a couple, DAM to say what is said from this "nonsten" site is disgusting beyond disgusting. Its disturbing! This also goes along with people harassing Emma. So uncalled for and not classy. These bad apples need to go, they are making us normal fans look so bad to the media and others.

Remember Hyenas "online bullying goes BOTH ways. Defamation of character also is a REAL thing! Think before you write your disgusting hate!

Anonymous said...

@ Pam

I think Kris seemed detached because Nikki Reed was at the show. Whatever happened between them (I have no idea what it was) it is clear now that they do NOT get along any longer so it was not really a positive environment. I do not think that it was likely a real "robsten bubble" environment. One pic I saw had Nikki saying something to Kris. Kris looking where she was pointing and Rob had a very non pleased look on his face. Like I said.... I'm just making observations.

Rob had that email from his dad ready to read since the Twi convention because when he was answering the advice question he said (paraphrasing not direct quote ahead) "My dad sends me all these emails....no I can't say that because I have to go on a talk show in a few days and that is my one anectdote.... Why can't I think of anything?.. and then he went on to say the whole when you're up be nice so when your down people will be nice to you..."
So, clearly the email was not in response to Kris being cool to him because she was all giggly with him at the convention and he already had that email at the time.

I'm not totally obsessive here. But my listening and reading comprehension is crazy good so phrases tend to stick in my head once they are heard or read. :-)

*Suzy Q*

30yearoldtwifan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30yearoldtwifan said...

I also want to add to the nonsten who made up that paragraph that insinuated Rose stated she has "recorded doc" and a detailed report of R and K dates. ect..

IF she (Rose) ever wrote that kind of trash, I wound NOT be here. I do not waste my time on delusional,stalker sites. Many of us here are normal K & R fans. Not crazy shippers. I would appreciate if you stop trying to make this blog out to be some crazy site and not lie to bring Rose down.Just because she calls out the nasty hate from some of you. Cant handle it? So make up lies? That hole comment was complete BS, maybe check your facts before stating NONSENSE.

Anonymous said...

Can I just ask a question..?

Is this stuff normal?
Like, do Harry Potter fans experience the same amount of issues as we all do? Because I feel like the Twilight fan base has wayyy more "bad apples" than I have ever seen with other fans. Then again I have never read into it quite as much. Just wondering.

Rose you are an amazing part of the community, which is why people are going to try and target you. Don't let it get to you. They are worthless.

Anonymous said...

Too much drama for me. I just prefer to fancy Rob and have a happy time (that woman aside). Emma Roberts was rude and I feel sorry for Rob when she was like "Is he gonna sit here all the interview?" If you know Rob a little he was shocked by that comment. That said I wouldn't lose my time insulting her, just pass.
Rob's parents are lovely, wish mines were like that!
And that woman is in my Europe...again... *getting sick* only thing fine is Rob can breathe properly now.
Now I know Taytay has nothing with her but I kinda like him, he seems to like Rob too, a good buddy.


Anonymous said...

Lily: he loves her, deal with it...

Trish said...




Caroline said...

Oh my...what's happen with love, union, laugh about something you don't agree...this was suppose to be fun!
And Rose i feel for you..you're a sweet ,smart person..don't let than ruin your life!
And like someone said on Twitter,that's why K and R don't have an account, and don't talk about their life.

KPattz said...

Rose,baby,i'm sorry that you have to deal with wackos.These "people" are sick,really sick.They think that they own Rob.They remind me of the movie "Misery"with Cathy Bates.Have you seen it?

I've visited their disgusting block 2-3 times and after i felt that i wanted to throw up.I don't understand why they have so much hate for a girl they don't know and for everyone that loves her.They think that they do it because they're the only ones who love Rob truly,but this is called sick obsession,not love.

Rob was amazing at Leno.His parents have raised a good kid,i'm sure they're proud.

Trish said...

hahhaha omg lily..really??...“that woman”...at least you are making some progress...rob loves kristen, kristen loves rob...you're getting there!!

as for Emma Roberts..can i just say NEXT!!! waste of time...very insignificant...at the end of the day we all have our likes and dislikes....i have to say i will miss all the R/K cuteness since he wont be there (Rome)

Rose said...

Thanks for the kind replies... but don't feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for the people who have to hate on everyone who doesn't agree with their point of view. The people who have to make shit personal.

I'm annoyed that they took someone else's words and put them in my mouth...
and beyond disgusted that they think its OK to bring someone's family into their bitter venom filled hatred.

That is NOT OK.

cookie said...

Lily,now i think i understand why you're the annoying and disturbed little kid you're.You say that you wish your parents were like Rob's.That's the most sickening thing i've ever heard from a kid.Except if your parents are violent,they beat you,they don't feed you.If that,then i'm sorry for you.

By the way,there's no such thing as "your Europe".I'm from Europe too,but i know very well as all the sane Europeans,that i don't own it.So,move on,will you?

Anonymous said...

Wow!So much hate!I guess these women lead very sad lives.I feel sorry for them.They must be really miserable.

kristine.hills said...

Rose i'm so sorry you have to put up with this kind of people!
We know you are an excellent person, someone mention if you had wrote that lame post we WERE NOT here, and if WE ARE here it's bc you are amazing!

I'm sure being mean it's what makes blindenas happy.

I was thinking:
Do you BLINDENAS have kids?
I'm sure if you were a mother you would NEVER write things like this about KS and R's family.If you don't have ate least RESPECT KS and Rose.


Can you get it? mother=love.

I NEVER read a bad comment here that R wrote about any person's family.


I'm so sorry we can't be happy and appreciate RK and their interviews. If we are TIRED of these kind of people, can't you imagine how RK are tolerating them?

Rose dear we love you and we LOVE RK too.

Nice day my friend!

from Brazil

Lisa said...

Well I say if you can't take the heat don't stand by the fire. You have been PUSHing for a while now and you wonder why you are attacked? I don't i know Sugar Lips and she speaks from the heart and does not cut BS like you do. You have done all she said you did. But backpeddling these days seems to be you thing. I don't think she called out you family because she is not like that she was pointing out your obsession with R/K. I have to say I won't be sorry if you stop posting your ridiculous blogs that you have no clue WTF you are talking about. You don't know them or anyone related to them. Everything in your blog is your opinion just like in Sugar lips. Sorry if you can't handle the truth but it is what it is. And by spinning what RP says to fit your opinion of what R/K are or should be is your problem. You blame the "hyenas" for doing it but you SHEEP do the same so I say hey Pot meet Kettle. Well with that said Peace out Oh and PULL!!!

KPattz said...

Liza,i agree with the "pot meet kettle"thing.Rose is obsessed with R/K?Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!You're really stupid.If someone is obsessed, is all you "people"from that sick blog,who think RP is the God,your prince charming,the love of your life,your future husband,the father of your children or the meaning of your sad life.

I don't know why i respond to you,maybe it's because reading your comment,i felt like puking.This is a healthy and loving blog,go away to your psycho one.

Rose said...

Well, Lisa... I can take the 'heat' just fine. Bring it.
But I never said the things she is saying I did... so she's a liar.
Plus they bring my kids into it?
That's OK with you? Wow. Sad.

And DUH! Yes, this is my blog and my opinion. I've stated that MANY times. I don't pretend to know Rob and Kristen's thoughts... just mine.
I don't spin ANYthing more than you guys do on your board...
I just see things differently.
And that is perfectly fine.
At least I don't make up bullshit and then say that YOU said it.
And most of all...
I wouldn't EVER bring someone's family into this. EVER.

Rose said...

Oh...and one more thing...



Anonymous said...

I am very repelled with these "women"!rose I'm sorry you had to deal with that kind of crazy people!robert would be disgusted with these "fan" !
emma roberts is a friend of taylor and probably a flirt of MA. she never would said team edward but this is not the question. she She talked about hair of robert as if they were the only good thing about robert . emma was rude .however this never justifies hatred .
these "women"( nonsten principally) do this everyday against kristen , against rose , against people who want robert and kristen are happy .
Rose you're a very smart person..!
excuse my rant


soadram said...

I discovered by chance your blog and began following him since that day, because I identified with him because I agree and feel the same way the way he writes Rob and Kris.
I was a chance to have started on twitter and do not realize how much these chains I signed up and was watching and was also not necessary to read whatever it is to believe from the start the chemistry that existed between the two and when I found I began to follow your blog and twit.
I makes me very nervous the stupidity that is written here about these two, because only a blind man not see.
Still can not understand why if someone does not agree with the blog of the Rose, which comes here to do.
And people of worse to come intimate with threats, abuse people and call the family of Rose for the subject, are people who do not pay, live surrounded by hatred, just never be happy, just can not see how the others are happy.
I consider myself a person happy and fulfilled in my personal life and also feel happy to read the post of the Rose, because it is really the only thing as a bafurada of fresh air in the midst of such stupidity.
Rosa has my unconditional support, as I believe it has a lot of people, you're a person upright and happy and just makes us even happier in his words.
So Rose ignore these people, because it was not worth wasting time with such people d
A kiss for you from the bottom of the heart.

wolly said...

I'm ignoring this drama. I enjoyed Jimmy Kimmel last night. Rob was charming as usual and I liked Emma. Although a few things bugged me. Like I don't get why Rob's parents were there. Its just they seem to have a habit of showing up to every talk show Rob does and I didn't like the way Rob spoke about their personal moments. Speaking about personal text messages? And then Rob's family signing autographs? Well, they certainly don't seem to mind the spotlight do they? Maybe they should get a reality tv show of their own. I thought Rob hated talking about people close to him.

ciro said...

hai rose,

keep posting rose those hyena beyond ridicolous.... i like your blog and your comunity people cause we are love rob and kristen together or a part.. we love to see whennever rob and kristen happy..

those hyeana who very lonely, crazy bitchs, sad, and had multiple personalities...just ignore those rose or give your power to delete rude comment on your blog,
don't let your blog just like AT board which now FOS and so much craps...

and rob on leno so endearing,ooh so sweet i like so much the e mail from pappaz, and pappaz is so gentle and sweet to which why rob grown up such gentlement...and for emma robert just leave that girl, i agree she's so rude and maybe she doesn't understand what kind of fandom she deal...and i don't agree too people bullying in internet, it's ok to tweet with critizm but not write nasty word...

so i just ignore this emma chick, who cares... i just appreciate for rob.."smooch" Rose...

Anonymous said...

This hate has gone out of control and i can't understand why.I'm sure R.K feel the same.

SueBee said...

I'm sorry about people having psychotic episodes toward you.

For what its worth, you have my support.

eccrackward said...

The haters are out of control, they need to stop. Why waste so much energy and time talking about someone or something you hate? They must have a pretty bad life if all they do is whine and complain about people they will never ever meet.

I RESPECT and love Rob.

I RESPECT and adore Kristen.

Respect Rose and HER opinions. If you don't agree move along to another blog.

Amanda said...

I can't believe they brought your family into it.:( Who does that? And to copy/paste some random comment and to attach your name to it? Not cool.

It's funny that Lisa up there says Rose spins things to fit her opinion but they're the blog that basically says 'Yes they look like a couple, but it's all PR!' IMO, there is a little more spinning going on over there. And yes, every point of view is everyones opinion no need to take it so seriously and make it so personal and bring ones family into it. One thing about Rose is she never makes it personal. She doesn't even point out hyenas, it's them who's assuming they're one.

The whole Emma thing, so sad. I love Rob, but he doesn't need protecting. He handled himself just fine with CLASS something a lot of the people tweeting Emma forgot to do.

Anonymous said...

Haters are gonna hate, delusional haters are gonna hate to such a degree that it's sickening. It really is as simple as this.. if you don't agree with what's posted here, stop showing up and reading it. That's like someone smacking themselves in the face and going "ow, I didn't like that" and the repeating the process. Just doesn't make sense.

@Pam.. I didn't get Rob's dad's emails to be "101 ways to woo a girl" or anything of that sort. Seems his dad is quite a thoughtful fella. He said he'd been thinking about gestures. We use gestures in every day interactions with people. Sometimes we shake hands, sometimes we hug, sometimes we give polite kisses on the cheek, and sometimes gentlemen will kiss the back of a lady's hand. It's more about manners than courtship.

Rose.. stay strong, resilient, and resolute. I for one, love this blog. And even if there were a time I disagreed with anything, I'm mature enough to either politely disagree, or just keep my opinions to myself. Sad that others can't do the same.

Anonymous said...

The crazies have gotten very personal... and I think I sorta understand why. Not that its okay... but I get what happened.

Rose... What they say about you iS TOTALLY WRONG. And I am glad that you call them out on it. They should never make it personal... but you know why they do... don't you?

They can no longer make excuses... the can't make the denials any longer... because its gotten UNBELIEVABLY obvious. SO.. they are going to personally attack the supporters because they can't mumble their NONsense with any kind of conviction anymore. And of course, they will pick you to call out with false accusations because your blog is popular... You're considered reliable and well-liked... so you're the first that they will spew at. Its not cool or fair. But hey I suppose once you've got the crazies after you... you know that you've made a mark for yourself right? :-D

Please, just don't let the crazies alter your wonderful blog... as I've said a few times before... it is definitely a bright spot in my day :-) You gotta think of the crazies like the paparazzi.... their prepared to say anything to get a reaction... sick but true.

*Suzy Q*

Karen said...

Dear,dear, Rose. I, for one, will continue to read your blogs. You always seem to take what I'm thinking and put it into words. The way you match the pictures to your words are priceless.

Ignore the haters. If they don't like what you say, they should go elsewhere. I'll never understand how anyone can be that hateful. They must live rather sad lives.

Yesterday was my 25th anniversary, and your blog was a wonderful gift. Luckily, my husband understands my obsession with Rob. He thinks Kristen is a real beauty.
He watches all the interviews with me! He is my own personal Edward!

Keep up the wonderful work. The true Rob/Kristen fans all love you.


Scarlet said...

Over and out Rose. There's no place left in this creepy fandom for fun entertainment anymore it seems. What with Kstew411 closing down and Delaney under constant attack, now you. Justa big yuck! I pulled down my twitter and gmail account after the crazies at Nonsten got hold of my IP address from a visit to their website. I felt like they got too close. I can only imagine how you feel now that they've brought your family into it. I'm thankful mine aren't old enough yet to be involved even remotely in the Twilight world. It's too bad. I just hope that the next time I tune in it won't be to find that something just awful went down. The cyberbullying is bad enough.

Take care Rose, and I hope things settle down.

Respectfully yours

Anonymous said...

Well Rose I'm gobsmacked that someone could do this to you.I always thought that some of you americans were nutty but this takes the piss.I come and read your comments most days. I say sometimes they are good and sometimes not.But you don't deserve this sort of treament.The fact that your family has been brought into it really does cross the line.Have to say like you I like Rob and Kristen together or not.Rose please dont stop writing.

Jenn said...

Hey Wolly maybe his parents were there because hmmm let's see....they were there to see their son. Why shouldn't they have gone w/him to the Jay Leno show. They are in LA visiting him from another country, I would like to think that they would like to spend as much time with him as possible, what with hi being so busy.
Likening them to reality show participants? I have no words. The people that were there when they were signing autographs said they were absolutly ticked that people would be asking them for their autographs and it was done all in good fun. You say you're ignoring the drama, yet you have no prblem insulting the people who raised the man, and all because they dared to show up to support their son?! Wow I truly can't comprehend how people think.
Anyway Rose you're right there is a big difference between and nonsten and hyena. I've actually had sane and logical conversations with a nonsten and they didn't try to bully me into thinking the way they think and I didn't try to bully them into thinking the way I think. We actually listened and talked to each other without insults or hate(though there was some mild jabbing). It kills me when the hyenas come here just to interrogate and insult like they are somehow above everyone, lol.
Just keep pushing.

Carly said...

first things first - the beauty that was Rob on Leno. he looked like the GQ 09 cover and that is my favorite shoot of his. so visually I was satisfied to no ends. and then he started talking and he was sweet and cute and funny and he mentioned his father and it was so clear he loves and respects his parents very much. it kinda gives you hope that people like that (men like that) still exist. it was definitely one of his best show appereances. and his comment to Emma R - priceless. she gave me no good vibe but apparentaly the fandom went overboard yet again. not that is anything new. its just sad

I will miss Rob on the EuroTour as well :( but I too look forward to Kristens wardrobe :) our styles coulndt be more different but she is slowly finding her own way in the maze that is fashion and Im loving it more with each outfit

as for teh bad stuff - can I give you a big virtual hug?

I feel like this fandom loves to hate. I must admit, I do rage on MR because I think she is doing a shitty job. and I do hate on Jacob. but the lenghts some people are able to go in their need to vent their frustration, it serioulsy scares me. because they fuel their own hate on purpose. finding new and improved reasons to spit venom on people they dont know. and that is truly sick

I told you once and I will tell you again. you are one strong woman Rose and I admire you

more than a couple of thoughts said...

@ Liza

Just so you know, Rose doesn't spin Rob's words just to make them fit her opinion. HE wants to go out on A date.. in peace..he doesn't want to date. Do you know that every time Rob and Kristen go out, people start tweeting and revealing the location?And so they have to leave before the paparazzi find them..Would you like to go out on that kind of dates? I sure not.
It rather seems that other people twist his words and his actions. Have you watched his nightline interview? Well, he says that he doesn't talk about his personal life because he doesn't want to sell it. The interviewer, before popping the question, was talking about how people speculate on his relationship with Kristen Stewart. So, Rob's answer was related to THAT. In journalism there must be a kind of connection between questions and answers, and the interviewer isn't a random one. He's a respectable film critic and knows how to edit an interview. But some people(we know who)said that he was talking about his life in general with friends and family..yeah right. So why we have Rob talking about HIS DAD'S EMAILS on Jay Leno? He doesn't seem afraid of talking about that. He doesn't seem afraid of, let's just say, "selling" it, right? But he doesn't share anything as far as Kristen is concerned. Again, it seems that other people are the ones who make Rob's words fit their opinion. Just saying.
Oh, and it seems confirmed that Rob and Kristen are living together, too bad the paps found out, though. So, no need for him to find another date, right?

Anonymous said...

I love you! I've been reading your blog for a while now, I look forward to it every day! So sorry you have to deal with these sociopaths. Here's a link you might like:


Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Well, keep on keepin' on, Rose. And remember, all you need is love!!

Anonymous said...

Rose, thanks for the comment on grammar! Who can even take these people seriously when they can't spell?!

Deb said...


Anonymous said...


Let me tell you that paying so much attention to Hyenas, makes them feel important.

Do they deserve it? really?

Are the Hyenas worth your time? Not mine. I care a damn on what non common sense people have to say and I hope you do the same, otherwise this blog will not be a place to talk about Rob's life and career, but a place to argue in an useless and never ending war.


Would you tell me what european country come you from? Just curious. Thanks so much.

Rob in Leno was adorable, delicious as usual. Kristen says she's a boring person at home, if she's living with Rob, I don't think that she gets bored..not anymore.

I didn't know Rob's parents were in USA. Maybe the'll stay untill Eclipse premiere.

Anonymous said...

Haven't Rob's parents been at all his premieres so far?

Lisa said...

Wow guess I hit a nerve did I Rose. Well Nans yep I said her name, here is her 15 minutes of fame, NANS said what you said, that you LOVE RP more than anthing. Wow funny you think she interpreted your words wrong and that she could not read your MIND so she interpreted it HER way. Wow what is it like to be on the other side of the coin. I am guessing not really good. Well chaulk it up to a lesson learned. I am not angry or frustrated but boy you sound almost pissed LOL. Well FVCKING PULL!!!

Oh and to the poster that said they are living together i can gaurantee 100 percent they are NOT!!!


Anonymous said...


And you can guarantee this how?

pricklypearess said...

You go girl!! Ignore the crazies in hyena-land. Sad they have to make up stuff and desire to smear someone and their family. Pitiful. Sick bitches. Now, I haven't seen the Leno interview. I need to go look that up NOW! Peace and Love. BTW, after reading on here a few weeks ago about fan fic, I decided to try some sites. Wow, there are some seriously kinky Edward and Bella stories out there! LMAO

Rose said...

Lisa? You can guarantee 100% they aren't living together? Really? Who is doing the SPINNING now?
Um... I'm sure they have you on speed dial as to their living arrangements.

Yeah, sure...you are not angry or frustrated (right)... but again... it is YOU coming to MY blog just for me.
I'm not following you around to get my point across.

OK.The whole 100% guarantee thing?
Now I know what I am dealing with.
Should have known if you defend people who lie and bring children into their petty bullshit.

And Pull? How original of you.I guess I PUSH your buttons... ;)

Pushy Pushy.

Anonymous said...

@ Rose

Logical conundrum: IF we push and they pull aren't they really just going in our direction? Or in their effort to be "clever" did this go over their heads?


Rose said...

Anon @ 2:06pm...


Keep pulling Hyenas!


Anonymous said...

To Lisa: So you can guarantee 100% that R/K are not living together? That's funny because that pic is a pic of a home they rented for the summer. Some people knew about it weeks ago but had the cortesy to not share it like the disgusting papps and tabs. I can guarantee 100% that they ARE living together but now of course they will have to be more careful.

cookie said...

Geez,Rose!Why are you even bother answering to that psycho?I'm guessing that internet fighting over RP is the only thing that makes her life worth.These "people"are pathetic.They're behaving like 10 year olds.

Anonymous said...

Lily is from Greece.

bex said...

can i get a link to this whole "living together" situation? i'll take it with a grain of salt but i'm pretty curious who exactly is reporting it.

one has to wonder where rob is staying while filming...

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, I am sorry to hear what happened, that bitch sounds like my sister in law.
Your blog is my favorite place to visit,I feel the same as you do about most things.I love Robert and Kristen, thus I want to see them happy. That is all I want out of this fandomm.
I don't have twitter because stress can make you sick and I have enough problems already.
I went to Nonsten once just to see what everyone was talking about...WOW...I needed a shower after that.
All I can say is don't let the crazys win, you have alot of support here. Take care Rose and keep fighing the good fight.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea whether they are living together or not. It is weird though it's been said for weeks and now there are pictures of the 'supposed' place and Kristen's car or one similar in the driveway. But remember, the Nonsense people say even when they stay together Rob sleeps on the couch lol. And good buddies can be roommates right?

In all serious though it sucks paps found it *IF* It's it. Lots of security though, almost impossible to get to, that's why the pic is taken aerial view.

loris said...

You do realize that your precious little site is the laughing tock of all of Twilight fandom?

Do you have anyone you care about in your life? How would you feel if someone sat on the internet all day attacking them and making fun od them? How do you think Rob feels about you and your friends? I'm sure he knows all about you all and the hate you spew.

And you know they aren't living together how? Seems kind of obvious to me. Seems pretty obvious to most people.

You and your little friends are just hanging on what rob said in that one interview but ignore everything you have seen and what has been said before and since. You ignore nightline, you ignore their looking at each other. Youignore how Kristen is the one who brought up what his dad said at Twi-Con. They are much more than BFF and the sooner you can accept that, maybe you can find some happiness.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add one tiny thing. The hate on Emma wasn't due to her saying Team Jacob- it was because she was such a bitch to Rob and asked did she HAVE to sit beside him the whole time. I get them being uncomfortable with one another (yes, she's dating MA and of course with him/Kris) but come on- quit acting like a immature brat AND BE NICE! Even at 19, it's not hard to be professional. Just wanted to make sure you knew it wasn't because of the Team Jacob thing.

Love your blog Rose and damn the haters. :)

lisa said...

Last post because you are not worth my time. But i came here for NANS not you Rose. I usually don't read your stupid made up blog but you brought someone to it and I felt you were wrong. To the others that are calling me a bitch and hyena etc. Wow do you kiss your kids with that mouth OOOPs did I just mention your kids Oh so sorry (not). And one other thing you have no idea who I know so I would not count all those chickens before they hatch. Oh and your beloved Ted C has a article up that KS is living with her parents and Rob near set but she "spends" time there. Yea ok. Well Rose you do not upset or offend me or make me made. And no I do not follow you but you called out someone that i like and felt the like posting other than that don't care what you say or write.

Carly said...

wow Twilight fandom at its worst

Im sure most of you have seen this but just to forget the nasty and concentrate on teh pretty, MTVs Rough Cut with Rob


(there is Kris as welll if y&ou are interested :)

namehere said...

Rose, I am so sorry you have to deal with MORONS!

But what is really disturbing... is that someone has a pic of their rental home they share together and are circulating it all over the web! That invasion of PRIVACY... whoever that person is, is NOT a fan and if I were Kristen or Rob I would be pissed! Let that couple breathe for Gawd sakes.... Geez.

Rose said...

*PUSH* Lisa is back again! "last post because you aren't worth my time" but I'm gonna comment AGAIN, anyway... but I don't care... Really I don't care, Rose!!


Yeah... I don't bother you. You don't care.
Keep telling yourself that.

*PUSH* You really make this TOO easy *PUSH*


Keighley said...

Sometimes I question why I'm in this place but then I mean the less crazies who just support and love Rob and Kristen on a sane level and I remember. You are one of them.
I'm so sorry it got so personal it never should have and those emails are just vomit inducing because they went so low to make themselves feel better. I'm so sorry Rose.
Your blog like you are very lovely and wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

loris said...

So here is the quote from ted C:

Let us clear a few things up for you, starting with, yes Rob and Kristen have been shacking up:

"Rob has rented a place in Los Angeles. It's in the most random area so he's been able to hide out a lot," a source tells us of Pattinson's digs while filming Water for Elephants. "Kristen lives with her parents, but she has been spending most of her time staying with Rob."

Perosnally, I would have used the term staying with since the place is rented temporarily myself, but staying there most of the time is practically living together in the dating world. ;)

At least a nonsten can admit to them staying together most of the time. And I highly doubt either one is sleeping on the couch alone.

I suspect she proably stays with her parents when he shoots through the night.


Anonymous said...

Wow...this is insane! It reminds me SO MUCH of the very first season of American Idol with Justin & Kelly. Justin used to look at Kelly the same way that Rob looks at Kristen and boy did his fans hate it. Grown women used to rip Kelly to shreds and Kelly's fans were no better in their treatment of Justin. And both sides turned every little thing into a competition between the two. Like Rob & Kristen, they also chose to keep their relationship private and because they wouldn't admit to being a couple they were hounded by the paparazzi, on the covers of countless tabloids and the source of entertainment for some really bat shit crazy fans. Sadly they didn't last. I think Justin ended up marrying a childhood friend and I think Kelly is still single. And because she's still single, there are some fans who think that she is a lesbian. It's sad.

Anonymous said...

When this twilight stupidity is gonna end?Shippers versus hyenas,cougars versus teens,idiots against young actresses for not being team Edward.Are you all serious?Don't you have something more serious to do with your life?Do you think R/K give a damn about what you're thinking about them?They're living their lives and i suggest you do the same.Especially you hyenas.My God!What kind of people are you for creating a site and bash a young girl?Are you mental?Do you really believe that Rob is gonna fall in love with you?Are you so delusional?

To the hyena(i'm not gonna use her name),i feel sorry for you.You must be a very miserable woman.Happy people don't spew hate,they just can't.

Opytaylor said...

Rose, I think you have a heart of gold and do not deserve this. Nothing is your fault. That said, it's getting to hot in here for me. I love reading and commenting, but I am tired of this argument, even before it got this nasty.

Anonymous said...

Kristen had her own condo,now she's living with her parents again?That's weird.

Anonymous said...

"your bump is bigger than Rob's doll!" Kstew to Taylor when Jk Took the pants off Rob * Taylor's dolls.

Anonymous said...

@ lisa

Reread the Ted C. article..He says that Rob and Kristen are definitely shaking up. Officialy she lives with her parents but spends most of her time in the rented house with Rob(so, she LIVES there most of the time). Oh, but to you, they spend their precious time combing their hair right? Oh, and scroll down the article, he says that Rob and Kristen ARE FINE. Oh, and read the today's Bitch-back, he says that Rob and Kristen are STILL ON.

I like how you twist his words, or better, you choose what to read and make it fit your opinion(sounds familiar?). And I also like that all you N*****ns always say that you don't believe Ted C. ,yet you always go and read his articles. But actually you only read some of his lines, not the entire article and so you lose the whole point. But there's no surprise in the lack of reading comprehension skills of certain people. Pathetic! I don't believe what Perez says, guess what? I don't read his posts.

One last thingsomeone said that lily is Greek. Well, if that's the case, I feel really ashamed of her, because I'm half Greek too, but I assure you, she's a unique case. Most of the Greek people are rational.

Anonymous said...


Cut the bull about Kristen comparing Rob's amnhood with Taylor's.It's sick.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally pro-Robsten. But I don't think they are living together purely based on the fact that her car was seen at the house Rob rented. And OMG that is creepy... I don't even WANT to see that picture. But Kris was there. She's probably there a lot whether she is officially living with him or not. I hope they aren't living together.... because I hope they last... and it is shown that couples that live together before they are married have a much higher rate of divorce. And Rob said recently he was old fashioned. So maybe their not going with the times and rushing every step of their relationship. Who knows. I sure don't. And YOU don't either... unless you are Kristen or Rob.

This I do feel comfortable saying I know:

Rob and Kris, definitely together. And they will be on six month shoot together where they will be basically living with each other whether they consciously make the decision to or not.

This I also know. Rob's interview on Leno, totally adorable. Did not get that Emma Roberts was being rude... but maybe the studio audience saw something I didn't??

But I'm just a stranger making comments on Rob's relationship with Kristen and I'm sure if he was actually on this board and had something to say it would be "Shut Up. Like I'm going to kill you."


Anonymous said...

@ paris,

yes, she was talking about their DOLLS, not their real c**ks. Gosh, is this ever going to end??

Anonymous said...

What means they living together?Rob is in LA for 2 months now,Kristen is going to Montreal on July,then they;ll both go to Portland?for the BD shooting.Kristen now is in Rome.They just spend their free time together.
And i'm sorry for saying this,but i find it disgusting and sick attacking to Emma Roberts and make her delete her twitter account.I don't know her,but that was gross.

Rose said...

Awww... They Hyenas must really be upset now...

Keep *PUSHING* ;)

TaystenIsBetter said...

Kristen kissing Taylor's neck! http://i50.tinypic.com/kar1c2.jpg Rome isn't too far away now. Hot Taysten Love!

Iriana said...

For those who say taysten won't happen.. Actually they never said they think of themselves as brother and sister..or I will say she said this back in early Twilight pre New Moon Days..fast forward to today and this promotional tour.. Kristen has dropped saying I think of him as my brother..it has now been we are close friends and we know each other well. Uhmm...granted brothers and sisters are close but there are levels of closeness. The bottom line is Kristen and Taylor are not brother and sister... They aren't related. She is all comfprtable being touchy feely on Taylor...and I have seen all kinds of kids brothes and sisters but rarely do I see that level of intimate touching...
and I highly doubt no matter how much money she is paid..Kristen would not be lip locking her real life brother ...

Rose said...

Ship whoever the hell you want...
But why not do it on your own blog?
Yeah! Fascinating concept.

Wait for it...

Almost here...

Are you ready??


Anonymous said...

Taylor said just a couple days ago actually Kristen is a big SISTER to him. They can be Jacob and Bella in a scene though.

Tell me Taysten shippers, why didn't Kristen stay in LA and celebrate her birthday with Taylor? When out the other night Rob and Kristen were together, no Taylor there.

Taylor is two years younger than Kristen, doesn't smoke, drink or swear, and it wasn't long ago Kristen said Taylor was like a brother to her it was in an EW article for ECLIPSE promo. She also said it was really weird kissing him. How you get they are anything other than friends is beyond me when they say themselves it's sisterly/brotherly.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the shout out Rose you must really love me and I read all of Teds article she lives with her parents and spends time there YADA YADA. Well guess what she must be spending time by herself because he is not there. Here is one source but there are more where that came from. Oh and since we are now believing what US weekly says I guess Kristen had Rob's baby right??? YES FVCKING PULL!!!

NOPE NO HOUSE Wed, Jun 16, 2010, 12:31 PM

by roobear123 3 minutes ago (Wed Jun 16 2010 12:13:08) Ignore this User * Report Abuse Reply UPDATED Wed Jun 16 2010 12:13:33 Its already by debunked by the property's rental agency. He isnt there.

Anonymous said...

I'm deeply sorry for all the hate and weirdness directed at you as well as at our favorite duo, Rose. The wide-spread dysfunction of so many people is so alarming.

About Rob's appearance on Leno. . . How cute is this man?! I've never seen him more adorable. And what adorable parents. His mom is so pretty, and his dad is sooo cute. Rob really pegged it: his dad's emails were just so sweet. That's one more thing Rob and Kristen have in common, great, close-knit families.

I love them all: Rob, Kristen, and Mama- and Papa-Patz. Now, we just need to get in a little time with Kristen's family to know them a bit.


loris said...

Like a crazy loon from england is going to know what rental company to call. And like said rental company would give out that info. Besides, if they aren't at that place they ARE somewhere else. Just deal with it and join the rest of us in reality.

Rose said...

BWAHAHAHA! Lisa! Last post... right?

You just can't stay away.

But go sell your line of bullshit somewhere else.

And keep pulling...


See you soon!

*giggle push*

Anonymous said...


Who cares if there was a house, is a house, where the house is?

Stop trying to find the house... PSYCHO!

I don't want to KNOW where the house is. Furthermore, if a rental agency rented a house to Robert Pattinson you think their just going to let some random person over the phone know about it? NO!


We're not stalkers!! And people are total loons out there. They shouldn't be given a map to where he sleep so STOP PUTTING IT OUT THERE!

Besides we know most of the time it IS next to Kristen.... whether or not they live together... and we don't need an exact location to know that.... PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH!

*Suzy Q*

linzy said...


that kind of heinous behavior is not just sad, it is extremely disturbing. i guess since they don't have Delaney to pick on right now, they've decided to make you their target and do the same tired distortion and putting words in mouths that were never said. NEWS FLASH HYENAS: that's called LYING. You can't spin that, it doesn't matter if so and so has their opinion and that isn't the point. IT WAS A FLAT OUT LIE. And bringing someone's family into it? Are you fucking kidding me? How pathetic can a few fools be?

Guess we need only to look at "Lisa" and her comments here today to see eh? Sweetie you realize you are making an ass of yourself here by consistently replying but saying you don't care. Logic, you don't have it.. as someone already pointed out the logical fallacy of your "pull" nonsense. i suggest educating yourself before you speak.

moving along..

That was hands down my fav late night solo appearance Rob has made. He was so ON, you know? Relaxed, calm, smiley, witty, and telling good stories. It was truly a wonderful moment to witness... some of my most steadfast non-twi non-rob-fan friends were won over. Score! I have no idea if things were over analyzed were Emma R was concerned. I think it was awkward and she needs to go to charm school but she didn't deserve the massive amount of tweets that were personal attacks. Rob handled himself well, why can't the fans? *shakes head*

Mama!Pattz and Papa!Pattz were so so cute. I love that Rob has a close bond with his parents :) Have to give them a lot of credit for him being able to keep himself rooted in reality and not becoming an egotistical asshat. yet another thing he and Kristen have in common.

I saw the pic and honestly.. i hope its a lie. I won't be looking at, let alone buying, the trash tabloid that prints it in order to investigate but IF they found their hideout spot then you can be sure plans to relocate are already under way. This is exactly what Rob was talking about on Nightline. How many of us would be okay with paps hunting us down at our homes b/c they think they are entitled to know about our private lives? I know for sure I wouldn't. Both he and Kristen deserve some normalcy. But since they don't want to sell IT someone is trying to take that decision from them yet again. Breaks my heart.

Hope you have a nice day Rose, its nice to see you laughing :)

Anonymous said...

You do know they wouldn't give out that information, right? So Kristen is living in a house by the WFE set by herself with security surrounding the property. Do you even HEAR yourself? Please tell me you aren't that delusional, it's scary. And amusing.. but mostly scary.

POV said...


I don't think Kristen and Taylor are dating but I wish they were because Taylor seems better for Kristen .... he brings out her softer fun side. Whereas when shes around Rob she looks awkward and sad sometimes. Is it wrong to want to see Kristen to be around someone who makes her happy?

Which do you prefer.. sad Kristen or happy Kristen?

I'm even more happy that Eclipse is with the two of them and not Rob so can we get a more happier and relaxed Kristen.

amanda said...

Suzy Q- THANK YOU! No person calling a rental agency is going to get information of where ROBERT PATTINSON is staying. Me thinks Lisa isn't very logical.

Deb said...

OK GIRLS ALL TOGETHER NOW PUSH yep keep pushing lets push them back into that BIG BLACK HOLE they CARWLED out of seem to be working THEY cant stand it can they? How nice it is to KNOW the TRUTH and to BELIEVE it KEEP PUSHING PUSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,PUSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hahahahaha....DEB

SpunksBecky said...

I have more and more respect for you every post. I think you handled this very professionally unlike the other, uh, person. Bringing your family into was/is LOW, and just shows that ones hatred really has no real point. (If that makes sense)
Don't let the haters get to you (I don't think you ever will) because *cough* some of us *cough* very much enjoy and look forward towards your posts. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa please turn to your "Simpsons" and leave us with our Robsten, please, leave us alone in our crazyness, like you think OK ?
An you Rose, it'0s the first time that I write you, I rispect you and I admire you! peace and love !!

Anonymous said...

"If you don't really know them, you can't hate them. It's all about jealousy."--Robert pattinson talking about the relationship between Edward and Jacob in the first 2 movies. Well, I think this descibes perfectly what the N****NS really do and how they behave. It's all about jealousy.


pricklypearess said...

OK, just saw Rob on the Leno show. Fabulous dahling! OMG, gotta love that his mama and daddy were there. Very sweet. Didn't see the big deal about the Emma Roberts thing. They were joking around and he said she had terrible taste and she commented back with an equally snarky comment. Big deal. Ooh yeah, loving the JK pics too. Have a great night everyone! xoxo

Anonymous said...


Rob's comment in the today show, everyone got it terrible wrong..., even Gossip Cop, Rob is NOT talking about taking his girl to a restaurant.

You think he said he want's to be free and single?? NOOOOOO! Just the opposite.

Listen to the question and his answer...

sfw10sis said...

Wow, what is happening with everyone, why is there this need to be so down right hurtful and mean. Does it really matter who's right and who's wrong, everyone has the right to believe what they want, this is a free country last time I checked. Here at Rose's blog we believe R/K are a couple, you at your site choose to believe they are not, well thats fine and dandy, but why do you have to come to pro R/K sites to sprew hate, just stay at the sites that share your beliefs, I'm sure the fans here at Rose's blog have no problem staying here and discussing are beliefs

Why does our belief that they are a couple bother you so, it doesn't bother me that you don't share my opinion, granted sometimes I shake my head at the rediculousness of some of the reasons but I don't go to your blog and spew hate, and I certainly would never EVER bring someones family into my disputes, you should all be ashamed that you have stooped to that level of hate. I'm going to give the benefit of doubt here and hope that its because school is on summer break in most places and its teens being, well teens(yes he is, no he's not, yes he is, no he's not), but if you really are grown women then I sincerely believe you need to take a step back from the computer, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if this is really who you want to be, do you really want to be a member of a fanbase that has driven you to such lengths, and if you are a real fan of Rob and/or Kristen, what if by some slim chance they actually read some of the things posted would you want them reading your posts, and the things that are said, all in the name of being a fan. Do you think that this is what they want for their fanbase, I hardly doubt it, seeing as how close they are with their own families.

You know, I tend to believe there's good in everyone and females especially shouldn't be treating each other like this, we have enough crap thrown at us at times, please take a step back, agree to disagree and leave it at that. I believe, you don't, but that doesn't effect my life outside the fandom and it shouldn't effect yours either.

Rob and Kristen are not going to do what I want and they aren't going to do what YOU want, their going to do what THEY want.

Please try to stop the hate, speak to your members and ask that they stay on your blog for your discussions, why is it necessary to cross over to other sites, when they don't share your beliefs.

Now, while I can't claim to know Rose personally, I can state that since I have been fortunate enough to have found her blog, her posts of Rob and Kris have been with the upmost respect and compassion and I find her to be whitty, fun and charismatic, but most of all FAIR.

FUN, isn't that what being part of a fandom should be all about. At the end of the day wouldn't you all rather walk away from your computer with a smile than a scowl, think about it.

Rose, sorry for the rant, for you my dear, words escape me, there's so much I'd like to say, clearly lines were crossed, when something one holds so dear becomes part of anothers malicious rant, words seem inadequate, so I'm reaching through my screen and giving you the biggest squeeze I can muster, don't let them bring you down sweetie, the type of person that you are is what this fandom should be all about, upbeat, fun and full of giddiness with beautiful pics and whitty comments, you make me smile everyday and I hope that that never stops.

Sending lots of love your way.


Anonymous said...

Comment from an outsider looking in. Hate + hate = double hate. Do the math. I'm sorry, but I just don't get it. You realize this is a war over two young Hollywood stars, right?

Threatening families, and calling each other hyenas and bitches...over two people that I guarantee 100% of you have never met.

I like their movies, too. But damn. Is it really worth all of this?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 4:15

Everyone got it terribly wrong, you are right. And you are one of those who got it terribly wrong. You know why? Because Rob was actually talking about taking his girl out on a date without being chased by paparazzi. "To go out on a date" in British= "to go out with your significant other"

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Hilarious (except not at all) said...

Positive first: Rob. Suit. YES, PLEASE.

His parents are the cutest thing ever. I want to get his dad's e-mails instead of my mom's forwards. Didn't that make him seem so much like a regular person? Adorable.

As for the bullshit: GROSS. Nasty. Lame.

Rose, love that you usually ignore the hate ... which is a great idea in theory, but sometimes it gets too big to ignore.

We're all PEOPLE. How hard is it to connect to the humanity in other people?

How does it come to pass that a group of individuals drawn together by mutual ENJOYMENT AND ADMIRATION for books, movies and actors spiral downward into such bitter divisiveness?

To personally attack complete strangers - whether it's the actors themselves or fans - behind the shelter of online anonymity is an act of straight-up cowardice. Passive-aggressive. AND POINTLESS.

Shame on all of the "fans" who take their views to such extremes.

And shame on everyone who takes every disappointment they have in their lives and pours it into this outlet. You know damn well who you are.

This and other fan sites are meant to be fun. F*ck you for trying to take that away.

[Note: "trying" ... not succeeding.]

It seems literally impossible that you could have such hatred for anyone or anything and be happy. If you seriously draw pleasure from this, I pity you. Because there is something sorely lacking in your life. Or in your moral make-up.

You seriously think that by coming here and spewing your vile shit, that you're HURTING the people who read this site in some way? No.

Let me break it down: you do inspire disbelief, disgust and pity. Other than that, you don't warrant a single thought in my day, unless I'm illustrating the point of how the internet can bring out the most base, juvenile sides of grown adults. Congratulations.

Rose, I think we both usually prefer the high road, but f*ck it ... way to go on calling this shit out. It's ridiculous, and it's an embarrassment to the many, many normal, delightful people in this fandom who get overshadowed by the crazies.

Well, that was fun. Tomorrow, it's a return to positive only. :)

Cheers to EVERYONE of EVERY point of view who can express their feelings with maturity and respect. ("Cheers" = literal. Let's all have a drink!)

Anonymous said...

My main reason for comming on here is for entertainment..This constant BICKERING is getting MUNDANE....We obviously have different opionions. To which i repect....BUT there a line crossed when it gets personal.....RESPECT is what is missing here....And it dosent matter what rocks you boat...where R/K is concerned....
This is a place to read Roses Post half heartedly...Dont take it that seriously...Be a fan But have comon sense is what im impling...
Rose, Im very sad that LUNATICS are going to far with this....Like i said last week the good will most certainly out do the BAD......I myself choose to ignore the silly comments and as you may have noticed not come on here at all...
How many times can you lead a horse to WADDER.....If the silly horse dosent want to drink...You cant make it......Right!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Location has been taken out Wed, Jun 16, 2010, 12:50 PM

"Century Fox studios has rented out Robert Pattinson an exclusive mansion in Los Angeles with extra body guards, security guards, security gates, alarm systems, and a private drive through. If you know where Tom Cruise lives in Los Angeles then you know where Pattinson is residing right now. Everything is highly secured by the studio for safety precautions."

Excuses 3,2,1....LOL

Gigi said...

OMGoodness Rose I'm so sorry for all this crap that you have to put up with ...stupid my I just assumed that other ppl like me came here b/c we had your thoughts in common and enjoyed your blog( point of view) ...But it turns out I'm wrong , and to speak like that about your kids? obviously that person has no kids b/c what she does not know what a mama bear can do ?? forget the fact of how wrong it is for a second , REALLY to pick on kids , REALLY !!!! anyway some ppl are really disturb ...as you say ,PUSH ...
There is a lot of talk about hate , what did we not learn anything on the better part of the 20th century ?? hate is hate ..pls lets have fun but also be respectful of others and specially of their opinions , the girl last night on Leno's show she did not have to be team anything ( even if is true the rumors of her going with Oregano ) who cares ..I love his response to her it was on fun and I believe that it was done on fun as well it got every one laughing ..the poor kid has to delete her acct on twitter for all the crap she has gotten ..come on ppl !
As to the fact of are they living together or not ? what are we 12 ?? I stayed most night on my then boyfriends ( Now husband ) house for the better part of 3 years we didn't officially lived together I never really moved there but I was there most of the time ...what do any one assumes that we were doing?? PLS let's be grown up here ...Please let Robert and Kristen have some sort of life, what is next a toilet moment picture ?? how sick some ppl are and yes if you think this is for you then I'm talking about you ok ? leave them be please ....That is all have a great night Rose honey I hope that you have a drink or something tonight you deserve it .....chao

Anonymous said...

Launtner was out promoting New Moon for months after its release, to the point that Stewart * his de facto offscreen sister * sent him a text message: "Stop working and come home already, I miss you."

Anonymous said...

Launtner was out promoting New Moon for months after its release, to the point that Stewart * his de facto offscreen sister * sent him a text message: "Stop working and come home already, I miss you."

CJT said...

That is so crossing the line they dont' even see it anymore. I hope you're alright I'm sorry this person is such a mental case and attacked you like this. So no right it's not even funny.

Lisa said...

OMG, I was with my daughter today while she had a "procedure" When I got home, I saw some tweets about a "Lisa" here on the blog. Then I get a message from a regular here asking "The Lisa they're fighting with isn't you is it"? NO! It's not me! I agree with 99% of everything Rose says. If I didn't, I wouldn't read here! I'm going to start posting my screen name as well. Rose, please check emails (as I have mine listed with blogger) or ISP's. I want you to know that it's NOT me! However, I know you are well aware ppl can type any ol' name in! I do just type Lisa when I use my other computer upstairs as it's not signed in. I'll have to try to sign in up there.

Now to your post today Rose.. Loved, loved, LOVED Rob on Leno with his Dad. How cute are they? Just when I think I can't love Rob anymore, there ya go! LOL

I have said it many times here Rose, I cannot believe the BS you put up with. Especially on your OWN blog! I'm sorry for that.. BUT, you must REALLY get under their skin.. THAT is amusing!!!

Also, let me be clear on something else I always say here. 'I do not read ANY other blogs daily' Sometimes someone I follow on twitter will post something about their blog and link it and then I will go. That's it! This is the blog I choose to follow. It's the blog that I believe in. Rose, you say what I feel, what I believe.. I DON'T EVER go to any blogs that are not PRO Rob or Pro Robsten!!! Because I believe in Robsten! And until I don't, I'm not interested in reading about it.!

Don't EVER stop blogging Rose and NEVER STOP PUSHING!!!

"Pulling" LMAO! As someone pointing out, they didn't even realize what they were saying.. LOVE IT!

For the person who said Kristen doesn't say Taylor is like her brother anymore.. That's wrong.. I've seen it twice since this promo.. Once while in AUS or Korea she said "We're so close he's like my brother" and another from this past weekend the reporter said "You've said Taylor is like your brother in other interviews" she said "EXACTLY! We're very close" I'll post them if I run across them again!

Emma Roberts WAS a little snot last night. But to say mean things and chase her away from twitter? That's awful! :( Give's Rob's fans a bad name!

And that helicopter pic from the papz of the house.. HOW AWFUL! Really, what an invasion of privacy! Those who believe, had no doubt they were staying together SOMEWHERE.. Kristen admitted in an extended ET interview only online, that she spends lots of private time with Rob & Taylor..

Also interesting.. Did anyone happen to see the interview with Lizzy, Robs sister while she was performing on the IOW? Very cute.. She said "Rob is afraid of NOTHING and is very ballzy" LOL


Anonymous said...

To Lisa at 339...
(oh hai Roobear!)Roobear is one of the MOST pathetic nonsten hyenas on Rob's IMDb. She is a pathological liar who said she work
ed in the florists where Mrs Pattinson buys flowers and told her she hates Kristen, she says Rob was not with K at NYE, he was really at a house party where she has 100's of pics of him but you can only see them on her Facebook that she won't link to and other various lies. And you neglect the fact that the normals on imdb already debunked the fake
realtor story. Yeah,we're going to believe her about the house. LMFAO

Anonymous said...

Kristen's love text to Taylor.. Launtner was out promoting New Moon for months after its release, to the point that Stewart * his de facto offscreen sister * sent him a text message: "Stop working and come home already, I miss you."

Anonymous said...

If you haven't heard, USWeekly has a bog cover story on R/K and how she is going to break his heart and move on once the films are finished but he wants to marry her, etc. They have always been anti-K and made R out to be a manwhore last year when it's the furthest thing from the truth.

And now they have published a pic of where R and K are staying this summer! This mag was the one that published the pic of K's parents house and now this. The media and paps need to leave them the hell alone! Can't imagine how this makes them feel,like a trapped animal more than likely.

Anonymous said...

oops that's big not bog lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose,


Don't know if you're still reading comments right now, but wanted to pass along some info.

What the crazy hyena posted and included in her diatribe, attributing it falsely to you, was an excerpt (taken out of context)from a thoughtful fan from 'Robsten Angel's.'

To read it, in it's entirety, go here to twitlonger: http://tl.gd/1snn79

The title of it was 'Reality Check on Rob's Today Show Interview.'

As you know Rose, the crazed haters were trying to say that what Rob really meant was that he was 'not going to settle for Kristen and that he wanted to start dating.'

Excuse me for a second...


The post was well-written and the part that the hater crazy posted, was out of context: The author was attempting to say, that there's a reason why they feel they can't go out on 'dates' - and that's because fans and foes alike are tracking them down to the nth degree & detail of their whereabouts.

The person that wrote the twitlonger essay, made the point that Rob was NOT saying he wanted 'to date,' but that it would be nice to have 'A date' (he even emphasizes 'A') if not for the stalkers.

She explained herself very well - and it was a great post.

I'm sure this poster would be mortified and very PO'd to learn that someone has chopped it up, taken it out of context, and tried to slam you with it.

We all dig what you put down every week Rose, you have our full respect and support. Please continue your excellent page, and amazing commentary and know that you have like-minded fans that are behind you.

Anonymous said...

Rose, what is in the water those people are drinking? I know you said don't feel sorry for you, but as a mother myself I can't believe these hateful people would bring your children into their hateful world. I always read you and you always make me smile. Another daily visitor to your blog who loves you.

Anonymous said...

I fear for Kristen. If these psychos get this worked up about Rose's blog, imagine the rage they have against that young girl. It is getting out of control and they are confusing fantasy with reality. I am all for their privacy but I think maybe it is time for Rob to make a statement that Kristen is the one he wants so these delusional hags can move on. This getting beyond crazy!

Anonymous said...

Rose, I love your blog mostly because it's your opinion and because it's always positive. You just love Rob and Kristen, and Hey I'm ok with that. For someone to post ANYTHING in your name is wrong. You never claim anything that hasn't been proven and I think some haters can't stand that. But to personally attack you and bring your family and Kids into it is just wrong. I don't know how someone could justify doing that in the name of being a fan. It really is sick.
Lisa go to "sugar lips" and we'll all be happy.
I watched Rob on the Tonight show, he was totally cute and funny. I didn't know what was up with Emma Roberts, but she was definately being rude...but Rob totally handled it. Go Rob, Go Rose! Haters Go Away!

Anonymous said...

Roses' are read
Hyenas are blue
When we say PUSH
They usually SPEW!

*Suzy Q*


NO words are misspelled above :-p

Lisa said...

OMG SUZY Q, that was EXCELLENT!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The internet affords us the chance to give opinion as different as it maybe sometimes.

The internet also offers anoymity which sadly some people use as a means to insult, spew vicious lies, vile inuendo, threats and obscene personal attacks. It is nothing short of cowardice and there is nothing at all decent about such behaviour.

I comment on this blog anonymously but I always do so with a thought of how I speak to others in the real world whether I agree with what they say or not. To not always agree is a normal human characteristic but one does not have to be nasty in sharing an opinion or disagreeing with someone else's.

To Rose: I enjoy your blog immensely and I hope to continue to do so.
Hang in there!

Patricia said...

Rose: I am very upset with whats happen to you and your family.......This is beyond BULLSHIT !!! Our children are the most important people in our lives and "HOW DARE ANYONE SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT THEM"...THESE ARE SICK CRAZIES THAT HAVE DONE THIS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND I'M SORRY FOR ANYONE THAT HAS THAT MUCH HATE IN THEIR LIVES.

I have enjoyed your blog and have commented this to you many times. You are a smart, funny, clever, loving lady who is 'INTOXICATED BY ROBERT PATTINSON' and I AM ALSO, THAT'S WHY I'M HERE EVERYDAY COMMENTED ABOUT WHAT I FEEL IS (LOOKING INTO MY SOUL WITH WHAT YOU WRITE.)






MEESE 611...I'm so glad you're not (THE LISA) that has been saying all these awful words to Rose. I usually agree with what YOU SAY.

Frog_Robsten said...

Can anyone please tell me what ROb or Kristen said about the tent scene?How Kristen had to loose Rob up in this scene?And how was his feeling or something like that?Please tell me!Wgere did they said about it?I'm not American or English so I cant listen to English well, so please write it to me here and I will check it later!
By the way, can anyone give me the link to watch the New Moon footage where Rob and Kristen were still kissing after they said:"CUT"?

Melinda said...

Yikes!!!! What nasty, vile, poisonous people. To think some of these people are rising children (I have a hard time believing none of them are childless). God help us all.

Rose-We love and support you. You have a lot of people who have your back. Hang in there!!!!

It saddens me that this fandom has come to this. There are non-twilight people that call fans twi-tards b/c of their behavior. My feeling is that they aren't mental challenged just MENTALLY ILL.

This small number of "fans" make the most noise and so they make the rest of the fandom look like idiots. I am glad that most Twilight fans have no idea this stuff even goes on.

About Leno-

Rob looked HOT!!! Totally love the old Hollywood look. It was a great interview. A very confident Rob. I loved the emails he shared. His dad sounds like an upstanding guy who is teaching his son to be one as well. I also like the fact that even though Rob was there to promote Eclipse, Kristen wasn't brought up at all. Maybe Leno heard Rob's Nightline interview and got the message.

The Emma debate- I don't know any truth to the rumors but you could tell it was a little awkward to say the least. Could she have handled it better? Yes, but she is still young and new to the biz so she should be cut some slack. People aren't perfect. Props to Rob for handling it better!

For haters to attack her on twitter and say such nasty vile things is disgusting! So much so that she deletes her account. I hope she saved the stuff that was sent to her and takes some legal action against them.

The whole house drama makes me so mad. It is really scary that these paps are that intent on getting this kind of info. Reminds me of the creepiness of the Charlie Hotel last year.

I read that Jen Garner is threatening lawsuit if the paps don't start backing off her family. Yea for her and Ben!! These celebs need to start coming down harder on the paps. Put them out of business and then gossip rags can't buy pics therefore putting them out of business as well. Sad fact is that most celebs love the limelight so they don't mind the intrusion or the public knowing details about their personal life.

Once final thought....I noticed when going back through old posts (from late 08 into last year)that Rose has done, not that many people commented and if they did it was R/K supporters. Fast forward several months and it has become more and more evident R/K are a couple. The comments have tripled and a good portion are against R/K as a couple. I wonder as the year progresses and we still see evidence that R/K are a couple what kind of comments it will bring.

And again we all notice that the R/K supporters don't seek out the non R/K supporters. Why is that? Maybe because we have nothing to PROVE, it's just there to see whereas the nons keep coming back trying to prove something that doesn't make sense.

Truly boggles the mind!

PS. to the person that commented about the new location...why would you repeat that even if it is on the internet somehow? This is why he has to move.

Melinda said...

Oops I meant to say I have a hard time believing that all the nons are childless. Sorry.

To Frog Robsten-

Rob during the Eclipse press junkets said that he was really anxious during the tent scene. He said it had to do with claustrophobia (confined in a small space) and there wasn't a lot of room.

He said after the 3rd take Kristen realized what was happening (I guess he kept messing up). She was supposed to be "sleeping" but opened her eyes, started staring at him and trying to make him laugh and loosen up. He said at first he wanted to "strangle her" but quickly realized what she was doing for him and was okay. They were able to pull the scene together on the next take. Hope this helped.

I love how they know each other so well that they can support/help the other when a need arises such as this.

I don't have a link for the "Italy kiss" so hopefully someone else can.

Anonymous said...

Rose! I love your blog and I'm soo sorry as to what is happening with those haters!!
Thanks to the poster who gave me the link for the 30min Twicon conv. interviews!!
Lastly, we know that Kris is to be on Letterman soon. Can someone please tell me what happened the last time she was on there? A lot of people are worried about how it's going to turn out? :(
-Cha Cha

Anonymous said...

Rose,love your blog everyday.You're always spot on.I can't believed that hyenas/haters are attacking Emma Roberts,that's a shame.Their is too much hate in this world.I wish karma will get to this haters.

Deb said...

Melinda you are right she just knows her man and knows when he needed help they really know each other dont they? And I for one am glad that they have each other I pray that tomorrow we well have a good day with out so much hate in here I know we can just look over what they have to say BUT when it comes to OUR ROSE and her FAMILY well Im not going to let them say bad things about her and her love ones like some of you have said I to am a mother And I dont like people saying shit. SO if this is a way they think they can get back at us by saying shit about Rose then BRING IT we have her back .AS for Rob he mite be staying at a hotel who knows NO ONE Have a good night Rose see ya tomorrow ...DEB

Gigi said...

@ Frog Robsten here you go enjoy

Anonymous said...

this is for the poster who ask for the letermen show w/ Lris...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNycCy1lA6M

Rose said...

Anon @5:34pm I'm not surprised that the quote attributed to me was taken out of context.
My problem was more with someone putting words in my mouth, words that I didn't say... and then lying about me writing it... than the words themselves.

I've been pretty open about where I stand on the whole Rob/Kristen issue... I'm not shy about voicing my opinion. So when I saw this in my inbox this morning... I was like... WTF? I never said that. But again... I shouldn't be shocked at just how low a hyena will go. That's what they do.

Anonymous said...

Rose.... Room....

I found the troll Lisa who has been bothering you! It took alot of research, but I finally found her.


HaHa.. Dont let anyone like that bother you... laugh it off.

Anonymous said...

anom 9.12 if your right and that is Lisa.... OMG i wasnt far off the mark when i said LUNATIC
this woman is dripping in it....
Lunacy.....who acts like that.....

Rose said...

Dear Sugar Lipps.

I'm actually truly sorry for all the attacks you have been subjected to. But that wasn't me.
And it wasn't here at my blog.
I'm not responsible for what other people say or do... and just because I might share my opinion of Rob and Kristen with some people...
Doesn't mean I agree with them on everything. And that includes the nasty attacks on Emma Roberts.
You didn't see that HERE.
You didn't deserve the personal attacks... and neither did I.
I don't mention specific names or sites for a reason...
I don't like making this bullshit
(and come on... we both know this Robsten/Nonsten stuff is nothing but bullshit in the end) PERSONAL.
I did this one time...
Because I wanted to make a point.
You leave me out of your posts...
And I will leave you out of mine.
It's simple really.
And it won't be hard for me to do...
Can you say the same?

And no, you didn't mention me by name... but you brought up the 'love Rob more than anyone else' bullshit, and I know you have brought that up before. So please, don't insult my intelligence by saying it wasn't about me.
We both know better.

Anyway. As much as I love to push the buttons when it comes to Robsten... I'm not about hate.
And I can honestly say I don't hate anyone... even Hyenas.

Take it as you will.

Amanda K. said...

Rose, I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am that some little twit lied about you and dragged your family into her bullshit. You certainly do not deserve that. You have never been anything but honest, witty, wonderfully sarcastic, and really forgiving considering some of the crap that comes your way. I just wanted to express my appreciation for your blog, I look forward to it every day and I hope you continue to post. I don't know you but you seem to be a very strong person and probably don't get your feathers ruffled very easily, unless it comes to someone bashing on your family. I totally support you, Rose. Just wanted you to know that. xoxoxo

Rose said...

And to everyone who left a positive and supportive comment.
Thank you!
You have no idea how much I appreciate every kind word.
Thank You.
Thank You.
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Rose there voicing your opinion and there is voicing your opinion....If others give you something to comment on ..so be it....there are ways of saying/conversing with otheres "opinion" w/o being a total A/HOLE.....if all of us thought the same in this world....How F>>Ken boring would we all be.... You had the right to defend yourself.....you are giving us the majority a voice to give our point of view.....But as you know Not all of us in this pretty world of ours have the same level of Competency to spread there love....So with that they turn to spew what is dearest to you ...A PERSONEL DIG if you will...cant you see if ALL other things FAIL ..and you want to get your point across the LOWLIFES get ya where it hurts.....
im just saying

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:56...wow...he kinda made her seem like she was dumb or something...see, I can't even type properly b/c of that interview! I'm sure she'll do better this time...she's way more confident and self-assured!! Thanks
Rose...I love ya girl...I found this blog a couple a months ago and look forward to reading it every day!! You rock and I love the way you support both Rob and Kris...especially with this crazy fandom!!
-Cha Cha

Anonymous said...

Hey guys...here's a few new pics from TwiCon
twitpic.com/1xf1qy very cute

-Cha Cha

Lisa said...

9:12 is that really her? I actually saw that video back when it was first posted! LMAO!


Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,

I really enjoy your blog! "Lisa" must be from the Nonst*n board. She seems to protest too much, doesn't she? Rose, keep on "pushing."

ps: Kristen and Rob look more gorgeous with each interview. Love them both.

Anonymous said...

I found it hilarious that the two emails that Rob chose to read were about gestures and vulgarity because let's face it one of the most (if not the most) vulgar gesture out there is the one fingered salute...or in Kristen's case the two-fingered salute.

Coinicidence? Maybe. But I have a feeling Rob is about 100 times more aware of what's going than people like to give him credit for. And while he might not pull a KStew and try to rile the fienders up with Kindles and Ipod pictures, I don't think he is above using that same form of 'communication' to set the record straight.

Anonymous said...

When he first said that thing about dating on the Today Show I was a bit giddy for a minute because to me that was a major, MAJOR denial of R'sten but after a moment of thinking about it I was really sad for him because he seems to really want that connection with someone else. All I know is that whoever he ends up with needs to be a bad bitch (and I don't mean in a KStew way) and not have a twitter or be on any other type of social networking site because those crazy ass bitches are going to be after her for ruining their fairytale. I really just want to see him happy with somebody because whatever the fuck he had going on with KStew looked like it made them both utterly miserable.

Anonymous said...

anon-11:28 You do know Rob has flipped off paps too, right?

anon-11:30 First of all you are really stretching to use that as a denial, and if you use that as a denial can I use Dateline as 100% confirmation? Because that was more of a confirmation then the Today show was a denial. And do you see the pictures of Rob around Kristen.. Yeah he's probably miserable because his face hurts so much from smiling so big, other than that I don't see it.

Anonymous said...

Rose luv your comeback but are they personnaly attacking you because they know the truth! That R/K are together and can't find any excuse anymore for their behavior except to attack you? They are so pathetical! Love RP on Jay Leno all I could think of was MOTU when Bella walked into his office and he was wearing a grey suit,white shirt and black tie! Love you and your blog! Mandy07

Anonymous said...

ok what does MOTU stand for???

Anonymous said...

Seriously is there anywhere in this universe were we don't have crazy assed lunatics who post hatred all over the internet for what they call 'fun' that the vile contempt for one particular person has become a vendetta of mass proportions - that people actually sit around thinking up this drivel to spew across the boards issuing warnings and threats simply because they have nothing better to do with their lives, have a free period in school, a half day in college??? or simply single mothers or married housewives who build up all the tension of their 2.4 kids and boring life and issue ridiculous assumptions on a person you don't know, will never know and have no right to speak with such hateful foaming anger?

For Rose, i fully support your efforts to post your musings every day because you enjoy the fandom in which you hang out in, respect Robert and indeed Kristen and have to endure this heckling each and every day by the most vile, ill mannered, bad tempered and quite frankly childish fandom of nonstens who have had their photograph posted practically everywhere and make you want to shake your head and hang it because they class themselves as women!!!!!

To those that hated on Emma Roberts, grow a backbone will you? She is 19, she does not need to kiss the fucking shoes on Rob's feet, so she is not amoured by him, big fucking deal. he is not a god, a demi god or any other vibrating god you just can't get out of bed unless you've had your daily fix off - he is a bloody man, an actor and is not a panty fucking dropping adonis - get your heads out of your mills and boons sensation novels and open the goddamn curtains and look at the world inside and stop hating on someone simply because she was not impressed. Rob handled it well in his usual style and didn't seen affected by her 'teenage backhanded comment' and neither should you.

sollee said...

well i really felt that emma roberts was so rude at the jay leno show...and i don't hate the person but hated what she did...she's 19 but she's not cultured... there are people much younger than her and yet are educated and cultured ...and rob did a good job of not letting this young girl intimidate him...she learned her lesson though the hard way...

and rose hope you'll continue to do what you love to do and be safe always...we support you...God bless!!!!

Anonymous said...

On angelsslave...i suppose that means me....refering for me to grow a backbone as per my Emma Roberts comment.....look I personally didnt think it was called for....Whatever her motives where....and if there where anomistity behind the snickery, she deserves ppl to say so....Not my bees wax ultimatley....But she put it out there for a reaction....unfortunatley she received a larger backlash than she probably anticipated....
Respect each other opinion as they do indeed differ...thats why God gave a brain girlfriend!!!!
Im commenting with all due respect...

Anonymous said...

to 7:09:00 (louisa)
I don't mind people being annoyed at the girl (emma roberts)and her comment, yes unfortunately her mouth ran away from her and her comment was very backhanded.

What has annoyed me is the constant hounding of this girl by fans of Rob who see it fit to rip her apart with their uncalled comments. To be fair she is 19 and yes possibly believes she is hollywood family and is not fazed by rob and his famous status right now, for that i am not at any point trying to defend her comments just those who saw it fit to hound her off twitter - that's just plain bullying in my eyes and nothing else. I know Rob's fans are very protective of him but he is big enough to stand up for himself and gave back just as good as he got so from my standing that would and should have been it.

I am sorry you took offense at my comments it was generally directed at females who 1. pick about the owner of this blog, and 2. pick apart a 19 year old for something she said, when clearly she didn't realise the sort of hate she would generate from it.

Saphire1231 said...

Just read the Horrible post from that 'lippy person' and then re read, and re read again... and I'm still not quite sure if I have a full handle on what this collation of demented statements says.

I have come to the conclusion that either the English was poor, or the poor person is semi-literate! Such dreadful spelling and as for structure and content... it was abysmal!

I will never understand how so much hatred exists. For goodness sake, anger and hatred are such a waste of an individuals energies. Very tiring emotions and the end result usually leaves a bad taste.

May the fates spare us all from more of this kind of vitriol.

On another note entirely, I agree with you Rose... I too have never seen Rob looking happier! Nor for that matter Kristen.

Of course we know that she smiles a lot less and has a tendency to blurt things out on occasions, but she does seem calmer in herself, and is looking rather beautiful these days.

Well who wouldn't with such a divine 'Adonis' as a BF.

I for one am very happy for them both and hope they last the distance! (and if that's being a romantic idiot... then so be it!) LOL.

Keep on keeping on Rose, you do such a fine job and I just love your blog.

Frog_Robsten said...

Thanks to @Gigi and @Melinda.
I want to say something here.
First of all, about Emma Roberts, I think she was rather rude to Rob yesterday but I dont think thats a good idea that some craxy girls Robs fans went on twitter to attack her that way and at last made her delete her Twitter.Thats kinda rude too.I'm quite sure Rob will know all about it one day and he wouldnt like it!We are Rob's fans and we must know that our wonderful guy is such a great, clever, smart and so charming guy, so he knows how to handle all that stuff well and make anyone who used to hate it him at the first place must love and adore him immediately right after they meet him.So, we dont have to do anything that will after all become to make his fame bad to other celebrities!We are fans of a good man so, we must be ourselves good!Dont behave like that!
About Kristen and Rob, I know everyone has their own privacy, especially our cute couple who dont want to sell and cheapen their relationship at all.I'm all for their privacy.But there are more and more haters, more and more Hyenas who are trying to destroy their relationship that needs to be protected and appreciated in such a damn Hollywood life!They said that Kristen is a bitch, she is a lesbian, Rob is gay, Pr thing...And I qiute agree with someone Anoymous above that its time Rob should tell the world that he loves her and he would love his fans to love his little girl that he chose!I think he always wants to protect his girl, makes her all the way happy and more open to herself!But what a shame they are in this complicated world!Once agian , I'm sure I'm all about their privacy.so just saying.Maybe I'm not Rob, I'm not Kristen so I'm not in their case so I don't know whats is the right decision.I just want to see them happy together and whatever theyy do, whatever they say, they decide to confirm or not, I will all the way love them, adore them and on their back all the time!
Rose, I love all of your posts!I read it everyday but this is just the second time I post a comment here, just bacyse everyone here and you all the time say all what I need to hear, what I think and What I'm gonna say.Bye!

Anonymous said...

According to some tweets(don't know if they're legit),some idiots were yelling at Kristen outside her hotel in Rome to fuck off.If it's true,these people need some serious therapy.They're totally mental.

Anonymous said...

It seems it was because she didn't stop to sign autographs. She said she was sorry but she had to go.

Lily said...


I've been reading your blog for a while now and you have an interesting writing style. Keep up the good work!
It makes me very sad to see all the hate towards Kristen, Rob and you. I don't get it actually. No-one deserves that kind of hate.

You're doing great and I'm sure you're a good mother!