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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rob and Kristen- It's So Easy To Fall In Love

I've never seen Robert look happier...
Or more gorgeous than he has looked lately.

Sometimes I think there just is no hope.
No Hope for Hyenas.
Hahahaha... that sounds like a telethon or something!
SO MUCH PRESS yesterday.
I can't even get through it all.
But I do have to touch on the points that
made the skies dark with angry foam.

So much was being twittered during Robert's press conf.
Some people were there...
Trying to let everyone know what was being said.
So finally there was a Rob/Kristen question.
Well... kinda.
But all over twitter it was...

Here is the question that was asked of Rob.

"Do you understand the fantasy people have about you and Kristen
being together in Real Life?
And whats the truth?"
Rob's answer:
“Do I understand the fantasy of it? No, not really. 
People like the stories. 
My basic conclusion is that they want everything to be about ‘Twilight,’
I guess…” He pauses for a while after promising the truth. 
Then?  "I don't know" 
For some reason the haters have taken this response
as some sort of denial of his relationship with Kristen.
Huh? What?
My opinion?
Robert was addressing trying to equate peoples fantasies...
With his REAL LIFE relationship.
Of course he doesn't understand that.
It's not fantasy to him.
He concludes their fantasies are based on their
love of everything Twilight.
Which in a lot of instances... is probably true.
But how is that a denial?

Beautiful Kristen.
She looked amazing.
She was fantastic in the interviews.
She was calm.
She was cool.
She was collected.

The big "Robsten" question to Kristen.

A personal question for Kristen about her relationship
with Rob and speculation surrounding it. 
She has no answer and just says that speculation will probably continue.

That was it.
That speculation will continue.
Honest. Simple.
The truth.

I haven't watched most of the video from the 
joint press conference with Taylor/Rob/Kristen.
I was on Twitter and saw what was being said
by people who were there...
Can I just say....
They were all sweet and adoring to each other.
Being goofy and charming...
Not hiding their feelings...
At all.
Who needs a declaration of love?
Not me.
Not anyone whose mind isn't poisoned by
anger and bitter resentment.
It's all there... right in front of you.

Whenever they are together...
It's so blatantly obvious how they feel about each other.
Robert has always worn his heart on his sleeve...
But even Kristen...
As shy and private as she is...
Cannot resist Robert's adorkable charm.
They just seem so damn HAPPY.
Gloriously so.

Of course the haters were out in full force.

"Rob is just tired... he doesn't know what he's saying."
"Kristen HATES Rob... she can't stand to be near him"
"Kristen kissed Taylor!"
"People don't get Rob's sarcasm!!"
"People will read SO much into these answers!"

That last one REALLY slayed me.
So 'people' weren't' reading SO much into Rob's answer?
Not only reading so much into it...
But twisting it, distorting it...
To try and get it to be some sort of denial?

I'm laughing at the complete hypocrisy.
Notice I'm laughing AT you...
Not with you.

Shaun Robinson from Access Hollywood.
She does the cutest interviews with the cast.
She seems to make them feel comfortable...
She doesn't pry into their personal lives more than necessary.
And she truly seems to really like...
BOTH Kristen and Robert.
I like that.
I like her.

Shaun is very kind to Kristen.
And in turn... Kristen is open and honest.
And smiley.
Lots of smiles.
Shaun tries to understand Kristen...
and defends her.
It's nice that someone who actually KNOWS Kristen
can say such wonderful things about her.

Shaun had a lot to say on Twitter as well...
Really a lot.
It was interesting her thoughts on 
Rob, Kristen... and their relationship...

A few of her tweets.

Twi-hards, personally, I luv Kristen Stewart. I think she's been unfairly portrayed in media as unappreciative. Far from truth.

he's whole package. that's why he's going to be big star
well, you see them together all the time. photographers pics.

right! they are not trying to hide their relationship anymore

you daggone sure can tell there is something between them in their kissing scenes!

Do you guys care about the "relationship question" with rob and kristen? not sure we all are dying to know anymore. kind of obvious, huh?
Kind of obvious... indeed

Seriously Hyenas...
You make it way too easy to


Bye for now


Stefan said...

I saw the convention and Kristen doesnt even look at Rob. He even tries to talk to her a few times but she turns to Taylor. She ignores him so much. If these two are together I'm the queen on England. lmao

catherino99 said...

Great post! I hadn't seen the tweets from Shaun but I love how she says that it is so obvious...b/c it is! The joint panel was so cute. R & K are constantly looking at each other, getting support from their loved one, trying to make each other laugh a bit. It is literally so obvious they are a couple!

Anonymous said...


Oh look how she looked taylor! So?

No but seriously, are we sure she loves Rob?!

Anonymous said...
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ITK said...

It's now clearly obvious why Summit forbids Rob and Kristen from promoting together (without Taylor). They can't hide a damn thing. lmao. It would be one big flirty, eye-sexin', promotional tour of love. It would completely overshadow the movie.

Stefan - you have seen the actual pictures/vids from last night right? Visual PROOF is visual PROOF. Go get some glasses and take a peak of what actually occurred in real life and not in your dreams.

Dizzle said...

Gahhh, I'm on a Rob/Kristen cuteness overload, Those two are simply adorable together and it's so incredibly obvious that they dig each other SFM. I also love their rapport with Taylor. I'm glad they have a friend like him. :)

Great post as always. Thanks Rose!

Gigi said...

Hi Rose ...last week there was a question of a so called new paper man ? now here is Shaun who has been doing this for a long time ..if she sees it , then guess what ??? like my mom would say ...if it looks like a duck , swims like a duck , and quacks like duck ...must you see it on a pond to say ..ohhh yea look it is a duck ?? I don't think so ...it is what it is , and for what ever reasons her or him or both don't want to go all out , as a fan who appreciates them both I'm ok with it ...so be it ..!!! we should all let them be ..
@ Stefan ...welcome to America oh majesty of England...b/c I have to tell you they are together..
@anon 12:43 so what they have more picts of her looking adorably to Rob and better yet she talks as to how odd it was to kiss Taylor b/c she has said more than ones she feels like he is her brother ..by the by she has never said anything close to that as to what is it like to kiss Rob ok ?? no brotherly feelings there ...
As always great post Rose ...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Seriously Rose? LOL Well done, you just joined the ranks of the delusional shippers. Seriously there was no robsten bubble! Kristen ignored Rob the entire time throughout the twicon. She only paid attention to Taylor, laughed at his jokes, kissed his neck. Even when Rob started to sing she didn't even look at him. Rob wasn't even on her radar. Time to get some glasses Rose. Cause the only person sitting in the Robsten bubble is Rob and its been like that for quite for a while. Its Rob-not-sten lol.

Wildhart007 said...

Best part of Twicon was Rob saying his son on playing him. Kristen's reation was priceless!

Tatiane said...

I agreed with EVERYTHING.
geez, can people just open their eyes and minds to this ?
They care so much about each other that it's written all over their faces !
I know they are together, you do, damn it, all the haters do too ! And thats why they keep trying to make excuses to say "Kristen isn't in love with Rob, She doesn't look at him, look how she looks to Taylor "(Please! Taylor ? srsly?)

I love them so much. They're the cutest thing ever. #Robsten is there to everyone see.

Caroline said...

First, i've been waiting for your post Rose...
@stefan, i saw the convention too and i think the problem is in the eyes of the viewer...K feels more comfortable around Taylor, cause they are friends and nobody is looking all the time want to know wth trey are doing...And whith Rob is love...have you ever fell in love?We feel a little apprehensive, whit all kinds mannerism...I think we judge too much. And she not ignore him, sometimes she gave more attention to Taylor, when she felt embarrassing for R answer, and another time she gave more attention to Rob, the way she acts when R answer about love...
And anonymous 12:43...this is a cute look, and it's not only about the look, the way you act, it's about real facts...Kings of Leon,hands tide Paris, Birthday, Budapest, London,the things she know and the way they interecat; It's a hall Package.
But if you still not believe, i think you are in deny...Just relax and enjoy this moment!So beautiful and so cute...
And Rose you forgot to mention that Kristen said people problably will know when they finish BD...Uhhh!



jen said...

Great junket yesterday- R and K and T are GREAT. All three of them, I could just eat them all up.

Interesting thing to notice with all three-Robert and Taylor have gotten quite close. It's funny to actually watch THEM together bum rush and tease Kristen. They are very rascally, and Kristen acts like their den mother, scolding them at every turn!

And Robert, he is as big a tease as ever. NOtice how often he brought up kids? Personally I think he probably hates kids-he's a 23 year old male, they usually do! But notice what he does with all the "daddy" imagery--he knows it will get a huge reaction from the room; but more importantly a reaction from Kristen! She's mortified every time he brings up babies, cause she knows how the media and the fans are going to speculate even more now about marriage and children for them! lol

Detractors are always saying "Kristen's so mean, she doesn't look at him, he's trying to get her to look at him, but she won't!"

And all I have to say to them is, dude, you guys are missing the whole picture. Robert is a merciless tease to Kristen, he loves teasing her publicly and getting her flustered. All the looking away is SMACK DAB in the middle of Rob in the middle of him teasing and taunting her.

Nonstens miss so much because they want to paint Kristen as teh villain and Robert as the victim. I like the real Robert better, he's an instigator and a puppet master, just winding that WHOLE crowd up, and kristen too!, with things that make the fans go wild and Kristen mortified.

Kristen and Robert are SO much more fun and engaging then the hyenas ever give them credit for.

deejon67 said...

They Are Together And They Are Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy Together!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara said...

It just goes to show that the shippers only see what they want to see. Yeah there are a few pics of Rob looking at Kristen but in most of them Kristen is smiling at Taylor with her back turned on Rob. Yeah watch this. Kristen ignores Rob The Entire Time. Even when Rob talks and sings she turns her back on him and talks to Taylor.

Anonymous said...

@12:42 Baby you better go and get your crown cause you are for sure the Queen of England. A blind Queen, but still a Queen. Congratulations!! Let the confetti fly now. Wow!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I find it hilarious that the hyenas are always the first to post. Rose,you should feel honored. The hyenas have no life and wait until you post and they pounce on it right away.

Yeah, I do that as well, all day long with celebs I don't like and go to fansites devoted to them and write idiotic comments that are nonsensical and delusional. Doesn't every normal person?

Loved the pix and videos from yesterday.They were so happy together and also had great rapport with Taylor. He seems to really like Rob and who can resist that British humor?

BTW, to the "R hates K, K hates R, she is with Taylor' children, a film critic said they left a bar last night TOGETHER. No Taylor. Gosh,wonder where they were off to at a late hour by themselves??? Hehe

Stefan said...

to ITK

Excuse me but I don't need glasses. I think its the shippers that need glasses.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that film critic said that Rob and Kristen were sitting at seperate tables and Rob walked over to Kristen. She was probably waiting for Taylor.

Anonymous said...

to 1242, considering you used a boy's name, perhaps King of England is more appropriate. Either way, pleased to meet Your Majesty because they are so together. Polish your jewels as they aren't going anywhere.

jen said...

ps: one more example of the way Robert teases Kristen-look at this picture:


Now wait for the hyenas to say HOW MEAN she is, and cold, and angry at him.

But look at the reality of the picture. HE's cracking up, smugly even. She's the flustered one, she's flipping him off, but with a smile on her face too.

Know when this was taken? when robert said runaways is his favorite movie. Sure,e veryone thought it was sweet, but he's teasing her again, knowing people are going get all riled up, and she responds with the bird.


This is what bantering looks like kids. This is what verbal and gestural foreplay looks like between people who don't want as much sugar in their champagne as hyenas apparently do..

Seriously, hyenas, go follow Joe Jonas if you want all the sugar. Cause Robert's not into that shit.

Gigi said...

...So she don't like him? she has nothing to do with him ....interesting fact ..how does she know what he was doing all night the night before ?? better yet why is she excusing him ?? only saying this little bit is very telling no ?


Anonymous said...

LMFAO at some people....
Especially the fact that these people have tried their best to delusionally ignore the past year and everything that has come with it.
They cannot handle anything. See how quickly they look for something to pick apart?
I can handle Kristen talking and smiling at Taylor. He is a good FRIEND. To her and Rob.
I can handle Rob and Kristen not interacting for every fucking second of the TwiCon.

I believe they are dating. They have put it out there a lot over the past year. Only those that are completely delusional and bitter chose to ignore it.

Rob and Kristen were fun and playful last night. I agree with jen that Rob loves to get reactions from Kristen. He loves it! They were just too darn cute last night.

Tom said...

Rob's not teasing Kristen but the fans.He knows that whatever he says is gonna be discussed to no end on internet and that's good for him.It keeps him in the spotlight.He says that he's tired with all the attention and the speculation,but he;s feeding the beast.

Anonymous said...

To the normal, sane posters here...just IGNORE the child(ren) spouting lies and nonsense about Kristen hating Rob or not looking at him(not sure what videos/pics they are looking at,but sure isn't from the convention yesterday) Looks like the LONE hyena from yesterday that has no life and posts 100 times pretending to be different people is back. Don't they have any real life friends?? Nobody to hang with at the pool?The answer is NO.

And Kristen waiting for Taylor last night as she left with Rob??? LMFAO!!!! That's a good one.

Rose,keep it up. The frothing and sputtering is getting desperate. Chickens with their heads cut off is an apt description.

Anonymous said...

jen, the only thing these idiots prove is that they don't get Rob, they don't get Kristen and they definitely don't get the dynamics of Rob and Kristen's relationship.
They come off as people that have never been in a romantic relationship before. IDK, maybe they haven't and that's why they're clueless.

Anonymous said...

I didn’t know the Queen was a fan of Rose’s. Oh Joy. Rose is a star. Kristen and Robert are too cute together.

Amanda said...

How many times do people have to bring up Kristen has said Taylor is like a BROTHER to her for the hyenas to finally get it? Lets look back into what Kristen has said about Rob.. lots of "connection" and "chemistry" but nothing remotely close to 'brother'.

It's weird, I watched it and I saw something completely different than the hyenas, imagine that. IoW, BAFTA, Budapest, a million sightings from non Twilight fans oh and out together last night, and the hyenas STILL don't get it? Rob and Kristen were SO cute last night and Taylor was funny too.:)

Great post Rose.

Anonymous said...

To the moronic hyenas...we're not laughing with you, we're laughing AT you.

klm said...

Now we even have the Queen as a fan of Rob and Kristen's! They are really popular now. Even old Bess loves them. As a Brit, he will be pleased even if he doesn't happen to be a monarchist.

Gigi said...

one last one ...I particularly love this one for many reasons ...it really tells the story of them 3 been friends , how Kristen react to Taylor's comment and how she looks expectantly at Rob as to say ....ok big boy how are you going to get out of this one ...loved it ...


Now it is time to go to the pool so long ...

Honey said...

Love Robsten, Love you Rose!
I really think Hyenas are becoming more and more ridiculous, but they probably need to be like that, otherwise they should be "obliged" to admit they are wrong, they have always been and they will always will..Cause Robert now is showing clearly he LOVES his woman, he BELONGS to her Kristen. He's so fucking proud of her, of everything she does or says. He totally adores everything in that beautiful, mature girl...like I do too :)People that can't accept their love can just foam around, and don't deserve any kind of attention..that's why I've done with these hyenas for today too.. but Just wanna say to them...don't foam too much babies...cause things won't change anyway: Robert and Kristen are probably making love right now..again again and again, litteraly adoring each other while your crazy minds continue cooking up things...relax! RobertLovesKristenLovesRob regardless of you and your opinion :)
And Robsten....there's no need of verbal confirmations,they do the best protecting their life, cause it's ust theirs. They say everuthing through their actions, their sights..they are so happy in this period, I've never seen them so relaxed and beautiful as lately. Kristen is comfortable and secure when Rob's with her..she already seems to be an "happy wife" so confident and supportive with her "husband :)
Yeah, Robsten rocks girls..and if you really love them, you just should be happy for them...!
Love Rose, Love Robsten, forever

wc said...

To anon. @ 1:18-that's why it's so obvious these are immature little girls posting here as the hyenas,only young teens without any sexual/romantic experience write like this. Most of us here are happily married and know what REAL,unconditional love is, and that's what Rob and Kristen have.

the awful truth said...

Rob is BSing again with all his moronic comments about babies,sons and other crap like that.He just wants the attention.He knows that peoplke are tearing apart every single word he says.The rumors and the speculation have meke him a star and he knows it.As for Kristen,i think she just sees him as a good friend and nothing more.She even flipped him the bird,She's so bored of his nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I agree about Shaun, she has always shown respect to R and K and also knows how to have fun with them. Hyenas,you've lost so GTFO. Shaun has worked with these 2 for the past 2 yrs and knows they are a couple along with EVERYONE else. Time to get the blinders off and go find someone else to obsess over. I hear Joe Jonas is single again and there's always Justin Bieber.

Anonymous said...

They both look deliriously happy together and in love. Two beautiful souls who deserve one another, and I'm deliriously happy for them :)


Anonymous said...

Rose, you're right. Hyenas come out into full force. Maybe it's the hot kissing scene in Eclipse and the Robsten love bubble in the fan event have given them much irritation. I automatically ignore their posts and that makes me feel better.

Yeah, Kristen did a really great job!~ Realy thank the interviewer for writting something good about Kristen in Twitter.

The two are so adorable. They just can't hide it~~ I always wish that they could be more care free, just like normal couples, enjoy their love and each other's companion.


Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

Contrast pix of unhappy,miserable R/K at Rome conference in late 08 to yesterday's. I now see a very confident, handsome man and a beautiful,glowing woman who are very happy in their private lives with each other.That's what a couple in love looks like. They don't even care who knows anymore and everyone with 2 brain cells knows they are.

white wedding said...

The ridiculous hyenas are the ones who would see a pic of R and K on their wedding day and would say the following..."she's crying because it's Taylor that she really loves." "She's not looking at Rob every second, she's cutting the cake and is looking down, she hates him." "She is only doing this for PR." lol

Anonymous said...

Love the banter b/w Rob and Kristen yesterday,it was adorable,lots and lots of foreplay...those 2 had fun last night.lol Then I hope she let him get some sleep!

Anonymous said...

Why do you haters come here each day and whine like a baby that needs their dirty diaper changed? Why don’t you sad people go someplace where you can be a little happier? I can’t imagine going to a blog that I hate and trying to make people see things the way I see them and fail EVERY TIME. Go find a man, have good stiff drink or take up knitting. Do something.

Anonymous said...

to Jen at 1:00-you must not have ever watched the Japanese video from NM promos where Rob quite seriously says he wants to be a young dad, he wants a family of his own by age 30. It was not said in jest.

jen said...

anon 1:57: I saw the video where he said he wants to be young dad. He mentions that's for his 30's though, so he doesn't mean right now. He's only 24.

All the "she's pregnant" "my son" "I just love kids" comments though are done more in jest, look at how overly serious he delivers those lines, and notice he's looking straight at Kristen almost every time to watch her reaction. Cause she freaks out like clockwork. lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, I see you used the shopvac. Keep it, if the rest of the summer is going to be anything like yesterday, it's going to get real wet on your blog.
Geez these kids are amazeing. I thought Tay was great too. He may stand up in the wedding, lol.
To the hyenas that come here, how dumb do you think Rob and Kristen are?
Do you think they have no brains like yourselves? They know what they are saying and doing. They know who loves them and who hates on them. They have a life outside of Twilight, they use the internet, they have phones and friends who use Facebook and Twitter. They know what you say about them, they read blogs too.
They are probably are smart enough to find out who you are and your email addie.
Maybe you should stop and think about what you are typing, thinking you are all slick like that.
Rose, awesome post like always. I tried to watch all the videos but you can't hear a darn thing with all the shouting and catcalling, pisses me off.No respect, let them at least answer the questions.Some fans, they don't even care enough to listen to them,"clears throat HYENA"
Love ya Rose, keep on doing what you are doing.
PS sorry I was so long winded today ;)

Thata said...

Great post!!!It's more than obvious and everybody knows that even those ones who don't wanna see the truth,poor people...
Love your blog,Rose!!!
Kisses from Brazil

PS:they were so happy last night,can you imagine why? I can,lol

Anonymous said...

To Jen at 205-you missed my point entirely. You said he probably hates kids when it's apparent that he doesn't. I never said he wanted them at 24. But people that hate kids don't talk about wanting their own within a few yrs.

soadram said...

Great post, wonderful, magnificent, unique ...:)))
Who really need confirmations?
the eyes say a thousand words and I feel happy to see that Rob / Kris are happy.
For the rest PUSH **.
A good day for you Rosa
A kiss

kristine.hills said...

LOL Rose if you ask me what is the best of your post i swear i CAN'T just choose one, they make my day EVERY SINGLE DAY. You Rock girl.
But today i was laughing so much, it hurts...lol

Your post today was yuuuummmy!!!
Loved it.

Tons of love for us bb!!!


I'm more in love with RK right now, if it's possible.

I have a huge smile on my face, i just can't help it.

Blindenas, we don't care, you can spread you bitterness and hater, it doesn't matter, or better it NEVER matters! We true fans and of course intelligent and mature people are here to spread LOVE, and it's so GOOD, i feel so much better when i spread happiness and love, my life is so much lighter right now!

Love you Rose!

xxx said...

Kristen flipped the finger to Rob.How classy!At a work event,with all these kids around and all these reporters.That girl has a street attitude!In fact,kids that are raised at streets behave better than her.

wth? said...

WTH? Are these hyenas for real??LOL Kristen not looking at Robert in the press conf.and wanting Taylor?? LMAO They have to be bored teenage boys messing around with y'all.

jen said...

anon: 2:16 - I think you took my words more seriously then I meant them to be. I don't literally think he hates kids. I don't doubt he wants kids someday and a family. But he's 23 and the last thing a 23 year old is thinking about is knocking up some girl and making babies. That's usually their worst nightmare.lol

loris said...

You little taysten shipper(s), you just make yourself look so ridiculous. If Kristen was ignoring Rob all night and only had eyes for Taylor, why did he move his chair away from them? Why wasn't it rob who did that?

I agree, the person who keeps posting here is very young and has never been in love before. It is very easy to spot once you you have been.

Katie said...

So sweet. Taylor truly had Kristen's undivided attention throughout the twicon. Rob couldn't even break their bubble. Robsten bubble? Gimme a fking break. Kristen's head was turned towards Taylor for most of the convection. She wouldn't even look at Rob when he spoke or sang.

Anonymous said...


Okay you Taysten Hyenas... watch this video and say with a straight face you believe in Taysten.

Ya'll are NUTS!

Anonymous said...

225 - Peter Facinelli was at an awards show WORKING with youth around and reporters and he dropped the F bomb! Big deal, get real. Rob and Kris were having fun with each other. Rob seems to like her street attitude as you put it.

Patricia said...

Rose: I didn't get to sleep till after 3 a.m. .....Too busy reading twitter and watching the bubble of Rob and Kristen in video interviews.

Kristen knows how to 'deal' with Rob and Rob loves to tease her and say (HIS 'OUT THERE' COMMENTS) and that is their foreplay for sure. They are so in tuned to each other and so comfortable together...He was SO TIRED LAST NIGHT FROM FILMING UNTIL 4 A.M. AND HARDLY GETTING ANY SLEEP IF ANY. He was rambling at times but his usual cute, adorkable self. YOU GOTTA JUST LOVE HIM, AND WE DO DON'T WE ?????

I have to say that Taylor was 'great' I have been kinda mean about him in the past. But I have to give credit where credit is due. He is a good kid and he knows way more than he lets on and that says a lot for what kind of a person he is. No wonder they both love him. This was the first time I didn't think he acted like a ROBOT !!!

I felt as soon as Kristen said "she isn't ready to get married, but she believes in it and hopes to have a family like she has"
that all the haters would jump on that and say she doesn't care about Rob as much as he cares about her. She is 20 years old and I do think that Rob would marry her in a New York second, but he's 24 and I think she needs some time to digest this love and take it to the next step. I believe that she loves him just as much as he loves her. But I also believe that Marriage is a little ways away. Notice I said LITTLE, because I do believe it WILL happen.
Rob loves Kristen loves Rob.
Grazie Rose for another SANE post from a ROB AND KRISTEN LOVER.
< 333

Anonymous said...

That woman giving Rob the finger


She doesn't deserve him at all.



Anonymous said...




I'm not gonna say anything.

Actions speak louder than words. (Is that gramatically correct?)

Bye, Lily

loris said...

The taysten shipper is going to bed. We can have peace now.

The finger was funny!!!! I know it is hard for you to understand when the only examples of relationships you have experienced are Disney characters and Twilgiht.

Anonymous said...

Ok, one more thing.

Romola Garai would never give the middle finger.

Rob...leave that woman. Please. Please.

Nikki said...

Ah yes the Yysten bubble was in full effect. Rob loves Kristen. Kristen hates Rob.

Anonymous said...

@245 - I give you the finger Lily because you deserve it (not in a playful way like Rob and Kris). Night. Keep your Robert Pattinson night light on I know you can't sleep without it.

loris said...

Oh yes, look how much Kristen hates Rob. =eyeroll=

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, I only wrote 3-4 comments today, you are lucky I have exams.
And I'm not a Taysten, I mean, I wish she'd get involved with...oh, well, whatever, just a man, don't mind who. Just not Rob. (Garret is my hope, I know she can do it!!! ...*sigh* poor bb, looks like a nice guy, but...someone has to deal with that woman, I know is kind of a sacrifice -.-)

Time to sleep, bye


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Lily is like an annoying gnat that just won't go away.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
linzy said...

sweet new banner Rose! one of my absolute favorite photoshoots ever. it would fantastic if we could get a repeat for BD, since VF went with the females in twilight for Eclipse promo.

what's that i smell wafting from some comments above and out about in the ether of the internet? is that desperation? such a distinct bitter smell. but of course like anyone who is used to smelling like GARBAGE, they aren't aware of their own disgusting STINK. i would pity them but they know how to bathe and willingly choose not to.

loved loved looooved everything about the junket and convention appearance yesterday. those 3 have gotten great at handling promotion together - there is an intangible quality that comes out when they get to do these as a group rather than as individuals or duos. as much as i'd enjoy R/K promoting on their own, i know it is unrealistic and honestly with the way the fiends work, it would be so stressful. toss taylor in and its like they are all floating on air! happy, relaxed, flirty, giggly, smiley, spontaneous.. i could go on and on.

seeing Robert and Kristen this happy makes me smile so hard sometimes I feel like MY face is going to break.

great post Rose (as always) :)

SueBee said...

Okay, I watched a few videos but the audio was bad so I couldn't hear the actual Q & A.

Does anyone know of some videos with better sound?

Anonymous said...

Lol Kristen calls Rob her friend http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6Rh9XcKJD8&feature=player_embedded

Anonymous said...

Lily is saying “you are lucky I have exams”. Lily is lucky he/she hasn’t been locked up for the rest of his/her’s natural life. That person seems to be, disturbed?

loris said...

anon @ 3:14
You are really reaching with that. Time to hang up your denial hat and see the truth.

Sam said...

Oh look who came out of the woodwork to foam another day. Seriously I just gave my boyfriend the finger two days ago and guess what...WE ARE STILL TOGETHER!! Have any of you hyena losers truly been in a relationship? Are people seriously, truly thinking that Kristen wants Taylor?! Rose said it best recently that not all nonstens are hyenas, but fuck if she doesn't attract those foamers like clockwork. They are nothing if not predictable, those hyenas. I love that they seem to RUN to a pro R/K blog without fail everyday, yet the true R/K fans stay away from the anti R/K sites. And I love that some of the foamers have names now, though is it actually their own name I seriously doubt(because I do believe that it is one person just posting under different names. how pathetic are you?)
Oh Goody Lily's back; seriously shouldn't you have parental controls and be under some sort of adult supervision?

loris said...

Ooops I meant anon @ 3:11. they are the ones that need to hang up their denial hat. She was talkign about everyone. What do you want her to say, "my friends and my boyfriend?"


Really. this is just a game to you isn't it. Time for a new hobby.

Anonymous said...

Talk about people reading into things and making accusations... You write as if you know them.... WHICH YOU DONT!!! Please, spare me Rose.

Anonymous said...

Oh lord, Lily's back. I was hoping she had been shipped away to a mental hospital along with the other teenybopper hyenas.
Lily dear, "that woman" isn't going anywhere. Her name is Kristen and that name passes through Rob's lips 100 times day. He sees her face when he wakes up, and when he goes to sleep. He makes love with her and there is a *huge* difference between sex and making love. When you and the other hyenas grow up and have a real relationship based on love(if you are lucky) you will know what I am talking about.
He doesn't want this Romola person or anyone else. He wants Kristen and he has her, and isn't letting go. She doesn't want this Garret dude or Taylor or anyone else, she wants Rob and has him. She isn't letting go either. He obviously loves her middle finger flipping and cursing.
Sorry for you and your pathetic fantasies.

Anonymous said...

@3:11 LMAO like she's going to make the distinction 'It's fun to work with a cast of friends AND my boyfriend'??? Ummm..no. After all, I'm sure she does consider Rob a friend first even though they are dating. I consider my sig other one of my best friends. But again that isn't what she said. SO desperate. She generalized everyone, because what else is she going to do when she says she won't talk about her and Rob's relationship? lol.

SueBee said...

Demon, oops, I mean Dreamon, you don't know the first thing about Rose. Let's not make it personal.

Anonymous said...

I'm very confused, did I watch the same Twi Con vids as the other commenters here did? Because I didn't see Kristen ignoring Rob, I saw her paying Taylor more attention at times but also she gave Rob more attention at times. And why wouldn't she be giving more attention in public? It's like seeing your friends at a party or event, do you spend the entire time talking to the bf you're with most of the time, or do you mingle and speak with other friends?

Anonymous said...

Bitter people come here and attack Rose because they can see she's actually logical and they don't like it. Don't like what Rose writes? Don't come here! Personal insults when you don't actually know her just prove what sickening people you are.

Anonymous said...

DEMON and I mean DEAMON - Rose can’t help the way someone comments on her blog. Angry housewife? I think it’s someone else who is angry not Rose. Peace be with you.

Rose said...

All I do is write about my thoughts... my opinions.
I don't make anyone respond.
I don't force anyone to read my blog.

Oh, but I do have the power to delete! PUSH!

Anonymous said...

a little video after rob said "my son" http://s882.photobucket.com/albums/ac21/OhMyRPattz/Eclipse%20Convention%20Vids/?action=view&current=MVI_2204.mp4& i wiil give a finger to know what he said to her loool

Anonymous said...

Rob has mentioned what kind of girls he likes: he likes "strong crazy" girls.

All the nonstens keep saying how unladylike she is, and unlikeable.

But they keep forgetting they want different things for Robert than what Robert has voiced for himself.

She may be a little rough sometimes, but he always seems to be amused by her antics.

Amora said...

wooow so many haters here :\ and let me say Rose this is honestly the first time i read your blog :$ and i loveee it so you have a new fan from Egypt haha

and about your last blog you are soooo right in every word you wrote, and for God's sake who hate R/K so much why even bother to come here just to leave hate words, well this is inappropriate!!

and even who believe that Robsten is True *and i'm one of them* but hey what about privacy so true fans are not pushy to know the truth i just love to see both of them smiling and happy like that

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose.

My first post here. Im from SA and a "obsessed 34 year old" Rob-fan. I dont care if Kristen's awsome moments with Rob or a finger in his face is causing him happiness, as long as he's happy. Obviously I love those adorkable and goofy moments between Kristen and Rob.

Re Taylor - he is still very young and totally not following Rob and Kristen's lifestyles, which makes him an automatically NO for Kristen. Still got mad love for him.

Anonymous said...

RPatz: "Taylor's full of it. The Edward/Bella kiss is WAY better that the Jacob one. Please, I've won two MTV awards for my kissing!"


I love Rob. I SO hope they win for the next three years running!!!

Kris: Rob wanted to hula hoop and juggle. LMAO!!!

Who knows what they'll do next year? :-)

Anonymous said...

Kristen hates Rob. Kristen hates Rob. Kristen hates Rob. Please just face the truth already. You're really making yourselves look like a bunch of fools. Kristens going to leave him in July and she won't miss him. Rob is a fool, a fool in love whos about to get his heart torn to shreds.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:47

I too will give up a finger.... we need some lip readers.... or something :-)

Nat said...

I do like that Rob is clearly happy around Kristen.

But at the same time if Kristen doesn't love him then I suggest Rob spares himself the heartbreak of unrequited love.

If she doesn't love.. well then, whats the point of the relationship. Its not gonna go anywhere!

Sam said...

Wow suggestions for what Rob should do as if you know him. I swear it's these non fans have all the knowledge of the real Rob/Kristen and what's in their minds and what they're thinking etc. We should all defer to you and bow down to your superior wisdom. We sane fans can have fun speculating and draw the line there, but the hyenas in sheep's clothing come here and tell us what Rob should do, like at the end of the day he's gonna come here and heed your advice. People nned to get a serious grip and GTFO.
Oh and to the Anonymous hyena asshole who says we're all looking like a bunch of fools, answer me this: You come here to a fan blog waste your time and post when you clearly are not a fan and WE'RE the fools? How pathetic are you? It's fine of you don't open your eyes and see the truth, but why waste time coming here trying to convince people who don't need convincing to your way of thinking?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Kristen hates Rob so much that she flew across the world to spend her birthday with him. That's what I would do if I hated someone. I would also spend New Years with the person I hate, go to their premieres, say I want to 'protect' my relationship with them, randomly hold their hand or grab their leg during interviews, go on vacations with them, and giggle with them like a schoolgirl.

Melinda said...

Oh my gosh the silly comments here today!!!

You hyenas need to give it up and move on. Like I said before...it is pointless arguing with idiots.


I am so enjoying all the cute things that are coming out of the weekend. Man oh man I think R/K have decided "what the heck, the whole world knows we are together so we are just going to enjoy where life has brought us"!

They are truly GIDDY and GLORIOUSLY HAPPY and man it shows in their faces and actions. No verbal conformation needed.

If you can't see that and be happy for them then it's bad for you b/c I don't think R/K worry too much about how you think their relationship should be. I hope they are slowly seeing they have a lot of fans who love them and it outweighs all the negative.

Loving the cute banter b/w all three of them. I see Taylor and Rob have been ganging up on Kristen this time around! Super cute. I have to say Taylor has been fun this time around as well. Not so robotic as in the past. Maybe R/K are rubbing off on him some to help loosen him up.

Rob has been on fire with Kristen this weekend! He likes to keep her on her toes. God I love that man!! She has been just as spicy with him so they balance things out quite well.

How could you not love these two!

Two things that I caught that I feel like mentioning:

Kristen saying that the speculation will probably end about her and Rob after the series is over. I wonder if they have heard the PR theories and laugh about it. By saying this it appears she saying that when she and Rob are STILL together long after Twilight is over there will be no reason for the PR theorists to shout PR anymore.

Rob in the press conference was saying that he was smacking Taylor on the butt when he was in the wolf suit just to aggravate him. Hope they have that on the BTS stuff on the dvd. That would be funny to see.

Well that's all I got for today. Rose thanks for another fantastic post as usual! You always know just what to say.

SueBee said...

Anyone else looking forward to the bedroom kiss/proposal?

The hand off kiss was smokin' so I'm interested in what Bella and Edward's kisses will be like when she's reallllly trying!

Oh, by proposal, I mean Edward and Bella's.

Hate to have to clarify that but I don't want to have to fend off hyenas!

Deb said...

niconslHI ladies hows your day going? Mine just sweet love all the pic of our two lovers I love the one when Rob looks like he was going to put his head on Kristen and the one when he slaps her how funny you can see that they really know each other and how much they are in LOVE And im sooo glade that Taylor is there friend you can see the fun they have with each other like when Tay said dont you sleep with her hahahaha you know that he wouldnt of said that if he new that they would get mad .They are going to be friends TAY ROB and KRISTEN for a long time and you can see that TAY has there back I loved there interviews they said so much with out saying a word IF you CAN NOT SEE THAT then there s NO hope for you Yes Rob was tired last night even Kristen said he was from working late so I to hope she lets him get some sleep but who knows maybe it was him who didnt want to sleep and I think like some one has already said it well come out in BD WE know already but the ones who are blind well see. Patty I was up late to I know what your saying I havent read all of the post yet so off I go to read what you all have to say THERE IS ALOT OF LOVE FOR ROB AND KRISTEN and I thank you for that WE KNOW WHAT WE SEE and that my friends is TRUE LOVE . DEB.

sollee said...

wow i really find the twilight trio soooo adorable..and the the beautiful couple robsten wow with all their "teasing" and "loving" and so much "electricity" oh and the way rob looks at her omg i would say kristen and rob will have at least 4 to 6 kids in the future.. ..the way she reacted when rob said "my son" was priceless^_~it's as if rob is telling her to prepare for it seriously someday^_~

Anonymous said...

Was Kris wearing like a ringmaster circus like jacket in the Eclipse Twi Convention thing??

Anonymous said...

@ 7:00 ANON-

It was a military colored jacket but cut like a ring master would wear, even had the brass looking buttons.

Great shout out to her other half! Super cute I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

Good job again Rose.
@12:42 you keep on saying that Kris look at Taylor adoringly but you are ignoring the obvious.You're here everyday trying to convinced everyone that R/K are not a couple.Were not blind and we have brain ok.I feel sorry for you honey because you really have a miserable life.If your young you still have a chance to change.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again Rose.
@12:43,I have a question for you,how come Taylor was not with R/K last night in the club,if you're saying that Kris and Taylor are a couple why he was not there.I like Taylor because he is a good kid but I'm telling you,their is something wrong with this boy,look at what kind of movies he like,The Notebook and Enchanted.I know he still a kid,but why not pick a movie for boys like Star Trek or G.I. JOE.

Anonymous said...

Complete Q and A from the Twi-Con for those interested.


Anonymous said...

@ 7:49

He picked Gladiator and The Notebook. For a man movie as he put it and a soft movie.

Taylor is a good kid. He's nice. He will find someone nice. That someone is NOT Kristen though.

Trish said...

Hell yess!!! Rose you have the power to delete! Darling, delete away!!!!

I loved that video..thank you for posting it was so cute and the flipping was so cute..>Rob has it really really bad!!!! ahhhhh!! love Robsten! oh and Lily you shouldnt be on here..go and study for your exams because you are wasting your time! you will never f Rob or end up with him so go and study so that you can become someone in future and if you are lucky you will find a lover of your own.....PUSH!!! (haha by the way Rose i love this push thing..genious!!!)

rah rah rah Robsten! whooooo! love them!

Deb said...

HEY did they have a press junket today?? I cant find it if they did OR is it they havent done it yet? could some please tell me THANK YOU DEB

Anonymous said...

@ Deb

They did individual interviews was my understanding. Not like an actual press con in a room. So the individual news outlets will each have their own ten minutes or whatever with each character(s) and will post them at their discretion. IE Like Movies with Mike for Channel 10 in Wichita (I'm making up a show for an example) will do 5 minutes with Kristen or Taylor or the Volutri or something and then air the five minutes whenever their little show airs.... So that is why there is not postings popping up.

ET preview up. So cute. Rob says he no longer gets nervous about kissing scenes but was nervous for the first one in New Moon... but is not nervous about them anymore. Geeeee. Wonder why! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I was just wondering about all the reports that something "big" is coming for July. Could it be that Rob and Kristen will attend the Eclipse premier together and walk the red carpet with each other on opening night. Isn't it the end of June sometime. Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Rose, what a great post, I appreciate that you quoted exactly what the question was and their exact answer, and still the haters can't stand it.
Stefan, she talks to Rob through the whole interview...oh and she looks at him too.
Anon 12:43 seriously your so desperate to justify your own bullshit.
Anon 12:55, why are you at
Rose's blog if you don't want to hear what she says? Free country by the way, oh and yea you have a right to your opinion but if you want to inflict it on others get your own blog.
You have to be blind to not see the obvious connection between these two, they both seem really happy together. Sorry haters but he's off the market, not like you ever had a chance anyway..lol

loris said...

@anon at 10:44

No one knows for sure what the something big will be in July, if it is even anything. There has been some hinting to some sort of a magazine interview, perhaps GQ w/Rob that will be similar to the ipod reveal w/Kristen in Elle UK.

Not sure if the rest of the hints have anything to do with R&K. alluded to French stuff. My guess would be Rob going to Montreal with Kristen. But that's just a guess. Again, it may be absolutely nothing. Just best to keep expectations low. ;)

Deb said...

TO ANON 10:40 Thank you I did see all the other videos and LOVED every one of them It was so good to see them playing around like they did They didnt care if the whole world was watching I dont think they care any more people are going to say and think what ever they want no matter what they say or go and they know that And to 10:44 and 10:57 who knows but it would be nice if they did do that what ever it is i'll have to wait and see But I do hope its before BD is over Thats a long ways away maybe March or April of next year HO well thanks alot . Do you know if Rob gos back to work tomorrow?hope he got some sleep dont want him getting sick. I know Kristen well take care of him . DEB

Opytaylor said...

She had to look at Taylor to keep Rob from making her blush so much. Taylor was a mere diversion to keep her from getting too hot & bothered. These naive youngsters who thought she was flirting with Taylor have probably never been past second base. Rose maybe you should disable anonymous comments to cut down on these 13 year olds posting here.

Anonymous said...

i watched the pc, rp and ks are perfect together. they don't need to confirm their relationship. they should keep doing what they've been doing for the last 1yr!

Anonymous said...

I so agree with many of the posts. If you dislike Robsten and/or do not feel that they're a real couple why even bother coming to a site that is clearly supporters of R/K. That said, I loved watching R/K/T together this weekend. They're funny and clearly supportive of each other. Rob and Taylor together really help to bring Kristen out more which is nice to see. The Robsten love bubble is so obvious and what causes the naysayers so much distress is that they're hearing from Rob's mouth how much he respects and admire Kristen and they can't spin that no matter how hard they try. They are so in love and unfortunately some people can't handle it.

Anonymous said...

I believe in robsten. I think they are a couple but they could be just best best best friends . I have no doubt that kristen is in love with robert but he seems so busy and in his own world .
I wish the best for both,they are so funny and smart .
I hope that robert go on the set of OTR (how did kristen for BA)to remove any doubt or recrimination .
I know that they need not prove anything..but any pda would be nice

Anonymous said...

R loves K, K doesnt feel the same. she's mean
this is from my POV
i'm not a hater, i used to like robsten being together
the way k looks to r is just the same she did with taylor
she was paying attention to taylor all the time
she even kissed tay in front of rob? what the hell was that
if i were rob, i would be mad right?

i hate k now, i feel so bad for R

Anonymous said...

rob deserves someone better than k :)

Anonymous said...

robsten bubbles ? hey
dont look just at the pictures above, watch the video. kristen was facing taylor more often that with rob.

i believe that robsten is together and taysten is JUST close friends. but after watching this twi con, i'm all confused. does K loves R as much as R did?

Lisa said...

Oh the haters.. You are so blind.. It was a hell of a convention.. I will give you this.. She could come off sweeter to him. I adore him and sometimes her being a bit sharp towards him stings a little. BUT, HE LOVES IT! So who am I to put it down. They're just different yet oh so much alike! She shows him by helping him when he's stuck (he answers things when she doesn't want to, that's the way things work) She shows him by flying across the world to see him. He's happier right now then I have EVER seen him. So if you love him, LEAVE IT ALONE! She's what he wants and she's what he's got.. :)

The ET video is one of my favorite.. She says things a little differently then she said in the press conference. We ALL are going to have to get use to, she's not going to just come out and admit it, not now anyway. I think they more we want it, the less she wants to give it to us! LOL


3:47, it's that his fly is undone! If you look up the 30 min video, (not looking up as it's after 1:30 am) Start at about 17:20 he starts messing with his shirt and pants, crossing his legs, uncomfortable. Then at the 18: mark is where that part is he tells Kristen, she busts up, then says something like really? and he slyly nods and she looses it and slams her mic down. She composes herself quickly! There are 2, 30 min fan videos, one shot from Jacobs side (better quality pic and sound, can see the messing with his pants good) and the other trained right on Rob, close. It shows a lot of detail between he & Kris and although sound is bad, you can hear him better. Then there is another short video when they are done. Taylor and Kris get up. Rob stands, shakes his pants a little then turns around and CLEARLY you can tell his zipping up! ADORKBLE!

10:04:00 exactly right about that kiss.. About the time Robsten began!

10:44:00 PM My guess R/K/T will walk together.. Or all alone.. I don't know what the big July thing is either. Many had eluded to a magazine. ??

And as for her paying attention to Taylor, she did quite a bit. But it wasn't the bubble. You could tell she tried very hard to keep from going in the bubble. Although it happened several times and Rob would say "what" "excuse me" When it's just the 3 of them they have to be more careful. You can see Kristen gets really embarrassed by praise and I think it's hard for her because as the days go by, Rob gets more and more open..

Why do you think they BOTH picked Twilight as their favorite movie? Because that's where it all started! Same reason it's mine!! They both picked NM as favorite book! WHY? They didn't say this time but during promos they both said it was because it went from mad love to losing it, to finding it again and knowing what they had. hmmmmm

Anyway, Rob is on the Today show in a few hours, EVERYONE watch!!!

Lisa said...

Louisa, where are you?

Anonymous said...

i know rob loves her and she's what he wants and what he's got or what so ever
how bout her?
all i can tell is........she doesnt feel the same

hey i cant say myself as a hater, i used to be one of u, rk shipper.
if r/k tell the world they are dating i will fly over the moon
and the 'taysten' annoyed me so MUCH
but kris treats rob like a shit , that makes me sick

Lana said...

Yes, as much as I love ROBSTEN together, I also hate seeing Kristen treating Rob so badly. Does not matter how much he loves or like her.
I think Rob is a loner, loves the weird and quite partner and hates being the centre of all this craziness. But I must agree that confirming the real status of their relationship has it's pro's and con's, although admitting would so much better for both. At least we will have lesser "I love you" screams from teenagers.
On extra thing is that it's just amazing how much Kristen and Tay depend on Rob to answer q's and how he surprised me everytime with the way he do answer those. A major difference between their ages, litterly in the way he addressed those.

But I love Rob with or without Kristen and best advise would be if she is not into him and only friends, say it and move on. Treating him like dirt is just annoying many.....

can someone please post notes on his interview (TODAY SHOW). thanks

Anonymous said...

all the girls in the world treats robert like a god .
Kristen is the only one that treats him like a normal guy . it's fantastic ,it's good thing . this guy needs to normality . he is just robert for kristen . she did not has double purpose .
some Brazilian topmodel who wants to be photographed with him but did not truly love some Brazilian model who wants to be photographed with him but did not truly love .
you'll be glad when that happens?

Robert makes some jokes and some look .i expect something more concrete.

loris said...

How come everyone says that K treats him like crap but never mentions how Rob tells her to shut up all the time. They are just teasing each other. She's not going to openly fawn all over him in front of a live audience or cameras. Recall the spottings of them over the weekend and how they were observed as a very "happy couple." Just like when they were spotted at the Ritz.

Anonymous said...

Where were they spotted....please send some links....

btw love robsten!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful morning shippers! Did you see the Today show? it was taped on saturday and our good Rob let the world know 3 amazing things.
-He doesn't want to get married and in a stable relationship..right now.
We need to introduce him to some beautiful girls, since he is asking for it

Happy week shippers, and please don't forget to pick your GQ next week, you're going to love it as much as the today show interview :)

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Anon 5:49 and Loris. I remember when Dakota was gushing about her classmates making a Robot Pattinson on Oprah, Rob looked ho-hum. Kristen will not overtly display her affections for Rob in public. I think Rob prefers this because he gets to tease her mercilessly. He likes the chase and it’s probably a big turn-on for him to see her squirm.
About the Today show - Rob probably wants to take Kristen on a real date – not constantly trying to hide from the paps.

loris said...

@anon @ 8:21
even married people go on dates. Jeez.

Anonymous said...

enjoy shippers http://twidazzledgal.blogspot.com/2010/06/robert-pattinson-on-today-show.html

Let's make a toast for an amazing summer, too bad it wans't what you wanted shippers.

Odo was right, no need for nonsten after today, since Rob leave path loud and clear there is no robsten :)

the awful truth said...

So,Rob said that he'd love to go on a date.Hmmmm!That's interesting.I guess he isn't with Kristen.They're just good friends.

loris said...

LMAO! You nonsten are so pathetic.

30yearoldtwifan said...

DAM NONSTENS /hyenas isn't there a blog for you on the web some where? Why come here? to rub in shippers face a comment about going a date? Your not going to change any ones minds on these two here. So please go away. You are nothing more than an annoyance. I assume that is your goal though? Grow up!

Anonymous said...

What you have to say now,Rose?I guess nothing!Rob just shut your mouth!

Anonymous said...

Go,Robie!I'm so happy today.The shippers were calling us delusional and crazy and blind,but i guess Rob proved today that YOU are all this,not us.

dillia said...

I don't understand why Rob said that BS.Maybe sometimes he doesn't think what he says.With this crap he makes Kristen look slutty,like she's a friend with benefits.Doesn't he know that nonstens are gonna tear Kristen apart even more?I feel really disappointed with him.

Anonymous said...

He just sleeps with her.Or maybe not.Maybe he uses the rumors for his career.

Anonymous said...

What was that?Rob made the psycho nonstens happy.They're throwing a party over this interview.

Anonymous said...

lmao now what shippers? http://www.people.com/people/package/article/0,,20316279_20393832,00.html

Anonymous said...

That was really..........smart,Rob!Well done!Now all the magazines are writing about him want to date.Not again this stuff!!!I'm sick of it.

rita said...

The idiot nonsten who posts this crap is loris13.I just saw the same comments at the AT board.You're such a pathetic teen.Does your mommy know what you're doing all day in front of the computer?

Anonymous said...

His words not mine:
Forget getting engaged or getting married. Robert Pattinson has more modest goals in mind for his immediate romantic future.

"I would like to go on a date," the Twilight actor told interviewer Jenna Bush Hager on Monday's Today show on NBC. "I'm just saying. I'm just putting that out there. Because I never go on dates anymore."

If and when he does get married, the British actor, 24 – who's been linked to his costar, Kristen Stewart, 20 – says he doesn't like the term "settling down."

"I don't think settling down should be the same thing as getting married," he says, adding with a laugh: "I mean, I guess settling down just means not sleeping with everybody. I don't like the idea of having to settle, though."

Have a great week shippers :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes i feel that Rob wants to have all his fans happy with his interviews.The shippers and the nonstens.He plays the game really well.

Anonymous said...


Trish said...

Everyone calm down!! sheesh...first of all, why does everybody believe everything he says? you know Rob is a jokester...He said he wants to go out on date..he doesnt have time to date and you all take it out of context and assume that he is not with her...so fucking desperate!

As i said, after last sunday nothing can convince me that the ARE NOT together...and please dont label me as a shipper i am not one! I just live in reality and no something when i see it...back to work:-)

cant wait for Rose's post!

Anonymous said...

Rob is single!Period!That's the interview that ODO was talking about.It was pre-recorded that's why ODO knew about it.

Trish said...

"I would like to go on a date," the Twilight actor told interviewer Jenna Bush Hager on Monday's Today show on NBC. "I'm just saying. I'm just putting that out there. Because I never go on dates anymore."

If and when he does get married, the British actor, 24 – who's been linked to his costar, Kristen Stewart, 20 – says he doesn't like the term "settling down."

"I don't think settling down should be the same thing as getting married," he says, adding with a laugh: "I mean, I guess settling down just means not sleeping with everybody. I don't like the idea of having to settle, though."

i copied this...and what i have to say is that 1) they are often times told what to say i guess to make the fans happy!! but we the true fans with BRAINS that function know that ROb has it bad for KRisten..you have to understand that althought these two are not so hollywood they are IN hollywood and am sure told what to say to keep their persona! to get more intrest! I honestly dont know why people who CLAIM they are fans find out from him that he is with KRisten will loose interest! that is bs! if you say you are a fan of Rob you should be happy for him!you have to learn how to understand what you is going on and why if not you will always be swayed believing everything..and that ability comes with being a mature adult!!!

Take notes.

Cel said...

I don't really get why there are people who think that Rob denied his relationship with Kristen in this new interview.There was no denial whatsoever.

Rob is saying that his life is no longer normal...he and Kristen could not even go on a simple date without paps and fans twittering about.

So that's what he wants: to be able to take his girlfriend out on a date.

Also please remember this interview was done before they came out on stage for the twicon.
And we all saw how Rob and Kristen were on that stage. I thought Rob would fall from his chair the way he would lean towards Kristen!

That boy is totally smitten. So could you just imagine his frustration on not being able to go on a date with his girlfriend whenever he wants to? They have to have bodyguards and plan carefully the movements in and out.

So chill. What? Hyenas already celebrating? Hahaha. Enjoy while it lasts.

Rose, thanks for being a true and loyal fan of Rod and Kristen.

Cel said...

Amazing, even popsugar got it.

Attention, hyenas, please go to popsugar and be enlightened.

Trish said...

@Cel..thanks so much this is what i was saying!!!!!

Glad i am not the only rational person on this board at this time...when i watched the twicon..only one thing!! I was say it but this is serious...the way he looks at her and everything..i amno saying they are married or engaged but i am saying they are def. in a close relationship

Its funny how Kristen thinks by ignoring Rob and talking to Taylor we wont think they are in a relaysh..these two are smart but def. not smarter than I am ...they are fooling the others into thinking they are both single...this is why KRisten keeps trying to pay more attention to Taylor but its not working..because i saw those little whispers and glances...so obvious! boy am i glad i can THINK! lol

Trish said...

Cel, dear, put the link for PopSugar because they have been giving us links all this time!! so that they can see..Idiots!!! Brainless Hyenas! I have to say i havent found ONE Hyena that has made sense they all seem brainless.they can easily believe ANYTHING!

Cel said...

Hi, Trish.


Cel said...

If that fails, try popsugar.com

Trish said...

Hi back at ya Cel :-)

Its funny how as soon as these hyenas find something they easily take it out of context because they cannot understand simple, plain English!!!!

Someone said it before i dont remember who but they said they run around like headless chickens...immedialy ready to jump and make assumptions! please tell me they are 12 year olds not adults!

P.S. thank you for posting the link :-)

SueBee said...

Anyonesee this bit from the convention?


Talking about scenes they are looking forward to seeing in Breaking Dawn.

Rob says to taylor "Don't you sleep with a baby?"
Taylor comes back with "Don't you sleep with her?" pointing at Kristen.

Check Kristen's reaction before she realizes that he's talking about the movie. Classic.

Cel said...

Oh, another thing, notice how Rob looked when he said "I'm just putting it out there"? He had a look of a man who seemed to be challenging the world. As if he is about to do something that will put an end to his inability to have a simple date with the love of his life.

loris said...

Don't confuse loris13 with me. lol

loris said...

Do the hyenas believe that Rob is allergic to vagina? Or that he never washes his hair?

Cel said...

I think they believe both. They are so literal. They cannot even get the joke about the vagina.

Okay have to go. Have a good day everyone. Be safe

Anonymous said...

everyone is talking about how Rob finally admited he is single and kstew is looking like a moron with her pics of "him" and her cat lol the only one who seem to think he's talking about kstew on his interview are shippers lmao.
People magazine get around 4-5million views a day, popsugar doesn't even get one. So the truth to the masses is out there :)
Oh and Rob's story is the "most read" story today *double win*

Anonymous said...

Funny day, robsten insiders are back back peddling BIG TIME

SueBee said...


They also think Rob just wanted to take Kristen on a date.

He didn't mean settle as in settle down, he meant settle as in "well, this is all I can get." He didn't like that interpretation.

Just my take.

Seems like he wanted to take his girl out.

Are you going to tell me he really wants to jump from a balcony too?

Anonymous said...

nonstens fielday today rose LOL he doesn't like the word settle because he is not settling for someone like kristen he knows how special she is that is all

30yearoldtwifan said...

Use your brain for a minute hyenas and take a slow.. read.understand... (THIS is called reading comprehension.)http://www.gossipcop.com/robert-pattinson-jenna-bush-hager-settling-dating/

Ya all are just as bad as Rag mag and gossip blogs, I hope you know that. You should be ashamed on what a classless "fan" you are.

Opytaylor said...

See GossioCop. As Ted has been pointing out for the longest time, Robsten loves to mess with the fandom. Since they know their relationship is such a hot topic, they get a little revenge by trying to mess with people. They like to watch US watch THEM. Rob is being playful.

Anonymous said...

Gossipcop knows his money, aks visits, depends on shippers. Wow GC, that was fast. But you can't hide an eclipse :)

*waiting rose new post to comment*


Opytaylor said...

Backtracking. No way. If you wanna cite People there is no denial, either. Then take a look at the bios for both Rob and Kristen. What does it say under relationship status.


Anonymous said...


People may have to update that status soon...

Lisa said...

5:12:00 AM, well, it may SEEM that way. But obviously, she does! We all show love in a different way!! If we were all just the same, might as well just date ourselves! A lot less complications!

@Lana, I don't think she treats him badly. We have to give him credit to know his own mind. She's just different then him.. And you're right! Rob is the real adult there, even though Kris is more mature then him in some ways..

Today show was just the same and was taped right after the twi-con.

5:49 I didn't say she treated him badly.. I said she was "sharp" towards him sometimes and that bugs me at times. But that's just the mother in me coming out! LOL I think she adores him but tries very hard not to let us see it so much. I would hate if he dated some supermodel.. Just doesn't seem like that is something "humble Rob" would do.. Well, not for anything other then fun.. hehe

@6:46, Again, I don't think she treats him like crap.. And she always laughs when he tells her to shut up. :)

@7:19 after twi-con and press they were at the pink taco.

@8:21 & 8:45 along many others) Too funny.. He said he'd "like to go on a date" which means, go out to a quiet diner, movie, etc.. Which THEY can't do because ppl chasing them! He said "I don't think marriage is settling" He NEVER said anything about not wanting to get married! Not only do you all need reading comprehension, guess you need new listening skills as well! LOL YOU STILL ARE DELUSIONAL

@dilla, he doesn't make her look slutty!

Anon a million times.. Robsten lives! It will live at least until BD is done filming. They are NOT going to break up when they have 6 months of filming ahead, being together every day.. They just aren't going to do it. The real test to Robsten will be when that's over. Any fool can see that. But either way, Rob NOR Kristen are going to be with YOU. If they ever do split up!!!

haters are so predictable said...

Oh,yeah,right!Now haters say that GC is on R/K payroll??BWAHAHAHAHHAHA!
Look,haters,you just prove every day that you are such stupid people and that you have no logic..

You've been saying all along that all this relationship is for PR. So I'm asking you, wouldn't be stupid for Rob to say that he is single on an interview DURING THE ECLIPSE JUNKET? So, where's the PR? Right. With your f***ing logic you just proved yourselves that you don't believe this is PR but that you know that everything is real.

And everyone with a BRAIN and READING COMPREHENSION SKILLS got what Rob meant. I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years now and we still go on dates. We go out at nights. SOMETHING THAT ROB AND KRISTEN CAN'T because they are chased by the paparazzi.

Don't you know that it takes 2 SECONDS to say "No. Kristen and I are just friends. We are not in a relationship."? 2 SECONDS. They didn't think twice in making this clear during twilight promotion. What changed?Their relationship status. They had plenty of opportunities to make all the rumors end during this junket, yet they didn't. They didn't even denied on Oprah when they had THE OPPORTUNITY to do so, since she asked them the big question.

Do you know how much easier their life would be if they weren't together? No chased by paparazzi, complete freedom to hook up with whomever they wanted..yet they stick together.

So,hyenas just proved that they believe that Rob and Kristen are in a real relationship,and that they just make up excuses to sleep well at night. What a disappointment, eh?

Trish said...

@1:16 PM you are really making valid points!! you are so right! they have had the opportunity ALL this time to deny..you are 200% right it takes even less than two seconds to say "no we are not dating" leave us alone!! but they are not!! and they are not saying anything because they dont want it all out there! have any of you hyenas ever thought of that one?

The idea of PR is complete BS!

Lisa and "hateraresopredictable" right on!!! especially the latter...your points are so true and ppl really need to look into them

Btw..where is Rose? i want to hear what she has to say about everything! Rose, where are you?

Trish said...

and also have you guys not seen the twicon thing...they were flirting the whole DAMN time...the whole time! whispering..gigling, especially Rob

he is making it obvious and he really wants the whole world to know...

What is so hard to understand ppl? why dont you just get it...they are in a relationship!

geez i have never seen this much denial in my life! did this happen to Zanessa, Brangelina, why is it that ppl are and were okay and accepted that those couples are dating but with Rob and Kris not...even for JayZ and B..they havent confirmed anything but we know they are together and even married...

why cant you all just accept that about Robsten? someone please school me i really dont understand.

Lisa said...


You're right.. The only thing they ever say is "we're very close. We all are" Yet, Kris says all the time that she & Tay are very good friends. Or like brother & sister.. The haters know, they just don't WANT to! That's all.. lol

That poor reporter guy that saw them @ the pink taco and tweeted about it, has been harassed for details. He posted this just a bit ago on twitter..

":) OK: just the facts: R & K were in secluded but PUBLIC area, clearly close & into each other THERE; others earlier not familiar. #eclipse"

Saphire1231 said...

OK Haters and nonstens... I give in... you are right! My little heart is broken cos Rob and Kris are not a couple anymore... You win! Hope your happy

Anonymous said...

From Nightline - ABC June 14, 2010.

NIGHTLINE: "Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart has had to apologize for comparing being photographed by papz to being raped. In the meantime, idle chatter about their offset relationship has become a tabloid staple."

Interviewer: "Everybody's speculative about it, but you don't talk about it. Why is that the right decision for you?"

ROB: "I don't know what benefits there would be to talking about it. I mean, in logical terms, if you're just walking down the street and every single stranger on the street knew your business, and came up and felt like they needed to comment on it, like, you'd just be like 'SHUT UP! Like I'm gonna kill you!" *laughs* and I mean, it's exactly the same mentality. I don't really want to try to sell it either.Maybe if I was selling it, I'd talk about it more."

NIGHTLINE: But there's no need to sell it, as Pattinson's career remains white hot.

Cel said...

Well I guess Rob had the last say today on nightline. Tee hee!

Cel said...

Dear Hyenas,
Sorry your celebration did not last a whole day.