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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Friday, June 18, 2010

'You'll always be my Kristen'

 I sit here with a big smile on my face.
Can't help it.
There is something in the air...
Something GOOD.
Something HAPPY.
It's a great feeling.

There really hasn't been much about Robert
in the news lately.
I suppose he is busy with WFE...
But we haven't even seen set pics in a while.
That brings me to other things being talked about
in the Twilight Zone.

 Awww... Shorty Spice is kinda cute.
I just wanted to start this with saying...
I don't hate the guy.
I'm sure he's very nice.
But for some reason...
Hyenas People can't seem to let him go.
They are clinging to this poor little spice
like their lives depend on it.

Some people seem to think that little O
is still in a relationship with Kristen.
"I've heard that Kristen and Michael are still together
but they are keeping it quiet because of PR"
Of course they are!
PR is the answer to EVERYTHING!
Someone even tweeted that she knew 
That Oregano was in fact the 'deliciously handsome'
guy in Kristen's ipod picture.
(Bwahahahaha... sorry... that is STILL funny)
And she knew FOR A FACT
that they were still together but keeping it quiet.

So there are pictures galore of Robert and Kristen...
Concerts, hotels, airports, and limos...
Budapest, London, IOW, NYC
But THEY are not together.
No... of course not.
There isn't any pictures of Oregano near Kristen...
With the exception of some blurry pic
of the back of two peoples heads...
And that is all you need?
That's it?
BAM! They are Together!
Does anyone else smell the desperation?
And why does it smell like wet Hyena dog?

A Pic released from Jimmy Kimmel.
And OH MY!!!
The way people were reading this photo.
Good Fucking Grief.
She's leaning into him.
He's leaning into her.
OH NO she has her hands on both of their knees!
Blah Blah Blah.
Seriously... all 4 of them look uncomfortable to me.
They are sitting on rocks...
All squished together.
Jimmy looks like he is ready to jump up
and get the hell outta there.

Kristen in Rome.
Just WOW.
That's quite a dress.
She looks gorgeous.
And her face looks flawless.
What a face.

And Kristen in Berlin.
I love seeing what she will wear.
I can't tell you how much this surprises me...
Because I'm a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal
But I find myself looking forward to seeing
what Kristen will have on in her next public appearance.
She hits it out of the park almost every time.

That brings us to....
*cue dramatic music*

With the exception of one or two times...
She hasn't been seen without it.
I brought it up in passing in yesterdays post...
And man oh man...
Some Hyenas people went crazy!

"She had it BEFORE Budapest!"
"Michael gave it to her!"
"It doesn't mean a thing, I buy myself
jewelery ALL the time"
That's just a small sampling of the hysteria
that surrounds something as simple as a necklace.

I was told days before Kristen wore the necklace in public...
that Robert had a necklace specially made for her for her birthday.
Is this true?
I can only go by what I see.
And I see someone who is VERY attached to her necklace.
At first...
Kristen seemed to keep the necklace under her shirts...
Not wanting to share it with the world
But now?
She wears it with everything!
She's never without it.
 I've received necklaces from my husband..
And some of them are very special to me
But I've never worn one necklace...
ALL the time.
Outside of my wedding ring...
I don't wear any jewelery that consistently.

So what does this all mean?
That the necklace is important to her.
Did Robert give it to her?
When I was told he was giving it to her...
They gave me a description.
And lo and behold...
It matched the actual necklace.
Take that as you will.

It's all speculation anyway.


And last but not least...
Never least.
Here is a small clip from Eclipse...
I love it.
Edward. Bella.
This is why I loved Eclipse the best of the books...
And this is why I will probably
love it the best of the movies.
Sweet. Romantic. Beautiful Edward.

"You'll Always Be My Bella"

*Heavy Sigh*
I think this movie might just end me.
I will always love Edward...
Because he brought me to Robert.

Bye for now


Trisha said...

Love it Rose. Thank you & Happy Friday!!!

Hey hyenas: you all have a good day too. Whatever helps you sleep at night :)

Gemslvs said...

Hey Rose,
Happy Friday, and what a wonderful way to end a post, I know what you mean how could you not fall in love with Edward and you know and see that Edward has brought Rob to us and Kris :)...Thx's Sally :)

Karen said...

I absolutely love this clip. I can't wait to see the movie.

Kristen is so beautiful in the new promo pics.

Rose, do you know what the other side of the necklace looks like?


loris said...

Wow! I just love that clip!!!! Can't wait to see the movie.

Great post as always!

Anonymous said...

Well Rose that's what I heard about the necklace after reading someone on twitter saying they had seen Rob going into the jewellers to buy it.It was especially made for Kristen.I know I miss seening Rob it seems a long time now.It's really sad he couldn't go with Kristen and Taylor on the European promos. Don't you think.

kharma1 said...

Hi Rose, Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, been on vacay. I see I haven't missed much, the hyenas are still circling and foaming, still just being hyenas.

The necklace...
Yes, the infamous necklace.
I don't think I've ever seen Kristen wear one till after Budapest, after her birthday. And your right, she is always wearing it. A necklace she must hold dear to her heart with a very special meaning behind it.

Hyenas will never be convinced, and does it matter to Rob and Kristen... NOT... Kristen loves Rob loves Kristen.
Have a GREAT weekend everyone.

jen said...

hahah, I love that you know just how to push buttons on people who come to hate here--you know writing "you'll always be my Kristen" is just making their blood boil right now. That's the best part, I tend to think you write things with a cheeky grin, but your detractors wouldn't know mischief if it hit them in the eye.

And that Jimmy Kimmel pic is hilarious. I don't like to do body language stuff a lot, I think it's too subjective.


this picture is like the USA today picture where Kristen and Taylor are all business and Robert's leaning in like a goof into KRisten's space. Look at the jimmy picture--Taylor and Kristen all business again and stoic, and then there' Robert, with a boyishly charming smile and his leg and foot all casual in Kristen's space.

Does it mean Robert loves Kristen? No, but I do think it's a cute little implication regarding Robert. See that cheeky smile?

See, he's like Rose, full of mischief too. LOL

Which is why hyenas don't get him either.

Anonymous said...

Kristen loves Taylor! http://www.imagebam.com/image/90d58784914436

Anonymous said...

Since I commented a super long comment yesterday...I'll make this one super short.

Dear Kristen Interviewers,

MAKE YOURSELF USEFUL and ask about the shoelace bracelet and the necklace so we can all be put of our misery.

Thank you,

*Suzy Q*


@ Rose...lovely post. Especially lovely title. Your titles are always so perfect. :-D

@ Everyone who said nice things and/or agreed with me about what I said about Kristen yesterday...thanks. You all were really sweet!

ciro said...

love it rose...

happy weekend for u all...oh yea btw rose you forgot to insert in schedule rob would appear in regis and kelly at 21 june, the date if i don't mistaken ..i've seen the news in robsessed blog...

Deb said...

Grate post today Rose I love the new pic of Kristen she is one beautiful lady how lucky Rob is to have her and how lucky MR.O* WAS* to love her to I hope they are still friends.BUT what can I say when Kristen told her self to give it a try It was the best CHOICE she made.And what I'v seen MR.O looks like hes doing fine with OTHERS. NOW to the new video O MY GOD I can NOT WAIT YO SEE THIS MOVIE and I think Im a little like ROB and KRISTEN IM going to be a little SAD when TWILIGHT IS OVER IM going to miss Bella and Edward and even Jacob all 3 of them has become a part of my every day life how sad huh But it well be nice to see them in other movies (ROB and KRISTEN)The kids look like the where having fun last night.And I to miss seeing Rob.YES ROSE ITS going to be a LOVING summer Have a great day my friend ......DEB

Anonymous said...

She's had sooo many interviews over the last few weeks or something.. i wonder if the press were'nt allowed to ask about the necklace, because surely someone would have by now :/ ???

Also, after missing out on all this press, i hope they make sure that Robs schedule is clear for the next 2 films :) Ahhh i bet he's just thinking.. im not tooo worried about not being with them (***HER***) because starting october or whateva, they'll be working together for 6MONTHS :D :D :D Yipeee


Patricia said...

Rose: Patty again, That trailer "You will always be my Bella" wiped me out. I played it 10 times. I love Edward and Bella , You're right Edward brought us our INTOXICATION WITH ROBERT PATTINSON,
Grazie Edward
Grazie Rose

Anonymous said...

oh wow. MA again?has been over a year ago.puufffff stop please

I can't wait to see the movie.I'm so excited.

the necklace? for me is a mystery.seems like an eight. ( 8 )maybe a date or an important number?
it is strange that for Rose is more important the necklace than the ring . maybe the ring is a gift of family .
I received a necklace from my best friend before he became my boyfriend. so it bodes well for me

Anonymous said...

@twigosspgirl Ok why is E! News trying to make a dinner btwn Kris and Tay a romantic one! Total FAIL!....

so, it's already started huh? not that i'm surprised.

shame on you E!

Anonymous said...

Taysten shippers...stop posting these stupid links. Nobody clicks on them because nobody is even mildly worried about Kristen and Taylor. Kristen and Taylor could be stranded on a desert island and I would not be worried about them.

If I could pick one person in the world to travel with Kristen, besides Rob, it would be Taylor. There is absolutely no shot whatsoever of anything happening between the two. And it's not because they look at each other as siblings. There is another, rather large reason. It's obvious to most people, but I'll just let it go unsaid here.

Rose, I love how you can get to these nonbelievers like no one else. It's kind of amusing even I would like to ignore their existence entirely. It's just SOOOOO telling that they know all of this is true. Otherwise, they would just wait for it to come out naturally. But they've been waiting for over a year, and all signs point to them being wrong and massively disappointed. The viciousness is just the death rattle of the end of the nonstens. And it's funny.


Anonymous said...

The infinity sign is shaped like an eight as well.

If it is an infinity sign I don't think people realize that's a common symbol to give someone you love or care about. The infinity symbol takes on various forms in different cultures and is often a common gift to give a loved one.

In new zealand the infinity keepsake takes on this form for instance and I was given one from my ex-bf:


It's a variation on the number 8 shape but more pointed. I still wear sometimes because it's pretty.

Anonymous said...

The amount of times i've had that said to me is a joke. But people are actually serious.

are they real robsten fan or nonsten?

Oh nevermind.. because kristen's fanbase is full of two-faced people.

Anonymous said...

speaking of pushing buttons, the necklace does like a wonky button doesn't it? i wonder what it is?

Anonymous said...

You know, I won't let myself to get nervous with all the *push* the happy mood, the big things coming up... The ring could be a family gift. FOR SURE, it's not what some shippers are thinking. The necklace, a birthday present. She's been wearing it for like...two months. Big deal! talk about it in five years!

There's something in the air...I refuse to believe it, you won't fool me :) push all yoy want.

Anonymous said...

i guess my last comment didn't appear, speaking of necklaces this one does look like wonky button, doesn't it? i wonder what it is?

Anonymous said...

the necklace did appear after budapest and it could be a gift from rob just sayin not sure about the plain gold band its an odd choice for her as she usually wears a lot of silver rings in the past i don't know

Anonymous said...

And yes, she is touching the necklace after he said the infamous "my son" comment. SO WHAT? I touch my hair a lot. It doesn't mean I'm in luv.


Anonymous said...

These Taysten shippers are morons.They're the epitomy of the delusional.

I don't know zip about the neclace,but maybe you're right,Rose.Maybe it'a Rob's gift or her parents.

Anonymous said...

The necklace kinda looks like the top of a can of coke or something.. the thing you lift to break the seal open lol

But hmmm... I think, One piece of jewellery, One World = One piece of jewellery with 2 "holes" in it, 2 people who want to be together always in that World.. :/

Please someone ask her! I mean, if she chooses not to answer, thats a revelation in itself..


Anonymous said...

Ah, better view of the golden ring. It's not like a "wedding"(sic) band, it has engraving on it :) Looks like a family gift or a friend gift. Beautiful, of course. I feel kinda happy :) You can keep pushing :)

Anonymous said...

The link from the comment above


Anonymous said...

And I'm not nervous about the necklace, ok shippers?

Anonymous said...

if some of KStews own fans r gna pair hr with Taylor & OTR costars then hw cn we btr xpect frm d media?


Anonymous said...

ROBSTEN VIDESO that should be made.

A compilation of clips of her touching the necklace and the content of the sentence she said while touching it. She's touched it alot... so it would require alot of work to make it properly but once it was acutally made with all the press done recently... it would be very telling. I'm sure 85%would be Rob related.

A compilation of Rob's looks at kristen in quick succession over the years. Especially recently.

A compilation of Rob's non answers.

A compilation of Kristen's non answers.

I wish I had any video making skills...darn it.

Hilarious said...

THANK JEBUS, it's so close to the weekend. Anyone with me?

Love the post. As always. And the pictures are so fun. Rose, you must have so much fun choosing photos for your post. There are so many gorgeous shots - don't know how you narrow it down sometimes. :)

I adore Kristen's little necklace. Not my taste, per se, but it's so unique. A nice combo of quirky and pretty. The fact that Kristen literally wears it all the time ... so cute. And it's very delicate and pretty against her skin.

Side note: I'm so jealous of her skin, I can't stand it. How does one upgrade to pale and flawless from pale and blotchy? "Yes, I'll take the Kristen Stewart special, please." If anyone has number of the spa/dermatologist/miracle worker that can make it happen, please be merciful and share.

Another topic: Taylor. He's starting to really grow on me. Still overly trained, but he's loosening up, especially when he's with Rob and Kristen. I'm still DYING from his response at TwiCon after Rob teases him about Jacob's sleeping with a baby.

And much like R&K help Taylor to act his age (i.e. YOUNG and SILLY and NATURAL), I think having him on the road helps Kristen relax a bit. And have more fun. Anything's better with a friend along for the ride, no? They've been super-cute in Europe.

I'm in such a good mood. The StewSteeze is off the charts, and though Rob's been very low key, I saw those tweets that he was shooting a confrontation scene last night. YUM. No pics yet (unless I'm missing out; please share!) ... but we have very fertile imaginations. :)

Anonymous said...

To Hilarious:

Oh my God, what did he say when Rob teased him about sleeping with a baby? How did I miss that exchange completely?

Nonstens: Nobody cares whether you think the necklace or ring are from Rob. Nobody. So, coming on here and talking about how it could be from family too is unnecessary. We all know that as well. The necklace's timing IS Budpaest. So...logically speaking, one could come to the conclusion that it came from Rob as she FLEW ALL THE WAY THERE TO BE WITH HIM ON SAID BIRTHDAY. But I know logic isn't your strong suit...


Anonymous said...


Confrontation scene? It must be the one in the tent after Rosie's big debut... LMAO...another tent confrontation scene. It'll be hard of the papz to snap pics of that one though because its not outside.

I was wondering if why Rob's been out of the public eye is because his family is visiting?

@ Sydney

Taylor said to Rob: "Don't you sleep with her in it?" And pointed at Kristen
To which Kristen totally freaked out. Slapped her hand a few times said something we couldn't hear to Taylor. Said something we couldn't hear to Rob. And then Rob just grinned and said "I love babies."

Anonymous said...

Hello Rose fisrt I want to say that even tough is my fisrt time posting a comment I been following your blog for a while and Ilove it. The reason why I have never left a comment before is because most people that love your blog and comment feel the same way i do leaving me with notthing else to say. Anyways, thank you for this blog and for staying strong and not letting certain K-9 creatures get to you . You defend your self very well .

Well there's been alot of talk about the necklace and I agree with you. Now I want to ask for your opinion or what you think on the gold ring that Kristen been using on her left hand. Like the necklace she wears it almost all the time and I notice it around the same time she got her necklace. So please do let me know what you think .

loris said...

There has been speculation on the ring. When they were leaving to London from Budapest, I think, Rob had a gold band on his finger. People think it was a prop from Bel Ami. Suddenly he was no longer wearing it and Kristen started wearing a gold band all of the time. So some think it may be his ring from Bel Ami. But who knows.

Anonymous said...

Who is lying? Ted or the NY Times?
Mr. Pattinson changed hotels six times in the month and a half he has spent in Los Angeles filming “Water for Elephants.”

so difficult...


Shippers this week is not getting better. Dates, hotels, daddy giving him tips to pick up girls..

amanda said...

Lmao. I love how people comment just to tell Rose that she's not making them nervous.

So many sightings of Rob and Kristen.. So many sightings of MA and ER.. But the NONsensers still think Kristen and MA are together? What an understanding boyfriend MA must be, to let her spend vacations with Rob, birthdays with Rob, leave award shows with Rob, hold hands with Rob, stay in the same hotel room as Rob..haha.

I hope NOBODY asks her about the necklace. Kristen gets defensive, and I wouldn't want her to feel uncomfortable about wearing it if people start questioning her about it. And due to the knowledge of when it showed up around her neck, and Rob making a necklace I think it's safe to say where it came from.

Great post today Rose.:)

Anonymous said...


Okay. If not the necklace. Than I at least am curious about the shoestring. And I honestly don't even think that one is Rob related.

But I think if only one interviewer said "pretty necklace" when she started to play with it.... "where did you get it from?" or "whose the designer?" seems perfectly innocent. Celebrities are constantly asked "who are you wearing?" its not like its straight out of left field. I mean as long as the interviewer wasn't crass or direct or smirking when they said it... there is a *small* possibility that we might get some kind of answer. Maybe not "its from Rob".... but just a "someone designed it for me as a gift" answer... you know.

She wouldn't answer:
"So is your necklace from your boyfriend"
"You always wear that necklace must mean something really special to you."
or something of the like... I wouldn't think or if she did it would be sarcastic...

Anonymous said...

2:11 That ring on Rob's hand in Budapest was photoshoped. Don't let them fool you shippers. Same with the necklace, it's just an (ugly) necklace. She likes to wears same jewelry for short periods. I guess it's necklace and (family) golden ring time.

Anonymous said...

And "listening comprehension" isn't peoples strong side either.

So speaking of infinity symbols and commitment:

Jenna Bush asked Rob if he is ready for a long term commitment.

Long termin commitment means dating one person exclusively and not going out on dates with other persons anymore.

That is what you call a long term committed relationship, married or not.

And Robs answer was:

"I would like to go on A-date..., SO I never go on dates anymore."

He said A-date, not a date. Like the A-team is not just a team.

And he said So I never..., not because I never .... This was misquoted by everyone, including Gossip Cop.

RoB says he likes the idea of a committed relationship. Infinty.

This interview was scripted, he chose his word carefully.

He left intentially room for interpretation, that his words are not set in stone, so there can be a difference what it means to him personally and what others are going to read in it.

Listen for yourself again:


jen said...

anon 2:17:

I have NO CLUE what Rob's living arrangment is. But what often happens with stars on location is that they'll have several places they'll stay at AT ONCE. There will be like three or four places they can go, depending on what they're needs are at the moment.

Hotel rooms are for convenience. They are not for comfort though. So another place for privacy and comfort it inevitable.

He's filming at a variety of locations as well, in various parts of the county, so I'm sure there's several places that's ready for him whenever.

And as for dad giving "pick up" tips, you're so clueless. lol

His father titled what his thoughts were about "gestures." Romantic and refined gestures that impress.

That has nothing to do with him being single or with someone, it's about knowing what gestures are to be used for someone you want to impress.

Anonymous said...

@ Anna

What is "A-date"?

Portia said...

To Anonymous 2:17

First of all it was US Magazine - not Ted - who ran the story about living together. Ted jumped on and added his confirmation (which means very little).

"Mr. Pattinson changed hotels six times in the month and a half he has spent in Los Angeles filming “Water for Elephants.”

That sounds like classic Pattinson interview garbage to me... along the lines of "I've never read Breaking Dawn" and "I've lost my car and have no idea where it is"

Sometimes you need to know your subject and filter out the bullcrap.

loris said...

Doesn't matter where Rob is staying in the LA area. You can bet Kristen has been spending lots of time with him.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:17:

If that's all you got...it's gonna be a long summer for YOU. Why are you here? Scared about something? Wanting to check up on what Rose knows? If you were so sure they aren't together, you would hang out in your bunker of hate at nonsten and just wait it out. When will you guys realize that? It's so easy to pick you off one at a time while you grasp at straws over on this site. You're just embarrassing yourselves. Go crawl back to your miserable homebase and be angry about life there. Everyone here is happy and secure in their knowledge.

loris said...

Wonder why he would have to change hotels 6 times when he hasn't been spotted or pap'd at any place but the Ritz and the junket when they were all staying there and it was reported he shared a room with Kristen? That part wasn't even in quotes, so who knows where they got that info from.

Anonymous said...

to Anon 2:35

A-date is a special date with one special person.

You know the A-team, the film, one unique team, not just a random team. When you say the A-team, you accentuate it totally different than saying a team. Say it for yourself 10 times aloud and then listen how Rob says A-date.

Rob says he would like to go on A-date (= dating a special person) not just a date, SO he never goes on dates (with random chicks) again.

This guy is clever, he says he would like to go for one girl forever, but he says it in a way that it will fly over nearly every head.

But don't get me wrong he says nothing about his current relationship status, just that he would like to do it, but when a boy says he is ready...


Anonymous said...

If I want to go on a date was used exclusively by single people then married people or those in a committed relationship would never use the term.
For example: My husband and I/ My wife and I are going out on a date. Or couples have date nights.

On another note, it's interesting listening to Rob speak and also reading his interviews now. His speech is littered with a very American way of saying things.

Anonymous said...

@ Anna

Okay. Thanks for explaining :-D

Anonymous said...

That NY Times articles also says: "He arrived for coffee wearing both a baseball cap and sunglasses to cover his floppy locks and haunting good looks, and he immediately vetoed a booth hand picked by a publicist for its privacy as too public. “Kris is better about dealing with photographers than I am,” he said, referring to his equally sought after co-star, Kristen Stewart, after finally settling on an outdoor nook surrounded by tall hedges."

Huh, interesting he brought her up within the first second of meeting the "interviewer."

Though I wouldn't place much stock on this article as they also wrote: "His only role of note prior to Edward Cullen was a bit part in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” as Cedric Diggory, the doomed love interest of Hermione."

Jesus fucking Christ...research much? First off...he was in Goblet of Fire. And second off, Hermione's love interest? A simple glance at Wikipedia would have solved this. So, this is poor journalism at it's best.

What else have you got nonsten???

@Anne...I agree with you that it sounded like he seemed exasperated that he couldn't even go out on A date. Like, with his already significant other.


sfw10sis said...

Running late, Hi Rose, great post as always. I'm so looking forward to the E/B scenes in Eclipse.

OOOHH, some real info on the infamous necklace, aren't you just full of mischief, I love it and you too.


Kels said...

Wow, I didn't realize you were sent that info about her necklace before she got it- that's awesome! The black shoe string had re-emerged there for a while too. I used to see both of them wearing it- then just Kris (during TR). I'm wondering about that gold ring as well. I def. think that necklace is from him though- it didn't appear until after Budapest and even when Kristen is working the red carpet and her necklace doesn't "go", she still wears it. I'm sorry, but you wouldn't be that attached to a piece of jewelry you bought for yourself!

Anonymous said...

When I was told he was giving it to her...
They gave me a description.
And lo and behold...
It matched the actual necklace.
Take that as you will.

Anonymous said...


I noticed she was wearing it under that black dress with the two huge flowers, in Rome, was it? Totally didn't go with the dress. Yet, still, she had it on. I definitely by myself jewelry all the time, necklaces, rings, bracelets, nice ones and costume. But I would have taken that off with that dress. Unless of course, it meant something special to me.

Anonymous said...

to anon 3:05

But that's not what I am saying. He does NOT want to go out for dinner!!

Rob wants to go out with One significant other (=A-Date), So he is never, never, never going out on dates (with any other girl) again.

Get it now?

Listen what he says.

Anonymous said...

to anon 3:05

in addition to my last post at 3:20. Of cource I think he found this special person already, otherwise a guy would never...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Rose, I agree with Jen. "You'll always be my Kristen"~ I just love this title. It's a punch in the haters' faces, ha ha~

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, Anna, I think I do get you mean now that I notice how you were trying to inflect. It's hard when reading it. I want to go on A date, SO I don't have to go on dates. He really does say it like that.

And yes, I think he's found that person too. Clearly.

Anonymous said...

I think what Anne is trying to say is that Rob would like to SET A DATE. With Kristen.

A special date.

like SET THE DATE. :-D

Anonymous said...

I always thought the shoelace bracelet Kristen wears was from Rob because in this old interview from 2008 he said, "I used to have a shoe lace that I wore round my wrist for about four years, and I gave that to my girlfriend at the time because I forgot to get her a birthday present. I think that was pretty romantic"
So he has a history of giving girlfriends shoelace bracelets lol.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

to anon 3:31

Yes, I never listen at other peoples interpretations, I listen what Rob says, the context of the question, his answer:

And this is the transcription:

Jenna: "Do you be sure being settling down and get married?

Rob: "I don't think settling down should be the same thing as getting married. I mean I guess settling down I guess it's not sleeping with everybody, but I mean.."

Jenna:"Yeah maybe you have to settling down before you get married"

Rob:"Yeah I don't like the idea of having to settle though"

Jenna:"Yeah settling isn't probably the best word."

Rob:"I know,- I would like to go on A-Date (side note: he says A-Date like you say the A-Team), I am just saying, I am just putting down there - So I am never going on dates any more."

Listen to it 20 times, you will get it. Smile


Anonymous said...

Ok. I lied. I'm posting again today... and a slightly longer comment because - I'm pissed. I'm writing the NY Times. When I have my letter ready I will post it here. Because they are supposed to be a RESPECTED and RELIABLE news source and I have problems with their little article like:

1.) Rob's locks... not so floppy as they are cut short for WFE. It states in the interview that his fingernails are dirty from filming so his "SIGNATURE hair" was DEFINITELY cut at the time and not so "signature" or "floppy" any longer. They didn't even open their eyes when he was right in front of them.

2.) They also went on to say this which is a crap sentence: " The inexpensive romantic drama “Remember Me,” released in March, grossed only $19 million in North America. About $35 million in overseas ticket sales eased the pain a little, but the upshot was that Mr. Pattinson appeared unable to anchor a movie despite the “Twilight” nuttiness"

It is not an "UPSHOT" if Mr. Pattinson appeared UNABLE to ANCHOR a MOVIE. WTF? Not to mention that Mr. Pattinson's Remember Me made a total of 55,068,094.00 worldwide with a budge of 16 million which is a return on investment of 244%. Whoever invested doubled their money and them some... and that is a failure? BAD JOURNALISM!!

3.) The Kristen quote seems to be misquoted as he usually says something to the opposite effect. But hey... I don't have proof here. I'm just sayin'

4.) And getting the wrong Harry Potter movie is just sheer laziness.

The article is link is below. And is just sheer LAZY journalism. I did better research for papers I wrote in MIDDLE SCHOOL. WTF?


*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

...And when you listen to the today show vid the 100th time the smile on your face will get bigger and bigger...promise


Anonymous said...


So I am never going on dates any more."
[ SO ROB DOESNT GO ON DATES ANYMORE....] like he dosent go on dates with others like im going out dating and maybe find s/one...
But HE Rob would like to go on A-Date...in the same context as saying ; Iwould like to go on A Date with my wife....for instance...
I realize ppl whoare married for instance still ask each other on DATES. And this is the way Rob is implying ...is this making sense...

Anonymous said...

to anon 4:21

hmmm, No. To complicated, the truth is always simple (but of course Rob is a master in deflection, thehee).

He wants to go on A-Date(=dating One special person exclusively), So in the consequence he is NOT going to date any other girls anymore.

Thats what happend when you and your husband decided to be in a committed relationship, right (regardless if married or not)??


Anonymous said...

to Anon 4:21

Oh, I think I get where you are coming from.

Don't take the "GO" on a date in Rob's statement to literally, this was his vehicle for deflection, that people can take the statement as his desire to go out on normal dates with his girl.

BTW: Can you imagine what people/the tabs would have made if he would have said flat out: "Oh yes, I am ready for being with the one and only"...

So he chose for conflicting words...


Anonymous said...

Anna Im sorry maybe there is a way you say it cause of, from where you are from....and its lost in translation.....in other words it comes natural for you to understand cause its the American way of thinking....and different words are used differently in diff context....if i heard the spoken word from you perhaps this wouldnt be an issue....but thanks for TRYING to give me sense of it all. Infortunatley you FAILED. LOL

Anonymous said...

to anon 4:41
...American way of thinking... 1mile, 2 miles, 3 miles,...

no I am literally so far far far far away from the "american" way of thinking.

But what are you are trying to say? Please be be more specific, I can't get your point. But it doesn't matter, I am just encouraging to listen, listen, listen, to Rob, his word. That is my way of thinking, very liberal and it is far far far away from the american way.


Anonymous said...

I loved the interview.

No surprise that most of you can't handle the truth.

The fact is Rob couldn't anchor Remember Me.

Kristens a good actress but lets face it.. only if you're a delusional shipper you actually think the chemistry in Twilight is good. Its crap ok. Rob and Kristen's is awful. I don't blame Kristen cause she has to work with Rob's bad acting. Heres real chemisty.. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0829576/board/thread/165157018

Melinda said...

Rose thanks for a great post to end my boring work week! Great pics and great insight. I think that MA is probably a really nice guy. Kristen wouldn't have been with him back in the day if he wasn't. She seems like she has great character judgment.

Can we just talk about Eclipse for a second?

Okay I am hating (not really) all these "teaser" clips that are coming out! Why do they do this to us??? Evil people!

Kristen is looking fantastic as usual. She is starting to really get into the fashion side of fame. I still love that she can be just as beautiful in jeans and a tee as she can in a designer dress. I would love to see Marchesa do the wedding dress for Breaking Dawn. Taylor is super cute too! I'm glad she has a good friend in him.

So many good things coming via Eclipse (as well as other things non-Twilight related, I'm thinking). Can't wait to see Rob and Kris on the red carpet. I am in my happy place. Is it too much to ask for a place that isn't riddled with hate?

Happy Friday! That includes the haters that come on here. Hope you all can enjoy a night that is happy.

Anonymous said...

You do realize the people who post at IMDB are made fun of the world 'round right? And you've just revealed yourself to have absolutely no taste whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

I really don't get why hyenas don't just admit Robert is with Kristen. Thye can rant and rave and wail and gnash their teeth for a few days, and then drop him like a hot potato and move on to another handsome actor they can obsess over. Good looking actors/celebs are all over the damn place, so move on!

My oldest sister had a mad crush on Paul McCartney until he married Linda Eastman and was devastated as if he peronally dissed her. How dare he! lol She dropped her crush pretty quickly,put away all her Beatles records for awhile and wasn't until a few yrs later(with maturity coming into play) when she realized how RIDICULOUS it was to be JEALOUS of the woman who stole her idol's heart, a man she would never meet. She then became a huge Wings fan. lol

Hyenas take note.

Anonymous said...

So last thing I say today before I go back to real life.

It does not matter what other people say on Rob/Kristen's IMBD board, at the AT board, what "Taysten" shippers, some random people on Twitter say, it won't create any truth.

Why bother what other people say in Tokyo, LA, London, Lyon, Hannover...you see what you see, you hear what you hear, let everything else flip to the side.

I like to listen to Rob and Kristen AND Rose - she is lovely.

Good day.

Anonymous said...

Anna please dont take offense to my 'The American Way of thinkin"
Im Australian...i remember you said you spent time here....BUT let me try to explain myself...

If i used a typical slang word OR An AUSTRALIAN WAY of saying something for instance.
Which COMES NATURALLY TO ME B/C IM USED TO HEARING THAT SLANG IN EVERYDAY USAGE OF THE WORD....WELL THEN when in everyday conversation when the slang is used Aussies know EXACTLY what i mean....
So im thinking that its the way you or should I say PPL IN THE U.S state things that are naturally understood. CAUSE its the way your used to how it is put in context...is that clearer...i hope so ...like i said ...if this would be verbal we probably wouldnt even be discussung it....

Anonymous said...

Well I guess you just proved that the kstew fans on imbd are nearly as pathetic as rob fans on imbd. Bragging about how kstew has better chemistry with everyone except rob? Pathetic much?

mamabear said...

When is Kristen coming back to LA? No sightings of Robert lately, busy filming WFE and parents in town, must be missing his girl....he seems very sad when she is not around.....
The necklace, this first appeared in the airport photo from Budapest back to London.....Kristen never worn one before I think....only rings, watch and a shoelace.
Rose I love coming to your site, and read your thoughts, because they mirror my own.....thank you for a great job.....I get my daily smile.

Deb said...

YOU can see that theres not much to see when it comes to our ROB and Kristen WHY I SAY that because we are now talking about the JEWELRY that KRISTENS wearing HOW funny WE all KNOW that she didnt have the NECKLACE before her BIRTHDAY and when she came home to the US she had it on and she HAS NOT TAKEN it off Yes I do think it is from Rob BUT can I say something PLEASE do you all remember what Kristen just said about NOT WANTING her life to be entertainment for others THIS is why she WONT say any thing about her and Rob BUT WE now want to go there with WHO or WHERE did she get the NECKLACE DO WE have to take every thing away from her cant we JUST BE HAPPY THAT SHES HAPPY with WHAT EVER she has on We who believe believe and you who dont just dont PLEASE lets just give her what she has ask so many times respect and privacy to let her keep what she thinks that is importation to her I think Rob would like that to IM just saying how I feel SORRY SO LONG But I LOVE ROB AND HE LOVES KRISTEN and I love that they are happy . DEB

Bex said...

Dear Rose,

I was thinking about gestures the other day...... no just kidding i was just thinking about how freaking amazing and entertaining your blog is. Please don't ever delete it! it makes my work day go by so fast!

Also.. all this nonsense about rob supposedly saying he wants to go out on dates (where for some reason a lot of you took that to mean he wants to start meeting new people therefore possibly giving you a chance HAH!).

He said "A date" meaning ONE. He can't even go to A bar and have more than A drink before fans start showing up because somebody tweeted his location. How is he expected to get through an entire meal??

He wasn't letting all you wack jobs know that he's single.. he was simply saying that he'd like to be able to get out of his hotel room/kstews childhood bedroom at her parents house/shady private cottage by the lake sometime and have a nice meal with his girl.

The whole "I'm just putting that out there" was a jab towards the paps and psycho fans that can't seem to not interrupt him when they see him in public.

That's my opinion anyways. It's simple logic.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add my two cents on the "dating" stuff that has been brought up.

Take what Rob said to Jenna on the Today show. BTW- ANNA thank you for making this clear for people.

Then take what Kristen said during the E! interview.
1. She says a reporter asked her "is it weird dating Robert who plays your boyfriend in the movie?" (this may not be word for word but I think you get it plus her accent was too funny!). First off the reporter believes that by stating the question this way he will get the answer everybody wants (admitting that they are dating). She won't say "yes it is/no it isn't weird b/c she is not going to let someone force her hand to reveal aspects of her personal life.

So what does she do? She laughs and says sarcastically "I didn't know I was dating Robert." Then says " I didn't know that. Thank you for telling me. I have a boyfriend (note the continued sarcasm)."
Now to me I read her statements as funny b/c she is throwing it back into the reporters face. Like they are surprising her with juicy gossip about her own life. Funny as heck.

Okay so to wrap up...

People who are in/or entering into a long term fully committed relationship that are not legally married don't typically say they and their significant other are "dating" each other. Some celeb examples: Brad/Angie or Goldie/Kurt. If you asked them if they consider themselves to be "dating" I am pretty positive they would say no.

Go back to what Kristen says "I didn't know I was "dating" Robert."

Go back to Rob's interview with Jenna and what he said about "dates" and then take into account how he has said he believes that when you commit to one person it should be with that one person only.

Now I don't see a marriage on the horizon b/c of focus on careers and age personally but I may be surprised.

I do see full commitment to each other. That's all.

Anonymous said...

Louisa FDU

loris said...

Are the hyenas going to lose their minds once BD starts filming? The thought of R&K other for 6 - 7 months straight!!!!!! The foam, the foam.

Anonymous said...

Cute video of the "Bubble" at the Twi-Con for anyone interested.


at the 3:00 mark is when R told K about his "zipper" problem (it was down) and her reaction.

Love them!

mamabear said...

One reply to the comment that Remember Me movie didn't make alot of money, I think for the budget, this movie did great....and this doesn't even have the DVD sales yet, I for one will buy the DVD...maybe two of them!
Another comment on the necklace, I have looked and looked at this piece, and to me it really looks like a shirt button, that has been coded in gold with a few diamonds around the side....could be from the first encounter between these two, a button from Roberts shirt and now Kristen wears around her neck, always has a piece of him near her heart?????

Anonymous said...

@Anna & Louisa

OK. Anna. You hooked me. I’m as American as Apple Pie. So I went home to analyze this… give the American’s take. Because the first time I listened I only did once and I heard “CUZ I never go on dates any more” and I was with Gossip Cop on this.

And I listened and I have to say that I can’t actually differentiate he could have said “SO” I never go on dates anymore. Which would make you right. And it would also make his facial expressions right. It would also MAKE sense.

Because when I heard that I was like “huh?” Because even in the him and Kris context… him wanting to go out on a date… like a date night… was like well they have had several date like moments. I mean I suppose you could argue this a million ways.

If you listen to it… I don’t know how to slow a video down. But if he said “SO” And he said it so deliberately. With those expressions.

OMG! Anna would be a genius.

Check out these sentences:

“I know I would like to go on A date. I’m just saying. I’m just putting that out there. SO I never go on dates anymore.”


“I know I would like to go on a date. I’m just saying. I’m just putting that out there. CUZ I never go on dates anymore.”

One little word. A world of difference!! Which one was it?

Anonymous said...

Freudian slip Kristen?? Ha Ha!


Anonymous said...

Letter to New York Times. I said I would share so here it is.

June 18, 2010

Dear Editor:

I have several concerns regarding an article the New York Times recently printed on June 18, 2010, “His Cross to Bear” by Brooks Barnes. The version I read was through the internet at the following link:


My primary concern with this article was its gross lack of editing and fact checking, which I felt was just demonstrative of lazy journalism which is not something that New York Times is typically associated with. Therefore I felt compelled to bring this to your attention so that you may correct the problem. I have listed the following quotes from the article in which I felt that quality of work presented to be sadly below the standards previously set forth by the New York Times.


“His only role of note prior to Edward Cullen was a bit part in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” as Cedric Diggory, the doomed love interest of Hermione.”

His primary role in the Harry Potter series took place in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire not the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. His character died in the Goblet of Fire. The Order of the Phoenix is listed on his resume but only features flashbacks of his character. I have never seen either movie, but was able to determine this after sixty seconds of research. The fact that Barnes was unable to complete even sixty seconds of research on his subject is indicative of lazy journalism.


“He arrived for coffee wearing both a baseball cap and sunglasses to cover his floppy locks and haunting good looks, and he immediately vetoed a booth hand picked by a publicist for its privacy as too public.”

My concern here is the statement “floppy locks” which makes me question whether or not Barnes looked at his subject while speaking with him or decided to use the descriptive “floppy locks” after Barnes saw a picture of him on a magazine because at the time this interview was supposed to have taken place his hair was cut short and could not by any stretch of the imagination be described as “floppy.”

to be continued

Anonymous said...


It is clear that Barnes is capable of research as Barnes painstakingly took the time to track down a professor from a university who could question the viability of his career despite the professor’s lack of firsthand knowledge of Mr. Pattinson’s career goals or personal motivations. Barnes followed this “research” by my third concern which is this statement:

“The inexpensive romantic drama “Remember Me,” released in March, grossed only $19 million in North America. About $35 million in overseas ticket sales eased the pain a little, but the upshot was that Mr. Pattinson appeared unable to anchor a movie despite the “Twilight” nuttiness.”

This statement is vastly unrepresentative of the full scope of the picture. Remember Me was a small movie that would not have been able to be made with out Mr. Pattinson’s backing and it was made at a production budget of only 16 million. If evaluated at the production budget vs worldwide box office it made 3.43 times its production budget. In comparison to a big box office hit, its not far off, Iron Man made 4.1 times it production budget. Thus, looking at from a business standpoint, Mr. Pattinson was most definitely successful and would be considered a good investment by those in the film industry. The statement that he is “unable to anchor a movie” undermines both Mr. Pattinson success and his reputation.

In addition, the statement that the “upshot” was that Mr. Pattinson appeared “unable” to do something is either a misprint or its snide. So either Barnes is unable to verify basic facts and Barnes is unable to edit the article or Barnes is simply being snide, in either case this is not Teen Beat or People Magazine it’s the New York Times which is supposed to be held to a higher caliber of journalistic integrity.

I would ask that you address these issues so as to maintain the dignity of your publication to the standards with which its name is associated. In addition, if a piece is meant to be an opinion or editorial, please label it as such, otherwise may I kindly remind you that journalism is suppose to be an objective practice.

This letter is not 150 words and I have no care or concern as to whether or not it is published. I simply wanted to share my concerns with the editor and Mr. Barnes, if the reader of this letter would be so kind as to forward my concerns to the appropriate people, thank you.

*Suzy Q* (only in the letter I sent I used my real name :-) )

loris said...

Haha @the Freudian slip. She looks so tired though. They all seem to get their names mixed up with their characters a lot as well.

Anonymous said...


Yeah I really didn't read too much into it. I thought it was funny. I guess b/c Rob has talked about babies/children several times in several venues since the Oprah taping. It just made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought... that interview .. "Putting that out there" as in about going on A dATE..


loris said...

@anon @ 9:41 Well it made me laugh because there was an interview last weekend that she did where someone was asking her about marriage and she was like "I'm 20". So it made me think of that. lol. But she also was saying if two people are in the right place, there is nothing wrong with getting married young. I am usually against people getting married before 21, but I have seen a few couples who just really were in the right place and very mature and it seemed right. I felt that way about E&B.

Anonymous said...

@*sUZY Q*:
That is a brilliantly worded letter to the NY Times. Bravo.

I read the original article at the NY Times website and I too was appalled by the author's lack of basic research. He seemed to have gone into the interview with an enormous anti Pattinson chip on his shoulder.

With Mr. Barnes's qualifications and experience and the still stellar reputation(some wonder if that is still the case) of the New York Times, we all would have expected better.

Again, Bravo! Well done!

Anonymous said...

does this option im puttin foward help in this discussion or does it make it worse?????

You can be in along term relaysh, married,BF/GF ,engaged & defacto whatever.


ONCE PERHAPS GO OUT which you would call going out {ONCE} on A DATE
.....oh my this sounds crazy and as im writting im thinking WTF am i explaining.......AGRRE TO DISAGREE IS THE BEST SOLUTION HERE....JUST FORGET IT...

Deb said...

Suzy Q spot on I want to thank you for writing this litter I just hope it well work and they well think next time before saying things that are not true I read it to and was upset of what he has said about Rob Once again THANK YOU .....DEB

Andrea said...

Love your daily blog Rose! I've been reading for awhile but this is the first time I've commented.

sounds like "and I saw a boy in love with her" anyone else care to take a stab? What does Rob say at 26:09? it's right after he said his favorite movie is the Runaways. I can't make it out. Help! http://vimeo.com/12535599

Anonymous said...

To Louisa,

I think Rob said it intentially in a way that different interpretations are possible.

And yes, in the context of him describing the pap situatuion in Vancouver in the same interview, you can take his words as the wish to go out on A date without getting disturbed by fans or paparazzi.

My take on the interview is different:

For me the answer "I would like to go on A-Date, SO I never go on dates anymore" is directly related to the question if he would like to be in a committed relationship, means to commit to one person.

And to anon 6:52

Yes, he says SO, and not CUZ. 100% sure.

In the same interview he says:
"...it's a little bit daunting, CUZ it's a long shoot.."

"...camped outside the hotel, SO if it's in Vancouver..."

If you have a good computer, I phone, whatever and good earphones, there is no doubt.

And BTW he is NOT saying
"I'm putting that OUT there",
he says "I am just putting DOWN there".

Big difference: putting down the answer to Jennas question, not putting something out.

I listened to it again. This is the accurate quote:

Jenna: "Yeah settle isn't probably the best word."

Rob:"I know,- I would like to go on A-Date, I am just saying, I am just putting down there - So I never go on dates any more."

Listen to the vid, you will hear it.



Anonymous said...

Oh dear God!I'm wondering if all you,who are overanalyzing Rob's comment "i wanna go on a date",do you have nothing more important to do in your life?Don't you have friends,bf's?Is this your life?You know how sad is this?

Well,Rob succeed what he wanted.He knows that his comments are teared apart from fans and probably he didn't care if some people out there think that heisn't with Kristen and that he wants to go on a date.Have you thought about that?

Lisa said...

OMG Rose.. Just perfect again! I agree 1000% with EVERYTHING you said! Sighhhhhhhh


Anonymous said...

to anon 2:04

Of course, as I said Rob gave probably intentally an answer that we can take from it what we want.

But listening to the vid, giving an accurate quote, put it in the context of the question is not over-analyzing.

Point is that people start to analyze his quote without even using the correct quote.

But why are you so angry? Was this an offence to you?


Anonymous said...


She says that she has more fun working with Tay than Rob.WTF?Is she serious?You know i'm starting to think that all this crap is annoying and that they're not together.

may said...

Rob and Kristen have said many times that they 'd love to work together in another project.If she hasn't fun working with him,how the hell they're going to do this?I'm thinking that there's trouble in paradise,if it was ever a paradise.

TOMBOY said...

If you all still think that Kristen likes Rob,then you need some serious brain surgery.

Carly said...

@the Jimmy Kimmel pic: its cute but they do look incredibly uncomfortable. I must admit, over-analyzing can be fun but with a picture like this? not so much. cause its kinda uncomfortable to look at :)

@Oregano: I dont like the guy. better say I dont care for teh guy. I respect him for not uthering a word about his relationship with Kris to the media but thats where all my interest ends. as for him being cute. I think he was cute as a child but he is not aging very well. but who cares? to each its own, no?

@necklace: we dont know for sure its from Robert but a lot of signs point to it. and unless Kris says she got it somewhere else, I will think its from him. I kinda like to play Where is Waldo with it :) I see picture of Kris and search for the necklace. and its there every single time. take it as you will.

@Kris + Fashion: I love to watch what she wears. she is so incredibly beautiful and she makes evrything work for her but it seems she is finding her way in the fashion maze. as she said for MTV, she needs to feel good to look good. Im the same way. I love the first Rome dress and I love the second one on her. I woulndt choose something like that personaly but she made it work. the Berlin dress - love the blue accents but the cut seemed kinda unflattering. but maybe it was just her posture I havent seen many pics yet. but I loved her hair. I really like it when she has her hair up. and her shoes. she wears the most awesome shoes 99% of the time

love the title of the post. love the post. love the pictures

Anonymous said...

Oh, jeez. Is it really that big of a deal? She actually says right after that-- "it's not that me and Rob don't have fun." And she stated it's that their styles work differently. Of the two, no doubt Rob is the more serious one when in work mode, hence why Kristen tries to get him to relax and laugh when he's having a moment. But she wasn't trying to make it personal with her answer. And considering how much time she spends with Rob off-set, I am sure they have plenty of good times together.

I don't overanalyze every 'sound bite' Rob and Kristen give in promo interviews for the simple fact that they can change from interview to interview. LOL.

Anonymous said...

And when I say "of the two" I am meaning Rob and Taylor. I would imagine Taylor is much less maintence to work with because Rob can be so hard on himself. But I do think Kristen loves working with Rob and Rob loves working with Kristen.

TOMBOY said...

If Kristen likes Rob,then i'm the Pope!lol

loris said...

Kristen thinks Taylor is fun because he's like a dog. They throw grapes in his mouth and he does flips and other parlor tricks. She said she has fun with Rob too. Anyone who thinks R&K are not together are just not paying attention.

Anonymous said...

When Ms. Stewart is seen with Lautner aside from work related events then you can have my attention with this Taysten nonsense!

She spends no time with him apart from work. No birthdays, no New Years, no Christmas. Nothing!

On the other hand, RP gets to spend those times with her and she travels all over the world to see him, enduring long ass flights to do so!

Come on people, It isn't that hard. The clues aren't that difficult to follow.

Rapper said...

Luv your post, Rose. WOW!! Why is so hard to believe that both of them like each other ALOT?? Look at them!! I'm happy for both of them. PEACE and LOVE people.

Mitchi213 said...

I just wanted to say: I love this blog so so much. Its awesome.
The first thing when I open my Notebook is to see if theres an update on your blog.
I love your comments to all the stuff around rob and kristen and just...thank you for keeping us updated.

And @ all the hyenas: Without you it would be so boring. Just keep pretending...

Greetings from Germany!

Anonymous said...

Funny that people are trying to twist random stuff from the press tour in a denial of a relationship. A few hilarious examples:

Kristen is looking better next to Taylor, she has the hand on his shoulder -> she wants us to know that she is not with Rob.

Kristen says she has more fun with Taylor than with Rob while filming on set, because he is like Jacob -> she wants us to know that she is not with Rob.

Kristen says, they are all my friends -> ha, denial, just friends!!

Kristen is wearing a black dress that matches Taylors shoes -> she is with Taylor, not with Rob.

Kristen and Rob are looking sooo unhappy and miserable in this pic -> They want to scream we are not together.

Rob says he would like to go on A date -> he screams to the world he is single.

I could go on and on. And I am already looking forward to the next nonsens. Entertaining for sure.


Anonymous said...


I think you made a very good point...when Rob says ?I would like to go on A date, just saying. Im putting that out there (or donw there) so I don't go on dates any more'...he wants to say he wants to be with his 'One significant other', date exclusively, so he dont have to go on dates any more.
I think Rob alraedy found that person and he wants to be with this person (100%sure that person is Kristen).

Necklace, I'm pretty sure this necklace kristen is wearing since budapest is from Rob, and is obvious it's importante to Kristen because she wear it always...the only time she took it of was for the Costume Institute Gala Benefit no MET (New York) and after that she's been wearing the necklace with every thing...even with the dress in the Eclipse - Fan Event em Roma...we have to face it...the Necklace with that dress...wasn't the best acessorie but Still Kristen is wearing it....for me it just mean one thing IT'S IMPORTANT.

Ohh, and Yes the ring that looks like a wedding band...she wearing it all the time also, she only took it of for the Met also...Maybe the necklace and the ring have some connection and are supposed to be wear togheter, I know...I know I don't make any sence.
And No, I don't think they are marriad.

Always a great Post...thank you Rose


KPattz said...

All these morons who come here and posting their bullshit about Taysten or MikeStew are mental.It's more than obvious that Rob and Kristen are together and if you don't like it or you don't want to accept it,then it's your problem.

Kristen being more confortable with Tay.Can you blame her?Every photo of her with Rob is scrutinized to no end.And that is bothering her.If Rob had a problem with it,then he wouldn't be with her for over a year now and in love for about 2 years.

SO,all you psycho teens and cougars who come here and post crap,please go and play somewhere else,will you?

javadreamer said...

Thanks for the awesome blog, Rose!!

I stumbled upon this blog a few weeks ago, and this is the first time I've commented.

Interview Sound Bites: I think it's interesting and fun to analyze and understand what they mean, but as someone said earlier -with all the editing that goes on, and the purposeful vagueness, you never know what they mean or don't mean. I equate it to a jumble word puzzle, I like to try and figure them out - but I don't really care if I get the right answer or not.

Necklace: Another interesting tidbit that it didn't show up until AFTER Budapest. I also assumed that it meant something special to kstew.

Robsten: I really think there's something to the rumor of them living together. They BOTH have looked much happier lately, and I don't know if this is the right word or not but kind of "stable". Meaning they seemed to have settled into some sort of pattern or something. I don’t quite know how to describe it - it seems more grown-up, matured. The sexual tension that used to ooze from them (although hasn't gone away entirely, has gone down), and seems to have settled into something deeper. I love kstew, not in a sick obsessive fan type of way - just in a think she's pretty cool type of way. When she talks about herself or anything personal - then you see she begins to feel very self-conscious and nervous. But when she talks about her art - you see how incredibly grounded she is. Rob is just adorkable. At first, I was intrigued with him just because of his random acts of robness, and his quirky sense of humor. But there's something very honest and humble about him, that I think resonants with a lot of people. He makes me smile. I've noticed most recently at interviews when the "twifecta" are together, people seem to default to him as the 'lead', but he will go out of his way to bring the others into the conversation.

Taysten: I really don't even like to think about this combination. I believe any pictures between the two of them (and any buddy romance rumors), is totally !PR!. Don't get me wrong - Taylor is a sweetheart, and not bad on the eyes - but something just doesn't work for me personally with him - not sure what it is yet, I can't put my finger on it.

JK picture: I think the group picture is posed , but by that I mean it "feels" posed. It doesn't feel natural. I think that's more due to the photographer than to the subjects. We've seen tons of pictures of the 'twifecta' and they haven't felt that stiff/unnatural. The USA today pictures were posed also, but they felt natural. The picture from JK that I liked, was the one of the three of them laughing - and I think it's because the photographer just kind of caught them.

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Very short little clip (18 seconds). But the lyrics. Spot on Robsten!! Perfection.

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Rarachute by Cheryl Cole

*perfect Robsten song, found in youtube clip above*

"I don't tell anyone about the way you hold my hand
I don't tell anyone about the things that we have planned
I won't tell anybody
Won't tell anybody
They want to push me down
They want to see you fall (Down)

Won't tell anybody how you turn my world around
I won't tell anyone how your voice is my favourite sound
I won't tell anybody
Won't tell anybody
They want to see us fall
They want to see us fall

I don't need a parachute
Baby, if I've got you
Baby, if I've got you
I don't need a parachute
You're gonna catch me
You're gonna catch if I fall
Down, down, down

I don't need a parachute
Baby, if I've got you
Baby, if I've got you
I don't need a parachute
You're gonna catch me
You're gonna catch if I fall
Down, down, down

Don't believe the things you tell yourself so late night and
You are your own worst enemy
You'll never win the fight
Just hold on to me
I'll hold on to you
It's you and me up against the world
It's you and me....(Love)

I don't need a parachute
Baby, if I've got you
Baby, if I've got you
I don't need a parachute
You're gonna catch me
You're gonna catch if I fall
Down, down, down

I don't need a parachute
Baby, if I've got you
Baby, if I've got you
I don't need a parachute
You're gonna catch me
You're gonna catch if I fall
Down, down, down

I won't fall out of love
I won't fall out of,
I won't fall out of love
I won't fall out of,
I won't fall out of love
I won't fall out of,
I won't fall out of love
I'll fall into you

I won't fall out of love
I won't fall out of,
I won't fall out of love
I won't fall out of,
I won't fall out of love
I won't fall out of,
I won't fall out of love
I'll fall into you

I don't need a parachute
Baby, if I've got you
Baby, if I've got you
I don't need a parachute
You're gonna catch me
You're gonna catch if I fall
Down, down, down

I don't need a parachute
Baby, if I've got you
Baby, if I've got you
I don't need a parachute
You're gonna catch me
You're gonna catch if I fall
Down, down, down"

Lyrics found at:

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Soooo perfect for Robsten right now.

Sorry, I'm on Robsten video kick.


But JUST freakin' KILL me! AWWWWW!!