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Monday, June 14, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Much Ado About Dating.

I've been gone all morning...
And when I finally got a chance to get online?
Complete Fuckery.

Over 300 emails.
Ridiculous comments.
30 DMs.

And over what?
Simple words.
Robert on the Today Show.

 I decided to watch the show for myself.
Come to my own conclusions.
So... I did.
And my first thoughts?
THIS is what all the 'hoopla' is about?
OK then.

This is what he said after being asked if he 
wanted to settle down and get married.

“I don’t think settling down should be the same thing as getting married.”
“I mean, I guess settling down just means not sleeping with everybody. I don’t like the idea of having to settle, though.”

"I would like to go on a date, I'm just saying. I'm just putting that out there because I never go on dates anymore."

People have said that he doesn't want to settle down.
I didn't get that at all.
In my opinion... 
He said he doesn't like the idea of having to SETTLE... period.
Meaning that he doesn't think he should just accept 
anything but what he truly wants and desires.
Honestly... who does want to just settle??

As for the date comment?
My first thought was that Rob was missing that part 
of his life...
He never gets to do that anymore.
He's busy working a lot.
He's busy being followed and stalked relentlessly...
He would just like to experience the simple joy...
 of going on a date.

I guess you could interpret any way you want to.
The haters will claim this is Rob's way of saying he's single.
All he said was that he wanted to go on a date.
I might add here that my DH and I
have to put aside one night a week 
as a "date" night...
Because with our busy lives and
so many people wanting a piece of our day...
We have to make time for each other.
So could this be what Robert is looking for?
Time to spend with someone he cares about?
I can only imagine how difficult it is
for someone as high profile as he is
(and Kristen... of course)
To simply go on a 'date'.

Take his comments as you will.
Everything Robert and Kristen say is 
analyzed to death, anyway.

I still know what I see.
And there is no disguising how Robert feels about Kristen.
How they feel about each other.
That's my opinion.
Whenever those two are together...
There are sparks flying everywhere.
If you don't want to see the sparks?
I do.
I've been seeing them since day one.
And they haven't cooled down since.

I'm not afraid to say that I think
they are together.
And I won't be afraid to admit when 
I no longer think that they are.
But right now?
No doubt in my mind.
Last thoughts?

The other day a Hater said this...

"If they announce at a press conference that they're together,
it'll scream more PR than an actual confirmation."

You see what I'm getting at?
That it doesn't really matter what
Robert and Kristen say anymore.
Or don't say.

People are going to continue to believe
what they want to believe.
If Rob and Kristen announced they were together 
right this minute on TV...
It wouldn't change a damn thing.

That being said...

This past week...
With the MTV Movie Awards...
and this press conference...
Has only reinforced that 
Robert and Kristen
are indeed in a relationship.
I haven't seen Rob this giddy and happy
and goofy and charming...
Since the early Twilight days.
Before all the madness really began.
I like this Robert.
I've missed him... so much!
And I think Kristen has a lot to do with 
his brilliant happiness.

Bye for now.

P.S. Haters are all over Gossip Cop for 'debunking'
the whole date nonsense.
"Who are they to tell us what Rob meant?"
Point taken.
But then again...
Who are you to tell us what Rob meant?
Point scored.


linzy said...

yes yes yes to everything you said.

i saw the drama this morning and immediately logged out of twitter. my issue with the today show interview was Bush's horrendous speaking/interviewing skills. she could barely pronounce his name, so the idea that she would be able to ask any insightful or relevant questions would be too much to expect. as for the actual interview? *shrug* it was edited awkwardly and nothing rang any warning bells for me other than feeling bad for the guy not being able to have that slice of normalcy many of us take for granted.

love the pics from the con. so much sweetness <3 can't wait to hear about the Kimmel taping later, should be fun no? ;)

deejon67 said...

They Are Happy And They Are Together!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, just wanted to say Hi!,before all the slathering and fuckery starts.Loving the lovers as always, see you tomorrow:)

Anonymous said...

Rob wants everybody to know he's single.I know that you shippers don't want to accept that,because it hurts,but it's the only truth.

It'll be a long and happy summer,but not for shippers.It'd started already.


Anonymous said...

Rob gets a lot hate from kstew fans because of this interview.
Some of them already want 'garretstew' *rolls eyes*
The whole thing is shows clearly that kristen fans are NO better than nonstens.

Rob has done nothing to warrant their hate.

30yearoldtwifan said...

I wonder how long it will be until the crazies realize Rose has a new post up? I give it 5 more minutes.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Rose!

Doesn't matter what anyone says people will believe what they want. It's their right. Doesn't really matter. I agree with you 100%. My opinion - no one elses. I don't care to convince anyone else nor want to be convinced otherwise since ultimately none of it matters.

I like seeing him happy. I like seeing her happy. I don't get all this analysis over everything they say or do. Why does it matter? Would any definitive facts make any difference? Would no one watch the movies if they weren't dating or if they were?

I just don't get it. I like them both. I believe they are together and happy. I also believe they are damned if they do and damned if they don't.

You believe in Rob and Kristen being together. I honestly don't get why so many people who don't come on here to spew their nonsten's opinions. It makes no sense - oh well!

I knew this weekend's and today's happeninga would get everyone in a frenzy. So tedious. So pointless. I mean really...

Thanks for posting, Rose! I agree with you. Again, my opinion - no one elses. People can think or interpret things however they want.

Anonymous said...

Rose. You are right on. I watched the Today interview. He said he didn't like the word settle down with marriage. That marriage shouldn't be about settling. And the dating comment -- I think he was trying to say, he'd love to take his lady out on a true date ... but with everything going on around them ... it can't/won't happen.

Rob & Kristen just bring out the best in each other. The looks they share, the body language ... it makes your heart melt. How truly lucky they are to have found each other!

Anonymous said...

I remember an interview not too long ago where he basically says the same thing about dating, and then they ask him about Kristen and they said he got a huge smile on his face.

I don't see how that interview said he was single. I guess everyone will interpret it the way they want to to fit their agenda. There has too much that has told me they are a couple for me to believe otherwise especially in an interview where he could just as easily meant a date with Kristen. It's obvious he meant he just wanted to live his life more normally.

Attacking Gossip Cop shows they are still insecure. If you were beyond a shadow of a doubt sure Rob said he was single and is single, would you care so much what others say? No. Because he didn't say he is, and it's become obvious lately that he's isn't. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

That woman is not for Rob.He's a shy,genuine,smiley guy,very talented and really kind.She's no class,she flipps the finger publicly,even at him,she has no talent,she's ugly and i'm pretty sure that she's gay.Rob will find a nice girl,probably a British one,who will love him as much as he deserves.Kristen will find some idiot,with no brains,because nobody with brains is gonna be with her.


Anonymous said...

rose i agree, if jenna had asked so are you single and ready to mingle and he said yes i would hang up my robsten shipper shoes but i am not ready to yet based on that comment at all

Maggie said...

Well the happiest I've seen Kristen is when shes away from Rob. When shes next to Taylor or even talking a balcony with her people in the latest pics. She was beaming. Something you don't see often when shes with Rob. So I prefer pics of her without him cause I like this Kristen.
I've missed her.. so much!
And I don't think Rob has a lot to do with her brilliant happiness.

Nicole said...

Please. He was just saying that he wants to be able to go out without all the papz and hoopla. He is dating Kristen and wants to do things that we do normally. My husband and I have been together for 17 years and we like going on dates. We have three little kids that make date night not possible. I know that the young kids won't understand what he is saying. Those of us that have been around understand "dating" with your significant other.

soadram said...

I agree 100% with your post today, in fact I think the same way.
I started visiting this bog because I read your post and one I identified with your posts because I feel exactly the same.
So Pink, I'll keep coming here, reading your posts and comment on your posts when possible, because that's what he came here.
As for the comments of nostens, hyena or that you want to call me I is not going to comment further, contempt is the best thing and I never lost my time with stupid people ignorant and blind,
A good day for you Rosa
I like you

Anonymous said...

the nonstens will be here shortly in force they just loved robs comment today they are saying cry shippers as usual LOL i personally think they are together and he was probably meaning her not some random chicks, he could have many dates if he chose to just sayin

Anonymous said...

the nonstens will be here shortly in force they just loved robs comment today they are saying cry shippers as usual LOL i personally think they are together and he was probably meaning her not some random chicks, he could have many dates if he chose to just sayin

jen said...

Great Post Rose:

Really, quick though, about the "date" part of the brouhaha.

Robert's said this before. He's said it a couple times if memory serves right, and once was during NM promo specifically.

It's the same sentiment: "I haven't gone out on a date. I would like to go out on a date. It's been so long since I went out on a proper date."

Go back to November, hyenas, it's the exact same sentiment.

And why this sentiment folks? Cause interviewers don't ask them directly anymore if they are dating, they start asking things indirectly.

And Robert and Kristen have their own personal arsenal on how to handle such questions without giving a direct answer.

Kristen goes for direct and confrontational: "I'm keeping certain things just for me." Very Kristen like style, short and too the point.

Robert goes for self deprecating and self effacing: "I can't remember the last date I went on. I haven't been on a date forever. " Very Robert like style.

Look, there is a strategy in place that both sides need to deal with. They aren't going to confirm it officially.

And yet, just the night before this interview, at the same time, one of the journalists watched them and said straight facts, they were acting close and very into eachother.

Are they hiding this? Not really anymore. They aren't showcasing it, but they aren't hiding it.

Are they defining it though?

Hell No. And until they feel like doing so, everyone needs to stop being thrilled or devastated by SCRIPTED responses these kids fall back on when they are being indirectly cornered into the "are you dating your costar" wall.



decode said...

This thing with R/K and GC has become really lame and childish.There are many desperate people out there who email GC for every single word R or K say.That's ridiculous.Those people have no brains?No eyes?Why GC has to debunk every fucking story it's out there?Because some psychos have linked their lives and dreams with R/K?How sad is this?

For me,R/K are together,it's more than obvious,and they're happy.I hope they'll be like that for a long time,because Hollywood is a sadistic machine that's killing people and relationships.

Trish said...

*big applauses* love you Rose...thank you for being so so honest...i love that you even added that when you think they are not together you will admit it...why wouldnt you? after YOU ARE a fan of Rob first.

so much drama about absolutely nothing! instead, the hyenas found this a perfect time to twist the words and interpret it as they wanted to! fucking scavages!

OMG Lily we are so tired of you i have never seen anyone more annoying in all my 31 years of living...can you go away please? we are all telling you the same thing and you refuse to listen..all joke aside but i think you need help..i work at a hospital i can refer you to a good doctor then a pharmacist for some prescriptions...

Thank you for posting that last picture LOL... made my day! Twitter is one crazy hellzone...so glad i dont go on there! and no wonder ROb and Kris stay away from those social networks.

Thanks again Rose.

P.S. @30yearoldtwifan: looks like one has already found out...let me leave before the shitstorm gets worse..before i leave, RoB LOVES KRISTEN AND KRISTEN LOVES ROB. that is all, nothing more, nothing less:-)

Honey said...

Love you Rose..nothing else to add..Haters are just losers, who not having a life, try to attack Rob&Kristen, and try to deny their beautiful, beautiful love..but they can do anything :) That interview was taped- just before the Twi Panel- so..we all saw what happened at that panel with Kristen, right? Just pure love between them..they were always touching, giggling and..it was clear they loved so much each other. No need anything else... Robert and Kris and Tay will be taping Jimmy Kimmell today and our Robsten will be probably laughing at those stupid haters comments right now..and sure, Rob won't bare haters seeing what they say about the girl he loves..because Rob every so often surfs on Internet to read some stuff -he said that- and I bet he doesn't like people treating badly the only woman he loves so much..so haters..again: you're losers. Get a life, please. I say that for yourself and your health....:)
I'm so happy right now, because actions speak so much louder than words and Robsten are clearly not hiding anything anymore. They are just private and God bless them fo being so :) Love always win. and alway will..God Bless you Robsten!
Thanks Rose!

jen said...

ps: gossipcop isn't the only one feeling hyena wrath.

oh, that poor patrick stoner guy was attacked on twitter by hyenas too for just twitter he saw krsiten and robert together acting coupley and leaving together.

He was being accused of being a PR plant(LOL), of making it up to get twitter followers(yeah, right, cause twihard twitter freaks are SO DESIRABLE), of lying for attention.

The guy is a legitimate journalist, he saw a little dishy sight before him and tweeted, and the poor man had to retweet this morning to shut them all up with JUST FACTS tweets--where he still didn't back down from his earlier assertions and still said they looked very close and into eachother.


Poor guy.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I totally agree with you, and with you, Linzy. I see no reason at all for alarm. These two are clearly together.

One other factor may be a cultural language issue. I don't know if this is true of England, but in America the term "date" used casually almost exclusively refers to a non-platonic get-together.

Also, I don't know if the term "settle down" is a colloquialism exclusive to America. Here it means forming an exclusive relationship and adopting behaviors that help to support that relationship. Rob seemed to fix on the word "settle" as in "settling for" something or "making due." I think it was just a problem of international semantics.


Anna said...

Wow I reallly hate all this crap. I hate how every little thing that rob and kristen says gets analyzed to the point where the answer is always that they're not together....anyways I was just wondering...where does Rob stay while he's filming Water for Elephants?

Anonymous said...


People are crazy. CrAzY! Rob and Kris are so together. If you watched them at the Eclipse thing... and didn't get that... then there is postively NOTHING that can be done or said to convince short of AN ACTUAL MARRAIGE LICENSE... and I have a feeling that will be many, many years in coming (I'm not one of those shippers claiming secret marriage nonsense)... if it comes (because, hey, its Hollywood, they could break up)... BUT I hope it will BECAUSE LOOK HOW HAPPY THEY ARE. That man glows around her.

He would like to go on a date. He can't go on a date because the paparazzi will follow him, they'll take a picture, and you nuttos will scream PR. The press will then hound Kris and Rob about their sex life... And the maddness that surrounds their life will intensify which is not worth one little date... but hey.. he still wants to go on a date...

He doesn't think marriage should be about settling. Well, it shouldn't be about settling!! It should be the greatest adventure of your life. Hopefully, he will get to take it. With the love of his life. Now, I won't be so pompous as to presume to know that Kristen is the love of his life. But I will say this. The boy does freakin' BEAM at her like she was all his Christmases come at once.

Just sayin'

*Suzy Q*

trish said...

oh and @decode (perfect name for this by the way)...they need to better understand what ROb was saying at the Today Show interview...

"For me,R/K are together,it's more than obvious,and they're happy.I hope they'll be like that for a long time,because Hollywood is a sadistic machine that's killing people and relationships." love this so true!!!! this is why we are so invested...i have never cared about any other couple before.....

Anonymous said...

Nobody can tell me to go away.This is a free blog about Rob and i can come anytime i want and post my opinion.If you don't like what i have to say,then don't read it.


Anonymous said...

So much to say and so lil time...

Shippers, I know it's a complicated day for you. Weekend was hard. Another promo tour and here we are, they don't get "out the closet" :) Buuuttttt...

- What Robert said, about dates is not the most revealing. The big thing is what he added...
"I'm just saying. I'm just putting that out there. Because I never go on dates anymore." THIS. Rob is putting that out there for you ladies, he wants you to know he is AVAILABLE ;)

-Insiders. Oh, insiders (please, if you don't know what I'm talking about, skip my comment) Dear ODO. This GLORIOUS interview was recorded on saturday. ODO was talking about it waaaay before saturday, "very telling it would be" . Made people get excited. Posts, twitters talking about ODO's words. He/She knew it. He/she love it. And today...

ODO...today "try to find one post where I say R/K are a couple...one....trust me ...it isn't there...I am called a shipper b/c I happen to like R and K...and they like each other...go ahead...find a post where I say anything in regards to romance.....lol.you won't b/c it isn't there...lol"

Yes ODO...we know Kristen likes Rob and Rob likes Kristen. I like my buddy B. and he likes me. But we are not dating :) You knew what people expected and you could have said "hey, nono, that's not what I said, I don't know a THING for sure" but...just loling

That, dear shippers, is what you get when you believe in fairy tales of necklaces, golden rings, romantic travels to Budapest, secrets secrets secrets...

It's so funny, and it's just the beginning.

I believe in Rob's words and acts. I believe in Kristen's words and acts. There's nothing telling me that they are TOGETHER.

;) *push*

Lisa said...

Rose, a MILLION PERCENT right!!! Perfect!!!

Lily, I understand it's YOUR opinion that Kris is not the right girl for him. But, YOU don't get to choose, HE does! You love Rob right? Love who he loves then!!!! Someday maybe you'll get your wish and they wont be together. But for now, they ARE!! So let it go..

Anonymous said...

isn't it funny that with the NM promotion, most of the journalists were somewhat skeptical of them being together?

And yet with this junket, almost every journalist has inferred they are together.

Is it really a conspiracy so wide and broad, that Summit is controlling every broastcasting station and media outlet?

Or would the more logical conclusion be there is no conspiracy--and people think they are actually just dating?

This isn't rocket science.

May said...

I am new here but i so agree wtih Trish and jen and Suzy Q(love the name by the way)...its amazing how happy he is around her...this is no doubt love...tell me what else it is? even my husband laughs and says that when it comes this Rob is like a little boy who has got it bad...its so true!!!!!

"The boy does freakin' BEAM at her like she was all his Christmases come at once." very true! its unbelivable what love can do to you isnt it? :-)

Anonymous said...


You are not Lily, and you know it.

Anonymous said...

Rob said he wants a date.That for me means that he's single.If he ever says that he's not single(which i think it'll never happen),then i'll believe the robsten story.

What would you shippers do when Kristen will get cozy with Garrett?


jen said...

anon: 2:40

Honey, if you are believing their words in a promotional junket, that's your problem right there.

I don't buy hardly anything I saw this weekend, cause they were in work mode, hawking their product.

Did I ewww and ahhhh when Robert said Runaways is his favorite movie? HELL NO. He's messing around with fans. So don't think I"m being selective either.

Let's go over your points:

1) Robert's dating question is revealing? How so? Because he used the exact same line in NM promotion and earlier than NM promotion too. It's a backup line honey, he uses when he doesn't really have the energy to answer something genuinely. We've all seen him use and reuse jokes and lines before--do they feel revealing to you every time it happens?

2)Insiders? I don't follow them. I think msot people on this blog aren't super shippers, they are low level Robert and Kristen fans who don't follow all the other crap going on in more extreme places.

Anonymous said...

whoaaa look who is getting all mad...if you dont agree with Rose has to say then dont come her then...because its annoying when you say all this when obviously most ppl on here DO NOT agree with you (and think you are nuts)...one against everybody!

But Rose can delete if she wants to...;-) lets see how free it is now!

sophie said...

RT @JasonKennedy1: Don't miss it tonight,my interviews with Rob&Kristen at 7/1130 on @ENews.Good stuff about their relationships,OMG!!

Tweets like that,make me wanna puke!Those journalists are ruthless.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:44,you're an idiot and you know it.lol


jayknee said...

I liked rose post today! It was honest and no speculation. just raw stuff... good stuff. I agree with her 100% I think they are together as well, lets just say they were'nt.... I think at the age they are and the beauty of them both, we would of seen by now at least, them together with other people! I mean they are human beings... human beings with needs! Besides, I think Rob is a horn-dog..he needs woman, he got kicked outa school for filming chicks in the locker room.... which I find totally sexy, and scores him even more brownie points in my book!!!

Anonymous said...


:) Rose can check. It's not Lily.

Trish said...

"think msot people on this blog aren't super shippers, they are low level Robert and Kristen fans who don't follow all the other crap going on in more extreme places"...exactly! so some people need to stop this shipper nonsense...we are not shipping anybody...we think Rob and Kristen are together and so does Rose..you can find the shippers at the AT.

Anonymous said...

I think that robert likes to be considered single . although this is not the truth .
kristen is so open with his statements recently
I think she loves him . is absolutely clear .
they are not together necessarily but he should not humiliate her.
she went to Budapest , on her birthday, just for a friend? I do not believe
Robert was a little unfair

I am a fan of both
but if there is something to criticize...I do it


georgia said...

I think Rob is a horn-dog..he needs woman, he got kicked outa school for filming chicks in the locker room.... which I find totally sexy, and scores him even more brownie points in my book!!!

Oh,my God!How do you know that this was the reason he kicked out of school?He nevers said the reason.If it's truth,then it's very serious and not funny at all.

All those idiot boys who are filming girls changing in the lockers or filming themselves having sex with their girlfriends and then they're watching with their friends and laughing or those who are filming girls in the toilet and then put this stuff on youtube,are immature and disgusting human beings.When i was at school 4 yeras ago,a guy filmed all us girls changing with his cellphone and then sent it to all his friends.He got kicked out of school but it was the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to me.It's like someone violates you.If Rob did such a thing,then he's a piece of shit.

Trish said...

oh and @ jayknee you are so so right!!! like for example Kellan..Ashley and the rest...oh and did Rob really do that? lol...

Anonymous said...

"he got kicked outa school for filming chicks in the locker room"...where do you ppl get this information from? wtf?

remember that....... said...


jayknee said...

Georgia, he really did that!! His friends from school ratted him out and there is this youtube video of him being asked about why he was kicked out of school and he turns red and laughs and says Umm, I'm not going there"

I think its cute, i dont think he's a perv.... i think he's a typical boy who got caught.

Anonymous said...

Rob knows perfectly what is brewing out there between Robstens and Nonstens, so Why the hell is he making these statements? Is he fooling us?

He's such a teaser that sometimes, I just think he enjoys the arguing between both sides, Robstens and Nonstens.

Rob knows that we analyze every word he says about him or his relysh with Kristen, then Why is he generating all this mess with the dating statement?

I'm really convinced he cares a dams about us.

Amanda said...

Who is ODO and why do they get the hyenas in such a tizzy that I see that name here everyday? I might want to find them just for a laugh.

Man the hyenas got so excited today it was almost as if Rob asked them out for a date. LOL.

I believe Rob and Kristen are together. I believe Rob is in LOVE with Kristen. My next opinion is not going to be popular. He needs to seem more attainable for his personal career right now. It's why in written interviews about Rob when he starts talking about 'love' and 'marriage' a lot of interviews noted manager Nick picks that time to clear his throat and Rob stops. Don't get me wrong, I don't think Rob was saying he's single at all. It could be interpreted any which way you want to interpret it. I think the reason he hasn't answered THAT question is just as much about wanting to expand outside of the Twisaga as it is about privacy.

But how many times did R/K see eachother when it wasn't promotion time? How many PDA sightings from non Twilight fans that all tweet at the same time? Vacations to low populated islands is not PR. R/K are very much together, but they're in Hollywood too.

Just my opinion.

sfw10sis said...

Yes to everything you said. My take on the "would like to go on a date", he's not saying he wants to date, he is dating and would like to beable to take that special someone out on a date, without all the frenzy and we all know who he's dating.

As for not settling, my take is just because you get married, it doesn't mean your dead, you can still have fun together and apart with friends, be happy, experience life, go places, do things, just because you get married doesn't mean you have to become a boring old fuddy duddy couple.

Rose, God Bless you for sticking to your guns and not letting whats become one of the nastiest wars between fans I have ever come across. This is your site to say and do as you please, who do people think they are, telling anyone what to say, think or feel, their sense of entitlement boggles the mind.

Suprise visit from friend from college this past weekend, so I just caught up, I see we have some more telling pics to add to our arsenal, by the way the change of pic above is my all time favorate, I think that photo shoot was the beginning for me and I haven't looked back since.

I bought a new heavy duty wet vac from Home Depot Saturday, if you need to borrow let me know, it seems things got a little soggy in here with all the Twicon goodies, smiling now.

At this point it's beyond embarrasing to continue to spew their dribble everywhere, but unlike them, I will not tell them they can't believe what they want, but they should be mature enough to do so in their own communities. To me it speaks of desperation to continue posting their vile remarks on any Twi related site, it;s also pathedic if you ask me, at least I get a laugh out of it everyday.

I have a Q for one of the Non's, when a media outlet twitters that they just saw Rob & Kristen alone together at a hotel bar on Saturday evening after they were spotted with cast, what does that say to you, its not some random twitter, its the media, to me that says they spent some time w/cast, then left together to spent some alone time, probably at the bar that was located in THEIR hotel, maybe trying to get some DATE time in.

Love ya Rose


Anonymous said...

He needs to seem more attainable for his personal career right now.


Anonymous said...

Love the post Rose so many true words.Can't understand why so many people would want to twist Rob's words.Just seeing Rob and Kristen happy and smiling,should be enough to know that they are together, together.Guess they don't understand that Rob's a brit and brits tend to have different meanings to words.

Angie said...

Well I must I am not impressed with kristen fans today. I took a trip to kristen's imbd today and now I wish I hadn't. All this crap "if he hurts her I'll hurt him" because Rob said he wished he could have dates like normal people? wtf? people need to stop overanalyzing stuff to death.

Anonymous said...

he got kicked outa school for filming chicks in the locker room....

I always knew that he was an asshole.

jayknee said...

Here ya go guys... an interview with rob about being kicked out of school.

I cant say its 100% the truth that he got kicked out because he was filming girls but this video is pretty convincing.... why else would you not wanna say why you got kicked out!!


loris said...

Anyone know what time the outside fan thing at Jimmy Kimmel is?

I kind of enjoy the live tweeting stuff, but not sure I can stay up too late.

Anonymous said...

@Jayknee Would you stop? First off, nobody knows why he got kicked out. If infact someone said that was the reason, you take a random persons comments as gospel? Why would you as a fan spread that around?

Hilarious said...

Wow ... there's just so much negativity. Why?

@Jen - well said. Each point. And I had the same thought about The Runaways mention that you did. Funny, but mostly because it was clearly to get a reaction, both from Kristen and fans. (Dear Rob: it worked. Maybe too well?)

Bottom line: I just don't understand why anyone spends so much time hating. Hating ANYONE, much less actors from a series of movies/books you purport to enjoy.

Like, I roll my eyes at myself for reading as many articles and watching as many videos as I do. I feel silly, and it's all based in positivity: I like these people. Don't think the sun rises and sets on them, and I don't care about every single move they make or word they say. But they're pretty, and they're unique, and they say interesting/amusing things.

Once again: they're just people. YOUNG people. Not deities. Not the embodiment of perfection. Just people. With flaws. Not worthy of worship, but also not worthy of some of the scathing judgement and microattention.

Guess I just don't understand the compulsion to spend so much time something or someone you dislike. Or hate. *shudder* Hate is gross. It's infectious. It seeps into a person's life and starts to taint all of the good parts, too. To each their own.

Not usually quick to judge, but the amount of time invested in analyzing EVERY WORD and EVERY MOVE and EVERY PHOTO ... dude, isn't that exhausting?

The Hilarious model? Enjoy and ignore. Enjoy what we get (without engaging in dissertation-like levels of analysis), ignore the nasty. The former is easier than the latter.

PS - I loathe the term shipper, but I guess you would consider me one, as I think that Rob and Kristen are dating, and that it's cute. However, as a member of this *apparently* mentally deficient group, I would just like to say that despite the many predictions that I would be having a TERRIBLE summer, mine has been quite lovely.

And based on the giant smiles on Kristen and Rob's faces, it would appear that theirs has been as well. Good. Glad to see them happy, however they come by it.

As always ... hugs to Rose and all readers who can keep it civil, mature and hate-free, regardless of their viewpoints.

Anonymous said...

OMG..lollollol...yes indeed! Rob is "putting it out there" so all of us laaadeeezzzz know he's AVAILABLE! Yeaaaaah buddeeee! Form an orderly queue bitches, Rob wants US to know that he's ripe for the pickin'!

Holy fuck that's some funny shit. Thanks for the giggles.

Like Rob really gives a fuck if any of us think he's single. If he wanted to date around he wouldn't be advertising it with Jenna freaking Bush, he'd be doing it. Do you see him out partying? Do you see or hear about him out with models? Starlets? Falling drunk out of bars with random skanks? Nope. You see him and hear about him with....let's count.....oh, will you look at that! ONE woman. ONE. And he looks pretty damn happy while doing so as much as people seem to think he should be with a *giggle* proper British girlfriend who will "love him like he deserves". BWAHAHA! Rob is so lucky to have fans who know what and who is best for him! Got that Rob? You HAVE to date a girl who is always and at all times dressed up all purty like, kisses your ass and hangs on your every word and who would never, EVAH have the *gasp* audacity to flip you off. No, sorry, it doesn't matter that YOU obviously think she's spunky, sexy, smart and adorable. Your FANS know what you need! LOL!

Oh this is too much. I have to go, my stomach hurts from laughing...

Anonymous said...

GAH. Forgot to add how much I love you Rose-keep on keeping on momma! <3

Anonymous said...

Even E! online got it right:


He said the same thing during NM promotion:"I can't remember the last date I went on". What happened next? R/K sightings galore.

Rob has said many times that the word "dating" in England doesn't have the same meaning it has in America. "to go on a date" in England means to go out with the person you have a relationship with, just to enjoy your time together and have fun.

@ Anna--> according to reports,they are staying in a rented house near the WFE set, it's sort of a ranch :)

Deb said...

Rose RIGHT ON GIRL I was thinking the same thing He did say he would LOVE it if it was like the beginning like it was in TWILIGHT when they where FREE to go and do things ( HIM and KRISTEN ) that is what I got out of WOULD LIKE TO GO ON A DATE And like you said NO where did it say hes not with Kristen I feel sorry for THEM and did you hear him say about if they do BD in Vancouver that the press would be ALL over it and he would be like having cabin fever I know that him and Kristen do get to get out BUT not like YOU or I do they have to hide all the time they dont have any privacy at all So I can see why he would say that And like YOU SAID ROSE people are going to say what they want any way didnt Kristen say that tooooo you see she was RIGHT and so are you my friend Well it was nice to see him today he did look like he did get some rest Have a good day my friend and keep up the good work and PLEASE DONT STOP SINGING DEB

jayknee said...

wow... anon 3:42 how am I spreading something that is already out there? I'm making a point. I'm a huge fan of Rob's HUGE!!! I dont hold anything against what someone does in their preteens, sorry you do!

Anonymous said...

*Whisper* Hello, hello, is anyone out here today who wants to see the movie Eclipse?

I mean everyone is only busy with Robs comment today and just 2 weeks until the premier. Wasn't the fake/PR relationship between the two leads one of the main marketing instruments. I read it on this board, remember, many times. They planned it since last year: She visited him over NYE on these island, went to NY with him, went on a flight to Budapest for her birthday, that everyone could see her just to turn around and fly back. All these effort for Summit PR and now 2 weeks before the premier he is saying he is single?????

That makes sense. This is the best marketing strategy ever!! Playing with so many "Robsten-hearts" and let them down 14 days before the premier. And I am a marketing professional.

And poor Kristen, didn't she showed her ipod pic a few weeks ago, she looks like a fool now, doesn't she? Well that makes sense. Questions, Questions.

And why sitting at the movie awards together, fuel the fire?

Maybe they have broken up like so many say, but then why not waiting another two weeks and let the rumors die down quietly before BD filming begins and than make a statement. And tabs forget fast, they would say: Oh it was just a fan fantasy, until BD comes out in november 2011 it will be forgotten.

Like I said, so many people that said their (PR-)relationship is essential for the success of the movie, and now, Rob is blowing it, 2 weeks before the premier? Has he gone crazy?

I say no, no way, he knew exactly what he was doing and saying, if you really listen.

So stay tuned.

Anonymous said...


There is a difference between these two statements:

"I would like to be able to date"

"I would like to be able to go on a date"

Its like the SATs. Now.. many Hyenas maybe at the time in their lives when their just about to take them so use this as practice.

These statements ARE different. AND MEAN DIFFERENT THINGS.

I'm just sayin'.

Carly said...

I was waiting for so long for a new post that I almost missed it :)

@Today Show: I completly agree with you. if we leave out teh fact that the Bush Twin was simply tragic as a reporter, I too think he said that settle down doenst necesarily mean marry. you can "settle" down in a committed relationship without the paper. also I too think he didnt particulary liked the term "settle". and as for teh date, I have to agree again. its hard to go on a date when your schdule is super busy and both you and your SO are the wet dream of every paparazzi

Rob looked tired during the press junket and also the twiCon. but sitting next to Kris he just glowed. and she did as well

as for them confirming or denying - spot on again. it doenst matter what they say, in a way in never really did. because people will believe what they want. and as Ronan Keating pointed out so beautifuly - they say it best when they say nothing at all

thank you for another post filled with beauty. it will make my dreams sweeter for sure.

Lachmeka said...

Sorry can anyone/ Rose tell me what DH means?


kristine.hills said...


IMOH he doesn't like this word because implies you being a PLAYBOY and WE KNOW he is NOT, and GET MARRIED is the real thing.

it means you go to restaurants and romantic place JUST you and your beloved.(I'm sure BLINDENAS NEVER went out on a date,that's why is so difficult for them to understand it)

WE(NORMAL/SANE PEOPLE)can't even enjoy twilight prom anymore.We always get into this hurricane/drama.WTH!!!WHY NOT JUST SEAT DOWN AND APPRECIATE IT!

Rose i loved your post again, but the end of you msg was PRICELESS!!! lmao



Anonymous said...

I see Jenna Bush inherited her father's brain and superior speaking skills.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:33

LMAO!! I hear that!

linzy said...


thank you for your level headed, logical, and witty posts. i always let out a huge breath of relief when i'm reading the comments here and you pop up. <3

bit of a ramble forthcoming.. *deep breath*

i refuse to label myself a "shipper" because honestly i've only ever felt comfortable rooting for 2 people to get together in fiction. my support and interest in R & K come from who they are as artists and personalities (read: as individuals)... when it became clear there was more going on between them than just coworkers and friends, it followed naturally that i would support them as a couple. i FANGIRL. I don't SHIP. if they were to split, i'd continue to live my life as i am now as a fan of their work. the only thing that could change how i feel about them as people would be to find out they've been pulling to wool over everyone's eyes and lying for the last year+ but seriously? SERIOUSLY? that would be so horribly incongruous with their articulated thoughts and their actions.

i find it disturbing that any "fan" would rather Rob and/or Kristen be an enormous fake than for them to enjoy how genuinely happy each has appeared lately. when those two smile and laugh, I can't help but do the same. anything more than that is icing on my lil cupcake of fangirling.

one last lol worthy addition to the "are you kidding me right now?" file of "pr" nonsense: Rob does not have a Publicist. He's a control freak and doesn't want to be told what to do. Is that the same man that would trot along with a studio's whims & demands about his personal life? Anyone? Bueller? *crickets* Didn't think so. The summit hired PR woman who was forced on him for SUMMIT events last year? Not his choice but she did do her job and helped him deflect attention from his personal life. interesting we haven't seen her, or any other watch-dog, around this time. just sayin ;)

i suppose we can all interpret words differently, but actions and faces don't lie... and R & K? their faces have been shining brighter than the sun lately.

my summer is going swimmingly all on its own but i certainly appreciate the extra help in the form of two genuinely nice and gifted actors willingly sharing pieces of themselves with us through their films, interviews, and photographs. wish i could send them a thank you card with a reminder to be true to themselves and to keep their chins up :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! I must be single... I just told another mom this moring that I would like to go out on a date! It must mean I want to start dating again and not my husband. Come on! My husband is the only date I want but with out my kids. Maybe he would like the same thing with out press! Also, the "just putting that out there" line seems more for the press/paps to stop taking his picture, so he can go on a date then saying he is asking all woman to go out with him. Give the guy a break!
One of the most telling things of the weekend was not talked about at all. In the video some girl yells "Rob, will you marry me?" He looks to Kristen; they give knowing grins; and he says "No". She shrugs at the girl. Not saying they are married or engaged just into only each other. Watch from the 10:30 mark.
I think his heart belongs Kirsten! Just my opinion.


Lisa said...

You're right Lily, you do have the right to come here and say what you want. But WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO? There can be no other reason then to stir up shit. Shameful..

2:40:00, get a grip.. Why come here and talk about "ODO" I don't give a shit what "ODO" says because I don't know who they are or WHERE they are. They're not here and I don't follow who ever. Go play somewhere else! And while you're at it, grow a set. I will give Lily this. Out of all the hyena's. She's the only one who actually puts her name and stands behind what she says. Even though she's wrong 99.9% of the time ;)

Lily AGAIN.. Every time I stick up for you, you go and disappoint me! Kristen will be filminh with Garrett, of course they'll get close.. You kinda HAVE to don't you! But it wont last long, cause it'll be WORK.. I guess you'll get it when you're old enough to go to work!

Georgia, WHT is that???????

Remember that.. is STUPID>>>> can YOU remember that?

As for getting kicked out of school.. Dude, you all made it sound like he was in high school or college.. He was TWELVE!!! Who gives a rats ass.. But did anyone notice how thick his British accent was in that video? So much less now.

Hilarious, EXCELLENT post!

In his new E! Online interview he says he has some "friends from England here and we've been playing music" Sam's here, has some shows in LA.. He's been tweeting about it. His road trip down to LA from 'couve. Then tweeted he was "having beers, playing music and spending time with friends" awww

The success of Eclipse NO WAY has anything to do with Robsten.. It doesn't matter if they are or aren't.. It will NOT make a difference at the box office..

4:33:00 PM Uncalled for really.. She wasn't good but then, we're not paying her. It's hardly her first time! And this isn't a political blog.. geeez

linzy said...


The reporter for Access Hollywood answered some questions from fans on twitter and said that they were not given any restrictions on what they could ask the talent. NONE. yet another shift from promo time last fall... ;)

Anonymous said...

I think R and K are together and have been for a while, but his wording was VERY strange,you have to admit. He put this out there for a reason, and he even said something to that effect. Now we have to ask, why would he want this out there? Is he truly single? Doesn't look like it but this cat and mouse game he and K are playing is getting very, very old. It's one thing to say"I don't discuss my private life ect" but he doesnt. She didn't even ask him if he was single or dating, he threw this out there on his own. It's a rehash from a couple of yrs ago from the after show on Ellen, and why would he do this now after K showing her ipod pic?? The avg person will think he is single. Even some imdb fans who are not nonsteners think he said this for a reason. And this just gives more fuel to the hyenas, he must know this.

Scratching my head here.

Maeby said...

Somehow I can't picture a 12-year-old Rob installing a camera in a girl's locker room, but who knows? Maybe that's why he got caught ... because he did such a piss poor job at hiding the camera. LMAO. Anyway who cares if he did. Kids do stupid things. He's an adult now... if he got caught installing a camera in a girl's locker room tomorrow, then we can call for an intervention. lol

I think Rob and Kristen are together. IA with whoever said that dating has different connotations, and you don't have to be a free agent to go on a date with the person you're in a relationship with. They are holed in hotels (albeit VERY NICE HOTELS) all the time. Of course, Rob and Kristen would love the option to just go out and spend a day/night being with each other effortlessly. I don't think there's anything wrong with what he said. They are fine. And why do people dangling the GQ interview as if that will be THE INTERVIEW... as if they have some insider info from the editors of GQ. And even if they did, why should we believe whatever info has been leaked? How many times in this fandom has an upcoming interview or event been mentioned cryptically? ALL THE TIME. Do you ever think everyone (haters, shippers etc) is getting played by the media so we can click their links and purchase their magazines?

Do I hope that one day something will happen or be said to put all of the doubts (even though I have no doubts that they are together and happy) to rest? Hell yes, but I'm not going to hold my breath and expect a public revelation because even if there was one... the haters will still be unsatisfied and the gossip mill will still run stories about relationship troubles, co-stars, house hunting, engagements and pregnancies. I'm hoping that in 2-3 years this crazy obsessive cycle will end with Twilight mania. But I'm not holding my breath because there are celeb couples who are still together and are plagued by rumors constantly.

Patricia said...

Rose: As soon as those words came out of his mouth, I THOUGHT "OH SHIT" the HATERS will have a field day with this, and 'HERE WE GO' Jesus....You were 'spot on' Rose all the man wants is to go on a date without paps and crazies taking their picture and watching their every move. And HE MEANS GOING WITH KRISTEN....HAVEN'T YOU SEEN THE LOVE AND HAPPINESS LATELY ??????

Please take the blinders off and see the TRUTH..."IT WILL SET YOU FREE"


Rob looks tired, too much work and not enough rest. He's gone from one movie to another with only short breaks in between and all The Twilight Saga Press . Saturday night he had a hard time thinking straight..BUT HE IS SO DAMN FUNNY WITH ( OFF THE TOP OF HIS HEAD REMARKS.) THAT'S WHAT I LOVE ABOUT HIM.


Grazie Rose for another WONDERFUL POST ....You Rock


Anonymous said...

To 4.40

I completely agree with you. Why would he want this out right now?

If I was not in the know about Rob and Kristen, first thing I had thought after hearing Rob, would be that he is single and looking for a date.

Mullet Mofo said...

Anytime that I have ever doubted that something might be going on or that it is just all about sex and nothing serious, I see the way they act around each other. At the end of the day, no matter what anybody says, body language is everything. They clearly do not hate each other, they are clearly more than just friends, and they clearly want to jump each other's bones every second they are together. Do they have problems? I'm sure they do. But Rob and Kristen doing something for PR? Come on. Robsten are common sense and it is laid out before our eyes. If people are too blind to see that because of their own personal biases and preferences, then that is their problem. They are clearly happy and great and ON.
And another thing. If they don't want to talk about it, then as fans we should respect that. People putting pressure on them to admit it just because they "won't believe until they confirm" is ridiculous.

Love, Mullet Mofo.

loris said...

Whomever thinks they broke up,no they haven't. From the looks of it, this interview was done on Saturday. I saw on teh Today Show this morning there was a shot of him walking with Dean through a hotel kitchen. I suspect they recorded this interview right before the Twicon panel. Remember that 20 minute delay?

Did you catch how cute together R&K were during the panel? Did you see the tweets about what they did after?

musicADHD said...

I am so sick of these nonstens saying 'That was Rob's way of saying he's single.' Um, if he was single, then he would have said so. People kill me analyzing the shit out of everything these two people say. You can take what you will out of the 'date' comment but to twist it from 'I don't go on dates anymore' to 'I'm single' is ridiculous and a bit of a stretch. Dates generally mean to go 'out' right? Yes, that's all that means. To make plans to spend with another person right? Yeah. Rob hasn't had the chance to sit down and tie his own damn shoe, let alone go out on a date since 2008. All I pretty much got from that comment was that he would like to be able to go out and relax for a bit, get in touch with some form of normalcy. Other than that, I'm not seeing how it's he's saying he's single.

You guys act like there's people in the background holding a gun to his head just in case he ever reveals he's single. Why the hell would he have to imply being single if he was?

Rob: (nervous grin) I'd LIKE to go out on dates. (looks pointedly at camera and mouths 'help me')

Try again, hyenas.

May said...

IMHO,haters&nonstens lack reading comprehension.Plus,they hear what they WANT to hear.It doesnt matter that what they hear has like NO touching points with the actual reality.LOL Its really very sad,tbh. :p

jayknee said...

Amen Lisa!!!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn’t it be nice if Robert could go on a DATE with his girl? Send his girl some beautiful flowers; take her out to a nice restaurant and a movie after dinner like other 24 year old men. Would it not be nice to go to his girl's home, pick her up and take her to the beach without the paparazzi following them? Would it not be nice if this man could go to a jewelry store himself, not his assistant and buy his girl something without it being put on twitter that he purchased a piece of jewelry for her. Is that possible for Robert Pattinson? HELL NO!!!! (sorry about the language) He did not say he was single. He did not say he wants to DATE. He said he wants to go on a DATE. Some people need to go back to school for reading comprehension. You haters need to take an enema to clean yourselves out because you are full of Sh!t.

Anonymous said...

Rob is not dumb, there is a reason why he wants this out there. Who knows what is coming. He want us to believe he is single.
Taylor is on the cover of GQ not Robert, so many fake insiders with wonderful tales of perfect robsten and love statements just went to hell
@MagazineShelf Taylor Lautner is the cover model for GQ's July issue. Thank you to @ej_samson for posting. http://twitpic.com/1wudv8

Cote de Texas said...

watched it this morning. he was REACTING to the WORD settle. like, he doesn't want to have to just settle.

then, he wants to go OUT on a date. he can't do that anymore.

THIS came AFTER she asked him about having to have bodyguards, etc. poor rob.

i KNEW this would be an issue today. what a joke.

Melinda said...

I came on here this morning and started reading comments from yesterdays post.

I swear it is like a bunch of 4 year old's got cans of SILLY string and went rampant on Rose's blog all over a stupid 4 minute interview. When are the hyenas going to realize THEY don't control R/K's relationship. Rob and Kristen aren't a PR (my term-public relationship)couple. They are not puppets for pete's sake. I could name some PR couples who are though. :)

There have been some great logical comments on here today despite the stupidity that the hyenas love to throw our way.

Moving on...thought this past week was great. R/K seemed to be much more relaxed and less guarded with each other in front of people. When you are in love sometimes it just comes out naturally. I think we all saw that!

I want to say something about the comments that have been thrown around (via the hyenas) that Rob is going to get his heart broken because Kristen doesn't treat him well, he clearly is showing that he loves her more than she loves him, blah , blah, blah. They are both wired differently and I see a couple who knows how to push each others buttons and have fun together. NONE of us knows how she acts towards him privately but they clearly are HAPPY together so something must be working.

About the "dating" comment made by Rob. It must be frustrating to want to go on a date with the person you love and not be able to without the intrusion it would bring. Even if R/K decided "what the heck we are just going to go and deal with the chaos that will ensue" they will still have to have their security people with them so how romantic is that. As a guy who wants to have a date night with his girl, I wonder if Rob looks at other celeb couples who are able to do that very thing without the paps hounding them the whole time. It appears he wishes he could do the same.
Maybe by taking baby steps with the media (not confirming that they are a couple, but clearly showing they are) hopefully one day soon that can happen for them. If not at least Kristen enjoys cooking!!

Wow my comment went really long today. Sorry just had a lot on my mind. I am tired of the childishness of these little baby hyenas. My hope is that they find a something/someone else to cling to soon.

Anonymous said...

Well done people..
now some pathetic kristen fans making death threats about Rob..

nonsten.com,Rob's Imdb etc.. So?
Like kristen fans any better.
I am not buying you stories anymore.

This fandom is a HUGE joke. That's all.

Anonymous said...

Let’s make this crystal clear. No matter what side of the coin you fall on in this fandom. Threatening Robert or Kristen Stewart is disgusting. If anyone is at the point of doing that then he or she needs to fall back and take a good look at themselves. What Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart choose to do with their private time is THEIR business not ours.

Anonymous said...

Good post, Rose. I agree with you.

I understand what Rob said about the word settle. I feel the same way about it and that statement never bothered me. I got what he was saying immediately.

The date thing--My parents have date nights because my Dad is a doctor and has CRAZY hours at times. He just gets so busy. He and my Mom might go out for drinks or grab a quick bite to eat but those aren't real dates. My Mom likes to bet taken out on a real date every so often.

Also, a few weeks ago my sister was just saying to me how she wants "to go on a date!" Her and her husband have been married a little over a year now but the last several months they have been very busy with their jobs. He got a new job and she got a big promotion. She just wants her and her husband to go out on a real date! I get it.

Wanting to go on A date is not like the same as wanting to TO date. I think Rob would love nothing more than to be able to take Kristen out and romance her like normal men can do with their significant others. He would love to do it and have that privacy that others are afforded. When you're ducking and hiding when you're going places it's hard to have that real date experience. Add on paps and bodyguards, not to mention gawkers and fans, and it can feel like such a production. Kristen is also still gun-shy about this too. She's holding onto maintaining their privacy and not wanting their relationship to be others entertainment. She just wants to protect it and have privacy for her and Rob.

At the end of the day I get it. It comes off differently to people and that's just the way it is. Rob was very overtired Saturday but was extremely HAPPY and really seems in love with Kristen from what I have seen especially over the past week. He does not seem interested in being with anyone but her.
Rob and Kristen have to be careful with their words. But sometimes they mess up. If either of them wanted it to be known that they're single, then they would just say it. It's that simple. But they aren't saying that. They aren't acting like that either.

That's my opinion to date.

And Hilarious--great post. I am with you. I loathe that word. LOATHE it. And I also am having an amazing Summer. AMAZING! Loving it.

Anonymous said...


LMAO I love your Rob scenario "mouths at camera help me"

He has said a million times... he runs his OWN career. He's a control freak. He will NOT have a publicist. Etc. Therefore, if he was single... he would just say it. Does he like to say random stuff to keep us guessing? Probably! With Kristen? Definitely!


Anonymous said...

Okay. Just watched E! News.


So Rob and Kris working hard to tip the scales either way.

First Kris gives another flip sarcastic response. Then Rob makes a comment that the love affairs are just weird on set because people thing that these are the ones everyone wants to see and you worry that when you kiss its going to look gross. Well only if you get "too" into IT. LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Hey shippers just because this day epicness is not ovah yet, kstew on enews is a MUST :)
What a week :) :)
Me thinks they are tired of this charade and are laughing their asses off at all of you shippers. From my point of view, they are great friends, who had sex but are in any kind of solid relationship.
He wants to date and she doesn't have a boyfriend ...CLEAR LIKE WATER.

Deb said...

To anon 5:49 how funny thank you for the laugh I needed it after all the SHIT that has been throwing around here And Melinda you are so right thank you for saying that I just wish that every one would see that to I'v been in and out of here all day and the same thing keeps coming up what Rob said. He says a lot of things all the time come on you guys think about it HE would say something that would up set Kristen even SHE KNOWS what he was saying she feels the same way. You heard him say about being locked up all the time feeling like having cabin fever and she has said the same BUT YOU KNOW IF they could they would go out they can do that (A LITTLE) when they in London I wish we could be more like that How would you feel being 20 and 24 and pined up all the time I feel sorry for these two young people AND this SHIT about getting kick out of school WHO KNOWS what happen YOU DONT HAVE ANY PROOF SO DONT START SHIT . DEB

Anonymous said...

Love R/K,togther and apart, saw the Today show and am perplexed. Had my hubby watch it when he got home to see what his unbiased take was(he could give 2 craps about Twilight,Rob or Kristen lol) and he said "Sounds like he is throwing out that he is single and wants a date but haven't you said he is dating his co-star? Did they break up?" So then I have to go thru the whole thing by which point he is cross eyed and said "Well most people watching this show will think he is single,they don't follow every move of his life like you and the other fans." I personally think they are bf/gf but the general public will probably say "see,its all for PR."

I wonder said...

Isn't a romantic weekend at a high end resort in CA a date? How about going to plays and restaurants with just Kristen in London? Tweets placed them by themselves at several places last Jan. by themselves. What does he call a date?
He is really messing with the fans and will now have even MORE crazy obsessed nonstens writing him love letter fan mail and calling Kristen names.
What's his MO I wonder?

Anonymous said...

@ 6:32 ANON

So you want to be like GANGSTAstew?

I knew you have a little thing for Kristen! Too bad she is taken!!!!

Yep it's "ovah". Over your head.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:48

I'm 6:38. I'm not saying they are not together. They are SO together. Definitely. I'm just saying their answers tend to go in either direction. Which they do purposely... I'm sure. Rob with his "I want to go on a date. I'm just putting that out there." comment today. There is no way he didn't mean for that to be taken multiple ways...and then misconstrued.

Their actions most certainly do not leave room for being misconstrued. IOW... Budapest...Hapar's Bazaar hotel room comments on New Moon shoot... the way even Gossip Cop knows they are a couple....the way they look at each other. THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HER LIKE SHE IS THE ONLY THING IN HIS WORLD..... holy crap. EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THEIR TOGETHER... I'm not blind.. okay?

BTW. I do have a thing for Kristen. And a thing for Rob. I am total "fan girl" for both of them. :-p

Anonymous said...

After the twi convention Rob and Kristen were out together with friends (I think it was Sam and his bandmates). They clearly love being together, spending time together--they seemed super duper happy and were having fun Saturday night. Rob from last summer to this summer is like night and say. He seems even happier being in LA, close to Kristen, then when he was filming BA.
I do agree with Rose, that Kristen has a lot to do with his happiness.

Oh, and if it is a charade that they are supposedly SO sick off, well, they only have their damn selves to blame. Can't make fun of anyone or blame anyone but themseleves, since even people who don't follow them that closely nor care about Twilight think they're dating and are happy together.

I think are Rob and Kristen are dating and have been for over a year. They started dating because they wanted to. They're dating because they want to. No one is forcing them to do anything. Until they come out and say very clearly that they're not dating--i.e. no guessing and no one saying what they meant. No analyzing, no twisting. Just straight-up, clear as day remarks, I believe they're together.
Flippant, vague, sarcastic or random remarks in press junkets don't mean too much at the end of the day.... Because they sure do spend a lot of time together for people who aren't dating. The same crazy was abundant during NM press and analyzing everything they said, and there was Rob and Kristen together through it all and still together today.

jen said...

bwhahahah --robert controls his career. If that's so, why is Nick such a rich dude right now?

NICK IS ROBERT'S PUBLICIST. He does double duty as Robert's manager and publicist. YOu know how he sits in every interview and will shut up Robert or shut up the interviewers?


You guys, Robert is very smart and ambitious and driven. He is a control freak--but only over what he can actually control, which is his acting. He pays people LOTS O MONEY to help manager his career.

And he seems to trust the team he is around a lot.

Anonymous said...

sorry not 6:38... I was 6:32

Anonymous said...

Poor kristen someone needs to tell her Rob is just not that into her lol
She flies to england for NYE, stays in london after the baftas, goes to budapest for her bday, shows a reporter a pic of her "boy" and cat and all that for what? lmao
Poor girl, she's looking like a dumb lovedsicked little girl

Anonymous said...

@ anon 6:45

Maybe he wants it to be known that here in America he wants to be able to take his girl out like any other celeb couple does and not have it become a circus attraction. In London they have a lot more privacy b/c the paps aren't as aggressive.

The Ritz is upscale so they might cater to allowing celebs that go there privacy w/o paps. And it was evening when the guy tweeted they were there so people might not recognize them as easy in such low lighting.

There is an upscale restaurant in NYC that I love that celebs frequent b/c it is small and intimate. The family that owns it have been around forever (like young Frank Sinatra days). They are adamant about letting celebs eat "bother free". If they see someone taking a pic they tell the person to remove the pic from their phone. Most of the time the people that eat there could care less that a celeb is eating in the same room. It's their teenagers that cause a fuss.

Anonymous said...

I love Rob, truly I do, but sometimes I think he doesn't think about what he is saying, mostly when he is tired. I too believe Rob and Kris are together and deeply in love. It is in every glance they share, out there for everybody to see. I believe and will always believe they are in love. I'm with you all the way Rose. Love your blog.

jen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

@ 6:57

I actually meant ANON 6:35!!! Sorry I was ranting at a hyena for talking like a gangsta!!!!

Your post was fine. I totally get what you are saying. Rob can sometimes say things without really thinking about how it will be taken. I am sure Kristen wasn't screaming at the t.v. though like other idiots. She knows him well enough.

Anonymous said...

I just to know one thing:

Why married women care so much about the love and sexual life of people that they will never know and don't know that they exists and never will?

I would love to have a answer to this, because this is far disturbing for me. I wonder what's happening in the relationships today?

Why do you write everday about this Rose? Have you ever tought about how your husband feel and the husbands of the other women who wrote here today,feel too?

I really would like to have an answer. But a polite answer, the same way I wrote my question. Please, don't use that isulting and disgusting (and immature also)names like "haters", "hyenas". This is to talk like a teenager.

I'm waiting for an answer.

I won't publish my name because I know that some people here don't respect different opinions.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

daily 10:
"Rob is out still looking for love, wants to go on dates, doesn't want to settle"
aww lol what a day shippers.
enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8FWQqsDzFg

jen said...

Who really thinks Kristen is shocked that reporters think she's dating Rob?

Who really thinks Robert is unable to date?

Kristen isn't shocked. E! called it--she's playing coy, Kristen style. She acts pissed off, and guess what? Reporters back off. It works for her.

Robert's even more clever in his tactics. Robert COULD date. Could pretending he can't date cause he's too famous and busy be a great excuse for the fact he's not seen with any girls(other than Kristen)? And then everyone feels all sorry for him cause he's so famous and lonely, they forget to call him out on the fact he's been on dates with Krsiten all year.


Bonus points for Robert's talk about Kristen calling him out:

Guess what that little explanation was helpful for?

Explaining the on set fight they had during reshoots.

He's arguing here they fought over creative differences-not because Kristen was made about him watching burlesque dancers.


SEriously folks, this was a press junket. This was an infomercial.

IF you insist on taking their word on everything they said at their own infomercial, well then I have a bridge I'd love to sell you.

Anonymous said...

i love what happened during the convention, they were like the twilight promo days! so happy and so natural, robert was so sweet to kristen always leaning and whispering and as usual staring and checking! maybe she missed her because he came from work the whole night. what he said meant he longs to go out on a date just like a normal couple do with out the paparazzi and the fans and their security following them. remember that he is a romantic at heart. thanks rose for a nice and well written blog. i do also go out once a week with my husband for a date night. we have our weekly date day, just the two of us. godbless you!

Anonymous said...


Ah, yes, I did enjoy. Kristen was pretty hilarious in that clip.

Oh? oooh! You meant where the reporter 'repeats' what Rob says and twists it around? Like, everyone has been doing? That proves absolutely nothing as well?

Yeah, that was pretty entertaining, but honestly, I'm now bored of it.

But, as long as you're entertained! Keep scrounging for scraps and bits of conversations to "aid" you in your argument that they aren't together. Nevermind the piles of countless photographs and reports of one them flying out to see the other and spending time with one another (when it wasn't required of them at all).

Kristen flying out to Budapest, and all the complimentary heartfelt statements they've made in regards to one another is CLEARLY minuscule compared to Rob saying "he would like to go out on a date" or Stewie deflecting yet ANOTHER question about their relationship with sarcasm.

(side eye)

[CharlieBrown] Good grief [/CharlieBrown]

Anonymous said...

Wow some people so desperately want Rob and Kristen to not be dating that they actually are saying that Rob and Kristen have been playing charades for a year? And wanting to believe they're making fun of a group of their fanbase? This doesn't make either of them so amazing. Doesn't make them genuine or unique or un-hollywood. It makes them the worst kind of hollywood. And this is how some Rob fans want to see their precious Rob? I would never take him seriously again. And definitely wouldn't have any desire to follow his career.
For all the shit that gets dumped on Rob and Kristen fans and people who believe they're dating and support them, these people are some of the nicest, most logical, sane people out there. They don't hate on either Rob or Kristen. They support both of their careers. So, whatever. People that don't post hate and a bunch of garbage are the kinds of fans I would want to have. Instead of hateful, bitter, nasty bitches that I would never want to spend 10 seconds with.
And, seriously, posting what the gossip sites are saying? How about next week when they say how in love Rob and Kristen are? LMAO. Will you post the links then?

Anonymous said...

Meh. All I know is their actions say couple. So sarcastic evasiveness doesn't really tell me anything different other than they are never going to 'really' answer the question. Just two nights ago people saw them acting like a couple. Hyenas can celebrate all they want.. it's a little weird though. But, Maybe if they grasp to this then they can lay off the hate they direct at Kristen.

pricklypearess said...

Yes, Rob VERY happy when he's around Kristen. Thanks, Rose for again saying it so well. I'm pretty sure Rob would LOVE to be able to just go on a normal date with Kristen without having to hide and plan it all out to the enth degree to avoid the paps. Unfortunately they can't. Love the pics!

Cel said...

Okay since somebody already mentioned the Enews segment with Kristen, may I just say that:

when Kristen was commenting on the relationship she did something I never saw her do before... she held on to her necklace!

And right there it tells me that she may be saying these words (sarcastically, btw for those with literal minds and have difficulty in comprehension) but her body language is telling us differently.

So cute! Go see it again.

Hi, Rose. Great summer on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

It's one thing to say "I can't even go on a date with my girlfriend, I'd like to take her to dinner, the movies etc" but he didn't,he made it sound like he is single and ready to mingle."I'm just putting this out there." Why Rob? Why the need "to put it out there?" To who? Your crazyazz fans that just want your sparkly peen? The ones that did NOT show up to support Remember Me??? Well have at them and let Kristen move on. John Q.Public does not keep up with Robsten news and trips to Budapest,IOW etc and this looks like he is telling the American public "I am single" and this is what people are saying.

Anonymous said...

After this weekend Hyenas, like LILY was been waiting for something to analyze,but their nothing to analyze.Hyenas and LILY was been expecting and probably praying so hard that Rob will say he's single.LILY can you post your picture so I can see or decide how beautiful you are.Pathetic idiot calling somebody ugly,how dare you.Your not a fan of Rob.You're the kind of Rob fan that is repulsive.ROB/KRIS believers will not cry,we have a big smile in our face for a long time.While you LILY and the Hyenas were been foaming for a long time.I know that LILY was one of the person emailing GOSSIPCOP to debunked Rob/Kris relationship.Hyenas also been bugging the film critic guy name PatrickStoner,who saw Rob/Kris going to the hotel club together last Saturday.They are so desperate.Rob/Kris believers will have a happy summer,fall,winter and spring.

Anonymous said...


I saw that too (the necklace holding). Thought it was interesting.

I really want to know who she was looking at when she looks sideways.

I especially like when she says with dripping sarcasm "I didn't know that. It's good to know. I have a boyfriend". Like "well duh!"

People with brains can read b/w the lines and understand what she is saying.

I mean gosh does she (or Rob for that matter) have to make it any clearer to make people see? If I were her and I was pretty much making it plain as day and you can't figure it out well then you'd be on your own.

I think with the media, they are beyond speculation at this point. Now their game is trying to "catch" either one with questions they throw at them.

Anonymous said...

when is Rob going to do this really revealing GQ interview thing??

Anonymous said...

Rob needs to say the word "erotic" in more interviews. Best clip ever!


Anonymous said...

those two are either dating and madly in love (mtv/twicon and budapest etc etc) or they are just friends who give up their social lives at the cost of each other or they are both bearding for each other for 3 years LOL

Anonymous said...

what he wants to put out there is that kristen is foolish in love with him when he just wants to have some fun. She's young wants to be with him and doesn't get the message. All the travels, all the hate from his fans for what? now Rob goes into national tv and tells the world he is single and wants everyone to know it.
Kristen, sweety, you're a dumbass. She better leaves with the little pride she has left and find someone who is not ashamed of her and actually wants her.

Anonymous said...

i am not even sure if there is a rob interview in GQ no idea where rumor came from, he is on jay leno tonight thats going to be boring from jay, jimmy kimmel taping tonight with cast should be fun airing june 23rd though they will be apart for a while while she promotes eclipse overseas then lets see what happens

Anonymous said...

i think nikki reed should be the one to out their relationship that would be epic

Anonymous said...

has anyone ever noticed that anytime that shite hits the fan over stuff soon after there are some mega robsten stuff that happens? heres hoping

Anonymous said...

@ 8:46


I vote her most likely to out Robsten.

Anonymous said...

Rose you are so right on with this post, it amazes me how people can twist things around. I think he's pretty clear about what he's saying if you take the time and listen. I agree with you the guy just wants to take his girl out on a normal date. Sorry Lily he's not talking about you, you sound so pathetic and sad today....too much Rob and KRISTEN action over the weekend for ya? If your not going to respect her then at least respect Rob...who you claim to worship...and call his girlfriend by name.
Opytaylor I clicked on the people.com bio for rob and your totally right it says his status is in a relationship with Kristen .
oh and Jenna Bush's interview sucked at the end she said "so all you Rob and Pat fans.." omg awful.Thanks again Rose.

Anonymous said...

K did an interview with E!news online that just aired and now people are saying she has denied the relationship although it seems sarcastic to me. I'm kinda over both of them truthfully.Just say"I don't discuss my personal life." Or say 'yes' or 'no'. PERIOD END OF STORY and then people will stop this speculating as K calls it. They are BOTH making it worse on themselves.

Anonymous said...

Kristen just confirmed that she doesn't have a boyfriend on E! news this morning... I truly believe they were dating before but guess not anymore.. In theory, they may have been together since mid or end last year then maybe they decided to have a break atm? I dont know.. I know it's none of my business and all but I'm just kinda abit disappointed

Anonymous said...

Hey its gossip. But if the hyenas are going to post their gossip. Then why not post some Robsten gossip?? :-D


Anonymous said...

E! News reported that "Kristen Stewart is Still being Coy about Robert Pattinson"

Her response in the interview was like sarcastic like "wow, I have a boyfriend, I did not know that!!"

Sorry, hyenas. No confirmation there. Just more KStew snark.

Man, I love that girl! :-D

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

i haven't read through all the comments but after the interviews /w r/k today i knew it was going to be an orgy of haters coming out of the woodwork today. all i have to say is if any of you have taken a psych class you would know that almost 90% of communication is nonverbal, and from what i've observed over the past two years r/k are definitely in a relationship. even common sense should tell you that two very hot, young people who have been seen together time and time again with googly eyes and a comfort level that screams 'couple' are indeed involved. but instead you either choose to wear blinders and grasp at any little thing that will support your pathetic argument, or you are totally naive and have never been in a real relationship that would tell you all signs point to r/k as being together in all ways. i have never ranted on this blog before but until r/k show me some real proof that they are not together i will not hold my peace.


Lisa said...

So much for blaming Kristin for the MTV kiss! He "just couldn't, I'd be too embarrassed" :) Then about kisses in the movie, he said because they're not normal, real, too much depends on them.. Very telling I think..

You know, I hate the way press is done for these. 5 mins with 25 different ppl. AND he should ALWAYS be fully rested before! LOL But he just lets stuff blurt out. He says in one he can't go out, he says in another he does go out, just can't go to Rodeo Dr. Fact of the matter is, we all hang on what they say.. I always talk about what I see, and I'm going to stick with that!
And I am going to do my best not to come here and fight with the hyenas anymore. I'm not going to change their minds, they SURELY aren't going to change mine. If and when I don't SEE it anymore, I have no problem admitting it. I don't care who they're with as long as they are decent human beings and are happy!!!

Watch them all!!! Umm and can you say "CRACK" in Bel-Ami? Oh boy!


Anonymous said...

Did the hyenas know that after Rob's interview with Jenna Bush,he was in the bar with Kristen and was into each other according to the old film critic Patrick Stoner who saw them.LOL.

Anonymous said...

Rob is not on the cover of GQ, Taylor is you can check @MagazineShelf twitter

Melinda said...

So today from the hyenas we have heard:

1. Kristen is gay
2. She has no class.
3. She flips the bird in public, even at him (OMG, OMG, OMG).
4. She is ugly.
5. Rob is single and ready to mingle.
6. Rob doesn't want to get married.
7. Kristen fan's are just as bad as the nonstens.
8. Kristen has no talent. Pretty funny considering she has filmed something like 20 films in less than 10 years.
9.Kristen will find some idiot,with no brains,because nobody with brains is gonna be with her. (I'll add here that was a comment by LILY, who basically came out and said that her beloved Rob has no brains b/c clearly he is with Kristen right now)
10.Rob doesn't deserve Kristen.
11. Kristen doesn't deserve Rob.
12. Kristen is happiest when she is away from Rob.
13. ODO is an idiot.
14. Shippers are idiots.
15. We are idiots...whoops how did that get in there??
16. Kristen is going to hook up with Garrett.
17. R/K are together for guess what...PR!
18. R/K are done with all the charades.
19. R/K are laughing at all the shippers.
20. R/K are FWB not in a committed relationship.
21. Robert controls his own career. If that were the case what the heck is he paying Nick and Stephanie for?
22. Kristen is a fool.
23. Kristen is a dumbass.
24. Married women obsess about R/K's sex life (see ANON 7:09 comment)
25. Taylor is on the July GQ not Rob. What do shippers have to say now about the revealing GQ interview with Rob?
26. I am just "so over them". Why don't they just say they are or they aren't?


Okay I think I got them all! Gotta love them for their persistence (well not really). I just thought it would be funny to have all their loony thoughts in one place. See how silly they sound all at once.

I can't believe I just sat down and typed all this out though. Maybe I am the loony one! Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but when Rob sticks his foot in his mouth YET AGAIN with asinine comments, he is making things WORSE for Kristen,whatever their relationship is. His fans already hate her and this will fuel the fire even more. Jenna Bush did not even ask him 'are you single?' 'do you have a gf?' 'do you date?' So why the hell did he open up a can of worms? He makes his own life miserable all by himself.

Anonymous said...

Hi is not miserable, he is only making kristen's more difficult. She hates the media and being in the middle of attention yet he sends her right into the tabloids covers like a rocket. He doesn't care his fans have a site just to hate on her,etc..He could care less. He didn't travel to see her, she did lol
He is happy looking for dates in L.A

Anonymous said...

That interview with Jenna Bush happened at the very end of the day. You can tell because he was wearing his blazer, which he wore to the fan thing. At that point he had filmed all night and worked all day. I think we should all calm down and take the "date" comment with a grain of salt. He was loopy and said he felt like he was going crazy and couldn't think of answers. Then proceeded to tell us that he loved babies. Taylor was going to sleep with a baby in the next one and then made moon eyes at Kristen so bad the whole fan conference we were all going HOLY CRAP man he's in love. Then he went to the bar where many people (reliable sources, like the film critic who tweeted) saw him talk to Kristen, leave with Kristen, THEN later he reportedly met up with his friends where he was with Kristen. And this was all after that comment.

Earlier in the day it was rumored that he spent his breaks with Kristen. All these breaks were spent with entourage in tow. Not alone or in normalcy... hence could of possibly inspired the desire for a normal date comment... but I am supposing here... and won't say that I "know" what Rob thinks.

I will say this. LOOPY and sarcastic comments, that verify nothing VS WHAT WE SEE WITH OUR EYES, What has been proved again and again. No competition. Rob & Kris, definitely a couple.

Opytaylor said...

She was being sarcastic, just like Korea, while he was trying to stir up exactly this. Ted says Robsten loves to mess with the fans. Still no denials. Only actions matter when it comes to their status, which has not changed a bit: still a couple. Tired of talking about.

Patricia said...

Anon. 9:58

That was 'SPOT ON' I love them. Seeing is believing...
Rob admitted he needed to sleep more, he was dead on his feet and loopy. Plus he always says funny (out-there) comments, that's why we LOVE HIM.

Lisa said...

@7:09.. I'll answer you, if you'll answer me?

First I don't talk about their sex life. If I KNEW about it, I might! LOL Depending what it is! Same as talking about my own! Depends on what it is. And yes, I DO have one, a very happy, satisfied one! :)

Why I talk about their love? Because it makes my heart happy. Simple.. I fell in love with Rob. Not in the way I want him.. I don't even think about him that way. My youngest daughter is his age! I just adore him and he clearly is head over heals in love with Kristen.. I didn't like her at all at first. But because of the way he sees her, I decided to take another look. And I like her!

As for my husband, he's right here when I am on here chatting about them! He knows everything. He could care less.. Why should he? We've been married 26.5 years. Since were were R & K's age. He was 23, I was 19. 2 kids and 5 grandkids later we have a very happy life. My husband is not "poor" in any way. Not in love, sex, work, honor, respect, money, anything!

Is that honest enough for you? Nice enough? Couldn't get any more so from.

Now your turn. Why do YOU come here and read? Why do you care? Because, you know that you do. It's just that our opinions differ. Why come to a blog that's clearly PRO Robsten, why you're clearly not? I'm not trying to change your mind. I don't go to blogs or sites or follow people on twitter who don't believe as I do. So why do you? Why do you come to argue and try to change our minds? Why do you care if we believe they're together?

Please, I've answered openly, honestly and nicely. Do the same..

I am not afraid to post my name.

Deb said...

To Cel I seen that to glade you said something And some one said that they where together at the pool after the press junket and one more thing can you see by the way WE all talk about all the times they been together some one seen them RIGHT --NOW DO YOU SEE WHAT HE WAS SAYING ABOUT A DATE. some where where NO-ONE well be there to take a pic of them ALONE TIME --A-DATE.YES I DO THINK ROB AND KRISTEN ARE TOGETHER and they LOVE each other -BUT I FEEL SORRY for them .Leave them ALONE let them HAVE there DATE I have one you have one so why NOT LET THEM HAVE ONE. DEB

Anonymous said...

Don't know if its true. But definitely could be and a sweet story about Rob being sweet to Reese's little girl.


Lisa said...

@10:52 I read that someplace else.. I'm sure some form of it's true.

Funny, I saw an interview with Ethan Hawk (Uma Thurmans ex) talking about having a mutual friend in common with Rob and taking his daughter to meet Rob. He said Rob was wonderful with her and she thinks he's the coolest Dad ever. Funniest part was.. Rob was filming Bel-Ami with Uma at the time I saw in the interview! I thought 'why didn't Uma just take her' But then I figured maybe it was BEFORE Bel-Ami started. I had read that Uma was kinda a later casting as it was supposed to be Nicole Kidman.. Anyway, he loved the little girl in RM as well.. Sweet..

Twitter is broke!

Deb said...

HEY isnt ROB oh Jay Leno tomorrow? just asking

Lisa said...

Yes, Deb he is.. He's on Nightline tonight too. They're taping Kimmel now which is why twitter is broke! LOL Ashley is on Leno tonight also, for anyone interested!

Paula said...

Ok, my answer to Lisa:

First, why so agressive? Why the need to say that you have a very happy life with your husband? This sounds to me like you're trying to convince yourself. People really happy don't need to go out there screamig their happiness to everbody hear. It's private.

Second, I was talking about the ppl who write and read fanfictions and make disgusting porn manips using Rob and Kristen photos. Do you think this is funny? No, this is sick and it's a really desrespect. Would you like to have you photo in a porn montage? I would't.

Third, this blog is public, you all go to nonstens sites and read everything there. I came here today,because I'm disgusted with things that I heard about Rob today.And about Kristen too. You don't respect them. Let them live their lives ang go live yours.

Fourth: Why the necessity to insult who disagree with you? Sorry, this is a very immature behavior.

And last, this is only for you Lisa: I'm sorry, but a man who really loves me would never think that is funny to be online talking about another men's love life. I won't talk about my personal life here, I don't need to do this to improve my self-esteem.

Wait,one more thing? Have I said that I don't believe that Rob and Kristen are not together? Have you really read I why wrote? Did I say that I care about this? I like them as a fan. My point is to know why do you care so much about it? But it was disgusting to me see the "twi-moms" in Oprah. What the hell is that? A lot of married women saying that they would leave their husbands for Rob...I'm not saying that this is your case, but you know that this is true.

Sorry, you were not nicely with your answer to me. I have nothing more to add. You just aswered me and it's enough for me.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else watching Nightline?? I'm sure youtube will have it any second.

Rob on why he doesn't talk about his personal life:

"I don't know what benefits there would be to talking about it. In logical terms if you were just walking down the street and every single stranger on the street knew your business and came up and like wanted and felt like the need to comment on it you'd just be like SHUT UP, like I'm going kill you. I mean its exactly the same mentality. I don't really want to try and sell it either. Maybe if I was selling it, I'd talk about it more." - Robert Pattinson

I absolutely LOVE this quote. Say PR now. SAY IT. I dare you! :-p

loris said...

The hyenas seemed to miss the line in the E! interview wehere K says she like to ef with the media.

Anonymous said...

Paula -

LISA WAS NICE TO YOU! (and Lisa is awesome. And a regular poster. And normal. Clearly.)

I read her response. She was asking you WHY ARE YOU COMING HERE if you don't agree with us? (a legitimate question) Why are you coming here to attack us? And she said it in a nice way....

She was not "validating herself." She was explaining as YOU ASKED HER TO DO. (supposedly politely)

There is absolutely no reason to come here and attack us. AND if you want to know why people read fanfiction GO POST ON A FANFICTION BOARD.

But my guess is people read fanfic for the same reason they read regular fiction. For entertainment. (Its really hard for me not to say DUH here)

I read Robsten stuff for entertainment.... since you asked... I will share my reason.

I have a feeling your not asking to be polite your asking to be snarky. In which case, I feel the need to tell you that your barking up the wrong tree here. From my experience most pro robsten type people on this bored are sane, mature, and happily married. Robsten and Twilight is their hobby. Some people knit. Some people play cards. Some people TWILIGHT/ROBSTEN. I think its because it reminds us of our first love and because... well... we have more imagination than to while away our time with more mundane hobbies (no offense to the knitters out there.)

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

So,now was Kristen's turn to say that she's NOT dating Rob at Ryan Seacrest.I guess you shippers still think they're together or they ever were.


I'm thinking probably she's with Scout and definately not with Rob.

Lisa said...

Paula, WOW is all I can say.. First I'm guessing English is not your first language. There is something being lost in translation! I wasn't aggressive but I certainly CAN be if you'd like! You asked a question, asked for an honest, polite answer. That's what you got! You're unbelievable.. I'm not trying to convince you of ANYTHING about my life. If you want to think my husband doesn't really love me because he thinks it's funny I talk about Robsten, then you go ahead and think it! LOL Hell, as long as he's made me happy this long and fooled me enough into believing it, it's even OK if he doesn't..

Really, you're the one with the issues.. If FanFic bothers you so much? WHY are you looking at it? How do you know about pornographic manips of them? I don't! I've seen one and it was tweeted by someone I know for someone else! I clicked without knowing what it was. I have read some fan fic but they were NOT about Rob & Kristen! I didn't know there were ones about THEM.. There are some about Edward & Bella (you do know the difference don't you?) and what's wrong with that? Are E & B not fic. characters? YES THEY ARE!!

You ask if you said you don't believe in Robsten. No, you didn't.. But with your line of questioning and insults towards believers I had to assume. You ask about reading your posts. Well, I read the one I answered. Since you didn't bother to leave your name until now. How would I know which of the many crazy "anon" you are???? I tried to be nice, I tried to answer you honestly and you spewed.. I'm done.. Enjoy YOUR fantasy!

Nightline doesn't come on for a half hour yet here..

This is a new ET Canada.. cute


Thanks for standing up for me Suzy Q! LOL

Lisa said...

11:41 share the link..

Here's nightline.. great interview except for the end.. Don't like that talk!


Anonymous said...

Whoa. What Rob told Dateline is VERY telling. He doesn't want to 'sell' his and Kristen's relationship.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So Nightline was pretty much confirmation.

They've been joking/sarcastic in the other interviews but he tells it to you straight in the Nightline interview. Personally, I think it's nice that they both are pretty much protecting their relationship. And will the 'PR' people please be quiet now?

Deb said...

LISA YOU GO GIRL i agree with you and thank you for the post. DEB

Anonymous said...

Lisa = 1
Paula = 0

go watch nightline.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Rose.....i havebt been on commenting...but im still reading.........now with this quarrel n that........you lot need to peace outs a little...chill perhaps..
Lisa i came on to see WTF you are up to .......saw rob on niteline ...i thought it wa a great interview.....at least he had his zipper this time lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wtf below anom

Lisa said...

Thanks Deb & Anon 12:45. :)

Louisa, I told you I was busy!

Nightline was amazing.. WHY I ADORE HIM! :) So humble, funny, cute.. Slam dunk too as far as I'm concerned. 1:01 you're right. Private life not for sale..

If he didn't HAVE a private life, he would have said 'there's nothing to talk about' Have a good night/day/morning all. depending where you are.. I will have a lovely night! !

Cel said...

Did twitter die because of all the back and forth bickering among twifans? hehehe

God must have zapped twitter to silence us for a while. And it is very telling that He zapped it after letting Rob have his say about his relationship with Kristen.


Nouchka said...

I believe they are together too, but if they're not, they should be. I think they look even more beautiful and happy when together ! It's like a scientific evidence !

Ash said...

Well I just looked at all of the jimmy kimmel updates and now I'm worried something is wrong. In the pics Kristen looks really down. Rob seems attentive but she is withdrawn. I'm sure they talked a few times during the show, but she does not look happy. He does. I fear shes on the verge of breaking up with him.

Anonymous said...

She can't even look at him http://www.imagebam.com/image/ae57d784483472

She only had eyes for Taylor http://www.imagebam.com/image/ed7d4384483485

Their karoke was an inimate affair. Fans who saw them there said they got all lovey dovey with each on karoke night. So much for her and Rob's Japan karoke night. Kristen and Taylor belong together. Trust me. She'll dump Rob and get with Taylor. The reason why she looked so down in the pics is obviously because shes planning on dumping Rob and leaving him for Taylor. No doubt Rob will be crushed but she can't lie to herself anymore.

Ken said...

I've never seen Kristen looking so unhappy ever. Sure Rob's happy but what about her? Its obvious.. shes clearly stuck in a loveless relationship. Don't be afraid Kristen. You don't have to stay with Rob if you don't want to just to please him. I miss Kristen looking in love. This is not love this is torture. I miss her and MA.

kelly said...

Why all you Taysten and Mikestew shippers come here and don't go and create your own blog?You're annoying as hell.

Anonymous said...

to Ash... she probably looked down because she has to leave Rob again for Europe and Rob was trying to cheer her up. I feel down whenever I leave my husband for business trip for few days.

to Anon 04:51 ... you just choosen the photos where Kristen was not looking at Rob. There were photos too where the Kristen & Rob looking at each other.

loris said...

I agree that the Nightline interview was very telling. This was done the day after the Today Show and when Rob had a little more sleep.

I was trying to follow the Jimmy kimmel show last night on Twitter and it was overloaded. I went over to IMDB and ODO was posting actual coherent posts I think hinting to what they mean about July. They were saying that during NM R/K played the No Comment game. From there they moved on to deflections but they are getting to the end of the leg of that game. I think I missed the last couple of posts,if anyone saw if you could elaborate. But basically, they are not going to confirm anything now since they are promoting Eclipse and not them. So not sure if once July hits if they are going to be more open or stop with the silly deflections and just answer like Rob did on Nightline. All the threads about the E! News thing got deleted. Not sure why or who did that. Damage control I am sure. But Kristen did say she likes to mess with them. It was not a denial.

We know Nonsten will use those two interviews in their arsenal, but who cares. We know what we see.

People who were at the Jimmy Kimmel taping are saying that the Robsten Bubble is alive and well.

Cel said...

Rob loves Kristen loves Rob

Did you all watch Nightline?

Anonymous said...

Maybe she's down cuz she's tired of dealing with his crazy fans and the hate every single day? Being in a relationship with him gets her a lot of pressure plus his little stunt of being on dates was all over the place yesterday, I doubt she was happy about it. Everytime he says something like that, she looks like a moron, plus opens a door for reporters to asked her about it, specially now that she's doing press non-stop.
She looks like she¡s about to crack and I don't blame her, she won't date an actor ever again. I bet her next boyfriend will work behind cameras or something non hollywood related.
Is good she's about to leave for a week with Tay (who is drama free).

Anonymous said...

Rob said he wanted to go on A DATE which indicates to me that he already knows with whom he wants to go on that date with!
No need for the pretend cluelessness by some. It's Kristen Stewart!

In the Nightline interview, the interviewer pointedly mentions that Rob and Kristen's relationship is the constant talk of the tabloids and ask why is it important for Rob not to speak about it. There is no denial from Rob, he simply and quite eloquently speaks as to why he will not talk about it.

It was a smartly phrased question with an answer that reveals yes we are in a relationship but we will continue to not talk about it!

Reading and listening comprehension is sorely missing in today's society.

Anonymous said...

Rose you know what.. I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG, YOUR POV, YOUR COMMENTS, AND OF COURSE ROBSTEN :D I love the way you shut the stupid, arrogant hyenas up. I believe that Robert and Kristen ARE together and they ARE happy, too. I can't understand people who thinks otherwise but continue to come here, to your blog :S

Whatever, I wanna post a picture that has a naughty Rob in it *giggles* That girl absulately make our wonderful man happy :D



Anonymous said...

Saw the pictures on popsugar of the jimmy kimmel taping. Not a big fan of nikki or ashley. Check out the one picture of nikki looking at Rob. Can't tell if he is looking back or at Kristen. Hope not, because Nikki seems very sly. And cant figure out why she would sit directly behind K/R when she obviously makes Kristen uncomfortable. Her and Ashley should have sat at the end. Peter and Elizabeth should have been directly behind them. JMO

Scarlet said...

Hey Rose; I haven't posted in a while, but have been watching with some amusement how all the things Rob and/or Kristen say get twisted -- on both sides. For example, when Rob was answering the question on Nightline about his personal life and referred to his personal life as "it" -- if you listen to the question there is nothing to do with his relationship directly -- it's directly about his personal life. The "it" he refers to is not his relationship. But people on both sides of the are they/aren't they divide are reading all sorts of crazy into this. Then there's the statement he made to Parade: "It's the first time Kristen and I have been able to act like a normal couple." This isn't a Robsten statement -- it's a statement about acting, as Bella and Edward -- without all the tension in the plot-lines of the first two movies.

I do think that something has shifted between this promo tour and the last. Rob seems over-eager; Kristen seems overly reserved. I am not suggesting they have split up (and I firmly believe that they are a couple) but I do think something's up. It's not my place to speculate about what (none of this is my place I know!) but there is a shift. If the state of constantly being scrutinized is involved then what chance do you think a relationship like this has? I'm also not suggesting that they aren't moments of Rob and Kristen talking to each other -- but the ease isn't there. And it was during the NM promo.

Anyway, my 2 cents.


Anonymous said...

It was the Nightline interviewer who said and I quote:
"Meanwhile idle chatter chatter about their off the set relationship has become a tabloid staple .........Everbody speculates about IT but you don't talk about IT. Why is that the best decision for you?

And Rob responds:
"I don't know what benefits there would be to talking about IT. In logical terms if you were just walking down the street and every single stranger on the street knew your business and came up and like wanted and felt like the need to comment on it you'd just be like SHUT UP, like I'm going kill you. I mean its exactly the same mentality. I don't really want to try and sell it either. Maybe if I was selling it, I'd talk about it more."

If there's any shift at all it is with Kristen because before every time a question came up about her and Rob she bolted (at Sundance) She put her head down and gave a shy smile (The Bafta's) Now she seems more smiley and less nervous about the question. Still not answering though.

I also think Rob's even more open because of her being more open as well.

Anonymous said...


I understand your point BUT in the Nightline interview the interviewer was SPECIFICALLY talking about his relaysh with Kristen. So the "it" is about their relationship which is part of his personal life.

Rob doesn't need to say "I don't know what benefits there would be to talking about my relationship with Kristen. Instead he says "it" as did the interviewer.
I don't really want to try to sell it(my relationship) either.Maybe if i was selling it(my relationship), I'd talk about it(my relationship) more." See it is pretty clear what he is talking about.

Now for the Parade article you are right. He is talking about Edward and Bella so people shouldn't confuse it with his personal relationship with Kristen. I will agree with you on that one.

More telling in the interview is that fact that he says he is like Edward in that he is old fashioned. He is a one woman guy contrary to people making him out to be a player.

The promo this time around has been mainly K/T so it is hard to compare it (the promo) to the NM one. They have also done a lot of one-on-one press junkets as well. The MTV awards and the Twi-Con showed a very relaxed and HAPPY couple.

scarlet said...

Hi- yeah, I can totally see how it could be read that way. What the interviewer says offscreen is about the relationship. To Rob in the interview he says: "Everybody speculates about it, but you don't talk about your personal life." I would 100% agree if the relationship with K had been said to Rob by the interviewer. Then of course we would know that Rob was talking about it. As it stands it's speculation; if the interviewer got Rob on film responding clear-cut to a question about his relationship with Kristen I don't see why that wouldn't be in the clip -- it would be like gold to these media folks.

Anyway, my point is that it's amazing how much energy gets expended either trying to confirm, disconfirm, discredit, or deny all of this based on these little fragments that Rob and Kristen say. In context/out of context -- it's kind of crazy.

I've always been with Rose on the pictures speak more than 1000 words. I'm saying the pictures look different. And, I'm not even suggesting that the feelings have changed under the surface. What I was questioning was whether the scrutiny is getting to *her* so much so that she can't be natural around Rob and wondering how that would play out. Rob looks *totally* happy during this press tour, which is wonderful to see -- so I should probably take that as my final "word" on it.


Anonymous said...

In the Parade article Rob is definitely speaking about Bella and Edward but in the last part he slips and clearly says:

"It's the first time Kristen and I have been able to just act like a normal couple."

He didn't say Bella and Edward as he should have and had done in answering the question.

Trish said...

okay just my two cents before i get back to work..

Cel...Lisa right on!! love all your posts!! and you tell em..especially you know who!! we are not to be messed w especially when that line is crossed!

LMFAO..i was on the floor reading that Nicky Reed will be the one to out them...that will be perfect lol..havent seen the interview but it looks like she wants to spill the beans and bad!
and i thought about this..its US Robsten fabs and supporters who have happy lives..with great hubbies and kids...their love renind us of when we were once in love and all those great feelings..so we are happy for them how about you all? are your lives so miserable that u cant be happy for two ppl who look smitten w eachother?...thats an obvious one! i guess so!