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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't Hate Kristen Because Rob Loves Her!

I was thinking about Paul McCartney today.
You know...
He was the first real celebrity crush I ever had.
The only one I ever really had...
Well... I love the Beatles
But Paul was the one that I loved the most.
And I still do...
Since I was 10 years old.
Until Robert.
Robert is different.
I was going to say he's not a musician...
Because people seem to obsess over musicians 
a bit more than actors...
But he is a singer/songwriter
And I do find that immensely attractive...
But it still doesn't explain my strange fixation on him.
That has never happened to me before.
Why Robert?
I know it has to do with Edward in some way...
Because I love Edward.
And Robert is Edward.
But of course, it goes beyond the movies.
And of course he's all adorkable and charming...
And he has a sweet laugh and wonderful sense of humor...
And he is beyond beautiful...
Yes... all of that.
But it still doesn't make any sense to me.
I doubt it ever will...

I use the term "HYENA" when I describe the haters.
I know I have said this time and time again...
but I'm talking about the lunatic Rob fans...
AND the equally lunatic Kristen fans.
BOTH of them.
I know they exist on both sides.

I have to admit to finding it amusing...
Fucking HILARIOUS...
That people now call themselves Hyenas.
I kid you not.
So... they basically admit to frothing and foaming
about Kristen and Robert.
Hating and attacking...
Snarling and whimpering...
Well I guess
That IS what they do best.
Thing is...
I've never mentioned a name.
A blog.
A Twitter...
Or anything else in connection to being a Hyena...
Just some vague references.
Yet, some people ASSume I'm talking about them.
(So I guess the shoe does fit...)


First of all... I don't go to forums/blogs
that hate on Robert and Kristen.

Secondly... I don't have to.
There are members of these forums...
(Some names that would surprise you- Hahaha!)
Who are more than willing to send me
The insane ramblings that I sometimes use in my posts.
I get so many emails filled with this bullshit...
That some days I'm grossed out from just reading it.
And it's funny as fuck that these haters
Don't understand sarcasm...
Have a problem with reading comprehension
and take every word I write literally.
They not only can't stay away from this blog...
But are reading and commenting on it on a daily basis
Sometimes again and again...
Because yes... Sitemeter and other tools tell me that you do...
Sitemeter tells me a lot about you ;)
Guess what?
You won't find me on your site...
(Go ahead, look for me... I won't be there)
Or following you on Twitter.
Like some of you follow me around...
Because YOU are ROSEssed.


And yes...
You Hate Kristen Stewart 
Because she is with Rob.
(Because you know she is WITH Rob and it's Killing You...)
If she wasn't... you wouldn't waste your time hating her.
You would direct your bitter hatred toward whoever
was in his life.
In fact... you hate everyone who disagrees with you
and gets in the way of your delusion.

Good to know I struck a nerve.
Good to know I'm pushing the right buttons...
Good to know that you feel the need to 
know what I'm writing about
That makes me smile.
Big time.

Kinda like Rob... in this picture

In closing?

I never pointed a finger at anyone personally...
and called them a Hyena.
I've never directly insulted or attacked anybody. 
(Can you say the same?)

I don't take this bullshit drama to a 
personal level like some people...
(That's what Hyenas do)
And above all else?
I only post once a day...
How much time do you spend hating?

What it all comes down to is if you
THINK I am writing about you...
Then I feel sorry for you.
Yes... You Are A Hyena.
Enjoy your dead rotting carcass. 

Bye for now.

The MTV Movie Awards 
are just around the corner...
My Oh My
This is going to be Good!
Just another Foamy Sunday...
Can't. Wait.


Anonymous said...

This post is amazing. Always has been. I was cracking up reading the comments on the last post. lmao

"you're always talking about fans hating on Kristen? But what about Rooob?? blah fucking blah"
It's your blog, you can do whatever you want to. *sigh*

And then, there was that "Kristen flipping the paps off is just immature, she had to grow up.. blah blah.. She's working." Last time I checked, ACTING doesn't mean you have to work 24/7.

I can't wait for the MTV MA's, omg it's gonna be EPIC!

Lena :)

cupcake said...

OMG! rosesssed?! brilliant! just genius. good to see you back rose.

Kstew Fashion said...

Yes the crazies come from both ends, i've seen some Kristen fans slating Rob myself. It's a shame people take the lives of 2 people we don't know so ........personally. Like they know them. That being said their are some people who are not very fond of Kristen that i have become good friends with, it comes down to maturity at times and some people can put aside their differences and actually meet some nice people. Love this blog as always. I'm getting the umbrella ready for Sunday the weather forcast said heavy foam showers are predicated ;).

Kristine said...

Today is my 21st birthday...thanks for making me smile. LOVED today's post! =D

...wowie! said...

::snicker:: Right on!

I'm all for either/or or all of the above. hehehe

Love it! Had no idea I wasn't already following you on Twitter...following you now tho.

Anonymous said...

to frenchothfan

"you're always talking about fans hating on Kristen? But what about Rooob?? blah fucking blah"

blah fucking blah?!

ok. let's ignore all the Rob hate. Let's all blame everything on Rob fans. because that's really fair. we talk like this endlessly day after day after day after day...

I think there is something wrong with me because i really cant stand two-faced&fake people. That's why i have never dislike a fanbase like i dislike (some) kristen fans. That's right i said it.

ps; Yeah sure, pretend that you're so innocent.

Anonymous said...

Rose- great post! I'm excited for Sunday too ;)

Jenn Ski said...

Dang I thought you were going to post about Kristen wearing Robs beanie....

RPaddict said...

LOL I loved this post. Your so spot on it's scary. Non the less you take the words right out of my mouth.
Can't wait till the MTV awards. I miss seeing Rob as of late, especially on the promo tour,at least I get my "girlcrush" Kristen and her bird flippin fingers.Gotta love her,like Rob.
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I don't think another girlfriend will get as much hate as Kristen. At least initially. At this point it really has nothing to do anymore with either Kristen or Rob. Its just a matter of both camps trying to prove they are right with any means they can find. Not unlike ww1 trench warfare...

sfw10sis said...

Fly by, today is back to work day, ugh. Very fitting post to follow the insanity that knew no bounds this past weekend.

Getting very giddy for this Sunday, I think we are going to be in for some goodies, can't keep the smile off my face.

Have a great day Rose


Anonymous said...

Interesting you should start this post by discussing Paul McCartney since most Beatles fans hated Linda initially for "stealing" Paul away.The haters had no effect on them, they were together for 30 years, I don't imagine they'll have any more effect on Rob & Kristen.The Hyenas don't seem to get that the more crap they spew,the more it pushes these two gorgeous young people together so it just reinforces the fact that the only people they can trust 100% are their families and each other. So thank you haters, for bringing Rob & Kristen even closer together :)

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back, Rose. Great post as always.

I so agree with you about Rob. I've never in my life crushed on a celebrity. I have appreciated them for various reasons, but never anything like the sometimes painful joy I get from loving Rob.

Of course I first fell in love with Edward. I've been an avid reader (and writer) for most of my life. But I've never reacted to books like I did to the Twilight series.

Still, for me, Rob has taken off on his own. Edward was merely a conduit to my obsession with Rob. If it were only his looks, I might not have felt the way I do. But it's the whole package: his personality, wit, charisma, integrity, modesty, his voice and demeanor, and even his pedigree. Love it all.

Despite all those feelings, I wouldn't want Rob for myself. But I love the fact that he's in the world and that he's chosen a girl who is so good for him, so like him, so smart and who also is a person of substance -- just like Rob.

The man simply makes me drool and smile at the same time. Not so easy to do.


kharma1 said...

Happy Tuesday..
Hope everyone had a good 3 day weekend and Rose, hope you had a relaxing one on the lake.. what a beautiful spot.

I knew we had more in common then our love for R/K, I was also a Beatle's fan, Sir Paul was also my fav. Seems like yesterday and maybe I was a little jealous of Linda but I sure didn't hate her, I just envied her.

Your post today made me laugh. Those hyenas sure love to torture themselves. It goes to show you, their not very smart.
And they are definitely Rosessed, their obsession might not be R/K after all but you and your blog.
Love the picture you put up at the end.. just says it all..lol.
The Hyenas do not deserve any respect, they are a bunch of lowlifes with no regard for anyone else but themselves.

Have a Great Day.

katy said...

Great post Rose

loris said...

I really love your blog. I am so glad I found it. It really is amusing watching the hyenas foam at the mouth. The excuses they make up, the delusions. So funny! I'm not entertained by the fact that Rob and Kristen are together. I am entertained by the crazies who try and do everything in they can to convince themselves and hate and insult others that are happy with what reality is. It's fascinating.

ciro said...

hai rose

nice to see you, hope you happy on your vacaycay...

yeah i've been head shake from two days ago amuse by hate on kristen, hate on rob...the hardcore kristen fan and hardcore rob fans "facepalm"

for you hyena i love rob and kristen...and they are human who not perfect had strenght and weekness in theire own..the perfectness only belonging holyness god...OMG

the flip bird kristen pic just excuse hyena to spewing more hate...just you know kristen and rob hate to papz...and papz only crate so much drama, invading they private live,and papz also screaming nasty thing ("just like hyana do behind the computer")..i've seen other actor flipp...what the big deal???they not shown a gun to your head hyena..they just human who had emo like us...

some times i dreamy if could turn back time i would be grateful kristen and rob could meet in another film not like twilight so much madness and judgemental fans, cause i like twilight by introduce by rob and kristen, after seing movie, i begain read saga...i remember when rob bday with sw and kp, or detail fiasco ooh boy so much hyeana spewing hate wish death to rob and sometimes kristen...

seems to be rob and kristen couldn't win over hyena...

bu btw i love pic in tarmac it's epic win in last nov 'SQUEEE" LMAO
could we'll see the epic like this again in not intentional? LMAO i hope....LOVE ROB LOVE KRISTEN!!!!

Patricia said...

Anon. 11:17 You took the words out of my mouth about Paul Mc Cartney and Linda. A LOT OF PEOPLE HATED HER FOR A LONG TIME. WHAT A SHAME.

Rose: I loved Paul also, but nothing like Rob.


I hope that we get some love shown at the MTV Awards. I'm so looking forward to seeing them together. When Kristen is doing promo with Taylor she's comfortable with him because she doesn't have to watch her every move like she does with Rob.... (She's so afraid, sometimes of showing something towards Rob) that she almost looks like she doesn't 'GIVE A DAMN' about him. I think that's what the haters of her pick up and run with. I hope this doesn't happen......WE KNOW BETTER....... KRISTEN LOVES ROB AND ROB LOVES KRISTEN AND WE LOVE YOU ROSE..

Grazie for 'YOUR' wonderful blog !I really enjoy it !


Anonymous said...

As K said in her ELLE interview she really does care about what people think about her.. 'people' being the FANS.. She wants thier approval.. and of course i love everything shes involved with and love her chacteristics and ways.
But i think K flipping off the paps was her showing *them* being the PRESS that she couldnt care less what they thought about her.. and i love that :D
Also, for a change, i was actually glad that 'robsten' style questions were out of bounds, because in the interviews iv watched from the last couple of days, shes been so relaxed and herself.. an also, i noticed that no-one brought up Rob, but K managed to use his name a few times when talking about HarryPotter etc.. would you not agree that he was obviously on her mind??!! :D
Kristin, Taylor and Rob do themselves proud everyday..
its so easy for people to forget how young they are.. and thats one reason i find it difficult reading what haters write.. i mean havent they got brothers/sisters/or kids that age?? and how would they feel about someone treating them in that way?? There simply is no need for it..
Keep doing what your doing guys..

Fab blog Rose :D

Sar xxx

Anonymous said...

It is because of Rob, Kristen gets hate.

Now I wish Kristen had never met Rob.

I only care for Kristen, not him.

Lizzie said...

Glad to have you back Rose!! Can't wait for Sunday and all the goodness June will bring..

Salena05 said...

Rose glad to see you back, I hope you enjoyed every moment of your vacation you truely deserve it!!! I love both of the blogs since you've come back<3 I don't understand people coming on here and saying things like Rob's a manwhore or Kristen's a bitch. who are these people? Have they spent anytime at all with either of them personally? I very seriously doubt it but they HATE,HATE,HATE!!! It desturbs me as a fan of both these lovely people.What have either one of them done to deserve so much HATE? All they base thier so called proof is from stupid reporters of rag mag's.So the only proof I can see is with my own eyes. Look at the way they look, talk,and smile at eachother when thier together!As long as thier not being hounded and screamed at by obnotious paparazzi!! I would probably look mesirable too if I had to live like that! I don't blame Kristen for the little bird she threw, they should be lucky she hasn't beat the shit out of them while Rob holds them down! cause I'm sure He is not a bit happy with the way some of the the world is treating her! I'm sorry Rose this comment turned out so long but, I'm so tired of people saying "Oh I'm a true fan to either of them when there is so much HATE on both of the fans sides. If you are a true fan of either than be Happy with THIER chose! Which as of now is TO BE WITH EACHOTHER! thank-you Rose for giving me a place to come and voice my opinion<3 Without the HATE! I love you Rose and I love you blogs and Boo to anyone who say's bad things to Rose:( This is her blog! If you don't like it STFU and LEAVE WITHOUT COMENT!!!!! Sorry Rose had to get it out.Thanx again Rose<3 <3Robsten<3 Salena

Anggie said...

Wellsaid Rose, 'rosessed' hahaha
Love you even more <3<3<3
Big hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Oh~ Rose, you make a new post today, nice. I'm from Asia and it's around 1:00am in my city now. Most of the time, I can only leave a comment like at the mid-night of your time.

I left a sincere reply for Maja in yesterday's comment @11:40am, 1 June. I really hope she and any other who doesn't like Kristen to see it.

Bye, Rose. My bedtime~

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

I enjoy reading your post but I am finding that lately you are no longer reporting on Robsten but more and more on hyena. I wish that you can re-direct your passion back into the two persons that mattered to all of us and not the hateful people, who will not change their hate or opinion, no matter what

I would rather like to get back the Rose, pre-hyena posts, when you lyrically wrote proses dedicated to the two that we all love and the beautiful you post.
Please let go of the hyena, ignore them and stop writing about them.

Please re-read what you used to write before and the present posts. Your focus in no longer on Robsten any more.
I miss the Rose I used to know and enjoy.

30yearoldtwifan said...



♥ ♥ ♥

Caroline said...

come on people...Kristen is happy, and why?Because she is a wonderful person, and she is in love...with Rob, yes...He is handsome, sweet and don't hate him...or her...Let's care more about the good things, the love gestures and stop the hating...
Love you Rose,

30yearoldtwifan said...

——————/´ ¯/)
——--('(———- ¯~/'--')

^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›

FOR YOU HYENAS! You know who you are! LMAO

jen said...

Love the post, Rose.

Never have gone to nonsten until all the crazy posts yesterday. They were losing their shizz over there post after post over Rose. LOL

I think they have just invested so much in the conspiracy for so long, they can't admit at this point they were wrong the whole time. It's easier to make Kristen the villain, make summit the villain, make Rob the victim, make the "sheep" the object of their frustration. At this point they are too invested IN their belief-they have a whole site focusing around the insistence two people AREN'T dating for crissakes. lol They can't go back at this point, all they can do is spin more fanciful theories that help them keep afloate as a community.

Lisa said...

Aw Rose, excellent as always.. "ROSEssed" LMAO I guess that's me! Yours is the only blog I read daily and I do follow you on twitter. Why? Because it's like you pick stuff right out of my head! The thing I try to tell people here, follow people who are of the same opinion as you!

I've said it over and over, I have NEVER felt this way about any person I didn't 'really' know! LOL I miss him and can't wait to see him Sunday! :)

BTW, anyone see the cute video of Kristen when she says she's team Edward and then blushes and says "I can't believe I just said that" adorable! :)

Have a good Tuesday all.

Lisa, proud to be ROSEssed! :)

@30yearoldtwifan LOL that's talented! :)

Anonymous said...

gotta admit, rose, you got some ballz on ya, and I mean that in a good way;D love how you fight the good fight!!!!:D
keep on rockin' sista!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love this post
they hate kristen because rob loves her = a disarming truth .
human nature can be so cowardly . hyenas are the perfect example.
I do not want to be misunderstood but I think those who write bad things about robert was instigated by all the hatred that is against kristen . The girls obsessed ( in the negative sense of the term)with robert have created all this.they destroy everything and in their minds Robert is a toyboy or mery poppins .
now they hate kristen tomorrow hate some other girl if robert and kristen break up.... luckily kris&rob stay together for a very long time!!
I'm a robsten fan but sometimes all this hate is so unjustifiable that distances me from them .
all fans All fans should reflect and stop the hate. wish that robert to be alone for the rest of his life is disgusting

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Lily.

I want to talk about this shitty promo Eclipse tour. It sucks. First of all, I don't even know if I'm gonna see the movie. Why? because Scumit is not promoting Team Edward at all. I don't care Rob is not doing promo, they could allow interviewers to ask about Rob, but no one is talking about edward role. The last thing I heard was "In the begining was edward and now things have switched to Jacob" during a promo in Australia. And that woman saying that she has feelings for Jacob in Eclipse. And maybe one word about edward in 12345676 interviews. People seem to love Jacob now. Ok. Take it.
I know I should be happy because that woman asked Taylor to marry in an interview, but meh. I'm sad. I'm negative today. Rob is not gonna win any MTV awards and the ****** puppy is gonna make it all :( I'm sick of this. And then is Korea, and Europe. Damn, when they say T&that woman would do the promo without Rob, I was happy as hell, but I thought they would talk about Edward! What are gonna they do with Breaking Dawn? The first part is all about mostly E&B, I'm afraid they will change it to put more Jacob.

I'm depressed.

PS. for the 10th time, most of the Anon. posting with my name. It's no me.
Ps. Sorry, I know I hate her and so on, but that "giving the finger" was...so wrong. Even for her. She did it three times. And in the boat the papz weren't far away from her. She was working. Yes, the first day, too. It's called PR. Anyway, I'm told that she has some personal problems to deal with and she was specially nervous. Well, ok, move on. Get back with MA, marry Taylor, or whatever you want, I don't care. Just stop f**** Rob's career.

PS. Vote for Rob on the MTV!!!!!! NOW, even the kiss (they won't kiss anyway :), and I want him to win all the categories!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, good golly I do love your blog, it is like a breath of fresh air in the mist of foam and rotten breath of hateful spew.
I knew it would be good when I saw my first true love Paul's pic first. I was going to move back to London to marry that man when I was old enough, fantasizing in my youth. I grew up and new it was just that. I guess some people never can tell the dif in real and unreal.
To those who need a reality check,Rob will never be yours,period. Get over it,Paul is not mine, I got past that.
Robert loves Kristen, that's reality. Thanks Rose for keeping it real :)

Anonymous said...

To 1:49 Agreed. I used to like Robsten but not anymore. And I refuse to pretend that it isn't because of Rob that Kristen gets hate. I'm sorry but why should Kristen fans support a relationship which means hatred for Kristen? I like Rob but I'd rather Kristen was with someone else. Let Rob get with some british girl to please his fanbase. I want Kristen to live a happy, normal life.

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose..

and i am STILL waiting '
Don't Hate Rob Because Kristen Loves Him!, I'm sure Kristen loves people like you bashing someone close to her.' post..

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...


Awwwww, that would be cute. What about Romola Garai? They would be lovely together, and he could come back home in Europe and make british movies, papz would leave him alone and he could have a career like michael sheen or hugh dancy (another cutie).


soadram said...

Each day that passes and a new journal, becomes larger in your writing, I became his fan:))
I got it at age 45 years, has never been a fan of something like actors and musicians out there, but today I can say I'm a fan of Rob and Kris and everything that relates to them in your vid aprofissional because the personal life them, only they are concerned, besides I have no doubt that any are together and it was love at first glance.
The eyes never lie, and those looks that says it does not say in words, but only a blind or who does not want to see is that he sees.
I admire the Rose, because I think you are one of those women who never leaves anything to say (I can look at himself.)
And I still do not understand, because who does not like what Rose writes here, continue to attack it, the blog is hers and she writes what he wants, why not agree who will live their lives, because Love is the alias beautiful, and when we love someone we know very well see in the eyes of Rob and Kris how much like each other and how much respect and a relationship is very important.
Rosa you are single:)
sofy of Portugal

Anonymous said...

Exactly even with twi on her life if rob is out dating someone else everything will get easier for her. It's obvious she's about to have a meltdown, so I'm sure her team and family are more than telling her to end this destructive relationship and focus on herself and be happy.

Anonymous said...

bwahahah, I notice all the girls who want rob with someone else always picks girls from the BBC masterpiece theater collections. That really is what it comes down to it-Kristen's not BBC enough for them. The punchline is neither is Robert.

Anonymous said...

to 12.58
Don't worry theres still hope. Kristen still misses MA. I knew she didn't love Rob, shes still in love with MA. She'll probably dump Rob soon. http://twitpic.com/1t2lty

Anonymous said...

and the award for the #1 Rosessed goes to....she's back. lol. pathetic.

in the spirit of diplomacy, rose should also call out the attention of the krisbians who don't think rob is a god. then everyone would be happy. lol. b-bbbut, two wrongs don't make things right, correct?

oh dear lord. there are thousands and thousands of blogs, lj's, forums out there. i'm pretty sure one will welcome you with open arms and throw a party for your mere presence. as to why they insist being here is beyond anybody's understanding. kind of a desperate cry for help. lol. god show them the light.amen.

Anonymous said...

Uh. Sane and normal fans support happiness.

No actor/actress lives their personal life to appease their fans.

Some people act like they own Rob. And some people act like they own Kristen. Well, NEWS FLASH, you most definitely do NOT.
You don't even know them!

Can you imagine complete strangers telling you who to date? And who is or isn't good enough for you?

My first reaction would be to tell these people to Fuck The Fuck Off.

Jude said...

When are some of you going to realize it's NOT ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT...it's about what two people YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WANT. OK??

You're on here ranting about what's best for Kristen/Rob like you're in the loop and have a clue. Again, for the slow: YOU DON'T KNOW THEM. You don't know fuck-all about what they need or what they want. You don't know how their relationship works or what fulfills either of them. You don't have Clue One. You can hope all you want that they're not together or that if they are, they'll break up because of your "expert counseling" (HA!). But yammering on about how she's with Angarano (as if) or how he belongs with some BBC chick, like you're experts on their personalities and their relationship(s), is about the stupidest thing I've ever seen on here, and I've seen a lot.

Good God, people. I swing back and forth between finding y'all funny as hell and *headdesking* at your cluelessness. I don't know how Rose can stand all your nonstense; I'd have quit long ago. Cheers to you, Rose, you're a freakin' saint.

Camila said...

Man, I tweeted that I was a ROSEssed before I read the blog... O.o
I thought "ROSEssed" was something that somebody used to expresss that loves the blog.
I AM CRAZY. I do know.

GREAT post as always!
I really loooove your blog, Rose.

Anonymous said...


fake robsten fans drooling over this article on their personal accounts.
They really love to mess with the robsten fans. Js..

I am not making up drama, i'm just telling the truth, whether you like it or not.


Anonymous said...

@1:13 Yeah, that meltdown thing it's what I was told about. She is obviously not well. Some people told me she has problems

@1:14 Excuse me, Romola Garai is a LADY, has a lot of class. Maybe you like "that woman from twilight" because she is a badass or whatever, good for you. Besides Rob liked Emma Watson, I think she fits more with him, and that proves she likes class-british-girls.

So...what about the Eclipse promo tour? where are rob's fans? come on ladies, we have to push!! and vote for the MTV awards. Ahg, seems like "she" is gonna win at least one award, and Taylor other one :(



Anonymous said...



OMG! well, whatever is gonna happen she better don't hurt Rob, ok? that *****. Is Rob who is gonna dump her anyway, not her.

Ok, I'm nervous now, geezzz.

Maybe that's what she said today she wants Dakota to win best kiss and why she put MA ring in her finger again!


Don't get angry ok? we are here for Rob. Remember that.

Anonymous said...

i just love this!!!


Anonymous said...

to anon

I think you went to the wrong blog. Myself and i think a lot of the other ladies here have spent to much years in college to even respond to this posts. I never wanted to beome a High school teacher, so I don't start today.
Drool and get exited over what you want.

BTW I am reading a dutch study which is called "puberty brain". Very interesting, shows that you cannot disuss certain issues during puberty because the brain development is not adjusted to feelings, you cannot often not lead logical discussions and there is a lack of control. If anyone is interested, there is a book, but I have to check if there is also an english version.


Anonymous said...

and i love this too!!!


Anonymous said...

Aw, those girls are robsten's fans. Now I am confused :S


Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the dutch book, excellent for everyone who has a teenager at home. Understand that you often just cannot lead a logical discussion: http://www.boek.net/boek.aspx?id=9789035132696&refid=GO67DBAGFFA77EGD76F65612GT

I will find out if there is something in english, essay or so, if anyone is interested.

love Anna

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! People are clinging to this article now, right? What rag magazine is this? Heat magazine? It's another version of OK! magazine, just saying!Are people really so dumb to believe in gossip magazines?!There are people out there who still believe in what is printed in rag magazines?OMG!

Look, I didn't believe in Robsten because magazines were saying so.. I always believed it was rubbish(as Rob says). Even when first reports of a possible Robsten hook up began to surface last year during New Moon filming, I thought:"here we go again with all this crazy rumors". I didn't believe them.I started to think there was a Robsten last summer, after the MTVMAs, beacause they were "caught" so to speak,and I couldn't believe people were making excuses saying that it was just Rob at the hotel, that Kristen had dropped in to say hi(she couldn't have said hi the night before?),that kris and Rob stayed in different hotel rooms and so on..I was as bewildered at the time as I am today by people's stupidity.I mean, these are people who, if they see their husband or boyfriend spending so much time with another woman, will actually believe that it's just for fun and that it's just something that friends do. Wake up people, for you own good!

No one can deny the fact that Rob and Kristen are together, sorry. And we all know it.Kristen basically confirmed she's with Rob in the Elle UK interview and that makes some people even more desperate if even possible..They've been showing they're together for a year now. Rob in the seventeen interview said that "actions show more than what you have to say".

And just let's stop with Mike. He has move on and has another girlfriend.

And anon 2:11--> last time I checked she had a necklace given by a certain someone. No MA rings,sorry.


Hold on a second.

To Anonymous 11:49am and any others making this claim. Let's get one thing clear. It is not because of Rob that Kristen gets hate and it's not because of Kristen that Rob gets hate. They get hate because their fans create that hate themselves. It's not Rob and Kristen bringing the hate, it's you guys. They would be absolutely fine if their so called "fans" didn't get so heavily involved and invested to the point that they are making up stories just to fuel the negativity.

There is only hate because of the haters. Not because of Rob and Kristen. Don't mistake yourselves, this is your doing and no one elses.

Just let them be...in peace.

Bex said...

Love the blog Rose...

I read it every day and have yet to comment however today I finally feel the need to.

All these people calling Kristen a "fame whore" are rediculous. She never asked to be a "celebrity" she only wants to be an ACTOR. If she wanted to be a celebrity and get hounded by the paps like Lindsey Lohan and Heidi Montag she'd call the paps whenever she went out for photo ops like they sometimes do.

She would take roles in more well known franchises to get her name out there. Kristen doesn't do that. She only took roles in indie movies and she still continues to only take roles in indie movies. The only reason she ended up in Twilight was because her and the rest of the cast thought it was going to be an indie movie. They were extremely surprised by the following they didn't know the books had.

Yeah she could get out of the business if she really wanted to but acting is her passion. Why should she be forced to give that up? She never asked for any of this attention.

Good for her for flipping off the paps and good for Rob for doing the same to that girl sneaking a pic of him instead of just coming out and asking him if it was ok to take one.

Press tours are for everyone but personal time is just for them. We have no right to intrude on it and assume its our right simply because they are famous and they should just deal with it.

Congrats to both of them for sticking up for themselves in the only way they can since interviews get torn apart anyways.

<3 them both toegether and apart.

Melinda said...

Rose- once again spot on! You took the words right out of my mouth as usual.

I agree that BOTH Rob and Kristen have some crazy and repulsive "fans". And I don't hate any of you. I am too blessed to hate on people. But my take is that they aren't true fans b/c they act the way they do. And 100% that Kristen and Rob don't want "fans" like that.


Why don't you take all that pent up anger you have for two people you don't know and put that anger to good use. Some suggestions: focus on getting child molesters and serial rapists off the streets, look into how you can help stop human trafficking, how to stop religious persecution, or persecution of someones' sexual orientation. See those people need your contempt NOT two actors who don't even have you on their radar.

If you are an adult hater you should know how to find out about these things. If you are a teenager ask your mom or dad or some other adult how you can do something proactive.

ENOUGH with the hate!!!!! It is simply not healthy!! Statistic don't lie...hate will shorten your life span.

Let your life be filled with good and positive things. It's the only way to live.

Anonymous said...

To the "regs" and I guess anyone who wants to read it.

Robstenlove.com has a great blog today called "Bird flipping" on their website. Pretty good stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

Rob grew up because of Kristen. The haters need to look back at the early Twilight interviews and pics. He was completely lost and following Kristen. Over time they've been good for each other, maturing and now deeply in love.

LOVE THEM! They're just adorable, both of them.

Deb said...

HEY ROSE Love the post today I to am a fan of Paul But now I am INTOXICATINO with ROB.LIKE the song said ALL WE NEED IS LOVE you know that thats what going to be happening to ROB and KRISTEN when they see each other (SOON) he well hold her in his ams tell her its all right and make her feel SAFE WHY BECAUSE that is what you do for your soul mate that one person you have chosen to love CANT wait for MTV.well get to see the love YEP all we need is LOVE love is all we need Thanks again ROSE im glad your back have a good day DEB.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that Robert and Kristen adore each other and the fans hate each other?
Something is very wrong with this situation. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson both could worship mother Theresa 24/7 and still get hated on. This is what’s wrong with the human race, all this hate! I wish these movies were never made.

Patricia said...

Rose: Patty again. I've been reading and watching all the interviews from Aust. promo. I really miss Rob. I think Taylor is a nice kid, but Jesus he's like a fucking robot. He's well spoken and seems to be a really good kid, and I think his family did a good job raising him. But he has all the personality of a dial tone. Summit must love him. He's now being shoved down our throat BIG TIME !! I thought Bella and Edward WERE THE LOVE STORY ?????

mamabear said...

Hi Rose:

Hope you had a great long weekend. Do you know when Kristen will be back in L.A.? I hope soon.....
All this bull about the finger flipping, this is a 19 year old girl, traveling on promotion for a movie, tired, surrounded by paps, yelling, pushing taking pictures of your every move, being young and old you reach a point where you just lose it and just react. I do not judge this young lady, but I bet the finger flipping was the final straw, and yes how many other actors also lose it and flip off the paps. Kristen's true fans, have seen what she has to put up with from the paps and yes fans, remember VC, where she was called a bitch. There are some mean and sick people out there. I hope she is back in L.A very soon and yes in the arms of Robert, where she is safe and happy. And Robert doesn't have to worry about her, and you know he is.....we have seen videos where he is always making sure she is OK, when she is with him.
Thanks again Rose, for a beautiful site, as stated in my previous posts, I come here everyday to get my smiles..........

May said...

Dear Rose,I think I love you. <3

Dont worry,haters&nonstens will eat themselves inside out.Its the nature of the beast,bb. ;p

Olivia said...

Thank you Rose.
Paul was my favorite too. And you are so right about Linda and the haters. She was the love of his life, so intelligent and beautiful. She and Paul were such soul mates. May she rest in peace.

Hold on Please and Melinda - I agree with you.

I hope the MTV evening will be a happy and enjoyable one for Rob and Kristen. It will be nice to see them together, out and about. They were so adorable last year on stage together. I love Rob's expression when Kristen dropped her award.

Respect and a good eve to all.

Lisa said...

Patty, Taylor is a great kid.. He's very good at the pr stuff too.. He'll gladly take the pressure off Kris. And Rob too when he's around. I know it seems like he's being shoved down our throats but I don't really think he is.. It's only because Rob can't be there because of WFE. But for us Rob nuts, it's hard to take! LOL We'll see him soon.. Sunday if nothing else! :)

Mamabear, you can understand it even more if you saw the pics just posted of her LEAVING OZ. They are nuts and she looks scared. :( Btw, she's 20 now. As of April 9th.. :)


Melinda said...

So haters is THIS okay??? Now do you understand why Kristen hates the paps so much???? This is WRONG!


This makes me want to go to bat for her! She is so tiny. And I am only 4'11 myself smaller than her.

Anonymous said...

Lisa- great minds think alike! I just posted these pics as well.


Anonymous said...

Rob/Kris supporters,have you seen the pictures of Kris in popsugar,being harassed by papz in the airport?she was escorted by the police,it's a nightmare,now I can't blamed her for flipping her fingers.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

@ Melinda and anon 8:11

I much prefer Kristen flippin the bird to scared Kristen!!

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

Holy Hell!

Have you all seen this?

Talk about Taysten hotness!

Kristen really seems to like Taylor's chest!


Patricia said...


I understand where your coming
from about Taylor Lisa. I guess I'm just missing our favorite couple at the Promos. That was always my favorite part before the movie came out.

Those pictures at the airport were awful. Very scary. She's so tiny.
I always love the way Rob is always checking on her ( at the airports, when they are together ) and making sure they follow him while she sneaks out another exit. He's such a gentleman and GREAT boyfriend. I love him.


Anonymous said...

to 8.39
Oh I am sick of this. Could you imagine what would had happened if Rob had been that close to one his costars in a pic? He would have torn to shreds by shippers. This upsets me. I know Kristen and Taylor are just friends but she seems to be purposely getting closer to him. Is she trying to make fans think shes with Taylor?

Anonymous said...

@ 8:23
Full interview here:

This is the "denial" 8:23 is referring to:
Interviewer: "I guess it’s a publicist’s dream when the on screen stuff supposedly spills off screen. How do you deal with all that?"
Kristen: "Every actor whose like ever been in a movie that’s even remotely romantic, instantly, “they’re together” “she’s pregnant” “they’re breaking up” on and on. Its funny to be one of those people because I grew up reading stuff like that and kinda believing it um and now I know not to believe tabloids but *shrug*"

Is that a denial? I don't know. I don't think so. It sounds like we shouldn't believe everything we read in tabloids. Which goes without saying in my book. I say that all evidence prior to this comment points to them being together....Tabloids have said everything from Kristen tortures him to they've broken up to they've married. Clearly we can't believe them. LOL

On another note... KStew411... not going to be twittering any longer... what is with that? Anyone use her for information.. I do... and I wondered what prompted that... because she was so accurate it makes me wonder.. you know?

*Suzy Q*

mamabear said...

Hi Lisa:

Sorry meant 20, I remember her birthday pictures.....:)
I just saw the Popsugar video, Oh my god, this poor girl......you just want to protect her.....Robert will be pissed!
She should have flipped them off again!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Kristen would be better off with Taylor than Rob. No I'm not a taysten shipper but I have noticed that since shes started promo with Taylor all her interviews have been great. I'd say its because Taylor has a more calming on her and Rob makes her feel insecure. It was very noticeable in Oprah.

Anonymous said...

Kristen was basically saying that tabs link co-stars or take a celeb relationship and write a bunch of BS about them... And until she became a victim of tabloid BS, she used to believe the stories they would write about people. Now she knows better since she knows firsthand that they do nothing but write a lot of BS about her and Rob. They have had them together, engaged, married, pregnant, fighting, in love, breaking up, back together, back to engaged, etc.-- details and stories they make up. The status of their relationship changes from week to week. LOL. It's laughable.
For me, it wasn't too difficult to gauge what Kristen is saying. How people came to a denial, I have no clue but I should never be surprised.
As far as her relationship with Rob goes, she has been pretty clear about not talking about it. It's something very important to her and she's guarding that. Don't blame her. Especially when I see her torn apart for every word she says.
Main point--that tabloids are crap and people shouldn't believe them.
And funny thing, before I became a fan of Rob and Kristen--I too, admit to giving validity to the gossip rags. And now? Hell no. I don't even buy them nor even pick them up to read or click on any links to them. I try to keep my brain free from reading utter crap. If I want a story, I will pick up a book.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can see Romola Garai or Emma Watson or Keira Knightley(insert highbrow British actress of choice) wanting to spend nights in old dingy pubs downing pints with the Brit Pack,putting up with Rob's unwashed-for-weeks at a time clothes,and sitting in hotel rooms playing guitar and smoking all night.

Melinda said...

Oh here we go with the Taylor/Kristen nonsense again. They just hop from blog to blog trying to start crap.

Get with it "Taystens"- she is not with him and I am pretty darn sure she won't ever be since he loves all the attention he has been getting. He has said it repeatedly in interviews. He is having fun and enjoying the ride. If he likes it good for him. I could care less. Let him invite the paps where ever he goes.

Kristen is calm around Taylor b/c he is like another brother to her. She has said that in the past. No romantic feelings what so ever!

But your shipping her with Taylor actually amuses me. Anyone but Rob right?

@8:54- I think you are confused. I don't think any of Rob's real fans on THIS blog care that he stands close to his co-stars. It's part of the red carpet.

Here's the kicker for all you naysayers-

No matter who Rob or Kristen stand bedside on the red carpet NEITHER ONE OF THEM look at that person or align themselves (body wise)with that person like THEY DO WITH EACH OTHER. Proven fact- just look at pics/videos.

Why is that? Because Rob and Kristen have a deep connection with each other that they don't have with others because they are a couple. Can't fake it.

Suzy Q- thanks for taking on 8:23. I was going to but saw you beat me to it.

anne said...

to 1:13 anon...K's relationship with Rob is NOT destructive..it's the comments from 'fans' like you and the horrible nonsten and krisbian hyenas and the paps/tabloid media that are destructive. If anything, K's relationship with Rob is the only thing keeping her sane and comforted. Ever been in love? Nothing else compares to feeling safe and loved by a good man and I am sure she has spent many a night being comforted in his arms. She would NOT be putting up with all this crap if she didn't really, really love this man.

Jenn said...

WOW anon 9:40 you must really be in the know there. You must know what Kristen is like in private as well as public!! So just because she is light or less "insecure" with the puppy in PUBLIC interviews that means she should actually be with the puppy in her PERSONAL life?! You are so true and so wise, now excuse me b/c my eyes just rolled right on out the door. And I love how you just are privy to the fact that Rob makes her feel "insecure", just like you seem to be privy to the fact that in private Taylor would have a "calming" influence on her.
I love that normal fans can admit that we all can have fun speculating and draw the line, but the hyenas seem to know what is best for people they have never even effin met, and will probably never meet!! Their word is law and that is that. Seriously why bother coming here.

Anonymous said...

@9:40- you probably have left this blog and gone to another to spread your good cheer but in case you haven't just wanted to say something to you...

see the majority of us in here are adults...here is something you can learn in your younger years...

when you say "I'm not a taysten shipper BUT (see that BUT?)..." it really means you are a Taysten shipper.

You are probably anon 8:39 and 8:54 since they are all about Taylor and Kristen and they were all posted within minutes of each other.

I'm pretty sure Rose could look at your IP address and confirm it if she wanted.

You get a "T" for trying though.

Anonymous said...

Melinda, I find it all so amusing. Kristen and Taylor are good friends. I think both Rob and Kristen think fondly of Taylor. They know he hasn't and most likely won't ever be blabbing about their relationship.
He seems to be a nice kid. If I was Kristen, I would be a little bit more relaxed at doing press with a "little brother" type who's a friend then when I do press with my boyfriend. Obviously a boyfriend knows a side of you that a friend doesn't, it's intimacy. So, I would be a bit nervous and more guarded and it wouldn't be because of my boyfriend, it would be because of the media who wants to pry and ask questions and wants a part of that intimacy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose hope you had a nice break.....missed you!!!!

Im not sure but i have a feeling you are talking about me about the other sites....am i reading this the wrong way ? or not?...I mention a couple of sites last week just to give reference. Im not sure that I offended you or someone else???? I have no intentions of doing so if I did...

Poor Kristen {thanks Lisa} I saw those photots of K leaving our beautiful country to be hounded by those BASTARDS again....Im so embarrased they made Aussies look really desperate....Hell i didnt even go to the Q & A cause i cant stand crowds....i just admired K from afar ...from, my TV and computer screen actually....

Ive got to say Kristen did look less uncomfortable whilst being interviewed. I also felt she wasnt stumbbling over her words as much as usual....I dont know why really....is it cause ..like someone said earlier shes always watching what she say b/c of Rob [ giving to much away] im not sure....
In one interview that she mentioned Rob She was playing with her necklace ..touching the pendant swaying it side to side...almost showing us what she had around her neck..I hadnt seen her play with that like that before.....
Thank God you are back...maybe now we can have a little more control on who comes on here.... there where alot of upsetting comments whilst you where gone....What getts into ppl minds ....to go as to far to upset others including myself with NASTY INUENDO
is it necessary...i think NOT

Anonymous said...

Love you, Rose. I do want to say, however, that I don't think you should get your hopes up too high for the MTVMAs. Judging by past awards shows, Rob and Kristen will most likely hardly even interact with each other. We'll be lucky if they even sit together. And if they win best kiss, I think we might be disappointed with what they do. It's obvious that they are together, but if they won't talk about it, they're definitely not going to pull a Speidi and kiss publicly. Having said all that, I do think we have some great times ahead. Can't wait until Kristen is back in LA with her man, rather than being mauled by paps in foreign countries. xo

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Yep it amuses me even more than the MA shipping.

I actually like Taylor. He really seems like great guy. Kinda the boy next door thing going on. He is just to young for me to find him attractive (like I am with Rob).
Props go out to him for respecting Rob and Kris' wish for privacy. I believe that R/K are fond of him in the little brother way.


Lisa said...

Oh my! Popsugars pics were nothing.. Read this (make sure you read AFTER the pics) UNBELIEVABLE!!!! http://socialitelife.celebuzz.com/archive/2010/06/01/kristen_stewart_taylor_lautner_airport_paparazzi_chaos_photos.php?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

@8:23.. That wasn't a denial, listen again! I would guess that right from the start they said they were together and they weren't!

@Patty, I know, it isn't the same. But we'll get to see some of it. I'm guessing not much though even when they ARE together during promos. Things have got so out of hand that I'm afraid they'll be VERY careful. I sure hope not though. (I'm not expecting a kiss either for the awards even if they win. Although I am still holding out hope! LOL) Oh well, it will be good to see them together any way we can get them I guess.

@9:40 that's because there is NO pressure with Taylor. No worries about showing too much.. Kris would never date Taylor. Do you not know her at all? He's a great guy but he's too straight of an arrow for her. (which she kinda mentioned in one of the oz interviews) Kristen is a rebel, always has been. She swears like a truck driver, smokes, and more then just ciggs and drinks. Taylor has never done ANY of that. He's only swore during NM! LOL She loves him like a little brother and has said so..

@Suzy Q.. I followed 411. She said her real life just got too busy to keep up. Then said something about her job and she just couldn't do it anymore.

@Louisa, I was wondering where you were.. As I mentioned earlier, I think you're right. She's relaxed because she's not worrying about saying anything about her private life. There was a new print interview that came out today (or first time I read it) with Rob and it was as guarded as I've ever heard him about Kris. He would say something about them making the movies and then he would always add "Professionally" I think it's sad. Also, many of those morning shows there that I watched online said they were told OVER AND OVER NO PERSONAL QUESTIONS. The one also said she's interviewed many celebs over the years but never seen the craziness she saw with them. :(

Anonymous said...


Lisa said...

Louisa, NO I don't think badly of you (your country) at all! The popz were pigs! But then you'll have that anywhere. They did 'seem' more aggressive but I thought the regular media was all great. There was one guy who really didn't seem to have a clue who they even were but I thought it funny.. Everyone else seemed great.. Woman and men seemed to love them. And Kris & Tay said the fans were great. Really more talking to them instead of screaming at them..

Anonymous said...

Rose you are so right!! The shippers hate anybody who doesn't agree with them.

Anonymous said...

great post Rose, I don't comment a while around here, but I had to go and write a few words, beforehand sorry my bad English, not my mother tongue but I will do my best.
I pity you if you have to read ALL the comments, I had never read so many comments like today, I think I read half of them Lol, at first they were all pretty, pure RK Love and then start talking pure bullshit, some wishing that Rob never have met Kristen, those comments are RIDICULOUS, nobody forces anyone and Kristen & Rob are together because THEY love each other, and because they want to, unfortunately has a consequence that no one wanted to, harassment of some crazy fans (and papz) and totally unjustified hatred, I think most of that hatred, whether to Rob or to Kristen, is part of the immaturity of that person. I think that's the keyword of all this hatred we see.
have a good night, I will read you tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

To Anon@1:26 & Jude@1:30, well said. No one has the right to direct Kristen whom should she love. It's Kristen's life. It's Kristen's choice. Ture fans just need to support & respect. As Kristen's fan, I'm sometimes tempted to think if she would be happier to be with someone else so that she won't involve in all this insanity? But I also realize it's so wrong of me to judge as an outsider and I'll never know what's the best for her. So to some of the above anon who canstantly saying Kristen should leave Rob, if you are fans of Kristen, please just TRUST her judgement and decision.

Oh, well~ Bex@4:41, agree!~ I respect and adore Kristen as an sincere indie actress from the bottom of my heart.

OMG, the pictures of Kristen at the airport are just disgusting!! Kristen's right. It's just like watching someone being raped.:(

Deb said...

TO anon 9:55 I love the way you think right on I was thinking the same way And to Melinda you always hit the nail on the head THANK YOU I think that Kristen feels a little safe with Taylor IM sure that ROB would like him to try and keep her safe when hes not there to keep her safe They have done 3 movies all together so you would think that Rob would know Taylor well try I not think that Kristen week but she is very small and with all the NUTS out there who knows And im sure that Rob cant wait for her to come home.And like you said Kristen see Taylor as a little brother. And thats all she loves Rob and he loves her. cant wait tell the MTV MA'S DEB.

Deb said...

Sorry but I forgot to say on one of the inter views they said they ask TO NOT ASK any personal questions BUT did you see them ask Taylor about IF he would date a OZZ.didnt ask KRISTEN any thing like that HUmmmmm JUST WANTED TO PUT THAT OUT THERE THEY even think shes with Rob. DEB

Opytaylor said...

Anybody still awake. I don't read all the post: I am sure there a few anons trying to make hay about fake news stories.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 8:23 Ummm.. she said tabloids have them together, pregnant and broken up. That isn't a denial. She was saying tabloids are crap (which they are).

Anonymous said...

good morning/evening Opytalor how are you this fine earlymorning/evening???im still awake its only 3.41pm in Sydney town>>>

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@louisafrmdwnundr I'm anon 12:35 Yeah, they are obviously together. I was just saying she was trying to deflect from what the interviewer said by talking about the kinds of things tabloids come up with.

Anonymous said...

Yeh anom @ 1.02 i inderstood i just wanted to clarify the correct thing you and most of us SANE PPL take for granted.....maybe i should not use the word SARCASM...b/c that might put me in the same catagory as that MORON that was being sarcastic last week....

Opytaylor said...

Kristen had that shoestring bracelet on that she & Rob are always wearing now. And according to many her necklace started appearing after bday in Budapest. I have not heard an outright denial in awhile, but continued enforcement of the "no comment" policy. But what is funny are the little freudian slips by both of them.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ 30 year old twilight fan

how do you get the hearts to show up like that in the comments?

*suzy q*

Anonymous said...

hi everybody i read here almost every day and now i want to say something to you.

i don´t understand why some people come here and right about their hate for kristen because it is clear that this blog is not about hate for anybody.

and i don´t understand why some of you think that they know who loves the other one more because nobody konws how rob and kristen truly feel.

and why do you think rob or kristen are together if they doesn´t love each other because if rob wants to be with someone else he would be with somebody else but he chose to be with kristen and if you are a fan of rob or kristen the most important thjing is that they are happy and for me seem very happy when they are together.

sorry for my long comment but i have to say this finally.

Steel Hyaena said...

Incidentally... you may want to look at choosing another animal for your analogy. :-) The Spotted Hyaena, Crocuta crocuta, is actually an apex-level predator and is way, way more a hunter than a scavenger. They are incredibly intelligent and their family bonds are far more advanced than most animals. Look 'em up and really read up on them. If I were you... if I was looking for a term for haters, I would use 'city pigeons'.. you know, crappin' on everydamnthing they get near!