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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rob and Kristen- PR or Delusive NONsense?

1. Kristen and Rob always looks so miserable together!

2. Kristen looks like she can't stand to be near Rob!

3. Rob looks like he can't stand to even touch her!

4. Kristen is a lesbian!

5. Rob is just pretending to like Kristen.
He's helping her career... image...
It doesn't matter if
he's forced to give up his own life for years
so he can promote Twilight movies!

6. It was Michael Oregano who was the 
'deliciously handsome' guy on the ipod!

7. Kristen is a lesbian!

8. Summit is making Rob and Kristen pretend
to be together!

9. Summit is making Rob and Kristen
hide their relationship!

10. Kristen is a lesbian!

11. Rob is trying to distance himself from Kristen!

12. Rob is shouting to the world
"I am SINGLE!"

13. Kristen is a lesbian!

14. Every time a picture of them turns up together...
It is staged!PR!

15. Kristen has been secretly dating
Oregano ALL this time!

16. Kristen is a lesbian!

17. They didn't kiss!

18. So what if they kissed!

19. They have zero chemistry!

20. Kristen is a lesbian!

21. Rob hates Kristen!

22. Kristen hates Rob!

23. Rob is gay!

24. So what if she wears that necklace!
So what if she never takes it off!
I buy myself jewelery ALL the time!

25. If Rob is with her
I will be SO disappointed!
How could he??
He didn't ask my permission!

26. Kristen traveled to IOW, Budapest and London
for !PR!
I travel 14 hours to hang out with friends

27. Kristen flew 14 hours to Budapest
JUST to get their picture taken together...
Then she flew home.
It was all for !PR!

28. Kristen is a desperate clinger!
She has no friends.
No life.
No career!

29. Rob is a pathetic pussy!
He lets Kristen and her PR team
dictate every move they make!

30. It has to be !PR!
Rob can't possibly just want to spend time with HER.
Kristen is so mean to him!
She hates him!

That's what I call Hyena Voodoo PR.
It makes absolutely NO sense.


They can't seem to make up their minds.
Kristen is a desperate clinger 
trying to hang onto Robert...
Or she hates his guts and can't stand him.
Rob doesn't have a mind of his own...
And is being forced into a fake relationship 
Yet he wants to distance himself from Kristen 
and is shouting to the world he is single.
Kristen is still with Oregano...
But oh yeah... she's a lesbian, too.


Informal: Usually Disparaging
 characterized by deceptively simple, 
almost magical, solutions or ideas:

  1. Deceptive or delusive nonsense.

    Sounds about right.

    Bye for now.




Anonymous said...

I just loved the pictures because they speak for themselves. Words mean nothing when you have body language and facial expressions. I see a whole lot of loving!


Anonymous said...

this is one of my favourite blogs of yours Rose! i was LMAO all the way through it!
Please dont ever stop these blogs, they make my day-everyday!!

Purple83 said...


Rose, u just made my crappy afternoon all better! I'm laughing so hard, I'm crying!

<3 u!

Patricia said...

Rose: when I first discovered your wonderful blog. I was so excited because you said how I think and feel about Rob Pattinson. Every post you wrote seemed to be MY FEELINGS ( LIKE YOU LOOKED INTO MY SOUL ) and wrote how I feel. It was that alarming. I love this blog because it's given me a chance to express myself on how I feel about Rob Pattinson. I love him.

So many wonderful lovers of Rob come here. Please don't let 'THE HATERS ' of these beautiful couple stop you from enjoying and writing how you feel about our favorite couple.


Rock on Rose !


Anonymous said...

OMG!! I have never laughed so much..I love you Roseeeeee!! If those pictures don't speak for themselves nothing will. Those two are so into each other. The Hyena's know it and we all do too. Problem is, the Hyena's don't want to admit they are wrong and want to continue with the delusional shit they froth out..So I will just sit back and laugh and enjoy reading your hilarious blog...Thank you :) 112myboys

jen said...


How can they even bring up PR at this point, when their Best Kiss award acceptance went down like it did, with Kristen getting all embarrassed and them not full on taking advantage of "PR" and really making out for the cameras. It's such a joke.

If ANYTHING, the MTVMAs illustrated that:

a) Robert and Kristen are close, all the nonstage moments showed them as thick as thieves, and his own team basically treating her like family.

b) Robert adores her. I'm not even gonna argue relationship with nonbelievers.But you watch that boy's face when he's watching her, and you can see him nervous for her as well as proud. he knows she's not good at these moments, and he's watching on with a mix of nervousness and adoration.

c) kristen is young. She's young, people, I don't care how mature she is in other contexts. She's still a young girl, who seems completely mortified that the whole world is watching her every move over a very desirabled boyfriend. She got so nervous with the best kiss speech, she got so embarrassed when he mentioned her name in his speech. She's YOUNG. She's not a lesbian, she doesn't hat Robert. She's young and sometimes this girl does NOT know how to respond to things when the whole world is watching on.

4)EVERYONE IN THE AUDIENCE THOUGHT THEY WERE ADORABLE TOGETHER. Look at the audience reaction when they are together. People are watching them with big ass smiles. Knowing smiles. Robert and Kristen's mutual adoration is apparent and sweet and awkward, and everyone around them is charmed.

Silly hyenas.

Emma said...

EVERYONE IN THE AUDIENCE THOUGHT THEY WERE ADORABLE TOGETHER. Look at the audience reaction when they are together. People are watching them with big ass smiles. Knowing smiles. Robert and Kristen's mutual adoration is apparent and sweet and awkward, and everyone around them is charmed.

^ Oh my god. THIS so much...absolute truth. I know they charmed the hell out of me. I tried to resist, but it was futile.

Anonymous said...

you know...as i munch through my dinner and remark upon the stupidity of some peoople in this world who believe that two people are simply together for the sake of PR - i can recall those like Heidi and Spencer who instilled in me the need to gag each time they came in contact with a photo lense or such prattling excuses to garner their 15 secs of fame...i can't help but laugh because if Rob and Kristen are the ongoing work for PR...

They are doing a pretty shitty job right now...

But you see anyone with a tiny brain will make this as their shield of crap and their sword of snarling dishonour for this is what they see, they don't see two people in love, two people happy, two people together, oh no because that would mean having to accept that Kristen is with Robert and Robert is not looking to hook up with any random girl who throws herself at him, any female celeb looking to cause a scene - any married actresses looking for a roll in the hay, oh no he is 100% smitten with just one person. A person whom he thanked in his speech, sat beside all night long, clapped and cheered when she won hers and snagged a kiss from her at the very end of their speech. He is a man who is in love and she is a woman who has the man everyone wants to love and she is keeping him close to her as humanly possible and the harpies and hyenas just can't stand it.

my advice...

PUSH THE BUTTON AND GET THE HELL OUT OF FANTASY LIFE AND BACK INTO REALITY they are the real deal, get over it you will feel so much better for it.

jen said...

one more thing about kristen being young: Please remember this people.

Robert met Kristen when she was only 17. There were sparks, they both admit to that. Others attested to that in the cast.

But she was YOUNG still. WAtch her in the interviews, she was a kid in a lot of ways.

Robert's watched her grow up literally in the last couple years.


Watching the Movie Awards brought this home for me realy, how young she is and how much has been thrown at her at so young and age, both good and bad.

Her actions at the show were of a young girl who is at a family reunion and all her aunts want to meet her boyfriend and then they embarrass her by talking about how handsome he is and he's a good kisser.

Remember being that young and "old people" being all weird about who you're dating? Like you were just grossed out and wanted them to shut up?

That's how Kristen acts, all of us fans are her nosey aunts. lol She just doesn't want to go "there" in front of everyone with Robert, and sometimes her actions are that of a young girl who is embarrassed that people are being nosey about her love life.

I think Robert doesn't care as much too. But he's pushing 24 at the same time.

And one thing I'm guessing about, and that makes me like Robert more, is that the boy is patient with Kristen. Because she's still growing up, she's still young, and quite frankly, I think he had his sights set on her when she was still a kid.

I think Robert is patient with some of her antics that drive his fans up the wall cause she's still young, and learning, and maturing, she's not there yet.

And I think he's quite protective of her because of it.

KPattz said...

Nice post,Rosie!

I can accept people's opinions on not liking Kristen or Rob or them together,everybody is free to express their opinion.You don't have to like something,just because i like it.There were times when i was younger,that it happened not to like the girl that my favorit actor/musician dated.But i never went on bashing her on internet.You know why?Because it's not my life or my choice!

All these people who are screaming for PR,deep inside they know that it's a lie.But for son long they have been depended on a delusion and they don't want it let go.Because for them it'll be a defeat and they can't accept that.If they really believed that R/K weren't together or they're for PR,they would just post their opinion,simple and clear without any fuss.All this venom and hate proves that they know they're wrong.And they act like their bf has cheated on them with another girl.

When a teen says stuff like PR,i just laugh,because of the immaturity and the lack of experience in life.But when grown women spew so much hate on a girl that i'd bet that it has the age of their children,then i feel sad about our gentre.Women ,we're better than that.It's not normal to act like animals,tearing someone's body FOR NO REASON.

And the thing that these people don't post their hate at nonsten or at other sites that hate Kristen or they're anti Robsten,but they come here and at sites that love Kristen and R/K together shows to me their desperation.It's like therepay for them.The fighting makes them feel better,gives their life meaning in a very weird way.I feel sorry for them.It must be really sad to have so much hate inside.That means your life didn't go as you planned it and you don't want to blame yourself for this,so you're blaming other people that you don't know,especially teen celebrities.

soadram said...

I can no longer "live" without his blog.
Each entry becomes unique to each passing day, and today I laugh a lot, laugh even.
The pictures say it all, but there is very little blind in this world.
Continue with your mind as he writes, because you are only
And like the blind boys do not want to see, when every day we saw more Robesten arrange the idiotic nonsense, so I just ignore people that bahhh.
I assume I like you lolol Rosa'm obsessed by his blog:))
A good day
Sofy of Portugal

Anonymous said...

So what if Kristen was thumbing his nipple in that one pic! PR! Set Up! She hates him!
So what if Rob spent most of the MMA's staring at Kristen's legs (and ass) He was told to do that!!!! Hr hates her.
So what if they're banging like a screen door in a hurricane, Summit told them to do that.
Kristen is a lesbian! She hates every minute of it!
Kristen is a lesbian!
No wonder the poor girl is afraid to show anything in public. I hope Rob steps up soon and just blows all this shit out of the water. He started the other night, now he has to finish it. Kristen is not tough as nails, she's not a bitch, she's a young girl in love probably for the first time and is terrified, happy, wary, ecstatic, confused and more important of all she has the world's most lusted after man totally and completely in love with her. C'mon Rob, its up to you dude. She wants you to do it because she is damn scared.
Kristen is a lesbian!

ciro said...

hallo rose...

ooh i missed a lot your blog...i've not been visit your blog for while, had duty in town...and i'm late to the party to rob and kristen hotness, sweet, adorable, edgy, during MMA love them a lot...specially the best kiss, and rob speech said thanks to his honey lovely kristen...so cute...

so the hyena must be under fire during MMA live LMAO...
how phatetic theire excuse to rob and kristen,...PR, PR,,
and your post above almost whole i heard since last year when i used visit AT board..nonsens so full of force...

i hope i seen rob and kristen bubble again when twilight convention held this june...LOL

Deb said...

Hey Rose you said it all in a nut shell You really know the NUTS out there dont you .You got them down to the peg. POOR SORRY LOSERS they well say any thing to be heard what a sad,sad life they have You can only tell that they do believe that ROB and Kristen is together but just dont want to hear I TOLD YOU SO Well good luck to them We the true believers KNOW and see the truth AND ITS NOT GOING ANY WHERE SOON so set back and enjoy your life for ROB and Kristens is in it for the L-O-N-G- hall Once again Rose spot on Thank you You are a true FAN and WE all LOVE YOU FOR THAT have a good day Rose ..........DEB.

trkn said...

robs face always adorable when Kristen arounds himm thats all .(point)

linzy said...

IA SFM with everything you said. well done!

I'm laughing so so hard right now. IDEK where to start. Reading all those NONsensical "explanations" for Robert and Kristen really drives home how out of touch with reality some people are. I shudder to think what their real lives are like if this is how they use "reason" in regards to two people they don't even know 0_o

lol and lol and lol

The pictures you used are spot on and a great visual contrast to the insanity. MUAH! <3

sfw10sis said...

Rose you had me laughing so hard reading this post, I can't get rid of the hiccups.

You nailed it again my girl, great post.

I think the NONsense changes daily to suit their delusions of the day, based on what crap they may have been feed by unproven twitter talk or what may have been fed to them by the crazies ( I'm becoming aware of who they are, the more R/K become open)claiming inside info from summit or actually thinking that they are conversing with the real Rob on twitter( which has been stated time and time again that he does not twiiter), but at this point after what was witnessed at the MTV awards, they have nothing left but to continue their crusade of hate and lies hoping to plant that seed of doubt. I think that Rob and Kristen supporters are stronger then they give us credit for and the majority of us can see through their games. I trust what my eyes see and what my gut tells me. When I'm reading info about Rob and/or Kristen, I tend to believe one that sounds sane and rational, then the rantings of some delusional lunatic spewing hate and claiming that one or the other of the pair is the devil incarnate.

Rose I'm still giddy from Sunday and todays post was the best, pics are always so telling don't you think. Still smiling.


Forgot, I wanted to ask if anyone knew if Delaney was ok, I noticed she hasn't twittered lately. I hope asking doesn't cause problems, but I was a little concerned, hope thats ok.

RPaddict said...

omg I laughed so hard at the bullets that I just about spit coffee everywhere.
PR = Ridiculousness.

Rose u kill me.

Long live Robsten!


deejon67 said...

Love Your Post Today Rose Great Job RK Are Together And They Are Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melinda said...

"They just look at each other right."- SM

"Rob and Kristen are just electric together."-Michael Welch

Entertainment Weekly noted that the producers, at one point, were actually worried that their two main stars were actually falling in love."

LA Times 2010 MTV MAs Best: Kristen and Rob

Aww, those darn kids
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's romance is not something we spend much time thinking about. But their giddy giggles after their onstage kiss for winning the best kiss award seemed more genuine than the dozens of "thank yous" delivered by the rest of the show's winners.

Great post today! You pretty much covered all of the delusional NONsense! I saw the great (sarcasm entered here) Perez Hilton claiming that Kris is a lesbian on his blog the day after the awards show. It appears after the love fest the night before he was swallowing a lot of bitter pills. He is a nasty little man.

I had to include some quotes I have seen around. Pretty much the whole world sees it just not the people with foam in their eyes.

What a sad miserable existence they live. Can't do anything about it so I'll just enjoy the pretty pics and sweetness of Rob and Kristen.

Anonymous said...


I believe that Delaney is on vacay.

Anonymous said...

I was very impressed with the whole cast. They all seemed to support Kristen. Peter hugged her at the end of his speech. Anna gave her a hug in the audience. Taylor put his arm around her when they did their promotion for eclipse in Korea and she was going to be asked about her personal life. And Rob, it goes without saying how much he supports her. It is so obvious this girl has charmed everyone in her life. Go Kristen!

Anonymous said...

Love your illustrative pics, Rose. They say it all.

And Jen, I agree with your perceptive comments.

I think I understand Kristen because I was a great deal like her when I was her age.

She's very sensitive and shy but tries to mask it all with that tough-girl exterior. She grew up with three brothers and is a tomboy, yes. The same was true of me. But neither of us is a lesbian.

And while a whole world of often nutty fans and haters dialogue about the minutiae of their relationship, Kristen and Rob are quietly and intelligently enjoying each other. If each of them is happy with the other, why shouldn't we be?


Anonymous said...

To jen @ 12:12 and anon @ 12:23, both great posts. Rose, you had me laughing out loud today. The excuses the wretched ones come up with are beyond insane at this point. Gotta love it. Go Rob and Kristen!!

SueBee said...

So, here I've been lurking for the past few months enjoying the daily blogs. I finally have to comment and say:

Thank you, Rose

Thank you for providing such spot on commentary.

Thank you for keeping your head when hyenas run amok!

Thank you for validating what the mature fans are thinking and seeing. We aren't a bunch of rabid teens hoping Rob will ask us to the prom.

We just want to be happy for their happiness, enjoy their films, and hope the best for BOTH Rob and Kristen.

I believe they are a couple for too many reasons to list here. I, for one, don't need an extended bout of tonsil hockey during an acceptance speech as proof. Come to think of it, I probably wouldn't mind watching it. (I'm human!) Anyway, anything more than what they did and the hyenas would have been shouting PR!PR!PR! to the rafters.

I know it's been mentioned before, but I saw the necklace too. Very sweet.

Let them (R&K) enjoy this. I think it is so unfortunate that people hate Kristen. She can't help having the hot guy pant after her. She has what he wants and that's that.

I'll stop rambling now---first post nervousness has me just typing away! LOL

Just wanted to hop on the Reality Train with the rest of you!


Anonymous said...

@Jen, thanks you're spot on! MTV reitrates once again that Kristen is still very young. Robert is so patient w/ her. I thought I'm seeing things, but thanks for mentioning it! He reacts w/ her moods and who better than him to understand her? Everytime I look at them I feel so giddy and young again, not so many ppl are lucky enough to find your soula mate, but they did and I'm so happy for them. I met a client yesterday, she's a wonderful lady and she's celebrating her 27th wedding anniversary(her husband is 5 yrs older than her) and to tell you the truth they look happy. I ask her, how did she knew he's the one. She said when she met her husband she's actually engage to another guy, but they started, as friends and fell in love to quote her"He loves me", unquote. Right away I thought of R/K, that's how they started, as friends. As a whole we ladies needs real proof of true love, once we recognize that "He's the One", nothing can stop us commiting. Kristen knows that Rob loves her, that's why she's putting up with this sh@t. She's very practical girl, she's in it for the long haul! K2

sfw10sis said...

Gosh, I'm going to post a second comment, that's never happened before, must be all the giddiness that's over flowing due to Sunday's goodies, boy I'm really getting into this, I guess R/K have a way of doing that to you.

Ok, enough babbling. I read a post somewhere(not sure wear)that had a comment from Rob stating that his Mom called him after seeing a tattoo on him in the RM movie and he had to reasure her that it was fake.

Now to me that does not sound like the type of parent that would be ok with their child being involved in a PR scam, I just don't think she would approve.

I also believe that the Stewarts are non-bullshit people, come on have you seen the Mom with the tattoos and the dad with the hair, that does NOT scream fake to me. I believe they would not allow their young daughter to be apart of anything of the sort.

Kristen was a indie actress first, she shy's away from the spotlite, she just wants to act in movies, not interested in the flash that comes with it, that to me, tells me that she would not be involved in any scam that would put her front and center for the world to see.

Sorry Naysayer's, but this relationship is the furthest think from PR.

Since I got a chance to post again, I'd also like to say spot on to comments by:

I really believe this site has some of the most sane comments, thanks Rose for leading by example.


Anonymous said...

everything is about them two is crazy
Nevertheless robert and kristen will adore and love each other
and no, nothing and nobody can do anything

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, how do you do it? You topped yourself today. I love these two kids, they are adorable. My daughter is 18, I see this behavior every day with her boyfriend. Haters start in highschool and they never grow out of it.I guess the older they get the worse they get.I was never one to follow gossip sites and never will. You can tell by the blogs and who comments there where they stand. That's why I love yours, normal people hang out here. At least most of the time. Read you tomarrow Rose, thanks. MelenaS

Anonymous said...

According to you
I’m stupid,I’m useless,
I can’t do anything right.
According to you
I’m difficult,hard to please,
forever changing my mind.
I’m a mess in a dress,
can’t show up on time,
even if it would save my life.
According to you. According to you.

According to him
I’m funny,irresistible,
everything he ever wanted.
Everything is opposite,
I don’t feel like stopping it,
so baby tell me what I got to lose.

-this song is by orianthi, perfectly fits how kristen feels for the hyenas!!!

Anonymous said...

@SueBee - Congrats on your first post. Ever since I made my first post I have been commenting on her like mad. I love this blog. I adore Rose and I love all the sane commenters on the blog like Patty, Lisa, OpyTaylor, Monica from Asia, Louisafromdwnunder, and the many, many other lovely commenters (who are not nutto or Lily)

@Susan - I totally agree with what you posted. They don’t seem to have the kind of parents that would raise kids to be PR junkies. Which of course means their parents seem to be really good parents. I think it is really sweet that both of their parents are still together after all this time, still married. K & R are not your typical Hollywood starlets, ready to soak up every drop of notoriety tossed their way. Instead they eschew the spotlight and only do the required amount of press for their movies. They seem to both be very thoughtful and considerate individuals… some of which, I’m sure can be contributed to good parenting.

The PR comments have never made one single drop of sense to me. If there was a Robsten publicist they need to be fired because it is the worst PR campaign ever. They don’t walk the red carpet together. They don’t go anywhere high profile together. They only place they are photographed together is airports. And its never doing any PDA… they need to fire this (imaginary) PR person the hyenas keep talking about and hire the one that Heidi and Spencer used because, well, Heidi and Spencer’s was REAL. But Hyenas can’t tell the difference between two people in a private relationship who are in love with each other and two famewhores who hook up for attention.

*Suzy Q*


Sorry for the LONG comment

Anonymous said...

@ 2:13

THANK YOU FOR POSTING THAT. I have been listening to that on replay in my car lately... it always reminds me of Rob, Kris, and what she would say to her haters :-)

Anonymous said...

The more pics that come out of the MTV awards the more I keep sighing and smiling...I'm pretty sure I am not going to stop anytime soon either.

Remember hearing an interview Kristen did and she said "she is just like any other girl wanting to be taken care of" and I truly think she has found that guy.

One more thing: Elle US interview, Kristen's In the Land of Women director stated that it feels like Kristen is not getting a tremendous amount of credit for bringing Bella (who is the vessel for the audience's collective desire)to life. He states that women love the guy and so forth, but they are loving him through her (hence why the hyenas hate her so much since she gets him in REAL LIFE as well).

Sounds like Rob knows it and that's why he called her the linchpin of the series. I also believe he was telling her thanks for "other" stuff too at the same time.

He's a keeper that's for sure!

Anonymous said...


Must see!! Extend eclipse preview..
More Edward and Bella :D
I think they look ooo soooo couplelike :D Like two people that have nothing to prove :) and thats in the film :L :D


Lolypop82 said...

I just love you woman!!!!
You and your mind are amazing!!!!
You always put a smile on my face!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rose hi, I feel like a small girl in a cicle surronded by all these elders putting in their opinions. Im the little girl who is looking up at all the older,maturer,WISER,SMARTER leader women in the group and JUST absorbing in every little spoken word that I hear....

Im sitting here with tears in my eyes[truthfully] { you know how hard it is to type when your in this situation lol]...anyway
You ladies are mostly the most intelligent, thoughtful, UNDERSTANDING ppl ive come across...Its not always easier for me to think WHAT TO type ...put my feelings into words.. BUT I come on here and i read whats been sitting in the back of my head...what was once a passing thought has been brought back to my attention through You Lovely Ladies.....For that I thank you ...I dont know any of you and may never ever meet any of you. But you TRULEY inspire me thoughtout my day and for that I thank you... ENUFF OF THAT...

"Black and White"....'Plain as day"
Thats how i see Roberts love for Kristen....I dont know the inns and outss .....
Rob can have ANY woman he wants...did you see how startstruck J Alba [that was Jessica Alba] Right!!!! handing him his DUEL AWARDS....she didnt even kiss to congr him...butt i later saw she took a pic with him...She looked star struck and shes just absolutley gorgous...back to my point....

He chose from the beginning a young,mature but immature,women who is beatiful internally and externally....and you all know the rest....just read above it was put soooo intelligently...BUT ITS HER HE WANTED AND EVENTUALLY GOT....I LOVE THEM BOTH THATS WHY IM HERE...AND I WISH THEM EVERYTHING THIS WORLD HAS TO OFFER....THAT AND 100 TIMES MORE.....BECAUSE IN MY EYES THEY DESERVE IT .....bye

Anonymous said...

LOL Rose. Think you covered all the bases. Oh! Kristen really loves Taylor instead! Taysten 4eva!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Gotta question for Kris or Rob... you can post it here and maybe it will get answered.... And if you voted for the MTV MAs you already have a log in. I put in my Q: What is the significance of the black shoelace bracelet. I didn't put anything about Rob in the question. :-)

Here's the link:

Michelle said...

Officially addicted to this blog! One of your bests today.

Love this from Jen
" 4)EVERYONE IN THE AUDIENCE THOUGHT THEY WERE ADORABLE TOGETHER. Look at the audience reaction when they are together. People are watching them with big ass smiles. Knowing smiles. Robert and Kristen's mutual adoration is apparent and sweet and awkward, and everyone around them is charmed."

can't make that up!

Deb said...

Louisa you know I feel the same way you do I JUST LOVE this blog I cant wait to see what our Rose has to say every day and I wait to see you all. YOU are like family to me WE ALL LOVE THE SAME THING MY hart could not be happier then it is now TO see the BIG SMILE on ROBS face and to see KRISTEN go to him the way she did. IF you can not see the LOVE they have for each other then there is NO hope for you.(HATERS) LOVE is SOooooo beautiful and you can see it in ROBERT PATTINSON and in KRISTEN STEWART THANK YOU LOUISA for being a true FAN ......DEB

Caroline said...

Oh Louisa...you put tears in my eyes...beautiful words..

loris said...

Everything you wrote is soooo true! Perfect! I just love this blog. Rose, you are my new hero.

I have a question for you all, when you are at the movies or a show and you need to go to the bathroom and you exit the row, do you face your friend, or face away? I know I face away. I think I could only face the man I love. See pic #2. ;)

Anonymous said...

Loris i had this situation happen to me lol a funny story..
I was recently at a George Michaels [80`s group Wham for you younger ones] concert and i had to go to my seat and as usual it was in the middle of the row....whilst endevouring to move from side to side to get to my seat....a mutual friend of my husband and me stood up and faced me as i parced him [his a joker and he thought i would rub agaist him]as i passed him....So the soffisticated no swearing woman that i am ...turned around and said.....Piss off A ..sit down i wouldnt touch you with a 10 foot pole....dont have tickets on yourself.......and he did....the only person i would allow myself to touch as Kristen did is B my sexy adorable Hubby...end of story...and a true one at that...

- said...

LMAO! I have nothing more to say. As always, Rose, you wrote an amazing post!!!

pricklypearess said...

Great post! Awww. Love all the pics. Happy Rob and Kristen pics. *sigh* Thanks for being a bright spot in the day, Rose!

Anonymous said...

Rose, the photos with the comments was sooo freakin funny! Hopefully the desperate amoung us know how stupid the comments are after seeing the photo's lmao that is fun ne!

another view said...

Of course we all know they kissed but here you can actually see it. He lays one on her. Quick but eFfective. lol Filmed from another angle...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-CYt0VVG3g&feature=player_embedded, starts at 0:25

Anonymous said...

Love,respect,and sanctuary is what I see when I look at these two. I hope they can stand against the storm that will continuely rage at their door. They are both beautiful human beings and deserve happiness just for themselves. We all deserve a place where we can go that is ours and ours only. If that place for R&K is each other than wonderful. The foaming mouthed fools will be the losers they have always been. I just pray for the safety of these actors and their families. The world has gone mad!

olivia said...

Great post today Rose, as always. I do feel bad for those who just don't get it. ( PR ? - sad, sad, sad.)

@Jen - Really enjoyed your comments. I so agree.

Being an actor behind the camera is very different from being in front of a live audience in a situation that is also being broadcast live to millions of people. Behind the camera - multiple retakes, time, guidance from others, until you get it right/perfect. Live audience - nerves, youth, no retakes, pressure, razzi, critics - tough to do for many people, even veteran professionals.

Skipping back to Rob and Kristen as a couple, I am captivated by the two of them, together and apart. I love the honesty and realness in each of them individually and also between the two of them, very refreshing in this day and age. Each one is being true to self and to each other. They both seem to respect each other and are protecting their relationship to nurture and grow it within a healthy as possible space. Kudos to them, their family and friends.

Pardon me Stevie for this one. : )

Even Stevie Wonder can SEE how much in love
Rob and Kristen are.

Life is good!

Anonymous said...

Good job Rose,you're right it's all nonsense.You what I like most that hyenas as foaming about,that Summit pay MTV,HA,HA,HA,HA.SUMMIT cannot afford MTV OK,MTV have more money than SUMMIT.Same BS when Rob/Kris were both in Oprah,Hyenas also said that SUMMIT paid Oprah as if Summit can afford Oprah,Oprah own America for crying out loud.

May said...

Sounds about right.


Pictures of R/K together speak louder than words. Thats all I have to say. ;D

P.S. Wonderful post,Rose. <3

Amanda said...

The contradiction of the pictures & words of today's post is brilliant. Probably my favorite post to date! I wonder if the hyenas know how idiotic they sound? Always running in circles, always proven wrong, always grasping for anything even when there is nothing to grasp at.

It's funny Kristen had a boyfriend before Rob, but now that she's with Rob she's a 'lesbian'. And I'm sorry but BAHAHAHA at anyone who thinks the interviewer would use the words 'deliciously handsome' to both describe Rob and MA in the SAME interview. And the fact that anyone would think Rob or Kristen would do anything to try to draw more attention to themselves after repeatedly commenting on their disdain for paps and the media is beyond me! Acceptance would feel so much better than trying to come up with a wacky conspriacy theory every week, no?

Awesome post today Rose.:D

Patricia said...

Rose: I hope I'm not going to be disappointed with 'Eclipse'...The trailer with Bella leaving Edward at school and taking off with Jacob on the motorcycle ( I already mentioned in my post earlier) I was upset with. Bella would never do that. I just saw another trailer when Edward discovers someone was in Bella's room and she tells him "she would be safe at La Push" both of these things regarding what is said have not been in the book. What the hell is Melissa writing. I don't like the fact that M. seems to put more of Jacob into things that are correct with the book. Everyone knows who Bella ends up with. I hope they don't fuck this one up with all this made up horse-shit with Jacob.

Rant over....
Does anyone else feel this way????. I can't believe Stephanie has approved all of this.
A disappointed Team Edward Fan

Anonymous said...

Patricia.... LMAO.......you made have a chuckle...what on earth is that woman M Rosenb,,, thinkin????

Anonymous said...

Susan you're right I don't think both Papa Pattz/Mama Pattz and Papa Stew/Mama Stew will allowed this 2 kids to used their relationship as PR.Both they're parents were down to earth people.They are not stage parents at all.

Rapper said...

As always great post, Rose!!!

cute video said...

New R/K video...it is so damn cute...lots of adorable moments from the MTVMA's...their happiness is infectious...look at how Nick and Stephanie smile like proud parents when Kristen wins her award...and check out Steph's face when Rob thanks K...she has that "awwww how sweet" look like a proud mamma...they know Rob loves her and they love her too...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2N59b6pIlw

Anonymous said...


You can totally see the thumbs up and the little movement like okay come on man. LOL

Anonymous said...


Yeah if you pause at 3:41 you catch Steph's face which is a TOTAL AWWWW moment which SAYS IT ALL! But next to her is one of her brothers... and he has a TOTAL APPROVAL written on his face too.

Soo cute!!!

Patricia said...

I have read each of these books 4 times and I loved this one. I understood with "New Moon" that Edward wouldn't be in it a lot. But M.R. is changing the story to have Jacob shine. WTF !!!! BELLA ENDS UP WITH EDWARD (NO AND ,IFS, OR BUTS ) NO CONTEST. QUIT SHOVING JACOB DOWN OUR THROATS SUMMIT !!!

Gigi said...

I have read all day all the comments ( as I often do ) and I was not going to say anything but heck ..here it goes ...
@ Loisa ...I have read and reread this 4 books ( also just finish the newer one ) more times than I would be willing to admit and in no way shape or form was there a decision to made ..in the famous words now of the last movie ( NM) it was him it has always been him , so I don't get wtf is this crap that she has to decide anything now , it was decided already ...I have some friends who have only seen the movies and they have come to me and asked if Jacob ends up with Bella ...(I just convinced a friend to read the books and so she is reading now the first one to really understand the true story ) I think this is why Stephanie is producing the next 2 to make sure this crap does not corrupt the best part ...any way I feel better now that this is off my chest...
As far as I and my 40 + yrs of experience on this earth can tell this two are in love and well with each other , they know how to have space ( which is so important in any relationship ) and how to come together ....and how to keep things professional also important in their chosen field ..I don't get upset ( even if I don't like it much ) when other ppl say things about them I see that plot for what it is IMATURITY , no more no less and I will even throw in that pot Perezz or what ever his name is , now that I know what his agenda is I don't even see his comment I don't care he just wants PR b/c you see I do know the differences between PR and just life ..like him are many many more ppl who are diluting themselves into thinking that any of us have a clue as to what are this 2 thinking or feeling or anything else ..we can assume some things who are so evident for any one to see , but the truth is no one has the magic ball on any ones life so we don't know ...and I see it ,that is exactly the way that they like it ..wether is her more private than him or him more than her , it does not matter the decision was made as a couple and they are both sticking with it ...so GOOD FOR THEM THEN ...like I have said before ..if they are happy I'm happy ...that is all for now ...good night to all ...

Rose you are a genius don't anyone tell you different and if they do ?? well let them we all know different ! HAha

Anonymous said...

It's 11:15 Eastern time and this blog went the whole day without one negative comment from the hyenas!

What the heck happened?????

Should I dare to believe that they might be laying down in defeat some now that Rob pretty much showed millions of people that he loves and adores Kristen on Sunday night?

Opytaylor said...

What I love about Kristen is that she is the anti-Hollywood. Stuff like the red carpet she couldn't care less. All those people at award shows are such attention seekers. Kristen just wants to make good movies. I think Rob loves this about her, too. She is an introvert. That's not a bad thing. She will probably always seem nervous in public. So what? Her talent is unmistakably in the elite category. As Rob says, you won't meet many people like Kristen. And he is not going to let her get away. He is a very humble guy. If he wasn't, he would not have been cast and would not have won her heart.

Jerseygrl4lfe said...

Fabulous post!!! Rose, you've managed to post every lame excuse of theirs and show just how stupid it is! I've read all the comments and surprisingly there weren't any "but but but *stomps foot* posts And also you have managed to attract some wonderfully intelligent writers to your blog. I always knew Rob & Kristen were something special individually but there's something about them together that's truly spectacular!!! Just unique, incredible, amazing. To be able to look at a candid pic of them and just feel the heat, chemistry, love, trust, ....it's like the picture comes to life with their glances, touches and words. I've never experienced anything like it and I've been around a while lol. The people in the pics around them can't help
but look and we all can't help but want to see them and I'm so sorry rob & kris that we've made your life miserable with our need to see you but it makes us happy! Wrong as it may be! Know that we only hope for the best for you! Always!!!

Anonymous said...

Jen, agree with you~ Anon@2:36, spot on!! It's so true that "they are loving him through her". Credit to Kristen!~

Hi Rose, there was a problem with the Intenet connection and I couldn't visit your blog yesterday. You won't know how much I missed your blog~ I'm just addicted to it!~

I had some music last (boring) night. A song made me think of R&K. I quote parts of the lyrics here and I guess these lines perfectly describe the affection between our favourite couple.

"I'll be There for You" - Trademark

Yes we've been through
good and bad times
and we know we had it all
there were storms we had to weather
we've been down this road before

As the world just keeps on turning
as the bird that flies so high
as the fire keeps on burning
our love will never die

I'll be there for you
to brighten up your eyes
I'll be there for you
to make you realise
When I look into the future
baby all I see is you
I'll be there for you
That's all I wanna do

Yeah, I hope their love will never die.

Bye, Rose ;)

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

Opytaylor@10:38, oh, when every time I saw someone prasies kristen, I feel specially happy. Yes, she deserves much our love. A HUGE girl crush myself~

Not sure if Kristen has many male fans. I used to think that males are into Megan Fox type. Maybe I'm a bit stereotypical :P

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

I'm reading the Sexy stars of Eclipse and a "source in their camp" said Kristen is super-moody and tempermental. She dictates the vibe of the relationship. From observing her I didn't need to be told that. It's obvious. (I never forget this video TMZ showed of Rob and Kristen in front of this elevator. He's about to say something and she yelled at him and cut him off in front of all the people in the elevator. He looked down and basically shut up. It was beyond rude. Rob is a very laid back, down to earth and funny person, which is why I love him. Do I wish he was with someone similar? YES. The source also said Stewart makes him happy. I want him to be happy so more power to him.

Deb said...

Patty what can we do about it? PLEASE PLEASE tell me I feel the same way I think they put out just enough of Edward Bella to get us to look then when we go see it its not like the book at all YOU ARE RIGHT the BOOK is about Bella and EDWARD not Bella and Jacob I HOPE TO HELL THEY DONT F-U-C-K U-P-BD WHY dose SM let her do that any way. dosnt Stephanie care about her FANS any more?oh well what can I do but BITCH sorry I just hope now that they have all that money (MELISSA and STEPHANIE) they dont give a shit how it all works out. DEB

Maria Paz said...

ROOOSE! I am from paraguay (south america), i speak spanish but i will try my best.
I laughed so hard OMG, you are right! i am totally agree with you.
yeah she is lesbian.. and she use a gold ring, but like you said.. maybe she brought for herself haha
robert its gay.. i don't trust on tomstu ;)

I LOVE YOUR BLOG, makes my day happiest.
robsten forever

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa don't think .I know you haven't posted ...cause I noticed...hope all is well. Maybe later????

eli said...

I hate how the media are trying to paint Kristen.I think they know that she has a lot of haters,and they play with that.They give her to hyenas.Last night,two MTV corresponders tweeted that for them it's pretty obvious that Kristen is a lesbian???WTF?Did they see something we didn't?Is she a lesbian,because she didn't shove her tongue in Rob's mouth?Because she gave a hug at Anna?Because she was touchy with her publicist on the red carpet?

I'm really sick and tired from all this stupidity.I think enough is enough!This poor girl is daily teared up,because it happens to be the leading lady of a pop culture movie.I don't know how she deals with all this crap.I know i couldn't.

Please don't throw stones on me,but i wish she hadn't singned for BD.I wish she had finished with the saga already.This scrutiny isn't healthy!

KPattz said...

anon 11:38,if atupidity was money,you would be one of the richest people in the world!

sollee said...

I define the relationship of Rob and Kristen as something which is so special..Eversince I started reading about them and have been listening to some or most of their interviews I could say there's something "more" between these young couple... Well I don't know them personally but judging from what I had observed in interviews, and read about them I could say these two are a "real" couple...well it's really up to us on how we define some things or make conclusions on our observations but then as for me that is what I see...pure love not only physical attraction...there is trust as well and acceptance...how I love to look at the smile of Rob when Kristen won the best female performance on MTV movie awards...there's something there...also when Kristen is being interviewed and the name of Rob is mentioned...omg...her eyes are sparkling...when she was in Oprah i felt Kristen's sincerity as a person...i can't blame Rob if he falls in love with her...I am not an expert in identifying body language or whatever...I am just appreaciating the love being shown by these actors who I do not even know personally but I do admire their sincerity and warmth when they deal with their fans, and to the people around them...I see them as loving, caring, and good people...thank you Rose for believing in them as well...

kate said...

Enough with the lesbian thing!We've had enough already!I wish all these idots leave this poor girl alone.

And those MTV people who tweeted about her being gay,i hope MTV gives them a hard day for posting crap about a girl they don't know personally and they only make assumptions about her sexual orientation.They give Kristen's haters another reason to tear her apart.

Lisa said...

I wasn't going to post about this blog because Rose, you said it all!

And I was SO EXCITED no hate all day.. 11:38 was the only low spot.. And it's only because she/he believes in rag mags. US is a rag! I looked at it in store but you only need to read a couple of snippets to tell it's BS! I just looked at all the pretties! Enjoy the pics, IGNORE the rest.

Suzy Q, I love your comments too! :) Along with many others.. Can't think of them all and wouldn't want to leave any out.. But you know who you are, as Suzy said "the sane ones" LOL

Louisa, all is well.. How about with you?

Patty and others concerning the Eclipse trailer. As I mentioned on Monday's post, I hated it. Having time to reflect, I still hate it, but understand it. I think the fact is, David Slade made a more action packed, darker movie. Robert said in a behind the scenes MTV interview that it's "really almost like a horror movie" Stephenie Meyer approved David so... But this is what I think.. I'm not sure we can blame Melissa R. The other two directors changed things from the script she wrote. It's common practice for them to do such things. And as someone else said, I think this may be EXACTLY why SM is Ex. Producer on BD! On the bright side, we KNOW how it ends up! And we KNOW that he gets her, even in the end of Eclipse, it's clear. I just saw a new interview with Melissa R. and she said her favorite scene in Eclipse is the proposal! She said it was VERY sweet, VERY tender and VERY moving! :) So I am going to try not to worry about pesky wolves and just enjoy it! :) Night all..

Amanda said...

One of your best posts ever! Love ya Rose! xoxoxo

Lisa said...

I forgot.. I was so busy with all the epicness of today.. Even more MTV pics, WFE pics, extended trailer, new French GQ interview.. what else, seems like I am forgetting something.. I've been so keyed up, it's 1 am and I'm wide awake! :) I'm so excited about all the stuff coming up! The con. this weekend, that will be huge. Then Rob on the Today show on Monday with all kinds of interviews to follow.. I have like 6 or more programed in my phone calendar! LOL Then we have Remember Me DVD... I'm beyond excited for that! Rob commentary alone is enough to keep me smiling for days! :) And then it ends with Eclipse! My daughters & I are doing the Trilogy! I may need help making it to the car after 7+ hours! Then I will go two more times that weekend. How many times will you all go? Anyone read Bree Tanner yet? Mine came today but haven't got a chance, too much other stuff to look at!:) I'll get to it tomorrow unless Rob keeps me busy again! hehe

Carly said...

this is hilarious in its ridiculousness (is that even a word?) and it makes me even more glad I go nowhere near those places if I can help it. just these bits I get second-hand are enough to make me want to bang my head against the first avalaible flat surface

pick a theory and stick with it. and when you are proven wrong, at least have enough sense to not push it anymore. although I guess sense is the key word here. there is non around those places

the pics, the pics tell a story. you dont need anything else really, its all right there in those pictures. so much love it almost makes you envious. so much love it gives you hope. just so much love

Anonymous said...

r/k may not be joined at the hip 24/7 but its pretty bloody obvious they are together by now say what you will about the chemistry nonstens it was there even when they tried to play it down on stage, rock on

Anonymous said...

some people will not be satisfied unless there is a national statement made by these two and graphic PDA photos of them at starbucks or something LOL

Anonymous said...

It appears that anon 11:38 PM gets their goods from a gossip rag, imagine that. Funny how People has a Twilight mag out right now and the whole section about R/K's relationship is positive. Maybe because they are a RESPECTED magazine.

Once again, Rob is not whipped! He is a relationship with Kristen because she makes him HAPPY.

They compliment each other not complete each other.

Cel said...

Rose this is a brilliant post. Your use of irony between the pictures and the text is excellent. Thanks.

To Jen..wow, I agree with you.
That's exactly why Kristen is skittish in events like the MTV awards. And I have noticed that too about Rob. He is goofy and playful but he is seriously in love with Kristen. Patience is a good quality in a person.

Hi to Angelsslave. I enjoyed reading your analysis of their body language at last year's comic con. Wow, almost a year ago. I don't go to Ted's AT anymore, but it used to be a fun place. The grocerygate was one of the most hilarious convo.

Once again, thanks Rose.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:30AM.
Even then some will still find a way to deny what is so obvious.

Rob and Kristen don't need to utter a word or issue any statement. Everything is there for those with eyes to see, ears to hear and a fully functioning brain!


JJJ said...

Even the people from MTV know that she's gay and the whole sappy Robsten thing is just for protecting her from the fans.I mean can yoy imagine a gay Bella?The fans would be furious!I'm sure that when the series is over she'll come out of the closet,straight and clear.Now she's trapped in the twilight craziness.That's why MA broke up with her.Because he knew the truth about her being gay.She even hooked up with Nikki.

Anonymous said...

Commonsense should be a required personality trait!

MA had been Kristen's boyfriend for almost four years and he waited until 2009 to break up with her because she is supposedly gay.
For some people it will always be any port in a storm to deny the obvious with Rob and Kristen.
The hate is as ridiculous as it is pathetic.

SueBee said...

Since yesterday, I've read a few articles on the web. One is about a designer "supposedly" outing Kristen. Upon further reading, she (the designer) claims that it was just an opinion and had no actual proof.

Sooooo, having two long term boyfriends just screams "lesbian?" Was she called a lesbian when she dated MA or is it just any girl who dates Rob?

Is she supposed to be a special kind of rebel lesbian who only dates men????

As for the other article, there was a picture of Rob on the WFE set that showed him smoking and reading.

Nice pic but the headline read something to the effect that RP picked up a new bad habit. This writer thinks RP JUST started smoking? What planet does he live on?

On another note, who cares if he smokes????

Looks like the theme has been anything for a headline! These writers need reality checks.

Another subject I noticed was that the kiss between R & K was painfully awkward and just didn't work. No chemistry--Blah blah blah.

Do they seriously think that was their first attempt ever at kissing???? It was planned to be funny!!!

Hello! They wouldn't have won best kiss 2 years straight if they were clueless about where to put their noses!

This was the first kiss ever seen by R and K that wasn't in character. As cool as that is, it doesn't make it their first kiss EVER. They aren't 12!

I know I'm preaching to the choir, but come on!!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

I like an older definition of gay which is joyous, cheerful.
For me that is how Rob and Kristen are with each other!

So true!
It boggles the mind what some of these people write.
One needs patience and fortitude.

Cel said...

Oh yeah, almost forgot...

P U S H!!!

Anonymous said...

the piano piece was written by rob as he was working on bella's lullaby but they didn't use it in film as it didn't work with carter burwell's other music in the movie so carter wrote another version that rob played during filming - the original piece is rob's though and CH felt so bad for him she put it in the deleted scene

Anonymous said...

the so called sources saying she is lesbian one is australian butch lesbian who always writes nasty things about kristen, i think gossip cop schooled them both on their rubbish talk so enough already.

Anonymous said...

i am sure kristen is laughing her pert bottom off at the lesbian rumors she loves that sort of nonsense while she cozies up to rpattz

Anonymous said...

"KPattz" just because I'm not a fan of Kristen does not make me stupid. It means I have a mind of my own. Your statement is stupid. I said in my post that I had already made up my mind about Kristen just base on her behaviour. So no the mag did not make up my mind. I also said if she makes him happy "more power to him" so you pick the part that pissed you off to attack me. I love Rob as a fan before Kristen. I don't have to like Kristen just bc she's his GF. If you want to worship her 24/7 more power to you, but don't try to tell me what I should think. I don't have any hatred toward Kristen. I'm just not a fan like I'm not a fan of a lot of other celebs.

All you Robstens who are constantly trashing Nonstens are just as BAD. You're one extreme and they're the other. You two are two peas in a pod.