"You can only see things clearly with your heart
What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Robsten Sarcastic Saturday!

The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Look Everyone!

1. There is 'talk' about a ring that Kristen wears.
It's kinda a wedding band looking ring...
A gold band... that she wears a lot.
People are saying that it is inscribed with...
Is it?
Honestly? I have no idea what it says...
If anything.
I was going to put the picture here
but nah.
You see it? Cool.
I'm not sure what I see.

2. Kristen at a screening of "Welcome to the Riley's" last night.
Gorgeous as always.
The feedback about her performance has been
I really really (did I say really?)
want to see this movie.
I'm also a fan of James Gandolfini.
BIG fan.
So this movie is all kinds of win.

And is it just me...
Or has Kristen actually started showcasing her necklace?
I mean...
When she first got it (for her birthday... from Rob ;)
It was always kinda hidden under her clothes...
Well... now she seems to want everyone to see it.
She must really really (again with the really)
LOVE that necklace.

3. This is actually one of my fave pictures from the premiere.
It is so indicative of Robert and Kristen's relationship.
Now, I like Taylor. He's a sweet kid...
But he looked so out of place all night long.
It was all about Robert and Kristen.
 Robert was all about Kristen.
Kristen was all about Robert.

Yeah... Haters were like 'its just for work'
or some such bullshit.
But you don't have to look like there isn't anyone
else that matters on the face of the planet...
For work.
You just don't.
It's not part of the job description.
You pose together... sure...
But Rob looking all smitten and completely taken by Kristen?
That's all Robert.

4. A pic from the 'after' party.
Almost every picture of Rob...
You see Kristen.
Is that part of the 'job'?
They are together because that's where they want to be.
Lots of rumors about Rob and Kristen leaving together...
Going to a private 'after after' party.
Who knows.
But if previous behavior dictates anything...
Robert and Kristen were together.

5. So.
I was going to go into the rationalizations.
The excuses.
The denials.
Would there really be a point?
Other than to laugh at the insanity?
Like this example...
Rob said something about coming out as a couple
when the "sun turns black"
And that is somehow a denial.
No, it's not Rob's quirky sense of humor.
He literally meant when the sun goes black.
Of course he did.
Rob hasn't been deflecting that question
with humor for months now?
Is Kristen pregnant too?
I guess you will do what you need to do
to get through this...

6. There was a lot of angry foam after the premiere.
It bothered a lot of 'people' how close
Robert and Kristen looked.
How they were never far from the other.

But Robert and Kristen looked gorgeous.
Gloriously happy 
Incredibly connected

Just another Robsten Moment.

Can't wait for what's next!

Bye for now


Lisa said...

Love it Rose! You're wise not to argue... If the non's, haters and hyenas wont admit it now, they never will.. Thanks, I always enjoy posts! :) Happy Saturday!

Thata said...

Dear,Rose It's always a pleasure to come here and read your thoughts about this sweet couple!!!Poor people are those who don't see what is in front of their eyes...
Have a great weekend!!!
Kisses from Brazil

PS: Sun turns black when there is an Eclipse,I guess Rob gave his answer ;)

Deb said...

Your WORDS where right on Rose love the post today People are going to talk they dont have anything else to do If they dont want to believe then HO WELL dont I just see and feel that Rob and Kristen ARE together and in love AND IM VERY,VERY HAPPY Thanks again Rose AND Rose dont stop singing or PUSHING DEB

RPaddict said...

It's all about the subtle,private and romantic, with R/K not the blatent "look at us" PDA.
As it should be.I'm not a shipper, it took a lot of convincing to believe they were more than just good friends.
But a year later I'm convinced, the pictures,gestures,bodylanguage,overseas trips to see one another,the defense to protect each other in print.
When you respect,admire, and yes love someone,there is no hiding it in how you look at them.

It's all there so why deny it? I'm just glad they're happy and I want to be happy with them.

Rose great post today. Love your blog.<3

Anonymous said...

Rose - I read your blog everyday but this is my first time commenting. Anyway, I love your blog!
Apparently multiple sources that attended the Welcome To The Riley's screening said that Sam Bradley (Rob's BFF) was in attendance! I think that's so cool! She's seems such good friends with his friends.

SueBee said...

Great post, Rose. You are right about the foam and I'm really realy going to TRY not to respond to the hate.

It just amazes me how some "people" can be so dense. I don't know whether to laugh at them, feel sorry for them, or just do a facepalm at the ridiculousness of it.

Anonymous said...

That last pic, does anyone notice the brace Kristen's wearing on her right arm? It's Rob's props for Edward.

Melinda said...

What a gorgeous Saturday Rose! I love the pic from EW. Even for a photo shoot they just fit together naturally no awkwardness at all, two sides of the same coin.

The absurdity of some of the delusions that have popped up is too much. I read a comment somewhere that EDR was a lunch with Rob and Kristen the other day!!! This person said that EDR is the "blonde" woman behind Kristen shielding herself from the paps video taping them walking down the street!

Some people will never see it. That's their loss. I just wish they would keep their misery contained to their own sites and not here. It must suck to be that miserable all the time!!!

Side note: I said this in another post but the magazine People lists Rob and Kristen as boyfriend/girlfriend on their website. I would love if someone to doesn't believe R/K are a couple to contact People and ask them why they list them this way and see what response they get back. Maybe I will and post what they say. Ha, Ha.

Anonymous said...

Love them!They are an amazing couple.

Haters are so angry.And now they say Sam's dating Kristen LOLOLOLOL.

Oh Robie,take care of Stewart.

They are sooooooooo in love oh-lala!!


Carly said...

Sarcasm FTW :D

I guess its good that all the places I go to were incredibly happy with the premiere. and the after party too :)

Im not sure I want to see WTTR. but I may buy the DVD and pop it in one day when the mood strikes. as much as I love Kris most of her movies are not exactly my cup of tea

Kris looked beautiful at the screening. when I saw the first picture of the dress I was very unimpressed but after seeing more pictures I realized it wasnt a bad dress. it was a lousy picture. because she looked awesome. and happy

the necklace. I love how its everywhere, even in the EW shoot. and she really seems to be showing it off lately

as for teh ring, I saw the pics. but I dont know. Ive never been particulary interested in teh ring. if its indeed so that there is an inscription saying Rob, awesome. if not, awesome as well

and of course Thurdsay evening was work. posing together was work. but looking at each other as though the other one hung the moon, the sun, the stars and some other unimportant planets as well? yeah, Im not sure you can put that particular thing in the job discription. and what about the after party? she sure looked like she belonged under the crook of his arm. like her favorite pillow was his chest. he sure seemed to be acting as though closer still wasnt close enough. and holding her a couple inches higher and he would have been indecent LOL

I dont think either of them will ever talk about that relationship. but they sure showed us at the premiere :)

Anonymous said...

love your post.

Rob said they are going to come out as a couple when the "sun turns black"...well the sun turns black wen there is an Eclipse...and there is going to be an Eclipse in July 11.
I find this funny :)


oldcoach said...

The candid picture from the "black"
carpet is beautiful. It is the kind of picture a couple uses to make an announcement. I realize there isn't one, of course, but it just looks like a photo you would keep in your wedding album of your official announcement. I am just saying.

Anonymous said...

is true! is going to be an Eclipse in July 11!!
the irony of fate!

Anonymous said...

clique na foto para ver ampliada o detalhe do anel da diva kiki

Anonymous said...

click photo to see enlarged detail of the ring diva kiki

sarah said...

the whole when the sun turns black comment is very interesting!! I saw the ring and it does look like it says rob but I dont know its so hard to tell but I know they are a couple and it makes me so happy inside there is no denying it the haters are obviously sad and it obviously shows they have never been in love with someone cos the way rob looks at her is exactly the way my bf of six years looks at me and the way kristen smiles at him is the look of im so in love with you look I give to my boyfriend so the haters are obviously such sad individuals the pr angle they are still trying to pull is insanity the e online boards seem to be their haven lately its pathetic! once again rose adore you and adore your blog! keep up the good work xxx *PUSH*

Patricia said...

Rose: Grazie for the great pictures and post.

Rob and Kristen are in love and are a couple and have been for over a year. 'SEEING IS BELIEVING' I love them and when they look at each other, THAT'S LOVE PEOPLE, AND IF YOU CAN'T SEE THAT , I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU.




That was Marcus (Rob's best friend) and Marcus's girlfriend in that video of Rob and Kristen at lunch.

Anonymous said...

New Afterparty photos: (I took them from the other site. I hope they wouldn't mind)




Anonymous said...

As always such an amazing post. I like how you noted what you SAW and not what you heard.

Anyway, i was just going to point out the fact how Rob, Kristen and Taylor signed on to do up to Eclipse - and obviously have had to sign a new contract for Breaking Dawn. I heard a while back that in the contract you weren't allowed to date co-stars as it was deemed as unprofessional. So getting to my point, when Rob says "Sun turns black" point number 5 about coming out as a couple, doesn't that mean an Eclipse?

Like i don't want to analyse every little thing. But maybe, he is meaning after Eclipse, him and Kristen might be able to come out more, might be abke to act like a couple without this contract....

I don't know, just an opinion of mine. Anyway, as always an amazing post with touching pictures!

Anonymous said...

I think Rob was just being Rob when he made the comment about "when the sun goes black." He seemed a little taken aback by the question and I think he was just being ironic. I think they are out, loud and proud as it is. They just don't wanna talk about it, which is cool with me. Love the new pics. One question though, where is Rob's super secret blonde girlfriend? In his pocket? teeheehee

Anonymous said...

Marcus is in london. That was Sam and other friends at lunch with them. Kristen is leaving tomorrow for a quick trip to NYC. Then she'll have 10 days to relax with her boo before she packs and goes to Montreal.

Atticus said...

What grand R/K bubble epicness we have had lately...MMA, Eclipse premiere/after party...just fucking WOWZA! I was not expecting much from these events, but man did Rob & Kristen ever show us. BTW, anyone with working brain cells can deduce that K's necklace is from Rob, a gift for her bday...a beautiful romantic gift.

On a serious note, does anyone know if the sharpie incident was an accident? That could have been a lot worst if that sharpie was something more sinister. I hope those fucking haters don't get any ideas. We all know that Kristen & Rob are aware of these threats. Kudos to Ms. Stewart for continuing with her RC duties after this incident. I think any lesser actress or actor would have just called it a day. Big kudos to Mr. Pattinson for bitch slapping the haters.

Melinda said...

I don't know who was with Rob and Kris at lunch but it certainly wasn't Emilie!

That's why I find myself laughing at the absurdity of their ramblings.

I forgot to say in my other post about the ring and necklace...

they are obviously important to Kris as she has been wearing them nonstop since April. She won't even take the necklace off even when she is wearing designer clothes that don't really match the jewelry. To me that is very telling as to how special it is to her. I personally think they both are from Rob. It's something for just the two of them and should stay that way.

Anonymous said...

I'm cracking up. The hyenas have swung from Taysten(didn't happen at the premiere and never will) to the mystery blonde that is *really* Rob's girlfriend and true love(also didn't happen and never will) to "Rob looks at everyone the way he looks at Kristen"(!!!!!!!) "Rob poses with all his co-stars that way"(!!!...with googoo eyes? And keeps his arm firmly and possessively around them at the after party and engages in PDA at the after/after party???) to "Sam and Kristen are dating"(another !!!)

Seriously grasping at straws and obviously just throwing shit out there that even *they* can't believe.

I think Rob already gave his answer regarding the 'official' question but the irony is lost on many. What happens when "the sun goes black"? An eclipse. What movie premiered the other night and what behavior changed? It was the first time they actually acted like an 'official' couple in public. People sat up and really took notice. Just my take.

Anonymous said...

Hehe...Rose...not gonna lie, kinda hate the post ;) I know you (I means shippies in general) are trying to push as much as you can, but we are calm. Peacefully calm. I'm not getting nervous, keep pushing :) well, well...what we have here. The ring. Lots of people have a gold ring, and its engraved so IT'S NOT LIKE A WEDDING RING, PLAIN GOLD BAND, OK? I'm really, really, like really sick of hear that W word associated with Rob. Not gonna happen, NEVER EVER (I mean with b*face). What else? Of course, the glorious necklace *going to really, really, really vomit*, besides ugly as hell as it is, YOU DONT KNOW FOR SURE THAT ITS FROM ROB, OK? Some people say is a family present. Could be. For her birthday. I can't wait she takes it off, it's ... AGHHHHHHH... She knows what people say about it, and of course, loving PR as much as she does, she wears it ALL THE F*CKING TIME. Well, I dont care, Kristen Stewart. At all.
Talking about her birtday. I NEVER saw a pic of KRISTEN STEWART in Budapest on 9th April. Do you? I saw her in the airport a few days later. You know, people has to work. Maybe she was in London for bussiness and decided to visit HER FRIEND Rob. Budapest is 2 hours from London. Probably, that's what happened. Show me the mon...a pic! on her birthday!

People that witnessed the after party, and uploaded wideos on youtube (specially one when you can see KS like 15 seconds, look for it in twitter) said Robert and Kristen only possed for the pics and then...buffff, separate ways, he with his family, she with her family and Scout, some friends, etc...they werent TOGETHER, at all.


Private after after party? Yeah, gossip magazines said Rob was pregnant too. Hey, if you believe them, you believe them.

F*ck I need an almax because I laughed so hard my stomach hurts!

Yeah, yeah, keep waiting for July. Total Eclipse of the heart. Kristen starts the so called camp on 1st, and Rob works until 21-22. Good grief.

PS: As for ODO, oh man/woman, you are going down the road for sure lol...first the today show interview (big fail) now WTTR premier in LAFF...Where was Rob yo???? Oh...you SAID he would be there, "maybe we'll see him in the red carpet, maybe in the private afterparty"...lol...big fail...there wasnt any red carpet...lol...and he was working until 3am...lol...

...lol...I cant believe shippers still believe in you...lol...oh ,yes, true...you are not an insider, just a troll...lol...I agree...hope people start to realize you are not kidding with that...lol...

have a nice day :)

Patricia said...

Sorry, I meant Sam not Marcus. I always get them mixed up. Sam is in town for Hotel Cafe gigs. Sam was the one in Vancouver that went to the screening with Rob and Kristen after they did the re shoots last month. He also went to Kristen's screening last night. Rob's friends love her also. COOL !!!!

Anonymous said...

to Atticus at 204....unfortunately I have been hearing from several places that the sharpie incident was probably NOT an accident. OhDreamOn on IMDb who has been spot on and really appears to know what it happening BTS, said it was not an accident and Kristen had FOUR bodyguards at her little screening last night. I also read that people at the premiere said that Rob did not let Kristen away from him the rest of the night after that happened,he switched into protective bf mode it seems. But we will probably never know what really happened.

Anonymous said...

To 220-you are the most pathetic person I have ever seen online,you come here 24/7 and also hang at Rob's imdb and Ted's blog posting crap all day long. Not even going to address most of your delusional psychotic rants...the after-after party? It was for the cast and crew, dumbass and was actually a real party with witnesses. And I guess Rob was posing when he was eating his dinner sitting next to...oh who was it? Kristen! Witnesses said they were together all night. The only witnesses you know are the ones in your head.

Now GTFO and go stuff your fat ass on Twinkies and play with your Edward doll. Rob will never fuck you and neither will any man with your attitude.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2;20: Hi Crazy Candy! You just keep telling yourself those things. Loved the essay; it was very entertaining! LOL

Anonymous said...

to 220-forgot to add,everyone knows you are the same psycho loser who is here all the time because you can't spell for shit and your grammar is atrocious.

Perhaps you should attend summer school and learn proper English instead of obsessing over Rob and Kristen MORE than their fans.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:20, Kristen doesn't leave for camp on the first. She has a couple weeks yet. Grasp away:)

Anonymous said...

Anyone still throwing that Emilie crap around is beyond desperate. What in the hell does Emilie have to with Robert and Kristen’s private lives? NOTHING! I’m sure Emilie has her own thing going on. And that thing is not Robert Pattinson. Someone even stated the other day on this blog that Robert would spend his after party time with her. Wow!

Amanda said...

@2:20 The tweets from the passengers of the plane the day before her birthday saying Kristen was on their flight kind of clears up when she got there.:)

The new after party pictures are cute. They barely left eachothers side all night, huh?

Some girls at the WTTR screening last night overheard Kristen talking about the sharpie incident to her friend and apparently Kristen does NOT think it was an accident.:( These haters are scary!

It's nice that Sam showed up to support Kristen at the screening I guess it just goes to show how close Kristen has gotten to Rob's friends aswell.

Anonymous said...

LOL I'm not Crazie Candy (it's that girl from twitter, righ?, I know you make fun of her), I'm not american! There's an app for blogs whit that you can check the country where the IP come :) But you understood exactly what I meant :)

Ps. I only post here once or two a day. I realized yesterday that someone copy/paste what I say here on Ted Boards. LOL. Whatever. Dont care. My IP is here for Rose. If you think that only ONE person dislikes KS and keep commenting it all over the net...you are delusional.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, not everybody has got common sense and a normal mind, otherwise people shouldn't need psichriatics.

There's a certain type of people who always enjoy disagreeing. They're not bad people, just complicated.

Do you want to see a clear example: Anonymus 2:20:00 PM

Anonymous said...

Beautiful couple...thanks Rose.

As for the ring and necklace ... "someone special' gave it to her and she values it deeply. Dont care who it is, as long as it causes happiness.

As for the incident - hope that hater has a miserable life!

Anonymous said...

Awww, I love how all the after party pics show Rob and Kristen at each others sides. They are so sweet together.:):)

sfw10sis said...

Rose, excellent post as always. I love reading all the wonderful things you have to say about the both of them, but more so I like the fact that your honest and your comments aren't based on here say.

I'm still high on the pic overload of pretty. I think we are about to see a suttle change in how they handle their relationship. I know they want to protect their privacy, but can you imagine what will happen when they become more open, I think we could possibly be looking at the next power house couple.

Rose, I've said it before, but it bares repeating, you are a breath of fresh air amongst the stench that floats by, thanks for keeping this place smelling nice.


Anonymous said...

2:20 – My word!! Why are you so upset! If it’s just a fake relationship then you should be happy. Instead you sound like a kicked to the curb lover. I wonder how PR it is when she is underneath him. Stay peaceful. Ok

the awful truth said...


the girl with the black dress and the hat is Rob's real gf.

Anonymous said...


Check this pic. If you look you can see Rob's bodyguard. (blue shirt and yellow tie) and Rob directly behind her walking out of the party. Its just the tips of his hair, but its a pretty good guess that its him since that is his bodyguard.

Anonymous said...


Rob isn't even looking at her.I'm sure he's thinking:"Get the fuck out of my sight,bitch!"

Anonymous said...

2:20 when I’m upset I eat a bag of chocolate and that seems to help. Being that you are hot like fire right know I suggest that you hijack the Hershey’s delivery truck ASAP and get busy!!!!!

imdb girl said...

I've been an IMDb user since 2006 and have read Rob's board since Nov.08 when Twilight came out. Last March/April/May 09, rumblings were making their way there about R/K but 95% of the posters? Didn't believe it, no how, no way. Didn't want to see it. There are some REALLY,REALLY rabid Rob fans there,like hardcore as in rainbows come out of his azz. Most of his fans there really disliked Kristen and did not want him with her. So in their minds, it wasn't happening and would not happen. Logical,huh?

Last summer after the Charlie pix? More and more started thinking"Hmm...what's going on?" So maybe 75% still thought no way. After CM in August? Down to 50% and less.

Fast forward to fall 09 with Eclipse shooting and more sightings. A few more jumped on board.

The IOW? That's when the tide turned. More and more saw what was going on. Add in the Bafta week then the RM premiere and more became convinced.

Then Budapest. Even the most stalwart non-believers there(except for complete nuts like Dayzd and Roo) said "ok I was wrong,I still don't like her but I'm just happy he's happy." So by now the nonbelievers are at maybe 2%. Seriously. I can count on 1 hand the nonstens in denial there and the regs all think they are effing nuts. Several were chased off the board as they were so freaking obnoxious. Even Tracey,resident board Nazi/ head nonsten there, said just 2 days ago she has known they were a couple since last summer. Doesn't like it and doesn't like to talk about it, but she at least can see what's in front of her face. And now many of his fans? They are Kristen fans as well,they thought she can't be that bad if he wants to be with her.

So anyhoo, it's amusing to me to see ridiculous ravings on Rose's blog from people who still think'they are just friends' or even'they hate each other' or the old standby'it's PR'. If the holdout IMDb rabid fangirls have finally admitted that R and K are together and happy, that's saying something. Too bad the nuts have come here.

Deb said...

So I see that Anon 2:20 got what she wanted FOR PEOPLE to come back and SAY something about what she said YEP THATS ALL( SHE, HE, IT) wanted LOOK WHAT HAPPEN JUST IGNORE HER or should I say as ROB puts it THE NERD. WE KNOW THE TRUTH with out saying a word ITS so nice to be happy TRY IT you JUST mite LIKE it DEB

Anonymous said...

I love... absolutely... love that when they stand close he cups his arm around her and has his fingers so naturally resting on her rib cage. And the fist on the back of his jacket OMG!!!!Like she's drawing strength from him. Couple or not these two share an intense connection! But really all the nay sayers who are they kidding. The girl flew to Europe (to him) to celebrate her birthday while he filmed there... come on now.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:20

that was long, i'm glad you were able to say your piece. i hope you're feeling better. Now, go and take your med... you need it.

good one said...

Anon.2:55-"I wonder how PR it is when she is underneath him." LMFAO!!! Yeah, I'd like the answer to that as well. lol

Anonymous said...

Imdb girl,i think we all know that nonsten.com started from non believers at Rob's IMDB,crazy Lux and JJJ.Dayz and Roo go at Kristen's IMDB,because they 're not welcomed at Rob's and try to get in fight with Krisbians.People are nuts.I don't think it's for R/K.It's about teams.Team nonsten versus team robsten.

Anonymous said...

To Anon.2:47-So now somebody else is stealing your psychotic nonsensical ramblings and posting them on other blogs???LOLOLOLOLLOLOL That's a good one.
It's Haldol time,isn't it? The voices will stop soon.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please cast out the Demon in 2:20. Thanks in advance.

imdb girl said...

Yep,Lux and JJJ are long gone from Rob's,thank God although Dayzd and Roo are still there on occasion but are made fun of as they are so delusional. Wouldn't surprise me if they were here posting as the resident nonsten. Certainly she is just as delusional and living in her own little Kristen-free Rob world. And you're right about the nonstens just wanting to be right,but they haven't been yet!

Anonymous said...

Is there a priest in the house? We need an exorcism performed on 2:20.

KPattz said...

Wow!anon 2:20,didn't you therapist tell you that you must ALWAYS take your meds,because if you forget them you're becoming delusional?Go and take them,quickly!

Anonymous said...

2:20 was desperate for some attention and now she must be happy because she found it.

Anonymous said...

The pics are for PR.Rob is eating next to Kristen because Summit told him to.(rolls eyes)

Nonsten are really disturbed.

Anonymous said...

Every time some people look at those beautiful pictures of Rob and Kristen from the Eclipse premiere and afterparty on Thursday, many go into delusional overdrive.

As much as many want to deny what is so very obvious they can't but that's not to say that they will not pull out the ludicrous and the ridiculous to continue to deny it!

Deb said...

IM glad that SAM was there with Kristen I think maybe Rob ask him to go. You know after that sharpie incident Rob mite be a little worried about her YOU KNOW HE'Ll be keeping an extra eye on her now .THATS OUR GUY taking care of his lady cant help but love him MORE for it THANK YOU ROB . DEB

Anonymous said...

I just have to add to the crazy ramblings of ANON 2:20...

I know they love to shout PR, they are just friends or they have a hidden bf/gf BS.

For me the key to R/K being a couple (besides the obvious stuff) is the reactions of both Kristen and Rob's teams when Rob and Kristen are together. THAT to me speaks volumes. Steph and Dean were all smiles at the MMA when Kristen won. They looked just as PROUD as Rob did. Ruth's (whatever she is to Kristen) face when Rob went over to Kristen (whose face just LIT up) for pics on the black carpet the other night showed me so much about how she feels for Kristen and Rob. Like a HAPPY mama.

Both R/K's "teams" work together it seems. If you look at the RM red carpet Emilie's team didn't work with Rob's-they don't need to. But Rob's team (actually Steph) made sure Kristen was taken care of on the RC.

Someone said on yesterday's post that Kristen was at the RM b/c it was a Summit movie so it was PR! Too funny! If it was PR Rob and Kris would have posed together (which they didn't) and she would have talked to the press (which she didn't). Yet for TR red carpet in LA who showed up? None other than Taylor which was PR and he posed with Kris and talked to the press.

SueBee said...

Return of the Hyena Chronicles

Dear Diary,

Sorry, it's been a while. I've been googling like crazy to find pics to support my cause. No, they are not pathetic--sorry diary, one of my voices was whispering again!

Doodling--Mrs. Robert Pattinson 26 times because that's how many days are in the month so far.

I don't know why that Kristen is wearing my necklace. Rob meant it for me, not her. She is just trying to rub it in my face. Oh well, its ugly anyway. He knows I like gold.

Hate her!

Petting my Edward doll--it calms me down.

I have to be quiet or Mom will send me away again!

Well, I'm off to spread the word. Maybe they'll listen to me this time.

No they won't! Yes they will! No they won't! Darned voices!

Anonymous said...

If it was PR Rob and Kris would have posed together (which they didn't)

You're so right.Do you all remember at the NM premiere EDR was there and posed with Rob?That was for PR.

vivian said...

I saw RM.I'm not gonna lie.Rob looked gorgeous,but the movie was bad.Son't throw stones on me,it's my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys... Please tell me the girl in the black hat standing behind Rob isnt his ex girlfriend, I forgot her name.. but what the heck is she doing there?? Just curious...


Anonymous said...

LOL, check this out. Kristen was signing with the fans and Ruth all of a sudden tried to hurry her up because Rob came to probably take pictures with her. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFedwG0gD7U.

Bex said...

Look at the color of robs lips and the color if kristens lip stick..... Now it's POSSIBLE it could just be the lighting...


this isn't any conclusive evidence one way or the other it's just a little observation

Anonymous said...

@4:23 Doesn't really look like her in the face, I think a lot of people would have identified her by now if it was her. Besides he's not even acknowledging her so..

Anonymous said...

Interesting article from The Daily Mail with an interview with Anna Kendrick- she is talking about Rob and Kristen.

In truth, relations between Anna and Kristen are much warmer. ‘When I met Kristen, I knew her from some of her other films,’ says Anna, ‘and it’s so strange because she turned into my friend, and then just as quickly turned into one of the biggest stars on the planet. I’m on the outside and I really don’t know what to make of it even now. I can’t imagine what she and Rob are going through.’ Particularly as Kristen and Rob have themselves been dating since last year.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:23...that woman is not his ex girlfriend Nina.
Relax...why people think whenever there's some woman around Rob it should mean something.

Anonymous said...

Goood Sunday Mroning to ya Rooooooose.....

........and I quote:

'But Robert and Kristen looked gorgeous.
Gloriously happy
Incredibly connected


Anonymous said...

anon 5:01

It seems youre the one who needs relaxing.... Take a deep breath, I was curious because to me the girl looked like his ex!! Trust me when I say I am relaxed... i'm 2 margaritas deep, So yeah I'm chill. You should try one. unwind alittle its saturday!

Anonymous said...




sorry I love that line in that song.....hehehehe

meeza said...

I cant help but think about PR and just how strong it just may be...

On the eve of Michael Jacksons death, I remember hearing about how much PR was dictacting and over running his life, even in the early 80's. The hyperbaric chamber pic was a PR move to get him press, the animals, the elephant man.. etc, etc...

PR wanted Michael to be mysterious and guess what... it worked!! No one knew anything about the man but pure speculation and there still some off that after his death, we have only begun to scratch the surface.

So i cant help but think maybe PR is doing the same thing with Rob and Kristen, for all the hype and mystery... I mean look at us, we are eating it up, we are analyzing every pic and words in interviews, knee nudging and jacket grabbing... its friggin nuts!!!

No I dont think they will ever come out and say they are together, why would they? Look what would happen if they did... the mystique would be gone, no more guessing, no more haters and non haters, and I'm guessing they are eating this up right now, If I was in their shoes I would..

I dont know if they are FACTLY together or not, I want them to be, why, I have no idea... maybe the whole Bella and Edward thing, but there has to be something said about PR.... The Hyenas do have a valid point!!! sorry so long!

meeza said...

and by the way... we are holding on to necklaces and rings and shirts and shoe strings tied on a wrist..... Gawd, we sound pathetic... and when I say we I mean myself included!!! My husband laughs at me when I talk to him about and he's right, we are like puddy in their hands! We all are in the trap, not that its a bad trap, just frustrating!!!

Amanda said...

They hate the media and speculation too much for it to be PR. They go on vacation to an island where paps weren't able to go for NYE. That's not PR. Rob himself said he wouldn't do that. Sure, it gets them attention but it's unwanted attention. Kristen in Elle UK said that people using her private life as entertainment makes her want to throw up. That doesn't sound like a person who is staging a relationship. Believe whatever you want, but the PR theory just doesn't stick.

Anonymous said...

To 5.33

You didn't remember Robs's ex g/f name, but you remembered her face enough as to say that she looked like her.

Let me tell you that you don't remember her name neither her face, cause that girl is not Nina. BTW, Nina is in Australia.

I'm figuring out that you've been analyzing every pic out of the hundreds from the premiere, just to find a beautiful blonde next to Rob...

Try another strategy...or try to find another blonde next to him...

Opytaylor said...

I read 27 posts before the one lunatic. Imagine if the board were being moderated and 2:20 got deleted right away. Even boards on the net have energy. Positive energy affects us in a good way. I am guilty as all, but when 2:20 gets the attention she seeks, it affects the whole vibe. Yes, I am male and straight, but a little new age also ( as is Rob and we are both obsessed with Kristen ). Just thoughts. Moderators can be a good thing.

meeza said...


I believe they are together as well, but come on, alot of the "we dont want to cheapin anything or our personal life is private" I'm not buying it, its media driven. How come stars WAY bigger then them can come out and it does no harm to their relationship but K&R are different.... I just dont see why they wouldnt just come out with it unless they were gaining something from it! Kristen said herself she goes online and reads blogs and things people say... If I read what the hyenas were saying, I'd tell Rob "fuck it, I'm saying we're together... I would want to set everyone straight!!!

Anonymous said...

Rose, I love your posts.

The clinging, grasping and silly excuses are just beyond hilarious at this point. A lot of the times, I have no words to even begin to respond to the bullshit that gets posted. The PR crap--doesn't even make sense to me. It doesn't work. And I don't see why either would do that shit for years of their lives when it's so NOT needed. Besides, Rob shot it down. I think what you see between them is real and genuine. They want to maintain what privacy they can. I don't blame them.
Then there's the super absurd crap of--any random woman anywhere near Rob is his secret girlfriend and any random man anywhere near Kristen is her secret boyfriend. LMAO. It's crazy.

One thing that is fact---Rob and Kristen have been consistantly seen together for over a year now, in different cities and different countries. TOGETHER. I don't even have room to try to list all the things they have done together!
And not only do they spend a lot of time together. But they spend time with each other's families and friends. I mean, it's clear what the deal is. I know I shouldn't be surprised by the delusional but at times, I am. Just try my best to ignore it.

The after-party pics are so cute. They were either next to each other or in each other's orbit. Kristen sat with Rob. Along with their friends and families. I am glad they enjoyed themselves!

And so sweet of Sam Bradley to go to the WTTR screening! I think some of his bandmates were with him. Rob's best friend supporting Kristen is such a great thing.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:03,

Like I said.... have a drink! Cheers to us

Anonymous said...


Are you comparing Rob&Kristen with Michael Jackson????

You must be joking. Michael has been a caricature of himself for many many years girl. Michale lost his identity when he started with plastic surgery.

How can you compare him to Rob and kristen? for Gods sake

Amanda said...

Well Kristen said that then people will want to know all the specifics if she says it. It opens the floodgates so to speak.

And also, this may not be a very popular answer but what if they break up? If they never talk about being together, they never have to talk about the break up.

A lot of couples are very private Jay-Z and Beyonce for example didn't even tell anyone they were a couple until after they were married.

Rob said 'maybe if I was trying to sell it I'd talk about it more'. I think that is the best answer to why they don't talk about it. They want to keep work and their private life seperate and they've said that many times.

meeza said...

Anon 6:10, no girl i'm not comparing them, I was making an observation about P.R and media outlets.

Amanda, Good points, well taken.

Rose said...

OpyTaylor :)

I happen to agree with you... I wish I was online 24/7 so that I could moderate the comments on my blog.
I do try to get rid of the most offensive ones, but I don't have the time or energy to police what people are saying.
I thought that blocking Anonymous comments would help, but you can get around that rather easily.
I guess my only other choice is to moderate each comment before it shows up here... a real possibility.

As always, I would appreciate people just ignoring the haters...
And if you have a personal grudge with someone on another blog/site... please take your fight to them... don't bring it here.

rosie said...

Let's lighten the mood. This is hilarious. Rosie has twitter!! LMAO Adorable. You know Rob and Kristen would laugh their assess off at this. http://twitter.com/Rosie_Elephant

javadreamer said...

Lovely post as always, Rose!!

Some more examples of private couples - (maybe Robsten is taking a page from one of their playbooks):

Brad and Angelina - never admitted to being a couple until Angelina showed up 4-5 months pregnant.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony - (after the horror that was bennifer) - never admitted to dating or getting married - until they had been married for a year

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck - (after the horror that was bennifer) - they never admitted to dating until she came up pregnant and they then said 'I do'

ScarJo and Ryan Reynolds - they flew so far under the radar, people were shocked when it became public knowledge that they had gotten married.

The problem with Robsten is that right now they are so hot and hounded - that it will be even more difficult for them to fly under the radar.

So the fact that they won't admit being a couple, it's not really anything new - in fact there are a lot of HW couples now-a-days that are starting to roll that way.

Anonymous said...

found this article rather interesting!!


Anonymous said...


I don't want to offend anyone but I don't think Michael's mind worked very rightly since we've seen him making so many eccentricities during many years, so I'm not surprised that he accepted PR.

Rob and Kristen, both are outstanding for having their heads strongly over their shoulders. At least that's what most reports about them, are telling.

Anonymous said...

Rose, once again I really really really loved your post.lol Seriously it's great! I think it's funny that the haters are scrambling to find any shred of evidence to support their drivvel. Whatever, pictures don't lie and you can feel the love comeing off of these two lovebirds. I saw the ring pics, don't know what to think it's their business. Saw a post that someone had painstakingly copied Rob's signature and put it on a ring for Kristen. Great idea if it's true, and it could be...who really knows lol. I love it that they're kinda out, kinda still keeping quiet about their relationship...it is their business after all...but we loooove seeing all the pretty evidence. lmao thanks again Rose.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rob and Kristen are a fakers, specially Kristen who enjoys the media attention so much, that she confessed she felt raped when papz hunted her everywhere.

The anonymus who posted the link to that "interesting report". Did you write it? Cause I don't find it interesting at all, I find it poorly documented and written by and old person who had to report on Rob and Kristen forced by his boss. His contemp for Rob and Kristen is more than evident.

sollee said...

i've been a robsten fan for just couple of months from now and i'm loving every moment that i look for some news about them:)...my family loves them as well...they say they are fans of robsten as well though not that obvious like me^_~...i have some photos of them in my room and my mom who is 81 yrs. old would say "what a lovely couple you have there"...haha robsten surely have the charisma to all of us no matter what age or generation or country we belong to...maybe because we love how they love and take care of each other:)..."love that photo where kristen clings at rob's jacket...wanna hold him tight"...one fan said rob is kristen's anchor"...thanks for another beautiful post rose...God bless and have a great day!!!

pattzygirl said...

I think we should all take a minute and remember why this blog is called Pattinson Intoxication..


Anonymous said...

to 704 anon...seriously??? LMAO So many fails with that 'article' on a gossip blog. Rob spent the night of the RM premiere 'glued to EDR's side'? WTF? In whose world? Witnesses say he and K walked into the theatre together,sat with each other during the film and we all saw the videos of him going to the party looking around to make sure she was there. Pics of the party showed R/K hanging out and she looked quite cozy with the Pattinsons. The 'writer' missed dozens of R/K sightings to comment on.

Anonymous said...

ANON 7:30

My sentiments exactly!!!! What can you expect from a gossip rag?

The "writer" obviously has an agenda. Maybe he read the EW article and didn't like what Rob said about the "nerds" which includes this gossip writer.

For some reason it is hard for the public and the gossip rags to understand that there are HW people who want to maintain their privacy.

When you have the hottest couple on the planet guarding their privacy it creates a frenzy of mass proportion.

Them not discussing their private life to the media and public burns people up and therefore they get trashed for it.

Anonymous said...

Someone referencing an article by Ben Widdicombe. How desperate do you have to be.

Widdicombe announced he was quitting the gossip business in the summer of 2008 quite dramatically actually. He had an epiphany i guess.

Wow...........He's even referencing Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who were Russian spies. Don't get the connection but gossip writers very rarely if ever make any sense whatsoever!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing!!! Haven't seen that one before!

Rob is hot! What makes him even hotter is that I really think he doesn't see himself that way.

There are dozens of other reasons why I am intoxicated!!

Anonymous said...

Great new R/K video for those interested.


Anonymous said...

meeza, i think it's understandable you think that r/k might be into the pr angle, but i think for r/k it's more about trying to keep what's theirs theirs. i think r/k, esp k, might be paranoid that the public could end up destroying their relationship, based on the history of hw breakups, usually b/c fame got the better of one or both. i mean, haven't we heard k talking about how once the public consumes their story it's no longer honest?? it's obvious her relationship w/ r is very important to her, but she's also very young and maybe inexperienced in the matters of love so she may be going to extreme lengths to keep her private life private, so i can forgive her very fierce, protective behavior. i only hope that they continue to weather the storm cuz the speculation seems endless.

Anonymous said...

@ Rose. Lovely post as always.

Robsten. Super Sigh worthy moments lately. :-D

I'm re-watching Remember Me (if you don't own it and you are a Rob fan... you are not doing your duty :-D )

And I was just thinking about how when Tyler says to Allie... "Wanna go for a drink?" And then says "Oh wait you can't, you're not 21." He smirks. Which I know is in character.... but given the situation... you know Kristen had to have crossed his mind at that moment. :-) Just wanted to share my little thought.

*Suzy Q*

Deb said...

TO anons 8:03 THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEO If you can not SEE there love for each other (haters)I dont think even GOD him self could make you see And I really feel for you And Im sorry That video is going to be ONE of my favorites ITS so ROB and KRISTEN LETS just be happy there happy ok Once again Rose I LOVE YOU Please keep doing what ME and alot of others love what you do and that is loving MR.PATTINSON and MISS.STEWART DEB.

jen said...

Awesome post, Rose!

It's in vain to explain something that people are hellbent on not understanding.

Kristen is beaming lately, more than I've ever seen. Ditto for Robert.

Life's good for them, no matter what a bunch of strangers say or think.

Anonymous said...

her ring is really inscribed with his name. i asked my husband to read and he said it starts with letter R O but the last letter is unreadable. our k stew is busted.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:20 ITA Why would Rob use such a specific image of an eclipse "when the sun turns black" to answer that question? He knew exactly what he was saying! The way they looked at each other at the premiere just took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes.

Silvia said...

About the ring... I can´t see "Rob", but I think the same design of the necklace is on the ring.


javadreamer said...

@Anon 2:20/10:34 - That's a very good point. Being a huge RPattz and KStew fan, I immediately dismissed it for just one of those 'random acts of rob'. you know he can sometimes say the most random shit ever (what did he say on the RC, i guess everyone is going to have to sleep with me - or some such nonsense - and the interviewer looked at him like he was a nut. If I find the video, I'll post it). But until now, I never wondered why he would use such specific and unusual imagery... it's all coming together now. LOL

Lisa said...

3:00 wishful thinking, he's walking IN behind her! His security is pointing IN not out! LOL

4:37 She says "Rob's here" and then I don't know what.

As for Summit saying they can't be a couple, I don't buy it. First, the chemistry they had from the start was amazing. Kristen's parents have been in the business for a LONG time and I doubt they would have allowed her sign such an agreement. And if there had been a no dating clause in their first contracts, they would have said so when they first started denying everything. Funny, I came across this today before I read these comments.. He's not going to let people dictate his private life. http://foxallaccess.blogs.fox.com/2010/06/26/is-robert-pattinson-a-control-freak/

8:03, thanks for sharing! That's my new favorite video!

As for the one who posted "interesting article" from Popsugar.. REALLY? It's a rag. Proven by saying he was stuck to EDR or whatever, all night.. That's such BS. There were several that said R & K sat together and talked and K even laid her head on his shoulder. But, forget those. There was VIDEO of them coming out of the theater going across the street for the after party TOGETHER! There was no Emile to be seen with him then.

Have a good Sunday all!

Staconey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Staconey said...

Before anyone starts I do like Kristen Stewart and I do like Robert Pattinson.I am however Team Emmett.I am not saying that it is not possible that K&P are a couple.I am saying that it is possible also that they are not.I am commenting because a friend of mine and I were debating this very subject.She whole heartedly believes they are a couple and though their have been pictures I am not one hundred percent convinced.I have learned thet everything is not what it seems in the land of glitz and glamour.I think they have great chemistry.I also think that is kind of expected after three movies together.I would be more suprised if they hadn't became close after all this.My friends argument is that you can't deny the photos,the glances,etc.I don't cliam to know because I am on the outside looking in.If they are great;I wish them the best but there is to many contradictions.In one breath they won't confirm or deny anything and in the breath they are sending all these mixed sgnals to everyone.I a have a theory what if they have told people the truth when they say they are just close friends and people still choose to believe they are more or less.Friends go out,friends give gifts and friends do show affection.Friends support each other.All these things they have supposedly done can be looked at in a way you believe it to be.The glances could be flirting then again it could be looks that say here we go again because they know anything they say is going to fipped and analyzed and ran through the ringer by fans and media.As for the holding onto each other they both have said they get nervous could it be support from someone who knows what you are going through.He might be protective of her considering everything she has been going through as of late.Bottom line is none of us know these two people and we can't stake claim to know what is real and what's not.People say they are cute together.Last time I checked being a cute couple does not make for a great relationship.We don't know what goes on behind closed doors.We don't see when the cameras stop rolling to be able to say we know these people and what the 100% real story is.Their are part of their lives people will never see.As for being a cute couple people said the same thing about Rhianna and Chris Brown and we see how well that turned out.Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson again not a happy ending.What we see is for entertainment purposes but reality sets in when they are not in front of the camera.Now for the people who say they aren't together let's say you are right and this is a publicty stunt time will tell.The truth always has a way of revealing itself but the question is why you let it bother you when people talk about these two as a couple.I guess it can be annoying but if you like these two as seperate actors that doesn't have to change and you don't have to buy into RobSten.What I am saying to both sides is don't let what you don't know cheapen a good movie or the work that has been put into the books or the movies.
Sorry didn't mean to delete post;hit the wrong button.

Anonymous said...


actually,this is Nina Shubert,Rob's ex.It's strange why she's there.Maybe she and Rob got back together again?Is she the mysterious blonde nonstens keep saying?Rob eas very much in love with her and devastated when they broke up.

loris said...


NINA was NOT at the after party.

You little liars can't even keep your lies straight. First it was EDR and now it is Nina.

Seriously, shut your computers off and get out in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Anom @803. Great video...my goodness...there's such recent footage placed in it....these fan sure know how to create their masterpieces pronto.....

@stacony 11.51 yer I totally see your POV..but in the same instance you sound like your 'sitting on the fence'....that’s your opinion and I respect that....but there’s so much water under the bridge...so to speak, for us the believers to think other wise...this too is my opinion and maybe shared with others....But I really don’t think honesty and truly that their relaysh is PR or nonexistent ....Personally I have 'never', 'ever ‘been a fan to this extent and drawn as I am to those two....They can’t be fooling so many of us , without there being evidence for us to think otherwise ...

Lisa said...

11:51.. Most of us are not saying we "KNOW" one way or the other.. This is a blog that believes it though. There are many other blogs for those who don't, and some for those even are unsure. I don't (nor do many others) go to 'non' or 'unsure' blogs and force MY opinions down their throat. We ask for the same respect.. Pretty simple and straight forward.. As for your comparisons to Chris B & Ry and NL & JS.. I'm sorry, don't get it. ANY couple ANY time can end.. good or bad..

11:55 your pic is "page not found" I looked up Nina, and I didn't see her in any of the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa you I seem to gravitate and comment at similar times and to the same comments....thats so funny!!!THERE ONLY 1 MINUTE APART...LOL

Deb said...

OK call be nuts but just go with me ok I really dont no But I had my hubby look at that ring so he did with a magnifying glass I didnt ask him to do that but he any way he said this. THIS is what HE said it looks like (97 ) with maybe a small diamond next to it I look at it and it dose look like (97) but i dont know call me nuts im just saying why (97)?hummm I found it at Silva 11:00 if you want to see. DEB.

cookie said...

You know what will be the nail on the nonsten coffin?If Rob showed up in Montreal in August,while Kristen filming.What would they say then?That he's clingy,too?Or PR for BD?

Anonymous said...

Look up a picture of Nina Shubert, she's like 5'11 and in pics looks almost as tall as Rob. This girl doesn't even look like her...why does this even matter, they dated like 2 years ago. In an article they showed her a pic of her and Rob that is on a whos's dating who website, and her reaction was " why am I not getting a cut from the money they're making"Reaally you'd rather he be with someone like that? Reallly? omg Man the haters are grasping at any little straw now. Sorry but the "secret girlfriend shit is getting old"

Anonymous said...

Deb, honey you know what...and don’t be offended, BUT take a leaf out of Roses Book and don’t concern yourself on this trivial stuff.......We and I have done it in the past also....SPECULATE and DISECT allot on R/K.....Whether we see what we want or what it really is....DOES IT MATTER?? REALLY....LET’S JUST ENJOY OUR TWO BEAUTIFUL PPL AND APPRECIATE WHAT WE ARE SEEING THROUGH THERE EYES....BECAUSE WHAT MOST OF US ARE SEEING THROUGH THEIR EYES IS VERY UNIQUE AND HONEST....I'm not trying to tell you what to do or think.....but sometimes when you take a step back and look at the bigger picture. these things are so miute ...they really don't matter...

Staconey said...

Lisa I respect everyones opinion.I only came to the website because it was recommended.I am not trying to push my opnion down anyones throat.If you feel strong in what you believe kudos.I am not trying to rain on anyones parade.Like I said I don't know but I can see both sides.I just stay neutral because I don't know.Everyone is arguing sides and the only people who really know are the two of them.I am a fan of twilight.I have enjoyed all the actors contributions and wish them all well.Truth is this is not the first film or the first actors this has happened too.I am all for supporting my favorite actors as long as I know I(me not you or anyone else(not a negative comment) am supporting them for the right reasons.I don't try to get into their personal lives because it is a losing battle.I don't go by the media or what the production company says.They are in it for the money.We all know that films and salaries are not made on wishes and kisses.I didn't come to the site to change minds or views.Everyone is entitled to their views and opinions.Like I said a friend and I were debating this today and I looked at a few sites and interviews she recommened to make her point,end of story.As for the CB & R,JS & NL reference.I just remember how people commented about them being cute couples and how in love JS & NL were.My point to that was everything good is not good and everything is not what it seems.Relationships are not based on how cute you look together.The foundation for realtionships goes deeper and are more detailed.Not the things we see on camera or in interviews there is more that we don't and won't see.It is the real interaction between people when they don't have to smile and impress someone.It is when the camera stops rolling and real life sets in.The places and part of their lives we don't see.That is my point.Now I respect all the RobSten fans and I respect the NonSten fans because the only opinion I have to be concerned and live with is mine.So I apologize if I offened anyone that was not my intention.It was more about trying to understand my friends point of view by doing what she asked.

Anonymous said...

One other thing i wanted to ask anyone who uses this term KUDOS.....wtf does that mean??????i never heard that term until i came on here...is it an American term?????

remember that....... said...

Summit's PR team worked really hard.But as it seems they did a hella of a job.They kept crazy fans happy with all this posing.Summit and R/K's teams read all the blogs and received many e mails with complaints about R/K not posing together at NM premiere.So,in this one they went too far.They left poor Tay out of this and it was all E/B or R/K.The fans are happy,the money will be coming and everyone's happy.

After party pics.Both R/K have said like a zillion times that they don't wanna sell their personal life.Then why did they pose together and not with Tay?Didn't they know what everybody was gonna think?I'm sorry,but someone must be really naive if believes rhat it's not PR.They play their game very well,i must say.

The WTTR screening.Some tweets say that Sam was there.Where are the pictures to prove it.And while Rob was working till late,why his family didn't go there?His sisters,maybe?

You had all these photos to keep you warm.Now prepare for nothing till BD filming starts.That's the next R/K sighting.Or maybe the NY premiere,but i doubt Rob can make it,because of his scedule.

Deb said...

Louisa I think i'll just do that set back and enjoy the love thank you IM OUT DEB

Lisa said...

Louisa, that was funny.. (post close and about the same thing)

12:52:00 AM, if I was going to bet, I would bet he doesn't go to Montreal. Only because when he's done with WFE, I think he'll go to London. He'll spend time with his family and friends. After all, he's just spent how long in the states? And he'll be back to shoot UC, hopefully.. But either way, he & Kris will be together for 6 months starting in Oct! :)

Stacony, you're totally entitled to your opinion.. However, I will admit I personally don't understand why anyone would want to read a blog that differs from their opinion. That's just me.. More power to you. I have no problem as long as you're not pushing it on me. No one is going to change my mind. Because I don't worry about what I read or hear. I know what I see.. The only people that can change that, is Rob & Kristen themselves.

As for other celebs, I will freely admit I have never been touched by any famous person like I have Rob. I'm a twilight nut, but it's great fame to me, is leading me to Rob. At first I didn't like Kristen, but took the time to learn more about her because he did. Anyway, I've never followed others, so I don't know what happens to who. However, I did watch Newlyweds on occasion and I was thinking about your reference to them, and it did remind me of R & K. In the fact that I think fame broke NL & JS up. I think if they hadn't done that show, they would have had a better chance of making it work. Maybe not, but that's what I feel! :)

Lisa said...



Anonymous said...

"if I was going to bet, I would bet he doesn't go to Montreal. Only because when he's done with WFE, I think he'll go to London. He'll spend time with his family and friends. After all, he's just spent how long in the states? And he'll be back to shoot UC, hopefully.. But either way, he & Kris will be together for 6 months starting in Oct! "

That didn't bother Kristen to go and spend NYE with him althought they were filming and promoting together for 4 months or going to Budapest for her birthday and NOT spending time with her family and friends.Sorry,don't buy it.

Anonymous said...

Lisa FB??

Anonymous said...

Lisa thank you...i always thought it was slang for.....Im not even going to mention what i thought it would mean....If I told ya I'M sure you would laugh....I have never come across this word....Meaning= aclaim / honor..there you go ....you learn something new everyday....who said Rose was'nt educational.....KUDOS to you then...i think?????

Lisa said...

1:50:00 AM, lucky for you I'm not asking you to buy anything! :) LOL

But the IOW on NYE was different.. It's something Rob does with his buddies every year and this year he took her too! :) And as far as I can remember off the top of my head, they hadn't seen each other in a while when she went for her b/d. If he wasn't filming, maybe he would have went to her..

Louisa, KUDOS to you! ;)

jen said...


I love when a nonsten dot com.er comes on here after reading the forums and then gives us a point by point summary of all the arguments made for the day.

Um, I love they think Sam wasn't there at the screening too-hello, his own bandmember tweeted how he saw welcome to the rileys last night(he was there with sam too) and rec's it to everyone.

But pictures or it didn't happen right?


dina said...

Are there any pics of DS from the premiere?I haven't seen any?What's wrong with him?Do you think his relationship with Summit and the cast aren't the best?At every premiere there were photos with the directors.Now it;s the first time that we have none.

jen said...

Staconey I see what you are saying in various ways.

Occam's razor - that's what it comes down to for me. If you see them consistently hanging out together, past promotional duties and filming. And they are not dating or even seen with others in any romantic capacity. And when they are coworkers who spend months on location at a time and cop to spending a lot of that time together. And you're experiencing celebrity at a level so high for the first time, and only the other knows what it's like.

I don't know, I tend to think the simplest answer is the best. And it's them together in some capacity.

Could it be PR? Sure, but for the level of commitment to maintain a false public image like a relationship for over a year now and counting? The only PR stunt that would need that level of commitment is a bearding situation, plain and simple.

Do some believe that's the case? Sure. I don't.

Is there a pr element to the situation in terms of what we see as fans?


Does that mean that a relationship and pr elements are mutually exclusive?

Hell no.

Occam's razor-the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

Lisa said...

dina, he was there.. Here is a link to all cast members there pics.


There are more but I just happened to see that one.. Also, I think if you look at the MTV or E online videos, you'll find him. He was interviewed by all just like the other cast members. However, I never saw any pics of him WITH the cast..

Lisa said...

OK, time for bed.. PR is BS and so is bearding..

Anonymous said...

This is soooo predictable....lets see...weekend/ time of day or early morning [for some?] the shit ppl dribble...happens all the time in this time slot....all I got to say to is........what ever!!!!

jen said...
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jen said...

Bearding makes no sense for either Rob and Kristen.

Bearding is a situation where both the beard and beardee are getting something out of the mutual setup.

The beard gives remains exclusive to the beardee in exchange for more wealth or fame.

Robert and Kristen don't need to beard for one another-they both have comprable fame and wealth. If anything, they risk overexposure and professional pidgeon holing dating one another.

Christian Serrantos bearding for Robert would be make sense. Anna Kendrick, already an oscar nominee and Kristen stewart hottest young actress around make NO sense as beard options.

Mike Welch bearding for Kristen makes sense. Robert Pattinson makes no sense bearding, there's nothing for him personally or professionally he'd gain from doing so.

When bearding is the only other option for these two if they aren't dating, it's a crappy option because there's nothing to gain and much to lose for such a setup between them.

Occam's razor again--the simplest answer is the correct one. And in this case, the only logical one too.

Anonymous said...

Bearding for Rob or Kristen? Only desperate people like Nonstens would think of that.

Absolute nonsense like the idea of that blonde girl with a hat on being Rob's ex. She's not.

What's next nonstens?

Aren't you tired of making yourselves ridiculous?

Anonymous said...

I think there's no need to analyze the necklace and gold ring into deatils. R&K has already given us more than enough.

As for the sharpie incident, it would be very scary and unacceptable if it wasn't an accident. It definitely crossed the line if anyone did this intentionally.

To Anon 2:20 & 2:47, how can you hate a person you don't even know? (in Rob's words) It's irrational. It's prejudice!~

Yeah, Rose, I heard that Kristen's performance was great in WTTR. I want to see it so badly. Kristen can always brings a kind of seriousness and fierceness to the characters she plays. That's why I love her acting so much~ :)

To Staconey, I understand your point and it's nice that you expressed it calmly and peacefully, very much unlike those haters and nonstens. Of course we all don't know Rob & Kristen and what happens behind the door. Our impression that they're in love comes from their public appearances: interviews, events, photoshoots, press reports, and... okay, paparazzi pics...I know it's simple to say, oh, that's all based on believers' imagination or wishfully thinking. But how can a fake/manipulated/imaginary relationship draw so many of us into? In addition to the obvious mutual affection between R&K, I guess what attracts us most is that we can feel some sort of sincerity and genuineness in their relationship. Interestingly, this experience is across generations and cultures. The feeling is difficult to explain and yes, it may be intuitional, but isn't ture love a common instinct of human beings? There are numerous Robsten vids made by fans in diffrent languages. Many of them capture R&K's looks at press cons, interviews, photoshoots, fan events...not extracts from the movies but their real life interactions. One thing I can be positive is that we are not projceting them as Edward and Bella. For me, R&K's relationship is much more fascinating than that of E&B.

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

"I'm pretty sure most people seeing this will be teenage girls who aren't concerned with the actual skill level of their favorite actors in a movie like Twilight, but really, KS is a horrible actress, really, next time you watch Twilight or any other movie she's in just look past your attachment to the character, your infatuation with the male characters/actors, and anything else that you get distracted by and just analyse what KS is doing in the movie, she gives the same expressionless face, same disconnected tone in her voice, and same mediocre reactions.

Yeah, she's playing a troubled character, I know, but take a look at Dakota Fannings acting in Man on Fire where she plays a troubled character, possibly half KS's age but twice the acting skill.

When an untalented actress is successful it's usually because she's extremely attractive, KS is only mildly attractive even when she has professionals put her make up on for her. Also as a person she seems to be very unspectacular, from what I've heard/read she's pretty trashy and a poor role model for her fans. I'm amazed at how successful she is with literally nothing going for her. What's annoying is I'm sure there are thousand of struggling actors out there that actually deserve success."


Anonymous said...

even if they are together right now (which I highly doubt), they are what? 20 and 24.......and not just that, they are in 'hollywood'..........so not matter what, the end result will be the same......


Kristin said...

lol wow I just had to delete what I was writing because other people DID pick up on the 'sun turns black' equaling out to 'ECLIPSE' fact lol sneaky Rob very sneaky hehe

OH and this is my first comment here but I've been a long time reader, so HI EVERYONE!!!

(i find it funny that I just looked up to see what was on my tv only to see Harry Clearwater on it, well the actor who plays him anyway in the movie SNOW DOGS)

linda said...

I would watch out if i was kristen, nikki looks like she could steal any man. And isn't there rumors that nikki and rob have made up and he is secretly srewing her now behind kristens back. Well if i was kristen and watched that video where he says "i think you can break up with someone and still be in love with them, if you genuinely love them". After hearing that quote and hearing the recent rumors about him hooking back up with nikki i think he was talking about nikki. But i really don't believe he genuinely loves anyone but himself. He knows that he can cheat and girls will ultimately forgive him because of s/e/x. He has that tool and unfortunatly that is why he they are saying he was forgiven by nikki. In my opinion he will just tell ALL girls what they want to hear and lies and manipulate sthem behind their backs. Also those rumors about him telling someone that he is in love camilla, rob just needs to stop lying because i can't wait for the day a girl dumps him and has the strong nature to realize that a player will always play and that they deserve better.

linda said...

I hope that if he is wanting nikki back or is sleeping with her again(poor girl being used and sweet talked again whilst he continues to sleep with camilla and ashley on the off chance) he needs to break it off with kristen first. If he really wants nikki he should do it right and avoid another new moon experience. Kristen will find someone who loves her and only her, even if he hurts kristen, it is better to be honest then rather have her find out later and have her more heartbroken. If he has any feelings for her as a friend he would be honest, she deserves that much at least. Your lies will end up ruining your friendship rob. Just be honest so she can move on. I sadly think kristen is so blind that she is unable to see the truth. Don't be naieve kristen, you are away alot and he is certainly doing it with others on the sly. I think kristen needs to follow her gut more. I think she can't fathom that because he sweet talks, doesn't mean he would never actually hurt her.

Oh yeah and remember when there were rumors when he had had enough of nikki back at the beginning of filming new moon and how he wanted her to leave him alone while he was out with kellan and ashley one night. Yeah i have finally worked out this guys game, he wants ALL girls to love him and when he slightly starts spending too much time with them and it doesn't work out, he turns on the charm and goes back to loving them because he can't fathom having any woman not like him. He is a charmer and will just continue to break their hearts, why do they lower their self value so much. Can't wait for his time to come when someone hotter comes along and one of these girls says, ENOUGHS ENOUGH, and then they break HIS heart for good, he needs this to happen.

Also i don't think rob will ever tell the truth to kristen like he hasn't with others in the past, because he is a woman pleaser and feels empowered by winning over all ladies. I think kristen needs to take off her blinders and stop trusting in him. She needs to not be so trustworthy, because if what peanum's source is saying is even partially true then kristen needs to wake up, if he isn't man enough to be honest then she needs to hope her gut feelings aren't off and work it out for herself. Just because he telles you what you want to hear doesn't mean he isn't doing the same to others, especially when you are out of town.

I await the day when some girl does a number on him and breaks his heart.

Anonymous said...

To Emily....

You sound as if you know all about acting. You comment doesn't really count. What count most are the comments and praises about Kristen are from the directors, producers and from highly acclaimed, oscar winners actors she worked with.

If you don't like Kristen's acting so be it. Do not watch her movies.

Here is my challenge to you if you can do it. Produce a negative comment about Kristen's acting from producers, directors and fellow actors.

Anonymous said...

To Linda...

I saw your post in IMDB too...You are really stupid cow!!! Is it not enough you were insulted there?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:39, YEAH~ So true! I love you~

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:03 AM and others like her/him.

You really don't have a leg to stand on anymore now do you?
Desperate much?

Anonymous said...

To Anon Sunday, June 27, 2010 6:03:00 AM

It's the same old story... blah...blah...blah...

Do me a favour. Evaporize yourself & disappear from the face of the earth. Life would be beautiful and colorful without you.

Anonymous said...

anons 6:17,6:19,we're not desperate,are you?Maybe that's why our comments make you nervous?LOL

Does the truth hurt much?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:03, it's so rude and offensive to say this. How classy you are.

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

What truth?
Are you speaking of the deperate fluctuations in your comments?

Rob's girlfriend is blonde....How many different names in the last few days?

KS waent to Budapest and IOW for work! The looks between them are all for PR.

Now, he's bearding for her, she's bearding for him.

Your comments reek of desperation!

Anonymous said...

I've just saw RM on DVD.Geeez!It's such a bad movie.It's all about Rob and his good looks,nothing more.The little girl,though,was pretty good.The majority of those who went to the cinema wanted to drool over Rob,not admire his acting skills.

Anonymous said...

To Anon Sunday, June 27, 2010 6:43:00 AM

It's your opinion but it's not majority's opinion. We can live with that.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:50AM

I wouldn't be so bold as to say I speak for a majority but comments which make no sense in any context whatsoever piss me off!

Anonymous said...

To Monica from Asia and
Anonymus 5.39

You nail it girls!! It's a pleasure to read your comments.

Nonstens+Haters, like somebody said above... Aren't you tired of making yourselves ridiculous?

Anonymous said...

Here is the Video of the Day...