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Friday, June 11, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Life is Good

This is for all the ROBsessed out there.
Because quite honestly...
Robert looks beyond beautiful.
I'm SO loving the haircut.
I'm SO loving that he has color to his skin
and isn't that godawful pale white shit.
I'm SO loving...
Just looking at him.

And here's a surprise for all of you...
*dripping with sarcasm*

Am I obsessed?
I think I might have been a bit in the beginning...
If by a 'bit' you mean totally overwhelmed.
But I'm better now.
I really am.
And OK...
I love and adore Robert Pattinson.
I don't see that changing anytime soon.
Oh well.
Woe is me.

So pretty.

This was sent to me from Twitter:

Smashing story in today’s Daily Mail about West End theatre producers enticing the Twilight star to tread the boards. Stewart has informally met one London producer and director, who presented the 20-year-old star with a list of possible plays. I'm hearing that the producer involved is David Pugh, who put Daniel Radcliffe in Equus. I’d love to know which stage vehicles were considered suitable. I know that Stewart is a terrific actress...

This is ALL kinds of WIN.
Like she shoots...
This would be so great for Kristen.
Being in London for an extended period of time...
Robert's favorite place to be...
Where the two of them can exist peacefully
Ah yes.
I'm liking this.


I was sent this series of pictures.
I guess it was 'behind the scenes' at the MTV awards.
I guess that means off camera?
The person who sent them to me was all frantic.
"Look where Rob is touching Anna!"
"Anna is trying to steal Rob from Kristen!"

Can I just say...

Let's look at the pics, shall we?

The above one is first in the sequence.

Anna Kendrick comes over to where 
Rob, Kristen and Taylor are sitting.
Taylor looks happy to see her.
Kristen seems to be concentrating on something
Anna is saying...

Then there's this one...

Anna is leaning over two people here...
Rob's hand is on her waist...
Well... I'm guessing he is holding her
as she is leaning pretty far over...

Anna is bracing herself on Rob's shoulder...
And while I personally would have been
Anna seems to only have eyes for Kristen.
And then Anna and Kristen hug.
(Not Anna and Robert... )
So much shit gets said about Kristen...
But Anna makes a point to come over and hug her.
I guess she likes her?
Color me surprised!
*Still dripping with sarcasm*

Everyone who has worked with Kristen...
Or knows her personally...
Have always had glowing, wonderful things to say about her.
They say she is a sweet girl...
who likes to laugh and have fun.
"who is really fun to hang out with"
Maybe Kristen doesn't share this side of herself
with the public... with strangers.
Maybe she's shy...
Maybe she knows that she will be 
ripped apart regardless of what she does.
So she saves this part of herself...
For the people who matter to her.
For the people who really know her.
Her family.
Her friends.
Her Robert.

Life is good, isn't it?
It most certainly is.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring...

Bye for now.



robstenlovex said...

'Her Robert.' :')

Anonymous said...

Push,push,push..."her Robert"......push..lol!

Honey said...

You Rock Rose...HER Rob...yes, yes he is. He's hers. Because they're made for each other, they have been so since the very beginning. Because Kris loves Rob for what he really is: you know..many people just think about Robert as actor, but..for Kris is different..he's just Rob. She hugs him in the first morning when he gets up, she embraces him at night...-and not only embraces him.. :) - she has fun with him, she does EVERYTHING with him and viceversa... And Rob is Kristen's because he WANTS to be like that. He has always wanted..Kristen's side..that's where he really wants to belong to...wherever Kristen is.. This is love guys. Pure, true love..annnd hyenas and foam..pleeease, to the left!!! :)
Life is good, yeah...
Robsten, may God bless you always!

Lisa said...

Well, done!!! :)

I'd seen an interview where she said "we went to see (?) in his play" It was the guy she did TYH with. She went on to say she thinks she might like to try it some day and that she loved London. If I run across it again I'll post it. I later saw Rob say he had been to same said play! :) Sounds like a great plan to me!

Also love "her Robert" :)

Anonymous said...

some people believe that Robert is a vibrator and not a person .
Anna is a friend of robert and kristen.
I trust more anna than ashley or nikki.

ciro said...

poor hyena...they tac tic is so predictable...they are try to rip kristen what every little thing, seen in pic like anna try to say hi to rob, hug kristen and if hyena seen all pic anna wave to taylor..cause taylor sit to far away so she couldn't reach taylor...the nonsens are so poor, poor judgemental..i could bet rob and kristen very close to anna other cast twi beside taylor and peter...

yes i agree 'Her robert" how sweet is that just seems heart like ost eclispe " all yours' by metric...so perfect lyrick..sound like Rob said "i'm all yours to kristen....LOL...

Patricia said...

Lisa: Edward Redmayne ( he is also a friend of Rob's.) he was in YH with her and William Hurt and M. Bello.

Rose: ROB is so GORGEOUS ! He just gets better everyday. I love the short hair, you can see his BEAUTIFUL FACE. I love all these pictures of him from WFE set.


Kristen does seem to be very sweet. (EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER WORKED WITH HER HAS SAID THIS, ALSO THE SAME FOR ROB....) I'm sure Rob wouldn't have fallen for anyone that didn't have these qualities BEING : strong, smart, kind and a sweetheart. (LIKE HIM) !!!!

Rock on Rose

loris said...

Has anyone figured out who Taylor's plus one was? He was kind of creeping me out.

I wonder if those pics of Anna are after she was looking for her backstage. Note, she was not saying "where's Rob, where's Rob?"

Melinda said...

Rose- yes life is good! Why can't people just be happy?

Would love it if Kristen went to London to do a play. It would do them a world of good b/c in London they can just be themselves without all the pot stirring and the paps are more restricted there. If she did a play in London I am thinking vacay!! I love London. It is a fantastic city and I know why Rob loves it so much.

As for the pics- Rob in the fist one makes my heart melt!!! He reminds me of the old HW male actors- all man! I haven't loved an actor in HW as much as him since Cary Grant. Both of them are yummy!

In the fist pic of Anna- he isn't even looking at her. It looks like he is actually looking at Kristen's legs! In the second pic of Anna once again he isn't looking at her. Only in the third does he actually look at her. In the pic of her and Kristen hugging my bet is he is looking at the view in front of him of a "robust" butt!

They can call it what they want but I still call it LOVE.

In other news...Summit announced the BD will be two movies (just like HP is doing so not surprised). So I guess this means lots more foaming and bitterness. Well I have plenty of umbrellas and foam gear! I am up for it.

Just throwing this out- NOT saying it will happen but if R/K are more serious than people realize wouldn't it be funny if they did the "m" thing for real while filming it for BD. No one would be the wiser and they could get away with it without prying eyes.

Like I said. I DON'T think it would happen but it would be funny if it later came out that it happened that way. Anyway just rambling...

Have a great day all! And yes he is her Robert and she is his Kristen. Love them both!

Anonymous said...

"Her Robert"<<<<< THIS!.... *smiles and tears*


SueBee said...

Wow, you mean the "H" words didn't pounce on the last one where Kristen is leaning in toward another woman? "GASP!" (Sarcasm)

Anna put her hand on a hot guy to hug her friend. If Rob hadn't put his hand on her waist, she would have dropped on his lap!!! What's a guy to do?

It's not like Anna sat on Rob's lap to have a chat with Kristen. Geesh!

These people are grasping at straws!

BTW, keep up the good work Rose! Caught yesterday's post today and I have to say, just ignore these sick and demented haters!! Bestiality, indeed. Are they implying that you want to do them? LOL They wish!

Oh loved the first pic!

Lisa said...

Thanks Patty, yes Eddie.. I can never remember and you think I COULD remember that name! I know he & Rob are friends. Well, I didn't until I saw the YH press and he said I told her "Hey, you're gonna work with a mate of mine" as YH was before Twilight..

You all see the new WFE pics with him and Reese? She's even smaller then Kristen!

Anonymous said...


The guy sitting b/w Kris and Taylor is apparently Kristen's brother Cameron from what I have read.

The guy sitting on Taylor's right I think might be his security guy. He kinda gave me the creeps at one point during the awards. If you go back to the end of the show when Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are about to introduce the best movies noms the cameras get a shot of Taylor grinning. The guy beside him has the oddest (or creepiest if you will)look on his face when he is looking at Taylor. It was really odd.

Anonymous said...


You omitted a very important part of that quote:

"Smashing story in today’s Daily Mail about West End theatre producers enticing the Twilight star to tread the boards. Stewart has informally met one London producer and director, who presented the 20-year-old star with a list of possible plays. I'm hearing that the producer involved is David Pugh, who put Daniel Radcliffe in Equus. I’d love to know which stage vehicles were considered suitable. I know that Stewart is a terrific actress, BUT WATCHING HER BEING INTERVIEWED, she comes across as one long SULKY TEENAGE “whatever.” Deadline via larry411

Just saying. Maybe in 20 years she could handle a West End Play.
It's 11th June. The summer is being busy and full of work for Rob. And nobody knows for sure where he's staying at. Still waiting the SFA news.


Anonymous said...

Wow, really grasping as straws here huh? I happened to have seen the audience live feed from MTV. Anna came over to say hi to Kristen who then got up as you can see from the pictures to greet her with a kiss/hug. Then Rob did the same. Anna then went to the other side where Taylor is sitting to greet him, after that, she went back around to talk to Kristen & Rob some more.

Anonymous said...

you know...i seem to spend and inordinate amount of time over here LOL ah well it is a nice place to be and Rose well Rose ya just kill me with your kind commments and kudos to you hun you see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's not another train coming;


Okay first off to the nimwit who is trying and that is in every possible way to convince you that Anna and Rob have a thing *rolls eyes and takes another swig of her beer* let me remind you one thing...

psst she came over to congratulate Kristen and had to by pass Nick and Stephanie and Nick to get to Kristen and just so happened to lean across to Rob in order to get to her 'friend' oh boo hoo my god i am sooooo jealous...

shows the level of maturity this person has oh i forgot the majority of Rob's fans range from 10 - 30 right, and they all have shallow minds and immature thoughts running around that empty cassum they call a head...i forgot silly of me.

Yeah he had his hand on her waist and was looking adoringly into Anna's eyes or clevage although sorry his train of eyes are on her face and not elsewher while you have Kristen getting up to hug her, okay an affair must definitely be happening here because Rob is just itching to get with her...

*dripping with sarcasm and i have only had one beer*


poor Anna how the hell did she get roped up in this mess, oh yeah that's right because she is a girl and she happens to be friends with Rob and...wait for it...

Kristen as well dear god they must be having a threesome very cozy don't ya think?

Please spare me you sarcasm your empty headed wit, i didn't come down with the last rain shower i know it done for spite and i know your poor stone heart can't take anymore of this love because you are melting as quickly as jack frost when he was hugged by Lucy filled with love in Santa Claus...I get it i really do.

Rob and Kristen, no jealousy required and why do you think that?

Because my dear fare weathered nonstens he is in love and he only has eyes for one person and she so happened to be the one sitting beside him, on his right the entire night.

The one he cheered for,
The one he clapped for,
The one he gazed and laughed with as she took her award.
The one who grabbed and kissed her on stage,
The one he thanked for being the 'lynchpin' of the whole series. The meaning to his life,
The spoon to stir his tea,
The warmth that holds him tight at night.
His fleeting moon, his morning sun...

Okay i will stop now for even i can't make anymore love it's making me very soppy lol and soppy was not what i was here for.

Embrace the love and get used to it all who come in here to cajole and annoy Rose and her blog for ye will get wrinkles and grey hair from being so bitchy and a bitchy witch is a naughty witch and Dorothy will just have to wish a house to fall on top of you to.

peace out

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, "Her Robert" it has a nice ring to it, yes it does.
Anna, she loves being an actress,just like Kristen.She was an Oscar nom and at the Baftas.I'm sure she knows alot of stuff about certain people.I never see her blab stuff about her friends.She sounds trustworthy to me.
I love London, I was born there, it is a great place to live and raise a family.My parents thought so.
I love Robert and Kristen, I wish them all the best always. Thanks Rose, you are right once again, Life is Good,lets all enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

These haters are beyond desperate. It’s like everything they throw doesn’t stick. Robert is touching Anna, haters jump for joy. Then they have to be let down a couple of minutes later to see Anna kissing Kristen. Priceless!!!!

Lisa said...

@Melinda.. haha funny you should say that.. I also thought of that and I'll tell why. When I was reading all the press from OZ & Korea,(I think that's what it was from. I'm have to start keeping all this stuff) Kristen talked about actually only graduating from HS 1 week before they shot the graduation scenes in eclipse. She said so she had them take a pic in her in Bella's cap and gown and she's using that as HER graduation picture! LOL Now I don't think that would happen. As I said yesterday, if they were to get "m" anytime soonish, I think they'd run off somewhere. But it's funny to "ship" sometimes.. Everyone else does it. HAHA

11:28 someone said that guy was his "rep" and the big on the other side was security. I could see his ear wire when they got up for best pic. The guy next to Taylor was REALLY creepy! If you look back, he was looking at Ty in ways he shouldn't! And then he was always staring at Rob & Kristen. I think more Rob then Kris. :( One thing for sure, he wasn't looking at Kristen's big burly brother! LOL

@11:36 go foam somewhere else.

Bella71 said...

Rose i think that I've been intoxicated by u:) with your lovely words for this couple to adore 'em, love 'em, cherish 'em and proud of them. I never met u but I could tell that u such an adorable and a funny person 2, just like our BB's. I love u more and more.
Yes I agree with u 'HER ROB' *le sigh*

Anonymous said...

Last picture... Rob's getting a good show, looks like he's enjoying it.

Her Robert...


Anonymous said...

Oh, please. I can see her on stage.

"To be or not fucking to be, that's the question"

LOL. She'd colapse the second night.

Anonymous said...


Leave Rob alone, please. He has a brilliant future of his own, doesn't need that famew*ore at all.

PR. The end is not near, it's here. Trust me. She bitchfaced Rob at least 1245664 times Sunday night. What a silly, sad and disgusting girl.
Anna K. is way more classy, altough she has nothing with Rob but a friendship, that's obvious.

So ODO is pointing at Jenna Bush interview... Do we have another Ipod pic coming up? who cares. Promo time. Next year everything will be over.

*push* ----- ????

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:36 That was Deadline's comment. Here's the comment from the original Daily Mail article: "I saw two of her other pictures, Welcome To The Rileys and The Runaways (where she portrayed the young Joan Jett), at the Sundance Film Festival. The Runaways opened in the U.S. and did poorly - but she was great in it.
She's good in the other film, too, but that is held up in distribution hell."

Bella71 said...

Hi Rose I just wanna say to Angelsslave....

Anonymous said...

FFS with some people. I just facepalm all day long at the crap they come up with.

Anna K went over to say hello to Kristen, Rob and Taylor. That's all. There are pics of her and Taylor hugging and kissing too. I can find the link if anyone wants it. It's probably the first time Anna has seen them since the BAFTAs. And I believe Anna's boyfriend was also there at the MMAs. I adore Rob and all but I cannot stand the fact that some people seem to think that all women want him and think he's the hottest thing ever. That's not the case. As is with every man. No one person does it for all the women in the world. We have different tastes.

Would love to see Kristen on stage in London. Think she would enjoy that experience greatly and would do a fantastic job. Also think she would love living in London for an extended period of time. I lived there for a while after college and before I came back to the States to go to grad school. Now live in NYC which I love more than London but London is still a great city!

We may not know for certain where Rob is staying (as it should be) but I know someone who definitely does---Kristen :)

And, oh look, 'the miserables' are coming out today to spread their garbage. Yawn, fucking, yawn.

Mimi said...

Rose, Hi I'm From Dominican Republic and Like you I love both Robert and Krysten. I've been reading your blog for a while now, and let me tell you that I enjoy each an everyone of your post. keep it up and don't let the Hyenas tell you otherwise.. Robert and Krysten are two magnificent Actors and deserve everything they have achieve.. I don't get why they hate them so much specially poor Krysten, who is nothing but a beatifull and talented girl. Well thanks so much for your blogs and all those pic's and comments that make me laugh every day.

Caroline said...

Anonymous 11:55,58 Get a life...

Rose...nice post...

Love, Carol.

Anonymous said...

@11:50,11:54,11:55,11:55 did your mamma give you a brain then use it you selfish little hyenas snarl and whine all you want geee your certainly love the attention you think you are getting but guess what, Rob and kristen have what now let's see;

a job
oh and i almost forgot


and what do you have?
a vibrator because that's the only thing that is going to 'screw you' because that reliant rubber friend is the only thing that is constant in your lives...


Caroline said...

ANd anonymous 11:50... i don't understand you neither...if you don't like K, insult her, why you stay here and read Rose's blog? Here is a place for people who love both..or at least understand their choices...


Anonymous said...


Larry411 (on twitter) is a very respected film critic.

"BUT WATCHING HER BEING INTERVIEWED, she comes across as one long SULKY TEENAGE “whatever".

That's what he said. From Rose's quote. And a lot of people think the same way.

Anonymous said...

I love this MTV backstage live blog from the night of the Movie Awards: "9:45pm Anna Kendrick walking backstage: 'Has anyone seen Kristen? Has anyone seen Kristen?' We have. She just walked to the Green Room with RPattz!"

Anonymous said...


Stay classy.

Carly said...

that picture is really beautiful. I lvoe the smile, the color, the clothes...

the idea of Kris on stage in London? hell, yes. please. tell me when and where and Im booking aticket right now.

I was thinking about it for a while now. to see them both on stage. I would love to see them do Barefoot in the Park one day. but honestly? just the idea that I would be able to see Kris ... yeah. and the fact that she would be in London? probably with Rob? it doesnt get any better

people make a tragedy out of anything, dont they? *insert eye roll* I love the fact Anna went to greet Kris. I love the way people that really know her talk about her. we may adore the fact that with Rob what you see is what you get. I know I do really admire his openess and honesty. but Im beginning to realize that with Kris, there is much more then meets the eye. she shares all of her only with people she deems worthy. the fact that she deemed Rob worthy, yeah, it tells me a lot about the kind of people both of them are. admirable

HER Rob indeed :)

Anonymous said...

Poor Europe if she's coming! Broadway, take her, it's all yours! We just WANT ROB back!

Anonymous said...

@12:09 considering the girl has just turned twenty that's a pretty apt description of someone that age, someone who has been in the business since she was ten and has only recently had to put up with a bag of crap from teens who don't like her because she has 'stolen' their 'edward doll and they want him back'

Kristen could run ten times around the people who criticise and correct her, slag and shout abuse at her all because the jealousy just eats them away.

"Sent her to broadway we want Rob back"

what age are you 4?

Listen my dear little child who has been left out in the sun too long he is not coming back to good ole UK, because home is where the heart is and his hear lies in the US. Yes we will miss him, yes we welcome him when he comes back but his future is not treading boards in the West End, not for a good number of years yet. the US is where the movie opportunties are - and while he can get the right script and the right work he will go where he is needed and that goes for Kristen too...oh that's right you haven't seen any of her work because you hate her so much, oh dear...turn off your computer and get some fresh air hunny, it helps to get out of the house more often.

Anonymous said...

OK. I know this was not the point of the blog post today... but Rob has to color his skin? LOL

That is hilarious! Is that true?

Loved all the tidbits about Rob & Kris...as usual. Totally made me smile. And I really needed to smile today... I was having the worst fucking day! And it is totally bad enough to throw in the F*bomb but its exponentially better after reading your post.....Thanks, Rose!

Anna & Kris totally adorable little hug. Love how Rob doesn't even move his head to the side or look down when Kris's ass is right in his face. LOL. Shameless. I love it.

I loved Anna's speech. "I'm so not cool enough to win an MTV Movie Award." LOL

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

Why no one defends Rob on here.
Just ignore the hateful comments about Rob, because that's fair huh?

I'm SO tired of the idiocy..

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:09 That is not Larry411's quote. He retweeted the article. Tim Adler wrote that, not Larry.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:22





Anonymous said...

Rob needs a girlfriend, some stability in his life, he's been working nonstop last months. Is a good guy, he'll do fine.

Anonymous said...


I know he needs a girlfriend. Thank goodness he has such a good one.

You're precious Robert is all taken care of. Everyday. By his wonderful girlfriend.

No worries.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see...so that's the reason K was in London NYE and January-February. Spending NY with a large group of friends and doing some work - West End London contacts. Interesting. Thruth has one way. Next: Budapest. The myth falling down.


Anonymous said...




Check your geography!!

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry maybe you would go to Isle of Wright to make London contacts.

But anyone with half of brain wouldn't spend New Year's Eve with her boyfriend on the Isle of Wright to MAKE CONTACTS IN LONDON because THEY ARE NOT THE SAME PLACE!!

And please amuse me... come up with a reason she was in Budapest besides to be with her boyfriend. I'm dying for a chuckle....

jen said...

For goodness sake, Anna has a boyfriend in London. People are SO WEIRD about Robert and Kristen having friends of the opposite sex, they need to calm the hell down.

Robert and Kristen are not a jealous middle school couple. They are kids whose job it is to basically film sex scenes and nude scenes and all kinds of scenes most of us would have a meltdown having our SO pull off.

HAving a mutual friend touch Robert's shoulder is just not gonna even fly on their radar..lol

Anna is awesome, love that girl. She seems very genuine and Robert and Kristen are lucky to have her as a gal pal.

Anonymous said...

Kristen was in Budapest on her birthday no less, not at home with her family but with Rob halfway around the world.

jen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Rob and Reese, smiling! (prove that he's a smiley, with K, with Anna K. with R. with EVERYBODY. Body language Robsten my ass.)


Deb said...

Love your post Rose and YES ROB is looking good but hes always looking good and it is true she is Robs girl always has been and always well. Looks like they are starting to get what they have been working so hard to get and im happy to see that in about 2 or so years Twilight well be over and it well be nice to see them do other things AND STILL BE TOGETHER. IT is going to be a good life for both Rob and Kristen. I am very PROUD of them and happy they have each other. LOVE the pic ALL of them. Its nice to see Ann being a good friend to them both maybe some day she'll get to work with them again would be nice. Rob is putting out some good movies I cant wait to see them Well ladies hope you all have a good day and keep smiling WE KNOW a good thing when we see it . DEB

Anonymous said...

does rob have his hand between her thighs on in that 3rd pic in the seats or is it my dirty mind?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Twilight cast: Anna, Dakota, Peter, Taylor, Justin Chon, Michael Welch, BooBoo Stewart, Chaske Spencer, Jamie Campbell Bower ...many people who have worked with Kristen like her, support her, or least have very positive impression on her. They hug her, hang out with her, or say good things about her in interviews. From their words, Kristen is "down to earth", "an amazing girl", "a fun person", "nice", "lovely", "very sweet", a "good actress", "intelligent" and one cast member (Justin Chon) said he was "inspired by Kristen to join the movie".

Why's that? Just b/c they know the REAL Kristen. Something very admirable of Kristen that the haters will never see unless they get rid of their prejudice.

Monica from Asia

jen said...

oh, I see the same poster has posted about 20 comments today--classy.

And she has ALL the talking points of a hyena:

1)PR!!!! Never mind I don't even understand how PR works in the real world, I just scream that whenever Kristen makes the news or she's seen publicly with Robert!

2) Kristen is jobless and talentless! Never mind she's got a resume at the age of 20 most middle aged actors could only dream of, and is a critical darling. Or that she's turned down several bigger movies because she's been loyal to Salles and On the Road and getting it off the ground!

3) Robert hates her! He only smiles at her because PR tells him to! PR is their master, they ahve to listen to PR because they made a contract with PR and signed over their lives to him! Never mind studios don't work that way today because actors are free agents and thus studio control they speak of hasn't been seen since the 40's!

God, hyenas are so entertaining and predictable.

Occam's Razor - look it up, honey. All your conspiracies and theories are fun to make up, but the most logical answer to everything is usually the simplest one.

As in, most likely robert and Kristen are friends and yes, probably dating too.

Anonymous said...

ok i think its the dude next to her with his hand on his knee, but it was a close one btw who is the plaid dude is he a seat filler nobody was talking to him

Melinda said...

ANON 11:50- I think the proof is in the pudding that you are nuts. Yeah he looked like his heart will be broken soon on Sunday night.

11:54- you must not get out to the theater much do you? London is more progressive than we are theater wise. They put on "indie" like plays that Kristen will be fantastic in much like she is in indie films here. Everyone in HW knows it that's why she has so many films under her belt in less than 10 yrs.

11:55 and 11:58- wow just wow! Why are you so miserable? It's quite sad really.

12:01- Really that's all you got? I watched the show as did millions of people and only the haters have that impression of Kristen b/c that's what you want to see b/c that's what helps you sleep at night. Do you want me to post all the pics of her smiling and gazing at her beloved. I will.

12:35- I think that the only friends Kristen has in London are the ones that her boyfriend has introduced her to b/c they are his friends he has had for a long time. So yes I am sure she hung out with friends, her boyfriend, and his family when she has been in London. It is a very normal thing to do. Since you don't seem to be normal you wouldn't understand. She also said in an interview that she thinks doing a play would be cool. What better place than London to do it.

Lisa said...

I'm always shocked at what brings the looney's out! Sometimes when I read this blog, I think uh oh they're going to pounce, then nothing. Other times like today, I think nothing and they come out in full force!

I just can't do the hate and the flippin idiots just make me crazy! To wish him dead? It's more then I can handle! If any of the regulars have anything to say to me, you can email me meee611@gmail.com because I am NOT reading here anymore today..

Anonymous said...

I am seriously LMFAO. Today is called "the desperate are clinging for dear life"....

Kristen went to London to spend New Years with her boyfriend. They were on a tiny island ringing in the New Year together. So sweet. She could have met some people on BAFTA night and they later go in touch with her. But that still doesn't do anything to dispute that she went over there to spend time with her boyfriend. When Kristen was over there in Dec&Jan and in Feb, her and Rob were seen hanging around London enjoying themselves.

And posting pics of Rob smiling on set? OMG!!!!!!!!!!! He smiles when around other people and not just Kristen?!?! Especially when he's working? As Kristen would say BREAKING NEWS!!!!
How does any of this change the fact that Kristen is his girlfriend?
That they have been spending so much time together for over a year now. Have have been in numerous cities and countries together. That Kristen has traveled long distances to see Rob. On her birthday no less! Or that Rob looked like a man head over heels in love at the MMAs? Etc, etc. You get my drift.

LMAO. You people are good for a laugh.

Anonymous said...


Plaid dude is one of Kris's brothers.

Anonymous said...


You conveniently left out the fact that he has been spotted all over the world with Kristen and ONLY Kristen.

Not any other woman except for KRISTEN!

And he is a flirt, Ashley even said he was. I don't think Kristen worries to much about it b/c once again at the end of the day he ALWAYS comes back to her and has for some time now.

Anonymous said...

What does Robert smiling with his coworker(s) have to do with his personal life? He was smiling with Emilie, smiling with Reese, etc. It’s nice to get along with your coworkers.

Anonymous said...

If you're trying to use Rob interacting with his co-workers or the crew or even his boyguard Dean as some kind of proof that he isn't dating Kristen....well, I feel more sorry for you than I already did. I didn't think that was possible. And talking, smiling and laughing with co-workers does not automatically equal flirting for goodness sake (especially if the actors are filming a scene!). If that was the case, then I flirt with my whole fucking office including male and female. LOL. Whatever with this bullshit. Clearly someone is having issues today.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:42

I know... some nonstener is totally throwing a tantrum today.

The excuse get more pathetic by the second.

Pretty soon.... it will be Rob smiled at Dean... their really a couple. Oppps... I probably just gave the Hyena an idea for their next post. LMAO

Kris & Rob = together & happy

Does just seeing that equation make the hyenas slobber or what?

Anonymous said...

I want to clarify that Ashley said Rob was the flirt on set but it is easy to do when you are flirting with your girlfriend.

SueBee said...

Anonymous--At first glance, I thought Rob's hand was on/between K's legs too!

Rose--You are one strong woman! The snarling and yapping is just crazy today!!!

The spewed foam is everywhere. Ick.

Why the hate? Who knows? Who cares? They can rant and rant and rant but it's just wasted air. (and foam)

What's the purpose, to convert us all? Not going to happen.

There should be an addition to things you just shouldn't argue about: Politics, Religion, Child Rearing, and Rob's relationships! LOL

Everyone has an opinion--it doesn't make it right--but he/she is entitled to it. Although when said opinion is stated in a hateful manner, no one wants to listen (read) to it.

Anonymous said...

Robert seems like a flirt, not a bad one though. He's charming and playful-we've all seen him sticking his tongue into Anna's eye and ear, and Harry Potter stuff where he's playful with Emma and Katie Cheung.

KRisten is a flirt too, she totally hangs with all the boys on the set it sounds like, the wolf pack boys adore her and say she's mischievous.

They are young people, very attractive, and playful. Flirting is just a natural thing you do at that age, and it's harmless.

Anonymous said...

So ODO is saying after July nonbelievers will disappear...well, I can tell you right now, unless Rob put a wedding band on his left hand, THAT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Nice try.


MulletMofo said...

I feel like responding today because you said some really nice things about Stewy that I completely agree with. I think if some of her haters would take the time to look at her when she is around people that know her away from the spotlight, like on sets, with friends, family and with Rob, they would see how she really is. Judging her based on her reactions at airports, in interviews, and on red carpets is not a good judge of character IMO. Everyone that has worked with her has always had amazing wonderful things to say about her, and I wished the whole world could see that. Yes she is awkward and shy and twitching in public, but damn I would be too if my personal life was under a microscope and I was hated on by Rob fans. So thank you Rosesee for saying such wonderful things about her.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh...... No hyena talk??? Is rose okay? Is she well? what happened? LOL

sfw10sis said...

Wow, I guess I spoke to soon when I said that it seemed like the hate was dying down, it seems like the loonies have regrouped and are charging full steam ahead, regardless of how futile it may be, you think they would rather spend that energy doing something that garners them positive results, oh well it is entertaining to say the least.

Moving on, "her Rob", yes he is and life is good, if going by Rob's face at the MTV awards, I'd say life is very good, smile.

The end of your post about Kristen is spot on, I don't think we as the public get to see the real her, she is thrust in the spotlite and asked to smile and pose and answer some of the most assine Q's. I think that the real her is what we hear from friends and co-workers and she sounds like an easy going and fun girl to be around, who wouldn't be more comfortable and able to be themselves when there aren't camers's shoved in your face, people need to lighten up on her, my gosh.

Rose, missed yesterdays post, just caught up, I can't believe you get nasty emails, it's one thing to post on an open site, but to send their NONsense through email, I can't even, I mean I don't know, shit I can't spit out what I want to say, it just boggles my mind. It's desperate and delusional and just plain nuts, good lord, but if not anything else, it proves one thing, just how scared they are that you are right, "her Rob indeed".

Rose, thanks for this site, it always makes my day so much brighter.

Forgot, speaking of emails, I didn't know we could email you, I'd like to, if that would be alright, introduce myself, get to know about yourself and others, if that would be ok.


Anonymous said...

You guys put too much into these so called "insiders" posts. They told us the summer was going to be amazing. So far we got sightings of Rob all over L.A with no kristen. He is having a great time working and that's it. Kristen is leaving for Montreal at the end of July, will we get at least one sightings of "robsten" before that? doubt it.
There is so much hype about rob's interview with GQ,I think a lot of people are going to be dissapointed.
The same was with the Movie awards, at the end we got them sitting together and almost kissing, that's it.
Time to face the ugly truth. Now, more than ever to me at least they look and act like best friends.
Yes, I know she went to england for NYE and budapest for her bday but this summer so far have proved that they don't see eachother as often as some people like to imagine.

Anonymous said...


You rock!

Amanda said...

First off, do the haters even truly know what PR means? I would like one to give me the definition and tell me how it pertains to Rob and Kristen. Anyone with half a brain knows it doesn't make sense when it comes to these two. Then I'd like them to tell me why they are a fan of someone who they think is involved in something like that. They desperately don't want Rob to have a girlfriend and so they try to make him out to be a famewhore. What great 'fans' they are.

And LOL at anyone who thinks the play Kristen has been invited to do and the IoW have anything to do with eachother. And please learn some geography!

Rob will NEVER EVER be with you. The sooner you learn that hyenas, the better. You don't have to like Kristen, but realize it doesn't matter if you do or don't. Your opinion has no weight in their relationship. Be happy about it or don't but geez, it's time to just accept it and move on!

Anonymous said...

Um do you have a tracking device on Rob? We see Rob mostly at work. We don't see Kristen at all. I think we saw Rob running errands like once? Celebrities don't stop existing if they aren't in public. They don't go *poof*. If Kristen flew to a different country just to spend her birthday with Rob it's pretty safe to say they see eachother now. It's just logic. I know it's difficult for some of you to comprehend, but it's logical.

Deb said...

HO ROSE you did it again you can see by the way the (HYENAS) haters out there are getting YOU CAN ONLY TELL THAT THEY DO!!!!! BELIEVE now and thats what they come in here how funny. You know they come in here to see whats up with our two and they want to know they mite even be happy to see how Rob loves and needs Kristen YEP ALL IS GOOD WITH ROB AND KRISTEN and ROSE please KEEP doing what you do best SEEING (IS) believing YOU SAID NOW look they are to . DEB

Anonymous said...

Mornan Rose her Robert Our Robert....sharing is caring

Fancy Ashley called our Stud Muffin a Flirt....sorry cant see it..lol

About Anna all i can think of is that pic with Robs tongue in her ear....so what i know...i cant see anything else thought....

Goodness as someone mentioned what if it was NIkki...imagine then what all shit would hit the ceiling..she was there but didnt go up stage ...am i right? apparantly no longer wid $$$$$$$$

angelsslave....oh my...its early for me at the moment....But you covered it all...i think ..hang on..
The spoon to stir his tea, and the ACT OF SPOONEN...you forgot ....silly
Lisa H/B check F/B

im still readin i will be back shorty ...no doubt

Anonymous said...

@ 3:19

I agree about the tracking device comment. The only time we saw Rob out and about when he was NOT at work (work is filming WFE) was when Kris was out of town at the Rob Zombie concert and then we spotted him going to the gym and drinking milk at birthday party.


We don't have a tracking device but common sense would tell us that the two spend their time together since Kris DID fly half way around the world TWICE to SPEND IMPORTANT HOLIDAYS wit him that once he was in her backyard so to speak she would be spending a decent amount of time with him.

But common sense, like you said, 3:19 is just not something the haters use. They add two plus two and get 958. We had two plus two and get four. We see two people in a happy relationship. They see their man out with someone else and start with their whacky denials.

Anonymous said...

Gosh this is going to be a loooooong summer!

Not b/c we won't see Rob and Kristen together but because school is out so the kids have nothing better to do than be on the computer blog hopping and writing the most stupid things.

August can't come soon enough!!

Rose- thanks for deleting all the nasty vile comments. Anon 2:10 wants you to do it again!

AS for ODO why do you hyenas think that what that person says is the gospel truth??? And why are you telling people here what they are saying b/c I don't think anyone here cares.

Anonymous said...

3:19pm--Thank you. People acting like they have gps on Rob to claim he never sees Kristen always brings the LOLs.

And exactly---the fact Kristen has flown LONG distances to spend time with Rob, I think it's safe to say she is spending time with Rob while he's working in her hometown.
Just because they're not out and about doesn't mean they are not spending time together. We would have never known Kristen was in England during New Years if that little girl didn't recognize them and get their pics.
So just because they are out of sight, doesn't mean much of anything to me. They have done this before. They are good at going about their lives without interference of the public. Props to them.

So, 2:58pm, no need for me to face anything as I don't see the logic in Rob and Kristen not whoring out their relationship means they're just friends. LOL. I have been following Rob and Kristen long enough to know like to stay low key. Kristen has a picture of her, Rob and Jella so clearly Rob has and does spend time at her home. It's that simple.

And I thought the movie awards was awesome! So many great moments with them.
Oh, and I am having an AMAZING summer. Don't need Rob and Kristen sightings for me to have a great summer. LOL. Got my own personal life and two of my favorite shows, Burn Notice and True Blood are on all summer. Woot!

Anonymous said...

anom 1.56 that what i also meant.thx for clarification...that goes for me too
2.10 your waisting space for us post nice things sooooooo PISS OFF...and get a life...

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!
Seeing isn't believing for some people.
If the pics from the MTV movie awards aren't enough to prove beyond a shadow a a doubt that Rob and Kristen are together, I don't know what else could.

I think the MTV awards was Rob and Kristen's non verbal way of showing they are indeed a couple. Hating on either of them (Kristen gets the worse of it) is so very desperate.

I can't see either of them issuing a statement saying they're together but damn how clueless can anyone be to the fact that they are.

Anonymous said...

Same can be said about you shippers. There is way you can prove he is with kristen when they aren't paparazzis around. There is no way to know. We only know so far that when Rob was spotted in bars 3-4 times this month or doing errands kristen was not with him. So, there. How long are you going to bring NYE and her bday? if we don't get are sightings of them in non working events until october are you keep talking about NYE and budapest?

Rose said...

To Anon @2:10 and whoever else.

Yes, I deleted your comment.
Your opinion?
My blog.

I don't have a problem with a difference of opinion, I do have a problem with stupidity.


Anonymous said...

It's more than just NYE and Budapest.
You can't dismiss those because I don't know anyone who travels half way around the world to see someone who is not significant to them on NYE and not only skips out on celebrating turning twenty with friends and family but endures a 15 hour flight to get to that person.

There is also the interview with USA Today as well where Rob brought up that they had become better at hiding and Kristen agreed. Rob didn't say "He" but "We" . The "We" didn't have to be used at all but it was.

Robert Pattinson is lusted after by almost every female. The Internet is ablaze with comment after comment about his hotness. He's 24 years old and the only woman he's seen with is Kristen. When he goes to bars without her, he's with friends we've seen him with before or he's with his agent or alone.
When he's with Kristen, he lights up like the proverbial Christmas tree.

Rose said...

Anon@ 2:42pm

Make up your mind! Yesterday you were all 'I bet Rose can't go a minute without talking about Hyenas'

and now you are asking for me to talk about you.
Don't worry. There is always plenty of delusional, bitter foam to mock and make fun of.
I would say come back tomorrow...
But we both know you will be here front and center waiting on my every word ;)


Keighley said...

I'm late, sorry.
wonderful post as always!!
I love your wording "Her Robert" it made me smile much bigger than it really should.

pricklypearess said...

Ooh, Kristen in London for an extended period of time....sounds perfect (for Rob, of course!) LOL Thanks for the nice Rob pics, Rose. Oh my, I have to say...Rob with some color and not pastey is HOT! And yes, I agree, he is HER Rob. xoxo

Anonymous said...

FFS. I think Rob and Kristen are dating. So, YES I think they are spending time together. NO, the paps are not going to document their every move, obviously.
But just like any other celeb couple that are dating...whether they have spoken about it or not...Brad and Angelina, Zac and Vanessa, Shia and Carey, Alexander and Kate...I just assume these people spend time together because they are a couple!! I don't know their daily lives but, dang, is it not safe to make these kind of assumptions for couples that are dating?!?! The only legit sightings I know of of Rob is at a b-day party for Bob Saget and going to the gym and Kristen wasn't in town! If people are going to talk about sightings well, there was one of them together at the Ritz for Rob's b-day weekend. That's pretty romantic.
Kristen going to Budapest only showed me more of what I already knew...That they are in a relationship. Because I don't give a shit what anyone says, you don't leave your family and friends back home to go spend your birthday with a good buddy---THOUSANDS of miles from home and enduring more than half a days travel!
So, until futher notice, I will believe what I believe! Don't need pap pics or sightings for me to continue with my belief that they're dating.
If in your world you want to think that they are not a real couple and never see each other (funny considering how much they know about each other outside of work)---then have at it. They did not get pap'd all through Decemeber and, lookie lookie, they were still dating and spending time together.

Anonymous said...

exactly anom 5.40

Anonymous said...

ODO is not an insider. Is teasing nonbelievers pretending to know something really "awesome". July? tarragon? Knows nothing. Rob and Kristen are not engaged. Rob and Kristen are not married.
Don't follow that game, they just want to *push* on you.

Anonymous said...

I don't get why Kristen looks so unconfortable when she's with Rob in an interview or in any event or even in her acting. Aren't they supossed to be an item for more than a year??

In New moon Kristen looked like an ice cube with Rob in the few scenes they shared together.

In the books Bella melts every time Edward kisses her, she loses her mind, she hyperventilates.. I've never seen this Bella on screen (I did in Twilight. In didn't in NM).

Is it because Kristen is so shy and unconfortable with Rob that she's not even able to portray Bella's passion for Edward on screen?

Up to the Eclipse clip of a E/B kiss I've just seen, she keeps being shy, rather cold, unexpressive..why is it??

I'm even wondering if her obssesion for keeping her relaysh with Rob so private, isn't interfering in her acting as Bella.

This is my opinion, I hope you don't hate me.

Veronica said...

Rose, I am a Brazilian fan of the Twilight Saga and Rosten course! I love your blog and your comments.
I think people should be more like we are, and like things and people and not to hate things and people.
I really like Kris and Rob, and I think they combine together, and wish only good for them.
Only beings as Hyenarazzi can not see the beauty of love ... after all they live in mud, the dirt of their own souls ...
A hug for you and keep writing, we love!

Anonymous said...

The guy in plaid is Kristen's cousin, not her brother, he is a BMX rider and was there as her 'plus 1' last year as well. Dude must really like the MMA's. lol I've seen pics of Cameron, her biological brother and her 2 adopted ones,
Taylor and her other 1 and they are not him.

Anonymous said...

to 339 anon...actually ODO is a pro R/K poster on R's IMDb...he/she defends K against R's more rabid fans...he/she sounds British...they have been spot on about GOOD things with R/K...they post in VERY cryptic terms and riddles...they posted about Oprah before Delaney even did, they knew about Tom going to RM premiere, they knew about K going to Budapest via Paris before anyone else even had an inkling(and then there was a tweet saying K was on their Paris flight) they knew about K going to the Met gala before it was published etc. And now they are cryptically saying Rob will have some very interesting things to say in a July publication that will not make nonstens very happy and that July has many Independence Days...sounds as if Rob is going to make a statement once and for all about his gf Kristen. I'm not a naive 'shipper' but have read R's IMDb for the past 2 yrs and this person has been 100 percent right.

Anonymous said...

"WE have gotten better at hiding"

Doesn't that comment say it all?
Hyenas have a hard time understanding so it's best to break it down.

have gotten better(improved)
hiding(to keep hid or concealed, out of sight)

So they go out of there way to see eachother when he's filming across the world, but they don't see eachother while in the same city? Even though they admittedly hide when they are together. Hmm.. fascinating how the hyenas brain works.. ruled completely on wishful thinking with no logic involved whatsoever.

Caroline said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caroline said...

Anon 6:43 , where can i read this ODO comments?
Tx so much!

soadram said...

brilliant post, I agree with every word, not only sees who does not want to see.
As for comments that are about us ....... still can not understand a thing, if not agree with the post of the Rose, because here are? because that may not hundreds of dumb comments, silly and pointless, we continue to believe what we see, in the words of the Rose in his post and being fans of Rob and Kris and when we are fans of something we want their happiness. but apparently you are not fans of anything, just the same hatred ....
They know life is good, love and be loved full life so try to love and not hate.
Rosa a good night's rest
Sofy Portugal

Anonymous said...

to caroline-here is ODO's profile,listed are all the posts he/she has commented on...http://www.imdb.com/user/ur5401295/boards/profile/

Anonymous said...

Why you haters waste your time reading ODO's comments if you think he/she is fake?You come to Rose board and convinced R/K believers to ignore ODO? WTF.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for clearing up who ODO is because I certainly didn't know but the hyenas keeps bringing them up every once in a while. So now I am going to have to go look at what they are saying.

@6:06- So Kristen is cold and frigid? I so don't see that with Rob, quite the opposite in fact. They just don't make out for the whole world to see.

As for the movie for whatever reason Summit is pushing Jacob down our throats and I don't think Rob and Kristen have been given a lot to work with script wise.
But rest assured I have heard that E/B are more passionate in Eclipse. Maybe b/c the two people playing those parts are passionate with each other in real life.

Anonymous said...

Hyenas always claimed that Rob and Kris broke up because Rob was spotted without Kris.You guys have been convincing us R/K believers for almost 2 years now about same BS over and over.But as you can see R/K still together and happy.

Anonymous said...

Who do you think take care of Rob while his in LA?Her name is Kristen Stewart.By the way they love their new place.My code word is together.

sollee said...

oh i would love to see robert pattinson and kristen stewart in person..maybe someday they'll find time to visit the philippines ...yeah hoping for that^_~...and more projects too for both robsten coz they really deserve the success they're having right now...they just look better everyday ...i'm looking forward to seeing their movies ... like rob's movie water for elephants...i love reese witherspoon as well...i also would love to see the runaways or welcome to the rileys:)...thanks rose for another beautiful post...forever robsten^_~

Lisa said...

Well, it's almost a new day and I am back. :) I just couldn't take the terrible things being said ABOUT Rob & Kristen. I don't care if we argue about "Robsten" real, not real. But wishing one of them dead is as bad as a threat to me! If I knew who you were, I would probably report you! As the one jerk came in a few weeks ago and said we "shippers would be crying" and I said "the only thing that would make me cry was if something tragic happened to one of them" People saying that stuff just breaks my heart..

Anyone noticed how HAPPY Rob is lately? On the set pics have him smiling, whistling, laughing. He was in LA today for a meeting (night shoot for WFE tonight) and he was whistling AGAIN while walking. No KS wasn't with him. We are NOT going to get those pics. She's not gonna go run errands with him, etc... As someone quoted the USA Today article, they're good at hiding. We'll see pics from tomorrow. (Rob will probably be dog tired after working tonight) Sam is in town so I'm hoping they'll get to go. With all the promo work and shooting WFE may be very hard. Oh well, at least he's HAPPY... It's evident!

Btw, there was a prescreening for media types of eclipse tonight. There were TONS of great tweets about it! Said fight scenes and wolves were much better. Also said the "leg hitch" IS in there and VERY steamy! Said there was sexual tention through the whole movie! And "those that are twi fans, will love it" WOOHOO

Someone here said about Bella seeming awkward kissing Edward in todays latest clip, when she wasn't in the book. Well, it's because it was in FRONT of Jacob. The book doesn't say she's all over him at that kiss! (she's all over him in the books when they are alone. We haven't see much kissing at all in the movies. Heck, they've only said I love you ONCE in the movies period and that was NM! Other then Rob mouthing it in twilight) Remember, she's upset and knows she's hurting him. Anyway, before the kiss she says "don't rush" after the kiss (which he pulled away first from. Where other clips ppl were bitching about her pulling away always) she says "OK, maybe, rush a little" TOO CUTE!

Caroline said...

Anonymous thanks so much..and Lisa; i just love your comments...

Love, Carol.