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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Sticks and Stones

Pretty quiet.
The lull before the Eclipse storm.
Outside of WFE set pictures...
Robert and Kristen have been
But most definitely not

So... because of the shortage of all things
Robert and Kristen.
I thought I would share with you some of my more
wonderful and sweet comments and emails.
(Oh, and I'm not making these up.
I almost wish I were...
But this is the kinda stuff I get sent on a daily basis.
Sad, but true.)

Let's see...where to start...

How about this comment from yesterday.

fable has left a new comment on your post "Rob and Kristen- Denial is Futile":

You know whats sad Rose, you stare at your computer all day looking for things the hyenas say!! Who friggin cares! I think youre into beastiality, because you are so obsessed with what they have to say... you seek them out. I would love to see how long you go without mentioning the hyenas.... whatever would you do? tsk, tsk...

Posted by fable to Robert Pattinson Intoxication at Wednesday, June 09, 2010 11:39:00 PM 

I truly love this shit.
I post on my blog... ONCE a day.
And why wouldn't I want to mention Hyenas?
(and I love how you use my word to describe yourself)
I  find what they say incredibly entertaining.
Delusional and insane...
But entertaining all the same.
And no, I don't have to 'seek them out'
As anyone can see...
I don't have to.
YOU come here.
Again and again. Oh.. and again.
Plus... why do you care if I want to talk about Hyenas?
Or lions, tiger and bears?
Oh My! 

JJJ has left a new comment on your post "Rob and Kristen- PR or Delusive NONsense?":

Even the people from MTV know that she's gay and the whole sappy Robsten thing is just for protecting her from the fans.I mean can you imagine a gay Bella? The fans would be furious! I'm sure that when the series is over she'll come out of the closet,straight and clear.Now she's trapped in the twilight craziness.That's why MA broke up with her.Because he knew the truth about her being gay.She even hooked up with Nikki.

Posted by JJJ to Robert Pattinson Intoxication at Wednesday, June 09, 2010 9:12:00 AM

What can I possibly add to this?
"That's why MA broke up with her"
So he dated her for a few years...
And then decided to break up with her because he
'knew' the truth about her.
It's always amusing to me that the men in
Kristen's life know she is 'gay'
But still are willing to sacrifice years of their lives
pretending to be with her.

This IS entertaining!
I have a friend who is a member of 
(You know what I mean.)
This friend is an active member.
Well liked...
When some of the members start to foam...
She never hesitates to send me the more
bitter and angry posts.
But I do have one thing to add.
Not everyone at NONsense is a hyena.
It's not just NONsense that rip and shred
at Kristen, Robert and whoever else they don't like.
There are blogs, sites and message boards
all over the place who spew the hate.
And like I have said before...
some of my best friends are NONbelievers.
(like the one who sends me stuff)
So I just wanted to clarify that.
(although I'm not sure why)

Here are some of the recent highlights I've been sent.
It's rather eye opening how they take it personally
what I have to say here.

1. "In closing, honey, you need to look in the mirror when you say some of this shit, because you're just one big old fuckin' hypocrite. You're nothing but an ass-talker."

My opinions. My blog. I don't ask you to come here and read it. You do that on your own. Why is that?

2. "and one of the biggest proponents of all (after Delamey) is our dear friend at R'sten Intoxication. She did a post that focused on HOW MUCH BETTER LOOKING ROB WAS OVER MICHAEL, AND OF COURSE KRISTEN WOULD LEAVE MICHAEL FOR ROB.
It warranted the caps, because it is INSANE."

OK. Isn't Rob much better looking than Oregano? Did I lie? And Kristen DID leave him for Robert. Although I'm sure it didn't have anything to do with looks...Robert has much more going for him than just his looks. Oregano just didn't stand a chance once Robert came into her life. Simple.

3. "if I were so delusion and crazy as you are, I would be a *sheep* and I would be living the exact way you live. Spending your days in front of the PC, writing. What time do you have to LIVE a REAL life, can you tell me?
And last, but no least:
Go fuck yourself. (but I think she will enjoy this last part, she really needs to get laid...)

This chick REALLY loves me. A lot. I'm pretty sure she follows me on Twitter, too.
*wink wink* Here we go again with the 'spending your days in front of the PC' bullshit. I write one post a day. It takes maybe... a 1/2 hour or so... That leaves me 23 1/2 hours to live a REAL LIFE. How much time do you spend thinking about whether or not I need to get laid?

4. "I came across Rose's blog before I found Nonsten over at LTT. She is totally obsessed with Rob(R'sten), not like a little crush, but full blown obsessed. I feel bad for her husband, what must he think. All of her blog posts are just disturbing. She probably has Rob on the brain when she's having sex with her husband."

Another one... thinking about my sex life? Wow.  So either I need to get laid... or when I am... I'm thinking about Rob. Who is obsessed with who? ;)

Couple more thoughts.

1. I get a lot more positive feedback than negative.
I get a lot of kind and supportive emails...
Comments, DMs and Tweets.
And I appreciate EVERY one.

2. No, I don't 'lurk' at NONsense.
(Obviously, I don't need to)
I did look around there months ago...
And I even found some of the people
sarcastically funny.
I actually liked reading different points of view...
But once some of them started to take
things to a personal level...
I stopped.
That's the difference between you and me.
You make it personal.
You dedicate threads to hating someone you don't know.
I talk about Hyenas.
I find Hyena chatter fascinating.
I don't hate Hyenas...
I don't wish any ill will towards Hyenas.
I don't attack Hyenas on their sites...
Or follow them around.
I've never called anyone directly a Hyena.
It's a general... rather vague reference.
I really can't help it that you think
I am talking about you
(I probably am)
Or that you feel the need to read what I have to say
(You definitely do)

That being said...

You will post what you want to.
I will post what I want to. 
As long as I find it entertaining to do so...
 I will continue to poke and
At the Hyenas.

 1. The foam still hasn't died down since the MTV awards.
Serious ANGER, Folks.
Hyenas don't like seeing Robert and Kristen together.
Happy and Giddy
Touching and Kissing

2. Ever wonder where Rob spends his nights?
He's tired after working on WFE...
He goes 'home'.
Where is home?
And who is waiting for him when he gets there?

Bye for now.


Twilightchick said...

Very good blog. I love your sharing what others send to you. It doesn't bother me that you mention the hyenas. It is really true if they don't like what you print why do they bother to keep coming back. They must secretly like what you print, but are ashamed to admit it. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog. Do I think your insane? No. I am also married. And no I also don't imagine Rob while having sex with my husband. My husband laughs at my crazy obsession! In my 6 yr old capacity, I do sit back and scream "No, she's wrong. Rob is not dating Kristen." But I am an adult. I know they are dating. Please stop listening to the stupid people that seem to be everywhere. And please keep entertaining us with your blog. I may not always agree with you, but I do look forward to it! Thanks! Mommy4468

Anonymous said...

Especially great post, Rose. Isn't it just amazing that there are people in the world who choose to immerse themselves in anger and negativity in the name of dissuading others from a happy and harmless obsession? I'd want more of a life than that.

Thanks for continuing your terrific blog even though I'm sure there are days when you'd like to put the keyboard away for good.



Anonymous said...

what can i say Rose you did it again and i love the usage of photos in you montage of thoughts. A few quick words, nonestens, harpy hyenas get a kick out of being mentioned, i know i chuckle too and can't help but mentioning them even thought all we are doing is creating this hysterical universe for them to breed and make more hyenas from but still...it is their world and they like it. They will never support Rob and Kristen because what that does is make them have to accept that their lives are so empty and shallow, kind of like the stepmother to Snow White and her room with the mirror;

Mirror, mirror on the wall whose the harpiest hyena of all...


Know what i am saying?
YOU are to them the white witch to their red queen you offer them the need to vent because the more you throw the truth over them like Snapes Veriterserum from HP the more they squeak out the truth by accident so they have to flog themselves several times a day just to get rid of the lame suggestion that Robert Pattinson is in love, and has been in love for a very long time say circa 2008?

The more it is being displayed and didn't you just love good ole Robbie and his compliment to the one he loves - his lynchpin and CH for giving him 'Everything' yeah the chance to work with Kristen, the tools to fall in love with her, the faith to put his trust in her and then the admittance of a romance that came from her lips and Rob and Kristen could sigh with relief as another stone fell from their shoulders, another cloth was removed for the big reveal.

Love your posts and your daily dish on the dirt, don't go changing.



Opsable said...

I'm so sorry you have to suffer all this crap on a daily basis...your blog is amazing.

cassiii said...

Holy crap, do people really think kristen's gay? Are they for realz!? And even if she is (which she isn't) what difference would it make? She would still be the most badass queen ever♥

Sue said...

I follow you on Twitter, Rose and I've noticed that you, more than the others I follow, sign off quite a bit to go here or there or do a chore or whatever. So whoever thinks you are glued to a PC clearly isn't aware of who you are or aren't. The hyenas judgment of you sort of mirrors their judgment of R/K, doesn't it? Whoa... save me from a life of bitterness and no joy (hyenas). Rose, I think you are terrific and I always end up with a smile on my face after reading your daily blog. You are a gift that just keeps on giving! :)

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your blog... and can't understand why anyone could be so venomous about your comments. When did we forget that this is all for fun? It's entertainment people, not a cure for cancer!

Anonymous said...

the only ones who need to fuck are nonsten
we all knows
I laugh so hard about these "women"!poor robert,he is disgusted by his fans.

RPaddict said...

Amen Rose,I have RL hyenas that go out of their way to seek me out because they know I'm an R/K (Twilight)fan. Always anxious to tell me the latest negative gossip about them.
What I don't get is why do they care if I like R/K and enjoy their work and yes watching them 2gether in their bubble.

They must be bored and out of beer.

Anyhow love to read your thouhgts on the matter.Evevn if it is only ONCE a day.


Kira said...

Lmao @ all the stupid absent minded people in this crazy world. I personally am more a Rob fan but love the blogs and find the pictures AWESOME!! So all I can say is continue to push through the BS. It takes a strong person not to just write back to these people FUCK YOU!!! lol Muah!

jen said...

Nice post, Rose. Don't worry about your detractors, they are all illogical and completely oblivious to the fact that while WE may all "waste" time following Robert or Robert and Kristen, at least we follow something we actually LIKE.

I don't understand following something I hated. I can't imagine spending day after day following people I actually couldn't stand, like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Can you imagine spending all day follwoing those two, then posting on a site dedicated to hating them as a possible couple daily too?

God, I couldn't. What's the point? But hyenas can. Cause that's exactly what they do-they spend all day fixating on kristen(Robert's a side player at this point in their focus, because they actually like him, and what's the point of focusing on the person you like when you can hate someone instead???).

Honey said...

Love you Rose!!! AS ALWAYS!
You know what? No time for losers/hyenas today, I'm in a hurry! I just wanted to tell you that your words are blessed and amazingly true..and today you have done better than ever saying the "Home thing": Rob is tired...right. And he goes home...so right again...where is home? Well, everyone knows that his home is everywhere Kristen's is..Love Robsten...Bless you guys...

Anonymous said...

I don't comment so much, but I've been reading your blog for a while now... and I support you! You make me smile... :)
I don't get why they need to come on your blog to insult you... people are strange!
Oh... I love Rob and Kristen too, I have a husband too (and I don't think about Rob when I have sex with hubby!) :)))
See ya!

Carly said...

oh boy. you are a much stronger person then I am :) I dont think I would be able to take half of this shit for one day. and you are doing it for how long now? and Im really glad for it. for you. that you write what you do. that you bring sanity into craziness. that you bring humor into seriousness. that you bring love into hatred

when I heard about that site I was curious. I Googled it and visited. I read 2 posts and I ran and never looked back. ignorance is a bliss. I dont need to argue with people. I dont need to validate my opinion to people that dont share it. I much rather talk to people who share my view - especially on something I feel strongly about. I mean, not that we agree on everything. that would be kinda boring. but why argue when you can squee?

I dont think all people that dont like or believe in KPattz are *insert word of choice* I just prefer not to talk to them at all or at least about that one topic. I know myself. I like to discuss. I think hearing different opinions makes you question your own and you can learn a lot. you can stranghten them. or change them. but I can take things too personally. and I cant stand being treated like a 5 year old just because I happen to not agree with someone. so I stay away from places where something like that is a possibility

but enough about unimportant stuff. what I find really uncomprehensible is that some of these people obvioulsy feel threaten by you. and I cant understand that at all. you dont pretend to have insider info, you are not trying to convince anyone. you just fangirl over Rob and/or Kris. and you do it with class that is rarely seen in any fandom. but maybe thats the problem. you cant be really written off as a crazy shipper when you are anything but :)

MissSoCal said...

All i have to say is that i fucking love u! I almost always agree with every word u say, and even if i didnt, u have valid points & u know how to make those points without acting childish like most people do. They cant handle mature conversations, so they hit below the belt. But not u, and thats why i come back to this blog over & over. Ignore the idiots (unless its just too entertaining). You're awesome.

ciro said...

very good rose...

keep posting rose, just ignore the nonsens, hyena, haters...

this is your blog you had right to write what ever you want...those hyena that are really insane, delusional and had mental illness who keep visit your blog desperetly spewing foam...hyena you better go back to your own community nonsens.com

btw rose i love rob new pic in wfe,he is really beautiful..but sadly in few pic rob kind missreable to the paps cause disturb from his work...

jen said...

And all the "kristen is gay" stuff is just a sad sign of how biased we are as a culture, prejudiced too unfortunately.

Kristen is a tomboy. She doesn't have a lot of grace. She's a little awkward, and she says what's on her mind, and sometimes she says it in a way that isn't lady like.

She doesn't suffer fools, seems to hate wearing heels,and prefers jeans to dresses.

She grew up with a pack of brothers, genetic and adopted. Schoolmates said she never played with anyone at school except her big brother and his guy friends, because she idolized him. Her father taught her how to throw a football like a quarterback, and how to play guitar as well.

Her mother is a tough as nails mother bear, and has tattoos. Her dad has longer hair than her mother.

Do you see where this is going?

Kristen did not grow up in a household that is very traditional. By all accounts though, it's a loving, aggressively protective family.
Kristen did not "learn" all the bullshit cultural standards subscribed to most little girls. Mommy didn't dress her up in pinafores and ponytails--Kristen had short sensible hair as a kid and played sports.

She grew up around loving, boisterous brothers who taught her to cut through the bullshit of "girl talk" and speak her mind. Ditto with too straight talking parents.

Kristen is in a job field where most of her peerfs are overly feminine, overly vain, overly processed, and overly flirtatious and reassuring and coy.

Kristen stands out like a sore thumb.

Does that make her a lesbian? Please, such a lame conclusion. If she was a closeted lesbian do you think her team would have EVER let her play one of the biggest Queer icons of all time with Joan Jett?

hell no.

The reality is she's a big, straight talking tomboy in a sea of giggling starlets. Of course she seems different.

Patricia said...

Rose: I have NEVER understood WHY these haters feel the over powering need to try and convince us lovers of Rob and Kristen (all their Bull Shit, negative, hateful, sick and very juvenile comments) DO THEY THINK WE ARE GOING TO CHANGE 'HOW WE FEEL' ????




If you don't believe that, it's fine but why come here?????? Please go where you are welcome and please stop. It's embarrassing reading how silly and desperate you've become to try and convince us of all your hate.


Rose I respect you and wish that this would stop. But i guess we'll just have to ignore them and hope they eventually GO AWAY !!!
Grazie for your post everyday. You have so many people that believe like you do and are intoxicated by Robert Pattinson.


Carly said...

I always forget something *blushes*

yeah, after a day of work Rob goes home. and as the song says, home is where the heart is. and we all know where Robs heart is :)

Anonymous said...

oh shit, you seriously need to change your blog name! it misleads normal people like me to check it out. i thought this was just another fansite about rob and was curious and got misguided into the lands of insanity!!! "i am an adult. i know they are dating". what the hell?!?! i don't even know who hyenas are. i would love love love if they are dating, but people here seem to have lost all connection to reality!!!!

jen said...

one last thing, I promise: The same people calling Kristen a lesbian are the same people who look at Brad Pitt's kid Shiloh and think her parents are turning her into a "lesbian."

Seriously, our cultural expectations of what a "girl" should act and behave like is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:27-

Coming out of left field are you? This is obviously your first time on this blog. Before you start spouting NONsense you should do a little research so you understand what Rose is blogging about. Is that to much to ask for?

Please point out who is insane. I am really curious. Out of the 21 comments so far only the one YOU are quoting is the only one that could be considered a little off the mark.

The comments that the owner of this blog gets come from lunatics. And she is calling them out on HER blog. They are the INSANE ones, not her. They are bitter, nasty, vile people with nothing better to do than rip apart two people they don't know. They also try to rip apart any person that supports these two actors.

Go get another hobby....or better yet get a life.

Anonymous said...

@jen As I was reading your first post, I was thinking of Shiloh Pitt as well and the criticisms some people have about her upbringing. Good points all around. I also think about Rob's upbringing with his sisters playing dress up with him, his modeling, theatre and dance experiences. He's not the typical athletic male, I'm sure Kristen is better at sports than he is. Maybe Europe is more progressive in terms of gender roles.

Deb said...

Well my dear Rose you went and done it again RIGHT ON I LOVE YOUR POST TODAY I think that the haters just cant stand the TRUTH so why not come in here or E-MAIL you do they not know you dont give a SHIT how funny they are WE your TRUE FRIENDS LOVE YOU and love what you have to say WE know how you feel about ROB and WE know you only want the best for him and IF that is KRISTEN STEWART then so be it they are happy and in love with each other NOTHING YOU OR I OR ANY ONE CAN DO ABOUT THAT I am very happy that ROB has Kristen and that she has him they make each other HAPPY All the haters out there are talking out of there ASS they dont KNOW SHIT only what they want to believe and that is a BIG NOTHING how sad a life they have they only make me LAUGH and I thank them for that SO Mrs.ROSE you keep on doing what you do best by making a lot of us HAPPY Once again THANK you for your loving post have a good day my friend . DEB.

Melinda said...

Thanks for sharing a little of the insanity that comes your way! It boggles the mind why people behave the way they do. I am more and more convinced that these people were not loved enough growing up and therefore they are incapable of loving others. It is really pretty sad when you look at the grand scheme of things. Most of the time their rants amuse me so I don't care if they comment. Only when it gets personal does it piss me off. As I get older and hopefully more wiser I am finding that when people spew bitter words at someone it is a reflection of the spewer and their own personal issues and not necessarily the person that is being spew on. Okay rant over.

My hope is all this is:

1. Kristen and Rob realize that they have more supporters than haters in the long run.

2. That more Hollywood people come out in support of Kristen. Several have and I thinks that's been good for her.

3. That most of the hate that comes out of this "fan base" will go away once the films are done.

4. That R/K are able to preserve what is theirs b/c it is really rare in HW.

5. That Rob will continue to show the haters how much Kristen means to him. We know if K does it they won't believe it so it has to come from him.

I love how they are trying to say that Kristen is gay. Like they have nothing left to foam about lately so this is the ONLY RATIONAL reason why Rob is with her. Excuse me while I choke from laughter. They totally ignore the evidence that they are a couple b/c it screws up their agenda.

Anonymous said...

The hyenaesque comments that are personal attacks on Rose make NO SENSE to me (yet again)

If Rose were one of those weird cougar fans who wanted to imagine Rob while she was getting it on with her hubby (which frankly is just an offensive thing to say) but lets say she was that girl/woman (weirdO!)... why would she blog about her happiness over Rob and Kris being together? What kind of SENSE would that make? If she was into beastality wouldn't her comments be PRO hyena?

Again... more NONSENSE RAMBLING CRAP from the hyenas... and yet another beautifully worded post form Rose putting them in their cage. Opps I mean putting the in their place.

*Suzy Q*

Chloe said...

Rose: Nothing more to add but keep bringing us your amazing words.


Anonymous said...

Omg I can't believe that some people think you spend so much time on your computer.Rose at times I really like your blogs,and ok sometimes I don't.But you're right this is your site and you have the right to write whatever you please.Please don't let the hyenas win.

fable said...

Hi rose,

Glad you cleared things up.... HAHHAHHAHAHAHA.... Push back atcha! Oh and by the way... I am so for robert and kristen, I just dont understand the need for you to call out the nonstens... its their opinions, just like ours. See ya tomorrow... finally a decent post. Well done sir!

Amanda said...

I found this interview with Rob interesting.


Doesn't sound like someone who would be involved in a PR stunt.

I don't read over at NONsense.com but if THAT is what they have left, wow. More power to them. They have created something that nomatter how obvious it is that Rob and Kristen are together they never have to admit it. Nomatter how illogical 'PR' is or how offessive to Rob (someone they supposedly like) they never have to face reality. Kind of sad they care that much. How does it affect them? I like and support R/K together because they are. If they weren't I wouldn't care. They have taken Rob dating Kristen a little too personally I think.
Great post today Rose!

Lisa said...

Rose, loved the pics you used today! They fit perfect! LOL As I've said before, I don't know how you put up with the BS but I am glad you do. I would hate if you quit blogging about the dynamic duo! :)

@Jen, GREAT post! I would add that Kristen often says "I have a problem with authority" and she was "raised not to conform" :)

@1:27, if this truly is your first visit, how rude are you? Don't you think you should look around, maybe read some back blogs and get to see what Rose is about? And really, if you didn't like what you saw, why post, just leave? You say "I'm an adult" well, then you really have no excuse. :(

@fable, I see you're back to stir the pot. She calls out the hyenas because they call her out. That's what today's blog was about?? geez

Thought this was interesting interview with Mike Welsh about Kristen. Sums her up well.


Another site picked up the stalker story.. I still don't don't know if it's true (it says HIM so I hope not) anyway, what they had to say about K & R was cute.

The new WFE pics?? My goodness, can it get any better then that? Well, I could think of a couple of things :p but gosh is he ADORABLE!

MulletMofo said...

Rosesee, don't post on here often, but you always seem to say what I am thinking and/or what I type on other sites. I get flack for my Robsten support as well. I get accused of being psycho and ridiculous and overly obsessed, and blah, blah, blah. It really gets old. Just because I am not blind and I can see the love and admiration that Rob and Kristen have for one another doesn't mean I am crazy or need help. I just choose to be positive instead of negative about everything. I love your blog. Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...


So you are back for some more are you?

Yesterday you leave this nasty post, she calls you out on it today so now you decide to give her a backhanded compliment for today's post. Yeah okay...

Why do YOU care so much that she talks about hyenas? They amuse people. Who wants to talk about the national debt or the oil spill everyday? Hyenas can be pretty entertaining to say the least.

Suzy Q- "If she was into bestiality wouldn't her comments be PRO hyena?"

BAAHAAHAAA! Great call!

Melinda said...

Oh I forgot to add before...

Hot, dirty, sexy Rob on set...can't get better than that!

Kristen is only lucky woman to have that come home to her. I'll leave the rest of my thoughts to the imagination!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, as the old saying goes the truth hurts, haters.The truth will set you free Rose, that is what you do everyday on your blog.
I am late in commenting today, I was watching the MTVMA again, love Rob and Kristen, it is amazing what you catch when you watch things over and over again like simple touches and certain looks.
The truth is easy to spot if you don't live in a world of lies.
Sorry to hear people hate on you for saying the truth.
Sucks for them because they are the type that would never say shit to your face.
I love what you post everyday, truth is like fresh air, we all need it.Those who don't can choke for all I care. Thaks again Rose.

Anonymous said...

Put simply: Great as always!!! I'm smiling from ear to ear:-)

Anonymous said...

Good Morrrrrrrrrran Rose...Wid {so called} FRIENDS LIKE THAT WHO IN THE HELL NEEDS ENEMIES
......hehehehehehehe gotta say your a patient women with THICK skin.....i remember readin some of that SHIT but not ALL.....your SArcasim kills me....
Dry but Hilarious...thats how I'd explain it.....
Gotta take the GOOD with the BAD in life....its called BALANCE....and if writting great stuff about the most
Intelligent &
Down To Earth Couple/Person
Well thats what you have to do ...I know there is no need to tell ya....just pointing out da obvious....except those other D/Heads dont play fair.....and that what I call IGNORANCE....EITHER THAT OR THEY NEED TIME.... FOR LEARNING WISDOM....and that comes with age...

P.S for those who are into astrology...can ya tell what Star Sign I am????? Theres a question for today?????hehehe

I didnt realise Rob could open his eyes so wide in one of those pics ....hehhehe

Great photos Rose.....Im sure the GOOD outweighs the BAD.....keep it up Girlfriend!!!!
You know us USUALS love ya and thats ennufff for you to keep doin what your doin....

GREAT WRITTING!!as always there are others but stood out this mornan...
@angelsslave 1.01
@ Jen
carly @1.14
Melinda @2.10
and to end it
Cloe @2.19

A point that was covered yesterday..just wanted to quiery...Rob lookin a bit sad when Kristen was doing her speech...Most thought it was cause the blokes behind where chekin out her behind, whilst pickin up the award...do ya think ......or was it cause kristen didnt acknowledge him [R] verbally....
Another thing when she pointed and spoke about CW ....was he actually there in that part of the audience or was she actually pointing to Rob and speakin about CW.....i tried looking back at that fan made vid that was posted up on here...BUT its been taken off....

Anonymous said...

Rose, once you stated that you didn't get information from insiders, but at the end of your interesting today's post, you clearly hint that Rob, after work, goes to Kristen's home. Can we believe it or is it just a hunch?

Thanks so much Rose!

Anonymous said...

To Melinda,

"5. That Rob will continue to show the haters how much Kristen means to him. We know if K does it they won't believe it so it has to come from him."

First comment. Why should excuses be made for the way Kristen treats Rob? Cause I believe Kristen has rarely ever shown the world what Rob means to her so I have yet to believe that she cares for Rob the same way he cares for her. The whole MMA if anything was proof that Rob isn't afraid to show he loves her and claim her in public but Kristen obviously cares more about what the media thinks then about him. Seriously, Rob was so happy for her when she won and she didn't even mention him. Probably why his face changed after she finished. And when he mentioned her in his speech she eyerolled him, it was such a slap in the face. And when he got up to congratulate on her win, she signed at him and looked around at the audience afraid of what they would think and then pushed him to the side. The funny thing is when shes with Taylor she doesn't shy of being affectionate with him. There were tons of pics of her whispering into his ear and touching his stomach so I don't get why people make it such a big deal that she does the same to Rob. Yes Rob will continue to show how much Kristen means to him while Kristen shows how much Taylor means to her.

Anonymous said...

melinda 3.05 gotta agree with ya there....
i just checked some of those pics....oooohhhhh boy.......[ Lisa i could say it BUT i wont]
You know what dont ya ....heheheh

check this out ...if you please....


Lisa said...

@3:53 for God sakes! Get over it already.. Taylor & Kristen aren't together and never will be. I really like Taylor, I think he's a great KID and adorable. I think all the little 13 year olds should be lusting after him. But he and Kris are miles apart in 'who they are'

As for Kristen not thanking Rob. WHY should she? I mean, she has been acting a long time. She thanked Chris for making the film, thanked the fans, etc.. It was an ACTING award, not for being her boyfriend! When Rob thanked her, he said "she's the linch pin of the series" TRUE! If it wasn't for her, he wouldn't have got the job. He wouldn't be the hottest thing on the planet right now (maybe someday but maybe not) and he wouldn't be filming, STARING in a movie that's filled with Oscar winners if SHE didn't pick him! She said "after Rob came in, it had to be him. I couldn't have, WOULDN'T have done the movie without him"

To just single him out to say thanks would give it away and she's not about to do that. He could get away with his.

Now before you start. I ADORE Rob like no other famous person EVER. And if I HAD to choose between R & K, it would be no choice. I only started liking her because he obviously did so much. But come on people, we have to be fair to the girl. You haters, without HER, we very likely wouldn't have HIM!!!!! And that would be tragic, would it not?

Anonymous said...

anon: 3:53.

She acts affectionate with Taylor because no one is thinking they are bumping uglies. She herself describes him like a little brother she's protective of, and that it's weird to kiss him in Eclipse.

Everyone thinks she's bumping uglies with Robert, so of course she's more conscious of what she's doing around him.

Anonymous said...

"how much Taylor means to her"..?? Once again, Kristen says Taylor is like a little BROTHER. How does she not show Rob how much he means to her? She flew to see him for New Years, she left her friends and family in LA to fly 14 hours just to spend her birthday with Rob. We never see Kristen and Taylor together outside of work functions. She said it was "weird" kissing Taylor. She shows very sisterly- like affection to Taylor. She's more careful how she acts around Rob because as she has stated a million times she wants privacy about their relationship.

Anonymous said...

Rose have you thought of given out Awards to the MOST EPIC WRITER.....
i wonder who would be in running for that.....there are two with the letter "L"...who are in there 40's ...one of them wont tell ...what colour hair she has and the other has.......hehehehe

Anonymous said...

"L" dont be crancky wid me im just pullen yor leg.....im bitter and twisted...i know.....

Lisa said...

Louisa, you crack my ass up!!! I didn't realize I didn't tell you my hair color when I said I wasn't blond. I'm a brunet. Sadly, it's from a bottle as I've had silver hair since 16!

We do post about other stuff on Rose's blog. Feel free to email sometime if you want. meee611@gmail.com

I loved that video you posted! I've often meant to say something about Oregano.. It must have been terribly hard on him to watch K & R during Twilight promos. I mean, it was just OOZING out of them. They couldn't help it. I swear, if you open your eyes, you can see it building from the start. And then when it actually happened and then on and on.. :)

Lisa said...

Never Louisa! ;)

Melinda said...

@ 3:53

Taysten shipper, so you are back?

SHOCKING I tell you!!!!! You post the same nonsense over and over. When are you going to understand that this is a Rob blog made up of people who support HIM and currently Kristen b/c she is a part of his life?

But I will debunk your nonsense as have several before me since you singled me out.

1. On the Oprah show when a picture of Taylor is put up on the screen Kristen turns to him in ASTONISHMENT and says "Taylor!". To me this screams that they don't spend anytime together. If they were she wouldn't have been shocked at the pic. Furthermore, for the USA Today article she talks about Rob being nude in BelAmi. This screams a woman who knows what her significant other will be doing on his movie and is quite comfortable about it. Because at the end of the day it is just a job and he comes home to her.

2. What pics of her and Taylor are you talking about? They BARELY interacted with each other at the MMA's. They even had someone in between them while she and her BOYFRIEND sat beside each other.

3. About the eye rolling (if you can even call it that)....it appears that Kristen isn't comfortable when someone praises her. That isn't a crime. Actually it makes me like her all the more b/c she doesn't have an inflated ego as do her counterparts. She has always done that both to Rob and others. GUESS WHAT! Rob knows she is like that. I don't think it makes him upset. GUESS WHAT ELSE! She lets him know with her eyes what he means to her. There is a clip from the NM Comic Con panel where they are literally staring at each other and she is rubbing her lower lip with a finger. BLATANT FLIRTING GOING ON WITH HER BOYFRIEND and poor Taylor oblivious to it all. She and Rob love to eye ****!

4. As for her getting up to receive her award...first she slides by him front to front and they are literally up against each other at one point. If you aren't intimate with that person you wouldn't exit a row like that. Your backside would be facing them instead. Second- go back and watch...she never looks around the audience afraid as you claim...she doesn't push him away...and I don't know what you are talking about with "she signed at him". What she DOES is smile all the way up to the stage, grabs his right arm and continues holding it while she exits the row passing two other people. She also grazes his stomach with her other hand as she exits. Pretty affectionate if you ask me.

5. I am not going to address why she didn't thank Rob in her speech or why she is comfortable with Taylor b/c people have already covered it. Thanks Lisa, 4:15 and 4:18!

6. As for her caring about what the media thinks...let me tell you a little secret...she and Rob aren't fans of the media b/c the media (actually gossip rags not legitimate magazines who refer to them as a couple and write wonderful stuff about them) screws them every chance they get. So I don't think she worries about what the media thinks.

If you want my opinion, actually I really don't care if you don't, I am still going to give it. The MMA's proved to the whole world that Kristen and Rob are together b/c they really let their guard down. They don't need to prove anything to anybody. Logical people can put two and two together and believe/see what it right in front of them.

Okay so I am done talking about this. Here is a quote from Ben Franklin that I think is quite fitting.

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.

Anonymous said...

Rose, you are an amazing, witty writer with a great following. That’s why the hyenas come here. You’re a success and that infuriates them even more. Keep on doing it and if you ever write professionally, please let me know, I will buy whatever you write.

I was just reading about a Jonas brother and Demi Lovato officially confirming their relationship about two months ago. They talk about all the hate Demi received on her Twitter. It was the same, pathetic statements that the hyenas spew against Kristen and Rob (sorry to hear Rose, even you now). Now, Demi has confirmed that they have broken up. In the same statement, she said "Nothing is more important to me than the relationship with my fans. Just thought you guys should know this." Hmm, does that sound like it was a PR relationship, and/or she just couldn’t handle the venom? This tells me a few things:

1.Rob/Kristen relationship is not for PR – they don’t send out statements about who they date and when they break up

2.Kristen is definitely a strong chick. She will fight back and stand firm in her beliefs. Some people may not like it because it’s not the norm – prejudice. (An aside, I wish more of my managers were like her – we need strong people to lead, not go with the flow because nothing ever gets changed for the better)

3.Kristen must really love Rob to be willing to go through all this crap.

4.Rob knows it, appreciates it, and I daresay loves her even more for it.

Anonymous said...

Great blog again Rose. I, personally, see no point in ever addressing or referring to the Hyenas or the Nonstens. Hate is not the opposite of Love. Indifference is. Just ignore them. I imagine your life would be a lot less stressful if you weren't subjected to that kind of vitriol.

Same thing with any Taysten shippers. Because you know that's a Hyena in disguise. Nobody actually ships Taysten. There is nothing more unnatural than that. And I think everyone knows it. Taylor's sexual orientation aside, these movies are so unbelievable because of a TOTAL lack of anything resembling chemistry between Jacob and Bella that it's just painful to watch. I imagine watching them kiss will literally be like watching a brother and sister kiss. As Kristen has always said. Just, ew.

Anonymous said...

one more thing about Kristen getting up to get her award.

She did not make eye contact with Robert really, or Stephanie for that matter. Instead, she looked up nervously at the stage and the presenters, and you can tell she's nervous.

She'd be nervous cause she royally messed up last year, dropping her award, so she has other things on her mind than making flirty eyes at Robert at the moment.

What she does though nonverbally matters. Yes she moves past Robert-but watch where her hand is--she lets it linger on his elbow for longer than she needed to, and I thought it was cute.

Anonymous said...

melinda and anom 6.12 one and the same...i presume...
dont shoot the messager...i was just bringing up something i thought of...i may have missed som posts yesterday..sorry if you addressed this topic and I may have missed it.....dont worry i too notice non verbals...i actually appreciate them more....


Even K knows that she has Very Observant FAns of them both [refer BAFTA SPEECH}....i was just readin something yestrday and it got me thinkin.....just thought id mention it thats all and that IT...

Anonymous said...

602 not 612..

Anonymous said...

thought some of you might be interested in watching this video. it's beautiful and rob and kristen's true relationship shines through...

Lisa said...

@Melinda BRAVO, excellent post! But then, I always love your posts! You are SO right about her talking about Bel-Ami. She also said at the YH press junket she seen Remember Me, early on and that he was amazing. Then on the NY red carpet for RM they asked him about TR and WTTR. He said something like 'I saw really early cuts of them both and they're both great. She's amazing in WTTR'.. ummm yeah...

Love the Ben Franklin quote! Think I'm going to put that on my emails! LOL

@5:46:00, nice post. But sometimes giving the hyenas/nonstens the crap they dish out if fun.. :D

Anonymous said...

QUESTIONS: I asked this yesterday but no one answered... does anyone know of a live broadcast or live feed either audio OR (hopefully) video for this Saturday's Twi Convention when Rob, Kris, And Tay will be there??

I would be grateful... I've searched everywhere...and can't find anything :-(

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

Good question Suzy Q....i also meant to ask.....considering the ringmaroll i went thru for MMAs....Im still gettin NO VIEW on most MTV SIGHT videos....whats with that ..cause it comes up im from ..where ever... you cant view certain things....
Anyway is The Com goin to be view direct on Tv there...or do i have to wait for some ANGEL to post on YT????? If on TV there plz giv details...dont take for granted that others already know cause we dont....thanks in advance

Lisa said...

Suzy, I didn't answer because I didn't know. And I was just looking at this http://www.twilightconvention.com/cal/twilight_eclipse.htm#sch

doesn't look like anyone can record it. So IF any of it's let out, it will have to come from Summit itself. IF I hear anything, I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog and following you on twitter for about a month now and never left a comment until I saw this post. I had no idea the hate you get for your opinions (which, by the way, are shared by MANY - you just take the time to voice it!). Just wanted to saw I agree wholeheartedly with you and enjoy your posts and pictures. Keep 'em coming! And for the record, I too have a real life - I'm 30, an attorney and LOVE everything Rob/Kristen. People tend to focus their time on things that they love and bring them happiness. I have to wonder about people (the hyenas) who are spending their time on something they allegedly hate - seems counter-intuitive to me... but if they can't see that Rob and Kristen are together, then they aren't exactly sane, are they?? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Suzy Q- On twitter today a guy (I can't remember who) said he got permission from Summit to record it, I don't believe there is a live feed, but we will definitely be getting footage. Kristen, Rob and Taylor will all be doing their portion separately though.

Anonymous said...

@ Lisa & anon 6:58 THANKS SO MUCH for the reply :-D

They are not doing their portion TOGETHER? What is that?!!?!?? :-( I was sooo hoping for more comic con like cuteness!!!

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

On another note... I watched a Robsten video link I snagged here from the comment section and when I went back on to YouTube under the recommended for me portion was a JUSTIN BEIBER MUSIC VIDEO AND it literally said "because you watched.."

If youtube were a person right now, they would be getting a slap.

sollee said...

just want you to know that i love your blog and i enjoy reading it!!!love you rose:)take care and more power!!!God bless:)facarge

Lisa said...

6:58:00 & Suzy,

That guy was talking about the press junket, I'm pretty sure. Like a round table discussion. On here, it says ALL three will be together here http://www.twilightconvention.com/cal/twilight_eclipse.htm#sch

If you look by day, it says who will be on stage together at one time, etc.. Down at the bottom of that page. Go to Saturday and you'll see this....

"7:00 pm to 7:40 pm Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner"

It also says there is "Absolutely no video or audio during these appearances" or something like that.. That was from memory, not copy & pasted.

Rapper said...

H E L L YEAH, ROSE!! Love your post.

Anonymous said...

About the Twilight convention that some of you are talking about.

I bet Summit will be recording it. I can't imagine why they wouldn't. They will probably release it onto the Twilight FB page or post a link on their twitter page when available.

Anonymous said...

If MTV knows that Kris is lesbian do you think that's not a big headlines for them?How come we didn't hear anything about this lesbian thing.Hyenas were circling around,they don't know what to do anymore,now that's it's obvious that R/K are a couple and in love.I think Hyenas believe the pig Perez Hilton.LOL.

Deb said...

Lisa I read that to dose that mean that they'll only be talking on radio? I to would love to see them together but I'll wait and see if you hear any thing well ya let me know Thank you DEB.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I love your blog. I'm so sorry for the BS you have to put up with on your blog. The Robsten Haters are like NONE that I have ever seen. They are a sad and pathetic bunch.

Love your site, love all the love you have for Robert & Kristen, matches my own.

Not for nothing, but Rob is much better looking than poor Michael. It's unfair to even compare, not many men can compare to the HOTNESS that is Robert Pattinson. I think Michael is a great guy, especially because he has never said one bad word against Rob & Kristen. I respect him so much for that. It has to hurt him when Kristen broke up with him for Rob, but you just can't fight fate. Rob & Kristen were just meant to be. I just smile seeing how happy they are together.

Thanks for having such a great place for Robsten Lovers!!! F*ck the haters!

Deb said...

Sorry its me again haha I was just reading in GC that Breaking Dawn well be 2 movies BUT wait Mellissa rosenberg is writing it now SO what do you think? is this one two going to be FUCK up? just asking PLEAS PLEAS TELL ME SHE WONT MASS THIS ONE UP Im going to cry if she dose DEB

Lisa said...

8:32 I'm sure Summit will. I was just trying to point out it wont be a "live feed" as someone asked.

Deb, my understanding is they'll be doing a press junket all weekend AND the convention. The convention is what I linked the info to. All three with be together for just a short time for the convention. People will be able to take pics but no video or audio. I am sure Summit will release it at some point but not live. Then there will be a round table with the "written press" where they will all appear separately and that will be allowed to be recorded. Then they'll do the normal, where they are in a room and the TV ppl will get their 5 mins like we always see. I am not certain if they will all 3 be together or alone. In the past, they've done it both ways. And my guess would be will both that come out over the next couple of weeks. Now, with all that said. This is only what I've read but it's been from "official" pages/sites.

BTW, the "Lopez tonight" website lists Kristen on for tonight. My TV grid doesn't have her listed and I've seen nothing official but some might want to check it out.

Anonymous said...


Lisa said...

Deb, she is writing it now but they always said it would depend on how the script came out. I personally think it's GREAT! We should get ALL the book in with 2 movies. How could more Kristen & Rob be a bad thing? Of course I've seen a lot of ppl that disagree with me. They were yelling cash cow and they don't like Summit or Melissa R. I have nothing against them. Just hope I can survive the LONG wait! LOL

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@ Lisa

I don't think its tonight, but threw it on my DVR, just in case. I found this link, but its for the taping not the air date:


Anonymous said...

@ Louisa

I actually think there is a better chance of a Hyena Cougar sleeping with Rob before Paris Hilton would have a shot of sleeping with Rob.

And since a Hyena Cougar has a snowball's chance in hell of ever sleeping with Rob... Paris Hilton's chances of sleeping with him have to rate slightly below that.

I'm just sayin'!!

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

oh Suzy....i did delete it i have a problem of speaking b4 i think ....you bloody caught me......but i just kept thinkin about the GOS about P S... hilton who followed Rob to Tokyo for NM promo...not sure if that was BS but i thought that biatch would not let up lol

Lisa said...

WHAT are you guys talking about?

Deb said...

Thank you Lisa I cant wait to see the movies to And as for Paris hahaha like Rob would even look at her in the way she wants he has eyes for HIS girl Kristen only Thank you ladies for your help I guess i'll have to wait to see whats going to happen the 12-13 thats when there on isnt it Thanks DEB

Anonymous said...

Lisa go to the link posted @ 9.52 there was another link about P hilton chasing our "SPUNK MUFFIN"
and i commented on it ...then deleted it as you can the evidence of...just about she PH was chasin him and he ran off or s/thing then P was wondering where he ran off too.....and I said [ but now deleted] that doesnt she {P} have eyes or needs to see a specialist in that dept cause his got someone {K} and then miraculously i remebered WHO {P} we where talking about ...at the end it didnt surprise me that he {R} was actually taken by {K} she"D {P} still chase afta him {R}.....GET IT...THAT THE JIST ANYWAY LOLOLOL

keep up girl lol

Anonymous said...

Are you sorry you asked {L}

Anonymous said...

Rose are you still with us...or have we lost ya honey....lol

Lisa said...

LMAO Louisa, I guess I'm still confused! That link was about Lopez tonight.. Still saw nothing about Paris Hilton.. But that's OK.. I did see something about Christina A. helping him get away from the popz. It was BS but amusing..

Deb said...

Lisa I just watch Lopez and she wasnt on there so i dont know what to think sorry and i read about christina A to but wasnt that a old post? just asking DEb

Anonymous said...


thats what we where talkin about

Anonymous said...

Rose, the "Kristen is a lesbian" argument is the most ridiculous one I've EVER heard. ZERO possibility I'd say.

Louisa@4:10, I've seen the vid and it's truly a masterpiece!~ Hey, I recommend one to you. I saw it on a Robsten FB fan page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1X5VDPADy6k&feature=player_embedded
Ir'a around 11 seconds but it's SUPER CUTE!!~

Melinda@2:10, oh yes, I wish the same.

Jen@1:23, you are always spot on!~ I'd like to address more on gender roles. A girl doesn't portray herself as a sex bomb, doesn't wear dress often, doesn't talk and act very "lady-like", occasionally says some f-words...and these make her a lesbian?? Are you fucking kidding me? Which century are those people in? I suppose women were liberated in 1970's!~

Honestly, it's an INSULT to all women for whoever put the label "lesbian" onto some non girlish girls!~

I actually like Kristen's image of being rebellious, strong and independent. It's GIRL POWER!~

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

thanks Monica...

Deb did you take a read of the BS yet

Anonymous said...


what about this one its a bit longer....and it will give you a better fix...lol

Anonymous said...

@ Louisa

Honestly... I had the same reaction when I read the Paris story as I would have had if I read a story about how a leprachan is going to bring me a pot of gold.

I found it that plausiable and believable. And I shrugged it off the exact same way.

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

Heres something for all of you to chew on!


Take that to the bank while youre blogging her life or you think you are!! peace out kitties

loris said...

@anon 9:10am

You need to sharpen your reading comprehension skills. She's talking about blogging/tweeting about herself.

30yearoldtwifan said...

OMG the hyenas have INFESTED this wonderful blog today!

Advice from a older well matured fan hyenas.. Go away! this blog is NOT for you,your not welcomed, if I ws Rose your comments would be blocked and deleted. We do not believe the same and you are not going to change are minds on Rob/Kris relationship.Why does it matter anyway? Rob will NEVER be with you!