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Monday, June 28, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Thank You So Much.

I love this picture.
A lot.
Really a lot.
tons of a lot.

So I watched Remember Me last night.
With the commentary.
Robert was charming as always...
But he most definitely wasn't as giddy and goofy
as he was on the Twilight commentary.

I like Remember Me.
Robert is absolutely gorgeous in it.
He did a wonderful job...
But it's still just OK to me.
I could get into my reasoning...
But some things are better left unsaid.
And if you have come to realize anything about me
from reading my daily posts...
I RARELY let anything go unsaid.

Kristen going to... or landing in NYC.
I forget which.
Kristen and Taylor have a 'special' screening tonight...
And I might know someone who will be there.
Someone that I love and adore completely.
(I love you BFT 4ever!)
She's beyond excited and nervous...
and I can't stop SQUEEEEEEEEing for her!

Kristen is doing the NY rounds...
Regis and Kelly, Letterman...
 Such a busy hardworking girl.

While Kristen was flying across the country?
Robert was taking a meeting with Jeff Katzenberg.
And all I could think about??
What it would be like to be that can of lemonade...
Held tightly by those fingers...
Brushed against...
Those Lips.
I know.
I know...
Maybe something that should have remained 'unsaid' ?

There is still a lot of 'talk' about Kristen's gold band.
What it says.
What it means.
And both 'sides' are over-analzying the living fuck out of it.
Yes... I said living fuck.
Whatever the hell that is.
Does it REALLY matter?
Will we ever know the truth?
No... and No.
Unless Kristen happens to discuss it in an interview...
which I don't see happening anytime soon.

And yeah... I know I like to point out the 'necklace'...
But I just like to say how much Kristen obviously LOVES it...
How she always wears it...
And it irritates the Hyenas...
Which is always fun to do...
But I don't do a super HQ pic and try to decipher
exactly what it is around her neck.
That part doesn't matter to me...
as much as who gave it to her

 Protective Robert.
At least... that's *my* impression.
Kristen's shoes were hurting her...
Rob looks like he is taking care of her.

And... one more thing.
Haters seem to think that if there aren't pictures
of Rob and Kristen together in their 'down' time...
That they aren't spending it together.
How many private moments have we seen of either of these two?
Do you think they cease to exist just because someone
isn't there documenting their every move?
It's pretty obvious that Rob and Kristen have learned to
get around quite well without being papped.
Oh, and that would be the OPPOSITE of PR.
Silly mutts.

Just because.

Thank you, Robert Pattinson.
Thank you SO much.

Bye for now


deejon67 said...

They Are Together And They Are Happy Together Beautiful Together Always!!!

Bex said...

Love the post Rose!

Can't wait to see what the very near future brings :-)

kristine.hills said...

Thank you Rose, for so much LOVE!

God bless RK and Rose!

And tonight lets see gorgeous Kristen in NYC.

And lets remember the SUN GOES DARK TOMORROW.

SO you can bet we are going to have a LOT OF GOOD RK love news!

Wait and see! ;)

XOXO from Brazil

emmy said...

Rose- I've read your blog for at least a year now..and feel I should finally comment.. THANK YOU for all your wonderful posts..I haven't said it before and definitely need to thank you. You rock!

Patricia said...

Rose: I LOVE YOUR FIRST PICTURE OF ROB . I also have the picture in his light grey hoodie right beside my computer (WHERE I CAN LOOK AT HIS GORGEOUS FACE ALL DAY) JESUS .... THAT MAN IS BEAUTIFUL .........

Kristen must be exhausted with all the different premieres and promos the last few weeks. I still miss Rob at 'Eclipse' promos WITH HER....I CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH OF SEEING ROB........

Rose: That is the perfect name for me also with how I feel about this man. ROBERT PATTINSON INTOXICATION !!!!!

Grazie for all the great pics and post.



mesweetgeirl said...
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Melinda said...

Great post today Rose!!! Beautiful people HAPPY! All is right in the world.

Love the black shoestring Mr. Pattinson is wearing on his wrist. She is never far from his mind. And neither is he from hers (she has his beanie).

Anonymous said...

Oh ose, you open my heart every day! Thank U! July is coming !!!

Anonymous said...


Just read this.. :-D

"revealed that the easiest scene for him was when his character proposed to Bella Swan (Kristen) in the meadow.

He (Pattinson) said, “Probably the easiest scene to do was when Kristen and I were in the meadow and I was asking her to marry me and stuff.”


*Suzy Q*

olivia said...

Thank you Rose!
The pics of Rob in the gray hoodie are my new favorites of him alone. He has the most beautiful eyes; one can melt right into them.
What a unique soul this young man is, and the fascination so many of us have with him is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I think I root for him and wish him every success in life because he communicates such sincerity, honesty, and self effacement. There is a touch of innocence and wonder that still shows through the public side of him that he is developing. I appreciate that as he is maturing as an actor he has been selecting quality roles where he will grow through his collaboration with seasoned, award winning cast members and directors.
As mentioned before, what a lovely guilty pleasure not only watching Rob's career blossom but also seeing that he and Kristen have on their own terms, shown us that they are together as a couple.
Always been a believer,
Love to all!

SueBee said...

Noticed that they both had the shoestring bracelets on. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

always love your post Rose, picture Rob and Kristen absolutely gorgeus and very sweet...

and i can't wait and so excited to see eclipse!!,specially the propose and interaction edward and bella...

and i saw remember me in may cause screening so late to reach my country, rob trully beautiful in that film and he could drawn the agony, angsty of tyler...but the whole movie is about the taste when i saw RM, i bring my big sis, and she feel dosn't like kind the movie after we see that, but in my opinion i have no problem to saw RM again maybe i wait to see in dvd,when the order come...

and i dissapointed the runaway not screen in my country, probably i'll just wait when DVD release..

and for sure can't wait to see WTTR,Bel Ami, WFE and OTR and of course Breaking dawn...

Anonymous said...

Protective Rob...don't you just love it when he takes control and looks after her, watches her and protects her. Yes i do love it when a man takes charge and he can handle the press and looking after Kristen at the same time. Funny how two years ago Rob would have been the last person on earth to suggest he was protective. He liked the idea of a strong woman independent and not needing to have a man protecting her...and now it has all changed.

But...then again when you fall in love with someone, someone that means the entire world to you, you adapt to their needs, to their wants, to their desires and i firmly believe Rob likes taking care and being 'protective' of Kristen.

Sara said...

I´ll just start by saying that i´m sorry for my crappy english, i´m actually from Sweden, heh! Just want to give you a heads up on some robsten-evidence i found. In this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSN3XkEljOA , at 0:45, Kristen is hugging and kissing some dudes on the cheek. I was like, wait! Who the fuck is that?! But then i recognized them from the pic of rob´s family at the eclipse premiere. (This photo: http://www.shockya.com/news/wp-content/uploads/robert_pattinsons_family1.jpg)

No biggie, just thought it was quite nice that Kristen evidently has a good relationship with the rest of rob´s family. Not just his parents. Love your blog, btw! It always puts a smile on my face!

xoxo from Sara in Stockholm!

sav21 said...

Hi Rose!
I read your blog every day and I thought it was about time that i comment. I just want to thank you for always being able to put a smile on my face :) Every time I read a post from you it just makes my day. You are so blunt and I love how you just point out the obvious. It's hilarious! Also, it's just awesome to know that there is someone else out there who adores Rob and Kris as much as I do. I love it! Anyways I saw this video on youtube today and it literally knocked the breath out of me. It was amazing. I thought you might enjoy it :)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyI0RjYBSqc
Again, thank you so much and keep posting! You're awesome!

Rose said...

So... is it better with no ANON? Are there nice people who would like to comment but now won't?
It has been very foam free... which I like... and which doesn't surprise me knowing that some people are afraid to say anything unless they are hiding behind the ANONYMOUS tag.

So you guys tell me.

Better? or Worse?

Melinda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Good morning to you Rose...Your comments..... Brilliant as always.....
Please spear a thought for me when you complain about the heat and perhaps humidity today...I've gone to the liberty to convert the temperature into F to make you aware how FRRRRRRRIIGGINNN COLD IT IS THIS FINE, CRISP,FROSTY 28.4deg F morning....
As funny as it sounds… Yeh I got to agree with you...'some things are better left un said" lol…….. it’s a bit creepy sounding...with the lemonade can comment.....hey i would of thought of it too.....but to express it........no, no, no....lol lol!!!
Last night here, 'E News' had a show dedicated to Mr. Robert Pattinson...and tomorrow it will be Kristen and so on....Any way alot of old interviews I’ve seen before COMIC CON 2008 and OSCARS and many others....BUT what freaked me out was Robert questioned the word..... 'KUDOS'....Now I know how you all are pronouncing it...As he said the word and said "that’s how you say it".."Is that the word you use"... Or something to that effect.......
Hey I now don’t feel so naive with the usage of this new word anymore....It must be an American thing...this word I mean.....Cause our English Fella seemed to not really use the word in everyday conversation....Just thought I'd share that peice of useless information.... Cause I actually asked WTF it meant a few days ago.....and was answer too ...Right here on the blog....
Hasn’t the comment tally decreased in numbers, since we have to show some sort of identity.....seems what’s better left unsaid applies here too....Got nothing nice to say...then don't say anything...Now that we can sort of identify the culprits......... Have a good day......ALL

Melinda said...

Rose-(I deleted my other response as you can see).

I love the fact that there hasn't been any nasty vile comments yesterday and today. Quite frankly I was getting tired of all the BS.

Hopefully they have gotten the hint that they weren't welcome here and won't be coming back.

Not sure why people who wrote nice comments haven't posted??? Who knows. It is much more pleasant still.


Side note: Kristen's new hair color is fantastic!!!! She is totally rocking this look!!! Holy crap I wonder what Rob thought when he saw it? I bet he is anxious for her to get back to LA! Ha, Ha!

This is my favorite pic so far b/c of the guys behind her totally ogling her! LOL!!


Anonymous said...

Just read your comment above mine... This posse a question.....Rose... Do you want to read comments low in numbers, Nice, not so controversial, read the Usual {includes myself] constantly telling you how great they like your blog without the snarky comments......Or…….. Do you want a little spice in your day...A little reason to argue...See others POV, even if you do NOT Agree....Give a little more topic to others BS and try to make them think otherwise...Do you want Balance...that not everyone thinks like the majority....cause like I said above [before I read your comment BTW] the comment numbers have decreased by heaps....usually when I get on there is already 80+ comments now there’s only 18 at this present time???????

30yearoldtwifan said...

Rose. MUCH better with NO anon. Please keep it this way. I love to read your blog, but when the nasty, hateful comments are out, I just give up and dont wanna comment, to much aggravation.

KS died her hair I see. She looks Gorgas as usual :)

Patricia said...

Rose: I LOVE NOT HAVING THE HATERS HERE. We're here because we love you and Rob and Kristen....


I feel that if people want to post, leaving your name is no big deal; unless you're here to cause problems and then "GO ELSEWHERE"


jkferris said...

What a lovely peaceful day it is here in our "neighborhood." It's so nice to be able to read your blog and not have to wade through a lot of hate comments.

LOVE the pictures!! (sigh)


Melinda said...

Just want to clarify something...the link to the pic I put on here...I believe her brother is the first guy so he not the one I was talking about, the guy in the stripes is the one that seems to be checking her out. Maybe he is a friend. Don't know. Anyway, it really doesn't matter I just didn't want anyone to think I thought her brother was checking her out.

Anonymous said...

Me again...see this is one of the down sides.....you will and so will everyone see how desperate I look......hehehehehe....cause i might have a little extra input than other days........ I just checked out Kristen new hair....Not sure i have to get used to it....Although its similar to my color...It gives her a more a mature look...the style is mature too.....But I was looking forward to her growing it again...She looked gorgeous with long hair....Wonder what Mr. Stud muffin thinks of all this change in her look?????? She definitely looks older so maybe he might like that...who knows.....

Anonymous said...

Rose, great post! Love the lemade can comment omg I cracked up! Also I love the no hate, no anon forum today. I know they have a right ...free speech and all, but it just gets old. Nice to have some people who have positive comments to make. Thanks Rose!

Rootsie said...

Rose, I used to post as anonymous but I love the bullshit being off of your lovely site so I finally grabbed a name. I have never understood cetain people's INCESSANT need to come to a blog like this and spew such garbage about Rob and Kristen.

I just saw the new pics of Kristen. Wow. Just W.O.W.
She is so unbelievably gorgeous. Simply stunning. And her new hair makes her beautiful green eyes stand out even more. She can wear any hair color and THAT face of hers is always gorgeous!
We all know Rob doesn't care what she does to her hair, he always thinks she's beautiful, but, still I bet he can't wait to see it up-close and personal.

What a knock-out she is!



I cannot stop staring at her. My Mom even gasped at those pictures and commented at how amazing she looks.

soadram said...

Each picture shown on your blog monitored by their wise words, and true love.
I really like your blog, always brings a smile on my face.
And thank you for taking the trash from your blog ... because I was getting to me ... very very infected, so that much more beautiful:)))
A good day

Sydney said...


It's so great having this website verified now. Hopefully, that will weed out the unnecessary hate.

I love Kristen's new hair. I wouldn't call it strawberry blonde, but whatever. She looks great. She can seriously rock any look. I'm jealous.

Still giddy over the Premier cuteness. I can't wait for more. Keep up the good work Rose. Great picures.

Anonymous said...

Rose, Ive been following you for a few months now. Never posted, just listened before and after the "foam" and I do like being on here without the hate. Sure its entertaining for a minute, but then it gets boring. I love hearing what you have to say each day. and I really love the PICTURES you post :D I'm glad you get a break from the nasty hateful words. Take care! I CAN"T WAIT for Eclipse!!! I'm gonna see the midnight showing!! EEEEEEEEEEE

Karen said...

Rose, once again,it is so much calmer now here in our "neighborhood." It'll be fun to come on here on Wednesday and be able to talk about Eclipse without having to listen to the haters. Thank you for getting rid of the Anon. button!
Oh, I changed my username from a couple of hours ago!


SueBee said...

After the pics of Kristen at the Letterman show, I have to give in and agree with something the hyenas said.

Rob does have a blonde girlfriend...now! LOL

Anonymous said...

Out with Old and In with the New.....Formly louisafrmdwnundr is Now Just louisa....simplicity....

Patricia said...

Rose: It's Patty again. If anyone comes here and says that Kristen and Taylor are a couple. I want them to look at these pictures of the 'Eclipse' screening in NYC of Kristen posing with Taylor. You have to be BLIND TO SAY THEY ARE A COUPLE"


Patricia said...

Rose: Sorry I forgot to post the sight to see the pictures of 'Eclipse' screening in NYC:



LIZ said...

Rose, what a wonderful site, I'm so glad I found you, GO ROBSTEN!!! Question, how reliable do you think the "sources" are that were at the rooftop after-after party for Eclipse where supposedly Rob & Kris were showing PDA? I'm so curious about these two, they are so cute together, I can only hope. I believe they should have some privacy but wouldn't be great to actually know!!!!

Liz (my first post)

Anonymous said...


It doesn't matter to me one way or another if comments are anonymous or not. The BS has definitely decreased, which is nice. But its your blog, I'm cool with whatever you want to do :-D

ON ANOTHER NOTE: A radio station where I live was totally smashing Kristen. The host on the show went so far as to say she doesn't want to watch Kristen "sulk" for an hour an a half so she won't go watch Eclipse. I wrote the host a "lovely" fan letter. This is the BLEEP's page:
I refrained from profanity, but just barely. It makes me so mad when they hate on Kristen like that! Its just not right. :-(

*Suzy Q*

I'll share the letter if anyone is interested, just let me know :-)

SueBee said...

NYC premiere seems to have a completely different feel doesn't it?

sfw10sis said...

First pic, all I can say is wow, just wow, excuse me while I get a napkin-------------------there was a wet spot on my laptop------OMG its drool, how embarrassing, lol.

Rose, hope you don't mind if I join you with a big ole sigh of my own, my lord he's gorgeous.

Speaking of gorgeous, I think I'm liking Kristen's new look. Do you think it's a slow ease into becoming blond for OTR?

How exciting is it to hear about Rob's meeting, I can't wait to see what becomes of that. Looks like only good things ahead for our favorate duo and how great is it that they get to enjoy it as a couple.

As for your Q about the Anons, I know I certainly am enjoying the peace, the nasty was getting out of control and some people were carrying it to far with personal attacks. Just like with everthing else in life, there's always a few that spoil it for the rest. It's your blog and I trust you know whats best for it and you, that being said, I'm here either way, I love this place(I wouldn't miss your snark for the world)and I think your are beyond talented.


Anonymous said...

Just a comment on not posting as Anonymous anymore. Personally I love it.

I have to admit that I posted as Anonymous quite a few times but that was because I always forgot to sign in with my Google account and the often vile comments behind some of the Anonymous postings made me in a hurry to respond to the relentless BS!

I think the constant foaming turned off quite a few people and made it frustrating to comment.
The blog is Robert Pattinson Intoxication.............. it's title is self-explanatory!

When I first signed on here it was such a pleasant place and it seemed that as soon as it became more and more obvious that Kristen and Rob were as many had thought all along, closer than mere friends, the comments became more and more vicious.

I see that the blog aready has some new posters, formerly admitted lurkers, that are now posting.

Thank you Rose. It's a pleasure to read your blog.

Robsten24 said...


Cutiestar said...

They are such a beautiful couple and just overall good people. You can tell that they have their heads on straight and their priorities are in the right place. I truly believe that this is not a casual fling, but the real deal. Those looks and gentle caresses that they give each other in public cannot be faked. They are deeply in love with each other and I root for them. And, I love your blog. It's nice to come to a place with positive energy about this adorable and endearing couple.

deb said...

Rose I dont know if this well get post but I'll try again for the 100 time I LOVE YOUR POST and thank you for posting your loving pic. and words thank you again.

Anonymous said...

just something I ran across.I COULD WATCH THESE TWO ALL DAY LOL


R-lynne said...

Good morning everyone...It's 07:35(CET)and such lovely weather outside. The sun is shining again.

Rose, lovely post as usual. Lovely & positive comments from wonderful people too. But to be honest, I miss the negative comments from ??? (you know whom I mean).

I am not leaving any thoughts about Robsten but instead here is the video for today.


Opytaylor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Opytaylor said...

You know what I think Rose but if you want the numbers I won't blame you. 

If your aim is to share the good energy you get from watching R&K, then no Anons is the way to go.   Otherwise, people like me will allow themselves to be drawn into pointless arguments   --- then I lose that good vibe.

I stiil find it odd that I come to these blogs at all, but i am.    I am into this fandom with a crush/obsession whatever you want to call it because of Kristen. 
Unlike some of those anons, I don't ponder ever meeting her.   I am good watching from a distance    Robert is not in my way.   I root for him    He is a humble guy And he deserves her.   You like seeing Robert happy, so you adopted Kristen because she plays such a huge role in his happiness.   I am the same way.  Most guys would not admit this, but a few have.   Seeing the way the look at each other brings a smile to our faces.   It's inspiring.    Kristen made comments about not liking her private life being viewed  as entertainment.    I am willing to bet she doesn't mind the fact that people like seeing them happy, especially if we are not embarrassing them by asking them to talk about it.   

Carly said...

I love those pics of Rob. he looks beyond words. gorgeous beyond comprehension. beyonf rhyme and reason

the ring. to be honest, I dont care that much about the ring. she wears it constantly. obviously it means a lot to her. just like the necklace. do I believe they are from Rob? yes, I do. do I want to know what they mean? well, Im a curious girl. will I survive if I never find out? for sure. I mean, I dont go around telling people what teh silver ring on my left thumb means either. not that anyone is asking. its fun to speculate and squee but there is a line that I just dont feel comfortable crossing

love the premiere picture you posted. he is very protective. and your interpretation? yeah, its your story and Im sticking to it.

cant wait to hear your opinion of her new hair

saw her with the new hair color and I absolutly

Lisa said...

Rose, loved today's blog as usual..

I love there is no spew here. But it's your blog, and your choice. I wont let them keep me from it.. LOL

Opy, I love you! I feel exactly the same way you do.. Except, I'm for Rob and am glad Kris makes him happy.. Can't get enough of those two..

Someone tweeted tonight that they were watching C. Lately and E News for tomorrow advertised "Robsten ON" and going to have details. I watched E News and they said nothing about it. They promised much NY eclipse stuff..

Love Kristen's hair color.. Liked how everyone freaked out thinking she cut it again when it was just pinned up. Loved the premiere dress also. Letterman was an ass but K handled it well. (Funny thing.. Sam's friend/band cohort tweeted throughout Letterman, bashing him and sticking up for K. She's made herself quite the friend) Tay was the same as always on Regis & Kelly.. Tomorrow a huge day.. KS on the Today show AND Regis & Kelly and then I'm seeing the triple feature tomorrow night! I will be gone from home at least 12 hours! Hope I survive! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose I just watched Letterman on YT...I don’t find him entertaining at all.....is he suppose to be???lol
I thought he tried to make fun of Kristen..I agree with Lisa....Kristen handled herself very well....She didn’t look impressed at all with his arrogance...is it just me????
I'm getting used Kristen hair..I've got to say I'm really starting to like the colour...she is sooo lucky just to have the complection to carry it off.....

You know around this time the NERDS seem to wessel there way on here....PFTTTT..nothing....loving the peace and quiet.....lol

R-lynne said...

Rose, sorry to post the link below in your blog. I just want to share it with everyone about the analysis made by somebody in IMDb regarding Kristen's guest appearance in Letterman's show.


Carly said...

Im enjoying the foamlessness of the commets but as others said, your blog, your decission :)

I made a Google account so I can comment :D

and I just realized I sent my comment without finishing it. I just wanted to say that I lvoe the new hair. she really can pull off any style or color. and I wonder what Rob thinks of it since she apparently had it done in NY

as for Letterman. he was a douche IMHO and she handled it with grace and stood her ground. loved the wolves pics and her defending them. I was cheering for her during that speech :D

Monica said...

Hi, Rose, in order to comment, I made an Google account :)

Oh~ Opytaylor, I'm totally with you!!~ Just happy that Kristen has someone to adore her so much, stare at her as if she was the most precious thing in the world, take care of her in any occasions when they're together... I really really like Rob, like him to make our Kristen happy, make her glow. I wish them hapiness, joy, health and bright careers ahead.

p.s. 10 hours later, I will be seeing Eclipse in theatre. So excited~ ^^

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!
I saw Kristen this morning at The Today Show. Just like everyone says. she's even more beautiful in person. And she was really sweet to everyone. :)